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Archives: June 7, 2015

Scott Walker's State jobs agency has written off $7.6 million in loans

Registered Nurses Step Up Campaign to Stop Fast Track With New Radio Ads

DUers who missed the Biden funeral

If I believed that democracy were in its death throes,

This could almost be a theme song for Bernie's campaign.

The "photographer" responsible for the mustard-yellow fried chicken with red lesions strikes again

A few pics from Anchorage's Pride parade today.

I've posted some pics of our Pride parade in GD

The worst bullies are those religions that preach eternal damnation

Toon- The 2016 Campaign Carnival

What Makes a Woman?

Magazine: Meet Israel's boycotters

The reclamation

Will Sanders Introduce A New Voter Registration Bill In Congress This Year?

Jennifer Lopez sued for 'sexy' Mawazine Festival performance in Morocco

I've posted some pics of Anchorage's Pride parade in GD

Bobby Jindal signs bill letting employers drug test hair, expanding detection window to 90 days

ISIS "moron" posts selfie of himself in front of HQ, HQ gets bombed.

Tanned, Exquisitely Coiffed Bernie Sanders Tells Supporters Corporation Actually Have A Lot To Offer

New law lets you buy fireworks 10 days earlier in Louisiana, in time for Juneteenth

Silent thread for all the horses who die forgotten on the track

Red River in Shreveport still projected to crest Sunday at 36.5 feet

Baton Rouge child found dead in day care vehicle; owner recently lost license to care for children

Evacuation urged for McCool Junction residents; west fork of Big Blue expected to crest tonight

If you love dogs and OK Go...

Can anyone help with a caption?

3 gifs for your amusemen & a cat

what a perfect evening

So, should we read and heed this topic? Crulity in horse racing??

Koterba toon: John Kerry

Good News: Early Sex Kills Religious Involvement

The Secret History of SEAL Team 6: Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines

Religion In The Comics - 029

Our tornadoes

Barcelona Defeats Juventus in Champions League Final

George Soros Bankrolls Democrats’ Fight in Voting Rights Cases

6-6-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1988 in 2:00

6-6-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1988 in 2:00 nt

6-6-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1988 in 2:00

Thanks Obama

Where the freaking FSM is our pastafarian forum?

5th person dies of MERS in South Korea

North Dakota Caller Wants Deer Crossing Signs Moved To Safer Locations.

Dennis Hastert Hid His Skeletons As He Helped Push GOP's Anti-Gay Agenda

Helwan euthanized after breakdown at Belmont Park

Will Huckabee and Palin be defending this family next?

1978.......holy cow.....look what happened on every day of the year!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill Duggar Reveals Parents Put ‘Locks On The Doors’ To Protect Girls From Molester Son

Laura Hillenbrand's take on American Pharoah....

Foreign aid scandal: UK money is 'STILL going to convicted Palestinian terrorists'

Rep. Rice, switching sides, backs trade deal opposed by labor unions

Bernie Sanders isn’t a “crackpot” — and the progressive agenda isn’t “left-wing”

Kansas averts furloughs for thousands of state employees

Alternative cannabis ingestion route

I gave it my best shot.

gratuitous kitteh pic - being friends took two takes

EU's Juncker snubs Greek PM after 'absurd' debt deal rebuff

Timing Is Everything

A question on Domestic violence

Florida charter school shuts down during school day. No buses to get kids home.

"i love you"

Wisconsin Dem. Convention straw poll: Clinton 49%, Sanders 40%, Biden 3%, O'Malley 3%

Hypothetical stuff

Dammit, this is amazing!

Two more FL charter schools go belly up, one during school day with kids there.

Syrian women pull off their burkas to show they are free from ISIS

Bernie Sanders Draws Crowds With Matter-of-Fact Message

You go, grrrrl!

Megyn Kelly Asks Duggar Girls: Show Us On The Doll Where The Liberal Media Touched You

Larry Wilmore Invites On Gay Valedictorian Evan Young to Give His Banned Graduation Speech: VIDEO

The 50 Years with Peter, Paul and Mary on PBS now is so bittersweet

My Babe

Sam Harris and Cenk Uygur Clear the Air on Religious Violence and Islam

For those of you, who tried to


Canada 1- China 0: Women's World Cup underway

Here's to nurses everywhere!

Democracy: Wassup with that?

Tyler, Texas Bans PFLAG Display From Library

What do you remember most about the 70's?

I got married today! :-)

Stephen Rankin- Military trained (police) officer who killed two unarmed men..(Portsmouth VA)

its all that viagra testing on marsupials

Alternative lifestyles...Which would you choose?

Alicia Stallings takes on the men for Oxford poetry chair

Is there an equivalent to home economics or shop in middle and high schools today?

This Is How America Will Remember Barack Obama

A baby blue heron is visual evidence that birds are just late model dinosaurs!

I just felt my house shake, very briefly, at almost 10 PM. Anyone else?

Ronnie Gilbert, Folk Singer for the Weavers, Dies at 88

Forget about that

In Memoriam for Systematic Chaos.

One of Humphrey Bogart's great film moments

Obama warns Israelis of settlement policy consequences

Let's be perfectly honest: He could never win the election.

Pee alert!

Netanyahu derails debate on boycott, occupation

I am now living in Melbourne,

Daily Holidays - June 7

I freaking DREAMED of smoking a cigarette last night

Sam Harris and Cenk Uygur Clear the Air on Religious Violence and Islam

Perhaps there ought to be an investigation of the Duggar's church

Florida Man Reportedly Dances On Police Car To Summon Help In Vampire Battle

Pew Research, May 27: "Free Trade Agreements Seen as Good for U.S."

Juan Cole: The Wrath of Netanyahu

US struggles for strategy to contain China’s island-building

Greece and Ukraine crises drown out G7 summit agenda

Mexico Mobilizes Army in Face of Election Protests

Free at Last — Shirley Joins the Elephant Sanctuary After Fifty Years in Captivity

Bee Alert

Liberal Group Sweeps To Win in World Zionist Vote

Real Time with Bill Maher: Christianity Under Attack? – June 5, 2015 (HBO)

EU Parliament President Warns Athens Of Dramatic Consequences If Talks Fail

Taliban Overrun Remote District in Northeastern Afghanistan

A Fossil Fuel Free World Is Possible

Portugal Decriminalized All Drugs in 2001. Now Almost No One Overdoses.

Anti-vaxxer's 6-year-old child in intensive care with first case of diphtheria in Spain since 1986

Sleepwalking to Another Mideast Disaster

Black Man Found Dead in Jail Restraining Chair Ruled Homicide

Israeli leader slams world for Gaza rocket attacks silence

Chile telescope project officially off the ground

The utility of religion from a theologically liberal Christian position...


Fifa corruption: Documents show details of Jack Warner 'bribes'

Yesturday I Had Two American Mormon Missionaries At My Door....

Should US Congress pass the TPA or fast track?

SEAL Team 6, the CIA and the secret history of U.S. kill missions in Afghanistan

Kaiser Permanente, workers reach labor agreement

Dreamland/ BENNIE K

A grandmother's 36-year hunt for the child stolen by the Argentinian junta

A grandmother's 36-year hunt for the child stolen by the Argentinian junta

Migrant family detention under new scrutiny after mother attempts suicide

Migrant family detention under new scrutiny after mother attempts suicide

These Primaries Are Just a Formality.

Rick Perry Still Fighting Indictment as Campaign Begins

The Optimus Prime of architecture: Bolivia’s crazily coloured buildings, and their miniatures – in p

Ecuador gets OPEC's support in dispute with Chevron

Just When Christie Thinks He's Outta Bridgegate, It Pulls Him Back In

Peruvian women haunted by forced sterilisation seek state apology

Vivid Sydney

Earthworms acting strangely after Texas floods.

Two convicted murderers escape from New York max-security prison using power tools and tunneling;

I have a question about Westboro Baptist and Music Rights

One good thing about getting older is that you have a much greater tolerance

Former teacher who had sex with student finds winning appeal results in longer sentence

B-52s to Demonstrate Long-Range Strategic Capabilities in Europe

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fun And Games Edition

Against His Better Judgment

Bernie Sanders Goes off on Charles Koch (2013)

Egypt to evacuate 10,000 homes in Gaza buffer zone expansion

does anyone know how to purge one's account?

The Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart

Coldplay's Chris Martin plays at Beau Biden funeral

Here is some music for the pity party over in GD

"Hay Una Mujer Desaparecida, Ronnie Gilbert and Holly Near

Game of Thones 5.9 "The Dance of Dragons" (spoiler alert)

The bashing of progressives. Not bold, just stupid.

Toon: Who's Going to Support That?

Russia, Qatar might lose their World Cups: paper

NYRB: A Practical Vision of a More Equal Society

Wisconsin Democratic Convention Straw Poll: Clinton 49%, Sanders 40%

The Washington Post Says Republicans Deserve Hillary’s Brickbats On Voting Rights

When Police Harass Citizens, Are Corporations Getting What They Pay For?

No Big Deal: Duggars Banned Hide-&-Seek And Put Locks On Doors After Molestation

"I was a conservative my whole, but it all changed" ---yeah, when it finally affects them personally

Are you Rob Base?

Long awaited EPA study says fracking polluted drinking water

New York Man Says Fortuneteller Scammed Him out $700K

This thread may not go well.. but it has to be said...

McConnell is trying to deny he clearly said he's blocking judicial nominees

Students Protest University of Chicago Budget Cuts, Say Admin Is “Acting Like a Corporation”

100 Year Old BFFs

Ocean Conservancy's Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photo Contest is officially up!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 9: New York in the 70s

Saudi court upholds blogger's 10 years and 1,000 lashes

"The Monica Curse"

If saving lives is the objective let's look at the facts

Idaho alternative to WV’s Bridge Day is in jeopardy:

identify a bird from a photo

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 10: Star of the Month: Pin-Up Girls

The Oversold ‘USA Freedom Act’

Misogynistic language....

Mini media target 6/7/15 for the Bernie Sanders Group

Happy Birth (Control) Day! Golden Anniversary that shouldn't be overlooked

The American Spring Has Begun

Awash in the fecal stew of deception. . . . Please come CAPTION Megyn Kelly!!!!!!

Optimism encourages activism.

Why Hasn't Christie Lost Any Weight?

God’s Police?: Missouri Police Department Adds National Motto To Cars

Preckwinkle’s Key Criminal Justice Initiative,

Congress tries to hide a submarine

Seniors, The Sick, Minorities, The Disabled, El Al Are Expendable To The GOP.

Gas companies declare Cyprus gas field 'commercially viable'

Neo-McCarthyism and the US Media

Before you call somebody a "traitor" why don't you read how the U.S. Constitution defines treason.

The Swinney Switch: Clemson Football Coach Declines To Attend Fundraiser F/ Anti-LGBT Group

Was Mitch McConnell the only Republican from Congress to attend Beau Biden's Funeral?

Grim figures on WWII Deaths

Gaza's stand-up show brings laughter to adversity

5 right wing idiocies tis week (Palin's far from alone) Alternet

Out With The Old - In With The Same Old Dogma - Face The Nation

Cannabis Coffee: The Latest Marijuana Craze

Very good and affordable cannabis nutrients

Flybe flight grounded by bee on Southampton to Dublin journey

Today's Dilbert rings true on DU...and just about everywhere else on the Internets.

The Battle to Unionize a Charter School

Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska Still Wants to Kill People


Bernie Sanders Speaks With Katie Couric - Full Interview

War with IsIs: As the militant threat grows, so does the West's self-deception

Texas Teachers Mock Special Ed Students With "Ghetto Awards"

go to yahoo news article from june7

Had some fun with unsolicated Windows guy on phone

I'm starting to feel bad for Hillary Supporters

Bernie Sanders Speaks With Katie Couric - Full Interview

In 180 Seconds You Will Be Voting For Bernie Sanders

In 180 Seconds You Will Be Voting For Bernie Sanders

Does your religion make you a better person than you would otherwise be without it? n/t

Louie Gohmert Goes Crazy on the House Floor, Suggests That Obama Aids Terrorists

In light of recent DU events, I'd like to disclaim that ALL of my dancing is grave

Well dressed cat brings knife to dog fight

Cruz May Require Background Check Before Letting Supporter Shoot With Him

Spoiler...Game, Set and Match...

Excellent finish to the French Open. Congrats (no spoiler here)! n/t

From the Wall Street Journal with love

DU for O'Malley fund raising link at Act Blue is now in second place

Dear Rick Perry: No, Hillary is not trying to play to Texas.

DU for O'Malley fund raising link at Act Blue is now in second place

Emancipation from Capitalism: The Central Role of the Working Class

New Public Database Shows all the People Killed by the Police This Year

Florida Man calls 911 to brag about big muscles, hits on dispatcher

Hostile Reception For U.S. Treasury Secretary Lew At Jerusalem Post Conference

German FM calls for lifting of Gaza blockade during visit

Florida man exercises Second Amendment rights on own brother.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Wouldn't Rule Out Re-Invasion of Iraq

Now for some really dark humor

Joni Ernst Tells Hillary to Focus on Women’s Issues, Like ‘Strong Nat’l Defense’

More women becoming Catholic nuns in U.K.

Untouched cave to provide clues to Black Hills history

I suppose that is true... ??

More needless abuse from those charged with serving the community

gratuitous kitteh gif

babymetel gets "kiss"ed!!!

CDC Study: Use of Firearms For Self-Defense is ‘Important Crime Deterrent’

Bernie Sanders: “You can have the best president in the history of the world but.....

A speech you are unlikely to hear from Conservatives this side of the pond

Vallejo pastor to teachers: If you don't feel safe, just leave.

American Pharoah makes history

Turkey ruling AKP 'loses majority' in surprise result

Democratic Stuff dot com: Lincoln Chafee for President

Is DU Endorsing Officially Hillary Clinton ? ...

About Time: S.F. school board bans out-of-towners at perfoming arts high school

Democratic Stuff dot com: Martin O'Malley for President

Democratic Stuff dot com: Martin O'Malley for President

Democratic Stuff dot com: Jim Webb for President

This week or next, the House will pass TPA

Scott Walker Shocker: Rape Pregnancies Only an Issue in 'Initial Months'

TOON: GOP Delusions

The Reoccurring Financial Woes of Greece Explained by Michael Hudson

Franken finds sandwich shop's noncompete rule ridiculous

Scott Walker Shocker: Rape Pregnancies Only an Issue in 'Initial Months'

President Obama is more popular in deep red Louisiana than Governor Bobby Jindal

Hillary Clinton endorses fight for a $15 minimum wage

Social Security Disability getting swiftboated

Cowboy boot flip flops

Sen. Joni Ernst: U.S. troops ‘are ready to go back’ to fight a new war in Iraq

Varoufakis' Great Game - Yet another take on what's playing out & understanding all the moves...

Lindsey Graham thinks Caitlyn Jenner should vote for him although ‘I haven’t walked in her shoes’

From Yanis Varoufakis, A Speech of Hope for Greece (6-7-15)

Playing some blues on a toy guitar ---at Walmart:

It occurs to me that there are two kinds of DUers.

Score One F/ Science: Astronaut (Presbyterian) John Glenn Says Evolution Should Be Taught In Schools

What are you reading the week of June 7, 2015?

This article about TPP and its associated agreements should be read by all.

some quotes from Beau Biden

Mitch McConnell the Perpetual Asshole

'Jesus Pizza’: Lawsuit Claims CO Public High School Promotes A Local Church To Students'

The best president in the history of the world cannot fix the problems without you...

How the U.S. Navy Plans to "War Game" the Arctic

Bill De Blasio Wants Hillary Clinton to Back End to Carried-Interest Loophole

Mont. Public School Had No Business Sending Kids To Creationist Attraction

Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

Teen dies after found unresponsive at David Siegel home in Windermere

Who do you think ARMED Iraq to begin with?

Governors push private vouchers; ignore majority opinion

Sen Bernie Sanders Gives Orrin Hatch a Nice Big Helping of STFU (2009)

(2009) Sen Bernie Sanders Gives Orrin Hatch a Nice Big Helping of STFU Over Health Care

Serious question. How would Bernie do it?

Don't fear the bluefish.

With the clowns car keep advancing, seems that for the next seven months, at least

'I can no longer condemn or hate a brother for whom I pray, no matter how much trouble he causes me'

Chalkboard drawings, frozen in time for 100 years, discovered in Oklahoma school

how do I unfuckup facebook?

Can we try talking up Democratic candidates without tearing down others?

Retired chemist accused of spying commits suicide

Walker Falls Off Pie Eating Contest Platform, Blames Teamsters

Texas Police Officer Suspended After Pulling Weapon On Teens During Pool Party

Ride This Bizarre, Old-School Elevator Before They All Shut Down

Surveillance law lets US ratify nuclear terrorism treaties

Haunting chalkboard drawings, frozen in time for 100 years, discovered in Oklahoma school

That 70's Show - Outlaw Country

Eric Bogle (composer of the song): The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Can we talk about hummingbirds here or is there a better forum? nm

what's for dinner - sunday, june 7th

Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI: Launches statewide media campaign

New iPod to old iPod cable adapter... Does it exist?

Turkey’s Ruling Party Appears to Lose Parliamentary Majority, Early Results Show/NYT

Report: Abortions down in almost all states since 2010

loveland shooting being treated as unrelated to recent shootings at this time

Democratic Stuff dot com: Joe Biden for President

A successful bird day

Democratic Stuff .com Elizabeth Warren for President

Violence in 2 states as Mexicans vote in tense mid-term elections

OK DU sleuths - who helped the two inmates

And a few more without birds

We was just told that half of HRC supporters on this site are going to vote gop if...-HRC Room

Ex-Muslim Student’s Op-Ed About Leaving Islam Removed Due to “Personal Safety Concerns”

On Child Vaccination, AMA Considers End To Personal, Religious Exemptions

"WEED: The New Science of Marijuana"

What's with the lip service Hillary gave the Fight for $15 group without endorsing a specific wage?

Olympic Committee Responds To Transphobic Attack Demanding Caitlyn Jenner Be Stripped Of Gold Medal

Hillary Clinton coming to Virginia (June 26) for the VA Democratic Party

Pope talks Medjugorje, coming encyclical on return from Bosnia

I wonder if its time to put grave dancing threads on the list of disruptive meta-discussion.

Truck hits tree and bees attack; 3 injured, deputy stung

"Hay Una Mujer Desaparecida," by Ronnie Gilbert and Holly Near

Lacey's kittens: seven weeks old!

Russia, Qatar, Could Lose The World Cup If Dirty Bidding Claims Are Confirmed: FIFA Official

I am a strong, life long Democrat. I intend to support

Frankie - Bayview's Lifeline... kitty rescue OR who rescued who Seattle, WA

Eight Charged In Malala Attack Secretly Acquitted

I am looking for a hummingbird feeder that is easy to clean.

"Fuck the White House Correspondents' dinner"

Found a good site to buy dairy cultures

Burning of Ballot Boxes Prompts Mexican Officials Suspend Elections Near Ayotzinapa

EU delegation barred from speaking to foreign media in Iran

Hurricane Blanca roars toward Baja California Peninsula

Why we knock on all those doors...

"Your looks are kinda pretty, when your face isn't screwing it up."

We have met the enemy...

Gun Control contributed to a womans death in NJ

Time to steal the donuts!: Manchester police hit by pastry thieves

Hillary is coming to Virginia's JJ day event on the 26th.

Thank you Auggie and KamaAina

Colombia re-arrests suspected rapist of journalist

Attending a Pool Party While Black

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Goes Even Gayer-HRC Room

What the TiSA Leaked Documents Reveal About Negotiations

Every Serena Williams win comes with a side of disgusting racism and sexism

FYI the cop in McKinney has left town

For the radicals who became the fascists the song was written about...

Colorado thunderstorm appears to spawn two tornadoes at same time

McKinney, Texas, Officer on Leave After Wild Pool Party Video Surfaces

Marco Rubio haunted by allegations over Florida 'slush fund' and spending

Think The Net Neutrality Fight Is Over? Think Again.

Ami Bera's betrayal

I'm going to say something here I never thought I'd say.

OMG! Gov. Rauner plans on closing the Illinois State Museum?!

Why we knock on all those doors...

Faculty uneasy about working at UW after cuts, tenure changes

Bill Maher Wants To Know: Who Is Attacking Religion, Exactly?

House Passes Provision to End All Migratory Bird Protections in the United States

xpost from GD: House Passes Provision to End All Migratory Bird Protections in the United States

The Greatness of the United States is Dying – and Conservatives are the Ones Killing It

I completely forgot my anniversary!

T. Rex Autopsy

Legalized marijuana would be eliminated under a Christie presidency

Netflix lends some star power to Brazilian gay pride parade

One of the world's largest gay pride parades gets a corporate sponsor!

90 Percent of Kurt Cobain documentary 'Montage of Heck' is BS, Says Melvins Founder

(1) I want to make a few comments on "racial" and "economic" justice

School Bus Driver Texting While Driving ..Caused Fatal Crash..

George Takei: Nichelle Nichols is ‘Resting Comfortably’ After Stroke

I have a hosting question..

The enemy of the State.

Bernie: 74% of Americans believe that large corp. have too much influence on American life and..

Lindsey Graham says Caitlyn Jenner ‘is welcome’ in his Republican Party

Lindsey Graham says Caitlyn Jenner ‘is welcome’ in his Republican Party

I went to Mexico this morning--had a fun day.

New Energy Policy Needed as Nuclear Giants Take a Hit

The end of Spring Break is under foot

Anyone else have daughters who are excited about the possibility of a female president?

Toon: Fiction

Multiple polls show that majority of Americans are against NAFTA-type "free trade" deals

6-7-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1937 in 2:00

Johm Fugelsang: Just don't be a dick...

6-7-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1937 in 2:00

6-7-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1937 in 2:00

CAMPERS: A Towel Question - What Do You Use?

We bailed you out, and now you want what!?!

2 girls missing from Avon, Ohio housing complex.

Who will you vote for if Hillary does not win the Democratic nominatio?

Fast food workers head for Detroit convention as momentum grows for $15

Die Hard with a Vengance is cracking me up (on Encore) - never watched before

Thank god we have a small governerment!

Port Truck Drivers Demand Union Recognition

Malloy Makes It Official: His Choice Is Hillary

Cyclist dies during triathlon in Wales

Hilarious Onion article: Bernie Sanders shows up tanned with perfect hair

“My mind was consumed by war,”

No Humans Were Harmed in the Making of This Product

Everything you need to know about the Omaha zoo's $73 million project (1 of world's best)

Scott Walker Backs Constitutional Amendment Allowing States To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

How Two Men Destroyed One of NYC's Most Storied Restaurants

How Two Men Destroyed One of NYC's Most Storied Restaurants

Who are these people, and why did the cops side with them?

If You Love Your Country: Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Send in the Republicans (cartoon)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 June 2015