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Lee Grant

The maker of 'the gun that won the West' is reportedly filing for bankruptcy

Update: Just wanted those to are interested. My wife found a job. She found work that will allow

Supreme Court decision awaited on UT admissions case

With Little Fanfare, Mexican Supreme Court Effectively Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

With Little Fanfare, Mexican Supreme Court Effectively Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Hillary Clinton in Iowa: Make lemonade on trade deal


Anyone else see Jurassic World? (no spoilers please)

I'd like to thank the Bernie Sanders group for banning me

am i missing something?

US Venezuela talks take place in Haiti despite tensions

paint it black

Somebody's looking for a big big job!

The REAL Problem with McKinney

The Changing Face of Centrist Campaigning

What's Wrong with "political correctness"?(from The New Statesman)

In Iowa, Bernie Sanders Gets Pressed on Immigration

‘We’re not all equal when it comes to water’

Bernie Sanders Thrills Large Crowd At Iowa Town Hall

Are you ready for something radical? Bernie lays out his plan (videos)

Evacuation notice widens as Willow fire threatens homes

Couple observations about tonight's "60 Minutes..."

Arizona informs DOJ they have no plans to comply with federal Prison Rape Elimination Act

Bombing ISIS Into Existence

'Daredevil' season 2 cast: Jon Bernthal cast as the Punisher

U.S., Venezuelan officials meet in Haiti, continue quiet diplomacy

Greece and creditors fail in 'last attempt' to reach deal

The War in Colombia and Why It Continues

The War in Colombia and Why It Continues

Yemen rebels head to Geneva talks as forces gain ground

French minister asks shops to stop selling Monsanto Roundup weedkiller

Denzel Washington is so funny

Honduran Hilarity: Why Obama's $1 Billion For Central America Is Risky. And Urgent.

Honduran Hilarity: Why Obama's $1 Billion For Central America Is Risky. And Urgent.

Bernie has little foreign policy experience

Most Voters Still Clueless About Patent Trolls As Congress Advances Legislation

New York convicts may have rehearsed their escape route at night, DA says

Conservatives Around the World Have Much in Common

Second Teen Reported Injured in North Carolina Beach Shark Attacks

So I'm just curious

Way too many DUers have died recently

So I am wondering why the media hasn't pointed out that Hillary's emails

How Hillary Clinton’s kickoff speech highlighted her advantage over Republicans

Isn't it amazing how some anonymous sources ...

Bush has edge in New Hampshire

Jaw dropping list of apple varieties grown in Virginia estate in 1736

How Hillary Clinton’s kickoff speech highlighted her advantage over Republicans

Survey says...

Trumka: Pope Francis's US visit may boost alliance between labor, Church

Looking for submissions for the Lounge Karma Sutraa

For the record, I find these things equally odious

Scott Walker Is Undermining Academic Freedom at the University of Wisconsin

i haven't been posting much the last

Bernie Sanders Voted for the Most Reprehensible Pro-Gun Legislation in Recent Memory

Steve Blow: Leadership? Color me unimpressed by Rick Perry’s record

Video after video show crowds going nuts over Bernie. Why?

(OT) Sorry I have been absent the

Lost Canadian dog catches flight home!

For the anti-vaxxers........

psst, PBO coming to Palm Springs next week . . .

Doctors come out against bill to force-feed prisoners

Bernie pledges support for Democratic Senate candidates. Will you?

I really like seeing the avid Hillary supporters going after Bernie

Voter turnout - how to convince someone to vote

Don't put your kayak up just yet - Tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico, now moving toward TX

The 10 Senate seats most likely to switch parties in 2016 elections per the Washington Post

What are you reading the week of Sunday, June 14, 2015?

Someone should advise Sheldon (asshole)

Correa warns of coup plot

How passing the plate becomes the 'Sunday morning stickup'

Rachel Dolezal Once Told A Student She Did Not Look Hispanic Enough For A Class Activity

Charges Deferred After Gun Discharges at Waldorf Astoria

Station Astronaut Snaps Super Sharp View of the Great Pyramids from Space

Texas Redneck Bigot Promises To Run Al Sharpton Out Of Texas

Former Mexican First Lady Margarita Zavala announces presidential bid

India’s First Lesbian Ad Breaks Records (and Maybe the Law)

Llama wins at show jumping dog competition in England

Funeral homes increasingly using dogs to comfort mourners

Here's how much you need to make in each US state to rent a two-bedroom apartment

You know what the most amazing thing is about the Rachel Dolezal story?

Reward Physicians For Keeping Patients Healthy

NO TRUTH to the fact that Jeb scuttled the anemic "Jeb!" concept in favor of "I can haz Jeb 2016?"

IKEA to Invest Billion Dollars in the Environment

How do edits work these days?

Jake Tapper Interview re: TPP

If failure to enact gun control makes a person/group responsible for gun deaths

Witness: Explosion 'shook the house' (pipeline explosion near Cuero, Texas)

Failed Attempt to Rebuke Lawmakers Riles Texas GOP

South Texas detention center takes toll on immigrants languishing there

And concise video that explains why black Americans are not successful as whites

Witness: Explosion 'shook the house' (pipeline explosion near Cuero, Texas)

How to handle polls that say Americans don't trust your candidate? Easy peasy!

New York City's greenhouse gas emissions as one-ton spheres of carbon dioxide gas

Another update on the abandoned cat Tiger Tim (good news and bad news)

Exactly How the NSA Is Getting Away With Spying on US Citizens

North Korean soldier walks across border to defect, South says

If Police Action Figures Were Realistic

LSU, Jared Poche unravel on big stage and fall 10-3 to TCU in CWS opener

MC Supreme dead: 1990s rapper's parked car hit by suspected impaired driver

CIA Declassifies 9/11 Report

State Controller Betty Yee wants tax reform that relies less on the top 1%

Tally of total posts on various Democratic groups as of 6/14/15 12AM PDT

If the election were held this Tuesday, COULD you vote for Hillary or Bernie or O'Malley???

NPR listeners skewer Wait, Wait..for Kim Kardashian appearance

Does the campaign have an email address yet?

I am psych'd, Meet Up in Minneapolis Wed, June 17th 6:30 pm...

America’s Seniors Find Middle-Class ‘Sweet Spot’

Daily Holidays - June 15

Robert Jeffress: Gay Wedding Cake Wars Will Escalate Into Full-Fledged Holocaust Against Christians

Why the Republicans will have a very difficult time against Ms Clinton

Oil Company Executive Assaults Gay Activist In Downtown Austin In Apparent Hate Crime

Hillary Clinton Promotes the TPP in Singapore 11-17-2012

84-Year-Old Volunteer Rebuilds, Sends Linux Laptops to Africa

Howard Kurtz upset with Hillary Clinton

Vast data warehouse raises health overhaul privacy concerns

Free Bernie Sanders Bumper Stickers.

Statistical Data: 6/15/2015 4:30 a.m. CDT

Statistical Data: 6/15/2015 4:30 a.m. CDT

Jeb Bush To Announce...

Brothers Mow Lawn To Keep Woman From Going To Jail

Breaking: According to the latest Straw Poll, Senator Sanders will be elected President

I think the American political system is way too rigged

Great pic of Hillary #IOWA launch at Fairgrounds -NBC had a LIVE stream

If Police Strippers were realistic

Montville Township residents ask for stricter gun laws

ATTENTION: DO NOT CLICK on the GD post in all caps about

Sorry Carley!

Twitter comments re: the JEB! logo

5,000 Hanging Skirts: How Women Remember War Rape in Kosova

CIA director Brennan denounced by professors at his alma mater over torture scandal

Any thoughts on urban zoos and climate change (graphic photos at link)

The Forgotten Costs of War in the Middle East

Witnesses: 2 suicide bombers attack Chadian capital

Islamic State conflict: Syrian Kurds move on Tal Abyad

Wanted Sudan leader Bashir flies out of South Africa

France basilica fire: Saint-Donatien in Nantes engulfed

Greece crisis: PM Tsipras tells creditors to 'get real'

Today's Non Sequitur.

Here's a good reason why the message of ecological danger isn't being absorbed.

****WINNERS of the SPRING Photo Contest****

China’s South China Sea dominance is the price US pays for Iraq and Afghanistan

Hillary Clinton: Obama Should Listen To Nancy Pelosi On Trade

(LEAD) N. Korea appears to have appointed new defense chief

A bleeding wound on the Saudi border: Why Yemen peace talks are unlikely to make progress

C-Span's Washington Journal

I almost clicked into an odd Malware trap

WINNERS of the SPRING Photo Contest now up in GD

EU needs to prepare for 'state of emergency' in Greece

Safe passage to our friend Jackpine Radical -

Wanted Sudan leader Bashir flies out of South Africa

Florida Biker Bar.

Clinton Leads in Early States, But Sanders Popular in New Hampshire

Under Scott Walker Wisconsin comes in last in Kauffman's entrepreneur rankings

I keep thinking about the dangers posed by Corporate Dems who are socially liberal

Euro plunges as Greek talks collapse

POLL: Meme of the Week – June 15th

CVS to Pay $1.9 Billion for Pharmacies Inside Target Stores

The 'Charlie Charlie Challenge' and Teenage Yearning for Supernatural Encounters

Catholic, Orthodox Christian and atheist to present Pope’s encyclical

The simple reason that Teapublican Economics ALWAYS Fails:

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Crazy Party

Monday Toon Roundup 2-2016

Monday Toon Roundup 3-Politics

Transhumanism is not Atheism and is often Misrecognized Religion

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

E.L. James announces new book Grey, told from Christian Grey's point of view

How the government tipped their hand against Snowden and proved they are lying

Another Donation to Bernie. Can't afford it, but can't afford not to.

Canned spray cheese product is crack for my dog

Seniors favor GOP when HRC is Dem nominee

[Archbishop] Nienstedt, deputy resign after abuse coverup charges against archdiocese

Archbishop of St. Paul/Minneapolis resigns after abuse coverup charges against archdiocese

If you don't fight for what you want you won't get it.

Krugman nails a good one...

Joe of Morning Joe just said what I consider the most ignorant statement ...

CIA torture appears to have broken spy agency rule on human experimentation

Is anyone else having an issue with

I would like to start a forum group in politics

Hooters waitress donates kidney to long-time Hooters customer

Watching SCOTUS this morning. Good luck everyone

Dear GOP: When you've lost Chris Wallace, your goose is cooked.

Bernie Sanders: "Do I look like Hillary Clinton?"

Vatican indicts ex-ambassador to Dominican Republic

Morning Consult Polls

Bernie Sanders Is Building an Army to Take D.C.

SCOTUSBLOG gearing up for new Court rulings

Lindsey Graham Wants To Shoot Bernie Sanders In The Face?

Apologies if you've already seen a raccoon riding an alligator today.

None of us is safe: Major cybersecurity company hacked

Dense mayfly swarm causes crashes, closes Pennsylvania bridge

U.S. industrial production unexpectedly falls in May

CIA torture appears to have broken spy agency rule on human experimentation

US Republican lawmakers make Cuba visit

Rebel front leader killed in Colombia

The campaign rhetoric in the 1932 presidential race between FDR and Hoover was weird.

PA. budget headed for complete gridlock - likely to be late, which will harm human services

Call Your Reps and ask them to vote against TAA/TPP - more voting scheduled Mon/Tue

Thousands in Nicaragua protest Chinese canal plan

Elections should not be about personalities.

The solution to funding social security forever:

Longest ride yet and no numb hands!

John Oliver & Helen Mirren destroy Americans’ fairy-tale belief in torture

TOON: The Kansas "Experiment"

So did the magic trick work?

These sequels practically write themselves!

Haaretz: Edward Snowden, defender of democracy or accessory to autocracy?

Galapagos Paralyzed as Islanders Protest Losing Subsidies

The apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

If you like tweets from Hillary, you're gonna love her texts. Text "2016" to 47246

......spoiler. GOT. Oh no they didn't...

Snowden, Putin, Greece: It’s All The Same Story

the House killed TAA last friday but passed TPA, a revote is scheduled Today or tuesday

'Jurassic World’ movie review by noted film critic

Just food for thought when someone makes a positive post about an event for a Dem Candidate

Amtrak riders?

Lost Elderly Woman In Scooter Chair Gets Police Escort Home -- At 6 MPH

This Series of Five Rachel Dolezal 2014 Raw Interview Videos Will Absolutely Baffle You

What troubles me about Rachel Dolezal most is that she grew up with white privilege

“Rebuilding the American Dream means committing to immigration reform and bringing millions of new

“Rebuilding the American Dream means committing to immigration reform and bringing millions of new

Robo-Bird | Creepy Technology

U.S. manufacturing sector is in a technical recession

Reporting on What a Candidate Said at an Event Is NOT Support

Bernie Sanders on ISIS War Drones and Solutions

What do you think now, Justice Scalia?

Questioning Copsuckers in #Mckinney

I have finally

Disconnection & Bravery: Why Rachel Dolezal Parents Where Right To Expose The Ruse

Paul Ryan can’t even convince Fox News that Republicans have a viable Obamacare alternative

Stunning images of abandoned Soviet space shuttles

Like these definitions? Sent by a high school friend of mine,

Pope Francis’s anticapitalist revolution launches on Thursday

Chris Christie On Hillary's Speech: 'I Thought Elizabeth Warren Wasn't Running For President'

Clinton vs.Bush, Act II.

Supreme Court Rejects North Carolina’s Appeal on Pre-Abortion Ultrasounds/NYT

Only 512 days until Election Day 2016

The facts vs. David Brooks: Startling inaccuracies raise questions about his latest book

Niall Ferguson Fights Back Against Smear Campaign by Fact-checkers, Facts (Jon Chait)

Destruction in wake of fast-moving wildland fires in Alaska

Interesting salad recipe from Nancy Fuller...

Dangerous Flood Threat Looms In Texas As Tropical Disturbance In Gulf Pushes North

Pope says Christians should believe in evolution and Big Bang.

Paul Krugman- Democrats Being Democrats

Workers Betrayed by Visa Loopholes

Happy 800th Birthday!

Colorado high court rules employees can be fired for smoking pot outside of work

Alaska: People in path of proposed MEA powerline want it back in Wasilla's 'viewshed'

Hillary Clinton has always been to Obama's left on economics

Was going out to take dog for a walk (he's on a leash cuz of stitches in his rear leg) when he got

"Early childhood education is so important—I want more for my daughter than I had." —Ellen and Katie

Frank Luntz just slayed Jeb Bush

Big kiss to Jeb on NPR this morning

Fire Engulfs Historic French Cathedral.

US safety agency probes Mazda SUVs for suspension problem

Bernie on police, minorities...Friday in Des Moines

If you'll recall, Nostradamus wrote that once Rush made the cover of Rolling Stone, we'd be screwed.

Rachel Dolezal (2014) | Talking about her experience as a "black woman"

"The Real Meaning of Obama's Trade Defeat": labor

Republican Congressman: Put The VA In Charge Of ISIS — They’d Get Beheadings Wrong

People keep telling me that Hillary has always opposed (whatever) or that Hillary

Archbishop Nienstedt finally resigned.

Soldier Missing From Vietnam War Accounted For

Soldier Missing From Vietnam War Accounted For

U.S. top court rejects North Carolina abortion ultrasound case

Spain passes citizenship plan for descendants of Jews exiled centuries ago

U.S. top court rejects North Carolina abortion ultrasound case

Welcome to the good ship Pastafarian

Romney attacks Hillary as out of touch: When Clinton Smiles, Her Eyes Say ‘Where’s My Latte?’

IEA: new report finds protecting climate doesn't hurt growth

The 4 Biggest Myths the Media Needs to Stop Telling About Bernie Sanders

VA Medical Center, Metro bus system near deal on returning veterans to hospital entrance

There Is No Budget Surplus in @WisGOP Scott Walker's #Wisconsin- He has a $2.2 billion deficit

VA Medical Center, Metro bus system near deal on returning veterans to hospital entrance

Does anyone know what became of The Magistrate?

5 reasons Repubs would vote Dem if they were being honest


China Syndrome

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush Officially Announces Run For President, Disses "DC Crowd"

Americans Prefer Living in Neighborhoods With Guns

4 things to remember about Jeb Bush

A Guide to the Regional Ramen of Japan

Keynesianism Will Not Save The World

Rachel Dolezal resigns as leader from NAACP's Spokane chapter

Feel The Bern moment by Senator Warren

Good News Update on the abandoned cat -- Tiger Tim

Lie Witness News – Cleveland Cavaliers Edition

Bernie Sanders On Combating Unemployment - Indianola, IA

Cat Toss Vid

The destruction of Jamaica’s economy through austerity

‘Get Baked’ sale features samples of marijuana munchies

For the Game of Thrones fans in the group:

Here's Dolezal’s Full Statement Resigning as Spokane NAACP President

What is Pastafarianism?

Becoming Us

Bernie Sanders: Outrageous gerrymandering

Heard this about Hillary the Democratic Front Runner this morning.

"It's like Obama pulled the trigger!" . . . . Come CAPTION Fox's Ainsley Earhardt!!!

Rachel Dolezal’s Brothers Address Her Race

Destroy this meme, "Bernie can't win in the general election, that's why we need

Host Request

Kurdish Forces Seize IS Supply Route in Syria

If you agree with his vision, then be a part of the political revolution....

From Texas to Alaska: Cat survives 64 days trapped in a moving box.

"Call me CRAZY"

Charles Pierce on HRC's rollout speech

Best wishes to the DU Pastafarians and all who post here!

A post about the Consort of the FSM....the Invisible Pink Unicorn!

Do Some People Think Bernie Sanders Is a Republican?

Bacteria Could Help Clean Groundwater Contaminated by Uranium Ore Processing, Rutgers Study Finds

Did the Pentagon destroy evidence in the NSA leak investigation?

I saw that one coming...

Today is the 800th anniversary of signing of the Magna Carta

Another wack-a-doodle - Noah's Ark and Soc. Security

Detroit Gentrification Means "Forced Relocation" of Black Seniors

Pastafarian Prayer Book

Bernie Sanders Talks Obscene Wealth

Barbara Bush Announces Run for President, Attacks Son Jeb

Martin O'Malley thanks DREAMers for DACA on third anniversary today

I've seen many threads speculating on when Bernie will drop out...

Luckovich: Oops

Nienstedt, Piche resign in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Jeb Bush is a compassionate conservative

Ted Cruz: I just recieved another message from God...

If you want to watch a 178-foot water tower in Plano fall over this morning, you’re in luck

First Baby Born from Frozen Ovary Collected in Childhood

ALERT: Raymond Devere Johnson was a Signalman on LST - 218 in World War Two

ALERT: Raymond Devere Johnson was a Signalman on LST - 218 in World War Two

The Stanford Prison Experiment - A forgotten but Important Study

Any Bernie Sanders supporters here? Trying to find a group to volunteer with for him near Cville.

Jeb's foreign policy team: Wolfowitz, Hadley, et al. Beware.

Hillary Clinton team denies Daily Mail reporter access to campaign coverage

Police: 2-year-old girl found dead in woods was placed there

I've heard it said that Pastafarianism is a MOCKERY of religion.

Early Polls: Bernie Sanders Surges In New Hampshire

Found a snake wrapped around one of my ducks this morning.

Bride rages as Waldorf cancels reception after shooting

Any "Orphan Black" fans here?

Israel prepares to repel boarders as ‘Freedom Flotilla 3’ tries to run Gaza blockade

Best commercial EVER ( a nod to Game of Thrones)

Took many steps to get here, but I have finally left

Israeli government approves bill to 'force-feed' prisoners on hunger strike

Why the neoliberal sadists seek to deepen recession in Greece

California’s largest nursing home owner under fire from government regulators

Construction begins for Ottawa's new light-rail line

Summers: Trade defeat will make world more dangerous

So you can't fire the team - is it time to make Farrell the example? Red Sox in free fall..

Boeing considering new mid-market jet sized between 737 and 787

Comparing the Clintons to FDR is crazy in my book.

Republicans and Democrats sharply divided on how tough to be with Russia

Perhaps the home office should be notified?

Are You Blacker Than A Rachel Dolezal? [QUIZ]

Watch your back if you work for the state

Ben Carson, M.D. grabs lead in latest Republican poll

Louvre Museum, other French sites refuse to book Israeli students' visit - Diplomacy and Defense

Rich Californians balk at limits: ‘We’re not all equal when it comes to water’

Dutch schooner OOSTERSCHELDE, sailing from New Zealand to Cape Horn in 1997 (9 min vid)

How Many People Need To Die Until Infrastructure Is Fixed?

''He was a bright light, a rare enlightened being.''

More AfAm males in prison now than were SLAVES in 1850! In Prison or under prison watch.

Rich Californians balk at limits: ‘We’re not all equal when it comes to water’ (xpost from GD)

Justice Ginsberg on CSPAN right now!

Future of Transportation: Cities with Choices—and Less Parking

Ruffalo on Bernie: 'He is Pure Class .... Pure Presidential Material'!

Gulf of Mexico Disturbance (Invest 91L) Poses Major Flood Threat For Texas, Oklahoma, Ozarks

Friend who witnessed Michael Brown's death appears in court

My "WTF?" of the day, conservative politician and radio talk show host want to prosecute anti-bullys

Transracial will never mean

Jackpine Radical has passed. A reasonable defender of 2A....

Hillary is the Democratic Frontrunner!

Israel steps up social media fight with satire on Gaza under Hamas

Transportation First, then Economic Development for Streetcars

Potential criminal here. I confess...

A sad picture from Indonesia

New twist in the Dolezal story: Her brother is an alleged child molester

Bernie Sanders: 'I'm Not a Great Fan' of Benjamin Netanyahu

Employers Can Fire Medical Marijuana Patients For Private, Off-Duty Use, Colo. Supreme Court Rules

Judge: Feds overstepped with AIG bailout

Scott Brown:Tell Bernie Sanders to stop spitting and comb his hair

Toon: Justice Roberts and the Obamacare Case

two excursions in two weekends - lots of pics

The livefeed for the Jeb Bush announcement just went up...

Come on, someone has to tell me,

Charges reduced for paramedic seen on video dumping man off stretcher

Bernie Sanders Shocks With New Poll

Grand Canyon Escalade Dealt a Serious Blow

Public Citizen’s blog: Trade; GM recall; TX; lotteries; political deals = betrayal

Has anyone used Thumbtack?

Teriyaki sandwich dispute in S.F. turns violent

I'm going ask a dumb question: Can handguns actually fire without the trigger being pulled?

Netanyahu Compares UN and Nazi 'Slander of Jews'

For Now, There's No Constitutional Right to Marriage

dear m$nbc. Hillary is holding her first press conference since declaring and you are absent.

Did Elizabeth Warren just endorse Bernie Sanders?

Bernie's email from today 6-15-15


Looks like Bernie is surging in NH

Bernie Sanders: "I will not make that mistake."

National: No ‘Top Tier’ In 2016 GOP Race

Snapple and Arizona Teas are both from New York

Palestinian Hunger-Striker Khader Adnan Struggles for Freedom

How Americans Get TV News at Home

What is your opinion of Linked-In?

Italy threatens to give Schengen visas to migrants as EU dispute deepens

Anti-same-sex marriage booklet sent to Catholic schools 'degrades' young gay people

Just a reminder: Jeb Bush sold out the health of the Ichetucknee River for $190,000 in donations

I'm not sure I can do this...

Dallas police shooter’s father says ‘liberal people’ drove son to ‘breaking point’

I am curious about the Ask The Administrators forum.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Millions of Seniors Go Hungry, GAO Finds

Yemen's Heritage, a Victim of War

Pope Francis's radical statement on global warming will have Repub heads spinning on Thursday

An '80s-era Amiga controls the heating for an entire school district

Kurdish forces seize most of Islamic State-controlled border town: monitor

Jeb Bush was central figure in enabling George to steal 2000 election

Pasta physics tech demo

Jesus Enough Bushes (TMNightWatcher) and his cousin

Georgia Newspaper Retracts Alert Saying 'The Sun Just Exploded'

Joan Walsh: Hillary Clinton is returning Dems to their liberal roots

Whoa! This tropical depression heading towards Texas may actually INTENSIFY over land.

Just how badly abused were Billy Graham's kids?

It’s Time to Start Sweating Climate Change

You increase your payroll 20% and you are at 32-33? You fire the manager, naturally.

JEB: Third Time Isn't The Charm (Graphics)

What's for dinner? Monday, 6/15.

xchrom's greatest hits...

re Rachel Dolezal, what do African Americans think of white kids who act like black rappers?

Golden State Warriors Games Have Become Hammer Time

Today’s ultrasound decision is a big defeat for anti-choice warriors

Diary Of A Mad White Woman: The Rachel Dolezal Story

I believe Jeb! the musical goes something like this

jeb could have two previous presidents standing up for him at his announcement today.

A rose by any other name would still smell the same.

80% of Americans own just 7% of the country's wealth

six at once

Scott Walker Makes Wisconsin Even Dumber

In 5 words or fewer, what is THE top issue influencing your vote in 2016?

things pass by so fast on DU.

According to Mother Jones There Are 23 Reasons JEB Should Not Run For President

Pope Francis' Climate Change Encyclical Just Leaked. Here's What It Says.

I will not make this mistake

Vandy walkoff homer win! First one in six years.

O'Malley Campaign to Hillary: TPP, Fast-Track More Than a 'Process Issue'

Hillary's advisors on yesterday's talk shows: The TPA/TPP is too confusing for voters to understand

CBSN has a banner ,,,,

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Torture (HBO)

We Americans Aren't That Dumb That We Would Elect Ourselves Another Bush President.....

Bilderberg 2015: TTIP and a travesty of transparency

How Hillary Clinton the Democratic Front Runner won the weekend on social media

The New Fascism: Putin's Russia and the American Christian Right team up

The Bernie and Hillary supporters had better stop alienating one another, cuz if Jeb is elected

jeb's speech....not a word about w

Photos of Bernie in Indianola, IA 6-14-15

Bernie Sanders Can Win the Iowa Caucus

Photos of Bernie in Indianola, IA 6-14-15

Men’s rights fanatics defend Iowa mall shooter fired for sexual harassment: It’s ‘hard to blame him’

Hi Bernie supporters.

William Greider: Voters appear on stage at election time. "But are given no lines to speak or songs

Denali: A New Film About Friendship, Love, and Saying Goodbye

Chris Christie Just Raised Democrat Chances in 2016

White House Party?

Happy New Year! Stanford May Have Just Cured Alzheimer’s

R.I.P. John "Dr. Dan Stewart" Colenback, Star of "As the World Turns," at 79

The ‘Splainer: What is an encyclical?

Good question from Greider at The Nation.

How to Become a Pastafarian

Clinton, in NH, calls for universal preschool, chides GOP

Court upholds Sikh’s right to facial hair, turban in ROTC

Hillary once again addresses TPP at press conference.

14 Healthy Summer Soup Recipes

Jackpine Radical lived his activism….HIS way.

With Rent Laws Expiring at Midnight, de Blasio Warns Landlords Not to Take Advantage

Bush Says He Will Harm Nation Differently from His Brother

Europe closes lower after Greece talks collapse

GOP Trashy Economics Send Kansas Back To Dust Bowl Era

Freedom From Religion founder Anne Nicol Gaylor dies

Turns out, snakes are right-handed...

O'Malley signed gun control law

KMOD seems to be MIA.

Does Little Jebbie have Daddy issues?

Europe Asks if Greece Could Default Without Exiting Euro

Common Sense arguments against the war on drugs

President Obama: A Champion For The People

Jeb Bush promises to 'fix' the US if elected president

What to cook this week. (NYT)

Greg Abbott: Franchise tax cut will usher in `new era of job growth’

Court upholds Sikh's right to facial hair, turban in ROTC

We Are Seneca Lake continues fight against LNG storage

We Are Seneca Lake continues battle against LNG storage

Travis County attorney not to pursue DWI charges against Judge Gisela Triana

Public Ownership (Socialism) is a dirty word.

Bush lll really beat up President Obama in his speech and tied Hillary to him...

President Obama: A Champion For The People

Former US Attorney General Files Brief in Lawsuit Challenging Legality of Iraq War

Collin County DA asks Texas Rangers to investigate McKinney pool party incident

UPDATE: Get Ready for Round Two: GOP and White House Work to Revive Fast Track

Sons And Grandsons Help Paralyzed Man Hike The Grand Canyon

A Kansas City Royal Flush? Now eight Royals lead the balloting.

Accelerated Warming of the Continental Shelf Off Northeast Coast (15 times faster!?)

Now I know what I'm doing tonight.

Judge rules Walmart broke minimum wage laws (Surprised? Me neither)

Who else is roasting? Raleigh NC in for three weeks of 95+ temps, solid week at 100 or more

Ready for Round Two? GOP and Obama Scrambling to Revive TPP Fast Track

The Bushes are Back!

What is going on with Hillary's public speaking enunciation and cadence?

Dallas Armored Vehicle Gunman Was A Gubmint’-Hating Obama-Bashing ‘Patriot’

WaPo: Four times Jeb Bush implicitly criticized his brother on Monday

Does angst against Bush dynasty help Bernie and OMalley?

Today in NH, Hillary The Democratic Frontrunner:

Federal Lawsuit: Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido Aided Pot Clubs In Return For Cash

Skywalker - The Sound of Paragliding

Student with autism named fastest 2-mile high school runner in the country

Portman phone survey

Rachel Dolezal Sued Howard University for Racial Discrimination in 2002

UK’s David Cameron fact-checks Scott Walker

Secretive donors gave US climate denial groups $125m over three years

Environmental activism works, study shows

Associated Press publishes hit job on Tamir Rice

“Damn, Rachel Dolezal. Even Vanilla Ice didn’t claim to BE black”: Kamau Bell and Adam Mansbach

Felony rap for Walmart brawling mom with kid

Russia Threatens Retaliation If US Puts Heavy Weaponry in Eastern Europe

Rupert Murdoch: LGBT advocacy in Clinton The Democratic Frontrunner speech ‘almost fascist’

UK’s David Cameron fact-checks Scott Walker

GOP School Board Member: “Damn Asians” Are Costing NY Taxpayers

Mark Ruffalo to Jon Stewart: We Have a 50-State Plan to Power America on 100% Renewable Energy

Any JDs around that know about 501c law?

Man shot after trying to access Little Rock Air Force Base, officials say

Forged Drug Test Results May Free Tens of Thousands From Prison

Florida Walmart calls police on black customers for shopping too slow

Germany says ‘no more chick shredding' (WARNING: graphic pix!)

Supreme Court shuts down Scott Walker: Today’s ultrasound decision is a big defeat for anti-choice w

San Bernardino: Broken City

TPP/Candidate poll

People Are an Abstraction, American Exceptionalism is Not?

Check today's Wall St Journal

Bernie Sanders on Obama’s “Biggest Mistake”

Perry inexplicably blasts Obama’s ‘lack of executive experience’

'God Loves Gays' billboard debuts in SLC

Bernie Sanders 'Stunned' By Large Crowds Showing Up For Him

Password service warns users to change their, yep, passwords

Loony Alert: Joni Ernst Wants Troops Back In Iraq

I'm being to think those (NY) prisoners may have called uber and are off

And They Call Themselves Christians

Two superb films by Feng Xiaogang...

"Bernie Sanders Can Win the Iowa Caucus"

Scott Walker sets record on lies.

And they Call Themselves Christians

Why Bernie Sanders wins the crowds

Protesters Urge The Smithsonian Institution To Cut Ties With Koch Money

Who Are the 44,500 Who Say They'll Go to Jail to Fight Marriage Equality?

New study shows Arctic Ocean rapidly becoming more corrosive to marine species

A Human Head Transplant? Is A Real Life Re-Animator Coming Soon?

Thom Hartmann: Head Climate Denier Tells Pope to "Butt Out"

Refresh your bananas?

Thom Hartmann: Is TPA Permanently Derailed?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday,16 June 2015

Thom Hartmann: Meet TISA - Evil Cousin of TSA

The Surest Sign Yet That Hillary Is Taking Bernie’s Campaign Seriously

One last thought on JeffR, Xchrom and JackpineRadical

A few photos from @HillaryClinton's campaign rally this past Saturday:

NAACP Imposter Sued School Over Race Claims

Ill in noise weather alert!

Bernie Sanders Proposes War Tax on Millionaires. Plans to add Amendment to Republican Budget

Immigration protestors interrupt Bush as he introduces his mother on stage. Drowned out by supporte

Israel Bringing Its Years Of Desalination Experience To California

House Democrats Take the Moral High Ground on Trade

Teenagers Are Losing Confidence in the American Dream

America's Largest Mental Hospital Is a Jail

US, Venezuela Keep Up Diplomacy Amid Concern From Exile Group

The Rules

12-year-old girl's wedding leads to probe of Guatemala mayor

Phyllis Schlafly and Tom DeLay show just how racist and stupid they are...

Another reason to adore Hawaii

Did anyone listen to Jeb's speech today?

Hillary gives the boot to fake "reporter..."

Senator Pushes For Ban On Ground Troops In War Against ISIS Before 2016

Protect the Workers in Your Supply Chain E action

Bush III Must Be Stopped

get them young, own them for life

Protect the Workers in Your Supply Chain E action

Colorado top court says Dish worker can be fired for medical marijuana

Protect the Workers in Your Supply Chain E action

In Three Weeks, Being Gay Won’t Be a Crime Anymore in Mozambique

Obama rolls the dice in Iraq, as we hope for victory thru folly

As promised: a Hillary Clinton fundraiser for the 99%

Alaska wildfire quickly grows, forces homes to evacuate

Transgender People Are at the Center of a Brutal Crackdown on LGBT Egyptians

Jeb Unplugged

Well It's Clear To Me That Tweety Made His Decision As To Who Each Party's Nominees Will Be......

How much of a threat is Jeb Bush?

Why do we allow our police officers to commit strong arm robbery?

An Appeal to follow Senator Sanders laudable example and take the High Road.

Let's Go Hawks!

WARRIORS and Stephen "Steph" Curry

I forgot to post this here today

I forgot to post this here today

Will 'The Donald' make it an even dozen?

Viva la France!! They banned over-the counter RoundUp!! (similar to Russia, Canada, Brazil, et al)

"Free Trade"

Houston, Galveston preparing for the worst

Paul Krugman on Jeb Bush's ludicrous, self-aggrandizing economic claims:Bubble!

He tried to insult an opposing player by calling him 'gay,' but the ref didn't stand for it

He tried to insult an opposing player by calling him 'gay,' but the ref didn't stand for it.

24 year study - Legalized Medical Marijuana Doesn't Increase Teen Usage

Elizabeth Warren OWNS and PWNS Jamie Dimon

Low-cost fundraiser with Hillary Clinton

How to speak like a proper Pastafarian

Ontario First In North America To Curb Bee-Killing Neonicotinoid Pesticides!!

Photos of ruptured oil pipeline provide clues of spill cause

Excavator falls into hole created by water main break on East Side of San Antonio

“It’s an utter lie”: Glenn Greenwald slams Rupert Murdoch-owned paper’s Edward Snowden smear

Florida Beachgoers Warned About Deadly Bacteria — That’s Also Found in Raw Shellfish

FORGOT the name of a city I visited. All I remember is the grass was green & the girls were pretty.

Why is the US behind in curbing/banning harmful BigAg products? Monsanto is Running the USDA

Sen. Sanders on the Ed Show: TPP Must Be Defeated

Waves of Grain