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I don't know what to think, but I wished

Is DU running slower than usual? It sure is for me. If it is I suspect it is because of the recent

8-9-15 The Start of a Wave in 2:00

Some great pics of Bernie and supporters from Seattle rally at UW

Pro-union vote by Vice Media writers scrutinized for broader significance

Who's Paying #BlackLivesMatter Movement to Troll Bernie Sanders?

Pro-union vote by Vice Media writers scrutinized for broader significance

"Knowing what we know now, I would not have gone into Iraq'" -Jeb bush

Pro-union vote by Vice Media writers scrutinized for broader significance

An update on the apology that wasn't from BLM

About "white supremacist liberals"

Truck driver wins Dem nomination for Miss. governor

Any DMB fans?

FYI The people who disrupted the rally yesterday are about to have their own rally.

An update on the apology that wasn't from BLM (and no, they weren't paid operatives either)

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Take Over Bernie Sanders Speech in Seattle

35 Innocent Photos That Are Somehow Completely Filthy

President Obama Says He Feels "Great Urgency" To Address Issues Of Race Before Leaving Office.

Trump Remains Frontrunner After Debate

U.S. 'supermax' prison: 'Alcatraz of the Rockies' is seen as 'inhuman and degrading'

So now there are people on DU who don't think Sanders handled it like a real politician would

If BLM is targeting Sanders, they have crossed the bridge to mega-radical land.

Angela Davis, Sexuality, And The Black Panther Party; All About Lesbian Black Women's Power.

Idiots in Texas give Smart Texans a bad rap

Police: Man's body found at Confederate monument

Many of the right wingnut wackos who self-identify as "Conservative"...

Look at the crowd to see Bernie in Portland!

The Resurrection of America's Slums

Michael Brown Jr. One Year Anniversay of his Death

WA State Senator Pramila Jayapal's moving post: "Why the Bernie Sanders rally left me heartbroken."

Mike Malloy - Move to Fight Obama’s Climate Plan Started Early

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut down Bernie Sanders Event

Mike Malloy - Louisiana Terminate Medicaid Contract With Planned Parenthood

GOP operatives have tried for years to drive a wedge between blacks and the Democratic party

Beware the Black Tea Party.

the reason its been so hot

TYT:Bernie Sanders SHUT DOWN By Black Lives Matters Activists

River that runs through San Jose goes dry

Talk policy, avoid distractions

4th atheist Bangladeshi blogger hacked to death this year

Protest 101: Raise the visibility of your group and it's goals - BLM's netroots and seattle are wins

Plane that was supposed to fly ‘We got DeMarco’ banner over Cowboys camp crashed, pilot killed

This Potowatomi artist is not a fan of Scott Walker. Very intense piece. Not for the feint of heart.

Should any crime make a person ineligible for government benefits?

We Stand Together (pics) Saying 20,000 people (live link)"Unbelievable Turnout"

Journalist dies after being shot while hosting radio program

Pantex union rejects contract

Pantex union rejects contract

Nuke yer corn...

Bernie's new spokesperson is totally rocking the crowd in Portland!

Ferguson protests mostly peaceful on anniversary of Brown shooting

Hillary Clinton Was Liberal. Hillary Clinton Is Liberal. (Hillary Group)

BLMS activist who shut down Sanders rally inspired by COUNTERPUNCH

S. Korea blames North for mine blast, threatens 'harsh' response

Howard Dean Endorses Hillary for President: "by far the most qualified person" (Hillary Group)

Stampede at Indian temple in India leaves 11 dead

If you're watching the Portland speech tonight...and you didn't think Bernie "got it" before this

Would love to hear from members of this group regarding this OP I created in GD

Bernie is going all in on social justice


Claim: George Soros donated $33 million to fund rioting Ferguson protest groups - Snopes

Bikini Islanders flee rising sea

Bernie Sanders Crushes Republicans in Portland Tonight on Voter Suppression

Proposal for anti-oppression accord involving blm and Democratic presidential candidates:

Russia, in midst of exploding HIV epidemic, plans to ban importation of condoms

Ain't no thread like a pony thread

Shout out for graphics queen napkinz

Shell to Leave ALEC

The Film Donald Trump Does Not Want You to See

The circular self cannibalizing firing squad that is modern identity politics.

If Black Lives Matter, #BlackLivesMatter Has To Grow Up

2016 candidate photos: Martin O’Malley in Iowa

If Male Musicians Were Described The Same Way As Female Musicians

Socastee church members learn about the Confederate flag's history from African American Activist

Seattle's "Outside Agitators 206" & why they want to drive a wedge between BLM and Democrats

Ring of Fire Radio says BLM is The Black Liberation Army (BLA)

Infant Mortality Rising in Gaza Strip for First Time in 50 Years, Says UN Agency

BLM Needs to Be Marginalized and Go Away If It Is Going to Attack Natural Allies Like Bernie...

20,000 came to see Bernie in Portland!!!!!

Bernie Sanders Unveils Sweeping Policy Platform To Combat Racial Inequality

Mother saves son from crocodile attack in Costa Rica

Mother saves son from crocodile attack in Costa Rica

All concerned about Bernie and BLM should watch the video of tonight...

HuffPo:Bernie Sanders Unveils Sweeping Policy Platform To Combat Racial Inequality

For Goddess' sakes, don't turn this into an attack on "black lesbians".

I love the DU Bernie Sanders group. I feel we have been through

Nearly 25,000 AT&T workers without contract, talks continue

Our Taste for 'Aquatic Bushmeat' Is Killing the Sea

The #BlackLivesMatter tactics are working

Nearly 25,000 AT&T workers without contract, talks continue

Nearly 25,000 AT&T workers without contract, talks continue

Chris Hedges: Evoking the Wrath of Nature

Meet Symone Sanders, Bernie's new National Press Secretary...

Was Mighty Joint the most perfect weapon in history?

Dots connected: Marrissa Johnson Outside Agitators 206

Last "True Detective" (mild spoiler)

Bernie Sanders draws 28,000 people in Portland, his campaign says

From Bernie's FB page: 9,000 couldn't get in! 28,000 showed up.

BREAKING NEWS » NOW: Michael Brown Protesters Face-off with #Ferguson Police – WATCH LIVE

Protests Turning Violent In Ferguson

Clinton To Propose $350 Billion College Affordability Plan

‘Bringing People Together,’ is Campaign’s Core, Sanders Tells Another Record Rally

I can't keep up... Is the - Palin loving, RW fundie - BLM or not?

Remember when you were 10 years old

Missing-student activist killed in Mexico

Missing-student activist killed in Mexico

In certain circumstances, you can NOT let party politics be your guide.

U.S. Sends 6 Jets, 300 Personnel To Turkey Base In Islamic State Fight

Racial Justice

Six children, two adults shot dead in Texas

Michael Brown anniversary: Gunfire at Ferguson protest

Is there a way to block seeing a forum's posts in 'Latest Threads'?

HRC to offer plan on paying college tuition without loans.

Hillary Clinton starts taking some risks — and landing some punches

Most religiously unaffiliated U.S. cities

Argentine embassy in US launches website on the struggle with 'vulture funds'

what do you sleep in ?

Scott Walker: Don't Focus On 'Racial Discord' Or You'll Only Create More

Donald Trump apparently will "fight back" if a woman "viciously attacks" him

Can you read this signature?

Galapagos penguin numbers recovering with shifts in trade winds and ocean currents

Attackers open fire on U.S. consulate in Istanbul

Galapagos penguin numbers recovering with shifts in trade winds and ocean currents

If You Share One Picture Today ....

Drones getting in the way of emergency responders

Marden Henge: 'Neolithic bling' excavated at site 10X larger than Stonehenge

On July 13th this happened

Officer-Involved Shooting Reported In Ferguson

Time to put it behind us, a tribute to Nye Bevan

We don't have to choose between saving black lives OR supporting Bernie.

Let's Not Get Carried Away With The Megyn Kelly Lovefest

Daily Holidays - August 10

Survivor recalls life in internment camp for Japanese-Americans

An 18,000 seat stadium filled to the rafters. Just take a moment to look at this.

Japan's Weather agency warns of more heat, urges people to drink water, stay in cool place

Remember that Bernie had a fund raiser in Seattle

Ill-timed Disney Japan tweet stokes anger, claims of insensitivity on Nagasaki anniversary

Typhoon-tilted mailboxes go viral

Confederate Flag Flies Proud, Protected in Pennsylvania

S Korea blames North for mine blasts, vows 'harsh' response

Allan G Johnson on The Gender Knot + Privilege, Power, and Difference (2003)

Ex-model who stripped over chicken rice deemed "stable" enough for trial

Australia’s Vegemite-alcohol debate takes off on Twitter

Bangladesh police kill 6 tiger poachers in gunfight

Nearly 1 million affected by Burma floods; 99 dead

Space: Time-lapse ISS footage shows eye of Super Typhoon Soudelor

Los Angeles Rally with Bernie Sanders on 8/10

Fukushima or fluke: What do we know about Japan’s mutant daisies?

Girl Walks Around With No Pants! Does anyone notice?

Would the disruption have happened if the Westlake rally hadn't been on the Ferguson anniversary?

To boag or not to boag, that is the question.

Game of Groans: How focus on Trump Taunts hides GOP war on Middle Class, Workers

Heavy casualties feared after bomb explosion at Kabul airport

Japan to restart nuclear reactor

How important is FOX to the GOP? Their reaction to Trumps comments on Megyn tell much

Love this headline: G.O.P. Candidates and Obama’s Failure to Fail

Scotland to ban genetically modified crops


WashPo: Bernie Sanders draws 28,000 people in Portland, his campaign says —

I disrupted Bill Maher on stage last night in Durham (NC)--for Bernie!--

In Vietnam, Sec of State Kerry talks about the value of diplomacy over war

Caribbean-bound tourists cancel holidays due to foul-smelling seaweed

NY Times: Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets

We're a year into the unofficial war against Isis with nothing to show for it

Seems like Bernie's overflow areas need

Straight guy looking for straight male-on-male action

Occupy Wall Street Silenced John Lewis?

Help needed: Has anyone used

Remember That "Rational", "Sensible" Kasich? Global Warming Now "Some Theory That Is Not Proven"

POLL: Meme of the Week – August 10th

Veterans chief, key congressman discuss VA's problems

Yay!! Toxic Mine Wastewater Spill On Animas River (CO) Now Down From 770 To 550 Gallons/Minute

POLL: Meme of the Month – July 2015

Debate the puppet master

Detail of Sen. Sanders 'Racial Justice' Plan and Gov. O'Malley's 'Criminal Justice' Plan

There is this new app for experiencing life raw and unfiltered and not through your phone.

Advocates protest plan to open gun shop on reviving Spring Garden Street neighborhood

Although I'm supporting Bernie, I am increasingly impressed with Martin

Monday Toon Roundup 1- All Trump All the Time

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Gov. Sam Brownback's brother accused of terrorizing rural neighbors

Gov. Sam Brownback's brother accused of terrorizing rural neighbors

Donald Trump just avoided a question on fair pay for women and how women could

This attempt to silence members of the African American forum has gone too far.

Over 5000 Killed In US Police Chases Since 1979

BLM - Blessing in disguise for Sanders

Is Counter Intelligence Infilitrating BlackLivesMatter, Other Agencies Or Campaigns?

Clinton to propose $350 billion college affordability plan..

BLM Protestor radical Christian, Sarah Palin supporter


GOP Attempts To Cut SNAP Food Stamps - Katie Klabusich Discusses

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-9-15

SD Keystone Pipeline Hearings Blow Up; Extensive Evidence Of Corrosion, Failures On The Record

29 U.S. Scientists Praise Iran Nuclear Deal in Letter to Obama

We're a year into the unofficial war against Isis with nothing to show for it

threads containing certain phrases or words...

When political friends become foes. "You don't know me but I'm your brother

Mapping Migration in the United States

KRUGMAN: G.O.P. Candidates and Obama’s Failure to Fail

RW governments are building (Trump-stlye) walls in Hungary, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Donald Trump's fight with Fox News and Megyn Kelly, explained

TRUMP: "It’s very hard for them (women) to attack me on looks, because I’m so good looking.”

Frank Luntz and Karl Rove can go f00k themselves.

Making American Grate Once Again! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Finale of "True Detective" last night: What's the deal with that baby at the very end?

I'm a horses behind, but my friend needs help...

Demanding a higher standard from Sanders

This browser hack reveals the truth about “political correctness”

Key Greenhouse Gas Study May Have "Systematically Understated" Methane Leaks, New Research Shows

The Obama Administration Just Blew Off Human Trafficking Concerns to Pass the TPP

I think what we have going on how with African American DUers is analogous to what happened

Martin O'Malley: 'We must do more than just #sayhisname—Michael Brown—we must act'.

Losers! Inside Donald Trump's Breakup With Trickster Consultant Roger Stone

Bravo, earthside. You called it in July.

New design could finally help to bring fusion power closer to reality

5 Reasons Trump Is Public Service Announcement Against Conserv Politics / Defends Kelly comment

Fox News Losing Control of Hateful, Paranoid People It Created, Who Created Trump

Hedging the Apocalypse

Chuck Schumer’s Disingenuous Iran Deal Argument

Typhoon Lashes China’s East Coast, 14 Dead And Four Missing: Xinhua

Trump Tries To Shame Megyn Kelly Over 2010 Stern Interview About Breasts

Global Vulnerability of Forests to Climate Change-Related Tree Mortality is Widely Underestimated

Ice cream and a kiwi that has laser beam eyes: New Zealand looks for a new flag

Harry Potter characters all grown up

A Bernie Sanders Shocker Is Coming

Start looking up - great year for Perseids

Hawaii Dem senator backs Iran deal

Black Lives Matter! Period. Therefore I Have Altered my Primary Intentions.

The hacker hacked

A Bernie Sanders Shocker Is Coming

More information about the Seattle BLM "activists..."

Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran: Gulf players willing to abandon old narratives

"Does A Fat Baby Fart?"

How Inequality Corrupts Success

By the Numbers: Blankfein becomes a billionaire

Absolutely unforgivable that I forgot...Happy Birthday TBF!

WOW, ...

Donald Trump claims he won't "embarrass" the head of Fox News

Chris Hedges: Evoking the Wrath of Nature

Two Virginia Republicans indicted in Ron Paul campaign scandal

Virginia Wesleyan College Demands Names Of Rape Victim's Sexual Partners

As Gas Tax Revenue Dips, CT And N.J. Take Opposite Paths To Transportation Funding

A Democrats' prayer during the Primaries...

LePage letter at center of Eves lawsuit

San Francisco: Turns Onto Market Street by Private Cars Barred Starting Tuesday

Ex-Dolphins OL coach Jim Turner to file defamation lawsuit against Ted Wells

Severe droughts could lead to widespread losses of (UK) butterflies by 2050

how to make a republican happy.

GREAT NEWS! Idaho's Ag-Gag Law Ruled Unconstitutional by Federal Judge

Confederate Flag Debate Reaches New York County Fairs

The Death of Trust and the Rise of Transparency

I just watched the HBO film "Game Change" again...

Folk festival flap (MI)

Japan is way ahead of us...WAY ahead!

Ohio’s Edison sculpture set to occupy Statuary Hall

one of Cecil's cubs killed by rival, scumbag palmer still in hiding

Animal Tales: An impurrfect start to a cat-tastic circus

UT panel tackles future of campus confederate statues (TX)

Symone D Sanders - Girls Inc of Omaha Community Campaign - One Gift, One Girl at a Time

Pride poorly placed (NC)

Why is college so expensive?Is your state school sponsoring salaries for the elite and sports crap?

A century after lynching, town still wrestles over history (GA)

I finally figured out why Trump is in the race

Funny how this works: As Long As Donald Trump Is Running, Conservatives Oppose Misogyny

A small, modular, efficient fusion plant

As Long As Donald Trump Is Running, Conservatives Oppose Misogyny

Fellow Bernie supporters. Let's set a higher ground here, and emotionally

World Population Likely to Surpass 11 Billion in 2100

creator of all we see and are

Bernie Sanders is bringing his populist message to Los Angeles

At Council Bluffs rally, Ben Carson says he's tired of Democrats dividing the country

Heads up: Martin O'Malley coming up next on Andrea Mitchell Reports

Have Any Of The Cable News Channels This Morning Talked About Bernie's Crowds In Seattle & Portland?

Mich. lawmaker won't resign after fabricating male prostitute story

GOBEARS10: Got a shout from Thom Hartman!

Is there anyone in the Philidelphia area that can help a DUer find housing for her and large dog?

Conservative Federal Judges Wave The White Flag On Obamacare

San Jose: Second person within 13 hours dies in officer-involved shooting

The boom in wind energy couldn’t be coming at a better time

Trump's plan for Islamic State: 'Put a ring around it'

Pic Of The Moment: The Establishment GOP, Face To Face With Its Donald Trump Problem

Black Lives Matter! Period. Therefore I Haven't Altered my Primary Intentions.

Good News: NY Times Acknowledges a Nat'l Teacher Shortage. Bad News:

If I were Karl Rove...

Like they were born to be partners -- Why should water separate them?

Here’s Why Republicans Are Dooming Themselves With Millennial Voters

Take a Class in Advanced TV Herstory

Take a Class in Advanced TV Herstory

UPDATED Seattle: Did Bernie supporter(s) BITE BLM supporter(s)?

Meet Symone Sanders & see her rousing speech at Bernie's Portland Rally last night

War in Space May Be Closer than Ever

Why the United States can be optimistic about the Middle East Fareed Zakaria

Study of Ad-Blocking Software Suggests Wide Use

I have a question.

Black Lives Matter! Period. Therefore I'm Continuing my Support for Bernie Sanders.

Note to Bernie Sanders' campaign!! BOOK LARGER VENUES!!

Texas ..judge ordered a man to write Bible verses, marry girlfriend within 30 days or jail

Woman freely bleeds running London Marathon without tampon

How do you stop a Dean Scream?

Black Women and Black Lives Matter: Fighting Police Misconduct in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assa

33k people came out to declare Democratic Socialism is better than Wall Street Capitalism...

Winners of the 2015 National Geographic Traveler photo contest

Fox News: Not labeling toys for boys or girls will make shopping confusing

Did everyone see Washington State Senator Pramila Jayapal's comment on BLM/Sanders?

most people, black or white or other, do not live in academia

About Donnie "Ragtime" Trump

How Obama Hurts Clinton (and Helps Sanders) With Unions

How Obama Hurts Clinton (and Helps Sanders) With Unions

How Obama Hurts Clinton (and Helps Sanders) With Unions Reportedly Paid By Trump For "Fawning Headlines"

#Pufferfish Chris Christie's 9/11 lie

How Obama Hurts Clinton (and Helps Sanders) With Unions

Trump may say misogynist things, but other Republican candidates do them

Opinion: Feel Disrespected? Pull a Gun | Carol Costello, | Photo-essay

Hundreds of Vets Line Up for Free Pot in Show of Protest


Black Lives Matter! Period! Therefore I'm continuing to support Bernie Sanders

Has Bernie Sanders plateaued?

GOP Candidates Turn Blind Eye To Income Inequality

Homme de Plume: What I Learned Sending My Novel Out Under a Male Name

Martin O'Malley blasts DNC over 'huge mistake' on debates.

TX continues its assault on poor uninsured women: Sep 1 cuts cancer screening/Planned Parenthood

RAVITCH: Los Angeles: Broad, Walton Plan Major Expansion of Privatization

Women on road trips aren't tragedies waiting to happen. Like men, we're free

Women on road trips aren't tragedies waiting to happen. Like men, we're free

New Iowa numbers from PPP

video from Bernie Sanders' speech in Portland OR yesterday

600 Colombian officials in jail over ties to ‘Urabeños’

PPP-Iowa Poll Hillary 52% Bernie 25% O'Malley 7% Webb 3 % Chaffe 1%

PPP IA Poll-HRC 52% SBS 25% M O 7%/ The Donald 19% The Surgeon 12% , The Walker and The Bush 11%

been away from computer for a while--any word on a new gig for KO?

Good news for bernie in Iowa poll from PPP

Stinking mats of seaweed piling up on Caribbean beaches

Stinking mats of seaweed piling up on Caribbean beaches

Why Men Kill Women Is Not A Mystery

O'Malley: MORE debates needed. Video

O'Malley: MORE debates needed, not coronation.

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Are Not the Problem

Democratic Primary Needs More Debates, No "Coronation."

Hillary Clinton's debt free college plan isn't well liked by Jeb Bush, surprise!

And Republicans who take campaign money from billionaires have nothing significant to say about it..

Disappearing Arctic reflected in National Geographic maps

Bernie has always stood for Social Justice!

Voters Are Rejecting The Ruling Class – The 1% Are Running Scared

Bangladeshi Police: Stop Criticizing Religion if You Want to Avoid Being Killed

Scientists Pioneer Method to Track Water Flowing Through Glaciers

The Longest Race

She's back! None other than Michele Bachmann!

Bell Recovered From Wreck of UK Battleship Sunk in WWII (Hood)

Clinton - Sanders - O'Malley - Chafee speaking in Iowa on Friday

I consider campaign plans meaningless.

It's the ReTHUG base and Fox's main supporters

Here’s Why I Don’t Explicitly Debunk Religious Arguments

Mara Jacqueline Willaford shared Shon Meckfessel's post.

Tea Party Lawmaker Says He Faked Gay Sex Scandal To Expose Blackmailer

Florida pastor, who's terrible at math, claims defunding Planned Parenthood would fix national debt

In Syria, deadly road-rage incident tars President Assad’s family

Meet ALEC's (Hoped For) Man in Washington: Scott Walker

Honduran Congress Gives Medal To Fidel Castro

Stolen Election 2004

Walker Urges People To Visit Website For Policy Details, Which Aren't There

After scrubbing names of religious holidays, school considers new policy

This footstool was made by my parents...

PPP: Post-debate, Trump has strong lead in Iowa

This Honduran Mother Fled Death Threats—Only to Be Locked Up in the US

"You don't have the standing to invent a 'race problem' for Bernie" Warning: NSFW

Rand Paul has a mind-numbingly asinine explanation for income inequality

This Honduran Mother Fled Death Threats—Only to Be Locked Up in the US

Amazing--40+ year old finds out he has been living with half a brain

3-4 months does not make a trend, but maybe the start of a trend

'Vegemite watch' rejected by PM after reports spread used to brew alcohol in dry communities

Bernie Sanders Rally in Portland, streamed live on Aug 9, 2015

Japan PM Abe's support slips, majority oppose nuclear restart

Sen. Bernie Sanders and the nurses (pics) NNU Endorses Bernie

For Black College Students, Acting Like A College Student Can Be A Death Sentence

A North Carolina Textile Co-op Gives Immigrant Workers a Stake in the Business

Afghanistan: Peace in shambles following series of deadly attacks, residents seek resolution

Can Bernie Sanders Win Over Black Lives Matter? He Seems to Be Trying

Here's the new poll that shows how many people want a 3rd Obama term

Teacher Shortages Spur a Nationwide Hiring Scramble (Credentials Optional)

Game, set, match.

Danny Devito: May the Bern be with you....

Question from a curious American about forming a government

Almost Every Major Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Challenging or Defeating Clinton and Republicans.

Ratepayer group: Scrap San Onofre deal

After reading and watching all the video's, I think Bernie had a no-win situation on his hands.

TRUMP is 'Clever Enough to Figure Out Fox-Launch-Codes & Rich Enough To Not Care Who He Nukes

State of emergency declared in wake of renewed Ferguson violence

German gov't saves up to 100 billion euros in interest thanks to Greece debt crisis

Scott Walker Brings Anti-Union Message To National Stage

Exclusive: Trump's Republican support holds strong post-debate - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Bernie Sanders secures first endorsement from national trade union: National Nurses United

Planned Parenthood on offense, warns GOP against shutting down government

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

It’s not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal

Fed 'close' to hiking rates, economy near normal: Lockhart

Exonerate our mother Ethel Rosenberg by Meeropol brothers

Ben Carson isn't sure if Bible has authority over the Constitution

River that runs through downtown San Jose goes dry; fish and wildlife suffer

A stunning five million acres have now burned in Alaskan wildfires this year

White supremacist blows his leg off after attempting to make bombs in garage

New tadpole disease affecting frogs across globe, scientists find

Relatives charged with perjury or obstruction in Lyon sisters case

Selfie mugshot.

Black delivery driver replaced by white worker after customer complained about his race

Just a reminder - Hillary Clinton is, among other things, a corporate shill

Ahead of L.A. visit, Sanders captures support of National Nurses United

Will the residents of Kivalina, Alaska be the first climate change refugees in the US?

Dog and baby best friends.

Farmers' unions across U.K. to discuss milk prices

How Hillary Can Keep Biden Out

John Oliver Has An All Star Cast Create A Realistic Sex Education Video (Extreme NSFW Warning)

Behind the Numbers: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

from Wayne Powell:

White House Staffer Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

Toxic Fallout Continues as Colorado Mine Spill Declared Three Times Larger Than Stated

The Hall of Fame Speech Junior Seau’s Daughter Couldn’t Give

Tax Dodging Corporations Are Destroying Public Education

Santorum begs BLM to disrupt his campaign stops

In a reversal, Trump seeks presidential campaign donations

Philadelphia New Leadership Happy Hour

Cornel West, DeRay McKesson Among Dozens Arrested In St. Louis Protests

Philadelphia New Leadership Happy Hour, Martin O'Malley

What It’s Like To Spend A Week At Confederate Summer Camp

There is no black voice

Philadelphia New Leadership Happy Hour, Martin O'Malley

Attention please!

Study Finds … Price of Wind Energy in the United States is at an All-time Low (avg. < 2.5 ¢/kWh)

National Nurses United Backs Bernie for President. Sen. Sanders statement

Judge To Conservatives Who Tried Closing Abortion Clinics: What If We Did That To Gun Stores?

Request For Action, Call Branstad's Office

Trump’s Lead Grows After Debate, Controversy

One powerful statement from Bernie Sanders..

River that runs through major Northern Calif. city goes dry

Did GOP Congress Woman do something gross on National TV

Gun-Nut Dad Shoots Dead Two Young Sons, Aged 3 & 4

Martin O'Malley news site

The Real Black Lives Matter Wants Activists To Publicly Apologize to Bernie Sanders

'Bulldozing' Democracy, UK Government Poised to Greenlight Fracking Bonanza

Martin O'Malley coming to S.F. to woo techies, raise cash

Same-Sex Marriage Isn't Law Of The Land From Sea To Shining Sea

5 highlights from Martin O'Malley's interview on Herald Radio.

Morning Consult: Clinton-56% Sanders-19%

Melissa Gilbert running for Congress

Black Lives Matter to me, too, therefore I continue to support Bernie

Rapists prefer Huckabee

BLM not interrupting Republican events?

"I’ve had enough Kardashians. I can’t take any more Kardashian stories on this show."

Good news for Democrats in latest Iowa PPP poll of registered Democrats:

Windows 10 error message

5 highlights from Martin O'Malley's interview on Herald Radio.

I believe the polls except when I don't

Bernie Sanders picks up first major labor endorsement

U.S. senators try to delay Lake Huron nuke waste site

The Rich Aren’t The Only Ones Who Deserve Healthcare

Two Marxist women open fire at US consulate in Istanbul

Coca-Cola is now supporting research on obesity that

5 Ways America Is Already Socialist

Breaking News: CNN projection - Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders’s ambassador to black voters hits the ground running

Chicago public schools to lay off 1,500 teachers and staff

Occam's Razor and Donald Trump.

Princess Peanut has a case of DUB syndrome

Second firefighter dies battling California forest fires

OMG, remember these? Space Food Sticks

Clinton: Trump is offensive to women but so is Rubio and the rest of the GOP field

HP Asks For Heavily-Redacted Documents To Be Sealed; Judge Responds With Heavily-Redacted Refusal

Sen.Sanders Supports Iran Deal

Islamic State claims Iraq car bombs that kill nearly 60

Bullying is not about the victim. Bullying is about the bully.

Being Black and Treated Like A Thug at a Detroit Traffic Stop

China Read Emails of Top U.S. Officials

E. J. Dionne: Obama and the Republican Cavaliers

Jindal plans to talk about Trump to ensure media will cover him

World Trade Center parachutists fined, no jail

University of Texas considers moving Confederate statues on campus

U.S. charges sixth man in alleged N.Y.-N.J. Islamic State plot

Scott Walker: Focusing on ‘racial discord’ after shootings of blacks only creates more of it

Police killings since Ferguson, in one map

Girls accused in Slender Man stabbing will remain in adult court, judge rules

President Obama 'Feels Great Urgency’ to Tackle Race Issues While In Office

29 U.S. Scientists Praise Iran Nuclear Deal in Letter to Obama

#BlackLivesMatter activists want the women who interrupted Bernie Sanders to publicly apologize

"Hey! Hey flight attendant...there's someTHING on the wing !!"

Klobuchar backs Iran nuclear deal, Franken leans toward support as Obama courts votes

TYT: Rubio Wants Abortion Banned With No "Life Of The Mother” Exceptions

Trump Still Leads in Iowa; Fiorina on Fire; Paul Tanking

Look what I found on ebay today.............

People, any news about our friend ProSense?

TYT: Anti-Gay Bishop Comes Out As Gay

Does anyone know how

TYT: Netflix Announces Revolutionary New Corporate Policy

Sanders captures support of National Nurses United - LA Times

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sex Education (HBO)


Late Breaking Bernie News!!!!!

BLM Activist Who Shut Down Sanders is Radical Christian, Sarah Palin Supporter

Hillary Clinton today on Trump and Marco Rubio re: rape

Nebraska so far has issued 1,300 driver's licenses to children of illegal immigrants

anybody do CL deals?

New Trump Campaign Comments On Sexism And Megyn Kelly - TMFS Sketch Comedy

The 13 Home-Run Lines from Bernie Sanders' Portland Speech

Comparing Sanders and O'Malley's Criminal Justice Reform Plans

Given BLM's co-founder has come out is support of the Seattle protesters, I think

Road to health care bumpy for Latinos on Medi-Cal

Virgin Statue Destroyed By Lightning In Colombia Ignites Religious Debate

Stop deforestation, protect the trees and imperiled people who live among them

Stop deforestation, protect the trees and imperiled people who live among them

Landmark Theatres: Don't Erase These Brave Trans Women From LGBT History!

Assange sex assault case deadlocked over asylum: Sweden

Hobby drones are starting to scare the crap out of me (Roman Candle Attack Drone)

L.A. Attendees check in here.

Palace Intrigue: Stadium Fights Explode in Milwaukee and L.A.

Mexican governor to testify in probe into journalist killing

Landmark Theatres: Don't Erase These Brave Trans Women From LGBT History!

You know all those different facebook pages cropping up every day for Bernie?

Comparing O'Malley and Sanders' Criminal Justice Platforms.

Martin O'Malley Erupts Over DNC Debate Schedule. What the hell kind of Dem Party is this?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 10, 2015

Interactive Wildfires Map Tracks the Blazes in the U.S.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Bernie Sanders’ New Racial Justice Platform Wins Praise From Black Lives Matter Activists

A Moment for Prayer, Peace and Harmony Reflected at Pallottine Renewal Center


It’s Time to Stop Writing Donald Trump’s Political Obituary

Bernie Has Been Talking Up Education From Day One...

Republican state senator set up a GoFundMe account to solve Alabama's budget issues

As Long As Donald Trump Is Running, Conservatives Oppose Misogyny

bow down Hillary. publicly apologize for your actions against people of color

Hey uh, what ever happened with that police report Ben Shapiro filed on Zoey Tur?

Cruz Says Rubio, Bush, Walker Support for "Amnesty" Could "Keep Democrats in Power Forever"

First word out of Steve Kornacki's mouth was Donald. The second was Trump.

Taking bets now: how long before Trump says the N-word or the C-word live or on a hot mike?

Heh! It ain't workin' fellas and gals.

El Super grocery chain settles complaints it refused to bargain with union

El Super grocery chain settles complaints it refused to bargain with union

El Super grocery chain settles complaints it refused to bargain with union

As Long As Donald Trump Is Running, Conservatives Oppose Misogyny

The only appropriate response to BLM during the primaries

Occupation is the real 'Jewish terrorism'

Bernie Sanders Nabs Endorsement From National Nurses' Union

Facing Rising Dental Costs, Seniors head to Mexico

ok where/when will -

ok where/when will -

Dawn Chorus: Birds of Hawaii (photos)

Dawn Chorus: Birds of Hawaii (photos)

'I've got a chainsaw': Moviegoers flee Newport Beach theater

Hillary Clinton: Trump’s Megyn Kelly comments ‘outrageous’ but so are GOP policies (Hillary Group)

Let us Remember today's Date ..Augest 10, 2015 - 1st Primary 5 months, President Election- 14 months

Don't look back Hillary someone is gaining on you....

Let me just say that I am 100% for Hillary for the nomination

UT Panel: Relocate Confederate Statues or Add Plaques (TX)

Confederate flags to fly inside Fort Sumter near Charleston

What happens when you comment on Daily Mail articles with actual Nazi propaganda

8-10-15 “The Greatest Construction Show on Earth.” in 2:00

Catholic leaders battle against free birth control in the Philippines

8-10-15 “The Greatest Construction Show on Earth.” in 2:00

what is not being talked about on immigration.

8-10-15 “The Greatest Construction Show on Earth.” in 2:00

Hillary Clinton swears: I turned over all my required e-mails

Shout out to all who read, listen and interact here.

MLK on white moderates

Florida Cop Smashes Disabled Vet’s Cell Phone For Legally Parking in Handicap Space

Donald Trump is the P. T. Barnum of our era.

Ring of Fire: Voters Are Rejecting The Ruling Class – The 1% Are Running Scared

Meryl Streep May Be One Of The Best Actresses Of Any Generation.

For World Lion Day, adopt a cat!

WTF:Lowe's stops black delivery driver to satisfy customer's demand

Republicans make their incredibly unpopular abortion position crystal clear