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Archives: June 27, 2015

Update: We're watching the Third Secret unfold.

What the hell is wrong with people picking on Kristaps Porzingis

Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential presidents in American history

Satan's dancing; gay rights will bring mass murder; Obama manipulated Charleston murders

SCOTUS Rulings, Dominoes Fall, Conservative Poison Commences

Glenn Greenwald spews the Kremlin party line, episode #350,432

GOP's next practiced meme: "The Supreme Court is not God."

Hustlers Convention: Documentary unveils a lost classic

Check in if you'd love to hear Obama was repealing the 22nd Amend by Executive Order

Idea: Bernie gives major speeches on bigotry/oppression in Harlem, East LA, The Castro...

Celebrate Pride - Facebook

Bill Oreilly interviews noted "Intellectual" Kirk Cameron on gay marriage

Some people have a hard time grasping that their ancestors were racists

A 30-Second Guide to How the Gay Marriage Ruling Affects You

Dear DU...want a free copy of the historic SCOTUS decision?

Apple Backtracks, Reinstates Some Apps Using Confederate Symbols

Charleston Cop Fired for Posing in Confederate Flag Boxers (IMAGE WARNING)

Obama Transformed

(Florida) Confederate flag rally rolls down State Road 60

The White House right now.

Which of Martin Luther King's four proposals to fight inequality should be in the '16 Dem platform?

Photo of the Day: Equality Wins!

Celebrating marriage

Ted Cruz thinks the past 24 hours have been darker for America than the Charleston killings.

150 years later, America is still battling the Confederate mentality

Donald Trump? Simply the Best...

Majority of Alabamians Want Flag to Fly

Trump’s Latino outreach continues: Univision workers banned from using his Miami golf course

More Than Half Of North Carolina's Counties Have Confederate Monuments

I got good news about my trailer renting blues...which I will now divulge

HRC did "evolve" on same-sex marriage, but Bernie was there from the start.

The battle flag and a baffling allegiance to ‘Southern heritage’

the general lee from the dukes of hazzard

Solar's value is nearly 17 cents/kWh, utilities under-compensating

Does this look like George Bush 1 ?

White House celebrating tonight lit up in rainbow colors!

White House is lit up in rainbow colors. I will look for a photo.

This is not the season for Foggy Windows

Which Clown Car ticket would be the best for the Democratic Nominee to run against?

Link to a ton of Bernie/timeline photos - suitable for FB posts.

Bernie supporters..

Holy shit we are going to Venus

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Love Conquers All! & a new Doggie gif

First same sex marriage in Douglas County Nebraska video

Why we fought and why we won ....... marriage equality

Rachel says to call everyone and tell them she's about to show the entire Obama eulogy

To distinguish between terroristic acts on the basis of skin color is the essence of racism.

Pixar’s “Inside Out,” childhood depression and the emotional stranglehold of “Minnesota nice”

The White House Tonight and This Morning

Email from Bernie Sanders

The First Couple Of The USA!

Limited offer ..... free Hillary sticker ...

O'Malley: Boots on the ground vs. ISIS could be "counterproductive"

"So what's wrong with being a racist?" comments on Obama today in Charleston (WARNING)

President Obama Took Me To Church Today

Danny Glover: Venezuela Vindicating Afro-descendents

Say you will

Twenty counties in Texas say yes to issuing marriage licenses now; 234 counties to go

Iraqi military pilot found dead at F-16 crash site in Arizona

How long before the National Organization for Marriage goes out of business

MSNBC about to replay President Obama's eulogy of Rev Pinckney.

Ten Days in June

Can't wait for Bill Maher

North Carolina man surrounds home with Confederate flags

Connecticut court upholds $1 million award in priest sex abuse case

Today was one for the record books.

What will it take for this country to give thanks for Barrack Obama? n/t

Mexicans bash Trump pinata, call him imbecile

Challenge to U.S. warrantless surveillance on tap after guilty plea

Niagra Falls!!!

Venezuela: Second Bodyguard of Government Legislator Murdered

Jaime 'El Bronco' Rodriguez rides into power as governor as Mexico punishes government corruption

I dunno. Just watched eulogy 4 times...

Look at Mapquest here....

Warming and Overfishing Sent Seabirds Flocking to California

Could our national fever have broken these past ten days...?

How Our Sun Celebrates Marriage Equality

One World Trade lit up in rainbow color

This will help us to bring us together to maybe to be

Fire Lookout Rainbow .. just now! (6/26/2016 at 6:45 PM)

"Confederate flags coming down and rainbow flags going up"

Amazing Grace: The Movie

Bernie Sanders Speech to National Association of Latino Elected Officals

Bernie Sanders’s Early Online Haul: $8.3 Million

Bernie has raised more than any other Democratic candidate using ActBlue in last 45 days in LBN

Gov. O’Malley and Sen. Sanders to Participate in Netroots Nation Town Hall

Gov. O’Malley and Sen. Sanders to Participate in Netroots Nation Town Hall

Bernie has raised more than any other Democratic candidate using ActBlue in last 45 days in LBN

Drive-By Truckers, Lynyrd Skynyrd on the Confederate Flag’s Meaning

Wonder if that Roof kid realizes he inadvertently caused a good thing?

Mo. State Rep. Wants Confederate Flag Banned

Our Wonderful Day - June 26, 2015 /// Beautiful photo moments off my TV tonight

Footnote to this joyous day:

Church leaders say BDS is moral response to Netanyahu's rejection of Palestinian statehood

LGBT Couples Won At The Supreme Court Today. Here Is Their Message To The Haters.

Re-enactors asked not to display Confederate flag in Lewisburg parade (Pennsylvania)

Perhaps today's decision is better than we can imagine.

Andy Borowitz:"..An Excellent Week."

"Equal Dignity": Tomorrow's NY Times front page

What TV character asked this? Bet no one will get it.

Requests for ice cream and flush toilets at Nevada's Burning Man stirs firestorm

Confederate flag controversy spreading in Charlotte region (NC)

Well, Louie Gohmert has weighed in...

Jeb Bush to visit Charleston next week to meet with pastors


Justices Upset All Bans On Interracial Marriage

TPP fight illustrates Left's depth problem

Challenge to U.S. warrantless surveillance on tap after guilty plea

MUST SEE: White House Lit Up In Rainbow Colors to Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Decision

what is pink and black and LOVES eggs?

Charleston church gunman wanted AR-15 firearm, police report says

Reports on Hillary's event at the patriot center in No.Va.??

Missouri a Battleground State? Hillary Has Republicans Running Scared

Dominican Republic certifies citizenship of 55,000

3 reasons why church-based BDS does not unfairly ‘single out’ Israel

Got some pics of the White House from Lafayette Square (edit: fixed)

Awkward Moment Between CNN Jake Tapper Don Lemon Ends with Lemon Getting Mic Cut

Ted Cruz Proposes Supreme Court Elections to Counter ‘Judicial Tyranny'

Hiking helps blind cat and hoomin friend

MH17 tribunal idea is 'counterproductive': Russian official


Draft Biden 2016

My Gay Republican Fox News Watching Friend

Buildings all over the world lit up for Gay Marriage and also PRIDE MONTH/Week

Schadenfreude - Which conservative do you most enjoy being pissed off about today's decision?

This was posted on the San Francisco Giants Facebook and Twitter pages today:

We replaced everyone’s Confederate flag with a gay pride one!

This week's scorecard: The good guys two, the bad guys one.

One World Trade Center to light up in a rainbow

One World Trade Center to light up in a rainbow

I'm finally a legal outlaw tonight

Now righties are saying they have concealed carry reciprocity because of equal marriage



One World Trade Center to light up in a rainbow

World's most endangered marine mammal could go extinct

Disappointed local gay marriage opponents unite in prayer

Just got home from the celebrations in Manhattan.

ok so if G-d loves and supports gay people,

Hillary Clinton Vs. Bernie Sanders

State registrar makes marriage license application gender-neutral

Obama has set a high bar for the presidency

LoveWins and ObamaWins (again)

In Celebration of Marriage Equality - TMBG - And Mom and Kid (Dial-A-Song Bonus Track)

Little Rock Arkansas is Very lit up tonight

Obama speaks at Clementa Pinckney funeral – read the eulogy in full

"For too long, we’ve been blind to the unique mayhem that gun violence inflicts upon this nation."

Increase Browsing Speed in Mozilla Firefox – Speed up Firefox

American Trilogy

Santa Clara County employees vote to strike

Louie Gohmert freaks out: Marriage equality ruling means God will stop ‘protecting’ the US

GOP keeps in place funding ban on gun violence research

White House lights up after gay marriage ruling

Winner of The June Photo contest

I'm just realizing that all this bursting of the norms may be related to...the PLUTO Mission!

THANK YOU to all the LGBTQIA Activists who brought us to this moment

DENVER, COLORADO City & County Hall Lit Up in Rainbow Colors! (ST LOUIS Planetarium Too)

Unbelievable House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle

Calpis Calpico | Thirsty?

Judge temporarily blocks Tennessee surgical center abortion law

God help me... the new neighbors just dragged the stereo speakers out onto the porch...

*Oral argument, Same Sex marriage case, on C-SPAN2 now.

Charleston massacre exposes hate crimes and their tools

On the Confederate Flag

No offense, Mr. President with your Amazing Grace

1,000,000 acres already burned this season in Alaska

Is this weekend pride week everywhere?

Enlightenment on Confederate flag was long overdue

What Mr. Roof held in his other hand

Mauna Kea, technology, and kuleana

Hasta la vista.


A bit of entertainment in the midst of celebrating - now some of us can come out of another closet!

Chevron donates $5M for programs to help attract engineers to Texas A&M

Hug A Conservative...

New Rules and Then Some -- Real Time with Bill Maher

IMO, Biden would be the best decision the candidate could make for their VP.

GOP & RW Religions Already Plotting To Do To Gay Marriage What They Did To Abortion.

Any God that would approve of Antonin Scalia

Funniest Marriage Equality Memes

Some one asked earlier where this cartoon came from!

Anyone here remember the Psychic Consortium's prediction

The history of same-sex marriage in the United States in one GIF:

didn't some republican say he'd marry a horse?


Colorful judges.

I thought it was interesting that SCOTUS affirmed..

Authorities: Pot users face arrest at Church of Cannabis

Back to the ACA vote

Maybe the southern state capitols should KEEP their confederate flags

Just got my Accu-Chek 360 management system...

How Insurers Competed in the Affordable Care Act's First Year

Half of Europe's Electricity Set to Be From Renewables by 2030

Louisiana holds the line on same-sex marriage; while many states move ahead, no licenses issued

Give it up for Barack Obama, The Ever Loving Best President of the United States of AMERICA!

Former senator Scott Brown is selling diet pills on his Facebook page now

Hey, here is what the Conservative braintrust has to say-

A letter by Bernard Sanders 1972

Who'd a thunk it? Sweden teaches us about the perils of school privatization

Duggar Gay Marriage Post Slammed as Being Judgmental

Hundreds of protestors at Mauna Kea

Donald Verrilli.

New Colbert: "It's hard to believe gays have achieved full personhood..."

Msses. Statue of Liberty and Lady Justice Together: It's One Heck of a Combo!

U.S. Midterm Election Voter Turnout at Pre-Civil War Level

Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution Is Real

Should strawman about banning things with connections to the South or racism be banned?

Labor for Bernie press release

Why Anti-government Conservatives Should Celebrate Today

Please remember the courage of Edith Windsor, who filed the case that challenged DOMA!!

On Confederate symbols

CA, Puerto Rico, Minnesota, Seattle, Cleveland, St Louis, Brandenberg Gate Join #RainbowRevolution!

Labor for Bernie. Sign the letter!

Obama literally deserves no credit for the Supreme Court ruling...

OFFICIAL Preacher Phil Snider gives interesting gay rights speech

Daily Holidays - June 27

Always be Proud To Love!!!

If Senator Ted Cruz (R-Canada)

The Whole World is Watching - Within Temptation

Which of these is more likely to be a single-issue "dealbreaker" for you?

#ProudToLove - Celebrating Marriage Equality and LGBT Pride Month

"From a moral standpoint, 6/26 is now our 9/11."

I'm getting married!!

Why Doesn't This Cover Exist?

A therory on ancient megalithic hedges, dolmans and stone monoliths

People Apposing Gay Marriage Likely To Use Religious Freedom To Refuse Gay Marriage Services

GOP Jobs Plan - Work At Low Pay Until You Are Disabled Or Die Or Both.

The White House-& other cites/places flooded in Rainbow colors... photos

Men think they are math experts, therefore they are

Eurogroup reeling as Tsipras calls referendum

UK youths win for color-changing condom idea to recognize STIs

Anyone else heavily depressed by their facebook "friends" and family rantings about yesterday's

Kerry seeks to seal historic Iran nuclear deal

CEO pay at US’s largest companies up 54% since recovery began in 2009

Gay marriage back on Australian agenda after US ruling – Christopher Pyne

Need help identifying this type of hummingbird

(UK) A chancellor in his pomp: emboldened George Osborne eyes budget day

Stating the Obvious Again (1992)

Europe's gathering storm clouds

Rainbow cake instructions

TEABAGGER Scott Walker: Supreme Court gay marriage ruling 'a grave mistake'

(Austrailia): Abbott has given up on debt and deficit reduction, but few have noticed

Guardian: Donald Trump refuses to release birth certificate and passport records

Two Overlooked Aspects Of Those Leaks About NSA Spying On French Presidents

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahhaa - an activist took down the flag

Republican heads are exploding!!!

Recipe for a new drink: Scalia's Tears

- Swedish Scientists Build Artificial Neurons Able to Communicate With Organic Neurons

A Judge in Dallas County, Texas stayed at the Courthouse all day to perform marriages

Denmark's far-right Peoples Party refuses to join coalition government. Wants to criticize from

WEEKLY ADDRESS: The Affordable Care Act is Here to Stay

Bernie letter to editor wanting to abolish laws against gays: 1972

On the Capitol: As president, Scott Walker says Obamacare repeal would be priority in first 100 da

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Let Freedom Ring!

O'Malley's Amnesia on Marriage

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Waldorf Astoria, union reach $149 million deal for severance payouts

God is love.

Sen Tammy Baldwin-coming up on msnbc---Gay senator from WI

New York Showed its Pride last night

Don't know what to think about this...

Millions for veterans sat unspent for 3 years and now it may be too late


Navy accepts delivery of the submarine John Warner

VA facing $2.5 billion shortfall

My new hero Bree Newsome

Obama sings 'Amazing Grace' during eulogy & Ann Coulter opens her vile mouth to disgrace it...

2015's Fall TV Premiere Dates

It has been a day now with Marriage Equality now legal in all 50 states - How has your life changed?

Clarence Thomas generally keeps quiet after court decisions. Now we see why..........

Ben & Jerry's & The SCOTUS Ruling

Republican tears. Drink all you want, there is plenty more.

Is President Obama a corporatist?

Those Who Whine That The Removal Of The Confederate Flag Is A Distraction Are The Real Distractors

have a question about whole foods

Mea Culpa- I confused Justice Alito's dissent with Justice Scalia's...

Obama’s Push for Corporate Rule: A Moment of Opportunity

Ted Cruz: "five unelected judges..."

Couples Personalizing Role of Religion in Wedding Ceremonies

It’s not the religion that creates terrorists, it’s the politics

Gallup: Record number of Americans would vote for an atheist president

So, how many other DUers are hung over this morning after a night of celebrating?

next months theme

What three psychics told us will happen in the 2016 election

SCOTUS Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage Mandates Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity

"Love Is Law"

"An open letter to my 16 year old, closeted self"

NEW food porn from my NEW client...your meat loaf is served!

Watch This Young Man Explain Bernie v. Hillary

Activist Pulls Down Confederate Flag in Front of South Carolina Statehouse

How Bernie can win the black vote

Someone I know came out today, following the SCOTUS decision.


Little Girl Calls 911 (turns out well)

It's been a really bad week for conservatives.

Rachel Maddow - Historic marriage ruling opens new chapter for America

What a Superhero looks like: DOWN GOES THE REBEL FLAG IN COLUMBIA, SC

Analysis: Facing Western diplomatic and economic pressure, Israel looks east

Let's have a big shout out for Julie Newmar on opossums, everybody...

Governor Christie trims pension, spending, taxes for New Jersey budget

Obama called the murders in Charleston an act of "terrorism"!!

And now a moment of silence for those who lost today in the SCOTUS marriage equality.....

White Riots vs. Black Protests

Right wingers rage against marriage equality - Natl Memo

A tiny frog in a tiny pond. . . . Please come CAPTION Bobby Jindal!!!

Hey, Huckabee, Suck. On. This.

How can Maine get rid of this guy?

Baltimore Investor Only Backs Women-Run Companies

Pete and Joe Ricketts have contributed $200,000 to pro-death penalty group

Greeks Line Up at Banks and Drain ATMs as Tsipras Calls Vote

Colbert on the decision and an invitation to Scalia

Rick Perry Ignores Supreme Court Ruling Vows to Enable Discrimination Against Gays

Turkey will 'never allow' Kurdish state in Syria: Erdogan

I have never missed a forecast on the Act Blue Bernie DU link here is my new one

Hillary’s New Mouthpiece McCaskill Attacks Bernie Sanders: BIG MISTAKE

Iceland's Westfjords is a lsnd of beauty and sweeping vistas

Breakfast of Champions:

Dignity, like rights, cannot be taken away, only denied.

VOX: No longer any doubt: "Obama is one of the most consequential presidents in American history"

The end of middle management?

Never Patriotic: The Real Meaning Of The Confederate Flag - Natl Memo

GOP Pundit In Tears: "We're going to become relics if we don’t get to where these people are”

The single woman in me cringes

Gaza's very own Jurassic Park

'Silver Drachma': The plan for Grexit back in 2012 revealed!

Well it is firework season

Hillary criticizes GOP Field while commending the high court: electrifies the crowd

Hillary Clinton Praises Gay Marriage Decision and Hounds GOP

A Year Ago - President Barack Obama On: "Going the distance"

Same-sex marriage ruling's ripple effect – historic celebrations of love

Tylenol - contributing to the betterment of society

Son of reviled Westboro Baptist founder mocks family’s church in awesome pro-gay Facebook post

If you haven't seen Obama singing 'amazing grace',

Anybody's head exploding?

AK's McGrath firefighting camp prepares for personnel cuts as wildfires rage | Worst GDP in nation

The wealthy and Arkansas Politics

Australian gun laws back in the news in the U.S. following mass shooting in South Carolina

The truth about TV’s rape obsession: How we struggle with the broken myths of masculinity

WOW, even the Terminator wants a piece of the rainbow!

B’Tselem responds to UN Gaza commission report: The leaders must take responsibility, not hide

'til death do you part.....

The Deep State (Hiding in Plain Sight)

Need Vonnegut Help

'NEVER, in almost two decades of politics, have I seen a trend line like this one..."

Michael Moore Offers To Pay BREE NEWSOME's Bail & Legal Fees!!!

Here are many of the people your tips at Act Blue support

it is June … and we are getting ready for winter :D

Pastor Rick Scarborough says he didn't mean he would set himself on fire

NYT Front Page

Dallas Morning News

The New South...Black,Southern and Unafraid #FreeBree

New rules about marriage.

Scott Walker Has Tough Road Ahead With Women Voters

The New Yorker Comment: God and Marriage Equality

I'm remembering back when President Obama was re-elected, how soooo many people were going on about

anyone else losing friends over the scotus decision on marriage?

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Loses U.S. Diplomats After China Purchase, June 18, 2015, Bloomberg Business

Fairness campaign celebration, Lexington, Ky

A Manifesto for Marriage Equality

watching the head cat chase a fly thru the house

Even After Supreme Court Ruling, These States Are Still Resisting Same-Sex Marriage

Dear Skinner, Elad and EarlG, please read this thread and post and comment

Bernie Sanders’s Early Online Haul: $8.3 Million

the tragic events in charleston and the supreme court decisions

Man's girlfriend wanted hom to get rid of his dog on Craigslist

Bernie Sanders joins push for DC statehood

Rachel Maddow - President Obama on amazing change and amazing grace

Vending Machine Most Up-To-Date Technology In School

On Facebook, You Can Now Unfollow, but Not Unfriend

What a glorious day on DU was yesterday

Video: Brainy octopus and its coconut |Plus: Masters of camo

Christie debuts campaign website ahead of his expected 2016 presidential bid

The first week of summer 2015 will never be forgotten

Breaking : Tsipras to Merkel-Hollande: Greece will survive!

A salute to Elmer Ellsworth

Texas Pastor Now Says He Didn't Mean He'd Really Set Himself Aflame

The White Male Union Voter 2016

People Magazine re: Schwarzenegger's reaction on marriage equality decision

The colors of the rainbow..SCOTUS....I love this picture..

France attack suspect sent 'selfie' with victim's severed head: legal source

College Is Wildly Exploitative: Why Aren’t Students Raising Hell?

Did The Four Dissenting Justices In Gay Marriage Case Just Suggest Treason?

How the Confederate flag should look now...

The Details: Madison Rally with Bernie Sanders

Just peeked at Fox. They are all ABUZZ about

Apparently, the Democratic Party of Virginia is in the tank for Hillary

Taiwan Formosa Water Park fire injures hundreds

I found myself moved nearly to tears yesterday with the SCOTUS decision...

Love across the ages and the states

Alabama teen goes on chicken massacre when mother didn't fix his relationship, deputies say

Buckwheat Zydeco to Bobby Jindal: 'You don't Represent Us'! To Bernie Sanders: 'Tres Bien'

Fifty facts about kittehs!

Facebook exchange just I had

David Crosby Still Thinks Kanye West Is 'A Poser' Who 'Can't Write, Sing Or Play'

Daddy and his daughter link will make you smile

Reporting Vietnam: One Week’s Dead

This Week in God.... (Maddow blog)

Republicans for Bernie Sanders.

Today's front pages at the Newseum

How Dangerous is it to be a Cop?.....

US slams Israel’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners

Today's front pages at the Newseum

Saturday, June 27th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Finally...the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause is truly being enacted.

We saw your wedding announcement in the paper...YOU'RE FIRED

Toon: Gays???

President Obama

Check out this post in GP-P

I am unfriending a lot of people on Facebook since yesterday's SCOTS ruling.

Gohmert freaks out: Marriage equality ruling means God will stop ‘protecting’ the US

Bernie Sanders Makes History By Raising More Money Than Every GOP Presidential Candidate

Has anyone followed the Greek situation

Get your sunscreen Hillary Clinton - yer gettin BERNT!

Last night's Rachel Maddow Show is amongst the best.

Pennsylvania Family, Youth Services Workers Strike - and Win

Who you gonna call? For many people HRC, fair or unfair, represents all the CEOs who safe & secure

How Bernie Sanders Plans to Beat Hillary Clinton

Cat Jesus is sick of your shit...

The Chinese aren't coming – get real, they’re here

Ontario premier says she'll lead trade mission to Israel

Just so we're clear --

Bernie has been supporting Love Wins since 1972....

For Sale. Needs TLC.

Titan’s strange lakes may be sinkholes Jun 26, 2015

Glass Houses and Stuff

Bernie voted against DOMA too. Of course....

The Supreme Court Just Gave American Evangelicals a Gift

Holy crap, he took it down today


Even Shorpy weighs in

Powerless And Impotent Rush Limbaugh Attacks Star Trek Legend And Icon George Takei

Jesus Wept...

Earthquakes to blame for Mount Sinabung eruptions?

Ben Carson Shares Date to Wed Horse Due to Gay Marriage Ruling

Thom Hartmann told a tasteless, sexist anti Hillary joke on his show Thursday

Martin O'Malley's Truman Project Foreign Policy Speech (C-Span Video)

Mysterious Face Seen in Cliff: Mind Trick or Carved?

When Cops Act Like Pigs...

Sanders: I was ahead of the curve on gay rights

Rev. Wm. Barber's (NC NAACP) comments on Bree Newsome taking down the confederate flag in SC

Today's LA Times: Keeping Tabbies.

The anti-vaxxers are going to have a fit...

"I guess I can marry my brother"

The anti-vaxxers are going to have a fit...

How TPP gives corporations (they're people, you know) special legal rights

Gay Penguins Prove That Love Is Winning (in the winged world as well)

Most alarming thing McCaskill said about Bernie Sanders...echoes of 2003. Calls us extremists.

This is an ungainly link, and I hope it works (it is worth it)!!!

There can be no existence w/ the left! - This week in crazy

The most alarming thing Clair McCaskill said about Bernie. That he is extreme.

I saw a strange thing in Greenville yesterday.

Today's Front Pages


Today's Front Pages

Tea Party Tears: I’m outraged!!! Give me your money!!!”


Charleston Suspect's Life a Troubled Road to Radicalization

SC & Confederate flag: vexatious past, tragic presence

June Is A Lovely Time For A Wedding (Stephen Colbert comments on the SCOTUS ruling)

NASA tests nonstick aircraft wing coatings that let bug juice slide

Woot!! Got my Bernie for President 2016 t-shirt!

Born to be wild

To the woman who climbed that flagpole

Busy SCOTUS week: Wilmore on 'jiggery-pokery' | RW ACA trolls | equal housing

Bernie: Message to the 1%...

Inhofe: Lots of my gay friends think the ‘liberal’ Supreme Court blew it on gay marriage.

The World Bank’s Long War on Peasants

We have at least one more big ruling to come from SCOTUS

The World Bank’s Long War on Peasants


Matthew 5 AKA The Bible Is Homophobic

The SCOTUS Marriage Decision in Haiku

My Wife: 'See? You brothers just stood there looking at it. It took a sister to take it down.'

Monsanto’s Worst Fear May Be Coming True

MC Dirtbag.

Trashed GD Primaries. Ahhhh... What a pleasant place this is again.

AVG pop-up. How to get rid of this?

Gay Wedding Pizza Party in Bloomington, IN!

Our 15 Most Popular Chicken Recipes this week (NYT)

Monsanto Employee Admits an Entire Department Exists to “Discredit” Scientists

So What and...

College kids confront homophobe "preacher" and

For all those who didn't get to celebrate and see yesterday's outpouring of love

PayPal appears to suspend donations to Council of Conservative Citizens

Martin O'Malley's Truman Project Foreign Policy Speech (C-Span Video)

*Thunderstorm +tornado warning,

Racist Twitter trolls launch attacks on Canadian environmentalist

Bennett: 'If Hamas gives up arms, Israel will lead global effort to rebuild Gaza.'

ABC "This Week" Sunday: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Plaintiff Jim Obergefell ...

flooding warning in the DC metro area

Martin O'Malley's Truman Project Foreign Policy Speech (C-Span Video)

47% of Americans Would Vote for a Socialist

So my daughter's boyfriend just called me to ask for my blessing. A proposal is coming in a week.

*Flash flood warning in DC metro area

We were sitting at a red light and got flipped off

Good idea to create a new forum for the primaries.

10 careers with the most psychopaths per capita

CATCHPHRASE GAME! Invent YOUR OWN Schwarzenegger / Willis / Eastwood / Etc. movie catch phrase.

On the eve of a major day for equality, the first openly gay active pro baseball player pitched a..

knock knock!


CNN Mistakes Dildo-Covered Flag at Pride Parade for ISIS Flag


June Is A Lovely Time For A Wedding

Watch Bernie in Nashua, NH: Why he's running and where power comes from

When a cat doesn't finish her veggies: (Hysterical)

Email from Bernie Sanders: Overturn Citizens United

Jeff Beck with a nice song for today.

Philadelphia newspapers, union reach tentative 2-year deal

2015 world's ugliest dog is adorable!

Kitty worships a false God

Worldwide Jewish population nears pre-Holocaust numbers

Latin American Revolutions Under Attack

Worldwide Jewish population nears pre-Holocaust numbers

Latin American Revolutions Under Attack

Former Rep. Barney Frank: Justice Scalia Is A Homophobe

FAIR ACTION ALERT: NPR Celebrates Fast-Track Victory With an All-Corporate Lobbyist Segment

What's for Dinner, Sat.. June 27, 2015

Email from Bernie

Momentous times for U.S. and Obama should make Israelis burn with envy

We are living by day to day and there ain't no shame in it

#FreeBree fundraiser fills with cash to support black woman arrested for pulling Confederate flag...

I just saw "Judgment at Nuremberg" on TCM...

Anyone got pics from Shakedown Street in Santa Clara?

Two Tunisians interrogated at CIA black site in Afghanistan secretly flown home

Quasi Modo Crowned World's Ugliest Dog

Supreme Court Forces G.O.P. to Seek New Bogus Issues for 2016 revealed by Andy Borowitz

Bernie Sanders’s Early Online Haul: $8.3 Million JUNE 26, 2015

Hey, Donald? This is what a real Mexican Immigrant looks like

(PH)ellow Deadheads...

Save PA schools from privatization

Are liberals more likely to grow their own vegetables?

Bree Newsome Rocks So Hard - Bree has Her Own Superhero!

Todd Starnes: ministers who don't perform gay weddings should prepare for hate crimes charges

Clinton weathers the summer of Sanders

Justice Scalia Is a Homophobe - By Barney Frank

Atheist (Istvan) Demands The Right To Skip Airport Security Entirely

Labor for Bernie Kickstarts Effort to Get Unions Behind Sanders With Nearly 2,000 Union Backers

2,000 union members kicking in for Bernie

2,000 union members kicking in for Bernie

2,000 union members kicking in for Bernie

Thanks to @amyklobuchar for coming to IA on behalf of @HillaryClinton!

Seven years ago today: unity in Unity, NH.

For those who think a rainbow cake might be too much work...

I'm thinking this might be the perfect time for @ScottWalker to reveal that God told him not to run

Hillary's Campaign Manager: “A lot of the public polling is not very reliable"

BC: dozens injured in bus accident

I have a question about Sanders' opposition to DOMA

Jonathan Haidt Explains Our Contentious Culture With Bill Moyers

Opponents divided on how — or whether — to resist justices’ ruling

Jeb Bush has a new problem: John Roberts

Hillary's Campaign Manager: "A lot of the public polling is not very reliable"

End Citizens United ( Russ Feingold our first endorsement )

Hate Won't Win

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