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Virginia for the Win: Fox debate suggests Republicans are writing off Virginia

Republicans To Repeal PTC For Wind - here is something to email/call your Congressmen about

Is Bernie's rally in LA being live streamed? If so, URL, please.

Alastair Campbell against Corbyn. Here's what he said to Emily Thornberry ...

Oklahoma judge strikes down law limiting use of abortion-inducing pills

Fiorina is "Pro-Life" yet against paid maternity leave

Rick Perry Stops Paying South Carolina Staff

Are You Ready For A Happy Cry? Check Out These Inspiring Animals!

Bad news, Republicans: Donald Trump is practically bulletproof

Are You Ready For A Happy Cry? Check Out These Inspiring Animals!

"Interrupting Bernie: Exposing the White Supremacy of the American Left"

For Republicans, Hillary remains the candidate to beat: She outpolls them all. (Hillary Group)

Bernie Sanders’ New Racial Justice Platform Wins Praise From Black Lives Matter Activists

Take the I Side With test

Open letter to progressives: You’re doing it wrong and it’ll cost the Democratic Party

Dad lets daughter drown in Dubai so she's not 'dishonored' by male lifeguards' touch

Why Men Kill Women Is Not A Mystery

Russia’s recession deepens as economy contracts 4.6%

WashPo: This Bernie Sanders crowd shot should make Hillary Clinton a little jittery

Many of you tell us who support Bernie what we need to win and we can't get it.

Sheldon Adelson Says No Republican Candidate Worth Buying

Started the 'Fast' diet. I cannot eat for the next 16 hours. Asking for your support. I'm an

Can someone give me a link to yesterdays LOLCats thread?

Live Feed for Bernie Sanders Rally in Los Angeles, CA 8/10/2015 starts 10 pm EDT

TPM: Lol, Anti-Iran Deal Farce Hits Crescendo

3 hours before Bernie Sanders rally in LA and

it's really fucking simple

A question about THC.

Putin opens Russian 'military Disneyland' Patriot Park

Texas AG Ken Paxton's Contempt of Court Hearing Cancelled

Trump Expands His Lead After GOP Debate

A few random musings...

North Texas hippie commune sues over failed SWAT raid

Russia's weird combat-training & patriotism children's groups run by the Orthodox Church

Ceasefire in Trump-Fox News War

Those protesters at Bernie's event were OUT OF LINE. PERIOD ! There is NO place for that.

Google Is Reorganizing Under a New Company Called Alphabet

The Latest on Ferguson: Washington Post reporter charged

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bloody Awful! & a new Kittehs gif

Hillary Clinton: "All bets are off" if Iran deal fails. (Hillary Group)

Hillary Clinton: ‘All bets are off’ if Iran deal fails

He remembered to bring a ball.

Link to Bernie2016TV

Gallup: Clinton's Favorability Strong Among Black Americans

Is there some way we can stop ourselves?

Kotorba toon: XXL pipeline

BLM-Seattle activists release their "official political ideology" on Facebook. It's "Feeling Myself"

Bernie Sanders Rally in Los Angeles, CA 8/10/2015 Live feed

A look at the polls from 2007...Edwards, Obama Clinton...Dec 2006 - Dec 2007

Conservatives Go Mad Because Netflix Announces A Year’s Unlimited Paid Maternity Leave

Melissa Gilbert (little house on the prairie) is running for congress in Michigan

Know what isn't in the news?

Columbia House mail-order music service files for bankruptcy

Clinton Says Trump No More Offensive Than GOP Policies

Rauner says Chicago Teachers Union shouldn't have 'dictatorial powers' over finances

msnbc is reporting on BLM right now

Rauner says Chicago Teachers Union shouldn't have 'dictatorial powers' over finances

Ohio high court advises judges not to refuse to perform gay marriages

Rauner says Chicago Teachers Union shouldn't have 'dictatorial powers' over finances

Anyone else going out applepicking this year?

Luckovich - Trump Eats Bald Eagle

Keyboard Cat shuts down the Trump

By their own admission, the BLM disruptors aren't even Democrats

Hillary Clinton Said She Went to Trump's Wedding for 'Fun'

Why am I reply #5 on this thread?

Some pics before it starts

A new disorder: LRA.

i'm packing to go say goodbye to my grandfather

Donald Trump and Roger Ailes Make Up — for Now

U.S. consulate in Turkey targeted as wave of attacks kills 9

Bill O’Reilly Seeks Gag Order on His Own Wife and Children

Donald Trump's poll numbers just reached their all time high following Megyn Kelly comments

Why Men Kill Women Is Not A Mystery

Bernie Sanders Only 2016 Candidate Drawing Tens of Thousands to Rallies

Taiwan: everybody loves damaged mailboxes

What is more newsworthy Trump or Arsenic turning a river orange

Police Union In Missouri Declares 'Darren Wilson Day' On Shooting Anniversary

BLM Activist "Marissa Jenae" Johnson Is Helping a Louis Farrakhan Group Organize a March On DC

Bernie Sanders Facebook page

Hillary Is a Force for Racial Justice (Hillary Group)

Donald Trump considering taking pledge not to run third party

the youtube link is working (sortof) now. cuts in and out, but works

Charles Koch Blasts Subsidies & Tax Credits, But His Firm Has Taken $195 Million Worth of Them

Here it is on Periscope (whatever that is hehe)

Dear rightwingnut tRump supporters; Let's contemplate a tRump election win, shall we?

Jim Webb Continues To Audition To Be Jeb Bush's VP Candidate By Opposing Iran Deal.

Sarah Silverman is introducing Bernie! Woohoo!

He just said 27,000 people, counting the overflow

Kagoshima (Japan) reactor restarted, first to go online under post-Fukushima regime

Sanders in Los Angeles ... 27,000 people including the overflow crowd ...

War is the worst thing in the world. So why are people getting rich off it?


L.A. Rally is also on Livestream -

Great Sword Fights Movie Montage

ReTHUG Schock up shite creek without a paddle

No-fly list uses 'predictive assessments' instead of hard evidence, US admits

Hillary Clinton Is Running Away from Her Free Trade Record

BLM ... how it has changed lives

Officer Harasses Disabled Combat Vet Because He Doesn't Believe He's Disabled

German TV: Who were the Maidan Snipers?


I used to be really skeptical of marijuana legalization Here's what changed my mind.

Police called to calm crowd after fight over Confederate flag in Columbia (PA)

Protesters gather at zoo for carousel horse bearing Confederate flag (MI)

Removing Confederate monuments doesn’t mean a rewrite of history

I'm taking it hard, but in the larger scheme of things:

Monuments remind us of our inhumanity

So here is a question for many of you

Add Outkast to Confederate carving at Stone Mountain

I was wondering if you think Pope Francis is bringing back Liberation Theology?

Donald Trump’s Six Stages Of Doom

Bernie's LA speech has some differences from the one in Portland

February 1, 1945: Ecuador declares war on Germany and Japan.

Andrea Tantaros just nailed Donald Trump for being "disgusting

From the L.A. Times re: Bernie and BLM demonstrators -

Looking for a certain book (post apocalyptic?)

Any photos of the overflow outside? nt

Challenge likely as Seattle opts to add tax on gun, ammunition sales

LA Times:GOP's Trump problem will fade, but Democrats' Bernie Sanders troubles are just beginning

Rapper drops Clinton for Sanders

One issue about the whole "election season" that really is an issue for my wife and bothering me...

San Antonio Democrat resigns from House District 118 seat

Who agrees to bow down to anybody? Nobody.

CERTAIN Black Voices Matter

Glenn Beck defends Bernie, says #BlackLivesMatter made terrorist threats against him

The Donald's 'restlin' days

Detaining women and children is not what we should do as a welcoming and compassionate nation.

Can Democrats win Missouri's 10 electoral votes in 2016?

Bernie may be back on the stage! (or not) just repeating what I hear nt

Bernie Sanders scores nurses union endorsement

Awesome footage of rare white whale off the coast of Australia

Trump Says Rand Paul 'Reminds Me of a Spoiled Brat Without a Properly Functioning Brain'

SeaWorld sees profits plunge 84% as customers desert controversial park

Dana Perino: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Name 'Is Supposed to Stoke Racial Tension’

Wow. Seattle, Portland, La. Feeling like Bonaroo. Feeling the Bern....

Behind Medicaid cuts -- Outpatient rehabilitation therapy vs. home health care

Ferguson has a population of 21,000. City had 16,000 outstanding arrest warrants as of March

That was fucking AWESOME!

How insanely crazy is the prosecutor's office in Ferguson? This crazy:

Great TYT segment on how BLM can improve its tactics

Ben Harper - Better Way

How To Eat Soup Dumplings (DIN TAI FUNG)

Protesters Arrested at Federal Courthouse in Downtown St. Louis

Suppose Sanders and O'Malley and others organized their own debate amd called DNC's bluff?

Cornel West and BLM activists among those arrested in St. Louis

Trump's Poll Numbers Highest Ever, Dems Rejoice (leads Jeb 32-11%)

70,000 in 3 days.

Lil B drops Clinton: "The streets and the hood is showing love to Bernie"

Caught that interview by Marrissa Jenae. No tact whatsoever.

Teddy Roosevelt & FDR Were Economic Populists. Both Supported An Economic Bill Of Rights.

Clinton/Sanders may be the way to go for 2016

Larry Lessig Believes Democracy Is Screwed. So He's Running For President To Save It.

Pat Robertson: Gays and the Christians Who Accept Them Will Rot In Hell

Pat Robertson: Gays and the Christians Who Accept Them Will Rot In Hell

Bernie Sanders’ Response to Black Lives Matter Shows That Their Disruptions Are Working

It's easier to get a gun than it is to get birth control.

Uber Is Serving New York’s Outer Boroughs More Than Taxis Are

Families of 500 Ethiopian Israeli IDF soldiers to be brought to Israel

LA Times reporter describes the crowd as large and diverse

Best Peking Duck in the U.S.

Best Peking Duck in the U.S.

Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Responds To Seattle Rally Interruption In LA Visit (video link)

Sanders L.A. Rally: A Wave of Emotion as Black Lives Matter Opens Event (with edit)

Marissa Jenea, the woman who hijacked BLM for her own Agenda.

Women Are Using Their Periods To Troll Donald Trump

Michael Phelps is in a beef with a trash-talking 23-year-old swimmer after blowing everyone away at

Indian MP Says Legalizing Gay Sex Will Help Combat ISIS

EPA: We Misjudged Pressure In Gold Mine Before Spill

CPS sought in 2013 to remove the 6 children killed Saturday

UT, Japan Partner to Cut Energy Use at Data Centers

Just back from the L.A. Bernie event

anyone have hints on helping a runt kitten to thrive?

Greece and lenders agree new bailout deal, finance minister says

Hey, look who stopped by...

How can I block offensive ads on DU if I can't afford to pay?

The "Oathkeepers" Just Showed Up In Ferguson Again

Musicians’ Union Sues Record Companies Over Pension Fund Contributions

Hot off the Presses-Feel the Bern LA

Musicians’ Union Sues Record Companies Over Pension Fund Contributions

Musicians’ Union Sues Record Companies Over Pension Fund Contributions

Bernie Sanders on Criminal Justice in 1991 (Video)

Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, all the way to the White House Feel The Bern

Former Texas House Speaker Craddick joins those suing Chesapeake over royalties

"The chair incident" - when Dad falls on the floor

Caregiving to elderly people dear to you - and you can go crazy

GDP OP write up from LA

Elon James White and Imani Gandy Interview Marissa Janae Johnson. Very Illuminating. Thoughts?

Bernie Sanders Speech in Los Angeles: 'This is an economy that is rigged'

Anyone calling a Jewish man with ancestors who endured the Holocaust a white supremacist...

Woman runs marathon while menstruating: "In my opinion she's pretty fucking disgusting."

U.S. dollar on the rise as China devalues yuan

Another HHS official resigns in wake of contracting scandal

UT recommends moving Confederate statues

4th night of Ferguson protests brings confrontation, arrests

Greece closes in on bailout deal possibly within the day

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (movie)

FAA hid study showing chronic air controller fatigue

I took crap for this last time in GD-P

I took crap for this last time in GD-P

Have you ever had one of those days when everything feels like this:

Daily Holidays - August 11

City Removes International Flags After New Ordinance (VA)

Spanish police fly to Corsica to retrieve Picasso work

TV fisherman who lived in Marshfield and Weymouth pleads innocent to fraud

Actress Melissa Gilbert running for Congress in Michigan

Lions Return to Rwanda for First Time Since Genocide’s Aftermath

East Boston water main break creates large sinkhole

What Stephen Colbert says about Trump as opening night nears

Imprisoned ex-priest sentenced in another child assault case

Rip currents close several Cape beaches to swimming

James Baldwin, Dec. 1962: Letter to My Nephew on the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Emancipation

Mass. man arrested for carrying loaded gun, knife in stadium

Sanders vows anti-racism fight in LA campaign event

CVS reaches settlement in bogus prescriptions case

The Washington Post worries about white-washing history (!)

A Massachusetts Company Won an NFL-Backed Grant Challenge

Sanders vows anti-racism fight in LA campaign event

Idiot Lawrence cop cruiser vandals post video online; busted for guns, statutory rape

Set it off: Ballot initiative aims to legalize fireworks, sparks big debate

New step in Trump's feud with Fox News; Hillary weighs in

Washington Post: Another huge crowd for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders

Activists working to live broadcast police actions

Fukushima fishermen give nod to TEPCO’s plan to release treated water into sea

World's 1st kindergarten-monitoring robot debuts

Two more Boston articles about recording police actions

Councilors want first-responders on needle disposal

Mass. bill would force drugmakers to defend prices

Bernie Sanders' Eye-Popping West Coast Swing: 3 Days, 70,000 Cheering Supporters

Protesters voice strong concerns as Japan restarts nuclear reactor

Bernie Sanders' Eye-Popping West Coast Swing: 3 Days, 70,000 Cheering Supporters

‘Ama’ divers denounce ‘obscene’ city mascot, demand its withdrawal

Kremlin considers changes to law that labels NGOs receiving funding from abroad as "foreign agents".

On Good Morning America - It's like Bernie doesn't exist -

With new EMV cards, tipping is about to get a lot more awkward

Dumped on WeChat, Guangdong woman has epic meltdown in Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui

Woman on Mars

Sanders Press Secretary, not BLM, opened his Los Angeles Rally.

Assault on Planned Parenthood was years in the making

Collection of Paranormal Threads

Looks like Gov. Brownback's brother is a major asshole

Berlin's NSA Fears: Treason Investigation Reveals Anxiety at the Top

NASA astronauts just ate food grown in space for the first time

China weakens yuan amid economic slowdown

Greece 'reaches deal' with creditors for third bailout

Cute alert! Tiny kid tries to break board in Taekwondo class

Europe needs to look at 'bigger picture' for migration

Cute alert! Tiny kid tries to break board in Taekwondo class

Apology to Bravenak

Nepal introduces transgender passport

Nepal introduces transgender passport (xpost frm Foreign Affairs)

Begin Japanology ~ Bunraku

Guns bought at Dallas area gun shows end up bound for Africa

Puerto Rico - 'Greeks' of the Caribbean

Black Lives Matter activists open massive Bernie Sanders rally in Los Angeles

Two Actor Unions Ban Their Members from Working on Tyler Perry's Latest Stage Production

TransCanada may sue U.S. using NAFTA's ISDS provision if Keystone is nixed

Making a list....

Two Actor Unions Ban Their Members from Working on Tyler Perry's Latest Stage Production

Two Actor Unions Ban Their Members from Working on Tyler Perry's Latest Stage Production

Two Actor Unions Ban Their Members from Working on Tyler Perry's Latest Stage Production

13 U.S. senators sent a letter about gun sales to Bass Pro. The company hasn’t responded.

State firearm legislation and non-fatal injuries: What’s the relationship?

What Caused An Emissions Decline In The United States?

if someone crosses the police state, do black lives matter then?

Pat Robertson: Atheists Are Unfit To Raise Their Own Children

How I know you hate the Mojave bull shark.

"'Flying spaghetti monster’ caught on video off the Angolan coast..."

Best of TomDispatch: Chalmers Johnson on Garrisoning the Planet

Who knew? The CEO of UNILEVER cares about the environment. His ambitious climate hopes~

Is this all they got????

Alabama officer kept job after proposal to murder black man and hide evidence

Racialized Poverty in America has Nearly Doubled in 21st Century

Presence of militia-style group in Ferguson questioned

Slowpoke Toon: Aftermath of Trump

Sensing Keystone XL Rejection, TransCanada Scopes NAFTA Lawsuit

We've been here before.......

Did you know you can support Sanders and BLM at the same time?

Marissa Janae Johnson speaks: "Do you LOVE black people?"

Kudos to Starry Messenger.

Pentagon orders Ferguson to return Humvees amid concerns about police militarization

Isn't this basically what civil liberties activists warned would happen when DHS was created?

“I am what you would classify as someone who is a brown-noser, well-to-do.."

New study says trade in South African lion bones is surging

Pentagon wants to treat journalists like spies: NYT

Missouri police group denounced for Facebook post about ‘Darren Wilson Day’

Here is GOP Debate Drinking Bingo (For Recovering Alcoholics):

MH17: Ukraine crash site 'yields Russian missile parts'

Analysis: Wind power taking off in U.S.

Welcome back Cali!

WATCH: Duggar son-in-law tells black friend that believing in evolution is racist

Black American History in Images - Through the Civil War - In honor of my dad

WATCH: Disabled vet rips cop who told him he couldn’t park in handicap spot because ‘you can walk’

The Great Debate: Is systemic racism rooted in economics? Or is it a distinct, separate problem?

Facebook filled with Bernie Info/Support

Charlie Pierce comments on BLM protest at Bernie's event

Places that jail Washington Post reporters:

First turkeys return to Iowa farm after bird flu outbreak

Is there a recent poll showing Sanders trailing Hillary by only 39-43? I thought

Denver housing/rental markets very tight

Huffington Post, Washington Post Reporters Charged For Doing Journalism In Ferguson (UPDATE)

Rick Perry reportedly no longer paying presidential campaign staff

Austerity bites Portugal as much as Greece. Why no populist movement?

When Megyn Kelly Isn't Moderating A Debate.....

Netanyahu Busted Covering Up Intelligence That Disagrees With His Opposition To Obama Iran Deal

For sale in Spanish 'paradise': entire villages. Cheap.

Comparing Sanders and O'Malley's Criminal Justice Reform Plans

Here are the top lines from Donald Trump’s morning media blitz

Cruise Lines Shun Faroe Islands to Protest Whale Slaughter

Club for Growth Backs Five Candidates

Turkey carries out airstrikes, claims to hit 17 Kurdish militant targets

Trump Expands His Lead After GOP Debate

"Where are you from?" "Earth." Cartoon. Navy sailor questioning boatload of migrants.

50 Years Later, We Still Haven't Learned From Watts

How can cities successfully enforce a higher minimum wage?

Wall Street fights new retirement adviser rule (afraid of governing agency)

Sorry Bernistas, He has plateaued :-(

Bernie's wing span

Black Lives Matter Seattle Protestor Is A Former Tea Party Palin Supporter

So fun to see the right wing at war with itself

My 8-1/2 yr old puppy begging for a cranberry...

Michele Bachmann: Obama Fulfilled End Times Prophecy With Iran Deal, So Celebrate! (Audio Link)

Ohio's "Sore Loser" Law Will Likely Prevent A Successful Trump Third Party Run

expose to the right for the night sky

Alabama Judge Asks State Supreme Court To Issue 'Landmark' Ruling Nullifying Supreme Court Marriage

Bush links Clinton to rise of Islamic State

Has Aljazeera America been bought out by the oligarchs?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1-Klown Kar hits a Trump Bump

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Video: Cruise over dwarf planet Ceres

Where to See 6 Rare Animals Before They Disappear

Army sergeant at Fort Bliss sentenced to 20 years in child porn case

After code violation crackdown, Pagedale officials now threaten to demolish homes

*Hillary Group* Clinton's Favorability Strong Among Black Americans

Hillary Clinton's 'Debt-Free' College Proposal Falls Short of its Billing

Sanders West Coast Swing Taps Grassroots Surge

Weed safer than heroin, the DEA says. Who already knew? Everybody. Weed also safer than the DEA

Black Lives Matter protest halts St. Paul cars, trains

Chavez daughter richest woman in Venezuela (Spanish)

Assault on Planned Parenthood was years in the making; Repubs saw vid weeks before release

How an Apartment Tower in Atlanta Is Makes Life a Living Hell for Its Poor Residents

Lincoln At The Rest Stop kitty rescue by Deb New Cumberland, PA

Lincoln At The Rest Stop kitty rescue by Deb New Cumberland, PA

SeaWorld Sees Profits Plunge 84% as Customers Desert Controversial Park

Researchers explain why the Greenwich prime meridian moved

Take a look at who CNN just hired...

Misogyny nothing new on FauxNews

O’Malley Raises Legal Questions About DNC Debate Plan's Exclusivity Clause: “Legally Unenforceable"

UPDATED: Right-Wing Militia Patrols Ferguson

Cannabis discovered in tobacco pipes found in William Shakespeare's garden

Trump: ‘I Am a Fabulous Whiner’

Where the Senate stands on the Iran deal

Trump Int'l hAirport

How the Bush-administration built ISIS. (No, literally.)

Bush links Clinton to rise of Islamic State

Ted Cruz To Fellow GOPers: Leave Donald Trump Alone!

Juan Cole: If It’s Going to Push Us to War, Is It Time for AIPAC to Register as a Foreign Agent?

Fox Host Reads Erick Erickson's Sexist Tweets On Air: 'Who Are You To Judge?'

Why huge Los Angeles crowd turned out for Bernie Sanders

Michael Brown Sr and the society of grieving families

Texas AG Held In Contempt For Blocking Gay Marriage Agrees To Record Change

Puerto Rico's Economic Pain Is Vicious 21st Century Colonialism

Venezuela's disastrous course

The post-debate polls are are the real GOP debate winners and losers...

Chicago: CTA to Buy 125 More Buses as Part of Modernization Program

Most 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Would Push Seniors Into Poverty By Cutting Social Security

Krugman: G.O.P. Candidates and Obama’s Failure to Fail

False Meme: Bernie Sanders had BLM open his Los Angeles Rally.

California blaze more than doubles in size overnight

Can anyone tell me

"Time to turn the military onto the animals in Ferguson!"

Bernie Sanders Is The Future Of The Democratic Party–Party Leaders Ignore This At Their Own Peril

The Rise of Big Generic: Why Knockoff Prescriptions Now Cost $1,200

Northeast Corridor at breaking point?

Is Open Carry for whites only or would someone explain

*** This is posted to the African-American Group - Respond, or not, Appropriately, or not ***

Shell Parts Ways With ALEC Over Climate Change

Appeals Court Won’t Reconsider Ex-Virginia Governor’s Case

Oh for a wooden nose! . . . Please come CAPTION Megyn Kelly!!!

Scott Walker is America’s biggest hypocrite-The “fiscal conservative” is giving $450 million to we

Abenomics Mauls Japanese Households

The stuff of D.C. punk history becomes part of the public record

Kamal warns of action for derogatory remarks on religion

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 11, 2015

100,000 people have come to recent Bernie Sanders rallies. How does he do it?

Former Gov. Heineman says state never gave up on the death penalty

Koterba toon: Trump again

By the way Hillary Clinton nailed it in her response to ReTHUG attacks on Trump

Pic Of The Moment: Rick Perry Stops Paying Campaign Staff

Teachers Classroom Taken Over After Fight

Owner of Tacoma arcade faces backlash after he’s filmed calling Black Lives Matter protesters ‘n**

Todd Courser (cartoon)

Beto O'Rourke for VP?

Bwah-HAH!1 Governor Goodhair out of cash to pay staff, will have to fly Commercial & no entourage

From 538: The Bernie Sanders Surge Appears to be Over

Exciting new progressive news co-op in DC

The Key Differences Between Progressive and Liberal, and how "Liberal" Thinking Can be Part of the

priceless reaction to the death of Fred Phelps, founder Westboro Baptist Church

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh away...

Rivers Shut Down Over EPA's Spill Of 3 Million Gallons Of Toxic Water

Proposed feature: more exposure of jury results

Why Weren't Oathkeepers Told To Leave Ferguson Or Removed.

The Bernie Interrupters: Anatomy of Hatemongering Fauxgressives.

This Week in Blackness, interview with Marissa Johnson on the Seattle actions

Atlantic City: Avalon closes beaches after high tide carves dangerous cliffs

Discount Tire recalls 79,513 truck and SUV replacement tires

perseid meteor shower

Columbia House Files for Bankruptcy, Blames Streaming

No, There Won’t Be Two Moons in the Sky on Aug. 27

Retirement Investment Advice: Public Hearings on ‘Conflicts of Interest’ Proposal Start Aug. 10

Polite, well spoken, non religious, politically supportive black voices matter

grandpa passed last night

Dog Chained For A Decade Has The Sweetest Reaction To Being Set Free

729 candidates banned from Colombia’s local elections

Sarah Lee Circle Bear Was Pregnant When She Died in Police Custody, Family Says

Comedian Bill Burr destroys Steve Jobs and in turn destroys the glorification of corporate America

13 teachers forced to flee Medellin schools just this month

OSHA Proposes Limits on Beryllium in Workplaces with Industry, Union Backing

OSHA Proposes Limits on Beryllium in Workplaces with Industry, Union Backing

Conservatives play the anti-Semitism card Against Obama

OSHA Proposes Limits on Beryllium in Workplaces with Industry, Union Backing

Ferguson Protesters Chant ‘We’re Ready for War’

How Not To Get Shot By Chicago Police: Department Releases 'Stay Safe Tips'

The real reason American public transportation is such a disaster

Paul Krugman: Tea and Trumpism

Hillary Clinton meets with Los Angeles healthcare workers

Major squee!!!

Rogue drones a growing nuisance across the U.S.

How the US Backed Pinochet’s Henchman Manuel Contreras

AP: Food Banks, Pantries Find New Ways to Feed More People

It's still looking good for Hillary...polled as most electable

Citigroup in $13.5 million settlement over defunct CSO hedge fund

NASA to launch Terrier rocket from Wallops Island

NASA to launch Terrier rocket from Wallops Island

U.S. charges nine in hacking, insider trading scheme

NASA to launch Terrier rocket from Wallops Island

Fight the BERNIE Sanders BLACKOUT in the Media through Facebook:

Mirkarimi (SF sheriff) didn’t report crash, had license suspended

Astronomers discover new planet orbiting two stars

California Labor Law Will No Longer Use the Word "Alien" to Refer to Immigrants

Who the hell is Lawrence Lessig ?

Big black YouTube advertising box appears on pages and won't disappear..anyone else seeing this?

The Big, Bold Idea at the Heart of Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Make College Cheaper

PSYCHOtherapist on Fox: "Kids won't know their gender because of Target's gender neutral toys"

Does the tool really matter?

LePage reiterates plan to use National Guard in drug epidemic ‘if necessary’

And you thought that last "Debate" was a shit show? Just wait...

The cemetery in Guatemala that exhumes babies’ graves

U.S. Stocks Decline With Global Markets as China Devalues Yuan

There's only one right answer on Keystone XL: NO (email from Bernie)

Perry has stopped paying staff at the national hqs in Austin as well as Iowa, NH and SC

Rand Paul faces emerging doubts at home

The Panama Unit: A U.S Border Unit That Became A Drug Trafficking Organization

Yee haw! The Ford Bronco turns 50

The Panama Unit: A U.S Border Unit That Became A Drug Trafficking Organization

When is hillary going to start having political rallies? I haven't heard a peep about her needing

Is it warm in here, or is it just some humans burning fossil fuels?

Sen. Amy Klobuchar : Why I Am Supporting the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Face it-- John Oliver is a genius...

Just taking a moment to thank DFW and unhappy camper

Planned Parenthood Can No Longer Offer Cancer Screenings To Poor Women In Texas. Thanks, GOP

The School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania survey

Have you ever SEEN a cicada in a tree singing? I've heard them all my life, and they really were

The Crash of 2015: Now Arriving at Gates 3,7,12,19…..

Bill Clinton defends repeal of Glass-Steagall

Complicated storylines like True Detective 2 are acceptable, PROVIDED ...

Bernie Sanders campaigning for Jesse Jackson in 1988 (Video)

Stephen Colbert goes off script and makes Jon Stewart cry in touching and well deserved tribute

Could GOP Candidates Have Botched The Debate Any Worse?

Sanders Puts Forth Proposal to Make Election Day a Holiday

Meet the (Potential) Democratic Candidate Who Thinks Bernie Sanders Isn't Liberal Enough

@HillaryClinton in Claremont talking about #NewCollegeCompact!

Pat Robertson: Send your atheist grand kids to a Christian school

Nice article about Berniementum from WashPo!

Decentralized green energy

100,000 people have come to recent Bernie Sanders rallies. How does he do it?

Rubio reminds voters: fertilized human eggs don’t become cats

Maduro: prepare for massacre and death if the revolution fails (SPanish)

Tell you what THIS white supremacist liberal is gonna do

16 GOPers Qualify For CNN Debates In September, One Fails To Make Cut

Geno Smith out 6-10 weeks after being punched in Jets locker room

The perfect Bernie poster....

Law abiding responsible gun owners. Yeah, right.

Bob McDonnell to appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

Mother of delinquent shot and burned alive after her son killed another delinquent

Schumer: If US quits deal, US sanctions will still put 'meaningful pressure' on Tehran

Wrecking Ball - By JOSH MARSHALL

You Know That Meme About Hillary's vs Bernie's Campaign Donors? It's A Lie (Hillary Group)

Latest Paul LePage missive could trigger 18,000 new pen pals for governor

The amusing story behind Joe Lieberman’s new gig

Bernie Sanders vows tough fight against institutional racism

A Secret U.S. Bomber Is Set To Exit The Black Budget's Shadows And Enter The Public Eye

If anyone wants to actually help out protesters...

Has anyone done this one?

Cruz gets creative to undermine U.S. foreign policy

Oil Plummets After OPEC Supply Hits a Three-Year High

Photo: Meryl Streep takes a selfie with Hillary. (Hillary Group)

Nine Men Facing Federal Charges Over Alleged Hacking And Insider Trading Scheme

Clinton bashes Walker; offers condolences for those who made it through the entire GOP debate

Best campaign ad ever

Donald Trump vanquishes Roger Ailes: Fox News surrenders in battle of the bullies - By Joan Walsh

Laibach to perform this month in North Korea!

U.S. Navy Ordered to Put Costliest Carrier Through Shock Testing

just for curiosity sake

The Bernie effect: Noam Chomsky says Sanders will push the entire Democratic party to the left

The script for this primary was written years ago.

Psychologist Openly Admits He Trains Police Officers to Shoot First and Ask Questions Later

Blast kills around 50 in Nigeria's Borno state

BLM Seattle anti-Sanders activist is now "SIPPING ON WHITE TEARS" (Photo) (Facebook)

Economics vs. civil rights (BLM and Sanders)

It's quite clear the DU isn't ready for Black Liberation...

Reporter: "Mr. Koch, have you or your brother contributed to the Sanders campaign?"

Economic and Environmental opportunities do you no good if you are dead

We Didn't Have to Drop the Bomb

Bristol Palin backs Trump, slams Fox News president for saying he only hired her mom because she...

Federal appeals court turns down former Va. governor McDonnell, again

The "haircut" of the German debt for which Greece also agreed!

Federal appeals court turns down former Va. governor McDonnell, again

Union: 'Members Win Big Gains' through new Wellsville labor contract with Dresser-Rand Siemens

Pastor Craig Conner threatens to stop paying taxes over Planned Parenthood

Union: 'Members Win Big Gains' through new Wellsville labor contract with Dresser-Rand Siemens

Union: 'Members Win Big Gains' through new Wellsville labor contract with Dresser-Rand Siemens

Heads Up!!!!....................David Simon's new series starts next Sunday!!!!!

Marissa Janae Johnson doesn’t ‘give a f*ck’ if protest at Seattle Bernie Sanders rally ...

This should go well: Jeb! Bush to attack Hillary Clinton, President Obama on Iraq (Hillary Group)

THIS is what a political revolution looks like...

Again with this explanation

If the democratic candidates for president wore nascar style sponsored logos. (this is perfect!)

Has Bernie plateaued?

FBI Visits Denver Company Regarding Hillary Clinton Emails

Poll: Trump Leads Iowa GOP Field but Shows Less Strength among Debate Viewers

Who do you side with? (iSideWith quiz)

Kerry, Top Democratic Senator Spar on Iran Deal, Sanctions

Children Learn What They Live...

Hillary Clinton’s misuse of email undermines her candidacy

Trump Leads In First Post-Debate Poll Of New Hampshire

Herding Cats: The Godless in Dixie Guide to Wrangling Atheists Online

Marissa Janae Johnson doesn’t ‘give a f*ck’ if protest at Seattle Bernie Sanders rally drives people

President of United Against Nuclear Iran Resigns Because He Decided That It Was A Good Deal

Central Colombia governor resigns amid corruption allegation

Pap Attack: Lack Of Leadership Will Doom GOP In 2016

Be careful, your love of science looks a lot like religion

Drunk student wakes up to find he emailed professor to tell him he loves him, 'sorry that u r bald',

Allan Johnson: Privilege, Power and Difference 2nd Interview

The Glass-Steagall Partial-Repeal Did Not Cause the Financial Crisis

Oil price slumps to lowest level in more than 6 years

Sheriff to pastor protesting for Sandra Bland: ‘Go back to the church of Satan’

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-10-15

Message to BLM-why didn't you demostrate at the Republican debate?

Pap and Stephanie Miller Take On Politics, the Media, and Corrupt Corporations

After 10 years, I've never seen DU as crazy as it is right now.

Alabama senator creates 'GoFundMe' campaign to solve budget impasse..guess what happened?

BLM and the SCLC: we've been here before:

Tracey Cullan, UNO grad from prominent Democratic family, refused to let spina bifida slow her down

So I asked a question and my thread got locked

Greece and lenders agree bailout, shares rally

"Run, Michelle, Run" (Barack Obama Group)

This message was self-deluded by its author.

Gotta hate it when the home team misses the bag

Zimbabwe lifts hunting ban imposed after killing of Cecil the lion: US report

A reminder of reality and those responsible. A wall of separation with derivative regulation would

Rick Perry Super PAC: We've Planned for Pay Freeze 'For Weeks'

May be getting a new litter of pups

GOP Strategist Raynard Jackson: ‘Why Black Men Need More White Women’

Donald Trump in Birch Run Michigan, met with protesters chanting "We Shall Overcomb"

Black Lives Matter protesters try to disrupt Hillary Clinton event. (Hillary Group)

Man who claims boy choked on Pop Tart charged with murder

Iowa polling shows Clinton and Bernie would both beat Donald Trump in the Hawkeye state

Pre-Flight Announcement

Why young journalists of color leave the news industry

US appeals court rebuffs NY judge in Argentine debt dispute

Liberals pledge to pull $11M in retaliation for Schumer’s Iran stance Notes O'Malley Slamming Dubious Legality of Democrat Debate Ground Rules. Notes O'Malley Slamming Dubious Legality of Democrat Debate Ground Rules.

Transgender inmate ‘kind of in shock’ about state decision to allow surgery

Deceptive woodpecker uses mimicry to avoid competition

Next Up, MSNBC "Media Not Feeling the Bern?", host Michael Eric Dyson who replaced Ed Schultz.

Bulldog lip snoring after a hard day of playing

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Silent Run in Puerto Rico

Silent Run in Puerto Rico

Bernie Sanders Wins the Endorsement of Nation’s Largest Nurses Union

About 150 show up to protest Trump appearance in Michigan

Introducing the new President of the American Bar Association:

Fox Host On Social Security: Stop Giving People Money ‘Just Because They’re Old’

Fox Host On Social Security: Stop Giving People Money ‘Just Because They’re Old’ (VIDEO)

Dozens of retired generals, admirals back Iran deal

Black Lives Matter protesters try to disrupt Hillary Clinton event Read more: http://www.politico.c

Republicans love Ben Carson’s views on race. Most voters of color don’t.

A question re the GOP, SS and Healthcare

Black Americans Like Hillary Clinton More Than Any Other Candidate

My husband recently openly-carried. A gun. Yup -- for real.

Group Backing Hillary Clinton Gets $1 Million From Anonymous Donors

Teen gets senior pictures taken at Taco Bell

O’Malley adds stops to Iowa swing this week.

U.S. presidential candidate Martin O'Malley to make campaign stop in Ann Arbor.

Bernie Sanders Nabs Endorsement From National Nurses' Union

Free Speech TV — The Last Bastion Of Hope For Progressive Media

it turns out the BLM protester is NOT a supporter of Sarah Palin

My "WTF?" of the day, religious con men and kooks edition...

Mayor asks candidate to drop out after shares on Facebook

This message was self-deflated by its author...

The High Priesthood

Bernie is in Iowa this coming weekend...August 15 and 16.

Phantom commercials

Colombian Attorney Summons Former Commander for False Positves

Donating to Bernie through DU?

Hillary Clinton meets 'Black Lives Matter' protesters shut out of event. (Hillary Group)

I was just watching the Transporter series

God Tells Florida Pastor Unborned Babies Will Pay National Debt, So Defund Planned Parenthood

God Tells Florida Pastor Unborned Babies Will Pay National Debt, So Defund Planned Parenthood

This Japanese Fisherman Discovered Bolivia’s Only Giant Freshwater Clams

American couple fake honeymoon to join ISIS, it didn't go well

Top Senate Dem Backs Schumer For Leadership Post

Sarah Silverman Introduction to Bernie Sanders LA

U.S. Texas Officer Fired Over Fatal Shooting of Football Player

Hillary Clinton handing over her whole email server to the FBI.

President Obama wants us to argue about the special relationship

Arlington, Texas, police chief fires officer who fatally shot unarmed college football player Chris

Question about hosting the Summer Contest

My Giant Life.......of course on TLC....anyone watching???

Family of white teen shot by police asks for federal probe

Man Charged in Bitcoin Scheme Appears in New York Court

MIT scientists develop technique to boost yeast's ethanol production - by 80% (that's no typo, 80%)

Iran Debate Devolves With Charges Of ‘Dual Loyalty’ And ‘Dog Whistles’

Democrats target vulnerable GOP senators who voted to defund Planned Parenthood


U.S. presidential candidate Martin O'Malley to make campaign stop in Ann Arbor Wednesday.

The Bernie Sanders Surge Appears To Be Over

New Surveillance Footage Shows Tyrone Harris Pulling Gun from Waistband, Police Say

Catholic Hospital Denies Mother's Choice For Tubal Ligation Minutes Before Surgery

As President, I will continue to make college more affordable for more families.

(Calif.) Gov. Brown OKs nation's 1st ban on grand juries in police shootings

DU going tortoise-slow for anyone else?

A couple of statements from NNU Exective Director RoseAnn DeMoro

US Official: FBI Has Hillary Clinton Emails From Home Server

In The End GOP Model For Birth Control Or Family Planning. No Sex Until After Menopause.

Republican Super PAC Releases Video Touting The Success Of Bernie Sanders

"How violent the organizers and Bernie Sanders was." BLM activist speaks

"Currently I would say that Bernie Sanders is the best hope for the black community in the nation."

It looks like MSNBC has completely jumped the rails

Spock: Live Long and Feel The Bern!!

tRump Is Getting So Ridiculous That I'm Starting To Believe He Must Be A Democratic Plant

Health Affairs Blog: The crucial importance of Title X

Gas prices to rise (25c-50c) across Midwest

Vindicated, while Lagarde emerges a loser? – David Marsh in MarketWatch, Yanis Varoufakis

Trump news conference . . . Not one new word

Bernie Sanders Now Has a Rap Theme Song—And It’s Not Bad

Received from a dear friend and posted without comment ...

Russia And Nato Training For War With Each Other, Say Analysts

Scott Walker wants to fire academics with whom he disagrees politically

Jeb Bush says Hillary Clinton should share blame for Islamic State rise

The trouble with Trump’s third-party prospects

FOX News saved my life...

Banking and Finance: Bernie Sanders vs Hillary & Elizabeth Warren

MIT scientists develop technique to boost yeast's ethanol production 80% - yes, eighty-percent!