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Anti-LGBT legislator running for state senate failed to disclose ties with conservative non-profit

False start for Walker after premature Twitter announcement

Governor's finance office opposes bill raising minimum wage in California.

My condo tenant broke her lease.

O’Malley Defends Sanctuary Cities After San Francisco Illegal Immigrant Murder.

I think a self proclaimed socialist has a better chance of winning the general election than

Pandas' key to health? Laziness

Friday Talking Points (353) -- Donald Trump, Frontrunner

South Carolina Confederate Flag removal ceremony in two minutes (VIDEO)

Well, alrighty then...

58-Page UCS Report Details Decades Of Energy Sector Lies; Bonus: Forged Letters From The Dead

Mother of Mexican teen fatally shot by border patrol agent can sue, judge rules

If your candidate doesn't publicize their position on any given issue

Donald Trump event moves to Phoenix Convention Center

Zealot clerk ordered to give marriage licenses or resign refuses to do either

Mother of Mexican teen fatally shot by border patrol agent can sue, judge rules

Pssssssst! US torture doctors could face charges after report alleges post-9/11 'collusion'

O’Malley Defends Sanctuary Cities After San Francisco Illegal Immigrant Murder.

Graphic Of The Day: 50% Of All Industrial Carbon Emissions Have Been Released Since 1988

Scott Walker Poised To Give Payday Lenders Radical New Powers To Prey On The Poor

Greek MPs back bailout reform plan

In Phoenix Speech, Donald Trump Won’t Back Down On Immigration Comments

This 45-Ton Buoy Might Change The Way You Get Your Power

Greek MPs back bailout reform plan

1.3 Billion Africans Don’t Have Electricity. Akon Has A Plan To Cut That In Half.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF God Hates Flags! & a new Kitteh gif

This is an Octafish appreciation thread

Little baby gets glasses and sees clearly for the first time.

Determination for an education

"accidental" premature announcement

Pirate Chantey..

NICE deep blue sky caused me to run out, didn't work so well, tried to edit, so

Original Speedster 'Jay Garrick' Is Coming To Season Two Of THE FLASH

Betty Bowers: How we know Religious Freedom is a Marketing Gimmick to Promote Bigotry

Hillary Clinton directs support for One Direction

Local Ohio Officials Petition Governor for Return of Their Right to Protect Citizens From Fracking

CenturyLink, CWA establish tentative agreement covering North Florida workers

CenturyLink, CWA establish tentative agreement covering North Florida workers

CenturyLink, CWA establish tentative agreement covering North Florida workers

I Am Legend....... eom

IE will not connect.

Let me tell you about MY Southern Heritage:

Don't tell the republicans that in the senate cafeteria they are using vegan mayo

Poll: 19th Cent. Classical Romanticism music or Pop?!

The DeAndre Jordan fiasco exposed a loophole that's going to completely change NBA free agency

Why the GOP Won’t Renounce Trump

Democrats Work Overtime to Define Jeb Bush

Houston Anti-LGBT a--hole sues city over Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.


Bwah-HAH (I'll cry later), Hollywood wingnuts have a secret society Friends of Abraham

Obama Won’t Let Some Mass Graves Stop the TPP

Andy Borowitz continues to nail it...

"Walking Dead" Trailer - for the fanatics

The David Sparks Show - July 10, 2015

This is amazing stuff, folks. Pluto is coming into focus!

OMG, funniest thing ever. Undocumented Mexican worker responds to Trumps statements

Bing Crosby, David Bowie - The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth

The thing about how someone on welfare can have nice things

Background Check Flaw Let Dylann Roof Buy Gun, F.B.I. Says

Former Baltimore Police Officer Speaks Out

xPost from V&M Undocumented immigrant responds to Trump. Priceless!!!!

Planemakers poised for Iranian buying spree if nuclear deal reached

Russia says it's developing 'carrier killer' submarines

Throwing Greece on the fire: The incendiary politics of austerity

The History of the Woodstock Festival

Merkel, Hollande urge Ukraine leader to give rebels self-rule

TYT: Anti-Gay Marriage Clerks Won't Do Their Jobs

For Omar Sharif

NM_Birder PPR'd

Yougov poll- Hispanic Vote is 43% for Hillary 39% Bernie.....his message is resonating

Check out GD for this.

A sad end for US Coast Guard Cutter Storis.

Thinking seriously about getting T-shirts made with this:

Seeking "cat-whisperer" advice ---- RE: New Cat in the house, compatibility with my older cat, etc

What are the chances Hillary's private servers were hacked?

Surveillance video captures shootout involving CNN reporter

Book recommendation: The Half Has Never Been Told by Edward E. Baptist

For publicly supporting single-payer, Bernie is ridiculously bold, amazing, honest, and authentic

Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Time to change the Mississippi state flag!

Jeb! and his family thought he could get away with committing electoral fraud in Florida in 2000.

Is there a place where ...

Southern Culture

xpost: Which candidate would be most effective on climate change - mitigation AND coping with conseq

Santa Clara County workers reject package proposal that recently averted a strike

I thought I had seen an 11 step platform from Bernie.

Repost for sanity:James Fallows Discussion With Martin O'Malley: Reform, or Pitchforks?

Mid-Atlantic bird lovers: any suggestions for my bird feeders?

Mississippi the lone state under NCAA's postseason ban

Bernie Sanders Caught Fondling A Farm Animal

after a while, when it kicks in they get all huggy buggy

My Boo

welcome to dearfield, colorado

Kid Rock to Confederate flag protesters: "Kiss my ass."

dearfield, colorado

Egypt explosion hits Italian consulate in Cairo

Every time I've worn this button in public, someone has given me a dollar for it.

Bernie Sanders Calls for Expansion of Social Security Benefits

c'mon guys, i know it's late, but some of you still have to be up

Weekend Economists ask the Question of the Year (so far) July 11-12 2015

The Latest Snowden Leak Is Devastating to NSA Defenders

The Real Deal, and Not to be Underestimated~ BERNIE SANDERS

Did France pull Greece back from brink of Grexit?

Black Folks No on Bernie? Really

Teamster Retirees’ Campaign Against Pension Cuts Draws Support from Bernie Sanders

Another FSU football player charged with hitting a woman

S.C. Raised Confederate Flag in '61 to Insult 9 Black Protesters—Now Took It Down to Honor 9 Slain

High health spending is more persistent than you might think

Bernie Sanders' Iowa operation is growing

Yemeni Genocide Proceeds Apace, Enjoying World’s Silence

Crosses come down at Gregg County clerk’s office

Vatican holds first trial of cleric accused of paedophilia

Alleged paedophile priest to go on trial today at the Vatican - unprecedented

The Guardian;Meet Alan Grayson: the brash Democrat who could help win back the Senate

I'd like to start a thread in which I ask that "alert bombing" be stopped.

Redditt subgroup LatinosforBernie

Why are GMOs bad?

NYTs Editorial Board:Psychologists Who Greenlighted Torture

Daily Holidays - July 11

White House Finds Way Around Hobby Lobby Birth Control Decision

Indictment: Whitehouse police chief assaulted wife of one of his officers

Anyone into the PanAm Games? The opening ceremony was beautiful.

Peter Beinart: Why Hillary Clinton is moving left on every issue except Israel

If 22 million Federal employees information have been comprised, will

China evacuates over 800K ahead of Typhoon Chan-hom (photos, video)

The Mixed-Up Brothers of Bogotá (two sets of identical twins separated at birth, MUST READ)

Where are we supposed to post nasty stuff about the GOP?

#Trump My Cat is now a meme on Twitter.

"Women's Rights are Humans Rights"

Primary Memory Lane, 2006 edition:

Hi; Remember me?

Charlie Baker bill would jolt Mass. use of hydropower

Lincoln students exhume bodies in Guatemala - and the evidence will be used in war crime probe

Former BPS HQ needs $38 million in repairs

Non Sequitur today.

Baker drops Deloitte after RMV software snafus

George W. Bush Started War, then Charged $100,000 to Help US Veterans Charity

Obama’s updated strategy on ISIS: A grandiose role for the Kurds

An Administration of the Mentally Ill

The Fate of Greece: Decision Time for Tsipras and Merkel

Opinion: Why a Grexit Must Be Avoided

Web of Surveillance: East German Snitching Went Far Beyond the Stasi

Explosion hits Italian consulate in Cairo

Mass evacuation in China ahead of typhoon

Fragile Yemen truce broken by Saudi airstrikes

What could go wrong?

Ex-archbishop taken to hospital hours before child sex abuse trial

Michael Brown, Sr. joins Detroit city leaders to 'Occupy the Block'

America's Syria dilemma: Enemy of the enemy now a friend?

Bangor hospital’s nurses union signs new contract

Female suicide bomber hits Chadian capital N'Djamena

Sanders' independent status could pose issue in NH primary

General Dunford says arming Ukraine forces is a ‘reasonable’ idea

Weekly Address: Making Our Communities Stronger Through Fair Housing

Bangor hospital’s nurses union signs new contract

Bangor hospital’s nurses union signs new contract

Latest TPP Draft Benefits Big Pharma By Slashing Access to Generics

Hillary Clinton bucks trend, confronts NRA

Using An Endangered Creature As A Boat Toy Isn’t Just Dangerous, It’s Sickening

Medicaid Refusals Create New Mason-Dixon Line

US torture doctors could face charges after report alleges post-9/11 ‘collusion’

Haaretz headline: Why Hillary Clinton is moving left on every issue except Israel

Here are 5 American sex norms Europeans think are crazy

Why Hillary Clinton is moving left on every issue except Israel

Pres Obama wants KKK members and supporters revealed

Judge Imprisons Kids For Refusing Lunch With Their Dad

Pandabear kitty rescue by Anonymous Overland Park, KS

Did you miss Martin O'Malley's appearance on Chris Hayes Thursday night? Check it out here:

I'll be in NYC the weekend of 9/18. Who wants to have drinks in the 19th?

Bernie Sanders: Your cable bill is too damned high

Injured vet says landlord is kicking out his family over service dog

Anyone volunteering or going to see the Pope in Philly?

Your best response when someone says: "Kiss My Ass"

Wisconsin: State budget includes repeal of Medicaid whistle-blower provision

Why toy 'Minion' curse words might just all be in your head

Jim Hightower: Why a New Jersey Puffer Fish Should Not Be President

80 percent of girls in juvenile detention have been sexually or physically abused: study

Jesus camp for adults seeks to impose Christianity on the US by converting 1,000 pastors into politi

OMG here is your morning cry - Joe Biden's Dad's advice about gays

NSIDC - June 2015 Arctic Sea Ice 3rd Lowest Extent On Record

9 July 2015 Greenland Ice Sheet Update

Stephen Hawking’s catastrophic end for Planet Earth

Bernie Sanders’s misleading characterization of a controversial gun law

Senate Judiciary to Investigate "System Failure" that Allowed Dylann Roof to Buy Gun--NYT

Read first chapter of 'Go Set a Watchman' here:

Transcript of Hillary Clinton's floor speech given on October 10, 2002

My Southern Appalachian Heritage

Wacko Judge Gorcyca Jails Kids Who Refused Seeing Abusive Father

About our DU for Bernie Act Blue link

Anti-LGBT Christian organizations are exploiting county clerks and peddling lies about marriage equa

Question for Bernie Supporters ...

White House contenders Trump and Bush in virtual dead heat: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Mom Who Lost Kids Say Baby's Medical Condition Was Mistaken for Abuse

Freeing Dogs Trapped In Hot Cars Is Now Legal In Tennessee

Stone-throwing crowd chases Serbian leader from Srebrenica burial

Playing a bit part in his own obituary, . . . Please come CAPTION Numbnuts!!!

The Trump backlash: Latino consumers wield new clout

Heroin Use Skyrockets in U.S.

How long will the Bernie Sanders bubble last?

Kerry: Daesh biggest threat to US, not Russia

Regrettable Tattoos (some NSFW)

A Mischievious Thorn in the Side of Conservative Christianity

Hillary Clinton goes bold on gun safety — but she sounded a different note in 2008

When Will the Catholic Church Stop Firing Gays?

Voters’ summer flings with candidates typically don’t last

Tattooing Embraced Long Ago by New Yorkers

Bernie Sanders Is The Left's Trump

A Radical Vatican? - Naomi Klein

Mother Jones: Clinton's Top Aides Have Lobbied for Companies Liberals Despise

America is ready for socialism! Massive majorities back Bernie Sanders on the issues — and disdain D

New Senate Bill To Let Marijuana Dispensaries Finally Access Banks

The Atlantic: Obama's Graceful Pause in Charleston

The Atlantic: Obama's Graceful Pause in Charleston

Trump Digs In: Media Is 'Dishonest' About My Illegal Immigration Remarks

Rachel Maddow - Donald Trump’s surging popularity is a problem for the GOP

"Don't come whining to me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sherriff Joe Arpaio!!!

Bernie Sanders Is Taking Back One Of The GOP’s Favorite Insults

Fear the Walking Dead - extended trailer released at Comic Con

A meme we need to press, imo.

"Ash vs Evil Dead" trailer premiers at Comic Con

Salon: Fox News built a f**ked-up Frankenstein, dumb, angry and divorced from facts. Now Donald Trum

You know those emails about we need $199 by midnight tomorrow

This is what it’s going to look like when 20 feet of sea level rise swallows America


Tillman--- the skateboarding, skimboarding, surfing bulldog.

The South Lost

I know this is just so wrong, but...

Full text of Greek debt proposal now available online:

Hide and Seek!

An open letter to CO Sen. Michael Bennet on his support of TPP

Outrageous "Justice"

World Down Syndrome Day

Serena Williams wins Wimbledon, her third major title in 2015

In Snowden's Wake: New Book Examines Needed Intelligence Reforms (Spencer Brignac 7-7-15 Project On

DU POTUS fund raising challenge Clinton vs O'Malley $ match

Maybe Bernie has made it to the big time!

Approval of Obama Health Care Law at Historical High

Should Serena Williams Be Given a Ticker Tape Parade?

US torture report: psychologists should no longer aid military, group says (Spencer Ackerman 7-11-15

Live Animals Are Stuck Inside These Plastic Keychains

A little Papa John Creach with Hot Tuna

Tennis anyone?

KKK Grand Wizard Statue Removed-The Young Turks

Remaining hopeful for the new Star Wars movie

Watch Martin O'Malley in New Hampshire Series 'Conversation with the Candidate'

Weekend Toon Roundup

This Week in God.... (Maddow blog)

US torture report: psychologists should no longer aid military, group says

When Candidates Talk Education, Media Rarely Go Beyond Buzzwords

The most powerful kind of advertising..It is on Bernie's side, there is enough time, and its free.

When Texas was talking about seceding from the Union...

Give "em" Hell Bernie

"electability" arguments are so damned circular, it's maddening.

DU POTUS fund raising challenge Clinton vs O'Malley $ match

Has anyone ordered a user's manual online?

You have to give him some credit, he's an amazing storyteller…

Why are so many Christians so obsessed with homosexuality?

Just served on a DU jury. Thanks Skinner! The new instructions are great.

Nature vs. Nurture

Whoopi supporters, blame white media

Arizona Revenge-Porn Law Halted Permanently After ACLU Lawsuit Challenged Constitutionality

Wisconsin swindled by Scott Walker’s jobs scam

In Greece, defiance dissipates into capitulation


Here’s how homeless kids and families are trying to survive in one of America’s richest cities

Some of Bill Cosby's famous supporters are now turning on him

My candidates for Best Show of the Summer (so far)....

Three New London stores closed for labor violations

Sen. Sanders on His Gun Votes & Statements (7/9/15)

Three New London stores closed for labor violations

"Politician Asks Fort Bragg to Change Its Name, Town Scoffs"

Three New London stores closed for labor violations

Top Comcast Lobbyist Hosting Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

If you are not careful...

VFW Presents Bernie Sanders with their 2015 Congressional Award

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee ***Warning***

Sanders, Warren Want Probe Into 'Ridiculous' Cable, Internet Prices

The Super Secretive Hollywood Gang That Loves Trump (Kelsey Grammer, Clint Eastwood . . . )

Some days it is just good to be me :)

Class or Ideology? My Conversation With Bernie Sanders

Sunday: Bernie Sanders on CBS's Face the Nation

Today in Herstory: Seven Suffragists Invade Manhattan’s Financial District (10 july 1908)

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Today in Herstory: Seven Suffragists Invade Manhattan’s Financial District (10 july 1908)

That Time the Co-Founder of United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez Stumped for Hillary

FYI: Bernie Sanders with be on Face The Nation tomorrow morning...

Does this remind you of Scuola di Atene?

I would like to give a Shout out to our lead Host of this Group "Little Star"

Jonathan Sanders, Unarmed Black Man, Allegedly Strangled To Death By Mississippi Cop

The fact that Bernie is funded by the people really means something.

Sign the urgent petition: Two horses dead already - save the rest!

LIVE RADIO NOW: Pope Francis slams unbridled capitalism & urges revolution by the downtrodden

What do you think of people that burn the American flag?

The Courage of Poetry: Alicia Stallings at TEDxThessaloniki

Gun Control Activist Confronts Bernie Sanders for Sounding Like the NRA

Yesterday, we lost Roger Rees, who played Lord John Marbury.

The South Is A Lost Cause - Let's Move On

Help wanted sign...

Bill Nye: Homosexuality is everywhere in nature and is part of the evolutionary process

Sad truth is Americans already work the longest hours of any in Western industrialized world...

I am Frying Pan!!!!

Walmart to ‘melt’ class rings bearing Confederate flag rather than complete orders

NYT Most popular recipes right now:

My Northern Heritage

ANTHONY WEINER: I have one big question for Bernie Sanders

Commentary: Yes, Bernie Sanders Could Beat Hillary Clinton

David Letterman returns from retirement to deliver scathing Top 10 list on Donald Trump

The Power of Photos: Boy's Life Changes After He's Pictured Doing Homework Outside McDonald's

If I have a person on full ignore

California’s Invasive ‘Contraband Watch’ Often Yields Little

That Time Bernie Fought for Farm Worker Rights in Immokalee

Is the Oklahoma primary open? What is the legislation pending?

Southern California beaches tested for tar balls after spill

Hillary Clinton to Outline Economic Policy on Monday - HRC GROUP

Va. Republicans vow to protect religious rights after gay marriage ruling

Virginia Republicans vow to protect religious rights after gay marriage ruling

"When Woman is Boss"....Happy Birthday to Nikola Tesla

That Time Martin O'Malley Stood Up For Border Kids When It Mattered

DAW OF CHOICE? .... I've been a Cakewalk user for decades

dick cheney's wet dream.....Psychologists Shielded U.S. Torture Program, Report Finds

This Florida Democrat Will be Supporting Alan Grayson

Farmworkers were enslaved, beaten in Florida. Thanks, bigtree, for posting about Bernie's efforts..

Bern Notice: A 13 Point Swing Has Sanders Gaining Ground On Clinton In North Carolina

For Boomer DUers: How many of you were raised according to Spock?

Time for your daily "Two Minutes of Compassion"

The Klan will rally in SC

A couple of threads about Bernie's heroic efforts for Florida's enslaved farm workers.

Huge new survey to shine light on dark matter

Vice President Clinton?

Civil War vestiges remain

Black conservative group claims Cosby accusers "Opportunistic"

In South Carolina, a bizarre dismount for the Confederate flag

Will this be/IS it HRC's position,

7-11-15 A Mining Boom, so to say in 2:00

7-11-15 A Mining Boom, so to say in 2:00

7-11-15 A Mining Boom, so to say in 2:00

Sea princess competitor drops out in wake of Confederate flag flap

At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law

These guys protested the Confederate flag 20 years ago and all they got

Criminals'' Weapons in Venezuela Come from US

Our country is going thru major social changes...

Confederate flag still prevalent in Southern Illinois

Papal Mass in Paraguay becomes makeshift Argentine welcome

Confederate flag is a symbol for state government abuse of power (LTTE)

Sales of Confederate flags soar in Colorado

A million faithful throng Paraguay town for Pope's visit

A quote from Bertrand Russell:

Cuba Preparing Conditions to Recieve Foreign Artists

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly crosses key line on San Francisco killing

I don't understand why Baltimore 6 want a change of venue

Nobel laureate economist, Joseph Stiglitz wants to set highly-expensive global price for carbon diox

Evil Almonds? California's Drought Villain Is a Climate Change Hero

Police: 81-year-old woman bitten by dog while mowing lawn; owner defends animal

100s Of Civilians Plan To Monitor Possible Military Takeover Of Texas

parallel universe moment: Wow. Trump all over msnbc, Fox basically ignoring speech.

Trump speaks some truth.

We're In The Same Boat, Brother

Clinton's Big Economic Speech Will Go Heavy On Middle Class Wages

RESERVATIONHospital could lose Medicare, state Medicaid funding after officials issue second warning

"Slavery was the earliest form of social security in the United States." Where misinfo comes from

RESERVATIONHospital could lose Medicare, state Medicaid funding after officials issue second warning

France Says "Decision Time" Has Come In Iran Nuclear Talks

A Honeymoon through Italy

Places named after Confederate Historical Figures in the United States

With great pantsuits comes great responsibility: a transformation inspired by Comic Con. #SDCC

What's for dinner Sat July 11, 2015

The Bigot Defense, a WSJ editorial

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Comic-Con 2015 Reel

What is the best webinar hosting company ?

Houston Area: Free IT courses San Jacinto College

With great pantsuits comes great responsibility: a transformation inspired by Comic Con.

So is Joe Arpaio and Donald Trumps anti-Mexican rally in AZ likely to produce some crazy talk ?

Houston Area: Free IT courses San Jacinto College CCNA A+ just a few

Seven big things to know about Hillary Clinton’s new plan for the economy

Houston Area: Free IT courses San Jacinto College CCNA A+ just a few

Carlos Danger emerges from hiding to attack Bernie.

Interesting comment about Trump by Peggy Noonan

Houston Area: Free IT courses San Jacinto College CCNA A+ just a few

Psychologists Shielded U.S. Torture Program, Report Finds/NYT

One battle the Confederate flag is still winning

Greek debt crisis: Goldman Sachs could be sued for helping hide debts when it joined euro

Is Hillary a Shill for Monsato?

Finnish threat leaves Greek talks on knife edge

Bernie: I believe in serious debates on serious issues..

Kid Spokesman for Focus on The Family Wants SCOTUS Put in Time Out

Bernie Sanders recorded a Folk album

SDCC Batman v Supes trailer - 'all the world is waiting for you... and the wonders that you do'

I feel a fresh clean breeze running through DU...

Who decided Hillary is best for the black community?

When was the last time the U.S. actually declared war?

Eugene Debs--Leader of the IWW and five time candidate for the Presidency.

Attended a volunteer meeting for "Bay Area for Bernie" today at the SF main library

Houston Area: Free IT courses San Jacinto College CCNA A+ just a few

Wonder how many people can pass this test.

Toon: Troubleshooting Wall Street

Conversation with the Candidate: Martin O'Malley

The ever-obtuse Kathleen Parker

Got a house with A/C ? Gonna get a LOT more expensive.

Is Germany preparing for a temporary Grexit?

Wow... What a FABULOUS documentary on wolves!

Hillary Clinton Picks Up Teachers Union Endorsement

Maybe the Bat v Super movie won't be so bad?

Hillary Clinton Picks Up Teachers Union Endorsement

What I've never seen addressed by anyone regarding outsourcing

Debate Rages in SYRIZA Over Austerity Plan

If Bill Clinton was the First Black Prez, Was Jimmy Carter the First Woman?

Got a free trial for for voting for the ASG!

Last night Bernie was on local news in Nor CA last night-I recruited another Bernie supporter today!

Tsarnaev may face state trial for Sean Collier death

Florida Man has his beer thrown out...

When I have a pressing issue, I can't focus on anything else until it is resolved.

Elizabeth Warren comments on Bernie Sanders...

Letterman comes out of retirement with a Trump-themed top ten list

If only guns could be dropped as quickly as the Confederate flag

Black Conservative Group Defends Cosby Against ‘Appalling’ Release of Court Documents

KO: "I'm going to become donald trump's campaign manager"

Obama Plans to Invade Texas, Enforce Gay Marriage and Create A New Kingdom of Liberal Darkness

Cord-Cutter Victory: Subscriber Loss Costs Keith Olbermann His ESPN Job

Redditors' wish granted: CEO gone

Hillary Clinton Wins Key Endorsement From American Federation of Teachers

"Can you volunteer for Bernie?"

Southern Heritage.

Problem- brush your cat and what do you do with all that hair

Rest In Peace Roger Rees aka Lord John Malbury

Seeking "cat-whisperer" advice ---- RE: New Cat in the house, compatibility with my older cat, etc

Walker's Announcement Event To Be Gun-Free Zone

NAACP votes to lift 15-year boycott of South Carolina a day after removal of Confederate flag

Thanks for your support, @AFTunion. Your work builds healthy families, thriving communities,

This video is unsettling for obvious reasons but it sure is

Could someone help me confirm my recollection of seeing movies in the 70's?

Compare and Decide

David Letterman returns from retirement to deliver scathing Top 10 list on Donald Trump

The North Wind And The Sun

This is how that liberal PBS News hour talks about Bernie

Michigan doctor's chemotherapy scheme called most serious fraud case in U.S. history

The Bernie Sanders Moment

Time for a Welcome Change in Leadership with the Michigan Democratic Party

Can Hillary Clinton Lead The Keystone Army?

So, Kentucky is having a Rally for Bernie

Interestingly, I am have seen several Bernie

Marta & I R @ the Neil Young concert

Antipsychotic(drug) Use Rising Among Teens And Young Adults