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Archives: July 31, 2015

Parkland Hospital files suit against four construction companies alleging “an unfinished mess”

Cincinnati Chili

7-30-15 Jimmy Hoffa Missing in 2:00 (plus 2:00 needs your help)

7-30-15 Jimmy Hoffa Missing in 2:00 (plus 2:00 needs your help)

Martin O'Malley on Minimum Wage, Iran, and ISIS transcript and audio

7-30-15 Jimmy Hoffa Missing in 2:00 (plus 2:00 needs your help)

Bill Passed By Senate Panel Would Open More Of Arctic For Crude Oil Exploration

Martin O'Malley on Minimum Wage, Iran, and ISIS transcript and audio

Greenpeace at St. Johns Bridge (Portland) blocking Shell Oil AK drilling rig - LIVE stream

TCU, student at odds over comments on social media

500+ at multicultural Bernie event in San Diego

Union Blasts Haggen for Layoffs and Cutbacks (including 14 developmentally disabled courtesy clerks)

Ohio State Marching Band Song Made Fun of Holocaust Victims

Union Blasts Haggen for Layoffs and Cutbacks (including 14 developmentally disabled courtesy clerks)

The notion of an accident

Union Blasts Haggen for Layoffs and Cutbacks (including 14 developmentally disabled courtesy clerks)


Some updates on Sam Dubose

Princess KiKi kitty rescue by Cortney Elmer, NJ

Change your gun laws, America

Change your gun laws, America

Sorority for African Americans, thick books prompt fears of explosives at Houston Hobby airport

Martin O'Malley on Minimum Wage, Iran, and ISIS, transcript and audio

"In Brooklyn and the rest of America, a movement for Bernie Sanders"

Worms infest Houston suburb water supply

"Could it actually happen?"

'You failed your profession,' judge says to ex-teacher sentenced for giving beer to teen

Phone found in working condition after 9,300-foot fall from airplane

O’Malley opening Cedar Rapids field office Aug. 5.

Jury awards $47.8 million in NYC crane collapse civil case

Valero's second-quarter profit soars with high gas prices


Texas border militia member will soon learn fate after agents seized AK-47, ammonium nitrate


Isn't White House Press Secretary's

Rockapella Sings: Where In The World Is El Chapo?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! 777! & a new Kitteh gif

Did anyone notice the comments on Hardball, july 30, 2015 by

Vietnam Era Jets at EAA this year... A-4, F-4 MiG 17, and an F-100 Super Sabre...

Campaign Chair John Podesta’s Statement on Republicans Undermining Medicare

Faux News Hostess: The Role of Modern Woman Is To ‘Engage In Horizontal Hula & Then Make Sandwiches'

Cecil's Brother 'Is Protecting Cubs' from Rival

Just as we said would happen, the Duggars are begging for money...

What If the U.S. Treated Teaching Like It Treats Professional Sports?

Hillary's statement about Medicare's 50th birthday isn't good enough...

Will someone help me out here? I want to post to La Taz Hot's OP and include pictures.

Get the theme from Jaws firmly going in your head - then look at this menacing photo

Dalai Lama says I may not come back to this fucking travail of tears because China

Burger King wanted Tim (Hortons) HQ in U.K. for tax reasons

Man freed after being wrongly imprisoned for 17 years is fatally shot in Chicago

Zoo officials remove carousel horse with Confederate flag (MI)

Ohio officer charged with murder pleads not guilty, released on bond

Delaware fair says it can't ban Confederate flags (NY)

Will We Ever Hold Trophy Hunters Accountable for Their Actions?! It Needs To Happen!

Maryland governor orders Baltimore's scandal-plagued jail shut

Federal Reserve Denies Credit Union for Cannabis

Planned Parenthood is Not Selling Baby Parts, You F*cking Idiots

A great one-liner from Barney Frank (Democratic primaries related)

Record-low $97 paid into fund that helps public schools

Koch brand thermometer.

A great one-liner from Barney Frank (not Democratic Primaries-related)

It's just a number, right, Hillary?

'Duggar Studios' latest money grab by disgraced evangelical family

The GOP Isn’t Choosing a President. They Are Choosing a Rebel Leader.

Sandra Bland Legal Fund on

U.S. Government To Lion-Killing Dentist: Hey, Can You Give Us A Call?

Tell me I need to finish it.

Facebook ready to test giant drone for Internet service

Ebola disrupts Liberia birth records, poses trafficking threat-UN

Once again Brownback is screwing children, the poor and disabled

Follow-up: Before brain-eating amoeba was found in a rural water district, Ascension Parish had

Mike Malloy - Americans Healthier Since Obamacare

Gov. Bobby Jindal: Treat mayors of “sanctuary cities” as accessories to illegal immigrants’ crimes

Revised AP history standards will push 'American exceptionalism'

Fox News Employees In ‘Total Confusion,’ 'Making It Up As They Go Along' As GOP Debate Approaches

Suddenly, I'm thinking that maybe The Donald getting the GOP Nom may not be such a good idea

3 UVa graduates sue Rolling Stone over retracted rape story

Disney to Release Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki....

Russia Working To Modernize Air Defence Missiles Intended For Iran, Kremlin Aide Says

Cecil hunter Walter Palmer 'wanted to kill an elephant after killing the lion'

An Unwelcome Palestinian Reformer

Bernie is not anti-immigrant. Fuck Vox, HuffPo, ThinkProgress, and mainstream liberal news outlets..

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 2 - Summer Under the Stars: Olivia de Haviland

Shit. Jeb beats Hillary in a match up of all voters

What the hell is going on with the democratic party debates

TCM Schedule for Monday August 3 - Summer Under the Stars: Adolphe Menjou

Do not park in a disabled parking zone in Brazil, if you're not disabled.

Weather widget

All they have going for them is the demand for "a better deal"/ Republicans and obstruction

I Don't Care How Many GOP Clown Candidates We Have. Worried About Clown Supporters.

fix or repair daily, indeed

Infrastructure: We know it is decaying

Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 154 degrees, near world record

Slidell bandits scan, steal groceries at local Winn Dixie, Sheriff's Office says

DEVASTATING: The Videos That Are Putting Race and Policing Into Sharp Relief

Trump: Rick Perry lacks, the "energy", "brainpower". and "toughness" to be President


Interesting, HBO executive is saying 3 more seasons for GoT, not the 2 most fans expected

Rolling Up Some Common Sense with Willie Nelson

“Behind the Trees” (a found voice memo animation)

Putin v Punk Pussy: the truth comes out and Putin goes to hell

anyone having issues with the win 10 update?

The MSM Has Ignored What Should Have Been The Political News Story Of The Day......

Arctic-bound ship leaves Portland after oil drilling protest

Indiana clears Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing after videos

West Bank infant killed in apparent Jewish arson attack


MH370 search: Debris found in Reunion gives clues on when plane part broke

Was $3 worth destroying the state over?

Texas Senate's Fetal Parts-Sale Hearing Was as Bizarre as You'd Expect

Cop Fatally Shot Teen In Back, Not In Self-Defense, Family Says

Daughter, now 26, called me about the Planned Parenthood controversy.

Look at who I met tonight!!!

Why Blame Marijuana For Sandra Bland's Death?

Six stabbed at Jerusalem Pride

Palestinian baby burned to death in 'extremist attack'

How do you feel about safari?

Okay, That Was One of the Most Awkward Moments - DNC Head on Bernie Sanders

Support the Iran Deal-spread the word

OOOOklahoma, where the texting will kill you just as dead...

Yosemite sleep deprivation

Photos of Trump's Sons Big Game Hunting In Africa Spark Comparisons With Killer of Cecil The Lion

500+ at multicultural Bernie event in San Diego

10,000 posts?

Hundreds turn out for Bernie Sanders event in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Myanmar frees 7,000 political prisoners

UN sets principles for new debt framework


Commander Of U.S.-Backed Rebels Captured By Al-Qaeda Militants In Syria

Lawsuit accuses CVS of overcharging for generic drugs

"Strange Orange Robots Sail Into Dutch Harbor. Just What Are They Up To?"

1985: Mayor Sanders introduces Noam Chomsky to the people of Burlington

Wishing Happy Birthday to Medicare, Communities Demand Healthcare for All

Why Donald Trump Is Winning

Juan Cole: If the Taliban Reconquer Afghanistan, Does It Matter If Mullah Omar Died?

Juan Cole: Bernie Sanders Launches "Political Revolution" With 100K Virtual House Partiers

With Bernie’s People in Vermont

Meet the First New Canine Found in 150 Years

'Straight Pride' parade in Seattle didn't go as well as the organizer had hoped

I think I found the voice of God ! ;-D

US Drone Strikes Kill 20 ISIS Fighters in Nangarhar

The Evidence Supports Artificial Sweeteners Over Sugar

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an "Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery"

Will Bernie Sanders use 2008 Obama playbook to beat Hillary Clinton? (VIDEO)

Texas A&M unveils plans for $360M, 3,400-bed Park West housing to be ready by fall 2017

Letter to JVP on Alison Weir affair

Hard Ball

Donald Trump: The teenage years

Daily Holidays - July 31

Obama would absolutely win a third term if he could run and that pisses the GOP off.

"Last month, the dog was eating what I eat. Last week, I was eating what the dog eats. This week..."

Russia Mistral: France 'agrees warship compensation'

Archaeologists uncover human settlement dated to the dawn of civilization

When life gets boring...

Coleen Sheran Singer obit, not famous in life

A third of the stars in the Milky Way have dramatically changed orbit

Watch: FOX News Hosts Give Women The Worst, Most Sexist Advice Ever

this is relevant to my interest

How do we stop it?

Hillary Clinton Fires Back at the New York Times

Fucking right-wing lies about Planned Parenthood drive me nuts (Facebook rant)

Beijing to host 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics

African golden wolf, a new species of wild dog, identified

We can post meta discussions now?

As honest and trustworthy as Donald Trump

Setting Big Goals, Hillary Clinton Joins the Climate Battle

Friday Primary Fun: We Need Honest Candidates!!1!!!!111!

The Wettest Rainforest in the United States Has Gone Up in Flames

Jeremy Corbyn: The British Bernie Sanders?

Breaking....Zimbabwe 'seeks lion Cecil's killer' Walter Palmer from US

Zimbabwe to U.S. : Extradite dentist over killing of Cecil the lion

Is Malaysia's Human Rights Record being whitewashed for TPP?

A Reporter Reveals How the Press Treats Hillary Clinton

Fox News EXCLUSIVE: Jon Stewart’s Secret Plot To Rule The World

Tokyo Electric executives to be charged over Fukushima nuclear disaster

America’s white masculinity complex and the myth of the “senseless” mass shooting (Salon)--HOF

A thought: Pro-active Pro-Choice.

Jon Stewart: Trump Is ‘Living Embodiment of Everything Republicans Were Trying to Exorcise’

Religious Fanatics Kill.

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority kills in order to feel powerful

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Law of the Jungle

NPO launches digital archives on Fukushima nuclear disaster

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Entertaining but Stupid

‘Criminal’ Mischief: Did A Government Official Anonymously Smear Hillary Clinton?

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

National Urban League Presidential Candidates event live on C-Span & online (Just starting)

What does this mean....."ghosted the hell out of him" from this article....

Police Shootings Won't Stop Unless We Also Stop Shaking Down Black People

A Communion of Dictators Binds Fascism and the Catholic Church

As oil-drilling bill advances, Sen. Bill Nelson vows to use all options to stop it

Sarah Palin reaches new heights of Dumbness

S.F. Giants acquire Mike Leake from the Reds

Earth's magnetic field may be more than 750 million years older than previously thought

Family that owns Chicago Cubs gave $5 million to Scott Walker super PAC

Clinton to ask Congress to lift trade embargo against Cuba

Refusing to Comply With Structural Racism: From Emmett Till to Sandra Bland

State Senate races likely to face fallout of redistricting

Iran's foreign minister calls for world's nuclear weapons states to disarm

“It’s almost like you don’t want to be too close,” campaign adviser says, “in case he self-combusts"

We Are Getting Closer To This Reality

Don’t Underestimate Bernie: Inside Bernie Sanders’ Unprecedented Grassroots Campaign

Obama Administration 'Senselessly' Fights Release of Guantanamo Hunger Striker

Climate change poses undeniable threat to national security

New York Times: "We Are Koch"

How Black Lives Matter forced campaigns to toss their strategies on black voters

Shootings 2015

What if........Donald Trump's not running for president to be president?

Ebola vaccine trial proves 100% successful in Guinea

Fox News: Michael Bay's Benghazi movie will prove stand-down order

ETHICS: Still relevant to political discourse?

Star Of Bloomberg's Trump Supporter Vid: Wait, I'm No Trump Supporter!

U.S. Wage Growth Falls to Record-Slow Pace in 2nd Quarter

Remembering Michael Harrington: The vision of the democratic socialist leader remains a heroic one.

Rachel Maddow - Online weapon sales loophole targeted by Aurora victim's parents

Quarterly Increase in U.S. Worker Pay Smallest on Record

Rachel Maddow - Dear Trump surrogate, yes, raping one's spouse is still rape

Take that, puritans: the many ways of love in the animal kingdom

Liar Loans Pop up in Canada’s Magnificent Housing Bubble

The dentist has a kill list of 43 different animals

Confederate flag-flying derby car irks DuPage fans (IL)

Sheetz reverses decision to drop WV-made pepperoni rolls (after all, the rolls originated in WV)

Climate models are even more accurate than you thought

Friday in federal court: Confederate flag on Va. license plates to be debated

Good Morning Madame President

Rachel Maddow - GOP field expands to 17 with Gilmore added

Appeals court rules pharmacists can't deny medicine because of religious beliefs

Wingnuts are gearing up for another government shutdown — this time over Planned Parenthood

Cecil the Lion (cartoon)

Bernie will be speaking soon at National Urban League live on C-Span & online

Afghanistan peace process: Comforting ‘the Warrior’

Bernie is crushing Hillary on Facebook!

Estimated cost to haul statue nearby would be $15K (TX)

When fire can eat a rainforest in a relatively cool climate, you know the Earth is beginning to burn

'Let’s start a new heritage' (NC)

Rachel Maddow - Online weapon sales loophole targeted by Aurora victim's parents

Vote, then pray your ballot is counted - Daniel Ruth, Times Columnist

NRA's Ted Nugent: Lion killing a lie, joke

A Response to Your Petition on the Iran Deal

For those underestimating Bernie's ability to win the Democratic Party's nomination, don't forget

Quarterly Increase in U.S. Worker Pay Smallest on Record

New Film Released: "The Brainwashing Of My Dad"

Rachel Maddow - Online weapon sales loophole targeted by Aurora victim's parents

RWWatch top 5: Trump picks Palin; HRC will use massive voter fraud; misogyny; Fox boos Bland; more

The changing face of the South reflected on Georgia's Stone Mountain

I understand the outrage over Cecil the lion and how senseless the whole affair was but

Betty White Wants To Seriously F**k Up The Guy Who Killed Cecil The Lion

The Planned Parenthood hoax is the GOP’s Trojan horse

Forget Driverless Cars. Flying Vehicles Are Almost Here

The Brainwashing Of My Dad

Today: Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton speak to Urban League in Fort Lauderdale

Deals Flow to Contractor Tied to Mexican President

Hillary Clinton knocks Jeb Bush's 'right to rise' at Urban League speech

STAGE SEVEN of The 9 Painful Stages Of Realizing You Live In A “White Person Bubble”

Catholic nun explains pro-life in a way that will stun many Republican lawmakers

If there's anything I hate, it's a smart-ass machine

Committee releases report on Rockville Statue (MD)

Greek Debt Crisis Adds to a Spike in Burglaries and Robberies

More confusing than The Donald's pelt

I want a new drug (& rock n roll) 21st Century Republican style

Espionage Among Allies

Taylor is crushing Bernie on Facebook!

I'm a Republican

New Orleans residents spend days discussing Confederate monuments

Offers pour in from across the country to help pay killer cop Ray Tensing’s bail and legal bills

My Garden is growing

I don't get why HRC e-mails are such a big deal.

Scott Walker says his political opponents “brought 100,000 protesters into our state.” FALSE

Did anyone catch Hillary at the National Urban League Conference?

The latest anti-choice move: Try to take custody of a woman’s fetus

Stephen Harper hopes to sign TPP before Canadians boot his ass out of Ottawa

Automatic weapons missing

Ted Cruz denies his dad is a birther while admitting his father said Obama should go ‘back to Kenya’

Inside the Belly of the GMO Beast -- I Went to Monsanto’s Controversial Journalism Bootcamp

Abele: Taxpayers, Like Workers, Should Be Exploited And Not Heard

Man who had hidden bunker filled with guns facing more charges

Clinton's popularity hits a new low as voters say they don't trust her OR Trump

Photographer Captures Shocking Images Of Man Attacking Pride Parade In Israel

I Pissed Off A Nun - Katy Perry's Convent

Martin O'Malley Speaks on Criminal Justice at Urban League

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Never Says, 'When I Become President, I Will Answer Your Ques

Talbot Confederate Monument's Days May be Numbered (MD)

Martin O'Malley's Comprehensive Law Enforcement Reform Plan

TX Gov vetoes public safety mental health bill because... Scientology

Brookings Institute: Unemployment projected to drop to 5.2% in July and reach 4.5% by December

Link to Bernie's speech at National Urban League Conference & a discussion of justice.

More on the Systemic Risk of Bank IT Systems

Martin O'Malley answers questions on his qualifications to change the culture of law enforcement

Virginia man arrested for breach of peace during Confederate flag rally (SC)

Maine health insurance co-op is only one of its kind to earn profit last year

'Stay on your own side of the bay' this weekend in the San Francisco region

Pic Of The Moment: The Hypocrisy Of Mitch McConnell Over Planned Parenthood

Bernie Sanders: We Need Medicare for All, Not Cutbacks That Will Kill Our Seniors

Confederate flag represents treason, racial subjugation, white power

Exxon Mobil Earnings Cut in Half

I know there are a number of cheatriots fans that post... what do New Englanders think

Map of gas prices across the country as of today.

Alcohol in recipes**trigger warning maybe**

FUCK YEAH! Best movie of 2015 comes out in 2 weeks! Straight Outta Compton

Chinese investors expect 5,000 visitors to The Barn (Medical Tourism, Maine)

They’re terrified of Bernie Sanders: Fox News, Hillary surrogates and Wall Street get extra-nervous

'These names are emblazoned on our hearts.'

1973 | Meet Donald Trump

Fake Spaulding Jones in Oxnard:

"Docs vs. Glocks" Battle Continues

Ohio State marching band song made fun of Holocaust victims

Key & Peele: The latest developments in the exciting world of pro teaching

Currency crisis has Venezuelans struggling to call abroad

Desperate Christie Rebrands Himself As Protector of Delayed Commuters

Hoping some O'Malley supporters can answer this.

Court Rules Police Need a Warrant to Access Location Data From Your Cellphone

Does anyone really believe the GOP is done with Hilary's Email Server

Open Wide - your pursestrings and your mouth

Walton County goes shopping on eBay for new Confederate flag

Zimbabwe begins extradition hearings for Walter Palmer strikes again...

Police brutality concerns us all, not just minorities

JOURNALISM! in Ukraine (twofer Friday)

Newly found Hunter S. Thompson audio a rare, candid look at the legend

Don't think that declining wage growth is a side effect of the economy -- it's the intended effect

Teaching your cat to shit in the toilet, advanced training

Ed Speaks

Dispelling the Myths About Black Fathers

For my 3000th post I would like to discuss an issue that is important to me: adoption reform

St. Louis justice system biased against black children, U.S. probe finds

U.S. Marines declare initial F-35 squadron ready for combat: sources

Reed, Whitehouse seek end to 'default' gun sales

'Republican candidates have it backwards on the Cuba embargo.'

How Pentagon war fund became a budget buster Washington can't resist

Ron "Sunspot" Johnson (Idiot-Wisconsin) introduces his most meaningful legislation to date

Merck's Ebola Vaccine Is 'Highly Effective'

1990s era PSA poster: Typcical gang identifiers.

What changes to expect from Obama's final Clean Power Plan

Bees and Banned Pesticide: Die-Off in Portland, Ore.

Good Morning O'Malleynistas, Clintonistas, Sandersnistas, Bidenistas and all ships at sea

Kimberlé Crenshaw on Sandra Bland & Why We Need to #SayHerName

Kimberlé Crenshaw on Sandra Bland & Why We Need to #SayHerName

Kimberlé Crenshaw on Sandra Bland & Why We Need to #SayHerName

The foreign minister of Burlington, Vt.

US condemns ‘vicious terrorist attack’ after Palestinian toddler burned to death by...

Quarterly Increase in U.S. Worker Pay Smallest on Record

Just one piece of brilliance and clarity!

Another video of Officer Tensing's harasing thuggish behavior

I’m Standing With Planned Parenthood Because I’m Angry About the Sexism of the Anti-Choice Movement

Does anyone really think the GOP wouldn't hammer Bernie about being a socialist 24/7?

I’m Standing With Planned Parenthood Because I’m Angry About the Sexism of the Anti-Choice Movement

An ethical vacuum in an immoral package. . . . Please come CAPTION Tucker Carlson!!!

Documentary on Netflix Surviving Progress =EXELLENT. !!!!!!!!!!

Citizens United and GOP primary candidates - Whose their Sugar Daddy(ies)?

I Protested the War on Planned Parenthood Because This Matters for Young Women

Martin O’Malley Calls For Racial Bias Training For Police In New Criminal Justice Plan.

I Protested the War on Planned Parenthood Because This Matters for Young Women

I Protested the War on Planned Parenthood Because This Matters for Young Women

Anyone have any infomation on the Democratic Primary schedule for 2016?

Science and technology that actually is a challenge for the religious.

Martin O’Malley Calls For Racial Bias Training For Police In New Criminal Justice Plan.

Person taken into custody after vehicle hits barricade at U.S. Capitol

Indiana Clears Planned Parenthood in Fetal Tissue Investigation

Martin O’Malley National Urban League Speech

Congress’ Summer Fling With Marijuana

Previous murder of Black Teen by UC police

Martin O’Malley National Urban League Speech

1,100-panel solar farm eyed for Rockland (Maine)

How a remarkable new technique allowed paralyzed men to move legs again

Brazil nuclear leader's arrest may stymie its atomic ambitions

Life was simple back then

Support our troops!

My peeps are back

O'Malley Debuts Criminal Justice Reform Plan [INTERVIEW]

Four Republicans Are On The Bubble To Get Into The First Debate

Friday Squee! Four Newborn White Lion Cubs Born in Sevastopol Zoo

Pareidolia hits a new extreme: Crowds flock to Mali's 'religious wall sign'

East Texas man hospitalized after bullet ricochets off armadillo

Cables Show Hillary Clinton's State Department Deeply Involved in Trans-Pacific Partnership

Has this ? been posted before? HRC/Bernie ticket?

Reform in Costa Rica signals new strategy against lethal epidemic

Margaret and Helen: When Did Pro Life Become Pro Lies?

Margaret and Helen: When Did Pro Life Become Pro Lies?

Judge bans Confederate flag on future Virginia-issued license plates

State to house sex offenders at Littlefield

How Obama's Immigrant Jail "Reforms" Are Not Enough

Watch Martin O’Malley, Rudy Giuliani talk trash about football.TBT!

Hillary: strong against Democrats, but weak against Republicans

How Activists Stopped The Boston 2024 Olympics Bid

Martin O'Malley rocks on racial justice!

The latest anti-choice move: try to take custody of a woman's fetus

Hillary Clinton's campaign just published a scathing, 1,900-word letter attacking The New York Times

Federal judge rules that Virginia may ban Confederate license plates

Obama's economics team is taking on one of America's most underrated economic problems

The big mistake admitted by Alexis Tsipras

O'Malley pledges criminal justice reform.

School district puts the kibbosh on Confederate talk (TX)

LTTE. Media trying to give Sanders the Kucinich treatment.

So, today is my friend's last day at her job.

Nurse Rached...Paging Nurse Rached...

What does Boston's failed Olympic bid have to do with primaries? This:

O'Malley publishes most progressive and specific criminal justice reform plan ever

Five reasons Hillary Clinton isn't sweating Bernie Sanders (yet)

Cables Show Hillary Clinton's State Department Deeply Involved in Trans-Pacific Partnership

Ray Tensing who murdered Sam Dubose is demanding his job back.

I refuse to believe this story...

Indiana Clears Planned Parenthood In Investigation Sparked By Deceptively-Edited Videos

Vladimir Putin 'ordered killing', Litvinenko inquiry hears

Trump VS. Kochs - Battle Of The Asshole Billionaires

UK anti-Semitic incidents soar in first half of year – report

Anti-gay Oregon baker thinks he’s defeating Satan — but his bigotry is actually helping Satanists

PETA calls for Walter Palmer to be ‘hanged’ for killing Cecil the lion

Seahawks' Russell Wilson: four years @ $87.6 million ($60 million guaranteed)

Anti-abortion group is sued over fetal tissue videos

Confederate Symbols, Swastikas and Student Sensibilities

In historic announcement, Marine Corps declares controversial F-35 ready for combat

Need some advice, it's something of an emergency

Clean bill of health: Hillary Clinton's doctor says 2012 health scare resolved

Sen. Bob Menendez intros CECIL Act to restrict big-game hunting

Salt Lake Tribune editorial board calls on Orrin Hatch to retire

Martin O'Malley To Visit Puerto Rico.

Hillary Clinton releases tax returns

Hillary’s health ‘excellent,’ doctor says

Glare of Video Is Shifting Public’s View of Police

Ray Tensing has a habit of harrassing African Americans..

Can anyone help me with a question about Disability and student loan forgiveness?

"Hillary Clinton Has A 'White Liberal' Problem That Will Help Bernie Sanders"

Murphy helps Mom look up something in the phone book

What do you think? Clinton on Qaddafi: "We came, we saw, he died"

PR Firm hired by killer of Cecil the lion quits

Mysterious $1 Million Donor Helps Bush ‘Super PAC’ Meet Fund-Raising Goal

Latest Batch of Hillary Clinton E-Mails as Secretary of State Released

Well I guess that it did not take long for him to get

Coast Guard: Search for Teens Will Be Suspended at Sunset

Quarterly Increase in U.S. Worker Pay Smallest on Record

Bernie's Crushing on Hillary on FezBook!

Oh darn - #feeltheBern...well, not so much

With all the bad news about lions, here's a video of cubs

Just FYI: Cops have the right to lie in their official reports:

About Joe Cocker….

Market Basket doing pretty darn good, one year later.

Hillary Clinton's real Libya problem--Not the E-Mails but Policy Questions

At London Zoo, little sloth gets toy surrogate Mom

Dynasty Trusts: The Wealth That Will Haunt Us Forever

We have some wonderful Dinner Specials tonight at the DU Dinner....

Texas Man Hurt When Bullet Ricochets Off Armadillo He Tried To Shoot

Where in the World Is Tips for Jesus? (the person who has left a total of $130K in tips for servers)

Honest Trymore Ndlovu

New York Times Editorial: Setting Big Goals, Hillary Clinton Joins the Climate Battle

Cecil the lion’s brother ‘is protecting cubs’ against rival killer

Experimental disease-based price indexes now available

White House Vows To Veto Budget Bill That Defunds Planned Parenthood

Catfished! Girls Scam ISIS on Social Media for Travel Money

Who Will Win The True Progressive Vote: Bernie or Hillary?

The U.S. Economy Is on Track to Finish a Decade Without Significant Growth

Christie's Hometown Is Imploding.....

Despite Recent Maddow/Kornacki Empirical Debunking, Media Still Largely Pushing Perot-Spoiler Lie

Jul. 29, 1910: Slocum Massacre in Texas

Arizona Daily Star-Union could strike if Sun Tran talks fail

In letter to New York Times Executive Editor, Hillary Clinton fires back at Times' 'journalism':

Fun image from Louisiana Bernie Event found on twitter

''Wealth Management'' Shall be Buy-Partisan

WTF is going on around here this year???

Rep. Steve King Says Obergefell Ruling Means You Can Marry a Lawnmower

Civil rights groups meet to discuss Confederate flags, Stone Mountain (GA)

Suspect kicks deputy, hits K-9 with rock after traffic stop

County Must Apply to Get Rockville Confederate Statue Moved (MD)

How Alabama gave a jailed woman’s fetus a lawyer, forbid an abortion

Walter Palmer's ultimate trophy could be his own head - a trick shot from his

the state of Washington let my adult daughter die

US extends sanctions on Russians over Ukraine civil war

Burning Meteor Caught On Camera Flying Over Buenos Aires | Argentina Green Meteorite

D.A.R.E. accidentally endorses marijuana legalization

Reports have Tigers' Yoenis Cespedes going to the Mets

Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley just invoked Black Lives Matter. Bush and Carson didn’t.

O'Malley: If you don't believe this you're not qualified to run a city—or wear a badge & carry a gun

Step Inside Oakland's Illegal Dystopian Shipping Container Community, Containertopia

Baltimore killings soar to a level unseen in 43 years

Bernie will hurt himself with Hispanics if he keeps saying immigration brings down wages. It's a lie

West Wing Week: 07/31/15 or, “Jambo Kenya”

Do you ever wonder why you are not taught critical thinking in low income schools?

BOG post -President Obama on the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Huckabee - Would Use FBI Or Federal Troops To Stop Women From Getting Abortion

President Obama on the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Stop using the term "MSM" or "Mainstream Media" It's a BS term invented by the RW.

BOG post of Weekly Address: Wall Street Reform is Working

Good Samaritan Family Gunned Down Trying to Help Stranded Driver in Montana

BOG post -The President Signs an Extension of the Highway Funding Bill

Lionesses discuss snacks

2020 Vision: Addressing AIDS/HIV in America

BOG Post-2020 Vision: Addressing AIDS/HIV in America

The President Signs an Extension of the Highway Funding Bill

Weekly Address: Wall Street Reform is Working

There is no evidence

If you are in a disagreement with someone defending the "Hunting Dentist". Try this point.

Former key paramilitary commander released from prison

Rose Garden

When it comes to voting...

Homeless & Hungry Man Asks for Free Meal | What Would You Do? | WWYD | ABC News

M$NBComcast announces the changes in their programming.

Illuminating the Plight of Endangered Species on Empire State Building.

Sen. Bob Menendez intros CECIL Act to restrict big-game hunting

Vintage Bernie Videos from the 80's when he was Mayor of Burlington

Donation Purgatory?

NYT: Support for Bernie Sanders Is Deep but Narrow

Sarah Palin stands with Donald Trump, comes out swinging

My Healthcare nightmare...(and it's not Obamacare!)

Court Grants Stay in O'Bannon Case

Ed Schultz totally blew off his show

Bernie Sanders: ‘We need some new thinking, some bold thinking’ National urban League

The democratic debates cannot be-

The last word with Alex Wagner

My chakras are all messed up. I'm going to get them removed.

Elmer Fudd is on the hunt...

"The reading experience of a lifetime"

Is there a popular comedian that you don't think is funny?

Mike Huckabee Won't Rule Out Using FBI, Troops To Prevent Abortions

Sexy Congress

Poll: Trump Running As Independent Would Crush GOP's 2016 Chances

I am feeling rebellious ...

Ukraine may grant autonomy to pro-Russian separatists in a bid for peace

Ted Cruz Trashes Mitt Romney In Secret Audio Recording From Private Event

Cecil’s Brother Is Now Watching Over All Of The Pride’s Cubs

Luckovich - Mission Impossible

GOP SuperPAC donors > $1 million --- money money money!

Hillary Clinton just released her tax returns, Republicans aren't too happy about it

Lawyer: Cosby Never 'Bound' Or 'Gagged' Women To Stop Them From Coming Forward

What's for dinner? ~ Friday, July 31, 2015

Huckabee: As President I Will Consider Deploying US Troops Against American Women Who Have Abortions

What they're saying about MO'M +criminal justice reform:

Tweets on Hillary's Speech @ National Urban League Conference today~

Accused Charleston church gunman pleads not guilty but plans to plead guilty to federal hate crime c

A refresher.. Three Great Documents!

U.S. officials make contact with rep for Cecil the lion’s killer amid extradition calls

You've been holding out on us Minnesota.

Surprise, surprise. Palmer's wife is a low life animal butcherer as well

Echoes of Joe McCarthy in Donald Trump's Rise

Senate Republicans accidentally promote abortion

Sanders in Seattle on August 8th, supporting Social Security and Medicare!!!

Am I insane -

How the daycare child abuse hysteria of the 1980s became a witch hunt

Sanders to be in Seattle August 8 fighting for Social Security and Medicare!!

DrNworb's new video: kittens, Mom and hoomin friend

Sitting In Limbo

Can you say "outlier"?

Private jet crashes in England killing four people: police (Bin Laden Family)

Bernie Sanders House Party attendees speak (VIDEO)


Family’s attorney says Seneca teen shot from behind

R.I.P. Rowdy Roddy "They Live" Piper @ age 61 (cardiac arrest)

Chrisite's still has his pals on the hook

MO'M's remarks at the Urban League, video + transcript:

Governor Martin O'Malley remarks @ National Urban League today:

As I said in 2012, I'll say in 2015 - single polls don't matter.

Emails released from Clinton's private server heavily redacted

Governor Martin O'Malley remarks @ National Urban League today video + transcript

Drone nearly hits Delta - missed by 100 feet

Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees, near world record

Marist Poll-Hillary 49% Bu$h 43%/Hillary 47% Rubi0 42%/Hillary 54%-The D0nald 38%

Emails from Clinton private account were recently classified

Trump Sues Chef Who Backed Out Of Restaurant Deal

Rep. Steve King just said that same-sex marriage will lead to marrying lawnmowers...

Four Newborn White Lion Cubs Born in Zoo video

Looking for suggestions for internet-only service. Dropping Comcast in the next few days.

Obama in Africa: What Obama didn't Say in His African Union Address -- Maurice Carney Reports

Weekend Economists Celebrate Harry Potter's 35th Birthday July 31st, 2015

These images should be required viewing for all cops

Evidently New Yorkers Against Gun Violence has accepted defeat on "real guns"...

Berniemania sweeps Brooklyn...

Check out this great house party video

'Rowdy' Roddy Piper Dies at 61 From Cardiac Arrest

President Obama comforts a crying baby - baby knows when it's best to shut up

Trump's presidential bid draws scorn and bemusement in Europe

Judge Blocks More Video Releases by Group Behind Planned Parenthood Recordings

Talks for Pacific Trade Deal Stall at a Critical Step

Care & Feeding for a Rescued Tiger just $5 helps

Hi Guys!

Wrestling legend 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper dead at 61

Joe Biden for president in '16?

U.S. Lawmakers Draft ‘CECIL Act’ to Curb Trophy Hunters

(Albuquerque) District attorney’s son arrested (again)

We had a brand new concrete driveway poured today

Would Tim Kaine be a good VP pick for Hillary?

This Pair Faced Death In A Shelter, But Social Media Gave Them A Second Chance!

Here's ED SCHULTZ' Farewell Message on MSNBC & posted in DU 'Video' today. 6 years, wow.

Dear MSNBC: A) I'm Extremely Pissed That You Dumped Ed Shultz, and B)...

Obama Restores Some Prisoners’ Pell Grant Eligibility

In western Iowa, Scott Walker wants to talk about issues, not Donald Trump

Mr. Bush, will you support Donald Trump if he wins the Republican Primary?

I've been binge watching Desperate Housewives...