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Boston Marathon Bomber Transferred to Supermax Facility

Bernie Sanders is in good company w/ another wild-haired genius...

Interactive map for women in history

How to Solve Illegal Immigration

Dem. Candidates-Span; NASA Pluto on CSpan 2

Will Bernie Sanders become the 45th President of the United States?

I just got asked for my ID.

Weekend Economists All Shook Up July 17-19, 2015

*Iowa Dem Dinner underway in about 10 minutes on C-SPAN (plain vanilla)

New gender retirement gap report

The Inside Story of the Crony Court that Deep-Sixed the Scott Walker Probe

Looking Back at the Repeal of Glass-Steagall, or, How the Banks Caught Casino Fever

BMW Blog: First Hydrogen Station With Two Types of Refuelling Tech Opening in Munich

Re: Trump self-financing his campaign.

Man arrested after Confederate flag confrontation speaks out

Just on a jury for this post:

Republicans Terrified As Texas Demand For Bernie Sanders Forces Rally To A Bigger Venue

Is there any difference between these two pictures?

EEOC Expands Coverage for LGBT Individuals

Hi, I am an actual liberal who supports Hillary Clinton

Where's the surge?

Athens for Bernie Sanders Meetup 7-18, 2-4pm; UPDATE: picture

60 House Members Send Letter to Secretary Duncan Regarding Protection of LGBT Students

Athens (GA) for Bernie Sanders Meetup 7-18, 2-4pm; Update: pics!

Ferrari recalls sports cars for airbag defect

Netroots Nation-Elizabeth Warren

Those Marines were allowed to have their weapons.

Netanyahu and Abbas talk for first time in over a year.

Soldier brings gun to recruiting center, accidentally shoots self

IBM helps nursing businesswomen moms

Sons of Confederate Veterans tells Confederate Flag group not to hold rally in Athens

Number23's poll of polls!! Vote here now!!!

Prosecutor investigating Sandra Bland’s death has troubling history of racial bias

Peace with Iran Could Limit Ability to Bomb It, Warns McCain

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Bury My Heart at Tennessee & a new Kitteh gif

Gov. Tom Wolf (D) vetoed Senate Bill 1 to turn pensions into 401k

Mr. President...thank you (Denver ABC Channel 7 News editorial)

“Let’s burn it down!”: Christians conspire to prevent Satanic Temple from unveiling Baphomet statue

Venezuela bars third opposition leader from holding office

Venezuela’s Inflation Nightmare Signals Default May Come Sooner

I wish Rachel would stop talking about Fox News and there

Considerations in the Iran agreement

Vegan Ice Cream from 'Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream'

For anyone who is interested the Iowa democratic party dinner is on.

Another Chicken Recall: Aspen Foods Pulls 2 Million Pounds After Reports of Illness

Can someone explain to me why the democratic party debates aren't

Martin O'Malley campaign quickly endorses Sen. Warren's call to end the Wall St. revolving door

Alan Grayson doesn't want to raise taxes on the rich

1st up: Lincoln Chafee first up in IOWA now. they are

post removed wrong place

Red Butte wants to be able to say no to ‘divisive’ performers

Which goes first? Peanut Butter or Jelly?

Take Confederate flag off Louisiana license plate? Yes, candidates say

Clinton's up in Iowa, for those interested;

I used to respect DL Hughley but this is vile

Hillary in Iowa: "We will dominate Babylonia"

Handcuffed Teen Is Slammed Onto Floor, Knocking Her Teeth Out

Venezuela: Fury at US reward for hostile NGO

Harvard Law grad arrested in bizarre kidnapping case police once said was a hoax

Watching Hillary on cspan .. What a crock.

Nasdaq logs best week in nearly nine months as Google jumps

Ecuador: Minister takes time off to fight destabilization

A fish too deep for science

Clinton Campaign Spending: Big, and Different (NYTimes)

My summary:***EXCITED to welcome to the state MARTIN O'MALLEY.

Since April 2014, Bee Population Has Declined 40% – 60%

John Kerry doing a great job explaining the Iran deal on morning joe

Does Hillary have executive experience?

UW-158: Asteroid with 90 MILLION tonne core to pass Earth on Sunday - and you can watch it

Hillary's plan to encourage businesses to share profits with employees:

A gentle way to keep the rabbits from eating in your garden.

NBC News: GOP 2016 Win Will Need More Than 40 Percent Of Latino Vote, Says Study

The Case of Ecuador: Where Sovereignty is Serious Business

The Case of Ecuador: Where Sovereignty is Serious Business

The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use To Change The World

O'Malley just called the TPP a "bad trade deal."

It's gonna be a long year.

#FEELTHEBERN (Burlington Beer Edition)

Bernie is up now on C-Span. Enjoy...

Does Bernie have executive experience?

Polling in 2007

***EXCITED to welcome to Iowa MARTIN O'MALLEY.

NPWF: States Take a Stand Against Parental Involvement Laws (sev articles)

There's something missing from the Dems' gathering in Iowa:

Who Will Bail Out Humanity If the GMO Evangelists Win?

LIVE STREAM OF FIRE In Southern California **watch now!***

Republicans Terrified As Texas Demand For Bernie Sanders Forces Rally To A Bigger Venue

Houston Press: Bernie Sanders Event Bumps to Bigger Venue

RBC basically stole all of my money today

They are starting to talk about an Al Gore candidacy....

O"Malley made a very good presentation with some solid agenda points. Glad I caught it.

O"Malley made a very good presentation with some solid agenda points. Glad I caught it.

Iowa Party Dinner, Bernie next to esteemed opponents on July 17.

After 85-year search, massless particle with promise for next-generation electronics found

Futuristic brain probe allows for wireless control of neurons

I watched the Iowa Dinner & 5 candidates

Pitbull to Donald Trump: ‘Watch Out For El Chapo’ (hotel boycott)

How birds learn foreign languages

Hillary Clinton refuses to support a $15 national minimum wage.

The emerging science of human screams

Who watched the Iowa speeches?

So Bernie came to town and left already.

No bones about it: Cannabis may be used to treat fractures

No bones about it: Cannabis may be used to treat fractures

Obama on Jon Stewart Wed..

No comments on Webb at the Iowa dinner?

You can have Bernie, or you can have a conservative.

Does salt cause thirst? It's really not all that certain

GOP Lawmaker: KKK Grand Wizard Was 'One Of The South’s First Civil Rights Leaders'

I would rank the candidates at the Iowa Dinner as follows:

The Hard Truths of Ta-Nehisi Coates

Latin Times: Jeb Bush Exactly As Unpopular Among Latinos As Mitt Romney (uh-oh, Jeb!))

Hillary Clinton endorses fight for a $15 minimum wage (From June)

Officer in Sandra Bland traffic stop suspended after her jail death

Officer in Sandra Bland traffic stop suspended after her jail death

Exclusive: Hillary’s first ad buy

When you see Bernie's huge crowds consider how many volunteers can be recruited for the campaign

The Cap Times: John Doe ruling dangerous for democracy

Meanwhile in Canada

Via Maddow's Facebook share: Opus is in for a rude surprise

Georgetown police officer who tripped students after soccer match suspended again

Canada Claims It Will Back Out of TPP to Protect Its Sovereignty

Tremendous reference to important documentaries was posted in Good Reads,

Honduran Government Represses Hunger Strikers Protesting Fraud

*Iowa dinner party speeches rerunning now, HRC on, C-SPAN.

Commission: Quarter of Guatemala political money comes from criminal groups

As a Tennessean, it is odd to see how the murderous rampage

Panama: Resistance Grows as Contested Dam Project Moves Forward

Florida church sends $1,000 collection notice to single mother because she didn’t tithe

The Real Reason the Term “White Privilege” Needs to Die

Plant Identification Help

New Cuba-U.S. ties could mean deportation for thousands of immigrants

U.S. and Cuba set to formally re-establish diplomatic relations

Hillary Clinton ignores Democratic primary opponents... slamming GOP instead

U.S. and Cuba set to formally re-establish diplomatic relations

Married gay man describes denial of communion at mother’s funeral Mass

Leonard Peltier "I Will" Clemency Campaign - Part 2

Maria Corina Machado Barred from Public Office for Failing to Disclose Income

Bernie at Netroots Nation - Saturday, July 18

Pro-Israel lobby backs group to fight Iranian nuclear deal

President Obama and the Dalai Lama

BILL CLINTON IS SORRY FOR A LOT OF THINGS, Huffington Post, July 17, 2015

Dumb Criminals: Buffalo, NY Man Attempts To Steal Hearse During Father's Funeral

Centuries-Old Shipwreck Found Off North Carolina Coast

"It’s time to draft Al Gore: If Democrats want to win, it’s clear neither Hillary nor Sanders...."

I' .... m not sure if I should post this here but ....

NASA scientist Claudia Alexander, last Galileo project manager, dies at 56

Butte County

Ayatollah Khamenei, Backing Iran Negotiators, Doesn’t Fault Nuclear Deal

O'Malley relying heavily on Maryland for campaign cash.

Iran deal to help rid region of WMDs: Arab League

Anyone else watch Spoils Of Babylon / Spoils Before Dying?

For Concealed Carriers...

Iowa Voters: Fascinating to hear from Sampling of 'real' voters

Any Babylon 5 fans here?

Iqaluit attracts new visitor: a polar bear

Former Gawker writer comes clean "James Franco is a violent gay rapist" story was made up for clicks

Netflix backs Charter-TWC merger

Obama's Donors Flocking To Sanders, Romney's Going To Rubio

Daily Holidays - July 18

19 NY police officers face charges of downgrading crimes

Upgrade of AG's Child Support System Facing Problems

Funny! | A Note About Our Coverage Of Donald Trump's 'Campaign'

Plan to launch Brazil's only slave memoir, revisit dark past

Mexican cops arrest 2 allegedly building cartel radio system

Iowa Hall of Fame Event Speeches * ALL SPEECHES * Compare and Get To Know the Candidates

Sea of Cortez: the world's aquarium

The 35-Year-Old Georgia Mother Who Was Shot and Killed by Police

Nuclear deal: Saudis signal they'll act before Iran gets the money

Other developed countries pulling way ahead of us in broadband capacity

A 15-year-old girl might have made HIV tests as easy as pregnancy tests.

Khamenei withholds verdict on nuclear deal, vows anti-US policies

JPMorgan Reaches $388 Million Accord in MBS Investor Suit

White Millennials Explain What It Means To Be White In America, And You Should Listen

White Millennials Explain What It Means To Be White In America, And You Should Listen

Daily Kos: Job titles do not necessarily equate to accomplishments or qualifications

Palace criticises Sun over film of Queen giving Nazi salute as a child

Burlington Beer Company can #feeltheBern!

Trump - the inmates are running the asylum

Anyone here know Gregg shorthand? A question.

Bernie Spends 0 on Polling, Hillary Spends $900k. Bernie Doesn't Need Polling

Gunfight or Flee: New Study Finds No Advantages to Using a Firearm in Self-Defense Situations

Explain to me how Bernie means to expand his base....

Union to vote on new KapStone offer

One Man is Crowdfunding an End to Gun Violence

Jade Helm 15 watchdog writes off liberals as ‘useless': ‘I can’t wait to kill thousands of these f*c

Health Care Justice Event (Medicare for All) August 1 Washington, D.C., 10 am to noon

The racism of solitary confinement .... first look

Hillary Clinton delivers fiery speech at Democratic party hall of fame dinner - HRC GROUP POST

GOP candidates make a pitch to evangelical voters in Iowa

WEEKLY ADDRESS: A Comprehensive, Long-Term Deal with Iran

Union to vote on new KapStone offer

Union to vote on new KapStone offer

Working, missed the Iowa dinner - My guy, O'Malley, has outstanding reviews - can't wait to watch!

Hedge Fund Titans Choosing Hillary Clinton Over Top Republicans

Palace defends footage of Queen's Nazi salute

CSPAN video from Iowa Hall of Fame dinner up

Rand Paul Slips to Second Tier

'The third bailout will fail' says former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis

If Congress kills Iran deal, sanctions would lose India’s support

The holy grill: A guilt-free superfood that tastes like bacon

Major oil sands spill in Alberta

Why pedantic man never made it as a superhero.

In the spirit of inclusiveness, some of our "minor" announced candidates

Fifth death after Chattanooga attack

Cute Nao robot exhibits a moment of self-awareness

We were driving home from the Central Coast yesterday

my heart goes out to south carolina today....

The challenge match was met DUers raised $1,320 for Bernie so far this week

MSN is on a Hillary bash this am...they are trying to manufacture a controversy...

As Democrats face-off, Clinton keeps her focus on the GOP

Jeb and his vassels lose sight of the serfs:

WOW!!! #IfIDieInPoliceCustody, something ELSE blacks are doing due to police having near impunity

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev transferred to Supermax prison

Better chocolate with microbes: Same yeast used in beer, wine and bread

Old astronomic riddle on the way to be solved: Absorption of starlight in space

The Withering of a Once-Great State University by #Wisconsin Republicans and Scott Walker

With teeth like that, this pre-dinosaur vegetarian was no push over

IS suspects held over 'plot' to attack Saudi mosques

South Florida Begins To Address The Fundamental Question - What If It's Already Too Late?

Early-Stage Gentrification: Richmond, California, Residents Push Back

Special Prosecutor On John Doe Ruling: Truth and Justice Denied For Wisconsin

Don’t mine sacred Native American land in Arizona (petition)

Adrienne Shelly's "Waitress"

Big bend national park at night

Don't mine sacred Apache land (petition)

AP Exclusive: Palestinians quit medical study in Venezuela

C-Span clip of MO'M speech at Iowa Dems HoF dinner: (youtube video added)

"They all appeal to paranoid white voters who want to put black and brown people in their place."

Growing Up Fundie: The Painful Impact of Conservative Religion

Saw my first Bernie T shirt in the wild last Thursday

Bernie: "America is the richest nation on planet Earth"

Anti-LGBT So-Called “First Amendment Defense Act” Would Have Dangerous & Far-Reaching Consequences

With June 2015 Tied For Hottest June Ever, 2015 Likely To Smash Record For Hottest Year Ever

Iran Deal: Why Would We Heed The Same Voices That Are Always Wrong?

The ugly truth about Scott Walker's record

Stop laughing at Donald Trump

Was there a bill to cut Veterans Pensions?

Nexen's "State-Of-The-Art" Brand-New Pipeline Didn't Detect 32,000 Barrel Tar Sand Spill

Child’s Description Of Heaven During Near-Death Experience Specifically Mentions Book Deal

Lobbyists For Farmers Active Against Cuban Embargo

The ‘Nightmarish’ Boston Hotel Where Workers Have To Deal with Vomit, Blood-Soaked Carpets, Needles

Post your favorite song about being at D'Agostino's late one night!!

My Bernie Sanders Screensaver now has...drumroll...

I scream for...

So Tell Me Again How The Tea Party Wasn’t Racially Motivated




Rachel Maddow - All 5 Democratic 2016 candidates meet in Iowa

Can Redesigned Corner Stores Make Us Crave Healthier Foods?

There will be over 2000 organizing meetings on July 29th, 2015

Here's how you buy out a democracy

July prelims are posted

Republicans Setting Sights on Same-Sex Marriage Law

This is my 20,000th post!

Tomorrow morning at 9AM local time I'm crossing one off my bucket list

Mozilla's ‘Great or Dead’ philosophy may save bloated blimp Firefox

Question about cats...

Fishing litter travels nearly 3,000 miles 

Massachusetts Verizon electrical workers authorize strike

I'm gonna have some fun

Massachusetts Verizon electrical workers authorize strike

Chatanooga sailor died

Massachusetts Verizon electrical workers authorize strike

Maduro in bottom 5 of presidents ranking

Jeb Bush calls for end to ban on guns in military recruiting offices

I can't figure this out...

8 reasons Christie shouldn't be prsident (other than Bridgegate)

Thank you, President Obama

What a 'coincidence'

Texas trooper violated policy stopping woman who died in jail: agency

Man helps rescue dog with muzzle taped shut, legs taped together

The Magical Pun...

"Of course the safety's off." . . . Please come CAPTION gun-nut Jim Cooley!!!

Wearing it like a badge of honor.

Pat Buchanan explains to GOP why Iran is a done deal

S.F. deputies union ties pier killing to sheriff’s order

Black flamingo spotted. One of a kind?

I Have A Dumb Question - What Happens If I Click On The Tweet Button At The Bottom Of A Post?.....

Wondering how western Dems feel about this slate of candidates from 'back east'

My take On Bernie-

Real Climate On Papal Encyclical And Its Three Key Elements

Best Ways to Help The Greek People

It's now acceptable to refer to Hilly Clinton as a whore.

X-Post in GD could use some attention, thanks.

Dead So. Korean spy left note: country is wiretapping citizen's conversations

Absolutely digging this! Feel THE BERN!

Joe Manchin Happy W. Hillary's Coal Remarks; Clean Coal Coalition Issues Warning; So, What Was Said?

Fox News Claims "Islamic State" Has Moon Base, Attack Imminent

Even Romney knew the NJ Pufferfish didn't belong in the White House

Killer Mike’s Big Reason For Backing Bernie Sanders

You Don’t Domesticate Cats — Cats Domesticate You


VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon points out Scott Walker’s weird Kohl’s fetish

DNC Accused of Rigging Debate Schedule to Benefit Hillary Clinton

5 drones delayed 5 air-units from responding to North Fire for 20 minutes,

Why the GOP has the First Amendment upside down

Bernie: I want an America where young black men are not harassed, killed and shot in the streets.

New Yorker: Lax Gun Laws Are Becoming a National-Security Issue

Loving this feminist

It seems I inadvertently spammed you all with an alert

the greatest threat to america:republicans

It's only a matter of time before Skynet comes after us...

And look what Burlington Beer started printing on their new cans... (This is awesome)

Uber in the animal world...

Today at 10:30 PST the Netroots Nation in this room will #FEELTHEBERN

Jimmy Carter givs Jesus' stamp on marriage equality

Due to the recent scarcity of cartoons I thought I'd add a few

it is raining in L.A.

Just watched the Iowa dinner speeches: If we could just combine these candidates...

Where's the beer?

It's raining in the SFV

Shell drill rigs underway, bound for US Arctic Ocean

DEP to investigate Ten Mile Creek for radioactivity.

56 Seconds Of Cute For Your Saturday:

15 Arguments Against Libertarianism. Sounds like "freedom", and it is sort of

Geologic study shows newly discovered dormant faults near Susitna dam site

Astronomical twilight: a weather geek's delightful discovery!

Anti-Pebble mine ballot initiative violated state law, Alaska Supreme Court says

J Street will lead a campaign for the Iran deal - and is being trashed by those to the right

How do you explain THIS to the insurance company?

Why Do Fireflies Flash After Dark?

The minimum wage. This...?

Cinch your safety belt: jetpacks coming in 2016

This Week in God.... (Maddow blog)

Why a congressman would say, ‘This interview didn’t happen’

It's raining in Southern California! Unbelievable! Astounding!

Palestinian refugee girl allowed to stay in Germany after crying footage goes viral

Do You Live in a Fuck State or a Shit State?

President Obama’s Definition of Rape is a Sign of Progress

President Obama’s Definition of Rape is a Sign of Progress

Cambridge: flooding damages cat rescue center; kitties okay

To Win 2016, Democrats MUST Listen To The People

Walker- We should defund Planned Parenthood across the country. RT if you stand with me.

fun poll: are you a nerd ?

New Report Shows the Powerful Effect of Working Moms

New Report Shows the Powerful Effect of Working Moms

Some enter politics and take what should be an honorable profession

OMFG!!! It was just POURING RAIN in Los Angeles!!!

That sound you heard may have been Trump's campaign exploding.

Regarding ISIS: I once made a bet that we would not invade Iraq,

Interesting Piece: Whole Foods Exploits Prison Labor for Your Goodies, While Ripping You Off

Marvel’s Blade is Getting a Badass New Lead

Marvel’s Blade is Getting a Badass New Lead

CU-Boulder to host Republican presidential debate this fall

I’m Fighting Anti-Abortion Extremism in Alabama

I’m Fighting Anti-Abortion Extremism in Alabama

I’m Fighting Anti-Abortion Extremism in Alabama

There is a Facebook Group demanding more debates

Newspaper Bans Same-Sex Wedding Annoucements, Censors Pro-Gay Journalists

Watching Hillary on C-Span: She was excellent.

We have our first 2016 Election Hillary is a whore post on DU!

Lbns..............shutdown from the NY times

Fox 10 Phoenix will live stream Bernie in Phoenix tonight on You Tube.

Fox 10 Phoenix will live stream Bernie in Phoenix tonight on You Tube.

Pet food recall

Wicked problems, wicked solutions

REVEALED: Marine murderer lost his job as nuclear engineer in Ohio after TEN DAYS for failing

U Minnesota Study; IPCC Grossly Underestimating Emissions From Indonesia's Peat Deposits

Curiosity rover finds evidence of Mars' primitive continental crust

Trump: McCain Is 'Not a War Hero'

Earth's magnetosphere: Discovery of zebra stripes in space resolves a half-century mystery

Jamaica’s Coral Gardens Give New Hope for Dying Reefs

Rednecks and Aliens

Counterpunch: Who Will Bail Out Humanity If the GMO Evangelists Win?

Growing beating cardiac tissue from stem cells: New model for early heart development

Tulane archaeologists discover ancient Mayan monuments

Tulane archaeologists discover ancient Mayan monuments

The last Viking and his 'magical' sword?

Alleged Murderer of Venezuelan Deputy Accused

Cuban Medical Mission exceeded 62 Million Consultations in Bolivia

Florida’s Rubio: He’s experienced on 21st century issues

TCHAIKOVSKY's Sym. #6 ain't that depressing.

Netroots Nation Town Hall W/Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley on NOW (Live Feed)

Link to the town hall.

Tom Petty shows a lot of class discussing Confederate flag

Is anyone following the town-hall with Martin O'malley and Bernie Sander on Netroots Nation?

Trump Attacks John McCain For Being Captured During War

North Carolina man who surrounded his yard with Confederate flags in jail

Popular Protests Are Spreading Across Central America, and Washington Is Getting Nervous

Bernie Sanders keeps single-payer dream alive: What the naysayers will never understand about Health

Popular Protests Are Spreading Across Central America, and Washington Is Getting Nervous

Confederate flag removal makes other changes in South Carolina seem less impossible

We got our yard sign today.

Fake Ammo Causes Real Panic on MBTA Bus in Brighton

Drones Delayed North Fire Response: Officials

Newport Beach tree mowed down, egrets and night heron nestlings killed

Trump mocks McCain’s military service: ‘I like people who weren’t captured’

End police brutality

D.C.’s State Fair will have a marijuana growing competition this year

D.C.’s State Fair will have a marijuana growing competition this year

Scientists puzzle over Pluto’s polygons

Financial abuse of women a hidden form of family violence, inquiry hears

Financial abuse of women a hidden form of family violence, inquiry hears

Why was this corrupt bastard hired in the first place?

Atheists have better sex lives than believers

I would think that if there's one thing that the TRIOKA has shown in Greece.........

Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland violated police policies: investigators

Republican doing the usual...

Subtle racism in reporting - Man accused of topping girls lemonade stand and fleeing with $30

Kerry and Moniz will be on many talk shows tomorrow (Kerry all 5, Moniz with him on 4)

Single mom arrested for ‘abandoning’ her kids at food court while interviewing for job 30 feet away

Poll: Trump

How a stodgy, mainstream party was reinvented as a den of lunatics and monsters & why it was no acci

Student Activists Shouldn’t Be Solving Problems on Campus Without Support

For Hell on Wheels fans

Confederate Flag Demonstrators Converge at S.C. Capitol

Student Activists Shouldn’t Be Solving Problems on Campus Without Support

Mass exodus continues from German Catholic Church

Witness Donald Trumps twitter meltdown live as his campaign implodes!!

This Week, I’m Especially Proud to Be a Clinic Escort in Montgomery

This Week, I’m Especially Proud to Be a Clinic Escort in Montgomery

Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions seneca falls 19-20 july 1848

Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions seneca falls 19-20 july 1848

The Troubling Implications of Hillary's Anti-BDS Letter

How to Give a Speech without Saying Anything


Donald Trump Interview - Expreses opinion on Zapatero's Government

GOP Scolds Trump over McCain Comment. GOP can GO TO HELL!!!

Trump:McCain isn't a war hero he was captured

Is this acceptable to the administrators?

Airless tire coming soon?

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: RIP

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

“Thank you for calling tech support, now please die”

Wisconsin court ruling in case involving Walker campaign may reshape state political landscape

Mark Sanford is back! New book out by his speechwriter at the time of the Affair...

GOP candidate Trump goes after Sen. John McCain's war record

Fundraising Effort For Anti-Gay Bakery Breaks Records

Hillary Clinton Economic Plan - 7/13/15

can DU admin do something about this and address the concerns of women on this site?

Sanders: 'Very easy to raise the flag,' hard to support veterans benefits

Racism and xenophobia are exactly why Republicans love Donald Trump, polls show

"Militaristic" Trump's Five Vietnam Draft Deferments -- 4 student and 1 medical

MSNBC Panel Mocks Clinton Campaign For Silencing Her Young Supporters

Lightning strike in Echo Park, Los Angeles (July 18, 2015)

I can't think of a band with greater amounts of genius AND crap than Jefferson Airplane / Starship

How Time Got Its Arrow

Hedge Fund Titans Choosing Hillary Clinton Over Top Republicans

Must these posts be allowed to survive pro-Sanders juries?

Walker tweet: "Another overflow crowd at Hy-Vee in Council Bluffs"

From the movie......Arcoss the Universe

Wonderful "country" song written for Bernie by Chicagoan Brandon C. Price

Sen. Warren at Netroots Nation Convention Urges 2016 field: "Run for People, Not Banks!"

#Blacklivesmatter organizers disrupt O’Malley and Sanders to demand end to structural racism

So now Repugs get mad at Trump?

Looking for a liberal bastion to move to

For faster, larger graphene add a liquid layer

Declaration of Rights of the Women of the United States 4 July 1876

History of the use of the word "whore" on DU

Not That I Condone Or Agree With What Trump Said About McCain - I Find It Interesting Though That..

Salon Takes Toughest Question Of The Year: Which GOP Candidate Is The Worst On Climate Issues?

Declaration of Rights of the Women of the United States 4 July 1876

U.S. warns Israel against evicting Palestinians from Susya

Obama pushes to extend gun background checks to Social Security

I know you're out there... I hate to ask.... I know what you are thinking but...

Click free once a day to Pay for Three Months of Protection for Kenyan Elephants

I'm gonna pull a Dr. Frist here...because I can:

"I would have had a great war record!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Blues Girl-The Little 3 Legged Russian Blue kitty rescue by Tricia Carie Vincennes, IN

Trump Says He Heroically Avoided Capture in Vietnam by Staying in U.S.

Read the Tweets from the Media Director of Netroots Nations. He knew this would happen.

O'Malley and Sanders interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters in Phoenix

Trump must provide his medical records.

Koterba toon: POTUS primaries

Rand Paul Visits Houston

Read the Tweets from the Media Director of Netroots Nations. He knew this would happen.

Equal Economic Impact is the Remedy to Crony Government

Reported: The Clinton campaign and an O'Malley PAC paid to have people hold up their signs in Iowa

Hillary won't take Super PAC money either: Bernie, PACs, and Super PACs

State says Drought is so bad every County will qualify for Relief Funds

Governors order National Guardsmen to be armed after attacks

Oh, so it's only NOW that Trump has gone too far?

RNC Condemns Donald Trump's Remarks About John McCain

Mitt Romney Piles On Trump For Savaging McCain, Trump Fires Back

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 18, 2015

A concern about something Hillary said in an interview

Just now, it was raining here in So I took a picture...

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

President Obama to appear on 'The Daily Show' as Jon Stewart nears end

Can we get this guy to moderate the GOP debate in August

Obama prepares to cut Putin's cash flow if he doesn't play ball over Ukraine

Radio Liberty: Russia calls Ukrainian constitutional changes inadequate

Question submitted by Truedelphi

Has Trump Jumped the Shark?

First shift of petition to get Bernie on Virginia ballot

MoveOn has a perfect response to Netroots controversy:

Your Own Psychoanalysis Kit

Why Hillary Clinton is pushing to reignite Democrats in Arkansas (HRC GROUP)

The Netroots Nation videos of Bernie and Martin.

Just days ago Killer Mike and LilB gave Sanders their stamp of approval

Trump gets in thrown back in his face (McCain) 53 seconds

Was Host of "NRN's" Disrupted Interviews with O'Malley/Sanders Upset because of his New Documentary?

No, no, that's quite all right- no need to stand. It's just me.

[Japanology Plus] Going Wild For Karaoke

[Japanology Plus] Going Wild For Karaoke

15 Of The Emmys' 18 Leading Actress Nominees Are Over 40. This Is Huge.

Prediction: Trump Will Rise in the Polls Next Week

Fuck the GOP. Fuck their criticism of Donald Trump.

[Begin Japanology Special Mini] Japanese Onsen

[Begin Japanology Special Mini] Japanese Onsen

Question for DUers: Do you consider John McCain to be a war hero?

Say what you will about Netroots Nation townhall, but Martin O'Malley didn’t take his ball & go home

U.S. getting a shot of 'kawaii' culture with photo sticker booths from Japan

There is a lot of support here

Greece: Sound and Fury Signifying Much — Paul Craig Roberts

The 2020 redistricting war is (already) on

'Lube Olympics' makes slippery bid to rival Tokyo 2020

Don't let the Famous SD Chicken coach.

Confederate flag flap brings out fighting side of Civil War heritage group in Waco

Trump stirs new controversy by criticizing McCain war record

Anti-racism protesters, nationalists clash in Australia

"Entitlement", you say?

DNC handy guide to Republican candidates...& their ridiculous ideas


Trump has gone too far


Hitchhiking robot embarks on tour across U.S.