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Druze pelt IDF ambulance carrying Syrian war injured

Hidden Kingdoms

Just saw the new NBC/Wallstreet Journey poll and

Mr. Bernstein kitty rescue by Anonymous Port Townsend, WA

"Desire" is a Bob Dylan album we were all supposed to like. I never did.

new housemate,19, kicked out by grandma for being gay

Why on earth to people get pets and then

This is odd, multiple recs from one poster

US Prisons Block Access to Lifesaving Addiction Medication

Tell Canada To Protect The Great Bear Rainforest! (E action oil pipeline)

There are two kinds of polls in this primary...

Are teachers natural doormats? Why would an adjunct settle for less than a pet-sitter or

Scott Walker’s decision to reject funds for BadgerCare does damage to state Green Bay Press

President Obama just proved my point.

I don't know about you but, I have no right to these:

6-22-15 United in 1977 in 2:00

6-22-15 United in 1977 in 2:00

6-22-15 United in 1977 in 2:00

Regarding the jagoff POS SC murderer.

Bill Kristol: GOP Needs to Learn from Trump’s ‘Nationalism’

Sen. Sanders:Take Down the Confederate Flag

Report: Funding for a new VA hospital in Omaha unlikely until 'late 2020s'

Walmart to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise

Texas to light Tower tonight to honor Jordan Spieth’s U.S. Open win

Cruz's Dad: Northeastern Catholics, Jews Put Being Dems Above Religion

Omaha man said he'd join Islamic State because Humane Society took his cat

This Video Will Give You All the Feels — and Hope for the Future!

Federal Court Judge Rules Woman Living Off $10,000 Income Can’t Cancel Student Loan Debt

Breaking on Chris Hayes - Mississippi House Speaker says Confederate Flag

Constituents to Senators: Reject Fast Track, or Don't Come Home

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The N Word! & a new Kitteh gif

I'm a true son of the south. Had relatives fight for the Confederacy. And I say..

DNA reignites Kennewick Man debate

If At First You Don’t Succeed . . . .

Robert Reich: How to Punish Bank Felons

Rachel I hate to have to ask you---no on second thoughts---continue

"All Our Silences..."

June 22, 1922 “Herrin Massacre,”

Puff Daddy As Dance Mom -- Arrested for Fight With Son's UCLA Training Coach

It's Monday, car show day!!! (Pic heavy)

Baltimore police face October trial for Freddie Gray death

Tsipras Deals Another Hand to EU Leaders Before Summit on Greece

Obama, in podcast, uses N-word to make point on racism

White supremacist campaign donations: How did Republicans not know? (+video)/CSM

Honoring 3 Slain Civil Rights Activists with 3,000 Candles

UPDATE on the June photo contest

Teenager killed by plague in rural northern Colorado

High-Energy Electron Confinement in a Magnetic Cusp Configuration (Polywell)

More Than Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults Now Overweight or Obese: Study

Texas enacts ban on shark fin trade How to be a great LGBTQ ally in NYC

If TPP passes, kiss your generic drugs goodbye

Virginia woman stopped with long-missing son's body in custody

White Girl Tries To Sell Drugs To Cops, Proves White Privilege Is A Thing

Maybe the Britain of 'V for Vendetta' isn't so fictional

U.S. and China open annual dialogue with 'candid, to-the-point' talks

it’s not the word

SC Gov Haley

Unity Chain Overflows the Ravenel Bridge (pics)

A Hacking Group Has Been Undermining Anti-Virus Software, but It’s Not Who You Think

Here's a free clue 2016 candidates!

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Arrested, Detained for Protesting Outside the White House

Venezuela sets date for election that could give major boost to opposition

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Arrested, Detained for Protesting Outside the White House

A companion thread to WillyT's Air America thread......

Plane Registered To Film Composer James Horner Crashes North Of Santa Barbara

Top Ten reasons SCotUS is delaying the transparency of announcements (I'll take #s 10, 2, 1)

The Times, They Are A-Changing...

A brand new Lucy Lu pic (the cat, not the actress)

Planned Parenthood Cleared to Apply for License in New Orleans

Financing plan offers 1 percent loans in Appalachia (Kentucky)

Planned Parenthood Cleared to Apply for License in New Orleans

How we got to here.

College World Series: How shallow am I?

Remarkable movie - "Visitors" - essentially a continuation of the "Qatsi" trio. Reggio and Glass

The Fast Track zombie must die!

U.S. Expects More Sea Encounters With China, Navy Commander Says

Wicked weather in Michigan, tonight

Gallup: In United States, Socialist Presidential Candidates Are The Least Appealing

Verizon offers hikes to 38,000 employees after starting union negotiations

SCOTUSblog: Opinion analysis: Is the New Deal in new trouble? (Horne v. Dept. of Agriculture)

The City of Chicago Used a Mumford and Sons Concert To Displace Homeless People

I just emailed Amazon Customer Service and asked why they continue to sell Confederate flags.......

McKibben to Clinton: Now it’s really time to get serious about climate change

Hoping not to sound facile... (wish me luck!)

University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll: Cruz Leads by a Little, Clinton by a Lot

They do this every time. And we capitulate. We're doing it again.

Perry: Removing Confederate Flag "Act of Healing"

The SCOTUS has added FRIDAY to it's 'opinion release' calendar

Chris Hedges: America’s Slave Empire

For Six Years

Columbia University Will Divest From Private Prison Companies

Its much more than name recognition! HRC Room.

Al Franken coming up on Jon Stewart

NBC Fire Chuck Todd

Luckovich toon - Pro Slavery Symbol

Insurer monitoring your heart rate? Allstate's patent makes it possible

Luckovich 'Toon

Al Franken on the Daily Show

Maduro calls for confrontation if the opposition wins the elections

How exactly do the physics of this operate?

Keith Olbermann on Rachel Dolezal and Effa Manley

TPP will be the biggest Shit Sandwich the American Public has ever been asked to eat.

Charleston Lawmaker Will Introduce Hate Crime Legislation In Wake Of Church Shooting

Martin O'Malley debating

US Rep. Keith Ellison: Voter Participation Is at Historic Lows. It’s Time to Rethink GOTV.

So what are the Repugnicants going to do?

I strongly urge every Democrat to go to this website:

Hillary Clinton, Gallups Most Admired Woman in America 19 Times

(VIDEO) Hillary on why her White-voter support means she should get the nomination.

The bloody confederate flag: why was it raised in 1962 in SC while in other states it was taken down

I sense a Watergate-type mentality in the populace...

Bill Moyers: Congress’s Cat Burglars Are Pulling a Fast One on TPP

An Australian Comic on what U.S. Gun laws look like to the rest of the world | Washington Post

Brigade Beta

6/26 from 9am-3pm International Day in Support of Victims of Torture @ Minneapolis Fed. Courthouse

Joe "You Lie" Wilson was one of Confederate Flag's most ardent supporters.

6/25 at 4200 Cedar Ave Mpls,7pm-9pm Torture Awareness Eve: Filmaker Eric Juth and CIA Whistleblower

How long will we let conservatives write off Republican racism as a coincidence?

Godamn, Rachel Maddow is steamed tonight!

MN Peace Project activist helped write the Torture Amendment passed by the Senate.

Northern Irish bodybuilder dies after competition in Malta

Umm...Folks Don Lemon on CNN Has GOT to GO.....

Now that the South's Battle Flag has been taken down it's time

Tornado touches down in Sublette,

Frank Discussions on Race Help Define Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign

'THE LAST WORD' Repeat 1:00 AM ET tonight, Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC- white racism in the South,

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel was another political recipient of contributions from E. Holt

Wyden betrays US Labor, cuts "deal" with GOP to pass TPP

Huge 30' by 60' Confederate flag in Tampa. Dedicated to Daniel Ruth who called them simpletons.

Composer James Horner Killed In Plane crash

UPDATE: If the TPP Passes Bernie Sanders Will Be the Next President of the US. And Here's Why:

Quilting for Hillary

New Irving ISD trustee admits pleading guilty to forgery in 2004 case

Radar failure in New Zealand temporarily grounds all flights

Mayor, City Council Agree To Budget Deal With 1,300 More NYPD Cops

White progressives’ racial myopia: Why their colorblindness fails minorities — and the left

Who will be Miss Twin Peaks 2015?

"Rachel's Righteous Rant"

James Horner has died.

Utah Minor League Team Forced To Cancel "Caucasian Heritage Night".

Costco had 8 books by conservatives

Bandidos claim Waco police spreading lies

Confederate Flag May Come Down, But Many Southerners, et al. Will Fly It/Show It

Severe thunderstorms cut through northern Illinois; reports of tornadoes

North Texas firefighters rescue 'extremely lucky' horse from sinkhole

14 brands of bottled water recalled due to possible E. Coli

Painfully Skinny Jeans Land A Woman In The Hospital

Planned Parenthood: No new Texas abortion clinics in works

Lower 48ers, if you're anywhere above the mid-line of the US,

Sarah Silverman

Classic cars celebrated in Route 66 Great Race

Japan marks 70th anniversary of WWII Battle of Okinawa

Police: South Texas man smuggles $250,000 to pay for daughter's quinceañera

Longview drawn into South Carolina shooting

Former Rio Grande City police chief accused of stealing federal money

Climate change threatens 50 years of progress in global health, study says

What was AP thinking? - Photos of Cruz are in poor taste

Daily Holidays - June 23

Stenger says St. Louis County won't go along with city push to raise minimum wage

Men behind brisket cheesecake to open dessert shack in Dallas

Elizabeth Warren's Last Stand on TPP Trade

Case shows challenges in recouping cash from fraud

Why the Saudis Are Going Solar

University of Houston-Victoria get real-life jaguar mascot at Texas Zoo

Spy Agency's Secret Plans to Foster Online "Conformity" and "Obedience" Exposed

Robert Reich" Why Medicare Isn’t the Problem: It’s the Solution

Rick Perry Takes First Sexist Punch at Hillary Clinton

Soldier from Operation Protective Edge responds to UN report: 'We have paid for morality in blood'

Hillary Clinton: Good for White Feminism, Bad for Racial Justice

Thanks to Charleston shootings Wall Street Journal declares institutionalized racism over

Michael Moore Nails Every Racist, War-Mongering, Pseudo-Christian, RW Gun Extremist - In One Tweet

Hackers warned the Internet would be a security disaster. Nobody listened.

Ancient Chaco Canyon trade with Tropical Mexico civilization

Living on a prayer - Sweet Dreams

Police break protest against electricity prices hike in Armenia

Kurds seize military base in Syria once held by Islamic State group, nearing its stronghold

MLB roundup: ESPN says it has evidence of Pete Rose bets

Dominican apartheid: Made in the USA

Mike Malloy - Start Talking About Guns Instead Of Flags

Naked couple arrested in bizarre incident

From today his name is Rupert Murderer

World stock markets rise on Greece optimism, China data

Another hard day for FOX NEWS...

WalMart removes confederate flag items from stores

The worst mascots in sports

B’Tselem: Courts turning into ‘hollow formality’ for Palestinians in West Bank

15 Ways Bill Clinton’s White House Failed America and the World

Maine Senator Angus King announces he has prostate cancer.

"So it begins. The great battle of our time."

Martin O'Malley Agrees With the POTUS

Hillary's comments on Charleston June 20 2015

U.S. arrests 1,140 on child sexual predation charges

Venus, If You Will dog rescue by Sue Scottsdale, AZ

Is there a socialist running, and someone forgot to tell me?

Western wildfires: Blazes burn in 4 states amid hot weather

New York reaches outline of settlement over Muslim surveillance

Greek offer to creditors stirs angry backlash at home

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Stars debarred

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Terrorist

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: Packin' hate

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4: Climate

Nigeria's Buhari says government is short of money

Tuesday Toon Roundup 5: The Rest

"If We Hold On Together"...James Horner..wrote music and lyrics , "Land Before Time" ..Diana Ross

Why the 'flag' still flies in the South

Acidification Of Beaufort Sea Moving Faster Than Anyplace Else On Earth

Dylann Roof May Have Been A Regular Commenter At Neo-Nazi Website The Daily Stormer

James Horner, composer, died Yesterday..age 61, Oscar for music in Titanic, composed for many movies

Award-Winning South Korean Author Has Book Withdrawn Over Plagiarism

E. Porterville, CA - Nearly Half Of 7,000 Residents Have No Water, Health Problems Multiplying

Doctors urge UK government to remove NHS from TTIP

One reason tuition and fees keep going up and up at public colleges and universities

Tom Brady explains:

The best of the religious/political right today!

New Jersey lawmakers to vet Democrats' $35.3 billion budget

The Republicans have a pope problem

Will the left ever get religion?

Since when did tenure become a liberal icon??

What ever happened to Tahiti Nut?

White leaders silent again.

Charleston, SC - Drawn by a 7 year old

China’s Climate Challenge

Survival in the Battery Business

Florida making bids for Conn. businesses

Environmentalists sue Florida lawmakers over budget

Agreeing to remove the Confederate flag isn't courageous. It's just politics

Bill Moyers: Congress’s Cat Burglars Are Pulling a Fast One on TPP

French teenager may become the first woman to play Major League Baseball

xPost from Feminists - French teenager may become the first woman to play Major League Baseball

Grab yer rifles! We're gonna bag us a bear!

"I Will See You In My Dreams.from Titanic"..with pictures, Celine Dion, composer: James Horner..

World Lutheran body votes not to invest in fossil fuels

Heads up people!...

You have to admire the candor of skinheads flying Swastikas...

Veterans Can Get All Of These Prescription Drugs To Treat PTSD, But Not Weed

Fox Guest Links Abortion to Charleston Church Shooting

Orwell on Bernie

Requiem for the Dead: American Spring 2014

I feel guilty

Male Birth Control Coming Soon...Will You Use It?

CBD and Medical Marijuana.

Keiser Report: Cloud Money

There is always a "Steve."

Eugene Robinson: America will only end racism when it stops being racist

As we bid goodbye to the confederate flag, meet the last guy to wear a Hitler-mustache

Nuclear Proliferation Is Still Greatest Existential Threat We Face: Valerie Plame Wilson

Links, short cuts, copied news and 'toons

Bernie Sanders speech strongly endorsing Jesse Jackson for president in 1988

How gay marriage became a major issue for a generation uninterested in marriage

Growing up, one of my favorite movie soundtracks ever was Star Trek II.

Political "EVOLUTION" is political expediency

Big Senate Vote on TPP 6/23/15 - please call your Senator!

Candidate comparison

Gen. Lee Butler to Nuclear Abolition Movement: "Don't Give Up"

Florida woman arrested after fight over chicken and biscuits

The Majority Report: Right Wing Terror: How the NRA Uses Racism to Advance Its Cause

90 year old Florida Man threatens to blow a postal worker's head off

****June Contest Finals****

Conservative Activists Drive Popular Kubana (Rock) Festival Out of Russia. Latvia welcomes it.

Let's try not to forget to see the forest through the Confederate Flags.

****June Photo Contest Finals are up in GD****

FOX is back to the e-mails and Benghazi

Russian Consumer Protection Agency Investigated After Calling Crimea an 'Occupied Territory'

Would Think that DU "Foreign Affair's Group" Participants Would find this Fascinating!

Senate vote on TPA this morning - please take action

My one woman show about schizophrenia coming to Capital Fringe Festival in July!

My one woman show about schizophrenia coming to Capital Fringe Festival in July!

My one woman show about schizophrenia coming to Capital Fringe Festival in July!

Haley flip-flops, now wants to pull flag from SC Capitol

Will Pitt: Killing a Nation With Euphemisms: TPP-Eats-Medicare Edition

Biotech’s Coming Cancer Cure

My one woman show about schizophrenia coming to NYC!

The first labor strike in history was over garlic rations and not beer

another outstanding op-ed by Will Pitt!

Society Today.....

Killing a Nation With Euphemisms: TPP-Eats-Medicare Edition

Some musicians and singers don't age gracefully...

The SC Senate Could Be A Roadblock To a Flag Removal

Suspect in Attacks on Asian Women in Manhattan Found Dead of Apparent Suicide: Sources

Reports: Fugitives spotted on Upper Titus Mountain

Did anyone notice this "Iraq Troop Withdrawal" vote from 6/17/15?

How frequent are mass shootings in the US-142 in 2015

An interview with Bernie Sanders: Deficit Hawk

"The only moral abortion is my abortion"

Down to the Countdown with Senate Trade Deal Vote--Ted Cruz has dropped previous support

An update on Tiger Tim(the abandoned cat) it's not good.

Spiteful NC GOP strips $3M from UNC law school over hiring of legislative critic

After 4 years I now have my first Michigan Lily blooming

Calais strike shuts Eurotunnel amid migrant crisis

Urban Transit Systems Struggle to Keep Pace as Demand Grows

Supreme Court Rules Police Can't Force Hotel Owners To Give Up Registry Data Without A Warrant

Bond villain Iain Duncan Smith unleashed for first time since election (John Crace in the Guardian)

Want to Understand the Democratic National Convention?

Fear of Longer Commutes Puts Pressure on US Cities to Act

BREAKING - Gov. McAuliffe orders Confederate flags off Viriginia license plates

U.S. Durable Goods Down 1.8% as Businesses Remain Cautious

While GOP candidates stammer, Clinton directly confronts race

Survey reveals the polarized public perceptions of the polar regions

War, Murder and the American Way

Outreach to gay couples not on agenda for Vatican meeting

Breaking: Gov. Terry McAuliffe Says Virginia Will Remove Confederate Flags from License Plates

The Fifth Circuit Has Put Texas Abortion Clinics in Crisis

Phil Jackson says LeBron usually travels, team offense no longer exists

The Fifth Circuit Has Put Texas Abortion Clinics in Crisis

Walmart, Sears to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise

Supreme Court Rules Police DO NOT Need A Warrant To Search Your Home

Pakistan calls for urgent measures as heatwave toll nears 700

Hey, Matt Lauer, it is none of your business

How to ID Artists from their paintings

AP Says Shots of Gun Pointed at Ted Cruz’s Head Not Intended to be Negative

This is what a real climate plan looks like: Martin O’Malley’s bold approach sets the standard.

Say Their Names: pinckney, hurd, sanders, coleman-singleton, thompson, lance, simmons,

U.S. New-Home Sales Rise to 7-Year High

"Now, we'll get to the bottom of this!" . . . Please come CAPTION Trey Gowdy!!!!

Get your car magnet:

How about some E.coli-flavored bottled water?

A mailer from Senator Franken

Man Rides Moose (Ontario)

Seattle Icebreaker Heads for North Pole

Supreme Court rules in favor of inmate with excessive force claim

Say Their Names: pinckney, hurd, sanders, coleman-singleton, thompson, lance, simmons,

steel wool

I Want American Asses

Remember: T.P.P. is T.M.I.

Punished GOP lawmaker stirs new talk of Boehner rebellion

Gov. McAuliffe says Confederate flag will be removed from specialty plates in Virginia

RECAP: A Look Inside the Language of Rape Culture

RECAP: A Look Inside the Language of Rape Culture

Borowitz (satire): Many in Nation Tired of Explaining Things to Idiots

TPA Senate cloture vote passes

Study finds sudden shift in “forcing” led to demise of Laurentide ice sheet (> 9,000 years ago)

In My Opinion: No DUer Should Be Criticized for Posting Poll Results

NASA warns GOP on cuts to space program

Bernie's popularism is NOTHING like Obama's...and never will be.

X-post from GD: Borowitz (satire): Many in Nation Tired of Explaining Things to Idiots

Tis with great sadness that I report

What makes me angry about internet speeds is the ads have to load before

Stop with the damn dirty politics against other Democrats

Here are my concerns about a Bernie candidacy ...

Clintons: Confederate Star On The Arkansas Flag, Celebrating Arkansas Confederate Flag Day

Rep. Steve King: Who Cares About A Few Massacres When You Have All This Freedom?

Senate Hands a Victory to Obama on Trade Pact

Wildfires prompt more evacuation alerts in Western and Interior Alaska

Dick Van Patten has passed.

Why Roof the SC terrrorist said "you rape our Women" ...

Single-catalyst water splitter from Stanford produces clean-burning hydrogen 24/7

Pic Of The Moment: Ask Jeb Anything! (Just Don't Expect An Answer)

Dick Van Patten is Dead at 86

All our Democratic candidates got it right on the Charleston shootings - Republicans failed outright

Skinny Jeans Can Lead to Nerve and Muscle Damage, Doctors Say

Corporate Court About To Screw Over Republican Base

June 23, 1865: Last Confederate General in the field, Brig. Gen. Stan Watie, a Cherokee, surrenders…

Repair planned for small leak in trans-Alaska pipeline

Do You Know How Your State Selects National Convention Delegates?

What Do We Do About Misogyny Online?

How States Select Delegates to the National Convention

Free Kurdistan?

How States Select Delegates to the National Convention

Cardinal Wuerl body slams Fox Host & Rush on Pope's Climate Encyclical

Council of Conservative Citizens Promotes White Primacy, and G.O.P. Ties

Residents in one Oklahoma town shocked to find KKK booklets on doorsteps

Former Fed chief Bernanke: Dump Jackson, not Hamilton, on money

Government free to pick and choose which proposed license plate designs to allow

ADL demands Michael Oren walk back ‘unjustified attack’ on Obama

my city has lost a wonderful man

Governments accused of ‘perpetrating violence against women’

Op/Ed: What's Really Going On In Detroit - The Paid Media Won't Tell: A Lifetime Detroiter Perspe...

Governments accused of ‘perpetrating violence against women’

Governments accused of ‘perpetrating violence against women’

Michael Oren's anti-Obama book tour is a bad sign for the US-Israel relationship

Still don't think he's a used-car salesman?

*BOG GROUP* Senate Gives Obama Huge Win On Trade


Brutal Truth:Talk Of Good Jobs A Fraud & Empty Rhetoric. There Won't Be Enough Of Them.

Many in Nation Tired of Explaining Things to Idiots - (how can this be satirical) a Borowitz report

My conservative brother told me at dinner last night that the civil

Crohn's Disease really sucks. Things do not get better

Who does Michael Savage remind you of?

Rachel Maddow - Confederate flag finished as Republican political device

Crohn's Disease really sucks.

Rachel Maddow - Racist group with segregationist past lurks behind thin political veil

Police arrested Roof and took him to the Burger King Drive-thru

2016 Presidential election is not just politics, NOT just another election.

Move over Google driverless cars. GM had beat you to the punch 60 years ago.

Amazing aurora pix from last night | EarthSky

Mike Huckabee compares accepting gay marriage to accepting slavery - urges civil disobedience

Donald Trump 'very good candidate,' Rob Ford says

KFC Runs DNA Test on Alleged ‘Deep Fried Rat’ – Guess What They Found

Eugenics and the NAZIs -- the California connection

Next: Keystone...?

Dick Van Patten, 'Eight is Enough' Star, Dies at 86

Pennsylvania May Expand Smoking Ban to All Clubs and Bars

Parking asshole

J Street has a pro Iran deal message, backing Kerry and Obama, that they sent with emails asking it

Analysis A black president speaks about race and no one hears

Desperate Donald Trump Hires People To Agree With Him

The vote for fast track was just in,and

New Social Media Platform Dubbed “The People’s Site” by Anonymous

Is there a more destructive demographic than financially obsessed money hoarders?

Stonewall becomes a landmark...

June 23, 1865: Last Confederate General in the field, Brig. Gen. Stan Watie, a Cherokee, surrenders…

Graffiti painted on three Confederate figures’ statues at UT

Election 2016: Martin O'Malley, the Confederacy, and the Maryland state song

Majority of Assembly Republicans push for equal road cuts

WikiLeaks Saudi cable says Iran shipped nuclear equipment to Sudan

Was Slavery a Cause of the Revolutionary War? Yes.

Martin O'Malley on TPA cloture vote in Senate: "What have we come to?"

War Story: 1861

Defiant Texas man nails 6-foot wooden Confederate flag to building across from county courthouse

"Southern Avenger" repents. "I was wrong about that flag".

Republican "family values"

Anatomy of a "wound collector"

Want­ a lower Comcast bill? Complain to the FCC

DUers, Please Contact Amazon About their Confederate Gear

Auction site eBay to ban listings of Confederate flags

Alaska wildfires

yeas and nays votes

It's OUR country and we're taking it back!*

Creator of pink plastic lawn flamingo dead at 79

GOP throws the Confederate flag under the bus

Is there any music you feel is seminal (lol)

"This is not the America that men & women throughout our history fought and died to defend."

Rush Limbaugh shows his true colors...again.

U.S. to pre-position tanks, artillery in Baltics, eastern Europe

Climate Change Health Risk Is a 'Medical Emergency,’ Experts Warn

Huckabee and Santorum Sign Pledge Branding Same-Sex Parents ‘Destructive’ And ‘A Threat To Security'

Is the Bernie bump made up solely of single issue voters?

The Wall of Shame: The 13 Senate Dems who voted with GOP to advance trade bill

Terry McAuliffe Wants Flag Off Virginia Plates

Larry Wilmore Whacks Fox For Attacks On Obama For Using The N-Word

Islamic State conflict: Three million displaced in Iraq

Neil Young gives "Rockin' In The Free World" to Bernie Sanders

Thirsty Billionaires File Complaint Alleging Illegal Diversions of "Their" Water

I am a woman and I will vote for Bernie Sanders

I disagree with Gov Haley - Now is NOT the time to eliminate the Confederate flag....

Sanders delivers blistering anti-TPP speech to US Senate NOW

Bill O'Reilly: "Historical Context" Of Confederate Flag 'Represents Bravery'

Jim Cooper Calls For Removing Bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest From Tennessee Capitol

103-10 in the South Carolina House

Sen. Sanders: Corporate America Wins Again

6 Reasons Black Boys Without Disability Wind Up In Special Education

Mike Huckabee has his own version of how to combat racism...

Further adventures in having recent hearing loss - tinnitus

Son is Having Problems with the new Batman Game on PC.

Bernie Sanders was recently ranked as the Senate's top leader on global warming.

Chicago Tribune picks up big Walker corruption story

Guess which flag is officially the number 1 selling flag on Amazon.

Canada's new bill: Effective immediately any form of dissent that is not in line with mainstream or

Eugenics and the Nazis -- the California connection (xpost from GD)

Waiting for details on deal but it appears rent laws will be renewed in Albany.n/t.

Hostage Review Will Make It Easier for Families to Pay Ransoms

4 states still honor Confed battle flag in official banners

Bernie Sanders On Women's Rights / Abortion

Bernie: American workers deserve a trade policy that works for them not only for CEOs of major

White House, EPA say climate change a dire threat to economy, human health

What is the general consensus of DU users regarding TORT reform..............

Sorry guys I am leaving the group.

Hi there.

Graduating for good: Teen turns over open house for charity

Did Directv drop Free Speech TV today?

Thousands of Tochigi residents seek redress over Fukushima nuclear disaster

When we weren't looking....

The Divide

Bernie Sanders to Make Two-Day Swing in New Hampshire on June 27-28, 2015

Cuomo Announces State Budget Agreement

Fox News wants "restraint" after Charleston shooting. Jon Stewart is having none of it.

Thom Hartmann: How Is Roof's Manifesto Different From Isis Recruiting?

Hillary-Phobes. Don't Paint Yourself Into a Corner

Thom Hartmann: The Final Countdown To Stop Fast-Track Has Begun...

Well, who'da thunk it...I installed "Adblocker" on my browser...

Do your cats get on the kitchen table?

Thom Hartmann: Unregulated Capitalism Is Destroying The Planet

Clinton to say removing the Confederate flag is important, but not the solution -HRC Room

Eight South Carolina Lawmakers Explain Why They Are Opposed To Removing The Confederate Flag

Democratic Socialists of America strongly supports Senator Sanders

Democratic Socialists of America strongly supports Senator Sanders

We have a New Spiderman!

Trump Surges in Popularity in N.H., Taking Second Place in Suffolk Poll

Morgan, Lloyd score in 2-0 US victory over Colombia

Bernie Sanders: Corporate America wins again. Today in Senate.

Pope's powerful message on climate change

So, Roof said he wanted to start a race war

Mediaite stupidly equivocates Media Matters' research with campaign activity

Derek Jeter Went Dutch On A Pizza Check With Hannah Davis In Italy

Racism will never die

I am a man and I will vote for Chocolate Dip Cones

Breaking on GEM$NBComcast

Justice Sotomayor Hides Good News For Abortion Clinics In An Obscure Case About Hotels

dr doom update.

Questions Arise: Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Unconstitutional?

Okinawa marks 70th anniversary of WWII battle

Today's TPA Senate Vote Roll Call

Sanders and O'Malley Court Teachers Unions.

Obama's approval rating among liberal democrats rises to 86%

June 23, 2015. A day that will live in infamy.

Justice Sotomayor Hides Good News For Abortion Clinics In An Obscure Case About Hotels

Man bitten by cat gets revenge by killing other cat

The Fall and Rise of higher ed or "don't let them know"?

Monk charged with trying to kill fellow monk in Oakland

Someone in France accidentally ate a fluorescent lamb with jellyfish DNA

Sales of Confederate flags are soaring

What ever happened to DU's H2O Man?

Deeply Conservative, Sexist Judge Rules Against Religious Employers, Affirms Right To Birth Control

Hawaii serious about smoking

Nine Charged in Connection With 2013 Quebec Train Derailment

MO'M In Iowa:

Martin O’Malley to Hold Three Events in Western & Central Iowa on June 28, 2015

Walmart Hoarding Cash To Avoid Paying Taxes

Here's a baby goat in a sunflower costume. Why the hell not? (20 sec vid)

My guess, why conservatives are pissed at Obama for saying "n*****"

Sign Of A Sore Loser

IBM Punishes Louisiana For Governor’s Anti-Gay Executive Order

Franklin Edward “Frank” Kameny Induction Into the Labor Hall of Honor

IBM Punishes Louisiana For Governor’s Anti-Gay Executive Order

How Hillary outperforms a generic Democratic presidential candidate

Sanders and O'Malley Court Teachers Unions.

TPA 'Fast Track' is Unconstitutional! Conservative Consitutional Lawyer: Bruce Fein on Thom Hartmann

Film: The Intruder (1962)

MSNBC just reporting that Amazon has

Derek Jeter Went Dutch On A Pizza Check With Hannah Davis In Italy

How To Convince A Confederate Flag Supporter That It Must Come Down | Big lie about keeping it

How Socialist are You?

Japan's tourism boom lifts economy, but brings headaches

Japan's tourism boom lifts economy, but brings headaches

The Investigators: ALEC - The Backroom Where Laws Are Born

Time has stopped...

Can the revolution start now? Do you have your pitchforks and torches ready yet?

Sade - No Ordinary Love

Tell Waltons to stop privatizing education

Sade - Cherish The Day

OH GOD!!! now some jackass is on MSNBC saying Hillary is like Nixon

MERS sparks mask rush in Asia, but are they effective?

from Martin O'Malley, We have a choice.

Sade - King Of Sorrow

Colombia’s former army commander called into questioning over extrajudicial killings

Colombia’s former army commander called into questioning over extrajudicial killings

Sade - The Sweetest Taboo

Army commanders who survived April FARC attack arrested

Skagit Seed Crop Threatened by Drought

Southwest Colombia indigenous community retains 32 soldiers after local killed

Sade - Keep Looking

So, TPP Fast Track has passed. RIP American Middle Class


Dylann Roof, apparently a regular commenter at The Daily Stormer, learned his hatred online

I am pissed and absolutely disgusted (about TPP).

Have a Coke

I hate playing "God" with these creatures!

Mexico Sends Lion Cub To Wild Animal Sanctuary In Keenesburg, 1st Of 2 Dozen

Clinton: Charleston killings "racist terrorism" and Confederate flag "shouldn't fly anywhere"

should "dixie" be next.

as we're all up against the big $ machines, Martin O'Malley says We have a choice.

Many Americans are tired of explaining things to idiots (Borowitz)

Jorge Ramos: Trump(etazos)

Fran Quigley: How union saved worker’s job, respect

Winterlong- Neil Young and Promise Of The Real

Texas State Primary poll: Clinton 53% / Sanders 15%

Hillary Clinton tweet June 23, 2015

Spectacular Stargazing in Chile’s Atacama Desert

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 23, 2015

My "WTF?" of the day, conservative radio host suggests killing the SC gunman's family...

Hundreds of Mexican farm workers stranded at US border after massive computer glitch

Hundreds of Mexican farm workers stranded at US border after massive computer glitch

Is DU immune from these nefarious influences?

How Liberal are you? This short test will show you.

Hey look, we're going to start negotiating with terrorist hostage takers

India: Death toll from tainted liquor in Mumbai reaches 92

Stop taking the bait

Texas man nails up wooden Confederate flag...

Was talking to a colleague today and he made a very good point

Pic of Nazi armband wearer in Seattle last week

People's Anti-Mining Struggle in El Salvador Highlights The Perils of Global Trade Deals

People's Anti-Mining Struggle in El Salvador Highlights The Perils of Global Trade Deals

Honduran hitmen kill fifth indigenous land activist amid protests against mining and illegal logging

Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights Surge as Huge Solar Storm Reaches Earth

In Venezuela, An iPhone 6 May Cost You $47,678

It's time to change these license plates...

Court rejects Texas religious challenge to Obamacare

Court rejects Texas religious challenge to Obamacare

It's amazing how fast the stars/bars was dumped by business and others.

Once again John Oliver nails it!

Miama Herald columnist thinks Dylann Roof doesn't look white

Cops Bought Charleston Suspect Burger King After Arresting Him

Congress is about to pass a bill they KNOW will cost American jobs. Obama is for this loss of jobs,

Republican Judges Blame Bank Crimes on Everyone EXCEPT Banks

The Banner: A Love Letter from Dallas to Charleston

Fifty-One Days of Israeli Terror in Gaza

WikiLeaks: NSA Spied on Last Three French Presidents

The Radical Reconfiguration of Southern European Politics

Judge grants mistrial in Vanderbilt rape case

Weeding Roses in Kabul

250-300 people kicked out of Kenny Chesney concert

How do you keep a decanter stopper from sticking?

19 Reps Speak out for Palestinian Children Behind Bars

Confederate Flag Manufacturers In China Respond To US Debate With Concern, Suggestions

Despite Fears About Trigger Warnings, Survey Suggests Few Faculty Are Forced To Use Them

Irving motorcycle cop nearly hit by hit-and-run driver who was texting

Anonymous Launches Operation To Shut Down Westboro Baptist Church

The train has left the station and Hillary is driving it!

Report: Russia's right wing is egging on Texas' secessionist movement

Public Didn’t See Last Two World Wars Coming Either

Photographing the Patrulleros – the violent vigilantes of Guatemala

New Mexico taking precautions for tuberculosis outbreak - about 100 people exposed

After Zoo party

Structural Racism is Alive in Lubbock

If you include aid bill for workers who lose jobs to overseas...that means you expect it to happen

New Research Warns Of Catastrophic Food Shortages Due To Unchecked Climate Change

Ten ways NOT to get hit! Really really excellent advice regarding bicycle safety.

While we're at it, Mississippi's state flag needs to change

‘The American Century’ Has Plunged the World Into Crisis

Texas AG Ken Paxton: ‘We’ll Do Everything We Can’ To Fight SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

‘Transparent' Truck Gives Those Behind a View Ahead

Day two of riding with my Bernie bumpersticker - my first APPLAUSE!

To that say "it's heritage not hate"


Bernie Sanders is not boring.

Congressional Democrats to Introduce Ambitious New Bill to Restore the Voting Rights Act

Climate change: biggest health threat this century | diff between global warm & climate change (vid)

All I can say is The Velvet Underground is great when I'm sitting watching puddles gather rain!

is it possible to change the stars and bars

EPO therapy puts blood and oxygen to the brain - It gets

Heard back from my Senator Dianne Feinstein today: "FU, constituent KeepItReal."

West Point cadet guilty of owning, distributing child porn

California judge agrees to dismiss kill-gays ballot measure

Proposal: Lets steal the Confederate Flag.

Dashcam footage of Roof's arrest is released...

NYC to pay $6.25 million to man cleared in 1989 killing

California officer shoots police dog after it bites his hand

Systemic, as opposed to de jure and personal racism.

Ancient Greeks were afraid of zombies | Why are we still obsessed w/ them? (vid)

The flag of the Confederacy should be flown. On state grounds if they so choose. It's their right.

Isis suspends two boys from pole in Syria for eating during Ramadan – report

Saudi cables suggest money links with media

The Confederate Flag Represents the Oppression of Black Americans, Make No Mistake

EU to create new quarantine system for Mediterranean migrants

The Ultimate Moral Hazard: 70% of Greek Mortgages Are In Default

You all need to see this post by GlassUnion

NATO Returns Its Attention to an Old Foe, Russia

Support beams in Berkeley balcony collapse found to be severely rotted

Stonewall Inn, gay rights icon, gets official New York landmark status

If you're racist and you know it, fly the flag

Rick Perry Can’t Make Up His Mind About Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment, ‘War On Religion’

Scott Walker, Promising 'Bold Leadership,' faces GOP Discord in Wisconsin.

Berkeley man went nuts on plane over... nuts

America will never see a Dime of the Corp profits from TPP

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"Not a bloodless process"...

*HELP w Info. Tornado at daughters in NJ. Where should they go?

The illegal side of legal

So those fugging scumbags murdered Freddie Gray

sketch of vehicle of interest in noco shootings released

Poachers Are Killing Andean Camels for Their Wool

Poachers Are Killing Andean Camels for Their Wool

There's never a kinesiologist around when you need one...

Why am I posting a calisthenics video?

Autopsy of Freddie Gray shows 'high-energy' impact

Lewis Black Endorses Bernie Sanders, Tells Bill Cosby to F Himself

World's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cargo Trucks Deployed at U.S. Airport

Israeli hydrogen energy tech feted by EU

South Carolina lawmakers vote to open debate over Confederate flag

92% of likely Democratic voters could see themselves supporting Hillary,

Here are my concerns about a HRC candidacy ...

Resistance in Honduras Alive and Jumping

Amazon joins retailers banning the sale of items featuring Confederate flag

Mexico border nursing home fire - 15 dead

Would it be possible for we, the people, to challenge the TPP in court?

Hah! NASCAR backs moves on Confederate flag in wake of South Carolina church massacre/AP

Kudos to the Gun Control & RKBA Group

Video of North Carolina officer dancing at block party goes viral

Women Behind Bars: The Human Cost of Current Drug Policy in the Americas vv

Is anyone watching Al Sharpton? He just had a section regarding some very influential Rs who

Hundreds of Thousands Woke Up Stateless in the Dominican Republic

Goldman Sachs Caps Interns to 17 Hours a Day After Death at Bank of America

The South was not sufficiently punished after the war

Just How Deadly Are Private Prisons?

Want to win the whole nation, even the rightwing Republican South?

Pete Hegseth, Fox News Anchor, throws axe during promo, hits West Point drummer, and LAUGHS


5 Reasons to Be Careful When Consuming Marijuana Edibles

Good god, Jonah Goldberg is dense

Hillary Clinton: Charleston massacre an act of ‘racist terrorism’

If Democrats were associated with a website that endorsed Islamic terrorism...

BEGIN Japanology - Red Sea Bream

Scott Walker: Clinton Using Equal Pay To 'Pit One Group Of Americans Versus Another'

Baseball trivia

ESA Extends Rosetta Spacecraft's Comet Exploration Mission by 9 Months

Mike Huckabee calls for less dialog on race and more ‘conversions’ for Jesus

Fox Co-Host Accidentally Throws Axe at Bystander on Live TV

Teenage Girl Pulled From School After Deputy Head Says Her Clothes Remind Him Of Bondage

A simple question on the TPP

Center-left economic ideas dominate

Bad News: Notorious Invasive Worm Just Found in U.S.

Sheriff Tells Family He’s 'Sorry' After His Officers Starved Their Mentally Ill Son to Death

(SF Bay Area) LaborFest 2015 Schedule

HuffPo: White House Takes Huge Step Forward In Fight Over Marijuana Research

Republican anxiety over the Confederate flag revealed

Five More Things South Carolina Can Do After Taking Down the Confederate Flag

Rick Perry is on the payroll of a controversial oil pipeline company in Texas

Racism?? Heck, I totally forgot the president was even colored!!

Right after all the confederate flags are removed, this should be next.

Huge cannabis raids in Mendo county CA yesterday, politicly motivated

Meet the French teenager trying to become the first woman in MLB

For believers do you feel safe in your house of worship after Charleston?

A hit and a miss...

Sam Dekker Correctly Notes People Always Compare White Players To Other White Players

Tech firms scrub Confederate flag listings

92% of Democrats are comfortable voting for Hillary.

R-rated police chopper talk broadcast to Winnipeg

BEGIN Japanology - Shopping Streets

Ben Watson on the rebel flag.

Charter-TWC record starts | Gmail offers 'un-send' | Facebook IDs you by your pose

Hillary Clinton visits church near Ferguson unrest amidst renewed debate over race relations