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New York Times changes its Hillary Clinton story again

Microchip helps lost cat in Hawaii reunite with Michigan family

Righties are fighting Planned Parenthood

Did anyone see this article on Buzzfeed New American Slavery

Martin O'Malley: "I'd go to Congress and rail like hell."

St. James Infirmary Blues

"I am a former Republican and a military veteran."

2013: BMW Manufacturing In SC Starts Expanding their Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift Fleet

Lafayette Shooter? Not a Gun Problem...

Bernie's article in 2012: United Against the War on Women

Timothy Egan on why Trump is such a problem ....nicely written, even funny.

No Phillies Phans here???

Bernie on abortion rights.

O'Malley was first to endorse $15.00 Minimum wage

Make'in a list and check'in it twice...

He blowed up !

Used the fade plugin and a 1200X675 format.

"I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate"

Housekeeper slain in Colleyville had $5 million in life insurance

Congressional Endorsements through April:

Trump slams Walker as governor leads in Iowa early voting

Have you heard about John Douglas and the "street walker knee grow"

My Beloved Milwaukee Brewers are out of contention and have begun selling off veteran players to

My Beloved Milwaukee Brewers are out of contention and beginning to sell of veterans for prospects..

Bernie Sanders Becomes the First Candidate to Speak Out on Sandra Bland: 'We Need Real Police Reform

Former head of collapsed Portuguese bank BES put under house arrest

Hillary Clinton on emails: 'The facts are pretty clear.'

Cops Kill Unarmed Mother, Applaud their Marksmanship, Brag About her Face Exploding

Scott Walker Proposes Shutting Wisconsin Ethics Board

The first regulations were put into place as part of religion. No wonder the GOP want people to

When Obama-bashing ends friendships

Veterans named as Donald Trump supporters say they were not consulted

Priceless. Photo of the Day: Family Dinner

minimum wage raises the living standard when increased

A jury solution

Bernie and racial equality issues through the decades.

Young Ballclub Barnstorms The Deep South

Spelman College ends Bill Cosby professorship in response to scandal

Bernie's strategy.

Could you be in a relationship with someone who cheated in a prior relationship?

Warning: Smoking While Black Is Hazardous To Your Health

The NYT very interesting response to David Brock's call for a commission on their coverage of HRC

Brazil's economy hits the skids

Those d%*&# mice!

Abandoned cable led to mystery Rhode Island beach blast -officials

"The Big 5" Nixon, Johnson, Gerald Ford, Governor Reagan, and George HW Bush

Doctors Object to High Cancer-Drug Prices

Have you heard about John Douglas and the "street walker knee grow"

No rest for the candidates in this summer of discontent

David Shulster speaks of his employment with FOX 'news' and with MSNBC.

Scott Walker for America: A Lip Reading

Bernie's Speech at Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Soledad O'brian is on air, which is a repeat, but eveytime

any realtors here? We are thinking of changing lifestyles. Selling our home moving

June Payrolls: Number of People with Full-Time Employment Dropped by 349,000 (

don't want an obituary

what could possibly go wrong with armed volunteers guarding recruitment centers...A LOT

Question about the Sandra Bland suicide

Mississippi Business Journal: "Big Money, meet Bernie Sanders"

NFL~ Bad Lip Reading

NFL~ Bad Lip Reading

Yeah, this picture pretty much says it all about Bush/Cheney

Argentina wins dispute with U.S. over beef

Call-out to Nadin! Straight Marines Strip Down, Get Homoerotic To Fight PTSD – VIDEO

"Bush & Clinton" — A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite

Microchip helps lost cat in Hawaii reunite with Michigan family

Are there any Groups (not Forums) which have a limited number of hosts imposed on them by Admin?


Mysterious ancient star chart shows foreign skies

In Memorium: Deborah Ann Light — Conservationist, Feminist, Pagan Priestess

Sanders speech before the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Why is Hillary Clinton crushing Bernie Sanders among minority voters?

Meet The ‘Ex-Gay’ Candidate Running For Missouri Governor

Anonymous Says ‘Sandra Bland Was Murdered’, Calls For National ‘Day of Rage’

Student Prevented from Distributing Flyers without Free Speech Badge

ATHEIST BULLY! What would YOU do?

Poultry industry critical of O'Malley's stance on biofuel.

Poultry industry critical of O'Malley's stance on biofuel.

What's a "Conservative Democrat"?

O'Malley doubles down on ISIS-climate change connection.

'We’re Going Up Against the State Here': The UK's Victims of Deep Undercover Policing Tell of Their

Seen on Twitter Re: Sandra Bland. Personal policy regarding tweets about Bland...

Do Bernie Sanders supporters hold "far-left" and "fringe" views in America?

Auto parts were more groovy in the 60's!

Daily Holidays - July 26

Samuel Dubose: Another unarmed black person killed by the cops.

Sarah Palin cannot understand California drought because 'It's got a whole ocean right there'.

The Rapid Success of Fight for $15: 'This Is a Trend That Cannot Be Stopped'

North Texas family may flee ranch after venomous copperhead snake invasion

Juan Cole: Did ISIL Arise Partly Because of Climate Change?

$50M in cuts for disabled children opposed by lawmakers

Juan Cole: O'Malley was right about ISIL and climate change

The Project On Government Oversight is hiring a new Director of Communications

Iranian Dissidents Explain Why They Support the Nuclear Deal

Robert Reich: Happy Birthday Medicare

Gettinghome past midnight?!

Billionaire Brothers Give Ted Cruz Super PAC 15 Million (Fracking Tech $$ )

Team USA clinches World Grand Prix championship with win over Brazil

UT alumni document bike trip Pedal South from Alaska to Argentina

UT alumni document bike trip Pedal South from Alaska to Argentina

Koterba toon: TRUMP!

US Chamber Trains Its Sights On Tea Party Obstructionists

Trump Goes On The Attack Again, With Scott Walker As His Latest Target

AP: Movie theater shooter's mental problems didn't stop gun buy

Israel Rejects Kerry's Warning: We Won't Stop Voicing Concerns Over Iran Deal

AP Source: US to hit Fiat Chrysler with record $105M fine

Update: ‘Sociopath’ Surgeon Duntsch Facing Criminal Charges for Botched Surgeries

From Yesterday's NYT: Sandra Bland Prosecutor Inadvertenly Shows His Cards

Union victory highlights hard-fought, behind-the-scenes labor battles

Morning Has Broken

Union victory highlights hard-fought, behind-the-scenes labor battles

Union victory highlights hard-fought, behind-the-scenes labor battles

Anyone else watching Obama address the youth in kenya

French Riviera beach closed for Saudi king - 100,000 French people sign protest petition

Verizon workers vote to authorize strike, if necessary

The Making of BLAKE'S SEVEN

Anytime you wonder why labor unions declined in America, its simple: Taft-Hartley Act of 1947

GOP Plans To Hold Social Security Hostage -- And 'Phase Out' Medicare. Don't Let Them!

Verizon workers vote to authorize strike, if necessary

Verizon workers vote to authorize strike, if necessary

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump each entered a Presidential primary race.

Police fire on car in Paris square

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) The Need For Squeee Edition

Petition as French Riviera beach closed for Saudi king

Rare photos from Barack Obama's first trip to Kenya in 1987

Populists: support the Democratic Socialists of America!

Stranded Orca Cries As Rescuers Try To Save Her

The Iran deal: It’s the economy, stupid

Who is afraid of a Hamid Karzai comeback in Kabul?

Turkey’s new “war on terror” mainly targeting Kurds

A reported rise in mental illness in the Netherlands

Colombia president orders end to bombing raids on FARC rebels

UK referendum on EU membership to be held in June 2016: report

DRUG WAR | Guy's Attempt To Take Rattlesnake Selfie Ends With $153,000 Bill

Turkish soldiers killed amid faltering PKK cease-fire

Bundeswehr: Germany's von der Leyen admits major Bundeswehr shortfalls

Paris police open fire on car ahead of Tour de France finale

First ships successfully cross Egypt’s New Suez Canal in test-run


DUer has nowhere to turn for help (SEX OFFENDER)

Sun Tran employees authorize union leaders to call strike

Sun Tran employees authorize union leaders to call strike

Sun Tran employees authorize union leaders to call strike

huffington post- Neal Falls - las vegas dismemberment stopped by a hooker who got his gun.

"We know that government by organized money is as dangerous as government by organized mob"

US Air Force Tests $391 Billion F-35A Jet's Cannons, On the Ground

Lovely Pics Of Our President In Africa

Dear Politico: WTF is THIS besides RACIST Bullcrap?

You’re probably going to be poor

Sunday's Doonesbury-Gift Horse

Why Some Americans hate Edward Snowden

Larry Doby, AL's first African-American player, honored with statue

'I suspect my critics back home are suggesting that I'm back here to look for my birth certificate'

Newsweek: You’re Probably Going to Be Poor

Shame on Eric Holder, Wall Street's Attorney General

Sunday morning muse: Iceland’s breathtaking beauty, eye-popping waterfall to a ‘petrified troll'

TPM Poll: Bernie Sanders (44.8%) Hillary Clinton (36.6%) Martin O'Malley (1%)

Thanks for Nothing: Black Women Don’t Owe White Feminism a Damn Thing

There’s no problem if Party Bear is roaming the Massachusetts woods..

CNN/ORC poll: GOP voters want more Trump

Two worlds

Where are all my orioles??? Haven't had any for a couple of days......

I fear those PP videos are going to get someone killed.

USS Reagan Sailors Sue for Nuclear Justice - July 2015 Update

It's Sunday morning… Gotta dance!

Robert Ariail nails it on Clinton's social platform...

I'm starting to think the GOP electorate might just be dumb and crazy enough to nominate Trump.

The religious have gone insane: The separation of church and state — and Scalia from his mind

Busted: Impersonating a weatherman

has someone in SF been watching "naked gun" ? LOL

Michigan is on the hook for $2 million in legal fees after fighting against gay marriage and losing

1881 document suggests Palestinian ownership of Susya

Trump’s words rile, amuse, and resonate with former POWs

Changing Lanes (cartoon)

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz could face off in debate – under Senate rules

Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press NOW

Dr Oz Critics Spur AMA to Corral 'Media' Doctors

French Government Sells Out Citizenry to Coddle Saudi Royals

More Trump, more cowbell?

"Going Clear: HBO Scientology film

Republicans. Isn't it time to STOP them?

Is the Ugly German Back? Flames of Hate Haunt a Nation

Bernie is gaining traction by avoiding gun reform...

The Confederate flag is down, but racism remains alive

‘Big 2nd Amendment person’ Donald Trump: Lafayette theater shooting ‘has nothing to do with guns’

Lawsuit challenges SC Heritage Act over monuments (SC)

10:30 AM ET, BERNIE SANDERS on MTP-Meet the Press, NBC; program re-airs 2:00PM ET, NBC/MSNBC

NAACP asks for removal of Bastrop County Confederate monument (TX)

Most Workers Particularly GOPPERS Will NOT Vote For A Pro Worker Agenda.

A new era of monument men and women (VA)

The GOP Presidential Field Ranked On How Far Back They’d Roll Obama’s Climate Agenda

Half of Cuba's field hockey team in the Pan Am games defect to US

in local gannett rag: Planned Parenthood = Abortion Group

Making decisions as a community

Debt conundrum to keep Greek banks in months-long freeze

Half of Cuba's field hockey team defects during Pan Am games

All-Cash Marijuana Businesses Push For Change In Banking Law  

Dennis Rodman endorses Donald Trump for president

Why politicians don't care that much about re-election (2012 article)

Now thats the way to handle Chuck Todd. Watch Bernie on Meet The Press if you can. nt

PSA: hospital laboratories are not staffed with doctors

My view on Bernie's messaging problem.

Why Republicans do not believe in evolution.

The Media & Scott Walker's 2014 Election Fraud

Why The Group Trying To Frame Planned Parenthood Is Guilty As Hell  

Here’s Every City in America Getting a $15 Minimum Wage

Fossil fuel companies impose more in climate costs than they make in profits

OBAMA rips Confederate Flag: “just because something is a part of your past doesn’t make it right"

Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press today

Center for Medical Proress broke laws, not Planned Parenthood

Making his n*t every day of the week. . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Huckabee: Obama marching Israelis 'to the door of the oven'


Effects of a Fifteen Dollar an Hour Minimum Wage in the City of Los Angeles

The religious have gone insane: The separation of church and state — and Scalia from his mind

TOON: Trump Messes With Texas

So many questions on what happened to Sandra Bland

Take a load off dick.....

Organic Agriculture could sequester more than 100% of current annual CO2 emissions

Video: Bang the President

Before We Storm Capitol Hill (RE: Iran nuclear agreement)

Rush Limbaugh Praised The Size Of An Iran Protest - But It Was A Trayvon Martin Protest

Rulings setup trials against DuPont over C8 exposure (WV, OH)

"Who reads the polls, anyway? Not me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Huckabee!!!

Keith Olbermann

FBI’s warning of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement nearly forgotten

Unprecedented Life Sentence Recommended for Peanut Company Executive

More than 70% of pollen and honey samples collected from bees in Massachusetts had neonicotinoids

Well-off families create 'glass floor' to ensure children's success, says study

Geraldo Rivera: the voice of reason

Rick Perry: let us take our guns to the movies

Zimbabwean authorities hunt Spaniard accused of killing Cecil the lion

Petition asks Obama and DOJ to investigate Scott Walker election rigging

Bernie Sanders speaks at SCLC 7/25 (youtube video)

Principal commits suicide amid Common Core test scandal

Papantonio: Scott Walker Scandal Much Worse Than You Thought

I think my meds have fried my brain. Your experience?

FL Pastor Claims Church-State Separation Prevents Children Learning Morality

Bernie Sanders did not allow Chuck Todd to spin his false narratives (VIDEO)

Tea Party Terrorism

U.S. honeybee colonies hit a 20-year high

NBC News/Marist Poll results in Iowa and New Hampshire released Sunday

Here we go. On Face the Nation this morning,

Love me some Howard Dean - HRC GROUP POST

Todd Challenges Sanders over ‘Confrontation’ with Black Lives Matter Protesters

Cuts and GOP Schadenfreude Tactics

Who is missing from this list?

Martin O'Malley Breaks Into Song At Iowa Campaign Event.with VIDEO

Confronting The Final Frontier: Is America Ready For An Atheist President?

Whip count on Iran nuclear deal indicates 50% chance Congress will completely kill the deal

Martin O'Malley, Unknown but Not Implausible. WISC State Journal

Last night I went to a fantastic "Christmas in July" backyard party given by...

6 RW doozies this wk: Trump lets his fascist flag fly || Not who he is but who he hates

More weird weather

Chuck Todd vs. Bernie Sanders: #BlackLivesMatter

Everyone should read 'The Time Cellar' by our own DFW!

No One really laughs at Republicans when they have a giant fail!

Should it have been 'Black Lives Matter Too'?

Interior Alaska's boreal forests are changing, more fires predicted

Bernie Is The ONLY Candidate With A Positive Approval Rating In Iowa & New Hampshire

Will Bernie Be the Beginning of a Revolution?

Mamie "Peanut" Johnson

Fracking Industry Billionaires Give Record $15 Million To Ted Cruz's Super PAC

Bernie Sanders' 1979 Eugene Debs Documentary

True story this.. guns all around us in everyday life..

Napoleon Leading the Army Over the Alps. (Self-Portrait)

Okay, I'm officially in an alternate universe now

Trump Leads in New Hampshire - Nearly Catches Walker in Iowa

What should the top 3 priorities be in the Dem campaign in 2016?

Helms Amend hampers aid to women raped in conflict zones

Salon: The issue Jeb Bush and Donald Trump understand, which may keep Clinton from the White House

"Ugly the Cat"

How Israel uses water to control Palestinian life

Study finds climate change is increasing length of wildfire seasons across globe

life with cats NSFW

Meet the Press with Bernie Sanders on now on MSNBC.

Don’t Just Blame Trump For How Insane The GOP Is; Blame The GOP

Ken Cuccinelli smacked down on CNN for suggesting ‘Black Lives Matter’ is insult to white people

Oil is down to around $48 a barrel

About this "trotting" meme

Speaker of the House Jim Wright Denied Texas Voter ID Card

Aging infrastructure plagues nation's busiest rail corridor.

So who are these Trump “true believers?”

question for those who know about the hiring process

Adam West Is Batman

If it looks unbelievable, there might just be a good reason for that.

Dogs and cats stealing stuff

Spelman College Drops Cosby

What bugs you in everyday life interactions?

Anyone else notice this with respect to coverage/commentary of Trumpzilla's candidacy?

Group hoping to counter interstate Confederate flag lacks funds

Before and after photos of dogs adopted from shelter

No matter how Bernie adjusts his message, it won't be enough. Not ever.

GOP Needs Record Minority Support to Win in 2016

Liberal Latino groups bail out on collaborating with KOCH funded "LIBRE Initiative". Yay.

Sanders says he could support banning some weapons, universal background checks

John Kenneth Galbraith - The Modern Conservative

Bernie Sanders is in with the enemy, some old allies say

What Kenya’s Barack Obamas are saying about President Obama

Brother of Lafayette shooter says rampage was ‘no surprise’

Black South Carolina Trooper Explains Why He Helped a White Supremacist

Royals finalize deal for ace Cueto with Reds

Why Recent Food Poisoning Outbreaks All Began in This One State

Barack Obama in Kenya: 'no excuse' for treating women as second-class citizens

Martin O’Malley explains his new agenda for American cities. Video

Martin O’Malley explains his new agenda for American cities. Video

Martin O’Malley explains his new agenda for American cities.

Iowa Poll- HRC 55% SBS 26%/ New Hampshire Poll HRC 47% SBS 34%

Group protests Stone Mountain Confederate Flag

CNN Poll -HRC 51% Bush lll 46%/HRC 57% -The Don 38%/HRC 54% -Scott "Prominent Bald Spot" Walker 43%

Bright lines: Confederate battle flag (LTTE)

Right-Wing Extremists Have No Qualms About Destroying Peoples' Lives

Kansas Man Facing Felony Murder Charge for Telling an Acquaintance Where He Could Find Marijuana

Scrooge McTrump

Chapman: Martin O'Malley, Unknown but Not Implausible

"I want to see paid family leave, paid sick days, predictable work schedules, and yes—equal pay for

Pharmacies Should Fill Prescriptions Regardless Of Owners’ Religious Views

Bernie Sanders: Top 10 Corporate Tax Cheats

An unsolicited PM I just got about Bernie supporters...

Eye drops could dissolve cataracts

Tour de France results (spoiler alert)

Trump takes GOP lead in New Hampshire, moving up on Walker in Iowa: polls

Men Kill Women in the U.S. So Often that It’s Usually Not Even Newsworthy (Feminists Group)

Hillary Clinton aides' Wall Street links raise economic policy doubts

Nearly $11 Million In Grants For Two NJ Sectarian Schools Raises Constitutional Concerns

Bobby Jindal to Westboro Baptist Church activists "They better not try that nonsense here"

Can't seem to load an avatar image other than those provided. Nowhere Acc Settings to click. Ideas?

ALEC Now Says School Vouchers Are for Kids in Suburbia - Not The Poor

Thank God for land lines! I just got Galluped!

Has anybody heard anything about where Malia is thinking about going for college?

Zankoku Na Tenshi No Thesis (Cruel Angel Thesis)Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening Live

Conservative Think Tank: 10 Countries With Universal Health Care Have Freer Economies Than The U.S.

Mike Huckabee: Obama Marching Israelis 'To The Door Of The Oven'

Political protesters are left to rot in Venezuela’s secretive underground prison

Please Kick Me!

Pro-Netanyahu daily invents Obama 'quote' against Iran deal

"24 business hours"

The Confederate flag is a symbol of hate (LTTE)

NBC Marist says Bernie is surging! IA: Clinton 49, Sanders 25; NH: Clinton 42, Bernie 32!! Wins GE

Japan's Most Terrifying Bridge: Eshima Ohashi

Native American Activist Found Dead in Jail Cell After Traffic Fine Arrest

Japan's Most Terrifying Bridge: Eshima Ohashi

What's the difference between an angry, hostile, bitter mass killer and a right-wing conservative?

Toon: Help!

The World leader was born in Kenya

Forget the 1%, the 99% and the 47%. 2016 is really about the 63%

OH GOOD, he must be doing something right AGAIN,

The LInk Between Climate Change and Isis Is Real

The LInk Between Climate Change and Isis Is Real

OIC condemns Israeli desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Obama begins Ethiopia, African Union visit

Rush Limbaugh won.

NBC-Marist poll of IA on Dem side: Hillary 55%, Sanders 26%, O'Malley 4%, Webb 2%

CNN: CNN/ORC poll: Clinton 56 Sanders 19, Trump still leads

Saudi Airstrikes In Yemen Kill Over 120 Civilians In Southern Taiz Province

Brain-eating amoeba found in Louisiana drinking water. Even though it was treated.

The victim-blaming at Fox News is unreal: (Media Matters link)

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Tweets image of President Obama with a gun to his head: reports

Bernie Sanders shut down Chuck Todd on Meet the Press today...

The Fan

How Trees Calm Us Down

Boy Scouts expected to lift ban on gay scout leaders on Monday: report

Seattle man holds straight pride parade - only he attends

Moving UP in Iowa!

It's quiet around here today...

"Racism and Science Fiction" by Samuel R. Delany

Good Samaritan Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless

Do YOU think Bernie's candidacy for the Democratic nom is "a Republican plot"?

Texas trooper Brian Encinia was caught fabricating his story to his supervisor

What are you reading the week of Sunday, July 26, 2015?

AU new project: Protect Your Neighbors / Relig right unhappy / protecting birth control access

El Trumpo's the rich wall builder and his only competitor is the

HEADS UP! SyFy airs an Encore Presentation of 'Lavalantula' tonight, in case you missed it

Donald Trump’s size doesn’t matter. Also, he’s probably exaggerating it

How the fuck should I know? I'm just a lilly-white middle aged fat guy.

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 26, 2015

BREAKING: Operation Jade Helm Claims First Civilian Casualty

Protect Thy Neighbor - new project by Au / States: no right to discriminate / Relig right unhappy

Access to birth control incld in AU new project - Protect Thy Neighbor

How Do You Measure Health Care Quality?

Anyone use Magic Jack?

Remembering James Dunn: Baptist Champion Of Religious Freedom

Interesting -

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 27 July 2015

5 Mins. to Bernie's LOUISIANA RALLY Tonight, 6-8 PM CDT, Pontchartrain Center, Kenner, LA

Cecil's head was sold for 50,000 Euros

In dispute over coal mine project, two ways of life hang in the balance

Jim Hansen on CNN to Discuss New Sea Level Paper

Now, Bernie Sanders *LOUISIANA RALLY LIVE from Pontchartrain Center. Kenner LA, 6-8 PM CDT

I don't know if this is relevant to the environment but it's something environmentalist need

The Triangle Gay Men's Chorus (the chorus I am in) singing the Rose

how soon before the conference call for Organizers should one call in? n/t