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The Constitutionality of Anti-Abortion License Plates is Up for Debate

The Constitutionality of Anti-Abortion License Plates is Up for Debate

Omaha sisters' lemonade stand helps raise $3,500 for veterans

Omaha sisters' lemonade stand helps raise $3,500 for veterans

"Likability Index: Rating NFL uniforms from best to worst"

Florida Democrats Ready to Introduce Americans to the Real Jeb Bush

France is on a ROLL! This is how a Progressive Country operates.

2016 US Presidential Election and US Senate Election with Sanders as the DEM nominee?


Pope Francis On Climate Change Gets Top Billing On HuffPo Over A Bush Announcing Something

Judge denies Toyota new trial in fatal Minnesota crash

Mali, Libya crises to top agenda as Hollande visits Algeria

Tony Campolo calls for full acceptance of gay Christian couples in the Church

I got rained on. Does THAT count???

6-14-15 The Fight for Free Speech in 2:00

6-14-15 The Fight for Free Speech in 2:00

6-14-15 The IWW Fight for Free Speech in 2:00

Selling Seattle: Tech workers drive up home prices

PHOTO: Jeb & Commander Codpiece steal away from the media's prying eyes for brotherly quality time.

6-15-15 Justice for Janitors in 2:00

Jeb Bush’s K Street connections

6-15-15 Justice for Janitors in 2:00

*HRC GROUP* Hillary and 'Economic Statecraft' - Singapore, November 2012

6-15-15 Justice for Janitors in 2:00

WV native, burlesque performer Blaze Starr dies at 83

Did you just see Judd Gregg on Chris Hayes' show? What a jerk!

On All In With Chris Hays, repuke Judd Gregg refuses to accept

UN agency praises Cuba’s food security program

"Conservatives" are working themselves into a lather over this new "Gipper was packing heat" meme

OMG!!! Chris Hayes just got owned on his own show by a rightwinger

Bernie Sanders, according to my 19 year old daughter.

Anybody watching the liar R. Senator on Chris Hayes

Ever see the movie Soul Man?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Hot Hot Hot & a new Kitteh gif

Sorry to ask this but I lost my "Bernie" avatar messing around with my profile.

By request a photo of Bernie

Pass a law. Make it legal, 170M in profits. Then fire everyone?

Alberta's new NDP leadership to raise corporate taxes, end flat income tax

Hillary's press conference--she was excellent!

Is anybody else happy Donald Trump is running for president as a Republican?

No one says it better than NanceGreggs! Luv ya Nance!

France Bans Sale of Monsanto Herbicide Roundup in Nurseries

Of Bullshit Meters and our current politicians

Another Bernie photo

3 states get feds' OK for health insurance marketplaces

(Arizona Gov.) Ducey ends state's monthly analysis of jobless situation

Today in Herstory: NAWSA Releases Pro-Suffrage Film (15 june 1912)

"This is why he is not an event horse"...funny vid.

Today in Herstory: NAWSA Releases Pro-Suffrage Film (15 june 1912)

A nice post in GD

Whale Migration Record Broken By Female Of Species Recently Thought To Be Extinct

"votes for women" suffrage film of 1912-- and some of the posters

I keep hearing the song "I just want to be like Hillary", it goes over and over.

Wickham: Hey America, the Cold War is over

"votes for women" film of suffrage movement, 1912 --some incredible pics

Hillary really did pin herself down on the TPA

Dave Chappelle won’t be making jokes about Rachel Dolezal anytime soon

Liberian President Praises Cuba for Ebola Crisis Help

Company claims Jindal administration’s selection of another firm based on bias

War on Drugs Absurdity No. 927: Hemp

I took/accepted Panadro's & Kali's (hubby's) advice about the concrete pouring 4"

How and when to vote for Bernie.

House Benghazi Committee continues to spend millions going after Hillary Clinton

Former business partner to face trial in slayings of family

Rachel Dolezal Sued Howard University For Discriminating Against Her For Being White

Hillary spurns Fox News: Fox’s Ed Henry Visibly Upset by Inability to Ask Hillary a Question

Man held for trial in sledgehammer killings of California family

House votes 391-0 to urge Iran to release jailed Americans

Hillary Clinton bans pool reporter with a rich history of lies

Shell Arctic drilling rig departs Seattle surrounded by protesters

Tropical Storm Bill could form off Texas coast Monday night, National Hurricane Center says

More are calling bullshit on the Sunday Times' Snowden story

New Poll Reaffirms That 1 in 5 College Women are Sexually Assaulted

Blogger Gets Prison For Conspiracy To Film Sen. Thad Cochran's Ailing Wife

New Poll Reaffirms That 1 in 5 College Women are Sexually Assaulted

Judge rules California owes $331 million to homeowners

Saving Elephants by Making Expensive Art

New Poll Reaffirms That 1 in 5 College Women are Sexually Assaulted

Reporter Who Wrote Times 'Snowden' Propaganda Admits He's Just Writing What UK Gov't Told Him

Hillary Clinton has always been to Obama's left on economics

Is This the Biggest Great White Shark Ever Seen, and Did It Just High-Five a Diver?

Pennsylvania man gets up to 40 years prison for ricin-laced card

Perhaps the world's conspiracy theorists have been right all along

Vatican orders former archbishop to stand trial for sex abuse

Man indicted for attacking mother with pruning shears

The Potential For Consolidation In The Health Insurance Is....

His Holiness The Dalai Lama is under attack by extremist sect.

Russia says it would match any U.S. military buildup in Eastern Europe

India’s First Lesbian Ad Tests the Country’s Tolerance (where gay sex is illegal)

India’s First Lesbian Ad Tests the Country’s Tolerance

Free copy of Congressional Torture Report here:

Orange Is The New Black Season Three, Episode Six: Mind Blown (Mild SPOILERS)

Zimbabwe dollars phased out

Inside CatCon: A Comic-Con for Cats

We sang it to the tune of Yellow Submarine

Anyone else listening to this Wendy Walsh lunatic

BDS could cost Israel $4.7 billion a year

Rachel Dolezal Sued Howard University For Discriminating Against Her For Being White

Oracle Arena is sold out for tomorrow night!

The Chicago Blackhawks are 2015 Stanley Cup Champions.

Storm gets name; flooding expected

For about 6 minutes, there was a 2 goal lead.

Hawks Win!!!! Say No More......nt

Pot shop patients sue California city over police raid

So the day Jeb declares he's a RW candidate, who shows up but HURRICANE BILL!!!

A DU /Blackhawk (2015 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS) Parade get together?

Video: Israeli soldiers violently attack unarmed Palestinian man

I've got a 1 woman registration drive going for Bernie/Dems

Reported Fallbrook Runaway Teen Tackled, Tased by Deputy in Video

How do you spell dynasty?

Fate Intervened... dog rescue by E Burlington, VT

Hunky Jesus - The messages of the New Testament held hostage by the Christian Right.

Is being tased sometimes jusitified?

The Latest: Houston-Galveston area schools cancel classes


Supreme Court shuts down Scott Walker: Today’s ultrasound decision is a big defeat for anti-choice

Uh oh...bit of trouble for Russ Feingold...

Aw, jeez, another fire...

Any ideas for staying sane while the planet melts?

Notice that Jeb Bush's operative word is 'disrupt'. It's what he'll do if he steals the WH.

CNBC: Millionaires control 41% of world's wealth, expected to take more

China used to be cool, but now they're getting all weird on us...

I just subscribed (I don't know why) to this group

Why Rachel Dolezal is nothing like Caitlyn Jenner - LINK FIXED

Retailer Gap to Close 175 Stores Across North America

South Dakota Indian Reservation Legalizes Marijuana

Possible Obama SEC Pick Specializes in Helping Corporations Hide Political Expenditures

Homing in on Pluto

Share Of Workers In Minimum Wage Jobs Has Grown Fivefold In Ontario: Study (Huffington Post)

As debt negotiations founder, Greece moves closer to default

Possible Pentagon destruction of evidence in NSA leak case probed

Koch, Bush, Scott FL Water Poisoning Corruption Case Heats Up.

‘Collective Panic’ Spreads Among Federal Employees Over OPM Hack

John Hagee Calls For “Prosecuting Women Who Say God’s Name During Intercourse”

Most discussions on climate change ignore these 10 basic facts about human nature

Texas and Oklahoma brace as Tropical Storm Bill forms in the Gulf

Bernie Sanders' Brooklyn Beginnings

and now the unspoiled beauty of the poudre canyon (pic heavy)

Supergirl 2015 - Fight Song (Rachel Platten)

Gay Couples Do The Domestic Thing Better Than Straights, According To New Study

gratuitous kitteh pic - i guess i still like you

Israel said to allow 70 Hebron shops to reopen after 15 years

Fast-track Hands the Money Monopoly to Private Banks — Permanently

Four ways Poland’s state bank helped it avoid recession

Why not boycott Iran?

What was so significant about Muslims and Jews praying together?

High deductible plans discourage unnecessary care--and also necessary care

Update on the Willow, Alaska, fire

TxDOT plan adds I-35 lanes on upper deck, through downtown

Science And Diplomacy--Cuban Scientist Sergio Pastrana

Millennials' banking habits could make Wall Street obsolete

Ramadan fast imposes difficult choice on diabetic Muslims

Daily Holidays - June 16

Boeing gets 100-plane order at Paris Air Show

Picked up a Murray's "natural" chicken today...

The Koch Brothers and the Republican Party Go to War - With Each Other. About data

Supreme Court has not acted on second request to review Fisher v. UT

Historical question about marriage in Judaism...

US House Admits Nazi Role in Ukraine; Blocks Aid to Azov Battalion

Hard Evidence on Why Domestic Violence Victims May Think Twice About Calling 911

Nuclear power is the energy of a bright future

Israeli group threatens to sue Coca-Cola over Palestinian partner

Automatic surveillance drone security guards - Secom beats out OmniCorp :)

Sunday Times reporter on Snowden story: We don’t have a clue!

In the best interest of the American Workers

Just a word or two about Bernie and civil rights/social justice

Fracking op-ed was signed by public officials, but penned by big oil

The mighty Thesaurus!

Choppers On Chopping Block At United Technologies (Black Hawk helicopter)

Gun Maker Colt Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Apparently there is some arguing going here between Bernie and HRC supporters

I hear there is whining in the news!

Obama, Boehner abandon plans for Tuesday trade vote

Robert Reich on the Real Reason the Corporate-Friendly TPP Is Nearly Dead

Jeb Bush Announces Presidential Campaign (CliffsNotes Version)

I must eaten some food coloring yesterday

Conan O'Brien: "Jeb Bush announced he is running for president on Snapchat...."

Hello, Hillary Clinton Group. I come bearing gifts!

Irony alert: Password-storing company is hacked

White and Latino Catholics “Living in Different Worlds” On Climate Change

Fighting homophobia in schools: we can’t let religion stand in our way

How to Bolster Space Exploration: Get Religious Groups Onboard

New York Rent Regulation Laws Expire Amid Last-Minute Talks

Can something be done about articles from satire sites being posted as real news?

House republicans and Obama don't have the votes for TAA - looking to postpone re-vote until July 30

Is narcissism also one of Rachel Dolezal's problems?

Is the Democratic Party of Wisconsin interested in winning elections?

Hillary Clinton Calls Trade Stalemate 'a Process Issue'

A justice who rejects science and the law for religion is of unsound mind

NASA - May 2015 Global Avg. Temps .71C (1.3F) Above Long-Term Avg.; 2015 Off Chart So Far

Employers' zero-tolerance drug policies trump Colorado's medical marijuana laws...

Woman who attacked body in casket could have bond revoked

US drone strike kills Yemen al-Qaida leader Nasir al-Wuhayshi

Is Rachel Dolezal the first known transracial person?

Obama is invited to visit a site to see what three decades of failed trade policy looks like.

Five dead in California balcony collapse

A Manufacturer of Equality

Libyan militants appear to deny veteran fighter killed in U.S. strike

Bernie Sanders: “I’m not a great fan” of Benjamin Netanyahu

You know I have to say this - Miley Cyrus is actually starting to impress me

Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel working overtime to smear Russ Feingold

Bennett draws: "The Republican Base"

Contact The Honorable Nancy Pelosi on the TAA vote

Reformed Church of Alfredo: heresy or the one true path?

Cute little dancers.

From the Urban Dictionary-a word that some people need to learn.

Hillary Clinton, the TPP, and Protecting Our Food

The reporter probably didn’t notice Graham’s tail wagging or Mitt saying “good boy” under his breath

Bernie Sanders wants to amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include the LGBT community

Hillary Clinton: Top hedge fund managers make more than all kindergarten teachers combined

Here we go again.

Missoula wins legal fight to take over Mountain Water Co. (from Carlyle Group)

Dolezal just completely lost me - Can't be white and the mother to a black child?

Statoil to cut up to 2,000 staff, consultants

Rachel Maddow - Protesters rally as Shell preps to probe Arctic for oil

It has FINALly happened...

50 Yrs Since Mercury Spill In NW Ontario On First Nation Land, But Premier Wants More Studies

Y'know... The Flying Spaghetti Monster is actually serious stuff.

AP: In next strike against unions, GOP states go after wage laws

AP: In next strike against unions, GOP states go after wage laws

Keeling Curve Designated National Historic Chemical Landmark

Al Qaeda Apologizes for Murdering 20 Druze

Tsipras blasts IMF, accuses ECB of "financial asphyxiation"

Rachel Maddow - Hillary Clinton embracing recent Democratic presidential legacy

AP: In next strike against unions, GOP states go after wage laws

The Media just got serious about stacking the deck against Bernie ?

BERNIE tells corporate America: 'You want us to buy your products - Stop outsourcing."

U.S. Building Permits Soared to Their Highest Level in Nearly Eight Years

It's important to verify shared info with your friends/familly.

Did Hillary come out against the TPP?

Trump will announce some BS attention seeking program this morning

CHARLES PIERCE: Things I Choose Not to Care About: Rachel Dolezal Edition

Progressives balk at Alan Grayson’s pitch for leadership post

People wonder why I call "Fox and Friends" the Bottom Of The Sewer?

Ignore function. DU is a whole new world.

Going no where fast

Deon Cole Takes On Rachel Dolezal

EXCLUSIVE: The day Hillary’s team booted me off the bus

Veteran actor Sir John Hurt has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Many low-income Americans can’t even afford to rent

Mitt Romney: Hillary Clinton is a Phoney

The time David Letterman's show sent Pat Buchanan's racist supporters into a rage

The mysterious case of $54 million VA spent on prosthetics in $24,999 payments

Don't Believe the Hype: Candidate Clinton's Sudden Populism

Gaius Publius: ISDS Provisions in TPP Violate Article III of the U.S. Constitution

Indictment: Phoenix-area man helped plan, provided guns for Texas cartoon contest shooting

Bernie has successfully framed the debate on the 2016 elections.

The empirical shift in economics

Please come CAPTON CNN's hard-hitting interview with Jeb (Better fed than bred!) Bush!!

Jeb Bush's Security Team Booted Latin Group From Speech, Leaders Claim

Information critical to any Pastafarian; How to sail a Square Rigger.

Jeb! and Terri Schiavo

Will TPP destroy Gun Regulation?

Question about the noodly appendage of the one true faith

More Than a Million Apartments Face Deregulation as Rent Laws Expire

Scientists Believe They Have Isolated Gene for Failure

The world just turned upside-down.

Teacher Resigns After Reading Story About Gay Couple To Class Sparks Uproar

5 Irish Students Dead, 8 Injured, Many Critically, in Berkeley Balcony Collapse

The Trace, Bloomberg-Backed Journalism Startup, Tackles Gun Violence 'Epidemic'

Marcy, Sweetie Pie, and friends at the dog park.

WSJ: Surprise Bills for Many Under Health Law

Immigration Protesters Who Interrupted Bush's Announcement Theater

The Man Who Got No Sign-Shel Silverstein.

U.S. Bans Trans Fats !!!!!

How far Ron Paul has fallen

The Ladies Who Love Hillary

Religion Does No Harm, Bill Maher reflects

My cousin's husband has PTSD as a result

Bernie Sanders in Iowa City on 30 May 2015

"Is it any wonder that people think the Sunday Times story is a load of bunk?"

This is fun! 4 year old girl COMPLETELY enjoys her first aerobatic flight;

Mount Everest shifted 3 centimeters by Nepal earthquake

Finally, a Democrat who calls “bulls**t”:

Anyone listening to Trump ramble.....

If you are unable to see and listen to the Donald's "announcement", let me paraphrase it so far....

Donald Trump said you can build a website to handle ACA enrollment for $3.00 !!!

Billionaire Las Vegas mogul Kirk Kerkorian dies in Los Angeles

Wal-Mart tapped charity to ease market entry, critics say in complaint


Saturn spacecraft to sweep near moon Dione today

Go Donald Go! In a field of pygmy clowns, the Donald is a Giant. He's the King of Bluster

And Donald makes 12.

Who wants to see The Donald square off against jeb bush on a debate stage - about Iraq?

St. Louis Cardinals Investigated by F.B.I. for Hacking Astros

This Trump speech is hilarious...He is going to rock The GOP's world

I know that socks are banned

Pic Of The Moment: It's Official! Donald Trump Announces Run For President

Congress paddles toward a shutdown

Beer Volcano Candidate 001 -- Negra Moldelo

Cher....Charo...Sting.....Ludacris.....and now........JEB!

Trump complaining about China and how they are building their country up

23 in the GOP Clown Car with Bush Calling Shotgun

Did Trump just say the president can unilaterally impose tariffs?

Trump jumps in: The Donald's latest White House run is officially on

In your opinion what have been the biggest memes on DU?

Breaking: The FBI is investigating the Cardinals for hacking into the Astros’ computer system

Hematite 're-growth' smoothes rough edges for clean energy harvest

From 2012: David Letterman destroys Donald Trump

Do A State’s Politics Influence Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions? Yes, Study Says

My "WTF?" of the day, Fox's Keith Ablow weighs in on the fake "black" at the NAACP...

Ex-ambassador Michael Oren: Obama abandoned Israel

Help Me Find The Jeb! Logo That Was Brilliantly Altered On This Site

Prediction: Trump Will Be the Republican Frontrunner in the Next Set of Polls

Donald Trump said he's going to build a southern wall and make Mexico pay for it.

Can Hillary match Bernie’s fans? On the campaign trail, there's a contrast in styles...

King Clown just crushed the GOP Clown Car.

You can't buy love....

Oregon Legislature Hates Potheads More Than It Respects Democracy

caught a little of the trump announcment

Alaska National Guard Report calls for apology...for enabling and covering up Rapes and Murder

Printing a bridge

Introducing the New Pastafarian Group

Spygate was nothing compared to this:

Alaska wildfires continue; evacuations ordered; high temp & no rain is no help

I'm in the mood for some good comedy. Does anyone have a rush transcript of Trump's annoucement?

Tropical storm Bill

Explosive intervention by Pope Francis set to transform climate change debate

Acidification takes toll on Beaufort Sea; threats loom in Chukchi and Bering

Is California limiting water for Fracking?

DNC great response to Trump's announcement to run for president

Jeb keeps Farm Worker Out of Campaign Kick-Off!

Water thieves are on the rise in drought-stricken California

Report calls for apology, accountability for toxic culture, sexual assault at Alaska National Guard

looking for greener insulation.

Meanwhile, over at Trumpville.....I mean Free Republic.

Ecuador`s embattled president suspends inheritance bill amid protests

Analysis: Hezbollah and Israel's common interest in Syria

Saying you won't vote for a certain person is showing privilege

This is freaking brilliant

Today in Jeb! musical theatre

With Trump in, I'm looking forward to Reince Priebus saying the Republican field has an embarrassment of riches...

Texas Mayor Defends City’s Jesus Sign: 'You Can’t Pin One Religion On Jesus'

Thought-Provoking Portraits of People Lying in 7 Days Worth of their Garbage

Life miserable fir dinos in the tropics | Fossil mosquito w/ blood meal found - video

Donald Trump said most Mexican undocumented workers are rapists, drug dealers, and criminals.

Watch a wind tower being built....Unbelievable!

Gloves designed to prevent numbness

I know you were all worried, but there's now good tennis news...

will NBC allow trump to promote his run for clown in chief on their network?

All Star voting for the American League as of now

Today's Diane Rehm show was on the TPP

Finally a Democrat who calls bull***t,

Newest PPP poll out today has Hillary gaining momentum on all Dem candidates.

Bernie: Don't underestimate the power of social media. We the 99% will be heard!

CBS news captures the humanity and power of Trump.........screenshot


John Kasich: the 2016 GOP clown car's designated driver?

I applaud Donald Trump's entry into the race, if only for entertainment value

One party considers the office of President of the US with the highest regard.

What the hell?!?

Two polls in two days show Sanders closing on Clinton in NH.

Bernie Sanders’ Longshot Campaign Drawing Big Crowds (From the WSJ)

Second consecutive poll shows Bernie Sanders closing in on Clinton in New Hampshire

Hillary leads in new PPP poll. HRC Room

This is my follow up to first post here.

I love everything Bernie Sanders is doing/saying....but he doesn't believe in election fraud

Infrastructure: How Uncle Sam's math is making our highways crumble

A very permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Chabot: Jeb Bush! Hillary Clinton! it’s a who’s who of retreads

Beyond the Perfect Drought: California’s Real Water Crisis

Court of Appeals: pipeline comp no power of eminent domain in KY |Blueprint f/ landowners

Got into my Time Machine

They are starting to line up to challenge Kane.

This idiot went from communists to Muslims under his bed...

If you haven't done so, I would strongly encourage you to download WHIP WATCH to your iPhone

Service dog I saw this afternoon

Re: Lincoln Chafee

Court of Appeals: pipeline comp no power of eminent domain in KY |Blueprint f/ landowners

Nearly 400,000 Homeland Security Employees May Have Had Private Data Compromised

Court of Appeals: pipeline comp no power of eminent domain in KY |Blueprint f/ landowners

BREAKING: If elected, Jeb Bush will form a $48 billion task force to determine "What's a yoot"

Bid on a Ukulele Signed by Calexico, Neko Case and More

Kasich: the 2016 GOP clown car's designated driver?

The Repug Field Of Candidates Is A Joke & Now With Trump In It - It's Become Really Laughable....

Even Sesame Street thinks Donald Trump is "the trashiest"

The Great Divide with Joseph Stiglitz and Robert Reich

To Those Fellow DU'ers Who Don't Understand: Use of "Fringe Avatar" by Many of us Bernie Supporters

Could either political party say to a candidate "no thanks, you can't run for our nomination"?

David Brooks Warns of Economic Collapse and War Without TPP

Bernie: They talk about class warfare-

Hillary voted yes on the IWR, and apologized for it. Bernie has never apologized for voting yes

"We will lift up your whole family with prayer at this troubled time!!"

You're never to old to learn something new.

Kansas ends record-breaking long session with trickle UP tax bill

Senate Votes To Outlaw Torture

Donald Trump-"Mexicans Are Not Our Friends"

Jon Stewart on Trump

So, I put up a fence in my backyard today.

Bernie Sanders 'Stunned' By Large Crowds Showing Up For Him

For sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome

Scapegoating Labor for Fast Track's Defeat

House GOP Proposal Axes Family Planning Program

The burger that could fix fast food

Bloodsucking Banksters Want Another Bailout and YOU Will Pay for It

Honestly, why would anyone accept a number 2 position? "Al Qaeda Confirms Nasir Al-Wuhayshi, killed

Sandoval puts personal glory ahead of team

Kerry returning to DC today -- and he was involved remotely in the State Department briefing

Trump - Finally, Republicans have someone who will speak for old, rich, out of touch white men.

Trump blamed his failure in Atlantic City on.....with select comments from

CIA's Human Experimentation Requires Prosecution -

TPP Robocalls

So What Happens Today With The TPP?

Donald Trump: “We need someone to take the brand of the United States and make it great again"

Political Capital...

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 16, 2016

I've got it! Bernie can have a huge rally in the Nevada high desert

Noted Centerfold Scott Brown To Bernie Sanders: Stop Spitting And Comb Your Hair!

Now That Rachel Dolezal Is Enjoying Her 15 Minutes Of National Fame - How Soon Before.....

You’re the reason BDS is winning!

Hillary’s lame “stand” on TPP: Good things are good, and bad things are bad!

Do Some Social Justice Advocates Go Too Far?

Now Hiring! All Positions!

While Donald Trump talked (and talked), Hillary Clinton got some very bad news

Got inspired.

Why Comparing Rachel Dolezal To Caitlyn Jenner Is Detrimental To Both Trans And Racial Progress

MSNBC Producer Leaving to Join Bernie Sanders Campaign

"What's that cumulous cloud doing on your head?" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

I showed up in a Bernie picture thanks to cal04

Armless man throws out first pitch at San Francisco Giants game with his feet

Hillary Clinton Populist Speech Hides Who She Really Is

Action Among Health Insurers & A Push Toward Consolidation In That Industry-Some Questions....

Walker, Bush, Rubio lead GOP field; Clinton Still Dominant

Marvin Bush brother of Jeb Bush

Hillary signs nine year-old's note explaining her absence from school.

The Ego has landed.

Suffolk University Poll Shows Sanders Closing Gap on Clinton in New Hampshire

Venezuela chides Procter & Gamble over sanitary pad prices

Clinton confidant testifies before House Benghazi panel

Egypt court confirms Morsi death sentence over jailbreak

I will not, under any circumstances, vote for

PSA: Election Fraud and Voter Fraud are two VERY different things

CA Fundy Legislator Links Drought to Abortion Laws

"Ghetto Burger" served on a Sub "Role"...balancing financial needs with political correctness

Is America ready for a clown in the White House?

I Hate to Say This. For Years We Were Led To Believe That Jeb Was The "Smart" One. But It Appears

What the Rich Always Say

Suffolk polling considered the "laughing stock" of 2012 polling

Dominican Republic to be 'Socially Cleaned'

Why Are Republicans Obsessed With Your Sex Life?

Trump Vows to Create Jobs for Comedians

WARNING!!! do not discount Donald Trump

Chris Christie's local newspaper says he'll start World War III if he's president

15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal media

Didn't Jeb! claim to be Hispanic?

Bernie Sanders Gains on Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

Somebody PLEASE post and pin to the top of this Group the official

Jeb! - A thousand points of lite

Filthy Trans-Freak Pervert Caitlyn Jenner Should Die & Go to Hell

Here is a good site

It is clear to me that the GOP is out to wreak the primary system by overloading it with

John Hurt Is Battling Pancreatic Cancer

Funny Trump Pic

Toyota adds nearly 1.4M vehicles to Takata air bag recall

Ok....I've made up my mind.....I can't support Hillary...

Children need heterosexual parents, Pope Francis says after gay pride march

A third of the world’s biggest groundwater basins are in distress

Obama’s Bipolar Approach Towards Climate Change


Indiana Mayor (D) pubishes a wonderful coming out essay

Suspect charged with attempted murder after subway shove

Why isn't the media calling Trump on his horrible racism today?

"Over 80 years ago today, Glass-Steagall was signed into law. We must work now to reinstate it. "

"Over 80 years ago today, Glass-Steagall was signed into law. We must work now to reinstate it."

Linking climate change to natural disasters influences charitable aid

Pope Francis: Gay Parents Aren’t Capable Of Loving Children Like Straight Parents

Issa escorted out of Benghazi deposition

Hillary Clinton enjoys 90% and 81% favorability among African American and Latino Democrats

Suspect charged with attempted murder after subway shove of transgender woman

If Jenner can be a woman while still sporting a penis, why can't Rachel Dolezal be African American?

Nissan, GM Give EV Batteries a Second Life

VICE is finally covering a story the mainstream press is blind too "Enemy at the Gate"

just filled out my Republican survey

The Great Divide, Joseph Stiglitz & Robert Reich

The Great Divide, Joseph Stiglitz & Robert Reich

How To Talk To Kids About Racism In America -- With A Picture Book

Trump campaign releases details of Mexican funded border wall plan

Developers can be required to include affordable housing, California high court rules

As if you needed another reason to vote for Hillary

In A.I.G. Case, Surprise Ruling That Could End All Bailouts

Donald Trump-"The Gucci store I own is worth more than Mitt Romney."

There's no such thing as "Transracial"

I went to the grocery store this afternoon.

howdy folks

"The person you're roaring at, insulting, belittling, might not be here tomorrow" Exactly.

Rachel Dolezal's Hair

Move-on email - Speaker John Boehner has been forced to delay legislation to fast-track approval

If you have to miss school, make sure you have a note.

Pittsburgh Man Charged With Robbing Bank With a Sex Toy

Kimmo Timonen ends 17-year NHL career as a Stanley Cup champion

The Death of a Republican Talking Point

In his campaign announcement Donald Trump revealed his heretofore secret to defeat ISIS

This is brilliant! Hilarious!

From Emily's List Email. They are on a mission in 2016!

How Airlines Might Gouge You in the Future: Personalized Pricing

Help an Asheville area no-kill rescue "Brother Wolf" win a $75000 grant. VOTE NOW please :)

The fascinating, feel good psychology of internet cat videos

The Jewish-Arab running club that’s uniting some of Jerusalem’s teens

Israel’s race to economic (and moral) bankruptcy

A example of why suggestions to pump water to California from across the Rockies are unrealistic

I haven't flown in five years,

Trump Steals Song From Neil Young, Oblivious To It's Meaning

the great Johnny Otis, a Greek-American who claimed to be black & was celebrated for it

I made it into a Bernie photo

I'll be darned, the system worked.

Neil Young is a longtime supporter of Bernie Sanders. Trump's use of song was not authorized.

Arizona doctors won't have to say abortions can be reversed

UBS: Solar will be the default technology, and will replace nukes and coal

John Fugelsang on Donald Trump...

CALL ME ISHMAEL - Anthony Bourdain

Laugh of the Day-> Issa escorted out of Benghazi deposition

Jeb? Jeb who?

This gets so tiresome ...

Reopening the Door for Mass Surveillance

Squash, zucchini, squash and more squash.

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg Comes Out As Gay In Powerful Essay

Ex-Patriots LB Brandon Spikes' AFC title ring appears on eBay (Update)

To the Boston Olympics 2024 committee. We don't want it. Pay attention!

Mexico Military Spending: Peña Nieto Spent $1 Billion On US Military Equipment To Fight Drug Cartels

Mexico Military Spending: Peña Nieto Spent $1 Billion On US Military Equipment To Fight Drug Cartels

Bush and Trump added to the comics. How silly is this getting to be?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Rachel Dolezal gives me the creeps.

Cuba, Bolivia Decry Destabilization Against Ecuador Government

Rep. Darrell Issa Escorted Out Of Benghazi Deposition By Panel Chair

Why Muslims in Alaska will fast 9 hours more than others

Michelle Obama tells London schoolgirls 'the world needs people like you'

Trump says he's in;next up Sarah Palin. That will drive the idiot media berserk trying to cover her.

CNN Asks: Is Black The New Black?

Queen Of Hearts kitty rescue by Elizabeth Watsonville, CA

The Looming 8th Pandemic – Climate Change and Cholera

Neil Young to Donald Trump: Don't Rock in My Free World

Jeb Bush calls out Pope Francis on climate change

Hillary seems to captivate everyone that sees her.

Neil Young to Donald Trump: Don't Rock in My Free World

His Analogy Is Closer Than You Think

Is Trump Doing This Presidential Bid On His Own Or Has He Hired Experienced Advisors.....

Woah... Issa REMOVED from Behgazhi hearing/deposition...

Viral Video Shows Service Dog Calming Human In Throes Of Asperger’s Meltdown

On Voting

yes...Yes...YES!!! THE DONALD is IN!!!

Trump, in FOX interview, heaps praise on Putin, vows to have "great relationship" with him

British Prime Minister David Cameron: I never told Scott Walker Obama's leadership is lame

NL All-Star Ballot Update - Posey moves ahead of Molina

Matilda The 'Alien Cat' Just Wants To Cuddle

APNewsBreak: GOP leaders putting together trade rescue plan

Just heard Tweety and Michael Steele discussing the RNC telling

U.S. arrests New York man for Islamic State-inspired bomb plot

Russia to Add 40 New Intercontinental Missiles This Year

Will "real" liberals sit on their hands if Hillary wins the nomination?

U.S. House buys time on trade bill until July 30

South Bend mayor comes out as gay in editorial

Black Like Me

I, too, have made up my mind, and there is absolutely, positively, definitely no way I am voting for

The National Review(yes, that National Review) on Trump: Witless Ape Rides Escalator

Former Ravens Cheerleader Pleads Guilty to Rape

Qatar Airways urged to scrap policy allowing it to sack pregnant cabin crew

ZOMBIE Apocalypse "Trade" deal TPP: Back from The Dead.

Kotorba toon: Jeb!

Transracial doesn’t mean what Rachel Dolezal thinks it means

July 4, 1965: LGBT protest in Philadelphia

GOP funding targets EPA, net neutrality, ACA, but CDC & NIH are winners

Honda betting big on hydrogen fuel cell car

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