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Charleston shooting leaves many around world shaking heads at enduring US racism, gun violence

Abortion Drone Is the Best Drone

TPP biggest Winners & Losers

Medical marijuana law hazy for those on probation


How do you explain your shift - the interview with Kelly that you did not hear

Lewis Black backs Bernie Sanders

A Golden Retriever, a baby and a tennis ball.

Holy shit, I heard your name on the radio

GOP advances bill cutting $500M from HHS to attack ACA

I love this. :-)

There's something about film that digital just can't do.

And now for something completely different. Any WI/MN DUers planning to go to Jackpine Radical's

As a gay man I am very proud to support Hillary! HRC Room

Begin Japanology - Motorcycles

Looking around himself in our blessed year of 2015 - Abe Lincoln expresses a wish

Nulato, Tanana, Eureka threatened as interior Alaska wildfires grow

The official say something nice about the candidates thread.

Senator Cardin in the Hot Seat on Fast Track

More retailers should remove Confederate flag products, Hillary Clinton says

US Police Killings Violate International Law

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The N Word! & a new Maru gif

Climate Change Denial — A Multi-million Dollar Industry

9 cities running out of water

America, Hog Butcher for the World

I have once again resorted to using the ignore feature.

Chris Christie to announce 2016 bid as early as next week

Police say two people stabbed in McKinney

Back to our bones ...

West Point drummer injured by ax thrown by 'Fox & Friends' co-anchor

Footprints found on B.C.'s Calvert Island could be oldest in North America

"We can’t hide from hard truths about race and justice."—Hillary

Spain Arrests Venezuelan Vet For Allegedly Smuggling Liquid Heroin In Puppies

Charlie Rose Interviews Vladimir Putin at St. Petersburg Economic Forum--Takeaway + Full Interview

Mark your calendars: BOBBY JINDAL joins the "Stupid Party" contest tomorrow

sad that it takes a tragedy of this magnitude for Republicans to do even one little thing right

BEGIN Japanology Women's Nylons

Chicago Tribune picks up big Walker corruption story w/ UPDATE

Hillary in Florissant, Missouri today:

IBM cancels Louisiana ribbon cutting due to Bobby Jindal's anti-LGBT executive order

Donald Featherstone: Creator of pink plastic lawn flamingo dies at 79

NY Times: Right-Wing Terrorists kill more people in US than Muslim extremists

What About the Army Bases Named For Confederate Generals?

A History of Hate Rock From Johnny Rebel to Dylann Roof

You are not going to friggin believe this!

Can somebody give me a recap of what happened on DU?

if elected President....

Just got back from Mexico and I took some photos (Creepy doll warning)

Van de Putte Company Dropping Confederate Flags

I recorded True Detective, very disappointed.

Exclusive: International tribunal looks like best chance for MH17 justice - Dutch sources

Broncos executive denies report of failed Peyton Manning trade to Texans

Pro-Israel Lobby Prepares to Battle Obama Over Iran

6-23-15 Brown Lung 1978 in 2:00

Hillary Clinton in Florissant: Removing Confederate flag important, but not solution

6-23-15 Brown Lung 1978 in 2:00

6-23-15 Brown Lung 1978 in 2:00

Murder suspect evokes gay panic defense, says victim made ‘sexual advances’

OT - but I really hurt my elbow.

BEGIN Japanology The Many Remote Islands Of Japan

Liberals lost the fast-track battle, but don't assume this means TPP will pass.

Hello???? Any football fans here? Now look at this headline......

Omaha woman loses 130 pounds, wins figure competition first time she wears bikini in public

My Southern Heritage

House conservatives lash out at Boehner's 'culture of punishment'

Some major GOP donors are afraid Scott Walker actually believes what he says

There is a house in New Orleans

US regulators urged to end union chassis inspections

Rare white whale Migaloo set to pass Gold Coast in days after sighting in Port Macquarie

anyone see the movie "DOPE"......

Poll: Trump jumps to second among N.H. Republicans

cat and coke

Sea Shepherd launches anti-whaling action in Faroes

Truckers protest Port of New Orleans terminal operators for second day

Truckers protest Port of New Orleans terminal operators for second day

Dying American Middle Class needs 2004 Obama to give CPR by vetoing his Fast Track bill

Liberal is no longer a dirty word

Paid sick days victories

Any MN DUers planning on going to Jackpine Radical's memorial this coming Saturday?

Wow ! I just saw the video of the Roof, arrest...stunning, is all I can

Bernie Sanders: he's not boring

Any WI DUers interested in going to Jackpine Radical's memorial this Saturday?

Anybody want to buy a 2000 Saab 9-3 coupe?

I don't believe I'm going to see my best friend alive again.

Russian Internet "Troll Factory" sued for underpaying workers, and capitulates

"rape on the nightshift" frontline (pbs) tonight

Internal review spurs Democrats' calls for investigation of Scott Walker's WEDC

"rape on the night shift" frontline (pbs) tonight

SURE. You say "SQUEE" now. Wait till he's big enough to eat you. Then we'll see.

Tulsa firefighter, National Guard soldier, captures burglary suspect at gunpoint

Jon Stewart Is Getting Serious

Georges Méličs: The First Wizard of Cinema (Part One, 1896 - 1904)

Kerry gave a very nice toast at the dinner with Chinese officials - standing with no crutches

Black Americans unfairly targeted by banks before housing crisis, says ACLU

Pakistan heatwave: Emergency measures as death toll nears 700

David Duke/Scott Walker debate historical gold min

How feminists can win — by treating pregnancy like a temporary disability

Ominous new cracks found on (San Francisco) Bay Bridge rods

Whistleblowers Need Protection From Own Governments - Dutch Lawmaker

We've had over 6 years of the president being called a socialist...

Authorities investigating if transgender teen's killing in George County is hate crime

How to Avoid Indoctrination at the Hands of 'Your Liberal Professor'

President Obama's Glad He Used N-Word: Public Reaction Shows He’s Triggered Broader Racism Debate

would the person making all the jam please see here?

Doctors Challenge Unscientific Abortion Laws That Force Them To Practice Bad Medicine,

Very very discouraged by the Facebook posts about banning the confederate war flag....


[Japanology Plus Specials] Discover Japanology NHK Special

Doctors Challenge Unscientific Abortion Laws That Force Them To Practice Bad Medicine,

Five myths about why the South seceded

VERY simple garlic roasted potatoes

Joel Osteen' s God finds diamonds for the rich, let's starving children die.

Does anyone here do a clambake for a group?

So, here's the latest ploy:

Ann Coulter is a racist. There, I said it.

New Fire Emblem Has Same-Sex Marriage

New Fire Emblem Video Game Has Same-Sex Marriage

Rove is whining the Donald is messing up the plan.

Now this is an arsenal

Hundreds rally at Ameristar to protest union health care changes

Quotes from the BLUE TEAM regarding today's TPA passage in congress

Latest view of Pluto - lots of variation. What a great project!

NYT editorial: War Crimes and the Gaza War

Voters Aren’t Buying Media Whining About Dynasties Their Concern Is Money In Politics

Should America be More Like Europe?

You need to watch tonight's Nightly Show.

Move grows to remove Confederate imagery

Sadly, FOX "news" escaped the limelight in it's incitement of hatred

First official group photo of GOP candidates for the Office of the Presidency released.

Funny or Die takes the piss out of Bernie a little bit. I found it good natured and funny.

Hillary Clinton and the Great Leap of Faith

We may have just blown this World Cup thing. Again.

ISIS drowns, decapitates 'spies' in brutal new video

Jeb Bush quietly removed FL's Confederate flag in 2001, in advance of his 2002 campaign

Weird musical collaborations that somehow worked

According to a study by the Institute of Incomplete Information:

Why Did God Create Atheists?

Do you realize our Bernie Sanders group already has over 15,000 posts?

Advice from one Israeli tourism minister to another

Same old crap starting again...

100% right. This is exactly what happened.

Citizen's United, FTA/TPP, and the ACA: How things come in threes

The updated list of fires currently burning in Alaksa

Plez, Mom, get snak from magic food box

Cross-posted from GD, without comment

Paul Thurmond, son of Strom Thurmond made even Nikki Haley

Major U.S. flag makers to stop making Confederate flags

Iran's Ayatollah Rejects Long-Term Nuclear Research Freeze

State seeks tighter food stamp rules

House owned by iconic Cowboys football coach Tom Landry for sale in Dallas

i have never once discussed the grief and anger i still carry over my grandmother's death

Follow-up: Former Rio Grande City police chief found dead after FBI theft allegations

Strong start lifts El Paso Chihuahuas to home win against Albuquerque

Misplaced Honor

US military admits it carried out secret race-based experiments to test impact of mustard gas on US

After 14 long years, Bear (a dog) is free from his chain

Pro wrestler ‘Nature Boy’ Buddy Landel dies at 53

Using racial dog whistles to attack the president from the left...

Cancel All Corinthian Colleges Student Debt

Ask Costco toreject GMO salmon

Daily Holidays - June 24

Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something To Prove Considering Career In Law Enforcement (Satire?)

The World Has Mostly Forgiven Germany, and Now Respects Them Because

Popular Security Software Came Under Relentless NSA and GCHQ Attacks

Matt Taibbi: Jailed for Being Broke

NYC to pay $6.25M to man imprisoned for 25 years over killing while he was at Disney World

X-POST from GD: Guns in Civilian Hands Kill People

This may be the wrong forum to post this, not sure!

When the only place you can see Gone With the Wind is in some museum in NYC...

Maya Rudolph's Rachel Dolezal Impression

They took our heritage.

Quincy & Brockton: Aspen Dental to provide free dental care to veterans Saturday

Can civilisation survive really existing capitalism? | Noam Chomsky

Quincy & Brockton (MA): Aspen Dental to provide free dental care to veterans Saturday

Quincy & Brockton (MA): Aspen Dental to provide free dental care to veterans Saturday

REPORT: 164,000 part-timers in Mass. couldn't find full-time work

just heard on the news that Kay Hagen isnt running for Senate

Gas tax group joins effort to block public Olympic funds

xposted from north carolina

Court Orders Netherlands to Further Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

Panel approves MBTA bill, Baker says more tools needed

Boston 2024 announces Western Massachusetts canoeing venue

Shame on you, Mary McGowan Davis

Editorial: Reform in name only

Rachel Maddow: SCOTUS and 2016

The not so progressive Palestinian cause

China arrests smugglers trying to sell frozen meat from the 1970s

As 700 Die in Pakistan from Extreme Heat, Pakistanis Deny Climate Change

Japan remembers Battle of Okinawa amid tensions

14 Fucking Years And We Get This Headline? - Afghanistan's security on the brink of collapse

How many DUers expect to see that flag down before Senator/Rev Pinckney's body reaches

So glad that Lindsey Graham is "comfortable" w/the flag gone from SC

Religious Right Watch - Wednesday 6/24/15

Dutch court orders carbon emissions cuts to protect citizens

Colombia acts on massacres – punishing whistleblower and promoting officers

Meet the Muslims who celebrate their faith with dreadlocks and reggae

How White Christians Used The Bible -- And Confederate Flag -- To Oppress Black People

Dispute over union fees could return to Supreme Court

Palestine prepares to submit file that could see Israeli officials indicted

White privilege exists. White girl tries to sell drugs to cops, gets away with stern warning.

Grand Canyon, Little Havana on endangered places list

Wind, rains cool Pakistan heat wave that killed at least 749

U.S. judge temporarily blocks new fracking rules on public lands

do not mess with a momma's babies, even if it is a rabbit. snake learns this the hard way.

The Weavers - "Battle Cry of Freedom"

Global stocks rise on continuing optimism on Greek debt deal

Calling All 16-Year-Old Recruits: Get Your Battlefield Casualties Action Man - P.T.S.D., Paralyzed a

Krugman: Polls show that Greek voters want to stay on the euro. But what does this tell us?

Armenian protests: Thousands rally against energy price hike

Gun Violence: 5 Films Worth Watching

Thoughts after reading a post on the civil war thread

Staples merger unlikely after judge blocks Sysco/US Foods union

Here Are Some Top New York Times Editors Joking About Mass Killings

Opinion: Will Sanders stun Hillary in 2016 like Obama did in 2008?

The Confederate flag is one thing, but if they really mean it,

UK Doctors Warn TTIP Means Certain Death for Public Healthcare

Alan Grayson wants future records sealed in court fight with estranged wife

Morning Joe is bringing Bernie Sanders on after the 8:00 segment. Don't want people to see or

High Hopes

Calais crisis: Migrants 'have knives and are not afraid to use them' - live

Driest June On Record In Santiago - Zero Rain So Far, Ski Resorts Snowless

Doomed: Saudi Arabia Will Fail in Yemen

The jury system fails as well as hosting many times..

“The South is the last bastion of liberty and independence. I know we’re going to lose eventually.”

No charges after fatal shooting at NSA

The advice the other day from Lanny Davis was read Clinton's speeches

Elizabeth Warren: "Trade agreements should not benefit industry only"

Nonsense Brokers ( Fast tracking TPP )

Elizabeth Warren: "Trade agreements should not benefit industry only"

Retraining For Jobs That Don't Exist Or Pay Little. TRA A Fraud.

You asked for it ...

NYT: Since 9/11-Nearly 2x as many people killed by WHITE SUPREMACISTS, ANTI-GOV FANATICS, NON-MUSLIM

Does air pollution cause dementia?

You say you want a revolution?

AP withdraws photos in row over gun pointing at senator's head

If the TPP being rammed through puts the lie to anything

Rachel Maddow - List of Republicans making candidacy official set to expand

Why Republicans saw Charleston as an assault on religion, in 1 chart

Syrian Kurds make further advances helping to link cantons

This monument is an affront to the United States.

The Republicans lost a "Sista Souljah" moment...

John Boehner to lead congressional delegation to Charleston for funeral

will tomorrow be the day SCOTUS announces it's decision on the ACA?

And Another Thing !!! - The Next Time I Hear That We Are Using Rightwing Talking Points

Dutch government ordered to cut carbon emissions in landmark ruling

Disability cuts protest at Prime Minister's Questions (UK)

Can we rename all the the military bases named after traitors while were at it?

Rachel Maddow - Southern states seek removal of Confederate symbols

If war in Afghanistan is over, asks prisoner languishing at offshore prison, why am I still here?

Fox dumps Sarah Palin

A very strong editorial cartoon from China on the Charleston killings

How will the passage of the TPP affect the legacy of Barack Obama?

Unrestrained PA. Medical Conglomerate bans sale of Post-Gazette newspaper, cancels ads in paper

One Eyed One Horned Purple People Eater.

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 24, 2015

Meet Mike Beitiks, the only candidate that is brave enough to say, "We are all going to die!"

On the News With Thom Hartmann: The "Monsanto Protection Act" Is Back, and More

Slaves never had it so good as far as job security

Putin: No More Gas Discounts for Ukraine Under Current Oil Prices

The Presidential Candidate With a Plan to Run the US on 100% Clean Energy

PA Supreme Court: IPad Texts Not Private Under Wiretap Act | The Legal Intelligencer

The Presidential Candidate With a Plan to Run the US on 100% Clean Energy

Rachel Maddow - Civil rights icon, Myrlie Evers, reacts to Confederate flag debate

(PA) House panel approves union-related bills on straight party-line vote

The Presidential Candidate With a Plan to Run the US on 100% Clean Energy

Cartoon: Say it with me: T E R R O R I S M

well drawn

US economy not as bad in 1st quarter, paving way for rebound

Facts don't stop Annthrax from going on an anti-immigrant rant

Wall Street And Big Corporations Got What They Wanted – This Time | Dems softening on TAA

U.S., Shiite fighters not working together at Iraq base: Pentagon

Another church shooter who was afraid of black people taking over

Unsend! New Gmail button users from sending regrettable emails

Is Joyce Mitchell (guard accused of helping escapees) a Tea Bagger?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Take it down

Senate aims for long term transportation bill | Ex-Im bank could be tied to deal

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Trump and Jeb

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Trade, Justice and the Environment

Arrest of Rwanda Intelligence Chief

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Do you remember that TV show, "Too many cooks"?

Want to Play Ball with the NRA? Write a Domestic Violence Bill

TPP: 13 Democratic Senators Invite Republicans to Make Them Laughing Stocks and More Serious Matters

For SHAME, Bernie would not approve!

Netroots Nation Phoenix: Hillary Clinton to miss convention of liberal activists, bloggers


Scott Walker, set for a bigger stage, faces GOP revolt in Wisconsin

Ikea's Minimum Wage Hike Was So Successful, It's Raising Wages Again

Sixteen Proposals for Effective Solutions in '16 - Salvatore Babones on Reality Asserts Itself

Mother Jones: "Bobby Jindal’s Biggest Troll Is His Friend’s 21-Year-Old Son"

A black man and a white woman switch mics, and the result is amazing


Check this out in General Discussion.

European grocery giants with US stores announce $29B merger


A segment of DU is very invested in painting a dystopian picture of the US

Scorpion nights and low blood sugar

"There's never enough me to go around." . . .Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly and Kirsten Powers!!!

Number of G.O.P. Candidates Now Thirteen, Says C.D.C. - reported by Andy Borowitz

50 Smartest Companies, 2015... MIT Technology Review:

Polar Bear Knut's Aging Mom Tosca Put Down at Berlin Zoo

I'd prefer that she be chairman, but you've got to start somewhere........

VoteVets wants EPA to preserve Renewable Fuel Standard

I don't buy the crap about how it took Taylor Swift "schooling" Apple for them to do what's right

Koterba toon: The VA!

Koterba toon: The VA!

Is salt the key to unlocking the interiors of Neptune and Uranus?

Looking for opinions and experiences with a Chromebooks laptop.

I value honesty, integrity, and moral courage

Shooting in Ontario: two dead, two others injured

FAUX Dumps Flailin' Palin

I would like to remind the more outspoken and angry of this.....

"Why didn't somebody just do something?" State Rep Bill Chumley said of the victims of the

South Carolina Shooting Was Right Wing Terrorism — Plain and Simple

Planet Mars behaving like a punk rock star

In the Bush-Clinton battle, no matter who wins, the bankers and billionaires will emerge victorious

Dick Van Patten, TV star best known for ‘Eight is Enough,’ dead at 86

Turkey says in reconciliation talks with Israel

DU and Firefox browser, is anyone having this problem...

Canada: Albertans warned not to flush 'invasive' goldfish

Ikea raises minimum wage for US workers 2nd year in a row

Confederate flags removed from Alabama Capitol grounds on order of Gov. Bentley

Redwoods and the men who cut them

NSA spying: France summons US envoy over Wikileaks claims/BBC

O'Malley heading to Charleston to pay respect to Senator/Reverend Clementa Pinckney.

I wonder how long this wave of anti-Confederate revulsion will last.

Meet Abandoned Blind Dog and His Trusty Canine Guide Who 'Acts as His Eyes'

O.K. - you lazy slackers , compare your "To Do" list to Lenardo's

Islamic State 'boosts Raqqa defences' as Kurds advance

Scientists create synthetic membranes that grow like living cells

My Hope dog rescue by Cassandra Bossier city, LA

The Northeast Corridor's Curviest Stretches, and Amtrak's Plans for Safety and Speed.

Alan Keyes says SC shooting was "gay rights terrorism?"

White nationalist who inspired Dylann Roof wants you to know he’s ‘not racist’ because he likes BB K

Destructive power of bubbles could lead to new industrial applications

Harlem Debutante Ball circa 1950 - style

Bernie Sanders: 'I Have Taken On Big Money Interests'

Bubble and squeak: Akya

Fitzgerald: Scott Walker would sign abortion bill without exemptions

Ethiopian wolves are better hunters when monkeys are around

Alabama governor orders Confederate flags down at Capitol

You don't have to change razor-blades that often.

Get Your Free Bernie 2016 Sticker

Ugliest dog contest

SAFE Act: Gun groups say data shows low compliance

Pic Of The Moment: Bobby Jindal To Announce That He's Running For President: Preview

Samsung computers are quietly installing an app that disables Windows Update

Human with 10% Neanderthal genes found

The Northeast Corridor's Curviest Stretches, and Amtrak's Plans for Safety and Speed.

Support grows in Bay Area for toilet to tap water

How scientists stopped light (video)

Check and see if you have any local traitor memorials in your city...

Please DU this poll: Should Virginia governor phase out the Confederate flag from license plates

Former governor Palin out at Fox News

Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Unconstitutional?

Huge Wind Turbine Floating on Water Is Fukushima's Energy Solution

More than 300 Alaska wildfires keep thousands of responders busy

That's all she wrote: Pelosi to support TAA

I posted a thread about aging rock stars...

Germany Says Greece Breakthrough Far Off as Terms Rejected

"Why Stop Now?" Fun little indie film.

Krugman: new CBO report on Obamacare "is definitely not what republicans want to hear."

Where Are All the Middle-Class Rentals?

Two crashes in one morning at the 11foot8 bridge

The State of Positive Train Control Implementation in the United States

Coulter Calls US-Born Nikki Haley An 'Immigrant' Who Doesn't Get History

U.S. Risks Weapons Race as Russia Adds Warheads, Senate Stalls

Alaska DNR commissioner sides with Usibelli in Valley coal mine permit renewal dispute

Whoopi Goldberg Compares Confederate Flag to Nazi Swastika

Banks Step Up Oil Sector Loan Reviews as Regulators See Risk

White Americans Are The Biggest Terror Threat in the U.S.

The New Yorker Toon.... Socialist wasteland

Anchorage LGBTQ pride flag vandalized for third time in under a year

How is a "Gen Lee High School" any different from a "Heinrik Himmler High School"?

Longer Leash for Subprime Car Buyers in U.S. Stokes Debt Concern

Senate Republicans block consideration of student loan bill

Event plans human wall between Westboro protesters and Charleston funerals

Man allegedly licked toad, ran around parking lot (Indiana, not that other state)

So the flag symbol is on the way out. What about the reality?

Pat Robertson gives us our laugh of the day...

Homeownership Drops To Lowest Level In Over 20 Years As Rental Costs Climb

Gonna drive by a reservation on your way to tell folks how racist the Confederate flag is?

Sanders Backs Voting Rights Bill

NHLPA gets stubborn and illogical about NHL overtime changes

Corporate Whistleblower Saves Countless Lives

Once we purge the country of Civil War monuments and references,

Fort Worth Stockyards Named One Of America’s Most Endangered Historic Places

Mexico finds tigers, baboons, camels abandoned by circus

Knesset erupts after deputy minister calls on Arab lawmakers to 'return' Israeli citizenship

Insect uses fatal farts to stun prey

Electronic Vote Fraud: A Real Threat to any Democrat Running for President...Truthout

Is this the worst summer job ever?

So now we finally know where Hillary "Listen-to-Pelosi" Clinton stands on TPP

Bill O’Reilly: America isn't racist and so what if we had slaves? "You can’t have a perfect world!”

Greek public debt is illegal, illegitimate, and odious

MO'M will be at NetRoots Nation!

Agency Says Whole Foods Overcharges

EarlG banned backwoodsbob - thought Loungers might want to know

I was doing my daily google and came across this (X-Posted from the AA Group) ...

Is there anybody here who thinks we should honor the war on Native Americans?

Do you support renaming roads/schools/bridges to eliminate references to Confederate Leaders?

I was doing my daily google and came across this (X-Posted to DU:GD)...

Catholic church writes to companies that support same-sex marriage

Winn-Dixie Announces Immediate Name Change.

The town in Brazil that embraces the Confederate flag

O'Malley and Sanders to attend a town hall at Netroots Nation:

Catholic teacher comes out days before she retires

If Bobby Jindal fell over at a Republican Debate, would he make a sound?

Voting Rights: Hillary Clinton's Powerful Influence. When She Speaks. She is Heard.

In reversal, Wicker calls for removal of Mississippi's Confederate flag

Bobby Jindal was supposed to be ‘the next Ronald Reagan.’ Here’s what went wrong.

People of Charleston are braving dangerous heat to line up for funerals.

Why the Axe Bat, Dustin Pedroia may help make the round handle obsolete

In the race for President, only ONE candidate doesn't have a SuperPac. Bernie!

Tsarnaev sentenced to death.

Clean thinker, monument builder, white protector . . . Please come CAPTION Bill Dorris of Nashville!

Alabama Gov. Bentley removes Confederate flags from Capitol grounds

Voting Rights: Hillary Clinton's Powerful Influence. When She Speaks. She is Heard.

How Republicans pulled a fast one with the Confederate flag. (Guns guns and more guns)

Just Say NO to Military Industrial Empire! | Philip A. Farruggio

Sarah Silverman is spot on about Bernie!

Modern Life, Light Pollution, & Fear of the Dark | Mickey Z.

Tsarnaev: ‘I’m sorry for the lives that I have taken’

The Era of Dissolution | John Michael Greer

Nevada is not South Carolina, but ...

Former Baltimore Police Officer Comes Clean About Corruption On Force

Disrupt Propaganda | Mickey Z.

Ta-Nehisi Coates--What This Cruel War Was Over

Papillon at Abu Ghraib,Bagram & Gitmo | Philip A. Farruggio


How to Be an Infamous Underground Writer | Mickey Z.

As Our Cities Crumble... Feeding the Beast! | Philip A. Farruggio

45 times Secretary Clinton pushed the trade bill she now opposes

Veganism, Harm Reduction, Moral Baselines, etc. | Mickey Z.

Anyone notice how quiet the Repub. Pres. Candidates have been on THE FLAG?


I've Had Enough...

2016's Presidential Hopefuls Rebranded As Black Metal Bands

"I helped put Louisiana where she is today!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bobby Jindal!!!!!

Worst summer camp imaginable...

Jim Webb needs to stuff it

Procession of Clementa Pinckney passes under Confederate flag.

By reading GD, one could think that the North never owned slaves.

Why is the license plate blurred out?


Council Of Conservative Citizens Head Lashes Out At 'Perverts, Liars And Marxists' In Media

Vermont Teachers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders in Surprise Early Commitment to a Candidate for POTUS

Declining CO2 emissions around the world

Are schools preparing students for the new workforce?

The Stain of American Racism is Colored Blood Red: Black Americans Killed at 12 Times Rate of Other Developed Countries

The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever

The response to a barbaric act by a barbaric perpetrator: (Warning!)

Obama Will Win on TPP — We’re Screwed

Obama Tells Hollande That U.S. Stopped Spying on French Leaders

1st dispensary opens in Massachusetts

Map: The United States of Confederate-flag shopping

No wonder the British government has been catapulting the anti-Snowden propaganda....

U.S. Hack May Have Disclosed 18 Million Social Security Numbers

The looming demise of the Confederate flag

International Business Times: As Florida Governor, Jeb Bush Provided Special Access to Lobbyists

Jail starves man to death, Sheriff offers apology

The more than 200 fires burning in Alaska are a bigger problem than it sounds.

Good interactive map RE: increase of Hispanic/Asian vote in next couple elections

A surgical team mocks a sedated patient — and it’s all recorded

IT workers replaced by foreign labor may regain federal benefit

There are going to be a lot of heads popping in some states between the

Irate middle-finger waving Confederate flag vendor stalks CNN reporter

Democrats! Pull yourselves together! Adopt the New Paradigm as your own!

Revisiting Jeb Bush on the H-1B visa -- and the displaced IT worker who asked for help

A political prick in South Carolina

Fast-Track Retaliation: Back the 2016 Democratic Candidates Who Oppose the TPP

Ralph Nader’s Dishonest, Sexist Rant Against Hillary Clinton

Seattle mayor unveils rainbow crosswalks in Capitol Hill neighborhood.

An Affirming Flame | John Michael Greer

What This World Needs is Some Really Honest Journalists | Ramzy Baroud

NOW you've DONE it. You've gone and pissed off "Cooter." Hope you're proud of yourselves.

Prosecution admits Colombia’s military command never investigated for civilian killings

Ralph Nader’s Dishonest, Sexist Rant Against Hillary Clinton

McAuliffe creates commission to study bringing parole back to Virginia

McAuliffe creates commission to study bringing parole back to Virginia

Ex-Baltimore cop reveals corruption he witnessed

okay, what critter did this ?!?

Is it time for the Confederate flag to be as taboo as the Nazi swastika?

Why The Confederate Battle Flag Is Even More Racist Than You Think

U. Michigan Professor Blames ‘Far Right Wing Jews’ for Charleston Shooting

Playing the race card on vaccines

J E B !

Does FOX News Foster Hate and Incite Violence? ;)

Mexican mayor gunned down at bus stop weeks after winning election

Maybe it is time to start figuring out how to dismantle corporations

U of Michigan survey: nearly 1/4 of female students are sexually assaulted

Dynamic Airways Starts Countdown to Caracas

since what I posted in DU was off topic this moderators is in a political thread and I feel there is

Nickelback Cancels Tour, Lead Singer Readies Vocal Surgery

Lexus Builds a Functional Hoverboard Prototype

The Wobblies had it right more than a hundred years ago.

Grenada Rebuilds Barrier Reefs

Grenada Rebuilds Barrier Reefs

Seattle's new rainbow crosswalks in Capitol Hill

Is It Wrong For Me To Believe That Obama Is Playing 3D Chess With This TPP?.....

Mexico finds tigers, baboons, camels abandoned by circus

Argentina, Cuba Reaffirm Mutual Support In International Forums

As A Vietvet Screwyu POTUS & Dems Passing TPP.

Japan Demands Lifting Of US Blockade On Cuba

Japan Demands Lifting Of US Blockade On Cuba

Huckabee: if elected president, I would ignore a Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

Banks Are Literally Working Interns To Death

An American hero northbound in the southbound lane ...

In SC Today: Casket of slain pastor & State Senator Clementa Pinckney passing the Confederate Flag

The Brady campaign sued Lucky Gunner, attempting to "put them out of business"..

Millennials are No Less Racist than Generation X

(I) Just Can't Get Enough!

Raid of the decade underway in America’s pot-growing epicenter

The TPP is a trap for the Democratic party

All I have to ask is when you will fight? When will you fight corporate rule?

Los Angeles sheriff's deputies found guilty in jail beating

"St. Petersburg in the Heart of the Action"--Pepe's Latest

Judge to consider blocking Kansas ban on abortion method

Does anyone here post on Salon's site?

They're relentless

NYC: Whole Foods mislabels prepackaged items, overcharges

Am I the only one who thinks that Bernie doesn't need to convert Hillary voters? updated

SC State Rep. William Chumley (R) claims church victims "waited their turn to be shot"

Gov. O’Malley and Sen. Sanders to Participate in Netroots Nation Town Hall

A question about WordPress

On a lighter note I learned a new word- Po Po

This is so so so Scott Walker--pointing fingers -blaming Obama

Unhappy update on disgusting scum vet who killed cat with arrow...

Activists to send drone with abortion medication to women in Poland

Where the Confederate Flag Is Being Taken Down Across US

States with Confederate flag license plates could lose funding under Sen. Sherrod Brown proposal

Weather records shatter across western Montana as heat rises

Please Show This to Your Friends Who Aren't "Interested" in Politics

Fox News doesn’t think fast food workers want higher salaries:

Not just Humans can become pastafarians!

The G.O.P.’s Ties to Extremism Go Beyond the Confederate Flag (The New Yorker)

If Hillary wins the primary, will Sander's supporters vote for her?

Thanks Dylann Roof and all the RW and ReTHUG accomplices

‘Gone with the Wind’ v ‘Twelve Years a Slave’

Martin O’Malley holding fundraiser in RI next month.

Bernie is so screwed!

Newly-discovered ‘ring of teeth’ helps determine what common ancestor of moulting animals looked lik

Wolf Blitzer was interviewing a sheriff regarding escaped prisoners in upstate New York

'Traditional Marriage' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Union official: Metro drivers forced to urinate on buses

USS John Stennis

Memorial thread, slain 9 in S.C.

Healthy pasta? Not an oxymoron, Bastianich siblings' cookbook promises

Jewels of Allah


A Complete List of Every Place That Wants to Ban the Confederate Flag--a running list

What does it take to make an octopus laugh?

A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Rum

Senate GOP thanks Obama for shoving TPP down Dems/Labor/workers throats

Never fear, kitty has got this one.

Here’s the deal with the Australian gun control law that Obama is talking about

Here’s the deal with the Australian gun control law that Obama is talking about

Sanders has my vote!

Texas grand jury declines to indict veterinarian who killed cat with arrow

Texas grand jury declines to indict veterinarian who killed cat with arrow

If Sanders cannot win the Presidency and Clinton can then Clinton voters won't vote Sanders

General Lee, 'Dukes of Hazzard' car, to lose Confederate flag following controversy

Question: Why can I only buy the female

Former Texas GOP head: SCOTUS Can't Make it OK for Men to Penetrate Each Other

Obama Was Against NAFTA - Video

It’s not about mental illness: The big lie that always follows mass shootings by white males

President Obama heckled during White House event

Never mind

Suspect in custody in death of Hutto police Sgt. Chris Kelley, officer intentionally run down

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 25 June 2015

Update on Tiger Tim and call to action

Governor signs California budget with anti-poverty efforts

What the GOP Lost When It Won the South

6-24-15 Agnes Nestor 1880 in 2:00

6-24-15 Agnes Nestor 1880 in 2:00

6-24-15 Agnes Nestor 1880 in 2:00

PBS: 'Finding Your Roots' Affleck episode violated standards

Bernie Sanders is Hillary’s Worst Nightmare

Koch Brothers Want GOP Governors To Leave Their Constituents Hanging If Supreme Court Guts Obamacare

Give It Up - I'm For Bernie

GOP's Kasich opposes deporting millions in US illegally

Saw a redneck in Walmart But I repeat myself, looking for a confederate flag

Man pleads guilty in 2014 Greyhound bus crash near Phoenix

The rise and fall of the angry white men

Martin O’Malley holding fundraiser in RI next month.

Anyone wanting to squat on the website name should do so now. I'm guessing

Old friends make you smile and cry

Correct the Record.

Holy **** "Spy" was a funny movie

Bernie Sanders & Cornel West: The radical alliance that could change everything

Ted Nugent Praises Call to Arrest Obama from Coup-Supporting Former General


Adopted Woman Raised as Black Finds Out at Age 70 That Her Birth Parents Were White

Welcome to a place that may, or may not exist

This Quirky New Hampshire Law Might Keep Bernie Sanders Off The Ballot

Hillary Clinton, At Black Church Near Ferguson, Says 'All Lives Matter'

MasterChef Israel | The mother of Mohamed Zoabi: "I am Muslim and proud to be a Zionist!"

Labor-HHS funding bill advances for the first time in six years

On the Politics of Shame

Cartoon By Tom Stiglich RE: South/Confederate Flag.

An extinction timeline, in case you're keeping score

Ready, Steady, go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally got moved in to the new trailer park

3 indicted in college student's death in Georgia jail

Now that the TPA has passed...

Happy hour in Africa

So Anti-South Region Bashing is All the Rage at DU now?

Mayim Bialik in Israel: 'It's good to be home'

Anonymous Targeting Westboro Baptist Church for Charleston Protest Threats

Unarmed Man Flags Down LAPD for Help. They Shoot Him in the Head

[UPDATE] Investigators Say Whole Foods Has Been Ripping Us Off More Than We Realized

The only way GOP governors can run for president is by shafting their own states

Trump on the rise, but could give Clinton landslide

Children go hungry in community, even with free summer meal programs

AP: Missing penguin found alive in wrecked Tbilisi zoo!!!

Toon: The thing You need to be worried about

Obama administration clears way for hostages' families to pay ransom

A real treat! New story by Louise Erdrich

Clueless Republicans Trust Wall Street With Social Security Funds

Coulter Stands by Nikki Haley Comments, Mocks Her For Being A Second Generation Immigrant

'Twilight Zone' Fourth of July marathon features several iconic episodes

You can't see this 2008 promo video of Obama the same way after seeing what Obama is doing

Berkeley balcony survivor hopeful, but says she may never walk

It's Official. Ted Cruz is Mr. Haney from Green Acres.

If we were to demolish statues of Robert Lee but not statues of Christopher Columbus

Lindsey Graham: Charleston Shooter Showed 'Mideast Hate'

A black man and a white woman switch mics, and the result is amazing

Revolt Against Plutocracy: Grassroots Revolution Isn’t Just BS

Lubbock families suing man charged with intoxication assault after pickup vs. house crash

Which ratings of politicians, like NRA rates rightwing assholes highly, etc.

Police Officer Sentenced to 63 Months for Kicking in Suspect’s Teeth

Bernie Sanders & Cornel West: The radical alliance that could change everything

The Lounge tattoo parlor has reopened!

Controversy Over Confederate Flag Inspires Anti-LGBT Bigots To Call for Removal of Gay Pride Flags


The only confederate flag that mattered...

Is it true that the TPP has a passage stating that once something goes private like a prison or