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News of my death are

My trip to the hospital and guess what was on the coffee table in the waiting area?

Is there a global contest for scummiest human behavior of the week?

News of my death are

News of my death are

Trader Joe's Ex-President Opens Store With Aging Food And Cheap Meals

Another DUer has passed away. RIP, Systematic Chaos

It's amazing what influences a child...

Quebec bill calls animals 'sentient beings' and includes jail time for cruelty

Bernie Sanders: Petition the Dem Party for more debates.

Cat parasite linked to mental illness, schizophrenia

Police shooting.. You be the Judge

It's dry your eyes Friday

Hello DU people!

Nebraska abolishes death penalty, Governor vows to execute last 10 inmates out of spite

Commuting in the Bay Area is becoming Hell.

Kansas may furlough 7,000 workers due to revenue shortage

Re: the mental health support group.

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Phillip Mudd, Ian Bremmer, Nina Turner, Rick Lazio and Lewis

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! American Horror Show! & a new Kitteh gif

From ‘Jill’ to ‘Mom’ — inside Jill Biden’s relationship with Beau and Hunter

Who remembers HRC's behavior in the 2008 Primaries?

Ann Coulter: We need to deny American citizenship to the blind and disabled

BREAKING NEWS-John Hinckley's lawyer to represent Hastert

Kentucky restaurant worker feeds disabled woman her favorite meal insane-Duggar-cult-leader-posts-"new statement" - immediately deletes it

Sorry Boehner. Obamacare still creating jobs.

In the midst of all this word woe I was inspired to go watch a few Lenny Bruce clips

How animals see the world...

Owner: Standoff house in Greenwood Village is "destroyed"

why corporations prefer state-level regulation to federal

Japanese people aren’t happy with their looks: survey

Economic growth more likely when wealth distributed to poor instead of rich

Sister Of Alleged Dennis Hastert Victim Approached Media In 2006

Photo of the Day: "I see you!"

Gun lobbyist courted by Ted Cruz calls for Obama’s assassination

Time to burst wingnut fantasy : Poll Meghan KELLY - Rachel MADDOW

Santos vows to invest $1.75B in schools to improve sub-standard public education

Buddhist monk arrested over murder of woman in Matsuyama

Brazil makes space for indigenous people with new reserve in Săo Paulo

Central America's first same-sex civil union recognised in Costa Rica court

"The beatings will continue until

Third mummified body found on Mexico's Pico de Orizaba

Third mummified body found on Mexico's Pico de Orizaba

Fenway fan seriously injured after being hit by piece of broken bat

A-Roid passes Barroid for second on all-time RBIs list

S'pore's only female pro racer says she's seen as a driver 1st, and woman 2nd

Pilgrimage to the mountains

China Hackers Got Past Costly U.S. Computer Security With Ease

Free digital TVs in Mexico come with political strings attached

CBC Radio: Science Under Siege, Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Ten Things I've Learned About The Sea

US Congress blocks lifting of Cuba travel ban

Woman struck by piece of bat at Fenway has 'life-threatening injuries'

19 myths about sushi you probably believe

Happy when Dad's home

40 Acres and a Mule, but you're free! THAT is "social justice" without economic justice.

John Bowlen, son of Denver Broncos owner, arrested on domestic violence charges

A switch pitcher? What will they think of next.

Glenn Beck: 10,000 Pastors 'Willing to Die' Resisting Anti-Christian Persecution

Ann Coulter: don't allow blind people or wheelchair users to become citizens

Pork Princess' of Taipei

I Rant On The Authoritarian Mindset of Police in the United States

Jill and Jessa say parents put locks on bedroom doors to keep Josh out. Unreal.

Boys, ages 2 and 4, were caged 'like animals' inside their Omaha home all day while parents worked,

Anti-vaxxer kids getting sick with unpasteurized goat milk...

Louie Gohmert went nuts on the House floor...

The NRA is no longer the NRA...

Billie Jean King: Caitlyn Jenner helps trans visibility, acceptance

For my 10,000 post: Ultrasounds really are a cool thing

Poll: Hillary Clinton Weakens on Trustworthiness While Jeb Bush Slides Into GOP Free-For-All

GOP says Clinton dividing Americans over voting rights

OK kids, what is the netiquette about blacking out ex from photo for FB?

Furlough notice from the State of Kansas

Hillary Clinton declares war on Voter ID

"It Was Really Karma": Hit-and-Run Accident Stirs Memories of Deadly NYC Subway Crash

Anyone playing the Witcher 3?

a beautiful, liberal, generous free spirit who gave to homeless ever night was murdered last night

Orange CEO apologizes to Israel over remarks, condemns boycotts

Pablo Escobar’s Legacy – A Look At Colombia’s Lost Generation Of Hit-Men

Colombia’s Santos welcomes pressure on peace talks

Seen on the local SDA church sign:

One day after Glory Johnson announces pregnancy, Brittney Griner files annulment

Denver has a fart tax

CBP (Border Patrol) helicopter comes under fire

Spirit in the sky

What is the reason you think our participation in the contests is so low? This is not a poll

Which Republican would be their strongest candidate in 2016?

If you have family with you tonight give them a hug

So, some DUers mostly men, no doubt, at this hour,

My Encounter with the Peruvian Drum Box and Its Meaning

Pentagon chief says new action needed on Russia over Ukraine

A $90 billion dollar Pentagon slush fund and tax breaks for billionaires & corporations OR

What is the 'one' song that you can sing

State Budget Logjam May Have Broken In Olympia

Is Rick Perry's 'country rap' campaign song the worst song of all time?

Tariq Aziz, Top Aide and Fervent Ally of Saddam Hussein, Dies at 79

Susan Sarandon: We need a leader who is courageous and levelheaded in times of crisis #Bernie2016

Lets dance!

So, I just caught the cat with her face in my...

Please Don't Take The Baby To The Liquor Store

State pays $106,173 to settle dispute over $1 fine

Rape by the state. State demanded penetration. No choice and against ones will. Vaginal ultrasound.

Has Any Presidential Candidate - Repug Or Dem - Endorsed Bernie's Suggestion For Debates?........

I don't know how to

Sentencing reform: I'm going to present a false dilemma

Side thought: the US prison system is internal imperialism

Senator Wyden favors hemp!

After 650 years of existence University of Vienna appoints very first Black Professor

Edward Snowden is a patriot and deserves freedom

U.S. adds 280,000 jobs in May, easing some economic worries

Daily Holidays - June 6

FBI infiltrates defense team, causes new delay in 9/11 trial

A dark day for FIFA after claims of arms deals for World Cup votes

Egg rationing in America has officially begun

Sex equality can explain the unique social structure of hunter-gatherer bands

Was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June

Think The Net Neutrality Fight Is Over? Think Again.

QE Breeds Instability

Unemployment rate hocus-pocus (cartoon)

Ada Colau, Barcelona's New Mayor, on Spain's Political Revolution

Seattle’s smart plan to remake its streets

Doctors Challenge Unscientific Abortion Laws That Force Them To Practice Bad Medicine

Seattle’s unbelievable transportation megaproject fustercluck

“I wish we talked about ‘choices’ instead of ‘choice’”

A Quiet Victory

Russia backs Ukraine peace deal but Kiev is blocking progress, says Putin

In Sarajevo, Pope Francis slams global 'atmosphere of war'

Weekly Address: Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month

Yemeni forces fire Scud missile at Saudi Arabia

Which State Was the Worst for Women This Week?

Toon: The Clown Car

Science/AAAS - Much-Touted Global Warming"Pause" Never Happened

AFP - Developed Economies Not Even Close To 2030 Pledges To Cut Emissions

Rare And Keystone Californaia Tree Species, Including Redwoods, Beginning To Die From Drought

The 606 is opening today! Our Chicago 3 mile path on old elevated train tracks:

California's Central Valley Subsidence Accelerating, But No Comprehensive Survey Since 1970s

Mitchell Brad Martinez: Indian River County inmate found unconscious is now dead

China At Risk Of Losing Air Pollution Crown To India, Home To 13 Of Top 20 Dirtiest Cities

Flughafen Tempelhof: Inside Berlin’s Abandoned Downtown Airport (Fascinating)

UK Tata Steel workers strike against the pension scheme

Shocking! Failed Santa Barbara Oil Pipeline Severely Corroded, Federal Investigators Find

Science - Warming Oceans Will Push Tropical & Temperate Species Poleward, Where Extinction Awaits

Whoah! Former Chairman of Shell Oil Calls for Divestment from Fossil Fuels & Carbon Taxes

Rex Tillerson, Climate Bullshit And The Folly Of "Engagement" With The FF Sector

When one starts the day with a Bloody Mary

Orange Wants to Increase Stake in Moroccan Subsidiary Meditel: CEO

I recommend we call Jeb Bush "Topiary"

Rick Perry - Climate Clown But Not The Worst On Environment Among GOP Crop

May 2015 Atmospheric CO2 Content 403.70; May 2014 - 401.78; May 2013 - 399.76

I know we want to believe the worst about Scott Walker

Who scares YOU?

Interracial marriage threatened by NC Republican anti-gay bill

A Narrative Review of the Impact of Disbelief in Chronic Pain

My explanation of Democratic Socialism to people about Bernie's approach.

Public Service Announcement: World To End 9/28/2015

Weekend Toon roundup 1: Clueless and Classless

Weekend Toon roundup 2: The Rest

At Least Know We're Free --- Fuck yah.

this week in god.... (Maddow blog)

Will "American Pharoah" make history today and win at the Belmont?

Is Hillary Clinton becoming the candidate of big ideas?-HRC Room

No Greece debt payment today: 3 things to know (June 5, 2015)

More than 2/3 of the Humvees the US supplied to Iraq have ended up in the hands of ISIL

Thousands protest G7 summit in southern Germany

Gay pride rally attacked in Kiev

Scallop pasta

Faith Leaders To Obama: Give Women Raped By ISIS Access To Safe Abortions

Budget Cuts In Illinois Could Leave Hundreds Of Thousands Without Kidney Dialysis

ISDS: The New Supreme Court

In a few minutes Serena Williams will be the winner

Cleveland's championship drought will continue: Irving out for the NBA finals

5 police reportedly injured in Kiev gay march clash

Why food labels are wrong about calories

Oakland's ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte makes MLB debut

I have money on Frosted, but I still kind of hope American Pharoah wins the triple crown

In honor of a AA Group member ...

Ted Cruz Booze Cruise

NYT: Taxing Wealthy and Cutting Pentagon Make Sanders 'Unelectable'

About 3 WBC showed up for the Biden funeral

Robert Reich Tells Republican Friend: "The Koch brothers are intent on stealing our democracy.”

Will Democratic Candidate, Sanders, Introduce A New Voter Registration Bill In Congress This Year?

The Harrow

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Flock To Iowa ‘Roast and Ride’

Who Pays Taxes in the US? Everyone but the Super-Rich

SeaWorld may be bouncing back from 'Blackfish' backlash

Saturday, 6/6/2015 10:40 AM. Beau Biden's Funeral starting on MSNBC & CNN. nt

Everything you need to know: Poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac

Beau Biden's funeral coverage is live on C-SPIN

Look Who Pushed Bush’s Anti-Gay Agenda

Serena just let her back into the match.....dang it.....

Sen Pat Toomey likes police overarmed w/ military gear

Ex-Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal to testify in private on Benghazi

Paul brings 9/11 docs fight to defense bill

Federal court strikes down Virginia's congressional map

George Soros Bankrolls Democrats' Fight in Voting Rights Cases.

Norway Goes Big on Fossil Fuel Divestment... Now Who's Next?

Pictures of Tulsa Pride Day

Abolish Homeland Security and slash the "defense" budget.

State may push to get panther off endangered species list

ANALYSIS: Is Netanyahu waging ‘war’ on critics at home?

Alaska closes state trooper base due to budget while legislators take weekend off

Guardian: We need racial justice and economic justice. We can’t breathe if we can’t eat

Beau Biden funeral

Well done, Serena. #20.

Spill team responds to 'slow weep' along Alaska oil pipeline joint / fuel barge grounds

Putin: Russia Would Attack NATO Only In Mad Person’s Dream

Farewell to the United Kingdom

There is no greater threat to the national security of Western nations than the nuclear abolitionist

Ann Coulter: a Jackboot in Guccis

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

The Agency

For Beau Biden, on his parting day.

Beautiful music at the Biden funeral

Secret files reveal London police feared that Trekkies could turn on society

Right Sector Threatens Kyiv Gay Pride Mmarch (VIDEO)

Saudi Arabia Shoots Down Scud Missile Fired From Yemen

dragonfly closeups

My Bernie stuff has arrived

Fed Up With Failing Peace, Ukraine Rebels Eager To Fight

Recursion casually steps in to GD to see what is going on...

When the cops have tanks-expect big holes in homes

Egyptian Court Cancels Hamas Listing As Terrorist Organisation - Sources

Kansas Republicans Cut More Taxes Prior to Selling State to Kochs

Russia Begins Weeklong Naval Exercises With Egypt In Mediterranean

For Many In US, More Jobs Don't Mean More Financial Security

Pres Obama Eulogizing Beau Biden now 12:10 pm.

Bernie Sanders Wants to Put a Million Young People to Work

Behind Tough Talk On Russia, G-7 Leaders Face Tough Reality

The U.S. Shows Again That it Needs Age Appropriate, Comprehensive Sex-Ed

damn militants.....

On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace

Game 1 the highest rated NBA Finals game on ABC

"Thats what our country was built on.. men like Beau"

My dog

Early bird catches more than just the worm

New research reveals why some cats are finicky eaters

Great Job Mr President!

FYI - Beware that Bernie supporters are mischaracterizing posts because they want to get a Hillary

Teaching Youth To Think ‘Slow’ May Help Reduce Crime

Rush Limbaugh In Free Fall As His Show Gets Demoted To A Low Rated Station

Last chance to comment on Huron nuclear waste facility

Just wanna share an add on that I am so delighted with...

Why are 95% of people who live to 110 women? You're as old as your stem cells

Ben Carson’s campaign faces turmoil amid staff exits and super PAC rivalry

Westboro Baptist Church protested at Beau Biden's funeral, says the news

Drug-induced tissue regeneration demonstrated by scientists

Better than a clown car: KASICH on JEB Crow Shrub, "It's just not happening."

What do you know about Hunter Biden?

The Zulilly ads . . .

On this day, they hit the beach...and took it.

USPS can’t keep rate increase forever, court rules

This is my first post here.

The Thunder Storm

Paleo-engineering: Complexity of triceratops' teeth revealed

Now I know why there are people saying some of us "see racism in everything"

Jill & Jessa: Josh Duggar was 'a young boy in puberty and a little too curious about girls'

TYT: His hate rally failed, now he’s sorry, then a shocking ending

Warning: Thousands of flooded cars could be resold to unsuspecting buyers

Family finds comfort in service dog - Healing Power of Pets

Social justice matters. Period. "But" nothing.

"Joe you are my brother"

Contact for Bernie Sanders campaign

Researchers discover a 2 billion year old Nuclear Reactor in Gabon, Africa

Low Birth-weight Babies Associated with Marcellus Shale Fracking

WATCH: Patrick Stewart Comes Out In Support of Antigay Bakery

How to get people to comment on you're post

The post funeral discussion on M$NBComcast is amazing

When the 2nd Amendment is used to infringe upon the 1st Amendment

Catholics say Archbishop Cordileone stumbled in remarks on gender identity

Why eurocrats have chosen this moment to attack Greece

What Does It Look Like?

Christie jeered at charity softball game

Jay Smooth slams media sexism: Here’s what not to do when a woman is running for president

A Concept Appropriate to Our Times – “Legal Thieves”


If only we in the South could all have neighbors like this: anonymous gift on my front porch

Paranoia (x-post from lounge.)

President Obama Delivers Eulogy at Beau Biden's Funeral

(great article) Here’s why Joe Biden chose Obama to deliver his son’s eulogy

Oh goody....Here is a showing all Pres. Candidates web sites.

If you only read one article on #TISA/#TPP/#TISA make it this one:

Two crucial recent books.

Does anybody have a link for the video of President Obama's eulogy for Beau Biden?

OSHA Responds to Worker Hazards on O & G Well Pads

Task for Obama at Group of 7 Is to Reinforce Stance Against Russia


Assessments for the Chevron Well Pad Fire of February 2014

President Obama sobs as he gives eulogy at Beau Biden’s funeral (VIDEO)

Free Speech, Facebook and the NSA: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

No trust in Iran nuclear talks: top negotiator

Scalia Gets Capital Punishment Dead Wrong

White House Offers Beau Biden Memorial Page giving viewers chance to express sympathies

Fox News is Light on Substance but Heavy on Legs

Michael Todd Wolfe gets 82 months on terrorism-related charges

Insanity’s Definition is Sending More U.S. Ground Troops to Iraq--Michael Scheuer

HuffPo: That Crazy Square Haircut For Dogs Is Available In America, Too

Which State Was the Worst for Women This Week?

I watched Godzilla 2014, finally.

Tiger Woods shoots worst round of career, 85, at Memorial

Duggar Defense Falls Apart As City Attorney Says Josh Duggar’s Police Report Release Was Legal

FDR D-Day Speech June 6, 1944

TX teachers mock special ed students with ‘ghetto awards’, insist they didn’t mean to degrade anyone

I had an interesting chat with Bigfoot the other day

A Preview of Jeb Bush's SuperPAC Donors: Titans, Tycoons and Lobbyists (Lee Fang 6-5-15 The

My sister posted this on her Facebook page yesterday. The tragedy is that she really feels this way.

Gun lobbyist courted by Ted Cruz calls for Obama’s assassination

Bus driver hailed as hero for spotting kidnapped boy

The kittens are finally here!

Two passengers injured in shooting aboard DART train near 8th and Corinth station

You want to teach kids good work habits? Create opportunities for their parents, instead of their

Sometimes people just do the right thing.

frankly, what I think we're doing here, is documenting the last gasps of democracy. Updated

Perhaps it was my grief today, but I suddenly got irrationally frightened watching the funeral

“Bonnie and Clyde” teenage couple arrested in West Virginia

On this day of the Belmont Stakes, remembering the greatest horse ever.

The Maximum Power Principle revisited

Do I dare? A corruption of an old line but:

10 things the History Channel's 'Texas Rising' got wrong about the Battle of the Alamo

Turkey's Erdogan: 'Jewish capital' is behind New York Times

Washington Complicit in Honduras' Corruption Scandal

Serena Williams wins French Open for third time

Longhorns mosey through downtown Amarillo

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 6, 2015?

Chile: Mapuche Indigenous Peoples Mobilize Against Dam Projects

Question about everybody being registered to vote.

Breast cancer patient sues Houston surgeon over topless photos found by her son at birthday party

Browns trade for... a punter?

Obama: Beau Biden was 'consummate public servant'

Caitlyn Jenner and the Duggers have something significant in common

South American tribes on verge of extinction due to contact with outside world

South American tribes on verge of extinction due to contact with outside world

"Akon Launches Solar Academy That Will Supply Electricity to 600M People in Africa"

Liberals plot new way to blow up Obama’s trade deal--Greg Sargent

Another former Panamanian minister arrested in graft probe

Czech writer, anti-communist dissident Ludvik Vaculik dies

My Prediction: Bernie Sanders Will Win the White House

My Prediction: Bernie Sanders Will Win the White House

Robert Trout reporting for CBS on D-Day.

The worst part of this...

Thousands March In The Midwest’s Largest-Ever Anti-Tar Sands Rally

Flooding brings an outpouring of community support

What Pope Francis and Joe Biden can teach us about suffering

I found this picture on Facebook, and it helped me. I hope it will help all of us...

Was Alan Ginsburg the most important person since WWII?

Binge watching Breaking Bad....

A 1976 State Department memo names Posada Carriles as probable terrorist

A 1976 State Department memo names Posada Carriles as probable terrorist

Do you know where I can get rid of these things?

Child soldier promotes violence in Fatah video

Endangered blue whales don't deserve this E action

I am so goddamn sick and tired of the need to punish people in our culture.

Evacuation lifted for Arkansas town as Red River recedes

Bartlett gets new water pump; water service to be restored after two days without water

Gaius Publius: Nancy Pelosi Is Whipping “Almost Daily” for TPP --but is she Really Neutral?

Would you change?

Eating Placenta After Delivery Offers No Health Benefits

Chris Brown, who punched the shit out of Rihanna, posted something insensitive? STOP THE PRESSES.

Slideshow: Photos From Day 2 of The X Games in Austin

Desperate Residents of Austin Completely Surrounded by Texas

The French side of Basque country

Forecasters warn Colorado to brace for more severe weather

California student accepted to every Ivy League school

Is aluminum giving bees dementia?

Noam Chomsky Among Intellectuals to Slam Peru Mining Project and Government Repression

Arizona Stupid Laws Just Get Stupider-Doctors Have to Sue

Follow-up: Biker shootout in Waco articles

Massive brawl at Vallejo (CA) high school raises additional safety concerns for the district.

Reservation system proposed at Arches National Park

"We do not know how long we've got here," President Obama said.

Chris Hedges to appear in Kansas City next Thursday!

Trial set for Oklahoma man accused of abusing Kenyan orphans

Chris Hedges to appear in Kansas City next Thursday!

Witnesses: Semi-automatic gunfire dominated biker shootout

I think Rush Limbaugh sees the writing on the wall

Chris Hedges to appear in Kansas City next Thursday!

Don't use human mosquito repellents on dogs

Republican Voters Want to Keep Grabbing the Wealth

I'm whipped.

Commissioner to Leave HHSC over contracting scandal as Deputy Takes Over

Perry Revisits Iowa in First Official Campaign Swing

What does it mean to "like" the candidate you don't support?

Texas approves textbooks with Moses as Founding Father

Except for Bush's Saudi friends and bin Laden's relatives,

What An NYPD Spy Copter Reveals About The FBI's Spy Planes

"The Bomb Iran Lobby Gears Up for 2016"--A Very Interesting Read

Greece's creditors need a dose of reality – this is no time for European disunion

Is there an air show in San Francisco Bay today?

Why Joe Biden makes me proud, and makes all of

Triple Crown Win for American Pharoah!

TRIPLE CROWN WINNER - American Pharoh wins the Belmont!

Thousands turn out for Cyprus' 2nd gay pride parade


Breaking: American Pharoh has won the Triple Crown

BREAKING: American Pharoah Wins Triple Crown, First Since 1978

Triple Crown won by American Pharoah!!!

Thank You, Racing Gods and Thank You, John Nerud....

Baby Angel, born 7 weeks after mother declared brain dead, will head home

BREAKING: THECOWSCAMEHOME wins the derby for fastest to start a thread on

Fuck horse racing, fuck dog shows, and fuck rodeos.

Family, friends, military peers honor fallen U.S. Marine who 'paid the ultimate sacrifice

US Senator Bernie Sanders in Keene, NH (2011)

NOT a scene from the new Batman v Superman movie

Best Will Smith Movie?

Mother deer who lost her baby is asked to foster an orphan baby deer...

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Belmont Stakes

US Senator Bernie Sanders in Keene, NH (2011)

As he nears a 2016 bid, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal hits political bottom

I was a liberal adjunct professor. My liberal students didn’t scare me at all.

Economic Justice - Is this what you thought it was?

Petition circulators will be in Omaha, Lincoln this weekend in effort to overturn death penalty repe

Martha Laning is the new chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin

NY gov.: 2 convicted murderers used power tools to escape

Horse Racing - The Cruelty Behind the Glamour

Another right-wing talking point about Obama dies...

shooting reported in loveland ten minutes ago - updated: suspect in custody, one dead

Canada women's team take 3

How do you pronounce "pharaoh"?