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Texans Organize 'Operation Counter Jade Helm' To Keep An Eye On The Federal Troops

Explore the JFK TWA Terminal, a pristine time capsule from 1962

Film Sparks Scandal For Look At Family Of Israeli Assassin

Regardless of who wins the primary

Should Donald Trump win the GOP nomination who should he take as a running mate?

Just finished binge watching Foyle's War

Wow, Anthony Weiner gets a little carried away.

Any point in a 30 year old applying for SSDI/SSI? In Georgia?

Euro zone demands more from Greece, delays decision on aid

Airway Heights, WA, Mayor under fire for Facebook post

Barney Frank on Houston PBS.

how do bernie and his supporters package and deliver this message to minority communities?

Rachel Parent, Nutrition House and the Sneaky Organic Propaganda

Home > U.S. Bomb Squad, ATF Investigating Mysterious Explosion at Rhode Island Beach

New Horizons’ Last Portrait of Pluto’s Puzzling Spots (NASA)

Anna Ternheim - "Summer Rain"

The Scary Way Diabetes Affects Thinking Skills And Brain Function

Clinton's Big Economic Speech Will Go Heavy On Middle Class Wages

Notice for Group Hosts.

Sexism, ageism, Elizabeth, Bernie and Hillary

Thundersnow, the rarest phenomenon in Australian weather, just happened. Yes, thundersnow

Murder charge filed against 2nd man in attempted robbery of ex-CNN anchor Lynn Russell, husband

Trump Moves Into Dead Heat with Bush

Actor Robert Rees (Robin Colcord, "Cheers") has died

Experience with Ground Wasps?

Should veteran teachers be tested in order to keep their job?

JK Rowling burns Twitter troll who says Serena is "built like a man"

Other convention going on this weekend...

Jeb Bush Whines Because President Obama Uses Big Words He Can’t Understand

Solar Powered Window A/C Units? Is this possible? Am I dreaming?

Texas' New Wedding Capital Greets Gay Couples

Hillary's economic plan advocates redistributing wealth to middle and lower income workers.

GOP candidate: ‘Gays… were never banned from marrying… the opposite sex’

Great British Baking Show recipes

Lookie who's 'Bern-ing' up ComicCon!

Where does one go when one finds oneself homeless?

Thought you guys would like this picture

Anyone else remember this old record?

Hoping Federer can win it tomorrow. But not confident. Any DUer predictions???

Isis Afghanistan affiliate's leaders killed in US airstrikes, Afghan officials say

Texas' New Wedding Capital Greets Gay Couples

How about input from our multilingual and bilingual supporters?

Kosovo cuts Pristina water supply over alleged Isis plot to poison reservoir

California gas prices to soar this week

Failed Corpus Christi power plant project's leaders indicted for mail, wire fraud

The Real Immigration Wild Card

WA State Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

WA State Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Endorses Bernie Sanders for President


Miss Florida USA contestants take on Donald Trump comments

There was/is a discussion about flag burning

Remember when Jeb's wife hid $19,000 in purchases from CUSTOMS and had to pay a fine?

Serbian PM forced to flee Srebrenica massacre memorial

Voting Rights Legacy of the ’60s Heads to Court as North Carolina Law Is Tested

What did Jeb! Bush! mean by saying Americans need to work harder? The GOP love productivity but only

Hillary Clinton could position herself to the left of Obama on education

Thanks birth control for ALL women. Even Hobby Lobby employees

Bernie Sanders takes on Clinton, Bush

Director Paul Feig Shares First Preview of All-Women Ghostbusters

Astronomers find massive black hole is too big for its galaxy

Washington state gets $65 million in first-year taxes from marijuana

China protests U.S. condemnation of Uighur deportations

Obama Plan Would Give Poor Easier Access to Solar Energy

Apple gives Greek iCloud users 30 days free service in light of financial crisis

Reports: Russian troops leave unit fearing Ukraine deployment

Early suggestion for the 2020 primary season:

My Native Terran Heritage

This is a must read about TIPP. How your privacy is a barrier to economic growth

Seth Rogen Fires Back At Kid Rock's Defense Of Confederate Flag

Latino worker responds to Donald Trump.

One battle the Confederate flag is still winning

I heard from a friend that Jeb!'s pac has over 110 million dollars in it?

Reaction Engines Reveals Secret Of Sabre Frost Control Technology

NEA names Maryland’s Martin O’Malley ‘America’s Greatest Education Governor’

Show Your Best T.R.U.M.P.

Former Eagles Member Randy Meisner Allegedly Threatened Murder-Suicide (with an AK-47 and pills)

NYPD Caught Faking Summons and Destroying Evidence-The Young Turks

I Shall Wear It With Hillary Pride

Follow-up: Albuquerque settles Boyd shooting case for $5 million (homeless man shot by police)

One last look; before it goes extinct

Entangled Humpback Whale Freed Off Provincetown Coast

The South won.

Hillary Clinton Sounds Off On Education Issues: 'We've Gotten Off Track In What We Test'

Israel opens first investigation of senior officer over Gaza war

My battle scars are nothing compared to Hillary Clintons.

1:43 am: Time to hit highway 49

Deadpool Comic Con Footage Leaked (VIDEO)

Farm labor groups make progress

Farm labor groups make progress

Farm labor groups make progress

Gov. Bobby Jindal puts his religious faith front, center; not many know how he became a Christian

Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls for struggle against US, nuclear deal or not

Clinton email flap funded by Koch brothers

Daily Holidays - July 12

Gadfly blog tells how AFT process supposedly worked. Makes no sense.

Police Used Spotify to Find Two Fugitives in Mexico

A further explanation of how Hillary endorsement happened. Handled inappropriately.

Sanders, Warren Want Probe Into 'Ridiculous' Cable, Internet Prices

Sanders, Warren Want Probe Into 'Ridiculous' Cable, Internet Prices

The comments to this article would be hilarious if they weren't so telling of American idiocy.

Immigrant Detainees Sue Private Prison for Paying Them $1 Per Day for Forced Labor

Stupid is Forever

The Political Genius of Bernie Sanders’ Socialism

Ready for Warren Asked Their Members if They Should Back Bernie Sanders. Why Won’t MoveOn and DFA?

On AFT polling behind Clinton endorsement and members who were not polled

Pope Francis Condemns Corruption And 'Unbridled Capitalism

Southern Pride! Michigan-Born Rockers Kid Rock And Ted Nugent Defend Their Confederate Flags

There is one space on all of DU

The tower and the village

Not bad.

Clinton Gets Key Union Endorsement As Rival Enjoys A Groundswell Of Support

I want to thank the hosts and members of this group for raising the bar during primary season.

Kind of a strange way for endorsements to work.

Myanmar workers demonstrate for higher minimum wage

As state employees get small raises, DPS managers enjoy larger salary bump

Bernie Sanders on the IMF

Cypress teen Nancy Mulkey, who is 6'9", to be featured on TLC's 'My Giant Life'

The Republican Lifeguard

Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman escapes jail

Who you all supporting?

Southern Heritage vs. Southern Mannerisms - My take as a born and raised Southerner...

Who's next?

Mario Savio on the operation of the machine

OPM hack's unprecedented haul: 1.1 million fingerprints

Emergency repairs on Comm. Ave overpass continue

BHO be soarin' hiiigh...'Obama Soars To Historic New Highs As Uninsured Rate Falls To A Record Low'

BHO be soarin' hiiigh...'Obama Soars To Historic New Highs As Uninsured Rate Falls To A Record Low'

Feasts and festivals abound as Boston plunges into summer

First Mass. dispensary opening sparks buzz in Framingham

The Scumbags Support Trump As Fan Calls Female Protester “Just A Piece of A$$”

Get outside: Five scenic walks in and around Boston

Hormel strike Aug. 1985-June 1986 The two-front labor war in Austin (Raygun years)

Hormel strike Aug. 1985-June 1986 The two-front labor war in Austin (Raygun years)

Hormel strike Aug. 1985-June 1986 The two-front labor war in Austin (Raygun years)

Alamo protestors decry U.N.'s 'creeping influence'

Oddsmakers: Hillary Clinton odds favored to be Democratic Presidential Nominee in 2016

I like Sanders, really I do......BUT...

Yes, the Civil war was really about "state rights"

To Be or Not to Be? That Is the Question in Vienna

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Clever Stuff Edition

Report: Evidence of 2011 US cyberattack on defense giant EADS in Germany

dynamic presentations by the world's top outdoor photographers

Domestic violence in Turkey reaches boiling point

Wisconsinites to rally against Scott Walker as he announces presidential bid -Waukesha, WI

'This is only the BEGINNING of the Euro crisis':

Iran may become major gas exporter in five years, Fitch says

Is there any reason why we can't....

Obama's Deadly Cold War Legacy

Boeing Patents Design for Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Engine

Hillary Clinton: ".. teachers are the solution... I strongly believe that unions are part of

Before Greece There Was Jamaica

All right everybody, it's time to get to work. I just signed up and you should too.

Why the GOP Should Worry About Hillary Clinton's Poll Numbers _HRC GROUP POST

Capitalism, like communism before, is in its last days...

VA official weighs benefits of South Hampton Roads facility

Hillary Clinton: "...teachers are the solution... I strongly believe that unions are part of the so

5 Legitimately Insane Things Dr. Oz Actually Believes In

Please K&R these threads (and please add your own suggestions for K&Rs)

Here’s how homeless kids and families are trying to survive in one of America’s richest cities

GOP Spends Big to Test Attack Lines

Chinese counterfeiter finds a comfortable life in California

S Korea fires warning shots at North soldiers

What’s Behind The Pope’s Confession Tour?

When Candidates Talk Education, Media Rarely Go Beyond Buzzwords

Teacher forces 96 students to kneel for 20 minutes as punishment for being late

Trump In Phoenix: Mexicans Are Coming To Take Your Jobs And Kill You

Carmakers to tech partners: Keep your hands off our data

Sunday's Doonesbury-Perry Glasses

Bernie is making the same impossible promises as Alexis Tsipras the Greek Prime Minister.

Greece debt crisis: EU summit cancelled as talks continue

The promise of Bernie Sanders

Clinton plans Tuesday meetings with all Hill Democrats

Gun violence and the marketing of fear

Look: Gay couple holds wedding ceremony in Beijing, despite police warnings

An Open Letter to American Muslims on Same-Sex Marriage

Ted Rall toon on Robocalls

Must-see: Congressman John Lewis takes cosplay to new level at Comic-Con

Look: Gay couple holds wedding ceremony in Beijing, despite police warnings

The Real Trump Math


Indiana's Marijuana Church Sues State, Claims Pot Prohibition Infringes On Its Religious Beliefs

US psychology group collaborated with Washington’s torture program: report

ON MESSAGING: Why FL Democrats Can't Speak Their Truth

More whales found dead in southern Alaska waters

Feared typhoon glances off Eastern China coast, limiting damage

Why the GOP Should Worry About Hillary Clinton's Poll Numbers

Osborne says lazy poor should eat their own babies

4 bogus controversies about Bernie Sanders

In a pretty purgatory (update)

Why toy 'Minion' curse words might just all be in your head

A great idea for a family keepsake

Bernie Sanders on Face The Nation today 9:30am CDT

ON MESSAGING: Why Florida Democrats Can't Speak Their Truth (x-post)

Sanders: "The fossil fuel industry is destroying the planet with impunity..."

This week in crazy: secession fever

Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments Case Is Part Of An Age-Old Battle In U.S.

A Grexit Looks Almost Inescapable

july contest more than 1/2 filled already

GOP must destroy Donald Trump before he destroys them. It may already be too late

Inside: Title IX Coordinator Pledge,

Stephen Hawking’s catastrophic end for Planet Earth

Walker specifically asked for a 20-week ban to be introduced that didn't include exceptions for rape

Securing the Border (cartoon)

Affirmative Action Back on the Chopping Block

AAUW Jeer of the Week - FIFA & Sexism, Inequality

Can Someone Here Define The Terms Liberal, Moderate, Conservative & Neoliberal Democrat For Me.....

White House Conference on Aging

"School Of The Americas" - (School For Training Assassins)

Trump Pulls Even With Jeb Bush In New Poll (Reuters: Jebbie 16.1%, The Donald 15.8%)

The Latest: Merkel Says No Greek Deal 'at Any Price'

The gift that gives birth to holidays! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump.

21 questions for Donald Trump (he probably won't answer)

How Paleo Lake Chad Went From World's Largest Freshwater Lake to Desert In A Few Hundred Years

Wheaton loses contraception appeal; Teen pregnancy grants; anti-choice; CO LARC

CBC - Good Chance Massive Saskatchewan Fires May Burn Until First Snowfall

Donald Trump to Phoenix: 'Don't worry, we'll take our country back'

Basic computing elements created in bacteria - possible diagnosis aid

reminder: Bernie sanders on Face the Nation on CBS today--on NOW in the Boston area


With acoustic reflector, carnivorous pitcher plants advertise themselves to bats

OK Gov Asking Feds For Earthquake Assistance $, But Somehow, It's "Awkward" To Mention Fracking

In Radical Environmental Shift, Shell Considering Dropping The Word "Oil" From US Operations

Thankfully Minnesota hasn’t yet closed its borders to all the fleeing Wisconsinites

YAWN - question-is it contagious

Deceptive flowers: How flowers use scent, nectar to manipulate pollinators, herbivores

Scott Walker's Selective Memory-Recall the Recall ad

Paul Krugman Is Right Again: It's The Euro Itself That Is The Problem

Human color vision gives people ability to see nanoscale differences

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 14: Mail Order Brides

Android Continues To Upload Your Photos Without Your Consent To Google After You Delete The Photos App

"Stay in WHAT lines?". . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz's coloring book!!

Bernie Sanders Parrots the NRA

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 15: UCLA Film & Television Archive

TOON: Diagnosis-Terminal

Study: Cannabis can help treat bone fractures

Sanders: I’m not a liberal. Never have been

Bahrain re-arrests prominent opposition leader

"El Chapo" escapes Mexican prison through mile-long tunnel. Note found in his cell.

Look at who is at the top of the HOT list for the week at Act Blue

x-post from Creative Speculation: Has Charlie Manson's Helter Skelter Finally Arrived?

New Orleans mayor lays out broad plan to rid city of Confederate memorials and relics

Lindsey Graham: GOP must reject ‘demagogue’ Donald Trump or party will ‘deserve to lose’

Former Obama adviser: Trump is great for Democrats and ‘we should put a camera on him 24/7

"Germany Has Never Repaid Its Debts..."

Bernie Sanders isn’t going away: What his surprising poll numbers really mean

Democrats: 51 [more] bills become law after LePage fails to act

The Democrats and the Wasserman Schultz problem

David Letterman Briefly 'Unretires' To Roast Donald Trump

Ukrainian forces surround nationalist militia following deadly attack in western Ukraine

Call centers: Returning to Mexico but sounding 'American'

Anti-union site reports union support as Sanders over Clinton 76 percent to 11

Anti-union site reports union support as Sanders over Clinton 76 percent to 11

Anti-union site reports union support at Sanders over Clinton 76 percent to 11

Whataburger takes stand against Texas' new open carry law

Anti-union site reports union support at Sanders over Clinton 76 percent to 11

Oh, Mr. Elad, Sir?

Who remembers Jimmy Carter's warning about energy consumption?

Sen. Sanders on Face the Nation (videos)

Koch operative whines about critics of Scott Walker...

Happy Feast of St. Paisios!

Sea Shanties

AFT process for endorsements is clearly stated in Hillary's endorsement

Hillary has spent her career fighting for families:

"If you people go with Bush, you’re going to lose."

Martin O'Malley discusses his platform in New Hampshire

Euro zone leaders - Greece must do more to earn rescue

Is Scott Walker the Political Reincarnation of Richard Nixon?

Hi There

"The Battered Bastards of Baseball." Excellent documentary.

Class or Ideology? My Conversation With Bernie Sanders

General Joseph Wheeler is buried at Arlington cemetary

Greek 'time-out' from euro is an option: eurozone document

Mrs. Cosby stands by her man -

This will make your day! Raft guide rescues bear cub from river. Lots of squee!

Drug lord 'El Chapo' escapes prison using 1-mile tunnel, Mexico says

Manchester Dogs Home set to reopen after disastrous fire

I like Hillary Clinton, I really do, BUT . . .

Martin O'Malley discusses his platform.

Martin O'Malley discusses his platform.

Bernie Sanders praises pope’s attack on austerity: ‘Money cannot be the God of life’

I hope that Bernie grabs the green wave

Encryption: American As Apple Pie: Founding Fathers Frequently Used It…Helped Win Revolutionary War

Scott Walker Emerges from Anti-Palin Lessons

Magical Houses -- Sustainable Materials

(NOBEL-WINNING ECONOMIST) Stiglitz Calls Climate Talks a 'Charade,' Pushes Plan C CARBON TAX

How Bernie Sanders plans to win, and change Washington

Jim Webb Equates Trump's Racist Remarks With Liberal Rhetoric On 'Southern White Culture'

With declining religion among young and end of Confederate fetish, what's GOP got left?

The history of British slave ownership has been buried: now its scale can be revealed

Fighting whitewashed history: A civil eye on the Civil War

I didn't know anything about Jeb or his wife: Politico article

IMO why Republicans decided to "protect the unborn".

Neil Young age 69 still showing liberals how to protest while "rocking in the free world"

Recently introduced constitutional amendments explained

Survey of AFT members on 2016 election.

Simulation of an Oil spill in the Salish Sea

Rose / Fosse / ASG: What would happen today?

Some "smart"celebrities that are actually rather stupid.

Anti-vaccine course brings U of Toronto one step closer to offering a masters of pseudoscience

Clinton slams Republicans on Trump

The Lie We Live

APNewsBreak: Diplomats: Iran announcement planned Monday

Luckovich: Cosby

Giving everyone in the HRC room a hug!

GOP strategists to Jeb: Treat Trump with kid gloves

NC is fighting back for Voting Rights!!

The Latest: Greek debt burden up for discussion at summit

Syriza in shock over creditors' demands

BRICS Establishes A Development Bank

Some interesting places to visit,

Link corrected - University of Alaska to eliminate 31 majors

Bernie Sanders Destroys John Boehner After Speaker Calls Him Out Of The Mainstream

U.S. military drills stoke politics of suspicion in Texas

Rauner pension plan would end union negotiations, freeze pay

Liberal Radio Host Thom Hartmann: 'Should We Reoccupy the South with Union Forces'?

Rauner pension plan would end union negotiations, freeze pay

Rauner pension plan would end union negotiations, freeze pay

Russia says to support Greece recovery by deepening energy cooperation

Syria civil war: Bomb damages Aleppo's ancient citadel

I thought Jim Webb was a democrat. Guess I was wrong.

Alex Tsipras reminds me of George Costanza in the Seinfeld episode "The Watch".

At the risk of excommunication...

Kentucky Getting Ready for Bernie!

A question about baking cakes, discrimination and the law. Help me out here.

Why I support Bernie for President...

The Iran Deal and the Prague Agenda

The Story Of Sansa dog rescue by Jennifer Rose Olive Branch, MS

Hillary Clinton will follow the footsteps of Barack Obama...

North Carolina for Bernie Sanders (Facebook Group)

AFT for HRC!

Imagine that one of the US states decided to allow workers in many professions to retire at 50,

And this is the party of 'family values.'

Mark Levin out-Trumps Donald Trump on immigration, asserts America being "ethnically cleanse(d)"

Old history book taught students that slaves had it great until ‘Radicals’ ruined everything.

The 100,000 lb Gorilla in New York...

A Kitten Rescued From A Puppy Mill Grows Up To Be Their Sassy Spokesman

what's for dinner - sunday, july 12th

Chuck Todd hit job on Donald Trump: NOW and THEN

NYC hosting its first disability pride parade

NYC hosting its first disability pride parade

Kunta Kinte "Roots" Episode 1

Why Hillary Is The Most Qualified Presidential Candidate In Modern Times:

snagged this great limerick from a comment on one of Bernie's posts

Bernie and the "he is too old" meme

Lazy Things We Do

Top Ten performances at Woodstock - 1969

El Niño weather event is biggest since 1997, may trigger soaking winter storms

President Obama forces Republican politicians to eat their own words

How Bernie Sanders plans to win, and change Washington

The visitor

The Bernie Store

Today in Baseball history

Broad Foundation allied with union president Randi Weingarten of AFT from the start for reform.

NASA's rocket nears Pluto,

Will surveillance be used to suppress political dissent?

Jeb has apparently announced his foreign policy ideas.

Will voters be turned off if the race is between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton?

My candidate?

Surrender fiscal sovereignty in return for bailout, Merkel tells Tsipras

Bernie Sanders defends Pope Francis


Has the President indicated what he might be doing once he leaves the WH?

The real in depth reason so many teachers are upset.

Play this for your Dogs!

A suggestion, sisters and brothers in the Bernie grassroots.

Goldman Sachs Could be Sued for Helping Hide Greece's Debts: Report

A suggestion, sisters and brothers in the Bernie grassroots. (BSG)

Okay ... I just started watching ...

The Guardian view on the Greek negotiations: out in the cold or in chains

Why would my urban neighborhood have a coyote roaming around?

Scientists Baffled To Find Sharks Living Inside An Active Volcano

Jim Webb stands up for white people, goes after liberals for attacking "Southern white culture"

Darrel Issa needs to taken away to the casa de HA HA

What does everyone think of John Dickerson,

NY for Bernie -

Listening to "Rude". Thinking about cultural appropriation.

Sanders, Dems urge Obama to expand Social Security

Apparently Chick -Fil -A is the Official Chicken of Jesus

It looks like there will be an Iranian deal on Monday, but I have a sick feeling that our wonderful

Weird Reason Plutonium Doesn't Act Like Other Metals

Readers React Bernie Sanders: So you're saying there's a chance?

I saw a plug in Prius with a Hillary sticker .....

I took my life in my hands in RED Kern County CA this weekend.

Jimmy Carter: Hillary Clinton will "inevitably" be 2016 nominee

UPDATES: Alabama Getting Ready For Bernie today also. Bernie2016TV covering it live:

"That's what happened between me and Clark"-- Revising old Hollywood's greatest scandal

My friend got raped on Wednesday

Has everyone seen Bernie on CBS (Face the Nation) this morning?

I think this no-knead pizza dough recipe will change our lives.

Finally a "pastor protection act" to keep preachers from being forced to marry same sex partners.

Teachers sign petition to withdraw AFT endorsement.

In addition to driverless cars/trucks being the top election topic in 2016.

That quote from Jurassic Park about "Nature found a way" photo

That quote from Jurassic Park about "Nature found a way" photo

Can the Kentucky governor send the state police in to arrest county clerks who continue to defy?

Why is Bernie good for women?

Thousands ride in support of Confederate flag at Marion County [FL] complex

Any Catholics here?



Religion In The Comics - 034

Jimmy Carter calls Hillary the "inevitable" 2016 Democratic nominee

Great Facebook post

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 13 July 2015

Harper Lee's Newly-Published Novel May Shatter Some Illusions

I have asked this question about the AFT before,

Krugman: "Suppose you consider Tsipras an incompetent twerp..."

Hillary's current ratings

Chick-fil-A ‘is the official chicken of Jesus’

When I met Hillary 2007

'Uncle Sam WANTS YOU' meme

Seen on another forum: "Donald Trump brought a real whistle to the GOP's dog whistle party."

You can commission a poll for $20,000.00 or so

Time: Politics 2016 Election Hillary Clinton Will Set Out a Progressive Economic Vision and Focus on