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Jewish money

Did DUers notice Obama and Biden were together again today

I like Hillary, but I didn't like Claire McCaskill's comments at all.

Obama, Democrats Suit Up for Latest Tussle on Trade

Re: Trump.

Paxton to County Clerks: Wait for Direction on Gay Marriage

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 26 June 2015

Obama celebrates with predecessors

Hillary Clinton Voted to Continue Cluster Bombing Civilians

It’s not just Fox News: How liberal apologists torpedoed change, Making Dems Safe for Wall Street.

Scott Tenorman tears being served at F.R. over Obamacare, seems they forget a President named "Bush"

New Census data shows Florida growth last year was driven by Hispanics

Advice for Democrats arriving at Democratic Underground.

Labor for Bernie 2016

Nikki Haley just KILLED her GOP career

Luckovich - Heritage

New Boeing CEO could thaw icy relations with labor, send next jet to Puget Sound over S.C.

The emails from the DCCC are driving me nuts.

New Boeing CEO could thaw icy relations with labor, send next jet to Puget Sound over S.C.

Olympia, WA: officer saves abused kitten

Email to Senator McCaskill

Scotus decision is a slap in the face to all those obstinate republican governors

Abbott's Office Promised Help to Major Donor

The guy who wrote that book about the art of the deal has again proven...

2016 Democratic Presidential Primary-Bernie Sanders gets the Democratic nomination.

Dallas police: Man impersonating a dentist and assistant pulled five teeth from woman’s mouth

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Supreme Leader! & a new Kitteh gif

Now that Bristol is pregnant again, will she return the speaking money?

More unspeakable filth from the Women's World Cup:

Jim Webb: 'Honorable Americans Fought on Both Sides in the Civil War'

Scalia - ACA Gibberish: Is He Suffering From Dementia?

There are posts going around professing that Bernie will not be allowed on certain ballots, such as

"The White Man's Flag"

So, the people behind the O'Malley Super-PAC are gigantic assholes.

Aww Shit! or Great! Christie's gonna announce in a few days...

Apple pulls Confederate flag-bearing Civil War games from App Store

55 Years

The troubled Chicago teachers' union could be headed for another strike

Charleston Mayor Demolishes Huckabee & Right To Carry


6-25-15 FDR signs the FLSA in 2:00

6-25-15 FDR signs the FLSA in 2:00

It’s been a beautiful day

6-25-15 FDR signs the FLSA in 2:00

New York City to focus on more neighborhood policing, mayor says

Fox News drops Bob Beckel

LA Times: Maggots found in soup, patient's nose at Riverside hospital, union says

Los Angeles transportation agency to cut water use by 20 percent

Texas wants its gold back and promises to build it a safe home

Father Rother's step toward sainthood inspiring to Oklahomans

NY prison guard helped escapees in exchange for snitching, art: documents

Has anyone received a response to signing up as volunteers for Bernie?

Oregon man arrested after parents found dead in freezer

Over 40% of Americans believe humans and dinosaurs shared the planet

Adopted Woman Raised as Black Finds Out at Age 70 That Her Birth Parents Were White

Clinton’s gay supporters: What enthusiasm gap?

IRS Income Data on US Households

Breaking: State Dept. Gets Libya Emails That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Hand Over

Martin and the ACA announcement:

"He deliberately forced ObamaCare on the American people in a partisan and toxic way."

Well Strung ..... Chelsea's Mom

Love this!!!

FBI moves to new regional building at Stewart airport...

Foxconn CEO defends labor practices in wake of protest

Russia 'playing with fire' with nuclear saber-rattling: Pentagon

Catholic bishop condemns arson attack on Israel church by 'Jewish zealots'

U.S. trade bank faces shutdown of new lending as Congress goes on break

Managing severe pain in dogs

Thank you Donald Trump!

Damn, the hosts are on point tonight.

Highlighting less than progressive positions on gun control which Sen. Sanders appears to welcome

I know it is too late for this time

Agency posts thousands of complaints against banks, others

Artist Shepard Fairey wanted by Detroit police for graffiti

Food truck owner in Odessa offers free food for Confederate memorabilia

Police issue felony arrest warrant for Shepard Fairey

Boston bomber moved to federal penitentiary in Colorado: official

State Dept. Gets Libya Emails That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Hand Over

Ms Clinton spent decades supporting Separate But Equa… er the Defense of Marriage Act...

New York City can require uniform taxi fleet: state appeals court

Network (1976) - "The World is a Business" Arthur Jensen tells Howard how the world really works

Jiggery pokery cocktail recipe

If I Was a dog, I would totally wear this

Adios, Rush!

I guess the SC decision on the ACA means the republicans can have more votes trying to repeal it.

The Bernie Sanders Song (one more time)

Just had a post removed by jury. Totally misunderstood. Is there a way one can answer the

Confederate flag debate reaches Congress

USW, refinery strikes end with last site in Texas

"You’re eating the hors d’ oeuvres" is hardly a response

Wisconsin Governor Walker to announce presidential decision week of July 13: Fox News

Grandma and golden retriever bike for charity

Mandatory vaccination bill for public schools passes California legislature

Democratic candidates need to address

Colombian legislator sentenced to 36 years for plotting murder of journalist

only an expert can deal with the problem

What Sidney Blumenthal’s Memos to Hillary Clinton Said, and How They Were Handled

Lake Tahoe

Jill Stein enters the presidential 2016 race.

France mulls offering asylum to Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

Is the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee strategy to win the Kerry 2004 states plus

Buckwheat Zydeco says Jindal using his music at campaign event 'not cool'

Wookiefoot - Just Visiting

Post Your Favorite Lawyer(s)

I got new dog bowls for my dogs

How was Mr. Robot? Finally watched it. I really like it.

Understanding what tomorrow (Monday's) SCOTUS' decision could mean for GLB people.

Random House Moves Up Release of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Book on Race Relations

Pat Boone asks Obama to empathize with Dylann Roof’s racial fears

Woman allegedly kills ex-boyfriend, posts about it on Facebook

The Trampps - Disco Inferno (My apologies for the double entendre)

NM Supreme Court rules Foy fraud suits constitutional

NBC Releases Statement Distancing Network from Trump’s Mexico Remarks

Eric Clapton - Promises (VIDEO)

IMO, the GOP is out to wreck the primary system and go back to the convention model.

Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Lon Johnson resigning to run for Congress

Roberts used Scalia's own words against him in ACA case.

Cliven Bundy will be held accountable, Interior secretary says

Opinions on how the Affordable Care decision affects Texans is widely split Matthew Waller

Millennials Now Outnumber Baby Boomers

From 2010: Papantonio Explodes on Fox Panel

Hi everyone.

Steve Earle - Copperhead Road

The language in the decision

CNN: Should Obama Apologize For Slavery?

Vandals Target Confederate Monuments In Half-Dozen States

Victory Medical Center in Beaumont faces eviction

Need some ideas for a bridal party breakfast snack...

Anger grows over Lew's decision to remove or demote Hamilton from the $10 bill

El Paso County judge wants to eliminate sodas in county vending machines

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 28 - Movie Camp: The Nature of the Beast

Uber may track you 24/7

Israeli on Gaza flotilla says saboteurs damaged boat

TCM Schedule for Monday June 29 - Max Von Sydow

A Big Solar Burp Pelted Earth Last Night

Rev.Clementa Pinckney and the 2000 flag compromise

Charleston cop fired for posing in Confederate flag boxers.

Hey! I called it! :D

Millennials are a 'nightmare' for Wall Street

And, the Wasilla reality-show 'Hypocrisy Parade' launches a new season...

Rush Limbaugh is totally on his whoopie pillls now from now own.

Daily Holidays - June 26

Nearly Half Of Americans Would Vote For A Socialist For President! US moves into the 21st Century!

Old, Disabled People, and Social Security: A Study in Depression

Mediums, the afterlife and my near death experience

Schism? Fear no more

Giant earthquakes are shaking Greenland — and scientists just figured out the disturbing reason why

Hey, Working Moms, Harvard Says You Have Nothing to Feel Guilty About

The Kids Are Alright As Washington Judge Delivers Youth Climate Win

France beheading attack: 'Man decapitated' near Lyon

30-Tons of Trash Was Removed From the Snow Pile Still Sitting in Southie


Republicans Fear Victory for Health Care Could Pave Way for Education, Environment ...Borowitz

'Man decapitated' in French attack

NASA Collection of Space Memorabilia Will Be Auctioned by Boston Firm Today

Floatplane carrying sightseers crashes into remote Alaska cliff, killing nine

As 700 Die in Pakistan from Extreme Heat, Pakistanis Deny Climate Change

The Young Turks: Conservatives Pout About Obamacare Ruling

Nigerian Islamic Court Sentences 10 to Death for Blasphemy

Russia through the Saudi looking glass

NYT: Bernie Sanders a Virtual Unknown Among Black Voters

China builds world’s fastest tank gun, then tries to hide it

Five Things That Won't Work in Iraq

EU leaders approve voluntary plan to resettle migrants

David Cameron urges Brussels to cut new EU deal for Britain

Terror attack in A Chemical Plant near Grenoble, France

Cameron's cuts target Britain's poor

Privatization 'hindered growth' in post-Wall eastern Germany

Incredible Octopus Behavior Nearly Caused Scientist To Drown From Laughing

Tweet of the day!!!!!

EU's Oettinger says Athens has five days to avoid a Grexit

Kuwait Shia mosque 'hit by suicide blast'

Creditors putting Greece in impossible position, Varoufakis says (Update)

Greece's proposals to the institutions (PDF)

I guess Clarence Thomas thinks it's better to remove all doubt than just be thought of as a fool....

Greece: VAT proposals to hurt shipping and tourism

Greece: Cash-starved state posts surplus

Krugman: Hooray for Obamacare

Amnesty International in Nigeria

Lego to replace plastic with sustainable material

Dutch City to Experiment With Universal Basic Income

update: 27 tourists, many believed to be British, dead in terror attack in Tunisia hotel

Warren Sapp Charged with Domestic Violence, Allegedly Bit, Stomped GF

Millenials are now referred to as 'snake people.'

SCOTUS added today as a day to announce decisions.

"We were told that any grass that rabbits eat is edible,"

Deadly shooting in front tourist hotel in the Tunisian town of Sousse, local media report

Awesome! Bernie is going to have his own Media Coverage! Who needs the Corporate Media?

Giving Testicular Exams in Public for Charity

Chinese protest new chemical plant

Donald Trump refuses to release birth certificate and passport records

At lest 19 Died In Resort Attack in Tunisia

Tony Bennett supports Hillary - HRC ROOM POST

Random House Moves Up Release of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Book on Race Relations

'Offensively tasteless' Mother Canada statue plan sparks outrage against PM

Somalia attack: Al-Shabab 'kills 30' at AU military base

Mediterranean migrants: EU leaders agree voluntary intake after heated talks

The psychological cost of Yemen's war

Confederate flag seller not worried about supply; he gets his from China

"Your idea sucks!" - "You have a better one?"

WE have to be Bernie's 50-State Strategy

The unconscionable greed of the billionaire class ~

Teenage mother of out-of wedlock baby, paid more than a quarter million $ a yr to preach abstinence

Is the Baltimore Sun conservative?

What Happens if You Put a Preschool in a Nursing Home?

Proactive NRA Has Press Release Ready for Next Mass Shooting

The seven stages of Greece’s debt tragedy

Presumed Guilty: Remand in Custody by Military Courts in the West Bank

Greece crisis - Merkel says Eurogroup talks will be decisive on Saturday

Wingnut Retail Therapy


"Support The NRA"

Greece's rich: insulated against an EU exit

For These Times: Acoustic Kitty

ambition in service of progressive movement? or progressive moves in service of ambition?

US to deploy marine unit in Bulgaria as part of effort to reassure Nato allies

Hillary in Charleston today!

Self-driving cars nearly collide in California, raising questions about the technology

Irish cardinal admits inquiries into child rapist priest were only to protect church

Twice-White Pat Boone Orders Half-White Obama To Shut Up About Race

China's state auditor finds £1.7bn of lottery funds have been embezzled

Tomblin says no changes planned for W.Va.’s Confederate monuments

Are you afraid to go into the kitchen?

Fairfax County (Virginia) schools add class about gender identity, sexual orientation

What is the Church of the FSM views on Pizza?

Help Support Street Documentary Film and Photography

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - ACA Stands!

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Dustbin of History

Never mind Fort Reno; Arlington's got its groove on.

UK: Revealed: how developers exploit flawed planning system to minimise affordable housing

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

GOP insiders expect no harm from Confederate flag controversy

A Path


Just started - Reddit AMA with a scientist from Monsanto....

"The GOP race is filling up faster than the toilets at Arby's."


Tunisia Beach Gunfire Kills 'At Least 27' As Man Decapitated In French 'Islamist' Attack

Gov Walker's Unprecedented Voucher Expansion fueled by Betsy DeVos $ & SchoolChoiceNow lobbyists

Rachel Maddow - RNC distributes confusing fake primary ballot

I have an announcement. .

GOP Tries to Portray Feingold as a Hypocrite Over PAC Spending

Terrorist Attack in France Leaves One Decapitated at Factory

Number of US homeowners reaches 20-year low

"Not Taking Down Our Flag"

Scalia tried to make the court a conservative stronghold. He failed.

Islamic State kills at least 145 civilians in Syria's Kobani: monitor

SCOTUS BLOG- Watch what happens live!

Vatican Treaty Recognizes a Palestinian State

EU leaders, NATO meet on how to cooperate better

Humans......on AMC Sundays.....anyone??

U.S. Pushes Russia Towards War


Victory #3 - right to marry wins -huge victory - what a week



Rachel Maddow - Fate of marriage equality awaits SCOTUS ruling

UPDATED: Marriage Equality Granted 5 to 4

YES!!! nt

SCOTUS rules FOR marriage equality!!

American Defense Secretary Ashton Carter: Physicist for War and Profit

OMG I am so happy

YAY! SC upholds same sex marriage!

“Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice”

A song for Westboro Baptist Church

Women Flock to Zoo to see Hunky Gorilla

A song for Westboro Baptist Church

Warren Sapp charged with domestic violence: biting girlfriend / stomping on her head

Wow, ACA and gay marriage all in one week....I hear tears of Rethugs.

What are your favorite time travel movies?

Thank you President Obama! The last two days will go down in history because of you!!!!

After 13 Years of Hell, Human Held Without Charges Has One Question for US

No union is more profound than marriage!

Re: Marriage Equality - So I want a picture

Quick, turn on Fox. Their tears taste so sweet


Huckabee said a while back...

Gay Marriage legal

My follow up from 2012, the grave for their bigotry is finally dug. Lets celebrate them laying in it

Woo hoo! Gay marriage is now the law of the land!!!!

Love conquers all!

It's been a bad week for

Univ. of Idaho moves to cover up ‘ahistorical’ mural depicting lynching of Native American

Yay! Marriage Equality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3...2...1....BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM! That was the collective RW head's exploding this AM

By gum -- Justice Scalia does it again...

Bristol Palin announces second pregnancy

If this is the Obama America the right wing keeps talking about, sign me up.

Elections matter- no Clinton & Obama-no Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor-no marriage equality

VICTORY! Marriage Equality is the Law of the Land!

The lessons of this week

OK, NY LGBT and allies,with the SCOTUS ruling now we definitely have to get together to celebrate!!!

From Scalia's dissent, a footnote.

Just a reminder: the Court will be back on Monday with the Arizona redistricting case...

How's that hope and change working for you now Rethugs.

so how is how is fox news handling this

Claire McCaskill Just Screwed The Pooch — Bad Move Attacking Bernie

HOORAY - definitely reason to CELEBRATE!

Also huge: career criminal enhanced sentences unconstitutional

So the Supreme Court really does matter. I wonder what would have happened with a republican

Shit. I left America after having a fight with my brother in law about gay marriage.

SCOTUS Strikes Down Three Strikes Law and Increased Sentencing Law as Violation of Due Process

To all my gay friends-

I hope that today doesn't become the GOP's new Roe vs Wade...

To all my Gay and Lesbian Friends on DU

Was NPR's recent story wrong, then, that a pro-marriage equality decision would only apply


Things are not what they seem

Congratulations to all those who have today gained the right and the freedom to marry!

Yes we can! Yes we did!

LIVE NOW: President Obama to speak on Supreme Court's Marriage Equality ruling

President Barack Obama on Facebook: 'Love just won.'

To be a little serious, I believe that the implications of Obergefell

RW Christian Heads Explode. Will They Revolt?

Even though he dissented, Roberts says this is a great day.

Get this fucking Alliance Defending Freedom dipshit off my television.

Now that gay marriage is legal, here's a thought...

I live in Kansas, looking forward to a Gay/Lesbian wedding on the sidewalk at Westboro Baptist!!

Freeperville, the party of bitter!

Republicans plot strategy to repeal ObamaCare

Jim Obergefel just mentioned discrimination in Charleston

Today I celebrate for two reasons....

Scalia Dissent In Marriage Equality Case Is Even More Unhinged Than You'd Think

"It Is So Ordered"

Martin O'Malley on SCOTUS marriage equality ruling

In Thanksgiving.

Yes, Bernie is not well known among black voters. That is EXACTLY what we've been saying

Hillary just changed her Twitter icon re: Marriage Equality

To all the members of our LGBT Group, past and present ~

One thing is certain: All Democratic presidential candidates

Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential presidents in American history

The 7 Worst Things Antonin Scalia Has Said or Written About Homosexuality

Ken Burns: Flag issue is not about heritage. (video)

Franklin County Court has already started issuing same-sex marriage licenses

Obama live remarks on SSM decision - very nice speech, now concluded

with liberty and justice for all

Statement (email) from Hillary -

Marriage Equality... Not that big a deal

Mitch Kupchak talks to draftee Larry Nance Jr. about accusatory Kobe tweet

How about a little love for Joe?

Live Link for Sen Pinckney's funeral

Message from Bernie...

Happy Pride weekend New York!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott picks homeschooler to chair State Board of Education

WI Repubs revolt against Walker's dubious budget 'fixes'

GOP Rips ‘Imperial’ Supreme Court for ‘Assault’ on Christianity

Someone in TX needs to call in

This would be a perfect week if the SC

Someone in GD:P accused O'Malley of being a moderate.

It's pretty amazing how the Supreme Ct. can keep secrets in a world and government that often cannot

Interesting twist to the terrorist attack in France.

"so it's just called marriage now."

On this JOYOUS Day, let's explore the ages of the SCOTUS Justices...

GOTV in 2016! Nothing is More Important!

Have girded my loins and sallied forth into the fetid swamp that is freeperland...once again.

Obama Is 3 For 3 This Week - The Rest Of Us Are 2 For 3

Good day to be a Democrat

Anti-terrorist police investigating attack on US gas company in France

Vandals target Confederate monuments in six states

After saying he wants to shoot cartoonist, LePage accused of threat to lawmakers

Martin O'Malley Gives Major 'National Security' Speech

I am no fuddy duddy, but the President should have held his remarks about the ruling until after

Democratic responses to Supreme Court SSM ruling

I am anti-Hillary because I am anti-establishment.

"Jiggery Pokery", Scalia, and the George Will School of Pedantic Rhetoric.

Bloomberg: Does anyone believe Jeb Bush isnt talking to his super-PAC chief?

Oh look at this... rainbow White House

So, do we have a running list of states/governers/cities where they are going to ignore the SCOTUS..

GAO Comments On A-10 Decision

Bernie is making another "mistake"

ACA, Gay Marriage, Confederate Flag

Taking suggestion from President Obama

To the pastor who said he would self-immolate if SCOTUS allowed for marriage equality: Numbers 30:2

Where can I find a flyer PDF for Bernie?

It's a beautiful sight to behold


Today (especially) and ALWAYS...Let Love Rule

with great news today

That Sound You Hear Is Xians Fleeing The Good Old Officially Gay USA

Three...yes, Three, NOPE>>>Four, Yes, 4...Four Great Decisions In The Space of Two Days..

"No fighter jet or troop battalion will keep us as safe as a vibrant economy, a strong democracy,

Send a smilie to Scalia!

My Heterosexual Marriage DOWN THE DRAIN!!!! THANKS OBAMA!!!

'Under The Dome' Is Back, More Fun Than Ever....

Don't worry, Christians. You still have the "religious liberty" to hate others.

Decision, including summary, of Supreme's marriage equality decision:

Then and Now - Interactive Civil war photos 150 years apart

FCC setting stage for spectrum auction | Repub FCC commish says broadband not a right

O'Malley: Islamic State rise unintended result from war rush

Knicks trade Tim Hardaway Jr. to Hawks for Notre Dame point guard Jerian Grant

This pretty much sums it up

Anyone else surprised that a Republican dominated SCOTUS

Sen Commerce OKs bill to bar new FCC rules on media ownership from applying retroactively

My superpower, re: Marriage Equality

Obama said "anonymous heroes" that made ripples "deserve our thanks."

Three strikes, unconstitutional... Question..

If Bernie came out today and said

Same-sex marriage licenses being issued in Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio

This kind of says it all.

Attention: All Unmarried Republican Men, Please Report To Your Nearest Courthouse

You do the jiggery pokery and you turn yourself around...

Obama: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling 'Is A Victory For America'

Memo to Confederate Flag Wavers

Weekly Standard Freaks Out Over Gay Marriage: 'You Will Be Assimilated'

Legal Question: Hobby Lobby Versus Marriage Equality Decision

Can Conservatives Survive Two Major Defeats In One Week

Geraldo Rivera blows his stack when Dan Savage slams Fox: ‘Fxck you jerk off’

Boehner: 'Disappointed' By Ruling, But 'All Human Beings Are Created Equal'

We're working hard

Can we have a moment of silence?

"Next it'll be 2 kitties, a guy, and a high-speed blender!" Come CAPTION Fox's Martha MacCallum!!!

Read the Most Brutal Paragraph From Clarence Thomas’ Same-Sex Marriage Dissent

Am getting a tad tired of all the talking heads wearing glasses now......

If Bork Hadn't Gotten Borked in 1987 -- No Gay Marriage

‘No need for more talks’ - Yemen government

What's that I hear? It's Slim Whitman singing "Indian Love Call."

Love Wins.

Thomas' brutal paragraph (slaves didn't lose their dignity, ergo LGBT don't suffer loss dignity)

Texas AG: 'No Court, No Law, No Rule' Will Change Definition Of Marriage

Obama: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling 'Is A Victory For America' (VIDEO)

Israeli Minister Urges French Aliyah Following Beheading Attack

Tweets Of The Day: President Obama And A Gazillion Democrats Celebrate Supreme Court Marriage Win

Sanders sticks to the issues

Walker To Wisconsin: I Won't 'Coerce You To Act Against Your Religious Beliefs'

Justice Scalia May Have Gone Completely Nuts

President Obama on same sex marriage ruling.

God Responds to USSC Gay Marriage Ruling

I want to thank President Obama for advancing marriage equality...

Scott Walker statement on Supreme Court ruling on marriage

How the NSA Started Investigating the New York Times Original Warrantless Wiretapping Story

Confederate flag hoisted, then lowered in Petaluma

the confederate flag is being replaced with the rainbow flag

Confederate flag hoisted, then lowered in Petaluma (xpost from California group)

Powerful Moment- Men's chorus singing Impossible Dream outside SC

How Chris Christie Used A Manufactured Terrorist Plot To Boost His Political Career

Jindal: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Is 'All Out Assault' On Religious Liberty

Like a "thunderbolt"

More goodness from our next President's Twitter stream...

Map shows where gay Americans can now Marry

WATCH: Obama Calls Plaintiff In Same-Sex Marriage Case

Snowball dances to Queen

Making lemons out of lemonade.

Any week where Scalia goes 0-3 is a good week!

Paul McCartney Delivers Show-Stopping Charleston Tribute In Columbia, South Carolina

The Beautiful Closing Paragraph of Justice Kennedy’s Gay Marriage Ruling

Today in Herstory: Men-Only Bar Forced to Open Its Doors to Women

I am going to say it....HAPPY NEWS in GENERAL DISCUSSION Forum..

As long as we're redesigining currency, why not put Anthony Kennedy on the three-dollar bill?

Pic Of The Moment: An Historic Day For Equality


Read the Most Brutal Paragraph From Clarence Thomas’ Same-Sex Marriage Dissent

Note that the SCOTUS ruling came down just before Rev. Clementa Pinckney's funeral

Aww crap!

Meet Justice Anthony Kennedy's Closeted Gay Mentor

On a lighter note, Walker has a new hairstyle

Obama's stance on fast track sucks but he has delivered some major victories

"A black hole ain't got nothing on me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Brian Kilmeade!!

The White House's Twitter stream has a new icon too...

Check out 'QI' if you happen to have Acorn TV

'Let's ban guns real quick while everyone is in a good mood'

And now there is a call remove Hoover’s name from FBI building.

Anybody who doesn't like marriage equality in the US is free to live in another country

Do you hear the people sing? #LoveWon

Russia Sets Out Moon Landing Ambition, Leaves Mars Plans to NASA

The 'new Zionism' is turning Negev Bedouin into a myth

Ya gotta hand it to Ben & Jerry's (I Dough, I Dough)!

Vatican signs first treaty with 'State of Palestine', Israel angered

All LGBTQ people:

I noticed this OP in the Bernie Group ...

Let the hate wash over your shoulders...

I Hope Southern Democrats Have Short Memories

I just saw what looked like a common starling at first, similar colors, but with a very long bill.

Thank you SCOTUS!

New Hampshire Poll Shows Bernie Sanders in Dead Heat With Hillary Clinton

The Klan’s Vile Post-Charleston Recruiting Spree

June 28,1969 THE STONEWALL RIOT Greenwich Village, NY (first major protest on behalf of LGBT Rights)

Graham On Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Opposing It Is 'Doomed To Fail'

Marriage Equality: from where we were to where we are.

Gov. Abbott Appoints Home-School Mom To Chair TX State Board Of Education

The right is wrong. Supreme Court decision has *nothing* to do with religion.

"I support the freedom to marry for all. That's what Loving, and loving, are all about."

betty bowers explains traditional marriage to everyone

IMO, the GOP is out to wreck the primary system and go back to the convention model.

For the longest time, I've firmly stood with the Obama's in this continuing journey toward equality

ACA: Approved-Upheld

Mississippi Attorney General: No Same-Sex Marriages Allowed Yet

The right is wrong. Supreme Court decision has *nothing* to do with religion.

June 28,1969 THE STONEWALL RIOT Greenwich Village, NY (first major protest on behalf of LGBT Rights)

what will be the gop's new social (wedge) issues?

Two dear friends of mine are getting married on Sunday back in Georgia.

Windows 8.1 pro is asking for helpdesk password....

Marco Rubio: I 'Disagree' With Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, But It's 'Law'

Yes Dear,

How One U.S. Soldier Blew the Whistle on a Cold-Blooded War Crime (trigger warning!)

Texas GOP Chair: We're Going To Continue 'The Fight For Religious Liberty'

A friend of mine brought something to my attention regarding today's marriage equality ruling.

Is there a way to make this twin-GD thing less confusing?

Exclusive: Palestine seeks to charge Israel with ‘apartheid’ and war crimes at The Hague

Dear Republican Candidates for President:


So many tears...


Uh, did that preacher set himself on fire yet?

Pastor Clementa Pinckney's Body Carried Past Confederate Flag Into S.C. Capitol

TheOnion: Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Most Buck-Wild Pride Parade Nation’s Ever Seen

George Takei: When I checked Twitter this morning

Incredible speech by Kerry on the release of the human rights report

I genuinely don't understand "religious liberty."

Kerry tweet on SCOTUS marriage equality decision ends with Obama administration tag #lovewins

It's great to see so many happy postings today! It's about time!

"Paul Ryan...was lamenting [ACA] decision with a very broad smile"

Something happened...

We Say ‘I Dough, I Dough’ at Ben & Jerry’s!

19 Hysterical Passages From Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Dissenters

Amazing.. The world became a little better today

the president and first lady have arrived in South Carolina

The economic implications of Gay marriage are a big deal.... congrads to my gay friends

Found this in the Lounge toaster this morning

Has Chief Justice Roy-boy spewed his views yet?

Steal this, post it everywhere today

State Moves To Block Cities From Increasing Minimum Wage Or Requiring Paid Sick Leave

Religious Freedom To RW Is The Freedom To Discriminate Against Non Believers

Knock knock...

Developing a thicker skin..

88 Founding Father Quotes That Will Enrage The Religious Right

Seems like a good day to re-post this image...

I've changed my mind; I'm in favor a ban

I felt a great disturbance...

Scalia Arrested Trying to Burn Down Supreme Court

[Japanology Plus] The Japanese Chess Shogi

This is a sad day for the "I'll get married when everyone can marry" crowd.

The most powerful CEO in history on Marriage Equality:

How many marriages were destroyed today

Martin O'Malley: So excited that #LoveWon—had to take part in the celebration!

16 Years of Jon Stewart Hosting ‘The Daily Show’ in 2 Minutes

14-year-old heartbroken senior dachshund dumped at Florida shelter

The President Speaks on the Supreme Court’s Decision on Marriage Equality

Number of G.O.P. Candidates Now Thirteen, Says C.D.C. (Borowitz)

Check out the White House Twitter icon today.

Tears of Impotent Rage

Meet the lawyers who argued the gay marriage case

Cops warn of arrests at Church of Cannabis

Kentucky governor: Issue same-sex marriage licenses

Justice Scalia realizes with horror that his mic has been on all these years

McLennan County (Texas) begins issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples

Please keep the bouquets away from me!!! I like being single!

Creditors' proposal 'cannot be accepted': Athens

Is it just me somehow or is the pride emoticon displaying wrong today?

This couple waited to get married over 50 years and today they can make their love official.

This is what I will be dreaming tonight.

Sanders Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage

Equality squee!

Abbott says state employees may withhold benefits from same sex couples

BBC highlights Argentine President Cristina Kirchner's popularity

RGJ Exclusive: BLM wants $1 million VIP compound from Burning Man

So far Texas, Mississipi, and Louisiana are failing to comply with SCOTUS ruling.

Help Support Street Documentary Film and Photography

Toon: A week of good news summed up in a photo.

See 6 Celeb Couples Who Vowed to Never Get Married Until EVERYONE Could

[Japanology Plus] Wagashi

Weddings Already Taking Place in Georgia

BBC: Tunisia, Kuwait, France. Are Today' s Three Attacks Connected?

Think I'll go to Hate fil A today for a sandwich.

MO'M peeps! this thread needs a little love, and a few kicks to get to the Front page!

Mike Huckabee: I will not bow to the Court on this gay-marriage decision any more than the Founders

Andrew Sullivan:It Is Accomplished

In unprecedented move, Justice Michael Gableman asks for reconsideration of Kelly Rindfleisch appeal

To all future LGBT couples who can now marry the person they love...

List of Bernie events in California

#askthenearesthippie on Twitter

Teacher Sued After Punishing Second-Grader for Being an Atheist

Former Keystone XL lobbyist just joined Team Hillary

Two escaped New York prisoners headed to Canada: police

C-Span has Rev Pinckney's funeral on. Pres. Obama about to deliver the eulogy.

Husky Raised by Cats and Forgets How to Dog

Poor Mr Endicott.

American media on board with SCOTUS

Meanwhile in Texas-

One damn good reason why public media, utitilites, etc should never per privately owned

The Four Dissenters.....

What's for Dinner, Fri. June 26, 2015

Dallas County Texas: First gay couple to wed are 82-year-old George Harris & 85-year-old Jack Evans

U.S. top court rules for white supremacist over sentencing

So now, LGBT people are free to marry each other in 50 states...

Marriage has never been defined by religious beliefs in the US.

Now we take time to celebrate, but what will our next battle be?


Resolved: the Republican presidential candidates who vow resistance to marriage equality...

This is a great day, and LGBT America has had a true champion

Why Are Seabirds Abandoning Their Ancestral Nesting Grounds in Gulf of California?

Found on Facebook: What will happen now that gay marriage is legal:

With the SCOTUS ruling today, I can't get this song out of my head...

Honestly, I'm worried about how to explain this SCOTUS ruling to my kids

The Many Uses Of Bamboo Japanology Plus

Hard to believe it was not until 2003

Anybody watching our President taking the stage? Remarkable

Bernie Sanders Keeps Closing in on Hillary Clinton

Whole Foods Caught Systematically Overcharging Customers by Mislabeling Food

Quotes from H.L. Mencken.....

Live: Obama delivers eulogy at church-shooting funeral

Two counties out of marriage business for good after Supreme Court ruling

Skinner, EarlG and/or Elad..

S. E. Cupp Tears Up Over Same-Sex Marriage

Justice Kennedy's beautiful closing paragraph on marriage will bring a tear to your eye

For those who think there is no difference between the two parties:

Guantánamo prisoner on nine-year hunger strike will be released

Same Sex couples are marrying in TEXAS!

Would the nation be better off if the south would go away?

In Marriage Decision, An Ode to Love and Four Provocations

Listening to President Obama affirm the importance/significance of the historically black AME church

Ben And Jerry’s Celebrates Marriage Equality With ‘I Dough, I Dough’ Ice Cream

'It's infuriating': Lake fire grew after hobby drones disrupted air drops (LA Times)

If you're getting married today, be careful at the reception.

Yes! He went there - the Flag!

Jesus, he's great, our President

ACLU: Why we can no longer support the federal ‘religious freedom’ law

Obama Delivers Eulogy for Rev. Pinckney, Charleston, South Carolina

Heartbreaking ‘Dear Daddy’ Messages In Funeral Program from Clementa Pinckney’s Daughters

Massachusetts home care workers win $15/hr starting wage

New Jersey Court Rules Gay Conversion Therapy Group JONAH Committed Consumer Fraud

Massachusetts home care workers win $15/hr starting wage (x-post from LBN)

'Everything we ever hoped for': Nebraska makes history with first gay weddings

International NY Times: Sanders in statistical dead heat with Clinton

Oh God ..... nt

President singing Amazing Grace acapella. They have all joined in. This is historic...n/t

Well I cried all the way through the eulogy....

"How Barack Obama joined hands with Republicans to conquer his party on trade"--Behind the Scenes

I'm watching Obama's address at the AME church, and he's taking it to them!

Might I recommend a Reuters page about Arkansas

UCL says Tim Hunt will not be back after 'sexist' comments

There is still so much work to be done.

Redneck’ Dixon White Calls Out White America On Racism — Video Goes Viral

I don't remember ever having such an emotional day

This Is Bernie Sanders' Plan to Beat Hillary Clinton

Isis, a year of the caliphate: Have US tactics only helped to make Islamists more powerful?

"Thank you, Reverend President..."

Photos Show Celebration Outside Supreme Court After Gay Marriage Made Legal

On being offended

Make no mistake, Jeb Bush is the GOP nominee. Everyone else is just running interference.

Truth or dare time, Pastor Rick! Time to put up or shut up...

The South shall rise again!

Justice Kennedy - YES!

Amazing Grace

This is a ssecurity nightmare for those Secret Service men

Here is where gay marriage is legal in this country

Muslim, eh?

President Obama --- today AMAZING GRACE

A PDF flyer has been added to the avatars, logos and banners thread by L0oniX

Tulsa reserve deputy who shot unarmed man waives right to hearing

Huckabee: If Supreme Court Strikes Down Gay Marriage Bans, 'Everything Falls Away'

CSpan is repeating the funeral right now n/t

A Little Honesty on the Confederate Flag

"Slaves did not lose their dignity because the government allowed them to be enslaved" - Justice Tho

I get food stamps, and I’m not ashamed — I’m angry

WATCH: First same-sex marriage in Dallas County Texas #SCOTUSMarriage

White Americans Support Protests, But Not So Much When Protesters Are Black

The President Speaks on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Affordable Care Act

Is President Obama the first acting President to publicly oppose the Confederate Flag?

Wow Big News Coming these past couple of days

Three Reasons Bernie Sanders Is Shocking The Clinton Campaign And Mainstream Media

Nice little slap-down of Ann Coulter

And after this amazing speech and song by our president,

Franklin Graham: Americans Must Repent For Electing Pro-LGBT Obama

President Obama in South Carolina

I'm enjoying the relative unity we're experiencing here today on DU

A black guy I know talks about the Confederate flag/racism

Single Christian Lady Bristol "Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw" Palin is Pregnant Again

This President has brought me to joyful and heart wrenching tears, many times over 6 years

Americans Are Googling 'Gun Control' Instead Of 'Gun Shop' Post-Charleston

Have their been huge celebrations in San Francisco today?

California just approved one of the strictest mandatory vaccine laws

CIA Engaged In Human Experimentation Torture

Okay, so I'm going to spend a few days in Detroit


The president quoted one of my favorite authors today...

Magician David Blaine Asks Harrison Ford To Hand Him An Orange, And Then Harrison Freaks Out

Fuck you, Nino!

This has been a week for the books!

Fox is covering some terrorist attack in France now

Obama Eulogy Lifts Clementa Pinckney With Song and Praise

First Openly Gay Pro Baseball Player Makes History, Pitches Shutout

Tammy Duckworth crushing Mark Kirk in latest polling

Dylann Roof Was Questioned by Police in March, Record Shows

Watch President Obama deliver eulogy at Rev. Pinckney's funeral

United States and Sweden to issue stamp honoring Ingrid Bergman.

Well it's been a pretty monumental and historic week for Pres. Obama I'd say.

Richard Matt Shot By Police

22 Photos Of Happy Couples Who Got Married Right After The Supreme Court’s Decision

Haven't had anyone to talk to in person about This Day, so left a phone message and cried

Today's Supreme Court Ruling was about Love - post your videos about love.

A little song for Fat Tony Scalia and his ridiculous dissents of this week.

Statement by the Vice President on the Supreme Court Decision in Obergefell v. Hodges

There does not seem to be voter suppression in Illinois,

It's Gay Pride Weekend in New York City

The Supreme Court doesn't matter--now, or after the election (edited, yikes).

BREAKING, CNN: Fugitive Richard Matt shot by police, now pursuing David Sweat. nt

BREAKING - One prison escapee shot, the other on the run.

Clinton camp sharpens attack on Sanders

Proof that some politicians were likely born with their heads up their asses

President Obama is an amazingly graceful man, I have no idea how he can keep his

Colombian army continued killing civilians throughout 2014: US

Scalia's Dissent: ‘Ask the nearest hippie’ if marriage helps intimacy

Lawmakers 'punt' on request to remove Confederate flag from House

UN tells Colombia to ‘not shoot the messenger’ and investigate military killings

Legislators' debate on Confederate flag likely starts July 6

The remarkable extent of the ruling

I think DU is where Free Republic and other RWNJ boards get their info, right!

Ga. stops issuing license plates featuring Confederate flag

The Antonin Scalia “Sick Burn” Generator

Weekend Economists: Wedding Bells are Breaking Up that Old Gang June 26-28, 2015

Flags pulled from gift shop shelves at Chickamauga Battlefield, Point Park

More squee of love, from Cheezburger site

Harvey, it finally happened.

from tumblr you may have to click on the link

Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito Suddenly Realize They Will Be Villains In Oscar-Winning Movie One Day

Obama wants KKK to be forced to name its members and supporters after Charleston church massacre

And now, let the dumb commence: Vikings NFL player compares marriage equality to pedophilia, incest

Trump logos

Guatemala arrests 3 in killings of 2 journalists

Gay Men's Chorus of Washington Sings National Anthem After Supreme Court Ruling

How Housing Policy Is Failing America's Poor

The Speech On Feminism Every Millennial Should Hear

Attorney for House speaker expects to file suit against LePage within weeks

Dale Earnhardt Jr. speaks out against Confederate flag

there are celebrations on Etsy and Instagram :D

TOONS: Religious Liberty Explained

Bursting out of the Grief Curtain: I'm not Gay but I can't stop CELEBRATING!!!!!

Richard Matt Shot Dead By Police

Anybody else finding themselves tearing up all day?

I was wrong. I admit it.

Jeb Bush: 'The Supreme Court should've allowed states to decide.' Oh, the irony of BUSH v GORE!!

RUDE PUNDIT: "You cannot deny country is a better place than it was before Obama took office"

Leahy Heads US Senate Delegation to Cuba Ahead of Embassies

Leahy Heads US Senate Delegation to Cuba Ahead of Embassies

Cab driver blames flat tire on obese passenger, charges him $56 in addition to fare

de Blasio: Thrilled and humbled to have legally united two New York couples

OK musical DUers. What's the time signature of this song?

Belgian parties call to isolate companies that support Israeli settlements .

'Today's ruling is the result of years of work by advocates & Americans across this country.

Beach-Dwelling Dog Enjoys Digging Up Buried Crabs So That She Can Play With Them

Toon: Let Them Eat Cake

Watch Van Jones (and Don Lemon) talk about the President's Eulogy

#ProudToLove - Celebrating Marriage Equality and LGBT Pride Month

Toon: Love Wins

I don't think Milo understands waiting in line.

The Kuna: the endangered last tribe of the Caribbean – in pictures

The Kuna: the endangered last tribe of the Caribbean – in pictures

rally this eve at Stonewall 6pm

Speaking of offensive flags...

A Day Late, A Dollar Short

What a great day!

Israel: Foreign direct investment plunges almost 50% as Boycott Divestment and Sanctions take toll

Obama Calls for Action in Charleston Eulogy for Clementa Pinckney

rally this eve at Stonewall 6pm

Excellent clip of our President being real

Oh enough about the damn prison escape already!

Brownback: We will review the ruling carefully to understand its effects on the people of Kansas

Fire At Black Church In North Carolina Ruled Arson

Todd Starnes Wants God to Chase SCOTUS and POTUS with Bugs

Remember When Hillary Clinton Was Against Gay Marriage?

David Crosby: Joni Mitchell Had Aneurysm, Cannot Speak

I've been listening to iHeartRadio all day. Can't believe I missed this...

US military just made a smart decision re: the ruling

Congratulations and thank you...

Marriage Equality - Where it All Started!

Greek PM Tsipras to call referendum on bailout deal-Skai TV

Minnesota Vikings Player Tweets on Gay Marriage Ruling

Today is birthday of Big Bill Broonzy, Blues Legend...

Bush: Money trumps peace. Obama: Love and hope can conquer hate.

More endangered pygmy sloths in Panama than previously estimated

Bernie Sanders Is Enjoying a Mini-Surge

Mobile County, Ala., issues its first same-sex marriage license to 2 women after months of refusing

I always thought I would see a black president. I always thought I would see a woman president.

To What Extent Was Dylann Roof Influenced

Honduras protests Venezuelan assistance to ex-President Zelaya

IS massacre 146 civilians in Syrua

Justice Kennedy gave me chills (in a good way) with what he wrote

Full text of President Obama's eulogy for Clementa Pinckney

Sanders Sees Clinton Camp Attacks as Sign that 'Something Must Be Working'

Marriage Equality has passed assholes, now keep your promise*

Detroit EMT Fired After Refusing CPR on Baby: Officials

I can sum up the dissenting opinions on Ogberfell v. Hodges in seven words

Tsipras Cites Blackmail as Merkel Prods Greece to Take Offer

Out in Freeperland....

Jindal: 'If We Want To Save Some Money Let's Just Get Rid Of The Court'

What a Week!! This cartoon sums it all up.

Email from Jeff Weaver (Bernie's campaign manager)

New conservative meme!

From You Tube. More from Claire McCaskill's interview. Digs hole deeper.

Erdogan says Turkey not to allow Kurdish state in northern Syria

The Controller mentality

President Obama Delivers Eulogy at Charleston Shooting Funeral of Clementa Pinckney [FULL SPEECH]

Sweet Jesus...Why The Hell is our media so obsessed with the Escaped Killers?

19 Hysterical Passages From Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Dissenters

Bernie Sanders Was for Full Gay Equality 40 Years Ago

I really think that was the best speech of his Presidency

Escaped New York Inmate Richard Matt Shot and Killed by Police, Search Ongoing for David Sweat

Why a devil laugh makes you smile

Terror attacks: separate attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait leave more than 60 dead

Windshield wiper slappin time

Please feel free to share these powerful words

Please feel free to share these powerful words, xpost from LGBT.

Breitbart Commenters reactions to marriage equality are deeply disturbing

Nuclear 2.0? Jeb Bush is Open to Ending the Senate Filibuster to Repeal Obamacare

Baltimore prosecutors dispute motion to move Freddie Gray death trial

As a Hillary supporter, I give Sanders a HUGE amount of credit for supporting marriage equality

i went to the travis county clerk after the gay marriage decision today (austin texas)

Read President Obama's moving eulogy for Charleston shooting victim Clementa Pinckney

"What Happened, Miss Simone?"

MSNBC needs to show something bedsdes the NY prison escapes

Heading South soon. Any suggestions?

Who's been around since 2001?

Knock, Knock. Who's there?

Ann Coulter's stunningly ignorant tweet.

Many conservatives vow to defy court ruling on gay marriage

Y'all means ALL..

World War II Vet Finally Takes His Sweetheart to Prom 66 Years Later

Colorado GOP plagued by infighting; Prosecutors contacted over ouster attempt

At Exactly 8 Eastern !!! Everyone out there ! Let's TOAST !! Keep kicked

You won't take me alive copper. Bang! Bang!

Retiring Boeing CEO to get $3.9M-per-year pension

Borrowitz (Barely Satire): Scalia Arrested Trying to Burn Down Supreme Court

SPOILER ALERT: WWC - Germany vs. France

Retiring Boeing CEO to get $3.9M-per-year pension

Marriage Equality - Provincetown, MA

Check in if you ain't never been here

Toon: Antonin Scalia

What is the means for the projection of force regarding the National Guard?

Michael Sam returns to Montreal to resume football career

Too bad I already have a lower back tattoo...

Meanwhile, at Westboro Baptist Church...

Obama says the "W" word to Conservatives

Consumer Sentiment Rises To Highest Since January

What an amazing day, what an amazing week.

Best Friends

Here's an OP in GDP by madfloridian that is just

Michigan DL says he was pressured to retire

After gay marriage order, Texas won’t deny benefits to same-sex spouses

NY: police officer rescues kitteh

"Hey California, Justice Scalia discovers the 10th ring of hell, and we are it" Steve Lopez, LATimes

My comment re: Scalia's dissent, posted to a NY Times editorial

It's not "gay marriage " It's not even "marriage equality."

Fox affiliate KTVU in SF Bay Area cancels live coverage of Sunday's pride parade

If the success, failure, or sanctity of your OWN marriage is predicated on your right to deny

A Great Day for Corporate America: US Senate Passes Fast Track-'Shameful' says Sen. Sherrod Brown

US Supreme Court.

Margaret and Helen

Bernie Sanders supported full equality for gay people 40 years ago(from Alternet)

Jim Jeffries: US gun control, live stand up comedian, outstanding

For a lame duck, my President is having a kick-ass week!

I’ll take the all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet, but hold the Republican presidential candidate, please.

Why is it so hard to find licensed workers that are willing and ready to pull a permit to do a job?

Scalia in ACA Dissent: "words no longer have meaning" - to which I say . . .

3 Black Churches burnt in North Carolina, Georgia and S.Carolina in the past 5 days.

Problem solved, no RCA needed ...

Where to find gay marriage celebrations in Austin

Luckovich - VJ Day 2015 (i.e. marriage equality)

Yesterday was Sonia Sotomayor's birthday.

Justice Scalia Is a Homophobe by Barney Frank

See they aren't talking about any of the victories or that amazing Obama eulogy

same sex marriage in texas

The BBC’s Inept but Revealing Attempt at a Game Theoretic View of Greek Crisis

Posted without comment

Donald Trump reacts to Univision like a 2 year old

rewards will be tenfold

CNN: The week that changed the nation

My husband said: It was the women on the SC that brought about this change in marriage equality.

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Abbott vows a religious liberty fight, which gay couples’ lawyer warns will cost state

Someone should pin the article from yesterday that told us about the Bernie media group the

Can you please move this thread of mine to General Discussion: Primaries?