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Archives: June 30, 2015

'No to Austerity': Tens of Thousands Back Syriza at Rally in Athens

*Oral Argument on EPA regulations on C-SPAN now.

How the Dow Jones industrial average fared on Monday

Obama's approval rating among liberal democrats rises to 88%

Defense Attorneys Demand Release of Thousands of CIA Black Site Photos

I don't like the words "dismal" "radical" "rancid" used against the left. I am a proud liberal.

Omaha extends health benefits to same-sex spouses of city employees

A report from the Pride Festival; Minneapolis, MN

Texas Town Is Charging Us $79,000 for Emails About Pool Party Abuse Cop

Why affirmative action is in serious trouble next year

Obama earns high marks around the globe

Europe’s Attack on Greek Democracy

Woot! John Oliver covered the Pride Parade ISIS flag!!!!!!!

Check out this Jeb sign...ROTFLMAO

President Obama overtime rule could raise wages for 5 million

5 Heartbreaking Photos That Remind Us Why We Need to Recycle

Bree Newsom's accomplice Tyson is coming up on Chris Hayes

Interesting graphic showing several factors that influence Earth's air temperatures

In a Brave, Powerful Dissent, Justice Breyer Calls for the Abolition of the Death Penalty

The Supreme Court Just Stopped the EPA From Making the Earth a Safer Place

Will Greece Lead a Rush to the Exits in Europe?

BREAKING NEWS!!! --- Trump Would Change Hair If Elected!!!

Luckovich: "It Should Come Down"

Fireworks are going off in the neighborhood...yeah

Here’s what Boston could look like before, during, and after the Olympics...

'Blind agreement' and closed-door deals: Report slams TPP negotiations

Four days since the Supreme Court Ruling

Cloudy streams, acrid smells linked to Indianapolis airport dumping

Hillary Clinton on Health Care ("The Pledge")

DU Bernie group has now raised over $5,000 in just 58 days!

Go give this a K&R over in GD-P

Richard Quest (CNN Business): Greece will default on debts

Robert Reich: Economic Apartheid in America

EXCLUSIVE: Bree Newsome Speaks For The First Time After Courageous Act of Civil Disobedience

The American Way of Torture

Chris Squire

Meet Martin O’Malley, Hillary Clinton’s Latest Unlikely National Security Critic.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Love Conquers All! & a new Kitteh gif

Captured escapee David Sweat says he planned to go to Mexico, Cuomo says

Puerto Rico's struggling economy may rewrite the east coast, youth in and wealth out.

Argonne analysis shows increased carbon intensity from Canadian oil sands

Meet Martin O’Malley, Hillary Clinton’s Latest Unlikely National Security Critic.

What would you do with David Sweat, the NY prison escapee?

Six black churches have been destroyed by fires in Southern states this past week

Obama To Unveil Plan To Bring Overtime Pay To 5 Million More Workers

Ku Klux Klan to protest removal of Confederate flag July 18 at South Carolina Statehouse

Bill Gates To Help Fight Climate Change By Investing Up To $2 Billion In Green Technology

PETA sues California over poultry slaughter law

Stephen Colbert gives 20 for the troops

NSA wiretapped two French finance ministers: Wikileaks

Republicans rigged the House through gerrymandering. Democrats can fight back at the ballot box.

The Supreme Court Just Saved Texas’ Abortion Clinics

The Supreme Court Just Saved Texas’ Abortion Clinics

Anderson Cooper is discussing CCC the white supremacist

So NBC kicked The Donald to the curb...

Just wanted to say thanks to the Lounge

Does this apply to all the scary talk about SCOTUS appointments?

I just took my name off Cory Booker's email list

'Leap second' added for first time in three years

6-29-15 Your will be put in your place in 2:00

6-29-15 Your will be put in your place in 2:00

6-29-15 Your will be put in your place in 2:00

Atmospheric mysteries unraveling

They Promised Us Jetpacks...and Might Deliver

President Obama blogs on HuffPost: A Hard Day's Work Deserves a Fair Day's Pay

Please be courteous with firworks.

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan to retire after next season

Sandia’s Z machine receives funding aimed at fusion energy

Rachel just talked about the problem for Bernie in New Hampshire because he is not registered

some of us are old enough to remember this one:

Apple Released the iPhone Eight Years Ago Today

The coyotes were out in force this evening.

Name the war that took place in Europe and lasted from 1809 to 1981

Colorado Supreme Court rejects Douglas County voucher program

Are you dreading fireworks as much as we are?

Greeks are rushing to Bitcoin

7 Things You Need To Know About Confederate Flag-Slaying Beyonce Enthusiast Bree Newsome

The Roberts Court's Reality Check, Linda Greenhouse

YEESSSS! Lawrence O'Donnell went there!! "Antonin Scalia...the Donald Trump of the Supreme Court?"

Greece’s Troubles Attract Little Sympathy From Poorer Neighbors

Mediterranean Sea classified as the sixth highest region for the accumulation of plastic debris on t

This *might* make you feel better about the TPP (& thank you Sen Sherrod Bown!)

100-year-old Echo Park church damaged in fire that may have been arson

Good zing at Trump by Conan

I still feel lost when 11:30 comes and there's no Letterman

This was a popular shirt at my backwards high school in WV in the early 90s

The GOP Fails Its Empathy Test

Report: Cruz urges states to ignore gay marriage ruling

Looking good NDP!

I can't believe it myself - I've been off of cigarettes for 4 months

Black kindergartner's haircut distracting, Catholic school says

How long do you think it will take for the Washington Redskins to change their name?

Why She Supports Bernie Sanders!

Question for Hillary supporters re the future of single payer health care.

County rejects Bong-A-Thon permit

U.S., Iran trade accusations of backtracking in nuclear talks

New nanogenerator harvests power from rolling tires

Monday Night Music

Assange was unavailable for comment...

I'm not convinced Hillary won't run

Bill O'Reilly cries over White House rainbow lights display, says it was insulting and in your face

Extreme Xenophobia in the Dominican Republic

Rand Paul meets with Cliven Bundy in Nevada

Freshwater and ocean acidification stunts growth of developing pink salmon

Westboro Baptist Church to protest... Weird Al Yankovic (?)

It's been a year.

IPRA recommends Chicago cop be fired for off-duty shooting

Gallup has Obama back in positive territory

Republicans Versus "Government Marriage" - Ambitious GOPer calls for marriage-ending special session

The Democratic party needs to make something crystal clear to NH

Four Israelis injured in shooting near West Bank settlement

Stan Lee Hospitalized On Sunday, But Makes Ant-Man Premiere

Super Sizers (UK Food Show)

I'm not convinced Hillary won't run

Here's a chuckle

I'm supporting Hillary for the nomination, but if Bernie is nominated I'd support him in the general

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Transgender Rights (HBO)

The Baseball Project w/ Mike Mills & special guest, Bill Berry, closed Athfest 2015!

San Angelo judge assigned to Donald May (aka Mr. Conservative) hearing re sexual harassment

Jupiter and Venus converge for the first time in 2000 years.

Elena Urlaeva, fearless Uzbek activist

U.N. Report Shoots Down Israel's Exoneration of Troops in Gaza Beach Killings

The Wheels Come off Jeb’s Victory Wagon

Juan Cole: No, GOP, Biblical Marriage Was Not Between One Man and One Woman

Confederate flag cake, no. ISIS flag cake, yes. Wal-Mart apologizes after YouTube flap

Confederate flag cake, no. ISIS flag cake, yes. Wal-Mart apologizes after YouTube flap

Most Louisiana parishes issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples Monday, group says

Daily Holidays - June 30

Texas, Wisconsin decisions key in Louisiana abortion clinic case

Gov. Jindal signs marijuana penalty reduction

Half million acres burned in one day - Alaska shatters record for worst June wildfire outbreak ever.

The Korowai tribe live high above the ground in amazing forest tree houses

Martin O'Malley Calls for Addition of LGBT Employment and Housing Protections in Federal Law

Leaks allege assassination plot hatched by Egypt and Sudan

Operation near kabul: US raid on arms cache incites protests

The Great Wall of Turkey? Ankara imagines DMZ w/ Kurds, ISIL

French prosecutor confirms terrorist motive, IS link to factory beheading

400 Million Fewer Animals Were Killed for Food Last Year Because People Are Eating Less Meat

All-round efforts needed to save vanishing Great Wall

Russia braces for ‘Euromaidan’ in Armenia


Greece may find it is easier to close banks than re-open them

ATHEX: No trade until next Tuesday at the earliest

(Greece) Closure of country’s banks leads commerce to grind to a halt

I'm not sure I fullly agree with Chris Christie's choice of a campaign song...

Chris Hedges Wins L.A. Press Club’s Top Award for Activism Journalism

The NYT Is Wrong: Greece Shouldn’t Accept Endless Depression Because Default Might Be Painful

Labor for Bernie Kickstarts Effort to Get Unions Behind Sanders With Nearly 2,000 Union Backers

'Tragic Loss': Historic Oregon Stadium Engulfed in Flames

Russia pledges to support Syrian government in surprise meeting

For all the RW nutjobs screaming about marriage

Campaign logos (cartoon)

1 arrested in fight at Statehouse over Confederate flag

Funds for veterans’ day care dry up

BREAKING NEWS: Greece will not pay IMF on Tuesday: Greek finance minister

Girl Scouts return $100,000 donation that ‘can’t be used to support transgender girls’

Poll: priority for increasing public mental health funding

Joseph Stiglitz: Europe’s war on Greek democracy

At least 113 people dead in Indonesian military plane crash: air force

WikiLeaks says NSA spied on top French companies

Car bomb hits Sanaa mourners as Houthis launch Scud at Saudi Arabia

Obama's approval rating grows following memorable week

Taoiseach Bravely Says Exactly What He’s Been Told To Say On Greece

Quick: Read The Planetary Society Mars Plan While It Is Free

NPR article about events in our life thirty years ago -- DonViejo

Nature imitates art - flash freeze - last week in New Zealand

Before the Dawn

Vladimir Putin allies assisted Russian Mafia in Spain, says prosecutor

Would you vote for Bernie Sanders if he were running third party

Luckovich - Trump's Hair

Best non-family human you've ever met (in person) ?

Even a blind man could find it

Islamic State beheads female civilians for first time in Syria: monitor

I want to thank the Ku Klux Klan...

UN at 70: “Foxes in Charge of Global Chicken Coup”?

Greece debt crisis: 'Last-minute talks after new offer'

Hillary closed a deal to sell 29 BILLION dollars of military equipment to Saudi Arabia

Greece's euro-referendum: 100 Greeks give their view

Jack Carter, Comedian has passed.

Here's the CIA's Just-Released Top Secret File on Saudi Ties to 9/11 (over 500 pages)

Decriminalization doesn’t address marijuana’s standing as a drug of the poor

Sen Mitch McConnell Hits A New Low As Kentucky Thinks Dead Col. Sanders Would Be A Better Senator

Tunisia attack: Gunman 'was in Isis sleeper cell and had terror training in Libya', student says

Paxton Opinion Exploits Faith: From Matt Angle's Lone Star Project, Share Page

My wife was talking yesterday to a Greek business associate...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- A Nation of Laws and Rights

Confederate Flags Taken Down from Ft. Sumter

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Flags

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: GOP

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest


Yaaas Hillary!

Right now, I'm trying to make friends outside of Facebook, while applying the...

Captive virgins, polygamy & sex slaves: What marriage would look like if we actually followed Bible

Are some of my friends in this forum being targeted by the jury system for what they post here ?

Funds for veterans’ day care dry up

Conservatives Love Scott Walker’s Anti-Gay Transition

Oh, The Irony: The Confederate Flag - NOW - In Chains

The Act Blue results for DU for Bernie just yesterday

The U.S. Is Now the World’s Second Largest Spanish-Speaking Country (don't tell trump)


Hey, Liberals: SCOTUS Ain’t Your Friend - By Michael Tomasky


Justice Department faults Ferguson protest response

Populist Reform Starts With One Person, One Vote.

Liz Warren: “I love what Bernie is talking about"

Shots Fired at SF Pride 6/27

Rand Paul meets with criminal rancher Cliven Bundy

Arkansas Clerk Will Resign To Avoid Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Worse Than NBC Firing - Carlos Slim scraps project with Donald Trump after Mexico insults

Yikes! The Sahara is on the move...WE'RE MELTING OVER HERE!!!

Roy Moore Backtracks: Court Order Doesn't Stop Gay Marriage In Alabama

Roy Moore asks, "What are WE Christians supposed to do? Answer: Feed the hungry.

Alan Grayson hedge funds skirt ethics rule

Square Testicles

Two deaths reported after fire on Japan bullet train

Sasse, Nebraska attorney general applaud EPA (SCOTUS) decision

"The U.S. computer industry is dying--and. I’ll tell you exactly who is killing it and why"

Putting Racism In It's Right Place

Is There Such A Thing As Being In Contempt Of A Supreme Court Decision?......

Here's the Proof: The Establishment Fears Bernie Sanders

*BOG GROUP* On Trade, Here's What the President Signed Into Law

O'Reilly Incensed By Rainbow White House Display After Gay Marriage Ruling

Wildfire destroys homes and forces evacuations in central Washington | Mashable

Jon Stewart Rips Into Pro-Confederate Flag Crowd: Slavery’s Kind of a Big Deal

Obama's approval rating grows following memorable week

The Job of a County Clerk

‘Self-immolation’ on bullet train south of Tokyo leaves two dead, 26 injured

The Donald sues Everyone

Charlie Cook: GOP Loaded Up In Car - Racing Toward Generational Cliff - With Eyes On Rearview Mirror

Inequality is a disease, voter turnout the cure

Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if she were running third party

Justices take up dispute over union fees

Cartoon: The right's SCOTUS outrage

2 Uber executives ordered to stand trial in France

Rachel Maddow - Marriage equality fight lingers in some states and counties

Rachel Maddow - Rare confrontation on lethal injection surprises at Supreme Court

Rachel Maddow - Top tier GOP candidate Trump dealt blow to business for remarks

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

The practical reason for polygamy in ancient times

GOP declares war on the Supreme Court: What’s really behind the reactionary plot against the judicia

question about deficit spending

Why is it when the Banks ''get in trouble,'' the People bail them out?

Ross Douthat is a clueless scold: How he just exposed the bankruptcy of conservatives’ anti-gay marr

Martin O’Malley: Big money men put nation on brink of ‘pitchforks’

Now what would be a good backdrop for Chris Christie's Presidential Announcement?

Did you know you could rec a hidden thread?

Why New Zealand Is Better Than Australia

Note to freepers: gay marriage is not mandatory, you can still marry the opposite sex

Walmart Apologizes for Making ISIS Cake for Man Denied Confederate Flag Design

Greece makes new aid proposal, seeks debt restructuring

Anyone seen the Mark Rubio sleazy ad trying to sink the Iran compacts ref nukes.

Consumer Reports finds some newer cars burn too much oil

25 Assassination Attempts On US Presidents You Might Not Know About

Aryan Nations throws its support behind Dylann Roof

NRA Avoiding Accountability for Charleston Shooting

I am leary of posting this but... HRC ROOM

Idaho county clerk threatens to marry her dog after Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage

Martin O'Malley editorial: 'We can get all our energy from renewables'

Tepco ordered to pay over suicide linked to nuclear evacuation

Girl Scouts returns $100,000 after donor demands that it ‘not be used to support transgender girls’

Obama hilariously calls middle class-destroying TPP fast track law a "true bipartisan effort"

After waffling for a few months, I have now decided to come out in favor of Sanders

Report: Biden’s sons urged him to run for president

Chris Christie Enters Presidential Race

Tunisia: Beach gunman trained in Libya with museum attacker

IMF has made €2.5 billion profit out of Greece loans

KKK Chapter To Hold Confederate Flag Rally On S.C. Capitol Grounds

Trump Keeps Beating The Anti-Mexico Drum: 'They're Killing Us At The Border!'

Trump: NBC 'stands behind Brian Williams,' not people who tell it 'like it is'

Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event Begins; 2015 on Pace to Become Hottest Year on Record

Jeb Bush Will Release 33 Years Of Personal Tax Returns

Obama set to expand overtime pay for millions of workers

As Google invents an 'unsend' button... What's the most embarrassing email YOU wish you'd never sent

McKinney Texas (pool party) cops acting out of control when

Why Johnny look like someone walked across your grave. Starring Peter King as Johnny.

Algae (phytoplankton) to cope well in climate change

June fosters, 2nd week

Make them pay

Laughing vandals killed birds, damaged turtle nests in beach rampage, officials say

The Urban Heat Island and Local Temperature Variations in Orlando, Florida

A small suggestion for all Bernie supporters

Benefits to be extended to spouses of Texas' gay state workers

Any one listening to the Christie jump on the clown car speech?

The Donald's Hair Located

A Letter to My Sublime Allies on the US Left

Why Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic

Laughing vandals killed birds, damaged turtle nests in beach rampage, officials say

Silicon Valley: laugh-out-loud funny

A Call to Action. This has to STOP!

Wisconsin trying to screw Union Construction

Keeping track of the 2016 money chase

Wal-Mart Apologies for Baking Cake Decorated With ISIS Flag

US home prices climbing steadily

Sad news in Milwuakee...

June 30th Prednisone Support Group: I call it the Housekeeping Drug!

Are There Any GOP Presidential Candidates That Really Care About This Country? IMHO.....

In GA, SC & NC: ALEC Wants to Indoctrinate High School Students

5M expected to get raise by Obama / Rumors would've settled f/ less - CfAF (3 articles)

Did Christie's Announcement Draw As Many Protestors as Supporters?

10 Commandments statue must be removed from state Capitol, Oklahoma Supreme Court rules

I am so sick of stupid people and immature people.

In Tax Battles, “Competitiveness” Means Coercion

ICYMI: DU is upgrading, eventually

Taliban wound 21 Afghans, kill one in attack on NATO convoy

NL All-Star balloting 6/29/15:

watch this kid explain why he likes Bernie.

Hourly Employees Are Getting Screwed Like Crazy

POLL: Favorite FSM Image (Stained Glass Version)...

TTP & TTIP - Froman: "We want to get TPP done and through Congress."

A Lifetime Of Second Chances dog rescue by Emily Ann Meyer Frederick, MD

"Gay marriage'll destroy traditional marriage. No. No. Forget that!" Come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Randi Rhodes will be on Stephanie Miller show tomorrow, 2nd hour, promoting new book

Hey everyone, no worries, just...Keep Calm and...

The True History of the Confederate Flag by Tom the Dancing Bug

SCOTUS' anti-EPA decision doesn't mean much f/ coal

Pic Of The Moment: Chris Christie Enters Presidential Race Relying On Charisma To See Him Through

Chris Christie's wife, Mary Pat's face today...

F-35 at its best fails to beat a F-16 at its worst in a dogfight

Nebraska Wildlife Rehab's ark is bursting at the seams

More than 1.6 billion people live in poverty, new report shows

Burned Black Churches May Be ‘Violent Backlash’ After Charleston Shooting

two questions for Hillary supporters......

Crowdfunded bailout of Greece

Res ipsa loquitur

Railroads use new oil train rule to fight transparency

Don't let the door hit you in the ass, "Reverend" Wiles...

Roberts appeared to scold conserv lawyers for using courts as a tool to fight political battles

Some 1,200 rally for Israel at UN Human Rights Council

Obama Admin TPP top trade officials receive bonuses from banks.

Former FSU Mascot Dead After Being Stabbed Over Argument About Gumbo Recipe

Col. Kemp tells UNHRC it’s become “tool of Hamas’ murderous strategy”

There's a simple solution to Greece's problems, but Europe won't try it

This brand new van will not be stolen.

Old school grassroots campaigning. That’s how Martin O'Malley is running his campaign

"I Made A Huge Sacrifice To Buy My Dream Home"

Florida cracks down on people posing pets as service animals.

Google to help FRA notify drivers of rail crossing locations

Meet the New, Dangerous Fringe of the Anti-Vaccination Movement

Elizabeth Warren Won't Rule Out Campaigning for Bernie Sanders

Debate in my state, idiot comments on news story

Orthodox Jewish Group Invents Uber For Protesting Gay Pride

Republican Controlled States Fail on EVERY Measure

Obama Administration Removes Crucial Barrier to Marijuana Research

Elizabeth Warren: 'I love what Bernie is talking about'

9,500 expected at Madison rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

*BOG GROUP* A Hard Day's Work Deserves a Fair Day's Pay

'Leap second' added for first time in three years

National Rifle Association's Televised News Show Canceled

UCC church to divest over Israeli treatment of Palestinians

Gov. Jerry Brown signs California's new vaccine bill

So, about those shootings in Charleston. . .

Alabama Chief Justice Moore: Gay marriage 'not in accordance with Constitution'

Bobby Jindal to Perform Exorcism on Donald Trump's Hair

The Cost of Cruises: Planned Caribbean Port Would Destroy Coral Reefs

CBC News: Medical marijuana legal in all forms, Canadian Supreme Court rules

Jimmy Carter is still great...

Some Minor Crotchets about Beer

Girl Scouts Raise $100,000 in One Day After Dropping Transphobic Donor

Cory Booker Formally Backs Hillary Clinton

10 Commandments statue must be removed from state Capitol, Oklahoma Supreme Court rules

"Pat" goes to the gym...

Ted Cruz Praises John Roberts in Memoir

In Northern New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton to Celebrate Fourth of July Holiday with Granite Staters

At Least Two KY. Clerks Not Issuing Any Marriage Licenses After SCOTUS Ruling

Hope was for 2008...Justice and Progress 2016

U.S. Chamber Takes On Anti-Smoking Laws

I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery.

Bloody brawl erupts outside South Carolina Statehouse over Confederate flag

'Tanned. Rested. Ready.’

Bernie Sanders gaining in 2016 polls for good reasons | Letter

Christie Moves to Loosen Gun Laws

Daily Cute: Baby Goat Musical Chairs

Egypt's president Sisi promises crackdown after state prosecutor killed in car bomb

Cory Booker Formally Backs Hillary Clinton-HRC Room

Rescheduling Marijuana is Not a Magic Bullet

Bloody police beating of restrained victim shows body cams are useless

Marriage Won’t Turn Gay Population Into Republicans

NATO Member Turkey Breaks Ranks: Slams EU Austerity, Offers Greek Aid

A Mystery Floating in the Water

PBS FRONTLINE: "Growing Up Trans" 9pm CST tonight

Just how stupid are the Freepers?

Rec if you think Bernie Sanders should live here...

Canadian Commonsense vs. American Reefer Madness

United Airlines investing $30 million in biofuels producer

PressTV - Syria War Deception

California’s Sinking Center:How the Economic Recovery Is Leaving California’s Midwage Earners Behind

Volcano warning raised for Mt. Hakoneyama after small eruption reported

Chelsea Clinton Speaking Fee Flap

Bernie Sanders is hot enough on the campaign trail to be drawing attacks

I just want to say Donald Trump is a gift from God to us Democrats.

I just saw a banner ad the read "Winslow For President".

Gay activists in Asia upbeat about impact of U.S. court ruling

Bernie Store update.

Gay activists in Asia upbeat about impact of U.S. court ruling

what's for dinner - tuesday, june 30th

Sanders: US campaign finance 'a national disgrace'

Father Of Boy With Down Syndrome Fired After Asking Co-Workers Not To Use Offensive Language

ICYMI. This is important....

I have long thought the Jeb was going to be the GOP nominee --

Thought I'd share this -

Europe’s Attack on Greek Democracy

"Um. Poo cupcakes?"

How a story will take your thought processes down a different road TPP

What town matches my politics?

How many law suits do "tort reform" republicans have going at the moment?

Dancing aunties' in Hong Kong accused of offering prostitution services

Senate's only African American Democratic member endorses Hillary

Lawrence O’Donnell: Antonin Scalia is ‘the Donald Trump of the Supreme Court’

The rising threat from Greece

Wouldn't the confederate flag be considered a foreign flag?

Thai ice cream company apologizes for homophobic slur

Report: Egypt increasingly cracking down on its youth

The Plethora of Republican Candidates: Could It Be Partly Tactical?

Bernie Sanders calls rivals' cash dash 'a national disgrace'

Stand with Bernie for Our First Official Deadline Tonight... I just donated another $25.00!

California teacher's Supreme Court case may determine future of public employee unions

I have some 20 year old hollyhock seeds...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says ‘Hasta La Vista’ To Gay Marriage Hater On Facebook

Slimy Dick Cheney Still Dictating GOP Foreign Policy

US And Brazil Commit To Climate, Renewable Energy Goals

The Olympus Air is now in the U.S.

Doctors Got $6.5 Billion From Drug, Device Makers in U.S.

'Jeb Bush and His Friends Have Spent a Lot of Time Explaining His Bad Business Deals'

Obama Says He’ll Walk Away From Iran Talks If Terms Can’t Be Met

Learning in process, I hope, please remember 'evil' sense of humor.

New MI PPP poll--> Trump near top of pack in Michigan, Clinton leads GOP field

The Islands Where Watching Whales Could End Their Lives

State Department Will Release More Hillary Clinton E-mails at 9 P.M.

SSM decision causes victim culture temper tantrum | 'gays will demand all participate in sex w/them'

Never get out of the boat, unless...

Trump is from Queens?

Holiday meal special plans this weekend?

Stunningly simple way to boost federal tax revenue

No-Respect Recovery May Wind Up Becoming Longest Ever in U.S.

Ted Cruz Auditions for The Simpsons

Seaquest dsv, JUST LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

Puerto Rico Crisis Spurs U.S. Congress to Advance Chapter 9 (Bankruptcy) Bill

Trump near top of pack in Michigan, Clinton leads GOP field

Vet’s spouse feels Clinton’s support _ HILLARY GROUP POST

I did not realise there were so many

Tsipras: Their plan was to end hope for a different policy in Europe

When I see people arguing that we have to accept....

NYPD gets down during NYC pride

Condom portrait of Pope Benedict XVI slammed by church

Bernie Sanders on Same-Sex Marriage and Equality...

Bobby Jindal Sued Over His Executive Order Slow-Rolling Same-Sex Marriages

Union sues personnel office over hack of employees’ information

Will there still be super delegates in the convention?

sue the county....

Methane-eating microorganisms help regulate emissions from wetlands

What Chris Christie Didn't Say at His Campaign Kickoff

Ratings Now Cut Both Ways, So Don’t Sass Your Uber Driver

What red states (like NH and KY) will fight to keep Bernie off the primary ballot.

Consumer Confidence Index Rises To 101.4 In June, Solid Gain Pointing To Future Growth

21 ways to swear in Welsh.

Bill Haslam not planning to meet President Obama in Nashville

Bernie Sanders can give America what it needs: Some good old-fashioned class warfare

Dear Donald Trump

IMF: austerity measures would still leave Greece with unsustainable debt

Islamic State may threaten Russia's Caucasus

Greece on the brink of financial collapse with IMF deadline hours away

Mike Huckabee Urges Governors To Defy Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling

Every child in California must be vaccinated. The only exceptions are medical.

Rand Paul met with Cliven Bundy in Nevada.

Update on my daughter Angela Elizabeth who is 3 months old as of yesterday!

Syriza, The EU Institutions & Struggle For Democracy

American History X-ed: How The Confederate Flag Was Divorced From Slavery & Segregation

Justice Department faults Ferguson protest response

Tiny Hamster BBQ and Pool Party

Brokered repuke convention?

In One Clip, Ted Cruz Un-does ANY Serious GOP Presidential Ambitions - Dumf*ckery at its Best

The Dominican Republic’s "Ethnic Purging": Mass Deportation of Haitian Families

So if hetero marriages don't fall apart

Chris Christie Announces New Jersey Leadership Teams Made Up of More Than 200 Republican Leaders

Lawsuit Filed Against Clerk Who Refused Marriage License to Same-Sex Couple

Updating my resume

You all remember what happened the last time we faced an Axis power

Ted Cruz appears at 2 Atlanta-area bookstores this Friday

Fresh fava beans`

Unvaccinated boy dies of diphtheria in Spain

Paul Coombs is the man who thought up the sex toy flag at the Pride parade in London

Mossad-linked group holds anti-BDS legal seminar

(Video) Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders

ACLU of Kentucky Willing to Sue the County Clerks Refusing to Issue Marriage Licenses

Republicans are in retreat

More Uribe aides to be charged, this time over paramilitary visit to presidential palace

Judge Blocks New Florida Law That Delays Abortions 24 Hours

KKK Plans Pro-Confederate Flag Rally In South Carolina

East Tennessee hardware store puts up 'No Gays Allowed' sign

Disney's business plan given to investors in 1957

Carlos Slim scraps project with Donald Trump after Mexico insults

Rand Paul: No More Marriage for Anyone if Homosexuals Can Marry

Carlos Slim scraps project with Donald Trump after Mexico insults

Costa Rican Women Try to Pull Legal Therapeutic Abortion Out of Limbo

Honduras Bleeding

Honduras Bleeding

I think the issue of the death penalty can be resolved very simply for any religious person ....

KKK began national recruiting efforts, including in Alabama, days after South Carolina massacre

Phyllis Schlafly Proposes Congressional Resolution Affirming The Dignity Of Straight People

Big huge Food Repression ALERT for all 37 million Californians!

Fracking Expands Under the Radar on Mexican Lands

Fracking Expands Under the Radar on Mexican Lands

Orthodox Jews Pay Mexicans to Dress Like Jews at Gay Pride Protest

Misty Copeland makes history as first black principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre

Both Co-Hosts Quit Donald Trump's Miss USA Pageant

Answer to a homophobe who mourns 'Obamanation' of SCOTUS' SSM decision

Trumpghazi Continues: Mexico Drops Out Of Miss Universe Pageant

What are you doing for your leap second?

Cory Booker Formally Backs Hillary Clinton

Fox News Kicks Sarah Palin’s Ass to the Curb

My "WTF?" of the day, Phyllis Schlafly edition...

Have Millions of Deaths from America’s ‘War on Terror’ Been Concealed?

The Twisted Politics of GMOs

The worst part about this congressidiot?

How many other white supremacists have

How being poor can lead to a negative spiral of fear and self-loathing

Archaeologists call on feds to protect Chaco Canyon area

Archaeologists call on feds to protect Chaco Canyon area

A Black Cherry Statement

Compromise - Timing Is Everything......

Q: re getting to Alliant Center in late afternoon? Anyone experienced with Madison WI?

Brett Favre, at age 45, says he could still play in the NFL

‘Did Jesus ride dinosaurs?’ : Bobby Jindal’s Twitter Q&A hilariously backfires

Republicans are in retreat

I wanna see Trump, Christie, and Fiorina debate, maybe...

Congress lets Export-Import Bank expire

Cuba first to eliminate mother-to-baby HIV transmission

Dutch startup to 3D print bridge over canal using two robots

Does Bernie have any Super Delegates supporting him?

With Seconds To Spare, 70-Year-Old Woman Finishes 100-Mile Endurance Race

Teabaggers trying to kill the Export-Import bank...

That's wrong.....

CNN: "We don't have any time anymore" for US Constitution & Bill of Rights

Can we discuss the attacks of our members here?

Secret US court allows resumption of bulk phone metadata spying

Dad Holding Daughter Arrested for Evading El Fare, But Questions Remain Over Use of Force

Sen. Bernie Sanders to Speak in Arlington

These Religious Leaders Are Celebrating Marriage Equality | ThinkProgress

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Judge Blocks New Florida 24-Hour Abortion Wait Law

So, am I the only one who's feeling better about True Detective after Episode 2?

I want give a damn!

PBS NewsHour-What the Supreme Court’s mercury ruling means for the EPA

Liked Humans very much.

Majority Report: The Establishment Fears Bernie Sanders

NPR Ed Presents: Jonathan Kozol

US-Cuba ties: Washington and Havana to announce embassies

US-Cuba ties: Washington and Havana to announce embassies

Greece debt crisis: IMF payment missed as bailout expires

Greece debt crisis: IMF payment missed as bailout expires

Hawaii lawmaker assaulted at homeless camp

Ted Cruz mocked VP Biden a couple days after Beau's death

Texas’ Attorney General Is Confused About How Religious Liberty Works (Who's surprised?):

"Stop Resisting !" These are the new magic words.

Pope to meet with homeless, prisoners and immigrants in US

Shell secures new authorization in pursuing Arctic drilling

Does Christie's wife look like an idiot, smiling like a fool and gazing adoringly at her husband?

Public officials are ministers of God'

Why Martin O'Malley is attacking Bernie Sanders — and not Hillary Clinton

Around 1,200 escape from Yemen prison, including al Qaeda suspects

But I heard it in the alley on a weird radio...

Could This GINORMOUS Mall Symbolize China's Bursting Real Estate Bubble?

Wow !.. Howling winds in my back yard..

What are the alternatives to bathing caps?

Definitions and synonyms for "Rancid"

Bernie asks " why are most lawmakers millionaires?

What Is The Confederate Flag Distracting Us From?

Virginia Girl Scouts to be part of first-ever White House campout

Bigot’s Note To LGBT-Friendly Minister: ‘God Hates You’ For Marrying ‘Queers’

Abby Huntsman said on Politics Nation that she believes

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama Sides With the Wrong People for the Wrong Reasons at the Wrong Time

CRAIN'S-Supreme Court takes case on 'fair share' union fees

increasing Arctic Methane Emissions: will EPA add these to fossil fuel's GHGs emissions?

Is it time for cities to join together in networks for the sake of progress?

1StrongBlackMan is a wonderful kind person.

Saw this in another GD-P

Who else is melting? It's close to 100° here ...

Europe’s Controlled Demolition

United Church of Christ votes to boycott & divest from companies profiting from Israel’s occupation

Allen West is proud of the Confederate flag

Republicanism is dead. Maybe.

TRNN: "US Hedge Funds Get Bailed Out if Greeks Pass Bailout Referendum"/Bill Black & Michael Hudson

U.S. And Cuba To Announce Embassy Openings

I was watching a PBS show with him in it. But I didn't know he died in 2012!

Arsonists Set Brush Fires By I-5 Near Seattle

Catching up with darkness

How the reaction to the gay marriage ruling could hurt the GOP’s 2016 nominee

Please welcome LiberalElite as the new host of the New York Room.

Along the Greece theme, more here… Coming to the USA I fear.

Random Facebook Post

51 reasons you know you’re a real New Yorker

We are the lions free of the coliseums!

‘NYT’ finally acknowledges that ‘growing number of American Jews’ support BDS

Misty Copeland . . . . Merde!

I want to visit Cuba

#NYCPride2015 with @ChelseaClinton & Ames Open House!

They targeted 1StrongBlackMan and created a martyr.

New Bernie video - Denver highlights

First they ignore you...

Big huge Food Repression ALERT for all 37 million Californians! (xpost from GD)

ACLU, Innocence Project sue to get jailhouse records on behalf of Omaha man convicted in 2007 slayin

The world's fastest Death Cult

Norway is Building a Highway for Bees

Norway is Building a Highway for Bees

Ted Cruz on "Hardball" next Wednesday July 8th

AA Group Family and Friends ...

The New York Times-Next Fight for Gay Rights: Bias in Jobs and Housing