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Archives: June 18, 2015

Father Finally Charged In Hate Crime Murder Of Houston Lesbian Couple

Police seized his life savings without charging him for a crime. Now he's fighting back.

WSJ article on Dem prez race.

Bernie Surge Storms The South. Event Moved To Bigger Venue In SC

Bizarre & creepy (Vachel Lindsay reads his poems)

Rush Limbaugh’s Death Spiral Continues As He Gets Demoted To Low Rated Boston Station

One Armed Store Owner vs. Three Robbers (one armed) in Fort Worth.

Grijalva Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Repeal Giveaway of Sacred Arizona Native American Land

Faithful Unite in San Antonio to Deliver Victory for Ivy Taylor

Breaking: "Trade pact proponents claim new momentum" For Thursday Vote--Dems Distrustful--Politico

Goldman Sachs restricts intern workday to 17 hours in wake of burnout death

Katrina vandenHeuvel: Martin O'Malley speaks powerfully about crisis few willing to confront

A pastor, a rabbi and a priest walk into a bar

Would you have taken trump's 50 dollars

Doc Brown has returned!

Frank Rich:Jeb Bush’s Candidacy Is Like a Hollywood Sequel No One Wants to See

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!! Guacamorons

LBN: Grijalva Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Repeal Giveaway of Sacred Arizona Native American Land

Remember When a Dead Intern Was Found in Joe Scarborough's Office?

I'm sick of all the MSNBC commentators covering Trump

Timing is everything...

(Company) Choosing to be union

(Company) Choosing to be union

(Company) Choosing to be union

South Korea's MERS deaths reach 23

Bernie Sanders surge forms backdrop for Hillary Clinton S.C. visit

6-17-15 March of the Mill Children in 2:00

6-17-15 March of the Mill Children in 2:00

Two jets rolled at each other on takeoff in Chicago: officials

6-17-15 March of the Mill Children in 2:00

Giraffes Willie and Waylon welcomed at Fort Worth Zoo

trump hired actors to be at his annoucement

Cooper: "Nuclear War Against The Future" May Delay...But Will Not Stop...The Rise Of Renewables

This 101-Year-Old Woman Couldn’t Vote After Texas Saved Democracy From ‘Voter Fraud’

Guns used in Dallas police ambush were confiscated, returned in 2013

Minnesota sex offender commitment program ruled unconstitutional

Today in Herstory: The International Council of Women Convenes in Berlin (17 june 1904)

Not one single Republican has criticized Donald trump for his racist, nativist anti-Mexican rant

Two documentaries about the fight for control of Market Basket coming soon

Martin O'Malley will be on Morning Joe tomorrow.

Reports: Williams to stay at NBC and move to another position

I saw Jurassic World LAST night...

3 postal workers accused of rigging Operation Santa program

CFOs Mindful of “Cadillac Tax” in Upcoming Union Talks

CFOs Mindful of “Cadillac Tax” in Upcoming Union Talks

The Senate Blocked the Military Justice Improvement Act Again (but there is NO war on women!)

CFOs Mindful of “Cadillac Tax” in Upcoming Union Talks

The Senate Blocked the Military Justice Improvement Act Again (but there is NO war on women!)

The Senate Blocked the Military Justice Improvement Act Again (but there is NO war on women!)

A woman will appear on redesigned $10 bill in 2020

U.S. Marine found guilty at retrial in 2006 murder of Iraqi civilian

As SCOTUS decision looms, the GOP is eating itself.

NEWSFLASH: Texas Anti-Choice Law Targets Teens (but there is NO war on women!)

Hungary to build border barrier as EU migrant crisis rages

NEWSFLASH: Texas Anti-Choice Law Targets Teens (but there is NO war on women!)

The Problem With The Republicans: So Many Candidates, So Few Brain Cells And Terrible Ideas

NEWSFLASH: Texas Anti-Choice Law Targets Teens (but there is NO war on women!)

David Muir said President Obama refused to have a beer with repugnantcans

I know some of you are on TWITTER...

Muslims worldwide to mark the start of Ramadan on Thursday

An employment question

Mark Zuckerberg Gives $5M to Undocumented Immigrant College Fund

Is there a candidate who loves the common good, supports the weak, and cares about our Earth?

27 Images Of Precisely How Fucked Up Things Are

Lightning sparks new wildfires in hot, dry Alaska

UCSB Study - At Least 12 Million Trees In California Killed Drought, Insects, Heat

Non-union workers strike at Boston Logan Airport

We Must Remain Vigilant, Even Fifty Years Later (griswold v connecticut, 1965)

What Liberal Trolls Did To The ‘Support Eric Casebolt’ Page Is Comedy Gold (SCREENSHOTS)

We Must Remain Vigilant, Even Fifty Years Later (grisowld v connecticut, 1965)

Trump Climate Policy - 44 Tweets, 31 Of Which Used Snow In Winter To "Refute" Science

Over 100 degrees here today--working outside---

Luckovich - Faking Black

EU 'to extend sanctions' against Russia by six months

Deniers Were Right! Weren't No 97% Of Scientists! It Was Actually 99.9%

I'm old, and an hour ago I realized I hadn't heard a political phrase in a while...

Reports: Shooting in downtown Charleston, S.C., leaves at least 8 dead

U.S. White House hopeful Paul backs 14.5 percent federal flat tax

Cat videos may be good for your health

Watch: Democrat Drops Truth Bomb on “Blame-Obama” Republican Warmongers

Bill Shorten should consider his future amid AWU revelations

Experts spar in Virginia court over status of accused Russian fighter for Taliban

While driving today I was behind two different Subarus...

Woman on the $10 bill. Treasury Department to seek public input:

TV Viewers Want A La Carte Options; Don’t Really Care Very Much About ESPN

Wall Street is responsible for TPP, and the point man for it came from Citigroup.

what happens if Greece leaves the Euro?

We Weren't Looking For A Second Dog... a rescue by Alli Grand Rapids, MI

Jed! 2016

The 10 Worst Dynasties of All-Time

Stephen Hawking tells One Direction fans of alternate universe in which all band members are dead

Shit. Fire in the San Bernardino National Forest. Windy night forecast, more wind tomorrow.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 18, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Bugging Out

Clinton calls for tax credits to encourage youth hiring - HRC Room Post

Denial of birth certificates being challenged in court

Serious OS X and iOS flaws let hackers steal keychain, 1Password contents

The Unseen Extinction Wiping Out the World's Wildlife

Texas city repeals historic fracking ban under legal and political duress

Paris-NY, sur la mode: "I like to dress Americans, they have faith, figures and francs"

Is MSNBC's journalism for this Democratic primary going to be about the

I went to my first canvasing meet up ever in my life tonight.

An FYI! There IS such a thing as transracial....

Obergefell v. Hodges - how do you think the SCOTUS will rule?

Economist Stiglitz argues for international debt supervision

Live Science: Did Ebola Strike Ancient Athens?

Martin O'Malley Needs Black Votes to Win in 2016.

How many ships?

The Geopolitics of American Global Decline

Live stream feed (local) for the Charleston SC shooting - and now, a bomb threat too.

Labor Department's Perez defends proposed broker rules to Congress

Source: Multiple fatalities in shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Charleston SC

Using Guns In Self-Defense Is Rare, Study Finds

If liberals don't back Hillary Clinton, it will be years before a woman breaks the glass ceiling

Signs of rapprochement as US, Venezuelan officials meet

Labor Department sues Baltimore staffing firm, alleging abuse toward Hispanic workers

I had forgotten how smart Clinton is. I wish Jon Stewart had more time

Guns have only one purpose. Death

Nurse Jackie Fans ***SPOILERS***

CCR, A great song...

Very bad news - just reported on Twitter - ABC just reported that the Reverend Pinckney & his

Boston's former Air America station now carrying Rush Limbaugh and right wing talk!

Look who I met while pulling weeds....

CNN is over the Charleston story. They are talking about Brian Williams

Here we go again CNN...Covering Brian Williams instead of a MASS SHOOTING IN A BLACK CHURCH

GOP Clowns Are A Threat Because Of The Clowns Who Will Vote For Them

The pastor of Emanuel AME Church is a State Senator who was at Hillary fundraiser today.

Charleston church shooting: Multiple fatalities in South Carolina, source says

"surprise' vote on fast track tomorrow? Time to call Dems. Email from Alan Grayson...

Science & Religion must come together

Mississippi Valley archaeological site reveals transition from hunter-gatherer to farming cultures

Serious stuff in the House today (AUMF)

State Senator Pinckney is dead.

Charleston SC shooting news conference with mayor and police - main points

BREAKING: Shooting at Historical African Methodist Church in South Carolina, White Suspect at Large

Charleston Police Chief: "I do believe that this is a hate crime."

Cause I really don't know what else to do right now

The worst husband ever?

One in every 122 people is displaced by war, violence and persecution, says UN

Former White House chef Walter Scheib missing near Taos

Charleston Mayor is Joseph P. Riley

Latent academic boycott is spreading, Israeli professors tell Knesset

Has anybody raised the possibilty..?

Police exert an outsized influence on the state of race relations in the US.

Anyone know the gun laws in South Carolina?

Australia issues warrant for doctor recruiting in Syria

The occupation is about people, not just land

Intense Tweet from Tariq Nasheed

Extremely chilling tweet re. church shooting

Bernie Sanders on Obama's 'Biggest Mistake'

I'm sure we all here at DU get it, right?

Fuck "love and prayers." It's about policy, stupid.

What kind of weapon kills 9 people in a few seconds?

Fire at gun enthusiast's O.C. home caused ammunition to explode

Israel to sue BDS activists

Sanders supporting Redditor gets approached by Trump (he didn't see the Sanders button):

Why is trumad running around naked in GD????

Silent Thread: 9 Dead, the Injured, Families and Community of Charleston, SC & Emanuel AME Church

John Ashcroft and Top officials charged with violating constitution with 9/11 detainee abuse

Bernie unelectable? Enjoy what was said about President Obama's unelectablity in 2008...

Charleston South Carolina Church Where 9 Were Killed Was Steeped in History

Juan Cole: The Middle East Policy of President John Ellis “Jeb” Bush: Iraq, Iran Wars?

State’s sales tax grinds us down – but it doesn’t have to be that way

Emanuel AME Church of Charleston History

On another matter - bye bye Rachel


Islamic State car bombs kill or injure 50 in Yemeni capital

“The House of the Nine Sharpened Spears”

Texas Governor Was Sent Pieces Of Tin Foil After His Texas Takeover Response

Police officer fractures 12-year-old girl’s jaw, ribs during city pool arrests caught on video

Donald Trump reportedly hired actors to attend his campaign launch as he draws fire over comments on

terrorist attack in Charleston

Ukraine offers job to Tony Blair to try to ease deepening tension with Russia

Kerouac, you fucker, you were RIGHT.

Hearne City Council in hot water over possible violation of Open Meetings Act

Anyone having Stephen Colbert withdrawal? Announcing: An Announcement!

Charleston SC's 'WAR ON CHRISTIANITY' will be O'Reilly's next talking point, won't it, WON'T IT?

Daily Holidays - June 18

Great video for rock fans - Within Temptation - Black Symphony HD

Migrants in Paris: 'I thought Europe would be the solution'

Move On: Say No To Donald Trump E action (already 691,041 signatures)

Hong Kong parliament defies Beijing's insistence and rejects 'democracy' plan

The Latest: Toddler missing in creek in southern Oklahoma

Use of the force

In Turnabout, Disney Cancels Tech Worker Layoffs

Dinesh D'Souza: Mexicans love me

MSNBC: What ‘Bernie-mentum’ tells us about 2016

Washington Berry Pickers Push For Elusive Union Contract

Charleston conference live:

Years of toil preceded windstorm insurance law

How Scott Walker Dismantled Wisconsin's Environmental Legacy

Non Sequitur today:

'Tell the world what happened': SC white gunman SPARED one woman to spread news of massacre

Morning Joe Scum and the rest of them might ease off the fugging

Anniston [Alabama] Police Department Has Two Hate Group Members on the Force

Exposed: How Walmart Spun an 'Extensive and Secretive Web' of Overseas Tax Havens

Baltimore police refusing to police.

Gun owners not likely to use firearms for self-defense, study claims

Gun owners not likely to use firearms for self-defense, study claims

Olympic u-turn: Private investment would buy ‘Midtown’

Trump paid actors to cheer his 2016 launch: report

Charleston conference live (7AM ET):

It is a hate crime.

Horrible Scoundrel - Sorry Mr Mayor Riley

Japan kamikaze survivors debunk stereotype in stories of sacrifice

First on CNN: GOP presidential hopefuls urged to reject same sex marriage

Something Else for rw heads to explode over - the Tylenol "family" commercial

Pope's climate change encyclical tells rich nations: 'pay your debt to the poor'

Cop strays unannounced into backyard, kills leashed dog as it runs up to him

Papal Encylical on the Environment

Bernie Sanders Charleston SC venue change (OP title change due to tragedy)

FYI about SC State Senator Pinckney - murdered in Charleston

Local news are nervous this morning

Bush Family Play Central Role In Law Suits Against Denton Texas Fracking Band

The day the Klan messed with the wrong people

Alaska Glaciers' Net Ice Loss 75 Gigatons/Yr - Antarctica 159 Gigatons/Yr - Faster Than Expected

The invisible opponent of Hillary Clinton...

Clinton Has Dem Bases Loaded

Mexican government calls Trump's comments 'prejudiced and absurd'

The GOP Needs a War on Christianity

Petty, Fanatical And Vicious - Scott Walker & Company On Environmental Policy & Science

"She's gone... They killed my grandmother..."

Fifteen Years of Community-Controlled Water in Bolivia

Thugs and Terrorists Have Attacked Black Churches for Generations

The great Moldovan bank robbery

Pope Francis wants to roll back progress. Is the world ready?

Israeli Church Set Fire in Possible Extremist Arson Attack

Record 60 million refugees last year, says UN

Bush Family Play Central Role In Lawsuits Against Denton Texas Fracking Band While Ruining Water.

I'm going on strike next week...

The direct correlation between "free trade treaties" and corporate "tax evasion".

At Milan Expo today, Mrs Obama...

Toxic Algae Closes W Coast Shellfish Harvest: NOAA - "Appears To Be The Largest We've Seen"

Scientific American goes after Scott Walker for for destroying WI Enviornmental Legacy

'PA plans to use human rights group for espionage'

In Re: "Natural Born Killers":

My heart is heavy about the latest shooting and I just broke down a little bit.

Foster Farms Investigates 'Inappropriate' Behavior After Undercover Video

CFPB Sues Auto Lender For Aggressive Debt Collection Tactics Against Servicemembers

Goldman Sachs restricts intern workday to 17 hours in wake of burnout death

PETA's Father's Day Message: Don't Let Your Dog Be A Deadbeat Dad

Actor Michael Douglas in Israel: BDS is ‘Anti-Peace Movement’

Charleston church shooting: Without gun control, racism will keep killing black people

Global raids lead to 600 seizures of wildlife contraband

Mark Ruffalo talks Climate Change & what you can do about it (The Solutions Project!)

"You rape our women and are taking over our country & you have to go."

Mark Ruffalo talks Climate Change & what you can do about it (The Solutions Project!)

The Long History Of Musicians Telling Republicans To Stop Playing Their Music


Charleston shooter said,"You rape our women and are taking over our country & you have to go."

Feds are opening a hate crime investigation into mass shooting at church in Charleston, SC

Judging from the morning network "news" programs....

Why it's so hard to convince a climate denier

Church pastor killed in Charleston was a "bridge builder," "family man"

Just a reminder, this is what a manhunt looks like when the suspect is Muslim:

So, who had the cow?

Moment Of Silence For Charleston Church Victims

Governor who flies Confederate flag at SC capitol says "we’ll never understand what motivates"

The POSUCS saved my eye. Again.

Casino Union Members Stage Traffic Sit-In

White Shooter = Lone Wolf (or parking problem or emotional issues, or...)

Charleston church massacre: The violence white America must answer for

I'm so glad I'm off work tonight (space to absorb the impact of the tragedy in S.C.)

Energy from evaporating water

Charleston White Terrorist is still at large after killing more people than Boston Bombers.

Clergy March on Billionaires as Moral Mondays Come to Chicago

FDA's ban on trans fats puts ConAgra, other food giants to the taste test

Has the price of eggs gone up where you live?

Fox News: SC church-shooting wasn't a racial hate-crime but an attack on Christianity

The Stakes: Koch & Co. aim for a revolution in 2016

not just another shooting

APNewsBreak: US to pay millions for Agent Orange claims

But I identify as.... Sack cartoon


Domestic Christian Terrorist Kills 9

Charleston Wingnut shooter: ‘You rape our women, you’re taking over our country. You have to go’

Bush Family Play Central Role In Lawsuits Against Fracking While Contaminating Water

June Photo Contest Submissions CLOSED

There's something absurd about seeing the Confederate Flag flying at half mast the day after a mass

Applications for US jobless aid fall to nearly 15-year low

Please hold the victims and their families in Charleston in your prayers.

Headline from the New Jersey Star Ledger: Like it or not, Sanders' socialism is mainstream

Attention, subjects of the Corporatocracy

‘I have to do it.’ He said, ‘You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country,’

Question for all Governors, Senators and Representatives today

Watch White Privilege in ACTION.

Just renewed my driver's license online. Went a hell of a lot easier than last time.

Silent thread for the victims of the Charleston massacre.

Dyllan Roof, 21, is suspected Charleston Terrorist.

TPP & Trans Fats; a futile exercise?

Suspect Named- (With Picture)

Thank you Pope Francis! Calls for Swift Action on Climate Change

Washington in Wonderland: Down the Iraqi Rabbit Hole (Again)

Via Meadoweiss: A Message from Archbishop Desmond Tutu - UCC should Divest

The New Era of Canadian Sex Work

Chris Pratt, Hillary Clinton, & More Celebs React To The Tragic Charleston Shooting

Dylann Storm Roof: Police Name Suspect in Charleston Church Shooting

Suspected Charleston Racist Terrorist has a facebook account

Live: Gunman prayed with victims 'for almost an hour' before massacre at South Carolina church

This is ROFLMAO!

Supreme Court rules that states can reject license tag messages. No decision on SSM or ACA

On the "news" media coverage of the horror in SC

Conservative Canadian senator accused of affair with teen

shooting suspect is Dylann Storm Roof, from Columbia area. Manhunt underway in Midlands.

I found this funny as hell...

how much does the war on drugs have to do with the upswing in racism?

The Presidential Campaign in Charleston/Charleston Church Shooting: NYT Live Updates

Authorities:FBI.. Photo of Shooter Suspect Dylann Roof, 21, had arrest record...

Here are 10 of the worst domestic terror attacks by extreme Christians and right-wing white men

Rachel Dolezal's parents outed her to discredit her charges of abuse against her brother?

South Carolina church shooter suspect got gun for birthday, uncle says

Gunman kills 9 in attack on historic black church in Charleston

Who Has Your Back Protecting You From Government Data Requests?

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

Hillary Clinton Supporters, heres a tip

Pope Francis challenges humanity to fight global warming in historic encyclical

RFK: "Violence Breeds Violence"

Donald Trump's an outsider (cartoon)

Goldman Sachs restricts intern workday to 17 hours in wake of burnout death

Inside Islamic State group's rule: Creating a nation of fear

Pic Of The Moment: "We'll Never Understand" -- Really?

Faux "news" already makes a stupid remark about the SC shooting...

"You rape our women and you're taking over our country. And you have to go,"

Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine

Trump spots the only person not being paid to be there...

Politifact checks Bernie Sanders' income inequality statement.

Netanyahu said to deny US request to disavow Oren op-ed

Will the encyclical impact presidential debate?

Full circle rainbow. And it's a double

The Donald's campaign mgr: Neil is "calling him out" because "he's the only guy that's going to win"

Awesome 13-Year-Old Has a Powerful Message for Al Gore About Serving Meat at Live Earth (VIDEO)

CIA torture report to arrive in every US presidential candidate's mailbox

Russia seeks to boost ties with Saudi Arabia amid Syria tensions

Supreme Court Blocks Texas Confederate Flag License Plate

I can't tell you why but this feels as monumental to me as if the President had been shot

Canadian teenager Jeremy Cook shot dead after using Find My iPhone app to track stolen smartphone

Suspect wore white supremacist patches in Facebook photo

Al-Qaeda roars back into business in Arabia; Targeted assassination?

Here's a rare read: "Justice Clarence Thomas...joined the court’s liberal wing.........."

The House of Saud as the ‘House of Trouble’

Donald Trump - the insult comic presidential candidate

Gary Younge: Charleston church shooting: Without gun control, racism will keep killing black people

Expert: Charleston Suspect Wore White Supremacist Patches In Facebook Photo

Nine parishioners are dead, including a state senator, in an attack being described as a hate crime.

MRA fanatics defend IA mall shooter fired for sexual harassment: It’s ‘hard to blame him’

Martin O'Malley: My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy & their loved ones

Martin O'Malley: Zero Out Fossil Fuels by 2050

Rachel Maddow - New research sounds alarm on global water supply

About the Charleston Church Terrorist having so many AA Facebook Friends...

Why isn't anyone talking about this more? House re-attempts to pass Fast Track today

Paid Actors for Trumps PR Stunt

Charleston Post and Charleston Courier apologizes for gun ad on front page

Dylan Roof in custody...BREAKING NEWS!

Dylan Storm caught!

CNN Reporting Dylann Roof Captured

It is Obama's fault, don't you know?

Breaking on CNN

Paul op-ed touts regressive flat tax

Proof In The Patches: For anyone wondering whether this was a hate crime

Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof captured

POLL: Bad News for Indiana Governor, Good News for LGBT

Bernie Sanders 'Charleston Church Killings a tragic reminder of the ugly stain of racism

EXCLUSIVE: Honolulu Airport security guards join local union; fight "meager" benefits


House advances trade re-vote

Black Holes and our sun

Another photo of Dylann Roof, notice anything at the bottom?

Rachel Maddow - Clinton, Bush and what's in a name

Sadly Just Another Type Of Adam Lanza...

*** O’Malley tries to capitalize on today’s climate-change news:

Bacon, Bacon. You got Bacon?

Trade Adjustment Assistance is a joke. By every measure it fails those

Will any of our candidates assign (some) blame for SC to Fox, hate radio, Nikki

As the pope opines on climate change, O’Malley releases a clean energy agenda.

Name three sports legends, living or dead, you'd most like to have dinner with. And why.

U.S. Supreme Court reinstates child beating conviction of man who said teachers' testimony against h

"My kids are packin'." Please come CAPTION Steve Doocy!!!!

Terrorist targeted historic SC church on 193rd anniversary of thwarted slave revolt planned by its f

question for the legal eagles here: can we sue the gynoticians for practicing medicine without

Residential customers to pay for Minn miners corporate welfare

All 50 U.S. States Fail to Meet Global Standards on Police Use of Lethal Force

Classmate: Dylann Roof Did a Lot of Drugs, Made a Lot of Racist Jokes

Baptists Find Neat Loophole To Fire Janitors Who Do Gay Stuff

The pain that must be felt by this community is obvious in Mayor Riley's speech

Frozen Lullaby by Garfunkel and Oates

Spare me your fucking tears, Haley!!! Take down the hate flag!

It Now Takes Almost Twice as Long to Get Hired as It Did in 2010

REALLY! !!! Niki Haley

Trey Gowdy did not realize that rules were not made for Darrell Issa...

Bernie Sanders had this to say regarding the shooting.

F**k John Galt! Where the hell is Bernie Sanders???

We Don't Serve Gays

Think about what happened. Think about why it happened. Talk about what happened. Talk about why

Additional wildfires fires stretch Alaska firefighters

Gun nuts and racists scramble to dissociate themselves from mass shooting.

C-SPAN: House Vote on TPA now

Boko Haram kills at least 30 in attacks on Niger villages: sources

Bernie on Thom Hartmann NOW.

Low salmon numbers shuts down subistence fishing

Louie Gohmert Did Not Vote In the Trade Agreements Re-Vote in the Congressional Role-Call today.

No hoodies.....

A known "pill popper" was legally allowed to possess a handgun in S.C.

Pres to speak in two minutes.

Alaska volcano rumbling

Waco police rarely dispatched to Twin Peaks prior to biker shootout, records reveal

Obama and Biden speaking on Charleston terrorism now n/t

I don't care what the act is called. I want to know who taught him to hate.

How many think after Obamas press conference...

i hate not being about to shake horrible dream feelings

Kansas City man who sucker-punched Marine says LGBT hate crime conviction ruined his life

"Filming the police should be a capital offense!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Kansas City man who sucker-punched Marine says LGBT hate crime conviction ruined his life

Rachel Maddow - GOP's Trump problem a monster of their own creation

from the Supremes today, 4 of 6.

For all who are confused about duplicate threads in General Discussion:

Damnit, Mr. President. Stop holding back

Mysterious Warm Blob in Pacific Wreaking Havoc

Listen to Star Wars Bird!

House revives Obama’s trade agenda with passage of fast track bill

Before & After of the cement slab laid on my grandparents' burial plots

Will Nikki Haley fly the Dixie Swastika over the State House at half-mast?

House Passes TPA Bill

U.S. presidential candidates react to South Carolina church shootings

For all who are confused about duplicate threads in General Discussion:

House brings up surprise Fast Track vote and passes Fast Track!

Congratulations, President Obama. Looks like you've got your trade agreements for

Would you hope that a presidential candidate would advocate for stronger gun control


Neil Young Issues Another Statement About Donald Trump’s Usage of “Rockin’ in the Free World”

Call your senators to stop the TPA.

Right-wing whackjob Bryan Fischer blames SC shooting on gun bans

Zookeepers Hilariously Recreate Raptor Training Scene from Jurassic World..This is fun .

St. Louis County libraries set to serve summer lunch to children

8 epic business flops with Trump's name on them

Obama Won’t Sign TPA Without TAA ‘Path’ (Video) (Updated)


Orange accelerator in Israel to stay

Austrian construction worker finds nearly 400 WWII grenades

Absolute WORST idea Ann Coulter has ever had! (Warning! Graphic description!)

Los Angeles is ground zero for wage theft

Has anyone ever seen anything this perfect and wholesomely sexy?

Faux "news" pundit knows who and what to blame for the SC shooting...

Bernie Sanders’ Record Proves He’s The Only Honorable Candidate

Robert Reich comments about Bernie Sanders...

Sec of State, Dem Candidate Hillary Clinton on Gun Control

I am noticing a lot of 'name removed' posts. Seems like a lot of tombstoning


Maryland Girl Scouts Too Black To Have Opinions On Animal Abuse, We Guess

Wow. The Sunday Times continues to dig itself deeper on that Edward Snowden story

Police urge caution when tracking missing phones after teen fatally shot

Mass Murder In Charleston Not Hate Crime, But Crime Against Christians -- according to conservatives

White House threatens veto for defense spending bill in Senate

Candidate Hillary Clinton on gun control.

Bernie Sanders’ Record Proves He’s The ONLY Honorable Candidate

8 Awesome Atheist Leaders Who Aren't Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris...

Glad to Be Gay: The Long Lost, Pro-LGBT Film From 1961

Church Responds To Anti-Gay Reverend Being Outed On Gay Dating App

Candidate Bernie Sanders on Gun control.

Medicare project: House calls for frail seniors cut costs

Where am I??

A free reign for corporations...

Clarence Thomas

I am too old for dental x-rays

Fukushima operator 'knew of need to protect against tsunami but did not act'

So how the hell are we supposed to know?

One of those killed in SC is the sister of someone I know, Sen. Malcolm Graham.

Bernie Sanders is brilliant on inequality

Enough with the fucking guns everywhere. IT'S NOT FUCKING WORKING.

Man dies of injuries after suffering electric shock at Papillion construction site

Man dies of injuries after suffering electric shock at Papillion construction site

Man dies of injuries after suffering electric shock at Papillion construction site

This atrocity in South Carolina is only the most recent example of home-grown terrorism.

Have REPUBLICANS called the attack in Charleston TERRORISM yet?

Scott Walker forms a ‘testing the waters’ committee

Bernie Sanders has evolved on ONE political issue: Gun Control

CNN: Lester Holt to become permanent host of "NBC Nightly News"; Brian Williams going to MSNBC

*BOG GROUP* House Passes Trade Promotion Authority - Again

House votes 218-208 to approve Fast Track

Brian Williams Moves to MSNBC, Lester Holt Named ‘Nightly News’ Anchor

Backed by Catholics, evangelicals, Senate adopts anti-torture amendment to defense bill

mom wanted me to post a shout out to the site that helped her get her teeth

Obama On Charleston Shooting: 'This Type Of Mass Violence Does Not Happen In Other Advanced Countrie

Nikki Haley(R-Crocodile Tears, SC), TAKE DOWN THAT FLAG!!!

Global Airline Group Scraps Idea Of Smaller Carry-on Luggage

President Obama goes there...

All Kangaroos Are Left-Handed

Shooters of color are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs.’ Why are white people called ‘mentally ill’?

Westboro Baptist Church Blames Charleston Shooting On Hillary Clinton's "Sin Campaign"

By the way, should you go out to be part of the Bernie process guess what?

Genome Analysis Links Kennewick Man to Native Americans

So Walden, Bonamici and Blumenauer ALL THREE voted for fast-track?

Boston's former Air America station now carrying Rush Limbaugh and right wing talk!

40+ New Russian ICBMs This Year, U.S. Revives "Duck and Cover"

U.S. Suspect in Church Shooting Had Apartheid-Era Patches

Sanders Statement on House Trade Vote

Basically 2 type of responses today to this tragedy..

Dylann Roof is a terrorist, period

FairPoint Workers Picket Portland Headquarters to Protest Company’s Refusal to Compromise on Layoffs

Do you feel the BernieMeister today?

Astronomers Have Measured the Mass of a Supermassive Black Hole

UN Chief Criticizes Israel Over Deaths Of Children In Gaza

Now that IS punk!

Corporations paid senators a small bundle to Fast-Track the TPP bill

Obama: America must grapple with gun violence

Fowler’s Sneaker Index measures clearest river water since 1950s.

Assault on Affordable Care Act Continues

Charleston Vigil With Governor And Lawmakers Hit With Bomb Threat

My apologies to black america-

Man, 60, critically injured while mowing on the job in NW Missouri

Jewish Extremists Blamed For Setting On Fire A Famous Catholic Church In Israel

Man, 60, critically injured while mowing on the job in NW Missouri

Man, 60, critically injured while mowing on the job in NW Missouri

Fowler’s Sneaker Index measures clearest river water since 1950s.

I may get to see President Obama tomorrow.

Conspiracy theorists ponder if military attacked Texas with storms ahead of Jade Helm

Wow Lester Holt is now NBC News Anchor

Police attack 100's injure dozens at protest 95 arrests South Yorkshire, England

Police attack 100's injure dozens at protest 95 arrests South Yorkshire, England

Police attack 100's injure dozens at protest 95 arrests South Yorkshire, England

How Often Has a Twenty-Something White Dude Showed Up Solo to AME Wednesday Bible Study?

NYPD officer injured, suspect killed in confrontation in Brooklyn

In Defiance of Hate

Berniemania! Why Is Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders So Popular?

Just Taking A Quick Look Here... Not In Depth

Tweet tweet. When are the birds going to come home to roost at rightwing hate outlets?

"He made a lot of racist jokes"

Too much Freedom? The reason why the US has more mass shootings than any other country.

FCC to phone companies: You can stop unwanted robocalls

Koterba toon: The ultrasound

Msg On Free Trade. American Workers Make TOO MUCH MONEY To Compete Globally.

Funny pals Frank Conniff and John Fugelsang FeelTheBern for our main dude Bernie Sanders....

Haven't Posted In Some Time, But Not Seeing A Thread About

Hey Joeybee! A football used in 2nd half of Deflategate game is being auctioned.

New soda machine in the lounge pantry...


The Stakes: Koch & Co. Aim for a Revolution in 2016

Lounge Complaint Dept. - Take a number...

Donald Trump’s Ego Can’t Fit In Republican Clown Car

Marco Rubio ignores Charleston tragedy in big speech — but makes sure to praise the Second Amendment

3D printers dont care if you don't like guns. still can't mention the message told to the SC survivor

Dead eyes. We always see these killers with dead eyes.

Does anyone have info about this big "revamp" that's supposedly happening at MSNBC?

Glad to see this

Supreme Court rules for church in case against Arizona town’s sign law

We shall overcomb

Trump -Racist unbalanced hate monger.

Democrats in the U.S. Shift to the Left

Charles Pierce: Pope Francis Drops the Hammer on Climate Change.

On trade issues, there has historically been little daylight between Repubs and Dems

The Greek people learn how to protect their money - Bitcoin!

Integrity Disqualifies Sanders for White House

Integrity Disqualifies Sanders for White House

Dylann Roof, Charleston Suspect, Wore Symbols of White Supremacy

I checked out Root's Facebook page.

The Scorpions, the Frogs and the TPP: Prepare to Be Stung

Fox And Friends Say More Guns Would Have Stopped The Charleston Church Massacre

South Carolina's Confederate flag is still flying. It's an insult to Charleston's victims.

DU Facebook there really a the "Justice For Dylan Roof community page" now?

I was wrong...

Clementa Pinckney Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

WP: "Guns don’t kill, they just make it much easier."

Hillary Clinton calls on nation to consider ‘hard truths’ about church massacre

Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others

Charleston shooting: Five-year-old child who 'played dead' among survivors in South Carolina

JobsOhio's extravagant payroll increases -- to itself

Why the San Francisco Fire Department Uses Handmade Wooden Ladders

"He was a really sweet kid," a family friend says of the Charleston mass murderer.

Despite mourning, statehouse Confederate battle flag remains at full staff

"....she was a reverend, track coach at Goose Creek High, speech therapist and incredible mother"

Hillary Clinton Calls for Discussion of 'Hard Truths' After Charleston-HRC ROOM

For those of us who remember

Jet Contrails Affect Surface Temperatures

What Nikki Haley *really* said:

Thousands should march to the SC State Capitol and Cut Down the Flag.

Memorial hymn "Among the Saints"

The Card Street fire on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska has grown to 9,000 acres,

Study: Mega injections of wastewater triggers more quakes

Gun advocates don't just oppose gun control and discussions of gun control

Widow Receives Nasty Note Over Her “Relentlessly Gay” Rainbow Yard Lights raises $24,000 in 2 Days!

Penn Research Simplifies Recycling of Rare-earth Magnets

The Rude Pundit - Of Course It's the Guns. It's Always the Guns.

Rand Paul: Shootings Like Charleston Can't Be 'Fixed By Government'

The Racist Mass Murderer In Charleston South Carolina Channeled Donald Trump

Mercy to lay off up to 350

'Supersize' chain is shrinking: The beginning of the end for McDonald's?

UN chief criticizes Israel over deaths of children in Gaza.

Kochs Could Save Legacy If They Actually Cared About People

So how soon until the NRA holds a rally in Charleston SC?

Flash flood warning,

Flash flood warning,

"The uncle said Roof's father had recently given him a .45-caliber handgun as a birthday present..."

Will the Phelps gang show up for the funerals of those

Murdered SC State Senator Clementa Pinckney Made This Haunting Speech About Walter Scott

Rockslide, flooding shut down I-35 in Oklahoma between Ardmore and Davis

Was watching the coverage of the Charleston shooting on CNN

Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney

Take Down The Confederate Flag. Now.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 18, 2015

Children Will Listen

Who has been keeping up with the murder in Springfield,MO/Gypsy Rose Blanchard(e)?

Another unspeakable tragedy. Will there be any significant, fundamental changes?

Does anyone know how to get Firefox to size every site to the window size?

What can we do, individually and collectively, to help end racism and racist violence?

The Jersey Girls - Are These Four 9/11 Widows Kooky Conspiracy Theorists?

What do the flags on Dylann Roof's jacket symbolise?

Report: Roof planned massacre for months. Wanted new Civil War

Fox News reporting on gunman

Can a white person really walk in the shoes of a black person?

Sen.Sanders on the Charleston Church Killing ( video)

Rand Paul pal & mentor Alex Jones: SC shooting part of Soros plot to launch race war

US stocks rise sharply on Fed relief; Nasdaq sets record

New Analysis Does Not Support a Warming 'Hiatus' - Energy Collective

Suspected Shooter. Two patches identified. Rhodesian flag and Apartheid South African flag.

Every S.C. Statehouse Flag Is at Half Staff--Except the Confederate One

Bernie Sanders asking for donations to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Eat the $95 million and unload this asshole

Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson wins mental competency trial

Your Favorite Baseball Movie?

Republicans have fomented an atmosphere that ultimately led to the Charleston Terrorist

Dylann Roof's father could face up to ten years in prison

HRC Room-Movement on voting rights following Hillary Clinton pitch

Oil company president arrested for attacking gay Texas Instruments executive

Wanna cry? (Led Zeppelin content in here)

Safety First!

Sign the petition to take down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol building.

Marco Rubio heckled at Faith & Freedom Coalition meeting today.

Despite mourning, statehouse Confederate battle flag remains at full staff

Clinton: We Must Face 'Hard Truths' About Race, Guns After Charleston Shooting

Transport Workers Union stages protest against Allegiant

Here we go with the mental illness bullshit

No ride today

4 Ways Corporate Media Undermines Bernie Sanders

Rush Limbaugh's Audience Evaporating into Thin Air

Israel’s first Arab modern art museum opens in Galilee

Lindsey Graham: Charleston Shooter May Have Been ‘Looking for Christians to Kill’

Bernie's Charleston Event has been POSTPONED.

Outing the Bogeyman

FINAL VOTE RESULTS FOR ROLL CALL 374 (Republicans in roman; Democrats in italic; Independents underl

Watch out, no mourning for the dead allowed

How one man destroyed the Food Network: Guy Fieri has made culinary TV into a viewer’s hell

Who were the morons who passed laws allowing people to take guns into churches


on the NRA hompage

In addition to Confederate flag, this statue tells you all you need to know about SC capitol

UAW president: Union monitoring FCA-GM merger reports

I think TPTB, the banksters and the 1% have decided on a Thelma and Louise Scenario

Atlanta Child Murders documentary

Watch Obama Address Homicidal Gun Violence Again, And Again, And Again, And Again, And...

A Letter from Bernie Sanders:

Team Federer: How the tennis ace became the world's pre-eminent athlete

Wage Theft Far Too Common in the U.S.

DUers are as prejudiced about mental illness as Freepers.

Image of Asia: Rainbow over Sydney Harbour Bridge

Image of Asia: Rainbow over Sydney Harbour Bridge

Donald Trump About Wheelchair Bound Fox Host: ‘Loser’ Who Just ‘Sits There’

The Charleston shooter killed mostly black women. This wasn't about 'rape'

Rita — third and last season is streaming

With everyone looking at shootings , House passes the TPP

Here's what's happening as Bill passes through

Democrats May Keep Bernie Sanders Off New York Primary Ballot

Do you favor gun registration?

Report: LeBron James repeatedly defied David Blatt during NBA Finals

Tim Wise: "This Is Your Nation On White Supremacy."

Rand Paul’s First Two Books Are Full Of Fake Founding Fathers Quotes

Take Down the Confederate Flag—Now

APNewsBreak: State cops looking at teen's murder conviction

Game of Thrones - did anybody notice this with Jon Snow? (For the Watch)

Isn't it disrespectful for the House to pass a controversial bill during a national tragedy?

From Fox News to Lindsey Graham: The racist murderer targeted 'Christians', not black Americans

Police: Intoxicated parents let 13-year-old daughter drive family home

He's as "mentally ill" as every other rightwing Republican.

A question about the term "fellow"

Beastie Boys Win Legal Fees Over Monster Energy Case, plus $1.7 million jury verdict

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 19 June 2015

Ohio man terrorizes kids with gun, says "Send the n*****s back to Youngstown where they belong"

If I could go back in time and kill someone

Perry moves up in latest Iowa caucus poll

Abbott names former Patrick aide to lead State Board of Education

Denmark's center-right opposition wins election after gains by anti-immigration party

America's well-regulated militia