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Archives: June 8, 2015

Guam lesbian couple to apply for marriage application

Dean Baker: The TPP Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight

Guam lesbian couple to apply for marriage application

Bernie Sanders: 'We're Going to Win New Hampshire'

A Televised Presidential Debate, About Science?

What happens when you tax the rich and raise the minimum wage? Meet one of USA's best economies

To Caitlyn Jenner -- by Suzanne Langlois

Teen completes 57-mile walk carrying brother on back

Every Serena Williams win comes with a side of disgusting racism and sexism

Trade supporters bullish as vote nears

Northern Irish town overrun by rats

PSA: Be sure to check the forum or group before you post.

Jury Acquits Ex-BP Exec Of Lying In Oil Spill

Pittsburgh Labor Board finds in favor of Duquesne Adjuncts

Bikers rally outside Waco courthouse to protest handling of Twin Peaks shooting

Koterba toon: Every 17 years, Brood IV periodical cicadas emerge from the ground to mate

Fiddling while the world burns.......

It would be nice to hear it straight for once. Stopping climate change means giving up on growth.

Chipotle is Going to Offer Sick Days, Paid Vacation to Hourly Workers

Turkey election 2015: ruling party loses majority as pro-Kurdish HDP gains

Left Forum 2015, Toward a Mass Left Party

Kalief Browder, Jailed At Rikers For Three Years Without Conviction, Dies Of An Apparent Suicide

Chris Hedges "Wages of Rebellion"

Kama Sutra - GRAPHIC

Black Union soldier buried in Nevada finally honored

U.S. air traffic control system to mimic Canada's system, A4A says

G7 leaders urge tough line on Russia at Alpine summit

Ted Cruz Requires Background Check Before Letting Supporters Shoot With Him

DNC Member calls Bernie "Crazy" - Wow. Apologize now.

New Zealand

Clinton Labor secretary: Bill Clinton should stop paid speeches

Energy Dept. Fines Two Nuclear Weapons Labs for Misplacing Classified Materials and Publically Shari

Bernie is Jewish. Please don't minimize his minority status by calling him "another white person"

History Has Been Made. Female Genital Mutilation Banned In Nigeria.

Is anybody thinking maybe the neighbors in McKinney are racist

Anyone else totally crazy?

Young man and his Fedora.

Medical Cannabis

Lawsuit Forces Govt To Disclose Extent Of Offshore Fracking In Gulf of Mexico

Cruz May Require Background Check Before Letting Supporter Shoot With Him

Pipeline firm told California oil spill 'extremely unlikely'

Christian (mormon) sharia law

Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan

I want to thank the defenders of misogyny

Ok, let's say Bernie wins the nomination. Who's going to be the VP?

9/11 Free Fall 5/21/15: Chris Sarns debunks NIST's thermal expansion theory

Follow-up: Irving man who raped teen, left baby in toilet gets 50 years

Friends set up gofundme page for woman hit by bat at Fenway

Smoke shop clerk shoots, kills masked robber (Texas)

Argentina Introduces New Job Opportunity for GOP Presidential Candidates

Anyone else super-hyped for Jurassic World?

Netanyahu: Friends can disagree with each other

Nader: Hillary Tried to ‘Overcompensate’ for Gender with ‘Shocking’ Militarism

Senator Margaret Chase Smith 1964 announcement to seek Republican presidential nomination

Spain ex-premier arrives in Caracas to help jailed leaders

'Paradise for $20': hardy tourists enjoy Venezuela cash bonanza

Malloy Makes It Official: His Choice Is Hillary

Is Lebron plus 4 random guys all that is needed for Lebron to win a finals game?

Joni Ernst Keeps VP Door Open

Knicks fans rejoice

Ex-Official Says Chris Christie Broke Grand Jury Law

Fly, Drogon. Fly...

England - Rep. of Ireland: friendly ends in 0-0 draw

Texas cop who invaded pool party had the video on Youtube...

Report: Police shoot tear gas to disperse concert crowd

How many women here are Bernie supporters?

Elizabeth Warren's "Most Watched" Video Is Absolutely Fantastic. She is Mad as Hell & Rightly So!

Duggar Statements You Just Won't Believe

"Malloy Makes It Official: His Choice Is Hillary" Posted in Hill's Room

It's Ok What Hastert Did Because He Is A Republican. Fox Says So.

Hi Wisconsinites, what's the best road trip to get to Custer, Wisc? From Milwaukee, or Minneapolis?

conservative banksters suing Obama admin for billions for not giving them enough in 2008

Wisconsin straw poll surprise: A narrow Clinton win


it's been three years since the high park fire (pics from the poudre canyon)

China demands workers sent to Israel not be placed in West Bank settlements

Texas City At Center Of Pool Party Video Controversy, Was Sued Over Housing Discrimination

HRC GROUP: Regarding the power of words to harm

Amnesty International comes out for Snowden: mass surveillance "a violation of human rights".

Neighbors defend Texas cop who assaulted a girl and aimed his gun at a children’s pool party

Be sure to watch this video of an interview of a person who has read the leaked portions of the

Florida Church Opposes Gay Scout Leaders, Equates Them To Pedophiles

Japan economy gains speed, grows at 3.9 pct pace in Jan-Mar

Kalief Browder, 1993–2015: A boy was accused of taking a backpack. The courts took the next three

Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported the Creation of ISIS

India, Bangladesh end border dispute, sign trade deal

Daily Holidays - June 8

The Future of a Failed State

US Special Forces Are Operating in More Countries Than You Can Imagine

Economic Justice

Dude, Where's My Humvee? Iraq Losing Equipment to Islamic State at Staggering Rate

Never Mind!

Cut it out, the corrupt GOP are the opponents. Act more like Bernie.

Mike Malloy - Louie Gohmert Goes Crazy On The House Floor

Hillary Clinton supports the Death Penalty. O'Malley and Sanders

Mike Malloy - Pamela Geller Targeted For Beheading

Google to release monthly data on self-driving car accidents

Mike Malloy - Rick Perry To Run For President In 2016...Again

Mexico’s governing party retains power after mid-term election

'No Human Considered Illegal' Under New Ecuadorean Migrant Law

Serena Williams and a Pool Party

More than half of all Americans over 55 have no retirement savings at all

Obamacare Enrollees Anxiously Await Supreme Court Decision That Threatens Their Coverage

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton sold out Honduras: Lanny Davis, corporate cash, and the real story about

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton sold out Honduras: Lanny Davis, corporate cash, and the real story about

2 day care workers arrested in death of girl left in hot car

The Case of South African Apartheid: A Failure of Christian Ethics

Marines could deploy to Havana following diplomatic thaw

Escaped killers remain on the loose

Loser for Liberty

SWAT-team raids and trashes home, kills dog, for not paying utility bill

Game of Thrones: Episode 9 Dance of Dragons....***Speculation Spoilers below.

Liberals Make Big Comeback in 2015, Poll Analysis Finds

Top CA Oil & Gas Regulator Resigns Amid Questions About Aquifer Contamination

US soldier who murdered 16 Afghan villagers says he was 'consumed by war'

Monday Toon Roundup

About that young lady the cop brutally attacked over the pool party....

POLL: Meme of the Week – June 8th

What do you think of the Two-Party system ?

Sanders pulls within 8 points of Clinton in Wisconsin

Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan

Hillary beats out Bernie in Wisconsin and Bernie people are jumping for joy!

In Raleigh, Donald Trump all but announces Presidential bid

Russia's Ukrainian Retreat


UN Briefing - Religious Discrimination In Ireland

See you in the funny papers-Internet man edition

OMG! It it hotter then Hades

Who is the biggest contributor to the ISIS cause ??

Should Britnnney Griner have to pay child support upon her annulment?

Bernie Sanders visits Keene for first time as presidential candidate

Classic typewriter fonts in TTF free for your use

5 Lies the Florida Democratic Party Needs to Stop Telling

Unimportant question re: du links

Santa Barbara Pipeline Owner Ordered To Close Second, Similary Corroded Pipeline

Cheney: I don't know what makes Obama tick

Say Goodbye - Studies Project Fewer Than 47 Maui's Dolphins Left; 10-12 Breeding Females

GOP To Announce Who’s Not Running For President In Effort To Make Things Easier

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: FIFA Challenge - Bud light Lime, Adidas, McDonalds

Obama team poised to expand overtime pay

CBS' Dickerson Lets Christie Pretend Voter Fraud Is Rampant In New Jersey

“Fighting the Derp” Prof. Krugman says beware those telling you what you want to hear.

The TPP, corporate backers, & revolving door at the USTR

Cop pulls pistol on 14 yr old at the Texas Pool Party

Happy Birthday TexasTowelie

Experts worry that 'phony numbers' are misleading investors

Ahead of Women's World Cup, new details emerge about Hope Solo's domestic violence arrest

United Steelworkers hopeful with union, Century to resume talks to end Hawesville lockout

Decision on Lake Huron nuclear waste facility delayed until after election

Amerikkka Goddam

Islamic State closes in on Libya’s oil crescent

Fifa film United Passions scores just $607 in US opening weekend

June 8, 2015 - Pataki, Rubio, Bush Top Gop Pack In New York, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds


"Hector and the search for happiness". Great movie!

A Delightful Children’s Book About Hell

Black Resident Of Craig Ranch Will Discuss Pool Incident On His Radio Show

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 8 June 2015

Come to Australia!

Drug Decriminalization in Portugal 14 Years Later

Chris Hedges: "A lone soldier..who rises up inside the system..unmasks the military for what it is"

Just heard on MSNBC

A board etiquette request

Allegation: Ex-MBN agent admits to forging documents

Shit hits more than the fan-Fecal matter found on more than 60% of toothbrushes in shared bathrooms

Soldier who killed 16 Afghans says he was 'consumed by war'

GOP candidates try, fail to respond to Clinton on voting rights

A Crisis at the Edge of Physics


Martin O'Malley: Keeping Marylanders Healthy

Martin O'Malley: Keeping Marylanders Healthy

EU says no Iran deal without reckoning of nuclear activity

Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Washington's Great Game and Why It's Failing

‘I could have died, too’ says driver hit by ‘shamed’ girl who jumped from bridge

Some Morning flower photos

God Hates Pigeon Genitals

John Oliver Rips America's Bail Bonds Industry

Will the TPP Kill the Post Office?

To all of those Hillary supporters that I think are wrong!

Owner of house blown apart by SWAT says: 'This is an abomination. This is an atrocity'

At least Republicans are straightforward about their corporate stripes


3 destructive things you learned in school without realizing it

the hills are alive.....

In New Orleans, major school district closes traditional public schools for good

Sen. Charles Schumer wants to block sale of instant booze, "Palcohol"

Latest FARC attack leaves Colombia town without water

Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages exhibit goes dark

Medical Marijuana Growers in Washington Face Prison

TPP - trade pact pushback | Scty Def & State for TPP | Rebut to tariff argument

Bernie Tells Jeb Bush to Pound Sand

CNN: Stray dog saves abandoned human newborn baby!

Besides making Michael Chertoff rich, what HAS DHS accomplished?

Justices to review Tyson Foods appeal over class-action suit

Supreme Court strikes down law in Jerusalem passport case

Will TPP force privatization of SOEs?

a metaphor for our collapsing infrastructure

Supreme Court refuses to take up challenge to San Francisco gun law

Prehistoric gold trade route discovered

Venezuela makes new claim to Guyana’s territorial waters, potential oil block

I wonder how many more great works have been created while drunk and/or stoned...

Ex-Prisoner Jailed without Charge at Rikers for 3 Years Commits Suicide

WH close to announce overtime rule, boosting pay. Politico:

Why gorgeous, oil-rich Venezuela is struggling to survive

My posts about Chronic Pain are not a call for sympathy, this blog says more Than I ever could

Many states still suffering budget shortfalls. NYT:

Guns On Campus Bill Passes In Texas, But Gun Activists Are Not Happy

White House advocates Medicaid expansion in Nebraska; Ricketts calls move too costly

5 ways Republicans make it harder to vote and easier to buy elections

Gun session misfires (Nevada)

Reporting Vietnam: Napalm Girl

Iowa official says bird flu cases appear to be slowing

Behind Walker, a long alliance against unions

OMG!!! I can't believe it - MORE BIRDIES!!!! UPDATE: NEW PHOTOS, 6/18/15!!!

US stocks open slightly lower, extending recent decline

Which GOP governor can make best economic case in '16?

NRA version of 2nd Amendment lacks common sense

Scott Walker Is Clueless About His Jails

Legal opinions say Alaska lawmakers’ effort to stop Medicaid expansion likely unconstitutional

Remember in McKinney Tx that Probable Cause of a crime or

The Vultures of Desperation (Paul Jay asks why did Rodney Todd and his seven children die? )

Ex-SC officer indicted for murder in shooting of black man

McKinny TX police info for pool party...

Anti War Activist Confronts Tom Cotton

Supreme Court strikes down ‘born in Israel’ passport law

Nuclear Inspectors Will Need Access to Iran for Years, Says Head of IAEA

The racial history of American swimming pools

These Are the 13 Cities Where Millennials Can't Afford a Home

McKinney, Texas, and the Racial History of American Swimming Pools

American Pharoah ran the fastest final quarter in Belmont history....

G7 leaders agree to phase out fossil fuel use by end of century

A nervous Hamas takes on jihadi threat

IAEA studies Syrian request to switch to lower grade nuclear fuel

Eric Casebolt: Mckinney TX Police Officer at Pool Party: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Fifa film United Passions scores just $607 in US opening weekend

Martin O'Malley supports a $15.00 minimum wage.

By the Numbers: How Much Does Inequality Cost You?

"$46K to design a state logo I could've made on MS Paint by accident."

Nuclear is not a cheap energy: Think tank

Aging MDS prompt call for competency tests at AMA meeting

World Ocean Day: photos; tide info; rip tide danger; oceans' oxygen contribution

Witnessing nuclear diplomacy fail while documenting the life of a hibakusha.

A Cold Hard Fact: This country is largely under Republican control

Blood For Water: Fighting for the Rainy Season in Mexico

The Atheist and the Nun

Pic Of The Moment: Still Getting Things Done (Without Congress)

Word Wars

“free trade” means one thing only: the ability to invest freely without governmental constraint

Atlanta airport lounges (cartoon)

Trevor Aaronson: How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists

The Onion Looks Back At ‘The Goonies’

Liberal groups call for more Democratic presidential debates

In support of a $15 minimum wage

Ruling leaves massive debt for next Argentina government

Martin O'Malley: It's simple: I support a $15 minimum wage for hard-working Americans. Full stop.

Lapavitsas: It is time for Plan B

If Contractors Designed Your Home or Remodel...

The WI straw poll results shows how much stronger Clinton is than eight years ago

Man beaten up at Little Caesars after calling woman overweight

Poll: Sestak Leads Toomey in RMU Poll, But Undecided Exceeds Both

Forget April showers, this May was wettest in US records

30 days of the ocean - underwater critters |Discovery

Jerry Seinfeld Says...College Kids Don't Understand Racism Or Sexism

Who will be joining me for Saturday's kickoff rally for Hillary Clinton?

Rock hall of fame: 7 massive monoliths

Today's Google Doodle: Women's World Cup Soccer

Beautiful trees

My first post here. I come as a friend.'s latest poll-tracking model for the Democratic Primary....

Barbara Bush: My boy, I think he's brilliant

Suicide rate of female military veterans is called 'staggering'

M1 Rail names American contractor for six Detroit streetcars

The Pool Party, a different take.

Texas Racists Spray Paint ‘No N*ggers’ On Church Van, Poison Black Family’s Puppy

Update from April on the 13 keys to the White House for 2016 things are not a shure bet for the dems

The Harris County Clerk's Office Won't Be Ready For Gay Marriage in Texas

Youthful Tendency Disorder Afflicts as Many as 20 Million American Children

Slager indicted for murder

"Islam and the Necessity of Liberal Critique"

14 Years After Portugal Decriminalized All Drugs, All Signs Say The Policy Is A Success

Ark. lawmaker has Facebook freakout over Sunday pride parade: It ‘intimidates people who believe God

Heartache for Japan's real-life 40-year-old virgins

A glimpse behind the curtain of how Koch-funded corporate front groups manipulate the news you read

A federal court strikes down Idaho’s abortion laws.

I found a link for this earlier post;

For those of you concerned about Pool Party, call them.

Billy Graham’s Church Pulls Out Of Wells Fargo Bank Over LGBT Commercial

Scandals Only Make the Clintons Stronger

We are well down the road of privatisation. TISA has the potential to massively expand it.

Florida Republicans May Have Signed Death Warrants For Almost A Million Of The State’s Working Poor

Women's World Cup: Germany 10 - Ivory Coast 0

For the anti-welfare folks.

21 Jokes That Are So Stupid, They're Actually Funny

Hillary Clinton throws support behind fast-food workers in surprise call

Baltimore Man Who Filmed Freddie Gray Arrest Now Charged With ‘Inciting a Riot’

I just saw the video of the cops breaking up the pool party in Texas. What a fascinating video.

21st Century Dems:The votes are in

For AP, Being Shot by a Cop Makes You a Suspect

Walker Doesn't Want To Discuss His Job Creation Failure

Philomena Lee to get the red carpet treatment in Limerick

Tenn. Christian School Board Candidate Arrested For Trying To Have His Wife Murdered

Bernie Sanders: 68% of Americans favor raising taxes on the rich...

In discussing U.S. overdose deaths, Clinton downplays personal ties

We don't usually get good press here in Arizona.

Teen in McKinney PD video speaks out

This ain't right!

Joe Montana: Deflate-gate 'no big deal,' his 49ers used illegal silicone

Why America Might be Stuck With More Unhappy Part-Timers

Bernie Sanders Exposes Koch Brothers & Thier Minions!!!!

How NOT to Behave in 15 Countries

Admiral: Corrosion Damage on F/A-18 Hornets ‘Caught Us by Surprise’

from Vice President Biden:

Norway Commits to NATO Missile Defense System

Why you should care that Robert Prechter is warning of a ‘sharp collapse’ in stocks

Manipulation Under Anesthesia for shoulder? Anybody ever had one?

Franklin Graham urges boycott of gay-friendly companies


Confidential USTR Emails Show Close Industry Involvement In TPP Negotiations

Just a reminder that is group is for offering prayers.

Is there any way to equate annual fossil fuel usage to a temporal measurement?

What Makes a Woman?

Fast Track Will Also Apply to TISA, the "Scariest Trade Deal Nobody's Talking About"

Sooo in 2015 a group of Black, Brown & Beige people were kicked out of a pool ...

What Surprises Me Most About Repug Politicians - State & Fed - Congressmen, Senators & Governors...

Calls mount to fire Texas officer who threw youth to ground

Writer bullshits four "psychics," all four just make excuses.

Ann Coulter shows how racist she really is...

CNN Is Already Making Excuses For The Cop In McKinney, Tx.......

reposted from V&M: Bernie Sanders Exposes Koch Brothers & Thier Minions!!!!

Flipping the Script: Rethinking Working-Class Resistance

How many women here will not vote for Sanders if he is the candidate?

New tech money is destroying the streets of San Francisco

Hillary Clinton to hold fundraiser June 20 in San Francisco

I Phone 5 virus alert

Bernie Sanders in Iowa this week

40 Reasons Our Jails and Prisons Are Full of Black and Poor People

No, O'Malley, the Clintons Are Not a Dynasty -- and It's Sexist To Keep Saying So-HRC Room

Forget the G7 summit – Bilderberg is where the big guns go

That "entitled, out of touch, socialist, college liberals" meme: I recognize it.

Looks like CC has been doing some house cleaning.

I think most people will shift away from supporting Hillary Clinton

This Is How Much Corporations Care About Your Life

Gov. Peter Shumlin will not seek re-election

How A Right-Wing Political Machine Is Dismantling Higher Education in North Carolina

History of community radio in Little Rock Arkansas 88.3

Pakistani cleric 'claims women who wear jeans cause earthquakes and terrorism'

They don't even hide their racism anymore.

Open Carry advocate shows us the stereotype is still valid...

Graiglist crooks

David Koch's Pool Boy Disses Bernie Sanders

Brian Williams will likely lose his anchor chair

Bratton dismisses criticism of stop-frisk restrictions

Racist comments prompted McKinney pool party fight, host says

Mark-Viverito: ‘Our system’ led to Browder suicide

Amendment XYZ: Well-nourished children being essential for the productivity

Good GAWD, the Rapture Index has crept up to 181!

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin Won't Seek Re-Election in 2016

Franklin Graham pulls bank accounts from Wells Fargo over LGBT ad campaign

WATCH: Police Release Video of Terror Suspect's Shooting

Top 10 Anti-Religion Moments From TV

Dying for a drink: Western drought killing off endangered wildlife

Hillary shocker: Who needs Elizabeth Warren? Clinton unleashes inner liberal, media freaks out HROOM

California drought speeds decline of beloved Joshua trees

Omaha police officer continues road to recovery nearly 2 decades after incident(former co-worker OS)

Krugman: Fighting The Derp

All is not as it was for Jews in America

MP attacks 8 year old trans girl for competing in cross country race

American shakedown: Police won't charge you, but they'll grab your money

Fast Track Will Also Apply to TISA, the "Scariest Trade Deal Nobody's Talking About"

Debt Bondage- "Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil

Cop Speeds at 113 Miles to “Issue Ticket,” Rams Into 69-Yr-Old Woman and Kills Her

Perhaps the most important, overheard political conversation ever:

A 14-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Was Buried Alive By Her Boyfriend And The Reaction Was Unimaginable

Kansas Senator Asks Chaplain for Exorcism To Remove ALEC

“It’s easy to confuse 'what is' with 'what ought to be', especially when ‘what is’ has worked out...

Revealed Emails Show How Industry Lobbyists Basically Wrote The TPP

Brown in Portlandia

Why is Barack Obama drinking beer at 11am?

5 dead in murder-suicide at family cabin outside Deer Lodge

US to import egg products from Netherlands to ease shortage

to be a fly..........

Five Countries With the Best Public Transportation Systems

Google Lawyer To Evict Disabled Tenant

Best Cast iron pan tutorial I have seen yet.

Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ law is already hilariously backfiring

Walker aims high, delivers low

Man pleads guilty to conspiracy for taping senator's wife

'Library of the Year' honors for Ferguson

My radio interview about assisted suicide is up!

Rick Santorum Picks a Fight with The Pope

Venezuela PSUV pre-candidate for parl. elections: "We should plant acetaminophen trees"

Five Countries With the Best Public Transportation Systems (xpost from GD)

An all-Royal All-Star team?

Do you use cast iron pans? See my post in the EBay, collectors group.

MSNBC: "Bernie Sanders is beginning to feel the Bern"

For AP, Being Shot by a Cop Makes You a Suspect

Obama Sidelines Kerry on Ukraine Policy

So I think it was MSNBC that just said something about Hillary and Bernie are separated by only a

Debt Bondage- Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the

"Magna Carta for the Earth" proposed in open letter from Prince Charles

Ex-Intel Officials: Pentagon Report Proves US Complicity in ISIS

I'm going to stay here in the Lounge for awhile.

Maybe we could start a political party focused on race issues

Local TV reporter creates firestorm on facebook after mocking a panhandler

Belligerent, Heavily-Armed White Guys Pick Fight With Cops, Guess What Happens Next? (VIDEO)

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 8, 2015

Soldiers Expel Palestinians from Pool in Area A to Enable Settlers to Bathe Undisturbed

Shocking Statistics on Financial Burden in America

Don't let Joeybee read this! 'Patriots release Spikes after his car found abandoned'

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin ranks dead last in business start-up activity

Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ law is already hilariously backfiring. Meet the Church of Cannabis.

And The Crowd Went Wild

Some Levity from George Takei

Open Carry Nuts Want Us To Look Like Middle East. Rocket Propelled Grenades Anyone?

WikiLeaks Strikes Again: Leaked TISA Docs Expose ...

"we need to fix the banking system, not Greece, and let Greece fix itself." --In a nutshell & YES

Carpenters union bows to higher power: the Pope

Looking for McGyver

Abortion rights leader’s pregnancy surprises opponents: ‘Is that real?’

Which manager will be fired next?

Looking for McGyver (Cross Post)

Bernie Sanders talks to CNN about plan to eliminate public college tuition

The President Meets with the Prime Minister of Iraq

Bernie Sanders talks to CNN about plan to eliminate public college tuition (2015 May)

Donald Rumsfeld: George W. Bush was wrong about Iraq

Weekly Address: Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month

George W. Bush Reportedly Charged $100K to Speak at Homeless Shelter Fundraiser

Rumsfeld breaks with Bush on Iraq

This Is What It Looks Like When Men Are Allowed To Take 480 Days Of Paternity Leave

BOG post of Weekly Address: Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month

9 senseless social panics that did lasting damage to America

Meet 5 GOP chickenhawks who want to send troops abroad — but never served in the military

History Made in Mexican Elections: An Independent Likely Wins a Governorship

Elizabeth Warren Is Angry As Hell…And YOU Should Be Too

Elimination Of Tax Funding For (WI) State Parks Approved By Budget Committee

CNN's 'Courageous' Advertorial Mill

The New York Times-Tapping Your Inner Wolf

Looking for McGyver (cross post)

Mike Rowe's comments about work ethic

US stocks end lower, pushing Dow into the red for the year

Music in the forest.

Mike Huckabee Movie Telemarketing Lawsuit Revived By Appeals Court.

Most people do not understand why a lot of people in Arkansas do not like HRC

Not to be forgotten

Alaska fire crews battling 2 large tundra wildfires

Interesting Supreme Court action today

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Airline Crew Surprises Couple With Impromptu Wedding Ceremony

Tornado and severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire area,

Tornado and severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire DC area,

FOX covers G7

Tornado and severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire DC area,

Six Poor Reasons for Rejecting the Miraculous

Former McKinney officer says the officers targeted blacks while not confronting any of the whites

Patriots release LB Brandon Spikes after his car found abandoned

How many former "Discussionists" now post on DU??

What happens when you tax the rich and raise the minimum wage? Meet one of USA's best economies

"Why I Oppose the Death Penalty," by Martin O'Malley (Washington Post: February 21, 2007)

Hillary Clinton Heading To D.C. For LGBT Fundraiser

June declared as "Immigration Month"is pretty special to me. Proof here:

These states’ prisons are so full that they have to ship inmates thousands of miles away

Eric Casebolt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, including Racial Bias lawsuit (pool party cop)

Ann Coulter: "Get used to your little girls being raped" due to immigration

Supreme Canonicity of the United States->Scalia: Humans have 'been around f/ at least some 5,000 yrs

The Latest on pool incident: Officer took diversity training

U.S. News & World Report op-ed: The 'I Don't Wanna' Caucus

Varoufakis' Tribute to John Nash, Ideal Money

Aussie man steals bulldozer and goes on rampage destroying 4 cars and a house

Friday, I'm going to meet the vascular surgeon

Mother Jones: Dennis Hastert May Have Chosen the Absolute Worst Way to Buy Someone's Silence

No amount of lipstick will help.

Man pleads guilty to plotting suicide bomb attack on Kansas airport

Victoria Siegel Dies: Daughter Of ‘Queen Of Versailles’ Stars Was 18

U.S. base shipped live anthrax to 19 states plus D.C.: Pentagon

How A Right-Wing Political Machine Is Dismantling Higher Education in North Carolina

Texas Governor Greg Abbott: No Special Session To Pass Anti-Gay Marriage Legislation

“In praise of the science” — Too much politics in our federal agencies | Latest study explained

Just a Reminder that the Gov of the "One of the USA's Best Economies" Supports Hillary4President!

Elizabeth Warren: It Has to Stop! Predatory Fin. Practices & Economic Injustice

If you are in need of a smile today...

U.N. keeps Israel, Hamas off children's rights blacklist; raps Israel army

Obama lambasts Putin: you're wrecking Russia to recreate Soviet empire

Ford agrees to invest $3.1B to get max Michigan tax credits

Eritrea human rights abuses may be crimes against humanity, says UN

Tweety putting his all into his repub candidates in Iowa. He just loves talking about each of them

What Media Left Out Of EPA Fracking Stories: "Insufficient" Data, Lack Of "Any Certainty"

Ronnie Gilbert, 1926-2015.

Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian appears in second hearing in Tehran

PubCitizenBlog: Google lobby & transparency; Warren wants auto loans under CFPB; SEC; Privacy

Transgender teen's rights violated in Connecticut prison transfer, court rules

Another day, another preventable death of someone under 40.

Judge unseals letters of support for former CIA head David Petraeus