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Flying Stingrays

From Teaching Tolerance - Name Change on Schools in the South.

Muscle Shoals is a great documentary

Tell your Senators to take a stand for your right to know where your food's origin

A post for those that has had a hard day being Liberal and need a 'pick me up'...

WAR: & "The Evil of Two Lessers" Interview #7 : Robert Sheer (Truth Dig) & Paul Jay (TRNN)

Mexico Pulls Out of Miss Universe Pageant

Windows 8-What a major PITA.

He isn't even gone and I'm missing Barack Obama already...

Globe & Mail: Living wage won’t fix Vancouver’s income inequality but it’s a start

Consumer Reports: It's difficult to know if you're 'Buying American'

Here's what happens when clerks refuse

Austin Regional Clinic to Stop Taking Unvaccinated Children as Patients

Democrats propose 1-month budget; Rauner ready to nix it

Martin O'Malley: Congress and the WH must act now to help Puerto Rico avoid financial collapse

Legalized Torture: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Cruel Lethal Injections

Looks like the in-site security got a little tighter.

Toon: Mind if I take a peep?

Anyone watching womens World Cup soccer?

Mike Luckovich: New Flag

Girl Scouts refuse $100,000 anti-transgender donation

Could we either rename GD:P to General Discussion: Dem Primaries or allow all primaries?

Heavy hitters raising cash for Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley.

Federal judge rules Maui County ban on GMO crops invalid

Bernie Sanders: Why Not?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Love Conquers All! & a new Kitteh gif

USA into final after a tale of two penalties

Environmentalists want California to stop offshore fracking

Rachael Maddow just starting her opening monologue now

DOJ Uncovers Billions in Medicare Fraud

JUST DO IT for Bernie Sanders.

'The poor, the young, the black and the stupid': Inside Big Tobacco's plans to kill a billion people


The Eyes of the Hunter Owl photos

Intimidating, Unconstitutional Police Tactics In Ferguson Incited More Unrest, Says DOJ Expert Repor

Look who is whining about "mocking God" with gay marriage...

The Eyes of the Hunter photos

The Eyes of the Hunter photos

For Tiger Tim fans in Texas

BERNIE is going to speak to 10,000 people tomorrow in MADISON

Strike averted in Santa Clara County as largest employee union, officials reach deal

Embattled rebel flag reassessed at Georgia's Stone Mountain

Death Penalty: Hillary and Bernie

A vicious cycle of lawlessness in the West Bank

Texas Clinics Can Stay Open, But the War on Abortion Access is Far From Over

Anybody watching the pilot episode of Zoo?

6-30-15 Taking to the Streets in 2:00

6-30-15 Taking to the Streets in 2:00

Fire crews responding to blaze at African American church in Greeleyville SC

6-30-15 Taking to the Streets in 2:00

States sue EPA over water rules

Legislators clear plan to rename Marin tunnel for Robin Williams

Top Mormon leaders sending letter to members, reaffirming God's law against same-sex marriage

My favorite news program is CNN's NewDay, it starts at 6 am

Tom Moran - He's a creep

AK freezes Medicare inflation increases as state-owned corporation has a golf tournament

Puerto Rico is hurtling toward default and U.S. investors are set to face the losses.

Vetting Mitt's Veeps: Chris Christie - 2012 Oldie But Goodie - Gets To The Essence of Kristie Kreme

The Revolution has been digitized

Campaign to Free T-Rump's Hair

Do you put your hand over your heart during the National Anthem?

Cuba first to eliminate mother-to-baby HIV transmission

Openly transgender swimmer at Harvard believed to be a first

Argentine ruling party presidential candidate leads rival - poll

Another black church fire, right now. UPDATED: Arson NOT suspected as of this am.


One Industry That Will Hate Obama’s New Overtime Rules: The Media

Ecuador Reviews CIA Documents, Death of Late President

Mexico pressured to resolve military slayings

Now 'GROWING UP TRANS' Frontline PBS/WETA 10-11:30 PM ET, (2015)

Fire crews responding to blaze at African American church in Greeleyville

Mexico pressured to resolve military slayings


Latest Michigan Earthquake Has Scientists Puzzled

Honduras issues arrest warrant for Congress vice-president

U.S. names new envoy for bid to close Guantanamo prison

O'Malley to visit Clinton on Saturday

Recreational-use marijuana to become legal in Oregon

BREAKING! US & Cuba reach agreement to establish full diplomatic relations

Hillary Tweet on Unions

Woot! I hope this means what I think it means ... "Billions for Bernie"

Teacher in Martinsville, Ill., fired for stepping on American flag


from Martin O'Malley for President:

Incomes rise for bottom 99 percent of U.S. families

Woman who gave birth alone in California wildland says started fire for rescue

About those "Daygo Bombs"...

We became Foster Parents tonight.

Death of Maryland boy pushed in swing for three days ruled homicide

African-American “flagger” says Confederate flag isn’t about race: “Slavery was a choice”

Have you stumbled across any...

Jeb Bush is worth up to $22 million

Marines offer tougher training in Central American exercise

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, June 30 2015

Is DU like molasses tonight???

Significant, Prolonged Heat Wave to Blanket Europe Over the Next Week

"I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery."

UN and OAS to Assist Honduras in Political Crisis

Hey, Ted Cruz, It's A Rainbow ... Not A Twister

I see some posters in this forum talking about leaving. I beg you not to.

I like what Thom Hartman said on Lawrence O'Donnell's show

I do see a problem....sigh.

Top Obama aides knew about Clinton's private email in 2009

The Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 States

The Tallest Man on Earth - "King of Spain"

Anti-gay moral crusader gets SHUT DOWN

Connecticut's own Sarah Palin, house minority leader Themis Klarides!

Keep this in mind as you evaluate candidates:

Here's An Interesting Piece of Trivia Re: The Confederate Battle Flag

Why is it that when Clinton holds a rally that 12,000 people attend it's a routine crowd, but...

Guarimba Victims Spread Message of Nonviolence in Ecuador

I had to report a possible cat hoarding situation today

venus and jupiter

Apple Music was made for Gen Z

Anchorage's new mayor (D) changes City Hall TV from Fox News to CNN

BREAKING: African American Church In South Carolina, Previously Burned Down By The KKK, Is On Fire

Another Detainee schedule for release is dying from hunger strike. Our War Crimes continue

New family members UPDATE

East Tennessee hardware store puts up 'No Gays Allowed' sign

Wooooo Hooooo!! I'm published on Independent Underground News & Talk

Ok, I've watched Zoo for you so now you don't have to.

True story...

U.S. State Department: We won’t protect Israeli settlements against boycott

It's Official -- Bernie Sanders Has Overtaken Hillary Clinton In the Hearts and Minds of Democrats

The Confederacy was the Islamic State of Its Time

Jeb Bush Made $29 Million After Leaving Office, Tax Returns Show

Mandolin Orange - "Boots of Spanish Leather" (Bob Dylan Cover)

In the State of Israel's waning democracy, Arabs are only the first target

Another Historically Black Church in South Carolina Burns

Clinton Emails: Obama Aides Knew Of Private Address

Labor Leader Joins Bernie Sanders' Campaign, Citing Clinton's 'Silence' On Fast Track

3,000 Pages of Hillary Clinton's Emails Were Just Released — Many Heavily Redacted

Let us pray for those impacted by the church fires in South Carolina.

Murder in the First off to a good start IMO

The Bernie Sanders Video You Have To See

Wonder if we'll ever see the likes of this?

Dumb Criminals: Guy Steals Car, Gets Lost, Runs Out Of Gas, Cops Find Him Immediately

Jump starting a bandwagon for USA Network's "Mr Robot"

Thousands expected at Hong Kong pro-democracy rally

Racist vandals again strike Jerusalem Jewish-Arab school

Protest Is the New Terror: How US Law Enforcement Is Working to Criminalize Dissent

Greece has asked for a new 2-year bailout

Carry the news!

What a presidency!

Powerful Union Leader Joins Bernie's Campaign Citing 'Clinton's hesitation on Fast Track'

I created the Isis dildo flag at London Pride to start a dialogue, not get a laugh

ISIS vows to topple Hamas in Gaza, uproot 'state of the Jews'

Dubai Plans to Build 3-D Printed Office Building

Lufthansa makes Germanwings compensation offer

Pres. Obama is more popular at this point in his presidency than Ronald Reagan was.

photo shoot with a spider

As Baltimore mayor, O’Malley’s police tactics sowed distrust

State Won't Track Gay Marriage Numbers

After 'gratifying' week, Obama sees long to-do list in time left

Oz, popular French Quarter dance club, declares bankruptcy, to be sold at auction

Daily Holidays - July 1

Mom booked after 3-year-old tests + for cocaine; police find the pair in apt. covered in dog feces

Interactive map: See how each Louisiana parish is handling issuing same-sex marriage licenses

Wolves of Chernobyl (video)

Hood County Clerk reverses decision on marriage licenses

Ferguson police antagonized Michael Brown protesters, DoJ report finds

The F-35 Can't Beat The Plane It's Replacing In A Dogfight: Report

Nurses vote not to decertify their union at SLU Hospital

The economic plan that could save America (but scares conservative billionaires senseless)

A Tale of 3 County Clerks

Make sure your desk is cleaned out, turn in your parking pass and your office key

Trump files $500 million lawsuit as pageant woes mount

Robert Reich: How to punish bank felons

Fast Food CEO Blames Low-Wage Workers for Poverty

Five Reasons Why an Iran Nuclear Deal Would Be Good for the US

Female ocelot hit by vehicle, dies

Obama: A Hard Day's Work Deserves a Fair Day's Pay

Texas A&M University System to extend benefits to spouses of same-sex employees

4 Gadgets You Didn’t Know Could be Solar-Powered

Pope Francis Recruits Naomi Klein in Climate Change Battle

Legionnaires disease scare at Galveston prison hospital

Ex-Gulf Cartel leader captured in Edinburg gets 30 years in prison, $100M fine

Former FLDS compound may go up for sale

As Porkchop would say, the weed has been freed.

Megyn Kelly Buries Ted Cruz - Hardcore Porn, Elitism, anti-Constitution.. hardly a fair fight

Jury blacklist

Deadly attacks hit Egypt's Sinai

We restarted the Cold War: The real story about the NATO buildup that the New York Times won’t

The New York Times' Orwellian View of Ukraine

Marijuana is legal in Oregon -- to possess and grow, but not to buy

And then one day a 1%er ran into these two nice lades...


Europe's Controlled Demolition

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Chrispie Joins the Clown Car

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Love and Hate

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Greece

GE Union Members Vote ‘Yes’ on New Four-Year Contracts

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Police say Utah man admits to vandalism, injuries originally reported as anti-gay attack

A New Mode of Warfare: The Greek Debt Crisis and Crashing Markets

Assembly Majority Leader from Kaukauna blames Milwaukee for Republicans' destroying Wisconsin

Poll: Bush, Trump rising nationally for GOP, but both trail Clinton

Germany's von der Leyen calls for more NATO defense spending

It's Walker Plus Six Also-Rans In Iowa GOP Caucus

Airbus beats Boeing to supply South Korea's air-to-air tankers

1,200 prisoners 'walk out of Yemeni prison'

South Carolina church fire: Mt. Zion AME burns in Greeleyville

Japanese government punishes faction for media attacks

"Army of Islam" Turns Tables On ISIS

Risk managers offer workplace gun violence mitigation tips

Toyota, Nissan, Honda back hydrogen stations for fuel cells

‘Dead wrong about the Bible':Portland pastor annihilates Christians who use religion to push bigotry

Judge Afiuni breaks her silence raped, sodomized, beaten, burned

Another black church burns after NAACP warns about suspected arson attacks

Four consequences of Greece’s D-Day

Key Greek referendum debt document mistranslated

Cuba becomes first nation to eliminate mother-to-child HIV- Viva Cuba

Test Pilot Admits the F-35 Can’t Dogfight

Greeks struggle with daily grind as foreigners head to beach

Secret court approves NSA bulk collection one last time: 'Plus ça change …'

Greek Crisis (cartoon)

President Obama coming to Madison today! (Wednesday July 1)

POLITICO: Poll: Scott Walker slipping in Iowa

Leaked: What's in Obama's trade deal

Can you say FUBAR? .... U.S."strategy" in the Middle East

Greece debt crisis: Tsipras in new bailout 'concessions'

US military:The west has normalised racist wars - but you can’t solve complex problems with 1,000lb

Carry on: FISA court authorizes bulk phone records collection for another 6 months

Jamie Foxx sings George Strait

New Horizons Update: Methane Detected; New Images of Pluto and Charon

Aids and HIV: Cuba first to ​eliminate mother-to-baby HIV transmission

Brilliant cartoons perfectly illustrate exactly what sexual consent means in everyday terms

London will try to beat traffic and air pollution with this new electric bus

Pelosi: No consensus with Warren's view on Wall St. regulation

Cruz: “Here I was as a 26-year-old man looking at explicit porn with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor"

Australia's largest woodlands 'will not be protected if it prevents mining'

The Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 States (not to be taken seriously)

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 237,000 Jobs in June

Bernie Sanders Needs to Make Inroads With African-Americans

After 14 years of watching Christie, a warning: He lies | Moran

CNN-0RC Poll Clinton 54%-Bush 41%/Clinton 56%-Rubio 39%/Clinton 57%-Walker -38%

"She was this far outside the box."

Kids Explain Gay Marriage

Jim Carrey is an anti-vax moron

Aegis Ambivalence: Navy, Hill Grapple Over Missile Defense Mission

Rodney Dangerfield Funniest Jokes Ever On The Johnny Carson Show 1983

Female pastors in Clarendon County receive letters threatening their safety

Happy Canada, Everyone!

Airbus to Host LENR Workshop in October

Quiet Dignity of Little Girl Facing a Ranting Bigoted Preacher

N.C. Church Takes a Defiant Stand—With Solar Panels

Bernie vs Hillary

Martin O'Malley and the Poetry of Greater Purpose

Oh, no! Not ANOTHER one!

Gableman drops request for high court to rehear Scott Walker aide Rindfleisch case

"Why don't you get off welfare & put on something more conventional"

mr. fish


Mural of rainbow flag sparks rare Palestinian debate on gays

More scaremongering about centerfire .22's...

Other than throwing the 2000 election to Bush, what has the far left accomplished recently?

Alabama gay marriage fight: Who's going to pay for this?

Groundbreaking Legislation Would Abolish Federal Sentences for Drug Crimes (pot)

Koterba toon: Greece

"I'm so normal, it makes me HOT!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Neil Cavuto!!

Wikileaks RELEASE: #TiSA Core Text - the largest and most secret 'trade agreement' in history

CarePoint, union reach tentative contract agreement

A new method for cheaper solar-energy storage

Religious Public Servants Still Want To Let Beliefs Dictate Public Svcs They Provide.

Obama's Wisconsin visit comes as Walker prepares campaign:

Rachel Maddow: Why the liberal in your life is in a good mood today (video)

Jim Webb says he’ll share his decision on a presidential run in few days

In the beginning there was Adam, and Eve, and the serpent. . . . Please come CAPTION Ann Coulter!

Russia angers Baltic states with review of independence

Police Claim Biggest Pot Raid in Years Wasn't Really About Pot

Donald Trump Sues Univision For $500 Million

These tweets are so on the money: #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches

Chicago Public Schools make full pension payment by deadline

Chicago Public Schools make full pension payment by deadline

Republican says marriage decision insults Christians who died in the ‘religious’ Civil War

Why the liberal in your life is in a good mood today

Greek debt: Merkel dismisses Tsipras's last-ditch compromise plan

take a look at this:

East Tennessee hardware store puts up 'No Gays Allowed' sign

Randi Rhodes coming up on

Question for dog lovers. re: A dog's memory......

Peter Turkson: the public face of Pope Francis's war on global warming

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck split after 10 years of marriage

DU Bernie Group beats expectations and raises $5,542 in just 60 days on Act Blue!

White House lifts 40-year-old ban on cameras during public tours

County Clerks will eventually obey the law but what about churches??

John Fugelsang nails it

DU Bernie Group beats expectations and raises $5,542 in just 60 days on Act Blue!

Public opinion threatens their revenue and very existence - SeaWorld tries to silence debate.

Damn that Obama! U.S. manufacturers grew in June at fastest rate in five months

So, a guy who knows I lean on the progressive side, walks up to me

Is there an app that lets you know when you're about to eff up?

Greece Over the Brink

At 11am President Obama will deliver a statement on Cuba

Rachel Maddow - Impeachment of Governor LePage considered by Maine legislators

Tom DeLay has found a secret memo from the Department Of Justice!

Catholic Vote has put out an anti marriage video

Solidarity for Venezuela and Struggles at Home

I don't want to beat a dead horse but that's just my nature. The departures sadden me, a lot !!!

Rachel Maddow - Chris Christie political bridge burning haunts him for 2016

Is the HPV vaccine now mandatory in California?

First on CNN: Macy's dumps Donald Trump

VPNs are so insecure you might as well wear a KICK ME sign


cat vs bear

“We like it that way,” she said. “We don’t want any thugs at the club.”

Tested the safety of SPD pedals and cleats this morning

Some tweets about the 'deal'' just made on Walker's budget..

With Another Approach, We Would Have a Deal with Iran Today

Bernie vs Hillary

I remember when gay marriage was "the far left wanting a pony".

25 Depressing Statistics About The World We Live In

Bernie Sanders voted against Irag war resouloution

Hillary Clinton lobbied by Cherie Blair to meet Qatari royal, emails reveal

What Happened After These Tech Companies Promised to Hire More Women and People of Color

Puerto Rico's debt crisis

For those who barbecue, a strange but important warning

"All of the arguments that have been used to sustain globalism and corporate capitalism are a lie"

Live feed -- Obama to announce re-opening of US and Cuban embassies 11:08 AM

Official: Fire at South Carolina black church wasn't arson (AP)

I Think President Obama Should Consider Either Marco Rubio Or Jeb Bush For.....

Miami-Dade Adopts $100 Fine for Pot Possession

Surviving any way we can - taking relief in the Trocadero Fountain...

This is an amazing win streak that I believe won't be broken...

President and Vice President on reestablishing

Pic Of The Moment: Some People Believe The U.S. President Should Be A Savvy Business Leader

Richard Eskow with Thom Hartmann: Greece vs. Europe...Day of Destiny Approaches

Shin Bet arrests 40 Hamas members in Nablus

During the funeral of the late Nelson Mandela I clearly remember when our President walked over to

Gazprom Halts Natural Gas Deliveries to Ukraine

Gov. Chris Christie’s Phony Truth-Telling

Greed and Capitalism Have Wrecked The Planet

Seafood supply altered by climate change

Will New Hampshire Primary rules force Bernie Sanders to run as an Independent?

Regarding the confederate flag

Seafood supply altered by climate change

For legal junkies, this is a great reference from SCOTUSblog.

Hillary Clinton Raises Record $45 Million in First Quarter of Campaign

Owners remove cat's bones, internal organs

The Environment.. it is the most important issue of our time.. Candidates need to run on this hard

Heatwave live: Britain swelters on hottest July day on record

probate judges opposed to gay marriage stand firm

Wisconsin Dems are suppose to have a news confer at 10:30

Bernie is surging... but of greater interest

(******* "It's a deep-rooted conviction; my conscience won't allow me*****" . . . . . and it is MY

That time when the NAACP and ACLU sued Martin O'Malley over thousands of illegal arrests

spider up close and personal

Hillary Clinton Raises Record $45 Million in First Quarter of Campaign-HRC ROOM

Turkey Planning Next Move After ISIS Commits Massacre in Kobani

Hillary Clinton raised over $45 million in primary money, aide says

The inspiring story of how hard work & his dad becoming president made Jeb! a millionaire

Open Enrollment For Gay Reparations Beginning Soon, According To Anonymous Moron

Mississippi AG Asks To Stop Defending Guv In Gay Marriage Case

Governor O’Malley to Return to Iowa for 4th of July Weekend

Cuban Embassy announced

Happy 148th birthday Canada!

New White House fence to have metal spikes

Nicholas Winton dies; saved more than 650 Jewish children from Holocaust

Who Is Burning Black Churches?

Bernie, Hillary, Martin and Lincoln - Forget Florida !

The Rise Of Anti-Union Rhetoric In The 2016 Race

FOX looks on the bright side.....

Snopes examines the "Relentlessly Gay" fundraiser

Mother Jones magazine gives us the Antonin Scalia Insult Generator!

Macy's Cuts Ties With Trump Over Racist Remarks

Deadly Medan crash exposes illegal cargo of fare-paying civilians

BREAKING: Federal Judge: Alabama Judges Must Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Feminism Helped Pave the Way for Marriage Equality

Feminism Helped Pave the Way for Marriage Equality

New images appear to show Chinese military bases in South China Sea

Feminism Helped Pave the Way for Marriage Equality

Would it be possible, via some collective action on the internets,

Hillary raises $45 million in first quarter...91% were from donors of $100.00 or less

If Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, he isn't entitled to the perks of being a Democrat


Iran nuclear deal builds momentum in the final days

Woman injured when dolphin leaps on boat deck

HRC-New US Embassy in Havana helps us engage Cuban people & build on efforts to support...

UMD Study Shows Extreme Heat & Precipitation Are Increasing Salmonella Infections (in Maryland)

Mike Luckovich: Another Traditional Marriage Destroyed

Why are a Republican and msm anxious to keep Sanders off the ballot in NH in the DEMOCRATIC primary?

UPDATE: BernieTV Launches Today To Cover Madison Event! Counting Down to Madison Right Now!

Prof Wolff interviews Kshama Sawant.

Tsipras Tells Voters Rejecting Austerity Will Yield Better Deal

Hope Solo admits she intentionally messed with Germany before crucial PK miss

Dems rip budget, transportation deal

McKinney Wants $79,000 for Police Records

"We welcome Senator Sanders to the New Hampshire presidential primary"


The Rude Pundit - Disembodied Asshole Sharts That He's Running for President

Islamist Blitz in Sinai Kills 50 as Egypt Sends Fighter Jets

that couple who were going to get divorced if marriage equality were upheld--have they filed yet?

Olivia De Havilland is 99 years old today. Still no Kennedy Center Honors. Disgraceful.

Aurora parents sue gun dealers, have to pay THEM $200k


Obama administration’s crackdown on for-profit colleges goes into effect

I had an epiphany. For years I never understood the Repub mindset. Now I do.

U.S. Auto Sales On Pace For Gain Over Year Ago, Led By SUVs

Bernie from 1962 to Present...

2 men—one white, one black—walk down the street strapped with AR-15

Business rejection of Trump has ruined Plan A and opened up split between teabagger wing and

For all you film photographers

Do you like this Bernie poster?

Myanmar fisherman goes home after 22 years as a slave

Are US Churches Shifting Their Allegiance On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

Explosion of Support Groups For Bernie Among Minorities Across Social Media.

The Forgotten Color in the Rainbow

NC Bigot Assaults Gay Bar Owner Over SCOTUS Ruling, Won’t Be Charged With A Hate Crime

Are people over-reacting to the old Confederate flag?

Ricky Martin Will No Longer Hold His Charity Golf Tournament at Trump Golf Course

Labor Leader Joins Bernie Sanders' Campaign, Citing Clinton's 'Silence' On Fast Track

I am hereby inviting DUers with true interest in learning about our candidates

Jimmy Carter Calls Obama's Foreign Policy Success 'Minimal'

Serena Williams Refused to Play in South Carolina over Confederate Flag

When Brooklyn juries gentrify, defendants lose

Want to go to a Bernie Sanders event near you? This link breaks down all the events state by state..

PPP Michigan: Sanders at 25% in the primary but Clinton still dominates the field except men

Too soon to make predictions?

Pelosi: Warren doesn't speak for all Dems

Argentina Shows Greece There May Be Life After Default ( Updated )

10 “Daily Show” villains we’d love to see roast Jon Stewart on his final episode

When will the Democratic debates be? Who do you think will be in attendance?

I would like to start a local Bernie group-

Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers Should Scare GOP

That's my state senator, the fool in the cowboy hat..

Explosion of Support Groups For Bernie Among Minorities Across Social Media.

District Attorney’s Handling of Cat Shooting Case Probed by Animal Legal Defense Fund

The people and companies that have dumped trump (my list so far)

Turns out Yasiel really is a Pig

Biden is BEATING Bernie Sanders even though he hasn't even announced he's running for Prez

Female pastors in Clarendon County receive letters threatening their safety

Bernie: Fifty years of Cold War is enough....

FIFA Website Praises USWNT Star Alex Morgan As 'Very Easy On The Eye'

Bernie: In my view, we should invest $1 trillion in rebuilding our infrastructure in the next five..

Privilege makes them do it — what a study of Internet trolls reveals

I can see it now come Jan, Bernie will have made no legal effort to any primary challenge that

Netanyahu cartoon: Iran ‘just much bigger’ IS

Sex abuse victim to file lawsuit against Josh Duggar: report

NPR: Dispatch From Charleston: The Cost Of White Comfort

A recommendation for an excellent production audiobook...

Chief Colombian paramilitary warlord sentenced to 16 years in US prison

'British Schindler' Sir Nicholas Winton dies aged 106

I can't wait to see Donald Trump and Chris Christie debate

Senate Repubs literally voted against Clean Water

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case That Will Likely Wipe Out Public-Sector Unions

Chris Christie Loses Control Of #TellingItLikeItIs Hashtag On Twitter During 2016 Campaign Launch

Russia tries to soothe Baltic states over independence review

If ISIL had burned down 4 Churches, it would have been Headline News

Wingnut Terror Alert Level Raised To ‘Hey Gurl!’ After White House Gay Rainbow Display

Why the liberal in your life is in a good mood....

Wedding Photographer Has The Perfect Response After Losing A Client Who Opposed Gay Marriage

Movie Theater Accidentally Shows Insidious 3 Instead of Inside Out

How States Are Fighting to Keep Towns From Offering Their Own Broadband

Drought Conditions Cause Central Valley Homes To Sink Into The Ground

How Buying Smaller Fruit Could Save California’s Drought-Stricken Family Farms

Ben Carson’s money haul: $10.5 million

Ted Cruz defends Donald Trump over controversial immigration comments about drug dealers and rapists

You thought the Republican clown car was crowded, but you ain't seen nothing yet.

In addition to all the other Confederate flag problems, this one just really bugs me...

Maryland minimum wage to rise on July 1.

UT Arlington team develops new storage cell for solar energy storage, nighttime conversion

Happy Canada Day to my friends north of the border!

Myanmar fisherman goes home after 22 years as a slave

Arlington, Virginia, Public School System Adds Gender Identity to Nondiscrimination Policy

Whatever happened to Perry Logan?

PITA week (may be TMI for some people)

Our Climate Challenge

Martin O'Malley on Energy, in Iowa. Video

Please Help me...

Colombia - UN envoy: Bogota claims against Farc ‘not true’

I am finished with establishment politics.

Cons want to run government like a business, right?

Brazilian president: Our countries share fight against 'blemish of slavery'

Duggars Facing Lawsuit From Nonfamily Molestation Victim

Brazilian president: Our countries share fight against 'blemish of slavery'

Bernie Sanders 'evolved' on same-sex marriage, along with his state - just like O'Malley

Will Elizabeth Warren endorse Bernie Sanders? The progressive team that may shake up 2016

Paula Dean's response vs Donald Trump's response

Bernie Sanders campaign rallies drawing enthusiastic progressive crowds

Why are people still swimming in the water off North Carolina?

Sanders seems like an open minded dude, one who can handle the harshest of criticism.

TV Land Pulls 'Dukes of Hazzard' Reruns

Hydroelectric dams drastically reduce tropical forest biodiversity

Toon: Superman...

O'Malley does have support in the black community - who are they?

Obama Administration rebuffs D.C.’s efforts to bring back the Redskins

Scott Walker Thinks White Men Will Save Republicans in 2016

RWW News: Tom DeLay Knows Of Secret DOJ Memo To Legalize '12 New Perversions,'

Happy 70th birthday Debbie Harry! Post your favorite Blondie song

Observing the birth of a planet

Bobby Jindal Tries #AskBobby Q&A On Twitter, Goes Down In Flames

On average, 16,400 people in each of the 50 states donated $50 to Hillary Clinton.

The Bolivian town that banned alcohol for a month to stop assaults and sexual abuse

Chicago’s 'cloud tax' makes Netflix and other streaming services more expensive

Bobby Jindal grew up Hindu. I get it that he converted to Christianity.

Stephen Colbert on Monroe Public Access

Nobel Prize Winning Economist, Joseph Stiglitz: US Income Inequality Will Sink This Democracy

Canadians Rejoice: Their Version Of Fox News Goes Off The Air…Permanently

Former Christian Neo-Nazi Saved by Reason & Critical Thinking

Look at all the candidates positions..not so much their supporters..

Man Fires Gun Inside Houston Airport, Only a Misdemeanor

Something else @TheWeek got wrong: none of the Clintons take a salary from the @ClintonFdn

A link to a live feed of Bernie Sanders speaking to 10,000 people in Madison, WI today

Coalition Pushes for "Mobile DMV" Program to Help #Wisconsin Voters Obtain Required ID to Vote

Our Climate Challenge (Martin O'Malley)

FBI investigating 11 attacks on San Francisco-area Internet lines

Labor Finally Figures Out That Sanders is Their Candidate and That He Can Win

Poll: 62% Approve of Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare

Number of families displaced in Libya doubles since September as fighting rages

Law Clerk and Others Refuse To Follow Law

Last year I carefully mowed and scythed around my millkweed

North Dakota republican says gays are "metally ill..."

US needs to keep past in mind with Cuba

Polling on the Greek bailout referendum

Great article about millenials love for Bernie!

DOJ is finally going after the airlines

Cruz/Rove feud heats up

And it gets worse for Josh Duggars and his family.

The Federal judge in Alabama marriage cases orders all magistrate judges to immediately comply with

Even in Alabama, public officials aren’t ‘ministers of God’

Wiles, just leave. Go. We won't miss you.

Bernie Sanders readies for first financial test against Hillary Clinton

$cientology Leader David Miscavige's Father to Pen Tell-All Book

D.C. endures worst storm since Derecho 2012 — here’s how it happened

Maybe if ALL The cars in the parking lot had this, and NOT just mine!

Buy Union: July 4th BBQ, Brew; tires

Michigan County Clerk Performs Marriages As County Judge Refuses

Traffic on the beltway to get to Bernies Madison event.

ALEC Wants to Indoctrinate High School Students

Florida Invasive Species Lab Axed

Florida Invasive Species Lab Axed

Jurors find 'Big Tony' Moscatiello guilty in murder of Miami Subs founder (Gus Boulis)

More evidence that global warming is intensifying extreme weather

How do we know which is the true form a religion?

North Carolina Man With Nazi Flag On His House Says He Just Likes Flags

Femme Fatale.

I KNEW it! President Obama is a dyed in the wool CONSERVATIVE!

"He's Never Flip Flopped, Never Sold Out, Never Said NO to Social Justice .....

Republicans Crushed In Oklahoma As State Supreme Court Rules 10 Commandments Monument Must Come Down

U.S. sues to stop Electrolux acquiring GE's appliance business

Philadelphia Diner's "Scalia Is A Douche" Brunch Sells Out

47% of Americans WOULD vote for a socialist.

Survey says: 35 percent of Americans would expatriate

Stop blaming mental health for gun violence. The problem is guns.

Utah Gay Hate Crime Was a Hoax

TISA Exposed: 'Holy Grail' of Leaks Reveals Detailed Plot for Corporate Takeover

Bernie chose to run as a Democrat.

Baltimore to put cameras in police vans, review riot gear

Seahawks' Doug Baldwin shows another side with Confederate flag commentary

Trailer for Oliver Stone's movie about Edward Snowden

Tsipras' delay tactics on financial mafia pressure

Black Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church

Yes! The Supreme Court continues it's (Rock and) Roll!

rinse, repeat.....Racism as Strategy.....

Judge Crusades To End The Drug War She Took Part In

LePage endorses Chris Christie for president, says he’s ‘the real deal’

New Sleep Apnea book online, you can get it free

Dad of Scientology Leader to Tell All

This is for us "shills"....


Donald Trump Pinata in Mexico

Open Call - It is Time to Fix or Replace the Republican Party (God's party must go)

Labor, Veterans Stand With Bernie Sanders. Do You?

Obama pushes state Medicaid expansion in healthcare hub Nashville

Neil deGrasse Tyson: The last Leap Second added was June 30, 2012....

Maine lawmakers tighten foreclosure rules in win for consumers

well the dccc is at it again. but this candidate will stand up to them.

Another "holy roller" who wants to kill all gays...

Vatican 'may' consider divestment from fossil fuels, despite pope's call to arms

Lawmakers vote unanimously to support investigation of LePage

Chris Christie pledges to bite a hole on your face like DeNiro in Cape Fear if you vote for him

US customs officials recover bronze idol worth $1m looted from Indian temple

Myanmar fisherman goes home after 22 years as a slave

2007: South Korean metal/munitions company lands US Gov contract after Jeb Bush's visit (Media??)

Ya say ya wanna revolution? VOTE and GOTV

Tom DeLay claims Dep. of Justice has secret plans to "legalize 12 other perversions"

GOP candidates shouldn’t try to outdo Donald Trump - By Jennifer Rubin

The Confederate Battle Flag is an "American" Scar

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 2 July 2015

July 1st Madison Wi. BERNIE

State Laws Affecting Reproductive Health and Rights at Midyear:

Time and space for Higgs Boson Blues

HopeNotHate: Golders Green has won

Tom DeLay: Justice Department Wants To Legalize Sex With Animals and ‘Little Boys’

Updated Iowa Caucus poll due tomorrow...

*tiptoes in* Link to Traffic Report to tonight's Sander's event posted here per request.

Livestream info and other details about tonight's Madison WI event

Congrats, America! Donald Trump Is Now A 2016 Presidential Front-runner

a President for the ages.

The Weeping song

IAEA Says Iran Complies With Interim Deal But Questions Remain

Some fun today with a RWer and other musings...

California residents cut water use by hefty 29% in May, officials say

Do you get the feeling that the politicians have lost control of us?

Clinton: Benghazi panel a 'charade'-HRC ROOM

California residents cut water use by hefty 29% in May, officials say (xpost from GD)

Who's the dumbest person on Faux "news?"

Martin O'Malley and the Poetry of Greater Purpose

Judge Crusades To End The Drug War She Took Part In

Pro Cheerleaders Would Make At Least Minimum Wage Under New California Bill

You wanta get in Shape?

Wikileaks: 'Massive' NSA espionage of top German officials


Just got back to Podunk from LA. Holy shit

Is there an Aussie tennis player who ISN'T an asshole?

Info on Texas candidates.

Marriage equality decision was not just an intellectual exercise

Economics as Religion (AFL-CIO blog on Greece) --Socialist Progressives Group

Christie’s New Hampshire marathon begins

Confederate flag humpers take over abandoned gas station

Music aficionados: If you had to rewrite the Star Spangled Banner

Stunning: Trump in 2nd place

Efforts to Draft Biden for 2016 Gain Steam

study: gasoline without ethanol increases wear & tear on engines - aromatics are the problem

Jailed American Executive Resigns From Toyota

Right Wing Rednecks Won’t Let Go Of Their Stupid Flag

Why the ACA (ObamaCare) was good for us.. and we had insurance


This Stings: "Obama could sink 2016 Dems"

The GOP Base Loves Trump

The End of the Death Penalty?

Officials: South Carolina Church Fire Was *NOT* Arson, Cause Still Unknown

French Toast: Temperatures Surge as Historic Heat Wave Hits Western Europe

I think I just said my goodbyes (updated)

In rebuke to Israel, State Dep’t says it has no objection to BDS aimed at occupation

The fire and brimstone people aren’t going to start feeding and clothing the poor.

Republican establishment terrified of Donald Trump, worried Trump will hurt the GOP brand

5000 days at war this century

It's getting more interesting with the Draft Biden thing

Gay Marriage Opponents Act Like an Oppressed Minority in Catholic Group's Ad


Omaha Steve

Hillary For New Hampshire: "No child, no adult should go without quality, affordable health care."

Anybody have a FREE live stream link for the world cup soccer (jap/eng)? Thanks!

US military morale is reportedly at 'rock bottom' again

How Gay Marriage Became a Constitutional Right

Should I Run for the US Senate?

Behind The Scenes Of Hillary Clinton's Push For LGBT Rights At The State Department

10k stadium nearly full to hear Bernie