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Archives: August 16, 2015

Biden calls Chattanooga shooter a 'perverted jihadist'

New Pentagon Rules May Change War Reporting

"Are we headed for a four-party moment like in 1860 and 1948?"

Gov O'Malley came to Sioux City to visit his headquarters

Hillary Clinton: 'Failure' to Help Syrian Rebels Led to the Rise of ISIS


AT&T helped U.S. NSA in spying on Internet traffic: N.Y. Times

A Bernie Sanders Supporter And ‘Rockefeller Republican’ Call To Action

Why did Talib Kwell attack Sanders on Bill Maher?

Total U.S. Auto Lending Surpasses $1 Trillion for First Time - is the heading

O'Malley Blog 4 Pres

Hillary Just Wanted To Send Emails From Her Phone Like A Normal Person. Then The Trouble Started.

A mathematician may have uncovered widespread election fraud, and Kansas is trying to silence her

Heads UP: Bernie to be on NBC's MTP in the morning with Chucky Toad

Evan Bayh defending Clinton on email saga on Judge Jeanine Pirro show

Do You Pay a 'Prohibition Premium' for Marijuana Where You Live?

A Democratic Socialist is...

Racism and Classism

Hillary Drops Her Guard in Iowa ("She's doing it. Right here.") (HILLARY GROUP)

Louisiana Drug Task Force Spent 11 Months to Nail Some Teens for Pot

Both of my computers (desktop and laptop) are Windows 7 Pro and I'm happy with them.

Donald Trump would break up DREAMers, deport every illegal immigrant family, in MTP interview

The New Yorker: Bernie Sanders's Next Challenge

OMG! Carson only one vote behind Hillary in State Fair Straw Poll!!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 18: Summer under the Stars: Vivien Leigh

State Dept. Shuts Down Fox's Anonymous Speculation Of Clinton Aides Stripping Email Classification M

Documents confirm Apple is building self-driving car

Mark Shields: Why Bernie Sanders’ Big Crowds Count in Presidential Race

Want to sell medical marijuana in New York? It could cost you $30 million

Confederate flag proponents preach ‘love wins’ at rally

I don't think he can read.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 19: Summer under the Stars: John Wayne

US General Says Islamic State Gaining Ground in Afghanistan

Has Sanders announced his intentions regarding ambassadorial appointments?

The Donald's slogan is "Make America Great Again"...hmm...

12 Things Half Japanese (half Asian) People Get All the Time | HAPA HOUR |

Does Bill Clinton matter?

Danny Danon, dismally, is the true face of Netanyahu’s Israel

NBC News:Bernie Sanders Draws Big Crowds at Iowa State Fair, Town Hall

Trump Says He's Prepared To Spend $1 Billion On Campaign

Living in Another World: Dirty-Energy State Attorneys General Attack Clean Power Plan (Again)

What Should Be Done About ISIS? And Who Should Do It?

Lionesgate and Magnolia films.

I think Bernie is stacking his rallies.

Denver Colorado For Bernie

I should try to take better care of myself if I'm going to achieve my goal of

Does Lincoln Chafee have supporters?

More than a thousand mourn Texas teen fatally shot by officer

Politico: (headline translated) "Ted Cruz: professional nutjob / Jebush: not much wingnut love"

Bernie Sanders is starting to get noticed by African Americans for his civil rights record

A couple before and after photos of doors I built

Sanders Calls for Strengthening Social Security, Slams Republican Plans to Dismantle Retirement

I just received my Medicare card today.

Sen.Sanders to Make Two-Day Swing in New Hampshire

Texas Judge Refuses to be a Part of Traffic Ticket Scheme, Blows the Whistle on Policing for Profit

Update: Relocation of Confederate statue is (temporarily) blocked on UT-Austin campus

Arizona for Bernie Sanders Office Grand Opening!

St. Hillary, The Annoited in Iowa. A mother with a dying daughter approached Hillary.

DC Divas won the WFA Championship (Super Bowl for Women's Football)

I'm that close...

Veterans For Bernie! "Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans"

New Label Defends Family Farming in Argentina

New Label Defends Family Farming in Argentina

Hey DU. What's your best post?

Because Bernie cares!

I was VERY impressed with how quickly Hillary released the video in support of Planned Parenthood!

this is likely first and last time shooting from this vantage

Land of the free home off the scum bag cops

CSPAN has Bernie's Iowa speech

But what kind of rebel are you?

The first openly gay active MLB-affiliated player just came out

Metal Heads for Bernie

Rebel flag easy to find among NASCAR fans (MI)

DUers of history

Hillary and Tom Harkin mingle with the crowd at the Iowa state fair

What a week that was

"The Closing of the Canadian Mind"

I Draw the Line at Anecdotes that Have No Video, No Link, No Nothing

Best explanation I've seen yet about why "All Lives Matter" is an inappropriate rejoinder...

Clinton/Castro 2016! The Bumper Sticker On My Car is Now Over One Year Old!

Julian Bond has died

No more 2% Defence

O'Malley opens Sioux City campaign office.

What is in The Dalai Lama's Bag?

I'm watching Golden Girls and I miss Bea Arthur

Why is this LIE being let to stand by a jury?

Confederate flag's lasting impact seen through 2 women

Longtime civil rights activist Bond dead at 75

Did you guys see this thread? Julian Bond has died. I loved that guy.

What does MMM mean?

'I dream about it every night': what happens to Americans who film police violence?

Another Saturday Nght and I Ain't Got Nobody

Longtime civil rights activist Julian Bond dead at 75

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Metaphor

Sunday's Doonesbury-Teaching Texas History

Half of the money raised for the presidential elections comes from just 130 families

Sanders on billionaire class: ‘I welcome their hatred’


Daily Holidays - August 16

Stand with Rand Paul 24 hour moneybomb

Sen. Brown Will Block Obama's Trade Nominee until text of the TPP available to eligible staffers

Indonesian Officials: Airliner with 54 People Loses Contact Over Easternmost Province

Departments face obstacles in introducing body cameras

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Barbie's Place Edition

There's no cod from Cape Cod in local markets

North Shore contractor faces 78 fraud charges

Man arrested in Dorchester for possession of machine gun and drugs

Physicists isolate neutrinos from Earth's mantle for first time

Limbaugh Dumped by One of His "Original" Affiliates, Citing "Toxic Brand"

Guaranteed annual income for citizens--does Canada have it? nt

New Poll: only 1 in 4 in US want more American involvement abroad; Cuba & Iran lower on List

New Proof: AT&T and NSA’s Long Surveillance Partnership shredded 4th Amendment

Deadly cyanide was stocked at Tianjin blast site

Indonesian passenger plane missing in remote Papua region

Dangerous or sane, owners of seized guns get day in court

Italian navy: migrant ship sinks with scores dead and hundreds rescued

Refugees clamber onto Macedonian trains

Fyi: both think progress and media matters are connected to Hillary's campaign

Julian Bond, a former N.A.A.C.P. chairman and civil rights leader, has died at 75

Sakurajima in Japan Might Be Headed Towards a Large Eruption

Ex-ISI chief Hamid Gul dead.

An absolutely fabulous video on the case for reparations -great form and content

More cartoons!

Sheriff's deputy responding to call gets killed by suspect in Nevada

Thousands in NZ peacefully protest against TPP........ photo and video

Speshul Bonus AWW.

HALF of young people don’t identify as ‘100% straight’

Hillary Clinton still Democrats’ prize fighter despite setbacks and Sanders

Trump Would Deport All Undocumented Immigrants

GOP Candidates Remain Vague on Using Power Abroad

Jackass Ted Nugent Tries to Bash Mike Brown with Fake Internet Video, Fails Miserably

Great-Grandma Delivers Bag Lunches to Feed 200 Needy Kids Every Day

More Iraqis died in market bombings yesterday

C-Span - J Street

sunday line-up talkers...

Dad Nominates Julian Bond for Vice President at the 1968 Democratic Convention

Germany's hypocrisy over Greece water privatisation

Liberalism Rocks The Iowa State Fair As Bernie Sanders Rips Republican Fake Family Values

Remembering Julian Bond -

Donald Trump Praised For Not “Using” Evangelicals as Pawns

Here’s Why the 2016 Presidential Election is So Crucial for Liberals and Everything We’ve Worked For

Bernie Sanders: "I apologize, we left the helicopter at home"

Aniplex USA Streams 3rd Anthem of the Heart Trailer with English Subtitles

Perhaps most succinct explanation of who is 2 blame 4 Isis. U get 2 guesses at the 2 culprits

State Dept. Shuts Down Fox's Anonymous Speculation Of Clinton Aides Stripping Email Classification

Martin O'Malley on Face The Nation, 10:30ET

These religious clowns should scare you: GOP candidates’ gullible, lunatic faith is a massive....

Soda Fire (SW Idaho) Grows to 265,000 Acres; Forest Service Spending $100 Million/Week On Fires

Obama can do Iran nuclear deal even if Congress disapproves

POP QUIZ: Name the best President in American history... in your opinion.

Scene from right after Jesus bleached his hair.....

Jeff Flake lives up to his name

Cruz, Fiorina & Walker Have Solutions For CA Drought - Build More Dams, Blame Environmentalists

Time To Put An End To Congressional Pensions & Lifetime Health Care.

ISIS executes gay men by throwing them from a rooftop in Syria

Scientific Study Estimates China's Air Pollution Toll At 4,400 Deaths Per Day - NYT

"We'll give you the business." . . . Please come CAPTION The Three Fair-and-Balanced Stooges!!

Eugene Robinson On GOP Candidates' Climate "Positions" - From Hapless to Hopeless

Get Out of Jail Free

Is the medical marijuana thing the most blatant Hillary-bashing lie so far?

As we approach the peak season for Atlantic hurricanes - from NOAA

Children Exposed To Religion Have Difficulty Distinguishing Fact From Fiction, Study Finds

Sea Lion Convulsions From Algae; "Longest-Lasting, Highest Toxicity & Densest Bloom We've Ever Seen"

Vietnam: An Antiwar Comic Book - BY: Julian Bond

GOM Dead Zone This Year Size Of CT, RI Combined; Cleanup Goals Reset To 2035

Megyn KellyTakes unplanned vacation-1st Hyped "Big News"--That "A Clinton Insider" Stripped

Another agument for scented-surgical masks. . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Satellite imagery of Tianjin explosion from space ... gif cyanide

thedailybeast: Who was *really* behind the #BlackLivesMatter protests vs. #BernieSanders?

The Philosopher of Surveillance: ARE YOU THE SOCRATES of the National Security Agency?

Sanders sneaks into his own rally

Capitol City-WPTV--discussing shortage of teachers in Scott Walker's Wisconsin

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Arlington Million

I found this on Al Jazeera

Was the 2003 Iraq invasion the first time.....

A textbook case of Repug hypocrisy and Teabagger nuttiness: State Rep. Todd Courser of Michigan

Fox News Poll Hillary 49% Bernie 30%

I have to ask.

Arizona Cotton: The Nexus Of Drought, Money, Water, Law And Unintended Consequences

Thank's everyone. That's a FB post for sure.

Seriously. Who are these Trump Democrats I keep seeing

Mothers hold nurse-in after woman asked to leave Victoria's Secret for breastfeeding

Health effects of coffee: Where do we stand?

R.I.P. Bob Johnson (producer of Dylan's "Blonde On Blonde" and Johnny Cash's "At Folsom Prison")

Johnny Cash sings "Man In Black" for the first time

reposting from GD-P-Fox news poll Hillary 49% Bernie 30%

Hahaha Windows 10 deleted my login account

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-15-15 a MUST READ!!!!

Pakistani minister Shuja Khanzada among 11 killed in suicide attack

MUST READ for Bernie fans ONLY!!!

AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale

Hillary Clinton to Host Town Hall in North Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

On This Week today, Brazile mentioned how many precinct captains and super delegates Hillary has.

Doonesbury today really slams the Texas school board...

TYT: Trump: The System Is Broken, And I Love It!

Bernie Sanders’s Next Challenge

Missing Indonesian plane found crashed in Papua: government official

RIP Julian Bond

More Dutch Cities to Experiment With Universal Basic Income

TYT: Trump At His Trumpiest

TOON: Republicans' Epiphany

It's a strange country we live in...

TYT: Rand Paul's Anti-Trump Attacks Backfire

These religious clowns should scare you

DUer pinto has died.

Massachusetts joins Indiana in clearing Planned Parenthood of criminal wrongdoing

TYT: Rand Paul's Love Letter To Billionaires

Mike Huckabee: 10-year-old rape victim should be forced to carry rapist’s baby

Hip Hop Artist and Activist Talib Kweli talks Police Brutality and why Black Lives Matter

Another slam--> Trump says Scott Walker faces 'tremendous dissension' in Wisconsin

Newspaper defends racist cartoon linking Black Lives Matter to abortion and Planned Parenthood

‘This spin is insane': Fox guest shouts down former Bush aide for blaming Iraq on Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders Draws Big Crowds at Iowa State Fair, Town Hall

Mixed economy – socialist elements in modern capitalist economies

Need help choosing quality LED bulbs for the house

"Miss Sugar" Needed Me And I Needed Her kitty rescue by Angela C Macomb, IL

From Daily Kos:

Tone-Deaf Chicago Tribune Op-Ed Says Hurricane Katrina Was Good For New Orleans File under "needless

Face the Nation interview here:

Deja Vu: Aug. 2007: Clinton 45%, O 25%

Flying Spaghetti Monster Caught On Camera: This Deep Sea Alien Leads A Bizarre Life

To Work Toward Racial Justice We Need White Wounding (HuffPo)

I'm having Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in September. Anyone else here had it?

5 Bible-stories explained by science

Toon: Shocking

An observation of DUs Home Page videos...

Bernie Sanders's biggest problem, in one sentence: (HILLARY GROUP)

Toon: Mirror Mirror on the Wall…..

This is such a great piece that I thought some here may want to use it...

Toon: So called Pro lifers

Hillary good for white Feminism, bad for racial Justice

Violence leads mayor to declare Walmart public nuisance

The Phrase (It's a Free Country!")

Breaking Bernie: 21st Century Rat-Fucking

The interesting thing about the Fox News poll is that Sanders increase isn't at expense of HRC

me, too

Bernie Sanders Speech At The Iowa State Fair

Liberal Fox Guest Blows Her Top After Bush Aide Blames Iraq On Hillary Clinton: 'This Spin Is Insane

I Keep Hearing That If Bernie Wins The Nomination He Won't Be Able To Defend Against The Money.....

Fox News poll: Donald Trump still leads GOP field

On the road w/ Hillary as she surprisingly connects w/ voters: ("She touched my heart.") HRC GROUP

Rest in Peace, dear Pinto

Martin O'Malley Face the Nation interview.

Frequent poster pinto has died

Should We Raise the Minimum Wage?


"New Hampshire is in the throes of a drug epidemic driven by prescription opioids and heroin".

For the record: Sanders to attend Social Security, Medicare event Aug. 8 in Seattle

Current top six "Latest Breaking News" stories on DU...

It's nice when you hear of your book 4200 miles away - a review from Alaska!

I have nightmares that someone like Bernie Sanders will catch fire and challenge Clinton. 2014

thank you so much, Gov LeRage, for

The IA State Fair poll is just for fun - it's not a real poll. (I'm a Sanders supporter, btw)

Ritchie Rich speaks..... rolls out immigration plan: ‘Mexico must pay’

Chuck Toad admits "The Bernie Sanders phenomenon is very real."

Unruly passenger gets yanked off flight after refusing to put dog in a carrier; insulted crew

Four teens arrested for allegedly kidnapping federal agent who was on vacation in Florida

Why Bernie and Donald are leading the polls according to scuttlebutt.

Measures of Greatness

TRANSCRIPT of MO'M Face the Nation interview:

How many floods will these American cities have in 2030, 2045? PRI's The World August 14, 2015 · 1

I can't wait for Bernie's Town Hall meeting at Loras College in Dubuque...


Walter J Palmer, DDS - CLOSED! Excellent!!!

Could you? Could you just possibly imagine?

Ugh. Witness saw cops stand over Zachary Hammond’s dead body and ‘high five’ his limp hand

Julian Bond - Agitate

Bernie peeps, if you're on Twitter, help me stop these lies

Sanders: My Supporters Aren't 'Registered Dems,' Just 'Ordinary People' (Meet the Press)

!0 Ways to Prevent Getting Profiled by the Police if Driving While Black

My Take on Chuck Todd asking if Bernie apologized to BLM on Meet the Press

Why I agree with Trump that there is a good chance that Hillary will drop out of the race and

Trivia stuff

I recently found this little treasure among my late parents' things.

What albums are you listening to lately?

9 out of 10 dentist recommend Crest...

I'm getting a different (for me) take on the craft of writing


Lightning injures Army Ranger instructors, students

The Hillary Clinton campaign goes solar

Martin O'Malley focuses on policies "for all of us" in Cedar Falls stop.

Martin O'Malley focuses on policies "for all of us" in Cedar Falls stop.

So Serena is NOT in the finals of Roger's Cup.....some little pipsqueak, 18 years old is.

For the first time ever, today I'm blocking people on Twitter... (Hillary Group)

has Bernie apologized yet for

Pro-Bush super PAC spending $10M-plus on initial TV campaign


Janelle Monáe and Co. Perform Protest Anthem 'Hell You Talmbout' on 'Today,' Get Cut Off

The water fountain and the flag (MS)

Dear Rep. Alan Grayson,

Civil war monuments

Not a good day. Lost my DSL modem/router combo.

Huckabee opposed to abortion for 11-Year-Old Rape Victim

What happens after you die?

"Why Are All the Females at Fox News Blonde?

Sam Seder: Donald Trump Defends Planned Parenthood, Shocks Fox News Host

McCain Chased Off Reservation By Pissed-Off Navajo Activists

Glitch that canceled more than 400 U.S. flights is fixed - FAA

Hear, boy: dog foils jailbreak plot after hearing prisoners digging tunnel

Bernie Sanders: Apology to Black Lives Matter was ‘sent out by a staffer without my knowledge’

Open carry and wisdom: In the spirit of a pro-control OP, a graphic that says it well IMHO

Sam Seder: A History Lesson for Libertarians

Chelsea Manning denied access to legal library prior to prison hearing, she says

Island of Kos: Syrians Begin Boarding Refugee Ship

OK Are the nuts starting to come out of the woods?

Sam Seder: The Rise of Donald Trump: When Will the Mainstream Media Learn?

LETTER: Socialist Bernie Sanders is just what the United States needs

Sam Seder: We Can't Help It: This Video Shows Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign is Amazing

U.S. military cancels hearing for September 11 suspects

Wing Ding photo! (HILLARY GROUP)

Morgan Freeman's step-granddaughter stabbed to death on Manhattan sidewalk

Brewers minor-leaguer makes baseball history by coming out publicly as gay

Is "Fox News" a legitimate news organization or auxiliary of The Republican Party?

Carly Fiorina vs. Stephanie Miller. A blast into the past.

I may have to join Twitter just to follow Chow Babe.

Iraqi panel finds Maliki, others responsible for fall of Mosul

Teenage Girl Makes Hating Donald Trump Sound So, So Sweet

Reviving the ‘Successful Surge’ Myth

Facing blowback, LePage administration quietly dissolved ties with Jeb Bush’s education foundation

'They Were My Son,' Joe Biden Says Of Servicemen Killed In Chattanooga Attack

Truthout: Black Labor Organizers Urge AFL-CIO to Reexamine Its Ties to the Police

McCain Chased Off Reservation By Pissed-Off Navajo Activists

This ad just aired during the PGA Champiohship

I don't care if it's GMO!

PREDICTION: Trump WILL be the GOP Nominee...

Kotorba toon: Iowa State Fair Campaign Trail

Foreign Ministry: Spanish festival's boycott of US Jew Matisyahu proves BDS is anti-Semitic

Julian Bond, my kind of guy!

Exclusion of Blacks From Juries Raises Renewed Scrutiny

Tea Party Lawmaker Caught in Affair: Jesus Died for My Sins, and Thus, I Can Sin


Nope, You Can't Learn About Climate Change in Georgia Schools

It's baaaaaaack.

Don't Wake Me Up

Rainbow and lightning

Ouch! WaPo: Hillary Backers fear old weaknesses stalk Clinton campaign

In memory of Pinto

August Photo Contest accepting submissions

George Will finally makes a good- no, make that excellent- point

Thom Hartmann asks: "Who's Lying, BLM or Hillary Clinton?"

pinto has died.

The idea of "Democratic Socialism"...????

Beavis and Butt-Head meet Bill Clinton

Be careful what you wish for - Monsanto’s coming up with an alternative to GMOs

A message From NARAL to Republicans..

In Italy, Hiking and Haute Cuisine in the Dolomites

Don't Kill My Baby & My Son

The Woo Boat

passing of memebers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 17 August 2015

Robbers leave pro-Palestine expletive at French Jewish leader’s home

In Iowa, Sanders Says He Will Address Racial Divisions

ABC News: In Iowa, Sanders Says He Will Address Racial Divisions

If I may, interesting article about a guy called Mingering Mike.

Every Year People Throw Their Unwanted Animals On The Street! But Not All Stories End Badly!

Any idea how long until I can upgrade W-8.1 to 10?

Every Year People Throw Their Unwanted Animals On The Street! But Not All Stories End Badly!

Reporters in Iowa and New Hampshire Go Rogue With Positive Hillary Coverage - HRC GROUP POST

Where do other candidates stand on the Trans Pacific Partnership? Reining in Wall Street?

A little Country Joe

Regarding what Americans want or believe.

Let's not use Fox News polls except as examples of bias (remember the Romney victory/landslide)?

Link - Bernie Sanders at the Dubuque Town Meeting ...

Existence of Flying Spaghetti Monster Confirmed!

Coulter Repeats What is Becoming Obvious to the GOP: They Don’t Want to Run Against Bernie

The Animal Rescue Site: Protect Elephants Rainbow T-Shirt ($5 goes to anti-poaching)

A prayer for pinto, who has passed

Single-digit Democrats thrive in a shrinking Hillary shadow.WaPo

Single-digit Democrats thrive in a shrinking Hillary shadow.WaPo

Sanders Event in Dubuque, Iowa moved to accommodate crowd.

A sonnet for pinto

Over 60 same-sex couples married at Puerto Rico wedding

Over 60 same-sex couples married at Puerto Rico wedding

CNN Hacks Heap Praise On Walker's Ridiculous Analogy Comparing Iran To Teenagers | CrooksandLiars

Ida Bell Wells-Barnett

Congrats to Jason Day for his win at the PGA.

O'Malley touts all-day preschool in Cedar Rapids stop.

O'Malley touts all-day preschool in Cedar Rapids stop.

Colorado pot sales spike in June, top $50M for first time

ABC News: “Highly Likely” There’s A Backup Server With Hillary Clinton's Emails

O'Malley touts all-day preschool in Cedar Rapids stop.

Obama's sad record on open government

538: "Candidates In Donald Trump’s Position Have A Terrible Track Record"