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I don't really mind...


Federal lawsuit alleges Santa Ana Mayor took bribes for medical marijuana licenses

Since when did Bill Clinton's Presidency become

Any thoughts on the latest season of Orange is the New Black? ***SPOILERS!!***

PA levies major fine on Range Resources f/ fouling water

In A.I.G. Case, Surprise Ruling That Could End All Bailouts

The more Jebby opens his yap, the more it becomes clear he's just an effing useless load.

Seriously watching this interview on Chris Hayes

AZ's Navajo Generating Plant and drought

Bernie Sanders will turn 75 two months before the general election

Ex-AIG CEO still wants damages in bailout case, will appeal

Boy's lost stuffed tiger goes on airport adventure

New crop of baby birds at our house

Become Ordained in The Church of The FSM

I find myself fully agreeing with some repubicans on at least one issue:

New crop of baby birds at our house

The difference in coverage

What the very old and the very young can offer to one another...

Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, and George Carlin combined couldn't have invented this GOP field...

Martin O'Malley: 'Over 80 years ago today, Glass-Steagall was signed into law'


Men’s rights fanatics defend Iowa mall shooter fired for sexual harassment: It’s ‘hard to blame him’

What's the latest re Denny Hastert??

Which party benefits from Donald Trump's entry into the race?

Why is Rachel Dolezal such a massive, nation-wide story?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Trumped Up & a new Kitteh gif

Sen. Sanders Cites Need to Expand Help for Older Americans (video)

House panel approves $30.17B bill cutting EPA funds, blocking rules

NJ cop pleads guilty in dashcam unzipping

Tourism to Israel declines by 10 percent

I Knew It! Cats Are Actually Spies!

I Knew It! Cats Are Actually Spies!

So Captain Morgan freaked out at his first look at a running fan tonight. He dug his claws

When did Faux Sports start carrying golf??

I saw a post earlier, arguing supporter enthusiasm will win the primary for Bernie ...

Exclusion of methods used by men from ACA contraceptive coverage policy is a serious oversight ...

6-16-15 Bankrupt in 2:00

Damn who is going to lead, Trump ...

6-16-15 Bankrupt in 2:00

Exclusion of methods used by men from ACA contraceptive coverage policy is a serious oversight ...

FDA: Trans Fats A ‘Threat To Public Health’ – Food Industry Must Phase Them Out

6-16-15 Bankrupt in 2:00

That's it. I'm all in.

I knew it. Trump's run is a publicity scam.

Prosecutors outline case against Phoenix man in Texas attack

New York appeals court hears arguments over grand jury records in chokehold death

Jeb has an electablility problem

Today in Herstory: Eleanor Roosevelt Wants a Woman President

Alaska wildfires spread amid windy, hot weather

How many of you have ever taken action at the workplace over racial discrimination you witnessed?

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear North Carolina Forced Ultrasound Law (gynoticians lose one!)

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear North Carolina Forced Ultrasound Law (gynoticians lose one!)

Scott Walker’s Illegal Arrests Of Protesters May Cost Wisconsin Taxpayers $1 million

Facing backlash, U.S. Muslims counter with new advertising campaign

Wendell Potter: For-Profit Hospitals Mark Up Prices By More Than 1,000 Percent Because

'As a kid I decided that if our society dictated that one had to be black or white, I would be black

Accused murderer defends self in dismembered New Orleans dancer case

Canada had someone take on the complete identity as somebody of another culture. His name was

(Video) Hillary in 2004 on "Sanctity" of Hetero marriage.

Head of hacked U.S. agency says problems 'decades in the making'

El Al Flies Record Number of Taglit-Birthright Passengers

The Possible Presidential Candidate Who Agrees the Most With Pope Francis ( Jan. 9, 2015 )

12 declared candidates; 4 more virtual certain = why isn't the media talking about the splintered GOP party?

TripAdvisor CEO: A tech exec with a soft spot for Israel

Drug combination highlights potential new depression treatment: buprenorphine + naltrexone

Obama flattens another terrorist asshole

Passions run high ahead of Hong Kong debate on China-vetted democracy plan

Orange CEO says his company plans to invest more in Israel

'Quite Extensive': Huge Toxic Algae Bloom Hits West Coast

Read full text of RW religious threat of sedition over equal rights

China’s Maternal Mortality Rate Has Decreased Dramatically

China’s Maternal Mortality Rate Has Decreased Dramatically

China blazes a trail to Startup Nation

Lawrence O'Donnell just confirmed that Trump has not filed a candidacy.

Google CEO to Netanyahu: We will continue investing in Israel

Brazil prosecutors call for halt to Amazon dam evictions

Is Lil T-RUMP a Rap Artist now too??

Onward 'Christian Soldiers': First American Volunteer Dies Fighting ISIS

Jeb Bush’s barely-legal data laundering entity may actually be illegal

Oren: Obama Intentionally Abandoned Core Principles Of Israel's Alliance With America

So when do we elect a Pastafarian pope?

Capitalism and the TPP: A Kinder, Gentler Totalitarianism

a biography of the day-- Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Australia says US has little time to save Asia-Pacific deal

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne


'Rat Cop' Joe Crystal Shunned From Baltimore Police Department After Reporting Officer Brutality

When the tubular bells stop ringing

Two of the largest National Security breaches in American history tied to Privatization.

So we killed another Al Qaeda #2. Question:

Keiser Report: Pick a pocket or two

Colbert takes on Trump announcement in new Late Show video

Websites dedicated to women writers and women's history:

Websites dedicated to women writers and women's history:

Trump rhymes so beautifully with so many words. Campaign slogans for the Donald?

Prisons Without Walls: We’re All Inmates in the American Police State

F.D.A. Sets 2018 Deadline to Rid Foods of Trans Fats

New NASA data show how the world is running out of water

I've previously had exactly one panic attack......ever.

Kayaktivism....I love it!

Clinton friend Blumenthal 'shed no light' before Benghazi panel

Update:Conspirator in Garland 'Draw the Prophet' attack wanted to target Super Bowl, prosecutors say

Home care workers say company thwarting union efforts

Question for Hillary supporters.

I am sorry but JEB

Three days until he is back...

Wambach's goal gives US a 1-0 win over Nigeria

Maryland: Big MARC Fare Hikes Cause Riders to Press Hogan for Hearings

Here Are 3 Examples of Christian Privilege – And How You Can Challenge It

Wambach, U.S. beats Nigeria 1-0 to win Group of Death

Lol~ Stop It!

The Daily Show is as good on the Trump announcement as you'd expect.

"Conversation" with Hillary Clinton? That'll be $2,700

LeBron James May Go Down As The Greatest Loser Ever

Knesset extends law to stop Palestinian families from living together

Venezuela to get $5 billion in funding from China in next few months: PDVSA official

Jeb Bush calls out Pope Francis on climate change

The China Bubble Is Going to Burst

Venezuela gives landing permission for Brazil senators

The new cold war: drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic (The Guardian)

White "young people" vs Black "thugs"

Proposed plaque would mark Mpls. scene of 'Bloody Friday' strike

Proposed plaque would mark Mpls. scene of 'Bloody Friday' strike

Proposed plaque would mark Mpls. scene of 'Bloody Friday' strike

Not in my name, not on my ground

Historic: Boston Police Academy's First Gay Couple Graduates!

Democrats had a brilliant response to Donald Trump's candidacy

Tropical Storm Bill moves into Texas with more flood threats

Christian DJ Company Refuses To Play At Gay Man's Birthday Party

Is Texas spending $800M to create its own border patrol?

Neil Young Is Not OK With Donald Trump Using "Rockin' in the Free World"

Israeli government releases cartoon depicting Hamas murdering gay people

El Salvador To Introduce New Policy on Indigenous Peoples

What happens when the sea swallows a country?

Peru: Links Found Between Illegal Mining and Foreign Companies

Run Donald Run!

Sen. Bernie Sanders: United Against the War on Women.

Shumpert and JR Smith are bench players at best.

Respect. For all of our Dem candidates. That is all


'Mike's Place' tells the true story of terror in a Tel Aviv blues bar

Suck it, h8rs! Another Bay Area title!

Letterman leaned left, Leno not so much, Fallon will try to

N.B.A. Finals 2015: Warriors Win Title, Beating Cavaliers

Greider 2005. Bring on the Rebels. Save the party from being the money beast it's become.

Dolezal controversy is about our racial delusions (Leonard Pitts)

Bring on the Rebels...Greider 2005

Just noticed the Bernie Store has new merchandise posted. (Page updated again)

Associated Press publishes hit job on Tamir Rice

Flew solo as a Shop Steward yesterday

I want a Trump/Palin ticket...

NPR digs into Hillary's hidden past

'God Loves Gays' Billboard Shines Over Salt Lake City

Teen discovers new planet during 3rd day of internship

Women Are the Largest Resevoir of Untapped Talent in the World

Sulu vs. Kirk: George Takei Talks About "Feud" With William Shatner

TYT: Why Dems (w/ GOP Help) Torpedoed Obama's Big Evil Trade Deal

Plumbers discussing socialism today

'South Park'-style video mocking Gaza war coverage angers foreign journalists in Israel

An inspirational picture for this momentous Tuesday.

I thought it might be appropriate to link to my "Bring on the Rebels" post in GD

Update on Alaska's fires

Amarillo ISD administrator transfers prompt continuity questions

Berkeley apartment balconies had been red-tagged and deemed unsafe before accident.

anyone else see this tonight?

What's Our Problem with "Strong" Women?

WWE star brutally trolls Johnny Manziel, Cleveland

Anyone know if Lyric met his goal to buy the mobile home?

With Eye on Fiscal Armageddon, Texas Set to 'Repatriate' Its Gold To New Texas Fort Knox

Anyone in Denver going to the Sanders' event on Saturday?

I do not know if anyone on here cares about the guy with the armoured

Anti-vaccers petition to have Mercury removed from solar system

I think the servers are acting goofy

"There were a lot of people probably that you couldn't see," she said.


WATCH: Stephen Colbert skewers Donald Trump and his ‘gold-plated, diamond-encrusted campaign’

Jeb Bush: I hope the Supreme Court rules against same-sex marriage

Neptune (NJ) cop charged with shooting, killing ex-wife in front of daughter

OK, I made up my mind..... I can't support

After 25 Years of Losing to Wall Street, Left-Wing Democrats Are Winning

Please pray for the Irish and American students killed and injured in the

Posted Without Further Comment.


The PTSD River Cure | Outside Online

Cedar Hill nurse admits $375M home health care fraud

Sen. Lindsey Graham Pretend-Shoots Sen. Bernie Sanders with Shotgun

Danny Westneat: Initiative 735 volunteers working to make sure ‘the small potatoes matter’

Climate Deniers Are Quickly Bringing About Their Own Worst Nightmare

Sanders wins high school poll on Vashon Island, WA

Iraq: A Nation Destroyed by American Contempt

IMF Report Admits IMF's Obsession with Capitalism Is Killing Prosperity

A dad took 11 photos of his daughter as history-making women, and they are incredible.

En banc oral arguments in Peruta vs San Diego and Richards vs Yolo County

The columbines

The Infallibility of Miss Ann (or the last Rachael Dolezal thinkpiece ever)

NC teacher resigns amid outcry over reading 3rd-graders story of princes who marry each other

But of course. It's America, ain't it? Rachel Dolezal in talks for reality show

The GOP will push for a clean fast-track authority for TPP

Daily Holidays - June 17

Landfill Of Lettuce: Why Were These Greens Tossed Before Their Time?

Human Experimentation: a CIA Habit

Ignoring Reality, Subverting Morality: GMOs and the Neoliberal Apologists

Rafael Correa’s Push to Incense the Oligarchy

Larry Summers hyperventilating: Rescuing the free-trade deals

Why Scott Walker is Even More of a Menace Than He Seems

Campesino Leader Assassinated in Carabobo State, Authorities Blame Landowners

Thank you DU

Fifa corruption: Swiss banks 'reported account suspicions'

US allocates money for 'Cuban democracy'. Uh oh ....

Media absolutely pissed that Obama dared to have a private party and not invite them.

Contrary to erroneous reports, petroleum deliveries to Cuba from Venezuela still flowing

An American ‘lost’ in Havana

Police investigating Foster Farms after undercover video

Oklahoma man accused of molesting Kenyan orphans to testify

Hillary Clinton to Call for Youth Apprenticeship Program

Delusional denizens of Freepervile are a riot: Believe Trump would "waste Hillary"

Tomgram: Michael Klare, A Future in Arms

Union calls for Labor to block free trade agreement with China

Wal-Mart Has $76 Billion in Overseas Tax Havens, Report Says

How many magazines do you need?

U.S. No Longer Demanding Disclosure Of Iran's Past Nuclear Work

Bernie Sanders nailed it: Our jobs are killing us

Maybe now, Moneyed Interest$ will want to join the fight to stop Climate Change

Clean Energy Groups Launch International Campaign to Keep Nuclear Power Out of Global Climate Talks

does this make a bigger paycheck for the US worker - NAFTA did not, and our experience isn't good

Global cost of conflict reaches $14.3tn, says report

Central and North Texans check in thread

Jeb off, Jeb.

Great photo, NBC:

Compare and contrast.

The IMF “Defense” of it Actions against the Greeks is an Unintended Confession

Obama steps back from sweeping nuclear security goal


N. Korea says it has been hit by worst drought in 100 years

Suffolk University Poll Shows Sanders (31%) Closing Gap on Clinton(41%) in NH

Georgia (the country) floods: Escaped tiger 'kills man'

What I'd like to say to anyone who likes Bernie best but is afraid he's unelectable...

Watch the Yes Men Impersonate Shell, Make 'Last Iceberg' Snow Cones

Bruce Schneier: China and Russia had top secret files long before Snowden stole them

Confidence in Religion at New Low, but Not Among Catholics

Hillary Clinton to propose tax credits for apprentices

Did I miss something along the way, but where are

Shark attack survivor: Fish was 'biting up my left arm'

One White Parent - One Black Parent

The secret of ISIL’s appeal

'God Allows Terrorists to Strike' Because 'We Don't Give Him Our Attention Until We Are Desperate'

Now that Donald Trump has thrown his combover into the ring

AP: Key miscalculation forces Obama to weigh new path on trade

Whistelblower given a dishonourable discharge

Life at a Scientology-run school:

Daily Kos: TODAY is a BIG vote on net neutrality!!!

2 boys rescue young children from burning home in Florida

Why "Bitch Planet" Is Inspiring Women to Get Badass Feminist Tattoos

Issa escorted out of Benghazi deposition

The China Bubble is Going to Burst

My Little League team of 7 year olds turned a triple play in their final game yesterday!

Don't Take The Girl

MMNA, UAW preparing for contract talks

Saw these magazines and coupler in a recent online ad.

Sesame Street "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other" game: Sting, Cher, Bono, Slash, Jeb

Orcas in Trinidad and Tobago waters

Rachel Maddow - SCOTUS observers kept guessing on pending major rulings

How do I change my password?

America’s Electoral Farce - By Chris Hedges

Today's Google Doodle: Lady Liberty's arrival

In the most recent NH poll, O'Malley is at 2%

FARC vows to release active child soldiers under 15

In Overheard Interview, Jeb Bush Mocks Hillary Clinton and Opposes Gay Marriage

We’re Crushing One Ton of Ivory in Times Square This Week

FARC vows to release active child soldiers under 15

Time to Fire Mary Jo White: SEC Covers Up for Bank Capital Accounting Scam Promoted by Her Fmr Firm

Town pays $650,000 to family of woman, 89, shot by police

Race is something that is and has always been forced on people.

How disgusting of a puke is Scalia, this much I say....

I found out a co-worker is getting married on Moday. Question.

Neil Young to Trump: You Don't Rock in My Free World-The rocker also endorses Bernie Sanders.

Colombia urges FARC rebels to release 2,000 child soldiers

Alitalia suspends flights to Caracas

Rachel Maddow - US drone killing of al Qaeda leader elevates terror mastermind

Steve Schmidt on Lawrence O last night.thinks the Trade Promotion Authority Agreement will go down

Happy end of NBA and NHL day!

In pint-sized purple scrubs, 5-year-old with aplastic anemia gets her wish to be doctor for a day

Senate bill proposes centralizing Weather Service forecasting in 6 regional offices

Watching his father lose presidency to Bill Clinton was a more formative event for him than 9/11.

One nice thing about tabloid newspapers is that they're not subtle...

Rachel Maddow - Donald Trump comes out swinging, joins 2016 race

Hillary, income inequality and trade

Cleanup of Ohio uranium plant expected to take decades more

Axelrod hypnosis meme, over and over, "Bernie is not gonna be president"

TUCSON! June 24th - We Want Bernie! (2 Parties )

Farmers step up their fight against new EPA water rule

Farmers step up their fight against new EPA water rule

Windy ride courtesy of T.S. Bill

A plea to Bernie Sanders supporters.

With Little Fanfare, Mexican Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

The Daily News Welcomes Donald Trump to the Presidential Race

Commanders ordered live fire ambush of teens, though they posed no danger. 14-year-old killed

When Bernie met Hillary

World's biggest pitbull?

This is yooge! CSPAN's transcript of Trump's speech "compiled from uncorrected Closed Captioning"

Chicken shit Rick Perry refuses to call out Donald Trump on his nativist/racist statements

Why Trump represents all that is wrong in the U.S.

The scope of Obama’s counter-terrorism successes

IMO, Another Trump function is to destroy candidate financial reporting. He

I'll say this about Martin O'Malley

Obama and Republicans Agree on the Trans-Pacific Partnership … Unfortunately

If Hillary wins the presidency, then three of the most powerful people on the planet will be women

Even If The 1% Has To Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes. Even If The Minimum Wage Goes To $15.....

US stocks edge higher as investors wait on Fed

Starbucks will close all La Boulange stores

Bernie Sanders can't get no respect! Chris Hedges dishes it out in his

Southern/Red State GOPPERS Would Rather Die Than Vote For A Dem Who Might Give Them Health Care.

Escaped tiger from Georgia zoo shot after killing man

Garish Tastes, Awful Hair: Donald Trump Is America - P. J. O’Rourke

Abbas denies reports Palestinian unity government has resigned -

Thanks to an overnight donation we are tied for third place overall in number of contributions!

House of Cards finale - WTF

There is a jaw dropping line in an article today- "President Barack Obama and his Republican allies"

The big lie: "Hillary is an economic conservative."

Biden Is Back to Cracking Jokes Again

House gives its leaders more time on trade bill; Ashford (NEBR) 1 of 3 Democrats who sided with GOP

the a/c in my '99, 202k mi truck is crapping out

Jeb Bush Among Conservatives Criticizing Pope For Climate Change Encyclical

An elderly northern white rhino lives under armed guard in Kenya as his species quickly heads toward

Uber drivers are employees, not contractors: California Labor Commission

Donald Trump says he would ‘love to have Oprah’ Winfrey as his 2016 running mate

The best receipt ever!

Best love scene in a movie? I'll start...

Popular Drugs Linked To Dementia Even At Low Dosage

"The Pope wears dresses!" . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Alaska budget grounds film incentives and rescue helicopter

Artists help Syrian refugee women tell their stories

What Do You Cyclists Think of This Recumbent?

'Poshness tests' block working-class applicants at top companies

June 17, 1885 Statue Of Liberty Arrives In New York Habor.

Can Cloud Seeding Help Save California?

Loretta Lynch sworn in using Frederick Douglass’ Bible

Bush brothers have a complex relationship, marked by fierce rivalry, wounded feelings

Uncertainty and the Middle Class

Why Age Isn't a Factor for Bernie Sanders

When do you think Trump will withdraw from the Presidential race?

Democrats urge Gowdy to release Clinton confidant transcript

After Senator uses view from helicopter to claim that schools are over-funded, parody emerges

As 2 new Alaska wildfires merge, residents refuse evacuation; questions on causes remain for Willow

Toronto's new downtown-to-airport rail link is up and running

Wal-Mart Has $76 Billion in Undisclosed Overseas Tax Havens

You knew he'd eventually throw his hat in too:

Alaska Rep Don Young thinks #drilling decisions should be made by locals:


Hillary Clinton's unpaid intern limbo: a grassroots campaign of 'free help'

Andrew Cuomo's Pot Problem

Tsipras Vows to Reject Unfair Deal as EU Braces for Collapse

Colbert Pitches a Brilliant 'Mad Men' Ending

"Just 'cause I'm Catholic doesn't mean I'm stupid." . . . Please come CAPTION Jeb Bush!!!!

Governor O'Malley opens NH campaign office

Do you support isolationism as a foreign policy?

Wal-Mart To Bring A Quarter Million Jobs Home From China — Manufacturing For This Everyday Item Mich

I haz yucky summer cold...

Communities can do little to keep PennEast pipeline out - A-town Morning Call

We need to go bigger!

Principles and Politics Align Against Trade

Catholic, Orthodox Christian and atheist to present Pope’s encyclical

Rachel Dolezal: 'No biological proof' she has white parents

Pic Of The Moment: 9 Trumptastically Insane Real Quotes From Yesterday's Big Announcement

Distracted GOP lawmaker accidentally OKs California budget

If coal companies can't afford cost of cleanup, they shouln't be allowed to mine - CredoAction

Microsoft Faces Russian Hurdles as Local Software Thrives

Seems Ailes got pwned by Murdoch's sons.

Feel the Bern: "Catching Clinton, Sanders Surges"

The 2016 ELECTION will be about employment

Robert Reich: Uber's "share economy" is a "share the scraps" economy

Seth Meyers nailed Donald Trump and Rachel Dolezal in one joke.

Rubio, Bush, Paul Are Clinton's Top Opponents in Swing-States Poll

On Mt. Tam

Upcoming Lego Dimensions videogame...

Coming up next! The controversy: does Rachael Dolezal have an innie or an outie?


Uber driver is employee, not contractor: California Labor Commission

Rachel Dolezal Is An Abuse Victim

New Pool Party Video Emerges: Cop Grabbing 12-Year-Old By Her Neck & Slamming Her Against Cop Car

Luckovich draws Trump

!! Dawkins !!

Psst. The Benghazi committee's only interested in taking down Hillary Clinton

‘Who the Hell is Bernie Sanders?’ These Southerners want everyone to know.

Love this meme...

Economists Predict Catastrophe If Supreme Court Kills Obamacare Subsidies

Who the hell is Bernie Sanders? These southerners want everyone to know.

Yes, it's fish in a barrel, but nonetheless: Trump Tramples Facts (

Can anyone tell me anything about this lens please? I figured this was the right forum for it..

Neil Young: Sorry, Donald, but I support Bernie Sanders

The Governing Elite: Millionaire 2016 Candidates Insist They Are Middle Class, Just Like You

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew about Unitarian Universalism


First Textual Experience

Former Argentine Supreme Court Justice Eugenio Zaffaroni elected to InterAmerican Human Rights Court

my mom picks up her new teeth today - thank you, duers

Hillary Clinton Walks the Line Between Presidential Ally and Aspirant

Many Are Shocked By The Size Of The Crowds Bernie Sanders Is Drawing

Russian Troops Traced To Ukrainian Battlefields Through Social Media

Conservative Women’s Group Protests Trans Fat Ban

The Smartest Dog in the World

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 17 June 2015

The Koch Brothers - GOP Civil War is Finally Here

Why I support a graduate tax.

my mom picks up her new teeth today - thank you, duers

Crowd at a rally for Bernie Sanders in Burlington, Vermont....WOW!

Obama praises Lynch as tough-but-fair attorney general

New Quinnipiac poll: Jeb, Rubio lose home state of Fla. to Hillary

Do you feel the Bernie-Mentum?

OMG! Donald Trump is boring!

5 Things To Remember About 'The Donald' - The National Memo

Share this for the politicians who still deny climate change is even happening...

acute appendicitis

AT&T fined $100M for selling 'unlimited' data, then slowing Internet speed to manage network

ICE’s sex offender policies under scrutiny

A 23-year-old Warriors player tried alcohol for the first time after winning the NBA Finals

What To Make Of The Bernie Sanders Surge

Why can't we see edits on replies to post?

Scott Walker ignores WI budget woes as taxpayers fund his trips abroad

Wal-Mart hides $76 billion in overseas tax havens while taxpayers help feed low-wage workers: study

Mom says transgender teacher killed herself after 10 years of bullying

Facebook News Break: Governor Siegelman Judge is Toast!

The 21 R- Senators who like tortue

Toilet paper wedding dresses

Having a Progressive Economic position, is about much more than raisiing the minimum wage

Watch A Quadriplegic Dog Walk Again… And Someone Get Me A Tissue!

We need a new definition for capitalism.

Bipartisan Group Urges Overhaul of General Election Debates

Global water going fast. How much is left?

I said "the heat," voice recognition wrote, "the hate." Does that mean I'm speaking

During Ramadan, Dates Are a Unifying Staple.

for Russ Feingold, from Howard Dean

Donald Trump Hired Paid Actors To Attend Presidential Launch Event

The greatest meets the greatest!!! . . . Please come CAPTION O'Reilly's interview with Trump!!!

Poll: Clinton's honesty and trustworthy problem extends to swing states

Guy doesn't regret getting massive Cavaliers '2015 NBA Champs' tattoo

Why does Jeb get a pass for listing himself as Hispanic on an official form

Lindsey Graham: "you have to hate the pigeons" as he mock shoots Bernie Sanders on MSNBC

Michael Oren, the problem isn't U.S. critique of Israeli policies – it's Israeli policies

Sydneys Voluptuous Buttocks is worth taking a look at

Michael Oren's wildly unconvincing, deeply trivial attack on Obama

Need info/website on Meditation for health purposes...

We are seeing reactions to some of Hillary's speeches, others are starting to talk about voter

Poll: Romney voters prefer child molesters over Obama

Tommy Chong: "I Got Diagnosed With Rectal Cancer," in Treatment Now

Bernie Sanders is the best 2016 presidential candidate: Letters

Don't worry about who is "electable". Vote for the candidate who you would like to see as President.

Bernie Sanders is the best 2016 presidential candidate: Letters

Jed! He can handle wealth and bankers.

Prince Performs With Stevie Wonder At The White House

Stephanie Miller: Everything You Know is Wrong...About America's Sexiest Liberal

Kahlon apologizes for Oren’s Obama critique

Cyberattack crashes Canadian government websites, email

Government paves way for multi-employer pension plan cuts

Gregory Russeau will be executed tomorrow. He is black. His victim was white.

Can Cloud Seeding Help Save California? (xpost from GD)

Metro train system’s operation center is understaffed and chaotic, federal investigators find

AMA blames fracking secrecy for inconclusive EPA study; wants expanded monitoring


Can Sanders or O'Malley win? Yes. How? Basic math.

Wash Times: Sanders sucking the air out of OMalleys campaign

British Prime Minister David Cameron Calls Scott Walker A Liar

Traffic fatality numbers increase in fracking counties

Oklahoma teen gets life without parole for fatal shooting of Australian college student

Obama hires infamous Ken Feinberg to determine cuts of worker pensions.

Obama hires infamous Ken Feinberg to determine cuts of worker pensions.

Thousands join mass climate change lobby outside UK parliament

Media Matters VP Accuses Trump Of Hiring 'Actors' For Campaign Launch

Berkeley Building Was Under Scrutiny Before Collapse

Clinton 58.6%, Sanders 11.6%, Biden 11.4%, O'Malley 2%, Webb 1.6%, Chafee 0.6%

School Choice isn't Something to Brag About Jeb

"We have to work together" - Bill Nye's the Science Guy talks about the "race" of all humans.

Neil Young on climate change

Why can't the treasury just mint

Marco Rubio: Confessions of a Shopaholic

An Open Letter: Why Co-opting “Transracial” in the Case of Rachel Dolezal is Problematic

Bernie Sanders Is Coming to Vegas on June 19th!

All Syria chemical weapon byproducts destroyed, watchdog says

Right on

Comments and advice welcome: Re: bringing my gay pakistani friend to the U.S.

Trying to wrap my head around the phrase "gender is a social construct".

Carter: Not enough Iraqi or Syrian recruits to train for ISIL fight

Police oversight panelists say Rachel Dolezal said father was black police officer

Former US military personnel urge drone pilots to walk away from the controls

I don't see the value in polls -- pre-primary -- that gauge candidates against the other party

Fed Holds Off On Interest Rate Hike, Downgrades Economic Forecast

Just released from DU Gitmo--shit I missed a lot!

Stephen Cohen: The US and NATO Are Escalating Their Assault on Kerry and Putin’s Agreement

Warriors were best team all season, winning NBA title is fitting

I'm back D-Word!

Cavaliers favored by Las Vegas to claim 2016 NBA championship

U.S.-Russia Military Tit For Tat Raises Fears Of Greater Conflict

Dream Hair Election: Bernie vs. The Donald!

Poll: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Most Popular SCOTUS Judge

J.R. Smith says he’ll opt out of final year with Cavaliers

Why is it, fellow seniors, when you kneel down or squat down, it’s so much harder to get up

Michigan Republicans want to raise taxes on the poor to pay for road repairs

Colbert does his Trump impersonation

Virginia Just Banned Using ‘Cuss Words’ In Public

Mark Ruffalo has some enthusiatic praise for Bernie

trump filed for bankruptcy 4 times

Florida Senate approves tax cut for yacht repairs

Mark Ruffalo has some enthusiatic praise for Bernie

Todays episode: Swimming while Black

Guess where Trump's clothing line is made!

BREAKING NEWS! Watching cat videos is good for you (really!)

Tsipras : IMF has ‘criminal responsibility’ for the Greek crisis

California pokes big hole in Uber's business model

Anti-contraband law enrages Colombia’s shopkeepers; tens of thousands shut business in protest

'Mastermind' of 1982 Jewish cafe attack in Paris arrested in Jordan

It's so hot outside. How hot is it? It's so hot...

Dry rot could be factor in Berkeley balcony collapse, engineers say

trumad the one percenter-- I will strip naked and do the "Walk of Shame" as my penance.

Atlantic City casino workers plan protest over benefit cuts

Have you ever been hungry?

Torture is a war crime the government treats like a policy debate (Trevor Timm 6-17-15 Guardian)

The only illegal aliens in America are white people

The emails Abbott got in regards to Jade Helm 15.


To Call Trade Deal ‘Nafta on Steroids’ Picks the Wrong Target - Greg Ip

600 million Samsung Galaxy phones exposed to hackers

Did SCOTUS ruling in Baker Botts v ASARCO foreshadow a victory for Burwell King plaintiffs?

PBS NewsHour-Why does almost half of America’s food go to waste?

North Carolina We're Better Than This.

West Wing Week: 06/12/15 or, "Walking and Holding Hands"

Greece says: All Debt To The Troika "Illegal, Illegitimate, And Odious"

Weekly Address: Stand Up for American Workers and Pass TAA

Bernie will never run a negative ad. Never has. How about you Bernie supporters?

Florida: dean of Greek Orthodox cathedral suddenly leaves church and disappears

Bernie Surge Storms The South As Sanders Event Moved To Bigger Venue In South Carolina

Ex-PetroTiger co-CEO avoids prison in Ecopetrol bribery case

BOG posting of the Weekly Address:Stand Up for American Workers and Pass TAA

Donald Trump’s festival of narcissism

Catching Up with the Curator: The Obama State China Service

Popularity of Ecuador's President Correa Confirmed by CNN Poll

Rep. Darrell Issa Escorted Out Of Benghazi Deposition By Panel Chair (with video)

The Murdered Women of the State of Mexico (Part 1)

John Fugelsang: Helpful tip...

Governor O'Malley - Moral Leadership in Our Hemisphere

Industrial Fisheries Crowd out Artisanal Fisherpersons in South America

Average American Woman Now Weighs As Much as 1960's American Man

Empowering Girls Eduction Around the World with Let Girls Learn

Jeb! should be asked: knowing what he knows now about the bubble crash of 2007, what would he have

Police Called to Duggar House After They Refuse Entry to Child Services

Facebook users interacting for each presidential announcement

Mother who cut wrist in migrant detention speaks out after deportation

When life give the GOP lemons.....


Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz: Which candidate (or potential candidate) do you think is best

Quinnipiac: New poll results available June 18 is only fair..

They Gave A Homeless Man A Pizza What He Did With It Broke Me Down

Tomato plant not flowering

Man tied to Texas cartoon contest attack had sights set on Super Bowl plot – FBI

Inside the Mysterious Hot Springs Found Deep Below the Gulf of California

Inside the Mysterious Hot Springs Found Deep Below the Gulf of California

How Iraq Became Obama’s War

Greece says bailout deal is up to troika amid speculation over exit from EU

WARNING to Android users: Samsung security flaw

$15 miilion for NF research - thank you Dept. of Defense

Jeb Bush: Next President Should Privatize Social Security

Raising Your Kids To Be Cleveland Sports Fans Is An Act Of Cruelty

This group is waging war on the Pope's climate change plans

Prosecutor: Prison worker wanted escaped inmates to kill her husband

Chevron hits out at British documentary on oil pollution in Ecuador

Looking at laws that might apply if Cards hacked Astros

Venezuela-Colombia trade from chavista source

I just made home-made pesto

How could someone this stupid get elected to any office?

Colbert Hilariously Mocks Donald Trump’s Presidential Announcement

John McCain Says American Workers Shouldn't Be Protected If We Can Get Cheap Goods

Arabs, Muslims can sue U.S. officials over post-9/11 jail treatment

(xp) Arabs, Muslims can sue U.S. officials over post-9/11 jail treatment

Stephen Fry and husband Elliot Spencer forced to flee Honduras honeymoon because of homophobia

Embattled Honduran president says US may still provide aid

Darrell Issa Throws A Tantrum After Getting Kicked Out Of Benghazi Deposition

Cheers!: Texas officials formally approve alcohol sales for 2015 at Darrell K Royal Stadium

Fact Check: Jeb Bush's economic growth goal unrealistic

The writer in Che Guevara

New York man attacks FBI agent in Islamic State-tied probe: U.S.

Oklahoma earthquake felt in Wichita Kansas

U.S. House defeats bid to withdraw troops from Iraq

U.S. House defeats bid to withdraw troops from Iraq

Clinton speaks on equality, opportunity and civil rights at Orangeburg Co. appearance

Open Carry 'advocate' guns down woman who complained of sexual harassment.

Cleveland has been cursed seven times.

Walmart's use of tax havens revealed in new report

Why Bernie Sanders Is The Perfect Candidate For This Moment in American Politics

Swiss investigating 53 cases of possible money laundering at Fifa

Tokyo’s Renewable Energy Transformation To Be Showcased in the 2020 Olympics

University creates a “texting lane” for busy staircase

Tree shaping. Cool!

Ugh. Boehner and McConnell Hatch a Plan To Push the President's Trade Agenda Through

Sanders Can Win the Democratic Presidential Primary — Here’s How

Hypocrisy Alert: Patriarchal Glenn Beck Says Gay Marriage is About Power

AT&T just got hit with a $100 million fine after slowing down its ‘unlimited’ data

A Castro son rises in Cuba

Fun song but stupid video...

Clinton says crafting plan to help U.S. graduates refinance student loans

'Anonymous' says it cyberattacked federal government to protest Bill C-51

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 17 2015

Victims of right-wing Venezuela protests speak in Brussels

Homeless man finds $2,000 on Victoria street, brings it to RCMP

Lawmakers Should Take a Walk in Her Shoes

Neil Young on Trump.....(longer version)

Lawmakers Should Take a Walk in Her Shoes

SPECIAL REPORT-Military knew about bizarre methods of doctor hired to train troops

Texas Governor Was Sent Pieces Of Tin Foil After His Texas Takeover Response

The Difference Between Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner

Well, this is entertaining. The IMF is calling the Republicans out on their BS...

Sanders Can Win the Democratic Presidential Primary — Here’s How

Squee! Baby mantis!

I've noticed for the 2nd day in a row that n2doc has not posted.

Fox News Pundits Laud Donald Trump's Candidacy For President

Found this on Pinterest and though the Hillary group would like it!

Turns out the Blackhawks did not win the Stanley Cup after all.

Create Your Own Personal Hillary Logo With The Hillary Clinton Avatar Generator

This could only have come from Neil deGrasse Tyson...

The House Will Vote Tomorrow On Clean Fast Track Bill

A Reminder from First Lady Eleanor Rooservelt about the GOP...

Top administrator of rural Texas hospital chain gets 24 months for defrauding government

Eying millennial vote, Clinton pitches apprenticeships

A reminder what we as Democrats are fighting against!

Renewable energy's record year helps uncouple growth of global economy and CO2 emissions

I donated blood for the first time today! Ask me anything!

Dietary trans fat linked to worse memory

Homophobic op-ed by Islamic leader raises Arab Israeli ire

130 years of Lady Liberty

Hate crime case: Man who sucker-punched Marine sentenced to prison

What is Bernie and Hillary's position on Common Core?

Hate crime case: Man who sucker-punched Marine sentenced to prison (1st felony LGBT omaha conviction

Privately owned armored trucks raise eyebrows after Dallas police attack

Today is the 21st anniversary of The Chase

''When they were young, Jeb was somebody for George to torture.'' -- cousin John Ellis

Edward Snowden Supports Apple’s Public Stance On Privacy

The perfect slogan for The Donald's ...

House to vote on Thursday for a Second Time to Give Obama Fast-Track Authority--The Hill

Mark Stebbins - yes Margaret there is another transracial. And probaby many more.

Woman’s ‘Relentlessly Gay’ Front Yard Prompts Angry Neighbor Letter

House Republicans take aim at key family planning program

Dez Bryant states case: $13M is ‘cool’ but ‘where’s my security?’ Jerry Jones responds

Donald Trump Campaign Offered Actors $50 to Cheer for Him at Presidential Announcement

Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels

Two-Thirds Of People Who Would Be Affected By Obamacare Ruling Live In Republican Districts

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 18 June 2015

House Will Move Thursday On Clean Fast-Track Bill

Survey of Big Investment Companies Shows Why We Might Be on The Verge Of A Solar Power Boom

Sweden opens clinic for male rape victims

Faux news freaks out: "Pope Francis is THE MOST DANGEROUS person on the planet!"

Jazzie's Place, First Adult LGBTQ Shelter in U.S., Opens in San Francisco

"KFC Serves Man Fried Rat Instead Of Fried Chicken?"

Near miss: two planes in Chicago started to take off on crossed runways at the same time.

"Seriously now ... HOW many republicans did you say want to be president?"

Media Outlets Are Lying Their Asses Off About Fracking

John Patterson was 'unelectable' as governor in Alabama in 1959.

Jews, Muslims and Christians get together to pull off world’s biggest magic trick

Robert Reich: End mass incarceration

White House dismisses Jeb Bush dig against Obama's plan to tour Cuba

92-year-old sent to jail for fracking protest

The Other Terror Threat

White House dismisses Jeb Bush dig against Obama's plan to tour Cuba

How we got be where we are and are not

This Ain't 1972

North Carolina we're better than this.

Martin O’Malley pins hope on Iowa caucuses.

Democrat O'Malley hints at joining GOP primary debate.

Let’s all remember that time when Donald Trump sounded like Bernie Sanders on healthcare

We're all on a long ride

There's a sandwich joint in the Bay Area called Ike's that names its stuff after sports heroes

Southern Baptist head vows never to perform same-sex unions

Rio Girl Attacked After Party for Afro-Brazilian Religion

Southern Baptist head vows never to perform same-sex unions

City probe finds Washington state ex-NAACP official violated ethics rules

Tweety - " Marco Rubio is the Steph Curry of the Republican party."

Alabama city suspends police officers after their links to hate groups exposed

House Republicans look to extend Obamacare subsidies

Off Topic - So, I finally registered for classes for fall, yay!!

"Scariest Ever" Short Film, 'Lights Out'

Long list of people not happy about Warriors winning NBA title

Immigrants’ Lawsuit Over Post-9/11 Detention Is Revived

Massive “God Loves Gays” Billboards Finally Pop Up In Utah

Johnny Manziel says he's ditching signature money sign