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Do you think Romney's kicking himself now for not running?

If undocumented corporations...

Nine reasons Obama is going to win on Iran. The first: Netanyahu

Another take on the W word

Wealthy Donors and Lobbyist Bundlers Are Largely Bankrolling Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Why progressives are fighting about Bernie Sanders and race...It's about the progressive movement

Point Park drops faculty union challenge, will enter collective bargaining

Point Park drops faculty union challenge, will enter collective bargaining

Point Park drops faculty union challenge, will enter collective bargaining

Behind the scenes at Iran talks (New Yorker)

Report: Silicon Valley's housing affordability crisis worsens

Sandra Bland's Death Now Being Investigated as a Murder

Chris Hayes has the best segment yet on ReTHUGs attacking

The Pillows/LadeybirdGirl

This is cool - O'Malley gives keynote at ESRI conference

How a politician can win respect of #blackLivesMatter activists

Anniston City Council: No Confederate flag on public property (AL)

Union County board approves plan linked to Confederate flag (NC)

Confederate flags stolen from historical marker (SC)

time to go...

Ms. Yates of BLM on MSNBC on right now

Road sign or WARNING SIGN?

How Did Scott Walker Ever Become Governor of Wisconsin?

Don't leave! How Bernie might deal with very persistent hecklers and protestors...

State denies Nashville's request to hide Forrest statue

Huge larger than hand size Hibiscus blossoms flanked by red roses

The Growing Middle Class in South America and Mexico

Attorney General Mark Herring weighs in on rebel flag in Danville (VA)

We desperately need a Trust-Busting renaissance...

San Diego Police Officers Association Announces Support For Changing School Name (CA)

No more nukes? How about another 80 years of them?

Iconic Black Lives Matters Moments include: 5. Hillary uses her platform.

Media Matters: The Press has a double standard for Hillary's polling:

Confederate flag merchandise pulled from Hampton History Museum

Koterba toon: NASA & Pluto

Atlanta council asks Deal to consider changes to Stone Mountain relief

From a son of the South: Fold the Confederate battle flag

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Monday Monday & a new Kitteh gif

Sheriff Joe Arpaio will face civil contempt hearing after federal judge’s ruling

ABQ mayor to meet with opponents of Confederate flag in Old Town (NM)

Ducey orders ban on sale of fetal tissue

Something that just occurred to me

THIS is how he governs, EFFECTIVELY!

Why Military Security Experts Know That Arming All Troops Is Not the Answer

A special kind of pennant: Flag pays tribute to Omahan, ballplayer who died in WWII

A special kind of pennant: Flag pays tribute to Omahan, ballplayer who died in WWII

This is how Martin O'Malley governs,

Hillary Clinton said it. Black lives matter. No hedge.

Any DUers remember when establishment ReTHUGs went after

Wednesday's Forecast...

Double Down Don is not a problem at all if you're a Democrat, Liberal, Lefty, Progressive . . . . .

White Rabbit-the original version

California irrigator faces record $1.5 million fine for drought violation

66% of Scots want to stay in the EU, 51% of English want to leave it.

If 6 Was 9

Police: Correction: Sandra Bland did not hang herself. She suffocated herself with a plastic trash bag.

City fires investigator who found cops at fault in shootings

Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did

We need to stop tearing each other apart over an issue most of us are in agreement on

The building where I work is rat-infested.

LAPD finds 1,200 guns, two tons of ammo in dead man's Pacific Palisades home

Martin O'Malley weighs back in on BLM issues on Facebook - 'I’m not done listening'

Martin O'Malley weighs back in on BLM issues on Facebook - 'I’m not done listening'

I'm standing up for Bernie on civil rights

Roseanne Talking About "Whores"

Check out the poetry of Russians sympathetic with Mystical Anarchism!

Air pollution in Asia may be changing weather patterns in the United States

New poll updated today:

Religion In The Comics - 035

Boehner Draws On Ecological Expertise To Blame Obama For California Drought - Because Of Course

O'Malley gives keynote at ESRI conference. X-post from MH1 @ O'Malley group.

Why It's Hard for the GOP to Discredit Donald Trump

Abbott's Opposition May Have Spiked Australia's Biggest Wind Farm, A $2 Billion Project

Man with asthma dies after being hogtied by police

Wegener Institute - Humans Have Fundamentally Changed Oceans, And W/O Action, It Will Get Much Worse

Is Trump a "Monster from the Id?"

'Breaking Bad' actor runs for Albuquerque seat

BREAKING - Narcissists take Trump hostage. Trump ego held as well. No demands made yet. More later.

Union County board approves plan linked to Confederate flag

Action Alert: Tell DC Water Not to Delay Its Pollution Reduction Plans.

UPDATE:Reich's pro-Bernie FB post: 80,000+likes;18,000+shares in 26 hours!

An article on BLM and Sanders, but one that should be taken to heart by every candidate

You Guessed it!!!!... Washington Post/ABC Poll: Trump surges to big lead in GOP presidential race

San Antonio wins NBA Summer League

Trump. Has he donated to his high school?

Secessionist Sarah: John McCain Is a Hero, and So Is Donald Trump

NASA's 'GoreSat' Mission Just Released Its First Image of Earth

Mayor: I’m Not Racist, But We Should Hang Monkey Obama

Yay! I helped start a Twitter war between the Sharks and Brian Kilmeade!

"Come on. Do your impersonation of a human. Don't be scared."

Black Lives Matter demands from their website. MAKE YOUR CANDIDATE RESPOND TO THESE DEMANDS.

Texas Children's Hospital Performs "Fight Song"

"Natural News" Goes Full Homophobic With "Chemicals Cause People To Be Gay" Propaganda

I've been arrested before:

Hi, everybody...

Texas AG Drops Lawsuit Seeking To Block Gay Workers From Caring For Sick Spouses

Denver rated No. 1 in U.S. for economic success; 3 other Colorado cities in top 20

Obama should give Jon Stewart the Presidential Medal of Freedom

When we all get together

Netanyahu incites UN Congress on Iran nuclear deal

Trump believes in God, but hasn't sought forgiveness

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Black Lives Matters Needs a Super Pac

Gay Austin Teen’s Horrific Murder Highlights Hidden Problem Of LGBT Domestic Violence

Gay Austin Teen’s Horrific Murder Highlights Hidden Problem Of LGBT Domestic Violence

Art Bell is broadcasting again.

Austin's 'Most Invasive Species' Isn't the One You Might Think

Bernie Sanders Spent $0 On Polling, Because It Wouldn't Change His Mind Anyway.

Sarah Palin just called Donald Trump a 'hero'

Crying kid in diner ignites Facebook war between mom, owner

2005 Thank-You Letter from Jeb Bush to Head of Swift Boaters

Self deleted, explanation below...

Kenyan to lead naked protest against Pres. Obama and LGBT rights

‘Our First Openly Asshole President': Jon Stewart Returns from Break to Shred Trump

SpaceX says 2-foot strut snapped, brought down rocket

The Solar Question

Former Beaumont ISD electrician seeks $22M in defamation lawsuit

Houston’s NRG Stadium to Host 2015 UIL Football Championship Games


We can't deny the urgency of the Black lives movement

Bernie fails at #SayHerName

San Francisco techies are hiring this Wiccan witch to protect their computers from viruses and

What Donald Trump was up to while John McCain was a prisoner of war

HuffPo puts Trump where he belongs---The Entertainment Page!

Mission Accomplished

"How Those Anti-Hillary Lefties Are Being Trolled By The Right"

Old School Ultraman Comes Back to Life in Short Trailer.

Des Moines Register Editorial: Trump Should Pull The Plug On His Bloviating Side Show

Poor sleeping patterns linked to cancer

"Respect my beliefs."

The response of #BLM by white liberals indicates the overall problem...

ISIS Leader Takes Steps to Ensure Group’s Survival

Random Thought: Failure to Invest in Higher Education = Limited Slots for Social Capital for #BLM?

The wax paper bags that cereal comes in are great for storing fruit and veggies

District Attorney Mathis: Sandra Bland's death "will go to a Grand Jury."

Daily Holidays - July 21

Death of Eric Garner: One year on, protesters hit the streets of NYC

Influential Texans helped underqualified students get into UT

Trump: Damage Control with Bill O' Reilly

One year since Gaza, a photo a day: July 20, 2014

Mexican soldiers suspected in seven disappearances

Mexican soldiers suspected in seven disappearances

A moment of peace in these troubled times

One Chart Shows Just How Impressive Bernie Sanders' Massive Crowds Really Are

Federal judge to rehear arguments on forcing EPA to regulate dead zone-causing nutrients

Sweden’s army launches new Pride campaign: ‘Some things should not be camouflaged’

"Budget Woes": The GOP's Munchausen-by-Proxy Syndrome

An Interesting conversation with Constitutional Lawyer Daniel Sheehan

Warren: "Trump is a blowhard"

Visitors to Havana can find US-Cuban connections everywhere

California Governor Blasts Climate-Denying "Troglodytes"

20 Examples of Bernie Sanders' Powerful Record on Civil and Human Rights Since the 1950s

Venezuela orders producers to divert food to state stores

"We'll print your feministic article in our magazine... if you do a nude photo-shot."

Japan opens hotel run entirely by robots

Today's Non Sequitur

Kishwaukee College adjunct faculty forms union

Kishwaukee College adjunct faculty forms union

Kishwaukee College adjunct faculty forms union

'Brutality smeared in peanut butter' (from Oct/23/2001)

When economists troll: Germany should leave the Euro.

When your rapist shows up on Facebook's 'People You May Know' tab

Wesley Clark Calls for Internment Camps for "Radicalized" Americans

Ohio Gov. Kasich is 16th notable entry into GOP race

Good morning My Friends! Check in here and say hello

Omaha Tribe celebrates 200 years of 'peace and friendship' with United States

Omaha Tribe celebrates 200 years of 'peace and friendship' with United States

"Bill Clinton’s Apology: Not Accepted!"

Australian broadcaster airs documentary on the British establishment's protection of VIP paedophiles

Stars & Stripes: No explanation by Obama on flags not lowered to half-staff for Chattanooga shooting

Do these kitten photos help you focus? That's what a 2012 study says.

How Bernie fought for veterans, becoming a case study in successful negotiation.

Fox News changes plans for GOP forum

The Mystery of Milwaukee’s ‘Human Holster’

Sam Wang (PEC): Donald Trump Is Not the Frontrunner. Smarter Polls Would Prove It.

This morning's Bloom County (in color)

Let me know how this "harass Black people into voting for Sanders" campaign is working for y'all

Slowpoke Toon: Natural Gasbags

Toon: What Americans Really Hear

Citizen Journalism on Sandra Bland- One on One Interview with cop -Contradicts press conference

If Scott Walker wins the election next year, I give up on this country

Who wore it better? Trump or....

Bernie Sanders’ big test.

More children living in poverty now than during recession

Waco Is Suppressing Evidence That Could Clear Innocent Bikers

Pure speculation thread - So who do you think will actually be the GOP nominee?

Martin O'Malley: 'Immigration reform not merely something good to do for New Americans'

Toshiba Bosses Quit Over $1.2bn Profit Scandal

Poll Finds That If Trump Runs As An Independent, Democrats Will Win In A Landslide

Rush Limbaugh Rallies Listeners to Trump’s Defense

Top Iowa Newspaper Asks Trump to Quit

Buzz Gets Bigger Over Tiny California Solar Desalination Plant

Donald Trump’s More Popular In Iowa After He Attacked John McCain

Charlie Crist Will Run for Congress

Graham Says Trump is a ‘Jackass’/Perry Compares Trump to Cancer

O'Malley camp: 'Hey Reince: bring it on - Unlike the republican party O'Malley believes in science'

Walker Bets on Iowa

trickle down not working for Scott Walker in Wisconsin either!

Iowa Student Tells CNN How Hillary Planted Question in Crowd

UPDATE 1-Saudi-backed fighters battle to extend gains in Yemen's Aden

Netanyahu's sack of woes filling up after Iran deal

GOP’s Open Season on Gay Kids

Hillary Clinton: Take away executives' bonuses when their companies break the rules

Ex-Intel Chief: Iran Deal Good for Israel

O'Malley camp: 'Hey Reince: bring it on - Unlike the republican party O'Malley believes in science'

DU for Bernie: You're making a difference -- daily update for 7-20-15 (RECORD DAY!)

DU for Bernie: You're making a difference -- daily update for 7-20-15 (RECORD DAY!)

Sorry, Folks: Trump Ain’t Cooked Yet - By Michael Tomasky

Russia submits rival MH17 resolution draft

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Yep, Trump is a Republican

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Trump, the real soul of the GOP

John Kasich is no moderate: The media darling of 2016 doesn’t deserve the “centrist” hype

Sexist men who abuse women on Facebook and Twitter are compensating for their own poor performance,

Magnitude 4.1 earthquake shakes San Francisco Bay Area

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Right-wing media and the origins of the Bernie "doesn't care about minorities" meme.

Cross post from GDP by 99th_Monkey

At Vatican conference, world mayors urge action on climate change

Study: gamer men who harass women are literally losers, can't perform when it counts

As Marginalized Communities Face Dearth of Trauma Care, Activists Step in to Fight for Survival

How many of you are willing to say that the right candidate has not come along yet?

Man dies while in Southaven, Mississippi, police custody

Less than Zero: Despite decades of accepted science, CA and AZ are still miscounting water supplies

I see Name Removed got his wish.

Citizens with guns guard military recruitment centers

"Why are they protesting their allies?"

We do NOT need to protect Bernie Sanders!

Scott Walker's Promise to America

Broke Teens Rot in Chicago Jails for Years Awaiting Trials

US Capitol flags lowered in memory of Tennessee victims

"Wasn't Christ a loser?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Stunning 'Bull's-eye' blast from a black hole captured

As McConnell thinks highway bill ready to unveil, the poisonous riders emerge from woodwork

‘None of this looks good': Cenk Uygur rips #BlackLivesMatter protest against Sanders and O’Malley

The Case for a “Jazz Revolution” Against Corporate Capitalism

Hillary Clinton’s Neocon Legacy: Coups, Dictators, Corruption, Chaos, Executions and Assassination

The Reason For Decades Of Climate Change Deception - TMFS Sketch

Sandra Bland's Death Will Be Investigated as Murder Case

20 Examples of Bernie Sanders' Powerful Record on Civil and Human Rights Since the 1950s

Martin O'Malley: 'Immigration reform not merely something good to do for New Americans'

Oil-rich Venezuela’s miracle — record poverty

Democrats Plan To Introduce Sweeping LGBT Rights Bill In Congress This Week

In the "Year of the Outsider", Trump looks to Cosby as running-mate

The unexpected and ingenious strategy of Obama's second term

Jindal: In Abortion, The 'Patient' Is The 'Unborn Baby,' Not The Woman

Sen. Ron Johnson hosted a hearing in Milwaukee that largely championed the benefits of the voucher p

The Three Climate Deniers in Congress Whose Districts Will Soon Be Underwater

so debbie when are you going to set the debate schedule?

RIght-wing National Review smears Bernie Sanders as promoting “national socialism

Hillary leads The Don in :

The Coming Renaissance of Liberal Religious Life

Union-busting at a factory making $1,000 luxury leather bags (E action)

HIV+ musical comedy web series “Merce” premieres

The religious right’s Donald Trump moment: What Franklin Graham’s xenophobic grandstanding reveals

Union-busting at a factory making $1,000 luxury leather bags

Sandy Irving: Invest in people, not military jets

Union-busting at a factory making $1,000 luxury leather bags

Earth’s Most Famous Climate Scientist Issues Bombshell Sea Level Warning

June is third monthly heat record so far this year

Obama heckeld June 2015 by trans immigration activist. Compare his reaction to Marty and Bernie.

The rift between France and Germany can’t be papered over any longer

KKK marchers trolled by tuba playing 'loony tunes' music

Hillary and the business model of the gig ecomony

New Orleans Katrina Pain Index at Ten: Who Was Left Behind

Big, dumb, violent and racist is no way to go through life

1,200 guns and 2 TONS of ammunition

... and now, a short musical interlude: One Sousaphone Ruins An Entire KKK March

You know who Crazy Uncle Liberty loves? Winners. Loud, rich, asshole winners

Bill Maher Classics: Is Donald Trump The Offspring Of An Orangutan?

West Point Revokes Diplomas Of Confederate Graduates

Will Sanders follow Wellstone?

Donald Trump: "G.I. Joke" - NY Daily News

Reid raps Republicans over response to Trump comments

Iran Deal Exposes GOP Foreign Policy Idiocy

It's Hard Out Here for a Polar Bear

Soujourners - presidential candidates speak about poverty

O'Reilly & Hume - Trump's McCain comment ... Chris Rock's fault

$100M for SETI // Where are the ETs that must be out there?

Changing lanes [while black] (Digby)

Trump Hits 'Dishonest' Des Moines Register After Blistering Editorial

Keiser Report: Two Faced Greek Govt (E786)

Hillary to Mitch McConnell: I'm 'playing the gender card?' Okay, here's my gender card...

‘Sovereign citizen’ arrested after twice trying to grab one of six loaded guns

India: The Pharmacy of the World Where Fixed Dose Combination Drugs Go Unregulated

Capitalism, Green or Otherwise, Is ''Ecological Suicide''

Poll: Trump surges to big lead in GOP presidential race

"Packed In a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson”

Koterba toon: Trump!!!

NY Daily News Cover Mocks Trump As 'G.I. Joke' For Avoiding Draft (PHOTO)

Is it an honor to go to jail?

I wanted to watch Obama's VFW speech, but Kasich is on MSNBC and FOX

Bernie Sanders And Allies In Congress To Introduce $15 Federal Minimum Wage Wednesday

Your Kids Are Making You Fat

Port truck drivers plan sixth strike against company

I love this photo of Hillary.....


Martin O'Malley: 'Happy anniversary Dodd-Frank: you aren't strong enough, but don’t worry'

July contest finals are posted

David Simon is filming a new series!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Port truck drivers plan sixth strike against company

Port truck drivers plan sixth strike against company

After shooting yourself in both feet, there's always the heart! Please come CAPTION the Donald!!!!

No, thanks: Military asks armed militiamen to go away and stop trying to guard recruiting centers

Study Finds That Men Who Attack Women Online Are, Literally, Losers

Taxes Chainsaw Massacre

Gov. John Kasich is in for 2016. Here are some of the high points of his career

Anti-Abortion Group Releases Second Undercover Planned Parenthood Video

Hey, I'm back. Anything happen with the O'Malley campaign over the weekend?

Leading from behind (JEB, Trump & Jingle) Scott Walker orders Guard members to arm themselves:

Beautiful sea sapphire can make itself invisible in an instant

Chattanooga Shooter Researched Religious Justification For Violence: Official

Leo Panitch and Sharmini Peries at the SYRIZA Headquarters in Athens - July 21, 2015 (TRNN)

Goodbye for now.

CNN: Jeb Bush defends McCain, but supported Swift Boat attacks against Kerry

Lindsey Graham to Trump: "Stop being a jackass"

Existence of elusive molecule confirmed after more than a century

Richard Trumka: Happy 5th Birthday, Dodd-Frank

WEDGE ISSUES: Divisive threat to success


Pic Of The Moment: Battle Of The Chickenhawks

A historical reference request.

National Review says Bernie Sanders is a national socialist (NAZI Party)

What are black issues?

Just ordered $100 worth of Bernie gear

Not remotely Conservative but entirely Regressive

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway

14 Girls Explain Why Women Should Learn How To Code

Police stopped Sandra Bland for allegedly failing to signal a lane change and now she is dead

Watch Bernie Sanders blow Dick Santorum under the water

So I have TWO local clients with DUELING TACO TUESDAYS

Ruff-and-tumble: VP Biden bruised after playing with his dog

we need a pinned link on this page with links to all 50 states for Bernie events

Limo vs Train Crash July 18 2015 Elkhart County Indiana

Bear eats dog food in backyard, falls asleep

It's come to me

"What do you think this nation’s priorities should be during the next decade? How would your

"What do you think this nation’s priorities should be during the next decade? How would your

Murphy heard something!

House ethics panel weighs report on South Bay’s Honda

20 Examples of Bernie Sanders' Powerful Record on Civil and Human Rights Since the 1950s

Flashback: Black Lives Matter Protesters Interrupt Obama In Selma

Very telling that the front-runner of the GOP horde has admitted to knowing frauds

Governor Rauner (R-IL) says he can hold as many secret meetings on public time as he wants

Math is Illegal in Kentucky

Ghosts in the Academic Machine

Can you spot the snow leopard?

Missouri officials discover former sheriff was stockpiling at the county jail for 'end times'

"Packed In a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson”

#BLM - what's the 2016 end game?

18-year-old's video of gun-firing drone spurs investigation

National Review's 4 Zaniest Claims For Why Bernie Sanders Is Like A Nazi

F1 driver Jules Bianchi laid to rest

Who Will Make the Debate Cut?

3 Spanish reporters missing in war-torn Aleppo in Syria

How many of you are willing to say that the right candidate has not come along yet?

Jeb Bush Is Meaner Than He Looks

Senate negotiators reach agreement on 6-year highway bill; rank-and-file approval still needed

This is a move in the right direction

Is D.U. -

Florida mom abandons 3 kids in Waffle House to go drinking at nearby bar

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 21, 2015

Hey Republicans in Congress

‘Our First Openly Asshole President': Jon Stewart Returns from Break to Shred Trump; Part 1 & 2

Oklahoma Court Says Frackers Can Be Sued For Earthquakes

Failure to vote considered treason in North Korea

Russia puts Ukraine film director on trial for 'terror'

O'Malley's facebook page - anyone looked at the comments?

Jesse Ventura’s perfect Ann Coulter putdown: “What has she ever done to deserve any credibility...

Our favorite picture of the night via @Houston4Sanders Texas y'all

Donald Trump Gives Out Lindsey Graham's Cell Phone Number During Speech

Donald Trump Heaps Insults on Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Other Foes

'I'm running for Parliament but my brother is running for President'

Cubans’ Rejection of Rubio Demonstrates Their Independent Thinking

Cubans’ Rejection of Rubio Demonstrates Their Independent Thinking


US Solidarity Delegation Visits Venezuela, Praises Democratic Model

Conservative Filmmaker: Time To 'Target' Black Monuments In 'Race War'

India: Farmer Suicides Reach Record Levels

Dallas Turns Out for Bernie Sanders

slavery and racism were, and are, economic problems.

Economic slump, not natural gas boom, responsible for drop in CO2 emissions

Italy breaches human rights by blocking gay marriage: European court

(Poll) Do you think Bernie Sanders hates black people?

*Need MORE INFO Re this good *Video Segment of Bernie on BLM-Black Lives Matter

Dr. Corrnel West on Bernie Sanders...

Cotton Blocks Judges on Court Familiar to His Former Law Firm

Bernie Sanders does not like the DNC's debate schedule and line-up

Bernie, BLM, NN, HRC, MM and Dems in general

If you haven't looked at it, peruse the Clinton Foundation website

that big ol' spider is still hanging around

FLORIDA GROUP: Florida nostalgia thread, pre-1980, remember when.....

Florida gun shop owner reveals 'Muslim-free zone'

What Al Sharpton learned from James Brown that Donald Trump hasn’t



Oh those kids! Graham called Trump a jackass.

You want what, Bernie?

Tolupanes Put Their Lives on the Line Defending All Hondurans

Shallow fracking raises questions for water, new Stanford research shows

World Trust: The Summer of Justice & Racial Healing

Colored glasses

Anyone know when the next Iowa Democratic Caucus polls

Event: West Des Moines Town Meeting on 7/24 at 7pm

Trump gives out Lindsey Graham cell phone number in public

As President, I’ll defend Dodd-Frank, reinstitute Glass-Steagall,

Does Bernie Sanders surge threaten Hillary?

Scott Walker Took $500,000 from ‘Swift Boat’ Group Attacking Purple Heart Winner McCain

Hacker remotely crashes Jeep from 10 miles away

Event: Iowa Democratic Wing Ding, August 14, 2015

No such thing as an honorable Confederate flag

WaPo: Is Scott Walker ignorant by choice?

[from Reddit] CNN Made my Jaw Drop This Morning

The conspiracy theory kooks are out in force...

Hoyer Says Confederate Flag Flap Is GOP's Excuse on Spending Bills

Great point!

GOP politicians like Scott Walker work hard to suppress the vote. New data gives us a good idea why

Sandra Bland's sorority sister on the Thom Hartmann show after this break (I think).

Martin O'Malley is no Donald Trump, and good for him.

A Georgia solution for Confederate flag controversy

Does it sometimes seem like Wall Street hiring has no rules?

Feds end prosecution of Barry Bonds without conviction

What is Donald Trump made of?

Mr. Fish on the Donald (warning objectionable language)

O'Malley campaigning in Berlin (NH.)

Venezuela takes drastic measure amid food crisis

Increasing global debt levels is a fact - next global crisis ahead

FBI, Israel Make Securities Fraud Arrests Tied to JPMorgan Hack

Martin O’Malley tangles with RNC over link between climate change and ISIS.

Some FL events for July 29 in 100 miles of Tampa. More than I thought.

The Underwater Graveyards of Tryweryn Valley, Wales

THE ONION scoops the 'serious' press - when the 'truth' is funnier than the spoof.

Like Thom says, us white folk been committing TERRORISM against POC and Native Americans

Martin O’Malley tangles with RNC over link between climate change and ISIS.

Question Two: Does Bernie's platform and history support black people?

Flashback:Unions And Black Lives Matter Activists Join Forces Against Scott Walker

Prosecutor: Wyoming Shooter "Went Hunting" for Drunk Homeless People

My First Puppy Craigslist rescue by Danielle Angola, IN

Ukraine crisis: 'Putin is obsessed with the idea of testing Nato' - and the Baltics will be next

Listen to Tia Oso in her own words. #BlackLivesMatter


At least one Neo-Confederate here in the Tampa Bay

Wayne Powell's running for State Senate!

I'm not entirely sure what this means, but I think I'll avoid this county anyway

MSNBC Rumor Alert: Olbermann Coming Back? Several Shows Getting Slashed?

Bill Clinton Speaks on His Criminal Justice Policies after Charleston, SC Church Shooting, June 17

Worse Than TPP: Secret Economic Trade Deal Could Ruin Global Economy

Heads Up - Obama will be on Jon Stewart tonight

Trump Is The ID Of The Republican Party

Service Record: Trump, McCain, And Republican Contempt For Veterans

Why won't Hillary join Bernie in demanding employers provide paid vacation days?

Message from Team Bernie..

Why is the US media so pro-Israel?

Court Overturns Some Blagojevich Senate-Seat Convictions

My sympathies, I don't know how you take it....

Hillary conceeds; Social and Economic justice is inseperable

"Maroon 5" band tweet Happy Birthday Dalai Lama. Chinese offended. Tweet deleted, tour canceled

Seems sometimes hard times never leave, at least for too many.

19 killed in two Baghdad car bombs

Hey #BlackLivesMatter, people will do and say anything to detract from the important work you do

My father was killed by Russian propaganda, says Nemtsov's daughter

Amazonians share an unexpected genetic link with Asian islanders,

Not Your Grandma's Cuba: A New Day in the Caribbean

Science reveals what makes trolls so nasty

Thirty-Year-Old Father Dies After Being Hogtied By Mississippi Cops (VIDEO)

Godzilla Facepalm

Some things never change. We're a self defeating bunch of nitwits

President Obama on Iran deal critics: They were wrong on Iraq, too

People kill intra-racially more often than inter-racially. This is a fact.

National Zoo: Shombay, cheetah, dies at age 12

'Obamamania' grips Kenya as savvy traders cash in on POTUS visit

We have to unite ourselves around Black Lives Matter.

Scott Walker: Dismantle independent elections and ethics board

Someone put up a new warning sign for motorists in the town where Sandra Bland was arrested

Bionic eye transplant a first

Citi ordered to pay $770 million over credit card practices

If "undocumented corporations" crossed the border

Obama lowers White House flag

My Point Of View: Black Lives Matter Protests #NN15 Town Hall With O’Malley And Sanders

Bernie Sanders Screwed up at NRN15.

New marijuana industry wrestles with pesticides and safety

Trump: Rick Perry wears glasses to seem smart

"Torturing small animals was just practice!" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Police brutality in Colorado Springs...

Republicans Are Upset That Martin O'Malley Cited Actual Science On Climate Change And Conflict!!!!

Another murder by cop

July 21, 1978 United States Postal Service POW's

Dr. Cornel West loves Bernie Sanders and hates President Obama.

The South Still Infested With Racist Cockroaches; Time To Clean House

Virginia unemployment rate holds steady at 4.9 percent in June

Just heard Olberman MAY be comming beck to MSNBC!

Theodore Bikel Dies: Actor & Longtime Union Activist Was 91

Theodore Bikel Dies: Actor & Longtime Union Activist Was 91

Theodore Bikel Dies: Actor & Longtime Union Activist Was 91

Mother Jones' Donald Trump insult generator

'Dead generals' and Confederate flags 'do not own the South,' says novelist Kent Wascom

More than 100 pro-Confederate flag rallies have been held since Charleston shooting

Right wingers have a new hero

My wedding was perfect – and I was fat as hell the whole time

Detroit's county in financial emergency, state review team says

Editorial: Symbolism of Confederate flag is undeniable

GOP passes massive tax break for millionaires, billionaires

Bexar County Votes to Remove Confederate Symbols (TX)

This is an interesting article from the Washington Post

Expanded: Bill Clinton Speaks on His Criminal Justice Policies & After S.C. Church Shooting, June 17

New York City settles Occupy Wall Street pepper spray lawsuit for $50,001

Young Leaders Happy Hour with Governor O'Malley

For the first time in history, Jews can take part in war from home'

Young Leaders Happy Hour with Governor O'Malley

Young Leaders Happy Hour with Governor O'Malley

Young Leaders Happy Hour with Governor O'Malley

Photo: Armed local citizens guarding Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Gallatin, Tenn.

Draw up 40% cuts plans, George Osborne tells Whitehall departments

If Trump wasn't BORN a boss . . .

Some things never change. We routinely dismiss the issues of minorities in deference to those of the

Gun Shop Owner Announces ‘Muslim-Free Zone’ At Store For ‘Safety Of Patriots’

'Archie' cartoonist Tom Moore dies in his native El Paso

Fox News is actually blaming McCain for Trump's comments...

Liberals’ Attacks on Cornel West Expose Their Political Bankruptcy

Veterans Take Down Protester's Sign at Obama Speech

"Bernie is losing black support that was already flimsy"

14 Reasons Why You Should Have A Cat At Home

Space City Comic Con coming to NRG Center this weekend

Time for a break. Feeling it now. Read one post too many for today.

In Ischia, Italy, cooking is done in the sand, not on the stove.

Abbott to expand Planned Parenthood probe after 2nd video released

Bexar County Commissioners order removal of Confederate symbols

Senate blocks progress on highway bill


And so it goes

Future of Urban Planning: A Hawaiian Neighborhood Born of Social Media

Security experts hack into car while it's moving on the road and MAKE IT STOP.

Protester faces off against man with AR-15 under defaced Confederate memorial in North Texas

Protester faces off against man with AR-15 under defaced Confederate memorial in North Texas

Jeb Bush cares NOTHING about McCain's service. Jeb's mission is to force Trump out of the race.

Bernie and his campaign get it re: outreach to people of color

Trump insults Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, gives out Lindsey Graham's number

13 July Events within 50 miles of Indianapolis, IN

Taking offense to slurs and hate speech doesn't make you weak.

Steinle’s father tells Senate U.S. needs new immigration approach

Paradise Lost: The Hippie Refugee Camp-- Taylor Camp, Kauai in Hawaii (warning:some nudity at link)

I keep seeing the claim that Sanders, like O'Malley and Clinton, said "All lives matter"

Ever wonder where "Dog days of summer" comes from?

Activism Works: Enraged Florida Citizens Ban Fracking

Jeb Bush Is Meaner Than He Looks

This is how your company’s HR department manipulates and spies on you — even when you’re not at work

After Losing On Same-Sex Marriage, Conservative Christians Find A New Enemy

Rand Paul ‘kills’ the tax code in new digital ad

Myths And Facts About The Renewable Fuel Standard and Ethanol fuel - MediaMatters

**29** July 29 Events within 50 miles of Riverview, FL (right below Tampa)

Democrats Announce Sweeping, Doomed Federal LGBT Rights Bill

U.S. imposes sanctions on Hezbollah officials for Syria support


The National Review just compared Bernie Sanders to racist Nazis

Here's today's Presidential Fashion Survey:

photos from Woodstock 1969 (dialup warning)

Republicans only respect a certain type of veteran

Ted Cruz Interviews Anti-Gay Business Owners, Says They “Inspire” Him

Democrats are ‘uncomfortable’ with Iran deal because Netanyahu is so ‘influential in our country’

For #BlackLivesMatter, targeting Bernie Sanders isn’t just about 2016. It's about today.

Hillary Clinton is No Progressive - Common Dreams

"The people united will never be defeated"...

Racist Readers Need Not Apply

Fritters and hush puppies. Talk to me.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Windows Threshold Wave 2 Arriving Just 3 Months After Windows 10

Father Who Sued To Keep His Adult Daughters From Getting Birth Control Wins Key Court Fight

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Outstrips Sanders and O'Malley in Staff Diversity

Humanist hero booed from Guatemalan Congress

Florida man shoots teen daughter’s boyfriend after boy dares him

Student debt protesters crash French Quarter parade of financial aid administrators (w/ video)

Los Angeles County votes to raise minimum wage to $15 by 2020

Graham: 'Don't vote for me' if you're 'worn out by war'

Sandra Bland dash cam video just released.

Cost of college around the world...

Pope Francis ignites a revolt that will overthrow American capitalism

So Ian Bremer President of the Eurasian group, is on Charlie Rose giving his two cents on the Iran

President Obama nails Republicans

I wonder why, when people complain about racial discussions dividing us, and how they think it aids the 1%

This is the only group I am going to post in from now on. I am through.

Nate Silver nails it: "Donald Trump Is The World’s Greatest Troll"

Sexy Photos of Veteran Amputees Defy Stereotypes, Showcase Beauty of Their New Bodies

Officials Assure Transparency in Sandra Bland Jail Death Investigation

Mexican immigrants didn't steal your job, take your home, and crash your 401(K)...

Simple Rule: You arrest someone, you are responsible for their life

'A Moment of Shame' ~ Bernie V Hillary on the DLC/Republican 'Welfare Reform Bill'

Sandra Bland Traffic Stop Video

As Bernie Sanders rises, attacks from the right get ugly

Dear Jon Stewart, you can't leave now. Not with Trump in the race.

DNC Releases Killer Ad: Retrumplican Party

Lucy Lu and Suzie Q. As always, to squeee is free.

As Bernie Sanders rises, attacks from the right get ugly

Judge Halts Depositions For Bill And Hillary Clinton

The President Is Now Taking Robot Visitors

Texans Voluntarily Guarding Military Recruiting Stations

Donald Trump Attempts To Praise Vietnam Veteran, Accidentally Tweets Photo Of Murderer Instead

Feds say ID protector LifeLock violated $12M settlement

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour - PS4 - Review

Trump’s religious talk causes unease among social conservatives

USGS Scientist: Major Quake On Hayward Fault Expected ‘Any Day Now’

Legislature Questions Abbott's Budget Vetoes

Yuba spring-run salmon count indicates a record low

About "military heroes"...