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Opinion: Stephen Hawking’s catastrophic end for Planet Earth

Peter D. Rosenstein ----- Open Letter to Bernie Sanders and supporter

Governors race poll has John Bel Edwards polling even with David Vitter

The GOP Base Loves Trump Because of His Anti-Elite Agitation, Raw Bigotry

More Than Words: Illustrated Letters from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art

Yet another blow to Miss USA pageant: Ticket sales sluggish; 1,000-plus seats still unsold

*** Martin O'Malley coming up on Chris Hayes show!!!

*Martin O'Malley coming up on Chris Hayes show! EDITED

At New Orleans City Council meeting, Robert E. Lee is praised as black people's friend

This would be a good facebook page meme to swarm for Bernie!

Jeb Bush:"Everyone is eventually going to be a conservative, they just don’t know it yet.”

Winters: Church, labor need to renew their bonds

Are some Christians really Christian?

What do YOU take with your vitriol and baiting?

Matt Taibbi: Eric Holder Back to Wall Street-Tied Law Firm After Years of Refusing to Jail Bankers

Bigot Refuses to Issue a Gay Marriage License

Chef Zakarian backs out of restaurant at DC Trump hotel

RIP Kenny Stabler

"A Europe of Equals": Report from Athens as Greek Voters Seek Alternatives to Austerity

Calif. Drought: "Water District Confirms Tentative Settlement In Tom Selleck Water Dispute"

my latest additions to the family.

A Socialist Surge in the U.S.? Bernie Sanders Draws Record Crowds, Praises Greek Anti-Austerity Vote

A short list of things I'm not allowed to own (for some reason)

RIP Kenny"Snake"Stabler

Hillary Clinton’s push on gun control marks a shift in presidential politics

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Homesick! & a new Polar bear & cubs gif

Alan Grayson for US Senate in Florida. Support? Don't Support? Unsure?

Warning for impending star loss?I

The South’s Heritage Is So Much More Than a Flag

Wisconsin: Another bomb in Wanker's "budget" - Payday Loan Expansion

Sec of HUD Julian Castro on PBS Newshour

Gov. O'Malley appearance on Chris Hayes show is here:

Media, celebrity and the Donald Trump campaign

Martin O'Malley's appearance on Chris Hayes tonight

Texas Textbook Analyzes Robert E. Lee's Presidency, South's Freeing of Slaves

Britain’s criminalisation of Muslim children

Exclusive: Clinton to face grilling by union leaders on trade, economic issues

Exclusive: Clinton to face grilling by union leaders on trade, economic issues

A truly stunning polling chart.....

7-9-15 Jacqueline Vaughn in 2:00

7-9-15 Jacqueline Vaughn in 2:00

7-9-15 Jacqueline Vaughn in 2:00

Exclusive: Clinton to face grilling by union leaders on trade, economic issues aggregate of Democratic Primary polls.

trump still a birther

RIP Ken Stabler

Gun Humpers Put Away Obama Shooting Targets (For Now), Use Gay Rainbow Flags Instead

RIP Ken Stabler.

Benghazi gold medals

First, how to know what the fuck you are talking about

4 out of 5 girls in juvenile detention have been abused, report says

The Final Stage begins. Getting ready to say good-bye to my best friend.

Microsoft Tallies True Costs of M&A Boom: Layoffs, Write-Offs, Shut-Downs, Economic Decline

China Is Just Another Front in the Zombie War

CNN has a "Confederate Flag Countdown" going on at the bottom right of the screen. 11:45:32 to go.

Two cute kids in their pajamas

Baiting gay members of our community.

Police: 7-Year-Old Boy Shot In Head Likely An Accident

Salon: Jeb Bush is either a stone-cold plutocrat or just sounds like one

Wisconson voters file federal law suit over 'one of the worst partisan gerrymanders in modern

Serious question here.

The Kansas AG (phil klein redux, apparently) is Fighting to Uphold an Anti-Abortion Law

The Kansas AG (phil klein redux, apparently) is Fighting to Uphold an Anti-Abortion Law

The Kansas AG (phil klein redux, apparently) is Fighting to Uphold an Anti-Abortion Law

TIME, she's on the cover! (oh, & she's remaking Democratic Politics)

Jesse Ventura Ripping GOP Candidates - Does Not Hold Back LOL

TIME, she's on the cover! (oh, & she's remaking Democratic Politics)

This sea Lion meets and has a nap with her rescuers everyday.

Should Bernie allow members of the general public to submit resumes to apply to be his VP pick?

Citi Bike Workers in New York Get Union Contract

Citi Bike Workers in New York Get Union Contract

Citi Bike Workers in New York Get Union Contract

Presidential Leadership Scholars 2015 Graduation

US agency: Deaths show DuPont has 'failed' safety program

I climbed out on my roof for blue.

Hillary Clinton To Present 'Economic Vision'

Bernie Sanders gets a boisterous welcome in Arlington

Bernie Sanders gets a boisterous welcome in Arlington

Bernie's background is interesting.

KKK Leader Disputes Hate Group Label: 'We're A Christian Organization'

Biden: Next Fight Is LGBT Discrimination

Windows 10 update notice for Win 7 and 8/8.1 (KB3035583)

BEGIN Japanology: Bathroom Scales

Pope Francis Changes in Burger King Before Mass

2 lawmakers call for banning Confederate flag from state property

Lowering of Confederate flag prompts Delaware debate

We've Met the Doofus. And He is Jeb

If HRC's supporters are so sure she's got it locked up...

Stone Mountain Park set on keeping Confederate flag

BEGIN Japanology: Bathroom Scales

Arlington, July 9-- Anybody seen crowd images? n/t

Collin County grand jurors' names mistakenly released in advance of Paxton case

United Russia activists create ‘flag for straights’ to oppose ‘gay fever’

What do you eat when it's too hot to cook?

Help a Yankee...Frying Experts?

Jeb! committed electoral fraud for W in the 2000 election, and he needs to be called on it every day

wasserman schultz said something today about the debates that really concerned me...

Trump here?

What The Media Should Know About "Cause Of Action"-The Koch-Backed Group Suing Over Clinton's Emails

BEGIN Japanology: Ryukyu Kimono

Bernie has NEVER said that economic justice would automatically end bigotry.

On "Jeopardy" tonight --

Tropical peatland carbon losses from oil palm plantations may be underestimated

Thousands stranded in Bali as airport closes due to volcanic ash cloud

Amarillo group plans Confederate flag rally despite not receiving parade permit

I want an American tourists invade Cuba sitcom from the Cubans point of view.

Global trends show seabird populations dropped 70 per cent since 1950s

It is raining in July in San Francisco. A most curious thing. And lovely to hear.

OSHA labels DuPont a severe violator after four killed in La Porte, Texas plant

So...does the lowering of the Dixie Swastika mean...

Israel says will ‘engage’ with ICC on crime probe

BEGIN Japanology Nishijin ori

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 12 - Movie Camp: Good Things Come in Small Packages

"The Living Room Candidate" - Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2012

I'm gonna ask.....all eyes on Mississippi?

Greek debacle could wipe off Merkel's smile

Exclusive extract: Chapter one, Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

TCM Schedule for Monday July 13 - Star of the Month: Shirley Temple

Nord Stream expansion to do 'great harm' to Ukraine

Massive El Niño growing in California, say models

Pope calls for new economic order, criticizes capitalism

Poorer than Greece: the EU countries that reject a new Athens bailout

One of the clinic patients I helped tonight...

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Americans need a Greek moment

Pluto image revealed by Nasa offers closest look yet at dwarf planet

In Norway, one in three new cars is electric. In the US, it’s one in 100

Tom Selleck Reaches Tentative Deal in Water Theft Lawsuit, Agency Says

Martin O'Malley campaigns in the long shadow of Bernie Sanders.

U.S. military pays Syrian rebels up to $400 per month: Pentagon

El Paso State Rep. Marisa Márquez says she will not run for reelection

Strong quake rattles Solomon Islands; no damage reported

Here in the Philippines - in way over my head

Ex-Raiders QB Kenny Stabler dead at 69

At Least 22 People Killed in Stampede in Bangladesh

S.F. police didn’t investigate gun theft before pier killing

California shark attack rates plunge 90 percent since 1950s

Bush, Clinton Avoid One Subject: Bush, Clinton

Everyone is talking about medical marijuana, but what about LSD?

Alexander Hamilton's descendant rankled at $10 bill change

The Truth Behind Amazon Echo

Evo Morales had an interesting gift for the Pope

American Samoa questions gay marriage validity in territory

Ravitch: The Arne Duncan Era Has Not Been Good for Students

Locked Up for Surviving: The Untold Story of the Sexual-Abuse-to-Prison Pipeline

Pope apologizes for ‘serious sins’ during colonization of Americas

Pope apologizes for ‘serious sins’ during colonization of Americas

Venezuelan officials step in to keep beer flowing amid labour dispute at largest distributor

Guyana-Venezuela Border Dispute Strictly A Legal Matter, Experts Say

Daily Holidays - July 10

New Scandal over Electronic Espionage in Panama

Venezuela's Oldest Human Rights Organization: "Here There is a State That Respects Human Rights"

Video shows 26 Cops Kick, Punch and Tase and Unarmed Black Man as he cries for his Grandma

 A Judge Just Ruled Against the Most Racist Name in Football

Seidman and Pollack: ACA versus Medicare for All

Queer Laboratory Life: Recognising the work of LGBT scientists

1st chapter of Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee published in the Guardian

How disappointing to see Bill Clinton pal around with a terrorist/ war criminal

The death penalty is making a comeback in Israel

George W Bush spent like a quarter of his presidency on vacation....

Eruption of Indonesian Volcano Sparks Travel Chaos

Stay strong in your resolve.

Some Saudi Cables translated: Dick Cheney divides Iraq, 'how social media effects exponent laws

US-Venezuela détente still going – for now

Mike Malloy - Greece Bailout Money Went To The Banks

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Represents A Possibility

Two dead in German shooting spree, suspect arrested

Mike Malloy - Goddamn Bankers

Amnesty International Urges U.S. to Withhold Aid to Mexican Security Forces

Hillary Clinton’s push on gun control marks a shift in presidential politics, vows NRA fight

Milwaukee kid is in really big trouble...

Aren't being all-powerful and being all-knowing mutually exclusive?

Miscarriage of justice in El Salvador — and the US

Miscarriage of justice in El Salvador — and the US

Militarization in Honduras Causes Spike in Human Rights Abuses

Catching Pluto’s shadow (NASA mission chases Pluto’s shadow to catch details of its atmosphere.)

Bernie vs. Hillary | Who voted for what?

Socialism according to Eugene V. Debs

Increasingly Visible, Cuba’s Elián González Champions Island’s Government

The Next Steps on Cuba: Rep. Barbara Lee Pushes for End to Embargo & U.S Travel Restrictions

Patriot Act. Iraq War. Keystone XL. Wall Street.

GOP senators join Dems to lift abortion 'gag rule'

Princeton University Visits Cuba

House Dems threaten to oppose medical cures bill over abortion rider

Army base-by-base cuts

Death of Brazilian singer shines spotlight on mainstream's cultural disconnect

Indiana's Church Of Cannabis Files Religious Liberty Lawsuit

Pope Apologizes For Catholic Church's 'Offenses' Against Indigenous Peoples

Enormous, Humongous May Trade Deficit Slows Economy (again, 1 month, $40.9 BILLION)

Lawsuit: Immigrants got $1 a day for work at private prison

Union workers, supporters rally for new ATI contract in Tarentum

Leading German conservatives cast doubt on Greek reform proposals

Galbraith: The Greek Revolt Against Bad Economics Threatens European Elites

Woman's dog had eaten dozens of headbands, underwear, you name it...


The Rude Pundit - Note to GOP Presidential Candidates: Donald Trump Is Drinking Your Milkshake

US agency: Deaths show DuPont has 'failed' safety program

Looks like Greece's 'tricks' have really burned some bridges with her European partners...

The DU Bernie Act Blue link goal 7-10-15

The DU Bernie Act Blue link goal 7-10-15

European bureaufascists exposed: Dijsselbloem threatened to sink the Greek banks!

had a meeting with some local NAACP folks las night, mostly about our new police chief

Has Sanders even said his pro gun votes were a mistake? nt

Trump says he still doesn't know where Obama was born

Video: Packed House in Arlington for Bernie Sanders, Don Beyer Public Policy Forum

Since 1950s, Global Seabird Populations Down 70% - University Of BC Study

Mayor: Olympics meetings getting ‘hijacked’

Greece's Tsipras to sell austerity deal to reluctant party

School to Pay $4.5M Settlement to Bullied Jewish Students

In The Event Something Actually Happens In Paris, Don't Worry - Inhofe Will Save Us From A Treaty

Charlie Baker reticent on gov councilor raises

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Furl that Flag

Heb! Climate Will Be Fixed By "A Person In A Garage Somewhere" See? All Better Now! Technology!

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Pull Up Your Pants

Heb! Climate Will Be Fixed By "A Person In A Garage Somewhere" See? All Better Now! Technology!

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Story/Videos: BERNIE SANDERS ROCKS THE HOUSE! 500 Plus Crowd at Arlington, VA Event

Footage released of a young black man attacked by police officers who was ‘terrified he was going to

Insert standard safe haven disclaimer statement here: ___________...


Watch Jesse Ventura's Hilarious Takedown Of The GOP Presidential Candidates

After Cool Spring, Greenland Jumps To Warm State, Surface Melt Accelerating Rapidly

While Saudi Arabia Goes to War Abroad, It’s Simmering at Home

Why the GOP Won’t Renounce Trump

Protest Is the New Terror: How U.S. Law Enforcement Is Working to Criminalize Dissent

What you need to know about the possible Iran nuclear deal

I guess it was inevitable.

We’re coming for you, Cuba

German, French tank makers could merge next week

GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan: Climate Change Isn’t A Threat, Focus On Crimes Against Christians Instead

UN announces week-long humanitarian truce in Yemen

Not about race, just our selfish thinking

Tell the Democratic National Committee: Let the Candidates debate!

Trump’s Got the GOP by the Balls - By Michael Tomasky

In all my life, I have never seen so many idiots in politics

(AFGHANISTAN) Protests erupt after Taliban kill Afghan-Hazara police

The Single Worst Idea From 1990s Welfare Reform Is Finally Dying

Marco Rubio: I will absolutely roll back Obama Cuba policy

8 Ways to Make Billion$ from Climate Change ! (and all it will cost you is your soul)

Joe Biden Takes a Marriage Equality Victory Lap

UN urges EU to step in and help Greece with migrant crisis

Renzi's post-recession goals for Italy may be derailed by Greece

Right to Rise...

If you are white, do you take advantage of the benefits of being white?

Wisconsin Governor Walker Signs Budget Establishing Feudalism

Verizon preps for a strike as labor talks continue

French: Russia Copied Our Anti-Gay Flag

If Jeb "meant" to say "full time jobs" why didn't he say it?

Dear Texas: What Are You Afraid of Now?

Conservatives Cry Foul As Cruz’s Book Doesn’t Make NYT Bestseller List

Frozen funds, fleeing tourists: Greek startups feel the pinch


NJ: Passengers Stuck for 3 Hours When Train and Backup Train Break Down

(Greece) State debts soar 32 pct in five months

BART Woes Build Day After Day

GOP Sen. Calls For Ariz. Local Party To Pull Sponsorship Of Trump Event

Hate crime charges sought in July 4 beating

Hillary Clinton’s push on gun control marks a shift in presidential politics

LIBOR: History’s Largest Financial Crime that the WSJ and NYT Would Like You to Forget

First Vatican child abuse trial places former nuncio in dock

GOP’s Obamacare muddle: They want to repeal it, but can’t figure out how

Bernie Sanders Has a Secret

First Greece, next ... Canada???

Koterba toon: Great Wall of China

Bible ministry building Noah's ark tells judge Kentucky can't take away tourism tax incentive

How to give your old floor an incredible makeover.....

Why Bernie can win Iowa and NH and lose everywhere else...

Bobby Jindal’s obsession with “colorblindness” is everything wrong with the GOP’s racial politics

Wind power generates 140% of Denmark's electricity demand

Donald Trump is Democrats’ greatest gift: Why his buffoonish politics threaten to bring down his ent

Baileys As In 'Grappa' Or 'Ouzo' dog rescue by Kathrin Kotte Dresden, Germany

By His Own Admission, Donald T. Rump Is The Greatest Person To Have Lived - Ever!

10-foot alligator captured near downtown Fort Worth

China is Just Another Front in the Zombie War

I hope the guards outside Roof's cell turn on a TV

Unbridled capitalism is the 'dung of the devil', says Pope Francis

Oregon bakers weren’t fined over cake — they were punished for sharing lesbian couple’s home address

Puppies And Their First Friends…. Awww!

WATCH LIVE: History is made as South Carolina removes Confederate flag from State House

France jails group chief after raids uncover Jewish targets


Debbie Wasserman Schultz breaks with Obama on Cuba

have you even entered a DU photo contest

Omar Sharif: Lawrence of Arabia star dies aged 83

Wish us luck: My wife is starting her green card processing

have yo ever entered a DU photo contest????

Politico headline: Bernie defends Jeb's 'longer hours' comment

Hillary Clinton’s push on gun control marks a shift in presidential politics-HRC ROOM

The Confederate flag represents treason..

NASA just released the 1st clear photo ever taken of Pluto and its largest moon

Appeals court upholds McDonnell (R-exGov Va.) conviction

South Carolina Confederate flag removed by honor guard??

Watch This Kentucky Clerk Refuse to Issue Marriage License to Same-Sex Couple

As Anti-Choice Fundamentalists Descend on Alabama, One Abortion Doctor Refuses To Be Bullied

Rachel Maddow - Confederate flag to come down Friday in SC

Rachel Maddow - Debate entry rules to limit participation

Can You Name The White Guy Running For President? ROFLMAO

President Carter on Sec. Kerry and Sec. Clinton

Time for Ted Cruz to resign.

Matt Taibbi on Eric Holder's Insulting New Job

South Carolina Lowers Confederate Flag and an Era Ends

There are lots of women and girls in NYC today for the parade

Is it me?

Canadian conservation officer refuses to kill orphaned cubs gets suspended w/o pay

Bob McDonnell loses appeal over public corruption convictions

ANOTHER Walmart Made in America Infographic Needed Some Work, So We Fixed It

Daily Cute: French Bulldog Gets Ratted Out by Best Friend

Same-Sex Couples Still Not Allowed To Wed In More Than 20 Counties

Austerity and the Greek Depression

Re the don't-thank-me/veteran the local radio wingnut said Shrub made a mistake/did NOT lie

Martin O'Malley Recites Poem About Immigrants On 4th Of July, Released Copy In Support Of Protesters

Fact Check . Org. and Fact Check WP ...Hillary

The Bible - TL;DR version

Omar Sharif with Ingrid Bergman, The Yellow Rolls-Royce

How to become a Pastafarian

People In Toronto Created A Memorial To A Dead Raccoon After The City Forgot To Pick It Up

FOX goes after Jeb, WoW-Why Doesn't Jeb Want to Talk About Lehman Bros?

"It's Yahweh (i.e., my way) or the highway!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ann Coulter!!

Denmark: Bronze Age gold spirals unearthed in field

Bernie Events...update!

Pic Of The Moment: Here's How President Jeb Bush Would Combat The Threat Of Climate Change

Ariana Grande Makes Anti-American Remarks in a Donut Shop

"Bandslam". Nice little teen movie

Today's Tweet From The Dalai Lama:

Personal Favorites....Usagi Drop

Actor Omar Sharif dies at 83

Woman calls out Auburn (Maine) school official Chris Langlis for 'racist' post

GM recalling nearly 780K SUVs to fix power lift gate problem

Glenn Ford, Death Row Prisoner Freed After 29 Years, Dies at 65

In 2005, Greek debt was $5.1 billion euro - what is the debt now?

Worth of $100 in every state

Minneapolis council member wants landlords to provide voter information-to #GOTV

Trump Leads GOP -- Apocalypse Beginning?


Heads up SF Bay Area. Meetup tomorrow 11:00 AM (doors open at 10) at SF Main Library

"Letter to my Son": if the rest of Ta-Nehisi Coates's new book is this gut-wrenching...

Hoping for the best with Bernie and guns- finding his explanations polarizing as some on the right

Scientists have discovered that living near trees is good for your health

South Africa Ships 13 Tons Of Gold To Iran - Report

Top 6 Facts About Boobs

Greece debt crisis: Eurogroup says new plan 'thorough'

22 Arguments Against Gay Marriage

Putin Calls U.S. Debt ‘Serious Problem’ as He Defends Greece

New music release days switch from Tuesdays to Fridays

Obama Pushes Trade Partners to Add Drug Rules He Opposes in U.S.

The no-drinks-before-Noon rule? I just broke the no-music corollary - Pyotr Illich, Wow!1

Obama to Push U.S. Sentencing Change Backed by Koch Billionaires

Which 19 Democrats Voted to Weaken Environmental Oversight of the Nation's Forests?

Canadian charged with mischief after flying in a lawn chair tied to balloons

Jeb Bush Completely Out Of Touch With Society

Florida's Supreme Court strikes down the GOP-drawn congressional map

"Both parties are the same" nonsense

LAPD Confirms Bill Cosby is Being Investigated

Is 'Liberal' Not a Dirty Word Anymore?

"Sheriff Joe's" birther posse makes more excuses...

Bernie Sanders has a Secret - Politico

So, if there are only 8 known "I'd Really Rather You Didn'ts" ...

Iran Talks Extended Through The Weekend

Commercial poetry: Poetry?

Birth Control Coverage Guaranteed for All — Despite Religious Exemptions

Florida woman arrested for spitting on black kids and saying she'll hang their family from a tree

Remember the time when Bernie had to change his platform to be appealing to more voters?

All the due process money can buy

ICYMI: Desmond Cole is bravely attacking racism in Toronto

Katherine Archuleta, Director of Office of Personnel Management, Resigns

Bernie Sanders, 42 years ago, saying...pretty much the same thing he says now.

KHOU Falls for the Old "Huge Rattlesnake" Hoax

O'Malley Voices Support For Sanctuary Cities

Fact-Check: Bush Keeps Speaking Fees While Hillary Donates Them To Charity

YouGov: Hillary 55, Bernie 24, Biden 8.

Mass evictions in Healdsburg prompt cries of racism

Trailer Park Guys

LAPD has an active investigation into Bill Cosby

Scalia's Poetry Slam

Colleges in Cuba, US build ties as diplomatic tensions ease

There Really Are Republicans for Bernie

Jeb’s South Korean Sugar Daddy (in case your didn't despise the Bush Crime Family enough..)

the planet is dying and half of our political process is being paid to pretend it's not happening

Student Protests Parking Tickets by Paying Fine With 11,000 Pennies

Conservatives’ Bernie Sanders lovefest: Why the right has the hots for a prickly socialist

Thanks to @POTUS, America the beautiful will stay beautiful. Introducing the three newest national

Climate change causing Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder

Fascinating! C'mon! C'mon! Amazing talking cat chats to feline friend.

Edward Snowden and the National Security Industrial Complex

war and peace

Detroit-area cancer doctor gets 45 years in prison for fraud

I recently read an enlightening book-

Oklahoma governor in dire need of a civics class (plus AU on separation)

We need to keep pounding on the word "austerity".

Tax increases, pension cuts, reduction in military spending, & privatization of public assets

NYC's World Cup Parade Message: Sports For Women And Girls Are Important

Background Check Flaw Let Dylann Roof Buy Gun, F.B.I. Says

Bernie Sanders event in Phoenix...Update to the Update!

AUSTERITY seems to be just plain STUPID

Hopes rise of Greece bailout breakthrough

Bernie Sanders Breaks 20% in a National Poll for the First Time; Gaining Support Across Demographics

Can Democratic Candidates beat the Bush money machine?

Where the hell is the South Carolina forum??

Watch the parade for Soccer champs live!

Relocating is not as hard as people believe it is.

Touching moment herd of horses adopt a penguin after the bird became separated from its group

Deadline Sunday for Greece

Salon: “Democrats are the real racists!”

Celebrate with our soccer champs. Live broadcast.


XPost from Canada group: ICYMI: Desmond Cole is bravely attacking racism in Toronto

"a generation, presently in their fifties, who will retire almost immediately into poverty"

Breaking - FBI says Dylann Roof bought that gun illegally

Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., Government by the People Act,

union buster on amg

Can you spare $5 or more for Catherine's Rescue Barn?

Birth Control Coverage Guaranteed for All — Despite Religious Exemptions XP

Super-Typhoon Chan-hom hurtles towards China with 200km/h winds

Anyone familiar with shorter crank arms to help with limited knee range of movement?

PFAW - Best of the Blog 7/10/2015 (as usual, fixation on lgbt w/ touch of racism)

FBI Wiretap And Monitoring Helped Lead To Raid On Jared Fogle's House

Abstinence Only is what your children will be taught if the god damn teaparty pricks have

Trump: The Politics of the Past

nra gunnut tom selleck, aka water thief

Gov Nikki Haley was crying as the Confederate flag came down. Really???

Mind The Gaffe: What's Missing From The Media Scrum Over Bush's Call To 'Work Longer Hours' | ThinkP

JPMorgan Chase ordered to pay $50M in consumer refunds

Katherine Archuleta, Director of Office of Personnel Management, Resigns

Iranian nuclear talks go on even if 'clock strikes midnight'

Great Lakes Basin bounces back from record-low water levels

harvey isn't too hot on this whole having to be on a diet thing

One to go.

Marco Rubio Wants NASCAR-Style College Tuition Sponsors

A tale of two Colombian colonels in a parapolitical saga

The FARC’s biggest fear: Colombia’s paramilitary groups

The hard lessons from Greece

FARC urges government to dismantle neo-paramilitary forces

Battle over highway bill continues (gas tax & corporate giveaways major skirmishes)

Martin O'Malley froze tuition for 4yrs - Under Jeb Bush Florida tuition went up 48.2%

Scott Walker: Open records changes 'a huge mistake' that 'didn't come from us'

Russell Brand: Should Miss Universe Trump Mexicans? (E354)


Obama to visit federal prison in Oklahoma on Thursday

Limbaugh has lost his influence, who IS leading the republican morons these days?

The day the Confederate flag came down at the South Carolina statehouse

Is Bill Cosby a Predatory Somnophiliac?

The Decline Of US Power?

Where does the ABA stand on 2ndA? ACLU?

Some thoughts on South Carolina: We love you! We don't want you associated with losers!

No Friend to Cali: Actor Tom Selleck accused of stealing water from California

Swaggert types get tips on infiltrating all levels of politics

Do fewer guns lead to fewer suicides?

Health uninsured rate falls, yet again, under Obamacare

Caught On Tape: Gay-Couple Denied Marriage License By County Clerk

Omar Sharif, smoldering and dark-eyed leading man, died today.

Pentagon Concludes America Not Safe Unless It Conquers the World

Healing Wounds

FBI: Church gunman shouldn't have been able to get gun

Kershaw is in the lead!

A Moose Family Can’t Get Enough Of The Sprinklers (And We Can’t Get Enough Of Them!)

What Does Hillary Think of the Other Candidates?

The Chris Rock Show - Confederate Flag

Colleges in Cuba, US build ties as diplomatic tensions ease

Colleges in Cuba, US build ties as diplomatic tensions ease

The Nation: Obama Won’t Let Some Mass Graves Stop the TPP

How to see the Sun's green flash

The Buck-it List

NASA Mars Trek Is the Google Earth of Mars

The Confederate Flag is down from the Statehouse grounds

Hundreds of Detained Immigrant Kids in Texas Accidentally Given Overdose of Hepatitis A Vaccine

This is not a democracy. This is oligarchy.

Take a bite out of Mac Sabbath, a McDonald’s-themed Black Sabbath tribute band

‘Deafheads’ Marked a Milestone of Their Own at Final Grateful Dead Shows

How come Bernie Sanders has zero Congressional endorsements?

Panel approves underground nuclear waste facility near Lake Huron

Watch Jesse Ventura destroy GOP candidates one by one: ‘Nobody has told Mike Huckabee sex is fun’

Damn' Straight, I Shouldn't Have to Work "Hard(er!)"

Robert Reich: The Choice Ahead: A Private Health Insurance Monopoly or Single Payer

The World According To Donald Trump

Appeals court upholds Bob McDonnell conviction.

If the Confederate battle flag is not about slavery but about Southern "heritage"

gun dealer exercised its lawful discretion and transferred the gun

Why does Michael Savage call Megyn Kelly "Martha Washington"?

My "WTF?" of the day, Rush the Blowhard edition...

Indiana’s Church of Cannabis files religious liberty suit

'I've received thousands of comments and feedback on my letter to Wall Street.

Psychologists Shielded U.S. Torture Program, Report Finds

FBI Director: Dylann Roof Shouldn’t Have Been Able To Buy Gun

Obama to become first sitting president to visit a prison

Octopus's Garden? Underwater Greenhouses Thrive

The flag is down and johnnyreb is logging off.

Go Bernie Go!

McConnell Springs on a cloudy day

Chelsea's Mom has got it going on...

In other news

Is slavery part of religion or religion part of slavery ?

In other news

Felon Dinesh D'Souza Spreads Fake Photo Of Hillary Clinton With Confederate Flag

Which candidate would be most effective on climate change - mitigation AND coping with consequences

Wisconsin swindled by Scott Walker’s jobs scam #WEDC

Fiat at a car dealership near me... (pic heavy)

FBI Director Comey: "System Failure" allowed Dylann Roof to Buy the Gun"

Pet peeve

The Lastest Way The MSM Is Attempting To Take Down Bernie......

Ted Cruz Busted For Buying His Own Books As NY Times Refuses To Put Him On Bestseller List

Brewer On Trump's 'Rapists' Remark: He's 'Telling It Like It Really, Truly Is'

Survey: U.S. Uninsured Rate Hits Record Low

Suddenly Seeing: “The Conversion of Paul on the Way to Damascus” by Caravaggio

Ohio Judge Will Perform All Marriages After Colleague Refused Gay Couple

Obama creates three new national monuments

Watch Bernie Sanders clash with a gun control activist who thinks he sounds like the NRA

Watch Bernie Sanders clash with a gun control activist who thinks he sounds like the NRA

SC raised Confederate flag in 1961 to insult nine black protesters — and took it down to honor nine

Just when you thought it was safe . . .

The DNC WILL NOT exclude Bernie Sanders from the debates. Everybody can relax.

In September of 1961, as a protest to the burgeoning racial integration of this country, the . . . .

Democrat Chris Bell settles case with GOP group

Play this for your cats!

Angry Redditors Win: Ellen Pao Is Out as CEO

Bernie Sanders events finder tutorial by Bernie2016tv

Pat Buchanan warns of another Civil War: The time of mass right-wing civil disobedience is at hand

Suspension reduced from 10 games to 4 for Cowboys' Hardy

GOP’s cowardly Confederate flag move perfectly crystallizes their Donald Trump problem on race

Is it just me, or is Donald Trump the Sarah Palin of 2016?

Addison pizzeria owner ordered to pay $21.4 million to sexual assault victim

Judge to release 'jailed' kids, send them to summer camp

I’m a proud member of the Purity Police.

Official: Water Tom Selleck accused of stealing was paid for.

U.S.A Women's World Cup Tickertape Parade

Very recently I un-installed AVG and installed Avast.

Researchers confirm: The Largest Pyramid in Mexico has been found

Gay rights are not predicated on homosexuality being a genetic or an immutable characteristic

A well-right-of-center colleague just sent me an email, subject "Go Obama!"

Republican Rand Paul’s presidential campaign raises $7M

Perry’s 2016 campaign says its raised about $1M in 1st month

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Are Fighting for Cheaper Internet

Cleveland judge won't be forced to issue warrants in Rice shooting

12 year old black "conservative superstar" is caught up in lies and scams...

Judges appear skeptical of Obama immigration actions

US Workers Duped By Job Mobility Myth.

Mississippi police accused of choking unarmed man to death with flashlight

Finally got done taking all the crap out of my new laptop.

Won't be here next week

So Dylan Roof bought his gun illegally

Obama Permanently Protects More Than One Million Acres Of Public Lands

AFL-CIO chief asks Salon to voluntarily recognize workers’ union

what if I a straight woman want to marry a gay couple?

Things Are Looking Up for the World’s Smallest and Rarest Sloth!!!


Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new book

Robert Scheer: Foreign Entanglements Derailed the American Experiment

Why Jeb Bush's comments about American workers are completely divorced from reality

GWB probe: Judge orders Christie law firm to turn over recordings of interviews with state officials

Post your favorite cartoon theme music

Paris: Case against Fox News has been filed

What's for dinner Fri July 10, 2015

Judge: Wells Fargo to pay $8M for fraud tied to trust set up when Dallas woman was orphan

Amber Alert Update: Police say suspect is in custody, children are OK

Has anyone seen the Season Six "Walking Dead" preview?

The lie that undocumented commit more crimes than general population.

Rowlett man admits mailing more than 400 hoax white powder letters

on MSNBC right now...GOP fears losing Trump voters

Biomedical Research Turning More to Private Funds

What is Southern Heritage?

Perry Supporters Say They've Raised Nearly $18 Million

"You saw what they did to me with Bain. What do you think they'll do to Bush over Barclays?"

AFL-CIO chief asks Salon to voluntarily recognize workers’ union

AFL-CIO chief asks Salon to voluntarily recognize workers’ union

Juarez man tries to sneak 2.4 pounds of meth across Texas-Mexico border in his Air Jordans

Missing Quebec woman found dead

About this gun thing. Let's see what Obama has said and done.

You folks here in AfAm are the first, my last, my everything

UPDATE 3-Delta Air Lines pilots reject tentative contract - union

House Republicans pull back on spending bills amid concerns on Confederate flag

UPDATE 3-Delta Air Lines pilots reject tentative contract - union

UPDATE 3-Delta Air Lines pilots reject tentative contract - union

Wisconsin GOP get drunk, pass budget

A flag related question

7-10-15 Disaster in the Mines in 2:00

7-10-15 Disaster in the Mines in 2:00

7-10-15 Disaster in the Mines in 2:00

Pleased I could capture this;

Sen. Gillibrand Joins Call to Revoke Bill Cosby's Presidential Medal of Freedom

Dominican Republic Temporarily Halts Deportation of Haitians

Trump Rally With Sheriff Joe Arpaio Will Be Single Most Anti-Immigrant Event of the Year

Dominican Republic Temporarily Halts Deportation of Haitians

When I supplied food props for live TV restaurant commercials.

A snippet of "on the road" with the book - and amazing art at a botanical garden.

Ticker tape parade for victorious U.S. Women's team

Animals rescued from Town of Union home are alive, well

If a government is able to show more compassion than your church,

The End Is Near for Phthalate Plasticizers in vinyl flooring

Scott Walker throws both Fitzgerald and Vos under the bus over "Openrecordsgate"