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Archives: July 13, 2015

Another "Harvard study" that doesn't live up to what is touted.

Walker's veto's....

An Open Response to the Condescending Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters on Huffington Post

One thing people don't understand and try to use against Hillary only makes them look like fools.

Greek crisis: surrender fiscal sovereignty in return for bailout, Merkel tells Tsipras

Trump got a big time boost from Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Campaign Memes are great fun and inspiring when they are accurate.

Report: Trump camp packed campaign launch crowd with actors

Hipster Hillary

An old favorite makes a good point.

7-12-15 The Bisbee Deportation in 2:00

David Frum is a piece of shit

7-12-15 The Bisbee Deportation in 2:00

Colombia, rebels agree to strive for full cease-fire

7-12-15 The Bisbee Deportation in 2:00

Modern campaigning: The Hillary Quilt Project

Colombia, rebels agree to strive for full cease-fire

Israel releases Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan

Chris Christie: judge orders release of Bridgegate investigation notes

Anybody else miss Trump top 10?

Robots are replacing servers in China restaurants.

Federal attorney general opens criminal charges against blog

Greece: Journalists under investigation for promoting "yes" vote in the referendum

Baghdad car bombs and suicide attacks kill 35 - sources

Shillers for killers

Anger still crackles 30 years after France bombed Greenpeace ship

Just started watching a movie...

Keeping it creepy...

The Paw Star Game - very squee!

Hillary, some campaign advice, if I may. Thanks

About the proposal for independent management of 50 billion Euros of Greek assets...

Let's start from scratch...

Study finds surprisingly high geothermal heating beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Lonely Leader Of Open Carry Group In Texas Drinking Whiskey With His AK-47

Creationist Museum Acquires 5,000-Year-Old T. Rex Skeleton

Bernie Sanders Packs FULL HOUSE, 500 Attend Forum in Arlington, VA, July 9

Marion Co commissioners vote to let Confederate flag fly again

So I pulled the HD from a Dell, stuck it in a MacPro -- and booted it up.

Ipad users, do you have a browser preference?

New study finds heat is being stored beneath the ocean surface

Question for the Ugly American Trump, fellow ReTHUGs, goons and hacks

Her words~

"How Greece was robbed by the bankers"

Tata Steel UK expected to escape strike

Schäuble to Greeks: Raise €50 billion in privatization campaign. Deposit funds in bank I direct.

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico.......

Why is Nebraska recycling in the dumps?

New poll shows surge in independent affiliation in Idaho

HSBC is being outed NOW on CBS "60 Minutes" for aiding felonious US tax evasion

U.S. considering drones in North Africa to monitor Islamic State: WSJ

Why I Can't Support UFT Solidarity

Never was a big Jim Webb fan, apparently for good reason.....

Berkeley Breathed Returning To “Bloom County” For First Time In 25 Years Robert Reich: GREECE

Can anyone trash a forum?

China targets rights lawyers as crackdown on activists widens

gratuitous kitteh vid - it's catnip time

Ocala police investigating after shots fired near Confederate flag rally

If this is true, then Elizabeth Warren will enter the presidential race.

Cat Freed From Truck Engine After 28-Mile Trip From PA To NJ Has New Home

HuffPo: German-Led Eurogroup Launching Coup Against Greek Government

Donald Trump - a Democratic Party Asset

kids - this is why your parents, or mostly your g-parents, say your music sucks

This isn't truly about the primaries...

Thursday Night at the Fights

Politico: The campaign might be lost even before the GOP picks a nominee.

Check out the Pacific!

Fox News Host: God blessed America is because we know how to smoke a pork butt.

Bay Area ocean temperatures 5 degrees warmer

Charles Pierce--The FBI's July 4th Terror Arrests: Bollocks

BREAKING: IRONY bites Rick Santorum HARD on the ASS as he FAILS to understand WHY his ASS hurts

Alaska nearing 4 million acres burned this season

LOLOL!!! Trump has got Bush camp sh*tting themselves... AND FoxNews & the GOP

"Sez Who?!"

Prelude FLNG Taking Shape – Bird’s-Eye-View of Largest Floating Structure Ever Built

Typhoon Chan-hom Wreaks Havoc in Korea

Grieving Joe Biden Focuses on the Job he has now, not the next one.

Do you think less of people for wearing real fur?

Explosion at fireworks warehouse in China kills 15

Are the rich pissed off that education means people expect to be compensated for their own

Two Indian analyses of the TPP

Linux Mint: "No such file or directory" -- WTF ??

USTR clears advisers to read TPP draft

Does anybody have any credible knowledge about this revolting piece of news about homosexuals

(Baltimore) Mayor hit with water by festival-goer at Mondawmin

Anyone for some fresh Hot Tuna?

Sen. Jim Webb: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are ‘way far’ left — ‘not my Democratic Party’

Robert Reich: Keynesians vs Austerity

So someone is offended for being criticized for coming over to the Hillary group, and

OMG - my aching feet

Anyone here familiar with Old English Bulldogs?

Texas has good chance to be player in presidential primaries

National Rifle Association criticises Australia's gun laws

Missing in Gaza: What we know so far about the strange case of Avera Mengistu

A request from one humble Du'er...don't "alert-swarm" posters because you disagree with them.

What are you reading the week of Sunday, July 12, 2015?

After 3 BILLION miles, 1 Million to go!!!!! COUNTDOWN CLOCK to 7:49:57 AM EDT, 7/14

Best political cartoon I have seen lately!

Americans Must Stop Begging and Start Demanding

Mexico drug lord Guzman's escape tunnel is a minor engineering masterpiece

Anger after Harriet Harman says Labour will not vote against welfare bill

Eurozone 'agreement' on Greece debt

Downwinders seek acknowledgement that Trinity test caused suffering

Cat freed from truck engine after 28-mile trip has new home

The Yapping Mutt Report

The Biggest, Gayest and Furriest Song of the Summer

Finally found his ass...

We have "Greekment", as they're calling it. Eurozone 'agreement' on Greece debt.

Bernie Sanders Part 2. BARNBERNER SPEECH to FULL HOUSE of 500, Arlington, VA July 9

Daily Holidays - July 13

Tweet from Michael Moore about the Pope and Capitalism

Iran Talks Hit Final Stage, Announcement Expected

Bartender charged with threatening to kill House Speaker Boehner to go on trial in Ohio

Eleanor Roosevelt, gun owner

Cosmic Queries: GMOs with Bill Nye (Part 1)

Romania PM Victor Ponta charged with corruption

Nobel Winner Malala Opens School for Syrian Refugees

France siege: Armed men attack shopping centre near Paris

Spying on the Internet is Orders of Magnitude More Invasive Than Phone Metadata

Supreme court rules against the continuation of life on Earth

Iraq begins operation to oust Islamic State group from Anbar

The better late than never education system

India's Outsourcing Firms Change Direction as 'Cloud' Moves In

Kotorba toon: FDR on Social Security

Hacking Team orchestrated brazen BGP hack to hijack IPs it didn't own

The Jazz Ambassadors

The Silly Analogizing of Bernie Sanders to Ron Paul

Paul Krugman- The Laziness Doctrine

UNO senior killed in car crash may have saved his brother’s life

Glass found at Kamigamojinja shrine likely came from ancient Persia

Raheem Sterling agrees to Greek bailout

High temperatures expected to continue to July 15 as heat wave rolls over Japan

Well--these words are Hillary's

94 US school and university shootings since Sandy Hook

Strong quake hits Oita Prefecture (Japan)

BBC: How videos of supermarket raids show what life is like in Venezuela

An Altar to Donald Trump Swallows Up Public Space in Manhattan

Congratulations President Obama on reaching a deal with Iran

Why Would 46 Senators (incl'g Democrats) Support Burning Trees for Electricity?

Hillary Clinton Plans To Campaign Against Uber’s Contractor Economy

Super Senior

Japanese granny band ' KBG84 ' -Geriatic Pop Stars!

Who is Steve Kornacki? Ring of Fire wants to know

notice about the july contest. only 6 spots left.

Wife Broke Her Leg Last Week

Wisconsin Governor Walker says running for U.S. president in 2016

Super Senior!

Here’s where your religion stands on gay marriage

'Religious freedom' bill picks up momentum in House

POLL: Meme of the Week – July 13th

Walker assures GOP voters

the first new bloom county in 25 years!

POLL: Meme of the Month – June 2015

Santa Clara County: Union leaders call for re-vote to ratify contract

Why did "Channel 4" even air "Benefit Street"?

UAE woman executed for killing American teacher

Walker poster....

(Australia) Abbott government extends renewable energy investment ban to solar power

(Australia) Australia's finance sector heavily exposed to climate risk, report says

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Code Talking Turkeys

“We should have invaded Mexico”: Donald Trump bashes Iraq war, suggests a different one: Report

Monday Toon Roundup 2: Flags

Malala Turns 18, And Opens A School For Syrian Refugee Girls

Monday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Hillary Clinton Will Pledge Profit-Sharing Incentives to Boost Wages

A settlement for Greece will not save the Euro, nor would Grexit

As someone who refuses to "Facebook"...

Reasons to question gun control

A closer look at Wisconsin’s economy under Gov. Scott Walker =Walker is a FAILURE

Every Republican Candidate is Campaigning Against the Year 2008

Potsdam institute Study - Clear Link Between Post-1980 Record Rainfalls & Floods, Warming Planet

It's official, Scott Walker announced at 5:29 a.m. that he is running for president

Nevada’s ‘Peace Camp,’ The Last Site of Its Kind, Reveals History of Cold-War Protests

Safety Harbor FL woman hit husband in argument over Confederate flag, deputies say

DOE Yanks Funding From Yet Another Failing "Clean Coal" Project

Abbott Blocks Australia's Clean Energy Finance Corporation From Investing In Small Solar, Wind

Defeat of Confederate flag in South Carolina also a blow for 'Lost Cause' myth

Shook Chuck Schumer's hand yesterday at the annual Taste of Buffalo...

Confederate flag supporters flock to the 'Florida Southern Pride Ride' in Ocala

Amid rebel flag controversy, Tenn. to honor KKK leader

Chris Hedges: We Are All Greeks Now

Guantanamo prisoner — cleared of war crimes — remains in solitary confinement

Am I the only one irked by the never-ending Nazi-comparisons of Germans re Greece?

State Subreddits for Bernie used for organizing movements and promoting campaign efforts on a LOCAL

The thing Bernie Sanders says that no other candidate will touch

Big Court Defeat For Marijuana Despite Record Tax Harvests

Debunking the Debased Gospel of Wealth: "1% Deserve Loot Plus Our Thanks"

Scotty and Sarah, non-finishers

Help, DUers! My 2 RW cousins are tag-teaming me about "sanctuary cities"

A Heads-Up for Bostonians

If your state could have a state fool

Fight for $15 Bernie Moneybomb fundraiser DONATE July 15, 2015

Wake Up, Sheeple! The Military Exercise That Drove Texas Insane Is Finally Here

21 Great Americans Who Aren’t The Founding Fathers....

1896 election, William McKinley, money in politics, trickle-down, and where we are today

Obama Administration Makes Malaysia Slavery Problem For TPP Disappear

Group Rallies In OKC Metro In Support Of Confederate Flag

Voting for Bernie Sanders will defeat Citzen's United

Watch LIVE at 10 AM: Hillary's speech at The New School......

Officer Who Put Eric Garner in Fatal Choke Hold Would Like His Old Job Back

Untethered badass!

The true story of the South Carolina Confederate flag debate

Economic Recovery, for some....... (By the Numbers chart)

A Thank You from Bernie Sanders to his supporters

At Point Lookout in Southern Maryland, Confederate flag still flies

TOM TOMORROW: Sparky's Inferno

Bernie Sanders Asks FCC to Investigate Cable and Broadband Prices

Artist Shepard Fairey arrested at LAX

Bernie Sanders Packs Full House, 500 Attend Policy Forum in Arlington, VA, July 9

Bernie Sanders’ Senate colleagues stunned by his ascent

MARTA to Make an $8B Pitch to Change the Face of Atlanta

*Link Added, Bernie Sanders Part 2. BARNBERNER SPEECH, FULL HOUSE of 500, Arlington, VA, July 9

Boehner blames Obama for immigration inaction

Tom Tomorrow: Sparky's Inferno

Opinion: Anti-abortion extremists are domestic terrorists

Walker Assures G.O.P. Voters He Is as Horrible as Trump

Opinion: Anti-abortion extremists are domestic terrorists

Want to write in the ogham alphabet?

Anyone else watching Hillary'speech? HRC Room.

Alive and Kicking after 55

TOON: Tom Tomorrow sounds like a frustrated DUer

Opinion: Stop treating citizens like consumers (face recognition)

Scott Walker starring in UNINTIMIDATED, a production of Koch Industries and the Bradley Foundation

Andy strikes again...Scott Walker

BREAKING: Scott Walker, criminal gang leader, escapes from #Wisconsin. May be heading for Iowa

Some of Bernie Sanders' Senate Colleagues Stunned by his Ascent -- Politico

Donald Trump has kidnapped the Tea Party, the Republican's baby...

So Bernistas are already descending into conspiracy theory land. A little soon, don't you think?

Greeks face six months of cash controls

Gettysburg’s black residents: Dropping Confederate flag can’t erase racism

“The Civil War never ended”: Jesse Jackson on the racist agenda which must come down with the Confed

Why People Need Poetry

Bernie Sanders Asks FCC to Investigate Cable and Broadband Prices

Santa Clara County: Union leaders call for re-vote to ratify contract

Gettysburg’s black residents: Dropping Confederate flag can’t erase racism

Santa Clara County: Union leaders call for re-vote to ratify contract

Tata Steel UK expected to escape strike

Tata Steel UK expected to escape strike

After Aaron Schock scandal, Congress weighs crackdown

Want to help the Greek economy?

Greece debt crisis: German plan demands €50bn of state assets is transferred to external fund

Deal in Iran talks imminent

Get ready for candidate Limberbutt McCubbins - the first cat to run this year

Hillary Clinton Building Impressive Iowa Endorsement List

Marketplace plans' provider networks are just not adequate without family planning centers

Oil Production Shows Signs of Flagging

Supporters think governor's unemployment program will help people find jobs faster

An Open Letter to Those Who Still Stand With Walker

Supporters think governor's unemployment program will help people find jobs faster

Supporters think governor's unemployment program will help people find jobs faster

I need your help....

Obama Passes Rule To Guarantee Birth Control Coverage For All Working Women

A change in the follow up thank you letter for donating to Bernie through Act Blue

NRA's attack on Australian gun laws off target

A change in the follow up thank you letter for donating to Bernie through Act Blue

Get ready for the pro-Israel NRA

Here’s Where the NRA Stops Cooperating on Domestic Violence Reform

Why are Umpires becoming like cops...

Greece is getting more air time than the Kardashians!

Iran talks hit final stage but deal remains elusive

If you are in the 1% you are nothing but an exploiter

But they didn't . . .

all I see is DU lounge, general discussion: primaries and General discussion

"When 70, 80, 90% of the people vote, we win - hands down."

Kitchen nightmare comes to an end: Amy's Baking Company to close

Bernie Sanders at National Council of La Raza conference

Suburbs face lawsuit seeking tougher regulation of gun shops

What's he always looking at in the middle distance anyway? . . . Please come CAPTION Scott Walker!!

If the moon was the size of a pixel

Santorum Calls For A Constitutional Amendment To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Amazon is data mining reviewers' personal relationships

Groups sue Chicago suburbs for more gun control

Scott Walker Signs State Budget Axing Tenure For College Professors

After the monkey rides the pony, it's time for the clown car! Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Alabama’s chief justice: Satan made Supreme Court ‘destroy the institution of God’ in marriage rulin

Oh,ffs. Jeb Bush is going to "hail" an Uber car on Thursday.

Guardian: The history of British slave ownership has been buried: now its scale can be revealed

Showtime is now streaming on Hulu.

Texas judge will perform same-sex weddings — but only if couples acknowledge his anti-LGBT beliefs

Just how evil is Dick Cheney? . . . a blast from the past!

The Joker and Serena dance at the championship ball......

Youth Vote Will Sway 2016 Election

Here's the RSVP link for the Fresno for Bernie Group.

WMD's my ass!

HAHAHAHA!!! El Chapo to Trump: "I'm gonna make you eat your words"

Popular blood thinner causing deaths, injuries in nursing homes

Kid Rock and Ted Nugent team up to record a "We are the world" for racist dicks.

Merkel’s Crown Tarnished as Critics Accuse Her of Coup in Greece

Verizon Threatens To Disconnect NJ Landline Customer Unless They Switch To Fiber

San Francisco Bay Area meetup report (some important info)

Tsipras Faces Mutiny After Capitulating to Demands

Martin O'Malley Remarks at the National Council of La Raza Conference

JFK on taxes and the below.

These 20 schools are responsible for a fifth of all graduate school debt

This is what government sanctioned bigotry looks like in Russia:

U.S. Gasoline Cheapest Since Mid-May After Rout at Pumps

Babies Aren't Us. Yet.

In Texas, a French Killer Is Hired to Do Job Americans Couldn’t

Maryland for Bernie Sanders Grassroots is up and running!

Hillary Clinton Pitches Plan for 'Growth and Fairness Economy'-HRC ROOM

Get ready for a 'fire sale' of Greek islands

Sprint backpedals on video speeds

‘Jesus was a socialist’: Bernie Sanders excites previously unmotivated Alabama voters

Fox ‘Doctor’ Keith Ablow: Men Punch Ladies Because We Let Girls Do Sports (NO war on women!!)

Fox ‘Doctor’ Keith Ablow: Men Punch Ladies Because We Let Girls Do Sports (but NO war on women!)

Martin O'Malley Remarks at the National Council of La Raza Conference

Clinton lays out economic vision, calls out Republican opponents

Same-sex marriage back in court in Kentucky

The modern slave trade, TPP and the Obama Administration

'Global Warming' is all a big misunderstanding - we have nothing to worry about

Climate denial linked to conspiratorial thinking in new study

Letter: High court goes gay; GOP frets

Pic Of The Moment: Scott Walker Is In The Race!

Click for a list of things larger than the bald spot on Scott Walker's head

Jeb Bush Says You’re Not Working Hard Enough. Bernie Responds.

I need your help....

'The Democratic frontrunner did not explicitly mention progressive rivals

Scott Walker is doing the voice-over. . . . Please come CAPTION!!

NASA Faked the Moon Landing—Therefore, (Climate) Science Is a Hoax: An Anatomy of the Motivated...

On raising the minimum wage

David Brooks sneers at Bernie Sanders: “He doesn’t get the working class”

Idiot Texas County Clerk Lady Issues Declaration About How Good She Hates The Gays

AL Supreme Court Chief Justice Moore: Same-sex marriage ruling 'destroyed the institution of God'

How Governments Lose Trillions Mismanaging Property

"Senator Clinton, will you restore Glass-Steagall?"

This is why I despair at HRC being the candidate

because one mom wrote a letter: nyc ballet responds (get out the tissues!)

Obama Commutes Sentences Of 46 Convicts

No, BDS does not unfairly 'single out' Israel

Record $553 million budget surplus means 2 percent raise for state workers

Chafee Has Barely Raised Any Money

Obama Says US Must Step Up Care For Aging Americans

Bernie Sanders: Campaign, Question Replies on CBS 'FACE THE NATION' Full Interview July 12, 2015

Tancredo Offers His Services to Trump

Extremely Informative AFT Candidate questionnaire: Martin O'Malley (links to Bernie's and Hillary's)

Forget profit sharing, forget bribing employers and corporations to do the right thing.

Birther lawyer/dentist Orly Taitz has latest round of lawsuits against Obama smacked down by Tx judg

The Confederate Flag, the swastika, and the problem of symbols

You No Longer Have to Pay To Hear Sarah Palin’s Incoherent Rants

The Confederate Flag Is Dead -- Time For A Better Emblem Of Southern Heritage?

The most pathetic response to the Confederate flag removal

Hallelujah! Majority Of Americans Do Not Think U.S. “Christian Nation”

A couple of observations*...

I think I'm gonna take a nap

One man's perspective after a lifetime under the Confederate flag

Bernie rally expected to draw 1000's in Louisville! Organizers were swamped and excited!

Eurozone is ready to explode, but probably not for the reasons you think

Carly Fiorina demolishes the only talking point she and Donald Trump have

Blame Boehner for GOP's Confederate flag fiasco

Hey AFT leadership: Here is all the data you need to make an endorsement....

...testing for radiation in dead whales... “...may have consumed something toxic… "

Hillary Clinton and the American Worker

Bay Area for Bernie Week in Review

Hey Joeybee! Did you watch this?

They say that Greece needs and has to raise their taxes

Killer Mike on instagram

NARAL Pro Choice America is releasing a new ad in Iowa showing Walker’s shifting abortion stances

What to cook this week. (NYT)

Question about fava beans

Obama's TPP coddles Big Pharma, strips the poor of Generics they need to live

A reminder that this room is for supporters to discuss HRC and the campaign. HRC Room

Donald Trump threatens to kick El Chapo's ass, calls the FBI when the drug lord returns the threat

Personal Favorites....Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

America’s most powerful labor official released a six-word statement ripping Scott Walker

John Fugelsang regarding Scott Walker

AFL-CIO Statement on Scott Walker Announcement

On protected candidate groups during the primaries

How do you deal with anger?

Donald Trump awaits apology from the media (and people)

A $400,000 annual income is ~$33,000 a month. It is ~$7500 every week. And it is $1100 per day.

Tom Tomorrow: Sparky goes to Hell

A Powerful New Comic Book Takes Aim at Abortion Stigma

A Powerful New Comic Book Takes Aim at Abortion Stigma

Google, AdBlade Bar Abortion Clinic From Advertising

Google, AdBlade Bar Abortion Clinic From Advertising

Ultra-Conservative Far-Right Fundie Preacher Tries to Shuck-And-Jive Seasoned Chicago Politician!

Man calls cops after mostly black town ‘hurts’ his feelings by disrespecting Confederate flag parade

Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump Comments On Mexicans An 'Outrage'

"Now Streaming: The Plague Years"--The Zombie Apocalypse Movie Theme Lives On

Martin O'Malley @ la raza LIVE, NOW!

Martin O'Malley @ la raza LIVE, NOW!

Eva Peron given forced lobotomy after last speech urging Argentinians to "fight the oligarchy" (

Is Hillary really going to be tough on Wall Street?

Martin O'Malley @ la raza LIVE, NOW!

Son of Boston Police Captain Arrested as Possible Terrorist

Nasa probe's early Pluto data shows dwarf planet larger than anticipated

Tsipras faces clash with Syriza radicals opposed to eurozone bailout for Greece

The international war on LGBT people

Serena Williams Drinks, Bathes In, And Makes Lemonade With White Tears

In wake of Affordable Care Act, dramatic declines in out-of-pocket spending on contraception

The 47 Funniest Things About Donald Trump

Russia Is Greatest Threat To The U.S., Says Joint Chiefs Chairman Nominee Gen. Joseph Dunford

Do you know of any "double-cousins"?

Is Trump running for Mayor of America?

Is America great?

Graphic Artist Sparks Impromptu Bernie Sanders Rally at Comic-Con

General Motors to announce big expansion of Texas SUV plant

Texas Judge Says He’ll Marry Gay Couples, But Only If He Can Insult Them First

Texas Judge Says He’ll Marry Gay Couples, But Only If He Can Insult Them First

Search warrant: Austin police officer wanted slain crime victims counselor Dean to abort child

It is not a coincidence

Mike Huckabee Says Christians Must Be Ready to ‘Suffer’ Like MLK to Defy Gay Marriage

Greek banks to remain closed for two more days despite debt deal

What’s Wrong With the AFT? An affront to democratic unionism.

Trump Reportedly Tells Group US Should Have Invaded Mexico Instead Of Iraq

"Felines of New York Deepest Secrets"

What's for dinner? ~ Monday, July 13, 2015

Aviation Waypoints named for Donald Trump have been renamed

10 Graphs That Show How Much Walker Has Hurt WI

Here’s Where the NRA Stops Cooperating on Domestic Violence Reform

Scott Walker Launches Campaign By Slashing Wages

Video shows stone thrower fleeing before being shot; officer questioned

Benjamin Netanyahu Is Freaking Out About The Iran Deal

Hillary Clinton opposes breaking up the megabanks, opposes reinstating Glass-Steagall

Trump/Palin Ticket

Hillary Clinton's economic pitch: Americans 'need a raise' - HRC ROOM POST

Pentagon to announce plans this week to lift ban on transgendered troops: Reports

Clintons Facing Deposition Notices In Private Email Lawsuit

Trial Date Set For Former (Oklahoma) Reserve Deputy

Hillary Clinton shows she's really a liberal on economics - HRC ROOM POST

Obama Commutes Sentences for 46 Convicted of Drug Offenses

Reclaim Your Inner Queen

Ocean warming leads to stronger precipitation extremes

GOP Candidate Says Military Retirees Must Pay More for Health Care

9-Year-Old Challenges Boys-Only Robotics Program -- And Wins

Moroccan women 'freed' over wearing skirts in Inezgane

Scott Walker tells supporters: ‘I am certain’ my 2016 presidential run ‘is God’s plan for me’

After Years in the Red, Farms Return to Non-GMO Crops to Regain Profits

Pope Francis 'did not chew coca in Bolivia'

Pittsburgh: Macy's plans to close Downtown store

Politico: Centrist ConservaDems in Senate are CONCERNED about Bernie

Resistance to gay marriages travels a well-worn path

I am not ashamed to admit that I think Scott Walker is a genius

Rainfall drives rapid melt and flow of the Greenland ice sheet

Ohio Man Accused of Threatening Boehner Ruled Insane

Exclusive: Yanis Varoufakis opens up about his five month battle to save Greece (7-13-15)

Bern Bern Bern -- Ring of Fire: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interviews Bernie Sanders

Cursing Happy Meal Minions Toys -- "WTF?" Were they thinking...

A Little Slavery and Some Mass Graves Won’t Deter Obama From the TPP

Martin O'Malley: Quotable at National Council of La Raza

U.S. Boy Scouts committee approves allowing gay adults to serve as leaders

Alleged Russian Taliban leader to be tried in civil court

28 beautiful photochrom prints of California

O’Malley Blasts Republicans on Trump's Slur of Mexicans: "Hard to tell him apart from the others"

Trump Wishes America Had Invaded Mexico Instead of Iraq

Senators Ask Federal Agencies About Efforts to Facilitate Medical Marijuana Research

iMac says its "Blocked Plug in"......I have updated my flash player and it still won't show video...

The Problem of Greece Is Not Only a Tragedy. It Is a Lie.

‘Jesus was a socialist’: Bernie Sanders Excites Previously Unmotivated Alabama Voters.

Greece made a deal, but will it get the money?

Was Jeb's "you're not working enough" remark his 47% moment?

Two Islamic State leaders killed in Syria air strike: Observatory

Anybody home?

Bernie Sanders: ‘I Am A Great Fan Of Pope Francis’

US conducts first flight test of guided B61-12 nuclear bomb

Boeing patents laser-powered fusion-fission jet engine for airplanes, spacecraft

Scott Walker tells supporters: ‘I am certain’ my 2016 presidential run ‘is God’s plan for me’

Bernie at La Raza: Standing Ovations, Bernie Chants w/Video

Boy Scouts of America votes to end ban on gay adults

A Cat Named Limberbutt McCubbins Is Running For President! He's A Demo-Cat.

Trump Claimed 20,000 Came To See Him: Off By Only 16,000

Texas Judge Says He’ll Marry Gay Couples, But Only If He Can Insult Them First (xpost from LGBT)

Travel info

Travel info

What do you think about income inequity in the entertainment field ?

Does anyone know where the Waste Management Recycling

Outside #walker16 event, hundreds begin to protest with #ScottWalkerHasAKochProblem signs

Donald Trump — The GOP’s New Race Warrior

Greek Gov are Corrupt Borrowers Paying for Political Patronage: Former Finance Minister


The Flight of Apollo-Soyuz: 40th Anniversary

Citizen-Led State Gerrymandering Reforms Start to Show Results

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 14 July 2015 -- Happy Bastille Day!

Please consider restricting "protected" support groups from showing up in Greatest Threads

LIVE BLOG: Tornado Watch issued for several counties until 11 p.m.

Bernie Sanders For President, Because The Rent Is Still Too Damn High!

Lonnie and Koni: The Ice Men Speaketh

LIVE BLOG: Tornado Watch issued for several counties until 11 p.m.

great study on ALEC "ALEC Exposed" by Center on Media and Democracy and Moyers&Co U.S. of ALEC

son tortured at Export Import Bank

Report: Many immigrants re-arrested after detainers declined

Anyone from the New Orleans area?

Documents: US agents knew of 'El Chapo' escape plots in 2014

Wage Crushers' (ALEC) Prevailing Wage Claims Are Nonsense - Center for Media and Democracy

Walker Assures G.O.P. Voters He Is as Horrible as Trump

'Real Problem' With Republicans Goes Beyond Donald Trump.

Bernie has the luxury of being able to tell the truth

Why we need to reinstate Glass-Steagall, separate investment and insurance from banking and break up

With Respect To The Two Recent Jail Breaks At Maximum Security Prisons......

This is so cool. Toronto road rage incident.

What about a Sanders/Nader ticket?

i'm experimenting with cannabutter and oil

How would gun control non-compliance be enforced?

'Real problem' with Republicans goes beyond Donald Trump:O'Malley

You determine who's out of the mainstream

About Bernie's Birmingham Event ...

Life Is Good puppy rescue by Anonymous Brandon, MS

Eric Holder’s Failure Allowed Banks To Cripple Puerto Rican Economy

Union, General Motors confident they can reach contract deal

Badger fans: this will make you puke:

Scallions ...... first time

The U.S. Women's Soccer Team didn't get a single SI cover

They’re terrified of Bernie Sanders: Fox News, Hillary surrogates and Wall Street get extra-nervous

All Wisconsin Badger fans: this will make you vomit for sure:

Man recounts saving dog with mouth taped shut and legs taped together.

Looks like the "Hillary's top donors are banks" meme needs to be debunked for the 200th time...

wanted to confirm or deny something I heard today

Bernie Speaks at La Raza on: Racism, Immigration Rights, Wall St., Unemployment, Education and More

Caricom supports Guyana in border dispute with Venezuela, but there's also Petro Caribe

7-13-15 Founding of the Niagara Movement in 2:00

7-13-15 Founding of the Niagara Movement in 2:00

7-13-15 Founding of the Niagara Movement in 2:00

Understanding White Privilege

Watching Scott Walker

WATCH: Police shoot Palestinian man in face with sponge-tipped bullet

Ohio man accused of threatening Boehner ruled insane

Windows 10 available on July 29th

Bernie is coming to Phoenix...

Nancy Pelosi will meet one-on-one with Hillary Clinton

On Scott Walker

Wow - scott walker just gave us some framing possibilities!

Scott Walker is going to beat Jeb. He's a much better liar.

David Frum says Serena cheated via steroid use

What has a corrupt Wall Street banker ever done for your kid?

A good video of E Warren talking about how Hillary helped stop a bankruptcy bill.

This is the BEST most perfectly direct Press Release in the history of Press releases! Kudos

Today in History, July 13th

Inside Amy Schumer - I Endured

Today in History, July 13th

An eye-opener: Bernie and Guns

Bottled Water Co's are trying to stop the National Park Service from Banning Plastic Bottles

Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley to Speak at National Press Club Luncheon on July 23.

How and When to Vote for Bernie Sanders..A break down of caucuses & primaries State by State

They still have not figured out the mystery of the high heels nailed to the telephone poles??

I have something uncomfortable to ask about someone (who may have borderline personality disorder)

NLRB strikes blow to Postal Service-Staples deal

NLRB strikes blow to Postal Service-Staples deal

NLRB strikes blow to Postal Service-Staples deal

What's the official Clown Count for the GOP Clown Car now?

Obstruction Is GOP’s Gameplan For Rest of Obama’s Term

Outside #walker16 event, hundreds begin to protest with #ScottWalkerHasAKochProblem signs

Suggestion for Bernie

Canadian Parliament passes anti-union legislation (Oh Canada how could you)

Jon Vickers Dead. Canadian Dramatic Tenor Was 88

Made in Wisconsin

Canadian Parliament passes anti-union legislation (Oh Canada how could you)

The Mess that Nuland Made -- Robert Parry

Wow, Weird, and 100% true......"Mysterious explosion injures woman on Rhode Island beach"

I Was Attacked on the Train. No One Helped Me.

The West is so dry even a rain forest is on fire

Wisconsin Voters Do Not Like Scott Walker, or His Education Budget–Slashing Ways

Marker commemorating '34 Teamsters strikes to be unveiled July 18

Marker commemorating '34 Teamsters strikes to be unveiled July 18

Marker commemorating '34 Teamsters strikes to be unveiled July 18

Suggestion for Bernie

America's Top Union Leader Just Destroyed Scott Walker in Six Words

Hawaii eases process to switch gender on birth certificates

Labor’s Short and (Not-So) Sweet Response to Scott Walker’s Campaign Launch

Labor’s Short and (Not-So) Sweet Response to Scott Walker’s Campaign Launch

Defense Secretary Orders Review Of “Outdated” Ban On Transgender Military Service

Labor’s Short and (Not-So) Sweet Response to Scott Walker’s Campaign Launch

Toon: KochWalker gets ready for his rollout

Anyone here know about a Bernie Sanders meet-up in Portland Oregon tonight?

Anyone here know about a Bernie Sanders meet-up in Portland Oregon TONITE at 7pm PDT?

This is the BEST most perfectly direct Press Release in the history of Press releases! Kudos*

Another doping scandal brewing in Le Tour?

Marijuana may be helping to overcome painkiller abuse in America

Bernie Sanders supporters should congratulate Hillary Clinton on her endorsement from AFT

Sanders no longer links lack of orgasm with cancer, right?

I think I'm gonna take a crap.

Everyone wants to be asked about their genius

D’octor’s orders: Court psychologist finds conservative clown Dinesh D’Souza ‘arrogant and intoleran

2 women who testified against Cosby seek transcript release

Former Pantera Vocalist Phil Anselmo: "I Don't Want Anything to Do With" Confederate Flag

Israeli ministerial committee approves 'Jewish State bill'

Texas county clerk opposed to same-sex marriage resigns

"Senator Sanders" pays a visit to Harmontown ;)