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Visiting the Island of the Dead - A Rare Visit to New York’s Potter’s Field on Hart Island

Trump headed to Phoenix to kiss Arpaio's ass...

Why Don’t Democrats Vote? I’ll Tell You Why.

Waiting to Die in Prison—for Selling a Couple of Bags of Pot

FBI Director Says Agents Need Access To Encrypted Data To Preserve Public Safety

Which campaign matters more: Bernie Sanders’s or Jill Stein’s?

"Murder is a CRIME...unless it is done by a policeman"

Donald Trump is not just the definition of an Ugly American

Want a way to raise HDL, in addition to exercise? Mayo Clinic says Niacin can raise HDL 30%!

Sanders supporters are not necessarily Democrats

"Why Hillary Will Win"

It's depressing to see bullshit memes about Sanders getting a foothold.

Bernie Sanders: Real Unemployment Rate is 10.5%

Nate Silver: Bernie Sanders Could Win Iowa And New Hampshire. Then Lose Everywhere Else

Hamas rally spotlights mock ID of slain soldier, two others

WTH Chris, if I had wanted to hear the Trump interview I would have tuned in before. Why is he

This Tiny House is a Magical Castle

I wanted to share some info that might save a bird or two

Would you loan Greece money today?

Tickets to Walker's July 13th campaign kick-off available

An unpopular man

Trump Tower Was Built on Undocumented Immigrants’ Backs

ESPN will not renew the contract of Keith Olbermann

Medicare Outlines End-Of-Life Planning Proposal That Will Make Sarah Palin's Head Explode

Just did Day One of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC: Why It’s Time for a Reunion

Lindsey Graham Makes Case for War

7-8-15 Mother Bloor in 2:00

There’s Always Money for the Boss

7-8-15 Mother Bloor in 2:00

7-8-15 Mother Bloor in 2:00

Martin O'Malley responds to Jeb Bush


"Administration Announces New Initiative to Increase Solar Access for All Americans"

ICYMI-->Scott Walker built this => Wisconsin Has Largest Middle-Class Decline Of Any State

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!!

" This Country Has Overcome Racism"

How about whisking all the talk about polygamy into its own protected group?

RBG: Scalia sang "The Times They Are A-Changin'" with "great verve" after marriage ruling

Argentine Jews Enraged by President's Shylock Comments

Thanks To Obamacare, The Average Woman Is Saving $255 Per Year On Her Birth Control Pills

Keith Olbermann's show on ESPN to end this month

NYSE goes down, China Stocks tank, Greece burns, but it's all about The Donald? Really?

Martin O'Malley Discussing New Leadership In New Hampshire (and some singing)

What Gov. Scott Walker is about to do to Wisconsin’s public schools (WashPost)

Conservation officer refuses to kill orphaned bear cubs, suspended

Priebus called Trump and told him to tone it down

A family reenacts the Animaniacs and it's pretty amazing.

Go read this thread RIGHT NOW!

The radical Bernie Sanders idea that could reclaim America for the 99 percent

BFEE Just Us

tom selleck accused of hoarding water.

Which of these statements are you more in agreement with...

Really/TRUMP?!1 He counts his "success" by # of "standing ovations"?!1 Uh,

A "BLUE" Poll

Ha - Breaking Priebus tells Trump to tone it down

California students resist authorities’ attempt to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism

I Could Be President

Study: Farm Income To Plummet In 2015

Koterba toon: Greece

Consumer Borrowing Hits Record High In May

HAHAHA! *The WORST front of the Capitol!!!

My new favorite pop/commercial song: Girl Crush. (Also, I take back anti-WINE, love merlot)

Lawmaker suggests hoisting white surrender flag

Really?!1 Is the TRUMPster going to take orders from wimpPRIEBUS?11 n/t

Back in April, Bill O'Reilly told Bernie to run for President

The chances are, after a deck of cards are shuffled, the order of that deck is unique in history!

Just saw one of those Confederate Flag Rallys going up and down US 71 in Fayetteville, AR.

What States Celebrate Confederate Holidays? Alabama Rep. Alvin Holmes Wants Them Eliminated

Historical Commission removed battle flag items

A simple and elegant solution to Greece's economic crisis: Legalize Hemp

Grandparent says McDonald's Minion toy speaks profanity

How would you balance office politics.

Confederate flag objections built on middle ground, not extremes

City of Tyler discusses fate of Confederate flag in a Tyler cemetery

Students Urge J.E.B. Stuart H.S. Name Change

There's at least one reason libertarians have no problem with state-sponsored polygamy,

Why universities need a definition of anti-Semitism

Rep. Thompson: Remove 'treasonous' Confederate symbols

CNBC and Bureau of Labor Statistics...the real unemployment rate. Not just Bernie's word on it.

Mecklenburg County commissioners debate Confederate memorial

need help in posting pix to this forum.

Jeb and Mitt, sitting in a tree . . .

Walmart policy on Confederate flag stirs controversy for Iowa ice company

Dad fatally shot while holding his baby on Bronx street

Council Votes To Move Nathan Bedford Forrest's Remains

Mother Jones: O'Malley has a plan to compare with Sanders' plan for tuition-free public college

Concerns over Confederate flags at Hanover Tomato Festival

NASCAR tracks ask fans not to fly Confederate flag


Unions back oil export bill, break with AFL-CIO

Bill Cosby

GOP moves to overturn Confederate flag limits

What's up with all these Polygamy posts?

DMV sells out of NC Confederate battle flag plate after flap

New York AJ on Lawrence re Executive Decision on Special Prosecutor

Confederate flag debate comes to Tucson

City seeks signage for Confederate Fountain; name change issue unresolved

California bill bars naming public places after Confederates

Jimmy Carter Thinks Bernie Sanders Isn't Really A Threat To Hillary Clinton

George W. Bush charged $100,000 to speak at 2012 charity fundraiser for wounded veterans

Second union sues government over China hack, alleging constitutional failures

Montgomery couple claims Confederate flag was destroyed on their property

NLRB backs off -- for now -- from undermining state right-to-work laws

Trump: Put Troops Back in Iraq, Bomb The Hell out of their Oil Fields

NLRB backs off -- for now -- from undermining state right-to-work laws

Controversial host Keith Olbermann out at ESPN

NLRB backs off -- for now -- from undermining state right-to-work laws

Public comments at Danville City Council meeting focus on Confederate flag

Cosby accuser asks for entire deposition to be made public

Vatican refuses to let Israel see details of agreement with Palestinians

Hunting Ways To Keep Synthetic Estrogens Out Of Rivers And Seas

Veteran Has Had It With Republicans: ‘Don’t You Dare Thank Me For My Military Service’

Will Trump be gone by Labor Day?

Oath Keepers, Rev. Manning hold anti-gay Fourth of July shindig

Jesse Ventura: 5 Most Corrupt Bills Passed by Congress With Jennifer Briney | Off The Grid - Ora TV

I had the pleasure to take a few images this day..

Confederate flag always accompanied attacks on my family (LTTE)

Exxon knew of climate change in 1981, email says – but it funded deniers for 27 more years

Trump reveals his plan to defeat ISIS: Bomb the shit out of the Iraqi oil fields

Bill Cosby Dropped By Talent Agency CAA

With Obama’s help, Harry Reid leaving an indelible mark in the Nevada desert

Democrats edge past the GOP in party affiliation. Does it matter?

If your state could have a "State Food",

The fight is not over yet for the LBGTQI+ community

have you given thought to where your final resting place will be? Hubby and I were given plots this

Gay people can have multipartner relationships too.

EVERY word spoken by a person of color in 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, BLACK SWAN, and NOAH.

To Help US Veterans Charity, George W. Bush Charged $100,000

HOLY CRAP! Sheriff's Department asked feds to send shooting suspect to S.F.

State Sales Taxes Drop, Ending 62-Month Growth Streak

Miller Defends Deep Fryers in Agriculture Address

Does the fact that George Zimmerman has never been convicted in a court of law


Texas is Suing the EPA — Again

South Carolina Republican Jenny Horne gives impassioned speech against Confederate Flag

I Miss Olberman's Verbal Fist In The GOP Face Program.

Black 'cube' UFO over El Paso -- the work of aliens or a hoax?

Video catches brawl inside Whataburger in South Texas

Cat Thug Life

U.S. Labor Department investigates Austin police over unpaid overtime

U.S. Labor Department investigates Austin police over unpaid overtime

jury duty

I am sorry for slavery. Part of the privilege of being white is that I don't often need to

Albuquerque PD: Man who allegedly fired shots at police arrested after standoff

Warrant issued for father accused of choking, striking daughter at LSU freshmen orientation

In New Orleans speech, Bobby Jindal plans to attack the GOP over its commitment to abortion issues

AP BREAKING: SC House Approves Removsl of Confederate Flag, Could Come Down in Days

BREAKING:SC House votes to take doen the flag.Bill sent to Haley.

Dream until your dreams come true

Israel losing Democrats, ‘can’t claim bipartisan US support,’ top pollster warns

Honest Elections Seattle -City Council Vote 7/13

Leader of Christian Zionists tapped to head Adelson's campus anti-BDS group

Bipartisan Poverty Shaming: The Moynihan Report at 50

New Warnings After Vessel Breaks in 'Doomed' Shell Arctic Drilling Project

Austin's Australian Sister City Might Want Its Opal Back

Austin's Australian Sister City Might Want Its Opal Back

Lets have a group where anythig goes. Enter at your own risk.

George P. Bush calls for de-listing of endangered Texas songbird

Republican State Rep Jenny Horne passionately demand Confederate Flag removal

Never mind Greece, WTF is going on with China's plunging equity markets?

Has anyone heard from TorchTheWitch?

"Rick Perry, Republicans, and the African-American Vote"

New York City Will No Longer Keep Nonviolent Offenders in Jail for Being Poor

Big SEattle Happy Birthday Medicare and Social Security event 8/8

"This letter was sent to SC House Minority Leader Rutherford yesterday" (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE)

Thousands flee wildfires in Saskatchewan and British Columbia

Violent crime up 20.6% in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Confronts a Spike in Homelessness Amid Prosperity

Ukraine Merges Nazis and Islamists

Online posts paint picture of Longview white supremacist connected to Dylann Roof

#WhoIsBurningBlackChurches? Bring back the Church Arson Task Force

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game (VIDEO)

Joint Chiefs Nominee Says He Will Assess Strategy Against IS

Texas man dead after shooting fireworks from his chest

Judge issues gag order in Twin Peaks-Waco shooting case

Daily Holidays - July 9

Former police chief sues Yoakum, claims retaliation

Hassan shoots down gun bill that allowed concealed carry without a permit

Slavoj Žižek ‘socialism’ in China

Anti-Gay Texas AG Ken Paxton Is All Words, No Action When It Comes To Defying SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

UFCW local sets meeting to discuss A&P future Read More:

Candace Cameron Bure And Raven Symone Get Heated Over Gay Wedding Cake Lawsuit: VIDEO

We have some mysterious animal creatures

Gay Republican County Clerk Proudly Issues Same-Sex Marriage Licenses in Conservative Paris, Texas

US faculty unions under threat

NBA union reportedly proposing to use TV revenue to help ex-players

Drug-abusing security-guards can shoot you and send you to jail for looking at them the wrong way

Put Up Or Shut Up: Texas Judge Is Done Playing Around With Obama

Police Investigating Ariana Grande's Video Doughnut Licking

Unions move to sink GOP port bills

Jade Helm 15 Is Almost Upon Us. Stay Awake, Sheeple.

German 'Romeo' drugs girlfriend to keep playing video games for hours on end

'Vampires' keep doctors in the dark for fear of stereotyping: study

Rauner, unions vow to appeal ruling limiting state worker paychecks

(Governor’s Council) Nearly 40 percent pay hike eyed for part-timer Out of 100 senators for 2013-14, Bernie scored

Ashcroft seeks 10,000 volunteers to get photo-ID proposal on the ballot

Titans QB Signs His Own Death Warrant, Calls Out J.J. Watt (w/ VIDEO)

Nixon orders local governments to allow same-sex marriage, while Brownback acts to curb them

Debt-financed consumption caused the Greek crisis, not the bank bailout: Spengler

Complexity before size: Old world monkey had a tiny but complex brain

Siblings thrown in juvie hall for refusing to see dad

Europe Is Against US Military Plans

Ancient Native Americans May Have Had Pet Bobcat

Londoners struggle through 24-hour underground strike

An Airline with a sense of humor! (pics)

WikiLeaks says NSA spied on top German politicians 'for decades'

To Survive, The Greeting Card Industry Will Have To Get Creative

USAF Secretary says long-range strike bomber decision imminent

Peabody Energy asks a judge to strike lyrics of protest song from federal lawsuit

Explosives stolen from French military base

Some thoughts about why polygamy discussions and other things (clinton/sanders/etc) matter right now

more of a kudo than a question.

My take on Donald Trump's recent outrageous remarks and the Republican POTUS race:

No money, no supplies, no workers: Life for Greek small business

(Greece) More than 1 in 3 at risk of poverty or social exclusion

Japan is building solar energy plants on abandoned golf courses—and the idea is spreading

(Greece) Huge turnover drop reported at country’s biggest shopping malls

Meanwhile, at the White House...

Army cuts pose threat to makers of tanks, guns as ground wars recede

It's Coming DOWN!!

America’s Endless Air Wars ("dangerous, irrational, a crime")

Dems Propose 'Historic' Abortion Rights Legislation

Florida Woman threatens black teens with baseball bat,‘I’ll hang your family from a tree’

Officials warn of flesh-eating form of heroin

Is it cool to re-post something from earlier?

The Rude Pundit- Chris Christie's Case for President: He Fucked New Jersey Real Good

Oklahoma Wal-Mart manager arrested in $75,000 heist

Army Troop Cuts Spur Calls For End To Sequestration

Post Bernie Sanders For President Meeting Thoughts

How Secretary of State Clinton and the defense industry profited from weapons deals

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-Dominated by the Donald

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Rapist

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

U.S. Wealth Concentration: The Most Accurate Current Estimates

GOP bill would hike gas tax by 10 cents

Enormous, Humongous May Trade Deficit Slows Economy

New California law allows organ transplants for medical marijuana users

Marijuana legalization in Colorado, Washington running smoothly

Rheumatoid arthritis patients are using medical marijuana — Here’s why

Ethiopia releases jailed journalists, bloggers

Israel says citizen being held by Hamas in Gaza Strip

'Favoring Capitalist Interests Above All Else,' Europe's Parliament Backs TTIP

Monsanto Off the Hook for Cancers From PCBs It Produced

Which is cheaper, buying insurance or a state legislature?

Seeing God Through My Patients

Martin O'Malley Releases Scathing Open Letter to Wall St.: 'I Will Not Let Up On You'

How Faith Groups Can Help Tackle The World’s Biggest Health Challenges

Anyone else attending a progressive "Teach-In To Save The Economy" July 18 or 19?

The GOP's Trump Problem -- the GOP's 2016 Hispanic strategy is being torpedoed by the Donald

First Church of Cannabis sues Indiana over marijuana laws

Air Force Secretary Deborah Jones calls Russia the ‘biggest threat’ to US security

Throwback Thursday piece of memorabilia

Pastafarian News: July 9, 2015

Amputated leg tossed into the garbage at Doctors Hospital

Stephen Colbert prepares to rule the world after NY Stock Exchange meltdown

I want to call attention to this post

Listen to Sanders and be afraid -- very afraid....this from a blowhard in MN

FBI chief wants ‘backdoor access’ to encrypted communications to fight ISIS

I Want to Call Attention to a Post.

To Help US Veterans Charity, George W. Bush Charged $100,000

June 2015 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 402.80 ppm; June 2014 401.15; June 2013 398.58

Notorious Arizona border vigilante can personally cross-examine little girls he is accused of molest

Australian Ag. Minister Slams Own Gov After Approval Of Vast Chinese-Owned Coal Mine

House may backpedal its own Confederate flag restrictions

DNC mocks 'Retrumplican Party' on immigration

New legislation would allow employers to demand employees work 7 days a week without any day off

Because seeing your dad HIT YOUR MOTHER is no reason not to have lunch with him.

Pharmacy in Sevilla wins right to withhold morning-after pill

Thank-you South Carolina Rep. Jenny Horne (R)

Number of Syrian Refugees Climbs to More Than 4 Million

Wisconsin: Democrats sue state election officials over 2011 redistricting

O'Malley 10-Page Financial Plan: Protecting The American Dream From Another Wall St. Crash

The Evolution of Dr. King *Socialist Progressives Group Post*

Saudi Arabia seems to be paying a lot of attention to South America

"Why is Jon Stewart always so darned happy when he sees me?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!


Orlando Police Try To Rip Phone From Teens Hands

The Financial Attack on Greece: Where Do We Go From Here?

I’m Running for the Senate, and I Need Your Help. Here’s Why.

Donald Trump: 'I Will Win the Latino Vote'

O'Malley 10-Page Financial Plan: Protecting The American Dream From Another Wall St. Crash

Colombia prosecution accused of arbitrarily arresting activists on bogus bomb charges

Church-state tensions in Bolivia cloud Pope's visit...

Democrats sue state over redistricting, call it 'one of the worst' gerrymanders ever

Hillary Clinton hails South Carolina vote to take down Confederate flag

Rachel Maddow - Emotional debate continues over SC flag bill

Not tooting my own horn, but...........

Oklahoma Veteran Faces Life In Prison For Treating PTSD With Marijuana

"Machiavelli was a sissy!" Please come CAPTION Dick Cheney!!!

Jeb!: No minimum wage and longer hours for Americans

This story also has a history of (bipartisan!) WI legislators invoking fecal matter to describe Sc

Trump vs Sanders

Testing heats up at Sandia’s Solar Tower with high temperature falling particle receiver

David Brock, a Clinton enemy from the '90s, is now integral to Hillary's run

About Winning the Lottery???

Democrats 2016: Not Feeling the Bern Despite big crowds, Sanders remains a huge underdog to Clinton

Senate, House Repubs disagree on gas tax; McConnell nixes repatriation; Ex-Im bank still in play

Hey, when was this added to the Jury instructions?

“OK, so what would convince you that racism is real?”

Harry Reid Slams Entire GOP Over 'Disgusting' Donald Trump Remarks

Tax revenue up, deficit down

2day my heart aches 4 WI women & their families who R facing severe health complications & tragicall

DU for Alan Grayson for US Senate Act Blue link is now live UPDATE

Stop the manufactured crisis of our postal system

GOP Chief Reince Priebus Calls Donald Trump to Tell Him to 'Tone It Down'

Disney World removes Confederate flag from Epcot display

Can DU rid itself of a few obvious spambots? Please?

Venezuela retracts claim over Caribbean waters

Trumping America

After vote, Confederate flag's days are numbered in South Carolina

BRICS Summit Opens in Russia

SC House votes to 'take it down' / meet Rep Pitts who fought to keep it

Venezuela's medicine shortage is so bad that pharmacies are fingerprinting the sick

Congress Considers Expanding Charter Program Despite Millions Wasted on Closed Schools

Assistant Secretary Nuland Travel to Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosov

Now it’s serious! Venezuela is almost out of beer

Why the Confederate flag flies twice a year in Old Town Alexandria

Boating on Lake Powell

Alexis Tsipras is just doing what an ancient Athenian would

Helicopter parents: why do they hover so?

There's something that really pisses me off.

Aoun after Cabinet meet: 'We got what we wanted'

Rachel Maddow - NYSE halts trading after unprecedented glitch

Pope Francis Drinks Tea Made From Coca Leaves on Bolivia Visit

Venezuelan State Media Invented A Fake White House Staffer To Shut Down Their Critics

National Library of Ireland releases RC parish registers

Road rage incident over Confederate flag results in fight on I-4

Venezuela: State media makes up fake White House staffer to silence critics

GOP, Dems fight over blame for planned troop cuts

No surgery!

Our Neo-Confederacy

New timeline links volcanic eruptions to centuries of cold temperature extremes

High school's Rebel Man mascot stirs up controversy

Fox News Fears Bernie-The Young Turks...

GOP leaders fear damage to party’s image as Donald Trump doubles down

Berkeley Lab Study Finds that Future Deployment of Distributed Solar Hinges on Electricity Rate…

Damn Turd Pol.

Fox News Fears Bernie-The Young Turks....

Our maps still show the "Lee Highway" ...

2016 is the year for bold progressives: GRAYSON for SENATE

Tweetstorm to Bern the Internet

Disney's Epcot pulls down Confederate Flag from American theater

Jimmy Carter on Diane Rehm right now

Eric Holder Now Defending Banking Criminals: A Return to His Roots

Linc Energy fined as regulators step up enforcement effort of oil and gas companies

Black Caucus Rep: Don't GOPers Understand Confederate Flag Is 'An Insult?'

Confederate Flag Whips Up Debate in Grady County

The Trump Balloon


Confederate controversy comes to Palmyra park

Summer in Maine. Pack your own heat.

Tales from the trail—pin your way from New Hampshire to Nevada and everywhere in between.

Today in Herstory: Democratic Nominee for President Urges His Party to Reconsider Suffrage

Today in Herstory: Democratic Nominee for President Urges His Party to Reconsider Suffrage

Lifeform of the week: Portuguese Man o’ War

#JobsNotJails - Bernie's new bill would employ 1 million young Americans

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush's Economic Vision For America

Will you stand up to Wall Street?

Want to help Greece? Go there on holiday

News Maryland Gun control becomes an issue in Md. Senate race--not for/against,

Will you stand up to Wall Street?

Heritage Foundation: Supreme Court Term Overview, July 9, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Florida Supreme Court orders new congressional map with eight districts to be redrawn

What Gov. Scott Walker is about to do to Wisconsin’s public schools

This is how to see who is raising $ for Alan Grayson for Senate at Act Blue besides the DU

Sen. Sanders to Bush: Americans need better wages not longer hours

Natcore Technology Develops Breakthrough Solar Cell Structure

Monopolies are bad, Chapter Billion

This has been out for a year and I am only learning about it now!

Campbell not backing from Confederate flag stance after threat

Passengers watched killing on Metro car. Should they have intervened?

The Illusion of a Liberal Supreme Court by Linda Greenhouse

Why Can’t We Fall Asleep?

How the Donald sees the world

My first ever OP and I am declaring a meme war! Let's see the best we have

Surfer-shaped waves found in near-Earth space

Sanders: 'We have got to apologize for slavery'

US remains quiet as russia and iran seek to close deal withon hours

Wonder how American tobacco companies can sue countries for antismoking campaigns? DU'ers Know!

House cancels vote amid fight over Confederate flag

Pier-slaying defendant came to S.F. at sheriff's request

Bernie Sanders Obliterates Jeb Bush For Telling Workers To Work Longer Hours

House Democrats Take To Twitter To Decry GOP Move On Confederate Flag

Religious Right Believes Even Government Employees Can Deny Services If It Violates Beliefs.

Chicago Police Have Been Seizing an Illegal Gun Every 75 Minutes This Year

So MTV has a show called "White People" coming up...

Bernie is talkin' Bout a Revolution

Study: Temperature a dominant influence on bird diversity loss in Mexico

Cat vs. Sneaky cuke

"Lead the Greek people out of the eurozone"... "get back your democracy"...

There is a looming disaster awaiting Wall Street...

SC raised...flag in 1961 to insult nine black protesters — and took it down to honor nine slain

Rep. Ellison Speaks Against the Confederate Flag

Fear and uncertainty on Wall Street: investors, buckle up for a bumpy ride

The Confederate flag is only a symbol of fun...

One southern Republican that gets what the Confederate flag really means

Texas assbackwardness

Martin O'Malley: Break Up the Biggest Banks

Scientists study ways to integrate biofuels and food crops on farms

The past and the future of the country on another Bush. (pic heavy)

Did you know- Detroit has/had an underground salt mine 1,200 feet down

Where do Psychics Get Their Information?

Poorer than Greece: the EU countries that reject a new Athens bailout

Rep. James Clyburn Gives House GOPers A History Lesson On Confederate Flag

Poorer than Greece: the EU countries that reject a new Athens bailout

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 9, 2015

*NOW, Bernie on "Brunch with Bernie" Thom Hartmann online, on Radio & Free Speech TV Channel

Post Bernie Sanders For President Meeting Thoughts

Can KKK 'adopt a highway'? Appellate court to take up matter

German Shepard rocking out to Flo Rida

Serena will be playing in her 25th Grand Slam final on Saturday

Predictions for Greece?

Is this John Ellis Bush's "47 % " moment ?

When the heck did this happen?

Martin O'Malley: Limit Risky, Speculative Trading on Wall Street

I've mentioned my farm fowl before

Stephen Colbert Was Going to Leave 'Colbert Report' Regardless of 'Late Show' Gig

Martin O'Malley: Put Consumers' Interests First

(Mouse study suggests) Repeated Courses of Antibiotics May Profoundly Alter Children’s Development

Gin and Tacos presents "The Conservative Hierarchy of Needs"

please pay attention to this alert

What's the coolest animal you've ever experienced, in nature and/or captivity?

“Safer” Replacements for Harmful Chemical in Plastics May Be as Risky to Human Health, Studies Sugg…

Report: German Patriots in southern Turkey hacked

Clip from "Interstellar" that is happening in Texas now.

NOAA, partners predict severe harmful algal bloom for Lake Erie (heavy rains: heavy nutrient runoff)

UN announces humanitarian pause in Yemen

Silenced workers who lost jobs to H-1B visa abuse (quietly) speak out

Sport's woman problem: the FA's tweet is just the tip of the iceberg

Sport's woman problem: the FA's tweet is just the tip of the iceberg

Sport's woman problem: the FA's tweet is just the tip of the iceberg

Progressives Are Flocking to Bernie Sanders — Here’s Why

European Parliament: Guy Verhofstadt lays into Tsipras, Tsipras Responds

If This Job Expansion Program Was Initiated in 2008 Would There Have Been Ferguson?

Secretary of state wants to hold earlier presidential primary

Congresscritter Trent Franks apparently has never actually seen the Constitution...

We Are Destined To Be A Low Wage Country.

Martin O'Malley: Enforce Real Penalties for Financial Crimes

UK government tells tourists to leave Tunisia

Seattle considers $25 'gun violence' tax on all firearm sales

Watch Young Senator Barack Obama Campaign for Bernie Sanders in 2006

Jeb says you don't understand his hours comment

Hillary Clinton Puts Republicans On Notice: It’s Not Enough To Remove The Confederate Flag-HRC ROOM

The Bernie Sanders bubble: Get set for a flameout, analysts say

"U.S. High Schools Embrace Shooting as Hot New Sport"

Society has been discussing climate change's impacts long before we knew it existed

Student Loans May Be Driving the Tuition Explosion

Just read that the Confederate Flag

Germany concedes Greece needs debt relief; Greek plan awaited

Proof That Merkel Is Europe’s Economic Bully

Jobless Claims Rise to Four-Month High as U.S. Auto Plants Pause

Debbie Wasserman Schultz breaks with Obama on Cuba

Research shows that genomics can match plant variety to climate stresses

For O'Malley, Latest N.H. Campaign Stop All About Boosting Name Recognition

Greece submits proposal for massive new austerity cuts

For Omaha Steve

FBI says thwarted Islamic State-inspired attacks on July 4

Jewish money on the rampage in South Korea!!!

White House Press Secretary Takes GOP To School On Confederate Flag, Race, And Donald Trump

Problems with dementia facilities -- idiocy or greed?

FBI says.....believe us when we tell you this..........

Rare parasite threat grows with third Minnesota case

NASA picks 4 astronauts to fly 1st commercial space missions

Interesting article on how food color affects taste

All these candidates sound like bingo night at the retirement center telling everyone

2 more horse deaths at 2015 Calgary Stampede - Over 50 total deaths since '86

"A Sea Change": With 100 Women in Congress, Lawmakers Go on Offensive

White House Spokesman Tears Into House GOP Over Confederate Flag

U.S. Offers Billions in Arms to Ease Mideast’s Iran Anxiety

How do Greeks in Germany feel amid the debt crisis?

Boehner Doesn't Want Confederate Flag To Become 'Political Football'

How do Greeks in Germany feel amid the debt crisis?

Climate Change Is Shrinking Bumblebee Ranges in North America and Europe

GOP leaders yank bill after Confederate flag fracas

Jade Helm 15, Heavily Scrutinized Military Exercise, To Open Without Media Access

Jeb On ‘Work Longer Hours’: I Meant People Need To Work Full Time

Right-Wing Media Push Gowdy's Deceptive Claim About Clinton's Email Subpoena-HRC ROOM

Trump leads GOP presidential field in new national poll

The most qualified candidates in our lifetime-HRC Room

Martin O'Malley: Financial Regulators Must Actually Be Independent

Hillary avatar Generator -HRC Room

Strange Victory: How the US Managed to Make Afghanistan the World’s Top Heroin Exporter

Trump Denies Scolding By RNC Chair: He 'Knows Better Than To Lecture Me'

South African police destroy thousands of illegal firearms

Michigan Judge Throws Kids In Jail Because They Won’t Eat Lunch With Their Dad

Shocking Docu of Corrupt Chicago Cops looting

The Neo-Confederate Fortress

A great tune for Bernie campaign

Hillary Clinton accuses China of hacking ‘into everything that doesn’t move in America’-HRC Room

Trump, the Rebel Flag and the Hoofbeats of 2016 - By Josh Marshall

Tax Dodging Companies Getting Billions in Government Contracts

Jeb's Super Pac Raises $103 Million

Update to Call To Jury Language - Can it be placed in Announcements?

Martin O'Malley: Put More Cops on the Wall Street Beat

Armed police in England and Wales only fired their weapons twice during 14,864 operations in 2013-14

This is pretty awesome IMHO

The Black Eyed Peas latest music video

How about those ROYALS

Disgraced Chuck Blazer given life ban from football by Fifa ethics committee

Alex Gordon out for 8 weeks

Backlash is swift and furious after Oregon bowling alley posts sign bashing marriage equality

Joseph Stiglitz calls for US to intervene over Greece

Ted Cruz says he’s proud to stand with Donald Trump on immigration

Greece debt crisis: Athens accepts harsh austerity as bailout deal nears

Martin O'Malley tries to take a swipe at Obama administration, fails miserably.

Elderly Man Receives Father’s Day Card 26 Years Late From Gay Son Who Died Of AIDS

So who or what will be our next Republican presidential candidate's "secret weapon'?

NC to promote NoFee ID for voting at DMVs. How TeaPartyPat McCrory fulfills that expectation:

Attorney General Lynch Announces Federal Marriage Benefits Available to Same-Sex Couples Nationwide

Can someone give me instructions on how to post a picture from an online source? ...

The night they drove old Dixie down and the people were singing

Let's keep something in mind about ("Saint") nikki haley.

Nuclear Talks Deadlocked As U.S. Refuses To Accept Iran's Rights On Sanctions: Fars Agency

OPM Announces More Than 21 Million Affected by Second Data Breach

Global sea levels have risen six meters or more with just slight global warming

I am so angry right now I don't even know what to do.....

The Obama Administration Is Delaying Obamacare's Menu-Labeling Rules

45 ISIS Fighters Die After Eating Poisoned Meal

China Economy Having Huge Meltdown

Weekend with Bernie - Rolling Stone article

I, Racist

Cross post - Weekend with Bernie - Rolling Stone article

Guns for marijuana users up in smoke - Proponents say not enough signatures collected

Cleveland pitchers establish milestone that's never been done in MLB

Friends rally for kids sent to detention center for refusing to have lunch with dad

Yesterday I warned of fake Dem FB page of RW activist troll. Addicting Info pegged guy earlier

Nicholas Kristof:We in the media (and, frankly, lots of other folks) owe Jimmy Carter an apology

Seacliff Squirrel!

my greece solution. kick germany out of the euro

Join me for lunch as a colleague discusses her recent bariatric surgery in minute detail

Rep. Barbara Lee: Time to end the Hyde Amendment

Run v. Hide

Funny how the rules are different for Obama according to those on the right AND many on the

Office of Personnel Management Says Hackers Got Data of Millions of Individuals

Joe Theismann Joined Fox News To Talk "Redskins." It Went Poorly.

Donald Trump could hand the election to Hillary: Now he says he may go third party

Kerry threatens to quit Iran nuke talks after more delays

Jeb Bush releases election money received. It is 114 million. This was just reported on Bloomberg.

The RWNJ are going to have a field day with this one-Vatican: "Communist crucifix" sign of dialogue

Lindsey Graham is a dangerous narcissist: Why his stunted worldview is such a threat

Joe Biden to hail gay marriage ruling in NYC appearance

Bush campaign, super PAC raise $114.4M for presidential bid

Jeb Bush hauls in 114 million dollars for campaign

South Carolina's Confederate flag will be removed Friday

Donald Trump savages George W. Bush in one tweet and actually makes sense for the first time

A packed Statehouse applauds after Gov. Haley signs the bill

Reminder: Volunteer meetup this Saturday at the San Francisco Main Library

Jeb Bush: Giving students access to debt-free college education is just "more free stuff".

Bernie Sanders: Still fighting after all these years (Video)

Doctor's scales were off!

This is how corrupt Washington has become....

Climate Change - Bumblebees being completely WIPED OUT of warmer regions

George W. Bush Charged Veteran Charity $100,000 Speaking Fee For Fundraiser

There is a great book for people who are scared shitless about learning Greek history...

Disgraced homeschool leader explains how Josh Duggar was “cleansed” after sexually abusing his siste

What does it take to blame religion?

ABC NEWS: 5 Bernie Sanders Superfans On Why They Love Him (Video)

When you give a 19 minute floor speech about going to war, it can not be called a mistake.

Pelosi Forces Vote To Remove State Flags With Confederate Symbol From Capitol

Trump-mentum Not Stopping Yet: The Donald Leads GOP Pack In New Poll

Wisconsin Assembly approves bill banning abortions after 20 weeks, sends to governor

25 million people had their information stolen by the Chinese hacks

Saud al-Faisal, Saudi foreign minister for 40 years, dies

Kentucky Clerk Refuses to Issue License to Same-Sex Couple Because She's Worried About Her Own Soul

New Yemeni al Qaeda leader calls for attacks on United States

Pluto's "Heart" Spied by New Horizons Spacecraft

You haven't arrived politically until they imitate you.

Should the MLB All-Star voting be based only on what a player has done so far this year?

Even The FAA Is Dumping Trump's Name From Its Navigation Codes

Bernie Sanders is tearing Jeb Bush a new one over Obama's economic recovery

Islam, Colourism and the Myth of Black African Slave Traders

Bernie: THAT'S extremism....

It will take 29 years for college grads to save 20% down on SF home, study shows (xpost from GD)

Are Bush and Cheney EVER going to travel abroad?

President Bush Charges $100,000 for Speech to Wounded Veterans

Bernie Was Just On The Ed Show And Did A Great Job Stating His Positions.....

This showed up on my facebook page a couple of hours ago.

How Bernie Sanders Shaped the Northeast Punk Scene

Newest Iowa Poll has Hillary at +43.

BRICS nations launch new bank, currency pool

Is Big Pharma Bribing Your Doctor Too?

Fox News Blames Obama For Ariana Grande Licking A Donut And Saying “I Hate America.”

I have a terrible admission to make here...

The phrase of the day is "licking a donut".

Mexico Bound? Ford Moving Two Key Models Out Of Michigan

Why would any liberal support Hillary over Bernie?

Bernie Sanders’s Long Run


White House blasts Cruz for defending Trump, who’s in full-blown feud with Perry

Donald Trump, center of attention, hints at independent bid

Fourth of July Terror Plot and the Theater of the FBI

So some Chinese hackers have hacked OPM, what info did they get?

Word of the day - Sesvigintillion, as in 7 sesvigintillion years,

Who is the biggest Badass Superman or Batman?

Jeb Bush and pacs raise $115 million. Bernie Sanders, $15 mil.

Greece offers sales tax hikes, pension cuts

With a SMIRK that reminds of you know who, Scott Walker prepares to sign away the living wage in Wi

Hopes for Greek deal rise as creditors open to debt relief

I just realized Greece is a world leader in shipping.

Scott Walker Prepares To Sign Budget That Eliminates The Living Wage And Prevailing Wage


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 10 July 2015

Louie Gohmert has lost all touch with reality...

FDA Strengthens Heart Safety Warnings on Painkillers

Old Wage Price Spiral Of 60's Now Headed In Opposite Directions. Something Has To Give.

Brand New IA Poll-HRC 63% BS 20% M 0 5%

LAPD 'opens investigation' into allegations of sexual abuse by Bill Cosby

Top down quiz: Recognize these 8 spots around New York City?

DUers in DC, Baltimore, New York, NJ and Philly - serious weather is on the way

Combover or no Combover?

Here come the green Driverless Taxis....

Michael Savage: veterans should form militia to fight Pres. Obama

I had to buy a new laptop...

I'm very glad the racist flag is coming down but

Is there video

Solar activity predicted to fall 60% in 2030s, to 'mini ice age' levels:

It will take 29 years for college grads to save 20% down on SF home, study shows

from Robert Reich, re: Greece/Merkel

This will be a great help to our Democratic candidate (whomever it is) if it happens.

Big Business, Reagan & GOP Have Destroyed Industrial Base That Won WWI & WWII.

Putin, Rouhani Discuss Nuclear And Security Cooperation

Rep. John Lewis "My heart is heavy."

Global trends show seabird populations dropped 70 percent since 1950s


Former President Jimmy Carter shares his full, lucky life in new memoi

Here kitty kitty...

Gang of hairless kittens help woman make bed...


When are the first Democratic and Republican debates?

Bernie Sanders solidifies appeal to retirees with social security pitch

THIS Ken Calvert?

Americans Already Work Longer Hours (video)

Clinton asks some great questions in this post. To those questions, Bernie has some great answers

Good Grief

600 U.S. Churches Call for an End to the 'War on Drugs'

How would you categorize O'Malley's chances in the primary?

Perfumania, Largest U.S. Fragrance Retailer Dumps Trump

The most contentious Democratic fight of 2016

Very disturbing article

Texas’ ‘Operation Bottoms Up’ turns up places serving cheap booze at high-end prices

First funky daylily blooming...

Study Links Prozac, Paxil Use With Birth Defects

Texas AG Ken Paxton’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Headlines

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Killer Mike: "Reagan"

IMO, Trump just might end up being their candidate, Pataki is Plan A but Trump is not

600 U.S. Churches Call for an End to the 'War on Drugs'

Anyone who believes Americans aren't working hard enough hasn't met enough American workers.


The LOST GIRLS, One famous band. One huge secret. Many lives destroyed.