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70 years later, WWII bombardier receives presidential honor

Iran Deal Could Include Lifting of Arms Embargo

China stocks tumble again after premier Li Keqiang fails to mention crisis

7-7-15 Founding of the IWW in 2:00

7-7-15 Founding of the IWW in 2:00

7-7-15 Founding of the IWW in 2:00

Europe must back away from Greek austerity cliff: Joseph Stiglitz

Japanology Plus - A Season of Change

Gun used in pier killing had been stolen from federal agent

How do you deal with awkward Facebook politics?

Bernie Sanders: ‘I Applaud the People of Greece’

Has U.S. Policy Toward Cuba Really Changed?

HRC Room Post- We are starting a grassroots club to support Hillary in my county

Has U.S. Policy Toward Cuba Really Changed?

If the GOP wants to whittle down the debates, it's simple fix

DeLauro Says Dodd Would Be a Great Ambassador to Cuba

Ex-Virginia Governor Gilmore to join Republican presidential race

Noam Chomsky: It’s Painful to See the Fate of the Human Species, but We Must in Order to Change It

US cruise company announces go-ahead to sail to Cuba

US cruise company announces go-ahead to sail to Cuba

Elodie Yung To Play Elektra In 'Daredevil' Season 2

Japanology Plus - A Season of Change

Commodity Slump Goes From Bad to Worse Amid China, Greece

So, who will be Bernie's running mate?

Bernie Sanders High School Yearbook Photo

Amber Alert: 7-year-old boy missing from Auburn

Dinesh D'Souza Circulates Fake Photo Of Hillary Clinton With Confederate Flag

Bush dines with popular Republican counselor: Romney

Any news on the WRS

California Tax Auditors Yank Blue Shield's Non-Profit Status

Japanology Plus -Waste and Recycling

Upstate New York Mayor Denies Town’s Obviously Racist Official Seal Is Racist


Japanology Plus -Waste and Recycling

Comedians in the Congo Are Taking Their Act to Funerals—and It’s a Sweet Relief (link added)

Charged With Killing Woman In S.F. Should Have Been Deported

Free IUD Programs Work. Why Are Conservatives Opposed To Them?

RWW News: Cruz & Beck: America's Destruction Is Imminent

Subway Suspends Spokesman Jared Fogle After Investigators Raid His House

Rare Honor for U.S. Women’s Soccer Team as New York City PlansTicker-Tape Parade

9 Awesome Literary Maps Every Book Lover Needs To See

Army kills controversial social science program

Hopefully, this video will help start your Tuesday off with a smile.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! On the Show! & a new Kitteh gif

Late night non-political talk radio

Indepth interview with Bernie

Human breast milk sells for as much as $4 per ounce, needed in hospitals and NICUs

Max and Stacy in the aftermath of the Greek Referendum

Happy 69th wedding anniversary, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter!

Begin Japanology: Kabuki

Marco Rubio’s Economic Plan Calls For Students To Sell Themselves To Private Investors

Pride flag avatars

O'Malley came out early with a humane response to Puerto Rico's crisis; now others are joining in

Song around the world

Nature photos raise $ to save nature!!!

Nature photos raise $ to save nature!!!

Who Will Make the First GOP Debate?

Nature photos raise $ to save nature!!!

Judge not: GOP blocks dozens of Obama court picks

You like to dance?

Star Wars - Lego movie creators to make a "Young" Han Solo movie

Sinbad's Eighth Voyage

July 7, 1998 A two-day general strike called by a coalition of 60 unions

July 7, 1998 A two-day general strike called by a coalition of 60 unions

July 7, 1998 A two-day general strike called by a coalition of 60 unions

Producer Jerry Weintraub has died

Republicans backtrack on another eleventh hour provision hidden in the budget bill

Unions Must Act Now to Survive Supreme Court Deathblow

Nice coverage of Bernie

BeyondBelief. Thieves cut thru flimsy wire fence stealing 200 detonators, plastic explosives,

Gary Clark Jr: Nextdoor Neighbor Blues & If Trouble Was Money

The Warped World of the GMO Lobbyist

The Atlantic: The Clinton Campaign Is Afraid of Bernie Sanders

Bounce TV Pulls ‘Cosby’ Reruns, BET’s Centric Yanks ‘The Cosby Show’

Colombia’s Fensuagro Union is Revolutionary, Persecuted, and Undaunted

BERNIE and civil rights

"This Is The Most Critical Moment In Our History" - Five Days To Save Greece From The Abyss...

Explainer: Who were the first Australians?

Economic Hardships In Puerto Rico Spur A Mass Exodus To The U.S. Mainland

The Obama administration is bringing solar power to the masses

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore plans presidential run

The State Of The Nation’s Housing In 2015: Homeownership Down, Rentals On The Rise

Neil Young in Concert + Bold Nebraska Pre-Concert Event: “Politics & Pints” (Lincoln, NE)

Why is this global warming debunking wrong

UN report is a reminder: Over 1.5 million people live in the Gaza Strip. It is not a battlefield

Hudson River Valley Heritage

George Bush gives his painting of the Dalai Lama to his holiness

George Bush gives his painting of the Dalai Lama to his holiness

Paula Deen does it again...

Groups sue Chicago suburbs for more gun control

Dumb Criminals: Drunk German Guy Breaks Into Restaurant, Chugs Tabasco Sauce

Hillary Clinton To Meet With Congressional Black Caucus-HRC ROOM

Someone doesn't quite understand the concept.

Make way for Ducklings. ... AAAAAAHHHHH!

Why is Israel turning a blind eye to South Sudan arms sales?

U.S. Army to cut 40,000 troops over next two years: USA Today

Why is this global warming "debunking" wrong?

Clinton wants access for Puerto Rico to U.S. bankruptcy laws

Uncontacted Tribes Don't Need the "Protection" of Western Anthropologists

has everyone seen the interactive google doodle for today? Eiji Tsuburaya 114th birthday

All NY colleges to adopt 'yes means yes' sex assault policy

Scientists must let world's most isolated tribes make own decisions

Warren, McCain introduce bill to bring back Glass-Steagall

US heroin use jumps as costs drop, prescription opiate use rises

Bonobos use a range of tools like stone-age humans

The Greferendum Shocker: Tsipras "Intended To Lose" And Is Now "Trapped By His Success"

EU Tells Tsipras the Party’s Over as Euro Exit Door Swings Open

Kitten okay after trip in engine

The Spotting of a Rare White Whale Is Good News for the Species’ Comeback

Squirrel wanted in food theft

Arizona think tank challenges US Indian Child Welfare Act

AP source: Fed's gun used in San Francisco pier slaying

Appeals court upholds parts of Arizona ethnic studies ban

June fosters, 3rd week: saying bye-bye

JPMorgan to pay over $125 million to settle U.S. credit card debt probes

Mexico: High Army Command Should Be Probed In Tlatlaya Massacre

We Want Bernie. Just fun,


Al Sharpton speaks with Bernie Sanders about his civil rights record and other issues

"You Can't Have Capitalism Without Racism"-Malcolm X

Happy Birthday Ringo Starr 75 Years Old

I think there will be an Iran deal, but unfortunately, no matter how good the deal is, I think there

Was the South Ever Confederate, Anyway?

What is Wrong with this picture?

Simpsons vs. Donald Trump's announcement

Should Germany hold a referendum on whether to grant Greece debt relief?

Bernie Sanders Schools Koch Brothers, Scott Walker...

Whose campaign is this?

Stock market (Hang Seng) in China is down -1,097.64 (4.39%)

Can one of you knowledgeable folks look at this meme about Denmark?

When it comes to Greece, why would ANY Du'ers believe Merkel/the EU/the IMF/the 1% ?

Like they say...

Iran nuclear talks extended, source says 48 hours left for deal

Russia threatens veto on UN vote calling Srebrenica 'a crime of genocide'

Lawn ornament

Russia cuts off power supplies to Ukraine rebels: Kiev

Sarah Palin Quits AGAIN! Closes Subscription Channel

Experts slam WHO over Ebola response and urge reform

Anybody ever use a TENS device for pain?

Wales: dog saves beached dolphin

I live in L.A. and I FINALLY saw a segment on the news about Bernie!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 9, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Alien Invasion

...the whole "A family has to balance its budget" thing the GOP keeps repeating....

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 10, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight - Summer of Darkness

Ouch! PBS Newshour's Politics Monday contrast Bernie's and Hillary's styles

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 11, 2015 -- The Essentials: Going Hungary

Saw Charlie Watts sit in with a group tonight.

Which side do you take on the Greece vs. Merkel issue?

Fox Is Planning to Make Movie About Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Is this Love

San Diego dog lost for 9 days walks 35 miles home

Judge orders Time Warner to pay Irving woman $229,500 over relentless robocalls

Bern Down The System!

EU Commission President Heckled Over Greek Referendum ‘Circus’ Comments

The Trap of Hero Worship in Presidential Politics.

Politician Judges Jams in State Fair - Kids in the Hall Classic OMG

Feds to decide whether state’s last nuclear plant stays or goes

Greek lavish lifestyles on hold in Athens 'Yes' neighbourhood

PLO ambassador endorses Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Texas AG linked to firm under investigation by SEC for possible fraud

PLO ambassador endorses Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Very nice sit down interview with Bernie from a few days ago. Do yourself a favor and give it a

But ... but ... there were black confederate soldiers!

Ex-quarterback McNabb arrested again on suspicion of DUI

Record-breaking downpours soak Abilene like never before

Amarillo gynecologist files for rehearing after board moves to revoke license

[Japanology Plus] The Many Festivals Of Japan

Hillary Clinton: The full interview

Officials: Evadale ISD crest a town choice; TexasTowelie: Uggh!

Paranoia, or intelligent preparation?

TEA finds Donna ISD omitted $1 million in financial reports

Martin O'Malley Calls For Debt-Free College Within 5 Years.

Martin O'Malley Calls For Debt-Free College Within 5 Years.

Japanology Plus - Sports Day At School

Pluto’s moon Charon could have mountains named ‘Spock’ and ‘Mordor’

[Japanology Plus] The Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway

If Greece wins, working people EVERYWHERE win.

China stock plunge accelerates as regulator warns of 'panic'

Family of woman killed in Longview PD lobby files $10M lawsuit

Great cartoon series illustrating what consent is all about

If you're asking "Bernie who?" You wont be for long this anchor declares.

[Begin Japanology] Wagyu

How Starbucks Gets Away With Charging a Fortune for Cheap Beans

Daily Holidays - July 8

Tom Selleck Accused of Public Water Theft

Donald Trump thinks his hair and personality are good

NYC to eliminate bail for non-violent suspects

Amazon will stand trial for its 'confusing' search results

Baltimore Restaurant Shuts Down For 5 Days To Feed The Homeless Free Food

 Five leading economists warn the German chancellor, “History will remember you for your actions th

This is the most critical moment in our history" - five days to save Greece from the abyss...

Baltimore Restaurant Shuts Down For 5 Days To Feed The Homeless Free Food

SC legislators visited the Confederate Relics Room.

Police recover baby's body after dad jumps off bridge into Connecticut River

General Mills Will Go 100 Percent Cage-Free

Bill Cosby's 'public moralist' stance backfired, led to document release

JPMorgan to pay over $125 million to settle U.S. credit card debt probes

Parents forced teen to live in woods for eating Pop-Tart

Obama administration unveils plan to triple solar capacity in subsidized housing

Unnecessary Deaths

Flash flood watch issued for Boston, southeastern Mass., Cape

New budget bans use of tax dollars for Olympics

‘F*ck That’, A Guided Meditation for the Realities of Today’s World

Professor Richard Wolff on Roots of Greek Crisis, Debt Relief & Rise of Anti-Capitalism in Europe

Sanders will be on Joe Madison show this morning if you have Sirius XM

Split-colored lobster caught off Maine, 1 in 50 million find

China Stocks Plunge as State Support Fails to Revive Confidence

Veteran’s ID card measure advances

Report: MBTA lost $450M in savings because of Pacheco Law

The Rude Pundit: Crazy DA Wants More People Put to Death in Louisiana

China stock market freezing up as sell-off gathers pace

Going to make a quick post before bed about something rather personal for me.

Lamp wiring connundrum

Toon: Objects in Mirror are closer than they appear!

Going Rogue/Going Dark: Sarah Palin Quits Her Internet Video Channel

NOAA Projects 3rd Global Coral Bleaching Event Underway; Could Kill 6% Of Remaining Reefs

Polygamy Is An Attempt to Legalize Rape. Comparing It To Marriage Is Sexist and Homophobic.

Opinion: Merkel Must End Devil's Pact with America

Jimmy Carter says............ (HILLARY GROUP POST)

Martin O’Malley racked up $339,200 in loans putting two kids through college

America's Greece: Fixing Puerto Rico Could Provide Answers for Europe

NY Gov. Cuomo to appoint special prosecutor to investigate police killings

The long shadow of the Vietnam War

Wunderground - All-Time July Heat Records Broken By July 3rd In UK, Netherlands, Thailand, Colombia

EMMC reaches tentative agreement with nurses union

Pastafarian News: July 8, 2015

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Greece

Met with Russ Feingold yesterday.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Hair Brained

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Missing the whole Bernie Sanders point

Is it bigotry to limit a contract to two parties?

Almost half of China's firms halt trading as market dives

Fascinating Esquire Article: What Some Of The World's Leading Climatologists Really Think

Baltimore police: 3 dead in shooting near university campus

Martin O'Malley's daughter, Grace shares the story of facing her own college debt

poll on background color for DU (an option only, not the default)

Edelman - World's #1 PR Firm - Losing Executives, Accounts Over Fossil Fuel Work

Laudato Si' And The Full Week Of Conservative Freakout It Provoked Down Under

Here's Martin O'Malley's detailed plan to make higher education affordable, accessible & accountable

Gay couples ask lawyers' group for help to legalize same-sex marriages (Japan)

Greece requests 3-year bailout, promises reforms

What Greek Problem? China's Markets Just Entered Meltdown Mode

Fox News built a f**ked-up Frankenstein, dumb, angry and divorced from facts. Now Donald Trump will

Republicans for Bernie Sanders

Local reaction mixed to fuel loading, imminent restart at Sendai nuclear plant

(UK) The £93bn handshake: businesses pocket huge subsidies and tax breaks

No, polygamy isn't rape. THIS is rape.

Japanese public watching less TV: broadcasting research institute

Carp to don No. 86 to mark A-bombing

Gov't to lift evacuation order on Fukushima town on Sept 5

Jobless benefits for Nebraskans will soon require a plan to get off them

Do you think "It's not right to say things about Bill Cosby because he hasn't been convicted" is

Shenyang apartment balcony collapses as tenant cooks nearby

Forgive the intrusion, I just wanted to make you aware of this poll I created re: Bill Cosby

FYI, this poll I created about Bill Cosby

Western Gold Rush (cartoon)

It feels so good in the morning when you wake up and find...

Greece is the latest battleground in the financial elite’s war on democracy

Bernie Sanders could win iowa and new hampshire then lose everywhere.......Nate Silver

Just in time for the Independence Day sequel:

Indonesia arrests man selling protected eagles on Facebook

Fox To Make Movie On Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling, Buys Life Rights Of Plaintiff Jim Obergefell

Professor Richard Wolff on Roots of Greek Crisis, Debt Relief & Rise of Anti-Capitalism in Europe

Here's today's trivia contest...

The Monster from the Black Lagoon, AKA Scott Walker's Executive Budget

polygamy is completely legal...

World’s oldest man dies in Japan at the age of 112

Chilean lawmakers approve decriminalization bill

North Korea threatens South for holding fishermen

does it matter if a candidate for president doesn't have a college degree?

United Airlines Passengers Say Flights Grounded Nationwide

Baylor University removes ‘homosexual acts’ from school’s code of misconduct

United grounds all flights nationwide due to ‘automation issues’. Update: United back online

The Greek Crisis Shows the Fundamentally Undemocratic Nature of the Eurozone

Nebraska filmmaker scores nationwide release with 'The Gallows'

Pope asks for Coca leaves in Bolivia--sacred plant

Greek debt crisis: French central bank governor warns of 'riots and chaos' if no deal is found

McConnell says 'era of dysfunction in the Senate is over'

Greek debt crisis: French central bank governor warns of 'riots and chaos' if no deal is found

Astronomers Discover Quintuple Star System

On today's 1A: Walker's office admits role in proposed rollback of open records law July 8

Shannon Boxx: African American: World Cup Winner

Obama to End Three More Wars: Vietnam and Cold War Finally Over, Civil War Next

Gun-shaped iPhone case an 'idiot invention,' police say

Why I like Science (#2)… (warning, pic heavy)

Microsoft to Shed Up To 7,800 Jobs, Mostly in Phone Business

2 New Jersey teens accused of running down geese for video

Heeeeeeere's Bernie!

O’Malley racked up $339,200 in collage loans for his kids. He wants to lighten the load for others

The Business Is Death, and Business Is Good

Why Bernie Sanders’s Momentum Is Not Built to Last

Memphis begins effort to remove Nathan Bedford Forrest monument and grave

Rachel Maddow - Hole in Shell vessel threatens drilling plan

What The Hell Is White Culture?

Rachel Maddow - GOP candidates jockey for spots in debate

Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and Diana DeGette, introduce EACH WOMAN ACT

Behind the scenes Of Iran Nuclear Talks: Junk Food And Mock Movie Cast.

China market panic could be the beginning of the 2nd Cultural Revolution.

Polymarriage and its effect on laws. How significant?

Memphis Council Votes To Move Nathan Bedford Forrest's Remains

Please clarify the rules

"We are concerned that people needing a firearm to eat a cheeseburger might not be the be the best

NYT Poo-Poos Bernie Sanders in pale, limp rhetoric

I am caring for three chihuahuas this week!

I Love You And You And You - End of Monogamy

Any time someone tells you that slavery was not the reason for the Civil War, show them this speech

Bernie Sanders is no Ron Paul: What the press gets all wrong about the Vermont senator

FARC announces renewed unilateral ceasefire for July 20

DEA intercepting all internet traffic in Colombia: Hacked email

DEA intercepting all internet traffic in Colombia: Hacked email

Record-breaking heavy rainfall events increased under global warming

Sheriff Joe's actions just caused Maricopa County property taxes to go up

Sanders's integrity and honesty worth more than Clinton's billions

Chile moves to legalize marijuana

‘Complicated’ Support for Confederate Flag in White South

El Salvador Farmers Successfully Defy Monsanto

A Federal Court Just Threatened Citizens United

Louisville Cat Running For President (Seriously. Sort of.)

"Everything's a writhing pit of sins!" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Keith Ablow!!!

Obama administration to unveil major new rules targeting segregation across U.S.

Atlantic City pizza shop Tony Baloney’s bans Donald Trump over Mexican immigrant comments Read more

House Passes Ban On Confederate Flags In Federal Cemeteries

Anguished Chinese Investors See Savings 'Falling Into Abyss'

An Arctic thank you for UN action against toxins that accumulate in traditional food

World Bank’s Silence Ignores Repression

How is everyone doing ? Please check in

Gorham Fourth of July parade: "Hillary, what do you think of the other Presidential candidates?"

Christie Admin Whistleblower To Justice Department: Bridgegate Prosecutor May Be Compromised

Redskins Dealt Major Defeat In Battle Over Mascot

Scrapping the Confederate Flag Is a Threat to a Huge Swath of the Right-Wing Movement

The Polyamorous Neighbors You Don't Know

Jim Gilmore (R - exGov Va) is running for President

LePage screws up timing of "pocket veto" strategy, bills become law

The Last Place to Buy a Confederate Flag

WATCH: Gay Kentucky couple insulted and abused by county workers when they ask for a marriage licens

Three more killings in country where murders go unpunished

Three more killings in country where murders go unpunished

Mobile City Council changes city seal to remove Confederate flag

NYSE halts trading.

Louie Gohmert: The pope is treating climate change deniers like Galileo — and it’s Obama’s fault

Hunter Pence, first day off the DL, makes outstanding play:

Schwarzenegger commuted the sentence of a murderer who was the son of a political ally.

Again the Morning News Tribune in Tacoma WA has a RW editorial by Parker

Trump: ‘I’ll win the Latino vote’ 07/08/15 11:14 AM

So United Airlines and New York Stock Exchange have both been stopped by a "technical glitch" today.

Syracuse peace activist goes on trial over protest at Salvadoran embassy

Syracuse peace activist goes on trial over protest at Salvadoran embassy

Dear Administrators

Man knocks kitten out in Death Match

NYSE halts trading in all securities, A technical issue. NYSE Reopens

Is Bernie Sanders really a socialist? Or just redefining socialism for America?


Martin O'Malley: I addressed student debt in MD—today I announced a plan for the nation

Climate denial linked to conspiratorial thinking in new study

Guy Interrupts Broadway Production of "Hand to God" To Charge Phone (Video at link)

ISideWith...(quiz: who do you side with for 2016?)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton named in federal investigation of tech firm

Sri Lanka Bans Main Ingredient In Monsanto’s Herbicide RoundUp

El Salvador’s Gang Violence: The Continuation of Civil War by Other Means

Open up your Worry Bag and throw this in --

Louisiana Supreme Court justice suggests LGBT people are pedophiles

Germans Forget Postwar History Lesson on Debt Relief in Greece Crisis

Chile cannabis decriminalisation: Lawmakers move to let people grown their own marijuana

CVS Health Quits Chamber Of Commerce Over Tobacco Stance

Chaos In Maine: Gov. LePage Botches Veto Of 19 Bills He Opposed

Hillary Clinton’s Greek Test

Senator Tries And Fails To De-Fund New Havana Embassy

Senator Tries And Fails To De-Fund New Havana Embassy

Suprised that so many DUers don't understand the concept of Marriage Equality

Russian, Iranian Ministers at Nuclear Talks: Don’t Threaten Us

Man killed by Hayward (CA) police was naked, unarmed, suit says

US’ Two Faced Strategy: Dialogue With Cuba is Ploy to Destabilize Havana

White Fox Guest Calls Black Lives Matter Movement ‘A Fraud’

China Bans Stock Sales by Major Shareholders for Six Months

NYSE shut down due to "technical glitch"

Judge awards nearly $230,000 to woman who got 153 robocalls

Greece caves - requests another bailout - so much for that 'vote'

Alliance of Parents & Teachers Calls for Moratorium on New Charter Schools

Norse maps

What? "New York Stock Exchange suspends trading"

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore plans presidential run

Vice President Rudy Guiliani?

17 Phenomenal Pictures Of Space That Will Fill You With Awe

Heads up - RW troll has a fake Bernie Sanders page on FB.

19 yr old Haitian in Dominican Republic hung in public square

Putin: Russia And China Can Overcome Any Difficulty Together

Fox News doctor says men are allowed to hit women now because of the “gender equality movement”

Park Slope Squirrel Folds Its Pizza Slice Like A Real New Yorker

How come Tom Hartman's show is all about doom and gloom

PBS/WETA: THE ABOLITIONISTS, Part 1 and 2 today, 3-5 EDT: Part 3 next Tues. 8 EDT

Happy July 4th Canada!

Scenario: What if something like 2008 happens with Bernie and Hillary

Russia May Ban Soros Charity In NGO Crackdown

Moustakas and Cueto early leaders.

Question regarding the market disruption

“More Nixonian than Nixon”: Scott Walker’s latest scandal lays bare his shady tactics

Sanders's integrity and honesty worth more than Clinton's billions

Sean Hannity is desperately trying to legitimize Donald Trump’s Mexican rapists remarks

How the boycott hurts Palestinians

Gun Sales Spike In June

Johnny Cooper is carrying his flag from Montgomery to DC!

PBS/WETA THE ABOLITIONISTS, Parts 1 and 2, Today 3-5 PM ET: Part 3, next Tues. July 14

Bernie Sanders Trying To Make The Most Of His Booming 2016 Crowds

Leaked Documents Show That the FBI, DEA and Army All Purchased Hacking Team Spyware

Pic Of The Moment: Texas' Shameful Whitewashing Of History

Female worker bottling ketchup at the original Heinz factory in Pittsburgh, PA, c.1897

Lasee was instrumental in gutting the prevailing wage for WI workers--now skips to Mexico vacation

Martin O'Malley's detailed plan to make higher education affordable, accessible & accountable

A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)

Heartless Republicans Weaken Labor Protections

Downward Shores of Pluto - Mixcloud project for New Horizons mission

Martin O'Malley: I addressed student debt in MD—today I announced a plan for the nation

trump is running over the msnbc

The Police - When the world is running down

Washington NFL Team Dealt Major Defeat In Battle Over Mascot (xpost from LBN)

Roy Ayers - Running Away

I've never had a hero, political or otherwise.

So Gay Marriage Biblically Offends You? Then You Should Read This...

Email from Bernie

Why Growth in Finance is a Drag on the Real Economy

The Four Tops - Still Waters Run Deep

Trump's mouth running amok on MSNBC right now

solar access for all americans. thank you, president obama

Bernie Sanders US Presidential Odds: Creeps Up Five Points in Last 24 Hours

The Temptations - Runaway Child Running Wild

O'Malley announced a major plan on addressing student loans, college tutition, and related issues.

Chinese Stocks Come Totally Unglued

County DA in Texas pens amazing letter on clerks' issuing SSM marriage licenses.

"fiscal austerity plus hard money is a deeply toxic mix"

Adobe Flash exploit that was leaked by Hacking Team goes wild; patch now!

Donald Trump Stares Forlornly At Tiny, Aged Penis Before Putting On Clothes, Starting Day

Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Running Wild

48% of Venezuelans below poverty level (Spanish)

*BOG GROUP* President Obama keeps marching!

Thank you so much for GD-P!!!


The Latest: Pope Francis ditches prepared speech in Ecuador

Please be advised: half my family is of Greek descent.

Watch This Gay Couple Get Degraded and Denied a Marriage License in Kentucky

Pink Floyd - On The Run

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: Judge Scalia Channels the Framers!

Bernie: Moms should be able to bond with babies and not have to worry about money...

Scott Walker To Workers: Forget A ‘Living Wage,’ A $7.25 Minimum Is More Than Enough

The plague of angry white men: How racism, gun culture & toxic masculinity are poisoning America

On MSNBC, after the Trump interview,

Haiti: Election President says Clinton State Dept changed results in 2010

Damn Trump is owning that poor reporter doing the interview

Vangelis - Blade Runner (Xstatique Remix)

John Fugelsong: Dear NJ retirees who were promised pensions:

Cleveland Fire investigating firefighter after anti-gay Facebook comments

84% of Venezuelans say things are going bad in the country (Spanish)

atheist billboard taken down in East Tennessee

Dick Cheney Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes: Former International Court of Justice Judge

Edwin Starr - Running Back And Forth

The Story Behind Janis Joplin’s ‘Mercedes Benz’

O’Malley Just Unveiled His Plan to End Student Debt, and It’s the Boldest One Yet

"If everyone in this country voted, the Democrats would be in power the next 100 years."

Miles Davis 5tet - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down

Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free

California city councilman accuses gays of stealing the rainbow from God in wild email blast

New map of Pluto reveals a ‘whale’ and a ‘donut’

NYSE President: Trading to resume by 3:00 PM.

Bernie fans get to celebrate (again)

US judge recognises old school friend in dock

I just want to celebrate

‘A substantial screw up': Maine Gov. Paul LePage botches 19 vetoes ‘ensuring the bills become law’

New Nazca geoglyphs in Peru could be older than famous Unesco site

New Nazca geoglyphs in Peru could be older than famous Unesco site

Trump: "I'm worth a fortune...a big fortune...a tremendous fortune...bigger than people understand"

George Zimmer, a millionaire with a plan to help the middle class

14-year term for leader of scam that cost taxpayers millions

HRC: Real Change for a Change

What say you, re today's computer "glitches"?

Sam Brownback (R-KS) Signs Sweeping Anti-LGBT Executive Order

New Evidence Suggests Lobotomy On Evita Might Have Been Done To Quiet Her Rebellious Spirit

This Piece of Paper Fights Gun Crimes and Saves Lives

Greece is ready to escape from the European financial dictatorship!

Is There a Human Right to Kill?

Mike Luckovich: $20 Bill

NYSE Set to Resume Trading After Apparent Technical Glitch

Why Latinos should vote for Bernie

What President Obama Can Do About Campaign Finance Reform Without Congressional Approval

Politico's hit job on Bernie Sanders is proving awkward for journalism

LET ME OUT OF HERE! Or, I'll have to break out on my own...

Without Reagan's Treason, Iran Would Not Be a Problem

A roaming dog just killed my cat, Dubya. Dubs was asleep on my back porch.

Democrats sue state election officials over 2011 redistricting.

Bernie - Latinos and the TPP

People Almost Getting Hit by a Train

If you thought Billy Graham and his brat Franklin were bad...

Live Cyber Attack site shows what's going on... a lot...

UPDATED: Reports of possible marijuana drug raid on Pit River tribal land

Forbes article

Want a quick look at all state's latest polls for the Democratic Primaries?

Rep. John Sarbanes and a Campaign Finance Reform Plan That Might Actually Work

Keep It Quiet: Aide Tells Shouting Kerry and Iran Minister

YouGov: Hillary 59, Bernie 19, Biden 9

Cancel recurring payment

From Lizz Winstead: It has gotten so bad for The Donald

BLM confirms ranger's gun stolen 4 days before it was used in SF pier shooting

Sanders and Warren Are Leading a New Political Revolution

Going to make a quick post before bed about something rather personal for me.

Republican Congressman Heck to run for Reid's U.S. Senate seat

comments... "You look disgusting...

Franklin Graham: God May Smite Obama With Lightning In Gay Marriage Punishment

A lot of people here seem to have no clue about what's happening in Greece.....

NYPD Officers Beat Autistic Teen in Front of His Home, Lawsuit Says

Tsipras to EU: Greece's Days as 'Laboratory for Austerity' Are Over

Driving America's yellow school bus to educational hell

Mountain lion spotted, and photographed, in San Francisco

When speed traps keep a city budget afloat

I missed most of the "Poly Wars" here on DU recently, but I'd like to weigh in now...

Disney removes Cosby statue from Florida theme park --taken down already

Cincinnati officers charged, accused of covering up fellow officer's crash

Priest pretended to notify police after teen found camera in church bathroom, records say

Women less likely to be shown ads for high-paid jobs on Google, study shows

Report says Baltimore police were ordered to allow looting and ‘chaos’

Mayor replaces Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts

Loving this song for no particular reason. (slightly nsfw, cuss words)

The New York Times Urges the Troika to “Make an Example of Greece”

Does one hear cicadas singing in the trees in states north of the Mason-Dixon line?

Bernie Sanders Gets Crowd of 7,500 in City of Only 66,000

Catastrophic Chinese floods triggered by air pollution

Donald Trump Construction Project Reportedly Employing 'Illegal Immigrants'

Jimmy Carter on Jake Tapper (cnn)

Mayor replaces Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts.

Will Boston's snow ever melt?

Clinton voices support for deported Iowa immigrant

Oregon will offer free community college

Hillary vs Bernie: Pros and cons

white privilege=endless discussion about legalizing poly relationships

Trump: If Hillary Is Elected "We Will Have A Crime Wave Like You've Never Seen Before"

I love the approach of New Horizons to Pluto - and here is the "heart" of the matter!

What if a Bisexual person wants to marry both the same and opposite sex?

Clinton voices support for deported Iowa immigrant

Baby girl who was found on a Deer Island beach.

This isn't a question, but instead a thank you.

the media loves this guy, absolutely loves him. from faux to m$nbc

Preserving jobs, pay raises on table as US auto talks open

I thought referring to Bernie as a "socialist" as so many news articles do, would hurt him.

NYT: Recalling New York at the Brink of Bankruptcy

Sam Brownback (R-KS) Signs Sweeping Anti-LGBT Executive Order

The Donald is surging! New PPP poll shows him LEADING the GOP field in North Carolina!

California is Dying of Thirst – Where’s The Media?

Parents of man fatally shot by Pleasanton police question use of force in son's death

Rep. Barbara Lee introduced The Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman)

Music theme for the day is running

Florida Rep. Grayson to enter race for Sen. Rubio's seat

Madison Capitol evacuated for threat-- New Glarus Spotted Cow sightings

Medicare Proposes Paying for Discussions on End-of-Life Care

I was ready for Hillary

Question (can't ask this "out there"):

Video: Five bad excuses for bogarting parking reserved for disabled people

For Greece, the worst catastrophe now would be to stay in the eurozone

New poll shows Bernie Sanders gaining ground in Florida

Gerrymandering explained in a photo

Thinking of ***cali*** today. nt

Mega-Chef Jose Andres Says He Won't Open Restaurant At Trump's DC Hotel

We now only play "No-Trump" hands in our Duplicate Bridge game...

Gospel you can believe in

George W Bush charged a charity $100,000 to guarantee his presence at fundraiser for military vetera

What's for dinner? Wednesday, 7/8.


Microsoft Lays Off Thousands While Demanding More H1-B Visas

An International Embarrassment

Ohio Judge Refuses To Marry Same-Sex Couple

I have been hacked--I think

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sanders: 'We have got to apologize for slavery'

Organic Flow Battery funded by the ARPA-E begins commercial development in Europe

Bring back Glass-Steagall as an issue in the primary.

Plane collision marks 2nd fatal tragedy for family in a week

Mr. Fish Toon

Brilliant Commercial

To the DU direct from Larry Cohen at Bernie's campaign

Tweet from Anonymous last night

To the DU direct from Larry Cohen at Bernie's campaign

To the DU direct from Larry Cohen at Bernie's campaign

To the DU direct from Larry Cohen at Bernie's campaign

West Virginia Man Caught Living With Beer in His House for a Year

Statistical universals reveal the structures and functions of human music

Palestinian teenager 'shot in back by senior Israeli soldier while fleeing'

Goldman Sachs helped Greece hide debt and the debt almost doubled in the process

Russian science foundation shuts down after being branded 'foreign agent'

Burma to hold general election on 8 November

Source: Keith Olberman to leave ESPN:

Nationally known environmentalist alarms Monsanto - Is this story being suppressed?

First female nominee fails to win seat on Afghan supreme court

Irish abortion survey finds majority of people support decriminalisation

Ha! Truth.

Whites now a minority in California, New Mexico and Hawaii.

Bernie is drawing crowds

One of the world's biggest banks just admitted bitcoin could destroy existing finance firms

WikiLeaks says NSA spied on top German politicians 'for decades'

Why would someone nail high heels to telephone poles??

Maine allows gun owners to carry concealed weapons without permit

SF Market Rate Housing Project Goes Fully Affordable

We Asked Brits To React To American Culture And They Totally Nailed It

Relatives of Charleston victims urge Congress to vote on gun law

Mr. Sandman :-)__~~

Ted Cruz: Obama Attacking 'Jewish Churches' Over Gay Marriage

Over 200 Americans have gone or tried to go to Syria to fight: FBI

Donald Trump says African-American youths 'have no spirit'

$333K in settlements for six pepper-sprayed Occupy protesters

I've never met a country so obsessed about sex (in a negative way)

Minority, Low-Income Communities Bear Risk From Oil Trains In California

Minority, Low-Income Communities Bear Risk From Oil Trains In California (xpost from CA)

Matt Taibbi: Barack Obama's former top cop cashes in after six years of letting banks run wild

Silvio Berlusconi bribery trial: Ex-Italy PM convicted

My big lilies are really pretty this year. :) (a couple of pics)

Donald Trump is the monster the GOP created

Xpost: Report reveals that Exxon’s known the truth about climate science since 1981

Medicare to cover end-of-life counseling

Russia vetoes UN move to call Srebrenica 'genocide'

Looking at the primaries and the

This is the true story of children fighting for a piece of education:

Wendiceratops dinosaur had "extravagant" halo of horns

Out of stock at Office Depot...1TB external drive. They sold me a 2TB at same price.

proper forms of address for current and former officials....

California Lawmakers Block Bill To Regulate E-Cigarettes

Blue Bell to Begin Trial Ice Cream Production (Not For Sale)

See the look on a 3-year-old’s face when a cop gives him a parking ticket

Jeb Bush: Americans “need to work longer hours”

Blue Bell to Begin Trial Ice Cream Production (Not For Sale)

Gay Marriage - Can we have *one* week

Jeb Bush: People Need to Work Longer Hours

Chris Matthews just called Ted Cruz out on his hypocricy.

House bill would rewrite federal laws with gender neutral words

Tweety called out Ted Cruz

Greece needs Brady bonds

‘Leave Euro, retake democracy!’ Far-left & eurosceptic MEPs bash eurozone over Greece

The ONLY news I want to see on DU about the bush family is

House Republicans Sneak Sex-Ed Restriction Into ‘No Child Left Behind’ Rewrite

Do any of you carry mace?

Dear People Who Live in Fancy Tiny Houses...

Faiths Based Businesses Really Want To Forbid Employees Using Birth Control.

Does your state have an official dog?

The False Framing of Kathryn Steinle’s Killing

China’s stock-market crash is just beginning

I liked Janis Joplin, (who doesn't?) but...

No Republican Candidates Addressing Hispanic Advocacy Conference

Robbery Lobby: Home Builders Successfully Strip DOL of $10M Intended to Fight Misclassification

Black Agenda Report: "Eric Holder: Return to Sender"--TRNN

Ready to feel old?

Robbery Lobby: Home Builders Successfully Strip DOL of $10M Intended to Fight Misclassification

Robbery Lobby: Home Builders Successfully Strip DOL of $10M Intended to Fight Misclassification

A real KO from the past!

Following boycott campaign, 1st Israeli Feis attempts to smear activists as it cancels performance

Saban’s PR firm promotes Israel’s illegal settlements– so when will Hillary Clinton condemn it?

The Euro wasn't supposed to work like this

Deep breath: Ted Cruz actually appeared human and... sympathetic

The Greek Crisis Marks ‘the Beginning of the Collapse of Capitalism’

Most Americans Do Not Know About The Last 41 Names On The Vietnam Memorial…

New York City to Allow Visits to Grave Sites on Hart Island

Matt Taibbi: Eric Holder Back to Wall Street-Tied Law Firm After Years of Refusing to Jail Bankers

Most Americans Do Not Know About The Last 41 Names On The Vietnam Memorial…