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'If climate change is real how do you explain frozen pizzas?'

The Angry Eye - Brown Eye-Blue Eye Experiment

Trump's Adventure in Mexico

One of the greasiest, funkiest get-down grooves I have ever heard

Today I celebrate 5 years as an ex-smoker!!!!

Sanders pledges to take campaign to conservative strongholds

And one of the most ethereally gorgeous things ever

Just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention, chervilant needs some help.

Ann Coulter jeered at book signing.

Seven conservative mistakes

Surprise! Donald Trump is wrong about immigrants and crime.

How do you create an ethical banker? Not by hugging them

There is not now, and never will be, a perfect Democratic candidate for president.

new AIDS vaccine protects monkeys

Banned, but Bountiful: Marijuana Coveted by NFL Players as Invaluable Painkiller

Hillary Clinton Faces a More Liberal Democratic Fund-Raising Landscape

Remember Jesus Christ this 4th of July

First Colombia Medicalized Killing

First Colombia Medicalized Killing

Under fire for comments, Trump weighs in on California shooting

trump's next bankruptcy

Panama may accept oil or gas from Venezuela to resolve dollar debt

Just got a tweet that 2K showed up in Council Bluffs, IA

2007--Hillary and the C. flag comment...

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 4, 2015 -- The Essentials: Marching Musicals

In countries where they have bullet trains and other hi tech stuff, do they have a gap the passenger

Professor Richard Wolff: Greece Needs Our Solidarity in Its Struggle Against Austerity

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF All About the Base! & a new Kittehs gif

*Tomorrow at 3:00 (edt,) 1776!!!

Race and the Ghost of Jim Crow

Nuclear deal won't solve 'major problems from Iran,' Hillary warns

The Hidden Script of US Militarization in Honduras

The Hidden Script of US Militarization in Honduras

(MoveOn petition) Congress: Oppose IMF Assault on Greek Democracy

Link to sign up to volunteer for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

So will both sides use the Designated Hitter in the All-Star Game?

An Alternative Approach to Nuclear Fusion: Think Smaller

What is the critera to ban a person from a group.

Four accused in slave-labor trafficking ring on Ohio egg farm

"True Detective" Season II.

Mote, Cuban scientists share landmark shark study

Finally. Photos from Bernie's Blowout in Madison: July 1st 2015

Hillary Clinton's Facebook has one million friends

5 things Republicans would call treason if Democrats did them

Clinton says she takes a 'backseat to no one' among liberals

No one has started this YET so I will.. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYONE!

Friday Talking Points (352) -- Always Twirling For Freedom!

Happy Fourth of July

Charges possible against Charleston Church shooter’s associates

Iran's nuclear program may have cost the country $500 billion or more

Jeb Bush's paymasters will command his loyalty and gratitude

Guatemala Congress committee recommends ending Perez's immunity

Hillary Clinton at Dartmouth college in NH.

“i knew i was going to sing… i was just trying to figure out which key”


Is the U.S. Training Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

non-racist-confederate flag loving patriot sends love letter to AL City Councilman

I just got back from Bernie's rally with HIS water bottle 1/3 left and his DNA!!!

I just got back from Bernie's rally with HIS water bottle 1/3 left and his DNA!!!

How many people would refuse an ebola vaccine

Is Bernie Sanders the Howard Dean of 2016?

Bernie is getting known all over the world too!

U.S. Stockpiles Powerful Bunker-Buster Bombs In Case Iran Nuclear Talks Fail

**Bernie Sanders Group Milestone over 20,000 posts**

Hillary's Bernie Problem Just Got WAY Worse

Lubbock Co. Emergency Mgmt Coord on leave after FB post showing Elmer Fudd shooting Obama

AP PHOTOS: Surfing takes Brazilian kids out of Rio slum

All right. I saw SPY tonight.

Airplane!'s 35th Anniversary:

US Senator pushes amendment to shift power back to states

I love the SAP option for MLS games

The Best Fourth of July Speech in American History - Was Delivered on the Fifth of July

Are any card-carrying Lounge-teers gonna play some MUSIC?!1 n/t

The Hague hit by riots after death of man in police custody

Because looks are so much more important than comfort

Just a reminder about the Media Target for Senator Sanders

Ancient 'mummy' unearthed from 'lost medieval civilisation' near Arctic, claim scientists

Lost my dog Max

The Father Of Iran's Nuclear Program Recalls How It All Began

I have a burning desire to travel, maybe go to Vietnam.

Since we're bent on remembering the Civil War this 4th of July, Remember Fort Wagner

Take away the flag and the Dukes of Hazzard was a left-wing TV show.

I went to the top of One World Trade yesterday.

I went to the top of One World Trade yesterday.

I left a light on for you. So you could find your way back.

No Air Conditioner? How to Keep Your Cool No Matter How Hot it Gets

Epic Poster Of Bernie For The 4th Of July

My daughter was stopped from walking on a public sidewalk by a security guard

Sanders draws more than 2,500 to Iowa stop — tops for this presidential cycle so far

Do you want Joe Biden to run for president?

This is the neatest map and story I've seen in a

Trump weighs in on San Francisco shooting.

LGBT Activists Slam Martin O’Malley for Backing Limited LGBT Protections

Medical helicopter crashes in Frisco; 3 escape

TIRED of being nickel and dimed.

Independence day

Greatest Inventions Never Made

Children at Dilley immigration detention center get adult dose of vaccine

To be really honest with DUers on here, I do not like

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 5 - Movie Camp: Anti-War Comedies

TCM Schedule for Monday July 6 - Star of the Month: Shirley Temple

Thank you...

O'Malley jabs at GOP-led Congress on Iowa tour. (with video)

Late snow, ‘miracle May’ best NM water news in years

Why would Putin bail out Greece?

Conservationists sue to protect Mexican gray wolves

Conservationists sue to protect Mexican gray wolves

Column by only openly gay staffer for Bobby Jindal provides inside look at anti-gay company guv keep

NASCAR Tracks Unite, Jointly Ask Fans Not To Fly The Confederate Battle Flag


Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America

Firing tenured teachers made easier by Louisiana Supreme Court ruling

Firing tenured teachers made easier by Louisiana Supreme Court ruling

Bernie Sanders’ populism resonates with 2,500 in Council Bluffs

Why Smart Democrats Worry About Turnout From The Base In 2016

Hillary-Bernie Skirmishes Begin, Can All-Out War Be Far Behind?

Some more squee: Watch serval smack GoPro hanging 10 feet in the air

Daily Holidays - July 4

32 Killed in Arson Fire At New Orleans Gay Bar: 1973.

Orange man ID'd in fatal alligator attack

Follow-up: Former judge Dupuy in isolation at Galveston County Jail

US Spied on Germany to Manipulate German Press

Taiwan stands up to China with World War II military parade

66 riders safely evacuated after 400-foot Ferris wheel stops

Bernie Sanders 250,000 Donors in Perspective

Texans’ average home insurance premium increases 7% to 8%

Chafee's Campaign Leaves Some NH Democrats a Bit Puzzled

"You know, it really doesn't matter what the media write

Labour to spend weekend practicing deafening silence ahead of Tory budget

Hundreds of Arizona Inmates to Be Moved Following Riot

Rudimental and Ed Sheeran...

This week's Washington Week.

Too hot to sleep.....anyone else?

BPD revamps stop-and-frisk procedures

West Roxbury pipeline builder eyes eminent domain power

New Balance presses Pentagon on sneaker deal

Without promise, Marty Walsh won’t sign Olympic contract

Police: Soldier was carrying loaded magazines during rifle-toting incident at mall

The Star Spangled Banner as no one else could do it.

An Administration of the Mentally Ill

Angela's Ashes: How Merkel Failed Greece and Europe

An Attack on Press Freedom: SPIEGEL Targeted by US Intelligence

hey, baby, it's the 4th of July

Operation 'Ochi': Zero Hour for Greece

The Baltic Front: Where Putin's Empire Meets the EU

Outspoken nationalist Kjaersgaard elected speaker of Danish parliament

Rival economic theories torpedo Greek negotiations

Latest census reflects grim living standards in rural India

Report: Greek crisis has hit top multinationals

Cooling-off period between politics and business 'too short,' says Lobby Control

Do Aussies have a 4th of July? I know that

Varoufakis: If Greece allowed to crash, 1 trillion euros to be lost

Printing the drachma: the messy future of a post-euro Greece

This is infuriating.

Europeans tried to block IMF debt report on Greece, say sources

IS affiliate in Egypt claims rocket attack on Israel

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July

Happy July 4th - Politics of Buddhism

Good point!

Uh, no. The fire and brimstone people aren’t going to start feeding and clothing the poor.

Now this is an awful way to die.

Could you pass a citizenship test?

Ann Coulter is white supremacists’ new hero: The most nauseating revelations from “Adios, America!”

Senator McCain: US must reassess Afghan troop withdrawal

The DARPA Robotics Challenge Was a Bust

ISIS Reportedly Burning Poppy Fields to Gain Foothold in Afghanistan

On Patriotism (Robert Reich)

something to think about

Happy 4th of July/Independence Day!

Clinton warns GOP will repeal Obamacare

Federal Election Commission fines Sanders-affiliated PAC

Hillary Clinton Comments Directly on Bernie Sanders' Crowds to ABCNews

Beware of Bankers Bearing Gifts

My meta post of the young month

Black Women Vilified as a ‘Lesbian Wolf Pack’ Speak for Themselves in a New Film

You, Too, Can Buy a Congressman!

It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy

Boston Pops

The Pentagon's "2015 Strategy" For Ruling the World

‘This is gay Sharia': Conservative warns of anti-Christian fascism after marriage equality ruling

The ugly war on gay rights: When “religious freedom” becomes “freedom from laws”

The Real Debt Ceiling

Conservative newspaper suggests recall of @WisGOP's Alberta Darling& John Nygren

Ted Cruz Calls For US To Quit UN Human Rights Council After Vote Condemning Israel

Greek Bailout Money Went to Banks, Not Greece

The strange hypocrisy about "evolving."

Happy Treason Day ;-)

'Stand Up To Trump' Petition Launched By GOP Candidate George Pataki

Greek Crisis Awaits Other NATO Partners

LEAKED: How the Biggest Banks Are Conspiring to Rip Up Financial Regulations around the World

NASCAR Dumps Trump

How do I view all threads by a DU member?

America’s declaration of total dependence: Barack Obama, TPP & the perils of global hyper-capitalism

Conservatives: George Takei worse than KKK for calling Clarence Thomas a ‘clown in blackface’

Relax - Sarah Palin just solved California’s drought crisis

The age of American exceptionalism is long over


July 4th Marathons - The Twilight Zone, Syfy, 8 a.m. to 3 a.m.

July 4th - It's Louis XVI we're celebrating with the tall-ship HERMIONE...

The Paragraph On Slavery That Was Cut From The Declaration Of Independence

The Fireworks Show

on this 4th of July, let's remember Conservative's positive contributions to America.

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

Something to celebrate tonight beside the 4th of July

"What to the Slave is 4th of July?": James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’ Historic Speech

Bragg soldier charged with going armed to the terror of the public

Bernie Sanders out-greens Hillary Clinton: Will she be able to hold her own in a climate hawk runoff

Something to celebrate tonight beside the 4th of July

The Revolutionary War was about slavery preservation?

Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Jeez, talk about INSENSITIVE!

"Your Fourth of July is invasions and wars. My Fourth of July is the pure sunbeam of peace."

July 4th - It's Louis XVI we're celebrating with the tallship HERMIONE...

July 4th - It's Louis XVI we're celebrating with the tallship HERMIONE...

Today's Google Doodle: Fourth of July

I'm just going to leave this right here

Measles death in Washington state 1st in U.S. since 2003

Happy Treason Day

Julian Assange case: France rejects 'asylum plea'

Trump Question

They'll be fine till the fireworks.... (the Google Doodle du jour)

I have a ? for Mr. Trump: Are your clothes made by rapists?

reminder for the july contest... theme :blue

only in America...

1712 Overture and Fireworks

NYT: Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases for 2016

A reminder to not be driving and drinking

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. .....

When the Night Erupts in Brilliance

This guy ... this is the guy. Raise a cold one to him today - or a fine glass of vin d'Auvergne...

A photo from Bernie's Council Bluffs, IA rally last night

Classic Bernie Sanders: 1988 Speech on Race Progress and the Democratic Party

This Week in God.... (Maddow blog)

Are posts about D's running for Congress not POTUS permitted in GD?

For the Glory Of God....

CNN: Sanders snags key endorsement in New Hampshire

Sanders Draws + 2,500 to Iowa stop;tops for this presidential cycle

Imagine the handover letter from the departing President Obama:

Oregon bakery that refused same-sex couple owes $135,000 in damages

Sanders Draws + 2,500 to Iowa stop; tops for this presidential cycle

Massachusetts' first medical marijuana dispensary opens in Salem

I need a little help

High-ranking Mormon church figure Boyd Packer dies at 90

How the South Skews America

Inside Amy Schumer - The Universe - Uncensored

TRUMP: A Farce to Be Reckoned With

Russia outraged by Poland's removal of Soviet war memorial

Less than half of Americans would actually attend a same-sex wedding

Experts reach tentative agreement on Iran sanctions relief

Cats 'control mice' with chemicals in their urine

Happy Alice's Day! 150 years since Alice's Adventures in Wonderland were first published

Toronto: TTC Marks Milestone of Revitalized Union Station

Standing room only at Bernie Sanders rally in Council Bluffs Iowa. Hillary couldn't fill this hall..

Bernie: Yeah, actually, we do have the right message...

Michael Twitty: Barbecue is an American tradition – of enslaved Africans and Native Americans

Venezuela faces beer drought after Polar brewery closures

Our Bernie Sanders moment: This July 4, remember only true independence and revolution brings change

Chicago: CTA Proposed Red-Purple Bypass

WP -- States are ignoring federal law about voter registration. Here’s why

We'll get in our PJ's, pop some popcorn and watch

Why democracy needs higher education

How Bernie Sanders Could a Play a Role Like FDR Did

Keiser Report: On the Verge of Despotism

Martin O'Malley out greeting folks in the Independence, Iowa 4th of July parade

Greece: Only the 'No' Can Save the Euro

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today--US 239 Edition

New coal plants 'most urgent' threat to the planet, warns OECD head

This graph says it all...

Hard to believe but I saw Scott Walker concerned about a regular citizen!

"Experts are saying..."

Weed the People

Matt Taibbi: Bernie Sanders is the rarest of Washington animals, a completely honest person..

"Democracy & Freedom Will Be The Theme of Every Broadcast & Editorial"

My fun response on the General Lee and the Confederate flag

O'Malley talks about polls.

Oregon Sets Hefty Rise In Health Premiums

Love me some James Cagney on the 4th

"Guess why there's an unflattering stereotype for every ethic group?" Come CAPTION The Donald!!!

Little kids discuss marriage equality

Most Americans now say learning their child is gay wouldn’t upset them

Why are there no knock knock jokes about America?

First on CNN: Sanders Snags Key Endorsement in New Hampshire, Video Essay CNN Politics July 4, 2015

4th of July Fear-Cast:

Good read on Greece - Interfluidity

wealth does not equal virtue

Sybil Ludington: She Rode Further Than Paul Revere To Warn The British Were Coming!

KKK Celebrating July 4th With A Cross Burning, And They Want Folks To Bring The Kids

The Declaration of Independence, in Congress, July 4, 1776

wealth does not equal virtue (crosspost)

A fun fact for July 4th

What an incredible, ambitious human experiment. So proud to be a part of it.

What would Bernie do about highway robberies of new drugs?

Damned DIY Fireworks!

DIY expert makes a homemade solar-powered air conditioner in just FIVE MINUTES!!

Need attention for OP GD-P on Bernie's new endorsement by NH activist Dudley Dudley.

America's richest take home 21.1 per cent of ALL income

Adams and Jefferson

Only in America

Research shows average family would now earn $156,000/yr if incomes had kept up with top earners

How Islamist Extremists Warp the Fatwa

Cuba Confirms Defection of 2 Baseball Players During US Trip

Cuba Confirms Defection of 2 Baseball Players During US Trip

Local News Media Seem To Be Inferring Robin Hood School Funding Is The Issue Instead

Ladies and Gentlemen, Our National Anthem . . . .

Why are traditional economic indicators used to support the Administration?

BBQ - Thanks Africa and a tip of the hat to Native Americans

Punctuation Junction - Why do they keep going out of town?

Why I support Bernie although I do not consider myself to be a Socialist.

Our DUTY as citizens: A reminder from July 4, 1776, that there

Joey Chestnut defeated!

The Automatic Earth: This Is Why The Euro Is Finished

Man mocks alligators, jumps in water and is killed in Texas

*HILLARY GROUP* In House, liberals side with Clinton over Sanders

The Atrocity Propaganda Ben Franklin Circulated

you are not alone about the 4th of July

How the South Skews America

Bernie Sanders turns into force on presidential campaign trail

What has GOP done for workers? By Clint C. Gold

ATTENTION: Dog Food Recall

Nearly 80% of Americans Unable to Name Country They Celebrate Independence From

Robert Naiman (HuffPo): Bernie Sanders Will End the IMF's Economic Violence in Greece and Africa

How the South Skews America - We’d be less violent, more mobile & more normal if not for the Dixie.

.... the 4th

Iranian Foreign Minister: 'We have never been closer' to nuclear deal

Donald Trump's NEW Signature Collection Suit

A gay, feminist badass from Massachusetts wrote "America the Beautiful"

Happy Fourth for those of a *certain* age

Scott Walker's Twitter message about 4th of July

Oregon Residents Can Now Get Birth Control Prescription Without Doctor’s Visit

Red White and Blue

...but what I really want to do is direct.

The candidate that controls the "social media" will win the presidential election.

Greek crisis: Yanis Varoufakis accuses Europe of terrorism - as it happened

Martin O'Malley's son, William, 17, is traveling with his father

DU for Bernie Act Blue link has been updated

DU for Bernie Act Blue link has been updated

Obama Plans Broader Use of Clemency to Free Nonviolent Drug Offenders

Democratic Presidential Candidate Visits Iowa

"I was a really staunch Clinton candidate (IA)

We have a new champion!!!

2 ways to a job in AG’s office: the hard way and the political way

Any of the Dem candidates going to be in eastern Iowa this month?

O'Malley in IA video

Entire County Clerk's Office Resigns Over Same Sex Marriage

Happy Birthday, United States!

Sometimes I feel like I need a break from reality.

Take a guess: Most popular July 4th songs by state

You think you love Bernie Sanders, now....THIS is the best yet, no one is going to take this stance

Does your chosen candidate align your your political stances?

Bernie Sanders on the IMF & Greece...Thought you loved him before? Wait!

Not Our Independence Day

*1776 the Movie coming up at 3:00 (edt, 12 minutes!)

*1776 the Movie coming up at 3:00 (edt, 10 minutes)

‘Feel the Bern’: Activists spearhead Bernie Sanders social push

The Dominican Time Bomb

Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases for 2016

My New Declaration of Independence

Joey Chestnut defeated! Matt Stonie Downs 62 Hot Dogs For Coney Island Title

What Being a democrat and having DU means to me

IA visit video added to DU for O'Malley Act Blue link

The Dominican Time Bomb

Hillary Clinton Encourages Distraught Gay Child Depicted in Viral Photo

More Trump Mexico Malfeasance: "Baja venture leaves buyers high and dry"

In Ecuador, Stop Those Who Are Committing Treason!

Pluto: The 'Other' Red Planet (NASA)

Allan Savory: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change

'I thought that Greece had run out of money – so how can it afford a referendum?'

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Would you stop visiting NY? Provocative images urge tourists to support 'land of peace' Tunisia

FYI: Bernie Sanders with be on State of the Union With Jake Tapper tomorrow morning...

Politico: Red States are a millstone around America's neck.

Hillary Clinton: no substitute for 'constant engagement' with Putin Glen, NH July4

Really, EVERYONE should watch 1776 for GREAT history and current day 'lessons.'

The Dismissal of Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker - A special report by Cong. Morris K. Udall

Honduran Congress vice-president arrested in corruption case


I talked to Larry Cohen Bernie's labor man last night

Anybody catch the opiening of Le Tour?

Trump: I'm America's 'whipping post'

Happy Birthday, USA!

Honduras protesters stage biggest march yet to demand president resign

More stupidity from the "Duck Dynasty..."

How does the USA compare to France?

"How I spent the 4th of July" - Hillary Clinton

Don't worry, this only looks like a phone...

I forgot to X post this here


ICYMI- Wisconsin homeowners would take hit from GOP business tax cut

Martin Sheen to Host and Narrate Siegelman Film

My questions to some of the 2016 cnadidates

Activists praise Sanders, criticize Clinton on immigration

FIFPro players' union opens doors to women’s membership

Saturday In The Park

Wikileaks: US 'routinely spied' on Brazil

Wikileaks: US 'routinely spied' on Brazil

I'll be back tomorrow with several posts

Has anyone here had any success using LinkedIn?

I'll be back tomorrow with several posts

Republicans today would have fought for the British...

Trailer for politically correct dukes of hazard

Union shirts at Bernie's Council Bluffs, IA rally last night

What you should know vs. What the corporate media tells you..

Union shirts at Bernie's Council Bluffs, IA rally last night

Union shirts at Bernie's Council Bluffs, IA rally last night

I've been reading Wm. Greider's "Come Home America" and David Niose's "Fighting Back the Right"

Check out jake tapper 's cartoon of Sen Sanders and Mike Huckabee

The Brazilian selling Chinese phones to Latin America

"US Blues" - Grateful Dead

People super excited to march with Bernie Sanders in the Waukee parade!!(pics)

It's time to stop equating marriage equality with polygamy

Celebrity Chef Ted Allen Cooks His Favorite Pretentious Foodie Bulls**t Meal

A question I asked before about electoral votes.

Hillary Clinton tells gay boy: 'Your future is going to be amazing'

We got an accurate head count on turkeys today

Salon only obliquely refers to Governor O'Malley's dramatic climate change plan

Haters Gotta' Hate. Traitors Gotta'... Continue Their Treason.

Donald Trump is the definition of

Dems on parade!

A perfect 4th of July. Just a peek into my day.

Dems on parade!

Stephen Colbert: Wow, history moves fast...

Health insurers in WA state request small average rate increases,

Dem Presidential candidates campaign in July Fourth parades

Which is more dangerous?

Does this face look familiar?

Come fly with me

Iowa Catholics Want to Talk About Climate Change

Man mocks alligators, jumps in water. and guess what?

Flowers On The Wall.

@GovWalker announces open records law changes will be completely removed from the 2015-17 state budg

GOP lawmakers, Scott Walker abandon open records changes

If This Is True, Foodie Trendiness Can Go No Further

Democrracy Now! Remembers Pete Seeger

Pro Confederate flag robocall targeting members of the SC legislature

Protesters Challenge Clinton During Parade in New Hampshire

The Confederate Battle Flag

This 4th of July join the political revolution.

Color vision and X-inactivation.

A note

Turns out no one asked TV Land to yank the "Dukes Of Hazzard"

What I really hate! Web pages with titles like: 20 Cute Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Ugly

Florida Man Fired After Facebook Post Saying He Wants To Marry His Dog

Sure Sign Martin O'Malley is Probably Going to be the Next President

T.V. Land

Really? Clinton Ropes Press?


Internet erupts after Tim Duncan announces decision to return for 19th Spurs season

Happy Fourth of July, '70s style

"Frying foods for idiots" apparently a book I need to see

Anyone else stay home comforting pets on the 4th?

Bernie's Agenda for America - Informative well organized site that lays out Bernie's

Greece: Only the 'No' Can Save the Euro

'Manhattan' to return for second season.

Two killed in plane crash in Portland

What ISIS Really Wants

"I TOLD YOU he wanted meatballs."

Great article about proposed wind energy site in Wyoming

Meiko Kaji - The Flower Of Carnage (VIDEO)

Wildlife--Southern California Style


Hazzard County Georgia 1979 and 2012

I made an incredible fresh corn chowder tonight.