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Greek MPs back referendum on bailout

All elections matter

I think that this is the perfect song for this momentus occasion

Is the Mississippi AG still blocking same sex licences?

Oldie but a goodie!!!!!!!!!!

NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. backs ban on Confederate flag

Bill Maher Slams Bristol Palin and the Homophobic GOP

The Obama eulogy yesterday

Fires in Black Churches in Four Southern States: ARSON Suspected

Maher: We are the United States of We Don't Want To Know.

Listening to punk and heavy metal may calm your nerves: study

Need a marriage license? Here's what counties are compliant as of 06/26/2015

Bush: New gun limits not way to prevent shooting tragedies

In honor of President Obama singing 'Amazing Grace', I offer another breathtakingly beautiful

Bryan Fischer Flips Out Over SCOTUS Ruling: ‘From a Moral Standpoint, 6/26 is Now Our 9/11'

Anyone else hate the look of the new Netflix?

So someone told me Monk fish tastes like lobster.

Bernie Sanders Breakfast Conference

Any anti-Obama Democrats still out there?

Sestak independent of Old-Dem-Party-machine pols-Running on his own.

FAA probing Patriots, Giants and Cowboys for using drones illegally

Scott Walker Is Still Looking For Ways To Ban Gay Marriage

Teen Bitten By Shark on North Carolina Beach Near Scene of Earlier Attack

Anti-Vaccine Doctor Jeff Bradstreet Dead in Apparent Suicide

A Good Rule of Law: Mind Your Own Business

6-26-15 Have you ever heard of Jennie Curtis in 2:00

6-26-15 Have you ever heard of Jennie Curtis in 2:00

6-26-15 Have you ever heard of Jennie Curtis in 2:00

Thank you jurors for hiding homophobe's 3 posts 7-0

Obamacare ruling puts Supreme Court on hot seat in presidential race

Am I alone

Pope Francis recruits Naomi Klein in climate change battle

Idiot on Facebook

Mexican Poker

U.S. Episcopal Church elects first black presiding bishop

6-27-93 Work in Unsafe Conditions or Else in 2:00

6-27-93 Work in Unsafe Conditions or Else in 2:00

6-27-93 Work in Unsafe Conditions or Else in 2:00

Baltimore police open probe into new shooting of unarmed black man

Rats dream about the places they wish to go

By the river dark, who can really see?

Scalia's Tears: Now you really can drink them

Racist terrorism in Charleston

Episcopal Church elects first black presiding bishop

Argentine judge orders seizure of Falklands drillers' assets

I do hope that the five justices have ample protection

ISIS and the Lonely Young American

6-year-old dies in Spain's first diphtheria case since 1987

Baltimore Co. police name 3 officers who killed unarmed man

New plaque marks spot of Wall Street slave market

The Bernie Store: Funds our Political Revolution Union Made

Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito Realize They Will Be Villains In Oscar-Winning Movie Someday

Hippie Cat .... all we need is love.

Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

Fox News anchor worriedly asks if three people can marry after same-sex marriage is legalised

Colorado couple accused of starving 6-year-old girl

The new Miss South Carolina

An Open Letter to Mike "The Huckster" Huckabee

A bit of gaysplaining for Chief Justice Roberts . . .

Methodist Minister self-immolates (to inspire social justice) -- what a story

On Staying Sane in a Suicidal Culture

Do you have a Flag?

Do you have a tag?

Is the word 'vindictive' not allowed in the jury questions?

So the convervative was so upset about the SCOTUS on LGBT yesterday that...

I have formulated an opinion about the TPP

Paula Poundstone reads Antonin Scalia's next dissenting opinion.

I warned you about those math majors!

CNN hires new consultant

Police Respond to Shots Fired Near Civic Center UN Plaza During Pride Festivities

You can rainbow up your Facebook photo if you want to now!

THANK YOU!! (for GD-Primaries)

AP: Gay activists in Asia upbeat about impact of US court ruling

Hypocrisy, thy name is Duggar

AP: Gay activists in Asia upbeat about impact of US court ruling

Xposted from GD: You can rainbow up your Facebook page:

Sorry if this virus got the best of you

Married men are a pain in the ass to work with, and I am a guy.

15 Federal Benefits Same-Sex Couples Can Now Look Forward To.

Seriously folks, I should know better than to cross Skittles...

ILWU Local leader: Liners stopped providing chassis to cut union jobs

a simple question to ask the "the confederate flag is about heritage, not racism" crowd:

The Divine Sense of Humor

The Alamo as you've never seen it before

Israel and ICC on a collision course

Want a lot of laughs? Not for the faint-hearted

With the gay marriage ruling

Are killer whales persons?

Kitteh reactions to marriage equality

Music for a Saturday night, hangin' in the lounge.

Fox News: Why Is GOP Answering For 'Democrats' Confederate Flag?

Xposted from GD: You can rainbow up your Facebook page:

Why does Hillary have such a lack of focus on environmental issues?

Tunisia beach attack: Sousse protesters denounce terror

Blast from the past from my religious nutjob sister in law

My Gay Agenda today

Great analysis of Obama's eulogy rhetoric - from The Atlantic

Lost my best friend today

Jewish groups celebrate Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage

I got your flag of southern pride right here!

Daily Holidays - June 28

10 things idiots think will happen now marriage equality is legal

Huge Emergency!!!


This Is Bernie Sanders' Plan to Beat Hillary Clinton

Families pack up as S.F. rents keep rising

Protest NPR's pro-corporate TPP coverage

Lakoff likes the Pope's climate change framing.

Why Chicago Won’t Go Bankrupt—And Detroit Didn’t Have To


The Japanese pancake: OKONOMIYAKI

Hot dog, wiener, or frankfurter?

The Japanese Pancake: Okonomiyaki

The War on Drugs: 'A Trillion Dollar Failure'

I heart...

Japan Mourns Passing of Tama, the Cat Stationmaster

Japan Mourns Passing of Tama, the Cat Stationmaster

For those who've STILL say that Bernie Sanders doesn't care about anti-oppression issues...

This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind (Interesting Chart)

This might be useful on wealth/ disparity to add Bernie's message

OOPS!!! CIA forgot to turn over 14,000 photos of ‘black sites’ could complicate Gitmo trials

Need some prayers for 2 little kitties

Woke up this morning, the sun was shining

Disaster Capitalism and Outrage in Post-Coup Honduras

In first, Court orders Dutch gov’t to protect citizens from climate change

Eastern Europe: US Expanding Another “Dumb War”

ECB crisis talks expected as Greece teeters on brink of debt default

Greek debt: ECB 'to maintain funding limit'

Hundreds Still in Hospital After Fire at Taiwan Music Party

Builder discovers 'Swiss Bank' gold stash in Bavaria

The whole world is celebrating with us: London Pride Parade (great pics)

Paraguayan bishop ousted by pope scrutinized for spending

Paraguayan bishop ousted by pope scrutinized for spending

Thousands of defiant Tunisians light candles and march on the streets in protest at the massacre

Peru President Scraps State of Emergency After 30 Years - Reports

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Wizard Of Awwz Edition

Peru Reopens Probe into Mass Sterilization of 1000s of Indigenous People

Son of reviled Westboro Baptist founder mocks family’s church in awesome pro-gay Facebook post

The Honduran meltdown: Made in USA

Richard Matt's Former Accomplice Lee Bates: 'Nightmare' Is Finally Over

Seven years today. I am lost and will be for the rest of my life.

Charleston shooting: Jeb Bush says gun control will not prevent another tragedy

If Perry Is Not The Stupidest Citizen in Texas, Then God Help the Rest of Them

Minimum alcohol pricing cuts serious crime, study reveals

Armed with strollers and hashtags, activist aiming for gun reform in Nevada

Growing Up as a Species: Accepting the Worst, Realizing the Best - by Frances Moore Lappé

Abortion provider's departure makes procedure harder to schedule in Nebraska

Letter from California, 2008: Legislating Love

Letter from California, 2008: Legislating Love (Tricycle magazine (Buddhism))

Military Sexual Assault Reform Stalls Again

Hilarious video: OBAMA's BEST WEEK EVER - DEAL WITH IT!!!! Bwaaahaaaaaa!

The reaction of the RW to the SCOTUS decision

Our 18th Century Bill of Rights Needs Revising

A Lot of My Gay Friends Think SCOTUS Decision Was Bad

Scott Walker's budget largest in WI history; he skipped debt payments to balance it

US Olympic Committee Offers a Raw Deal to Boston Youth

Ted Cruz's father an early Fidel Castro revolutionary, memoir claims

In Japan, even the gun enthusiasts are in favor of gun control

‘The Ghosts of 1937 Are Warning Us’

Love is love from Tammy Baldwin

AP: Beaver attacks Oregon men who climbed on dam

Whatever Happened to That BBQ-ed F-35?

As Left Wins Culture Battles, G.O.P. Gains Opportunity to Pivot for 2016

Conservationists to move 7 lions from South Africa to Rwanda

The Latest: Germany warns travelers to Greece to bring cash

The 10 Days That Changed This Country Forever

Washington National Cathedral's Dean Wants to Remove Stained Glass Windows Showing Confederate Flag

THIS WEEK- Make Calls to Change Wisconsin's Worst Budget Ever INFORMATION HERE:

Sunday's Doonesbury-Sacrifices

People for Bernie at NYC Pride today!!!

People for Bernie at NYC Pride today!!!

In Charleston, We Saw Christianity at its Best

Hmmm...lets' see. Googling Rick Santorum. I wonder if he has a sad over that gay thing.

What the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling means for reproductive rights

Fun Pride Weekend reading: Where same-sex couples live. We mapped it.

What the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling means for reproductive rights

Justice Scalia's dissenting opinions put to music. Freakin' hilarious.

Question about Sanders

Charger dog rescue by Shannon Bollard Indiana, PA

Jindal, cynical charlatan: How a one-time GOP star turned into another scheming religious wingnut

Even when showing their hate for Black people they manage to appropriate from Black people.

Best picture at a Pride Parade - Christians apologize

McCaskill: Drone warfare taking toll on pilots

Looming highway debate stirs tax fight

Ken Ham Needs More Pork

Here's One Confederate Flag That Shouldn't Be Taken Down - an inspired work of art...

Bree Newsome Released From Jail: 'We took this task into our own hands because OTHERS Failed to act'

Contributions for Bree Newsome are approaching $100,000

In Colorado, Scott Walker details why he can beat Clinton

Worst Job Ever?

Not the Onion - » Former Bush officials teaching course on Iraq War ‘decision-making’

Look at these new wolf pups at Ashland's wildlife safari park

‘He’s Jesus Christ’

Meet The Middle East’s Atheist Preacher

Megyn Kelly slams Huckabee for rejecting SCOTUS SSM ruling: ‘Like it or not, they get the final say'

Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Portions Of Federal ‘3 Strikes’ Sentencing Laws

Donald Duck about to be interviewed by Jake Tapper, CNN.

Injured But Not Broken. Let’s Find Lizzie Her Forever Home!

Louie Gohmert freaks out: Marriage equality ruling means God will stop ‘protecting’ the US

FIFA Must Stop Performing “Gender Tests”

Don't miss this important film; out on DVD July 7

Koterba toon: Sweet freedom (to choose your spouse)

Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley

Why June 30 will get an extra second

Gary Hart: Welcome to the age of vanity politics & campaigns-for-hire.

Solving Saturns 2-billion-year age problem

White supremacist who inspired Dylann Roof calls Charleston ‘a preview of coming attractions’

Amazing Grace: President Obama's extraordinary eulogy in Charleston

Bernie Sanders doesn't follow the money

Photos of CIA prisons in Romania: The Washington Post reveals the U.S. has 14,000 pictures of secre

Unexpectedly little black-hole monsters rapidly suck up surrounding matter

Moldovans choose between Russia, Europe in local elections

"Do you think NY State should recognize gay marriage?" Hillary: "No."

'Hydrothermal siphon' drives water circulation through seafloor

Iran talks 'to go beyond deadline'

Kuwait names Saudi man as suicide bomber in mosque attack

The "ammosexuals"

The hippies Scalia warned about:

Single-gene mutation in pigeons also in doves

ISIS and the Lonely Young American

I managed to unfuck up my facebook page today! (it wasn't really fucked up).

Black holes may make ideal dark matter labs

Huckabee has lost his mind. He is trying to equate same sex marriage to the Dred Scott decision.

Coral reef organism provides research into soft tissue regeneration

49 flags are flying

The General Discussion forum seems so much nicer now. The air is fresh, and folks of like minds can

Donald Trump bump terrifies GOP

A solution for Greece, invented by a russian farmer and a school-student

Nonphotosynthetic pigments could be biosignatures of life on other worlds

TOON: Scalia Goes Commando

AMC's “The Making of The Mob: New York”....

Right To Die: the next right to work for.



Every American is a socialist.

Do Not Blink, Greece

Sahti, an old, home-brewed Finnish beer, characterized for the first time

I find that weeding gives me great time to think

Bernie wants to say this to you

Chelsea Clinton I couldn't agree more! Thank you @wellstrungNYC for supporting my mom:

Heads up for any SF Bay Area Pride attendees, Bernie's booth is at UN Plaza

NASA Elon Musk Space X Launch Failed

Tammy Duckworth WALKING in Chicago Pride Parade today!

NYT: The Robert E. Lee Problem

NYT: The Robert E. Lee Problem (more of a must read)

Peck, Peck, Boom, Boom...

League of South leader: John Wilkes Booth ‘took too long’ to assassinate ‘treasonous’ Lincoln

Will Chuck Todd apologize in this week's MTP for putting a black face on gun violence...

@joekennedy Had a blast knocking doors with @HillaryforNH in Nashua on #NHDayOfAction

Miyazaki girls... I wonder if there is

Any linguists on DU?

Kinky Boots Celebrates Marriage Equality.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 30: Play vs. Musical

Store Owner Who Said Confederate Flag Isn’t Racist Has Ties To KKK

Glen Campbell's Daughter Ashley Details Dad's Declining Health

Legoland, Hillary and teachable moments

CNN Yanks Story After Reporter Claims ISIS Flag Was Seen At London Pride

He's such a tight-*ss, when he f*rts, only the dogs can hear! Please come CAPTION Tony Perkins!

Turkish police use water cannon to disperse gay pride parade

Bernie Sanders up next on This Week

It's 11:00 a.m. Where's my LOL cats?

Anyone notice that not one of the pro-flag racists has

Editorial: As GOP candidates huddle with far right, Clinton deals with reality

Just saw a clip with Joe Biden at one

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 1: White Men among Native Americans

Racist Meaning Of the Confederate Flag, In the Words of the Man Who Designed It

Phyllis Schlafly Has The Sadz

Historic Day for Gay Rights, but a Twinge of Loss for Gay Culture

Looking for answers

SpaceX Rocket Explodes After Launching

Ignorance is Bliss; Until You Are Incinerated in a Nuclear Exchange

I'm sharing a private moment with my granddaughter when there was no camera to get the Kodak moment

Visitors to the garden.

Tyne Daly Shares Her Unique Link to SCOTUS Marriage Ruling in Emotional Curtain Speech

NRA Hymn

Did you know you can celebrate SCOTUS decision with your facebook pic

Just read where Chris Squire from Yes passed away

What a week!!!

Sunday Toons- You are now free to marry around the country

Don't Worry, Bigots! You're Still on Top

Cat stationmaster Tama mourned in Japan, elevated as goddess

Southerners have got to realize that Margaret Mitchell was a writer of fiction.

Isis in Kobani: Why we ignore the worst of the massacres

My Case Against Assault Weapons

Raw video of fire that injured over 500 Taiwan water park (content warning)

ABC This Week: Sen. Bernie Sanders Thinks He'll Win White House

What the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling means for reproductive rights

England's only wild beavers take the first swimming lesson video

ABC This Week Transcript

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Breaks Up After Launch With Space Station Cargo

The Grateful Dead -- I went to Saturday's concert

Instead of defacing statues of confederate traitors, salute them with a salute selfie.

Chris Squire, bass player and founding member of Yes has died

Remembering the Confederacy Too Fondly

Bristol Palin's Abstinence Program As Inspiration

MOTO DA STRATA (Motorcycle Crash Compliation) many crashes , extremly disturbing, warning!!

Liberals are Burning The Black Churches!!!

The Church of Self-Help By Helaine Olen

Has the GOP run out of big "Against" issues?


Pope Francis recruits Naomi Klein in climate change battle

Bernie Sanders Official YouTube Page

Picking a VP is the 1st decision and IMO the most important, but....

Teen bitten by shark on NC Outer Banks in serious condition

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.”

Religion In The Comics - 032

Amending the Constitution

CNN host to Donald Trump: ‘What’s traditional about being married three times?’

Watch this vid and describe Kanye West's "performance" of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in ONE WORD.

Where is Politics 2015 forum?

NEWT: “Republicans look at what’s happening & think we’re watching new stage of left-wing nuttiness"

Persecuted GOP, Conservative Haters Tired of People Fighting Back

Venezuela's struggling socialists hold primaries for parliamentary vote

Obama Sets Sizzling Pace for Climate Actions

Mike Huckabee Expects Civil Disobedience in Response to Gay Marriage Ruling

This morning outside of Newtown United Methodist Church:

Early Ant Man reviews are generally positive.

It's so easy to modify an AR-15...

So backward as usual! "Same-sex marriage in limbo in several states after Supreme Court ruling"

Video of Philadelphia man holding infant daughter arrested for not paying her fare


Sen. Sanders highlights 'brave vote' banning assault weapons, boasts 'strong record' on gun control

A Confederate Flag burns somewhere in NYC....

Anatomy of the Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision

Pat Boone is tired of racism...

Madison, Wisconsin: Join Bernie for a rally this Wednesday, July 1 at 7pm!

Leviticus and Homophobics-

Greece crisis live: banks 'to close' on Monday as ECB caps funding at current levels

It's not an accident...

Neither climate change or too big to fail will be major issues because....

Where are the freaking house flies coming from?

On the subject of the HIV travel ban

Joseph Stiglitz on Inequality (June 2015)

La. and Miss. last to hold out against same-sex marriage

Graham: GOP Should Take Gay Marriage Constitutional Amendment Out of Platform

Pics from NH

What's for Dinner, Sunday, June 28

Chris Squire, Yes Bassist and Co-Founder, Dead at 67

Never ignore any form of racism.

DDT Cleanup Continues for Mid-Michigan Town

Anyone seen any fireballs from space yet because of gay marriage?

Chris Squire, Yes Bassist and Co-Founder, Dead at 67

I am damn sick of...

'Testicle Eating Fish' With Human-Like Teeth Caught In New Jersey

Greece Will Close Banks to Stem Flood of Withdrawals

Message To Fundies Decrying The Supreme Court Decision As An Infringement On Their Religious Freedom

These people are allowed to vote

Rick Santorum: Redirect global warming effort to fighting gay marriage ‘for the survival of our...

Washington did not start a war against the USA to perpetuate slavery

Please Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass!

Would it be considered offensive to refer to Rick Santorum as "Scrotorum?"

Comedian Eddie Izzard: ‘I Hate the Right Wing,’

What will happen if mainstream media tries to take down Bernie like it did Howard Dean...

Maybe things are getting better

Does anyone have contact info for Sanders' 2016 campaigns

Pope Francis recruits Naomi Klein in climate change battle

Bristol Palin:

Why is it we forced "de-nazification" on Germany but not the equivalent on Confederates?

Sick of Cooks Misusing the Word Decadent

Just trashed/Ignored keyword "Bernie". HAAha Works just like one of those backyard bug zappers.

Bernie Sanders ARREST RECORD Revealed

How Ed Schultz lost me

"... he’s not mad at you. He’s got hot stuff on his nuts."

Martin O’Malley ad hits not Hillary Clinton — but Bernie Sanders?

White vs. Black reactions to the flag issue.

Tyrannosaurus Rump discovered in Florida

'My life was wasted and spent foolishly': Whitey Bulger

Can I hide out here for a while?

So do conservatives want to abolish all the gay people's marriages?

Were I in charge of American national security, I'd be looking

New York prison escape: Richard Matt was shot three times in head, police say

Medical marijuana job seekers gather with union reps in Gurnee

Biden attends services at Charleston church

Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans

Just back from seeing Gov O'Malley in Sioux City

Sweat might be dead. I have family in Malone, NY.

Saw Gov O'Malley today

I encourage the GOP to push for a constitutional amendment against gay marriage......

@RepPaulRyan = #MedicaidWorks Block granting Medicaid continues to be a very bad, no good idea.

State Trooper Is Said to Shoot Surviving Prison Escapee

White supremacist calls Charleston 'a preview of coming attractions'

6-28-15 The First “Legal” Labor Day in 2:00

6-28-15 The First “Legal” Labor Day in 2:00

6-28-15 The First “Legal” Labor Day in 2:00

"Puppies, rainbows and ice cream: Celebrating LGBT pride"

Upcoming Bernie Events: June 28 - July 6

Isn't is sad the last time the Republicans were on the right side of history was 1877 ?

Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley

The fairest way to reduce wealth inequality and preserve our democracy is to enact a progressive

Pope plans to chew coca leaves in Bolivia: minister

Pope plans to chew coca leaves in Bolivia: minister

Bernie Sanders: George Orwell...

"The Prosecution of an American President"

A “Peace Community” Tries Nonviolent Resistance in Colombia

the husband and i went camping this weekend

Millions of Venezuelans Vote in Socialist Party Primaries

Definition of Solidarity

New Massachusetts Sick Leave Law Effective July 1, 2015

More Accusations Flow Over Guatemala's Pérez Molina: When Will It End?

When Love Songs quit working

VP Biden attends Charleston church before victim's funeral

Mark Fiore Blame the Flag

Bernie Sanders interview on Univision

Lucinda Williams ended her performance with an enthusiastic, "VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS!"

They caught the second prison escapee in NY. Shot twice, taken to hospital.

A note to all politicians-

Marianne Williamson, I'm all for Bernie...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 29 June 2015

Like clean water? Tell the DNR

Euronext opens in 9 hours and 13 minutes

Today's APOD: All the Colors of the Sun (Rainbow)

Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary and become the 45th President of the United States

Solar Impulse takes off on delayed Pacific flight

Went to Freeperville today (re: Bristol Palin)

Ever hear about the Horse and Sparrow theory?

Amazing Realistic 3D Tattoos - Part The Deux - Pic Heavy

70% of Venezuelans would vote for opposition if the primaries held today

Processed Food Losing Market Share to Fresh and Organic Alternatives

Jon Erpenbach Anyone else offended by this? Walker goes to Colorado to lie...

Local news

Check out the Catholics for Bernie & Vets for Bernie FB pages

JULY CONTEST THEME: The color blue

Pope Francis Slams GMOs and Pesticides for Destroying the Earth's 'Complex Web of Ecosystems'

Just heard on the local nooz that Peter King...

Istanbul: riot police break up Pride parade

George Clooney producing 2016 remake of "Our Brand is Crisis", about Carville's GCS meddling...

How'd you like the heat wave?

I'm going straight to Hell for this ...

My name will be on the first public record of

Marriage Equality Hits Home as Conservative Lawmakers Get Ultimatums from Boyfriends

Italian coast guard: 2,900 saved in several sea rescues

The sounds of silence

Something especially excellent from Michael Roberts on Greece........

The final episode of 'Top Gear' with Jeremy Clarkson is going to break records

Something especially excellent from Michael Roberts on Greece........

Did NASA Cut Live ISS Video Feed as UFO Hovers into Frame of HD Cam?

Weekly Address: The Affordable Care Act is Here to Stay

BOG post of the Weekly Address: The Affordable Care Act is Here to Stay

West Wing Week: 06/26/15 or, “This Is Healthcare In America”

What song best describes the 14 Republican presidential candidates?

...About making view, (cause I make a lot).....

To be misunderstood

Has anyone seen, "Inside Out". The new Disney animated film.... I haven't yet.

I got N excuses

(Amazing video) Bernie Sanders on Jesse Jackson and the Democratic Party -- April 20, 1988

Paxton: State workers can deny licenses to same-sex couples

Netanyahu to Gaza flotilla: Did you mean to sail to Syria?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 2, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Treasures From the Disney Vault

Hey 'CON'servatives! Read the Gallup Poll lately?

5 Things Right-Wingers Can Do To Feel Better About Being Such Losers This Week

For those that may have not seen what was done to the white house after the ruleing...

Same Love (Freestyle Remix): Angel Haze

Just got back from LA

Everyone has seen this by now, right?

Fire-roasted potatoes, Brooklyn style

Fire-roasted potatoes, Brooklyn style

Processing: the Orton effect.

Invention May Make Hydrogen a Real Green Contender

Interactive map of counties and their stance of issuing same sex marriage licenses.

Why are other people so strange?

Who's afraid of Israeli hate crimes?

Black Churches being burnt again

Time is not up, it's not down either ...

What happened to the first several episodes of "The Following" on Netflix?

#TearOffTheWhiteHood – President Obama wants to force KKK to name its members after church massacre

Medical marijuana arrives next week in Minnesota – but smoking it is banned