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Archives: July 19, 2015

I have had an epiphany in the last 30 days

Marijuana dispensaries save lives, new study shows

White progressives get a taste of anger & frustration as #BlackLivesMatter activists upstage Bernie

Workers at Stoney Brothers approve first-ever Oregon contract for marijuana workers

Everything you ever wanted to Know about Durian Fruit

Martin O'Malley meeting with progressive voices and writers at Netroots_Nation

America's hungry elderly

Hey folks, just wanted to say THANK YOU for supporting my kid's band!!!!!


Cattleman raising historic herd of red heifers in Israel

I don't know how many of you have been here long enough to remember

Had a blast at Ant Man (No Spoilers)

Republicans plan new abortion push

The story behind Prince Fielder’s Korean tattoo

Trump Is Right About McCain Not Supporting Veterans.

I'm voting for Bernie. I've donated to him twice. But his response to blacklivesmatter is incomplete

Thai court jails 8 for posting videos insulting the monarchy

HRC POST: Bernie Standing for Hillary~

As long as a President is more progressive than 217 House members and 50 Senators ...

They're No. 1: U.S. Wins Math Olympiad For First Time In 21 Years

Pakistan bails top model who tried to leave country with $500,000

Economics The end of capitalism has begun - great read

China held tourists after 'watching Genghis Khan video'

Jeb Bush's military draft record deserves scrutiny: DU's symboman pointed this out long ago.

In 1999 Trump proposed universal health care to be paid for by a 15% wealth tax

Torture survivors of Chad's ex-dictator Hissene Habré hope for justice as trial begins

Betty Wright, wife of former U.S. House speaker Jim Wright, dies at 91

What a Rattlesnake Bite Will Cost You At an American Hospital

Equal Economic Impact is the Remedy to Crony Government

Let's see where everyone REALLY stands on the NN protests

Was Host of "Net Roots Nation" Interview w/O'Malley/Sanders Upset because of his New Documentary?

Turtle-nest fight leaves one wounded, another arrested, authorities say

Trump is going to be hard to debate watch this video

I cleaned out the bird bath and bleach got into the soil around a plant

Sanders Calls Out Clinton's Silence on Keystone

I plan to vote for Donald Trump to be our next President.

The Confederate flag KKK love fest went terribly wrong....

Va. crowd rallies for new memorial that honors slaves, Union soldiers

Goodbye And Good Riddance To Atticus Finch And Other ‘White Saviors’

Bill Cosby talks in graphic detail about his calculated pursuit of young women in a previously unpub

Here is the "entire" video of Bernie at Netroots.

sandra bland - - painful to watch

When Hillary Clinton Gave a Talk at a Black Church and Insulted BLM

Almost 3 weeks as foster parents.

#BlackLivesMatter co-founder warns presidential candidates: ‘We will shut down every single debate’

Phoenix is rockin'!!!!

Mobile home park for senior citizens bans food bank deliveries

Warehouse District plaque dedicated to remember violent 1934 truckers' strike

Tears and anger at funeral of 'police chokehold victim' Jonathan Sanders

For those DUers that read my labor histories a very special treat

Warehouse District plaque dedicated to remember violent 1934 truckers' strike

Warehouse District plaque dedicated to remember violent 1934 truckers' strike

It has come to my attention

Question for DUers (or lurkers): Can someone tell me about Trump's military record?

I wonder if Rick Porcello can hear me booing him.

Why can't there be one debate that focuses on issues of importance To Black Lives Matter?

Calling female canidates whores

How to Prepare for Photographic Travel, with Susan Seubert, photographer for National Geograpic

How to Prepare for Photographic Travel, with Susan Seubert, photographer for National Geograpic

Has the President ordered flags to half-staff in honor of the Chattanooga victims?

Cops kill a law-abiding citizen for taking off his hat, get away with it

Hillary To Jeb Bush: The Problem Is CEOs, Not Their Workers

Only 3 Percent of Jeb Bush's Campaign Cash Came From Small Donors

Carson Not Sure McCain is War Hero

Daffy, Bugs, Road Runner, and all those others

Woo Hoo!! Gully Washer here in Central California.

Trump Says He Heroically Avoided Capture in Vietnam by Staying in U.S.

Do you know how damn hot it is????

Obama takes a stroll through Central Park, shocking a hot dog vendor before catching 'Hamilton' mati

The creative process - Bugs, Road Runner, Peppie, etc.

Contemplating Catastrophe, Environmentalists Embrace Existentialism

Child’s Description Of Heaven During Near-Death Experience Specifically Mentions Book Deal

Planned Parenthood saves lives

#IfIDieInPoliceCustody Trends as People Look for Answers in the Death of Sandra Bland

Gallup: Hillary Clinton is most admired woman in the world; President Obama is most admired man

Rick Perry calls on Donald Trump to withdraw from the presidential race

Find out what your ZIP code says about you with this creepily accurate website

WV Gorby Pad Pipeline ‘Explosion’ & Fire Under Investigation (Tyler Co)

WV Gorby Pad Pipeline ‘Explosion’ & Fire Under Investigation (Tyler Co)

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 21: Seeing Red

Just heard 12,000 at Bernie rally in Phoenix now. Video live feed from local network.

HDMI cable questions

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 22: TCM Guest Programmer: Joan Collins

Gone with the Wind

Launch Public Integrity Probe of Scott Walker Using Hundreds of Pages of John Doe Docs in Public Dom

Bernie Sanders Largerst Turnout Yet in Phoenix! Reports say 11,000!

Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Dinner 07-17-2015

1 in 4 Americans think the sun orbits the earth?

Minorities are still not #FeelingTheBern

Hillary Clinton slams Trump over criticism of McCain


Wisconsin US Senator Takes Leading Role Slamming Scott Walker

No, billionaires don’t drive economic growth – and crony billionaires strangle it

O'Malley: Music is 'all that keeps us here'

The troubling reason why Greenland may melt faster than expected

The greatest threat to America? Republicans

Tennessee shooter was ‘upset’ by wars in Gaza, Syria

O'Malley gets booed for saying "White Lives Matter, All Lives Matter", then apologizes

Martin O'Malley had to apologize for saying "white lives matter, all lives matter."

Bill Cosby Deposition Reveals Calculated Pursuit of Young Women, Using Fame, Drugs and Deceit

A Hygiene HypothesisTheory about LADA

Pessimist or Optimist?

Will the RNC condemn the Bush supporters who swiftboated McCain in 2000?

"Why heckle Democrats/allies?"

Proposed SNAP rules blasted

O'Malley is in last place in Virginia, his neighboring state - getting beat by Lincoln Chafee

Social Democratic Class Politics vs. New Left Identity Politics

People are, apparently, confused why a call for a return to the economy of the 1950s


I am home from the Town Hall here in Phoenix.

Today in History....

Drone Delivers Medicine to Rural Virginia Clinic

Sandra Bland’s Jailhouse Death Is Being Investigated By A Racist Sheriff AND A Racist Prosecutor

Socialist Argentina Helping People in Fascist Paraguay

Uruguay Begins New Search for Disappeared

Uruguay Begins New Search for Disappeared

Twilight is getting sick. I can't go through this again. I lost Monster to pancreatic cancer or

Humans have more primitive hands than chimpanzees

Maybe it is America that is catching up to Bernie... 1988 message clearly consistent


Black Lives Matter Activists Take Over Netroots Nation to Confront Martin O’Malley

Daily Holidays - July 19

Rick Perry Calls On Donald Trump To Withdraw From The Presidential Race

Record-Breaking Solar Flight Lands in Hawaii Demonstrating Potential of Carbon-Free Travel

Remember that pizzeria that was feeding the homeless?

To make clear, O'Malley's term as mayor saw a sharp decline in the numbers of police shootings

Big Money Stalls Key Dodd-Frank Corporate Transparency Rule

Someone asked me whether or what a Black man could do to end racism.

U.S. Defense Secretary To Visit Israel To Discuss 'Security Needs'

Israel’s Hostility Toward Iran Deal Is Not Really About a Nuclear Weapon

Retired General: Drones Create More Terrorists Than They Kill, Iraq War Created ISIS

#BlackLivesMatter but 15 Minutes of Fame Seekers Shouldn't: The Sanders/O'Malley Shoutdown NN15

Biker rally at courthouse in Waco draws about 100 in aftermath of Twin Peaks shootings

Looks like Southern California got its January rain in July.

Reuter's Most Popular Instagram Images... 2015

I noticed that a DU'er..........

Blasts destroy Hamas, Islamic Jihad cars in Gaza

President Obama Meets With Emma Didlake, Oldest Living U.S. Veteran '110 years young'

Excerpts From Cosby’s Deposition - jaw-dropping admissions from a brazen, unapologetic predator.

Bernie Sanders in Phoenix Arizona 07-18-2015

Tom Petty gets it re. the Confederate battle flag: says he was "downright stupid" to use it in perfo

Texas Jade Helm Leader: ‘Liberals Are Useless – Can’t Wait To Kill Thousands Of These F*cks’

Up at five in the morning on Sunday. Yesterday I got up at six.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Apocalypse Meow Edition

America's role in Jamaica's murders - Today's Editorial

"Jeb Bush" tweet on Scott Walker

Thousands of Sinkholes Threaten Dead Sea's Tourism Industry

How a golden parachute should work.

Hi Yo Silver Away! - Lone Ranger Obama Rides into History

King Salman of Saudi Arabia Meets With Hamas Leaders

#BlackLivesMatter: the birth of a new civil rights movement

I, myself, would NEVER have been captured!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Explainer: Preventing a war with Iran

Earth on the BBQ: Hottest June Puts 2015 On Track For Hottest Year On Record By Far

Trump's comment may be a calculated way of getting out of the race

UAB to open Alabama's first mental health clinic for LGBTQ patients

Let's not forget Trump's quote was not only about McCain.

RC-drones chase firefighter-aircraft, delay response by 15+ minutes

Will civil rights protesters be appearing at Republican events?

Fusion politics rather than division

Sandler says he wasn't trying to offend Native Americans

Sandler says he wasn't trying to offend Native Americans

Greece loses case on paternal leave in European court (sought to refuse male parental leave)

New Hampshire Raceway (NASCAR) seeing plenty of confederate flags

The RNC said what???? WTF????

Greece debt crisis: Reforms 'will fail' - Varoufakis

Hi Yo Silver Away! - Lone Ranger Obama Rides into History

HRC GROUP POST - Cute Hillary Vine plus a link to fun tweets about her visit to Iowa

Storms close beaches, causes power outages in California

Will Bernie make it onto the primary ballot in FL?

Baby believed kidnapped near Los Angeles is found safe

You're making a difference -- daily update for 7-18-15 & goal went up again

NJ editorial: Trump is wrong. Immigrants don't commit more crimes.

Kayaktivists Across the Country Paddle in Protest of Arctic Drilling

Over 120 Iraqis killed in market place bombing yesterday

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Golden Parachute

Sunday's Doonesbury-Hot Crow

Things to Know About MRSA

Bernard Tomic apologises after Miami Beach hotel arrest

Beginning of the End for Trump?

25 years ago today

The Failed Project of Europe

Trump Won’t Apologize for McCain Comment

NLRB orders union, Mercy back to bargaining table

NLRB orders union, Mercy back to bargaining table

NLRB orders union, Mercy back to bargaining table

The 3rd Reconstruction (and fusion).

Photoshop? 'Roo' in the snow...that can't be right!

Ben Carson, When Asked If McCain Is a War Hero: ‘Depends on Your Definition’

I added "Trump" to my "trash can" list, and suddenly GD is empty for me.

Could Kasich make things awkward for FOX during the Ohio debate?

The Duggars’ Road to Ruin: From Molestation to Cancellation

Science and Religion are Compatible. Science and Dogma are Not.

Tenn. gunman used drugs, struggled with clash of faith

Sanders vaults from fringe to the heart of the fray

Hmm, here is some nice satire to go along with your morning coffee. Topic: Sarah Palin

Cubans brace for the coming wave

Chemists Invent New Letters for Nature’s Genetic Alphabet

Stop laughing at Donald Trump - By William H. Frey

Did anyone who voted for the Iraq invasion think "Wait. Black lives matter."

Tenn. gunman used drugs, struggled with clash of faith

Why Hillary Clinton is pushing to reignite Democrats in Arkansas

We haven't forgotten Jeb Bush's 2005 letter of support for Swiftboaters' disparaging of John Kerry.

TOON: The Trojan Trump

Hillary Clinton slams Trump over criticism of McCain

Last night I dreamed there were gila monsters under my bed.

Trump did not happen overnight. He's the product of a dangerous, cynical GOP strategy that dates bac

So, we are supposed to believe Bill Cosby,

Could the radical-right replace the radical-left in Greece? (Syriza is pro-EU, Golden Dawn is not)

There's a racist history to the term "all lives matter".

Venezuela bars another opposition politician from office

Venezuela bars another opposition politician from office

Miss school dist defense: its officials don't understand 1st Amend

O'Malley apologizes for saying 'all lives matter' at liberal conference.

BREAKING: First Reactions from Patrisse Cullors During “Call Out” at Netroots Nation

one day in, Satan 2016 ...polling at 3rd place in the race for the Republican nomination

Abdulazeez (Tennessee gunman) bought assault rifles online.

Court: Little Sisters Of Poor Don't Have ‘Religious Freedom’ Right To Opt Out Of Contracept Mandate

Guest tells Fox: ‘Own up to the fact’ that GOP encourages Donald Trump’s ‘douchebaggery’

So, when Hillary gets interrupted by protestors, it's because she's ignoring the "real people"

Scott Walker calls for more militaristic America: US needs to ‘put steel in the face of our enemies’

Kansas governor Sam Brownback kisses up to the Talibornagains...

Venezuela: Does an increase in poverty signal threat to government?

At Iowa Conf, Ben Carson Set to Join Pastor Who Wants Gays Put to Death

Poverty rates Latin America

"When the facts blow away, the truth remains." Please come CAPTION State Rep. Andy Holt (TN, R)

When Pigs Fly

big bend national park

Nothing new here, keep moving people." Phony GOP outrage

What Bernie was saying when the shouts got louder...

Is the movie "The Color Purple" a good one ?

Is the Planned Parenthood Video Fraud...

For Democratic Candidates, black voters are often taken for granted.

Investigate the Wisconsin Supreme Court and its decision to stop the John Doe II investigation.

4 year old patient "marries" favorite nurse in hospital ceremony

How the GOP and Fox must be viewing Trump's popularity

Obama Unchained: Luther the Anger Translator No Longer Needed

Flash player crashing constantly

The Racist Killing Fields in the US: The Death of Sandra Bland

On NRN - This is what MLK had to say about similar schisms between Democrats during the late 1960s

Memo to Bernie supporters

Fact Checking Bill O'Reilly's Dumb, Hateful Lies: Fox News Propaganda Breaks New Ground

Ribs in the smoker while I make a blueberry pie

Welcome to Fairmead, California, Where You Have to Walk a Mile for a Sip of Water

Something needs to be done about the breakdown of juries in GDP

WATCH: Sandra Bland Speaks Truth in Video Before Her Suspicious Death In Texas Jail

Nearly 40,000 Demand South Carolina Remove Slave Memorial Because It 'Shames' Whites

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 19, 2015

Donald Trump: Slamming McCain helps veterans like I exposed Mexican rapists, ‘which is great’

Obama Creates Three New National Monuments Protecting One Million More Acres of Public Lands

Kerry Says He Has "Zéro Interest" in WH bid.

Bernie Sanders Is Part Of The Washington Establishment

(Concord, NH Monitor)Bernie Sanders: Can turn ‘magic in a bottle’ into Democratic win?

Arizona Sues USA to Protect Gray Wolves as GOP seeks to cut major conservation fund source

Using his strength against him: Bernie Sanders and his record on Civil Rights

Tim Wise on Black Lives Matter protest

“We passed Castle Doctrine and concealed carry. And we now require a photo ID to vote ..."

Oklahoma Sues EPA, Calling Clean Air Rule Unconstitutional

Black Votes Matter! Hispanic Votes Matter!

A young black woman told me,...

Doctors Save Man’s Severed Hand By Actually Attaching It To His Leg

The orbits of the Earth and Venus

Sexist, racist – the web hounding of Ellen Pao shows the trolls are winning

Well this is horrible...

Kyrsten Sinema is the Representative from the 9th district

Walker's Enemies List

super tiny "tick box" for DU login on Win10 build 10240 and Opera 32.0.1926.0

Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect. This is cool.

Have Any Of The Sunday News Shows Or Cable News Shows Talked About Bernie's Phoenix Turnout?.....

Guns in America: For every criminal killed in self-defense, 34 innocent people die

Bernie Sanders Holds Biggest Rally of His Campaign (11,347)

Troy Newman & other rabid anti-choicers are behind 'sting' video

Pureland priestess

Trump Responds to McCain controversy - Doubles down on comments

Liberals Roar As Bernie Sanders Joins Elizabeth Warren On Bill To Reinstate Glass Steagall

Fascinating Program Re- Management v. Labor and Making Things Work

The Chicago Boys in Chile: Economic Freedom's Awful Toll

Confederate Flag-Waving Klansmen Vow To ‘Hang’ Blacks, Taunt Them With ‘Gorilla’ Noises

The Rudderless Voyage

Martin O'Malley interview with Goldie Taylor moments after the Black Lives Matter protest

How did this monster get created?

When you ask for help, please post your Operating System and details....

Bernie actually LISTENED to the BLM/NetRoots disrupters, and within a few hours

For rabid #antichoicers, logic and reason simply can't compete with #PPSellsBodyParts:

Have you guys seen the #berniesoblack?

Economic justice and the dream.

Killer Mike: Bernie Sanders Supporter. Many people are unaware of who Killer Mike is.

About Trumps latest remarks:

Huffington Post: Predatory Lender or 'Premier' Chain of Career Colleges?

Amid swirl of debate over Confederate symbols, a look at Lynchburg’s Civil War monuments

What Bernie said in June of this year about Black Lives Matter. Did the hecklers know?

What Bernie said in June this year about Black Lives Matter.

Black Cop Helps White Man at KKK Rally

hey cheeseheads, a little help? natural monuments in wis.

First photo of my ride in a B-17 this morning UPDATE link to 146 photos now online

Egypt's Military Spokesman Says 7 Soldiers Killed in Sinai

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

O'Malley showed us why he should be the nominee yesterday.

"Sanders’ policies are popular, mainstream and the future" (Bill Curry article, at Salon)

Dr. MLK Jr on Income Inequality

Advice: When you speak truth to power, make sure the power is not an ally in your struggle.

Is there something wrong with Bernie's left arm?

Scooter killed a bird yesterday

Bernie Buttons

Fundies attempt to incite riot at ASU

What happened to O'Malley and Sanders is actually a healthy sign... for both of them

Links to the talk shows Kerry was on this morning (often with Moniz)

DU is feeling like the mud pit at Woodstock

Picketty's suggestions and US economic policy

1991 Sanders lashes out about "tough on crime" legislation.

Give Bernie some respect, the guy isn't an idiot

Watching the GOP beat up McCain shouldn't be surprising. That's how they treat older Americans...

"Heroes Reborn" Trailer

You Just Got Out of Prison. Now What?

Guardian: Has America gone nuts? Could Republican frontrunner Donald Trump really become president?

Hundreds of NASCAR fans, dozens of Confederate flags at NHMS

Anti-Abe posters raised across Japan in protest over security bills

Link to live feed of Bernie in Dallas starting right now:

Can we at least stop calling people "whore" and just call them "politician" since it means

**********AFRICAN-AMERICAN GROUP: Please read the SOP before posting******* feedback about Netroots

Walker Doesn’t Know If Being Gay is a Choice

Russia seizes Japanese fishing boat

Confederate flag rekindles Marin effort to change Dixie School District’s name (CA)

Police seize guns, 40,000 bullets from hidden room in Ringwood home

This will not end well: Westboro Baptist to protest at funerals of TN shooting victims

If McCain is a Hero are the people we sent to Guantanamo Heroes too?

US Congress debates China deal renewal

Amid swirl of debate over Confederate symbols, a look at Union Civil war monuments

KFC shows how to change Myanmar's eating habits

Mahavishnu Orchestra: you know you know

2 women to vie in Taiwan presidential election

The bullshit myth of "transferrable skills" in resumes.

Confederate flag supporters rally in Birmingham’s Linn Park

Mississippi flag folded at some public buildings

Trump | Master Businessman

Discussion with TWIB:

Surfer Mick Fanning battles shark attack at J-Bay Open (VIDEO)

Hilarious: If men validated men on Facebook like women validate women. You Go, Guy!

In 1991, Sanders lashed out against "tough-on-crime" policies favored by establishment Dems

I wonder ......

The day before he was heckled at netroots

Peter Tosh-Steppin Razor

Hillary Clinton Lambastes Republicans in Arkansas Homecoming

Talk about Ideas. Keep your eye on the prize.

The reasons Rs win is not complicated.

American Summer

Greece: Operation "mutation of the Left" has started!

Media Center won’t be available in Windows 10

what issues wont be discussed in this primary?

300 animals removed from Lawrence County, Alabama shelter

Bernie Sanders said her name! Sandra Bland

Memo to my Fellow Bernie Supporters!

#BlackLivesMatter co-founder warns presidential candidates: ‘We will shut down every single debat

Barack Obama is President of the United States. Bernie Sanders is not.

'It was bizarre,' says disabled vet shot while guarding sea turtle nest

Bernie Sanders said her name! Sandra Bland Eric Garner

Incredible hubris among elected officers continues with the case of the missing bouganvillea

It's getting close to August

Incredible hubris among elected officers continues with the case of the missing bouganvillea

The ICC declares war on Israel

Does anyone really think Bernie Sanders would be an effective POTUS

Duplicate post removed

First photo of my ride in a B-17 this morning UPDATE link to 146 photos now online

Trump Awakens Kerry’s Vietnam Anger

Nice profile of Hillary's political director.

Should Hosts Be Obliged to Check Out Forum Context Before Locking

Salon: Hillary can’t escape: Her Bernie Sanders problem is she doesn’t understand ...

Hillary Clinton's political director brings key lessons from her own (losing) campaign

The Flatlanders still have it. Dallas

Yesterday I was driving through the wilds of SE MS, lost the NPR station, and found Janet Parshall

Trump doubles down

"Black Privilege" Crystal Valentine, CUPSI 2015 Finals

Pay The Alligator-The Flatlanders

Simon's Cat Kitten Collection!

Simon's Cat Kitten Collection!

Simon's Cat Kitten Collection!

sabrina 1...Memo to my Fellow Bernie Sanders Supporters

I spent 2 years cleaning houses. What I saw makes me never want to be rich.

Why Hillary Clinton Lacks Credibility On Criminal Justice Reform

Hi folks, I'm going to print more Virginia voter petition forms tomorrow & want to get some good

Should segregationist statue in SC tell about massacre too?

Drive, neutral and reverse

Diaz-Canel Leads Cuban Delegation to Sandinist Revolution Festivity

Dear Black People,

Our Racial Moment of Truth

Reason # 1,487 why @ScottWalker is a dimwit.

With a song in his heart, Minnesota pianist celebrates mended ties with Cuba

An unwilling truant

Some people on DU are older than dirt.

WATCH: CBS guest whitesplains ‘Black Lives Matter’ to Gwen Ifill by likening it to Donald Trump

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 20 July 2015

BLM and Bernie.

What Should Be Fate of Confederate Monument in Rockville?

Jake Tapper calls out GOP hypocrites: ‘There’s no place’ for being swiftboated ‘unless you’re a Demo

US Involvement in Venezuela-Guyana Dispute Denounced

Crowd Gathers To Commemorate The Role Of Loudoun Slaves

Bernie Sanders is making the Democratic Primary 2016 to be NOT ABOUT MONEY

Cuba insists embargo has to go

Monday is a *New Day*. Who/what will THE Donald offend tomorrow?

If South Carolina can do it, so can Texas

Group wants Confederate monument out of Travis Park

Revealing, and somewhat disturbing: Hillary Clinton Draws Scrappy Determination From a Tough, Combative Father

Cuba, Invited to International Maya Culture Festival in Yucatan, Mex

As Latin America Moves Left It Successfully Confronts Hunger

First FAA-Approved Drone Delivery in U.S. is Successful

Corporate Media Puts Nicaragua in Its Crosshairs

Bernie is the first primary candidate to address #blacklivesmatter & ifidieinpollicecustody

Hillary Clinton Suggests the Minimum Wage Is a Local Issue

In Dallas, Sanders' Tough Talk Fires Up Thousands

Netroots Nation

Hillary Clinton has a pathetic record on race-related issues

Peru starts harassment of isolated Indigenous group

White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study

Bernie Sanders Dallas Rally July 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders voices concerns about police brutality in Dallas campaign stop

I just rented the movie, SELMA

"Whore" is never an acceptable term to use about any woman candidate, not even Fiorina

I wonder what the Sanders supporters would do if Elizabeth Warren suddenly decided to run?

Trump courts Arizona treasurer to challenge McCain

After running two "Moderate" Rep. candidates and losing, maybe the GOP is willing to roll the dice

The Sounds of Silence

The look on this little girl's face:

Mourners to gather at Sandra Bland's alma mater

Rodriguez Larreta wins runoff, will succeed Macri as Buenos Aires mayor.

Donald Trump Evades Specifics On His Vietnam War Draft Deferment

Weapons giant Lockheed Martin agrees to buy Black Hawk maker for $8bn

Proposed Muslim cemetery raises concern about 'radical Islam' in Texas

Why are people giving Brett Favre so much attention?

ISIS blamed for exploding seven Hamas, Islamic Jihad cars in Gaza

Japan's Mitsubishi Apologizes For Using U.S. POWs As Forced Labor In WWII

Example of Bernie's campaign ad running for Senate.

Timbuktu mausoleums in Mali rebuilt after destruction

Designers create the 'impossible' zero-carbon house

The fact is John McCain was second from the bottom in his class

Best Decision I've Ever & sister dog rescue by Kristen Walnut Creek, CA

Woot! Community Moneybomb Explodes And Raises $62,000 For Bernie Sanders In 24 Hours

'Leia' the dog saves baby Dolphin on Criccieth Beach 5th July 2015

Exclusive: Lockheed to buy United Tech's Sikorsky for over $8 billion

St. Ronnie Reagan traded weapons to Iran. Obama has stopped their nuclear