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Number of young homeless people in Britain is 'more than three times the official figures'

Former Disney Chief Michael Eisner: A Woman Who Is Funny and Beautiful Is "Impossible to Find"

Report about an evening with Arundhati Roy / told by Rob Kall

results from selling candidate 2016 shirts at the swap meet today...

Nasa satellite images show China's giant solar panel expansion in Gobi Desert

Methinks the Simpsons saw the Greek situation coming

Dumb guy lights fireworks on the head and ends up dead

Thank you, Senator Durbin for exposing University of Phoenix

When a black German woman discovered her grandfather was the Nazi villain of 'Schindler's List'

Watch the women get a trophy! on Fox now


Lloyd-inspired USA crowned in style

USA. Women's soccer team is the world's best

Gold Cup 2015

The last time the U.S. women won the World Cup, a Democrat was president. Js...

Chief Inspector Murphy inspects the couch

Show Me the All-Star starters:

If our Founding Fathers were all Christians, why did they say this?

In Case you Missed It: There Will Be No Olympic Games in A Country Where There Are Anti-Gay Laws

In Case you Missed It: There Will Be No Olympic Games in A Country Where There Are Anti-Gay Laws

Shipping Industry Gloomiest Since 2009 in Survey as Glut Endures

A resounding ‘no’ from Greece as the electorate punches back hard at austerity

Bernie Sanders on State of the Union with Jake Tapper

I splurged and bought The Carol Burnett Show Collectors Edition...

Thanks to hmrJustin!

Bernie in Council Bluffs, IA 7-3-15 photos

Bernie in Council Bluffs, IA 7-3-15 photos

The gap between "You have the right to buy health insurance" and "You have the right to health care"

But, but, but I thought soccer was boring!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 7: 100th Anniversary of Technicolor

On Free Speech TV Now (10-12 pm/est)

After The “No” Vote, Soft Grexit Landing Now EU’s Best Option

Illegal fireworks eyed as cause of California fires

Sugar is literally killing us: The stunning fatality rates behind our soda addiction

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 8: 100th Anniversary of Technicolor

full interview : Bernie on State of the Union with Jake Tapper

Police kill gunman inside posh downtown Austin hotel

Martin O'Malley is the only "Democrat from birth"

Bernie Sanders Group

Whoa. Even the Republicans are getting fed up with the Republican chicanery in Madison and Iowa . .

Argentina's Fernandez celebrates Greece's "No" to creditors

The GOP’s pathetic crybaby agenda: Trump, Scalia and the whiny, paranoid new face of the right

Smaller Majority "Extremely Proud" to Be an American

Burt of Burt's Bees has died

The first thing Abby Wambach did after winning the World Cup was rush to the stands to kiss her wife

Saskatchewan to get military help to fight wildfires

Bit of a squeaker: Tahiti 38 - Micronesia 0

Colorado’s Effort Against Teenage Pregnancies Is a Startling Success

The Fate of Captive Orcas

John Oliver just did an excellent piece on chicken fuckers just now.

Koterba toon: Confederacy

Kaiser Report: Greece! Fresh Start

Obama to Free Non-violent drug offenders.....What about Don Siegelman?

Dome of Rock tops CNN list of sites on ‘verge of extinction'; no place for Palmyra

Settlers using West Bank security zones to expropriate Palestinian land

Rest in Peace, Burt.

The first thing Abby Wambach did after winning the World Cup was rush to the stands to kiss her wife

Macri Protege’s Win in Buenos Aires Still Means Run-off

Charles Pierce: The Blatant Ignorance of Republican Presidential Candidates

I was poor, but a GOP die-hard: How I finally left the politics of shame

John Repp on the Promise of Public Banking in Seattle

There are two kinds of people who want to cut Social Security--

What does "Flagged for review" in a member's profile status mean?

Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver -- 15 Topics in 1 Minute -- Shallow Dive

Question on trusting other drivers.

Scots Irish Jim Webb thinks he can beat Hillary on white vote in 2016

Asia markets' Grexit bloodbath: Latest on stocks, FX, commodities


Donald Trump tweets out racist tweet about Jeb Bush's wife.

NASA’s New Horizons Plans July 7 Return to Normal Science Operations (They Fixed Problem)

Greece Finance Minister Varoufakis Resigns

And Now This: Popular Phrases That Originated In The Drag World

Ministers reject two bills seeking to allow civil marriage

Basic Income: The Totally Crazy Not Crazy Idea

Greece's finance minister resigns after 'no' vote

Greece's FM resigns as Athens scrambles to avert economic collapse

EU Vice President: All member states should legalize same-sex marriage

Bombs at Mosque, Restaurant in Central Nigerian City Kill 44

Truth commission on US invasion of Panama

Truth commission on US invasion of Panama

Daily Holidays - July 6

Panamanian Court Opens Criminal Case against Ex-President

Thousands of Catholics greet Pope Francis in Ecuador at start of South American trip 'home'

Thousands of Catholics greet Pope Francis in Ecuador at start of South American trip 'home'

President of Bolivia welcomes “defeat of European imperialism”

"Humanitarian aid-program" of the EU rumored for Greece

Venezuela flooding brings state of emergency

3-year-old shoots self with grandfather's gun in N. Harris County

Sheriff: 4 dead inside SC home; no search for suspect

Kenya is building Africa’s biggest wind energy farm to generate a fifth of its power

Maine's entry for this year's DARWIN AWARDS...(shouldn't laugh, but can't help it - LOL!)

With Massachusetts officially in the casino game, now what?

Ecuador Fights for Survival – Against its Elites

Massachusetts officials say animal cruelty a major problem

Youth Court sponsors say it's running out of funding

Report: BBC faced with $1.01 billion bill as U.K. government shifts welfare costs

Gaming Commission playing games with open meeting rules

Chabot: T self-review claims management off track

Massachusetts medical costs skyrocket

Measure to legalize pot tweaked

Thailand seizes illegal ivory in crates marked as 'marble'

Schroedingers cat: Greek kitteh has an answer for the Troika

OMG, this woman is something else....there are actually people in the world like this????

Is Greece’s “No” on Debt Referendum another Youth Revolution?

Ghosts of King George III: Top 5 Things that threaten American Independence Today

Brien Center Management, Union Reach Deal to Avert Strike

Child Labor: A Hidden Atrocity of the Syrian Crisis

Seen recently on the streets of Manhattan

Iran’s Nuclear Program was A Child Of Washington in the First Place

No Tax for Walmart: How the Largest Company in the World Tricked the US Treasury

European heat wave gives Germany record temperature

Where does the Bible define marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman?

No basis now for new debt talks with Greece: Germany

Germany hit by record-setting heat, severe thunderstorms

Iraq warplane accidentally bombs Baghdad, killing 7: officials

Am I the only one left on the DU [email protected] team?

We have now raised over $6,300 for Bernie

Civil unrest in Ecuador ahead of Pope Francis visit

Why doesn’t everyone believe in God?: The skeptical brain may hold the answer

El Salvador witnesses 55 percent rise in murders amid growing gang violence

Amazing Grace: Obama Hits a Blue Note in Charleston

Black clergy draw parallels: Baltimore and Palestine

Rory McIlroy sustains major ankle injury ahead of Open

Creditor and judge over Greece: when countries go bankrupt

Someone should tell the hacks at CNN that Greece is not bitterly divided

JPMorgan, Barclays cut Greek exit odds as Goldman-Citi hold

Do not mix big dogs with yappy little dogs.

Are the Greek Claims for War Reparations Justified? (2013 article)

Spaniards inspired and dismayed by Greek result

ECB wary of rushed judgment on Greece before politicians react

Would you be okay with eating blue lettuce to combat global warming?

There actually is a strategy at work behind Trump...

Hillary Has The Money – Bernie Has The Credibility – History Not On Hillary’s Side

Bernie Sanders Says He'd Let Religious Groups Against Gay Marriage Stay Tax-Exempt

Spaniards inspired and dismayed by Greek result

A surprisingly edgy cartoon from late 60's or whatever

Greek debt crisis: Markets dip after 'no' vote

Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis announces his resignation

Florida Man dies in fireworks event

Not just Detroit: residents of nearby Michigan city face $11,000 water bills

POLL: Meme of the Week – July 6th

In Pittsburgh primary, party hacks outspent opponents 10x; LOST BIG TIME!

How Britain and the US decided to abandon Srebrenica to its fate

Radioactive city: how Johannesburg’s townships are paying for its mining past

Can somebody give Joe Scarborough a xanax? Please...

A decade of overspending: how Greece plunged into economic crisis

Chris Christie wore his smiley face on Morning Joe today...

We're going carless!

Nashville Christian woman apologizes to LGBT community on Facebook and at Pride

Tattletale Dog (video)

WikiLeaks: US Bugged More Than Two Dozen Brazilian Leaders

Hacking Team hacked: firm sold spying tools to repressive regimes, documents claim

Growing Evidence that Charter Schools Are Failing

Koch Industries spent more than $600,000 lobbying EU on environmental protection

Scott Walker’s wife, toughened by life, adds steel to candidate’s spine

"'Objectivity' is just a word, thank you." . . . Please come CAPTION Howard Kurtz!!!!

8 Key Ways Bernie Sanders' Voting Record Differs From Hillary Clinton's

This Elephant Is Pissed

Venus v Serena at Wimbledon

Greece’s fight is for democracy in Europe. That’s why we must support it

"I Welcome Their Hatred!"

"Sanders, a socialist running ona platform that should send shivers up the spines of most Americans"

San Francisco and its Tech Firms are a Prime Destination for Obama Alums

Neil Young and Promise of the Real kick off 'Rebel Content' tour at Summerfest

Chris Hedges: Corporate Capitalism Is the Foundation of Police Brutality and the Prison State

If they called the TPP "Obamatrade", would it *then* bother people?

Tell your State Legislators & Gov what you think of their attempt to blind you last week! INFO

Idaho's gay marriage ban remains in state constitution

Idaho's gay marriage ban remains in state constitution

a piece of advice for brand new members, if I may

The one and only Andres Cantor (Telemundo) on the USA's five goals. . .

Chicago, Chicago area get together

Buzzcocks + Magazine on What's On Granada TV '78

Today's Google Doodle: USA! USA!

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Rhymes With Rump

Monday Toon Roundup 2-Repubs

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

How Dems will cast GOP as party of the past

Does running for president make any sense?

Donald Trump is already doomed: Why his campaign is a bigger disaster than his hair

Wisconsin swindled by Scott Walker’s jobs scam

Lawyer for environmental group 'interrogated repeatedly' at US border

Bernie Sanders Speaks

The Idiot Thug Running Maine

81 things that Mike Huckabee has denounced

GREECE-Best explanation yet

“No one is making them stop”: Why corporations outsource catastrophe — and workers pay the price

“No one is making them stop”: Why corporations outsource catastrophe — and workers pay the price

Some White House Republican hopefuls want curbs on legal immigration

An update on aerobics, low stress and control.

Robert Scheer: Privacy Is Freedom

I wonder if Donald Trump knows most people don't care how rich he is or how many hotels he owns.

Explain it like I am 5: Can you give me a rundown on Bernie

Mr. Trump: "Take care the next time you eat at a restaurant"

Tucked away in the ACA is a little known website

For Reuters' headline writer, a democratic vote is a ruction.

A graphical representation depicting Sanders skyrocketing numbers in Iowa

Mass Extinction: It's the End of the World as We Know It

35 Slogans For College Majors If They Were Honest:

Chris Hedges: Corporate Capitalism Is the Foundation of Police Brutality and the Prison State

Getting Beyond Shop-Til-We-Drop

For some reason I can no longer post images. Please refresh my memory

Hillary Clinton Hires The Strategist Who Broke Her 2008 Campaign

Scott Walker operating as if proposed open records exemptions are law!

Too much flag waving at FIFA

(Updated:) Deadly air strike hits marketplace in Yemen

U.S. Quietly Sided With Tax-Avoiding Companies

Here’s the Real Reason Hillary Clinton Has a Lock on the Democratic Nomination

Ted Cruz’s Most Cringeworthy Moment of His Life

Explaining impunity at the UN (Venezuela)


The case for Greece: when it forgave Germany’s debt

The South an Anchor to America's progress

Can someone explain Rihanna to me? Does she consider herself

Plural marriage and its challenges

I know this may sound superficial but,

'Bernie Sanders Can Become President' Has Replaced 'I Like Him, But He Can't Win'

What are you reading the week of Sunday, July 5, 2015? I'll start...

Proud Pic

Confederate Memorial at UNC Chapel Hill Vandalized

Jeb Bush's Education Agenda is a Privatization Nightmare (Will Dem Candidate Do Otherwise?)

Every so often I see a car accident that really boggles the mind...

Juan Cole: Is Greece’s “No” on Debt Referendum another Youth Revolution?

Comment from Skinner in ATA

Iraq’s Displaced People are Selling Body Parts For Food

A hard working immigrants opinion of Donald Duck Trump

Colombia threatens to end peace talks with FARC rebels

So, I read the novel "The Far Pavilions" while on vacation last week.

today I did something I swore I'd never do: put someone on ignore.

Obama's weekly address

Scott Walker's Sons Disappointed With His Comments After Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling

Is it safe for American tourists

Stopped in 7-11, 70 yr old man behind the counter, I wanted to know WHY!

Sled Dog Sanctuary: A second life for Alaska's abandoned huskies

Union bricklayers agree to contract, ending strike

BecKKK is "ordered to speak no more,"shucks just for a month. Sez some are celebrating so let'sDO!1

The Most Famous Convert

Greece’s fight is for democracy in Europe. That’s why we must support it -good read

GSachs Ilk Sinister Culprits: Previously Greece Forgave Germany's Debt

While Republicans shame single parents, Democrats thank them

Stop the Bashing!

As if the threat of a felony indictment wasn't enough, more problems for Texas AG Ken Fucking Paxton

O'Malley sings with supporters in Waukee, Iowa

Prison Escapee David Sweat Returns to Max Security for First Time in 4 Weeks

Don't Count Martin O'Malley Out Of This Race

Okay, now let's see if the men step up to the plate

Boxer puppies playing.

Runner Gets Abducted by Hillbillies at Franklin, TN Half Marathon

Corruption On The Border: Dismantling Misconduct In The Rio Grande Valley

On the Idiocy of Comparing Trump's Campaign to Bernie Sanders'

Our media's Isis threat hype machine: government stenography at its worst

Pic Of The Moment: The Donald Divide

The loonies are out in droves...

Lazy Ouzo-Swilling, Olive-Pit Spitting Greeks Or, How Goldman Sacked Greece

No, The Guardian, a magic carbon layer is not a sign of extraterrestrial life

Check out kooky GD-P OP, "Sanders & Minorities" now; claims that he supports upper class,

"I've been around livestock my whole life"

O'Malley on July 4th parades: “Unlike some places at home people waved with all 5 of their fingers"

Marco Rubio Thinks The World Will End If He Isn’t Elected

Tom Tomorrow has a Kickstarter campaign. Help him out...

Don't fall for the good cop/ bad cop routine starrring Jeb and Trump....

GOP Officials Publicly Denounce Bernie Sanders' Obamacare Expansion, Quietly Request Funding

United States State Department issues

Does anyone know if ipad mini actually has gps?

It's Official: Team Clinton "is worried" about Bernie Sanders

Walter Reed Medical Center On Lockdown After Reported Shooting (American Exceptionalism?)

NRA-sponsored race car destroyed in absolutely horrific crash at Daytona

Are posts complaining about DUers

Greece was occupied during WW2 by Germany, Italy, and Bulgaria

American Apparel To Close Stores and Lay Off Workers

Service Industries in U.S. Expanded at Faster Pace in June

These Six U.S. Stars Were Rejected From Youth Teams. It Made Them Great.

On Europe’s Far Right And Far Left, Loud Cheers For Greek Defiance

To the Guy Flying a Confederate Flag in Exeter, New Hampshire

'Pearl Harbor' trends on Twitter after U.S. soccer victory over Japan

"Jeb's wife is Mexican"

Add Jason Pierre-Paul to the Idiots Hall of Shame

'Pearl Harbor' trends on Twitter after U.S. soccer victory over Japan

Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Uses Schizophrenia As A Slur, Gets It Wrong

New Florida law shields police body cam videos – Tampa Tribune

Man dies while shooting firework off top of his head

New Florida law shields police body cam videos – Tampa Tribune

Portland Just Installed Water Pipes That Generate Electricity!

South Carolina Republican State Sen. Lee Bright Rants Against Gays During Confederate Flag Debate

Clinton in 2011: Greek austerity is necessary "chemotherapy" to give Greece a "strong economy".

BMX founding father Scot Breithaupt found dead at 57

MSNBC / Thomas Roberts now...

Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think this whole Trump/Bush thing is manufactured.

Greece debt crisis: Banks to stay closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

"He makes an effort to shake everybody's hand, give a good speech and then leave a lot of time for Q

Scientists Warn Giant Nuclear Sarcophagus in Marshall Islands Is Leaking

Church Made from Salvaged Trees

Medellin finally to exhume bodies from what could be Colombia’s biggest mass grave

Colombia govt threatens to imprison citizens who publish photos or videos of attacks

Happy Anniversary! Raju the weeping elephant has been free for a year!

Why I'm supporting Bernie.

Greece debt crisis: ECB tightens screw on Greek banks - live updates

Joe and Jill Biden take Sasha Obama and Beau Biden's young children to the World Cup

Today is the release date for the Book, "Joe Wilson: What He Didn't Find in Africa"

Man accused in San Francisco Pier 14 shooting admits to crime

O'Malley at Uncle Nancy's: “Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse?”

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 6, 2015

Greece is broken. How would you fix it? nt

Never forget

from Martin O'Malley just now!

Donald's Racist Comments Make Jeb Bush Look Good In Comparison.

Why we’re so scared of GMOs, according to someone who has studied them since the start

Pope Francis Expresses Support for Social Progress in Ecuador

During Honduras Crisis, Clinton Suggested Back Channel With Lobbyist Lanny Davis

Scott Galindez: July 4th parade in Waukee, Iowa I asked supporters, Why Bernie? (video)

Reggie Jackson and the 1978 World Series

Angela Merkel has a red and a yellow button. One ends the crisis. Which does she push?

Recent covers of classic songs

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: "Marriage was defined by God, no man can redefine it"


Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley to Deliver NCLR Keynote.

Did Rand Paul and Cliven Bundy Just Become Best Buds?

Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley to Deliver NCLR Keynote.

Have you forgotten Poland?

For my 3,000th post:

Sanders: compulsory education, fluoridated water contribute to the erosion of 'personal freedom.'

We Want Bernie: Grassroots growth is spreading.

Hillary Clinton to do first national TV interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar

Syriza, The EU Institutions & Struggle For Democracy

Why nothing happens on gun control

UK surveillance Tribunal reveals the government spied on Amnesty International

Revolving door: Holder returns to law firm that lobbies for big banks. 7-8 figure compensation.

Is Hillary Clinton Trying To Influence Iran Deal Outcome On A Défavorable Way?

The old Will Pitt trick of reading the losing city's paper the day after

Gun-control supporters must use their opponents' own tactics against them

About conspiracies and Trump...

Chipotle's sofrita filling is great!

Chile’s Growing Desert Is Closing In on the Country’s Capital

Chile’s Growing Desert Is Closing In on the Country’s Capital

Oil tumbles 6 percent after Greek 'No' vote, ahead of Iran deadline

10 steps to take when your Mac won't start up (MacWorld UK) -- hope one works for me.

Uber throws in the towel in battle with French taxi drivers

TV station owner gunned down in Honduras

I think my dreams will be dashed...

The Greek crisis: 9 questions you were too embarrassed to ask

A Little Friendly LTTE to My Local Newspaper

North Dakota: Company wants to operate 75 wind turbines just north of Tioga in Oil Patch

Tundra study uncovers impact of climate warming in the Arctic

Found a new fruit and Veg market today. Need help!

Seven Reasons to Scrap the USA’s $1 Billion Aid Package to Central America

A Tipping Point on Guns

US and Cuba: What Remains to be Done?

US and Cuba: What Remains to be Done?

I have been forced to move this here.

Racketeering use to be illegal. For the big money banks its business as usual.

Arizona governor calls for probe of private prison unrest

Some evidence suggests Scott Walker was behind Republicans' attempt to gut open records law

“The Devil is taking control!”: State senator hijacks Confederate flag debate

Michigan woman frisked, jailed, for not renewing dog license

Judge tosses bid for probe of prosecutor in Ferguson case

SC Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Flag from State House

Protesters clash over Confederate flag at Phoenix Walmart

Here is some evidence of Bernie's cross over appeal to GOP voters:

Hillary camp is getting worried

Thom Hartmann: Fast-track could mean the end of the Post Office!

Thom Hartmann: Time to Ditch Welfare for a Basic Income?

Eric Holder: The Justice Department could strike deal with Edward Snowden

Confessions of a Clinton reporter

Buffett donates record $2.84 billion to Gates, family charities

NY passed the SAFE act and

Michael Savage: Gays Will Throw Christians Into The Coliseum With The Lions

Bernie Sanders gets slimed by the New York Times: This is what a smiling, condescending hit job

Hey, everyone! We want to go on strike, and I could use some help.

How I Escaped Becoming Dylann Roof

Hey, everyone! We want to go on strike, and I could use some help.

a friend posted this, #1 killer of women is heart attack.

Racist Texans Spray Paint ‘Everything From KKK To N***er’ On $50,000 Truck

Same-sex couple sues Texas county clerk in federal court for refusing to issue marriage license

"You win."

Dear Donald, the safest cities in US have the most immigrants

Personal Favorites.....Hyouka.

Donald Trump triples down on Mexico comments

To the members of the Democratic Party on DU

Chris Christie Slowly Waddles Into the 2016 Race

Ex-US diplomat looks back on 50 years of ties with Cuba

The media's 5 unspoken rules for covering Hillary _ HRC GROUP POST

Marco Rubio Accuses NYT of Attacking Him With ‘Castro Regime’s Propaganda’

Marco Rubio Accuses NYT of Attacking Him With ‘Castro Regime’s Propaganda’

Maine and Quebec activists again protest U.S. anti-Cuban blockade

North Carolina Confederate Memorial Vandalized with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘KKK’

Bowling pins at the Tour de France:

The Presidential Race Round Up: The Rise of Populism

Fireworks from the park

IRS has decided to permit secret donations from fake "non-profits"

Some of us are just too liberal. Just like some of our grandparents.

Idiots Are Taking Over

President Hillary Clinton Would Be Far More Conservative Than You Think

Donald Trump Says Mexicans Are Diseased

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Christian Couples File For Divorce En-Masse To Defy Gay Marriage Ruling (satire)

Teenage activist wants more money for children's education

Elian Gonzalez: The youth are the present and future of Cuba

Which Dem. candidate cares most about people like you (Democrats only)

The stupid, led by the dishonest, marching in lockstep proudly into the past...

Trump: 'Infectious disease is pouring across the border'

2005 deposition: Bill Cosby admits buying Quaaludes to give women he wanted to have sex with.

Democrats on Equality..

Cosby said he got drugs to give women for sex

Fidel Castro, 88, talks about the quality of Cuban cheese in rare public appearance following deal t

Fellow Bernie supporters.

Fireworks filmed with a drone

My Son's Bestest Friend dog rescue by Julie Dispain Stearns, KY

South Carolina Man Who Defended Home from DEA No-Knock Raid Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

Signed a petition outside Walmart while ago, about taxing carbon instead of lower incomes...

Florida man gets 2.5 years in prison for having sex on the beach


Bernie on Politics Nation...Now.

Ann Coulter Creates GOP’s New Willie Horton; Illegal Immigrants

5 Powerful Quotes That Prove Bernie Sanders Is a Damn Good Feminist

A Seeing Eye Dog For A Jack Russell Terrier? You Won’t Believe This Dog Rescue Story!

They Awoke to Find a World Gone Mad! (Tom Tomorrow)

from the fox network

Georgia woman accused of providing gun used to kill Officer Kerrie Orozco

So I'm convinced Trump is in the race to make the other GOPers look normal.

Can't Choose Between Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Any suggestions?

"We waged wars on poverty, not on the poor"

Shelby church to fly Christian flag over American flag

Watch Bernie LIVE in Portland, Maine!

Watch Bernie LIVE in Portland, Maine!

Florida AG Pam Bondi wants solar initiative struck from ballot

Man removes Confederate flag off the back of truck during traffic

It's Monday, car show day! (pic heavy)

Stem-Cell Dental Implants Grow New Teeth Right In Your Mouth

Stone Cold Steve Austin stuns Donald Trump (2007)

Hillary wins / Bernie loses

Koch-backed group calls for end of national parks

Supreme Court sends signals to request cases they want to hear.

The IRS wants to know why this pastor owns five houses but pays no taxes

Experiencing an outbreak of Red Admiral butterlies in southern WI

Black people are not ‘equal’: This is how the League of the South recruits a new generation online

ESPN scratches charity golf event at Donald Trump course

After Greece Cuts a Quarter of Its Budget, WaPo Asks if It’s Willing to ‘Trim Spending’

Is The Donald Trump Piñata Full of Candy or Bullshit?

"The capitalist has no heart, but harpoon him in the pocketbook and you will draw blood"

Homophobic nurse tries to discourage birth mom from allowing gay couple to adopt child

Australian minister: 'Gay marriage could damage our cattle exports'

How Black Lives Matter Has Spread Into a Global Movement to End Racist Policing

Edward Snowden plea deal with US a possibility, says Eric Holder

Heard a 60's - 70's band last night, did they ever SUCK!

MRA Peter Nolan: “Killing women is the only path to justice for men now.”

Thousands of people fill the Cross Ins. Arena to hear Bernie Sanders in Portland...

Brianna Keilar: What would you ask @HillaryClinton? I'll be interviewing her tomorrow in Iowa.

Prison guard suspended one day for threatening to lynch Obama on FB

Stand with Greece!

Bernie Sanders on why elites are in for a shock: “The discontent of the American people is far,

Benghazi committee springs a curious (UNTRUE) leak

Authorities fear giant wet wipe-filled 'fatbergs' could destroy Australian sewage systems

It's simple...


Florida wildlife officials looking for tattooed woman seen riding sea turtle

I am trying to get some information

Hillary Calls Shotgun for the primaries!

Listening and watching Sen. Sanders (pics)

Honored to have Dubuque County Recorder John Murphy's endorsement for this campaign!

Not sure who to vote for, cant make up my mind.

Woman, 93, granted a library card 73 years after being denied because she was black

Martin O'Malley is Honored to have Dubuque County IA Recorder John Murphy's endorsement

Clinton says she opposes boycott effort against Israel

Bernie LIVE now (on edit, now ended)

Birds, a very tolerant dog, and a hamster

Bernie LIVE now (on edit, now ended)

Holy Moly! Holder "sees striking a deal" with Snowden to return to USA. This is huge.

Toon: Gotta Change the Name!

Hillary Clinton promises megadonor she will work with Republicans– to oppose BDS