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Larry Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell On the Iran Deal

Did Your US Senator Just Vote To Allow LGBT Students To Be Bullied? Here's The List.

Is there any likelihood that Obama will not endorse Clinton?

An Appreciation Thread For Democrats President Barack Obama and SoS John Kerry on the Iran Deal.

Two Letters Turn Up Warning of Cult Activity (The Wild Hunt blog)

Diet racism

Halfway thru Harper Lee's new book ( no spoilers)

Making the Cut Why choosing the right surgeon matters even more than you know

Making the Cut Why choosing the right surgeon matters even more than you know

Wisconsin court to rule Thurs on John Doe (Scott Walker) probe validity

Hey, Democrats aren't that smart

"The Big Banks Had A Secret Agent In The Government"

Good on Obama: Calls for 'justice and redemption' prison reform

#yesallblackpeople (references #notallwhitepeople)

One less democratic vote in Ohio

Republicans postpone House vote on breast cancer bill

My new vice:

O'Malley rolls out immigration platform. Baltimore Sun

Israel's fall from grace

Obama calls nation's criminal justice system 'an injustice system'

7-Year-Old Joy-Riding Hood-Rat-In-Training Shifts Gears

Florida Cops Laundered Millions For Drug Cartels, Failed To Make A Single Arrest

U.S. has yet to notify 21.5 million data breach victims: officials

Thank you to my friends in this group.

Venezuela hardliner Machado barred from public office for a year

Venezuela hardliner Machado barred from public office for a year

Whoopi Goldberg changes mind about Bill Cosby

Once more - which league is better?

U.S. House committee approves anti-GMO labeling law

Pope Calls on World Youth to Rise Up Against Global Capitalism

An Open Letter to All Those Who Would Be President

OMG Joe Buck is already on the Bumgardner love on the All Star Game

***Governor O'Malley will be on Rachel show NOW.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Stinger! Best of Malloy & a new Kitteh & Doggie gif

Kerry: Netanyahu 'way over the top' on Iran nuclear deal

NASA Spacecraft New Horizon Messages Home, Confirming Successful First Flyby of Pluto

Bernie's Perfectly Awful Plan to Save Higher Education

Lebowski Fest founder busted smoking weed at bowling alley.

Martin O’Malley: Creating a 21st Century immigration policy

“What the hell kind of sense does that make?” - O'Malley on denying New Americans health coverage

Has there ever been a separate VIDEO/MM Section during Primary-Election Season here?

Joe Conason: Iran Deal: Why Would We Heed The Same Voices That Are Always Wrong?

Why the Iran Deal Makes Obama's Critics So Angry (this also applies to liberal critics)

How medical marijuana could literally save lives

to our texas du'ers--because of jade helm 15 (ongoing!) we are asking all of you to check in

IMF Throws a Spanner in Proposed Greece Deal, Says Financing May Not Be Enough

Latest Internet Trend: Donald Trump Cats

Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Fall on Broad-Based Drop

Standard & Poor's cuts Puerto Rico's financing arm, says default certain

I'm in my happy place

From April, Hillary's role in the lead-up to the Iran deal:

Weak U.S. retail sales hint at slower economic growth

A toast to the tears of hawks, neocons, and most especially Lindsey Graham

The Center for Medical Progress's bogus hit job on Planned Parenthood

The Center for Medical Progress's bogus hit job on Planned Parenthood

Joe Biden, The Man By Barack Obama’s Side

Help Protect the Last Abortion Clinic in Montgomery, Alabama!

Here is a line for your favorite Republican

*MARTIN O'MALLEY coming up on Rachel show next.

*MARTIN O'MALLEY coming up on Rachel show next.

Suffolk University/USA TODAY Poll Shows Trump on Top with GOP Voters Nationwide

A lot of people think Trump is an embarrassing joke, and thus could never win

Why are so many Americans behind bars?

John Nichols on Bernie Sanders' Surge and the Rising Power of Movements (video)

A Cat-Loving Trucker Rescued My Louisa From The Freeway by Kathy Lovin Los Angeles, CA

Excellent interview on Rachael!

Faces Of The Student Debt Crisis In America

The Alabama Democratic Party (or Are We Screwed)?

Alexis Tsipras: bailout a ‘bad deal’ but the best Greece could get

BREAKING NEWS: Dog Food Being Recalled Due to Listeria

BREAKING NEWS: Dog Food Being Recalled Due to Listeria

Update: TODAY is the Bernie $ BOMB! (with a money match too)

The Ultimate Tool

Damn you, Comedy Central!

After Iran Deal, U.S. Companies Face Being Left Out In Cold

Tories launch biggest crackdown on trade unions for 30 years

I'm in for Martin

Are we no longer enforcing copyright rules? I don't mind if you don't mind but

O.K., Nobel committee Peace prize: It's John KERRY.

Seems every time America does something right . . . .

What's up with Lawrence O'Donald and his obsession with Trump

Robert Reich: Hillary Clinton's Glass-Steagall

Can any Lounge smart asses 'splain me why CDs are cleaned straight out-diameter instead

Brad Ashford’s (D-NE) focusing on his work, & he says, not cash for next election

Baby's first stool can help predict future IQ score

Jeb Bush: Obama's diplomatic policy too 'sophisticated', uses 'big-syllable words'

When you think you've finally found a thread about racism that nobody will try to justify . . .

"I can't breathe".... here we go again, unarmed male choked to death by Mississippi cop....

This just in about the Bernie money bomb on Wednesday the 15th

Did a little web searching to see if the likes of Cheney and John Bolton have commented on Iran....

Behind Hillary Clinton's High Praise for a Republican Wall Street Guru

Clinton Offers Centrist Economic Vision, Avoids Proposals of Warren Wing

Look at the bright side

Goldwater warned the GOP against radical religious nutjobs like Walker and Huckabee...

U.S. has yet to notify 21.5 million data breach victims: officials

Banks Forgot Who Was Supposed to Own Dell Shares

The Problem of Greece Is Not Only a Tragedy - It Is a Lie

Map: Where the 2016 candidates are being Googled

95% of women who have had abortions don't regret it

Missouri man is first to be executed since Supreme Court ruling

Donald Trump campaign misfires after Nazi pic gets tweeted out by intern

My daughter is on her way

People with HIV live almost 20 years longer than in 2001

Right Wing Politicians Furious Over Iran Nuke Deal

Nairobi's Westgate Mall to re-open nearly 2 years after al-Shabab attack that killed 67

Facebook Etiquette Question

Greg Abbott vetos bipartisan mental health bill

GM to Keep Sponsoring Kid Rock Despite Flag Controversy

Locals split on meaning behind Confederate flag

Capitol Hill Democrats Wish Hillary Clinton Was President Already

NSA releases Linux-based open source infosec tool

SD police chief will keep Confederate flag on department’s uniform

Despite protests, IL county continues with monkeys-riding-dogs derby

Suicide Squad

(San Francisco) Bay Bridge Catches Fire, Expansion Joint Junk Might Be To Blame

Heart breaking facebook email from an old friend

After Pluto, Where Will NASA's New Horizons Go?

Nearly every job in America, mapped in incredible detail (dialup warning)

The Confederate flag “represents the lie” at the core of American history

'Joe, they called me a lame duck. No, seriously.'

Bernie Sanders negatives are HUGE!!!!!

The Senator from Vermont tries to tell the US Senate: We are not an aristocracy. (awesome video)

Slipknot / Stone Sour Frontman Corey Taylor Weighs in on Confederate Flag Debate

Meet my midlife crisis

How many Senate Democrats will vote against the Iran deal?

Portsmouth residents discuss Confederate monument

SPOILER Costume Revealed in Ant Man Photo

Monsanto says panel to review WHO finding on cancer link to herbicide

Tilda Swinton Confirms role in ‘Doctor Strange’

What the hell - DU Jury - something is wrong

Elodie Yung (Black Belt AND Law Degree) Cast as Elektra in 'Daredevil'

Messed up jury discussion?

BERNIE Phoenix Arizona event (Saturday) now moved to downtown Convention Center!

Firm ordered to pay $1 million for hiring 17 undocumented workers at Independence, LA mushroom farm

Firm ordered to pay $1 million for hiring 17 undocumented workers at Independence, LA mushroom farm

#TrumpYourCat: Cats imitating Donald Trump take over the Internet

Aurora theater shooting case is now in the hands of 12 jurors

Bobby Jindal announces investigation into Planned Parenthood

Bobby Jindal announces investigation into Planned Parenthood

President Bernie Sanders can't save us

What would the United States of America actually look like if...

Dumb Criminals: Lebowski Fest Founder Caught Smoking Weed In Bowling Alley

Your squee has arrived


Why Bernie Sanders Got Twice as Much Applause as Hillary Clinton When He Spoke to La Raza

Los Alamos will never be clean

Manager tells breast-feeding mom: No food or drink allowed in pool

Abbott: Texas to investigate claim that abortion clinics sell body parts

How heavy is a kilogram? International scientific effort to redefine the kilo makes breakthrough

If I was a Hillary Clinton supporter, I'd be angry.

Movie Trailer - Merchants of Doubt (or how to create alternate realities)

South Texas pizza shop employee on smoke break helps rescue kidnapped child

Frontline - Escaping ISIS : women & children and their escape from slavery/abuse

Happy (belated) Birthday, Christine McVie

Phyllis Dillerisms. Enjoy

For those interested in sex and cervical health--

Confederate Madness Then and Now

Starr County JP suspended after bribery and drug-related charges

Lame duck? Lame duck, you say? I got yer lame duck right here...

Daily Holidays - July 15

Women shouldn't be subject to a draft or registration

Toyota recalls 625,000 hybrids over software glitch

'Paris by Night' - last night at the Eiffel Tower.

Governor O'Malley on Rachel show

Captain America Offers Couch to Homeless Captain Confederacy

Governor O'Malley on Rachel show

Governor O'Malley on Rachel show

Clinton has absolutely no chance of involving alienated voters

Quick reminder re Greece: "Eurozone" and "EU" are not the same things

Welsh Government Responds to UFO Questions in Klingon

I am watching an old Comedy Central roast of Pamela Anderson...

Bankruptcy Looms For Moldova

That ragged ol' flag...

Missouri executes convicted killer David Zink

California in colour: Old photochrome prints turn back the clock on the Golden State

Airline thought Scottish girl was too white to fly

Wisconsin AG sues feds over food stamp drug testing

Harbingers of Failure: really interesting paper on consumer behavior

Artist Accurately Predicted How Pluto Would Look in 1979

Federal appeals court rules against nuns in contraception coverage case

The savvy tech strategy fueling Bernie Sanders' upstart 2016 campaign

Pier 14 Shooting: Brad Steinle – Trump ‘sensationalizing’ sister’s death

Serena Williams Is Today’s Muhammad Ali

Kudos Snapchat! Thousands of Muslims share stunning photos of Mecca live

Auschwitz Guard Convicted Of 300,000 Counts Of Accessory To Murder

Investor-State Dispute System

UK's Cameron backs IMF call for Greek debt relief

Would Israel or the U.S. allow inspections of their military bases as Iran is required

Debt Crisis: Greeks Say Bailout Austerity Will Cause a 'Revolution'

Tehran Times - front page news: "Most important event of the 21st century"

Popularity ratings for Hillary on the rise again according to ABC poll

'Accountant of Auschwitz' sentenced to four years in prison for 300,000 deaths

Hot Climate Action! 3! - Count 'Em - 3! GOP Donors Meeting To Discuss Ways To Wheedle Candidates

Another Good Man Gone

San Francisco Could Make Gun Sale Regulations Even Stricter

Walker staff turned away ticket holders who signed recall petition.

GOP Gives Up on ‘Dump Trump’

2,100 New Coal Plants Planned Worldwide - 557 Under Construction - And You Can Forget About 2C

Jim Webb’s Long War With His Own Party

O'Malley on Wall Street: 'If you slap a bank robber on the arm, he's going to rob the bank again'

Watch what happens when two men hold hands while walking through Moscow

Technically, Ted Cruz And Greg Abbott Should Be Disbarred

The effects of corporate "globalization"

Pluto Is Turning Into The Planet Of Your Nightmares

UPDATE: DU Money Match Challenge extended through Sat. July 18 midnight Hawaiian time

Fund raising $ challenge for US Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL)

America at a Crossroads (PBS)

Appeals court rules against nuns in contraception case: Coverage opt-out ‘as easy as obtaining a par

The Bernie $ bomb has a match offer

Money match for O'Malley again

Mathematically, if Scott Walker wins the GOP nomination he won't even win Wisconsin

Greek crisis: Deputy finance minister resigns before bailout vote - live

Call out the neocons: The Iran deal gives Democrats an opportunity — but they may be too timid....

Some music stars don't know when to retire. I saw one last night.

France explosions: Device found near Berre-L'Etang plant

Irresponsible unAmerican Republican congressman and the Iran deal

Obama to Entertainers: Stop Making Jokes About Prison Rape

Health Law’s Contraceptive Coverage Isn’t Burden on Religion, Court Rules

Health Law’s Contraceptive Coverage Isn’t Burden on Religion, Court Rules

Movement to restore PLUTO's planetary status: Time to start one.

Fox News' Pastor Robert Jeffress: Jesus Wouldn't Protect Undocumented Immigrants

FBI aiding inquiry of man's death after police encounter

Greece debt crisis: IMF attacks EU over bailout terms

Frustrated Iranian Scientist Forced To Shut Down Project He Spent 12 Goddamn Years Of His Life On

Begin Japanology - Folding Fan

Beachgoers help great white shark stranded on Cape Cod

Leaked Republican Campaign E-mails, Re: White House Toddler Temper Tantrum

Israeli Special Forces Assassinated Senior Syrian Official

Tuesday, Martin O’Malley unveiled the boldest immigration reform plan of any presidential candidate

Trump's Popularity Rises, Still 2-1 Negative, While Clinton Regains Positive Territory

US, Saudi Arabia discuss 'urgent' need to end Yemen fighting

Kerry and Obama probably delivered nothing less than the Iranian spring to the world

July 15 TODAY Bernie $15 Minimum Wage Money Bomb Day

Remember "no one's read it"? Reid and Albright nail it

Video captures 'El Chapo' Guzman's final moments before prison escape

With religious affiliation on the decline, what should happen to hallowed buildings?

So you dumped me years ago but now you're driving by my house real slow?

Newly Released Video Shows California Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Man

Letter from Prominent Iowan: Martin O'Malley's support for 'new Americans' inspiring.

Tea Party dude says "Sheriff is going to execute me!!!" in wacko video. Sherrif says "huh?"

HRC actually said regardless of the nuclear talks, she would lead a new coalition against Iran: vid

Man Convicted Of Tax Fraud For Disguising Luxuries -- $96,000 Massage?

The lie about "let's go for coffee." ITA with this dude. Why do people do this?

Tom Petty on Past Confederate Flag Use: 'It Was Downright Stupid'

US and Cuba Swap Embassies: Victory of Diplomacy and Democracy

Krugman: Invisible Green Triumphs

Court asked to kill off NSA's 'zombie dragnet' of Americans' bulk phone data

Some saw it coming. Some will see it again if we don't address it.

Well, after a hiatus, I have returned to the best site on the web

Progressive Democrats of America Bring Movement Pressure to Dems Through Bernie Sanders Campaign

Martin O'Malley: "Immigration reform is an urgent, national economic and security imperative"

Please sign's letter of appreciation to President Obama in support of the Iran deal:

When Wall Street Offers Free Money, Watch Out

It became clear to me today that the Republicans have been caught with their pants down

FBI, IRS take over Creative Creations travel voucher case

U.S. Producer Prices Rise 0.4% in June

Seattle Man Accused of Spitting on Gay Couple, Black Woman on Metro Bus

Tennessee Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Under Fire for Being Sexist

Fun at the park this morning

Scott Walker administration sues feds to allow food stamp drug tests

Venezuela bars opposition leader from holding office

Florida church sends collection notices to parishioners

Rachel Maddow - Historic nuclear deal puts US, Iran on path to peace

Greece's banks are likely to remain closed for another month

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Ready the Brain Bleach

Adam Savage Incognito at Comic-Con 2015 (with Astronaut Chris Hadfield!)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Iran Deal

the vile lies faux news tells it's viewers

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

You're only Trump once. . . Please come CAPTION the Donald!!!

Iran nuclear pact distances hopes for an "oil miracle" in Venezuela (Spanish)

Odds Favor a Greece Deal Failure and Defacto Grexit

The Right-Wing Dog Whistle Buried In Scott Walker’s Announcement Speech

Israeli Paper; The preamble includes an Iranian pledge never to develop or purchase nuclear weapons

The DU has now raised OVER $7,500 for 4 different D's since 5-1-15 UPDATE OVER $8,000

US / Cuba Relations: What Would Constitute Normal?

US / Cuba Relations: What Would Constitute Normal?

GOP Congressman Thinks Donald Trump May Have Been Planted By The Democrats

Massive paramilitary arrests in Venezuela

Elizabeth Warren Urges Feds To Support Research On Medical Marijuana's Benefits

Flight attendants, prepare for landing

A socialist? Fine by me, Sanders supporters say

The David Sparks Show - July 15, 2015

Police raid leaves 14 dead in Caracas

ExxonMobil gave millions to climate-denying lawmakers despite pledge

How Obama can hurt the Kochs with one stroke of his pen

Capitol Hill Democrats Wish Hillary Clinton Was President Already

John Lennon-All we are saying is give peace a chance

How can this be so confusing? 3.4% of Hillary's fundraising came from bank employees.

No evidence of colombian paramilitary connection in "peace zone" where 14 killed by police (Spanish)

John Kerry Knows a Little Something About Peace

U.S. factory output flat in June

The New Horizons spacecraft is travelling past Pluto at approximately 30,000 mph.

Scott Walker is unbending (and unexcitable)

4 Years treating our cat for chronic kidney disease

The BFEE's 2 traits: Dirty tricks & election theft. This lends to TRUMP-Chapo "jokes" coming real

I've heard about "Amazon Prime Day" from several people on FB. Forgive my ignorance, but WTF is it?

Poll: Clinton lead continues to shrink as Sanders surges !

Barack Obama praises Putin for help clinching Iran deal

Locomotive rear-ends train; 18 cars derail, lube oil spills

'Joe, they called me a lame duck. No, seriously.'

Doug La Follette sues Scott Walker over state budget measures

San Francisco officials brush off Fox: ‘You’re not a reporter. Fox News is not real news.’

Charlotte Streetcar Begins Service on 1.5-Mile Run

Fox Fight On Immigration: 'I'd Knock You Out Right Now!'

Republican candidates, as usual, are going for the lowest common denominator.

Dick Cheney descends further into self-parody, hints Iran deal will trigger nuclear war

The other side of the fence. Demographics and Iran.

William K. Black as Attorney General and every Bankster is behind bars.

You can't un-see what will turn up

Former Reddit CEO: You're All Screwed (Feminist Group post)

Artist 3D prints Donald Trump butt plug in protest at immigration rhetoric


Colombia: from failed state to Latin American powerhouse

How radical is Bernie Sanders' $50 billion tax idea?

#TrumpYourCat: Design cat's hair to copy Donald Trump

To play off Rilgin's idea...

Batman Vs. God

Robert Fisk: "Iran deal – America has taken Iran's side – to the fury of Israel and Saudi Arabia"

The thing Bernie Sanders says about inequality that no other candidate will touch

No, Obama is NOT giving weapons to Iran. You're thinking of this guy...

7-Year-Old Joy-Riding Hood-Rat-In-Training Shifts Gears

Bernie Sanders in Houston, TX Sunday July 19th

Hillary Clinton’s speech on the economy fell short on specifics

Re-Re-Re-Reintroducing Hillary Clinton

'Stand your ground' defendants must continue to prove immunity, Florida justices say

White Nationalist Ann Coulter on Trump: He is “magnificent now.”

Re-Re-Re-Reintroducing Hillary Clinton

sheriff joe and the horse******* sting

"I'm old-school Republican. I want the Government to stay out of everyone's private affairs."

******** Missouri County Decides To Stop Being ********, For The Troops

Jeb Bush, campaigning in Council Bluffs, paints himself the anti-Trump

Monmouth Poll: Hillary 51, Bernie 17, Joe 13.

Skylodge Adventure Suites

a poll for fun: Who thinks the Nazi soldiers image for Trump was a simple accident ?

"If I go more than 2 hrs without lying, well, it isn't pretty!" Please come CAPTION Tucker Carlson!!

OUR OPINION: Setting the Record Straight – Branstad’s Campaign Promises he knew he would never keep


Anti-human razor wire doesn't hurt him (professional courtesy). Please come CAPTION Dick Cheney!!

When I was in recovery I was dreaming I was posting on DU.

Decoding the IMF: Greek deal doomed, exit likely

Paranoid House Republican Descends Into Madness And Claims Donald Trump Is A Democratic Plant

Fake Jerry Jones on Dez Bryant and Tweetering:

Revenge of Citizens United

Which candidate is best on Pluto?

Dark matter bridge in cosmic neighborhood | Science Wire | EarthSky

These Are the Saddest Amtrak Stations in America

Chicago Public Schools Will Increase Athletic Opportunities for Girls After Title IX Complaint

Chicago Public Schools Will Increase Athletic Opportunities for Girls After Title IX Complaint

Former US President Jimmy Carter praises Iran agreement

The women of New Horizons' Pluto flyby | Human World | EarthSky

Just Politics: Iran, Like the Rest, Is Not Blameless | Ramzy Baroud

Testimony from Rosenberg brother released in famous spy case

The Bernie Sanders Surge Is About Bernie, Not Hillary

How to Be an Infamous Underground Writer | Mickey Z.

Meanwhile the Comet has a new picture too...

The women of New Horizons' Pluto flyby | Human World | EarthSky

Thom Hartmann: a perfect example of the tone deafness of White progressives about racism in America

Florida Lt. Gov. Lopez-Cantera enters US Senate race

The Sad, Sad Karma of Empire | Philip A. Farruggio

Veganism, Harm Reduction, Moral Baselines, etc. | Mickey Z.

The B Vocabulary: The Western Left and Its Sterile ‘Field of Ideas’ | Ramzy Baroud

The Delusion of Control | John Michael Greer

Systemic Turmoil, Structural Reform | James Howard Kunstler

Pluto gif..... Hubble vs New Horizons

White House backs House GOP highway fix

My Flag & Beliefs Held Hostage | Philip A. Farruggio

The Dream of the Machine | John Michael Greer

Photography Tips

Baskin’s Generous Offer: Making Peace with Israeli Occupation | Ramzy Baroud

Pass This Pic Around

All Aboard the P (for Patriarchy) Train | Mickey Z.

Pic Of The Moment: Here's What Republicans In Congress Are Busy With

New Horizons Reveals a Psychedelic Pluto and Charon / Video: why go to Pluto?

Slogan Choices in a White Supremacist Culture | Mickey Z.

Welcome to Blackswansville | James Howard Kunstler

LGBT Elder Americans Act Introduced in Senate

No ‘Crisis in Islam’: Just Apathy of So-called ‘Historians’ | Ramzy Baroud

'But later on in the evening through the tears and fol de rol'

American Agonistes? | Emanuele Corso

Darwin's Casino | John Michael Greer

It became clear to me today that the Republicans have been caught with their pants on fire

How did we fall so far? What was our role in letting it get this bad?

Oldest Sperm Fossil Beats Prior Record by 30 Million Years

Activism: Balancing Distance and Presence | Mickey Z.

American Lemmings: The Empire's Favorite | Philip A. Farruggio

Greek Pudding | James Howard Kunstler

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 15, 2015

2016 candidates' donations revealed in FEC filings – live

Yoga’s Pose: White Supremacy | Mickey Z.

Nutiva's John Roulac: Anti GMO Leader, Big Organic Businessman, Master Manipulator

This Parody Perfectly Nails Every Jade Helm Conspiracy Theory Video

"The Donald Trump Mysteries" from Tom the Dancing Bug

The war against genetically modified organisms is full of fearmongering, errors, and fraud.

US triumphs in 'hardest ever' maths Olympiad

Once again, some DUers think science is a democratic proposition.

Taxpayers Have Now Spent $3.5 Million to Find Out Why Lesbians Are Obese

Isis in Iraq: Thousands of Shia militiamen to join decisive battle to take back Fallujah –

Millionaire Rocker Gene Simmons to the Poor: ‘Try Being Nice to Rich People’

O'Malley Raised $2mm in 1st month

Netroots Nation begins tomorrow: July 16-19

Have Republicans Stopped Falling in Line?

Uh oh. Someone is crawling several months early!

Netroot Nation information (X-post from GD):

Trump’s popularity spikes among Republicans

Republicans Now See Unlimited Donations Hurting Party

The Ultimate Escalator Rider Poll

Nazism and the Wehrmacht

Adult coloring books anyone? I've got one, and use colored pencils instead of crayons.

The self-reaffiriming believer

ADHD Big Pharma Lobbyist and Advertising... looking for resources

Martin O’Malley campaign raises $2 million in first month

This is the O'Malley immigration plan Latino activists and immigration advocates are cheering

Anti-Choice Nutbags are going apeshit over misleading video about PP selling baby parts...

The TPP's Bad Medicine

President Obama Holds a Press Conference (links) Started

Sean Duffy, R-Wis., another winner from Wisconsin. "Congressman screams at Yellen: 'You did nothing!

President Obama on C-Span 3

President Obama Holds a Press Conference (links)

Missed Univision's Jorge Ramos' interview with Martin O'Malley? Watch it here:

Another often overlooked reason to vote for Bernie.

Progressive Politics Goes GLOBAL

"There are weathercocks and there are signposts"

Dick Cheney: Obama ‘does not understand or chooses to ignore reality’ in the Middle East

Their Greed May Do Them In

House speaker wants hearings on Planned Parenthood video

Sophie Stinkey Toes and the Giant Hydrangea

Obama press conference starting in seconds

Scott Walker Is A Cold Blooded Psychopath Who Is Sadistic And Cruel..

GOP Eager To Put Our Soldiers In Harms Way.

Neil Young is issuing a Facebook fatwa against streaming music this morning...

Now I know why Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy ...

Bernie continues to gain steadily, though still trailing.

Wow, Hillary supporters sure are desperate to bludgeon Sanders with Biden

Why Media Doesn’t FeeltheBERN for Presidential Contender Bernie Sanders – It’s Complicated

President Obama educating the IDIOTS in the press corp that this deal is only about the nuclear

Anti-choicers suing NARAL

Really Dumb Criminals: Utah Teens Live Streamed Break In Of Ice Cream Truck

Hillsborough commissioners vote to remove Confederate lobby flag

Saban against Confederate flag, calls symbol 'mean spirited'

Pioneering Television Journalist Marlene Sanders Dies at Age 84

The Gardena police shooting video that city officials didn't want you to see

Oh man the President is one point in this press conference

Confederate flags may come down in Anniston

School board meeting heats up over Confederate flag at high school

When the Confederate flag is used to intimidate, it's all about hate (LTTE)

Revenge of Citizens United - Concerns are mounting that huge checks in the GOP primary will hurt...

Fox News Trots Out Dick Cheney: Mushroom Clouds Are In Our Future Because Of Obama's Nuclear Deal

Bluesfest removes man waving Confederate flag as artist merchandise criticized

You know who Bernie Sanders could use as VP-Joe Biden

Confederate Flag on Winchester City Council agenda

What Campaign Filings Don’t Show: Super PACs’ Growing Sway

Hacking Team spyware rootkit: Even a new HARD DRIVE wouldn't get rid of it

The Trials of Greece --- by A. E. Stallings

Report: Tom Brady Will Sue If The NFL Doesn't Throw Out His Suspension

Obama just called Major Garrett out. What a pleasure to see our President not taking lies and

Rare Indian Burial Ground Quietly Destroyed for Million Dollar Houses

Where organized hate lives in the United States

Did Major Garret just get whooped upside the head or what?

Awesome quote about Bernie...

After 11 Years, Oakland Artist Collective Forced To Find New Home

Major Garrett, you're an Ass

How 'Selma' impacts us today

Here are 6 Companies That Get Rich off Prisoners

Clashes break out at Athens anti-austerity march

Dear Congress:

Children of Immigrants Effectively Denied Citizenship in Texas

Peace with Iran Could Limit Ability to Bomb It, Warns McCain

Colbert & Tyson on Pluto (9th Rock from the Sun)

Brother of Slain SF Woman Rips Trump for Politicizing Her Death to Justify His Racism

Primary posts in other forums?

Melbourne (FL) church (AA, of course) vandalized for 3rd time

Molecular fuel cell catalysts hold promise for efficient energy storage

Lame duck is kicking ass.

Government of, by, and for Big Money

inquiry question: Lincoln

Hope And Distress In Kentucky – The Bernie Sanders Rally

Seven-state military exercise Jade Helm begins, fueling suspicions

President Obama is kicking ass and taking names in this presser

Someone just earned their Nobel Peace Prize

On prisoners and hostages in foreign lands...

Colombia Passes Peru in Coca Cultivation: UN Report

Colombia Passes Peru in Coca Cultivation: UN Report

30 Years A Slave...

Wisconsin: Write, Call and Be Vocal by Thursday 16th...RE: DNR & Richfield CAFO permit!

Bolivians save condors who ate poisoned dog meat

from Gabriela Domenzain, Director of Public Engagement

Bolivians save condors who ate poisoned dog meat

So many colors?

Obama Scolds Major Garrett For 'Nonsense' Question "That's nonsense(video)

Guardian: Everybody loves Bernie Sanders – especially top Republican operatives

All Appropriations on Hold Until Confederate Flap Fixed

Just a snapshot of "what people are saying" about Martin O'Malley's immigration plan.

Nazi-looted-art case against Norton Simon Museum set for 2016 trial

N2doc appreciation thread

Why Christians Are Cruel to Non-Believers.

Corporate Democracy.

Trump says he is worth more than $10 Billion

Today is greatness!

I think I found a way to get lower prices on Amazon.

Republican Governors Fulfill Billionaire Wishlist

Venezuela Announces 4-Year Human Rights Plan

PPPpoll Virginia: Webb and Sanders in battle for 2nd place.

Petiton Aims to Have Outkast Carved Onto Stone Mountain

Howard Dean is on msnbc looking thin and handsome

‘Fox News Is Not Real News': San Fran Officials Destroy FOX Pseudo-Reporters

US gymnast shares secret: drinking yerba mate

Bernie Sanders on education July 15, 2015

Israel approves 800 new settlement units in Bethlehem

PBS - Anthony Summers on Saudi Arabia's alleged involvement 9/11 attacks

Obama to be greeted on Oklahoma visit by Confederate flags

Gov. Chris Christie bags 2016 endorsement from Gov. Larry Hogan.

Gauchos and grass: protecting Argentina's Pampas

Great article on Kerry's years of work on global health

Gauchos and grass: protecting Argentina's Pampas

New Horizons: Nasa releases historic Pluto close-up images

Argentine GM soya town bans pesticides

Argentine GM soya town bans pesticides

PBS - Anthony Summers on Saudi Arabia's alleged involvement 9/11 attacks

Funny Dogs at the Beach....

Argentina Replaces Columbus Statue with Indigenous Heroine

Best Florida Man story yet!

"Car-hopping" for firearms part of new trend

The Kinks ~ Sunny Afternoon

Hundreds of sex toys dangling from power lines in Portland, Oregon

Trump FEC filing brags about how rich he is in all-caps.

At Wash. U. and Webster, a Fight to Unionize Adjunct Professors -- With Different Results

Donald Trump Claims Net Worth Over $10 Billion as He Files Disclosure

At Wash. U. and Webster, a Fight to Unionize Adjunct Professors -- With Different Results

At Wash. U. and Webster, a Fight to Unionize Adjunct Professors -- With Different Results

Former Bush Official Likes Obama's Support for Cuban Entrepreneurs

Former Bush Official Likes Obama's Support for Cuban Entrepreneurs

As Hillary Clinton Distanced Herself From Walmart, Her Campaign Treasurer Maintained His Ties

The painful and dangerous message: Only Black Deaths Matter

This certificate isn't from a trusted authority.

Four arrested in France over 'terrorist attack' plot

Why Serena Williams Is So Important

Myrtle Beach restaurant patron jailed after planning for ‘Jesus’ to pay tab

The Hill: Sanders moves Phoenix rally to bigger venue

Fine Art Bourse: Cuban art the next big thing as USA extends the hand of friendship

Cuba's National Assembly meets, live-tweets proceedings

Crazy pastor: people become gay from demons at restaurants

Cuba's National Assembly meets, live-tweets proceedings

Amazing photograph--Night of Power, Ramadan 2015

What should forum hosts do about Democratic primary candidates

Roughly translated: We don't want no poor people here.

Why Haven't We Heard From Any Of The Other Countries That Were In And Negotiating This Iran Deal?...

Dominican Republic Demands Haiti Apology for Deportations Slam

Is Mercury in retrograde?

That “Volunteer Professor” Ad

Cell phones will never replace the landline for CERTAIN things

7-14-15 The Great Uprising in 2:00

7-14-15 The Great Uprising in 2:00

7-14-15 The Great Uprising in 2:00

Why would anyone be anything but a "populist"?

Christian Science Monitor: Is Bernie Sanders really a 'gun nut'?

Pat Robertson: ISIS Beheadings Best Thing That Ever Happened To the World

Mark Ruffalo has given 7 different donations to Bernie Sanders totaling $825

“There is no way for the Republican party to keep Donald Trump out of the debates now,”

A bit on Hillary positions

In 2003 we invaded Iraq "because of WMDs". President Obama during his campaign made it very clear,

Sex offender charged with murder of 2 sisters in 1975 case.

Cuba Parliament Supports Ecuadorean Government

President Obama's Press Conference On the Iran Deal

Obama on Bill Cosby: No Way to Revoke Cosby's Medal of Freedom

Imprisoned sex offender indicted for murder in 1975 Lyon sisters case

Disney World Employee: We Were Told to Watch Black Customers

Bernie appears to eclipse Hillary for small-donor support – LIVE Guardian UK

Minneapolis has a surprisingly simple plan to cut traffic and make housing more affordable

Albert Pujols is still part of the Cardinals, apparently:

The Disappearance of John Doe

Judge Orders Dinesh D’Souza To Get Psychological Counseling

Have heard no details from Operation Jade Helm today

Alabama mayor doubts POTUS "manhood," then gets vulgar on FB

Bombing at headquarters of Ecuador's ruling party

Sanders enlists Ben & Jerry's in fight against super-PACs

Video of a couple tunes we did on the Fourth of July.

Exxon Pays Big Bucks To Cover Up Climate Change

Hydraulic Fracturing Linked to Increases in Hospitalization Rates in the Marcellus Shale Region…

That's nice.

The Bernie Sanders campaign, brought to you by small-dollar donors

The Bernie Sanders campaign, brought to you by small-dollar donors

Rapper Li'l Scrappy says Caitlyn Jenner's transition was a "racist situation"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 16 July 2015

ALWAYS A MENSCH: Joe Biden Describes First Teenage Experience With Gay Men

Bernie Sanders Won't Accept Money From Billionaires. Donald Trump Donated $100,000 to Hillary

Engineered hybrid crystal opens new frontiers for high-efficiency lighting

VA Poll-Clinton + 50

Scott Walker lied about abortion position "to wipe that issue right off the table"

Racist Morons in Oklahoma

Radical left protests in Germany over bailout deal ‘coup’ against Greeks

Wall Street still doesn't fear Hillary...yet

Sherif Gaber, Egyptian citizen sentenced to one year prison for "Contempt of Religion" is on the run

Confederate Flag- Isn't It Disrespectful Of Our Nation's Flag?

Occupy Wall Street just won

A comment on a Bernie Sanders post grabbed me, despite all my cynicism.

Bottom line: When women get ahead, America gets ahead.

Bill Clinton: I Made Criminal Justice ‘Worse’

NFL Commish Roger Goodell to advise Washington Republicans.

It’s Time to Start Singling Out The Worst GOP Warhawks

European Union tramples over British opposition to Greek rescue plan

All-white WV school board refuses to consider renaming majority black Stonewall Jackson MiddleSchool

Fake applicants kept ObamaCare coverage, watchdog finds

UN resolution would end Iran sanctions in 10 years

Kanawha County, WV school board against renaming Stonewall Jackson Middle School

Now this guy is a Rock Star......

Miss Universe Pageant Loses 4 Million Viewers After Trump Comments

I've been talking to women about Hillary Clinton,

NYC pizza franchise owner pleads guilty in wage theft case

NYC pizza franchise owner pleads guilty in wage theft case

Most of Justice Department suit vs. Arizona sheriff settled

Nick Saban needs to stop making excuses and solve Alabama's real problems

Why would anyone be anything but a "populist"? OR Why we need Bernie Sanders

A diseased symbol

"Of course Bill Cosby is Guilty"

So Scott Walker wants to drug test welfare recipients

I didn't even think to post this here, we have a $ match going on until midnight for 4 candidates

I didn't even think to post this here, we have a $ match going on until midnight for 4 candidates

Scott Walker uses "the Boy Scouts to boost his or her profile with social conservatives"

Why the Weingarten (AFT) endorsement is a good thing for Bernie Sanders

What a Trump-Cruz Alliance Could Mean for the GOP Race

.Clinton's favorability rises, tops Sanders among liberals

Regulators want Uber suspended in California and fined $7.3 million

Video being Supressed another unarmed shooting. Watch

Looks like the Washington NFL team has found its new name.

Update re: Confederate flag salesman occupies abandoned gas station

Kids are overwhelmed receiving puppies as gifts!

Denver Police caught telling key lies about their fatal shooting of Native American

Obama Scolds CBS Reporter Major Garrett

Greece debt crisis: Eurozone deal laws backed by MPs

Regulators want Uber suspended in California and fined $7.3 million (xpost from GD)

Gotta say, I'd like to see Trump get the Repub nomination

Suffolk Poll: Hillary 59, Sanders 14, Joe 8

Press Release: New Hampshire Democratic Party: Granite state legislators to Scott Walker: Good luck

A few more BLUEs

WaPo: Undercover video shows Planned Parenthood official discussing fetal organs used for research

For GOD's sake, stop shaking hands.

Univision poll: Hillary would win the Latino vote by 64% So much for Hillary bleeding Latino Voters!

Protesters Fly Confederate Flags To Greet Obama In Oklahoma

What Pete Rose lost – and maybe found – in his All-Star return to Cincinnati

UPDATE: We only need $111.10 to get the match for Bernie!!!

Hillary Sniper Fire Revisited (2008)

Into the deep and hot Bayou to visit the Gators a few July days ago

'Atom spy' Ethel Rosenberg's conviction in new doubt after testimony released

Wack job New York preacher excuses slavery, and he's black!

There’s a new super PAC for Bernie Sanders. It wants billionaire donors.

The black president some worried about has arrived

You Really Ought to See This Video

President Obama made me proud to be an American today, at WH Presser on Iran deal.

12 Dogs Rescued From Flooded Kennel in Ohio

5 times Scott Walker tried to ruin your lunch

Angry Old White Guys Couldn't Be Any More Upset About Latinos

I used to ALWAYS say we need the idiots to get power, so it can get worse, so it can get better

Bernie Sanders coming to Texas this weekend

Getting to know Hillary again

Alright, you guys,

Traveler accosts Abbott on gay marriage, gets bumped from flight

Greek parliament approves bailout prior measures package

Bridesmen at a Wedding in Jackson Square

Probe: Bogus enrollees kept getting 'Obamacare'

Liberals invade Texas

Alaska governor pushes to expand Medicaid program for the poor

Koch Brothers--They're the Evil Thing