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Archives: July 25, 2015

Take it from a guy who knows: Nader says Trump’s third party bid could be kryptonite for GOP


Chris Matthews calls out Ted Cruz for surge in right-wing “support” for Bernie Sanders...

I quit smoking 4 months ago

FDA proposes labels that list added sugars and do the math too.

Officials Deny Report That U.S. Preparing To Release Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Growing Up Fundie - The Painful Impact of Conservative Religion

Race, Legacies, and the Confederate Flag

Sign on to J Street's effort to help Obama get the votes needed for the Iran deal

New sexual harassment allegations prompt Missouri Senate to renew investigation of LeVota

Homeless Drug Addict VS Homeless Father (Social Experiment)

Officials deny report that U.S. preparing to release Israeli spy

Men Kill Women in the U.S. So Often that It’s Usually Not Even Newsworthy

Antigay Sentiment Poses Dilemma for Kenya Ahead of Obama Visit

Gun Used in Lafayette Louisiana Shooting was Purchased Legally, Killer "Methodical"

Another shoddy Clinton smear: Anatomy of the New York Times’ epic email screw-up

Black preacher DESTROYS Christian hypocrisy re: LGBT

The most convincing argument for legalizing LSD, shrooms, and other psychedelics

Hulk Hogan Fired by WWE Over 'Racial Tirade'

The only thing that will save us from a Trump candidacy is his EGO. He does not

On Wednesday July 29th I am one of many that are hosting an Organizing Meeting

Angry misogynist murders women at showing of film by feminist comedian

Missouri GOP candidate for governor: I was gay until ‘religious experience’ saved me

Judge sends marshals to seize evidence from Sheriff Joe Arpaio

New Resources Addressing School Discipline Policies

Melt 'em

AAUW: On Wed, Fed appeals in North Dakota ruled state's fetal heartbeat law unconstitutional

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Tragedy Porn! & a new Big Cats gif

#BlackLivesMatter: Liberal Activists Shift 2016 Endorsement Rules

Kerry: If Congress rejects Iran deal, world will blame Israel

Men Kill Women in the U.S. So Often that It’s Usually Not Even Newsworthy

Have you noticed that it's NEVER the right time to discuss gun control

Civilian "Gun Enthusiast" Fires Gun While 'Protecting' Military Recruitment Center in Ohio

Martin O'Malley gets first member of Congress to endorse him - Calif. Rep. Eric Swalwell

Saturday Marks 50th Anniversary of Dylan Going Electric at Newport

Trump campaign bars Iowa paper from Iowa event after critical editorial

Satan Temple's goat-headed statue debuts Saturday

The Lafayette shooting was a hate crime directed at women.

Feds Regularly Monitored Black Lives Matter Since Ferguson

2015: The Summer of Sanders

2015: The Summer of Sanders

Martin O'Malley drawing more attention in Iowa (and still singing!)

"What the other person did was abnormal."

New York Times issues correction on Clinton email story.....

H2O Man Survey #39

Gun control’s racist reality: The liberal argument against giving police more power

Fires in Napa County and Glacier National Park, MT

Fleecing The Flock - RW Fundy Pastors Have No Vow Of Poverty

Flouting The Law, Some New Yorkers Won't Register Guns

Follow-up: Austin man accused of murdering boyfriend also charged with animal cruelty

Is this who you want for President, or any of the clown car?

Poll: Most Of American Jews Think Congress Should Approve Iran Deal

Clinton Ignores Provocative Question on Israel, Defends 2-State Solution

Media groups fight gag order in Waco biker shootout case

Appomattox park bookstore furls its miniature Rebel battle flags for sale

75 mass shootings since Sandy Hook, in one map

I Was Listening To Nor Man Gold Man Today On WCPT In Chicago - Guns Was The Topic.....

Defaced memorial stirred controversy from beginning (NC)

Fears Over Secret Text Apps Used By Terrorists

U.S. troops to train regular Ukrainian military troops: State Department

One thing you can't hide - is when you're crippled inside

Confederate Memorials as Instruments of Racial Terror


Rally To Keep Jefferson Davis Statue Draws Crowd To Capitol (KY)

O’Malley calls for ‘comprehensive gun safety laws.'

pure luck...

Why Scott Walker is so dangerous

CREEPY - Newly Declassified Photos of Cheney on 9/11 will Haunt your Nightmares

U.N. to vote on MH17 tribunal; Russia says likely to block

The Clintons Need to Confront the Media As A Whole Already

Lafayette Shooter Was A White Supremacist Tea Party Type

The Brady Law....

Several killed in Italian fireworks factory disaster

What the removal of the rebel flag really means

O’Malley calls for ‘comprehensive gun safety laws.'

New Jersey Gov. Christie blames Amtrak for nightmarish commutes

Any film noir fans here in A/A?

The New York Times Has a Very Serious Hillary Clinton Problem (Playing "the role Drudge used to play"?)

U.S. calls Burundi election 'deeply flawed'

San Antonio man, 27, has been to jail 30 times, charged with 80 crimes

There have been 204 mass shootings — and 204 days — in 2015 so far

Teaching his son to drive, MO'M's face!!!

Louisiana gunman bought his gun legally despite criminal history..

I really don't understand why the private server is a security issue

AG's Office Probing Valley Election Fraud Claims

Deregulation, Lease Truckers, and Uber

Steelworkers union says U.S. Steel using downturn to 'gut' contract

Steelworkers union says U.S. Steel using downturn to 'gut' contract

Steelworkers union says U.S. Steel using downturn to 'gut' contract

Peyton Manning starts "Chattanooga Heroes Fund"

Meanwhile in Honduras ... people storm court to rescue journalist who exposed government corruption

A discussion of Hansen's new paper on rapid sea level rise

Something is going on

Today I saw Clyde Tombaugh's homemade telescopes

NINA-no Irish need apply

People Choose King Size Frozen Candy Bars Over Free 10oz Silver Bar (Worth $150)--Social Experiment

I'm shameless. How do I get to Georgia. n/t

Been watching and really enjoying The Nightly Show.

Guyana says Venezuelan claim is threat to its survival

Bernie Sanders was in central Iowa tonight

The Real Threat Posed by Powerful Computers: Artificial Stupidity

GOP "Waiting For Godot" Health Care Plan Post Obamacare.

Fiscal issues to haunt U.S. Congress after its August recess

Ladies & Gentlemen: Madonna Thunder Hawk

Top Economists Who Back Bernie Sanders Plan for $15/hr Minimum Wage

Military Recruiters Not Thrilled With Militia ‘Protecting’ Them, By Accidentally Shooting Stuff

The Real Cost of Gun Violence

Donald Trump's Support Remains High Following John McCain Controversy (Economist/You Gov poll)

Exclusive: Documents Show That Department of Homeland Security Monitored Black Lives Matter

Let's do something just for fun. Pick your ideal VP for your candidate

Another Brother talking about revolution. The people united can not be turned around.

Wild & Crazy Tomato Plant

The Dangling Conversation

Martin O’Malley at Iowa Caucus Forum Series: Wants an ‘Inclusive’ Economy

Martin O’Malley at Iowa Caucus Forum Series: Wants an ‘Inclusive’ Economy

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (Piano Cello Cover) - Brooklyn Duo

TPP Trade Deal May Wrap Up This Week

O’Malley: Warrants best for getting digital evidence.

San Francisco Implements Pee-Repellant Paint Program

Oh my ever loving effing God....... my education on racism just took a leap.

O’Malley: Warrants best for getting digital evidence.

San Francisco Middle Schools No Longer Teaching ‘Algebra 1

This is NOT cosplay. These people really think they're protecting a Marine recruitment center.

Good Samaritan (who is black) helping mother having mental health episode is tasered by police

The controversial (apparently) MTV documentary "White People" in full

"I got your hit piece right here..."

Rep. Joaquin Castro to Laredo Mayor: Donald Trump just used you

Congress needs to act on gun reform. Opinion by Martin O'Malley in The Boston Globe

Congress needs to act on gun reform. Opinion by Martin O'Malley in The Boston Globe

You Stay Classy Donald: Trump Used to Test Dates for the AIDS Virus

How Crack Funded a CIA War: Gary Webb Interview (C-Span Live 1996)

Kill the messenger

One person can make a difference. I'm missing Jackpine Radical very much right now.

Compare what bernie said with what MO'M has said he would DO posted earlier.

Public Apology To Black Lives Matters

Kerry Says Israel May Deepen Its Isolation by Opposing Iran Nuclear Accord

Conflict On 'Back Burner' At Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park (FL)

Hillary Clinton's Private Server... Laugh it off. Nothing to see here... move along please!

Grappling With Emblems Of Our Past (AR)

Ancient Mayan panels uncovered in Guatemala

 Women and Girls Raped in Conflict Need Abortion Care—but the US Is Standing in Their Way

Ancient Mayan panels uncovered in Guatemala

Gender Identity

Journalist takes refuge in Honduras human rights commission

Don't take the bait. eom

A brief history of homophobia in Dewey decimal classification

Pride in a tree.

Bandage packaging needs to be redesigned.

Daily Holidays - July 25

Turkish Jets Strike Kurds in Iraq, Complicating Anti-ISIS Fight

Official: Two former Guantanamo detainees arrested in Belgium

Colombia: Between an Electoral Peace and the Return of Fear

They Say Paraguay is in Africa: Mosaic of Horror

Jindal Proves He's Out Of His League -- Loses Cool During Time of Tragedy

You've Been TRUMPED!!!

I love my Marxist fire department

Well, today is 7/25


The New York Times and the Clintons....

Why Doesn't Bernie Sanders Run on a Truly Socialist Platform?

We're grateful that you called today

Defense Dept. Asks Armed Civilians to Stop Guarding Recruiters

Fragments of 40,000 year old female ‘Venus’ carving found in germany

Newspaper boxes repurposed into Little Free Libraries to help students keep reading skills sharp thi

5 Airlines probed for price-gouging at Northeast airports, including Green, Logan

Mass. Senate votes to lift solar net-metering cap

A Scary Fact.

SETI... the Galaxy.. radio transmissions and time and the search

Boston Olympics group releases original, unredacted bid

How The New York Times Bungled the Hillary Clinton Emails Story

Violent warfare is on the wane, right? (Nope.)

Why we need another Clinton in the White House

Netanyahu steered US toward war with Iran – the result is a deal he hates

Busting the myth that Congress made Confederate vets into US vets

Just found out that my 72 year-old friend broke her hip!

Dunkin' CEO: $15 min wage is 'outrageous'

Update on my knee (McKenzie exercises)

Spare me your crocodile tears, Governor Jindal, you've got the blood from this massacre all over you

Boston pension fund leads suit vs. banks over collusion

"NetRoots Nation Confrontation Wasn't About #BlackLivesMatter At All"

Bid claimed vote on Olympics unlikely

Two happy dogs ready to go home from the park.

Confederate Flag rally planned in Petersburg Saturday morning

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Wall Street Reform is Working

Starving the space program

Illinois’s newest law fights divestment with divestment

Successful Test of Beamed-Energy Space Launch Thruster

Obama’s remarks on the UK remaining in the EU get hostile conservative reaction

Requiem For The Masses

Silence from Sanders as Planned Parenthood comes under attack.

does someone have a link for Breathed's new Bloom County cartoons?

Stephen Hawking to answer your questions via his first Reddit forum

Why does Bernie Sanders HATE Space Aliens?

Strangest Hot Take of the Day: Why Evangelicals Like Trump

My 17 year old cat is a picky eater. She'll lick the gravy off

Citing Religious Freedom, Native Americans Fight To Take Back Sacred Land From Mining Companies

Rebel flag the ultimate dog whistle

The David Sparks Show, June 25, 2015

Sandra Bland Was Murdered

Talk Show Host Happily Gave Lafayette-Shooting-Suspect Airtime To Bash Abortion & Feminists

Sanders campaign just posted a moving video about Bernie. Love it.

D-Senator Elizabeth Warren And The American Federation For Financial Reform

Powerful new video by Bernie Sanders' campaign.

Quick, Someone Tell CNN!!!

Kenyan Journalist Gets Over Excited & Reacts Like A High School Girl While Welcoming Obama

Rachel Maddow - Mental illness history didn't stop Lafayette shooter's gun purchase

Is the Ugly German Back? Flames of Hate Haunt a Nation

Pope’s approval rating plummets as ‘gay-friendly’ image wears off

Calvert Cliffs 3 nuclear reactor COL withdrawn: good riddance!

Rachel Maddow - Resistance grows to Fox News debate rules

Oliver Sacks: My Periodic Table

Guns shops have to be closed as well as the guns melted....forgot about that.

First-ever look at Pluto's night side

Everything you need to know: Delta Aquarid meteor shower

I'm watching the Barack Obama and Uhuru Kenyatta press conference

I'm watching President Obama's Kenyan News Conference ...

50 years ago today, Dylan went electric at Newport & shocked the folkies. They booed loudly.

"Trump gets all the attention. Who's looking at ME?" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

For aging GOP voters the times they are a-changing

Racist New Yorker berates MTA employee: ‘Learn to speak English you f*cking garbage’

How to sneak chocolate into an American movie theater

Reason #1 to Vote Bernie

UBS’s Puerto Rico Bond Funds Implode, “Collateral Value” Drops to Zero, Investors Screwed

Saw this all over Facebook

California AG To Review Planned Parenthood 'Sting' Videos

Attack on Planned Parenthood: lawmakers knew abt video weeks ago; response to Rep Upton; more

Randy Johnson, photographer: he's good.

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Our Own Private ISIS

How Did This Happen Exactly? - By Josh Marshall

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Hillary Clinton accepts money from Private Prison Contractors While Saying Black Lives Matter

Venezuela: the Sad Story Behind the World's Cheapest Big Mac

Donald Trump is an actual fascist: What his surging popularity says about the GOP base

FCC signs off on $48B AT&T, DirecTV merger

She will shine, they will wilt, and we can move forward.

Has the NRA commented on how..

MSNBC host ridicules Republican campaign ad using fake photo of Obama with Iranian leader

Eco-Village Offers Off-the-Grid Refuge From London Housing Crisis

Was Sandra Bland targeted because she was an outspoken advocate for Black Lives Matter?

Watching the PBO presser

Is the Ugly German Back? Flames of Hate Haunt a Nation

Is Colin Powell the only one who looks stressed?

This Week in God.... (Maddow blog)

Sheriff's Deputies meet their feathery match!

Abbott Ditches Hispanics In The Name of Free Market Trade, The GOP Top Priority.

Here’s how the New York Times bungled the Hillary Clinton emails story

So, what does Kenya have that the US wants?

Announce the debates already!

Fracking Linked to Hospitalizations in the Marcellus Region

Hillary: ‘Young Black Man In A Hoodie Still Evokes A Twinge Of Fear’

Bush thinks #BLM is a "politically correct slogan"

Question for Brit/Europe DU members

The Essential Turing. Edited by B. Jack Copeland

Half Of LAPD Cars In Southeast Division Have Removed Audio Recording Antennas From Their Vehicles

How Hillary Clinton's State Department Sold Fracking to the World

Five minutes after this photo, the sky turned deep black over our house

Hard Times they are a'head

Hillary Clinton has a Keystone XL problem (+video)

Fracking Linked to Hospitalizations in the Marcellus Region

Hillary Clinton's Record of Advocacy and Support of the TPP

Papantonio: The GOP’s Own Creepy Crawlers Continue to Slime The Party

While everyone was hollerin about email-gate, Hillary outlined more ideas on fixing the economy.

"An Open Letter to Senator Sanders"... On Education

Barack Obama tells African states to abandon anti-gay discrimination

Red Cloud's Farewell to his Lakota people - July 4, 1903

Animal activists face 'domestic terrorism' charge in freeing 5,740 minks

Alabama DOC Agrees to Protect Women Prisoners from Systemic Sexual Abuse, Harassment

Amazing Film of the First International Women's Match

Comment Colin Cowherd Pulled At ESPN After Tone Deaf Comments About The Dominican Republic

15 Yrs Into Agreement To Provide St Paul’s Elderly A Cable Discount, Comcast Reps Never Heard of It

Greek bailout talks to start on Monday after delay

Scott Walker, American Dictator in Waiting

Nestle bottled water plant in the Columbia River Gorge (Oregon) - where it stands

Number of women in need of publicly funded family planning serv increased nearly 1M between 2010-13

Wobegone Is Me

Living on Earth: “Arsenic and Frackwater Waste”

Regarding Classified State Dept. Documents and Candidate Clinton

Dunkin' Donuts CEO slams $15 minimum wage

World Cup: Lord Triesman repeats desire for Russia 2018 boycott

Dr. Oz made $1.17 million off a hemorrhoid treatment he promoted in his column

Post a song that you think is on my Favorites Playlist!!

Stung in 2008, Hillary Clinton Builds a Formidable Team in Iowa

In 1982, Maureen Dowd wrote an awful herpes story for Time. Ella Dawson has some fun with it.

Over 81% Self-Identifying as "Small-Government Republican" Don't Actually Know What that Means

Clinton to testify before Benghazi committee in October

Lee Hopes to Use Nuclear Option to Repeal Obamacare

Priebus Says Trump Won’t Run Third Party

Local farmers battle with companies building Stonewall Gas Gathering Pipeline over crop damage

Jon Stewart told Daily Show writer to "f*** off" after racial conversation

Greenwald eviscerates the NY Times (and others)

Donald Trump is an actual fascist: What his surging popularity says about the GOP base

"Dinosauria, We"

Mourners Gather for Sandra Bland’s Funeral

...and in the wake of HulkGate, another clueless, racist fuckstick bites the dust over at ESPN.

Barnie Frank on Chris Matthews Hardball

Russian TV Anchor Implies Jews Brought Holocaust On Themselves

Friday Fox Follies –Trump, Fox & Demagogry

July 25th, 1974. A date that will live in obscurity (except for two of us)

2 Activists Accused of Freeing Animals are Charged as Terrorists

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 26 - Movie Camp: Two by Korda

White People 101

After Getting Dumped By TLC, The Duggars Are Desperate For Cash And Want Back On TV

The Screw-up on the Hillary Clinton email story at the New York Times

You Own THIS Terrorist - REPUKES: Theater gunman "ran as a REPUBLICAN for tax commissioner"

Anyone prepared to defend the admin's go ahead on Arctic drilling?

Swarm of mayflies force Iowa bridge closed

Vets Named As "Veterans for Trump" on Trump's Elections Site DENY They Were Even Consulted.

My Morning Jacket Backs Roger Waters At Newport Folk Festival

TCM Schedule for Monday July 27 - Star of the Month: Shirley Temple

"A Short History of Black Lives Matter"--TRNN's Interview with Co-Founder, Patrisse Cullors

John McCain: I was ‘surprised’ by Donald Trump’s fury

Interesting article bout the IMF, including who runs it

Joe is often dismissed as a 2016 candidate due to his age.

OK Republican Party Chairman Tells State To Ignore Roe v. Wade

This is the best music video I've seen in a while...

UPDATED: Obama promises more financial aid to Kenya while lecturing country on anti-gay policies

Cleveland organizations planning a watch party for the upcoming GOP debate:

Exclusive: Feds Regularly Monitored Black Lives Matter Since Ferguson--First Look Media

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Hank Aaron gets a new ton of racist hatemail, proving his point

Donald Trump's Poll Numbers Spike After Post-McCain Comments, GOP In Panic Mode

Anonymous Says Sandra Bland Was Murdered And Here’s Why…


Turkey’s Jets Hit Kurdish Camps In Iraq For First Time Since 2013 Peace Deal

SANDERS: I Want an America Where Young Blacks are Not Harassed, Shot & Killed by Police, July 17

Suspect shoots Confederate toy wagon in Bellvue street

ROBERT REICH: "Perhaps we’ve got to face the fact we’re really two nations"

Trump's Hardline Views Divide Hispanics In Texas Border Town

Hillary is in the soup:

Talking Cannabis Oil with Grandma Cat

Top NASA boffin: It's time to make Pluto a proper planet again

Sanders Surges, Clinton Sags in U.S. Favorability

Newsweek: You’re Probably Going to Be Poor

U.S. Fears Data Stolen by Chinese Hacker Could Identify Spies

WV focused on rail safety, but secrecy (on oil) remains

Mystery Surrounding Man’s Body, Weapons Cache, Missing Fiancee Stuff Of Movie Plot

Europe Braces Itself For A Revolutionary Leftist Backlash After Greece

Bernie on Meet the Press tomorrow

Actual Unreleased Photo of Cheney during 9/11

Bernie fans always get a hide from me. :)

Boxing : July 25

NAACP Plans Protest Against NC Confederate Memorials Bill

If anyone has any experience or knowledge on the K3 visa or I-485 form

Signs of area's lingering Confederate history go beyond Lake Eola statue (FL)

"Sometimes glass is just glass and it just breaks"

Can The South Carolina GOP Get Rid Of Its Confederate Ghosts?

SBS: I Want an America Where Blacks are Not Harassed, Shot & Killed by Police, July 17, before NRN

IL. Gov. Rauner campaign used gift cards to help get out vote

Judge blasts ICE, says immigrant children, mothers should be released from detention centers

Sandra Bland funeral: she has joined 'a list of martyrs', says pastor

NYT- FDA approves new drug that can sharply lower cholesterol - down side new drug very pricey

Billionaire Brothers Give Ted Cruz $15M

Don't tear down Confederate monuments - do this instead

Bette Midler photobombed---

"I just happened to wear a hat." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Marvel's Jessica Jones Co-Creator Approves of the Netflix Show

How 'The New York Times' Bungled the Hillary Clinton Emails Story

I'm going to file for bankruptcy on Tuesday.

Lightning strike sparks Cambria fire — five days later

The Bernie Sanders campaign just posted a new video - NT

Memo to BLM/Immigration Activists: Private Prisons Inc. $upport$ Hillary for POTUS

I get the feeling that something similar to this is used for police training.

Documentary - Living Beneath the Drones

Uncle Wayne haz a smug

Fundraiser For Scott Walker Calls Donald Trump 'DumbDumb'

Why buy Crest when Crust is cheaper?

At the D.C. Public Library, You Can Laser Cut, 3-D Print, and Record Music for Free

Donald Trump takes aim at Republican rival Scott Walker for Wisconsin record

Can someone answer a Bernie question that was emailed to me?

Man charged after jumping zoo fence to pet cougars – and posting video

Since the general MSM don't get

Who Pays (the taxes) - a report by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

Canadian officer gets jail time for perjury in Taser death of immigrant

Jillian Johnson, killed in Lafayette, performing with her band. This is what we lost.

America’s mass incarceration system: Freedom’s next frontier

"Pro-life video" makers team up with anti-vaxxers...

At Least 1 Injured in Raging Fire at The Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas

Anyone here wear rimless prescription eyeglasses?

KKK Endorses Donald Trump (satire)

Mike Huckabee gets taken to Bible School

Veterans named as Donald Trump supporters say they were not consulted

Planned Parenthood hoax shows why it’s important not to let right wingers neg journalists

In your opinion, what is the Second Amendment? n/t

Medicare Premium Could Soar Next Year

Russia nationalist leader jailed for life over hate crimes

Sanders' Brooklyn Roots: Profile in Today's NYT.

Trump takes aim at Walker in Iowa

Hillary Clinton Returns to New Hampshire for Second Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Arctic’s Boreal Forests Burning At ‘Unprecedented’ Rate

Ted Cruz Praised Bernie Sanders, Here's Why

Young Ballclub Barnstorms The Deep South

Chicago Just Fired An Investigator Trying To Hold Cops Accountable For Unjustified Shootings

Ending the Drug War and Gun Control = my two big issues..

Theater gunman built reputation as an angry provocateur

Obama Announces Major Restrictions on Ivory Trade

Which GOP Candidate is the Most Electable?

AFL-CIO may delay endorsement of Clinton as 2016 presidential candidate - sources

Forget Machu Picchu, the salt ponds of Maras are Peru's go-to attraction

Forget Machu Picchu, the salt ponds of Maras are Peru's go-to attraction

Best marketing campaign EVAH!

I've got a hot date tonight with a gorgeous blonde man

"Don't mouth off to cops, and you'll live!" cried the patriot.

250 whales are chased onto beach so villagers can hack them to death

Amazon vs Walmart

If the latest cinema killer had been an ISIS member with a website

Thanks, Congressman.

Something is bothering me about the release of Sandra Bland's autopsy report.

Yeah. Real funny, grounds crew!

Rumor from LA says movie shooter specifically targeted women. Hello, media? Is this true?

Oh say can you see-

Guatemalan ex-strongman's transfer to mental hospital blocked on appeal


Hillary Clinton Viciously Attacks Man With Sharpie In Iowa

Let's look at a country with high gun ownership, privatized healthcare, and no minimum wage.

Dear County Commissioners (LTTE|FL)

Anonymous Tries to Take Down ISIS With Moe Character

Mitsubishi Motors to end U.S. vehicle production

Guatemala: Ex-dictator’s daughter clear for presidential run

Over 3,000 Fukushima residents seek compensation for mental distress from nuclear disaster

'Key & Peele' To End After Current Season

President Barack Obama Makes Birth Certificate Joke on Kenya Trip

Empire star taunted by sick racist trolls over photos of his wife

Washington Post: Do the world’s ‘uncontacted’ tribes deserve to be left alone?

Do the world’s ‘uncontacted’ tribes deserve to be left alone?

LADYBABY Nippon Manju Music Clip

Aides for Hillary Clinton and Benghazi Committee Dispute Testimony Plan

This is a cool story! New Documentary called "Twinsters"

Trout honored with life-sized bobblehead

Endings by C. S. Lewis and Robinson Jeffers

Amnesty urges Peru's Humala to find forced sterilization victims

One of the two (so far) baby bunnies we've seen in our backyard this season...

from Congressman Eric Swalwell

from Congressman Eric Swalwell endorsing Martin O'Malley

What Hiram Bingham Got Wrong About Machu Picchu

Gun rights proponents Ted Nugent, Allen West lay flowers at scene of Lafayette theater shooting

Clinton hints her climate vision is like JFK's moon shot: An "ambitious goal I know we can meet."

Pres. Obama 'so turnt' in Kenya!