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Two years ago tonight

Yell Fire

I'm super confused, they have family statements at bond hearings in SC?

EMILY's List Already Raising Big Bucks For Hillary Clinton

McConnell forges ahead with trade votes despite Dem holdouts

Sandy Rios: Pres. Obama "enjoyed" Charleston mass murder

EMILY's List Already Raising Big Bucks For Hillary Clinton

Rick Perry: Charleston massacre was an ‘accident’ caused by drugs — not guns

The Face of Evil

Hillary " send children back"

I don't care if he can play "Eruption." Eddie Van Halen's an angry, petulant, classless little prick

A white supremacist assassinates a State Senator/Pastor and

"I'm not afraid of Al-Qaeda! I'm afraid of Al Cracker!"

Skin on the Drum

104 degrees today.

Pinckney’s cousin told WAFF-TV that the gunman specifically asked for the reverend....

This is dedicated to Jeb and the other Bushes . . .

The timing of the SC Judge is tone deaf. But the underlying message is one we need to hear.

How the Presidential Primary Is a Proxy War Between the Kochs and the Republican Establishment

It is a story rooted in family and fueled by hope.

Top American Family Assoc. Official: Obama 'Enjoyed' Charleston Shooting

Walker's WEDC made 26 awards totaling $124.4 million without proper review

Representative Doug Brannon (R) says he will introduce a bill

The response from the Democrats contrasting with the GOP is why I'll happily vote for the nominee... Brownback and Jindal go down in flames: America’s worst governors proven bullies, liars,

Doug Brannon SC Representative (R) introducing bill to take down confederate flag

Walker starts presidential fundraising blitz

Why there's going to be a woman on the $10 instead of the $20

Flin Flon: bullies beat five-year-old with chain

Erickson On Charleston: We Can't Stop 'Real Evil' If We Accept Transgender People

How DuckDuckGo Rode A Wave Of Post-Snowden Anxiety To Massive Growth

Kasich: 'It Sure Appears' That Racism Motivated The Charleston Shooter

Trying to understand

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! The Next One & a new Kitteh gif

White Supremacist Terrorism in South Carolina, and America And The Structural Delusions That Fuel It

Marco Rubio Backed Measure Seen As Protecting The Confederate Flag In Florida

I have started a facebook group, Missourians for Bernie Sanders 2016

Utah: minor-league baseball team cancels "Caucasian Heritage Night"

Pennsylvania Homeless man returns purse full of cash to sick single mother


Refusal to Call Charleston Shootings “Terrorism” Again Shows It’s a Meaningless Propaganda Term

Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Las Vegas 6/19/15

How Long Oh Lord? How Long?

Jon Stewart's opening comments on Charleston, 18 June 2015

Obama will be first sitting U.S. president to visit Ethiopia

WOW!!!!!!! Can you believe this???

Did anyone nail it as well as Jon Stewart? I don't think they could have.

Does anyone have experience with having their disk run at 100 percent in Windows 8.1?

Advocating self-defense is not advocating violence.

Friday Talking Points (351) -- Racist Domestic Terrorism

Branstad Throws $21 Million At Egyptian Fertilizer Company While Telling Iowa Schools to F*** Off

The Nightly Show - Charleston Church Shooting

Longtime Empire State Building Shoe Repair Shop Loses Lease

Rio Grande Valley man sues Utah prison after father misses dialysis, dies

Rio Grande Valley man sues Utah prison after father misses dialysis, dies

I have started a facebook group, Missourians for Bernie Sanders 2016

Not a shred of decency, not a jot of honesty, not a drop of real compassion

Fox News sudden concern for Black lives is really touching.


The confederate flag is worse than the apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia flags.

Bernie just got a standing ovation on Real Time.

I am a white, southern man

$400,000 donation 'like rocket fuel' for effort to keep death penalty out of Nebraska

PBS Now Showing, FREEDOM SUMMER 1964

I just heard that Charlize Theron is not with Sean Penn anymore.

Mormon church to make available records of 4 million freed slaves

He chose Emanuel Church because he wanted to be sure he wasn’t killing white people

Obama thinks Confederate flag 'belongs in a museum'

Boston Globe: Bernie Sanders "out of sync with most liberals" on gun control.

Senate Fast-Track Vote Tuesday - What We Must Do Now

Mike Huckabee: More Guns in Church Could’ve Stopped Charleston Shooting

Putin says Russia weathering sanctions, lectures West

Judge in Charleston case used the N word from the bench

Google bans revenge porn

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt: Hillary Clinton's Challenge

Sen. Bernie Sanders On How Democrats Lost White Voters

Man dismissed from jury duty for wearing prisoner costume

Murders of indigenous people up sharply in Brazil: report

Union Claims WeWork Executive Said Cleaners Should be Fired for Organizing

Cuba has 60 political prisoners: dissident group

Juárez wants U.S. motorists to pay $40 million in traffic fines

There are some people that refuse to change.

Anyone remember the story where Tamir Rice was decribed as "man"

July 1st: AILES starts reporting to his new Faux bosses who hate him/Faux. (Yeah, I know)

So that ass hat wants a race war...

N.J. nurses union accuses hospital chain of intimidation

The terrorist Confederate flag still flies

O’Reilly on Charleston: Conservative Rhetoric Not to Blame, Liberal Rhetoric ‘More Hateful’

Bill Maher Presents The Millenial Bible: King James Franco Edition

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 21 - Movie Camp: Fathers on Boats

Police lieutenant sentenced to prison for selling classified information to political campaign

It isn't about what made racism acceptable again- It is the fact that WE NEVER handle racism

Congress most corrupt institution in Colombia: Report

Dumb Criminals: Florida (Obviously) Guy Tried To Blow Up House With Bowling Ball Bomb

Is this for real? Or photo shopped?

LSU officials express disappointment following latest arrest of university football players

LSU officials express disappointment following latest arrest of university football players

Ross Barnett's "I love Mississippi" speech in 1962

The reason some white people claim it's not racism.

Cat Wins 'Hero Dog' Award

Cat wins L.A. shelter's Hero Dog Award for saving kid from canine

Group Of Latinos Kicked Out Of Jeb Bush Event (VIDEO)

Former Ready For Warren Group Formally Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

TCM Schedule for Monday June 22 - Hollywood Biopics

Look who the Saudi Puppet government of Yemen brought to the peace talks.

Racism? Nah, not in this country.

Response from Mike Quigley - D, IL on letter asking for a no vote on TPA

What an embarrassment this Open Bigotry must be for normal white folks

Guns in America: For every criminal killed in self-defense, 34 innocent people die

8 Million Dog Mummies Found in 'God of Death' Mass Grave

Zimbabwe row over age of consent after Tomana's comments

Minor league baseball team cancels Caucasian Heritage Night

Knee-deep in blood: We are all being held hostage by Wayne LaPierre’s children - RAWSTORY

Building muscles with bob

Erick Erickson: Responsibility for the Charleston massacre falls at the feet of…Caitlyn Jenner

A Thiel Fellow just closed his housing startup and now 150 people need to figure out new situations

New selections at our snack bar!

Ex-White House chef missing on US mountain

Venezuela Rejects Claims That Brazilian Senators Were Harrassed

Relatives of the Charleston shooting victims talk to the suspect

A-Rod no longer bears the mark of the beast

Obama, Pelosi all smiles at Democratic fundraiser

Why Is It When White Men Kill They Are Called “Deranged”


Ten people killed and stripped naked by gunmen in Mexican beer hall linked to Zetas drug cartel

Shameful Acceptance of Massacres.

An angry O'Malley calls for an assault weapons ban. (NYT)

Charleston shootings: Obama condemns 'blight' of racism

An angry O'Malley calls for an assault weapons ban. (NYT)

$10 bill

How far do you want to take the stupid?

My little bitty tabby Zelda died this evening --- fixed the photo

Stanford researcher declares that the sixth mass extinction is here

‘I know where he got his news' Bill Maher links Charleston terrorist to right-wing media

Bernie Sanders on Bill Maher tonight. Video. Standing ovation.

Great news coverage of Bernie Sanders in Las Vegas

watching Selma things haven't changed

Why gun control is doomed

Netanyahu threatens new TV station for Palestinian citizens of Israel

Thorold man rides to forget G20 debacle

Change Is Gonna Come

Pasta with Salmon!

How DARE Obama politicize this event? Here let me tell you how he, gay & abortion values are 2 blame

Texas Writhing - People can't grab their remotes quick enough to change from the History Channel

The most frightening thing about "Idiocracy"

Louie Gohmert tells the Supreme Court: Jesus’ law more important than constitutional law

Louie Gohmert tells the Supreme Court: Jesus’ law more important than constitutional law

Texas firefighter terminated after comment praising Charleston murders

Progressive, freethought and other items at our shops

I Have A Message For Those Who Claim The Confederate Flag Represents Their Heritage

There's an excellent post at Daily Kos about switching to Bernie. It's well done and intelligent.

This is the saddest thing ever. :(

Jon Stewart on Charleston Shooting

Russia Warns Of Retaliation For Yukos Overseas Asset Freeze

Charleston’s ‘Mother Emanuel Church’ Has Stared Down Racist Violence for 200 Years

Camping at Spicer Lake

Fox News pundit: Charleston shootings happened because society accepts transgender people

Rick Perry: Charleston Shooting An 'Accident' Due To Drug Use, Manipulated By Obama To Ban Guns

Emblematic story for World Refugee Day - 20 June 2015 - Cycling to Save Their Lives

For those "looking for a sign" on how to vote.

Heinz ketchup bottle QR code leads to hardcore porn site

Texas Oil Exec Exits Moving Car To Beat Gay Man

In Court, Victims' Family Members Tell Charleston Shooter 'I Forgive You'

Daily Holidays - June 20

The Pope’s advice to trans people? ‘Accept the body God gave you’

Anne Coulter loses epic fight on immigration with Bill Maher's liberal guests

Gays can get divorced in Texas, court rules

‘What the Hell?': Don Lemon Rips Judge for Calling Roof’s Family ‘Victims’

Maher Goes Off on GOP Charleston Reactions: ‘Isn’t Denying Racism a Form of Racism?’

"Christian" Neighbor Threatens Woman Over Rainbow Lamps. She Responds In The Best Way Possible

Paul Loeb: Why the TPP is Worse than Mystery Meat

The Wildly Different Ways One Senator Responds To Terrorism: Boston Versus Charleston

History Disappears Down the Memory Hole in Iraq

Dylann Roof and the white fear of a black takeover

Sanders on Real Time:

A new era of harmony and tranquility.

Maher is very hit and miss, but his analogy about guns was a home run.

FDA Formula Alert

How will the Government of the US put in place a solution to gun control?

Profoundly presidential and human

I just landed my first professional writing gig.

Man accused of church killings spoke of attacking college

Ton of ivory crushed in Times Square to highlight poaching

Police union leader: Activists 'liars' and 'race-baiters'

Battle over proposed Yellowstone River dam ramps up

State earmarks $35M to dredge harbor

America's inaugural poet visits Cuba amid warming with US

'What remains is a new chapter in an old story of racial difference and human sameness.'

Charlie Baker derails T trains

Gov. Baker OKs waiver for Massachusetts' 1st pot dispensary

Haitians booted from Dominican Republic uncertain of future

Haitians booted from Dominican Republic uncertain of future

Texas pastor Rick Scarborough is willing to be burned to death to oppose gay marriage

Threatened salmon die after utility temporarily shuts canal

Non Sequitur today

Pope to Developed World: Greed is Causing Climate Change, Inequality

Wars, Disasters displaced 14 Million last Year, 50% Children

yasashisa ni tutumareta nara by yumi matutouya

Cold War Resurgent: US Nukes Could Soon Return to Europe

Actor and Comedian Rick Ducommun Dies at Age 62

How do you celebrate Litha?

Yemen talks in Geneva conclude with no deal

Any tips for de-humidifying a cat?

Emblematic story for World Refugee Day - 20 June 2015 - Cycling to Save Their Lives

As Momentum Continues, Bernie Sanders Shedding Dark Horse Status

Illegal wildlife traders caught in international net

Is the Confederate flag a better issue for us or them

Who's face should go on the ten dollar bill?

NATO to implement 'biggest' defence boost since Cold War

As of today, I've been a member of Democratic Underground for 10 years.

EXCLUSIVE: South Sudan’s displaced trapped on Nile frontlines

Weekly Address:Creating New Pathways of Opportunity for Americans Like You

Ohhhh, pastafun!

$5B And 700 High Tech Jobs: Reasons Why F-35 Has Friends

Raytheon Wins Small Contract For Huge Program: SDB II Exports By 2018

Racism is the default

She is ready...I am ready..Lets start this Series!!

Fox's Scramble To Make The Charleston Shooting About Religion, Not Race

20 Years in a Windowless Cell

How Pope Francis just destroyed the GOP’s religious con artists

Sanders surge is becoming a bigger problem for Clinton

Nine Cats Have The Time Of Their Nine Lives

Vulcan Is an Angry God. A Very, Very Angry God.

Chief Justice Warren Burger on the gun lobby

The New World Disorder

Republicans announce new plan to end racial violence in America.

WikiLeaks publishes diplomatic cables from Saudi Arabia

Let's go there: White supremacy

Same old, same old.

NASA: No Martian toilets means no Mars trip

Brian Wilson turns 73 today. I'm going to see "Love and Mercy"

America's poorest towns, state by state

Star Wars ships crashing into real tourist sites

Jump Start a Car with AA Batteries

Domestic abusers now required to hand over firearms in Dallas County

Venezuelan beer industry faced with lack of supplies

25 questions the Koch brothers want every 2016 candidate to answer (Kochs hold their own election)

Us vs Them

Charleston reminds us that it doesn't matter how good you are.

We're going to run a radical campaign.

“It’s not just another unusually hot summer—it is climate change."

the GOP presidential race and racism

They can talk about how Southern institutionalized racism is a thing of the past

Austria: Man drives van into pedestrians, killing two, and launches knife attack in Graz

Boxing (June 20)

Plundering Our Freedom with Abandon - Robert Scheer on Reality Asserts Itself (pts II & III)

I guess I was already having a bad day...

The logic question six-year-olds can answer, but leaves adults baffled

Maryland Crime Stats & Trends:

Poor Whites more likely to be racists.

A Green Road - Wealth Distribution In USA - Explanation of 1% Vs 99%

from 2008: Clinton Touts White Support................

He shot up a prayer meeting...

Donald Chump Bombs on

The unemployed high school drop out thug punk of a racist scumbag


Hate on the airwaves has consequences

Unexpected findings from the YouGov poll about TPP.

Is this religion a renewal of an older one?

Is the board loading slow for you?

Maher tells Bernie Sanders: Your campaign must be working ‘You’ve got Hillary talking like Elizabeth

Texas Not Required to Put Confederate Flags on License Plates

Nothing is really going to change, is it? (RE: Charleston)


Abused Kitten Passes Away, And Vet Films His Brokenhearted Response

Anti-intellectualism Is Killing America

Never Forget

It's Obama's fault.

Designated crewmember

13th Floor Elevators from their reunion show 2015.

Demonstrators March on U.K. Parliament to Protest Austerity

How Elite Power Brokers Corrupt our Finances, Freedom, and Security, Economic Thinking, Janine Wedel

WSJ Article on Obama's Moves to Make Student Loan Default Easier

UK Readies for Massive Protest Against 'Austerity on Steroids', Common Dreams, June 19, 2015

Fox Investigates Charleston

Inside the Mind of Bernie Sanders

When OZ Came to Washington...Are We EVER Going To Hold These Guys Accountable?


Ecuador Puts Piketty Into Practice

Sources for Powerful Motherboards (attn: gamer types)

TAKE IT DOWN! chose Southern Poverty Law Center

One of my oldest friend's wife is dying and he could use a little bit of help.

Wave of Defaults, Bankruptcies Spook Bond Investors

What an entitled horrible horrible person: Supposedly he did it because girl he liked dated a black guy

Times change. Rewrite 2A to meet today's atmosphere

Does Pasta salad count?

The Charleston Terrorist had a Racist Manifesto

"Everything I've read indicates the senator was not specifically targeted"

He's a damned racist. Period, end of file.

Even Murdoch's New York Post is calling for the Confederate Flag to be taken down.

When a Person Of Color Murders White people, its a "Terror attack" When a White person kills ...

Dylann Storm Roof Photos Found on Website

Questions for Bernie supporters: NPR interview 'You shouldn't base your politics on your skin color'

Paul McCartney honors Charleston victims during concert in Dover, Delaware.

Caution fellow Pro2A DUers. The Hide forces are organized. Anything goes...

New laws in Jamaica go into effect

Anti-TPP Groups Push Clinton to Lobby Against Fast-Track

The lethal gentleman: the ‘benevolent sexism’ behind Dylann Roof’s racism

Anguish Into Action: It Takes Us (a photo exhibit and two films about this nation's violence)

Anguish Into Action: It Takes Us ( a photo exhibit and two films about this nation's violence)

Pope Francis’s stinging critique of capitalism

Remember Terri Shiavo? By: Jeb Bush, Former Florida Governor

Dylann Storm Roof's website - "The Last Rhodesian”

Anyone here make their own pasta (sauce be upon him)? I have

Church in Virginia has sign that has upset people.

TOON: The Charleston Tragedy

Bobby Jindal dodges question about Confederate flag. (VIDEO)

When South Carolina Massacred Members of the Charleston Emanuel AME Church

I just tried to change my avatar to the SC flag

Australian Comic on America's gun culture

There is such a flipping disconnect in this country about

Hillary speaking on race and gun violence

Hell yes, Hillary! She went there! Yes she did!

on Confederate Flag in SC: who killed more Americans, al Qaeda or Confederates & their admirers?

Mitt Romney calls for removal of South Carolina statehouse Confederate flag.

Is something going on with the site? seems avatars aren't showing up

Tribute for Emanuel AME?

Our disgusting reality

the confederate flag is a symbol for states to discriminate. It is as simple as that

South Carolina Massacre: Why Don’t We Call Killing of 9 Black Churchgoers an Act of Terrorism?

South Carolina Massacre: Why Don’t We Call Killing of 9 Black Churchgoers an Act of Terrorism?

Interesting on TPM - different articles, but so related - "Why conservatives..."

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows


This Week in God.... (Maddow blog)

Have you read the baby faced shooter's manifesto???

images of the nine victims of this terrorist hate crime:

A GOP Budget That Is Truly an ‘Ideological Document’

Should Lindsey Graham even be eligible to run for president?

President Obama Tells Mayors Racism is a ‘Blight’ on Nation

Here Are All the Reasons Walmart’s Business Is Not Sustainable

Hillary supporters how can you still support her when she had

Labor for Bernie Sign On Letter

Badass Baltimore Lady Will Make Yard ‘Relentlessly Gay’ As She Wants, Thanks

Hillary Clinton giving a tough speech on gun violence and racism to the National Council of Mayors...

Saudi Arabia Reluctantly Finds Common Ground With Israel About Iran

The Mental Infliction of Racism

Now is the time to stand up against violence.

Chevron hits out at British documentary on oil pollution in Ecuador

Chevron hits out at British documentary on oil pollution in Ecuador

Mt. Sinabung volcano eruption, villagers refuse to leave danger zone

Name a movie that should have been a flop but became a hit based on word of mouth

Jeb! FINALLY calls Roof a racist

"Sheriff Joe's" latest stunt...

Havana: one of the world's great cities on the brink of a fraught transition

Freedman's Bureau Records indexing: volunteers needed

Eastern Cougar extinct, no longer needs protection, says US conservation agency

I give up, what happened to my avitar

Death Penalty: The countries who are like us......we should be so proud.......

Here's a White guy about to stab a Black guy in the chest with an American Flag.

Argentina Int’l Human Rights Film Fest to focus on Genocide

Charleston shooting: For every criminal killed in self-defence in the US, 34 innocent people die

Lessons of Black Internationalism from Central America

In Defense of President Obama and 'Those' Democrats

It's Saturday, so here's a fun cartoon! American History

Cuba’s Pristine Coral Reefs Could Become the Caribbean’s Best Dive Spots

Cuba’s Pristine Coral Reefs Could Become the Caribbean’s Best Dive Spots

Roof said he was influenced by the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Hillary Rodham Clinton makes stirring plea for gun control

Braising 101

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson donates $100K for Charleston tragedy

How to solve our banking crisis:

S.C. shooter parroted FOX/GOP talking points VERBATIM

Any sensible gun-control legislation will have to come from the Republican Party.

"Going ballistic is business as usual." . . . Please come CAPTION NRA's Charles L. Cotton!!!

Bernie Sanders: Isn't there a lesson here that we should be learning from Germany?

He Named Me Malala Official Trailer 1 (2015)

Photos of Roof burning U.S. flag

Pop 101

When Workers Own the Corporation, economic justice ensues

Flashback: Coutler defends white nationalist group SC shooter credits for instilling his hate

Another advantage for Bernie. Better in the general.

Child dies of untreated ear infection; parents charged with manslaughter (they used herbal therapy)

Happy solstice-eve everybody!

ONE SLICE of Pizza Hut's "Hot Dog Crust Pizza" has the fat content of 7 Taco Bell Soft Steak Tacos

What's for dinner? Saturday, June 20, 2015.

I agreed.

O'Malley made a false step associating 'mental illness' with the Charleston shootings

Are We Seeing the End of Homeopathy?

This guy will be in a Sanders' Cabinet..

What do we do now?

I just realized, today I've worn a hoodie, bought skittles, went swimming and read the

hello du-er's, i need some help on something.

25 Things We Did As Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today

This flag in Virginia needs to go as well.

Danish rightwinger Kristian Thulesen Dahl rides high on populist tide

"I am not a scientist, but...".

The shooter Dylann Storm Roof website .. just some info I've found so far.

A little odd for DU

Where's the compassion? I know lots of other stuff is going on, but this MATTERS!

Fox News has moved on to a black man who killed a cop

Andy Borowitz Meme

Whatcha doin? Me...

Florida Man Bites Store Employee; Tells Police Name is “Dick Oranges"

Uber says no guns in cars, period

Get ready Michigan

I just wanted to say hi!

To all presidential candidates: Stop campaigning in SC until the Confederate flag is taken down.

The Schick Hydro Silk Trim Style Commercial

Political Art Featuring Bernie Sanders

Bernie leads a multi-week sit-in against segregated housing at the University of Chicago in 1962

Toon: Formerly known as...

Is Global Collapse Imminent? An Updated Comparison of The Limits to Growth with Historical Data

Bernie spanks Alan Greenspan

Austria: Man drives van intentionally into group of people killing 3 and injuring 50

Take the tour from One World Observatory

So let's say a gun background check bill were to pass

Sneak Attack on Net Neutrality Picks Up Steam in Congress

"60 Minutes" will show one reason people go to quacks.

A Conservative Website Literally Turned Dylann Roof Into The Murdering Racist He Is Today

Minorities and women are far more likely to support gun control.

Large numbers of mummified pets found in Egypt

N.J. Senate president turns sprinklers on gun rights protesters

DailyKos: Yes, ISIS Burned a Man Alive: White Americans Did the Same Thing to Black People by the T

Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church

First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress gets an F in history

"Former seminarian accuses Nienstedt of retaliation for rejected advance"

Romney Calls On SC To Remove Confederate Flag:"it is a symbol of racial hatred. Remove it now"

Alleged Manifesto Of Dylann Roof Confirms Racist Motivation For South Carolina Murders

Democrats May Keep Bernie Sanders Off New York Primary Ballot

Just Ask Roof

Anyone use a self-cleaning litter box?

S.F. City Hall celebrates 100th anniversary

The Charleston Shooter: Is He Or Isn't He?

MUST READ: Anti-Intellectualism, Guns, & Racism

Americans shouldn't travel to Cuba and participate 'in the oppression,' Christie says

Denmark Vesey

Representative from Landrum will propose Legislation to Remove Confederate Flag.

Americans shouldn't travel to Cuba and participate 'in the oppression,' Christie says

Remember when Dan Quayle was the dumbest Republican we had to deal with?

US Accuses Cuba of Allowing Basque Separatists to Remain in Havana

I am so bummed........

The white supremacist movement

CBC My Region - 'Nothing alive' in Port au Port Bay because of oil spill, fisherman says

The Confederate flag stands for this belief: "the negro is not equal to the white man"

Real horror story...

Run piggies run

Who just heard that slip of the tongue on CNN

Jindal: play stupid games, win stupid prizes

This is why the middle class can’t get ahead - Nick Hanauer (on PBS!)

‘Crazy’ Ben Carson Is The GOP’s Voice of Sanity on Charleston

The time has come to forget all the bullshit and rock! Let's rock!

Steve Spurrier’s 2007 comments on Confederate flag worth revisiting

Neil Young on the Pope's statements on the environment

FBI director: Charleston shooting not an act of terrorism

Do white supremacists like to add the word "storm" to their names?

In this time of drought

Krugman: The Issue That Won’t Go Away

Does anyone know how long it takes for a star membership to show up?

Does anyone else get an Eliot Roger vibe from this Roof guy?

My Avatar and sig line images are gone.

"Simply Wrong": Another Fact Checker Blows Up A Favorite Conservative Lie About The Clinton Foundat

It's not about hate and racism, tho...

Investor files suit against Trinity Industries, seeks class-action status (re: defective guardrails)

Thank you Ontario for saving the bees!

CBO Contradicts Itself — Long-Term Budget Picture Improving, Not Worsening

Dylann Roof and Michael Slager are cellblock neighbors in Charleston County jail

Man Who Thought Getting 29 Miley Cyrus Tattoos was a Good Idea Now Regrets it

Wikileaks to Publish 500,000 Leaked Documents the Saudi Government Doesn't Want its Citizens to See

How cool is this? 'The man who GROWS trees into chairs'

Hillary Clinton: We can’t hide from hard truths on race **VIDEO**

Photos: 33rd annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Photos: 33rd annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Ritualized Denial

Hillary Clinton June 20, 2015

'If I burn out, I burn out': meet Taylor Wilson, nuclear boy genius

Anyone else losing their avatars, briefly?

Alexis just registered to vote! She ready to "crack every last glass ceiling" w her mom, grandmother

'You Have a Choice': Veterans Call On Drone Operators to Refuse Orders

i hope roof has a trial. hope he doesnt plead.

'Austerity Kills': Tens of Thousands March in London Against Brutal Cuts

Racism didn't die with the election of Barack Obama - it brought it back to the forefront.

How Twitter Sleuths Found Dylann Roof’s Manifesto

Why do news reports - at least at print - refer to the shooter as "suspect"

Former Porn Star Nails The Bullsh*t Way We View Female Sexuality

Yes it is fiction but when we look at the facts of our history ...

NOPD officer shot dead while transporting a suspect near North Claiborne Avenue

Leave it to "the big dog" to find a little appreciation in Republican denial

Is 'The Magistrate' still around?

@SenatorBaldwin..>Get #Koch Cash Out of #Wisconsin

The Crisis: Regeneration or Degeneration?

Neoliberals’ pity party: Why an emboldened liberalism has corporate Dems running scared

Abbott Vetoes Spousal Loophole

Climate Change Is a Crisis We Can Only Solve Together

Day After "Accident" Remark, Perry Strikes Somber Tone

Ok who took my avatar?

SC Church Massacre in "Ideological Home" of White Supremacy.

SeaWorld San Antonio welcomes baby whale

I do hope the escaped prisoners in NY are caught

BREAKING: Jeb Bush Hires Yoga Coach So He Can Pull His Head Out Of His Ass, Put It Back At Will

Monsanto Supplied US And Israel With Chemical Weapons According To Declassified Documents

One of America's biggest grocery chains is on the brink of death

Oil seepage reported on Bolivar Peninsula

Bernie Sanders Is Rocking American Politics With The Radical Idea Of Telling The Truth

Luminato welcomes Malpaso, a contemporary blend of Cuban dance

10-Year-Old Rape Victim Denied Abortion: The Horrific Realities of Abortion Bans

Anyone ever heard of a drug called AlphaZXT? A brain stimulator?

Great article on the effects of American anti-intellectualism

Bernie Sanders Is Rocking American Politics With The Radical Idea Of Telling The Truth (Video)

Real Time with Bill Maher: Bernie Sanders – June 19, 2015

The Dominican Republic’s 'Ethnic Purging' Through the Mass Deportation of Haitian Families

Natsies' Herr Scherzer wirft einen no-hitter!

Was Trace Atkins of the Wounded Warriors Project a strong proponent of the 2002/2003 Iraq War?

Anthem proposes to buy Cigna for $184 per share

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now (NYT)

1920s Albania forum game

Leaving Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders Found Home In Vermont

Big Sean on Charleston and Police Brutality: ‘The World Is a Mess’

The Refugee Crisis in Context

What To Make Of The Bernie Sanders Surge

The Making of the Migration Crisis

Houston Gay Pride Rejects Anti-LGBT Activist’s Application To Appear In Parade

Houston Gay Pride Rejects Anti-LGBT Activist’s Application To Appear In Parade

Florida Man gets the Darwin Award...

Jeb Bush on S.C. Confederate flag: 'I'm confident they will do the right thing'

How can I manage my journal?

Rand Paul’s Huge Gift To The Wealthy

Stanford researcher declares that the sixth mass extinction is here (threatens humanity's existence)

United Protestant Church of Belgium To Allow Ordination of Openly Gay Men and Women

'Take Down the Flag' Rally Protesters Call for Removal of Confederate Flag in South Carolina

Employment nondiscrimination and the path forward

Question by Left of Cool

Should Bernie Sanders become our next President there is one thing we won't have to witness..

Protesters Plan 'Take Down' Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia, South Carolina

Working Women Could Spell Doom For Republican Chances Of Retaking The White House In 2016

Why Congress does nothing about gun control.

Cheap labor: Major source of human problems


My avatar disappeared

question on the Employee W-4 form

Baseball team forced to cancel "Caucasian Heritage night"

As 3 Southern Baptists run for president, their church will refuse to recognize same sex marriage.

The Earth stands on the brink of its sixth mass extinction and the fault is ours

45 times Secretary Clinton pushed the trade bill she now opposes

What are they saying now that he is a US flag burning white supremacist

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