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Icahn warns market is ‘extremely overheated’

America’s Overall Image Around the World Remains Largely Positive--Pew Global Research

Bernie Sanders Walks A Fine Line On Gun Control

A very old joke, ...a med school exam.. a strange question...???

Maine Democratic speaker accuses GOP governor of blackmail

Lindsey Graham goes off the deep end

The R's wanted Fast Track soooo bad; tomorrow they'll start eating their own who didn't vote for it.

Did Sarah Palin quit Fox news so she could be open to any running mate offers?


Truth and Reconciliation.

The Black Lives Matter movement started after the killing of

Pay-what-you-can cafes let diners pay it forward

Bernie Sanders & Cornel West: The radical alliance that could change everything

Homegrown Radicals More Deadly Than Jihadists in U.S.

It's Over! Some Dems Say--As Obama Gets Trade Win: Democrats Give In on TAA

Why business fought the Confederate flag

Colombian officers evade justice for 3,000 murders

U.S. Navy to Microsoft: We'll give you $9M to keep Windows XP alive

Idea: Why doesn't DU "deputize" approved members as reporters so they can get...

Group Seeks Prosecution of Colombian Senior Military Over Civilian Slayings

Thom Hartmann: Fukushima and thyroid cancer

Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and the Cattiness of Slandering President Obama

Chris Hayes is discussing the Napolitano DHS report

it might even rain!

Mr. Robot on USA Network tonight at 10.

Professor Richard Wolff with Thom Hartmann: The Greek Implosion

Poppa Pope (Joe Morton) telling it like it is!

Anderson Cooper is having a hard time nailing slippery Mark Sanford on the issue of the

Fire Begins Near California Interstate, Threatens Homes

Give it UP. I am for HILLARY!

How old are you by your taste in music?

Donna Brazille: "Stop hating!"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!! Waiting for the Aliens

Sanders Wins First Union Nod From Vermont Teachers

Yet another reason to prefer Sanders to Clinton

Sam Seder: Here Are the 13 Democrats Who Backed the TPA in the Senate

IRS watchdog: Up to 24,000 missing Lois Lerner emails

2nd prison worker charged in connection with inmates' escape

Fast-Track Retaliation: Back the 2016 Democratic Candidates Who Oppose the TPP

Sanders Wins First Union Nod From Vermont Teachers

Sanders Wins First Union Nod From Vermont Teachers

Sanders Wins First Union Nod From Vermont Teachers

Today in Herstory: NYC Bar Refusing Service to Women Will Face a Federal Suit

So the racist terrorist will be tried on hate crime charges

Today in Herstory: NYC Bar Refusing Service to Women Will Face a Federal Suit

People look for the dumbest stuff so they can dump on Hillary

Seven AM comes around too soon

Fairness in locking......

I am not liking Obama very much these days

I like President Obama and though he has a year and one half left I am beginning to miss him.

Seattle mayor proposes all-gender single-occupant public bathrooms

Oklahoma drilling regulator calls spike in quakes a 'game changer'

Domestic Terrorism: From the Charleston Massacre to 1964 Slaying of Mississippi Civil Rights Workers

Again, any project starts with Lounge expertise, so: Are newspaper archives copyrighted?

IEA sets out pillars for success at COP21—…strategy for … peak in energy emissions by 2020

A few article about Scott Walker inclu an op ed by Mr. Divide & Conquer himself! (via CNN) 6/23

Plaque honoring Leslie Cochran to be unveiled on Sixth Street in Austin

Look.. We're just trying to re-enact

Vegas-style gambling launches in Massachusetts

Mississippi's Wicker wants flag with Confederate emblem replaced

What are we doin here?

Jewish Groups Laud Congress for Including Anti-BDS Measure in Trade Bill

We're really going to do this again, aren't we?

Captains of Industry Speak (cartoon)

Noriega asks for Panama's forgiveness in jailhouse interview

How Russia Could Make or Break the Iran Deal

Mass Shooters Have A Gender and a Race

Russia Extends Ban On Western Food Imports, Including From Australia, After EU Sanctions Over Ukrain

The Terrifying Truth About Air Pollution and Dementia

The Full Song "Lava" from the short film by Disney Pixar of the same name (VIDEO)

Crowd protests Bobby Jindal presidential announcement

If Bernie is serious about winning, he needs to go negative.

It's not about "hating Hillary"...or's about disagreeing with her on some major issues

Luckovich - The Flag's Coming Down!!!

I think this speaks volumes about Republican voters.

Our Manchurian President

Lewis Black backs Bernie Sanders — and says Donald Trump’s candidacy is ‘already a punchline’

Trip report: Just got back from Transylvania

Russia Says Chooses Trading Firms To Deal In Iranian Oil

Lindsey Graham: Charleston Shooter Showed 'Mideast Hate'

Professor Richard D. Wolff - The Coming Crash & The Recession That Never Ended (with Thom Hartmann)

RE: that TPP vote. Does THIS sound familiar?

Tama the stationmaster cat has died

ebay bids for confederate flag reaching $700.00 -100% Cotton

Israel's Far Right Seeks To Cripple Human Rights Groups Which Monitor Government And Army Abuses...

Stupid question What exactly did Taylor Swift do that people are praising her.

AP Exclusive: Iran would get nuclear help in proposed deal

Don't Kid's Hate, not Heritage.

So next year when you do your taxes do you help the POTUS candidates?

Just FBed this

An anecdote while race matters and trumps class every single time...

Discussion shut down.

Judge cites government 'lack of candor' in returning $167,000 seized in Nevada

New Peru Mass Grave a Reminder of 1980s Dirty War Legacy

Former Obama aides say U.S. needs tougher Iran nuclear deal

What Teenage Boys Should Know About Teenage Girls

African American Intellectual History Society reading list: #Charlestonsyllabus

Perry's Top 10 Worst Hits

China ratifies nuclear-weapon-free Central Asia protocol

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 25, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Final Cuts

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 26, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight - Summer of Darkness

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 27, 2015 -- The Essentials: Directed by Albert Lewin

Analyst: New savings erode as cost of nuclear plant grows

A right-of-center acquaintance just told me he was surprised to learn ...

stevie ray has the blues

Why do they all submit their candidacy?

Israel approves demolition of 1,000 homes per year in the Negev

TPP = "useful for the investments of America.”

Maybe a tinfoil hat theory. BUT if that TPP part about privitized sections being stuck privatitzed.

Lauder: Anti-BDS measure adopted by US Congress is major defeat for Israel boycott movement

Wall Street and Big Corporations Got What They Wanted—This Time

Why Cornel West hates President Obama -- and why Bernie Sanders doesn't need his "support."

Chicago: After Month Without Yellow Line, News Gets Worse in Skokie

Honduras: Miguel Facussé, "Palm Plantation Owner of Death," Dies at 90

Israel seeks confiscation of Palestinian lands for settlements

Rhythm method

Will marriage equality become the law of the land tomorrow?

Senator Al Franken on The Daily Show - June 22, 2015 - Extended Interview

Do you think Bernie Sanders agrees with Cornel West that Obama is 1st niggerized prez?

Saudi Arabia, France finalizing $12 billion in deals for ships, helicopters, nuclear reactors

I somehow just lost my task bar, start button and clock from the bottom of the screen

Now that TPP has all but passed, will there be protests?

I've decided to run as Republican nominee for President of the United States.

"Where is the love...."

Centrist Democrats Losing Their Way, Their Soul, and Their Support

The AFL-CIO needs to hold back its presidential primary endorsement this time.

August 6th. Jon Stewart's last show. First Republican debate.

IMO, Bernie needs to broaden his message. Those over 40 living payday to payday

Feds say Baltimore PD lied about gangs pact to kill cops

A few articles about Scott Walker inclu an op ed by Mr. Divide & Conquer himself! (via CNN) 6/24

Hilary Clinton campaign: "Equal"

Expired Drugs Found in Honduras' Fraud-Gripped Health Institute

Belgian parties call to isolate companies that support Israeli settlements

San Antonio strippers lose a battle against Tiffany’s Cabaret

San Antonio strippers lose a battle against Tiffany’s Cabaret

Honduran hitmen kill fifth indigenous land activist amid protests against mining and illegal logging

Bernie in Madison July 1

Follow-up: Alamo's official cat starts adorable Twitter account!

Follow-up: Alamo's official cat starts adorable Twitter account!

Do you believe African Americans, and other minority voters, have never heard of Bernie Sanders?

Map of the Corporate States of America (by revenue)

Weird Jindal Video Talking to his Kids about Running for President

Rep Chumley: SC Victims "Waited Their Turn To Be Shot"

Japan finally lifts its 67-year-old ban on dancing

Cuba’s popularity concerns Caribbean tourism officials, prompts them to seek US help

I've finally completed The Witcher 3 and I am still in awe of this game.

White House Says More Than 30 Americans Held Hostage Abroad

Obama Tosses Heckler From LGBT Event: 'You're In My House'

Philip Glass - music from the movie Visitors. In six parts.

Cuba’s popularity concerns Caribbean tourism officials, prompts them to seek US help

Watchdog: U.S. May Have Spent Taxpayer Dollars On Afghanistan Schools That Didn’t Exist

Internal Data: Hillary Clinton Paid Women And Men Equally

Palestinians to Seek War Crimes Charges Against Israel at Hague Court

PS4 PS Plus owners - The PS Plus version of Drive club comes out tomorrow.

US raises cyber concerns with China

O'Malley is better than Hillary Clinton. Here's why.

Bernie Sanders: Unlike Hillary Clinton, ‘I’ve Taken On The Big Money Interests.’

The Dean Scream—what has changed since 2004?

Are you better off economically than your parents were at this point in your life?

Magnitude-5.8 Quake Shakes Buildings in South-Central Alaska

Protesters Block Construction of Giant Hawaii Telescope

I'm hurting badly tonight. Family stuff. Any suggestions for how to survive the night to confront

'Murder of the masses': seven insane right-wing predictions about gay marriage

Apopka shells out nearly $100,000 to evict gopher tortoises

Apopka shells out nearly $100,000 to evict gopher tortoises

In U.S., non-Muslim extremists have been deadlier than jihadis since 9/11

‘You Want A War? You Got A War': Bill O’Reilly Flips Out Over ‘Anti-Fox Defamation’

Want a good laugh???

Family Flees NJ Home After Receiving Creepy Letters

Department of Justice finds Lubbock police engaged in 'pattern or practice of discrimination'

DU vs. Sanders (i.e. why some supporters are hurting the cause)

Something about flags.

It could be tomorrow

Boehner doles out new punishment

Rachel showed some more Bernie love tonight

Miami Dolphins owner and Qatar to bid for Formula One

Woman, 100, reveals secret to long life

The flag or guns: Which to give up?

Bobby Jindal’s Biggest Troll Is His Friend’s 21-Year-Old Son

Minnesotans for Bernie will be attending the Twin Cities Pride Festival

My Whole Life I've Been Asked If I'm a Girl or a Boy

My Whole Life I've Been Asked If I'm a Girl or a Boy

In Defense Of The Confederate Flag (satire)

In Defense Of The Confederate Flag (satire)

Taxpayers Subsidized Dylann Roof's Hate Group

Bill McKibben: Power to the People: Solar for Everyone

605 corporate advisers allowed access to the TPP text,

IS reenters Syria Kurdish battleground town Kobane

US women's soccer team = drama queens and divas. "Ugly American" stereotype on display...

Getting real--a lot of Sanders supporters are not Democrats

Daily Holidays - June 25

Anticipating high court's blessing, same-sex couples plan weddings

The Corporate Capture of the United States.. Harvard Law School

SC curriculum: Slaves were a necessity because only they had the skills to grow rice

A Prominent Psychologist Looks At The GOP Presidential Candidates-- And Hurls

Term 'Masshole' added to Oxford English Dictionary

1st medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts opens

Scotland is refusing to give the Queen any more money

Boston Olympic group taps 3 universities for events

(Traffic) nightmare on Elm Street: Potential building collapse closes parts of Davis Square

China workers contracted by Uniqlo strike over plant closure

Guest Opinion: Opioid addiction treatment approach in Gloucester a sound step

TheGhost of Cornel West

Dannemora guard charged with promoting prison contraband

Report shines light on solar benefits

Walsh unveils plan to house homeless

Sanders could be the candidate Cornel West thought he was getting in Obama.

Will Iraq Be Libya? Can the Shiite Militiamen Avoid Turning on Each Other?

A view from above

ASEAN leaders caught in Thucydides trap ahead of a great moment in its history

Six Ways TPP Opponents Have Won - Even as Fast Track Advances

Obama pledges to end 'unacceptable' tactics after France spying row

A year into fake unity with Hamas, Abbas says ‘enough’

Are we nosediving towards a resourceless future?

Cases of Wish-Bone ranch dressing recalled

Germany's low opinion of the USA

US women's soccer team = drama queens and divas. "Ugly American" stereotype on display...

Discovery of metal vessels ""will change the story about Pre Inca Chachapoyas

Tsipras to resume Greece bailout talks ahead of EU summit

NGA project could cost city and state $130 million

Trial opens of French woman accused of killing eight of her newborn babies

Asthma, ticks and heatstroke: Here’s what climate change could mean for your health

French taxis strike after weeks of rising tension over Uber

Expert: UAW talks could bring end to 2-tier wage system

Palestinian TV calls Jews and Israelis ‘evil, filth’

King v Burwell

Hillary campaign to be on Bill Press Show coming up this morning

Bernie Sanders Gains on Hillary Clinton in Bloomberg Early-State Polling

Under cover of darkness, female janitors face rape and assault

Bernie is blowing it on NPR right now ....

US Drone Program to Remain in Shadows as Obama Abandons Key Reform Promise

'Just one week after a mass shooting'...Gov. Walker holds A-plus rating from the NRA for good reason

Arsonist Targets Predominately Black Church in Charlotte, North Carolina

Today's Non Sequitur

Fox News Poll: Bush, Trump score post-announcement bumps

Fox News Poll: Bush, Trump score post-announcement bumps -Walker only 9%, down 12%

Four South Florida mayors join growing support for Patrick Murphy’s Senate bid

Is it the 90's or the '90s - Regarding the use of year in postings

Did Fox release Palin so that she could join the GOP group of hopful candidates.

Conservationists: New China policy could save elephants

Just saw the most astonishing, disgusting, slobbering BJ on Morning Joe

A preview of Neil Young's controversial "Monsanto Years" album coming Monday June 29th

Henry Krinkle & Emma Quangel - two persons responsible for destroying the RW memes re Dylann Roof

Blinders (cartoon)

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Lost Again

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - No more flag, but lots more guns

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Southern Strategy

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- Primary Season

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

Oracle starts pushing Yahoo instead of Ask Toolbar with Java installations

What's the soonest

Many TPP'ers argue manufacturing must be outsourced due to costs. Why stop there? Wall Street would

What will happen to a sinking California? Just ask San Luis Obispo

Did you ever think that earworms might be sound waves travelling through time?

Environmentalist Win Landmark Case - Dutch government ordered to cut greenhouse gas emissions

"Southern Mourning"

Here are my concerns about a Martin O'Malley candidacy ...

Who, us? Listen in illegally? US diplomats in damage control mode...

House Cat Is So Not Impressed By Mountain Lion At The Door

Bad Joke? College Planned to Hire Anti-Zionist to Teach Zionism

CEO pay at US’s largest companies up 54% since recovery began in 2009

British Lord Accused of Raping Boys Inside Parliament

Sean Hannity: Why stop selling Confederate flags if you can buy Jay-Z albums at Walmart?

"He wanted the Glock .45-caliber 'because he was small and and needed to protect himself'..."

Has EarlG gotten a raise lately?

"despite objections from most Democrats..."

Are there any polls showing how Bernie matches up against the GOP candidates?

Head of targeted DNR science bureau departing

Winnipeg Cop's Hot Mic Broadcasts Hot Talk

Support for Nontraditional Candidates Varies by Religion

so the other morning I was sitting in bed waiting for my coffee to brew when I heard

Christianity, Islam and yoga How far can you stretch?

New Bloomberg Purple Strategies New Hampshire Poll- Clinton 56% Sanders 24% O'Malley 2%

""Our" Hate Is SO Much Better Than "Their" Hate"

"I Identify As Black"

The North Is Burning: 278 Fires In Alaska (Wed); 123 In Yukon (32 All Of 2014), NWT As Well

Trial opens of French woman accused of killing eight of her newborn babies

My focus will be on the Bernie Sanders group for my sanity

Gowdy's McCarthy-Like Hearing Reveals Shameful Political Witchhunt in Questioning Clinton Confidant

Thad Cochran says "me too on the flag thingy"

Jeb Bush deliberately purged minorities from Fla. voting rolls by wrongly identifying them as felons

"The face of racism today is a guy in a 3-piece suit putting blacks into subprime mortgages."

Arsonist Targets Predominately Black Church in Charlotte, North Carolina

Important question for my gay and lesbian friends about the SCOTUS ruling

Dannemora Prison fugitive Richard Matt turns 49 today...

Why I didn't tell you he was hitting me

TPP greatest thing in the world

What's in a name? "Trey Gowdy"

"Indiana man" is tired of "Florida man" grabbing all the headlines

Why Tuesday's post-storm sunset was so darn beautiful (Photos)

More decisions to be issued today by the Court...

Remaining SCOTUS cases, SCOTUSBlog live Blog link.

Bobby Jindal campaign gets off to strange start with ‘Paranormal Activity’ video

Taking down the Confederate flag musn’t obscure the South’s vile history

House votes to let governors ignore EPA on climate. - The Hill

New Trade Agreements Will Offshore Even More American Jobs While Unemployed Continue to Suffer

Anti-worker lobbying group #ALEC sets sights on local lawmakers-loss of more local control

Boehner doles out new punishment

Bernie's interview on NPR's Morning Edition, Thursday June 25, 2015 --link--

538: The Receding of Sarah Palin In One Chart

SCOTUS is getting ready to hand down decisions

Willie Nelson in Bernie Sanders political ad

After Charleston shootings, poll highlights race dilemma for Republicans

Expunging Woodrow Wilson from Official Places of Honor

BREAKING: SCOTUS just upheld the Fair Housing Act

Acura recalls 106,000 MDX SUVs; pulley can fall off

Decision of the Fourth Circuit is affirmed in King v. Burwell. 6-3. GREAT news

Two years ago today, the SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act

ACA subsidies upheld (King v. Burwell)! 6-3 vote including Roberts!!!

ACA upheld!! 6-3

ACA subsidies just upheld by SCOTUS! Piss on the right wing! 6-3.

Two victories from the Supremes -Obamacare stays

Mitsubishi recalls 460K cars; 5 hurt when air bags hit visor

The Little Bighorn

GOP Congress hates birds?

UPDATED 3 X: Obamacare wins

Obama scolds heckler: 'You're in my house'

Twice as many Americans now forced to delay marriage, college, kids

Mixed week.

Breaking News: Affordable Care Act, upheld by Supreme Court.

I am so happy SCOTUS uphold the ACA !!!

Jets owner Woody Johnson named finance chairman for Jeb Bush's campaign

Virginia beats Vanderbilt to win first College World Series championship

Top Donors (Career) Bernie vs Hillary

From Scalia's dissent: "We should start calling this law SCOTUScare."

Pirates and hold-ups: crime strikes Venezuela's oil industry

Santa Barbara Spill: The Inside Story

Am I dreaming that six justices vote for marriage equality?

Did anybody watch "First Peoples" on PBS last night?

New fosters!

Are you going to Madison on July 1 to See Bernie Sanders?

Freepers apoplectic over SCOTUS ruling upholding Obamacare Subsidies

When the Velociraptor Hisses, Think Goose

Cato institue Michael Cannon on Bloomberg is going crazy because the ACA was upheld. These right

Talk of repealing/eliminating Obamacare needs to stop now.

High-tax Minnesota is nation's best state for business, CNBC declares

Bernie in California

House GOP freshman president survives threat

4 dead in Roanoke, Salem after overdosing on fentanyl

Totally called it!

High-tax Minnesota is nation's best state for business, CNBC declares

Atlanta TV station aired one of the best takedowns of the secretive nature of ALEC

Sworn enemies

Clinton and Bush are running for President, A Jurassic Movie is 1 in Theaters,

ACA Subsidies Upheld! Let's All Do The "Mean Jean"!

@SCOTUSCare is going to get some rude things tweeted at it

U.S. Consumer Spending Soared 0.9% in May

Look for the ACA to become more popular as SCOTUS gives it their impramatur

You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid

Tearing down every Dixie rag down won't end racism.....

Pop some popcorn - My FAVORITE time to watch Faux News. They

5 things to remember about Boby Jindal

McCaskill slams the media for their audacity covering Bernie as a legitimate challenge to Hillary

Yes! SCOTUS affirms what we know is true in our hearts & under the law:

ACA decision: Will Tea baggers go nuts about "activist Court?"

I am watching the coverage on CNN...Should I turn on FOX to revel in their long faces?

"more than a few examples of inartful drafting."

It's here to stay!!!! 6-3!!! Go Obamacare!!!!

Challenge to Kansas abortion ban on fetal procedure to go before judge

Fuckabee calls the Obamacare ruling judicial tyranny

Cat claims baby crib - parents throw out baby

I discovered the secret GOP health care plan if SCOTUS overruled the ACA

RNC Statement on King v. Burwell Ruling

Confederacy crashes in one week. It only took 150 years

Bwaahaaaaaa! Much wailing and gnashing of teeth over at the darkside site...

With $1 billion deficit, Repubs in legislature still refusing to enact any gas extraction tax

What if he hadn't been holding that flag? | A tale of 2 Thurmonds

"We need real leadership in Washington, and Congress needs to repeal and replace ObamaCare," @Scott

Dutch police to block Tour de France over wage dispute

Faux News cries bitter tears over Obamacare decision today. Love it.

US court to hear arguments that Brazil oil giant should stand trial for corruption

Obama is the greatest president since...

US court to hear arguments that Brazil oil giant should stand trial for corruption

Bush III vs. Everyone

Do you approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president?

Manuel Noriega apologises over military rule of Panama

America’s Second Chance in Guatemala

Martin O'Malley hails ACA court victory, calls for moving on to 'health care for every person'

Flags coming down; ACA upheld; Walmart not selling stars and bars no more

Furious Scalia: Call It SCOTUScare

Marc Benioff Wants Women to Have Equal Pay and Opportunity at Salesforce

Marc Benioff Wants Women to Have Equal Pay and Opportunity at Salesforce

General Hubbub speaks to the multitudes! . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Wildlife on the move

Shameless plug: The Outernet

Selfish CEOs Are Overpaid and Underskilled

In addition to Obamcare: Supreme Court upholds broad discrimination claims under housing law

wildlife on the move

The U.N.’s Gaza Report Is Flawed and Dangerous

Please use the phrase "jiggery-pokery" in a sentence...

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker remains committed to preventing a Grexit

UCLA Failed to Protect Students from Sexual Harassment, Lawsuit Says

The flag or guns? (also posted on GD)

UCLA Failed to Protect Students from Sexual Harassment, Lawsuit Says

No difference in kids with same-sex, opposite-sex parents, study finds

UCLA Failed to Protect Students from Sexual Harassment, Lawsuit Says

So, with todays ACA ruling by the Supreme Court, is the ACA officially

Union Funding Targeted in Fast-Track Appeal to High Court

New Species: Hairy-Chested Yeti Crab Found in Antarctica

This Quirky New Hampshire Law Might Keep Bernie Sanders Off The Ballot

Pic Of The Moment: Victory! Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare 6-3

CNN: Dana Bash: Congressional Republicans Relieved

As I've repeatedly said it's the Supreme Court Stupid for 2016

Freeper insults SCOTUS and coins great name for rock group: "Vicars of Obama"

"Why the hell did we ever label it ObamaCare, anyway?" Please come CAPTION Justice Antonin Scalia!!!

The pups are 8 weeks old now and starting to go to their new homes

Supreme Court Keeps Key Housing Discrimination Protections Intact

SCOTUS Hands Win to Obama Over Banks, Insurance Cos and Business Groups

Why does Team Hillary ALWAYS take the low road

I agree with Hillary Clinton. She said all lives matter.

2 minute warning POTUS to speak

Sorry for all the posts but GOP losses makes me irrationally exuberant.

"Guess what...They will simply take a percentage of your paycheck just like for SS and Medicare..."

Obama speaking now on this victory

"The aca is her to stay" got that baggers?? live news conf now on msnbc

Huckabee Calls Obamacare Ruling An 'Out-Of-Control Act Of Judicial Tyranny'

More good SCOTUS news: "disparate impact" for fighting housing discrimination upheld 5-4

Claire McCaskill, a major Clinton ally, unloads on Bernie Sanders

Are we facing the end of history? Or even human extinction?

2016 GOP Presidential Hopefuls: Now It's Up To Us To Repeal Obamacare

AK's Gov Walker backs renaming Western Alaska census area that honors slave owner

Clinton Applauds SCOTUS Ruling To Save Obamacare Subsidies: 'Yes!'

Pennsylvania Court Rejects Law That Aided NRA Gun Lawsuits | ABC News

Pro-O’Malley group attacking Sanders on gun control By Jonathan Easley

President Obama's statement on SC ruling on ACA

WA Post: "Thank God, hallelujah!" Consumers Express Relief about Obamacare

U.S. judge dismisses suit seeking blame in troubled Oklahoma execution

So I guess on the same sex marriage decision we will have to wait until tomorrow. It would be nice

Republicans Fear Victory for Health Care Could Pave Way for Education, Environment

Iowa: Hillary: 50% Bernie: 24% O'Malley: 2% in new poll

Notorious invader found in waters of Anchorage floatplane base

Focus on policy issues, less on “stupid” Facebook posts.

Anybody have the part of ACA that was contended in this lawsuit? The wording that was

Bernie at 24-25% to Hillary's 50-56% in NEW Iowa and New Hampshire

Chris Christie to Announce Presidential Run Next Week at New Jersey High School: Sources

Puebla, Mexico

Molycorp Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Won’t Some Nice White Person Please Give Ann Coulter A Hug?

Univision Ends Miss Universe Deal After Trump’s Immigration Comments

New York's MTA sued over 'Muslims Are Coming!' film ad ban

Fox News has a conspiracy theory for the ages: Obama secretly wants his healthcare law destroyed!

Univision Cuts Ties with Donald Trump’s ‘Miss Universe’ Pageant After His Mexico Comments

Poor ole Mitch..still railing about those millions who lost the coverage they liked

Hillary Clinton Room Post-Two years ago today, the SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act

AK wildfire seasons getting bigger, longer | Retardant bombers busy | 40 new fires Wednesday

Mean Attorney General Won’t Let Californians Vote To Kill Gays Dead

Univision drops Miss USA pageant over Donald Trump’s comments about Latinos

Bernie Sanders wants to talk about marijuana and looks to Colorado

Totally amazing dance number

ANA Lauds Supreme Court Decision Upholding Affordable Care Act Tax Credit Subsidies (6/25/15)

Judge Blocks Kansas' Ban on 2nd-Trimester Abortion Procedure

Hillary Clinton-Health Care Should Be Affordable To All

Fox & Friends’ stunning hypocrisy: “We were never told the nature of (Dylann Roof's) bias”

I am glad Bernie IS IN TO WIN IT!

SCOTUSblog: Court backs Obama administration on health-care subsidies: In Plain English

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are not enemies.

This is what an oligarchy looks like:

Kim Kardashian to speak to prestigious Commonwealth Club

Hillary Clinton Throws Down The Gauntlet And Challenges Republicans On Obamacare

Serious question. I want to know.

In spite of the justified row

A rain storm has me out of the garden and in my garage. ACA thoughts

Hey, Hillary! Pay Your Interns

The kind of President this country needs. The people's president!

AK wildfire seasons getting bigger, longer | Retardant bombers busy | 40 new fires Wednesday

WHAT THE FUCK! Dylann Roof's "black" friend 'He never said anything racist' Video

The Corporate Capture of the United States.. Harvard Law School

Brainiac Scott Walker reveals GOP secret plan: Win with male voters! - By Joan Walsh

Justice Thomas Says We Don’t Need To Worry About Racial Disparities Anymore, Cites NBA

I am feeling encouraged

Alaska falls furthest among states affected by oil price collapse

BFD - Obama & Biden celebrate today's SCOTUS ruling

WTF is she saying? Fox Blond

Rand Paul: Obamacare Decision Turns 'The Rule Of Law... On Its Head'

Miracle Moosie the kitty by Anonymous Anchorage, AK (gofundme kitty hit goal)

Mississippi Guv Tears Into SCOTUS For Upholding 'Socialist' Obamacare

You have GOT to watch this kid's video! I promise, it will make your day! I mean it!

Country Music Journalists Discuss The Genre's Slow Evolution On LGBTQ Issues

WikiLeaks: Saudis tried to shield students from scandal at Montana Tech

Oh, FOX said this is a great day for Scott Waker

For those interested in details of the ACA decision,

This is crazy: Meet the Americans Who Prefer to Go Uninsured

Racism = Mental Illness. Good to know even Faux now agrees.

Look for a bump in the DU for Bernie Act Blue link by next Wednesday

Spike the football in front of conservatives

President Obama: ‘The Affordable Care Act is here to stay’

Louisiana Has A Lot Of Problems. This Is How Bobby Jindal Made Them Worse.

Deputy arrested after burrito-fueled road rage incident

Michael Oren's diplomatic psychobabble

Conservatives have white hot emotional meltdown after SCOTUS Obamacare ruling

Dear Walmart, where does it end?!

Obama campaigned for single payer? I don't remember it that way.

Law allowing NRA to sue PA cities with tougher gun laws illegal

It’s no Confederate flag, but our (Mass.) banner is still pretty awful

Poor Jindal. The Supreme Court just took the wind out of his sails

The Four Lies You’re Going to Hear About the Charleston Massacre

Judge Blocks Kansas Abortion Ban Pro-Lifers Dubbed 'Dismemberment'

"SCOTUScare" "Pelosicare" Fox News is trying to scrub "OBAMACARE"

For those interested in details of the ACA decision,

Univision To Donald Trump: You're Fired!

US Secretary of State Kerry's Israeli connection

Indiana Gov doesn't wait for House's 'just say no' EPA bill

The Obamacare ruling is an even bigger victory for the law—and the president—than anybody expected

Another example of the black on white crime wave!

MSM: R Defeat On The ACA Is A Win For...Republicans (??)

I see that Conservatives are getting tired of reliving the past.

A pro-O’Malley super PAC goes after Sanders on guns

An Open Invitation to DUers

Interactive graphic on global warming

F(*#ing insurance

Ambitious Obscurity: The Lincoln Chafee Story

Consumers express relief after health law ruling: ‘Thank God, hallelujah’

Republicans Making Public Education Fail

Conservatives have white hot emotional meltdown after SCOTUS Obamacare ruling

Post in GD about Martin O'Malley - it's our turn

Unchecked pollution befouling majestic Lake Titicaca

Unchecked pollution befouling majestic Lake Titicaca

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Maria Shriver Split, Says Love Child Is 'Terrific'

Republican’s hate Obamacare for one reason....

Hillary Clinton's Newest Consultant Was A Major Keystone Lobbyist

El Salvador, the country where women get jailed for having a miscarriage

Anyone get their bumper stickers?

Pipeline Firm Couldn't Reach Staff at California Spill Site

Happy Birthday, Mira!

Prosecutors: Mexican soldiers executed half of Tlatlaya victims

Atheist Billboard In Tennessee Taken Down After Just 5 Days Up

Read the 7 Most Ridiculous Lines from Justice Antonin Scalia's Obamacare Dissent--Tony-boy haz a MAD

One thing that keeps the current SCOTUS from going completely over the top with wingnut fervor...

Twitter heaps mockery on Bobby Jindal for being ‘done with’ Indian-American background

Russian drift-net ban bad news for Hokkaido fishermen

RNC lie: ACA increased premiums. FACT: Premiums went up most between 2000-2008, before ACA

Papa Pope vs The Confederate Flag

Ted Nugent: Thank you, Obama, for giving whites the go-ahead to say ‘n****r’

Email from Bernie...

Ted Cruz is absolutely SKEWERING the SCOTUS right now on the senate floor.

Squee worthy!!!

Eddie Van Halen proves he's a total asshole...

Cruz: Any Candidate Unwilling To Repeal Obamacare 'Should Step Aside'

Chris Christie sets presidential announcement date: June 30

Judge Rules To Temporarily Block Federal Fracking Regulations

More challenges to Obamacare making their way through the courts

Japan OKs 6.5 tril. yen recovery program for quake-hit regions

Some shareholders urge utilities to end nuclear power generation

Man charged in Colorado NAACP bombing to change not guilty plea: documents

Pat Boone asks Obama to empathize with Dylann Roof as he echoes Charleston gunman’s racist fears

Liberal legislators launching push to impeach LePage

House approves aid for workers hit by trade deals

Exoplanet has a comet-like tail - Gliese 436b

Text of President Obama’s remarks on health care ruling

There has been a lot of talk about flags

Man constructs ‘Transformers’ art in backyard

Man constructs ‘Transformers’ art in backyard

South Africa police accused over Marikana mine deaths

President Obama speaks on Supreme Court ACA decision

What's on for Dinner? Thursday, 6/25.

Final Vote on "TPP" could come in 2016, in the Middle of Election Season--Causing Backlash

Yet Again, A Scalia Dissent Is Used Against Him


Louis Farrakhan is still a total asshole.

Pro-O’Malley group to attack Sanders on gun control

I love Neil Diamond, but.....

O'Malleys super pac just launched an attack ad... aimed at Bernie.

If we're going to put a woman on US currency, I vote for Eleanor Roosevelt

Good News for Bernie Supporters: Final Vote on "TPP" could come in Middle of Election Campaign 2016

K-pop group Wonder Girls confirmed to return as band

151 different Confed. flags

Comet metals rained down on Mars

Bobby Jindal doesn't like it when Americans are identified by origin, ethnicity, or wealth?

The global financial mafia fully exposed through Greece

'On the Offensive' Against Monsanto, France Removes Roundup from Store Shelves

Effort launched in Maine to impeach Gov. LePage.

Gene-modified wheat at centre of row fails to repel aphids

Those who say you are leaving this group or DU:

Papa Pope: 'I am disappointed in the way you treat my country.'

Bizarre night-shining clouds form high in atmosphere | Noctilucent clouds explained - video

Why the US and Brazil Should Talk About Race

Why the US and Brazil Should Talk About Race

Inequality and Democrats

Did Thai university reject transgender lecturer because of an Instagram post?

When your Social Security check disappears because of an old student loan

So, I hear the Supremes looked into the Abyss, calculated the odds of a Republican rout in 2016...

Large crowd protests rumored chemical plant in China

Venezuela's Oldest Human Rights Organization: "Here There is a State That Respects Human Rights"

Crony capitalism: Capital building kerfuffle adds to state budget woes

Chelsea's Mom.

Claire McCaskill on Bernie: "He's too liberal".

Alibaba (China) joins US retailers, removes Confederate flag from listings

Washington falls in ranking of best states for business, but still makes top 10

Badass worm gave rise to insects, spiders & shellfish

Award-winning Teacher files claim against L.A. Unified, blames controversy on joke

The Biggest Takeaways From the Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling

Female deaths in Honduras a 'violent epidemic'

Great post at DailyKos about Bernie's NPR interview today.

Todd Starnes prays for God to send hornets and cicadas to attack President Obama

"Mamaas don't let your babies groow up to be cowboys..."

Rainbow crosswalks come to Philadelphia

Pat Boone Blames Charleston Shooting on Obama

New Fraud Arrests as Guatemala Perez Molina Closer to Losing Presidential Immunity

Why wont either Bernie or Hillary say "Black Lives Matter" ?

Taylor Swift to put hit album '1989' on Apple Music

George Bush Sings "Jeb is Ready. He's My Brother"

Does it cost more to be a woman? (Survey says... Yes!)

Russia's Pivot to China Is Real

The SCOTUS decision on the ACA: Is CNN trying to become Fox News?

Martin O’Malley Praises SCOTUS Ruling to Uphold Subsidies in The Affordable Care Act

There are corporate Democrats and there are people Democrats.

When Law Students Distrust the Police

Singapore: MOH, HPB, HSA consider ban of point-of-sale displays of tobacco products

GOP pledges to fight 'tooth and nail' to repeal ObamaCare

Omaha business owner charged with 3 felonies related to sale of travel vouchers

China angered at US Senate bill on Taiwan military cooperation

I Have A Message For Those Who Claim The Confederate Flag Represents Their Heritage

A win for academic freedom: Steven Salaita

American Workers Paid To Much To Compete Globally.

I dream big and vote practical. I hate these candidate sorting times on DU.

Shirley, you JEST! Fuct Snooze says "Donald Trump In Second Place After Jeb Bush In 2016 GOP Race"

TOON: "This Flag Is About Heritage & Honor!"

Bernie Sanders and guns

Morales Praises Role of Social Movements in Changing Bolivia

Sanders sounded really cranky in that NPR interview...

Ecuador's Communications Law: Democratizing the Airwaves

Why is Jindal even bothering?

Archbishop Demetrios to attend memorial for Rev. Pinckney of South Carolina

"I jiggery-pokery you"

How America can free itself from guns - E.J. Dionne Jr.

South Carolina has 19 active hate groups, monitor says

Colombia's top military brass implicated in civilian killings

I am cautiously optimistic that a major political shift is taking place.

Singapore researchers develope gel that can make drugs last longer

Bloodsucking Dick Cheney Knows Iraq Was A Failure

Russia 'playing with fire' with nuclear sabre-rattling - Pentagon

Introducing the Stromo! Why Straight Male Stars are Going Gay(ish)

Jindal being pwned by 21-year-old son of old friend

What do you get with an "education" governor - like Jeb? What's happened with Rick Scott?

Ecuador now exporting its kangaroo courts

TPA: Anti-BDS measure adopted by US Congress is major defeat for Israel boycott movement

All of a sudden I got 2 General Discussions....instead of one..???

My mom and I drove to South Carolina

I'm really tired of the right's phrase "Legislating from the bench" bullshit


Clinton Snubs Netroots

I support Bernie Sanders in the Primaries

What election rules? U.S.-style attack time comes to Canada

Introducing... #LunchClub. AUDITIONS OPEN!

GDP is back

Univision drops Miss USA pageant over Donald Trump's 'insulting remarks' about Latino immigrants

Of course the Supreme Court affirmed ACA subsidies - it's a CONSERVATIVE court

Five more SCOTUS decisions coming tomorrow and Monday.

Hillary Clinton to Anti-Obamacare Republicans: 'Move On'

Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World

Damn, the AC is out at my bikram yoga place...AGAIN

There is not one thing surprising about C.J. Roberts' vote in King v. Burwell. Nothing.

Self-delete - sorry, wrong forum. nt.

Now that the ACA has been blessed by the Supreme Court and is here to stay...

Should we have monuments dedicated to those founding fathers who owned slaves?

Attack on Utah's public lands continues

‘Avengers’ TV Show Star Patrick Macnee Dies at 93

Behold the Bipartisianship

Clinton skipping progressive Netroots Nation gathering

"Now that this ideological attempt to stop ACA failed, we must redouble our efforts to bring health

Christie to announce June 30 that he's running for president

Attack on Utah's public lands continues

Open casting calls set for feature film 'Loving'

House Sends Trade Adjustment Assistance to President’s Desk

Martin O'Malley praises the SCOTUS decision on fair housing.

Jury Finds That Ex-Gay Therapy Is A Fraud

Sam Brannan's curtains

My favorite part about the SCOTUS decision regarding the ACA ...

Stop the privatization of Lagos' water

NY councilman comes unglued and verbally attacks voters for daring to qestion his gun law..

RIP John Steed (Patrick Macnee)

Hospital stocks leap after Supreme Court backs overhaul

Dutch citizens just sued their government over inaction on climate change ... and they won.

Roselyn Sanchez Bows Out as Miss USA Co-Host After Donald Trump's Anti-Immigrant Speech

Dutch citizens just sued their government over inaction on climate change ... and they won.

Ken Burns: Confederate flag isn't about heritage. It's about resistance to civil rights.

George Carlin Has the Perfect Response to Outrage Over Obama Dropping the N-Bomb

What we learned today about where Hillary stands on TRADE!

EarlG -- The General Discussion: Primaries forum is now open. Here's what you need know --

Post in new Forum needs love

Sen.Sanders Proposes Bill to Reduce Wealth Inequality

Sen.Sanders :'Common-Sense' Health Care Decision

"Mayor de Blasio to Make Lunar New Year a School Holiday"

It's Official -- Bernie Sanders Has Overtaken Hillary Clinton In the Hearts and Minds of Democrats

New $10 Bill Will Feature a Woman's Picture

Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai

US University Offering Tuition-Free College Education

Growing up, did you call it the "rebel flag" or the "Confederate battle flag"?

Pat Boone asks Obama to empathize with Dylann Roof as he echoes Charleston gunman’s racist fears

Oregon launches legal weed July 1

Iraqi pilot crashes F-16 near Douglas, fate unknown

Hillary Clinton - Nowhere to go but down

Berkeley Balcony Collapse Investigation Could Lead to Manslaughter Charges

For those of you who are still unclear,

Who's supporting Bernie Sanders? The DU Bernie Group!!!

ANOTHER positive post about Bernie in the NEW Primary's Forum!

UPDATE - BIRDIES! Or more accurately - Bye-Bye, Birdies... (for now anyway)

Paul Krugman: The Court and the Three-Legged Stool

@ScottWalker proposed reducing funding for a program that reimbursed tuition for veterans

How to Walk Your Cat...and How Cats Sush People

Could anyone here keep us updated

Washington Post: W.H., Watchdogs rail against ‘dark money’ provision tucked into House bill 

Maine House members launching push to impeach LePage

Palestinians submit first case material against Israel to ICC

Jury Finds Promise of "Gay Conversion" Therapy Was a Fraud

French interior minister says UberPop must be closed down

WHY does a guy with a son who killed a dog for fun give a FUCK about two gay people being happy?

"...he remembered sharing a slice of watermelon with Franklin Delano Roosevelt..."

The Craziest Thing Written about Today's SCOTUS Decison

What we learned today about where Hillary stands on TRADE!

What we learned today about where Hillary stands on TRADE!

Bipartisan trade bill is no sure victory for President Obama


National Action Network to New Black Panthers: Leave Charleston with that hate

Lets have a discussion about the passage of the safe act.

Here Comes the Climate War

Corrupt Scott Walker Gave $124 Million Of Taxpayer Money to His Corporate Donors

Buy this Fracking Album! (proceeds go to fight Fracking)

Police: Black man shot by officers has died, was unarmed

Billionaire GOP donor deletes ‘lesbian’ joke about Hillary Clinton

ACA upheld, Confederate flags coming down, Trump closing on Jeb, Palin fired...

this u.s. senator is completely unhinged.

Hannity: Confederate flag A-OK because you can buy a Jay Z CD at Walmart. USA! USA! Err...HUH?

California Set to Mandate Childhood Vaccines Amid Intense Fight

Senator Bernie Sanders Statement on Supreme Court Decision Upholding Health Care Law

Final Vote on "TPP" could come in 2016, in the Middle of Primary Season--Causing Backlash

Why Hillary Clinton is Wisely Resisting Bernie Sander’s Political Strategy - HRC ROOM POST

TOON: North and South

Bernie Sanders Explains Why "Socialist" Isn't a Dirty Word - Late Night with Seth Meyers

There is now a clear difference between Hillary and Bernie.

The problem with turning on to Fox News to gloat about their dismay at the ACA ruling

Use of Perry logo in independent PAC ad raises questions

Claire McCaskill's face when she was called out for attacking Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton Faces Stiff Challenges re Her Support for "TPP" in the Coming Campaign Season

Southerners (but not exclusive to them) - WHAT A WEEK

Mauna Kea protest - what's happening here and local info.

Bobby Jindal's campaign logo

Rally in downtown Roanoke calls for Voting Rights Act hearing

Mama Bristol...again

WMUR/CNN Poll: Trump moves to within striking distance of GOP leader Bush

Bernie Sanders Calls For 65% Top Estate Tax Rate

For years I shared a garden with a great neighbor. Need advice on fairly recent developments.

Uniting fights $15 with ferguson fury

VictoryLand set to reopen after court ruling

Energy Future Holdings calls off sale of power business amid $42 billion bankruptcy

*Video: Sen. Bernie Sanders on Real Time with Bill Maher, last Fri. June 19, 2015

Dean Del Mastro sentenced to month in jail, 4 months house arrest for election overspending

‘Ex-gay’ Conversion Therapy Group Found Guilty of Consumer Fraud in Landmark LGBT Rights Ruling

IOKIYR: Bristol Palin is pregnant, admits she’s a ‘disappointment’ to her familyKR:

Did Claire McCaskill declare she is running in the primaries?

Uniting fight $15 with Ferguson fury

Uniting Movements

Scott Walker Is Trying to Mortgage Wisconsin’s Future to Fund his White House Bid

New CNN Poll: Hillary 43%, Sander 35% in New Hampshire

A great metaphor regarding the Klown Bus from Gail Collins

Raging in the free world: the many furies of Neil Young

Bristol Palin Pregnant With Second Child: I Know This Will Be ''a Huge Disappointment''

As Louisiana Falls Apart A Delusional Bobby Jindal Announces He’s Running For President

Hillary, please get rid of Lanny Davis.

Let ye who is not with sin cast the first stone...

Hillary Clinton's Lead Over NH Democrats Shrinking, Poll Finds

I just added Mark Zuckerberg biting my ass to my bucket list.

SCOTUS Just Eviscerated Obamacare Opponents - and Ridiculed their English Language Skills

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott picks homeschooler to chair State Board of Education

Homeowner sues pipeline firm in Santa Barbara County oil spill

Why can HRC be called anything and everything but Bernie must not be criticized?

Bobby Jindal's honest campaign announcement

Abortion Reporting Systems Should Serve Only Public Health Purposes

State Dept.: 15 emails missing from Clinton cache

Abortion reporting Systems Should Serve Only Public Health Purposes

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire

Good News for Bernie Sanders? Poll Shows 47% of Americans Would Vote for a Socialist

Corals Are Already Adapting to Global Warming, Scientists Say

Raise Hell: the Life and times of Molly Ivins (Help to get this made)

Malcom x quote

Raise Hell: the Life and times of Molly Ivins (Help to get this made)

Malcom x quote

A cautionary tale: One of my neighbors has been having addiction issues

Palin family values. Bristol pregnant again.

Malcom X quote

Raise Hell: the Life and times of Molly Ivins (Help to get this made)

'Americans will never vote for a socialist'

I sign people up for the ACA

Looking for a good software to manage a small boutique

Stanford researchers stretch a thin crystal to get better solar cells

DU's In Memoriam Link

Nevada Will Pay Parents $5K Per Kid They Take Out of Public School

the faux take on today's ruling: ObamaCare battle not over, despite court ruling

Some good advice from Capt. Obvious:

PANTS ON FIRE Chain email says Medicare won't pay for 'observational' stay in hospital due to Obamac

"Now is our chance to beat the odds and give the American people the health security they need."

Court Strikes Down Law That Let NRA Sue Pa. Cities

Oh,'s still all about you, isn't it?

Special camp bring out kids’ inner super hero

Add your name to Hillary's letter on marriage equality

Here’s how much corporations paid the Senate to fast-track passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Mother and children

MD Gov Hogan(R) rejects Baltimore Red Line, forgets to incl. Baltimore in infrastructure map

Nationals' starters set franchise record with scoreless innings streak

Burma rejects proposal to let Aung San Suu Kyi seek presidency

Do you have to be a star member

Weekly Address: Creating New Pathways of Opportunity for Americans Like You

BOG post: Weekly Address- Creating New Pathways of Opportunity for Americans Like You

Four ways Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to battle inequality

(BOG POST)West Wing Week: 06/19/15 or, "Her Map & Compass"

Four ways Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to battle inequality

Company that Fled U.S. Over Taxes Now Wants Feds’ Help

Obama Declares National Day of Gloating

So, I got a boo-boo...

Court Strikes Down Law That Let NRA Sue Pa. Cities

Caption Grandma Sarah and Uncle Ted

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

Bernie responds to Claire McCaskill. Good job, Bernie.

California Passes Bill to Require Vaccines and Ban Religious Exemptions

I shocked I tell you shocked! You could never see this coming.

Let's start a name Bristol Palin's new kid game.....!

Mother, baby rescued 4 days after Colombia plane crash

What if Disney Princesses Were Amy Schumer?

Poll: Half of Texans fear a military invasion by the federal government

Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council, etc

I Have joind a union!!!

Think it's great that Trumpty-Dumpty is up in the polls

Mr. Robot

How to Stop the TPP

Obama, Putin Discuss Iran, Islamic State, Ukraine In Phone Call