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Tonight on TCM: "Man Hunt" (1941) 7:00 CDT

Women's USA soccer.......on now....

Gay couples begin applying to marry in Guam

RSVP for DFA & MoveOn's call with Elizabeth Warren

Maddow Blog: GOP's confusing condemnation of Clinton's voting-rights plan

Hillary Clinton Scores With Voting Rights Announcement

'I am a citizen': when border patrol agents violate the rights of US residents

GOP Unveils "Move to Canada" Alternative to Obamacare

6-8-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1966 The Silent Skies in 2:00

6-8-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1966 The Silent Skies in 2:00

Strom Thurmond stands up for the (white) citizens of McKinney, TX

6-8-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1966 The Silent Skies in 2:00

Bernie Sanders Must Come Out NOW for Minority Vote for Credibility

Atlanta Reporter Discovers the Insidious World of ALEC, Gets Thrown Out of His Hotel Room

Snoop Dogg sues beer-maker Pabst over sale profits

Fact-checking the fact-checkers on Martin O'Malley and wages

Jeb Bush and the campaign money fountain

Louisiana Senate Votes To Limit Jindal's Travel Funds

Is it worth it?

Many U.S. hospitals mark up prices 1,000 percent: study

Trade Pacts Face Growing Pushback

Trade Pacts Face Growing Pushback

Trade Pacts Face Growing Pushback

The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats

Cleveland Leaders Bypass Prosecutors to Seek Charge in Tamir Rice Case.

Barack Obama poised to hike wages for millions

Thinking about the Teenage Pool Party and the people defending the cops. I have a question for you

Cat? What cat?

I would love to hear HRC say: "No, MY server at home was not hacked when everybody else's was" ...

Akron Mayor Garry Moneypenny resigns, effective Wednesday

Republican senator criticizes Obamacare on the grounds that Obamacare subsidies are awesome

Conservative Jews furious with Israeli president over scrapped bar mitzvah service

Obama: No 'complete strategy' yet on training Iraqis

Unions ramp up pressure ahead of Fast Track vote

How Activists Undermine Themselves

Week ahead: Obama takes health pitch to Catholic group

A Letter to the President from Senator Ted Kennedy

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Hail Mary! & a new Kitteh gif

a little bit of cute.

HILLARY ROOM POST ---18 Things A Hillary Clinton Supporter Would Never Say

Disney Pads Record Profits by Replacing U.S. Workers with Cheaper H-1B Guestworkers

Just a little old fashioned kick-ass classic rock on a stormy Monday night

Did you know that O'Malley received an award from Planned Parenthood last year?

(Angola 3) After 4 decades in solitary, Albert Woodfox's release ordered by federal judge

Dark Money of Super PACs Will Explode Into Blinding Fireworks. Don Siegelman

I need to find these 3 little boys a loving home...

He's heading back to Iowa:

'Lethal Weapon' actress Mary Ellen Trainor dies at 62 (UPDATED)

Botched parachute bedevils NASA 'flying saucer' test for second time

Family members no longer facing charges for cheering at a graduation

Qatar Airways CEO sees no need for concessions to U.S. airlines

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Forced To Crawl Onto Plane

Anybody ever have one of these?

Rachel just said she has 'high hopes for getting him on the show soon.'

Senatobia school superintendent backs down from charges against cheering familes

Egyptian President el-Sissi condemned for 'flagrant human rights abuses' in first year

U.S. to wipe out more Corinthian Colleges student debt

Paul Krugman: Fighting the Derp

Exclusive: Doctor who trained U.S. troops suspended for macabre techniques

Piketty: A Practical Vision of a More Equal Society

Homeowner To Police: ‘You’ve Destroyed A Family’s Life’

Texas prosecutor drops charges for man once sentenced to death

CNN to present advertising as "real news"

The Pointlessness of the Workplace Drug Test

Eleven Things You Should Know About Hillary


Pope Francis: Men and women are different for a reason

Stephen Colbert Writes What Probably Won't Be The 'Late Show' Theme Song

Obama lambasts Putin: you're wrecking Russia to recreate Soviet empire

Hillary Clinton: Smart Energy Innovation

Hillary Clinton: Fighting for America’s Workers

Hillary Clinton: Making Human Rights a Reality


Hillary Offers a Path Forward Beyond the Gridlock

Benghazi Hoax Continues With Manufactured Controversy Over Emails

The Duggar PR Crisis Is Being Handled by Huckabee's Political Adviser

Luckovich - Climate Change and Inequality

Rachel Maddow just wasted her show

Correct The Record

"wasn't that a time" the weavers 1981 reunion concert (ronnie gilbert died saturday)


Most $2 win bets on American Pharoah in Belmont uncashed

UN, Iran head for showdown over nuclear inspections

"if we could sing loud enough and strong enough and hopefully enough, it would make a difference"

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Demand Chicago Republicans Do More for the Vote

Billionaire Cartier Owner Sees Wealth Gap Fueling Social Unrest

I am glad Major Crimes is back.

DU keeps my life from dregs

Lawrence O'Donnel (MSNBC) is covering the pool party now.

Anyone else signed up for this site

Bus Driver Saves Students From Armed Terrorists Doing ‘God’s Will’

CNN Poll: "Majority of voters do not trust or like Clinton"

"Thousands Protest Brutal Police Treatment Of Black Teens In McKinney, Texas"

I found it. The best recipe for beets. You gotta try this - Indian Spiced roasted beets

Texas Cop 'Deseves Medal' for Pulling Gun on Black Kids at Pool Party, White McKinney Resident Says

Abortion Is Becoming A Bigger Issue For Voters In 2016

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Want Campaign Finance Overhaul

Scott Walker's Wisconsin Ranks Dead Last In Business Start-Up Activity

Transplant anti-rejection drug protects against Alzheimer's, study says

Type-1 Diabetes Vaccine Approved for Human Trials

Site Hosting Emma Sulkowicz's Latest Work Disabled By Cyberattack

2,200 Baby Pigs Escape on Ohio Highway After Truck Crashes

Dennis Hastert Hires Thomas C. Green as His Lawyer

The cute birthday card from my brother...

Martin O'Malley's Gary Hart Connections

Union protesters disrupt Rauner speech in southern Illinois

Scottish First Minister Nicola Strugeon on TDS...

Who receives and handles copyright violation alerts?

How A Right-Wing Political Machine Is Dismantling Higher Education in North Carolina

Chris Christie Claims That Hillary Clinton Is Trying To Steal The Election

Texas 2015

Yemen drone strike lawsuit forces US to face non-western 'war on terror' victims

Vincent D'Onofrio in Netflix's "Daredevil"...

Yemen drone strike lawsuit forces US to face non-western 'war on terror' victims

Tractor-Trailer Carrying 70,000 Pounds of Bacon Collides with Amtrak Train

Hillary Clinton makes a promise to union leaders: I’ll listen to teachers

"IA GOP Kingmaker Mickelson Wants To Bring Back Jim Crow-Era Voting Laws"

Fans of Philomena Lee...

I don't get no respect!

Loudness Equals Power - Onion Talks

Europe must not back down from labeling West Bank settlement products

The Black Power Mixtape, trailer.

Spain has first diptheria case in 30 years. VACCINATE YOUR ****ING CHILDREN

EU official to Israel: Don’t demolish unauthorized Palestinian village

What happened to DUer Robb?

Word Games Continue: Just What Evidence Did EPA Not Find? - SkyTruth

Larry Wilmore had Frank Luntz on tonight. (spoiler)

Fracking forum, Huntington, WV June 15

Federal Railroad Administration recommends more speed signs

Fracking forum: Monday, June 15, Huntington, WV.


Tanned, Exquisitely Coiffed Bernie Sanders Tells Supporters Corporations Actually Have Alot To Offer

Do you believe in demons and angels?

Doesn't Matter How Bad Walker Or Brownback Are They Would Be Elected Again.

Not really a question, but an apology.

Perry says of the U.S.: ‘It kind of feels like 1979 again’

Perry says of the U.S.: ‘It kind of feels like 1979 again’


Conservs Ramp Up Efforts to Re-Impose the Global Gag Rule and Defund UNFPA

N.Y. Prisoners May Have Charmed Female Civilian Worker To Obtain Power Tools Used For Escape: Source

Police Set up Safe Havens for Online Transactions

Sanders’ Openness A Nice Surprise For Rally Guest

Lindsey Graham "I can only imagine the torment that Bruce Jenner went through"

Bernie Sanders' Momentum Shows He Can Win

Pool party cop made black driver drop pants in ’07 traffic stop: lawsuit

Man arrested for wearing Star Wars Stormtrooper costume outside school

Famed Manson Family Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi Dies at 80

Did I just hear Allyson Janney say...

The McKinney Incident: A Different Account of the Incident

California changes rules on traffic ticket fines

Indian police kill 12 Maoist rebels in eastern stronghold

This man at the McKinney pool meltdown should be arrested for sexual assault:

Congress Didn't Notice the FBI Creating a 'Small Air Force' for Surveillance

Remembering my mom.

DIY 40 watt laser "shotgun"

PHOTO; Super Cell Storm produces 2 rare tornadoes rotating anticyclonically

Daily Holidays - June 9

Finally! The end of discrimination against salamanders and newts in baseball! (See headline)

Bernie Sanders - The President We Need

Bernie Sanders - The President We Need

Report: George W. Bush charged Texas homeless shelter $100,000 for speaking engagement

After her dad publicly shames her in YouTube video, 13-year-old Washington girl jumps off overpass

Scalia commencement speech: Humans have 'been around for at least some 5,000 years'

Governor Abbott to Drug Overdosers: Drop Dead

Gun rights advocate challenges St. Louis Zoo policy barring weapons

Vincent Bugliosi - "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"

I did something really dumb


Jesus, he knows me.

Legal Use of Marijuana Clashes With Job Rules

***SPRING Photo Contest ~ Prelim Round ~ Thread 1***

***SPRING Photo Contest ~ Prelim Round ~ Thread 2***

***SPRING Photo Contest ~ Prelim Round ~ Thread 3***

Texas Racists Spray Paint ‘No N*ggers’ On Church Van, Poison Black Family’s Puppy

Prelims for Spring Photo Contest are now up in GD

Kim Jung Un destroys thousands of homes to force people further away from border

Hezbollah Repels IS Attack on Lebanon-Syria Border

Suicide rate of female military veterans is called 'staggering'

Giant spider attacks Green Bay, Wisconsin!

How Poorer Bangladesh Outpaces India on Human-Development Indicators

Slowpoke Toon: Fast Track To Oligarchy

Mississippi State, UMass agree to football series starting next year in Gillette Stadium

Union says Space Needle offers members 'poison candy' as labor dispute heats up

Man arrested a dozen times on DWI charges appealing prison sentence in San Antonio

The Modern Art Of Compromise.

Islamic State used US-made TOW anti-tank rockets at Palmyra (Tadmur)

11 weeks after Germanwings crash, victims' remains head home

"Get on the ground! Get on the ground!!"

Bipartisanship on the vast majority of issues, is simply a fantasy

Crews battle huge fire at Ukraine oil depot

Just for some fun.

Can everyone see all the photos in Thread #3 of the Spring Contest?

Donald Rumsfeld: George W. Bush was wrong about Iraq


Salon: We are the propagandists: The real story about how The New York Times and the White House

Behind Scott Walker, a Longstanding Conservative Alliance Against Unions

Cadre of former Hart alums (including the former candidate) suit up for Martin O'Malley's campaign

HSBC to shed 50,000 jobs

Sometimes you open your heart and a 4-legged furball walks right in...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Hasturd and other Repubs

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: States

McKinney.....This pretty much sums things up.

And we call this governing...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Researchers Use Gravitational Lens Ogling Huge Galaxy at the Edge of the Universe

New Spanish-language version of Martin O'Malley's campaign website

Advice needed about a USB cable.

Keystone protesters tracked at border after FBI spied on 'extremists'

Group seeks arrests in boy's death in planned court filings

Megyn Kelly: Black Teen Thrown To Ground By Texas Cop 'Was No Saint'

Morning Joe: Obama has no strategy in Iraq.

‘He should be drug-tested, then fired’

About The Pool Party

Coulter: GOP Will Win by ‘Driving Up the White Vote,’ Not Pandering to Minorities

Doctor trained troops suspended drugging students and forcing them to insert catheters into others

Just for you this morning Denny Hastert

Wife made a remark this AM about Obamacare and its potential ending in some states

Women, child filmed throwing punches in wild Indiana Walmart brawl

Family of Georgia man who died in custody: 'We want to know why'

May 2015 Wettest Month For Lower 48 States On Record - NOAA

My Soul Mate dog rescue by Anonymous Burbank, CA

Hospital suspends elective heart surgeries on children after CNN investigation

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) Brings Teh Stoopid With Epic Obamacare Tweet


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Threatens to Defund Judiciary if It Rules Against Him

Rachel Maddow - North Carolina governor breaks promise again on new abortion laws

CSI Rembrandt: Museum sleuths show painting is a Rembrandt

Tying it all together with a nice bow!

Number of Starving Sea Lions in California 'Unprecedented'

Montana's Fracking Boomlet Flatlines - Zero Rigs Since April, Output Declining

Secretariat vs American Pharoah side by side:

Hillary Clinton: A Lifetime Champion of Income Opportunity


What it feels like in those huge crowds for Bernie Sanders - Bloomberg News

Hillary Clinton: Strong on LGBT Rights and Opposed to Indiana and Arkansas Legislation

1 Of World's Most Populous Bird Species - Yellow Breasted Bunting - Collapsing

Hillary Clinton And Immigration

Michelle Duggar Defends Smearing Transgender People As Pedophiles: It’s ‘Just Common Sense’

Rachel Maddow - A bad day for 2016 Republicans

Free download of Michael Crummey's River Thieves for Kindle.

Bernie's hot streak continues! slate

One voter shows up at Santorum event in Iowa

Rachel Maddow - Radical rightward shift burdening Kansas spreads to court system

Wisconsin Republicans fire DNR scientists working on research related to climate change, pollution

Bernie to hold 6 events in Iowa in next week - schedule here!

M1 Rail names American contractor for six Detroit streetcars

For-profit hospital in Easton charges uninsured ten times what it costs to care for them -Fed study

Bernie Sanders focuses on Minority Youth Inemployment

New FBI files show wide range of Black Panther informant's activities

And this moron wants to be President?

Dallas, Texas, Special Ed Student gets "Ghetto" Award from Teachers

Fifa's Jack Warner accused of diverting funds intended for Haiti earthquake victims

US stocks open mostly higher; Europe, Asia indexes lower

John Waters gives the commencement speech at Rhode Island School of Design (!!!!)

Franklin Graham pulls bank accounts over same-sex ads

The guy who used to be Clint Eastwood made a FUNNY, but Spike TV wasn't laughing.

Teen pregnancies way down in Hawaii after the stopped teaching abstinence

TYT Raging Cop Attacks Black Teens At Pool Party In McKinney, Texas

So, what did I miss?...

Across the Sea

If I get my car back any different than I gave it, Monster Joe’s gonna be disposing of two bodies.

It’s Time for the US to Support Democracy, Not Dictatorship, in Egypt

"What the bleep do we know!?"

Richard Fuld Still Doesn’t Think Lehman Was Really Bankrupt

City Needs ‘Some Type of Bail Reform,’ de Blasio Says After Kalief Browder Suicide

Veterans of oil-train disasters convene in Albany

Punk rock brand: the Sex Pistols to feature on a range of credit cards

Chicago Teachers Union plans rally amid contract talks

PSA that should not be, but is, necessary. Some physically disabled people can stand and move

People should not be afraid of their government...

DSCOVR space weather sentinel reaches finish line

Getting some nice heavy rain now in So. Cal

A mind forged in Satan's scalding n*uts! . . . Please come CAPTION Megyn Kelly!!!

It's been a week and a half, where's the puppy update?

A Whale of a meal -

Job openings increase to 5.4 million in April; hires and separations hold steady

Wall Street Suddenly Worried Hillary Might Stop Openly Loving It

15-Year-Old Who Shot McKinney Pool Party Video Speaks Out (With video)

Rumor Contron News Flash:

The YouTube Star Who Kills Animals For Fur

We, the citizens, have to change the game.

Hillary's DNC declines Sanders' request for more debates

The problem with the police - it's not just about race

Objects in Mirror Closer Than They Appear: The Sanders Surge

Remember that thread on cursive writing

Shades of McCarthyism as global academic freedom challenged

Astronomers find 11.6-billion-year-old star nursery in ancient galaxy

Will you fight the Fast Track of the TPP and TSA? Will DU?

Police abuse of power, it's not just race - The Stanford Prison Experiment

A word about Handicapped Placards...

25 Tourist Scams You Should Watch Out For This Summer

Only one group of Americans has become less accepting of homosexuality in the past 2 years

GM CEO says she's been interviewed in ignition switch probe

Wounded Warrior Exec - we deserve high salary

2 killed in attack, rioting in southeast Turkey

Debating Bible Verses on Homosexuality

After 12 years of US setbacks, Obama joins the search for an Iraq strategy

In California bar, guy picks the wrong women to harrass...

"iheartradio" (Clear Channel) radio host makes racist remarks about McKinney kids...

From 0 to beheading

75-million-year-old dinosaur blood and collagen discovered in fossil fragments

Dumbledore and Gandalf Marry, and Vanquish the Westboro Baptist Church

Why so many women are raising money for Hillary Clinton

In a historic shift, Turks elect Yazidis, Armenians and Roma candidates to parliament

Obama lawyers asked secret court to ignore public court's decision on spying

Is Richard Dawkins destroying his reputation?

Only one group of Americans has become less accepting of homosexuality in the past 2 years

Canada Pension Plan to buy Antares Capital from GE for $12 Billion

New York State's Scariest Prison

Franklin Graham is pulling bank accounts from Wells Fargo for featuring same-sex couple in ad

I haven't seen a Marvel movie since the third Maguire Spiderman installment. Is that wrong?

Historical Photos

U.S.-led airstrikes aid Al Qaeda affiliate against ISIS

Out of the Books in Kindergarten, and into the Sandbox

Jeb Bush advocated public shaming of unwed mothers

Sandoval says he won’t run for Reid’s US Senate seat

Not the Onion! Ted Cruz picks nutcase as his TN campaign manager...

AK state employees protest as budget problems continue; seed potatoes to public radio in jeopardy

New Jersey Supreme Court sides with Christie on pensions

Fox’s Favorite Catholic Priest Says Sexual Abuse No Reason To Deprive Duggars Of TV Show

Hillary knows the enemy!

"Kalief Browder was simply tossed into a dungeon and forgotten. Roman emperors used to do that"

Hillary campaign EXPLOITS and pushes legal limits of campaign finance law and skirts law

Political Revolution

McKinney Pool Party Cop, Was Sued for Racial Bias and Sexual Assualt

Quite a bit or rain around the LA area today.

The price of real estate is skyrocketing in Colorado

Political Revolution (x-post from Bernie Sanders group)

'You think you're Saddam Hussein?' Jon Stewart tackles Nicola Sturgeon on SNP success

Make no mistake, we all pay for police brutality.

What time is Hastert's arraignment today?

If Hastert is found guilty do you think he will get any jail time?

A question about giving dogs anti anxiety meds

#McKinney pool fight was started by white neighbors who racially slurred, attacked black kids

The WI at 100: new generation gives the 'knitting and bake sales' stalwart a facelift

The WI at 100: new generation gives the 'knitting and bake sales' stalwart a facelift

Verizon’s Biggest Union Claims Carrier Isn’t Fixing Broken Landlines

Re: Cops on steroids. Could someone please put this in context for me?..

Betty Bowers Explains Abortion to Everyone Else

In my prayers, buddy

Join us in fighting for women’s rights. There’s still much to do-- Annie Lennox

Join us in fighting for women’s rights. There’s still much to do-- Annie Lennox

Devonport nuclear base warned over safety

"My parents told me we are equal....."

Chronic Pain: A Disease in its Own Right

GOP fears it will win ObamaCare court battle

So Bernie is going up against the Kochs billions

102-Year-old Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport Completes Thesis Blocked by Nazis

KY Gov Moves On Minimum Wage f/ state employees

Pic Of The Moment: What Fresh Hell Is This?

Republican businessman organizes $175M campaign to transform his party on climate.

Check out this Daily Kos straw poll.

Didn’t the McKinney, Texas, police officer know he was being recorded?

There are two kinds of people.

5 things to know about the war fund

Appeals court tosses suits challenging climate change plan

We lock up tons of innocent people, and charge them for the privilege - a Bernie Sanders MUST READ

Health Care: "They are marking up the prices because no one is telling them they can't."

Bill Press: Why Not Joe For 2016?

If Rubio can't manage his own finances, do you trust him with yours?

Archaeologists unearth 5,000-year-old 'third-gender' caveman

DNA Has Completely Changed the Death Penalty

Questioning New Standards for Civil Disobedience

Everything you need to know about the South China Sea conflict – in under five minutes

DailyKos straw poll: Bernie 63%, Hillary 29%!

Flaming Bird With Snake in Its Mouth Sparks Fire

Christie in spotlight as NJ pension decision due Tuesday

I'm Saving Myself for Marriage

Bill O'Reilly Asks Lancaster, PA's Amish Community What They Think Of Caitlyn Jenner.


The $7,500 Nazi knickers: Has a pair of Eva Braun's monogrammed underwear wound up in an Ohio antiqu

Seeking Trade Votes, Obama Offers Help To Dems Who Vote Yes

Has there been a thread on Hillary's campaign logo lately?

Ok.......what are the odds/bets on which Repub ANNOUNCED candidate flames out first???

Capitol Police Clear Floor of Senate Building After Call About Package

Christie eyes a ‘military approach’ to China

JEB files paperwork to run.

Service dog throws self in bus' path to protect blind owner

Investigation Finds the TSA Didn’t Catch 73 Terrorism-Linked Airport Employees

Rain on the Central Coast?

Sen Thune tweet shows GOP heartless hypocracy on Obamacare

50 hospitals charge uninsured more than 10 times cost of care, study finds

NC couple was going to kill kids and teachers "because it was God's will..."

Is there not a class war? Is money in politics not a threat to America? Is it not a new gilded age?

Squirrel knocks out power to thousands in San Francisco bay area

Objects in Mirror Closer Than They Appear: The Sanders Surge (By me)

Suppose Jesus got married

I Love Writing. I Love DU.

Clinton, Democrats meeting labor leaders on 2016 bids

Sen. Bernie Sanders Says U.S. Should Look More Like Scandinavia

Sen. Bernie Sanders Says U.S. Should Look More Like Scandinavia

A modest proposal to improve the policing situation in America.

Surgical anesthesia in young children linked to effects on IQ, brain structure

IS claims capture of Libya's Sirte: SITE

Bringing back Cantor’s softshell turtle (was thought to be lost from Cambodia until 2007)

Who will win the CWS?

Bringing back Cantor’s softshell turtle (was thought to be lost from Cambodia until 2007)

Bringing back Cantor’s softshell turtle (was thought to be lost from Cambodia until 2007)

To boost his foreign cred, Jeb takes 5 day tour of Europe

Bernie Sanders: We cannot turn our backs on this national tragedy....

Post #20,000: might as well waste it here

U.S. weighing more Iraq training, but no strategy overhaul: Dempsey

Fox: "Does American Pharoah's win mean Shari'a law is on its way to America?"

Some students of Corinthian Colleges chain may get their loans forgiven

Campus-carry gun laws won't make colleges safer - USATODAY

Bernie: Either elected officials respond to the needs and views of an involved electorate, or...

Sensible Gun Regulation Isn't Unconstitutional

TSA Committee hearings will not resume after being interrupted by a threat.

Teen’s Device to Clear Plastic Garbage from Oceans is Almost Ready

The Prelims for Spring Photo Contest are now up in GD

Thom Hartmann: Bernie Sanders May Win The White House

BREAKING: The Democratic power structure, from top to bottom supports Hillary

Bernie Sanders is the Mainstream Candidate

Thom Hartmann: Big Pharma Appears to Be the New Snake Oil Salesmen

Robert Gibbs joins McDonald's

Gun groups exploit Berlin Township woman's murder

Supreme Court Conservatives Fracture Over Presidential Power In Jerusalem Passport Case

50 Hospitals Charge Uninsured More Than 10 Times Cost of Care, Study Finds

Martin O'Malley on fighting for women and families

Martin O'Malley on fighting for women and families

NYPD chief Bratton says hiring black officers is difficult: 'So many have spent time in jail'

How long do you wait for a program that is not responding?

Global financial mafia's plans for Greece confirmed!

Sen. Sanders Balances Opposition to Lockheed Corruption With Energy/Labor Partnerships W/Affiliates

- Butt On The Ground

Smoke From Canadian Wildfires is Drifting Hundreds of Miles Into the U.S.

The occupation is starting to become costly for Israel.

Is Bernie Sanders a candidate or the leader of a movement?

Breaking: Bomb threat clears White House briefing room

The top 50 hospitals that gouge patients the most

This is very funny (McKinney cop comic strip):

Bernie Sanders Attacked As Socialist, People Mostly Agree with His Positions

The Geopolitics of American Global Decline: Washington Versus China in the Twenty-First Century

Bernie Sanders Attacked As Socialist, People Mostly Agree with His Positions

Everett company accused of muddying water, endangering fish

Rep Annie Kuster Announces Her Position On Proposed Fast Track Legislation In The House

Jeb Bush staff shake-up: Sign he's losing 'invisible primary'?

The Big 'Dog' and Hillary!

Bernie: 74% of Americans believe that large corporations have too much influence on American...

Bernie will be on the Diane Rehm Show tomorrow

Texas Abortion Law That Could Close Half Of State's Clinics Upheld By Appeals Court

Martin O'Malley op-ed in support of the controversial 'Protecting Cyber Networks Act'

Update: Wal-Mart Mom was reacting to racist remarks made to an employee.

The Leviathan - New Sci-Fi Movie 2015 (Awesome Teaser)

White House press room evacuated during briefing

Quest to Mine Seawater for Lithium Advances

Obamacare is good for the middleclass and the poor. Period!

Bulletin from Michael Moore:

Don't forget our media target for Senator Sanders

Been a crazy week.

Rep. Brad Ashford fights proposed funding shift from Omaha VA to overbudget Denver project

Racism: alive and well

Rep. Brad Ashford fights proposed funding shift from Omaha VA to overbudget Denver project

The Science Of Santorum - The National Memo

Sound familiar?

Obama lawyers asked secret court to ignore public court's decision on spying

Pardon my cynicism and suspicions

Rick Santorum appearance at Hamlin, Iowa restaurant attracts audience of one

18th century French warship replica Hermione visits Alexandria

18th century French warship replica Hermione visits Virginia and Maryland

Keiser Report: Grexit already happened? (E768) June 9, 2015

18th century French warship replica Hermione visits Alexandria


Will These ‘Walking Fish’ Destroy Australian Ecosystems?

How cheap is Hillary Clinton’s campaign? This cheap.

Meet Ernie

I'm just curious about who everyone here is backing

Dennis Hastert Pleads Not Guilty to Lying About Hush Money

Whole Foods does not deserve

Sarah Palin — The Candidate the GOP Deserves

Join the Political Revolution Today

Ten Subversive Princess Stories That Are The Perfect Antidote To Disney

Plymouth, MN: man posts picture of Pres. Obama in a noose, is surprised at resulting outrage

Magic 8 Ball Says:

Now that the rain stopped we're getting 90+° at 40% humidity in Austin.

Texas regulators seeking connection between fracking and earthquake


The Republican War on the Poor Rages On

Commanders of Colombia’s ‘battalion of death’ arrested for killing 72

Commanders of Colombia’s ‘battalion of death’ arrested for killing 72

update on Raif Badawi

The Peas Are Blooming In My Yard

Can anybody near NYC take a sweet 7yo kitteh who is heartbroken after abandoned by owner?

NBA Admits Officials Botched Four Calls At The End Of Game 2

1st released paramilitary commander assassinated in Medellin

Service Dog Stops Bus from Hitting Blind Owner, Proving Dogs Are Awesome

Interview with the 15 year old who shot the McKinney video

The health effects of homophobia

I hate little kids.

The Global Struggle to Respond to the Worst Refugee Crisis in Generations

NO, I'n NOT "Ready for Hillary"

Christie Accused of Revealing Grand Jury Info

GAA club’s integration policy pays off in Ireland’s most ethnically diverse town

Bernie Sanders on Diane Rehm Wed morning - 1st hour!

First Church Of Cannabis, Welcomes You

Gorgeous video flies you around Ceres

Bachelor Lindsey Graham promises a 'rotating first lady'

Mike Huckabee is now the nation’s top advocate for child molestation.

Rep Annie Kuster Announces Her Position On Proposed Fast Track Legislation In The House

New Power Puff Girls series on CN!

Rep Annie Kuster Announces Her Position On Proposed Fast Track Legislation In The House

Governor O'Malley Returns to NH

Rep Annie Kuster Announces Her Position On Proposed Fast Track Legislation In The House

How light is noon on Pluto?

Got a Galaxy S4...upgrade or not?

A Vertical Walkway in Mexico Becomes a Leisurely Public Space

The real scandal with Dennis Hastert

Indian Killers: Police Violence Against Native People

Judge convicts NY detective in bloody road rage chase

Supreme Court Fails Victims Again

When even fellow Fundys say your writing is satire or simply stupid...

New dinosaur nicknamed Hellboy

Pro and Con protests in Ecuador

Colorado gets its first camp resort for pot users

Crashing comets may explain lunar swirls

How to Destroy America's Next Generation

Hillary Clinton had a distinct advantage with prominent members of the Democratic Party in 2008.

Jeb Bush: Let’s Get Rid Of Unwed Whores By Making Fun Of Them In Public

Confidential USTR Emails Show Close Industry Involvement In TPP Negotiations

Head transplants: science or science fiction?

We Need A Mass Political Movement, 6-9-15

The NRA wants the "right" to sell guns to felons...

Pat Robertson: tell bereaved mother her child could have been the next Hitler

Walmart Fight Between Two Moms And Child in Shampoo Aisle

Only One Person Showed Up to a Rick Santorum Rally

Now I want an Apple Watch

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Slashes Food Stamp Benefits

Greece submits new reform plan to IMF and EU

Former GOP Senator Trashes Party’s Presidential Field: ‘Scares Me To Death,’ ‘#NotReadyForPrimetime’

Teen whom McKinney officer pulled gun on questions why he was arrested

Like I said, they don't even bother hiding their racism anymore.

What’s Happening To Players At The Women’s World Cup, Where The Artificial Turf Is 120 Degrees

O'Malley setting the ground work in Iowa

In a better world, "crusading" candidates would have to live on the receiving end of their crusades.

Good article on O'Malley's appearances in Iowa

Martian glass: Window into possible past life

CNN Doesn’t Know Where New York Is

Democrats Finally Stepping Up For Voters

Pat Robertson to grieving mom: “Your dead baby could have been Hitler”

Exoplanets: Atmospheric signs of volcanic activity could aid search for life

"Lincoln Chafee's Metric-Themed Campaign Ad" from Conan O'Brien

Chimpanzees may know when they are right and move to prove it

Advocates Warn of Political Consequences if Police Accountability Fails

Freakity Freakish Freakout

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 9, 2015

FIFA biopic movie flop costs $22 million

Apart from the abusive little boy diddling, where did he get all the millions he paid out?

The Hill: Fast talk from the fast-track salesmen

How cheap is Hillary Clinton’s campaign? This cheap.

LaCie 1T usb 3.0 portable external hard drive

Aren't tater tots just another version of french fries?

Bernie Sanders to Address Latino Politician Group NALEO

Take a breath. Relax. You know it's a nice day...

Crows count on 'number neurons'

What Tamir Rice and McKinney, TX have taught us.

Bernie Sanders, the president we need

What rabbits can tell us about Neanderthal extinction

Bernie Sanders, the president we need (video)

Questions regarding wifi and wired connection.

Federal judge orders last 'Angola Three' inmate released

Heard on an NPR show this afternoon re a discussion of how the supremes could rule on Obamacare

Giant deer were still present in Southern Germany after Ice Age

Hillary for America! Organizing All 50 States!

Bill would ban union leave time in public contracts


The Part of the Dennis Hastert Scandal That No One’s Paying Attention To


St. Louis SWAT Team Raids Home And Kills Family’s Dog–Their Crime: An Unpaid Utility Bill


Cpl. Eric Casebolt has resigned from the McKinney Police Department.

Pups 6 weeks old

Bird bath, worth the watch

I don't think Bernie is in a good position to make demands of the DNC when it comes to the debates

X-posting from LBN: Type-1 Diabetes Vaccine Approved for Human Trials

Any arrest or suspensions yet from the McKinney Pool Party

McKinney officer resigns from the force

Scientists gain first glimpse of new concepts developing in the brain

In 180 Seconds You Will Be Voting For Bernie Sanders

Important Message from Republicans for Planned Parenthood

Spotted owl numbers not only down but also at faster rate

After months of anticipation-D.C.'s first cat cafe

Major TTIP vote at European Parliament postponed due to 'political divisions'

Court upholds Texas abortion law that could leave state with only seven clinics

Turkey elections: A coalition looks likely but what kind of coalition, how will affect war in Syria?

Given a choice between Bernie Sanders and someone who acts like Bernie Sanders

Court upholds key parts of Texas' strict anti-abortion law

Sweet NYC kitty needs new home and someone to love.

A Brief History of Law, the Enforcement of Law, and African Americans

Idiot foxheads: "You don't know what it was like on the scene." Instant and total defense of cops.

How Bernie Sanders Can Kill the 1 Percent's TPP Trade Deal

Hispanics Would be Out of Their Minds to Vote Republican

Scott Walker Proves How Anti-Woman He Is

Republican pledges $175 million to push party on climate

Rhode Island judge approves settlement on pension overhaul

Adversaries of Ferguson mayor fail to gather enough signatures to trigger recall

Joeybee can't see this. Too bad. So sad.

Walmart Raised Wages In April. It’s Already Seeing The Benefits.

But he can see this. Too bad, so sad, El.

Who is the fat white man in the pool party raid?

Colombia's first steps of resistance against Monsanto's chemical war

Colombia's first steps of resistance against Monsanto's chemical war

Colombian anti-kidnap chief's daughter released

Right Wing Says It Will Respect Gay Marriage Ruling, Move On

From Ireland to Bolivia, there’s something in the water

From Ireland to Bolivia, there’s something in the water

Fresh installation of Windows 7 on an Acer laptop

CA voters, who is the Cannabis candidate for US Senate?

Applebee’s Is Trying To Limit Workers’ Ability to Sue the Company When Their Wages Are Stolen

"Call my momma! Oh God!" This is "mouthing off"? Only when a black girl does it.

Judge: Arkansas Must Recognize in-State Same-Sex Marriages

Disability Advocates Urge FDA To Ban Shock Devices

Rush is a Nazi

After boycott, Franklin Graham moves bank accounts from one LGBT-friendly bank to another one

With Respect To The Statute Of Limitations On Hastart's Sexual Misconduct I Have This Question......

After boycott, Franklin Graham moves bank accounts from one LGBT-friendly bank to another one

NBC Sports chairman asked NHL to ban playoff beards

Greece Bailout Talks - The Main Actors In a Modern Day Epic

Ukraine Is In Crisis. Here’s Why the West Can’t Save It

Lots of Cards leading on this latest All-Star poll:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 10 June 2015

6-9-15 Birth of a Fighter for Children, Women, and Workers in 2:00

6-9-15 Birth of a Fighter for Children, Women, and Workers in 2:00

Mayor Murray’s trip to Israel is not ‘pinkwashing’

6-9-15 Birth of a Fighter for Children, Women, and Workers in 2:00

Guardrail maker to pay $663M for not revealing design change

Tuck & Roll Cop...has anyone done a "Meme"

AAA: Extreme temps significantly degrade electric car ranges ("extreme" = 95 and 20 degrees)

The Progressive Contrarian: Lying scumbags and dipshits: Frustration has its limits

Obama Lawyers Asked Secret Court to Bypass Public Court’s Decision on NSA Spying

In Classic Clintonian Fashion, Dems Insult Their Own Voters

All WA representatives have Twitter handles except Cathy McMoRo

Tweety doesn't understand what a populist embarrassed...

Hah! Franklin Graham Moved His Money to a Bank that is Sponsoring...

My paternal granny loved that old phrase Show Me Your Friends and

JPMorgan Economist: Get Ready for the Economy to Produce Way Fewer Jobs in the Future

Philadelphia police shooting evidence contradicts narrative

Angola Three Prisoner Set to Be Released After Four Decades in Solitary Confinement

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Prosperity Gospel Is War on the Poor

TPP: Don Beyer (D-VA) Puts “Free Trade” Above National Sovereignty and Democracy

L.A. Police Commission faults officers in Ezell Ford shooting

Jackalope Wives, a story by Ursula Vernon

Black America is so very tired of explaining and debating

Read this hilarious email I got from hero-in-his-own-mind Ted Cruz!

Jeb Bush faces deep skepticism in Berlin

It has nothing to do with race, really.

Ga. woman jailed on murder charge after taking abortion pill

How Utah Became A Bizarre, Blissful Epicenter For Get-Rich-Quick Schemes