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Netanyahu cabinet members reject two-state solution; call for annexation of occupied territories

The Counted: number of people killed by police this year reaches 500

Police: Mom in Murder Case Says Sent 2 Kids to Heaven

Pinned Down by the Islamic State: The Road to Mosul

Life After Islamic State Massacres: The Road to Mosul

Paging Hillary Clinton: this Democrat has a question for you.

Christie faults GOP for sounding unwelcoming to Latinos

Commentary: Hillary Clinton’s Illusory Lurch To The Left

We have a secret of our own for Bernie Sanders:

Cutting the Islamic State's Supply Lines: The Road to Mosul

Two questions about the pool party in texas.

What can we learn from Kansas?

Progressive DU'ers Tired of Endless War, Death & Destruction it Brings to Innocents Need to Read:

Doubts grow about tax plan passing to fix Kansas budget

Miami high school principal removed after social media post praising Texas cop in pool party video

Largest great white shark ever videotaped underwater?

I believe a post of mine was lock wrongly.

Venezuela must pay $3.7 billion to airlines: industry group

NHL Finals

Venezuela cites Colombia ambassador over former Spanish PM plane use

Game of Thrones - some memes from recent episodes

NBA Finals

Actually Diane Rehm owes an apology to all US Jews

Secretary of Awesome

NPR and religion today

2015 campaigns

Arkansas seeking rehearing in 12-week abortion ban case

Hope this is not a duplicate: more photos of the bright spots

How hitmen and high living lifted lid on looting of Honduran healthcare system

Obesity Is Hurting the U.S. Economy in Surprising Ways

New landlord kicks Star Glass out of the location they've occupied for 92 years- since 1923.

Honduran President Decides That Going to an Event Called "Disrupting Democracy" Isn't Such a Good Id

Bernie Sanders: 'We Are The Underdog' (Interview at Link)

Martin O'Malley: 'Not fair, nor right, nor just that people who play by the rules face this reality'

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!!

Migrant teen mother who cut her wrist being deported to Honduras

Air Products’ SmartFuel® Technology Commissioned at India’s First Renewable Hydrogen Fueling Station

CREDO Action: Tell the Democratic National Committee: Let the Candidates debate!

Duggars AGAIN being investigated by Arkansas DHS, police had to be called.

Question for IT folks, programmers, etc.

When They Heard About Deer Trapped on the Ice, These Guys Just Had to Help!

Police brutality toward Latinos is unacceptable

Deeper support for Cuba from EU

These kids are here to be seen AND heard

The Walmart fight(s) in Indiana and what it costs the community

OSSAA creates new policy for transgender high school athletes

The Atlantic: The Triumph of Occupy Wall Street

Young Progressive Voices: Martin O'Malley Is The Candidate Progressives Need

The Atlantic: The Triumph of Occupy Wall Street

The Atlantic: The Triumph of Occupy Wall Street

Kansas officers speak about Jewish site shootings at hearing

Contact info for anyone willing to volunteer to have their rectums swabbed

The Facebook defense is not an actual defense

The Atlantic: The Triumph of Occupy Wall Street

Nissan Announces Up To $7,000 Credit For Buying Your Leased LEAF

UN group urges Peru to do more on 'missing' from civil war

The Atlantic: The Triumph of Occupy Wall Street

6-10-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1963 in 2:00

6-10-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1963 in 2:00

6-10-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1963 in 2:00

“Well, it fits the cat,” Mom reviews daughter’s crop top with help from cat How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes

Introducing Little Miss Susie Q.

NY Magazine: The Prison in Dannemora Has a Bizarre, Fascinating History (PIC HEAVY)

You didn't get this from me

Report: Hedge-Fund Billionaire Sent Pet Pig Away for Being Too Fat and Moody

Florida governor signs bill requiring two clinic visits, waiting period for abortion

The Duggars' Homeschool Cult: Cabbage Patch Dolls are Possessed by Satan

Family of dead NYC teen loses court battle over brain

(Hawaian) Governor signs bill setting 100 percent renewable energy goal in power sector (by 2045)

China’s Troubling Robot Revolution

China urges end to 'microphone diplomacy' over U.S. differences

Oh, Hay. Remembering a historic day in Beijing, September 1995.

Today in Herstory: President Kennedy Signs the Equal Pay Act into Law (10 june 1963)

Today in Herstory: President Kennedy Signs the Equal Pay Act into Law (10 june 1963)

Anti-Climate Provision Gives Democrats Fresh Reason To Oppose Obama On Trade

Former South Texas bank president guilty of wire fraud

Today in Herstory: President Kennedy Signs the Equal Pay Act into Law (10 june 1963)

Bill Clinton Might Stop Giving Paid Speeches If Hillary Wins The White House

Bernie Sanders to hold 6 Iowa events next weekend

Israel bars shot Palestinian from treatment in Jerusalem

Israel-Linked Spy Virus Discovered At Hotels Used For Iran Nuclear Talks

Today in Herstory: Two Victories Have Been Won Against Workplace Gender Discrimination!

When sovereign citizen driver refuses to ID, police officer smashes window to remove him from car

You go Rachel (Maddow)! ...

This This This

Georgia Woman Charged with Murder for Taking Abortion Pills

Georgia Woman Charged with Murder for Taking Abortion Pills

Here we go, more Lounge expertise needed: Cement/concrete, tomb

Service Dog Throws Self In Front Of Bus To Save Blind Owner's Life

In a year our nominee will be out there with our full Democratic support.


Young Progressive Voices: Martin O'Malley Is The Candidate Progressives Need

Bill requires women to recite Gettysburg Address while hopping on one foot 24 hours before abortion

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz visits Valley

Fox News security contractor faces gun charges after Baltimore unrest

Bernie sums up Diane Rehm's idiocy perfectly in this quote.

Labor chief rebukes Obama in letter

When MLK gave that famous speech in 1963...

American fighting with Kurds killed in Islamic State battle

I think I can only post this here.

POTUS, TPP, & Labor in LBN!

Fox’s Keith Ablow: Kids at Texas pool party had ‘it in for police’ — and it’s Obama’s fault

POTUS, TPP, & Labor in LBN!

Pablo Picasso's art thru 8 decades

CBP (Border Patrol) in Laredo to get Black Hawk helicopters amid shooting incident

Richard Wolff and Thom Hartmann: Lookout For The Wall Street Time-Bomb

Who is Diane REHM?!1 Oh, there's Google and Wiki!1

Let's create the list of pro TPP Dem's in the US House

Has anyone heard of Chase Hironimus?

"Red Dirt Girl"

The POTUS appoints and the Senate confirms. Tell the truth.

Chris Hedges speaks at Kshama Sawant rally

Members of PP protest outside Abbott's mansion regarding bill affecting cervical cancer screenings

Trailer: Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley in "Best of Enemies"

Waco - Bellmead Drive Sam’s Club evacuated after suspected ‘explosive device’ found

If you have a lawyer draft a carefully worded apology, is it really an apology?

Saffron, Victoria's Texas Zoo's male Bengal tiger, dies

Several of the largest bank stocks are at or near an all time high!

Chris Hedges June 8, 2015 Town Hall Seattle

Delta pilots union leaders approve proposed labor deal

Mike Papantonio/Ring of Fire Radio: We Must Do Better Than Corporate Democratic Candidates

Current List of Democratic Presidential Candidates per the FEC

New Harris County Sheriff Axes LGBT Liaison Program

Some Remarks for Third Way Kos

The world's foulest-tasting pizza cannot be improved with a... *ahem* ... "HOT DOG CRUST."

Ceding to pressure, Iggy Azalea cancels gay pride performance

MSNBC: And it shines the spotlight on Hillary’s non-position on trade

181 Clinton Foundation donors who lobbied Hillary's State Department

Over in GD TPP

NoVAC discusses possible federal labor law violations

Building a Grassroots Campaign: By the Numbers

House votes to repeal country-of-origin labeling on meat

When Casebolt "apologized", why DIDN'T he say "I apologize to the girl I assaulted"?

Speaking of 2016, let's have a "what-if" exercise

Obama, GOP leaders frantically seek Dems' help on trade bill

The Arboretum has really matured over the years.

Obama, GOP leaders frantically seek Dems' help on trade bill

Obama, GOP leaders frantically seek Dems' help on trade bill

I am fascinated by this prison outbreak. I want to ask your opinions.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 11, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Richard Dix

The CAR T-Cell Race ...

Texas's 150-Year-Old Cold Case

Sen. Vinehout ~ Gov Walker Kicking Controls Out the Window--Wisconsin

Bizarre debate in U.S. House between LA, CO reps: 'I bet maybe smoking crayfish ain’t good for you'

Pat Robertson Wants To Know Why Jewish People Are So Rich(from Salon)

Bogus Conservative Media Talking Point: Martin O'Malley "Taxed The Rain"

Scott Walker's Manure report cites 'massive regulatory failure'

Jewish Dems Denounce Offensive Questioning of Sen. Sanders

You never know when a random photo will take on special significance...

Idaho Republicans: Public schools should use the Bible as a science and law textbook

Fox News Declared Hate Group By Southern Poverty Law Center

Man Charged with Battery After Throwing Slice of Hot Pizza at Roommate

Tesla shareholders ask Musk to make its cars go vegan

The full Diane Rehm/Bernie Sanders interview...

The worst H1-b visa story I've heard so far...

Who would have think that we still remember Michael Jackson!

Klinsmann's USA stun world champions Germany

Bernie's Secret Weapon... Independent Voters

Leaked Text Shows Big Pharma Bullies Using TPP To Undermine Global Health

Surveillance Will Cost US Tech Sector Over $35B by 2016

Kids Embrace What Many Adults Are Missing About Caitlyn Jenner

Juan Cole: Supreme Court's Jerusalem Decision Shows Limits of Israeli Lobby

Record Boost in New Solar Power Continues Massive Industry Growth

Secret Service officers at White House lacked security clearances, officials say

Mike Huckabee's co-author accused of child molestation

Austin police beef up security for Republic of Texas Biker Rally after Waco massacre

Now here's a well- thought out scooter...

Dual Citizenship.

Meat country of origin labelling. Rather long story.

Daily Holidays - June 11

First motorcycle gathering since Waco melee set for Harris County

Do you believe that the Bible can convince a Christian?

Heat comes a little later this year than usual but still packs a punch as nearly 2 dozen hospitalize

(Worcester and Shrewsbury) Private garden tour set for June 14

The modern Greek tragedy

Acura SUV recall shows glitch in automatic braking system

GOP leaders ready to push Obama trade bill to crucial vote

FDA inspection released by union exposes potential food safety issues at L.A. airport

"Selfie Stick" replacement has hundreds of uses!

‘Because of that courage ... the union prevailed’ (more than 150 years to receive the Medal of Honor

"Selfie Stick" replacement has hundreds of uses!

Hidden junket funds: How Deval Patrick secretly diverted millions to off-budget accounts

The 19 Democrats in the TPP Hall of Shame

Carr: Boston 2024 is Deval Patrick’s not-so-secret revenge

Park’s dependence bodes ill for Boston 2024

News from Brownbackistan - Brace yourself for Kobach

California settles heat-death lawsuits, agrees to improve

Paul Ryan Slides Anti-Climate Provision into Trade Deal

Women are not capable of understanding ‘GoodFellas’

Residents near Gaza border say they hear underground tunnel-digging

Malaysia: Govt maintains marital rape not criminal

Dog Whistles- an Anti-Semitism Primer (a timely repost)

Iraq War Pangs Yet Linger for the US

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: 2016 and Repubns

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: Bad Cops

Peacekeepers commonly barter goods for sex, says UN study

Thursday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest


Nebraska sheriffs group backs petition efforts to reinstate death penalty

President Obama's unauthorized, incomplete Iraq war strategy

South Korea cuts interest rates to contain MERS fallout

The lawn guy chopped down my tomatoes and peppers with a weed whacker.

Its official, France is better than US

UK government sells further stake in Royal Mail

Georgia woman who used abortion pills still faces legal woes

Republican candidates less popular than Lord Voldemort

Ctrl, alt, delete: Bundestag considers network reboot after hacks

The Rude Pundit - America's Obsession With Punishment: Who Cares If You're Guilty?

Lawyer: Officer didn't target black teens at Texas pool

The McKinney pool party is proof that liberals are preparing a holocaust in America.

Von der Leyen, de Maizière show solidarity over faulty G36 rifle

Shout out for Spanone

Why conservatives can't do comedy.

Workers and union supporters were gassed, chased, and beaten and eight people were hospitalized

Workers and union supporters were gassed, chased, and beaten and eight people were hospitalized

Workers and union supporters were gassed, chased, and beaten and eight people were hospitalized

Union: DuPont should accept OSHA fines after deadly chemical release

Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93

Opinion: A slap in the face for East Europeans and Americans

The White House sent five top officials to lobby Nancy Pelosi on the fast-track trade bill

Bernie was smeared, no doubt about it

What is driving Scott Walker's war on Wisconsin universities

Richard Wolff with Thom Hartmann: Look out for the Wall Street Time Bomb

Proposed NC tax bill GOUGES middle class w/ more and higher sales/consumption taxes

Unraveling the Enigma of Saturn’s Huge, Ghostly Halo

****JUNE Photo Contest Submissions****

So Let Me See Here - A Presidential Candidate Goes On A European Trip & The American People Are.....


De Blasio Says He’s a Bernie Sanders Fan, Will Skip HRC Kickoff

I'm not a Bernie fan, but at least DU is finally talking about antisemitic dog whistles in a serious

How Jeb Bush’s campaign ran off course before it even began

Pedal to the metal.

AFL-CIO Says Labor Has Been Blocked from Trans-Pacific Partnership Debate

Want to know what white privilege is? Watch TLC.

Saline UAW workers avoid strike minutes before deadline

With Thousands Marching in the Streets, Chicago Teachers Union Declares ‘This Means War!’

Co-Author Of Mike Huckabee Books Was Accused Of Child Molestation In Two Legal Cases

Applications for US jobless aid remain low at 279,000

Montana Constitutionalist Second Amendments Family

As a Hillary supporter, and for the record

Colorado Cuts Marijuana Tax, Targets Black Market, While Oregon Eyes 20% Tax

Jamie Dimon Wants To Mansplain Banking To Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for president who is above water in favorability

Study: members of Congress 231% more likely to meet with you if you've paid them

Rachel Maddow - Franklin Graham's anti-gay banking protest backfires

For 1st Time Ever, Polar Bears Recorded Killing & Eating Dolphins - Bears' Ribs Showing, BTW

New Questions Bubbling Up Around Willie Soon's Disclosure Failures In Multiple Papers

Sean Hannity Tells African American Caller: Police Won't Bother You If You Aren't "Part Of A Gang

Religion Is Disappearing. That’s Great for Politics.

Guardian - Australia Hugely Overstating GHG Forecasts, Allowing It To "Meet" Targets, Do Nothing

Professors flee, higher education suffers in Venezuela

After 10 Days, Bonn Climate Talks Floundering Like Mastodon In Tar Pit - Hardly Anything Agreed To

Farewell, Lord Summerisle

G7 Climate "Agreement" Kicks Climate Football 85 Years Down The Field

House Votes for Major Amtrak Cuts

Diplomats: EU has Israel sanctions ready, and Uncle Sam may not be able to help

Twitter Users Can Now Crowdsource the Fight Against Trolls

What has Obama ever done for labor? Other than:

Guide to GOP Governance

Keypad on my laptop is not working. When I woke up this morning there

Do you think US Army should go back into Anbar province?

Chris Hedges: "The time for compromise and reform is over."

I'm keeping my eye on you.

US stocks open higher, building on gains from the day before

Sir Christopher goddam Lee

Is the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare coming today?

Show of hands... how many here are subscribers to Sirius-XM

What’s Wrong with McKinney TX is What’s Wrong with America.

Breaking: FT & $700 M cuts to Medicare in exchange for "promise" to remove MC cuts later?

Interest in chart on Odds of 2016 Democratic Nomination

Revealed: The 19 Democrats in the "TPP Hall of Shame"--Call Your Representative NOW

Jihad’s New Frontier: Tajikistan

Police Behavior in McKinney Reveals How Cops Are Really Trained

In These Times: Who Do You Protect, Who Do You Surveil?

Professor Richard Wolff: Global Capitalism June 2015 Monthly Update

How about a trade bill that says

Censorship resistant markets

Rachel Maddow - NH GOP rejects Fox News as arbiter of primary candidates via debates

CNN: Authorities have growing confidence that dogs picked up a scent on escaped convicts in NYS

Police arrested in Mozambique for cashing in on poaching

Rupert Murdoch is stepping down

"Sovereign Citizen" makes an ass of himself, cop reacts correctly...

**JUNE CONTEST comment Thread**

Texas citizen illegally detained and harassed for filming police

New planet discovered by 15-year-old intern

Time is running out - please take action to fight the TPA

How Obama Went From Being a Peace Candidate to a War President--The Nation

JEB:.................US needs to expand military presence in central Europe

Rival challenges Clinton to say where she stands on trade

Bernie story just went up in LBN

O'Malley's support for controversial cyber security bill should remain firm on privacy protection

very good speech by Samantha Power on Ukraine

Have we really gotten this crazy?

Sir Tim Hunt resigns from university role over girls comment

Get ready for a 4,000-point Dow drop

Texas Police Shut Down Little Girls' Lemonade Stand for Operating Without a Permit

The Judicial System - What to Do?

How trustworthy are electronic voting systems in the US? Beth Carlson, PhD, Kansas mathematician

The Judicial System - What to Do?

SIGN THE PETITION Debate Early and Often: Ask the Democratic Party to start the presidential debates

Richard Wolff, Global Capitalism: June 2015 Monthly Update

If the SCOTUS rolls back ACA subsidies

Residents hole up as search for escapees narrows; 'This could be it'

Fun game......the porn star name game.........

Co-Author Of Mike Huckabee Books Was Accused Of Child Molestation In Two Legal Cases

Finally, A solution to the 18 person circular firing squad.

Santa Ana pot shop raid sparks investigation

Netanyahu seen as ineffectual, paranoid by longtime former ally (Lieberman)

What's up with the Vermin badges

Feds Favor Private Over Public Housing Investment, Leaving Millions Out in Cold

Turkey’s President Erdogan says West backing Kurdish ‘terrorists’ in Syria

Fox News body guard jailed for illegally bringing handgun to protect Geraldo Rivera in Baltimore

How A Right-Wing Political Machine Is Dismantling Higher Education in North Carolina

U.S. Weighing More Military Bases in Iraq to Fight ISIS, Top General Says

The Koch brothers and the Republican Party go to war — with each other

Torture, false information and the Iraq war

DU for Bernie tote board says...

Back to Iraq: The First 450 Soldiers Are on Their Way

Can the courts declare the TPP unconstitutional and void it

Small town coverup of deputy’s use-of-force shows what can happen when there are no videos

Pic Of The Moment: The Republican Plan To Improve America's Infrastructure And Safety

If science discovers life on Mars, Creflo Dollar will need more than a $65,000,000 Gulfstream jet

White spruce shifting from Warming Interior to Western Alaska, study finds

Republicans: Proving every day that government doesn't work...

Some more Historical Photos

Not guilty plea for mom of 12 charged with child neglect

Wolff touches upon the HRC & Bernie numbers, it's encouraging,

Christopher Lee: "The Raven"

Ornette Coleman, Jazz Innovator, Dies at 85

Hillary Clinton to Lay Out Economic Vision in New York Speech

I Was Wondering What Percentage Of Americans Travel Abroad?....

Cats, Dogs and Humans - Living Together in Peace

Nat'l Park Service doesn't object to Mount McKinley name change

GOP Readies New Obamacare Hostage Plan As Supreme Court Drama Builds

Information to dispel the dual citizenship issue for Bernie Sanders.

By the numbers - Police shootings

Hey GOP! FEAR the Bern!

Great news from Kentucky

Has most of the news media already anointed the Presidential candidates?

Nice photo

Walker administration studies big change to Alaska LNG deal

wonkette's take on jebbie's "scarlet letter" way of dealing with unwed mothers and others:

Ohio PPP Poll includes first head-to-head with Sanders

Lady Sen. Joni Ernst Knows Ladies, And Hillary Clinton Is No Lady

Same-sex marriage opt out now law after veto override (NC)

Montana Republican: Why Should Americans Retire? Noah Never Did And He Was 600 Years Old

GOP accused of trying to hobble privacy watchdog

Bernie Sanders: All I can say is....

In honor of Rupert Murdoch's non-event, here's the link to that Randy Quaid "tribute" video.

How Canada’s oilsands are paving the way for driverless trucks - and the threat of big layoffs

Travel advice for those going to Hillary's June 13 campaign kickoff on Roosevelt Island

If you could have sex with one Game of Thrones character who would it be?

WSJ: Home Depot co-founder urges Christie to announce Oval Office bid

Great 'Ready For Bernie!' meme

Hint: Saying you’re “not racist” all too frequently means you ARE a racist.

I have a new book cover!

Crunch time coming for Saudi campaign as options narrow in Yemen

America Trembles! - the SEC Primary Begins March 1, 2016

Cat Gives Himself A Bath | Purrfect Shower

I just learned the coolest German word today: Backpfeifengesicht

David Crosby can Feel the Bern!

The World’s Most Expensive Grilled Cheese Is $214, and It’s Edged in 24-Carat Gold

Election Theft in America

Ron Moody, Actor Best Known as Fagin in ‘Oliver!’, Dies at 91

"The Criminalizationn of Black Joy"

Diane Rehm Explains Why She Asked Bernie Sanders Bizarre Israel Question

The North-South divide on two parent families

Same sex marriage

25 Examples Of Male Privilege From A Trans Guy’s Perspective

Frenship ISD teacher apologizes after McKinney-related segregation post

Gen Clark: US troops in Iraq an "Opportunity" for IS.

Very Sane Montana Republican Will Let You Retire At 600, Maybe

Thank you, EarlG! (Transphobe gets TS'd)

Travel advice for those going to Hillary's June 13 campaign kickoff on Roosevelt Island

foundation advancing creation truth (FACT) a creation museum in glendive, montana

Woman Charged With Murder For Taking The Abortion Pill [UPDATED] | ThinkProgress

The Outrage Machine Demands Scalps

Chimpanzees Not Only Understand Cooking, They Also Enjoy Getting Drunk with Their Friends

Woman Charged With Murder For Taking The Abortion Pill [UPDATED] | ThinkProgress

‘Silver Alert’ for missing seniors becomes law

Viet Nam was my generation's war. I remember that time like it was yesterday.

What Kind of Bird Is That?: A Free App From Cornell Will Give You the Answer

California official: Supreme Court risks 'horrible moral precedent' on Obamacare

Bad kitty

Lehman in LRB: Every Republican candidate can be described as a full-blown adult failure

Anchorage Assembly votes to include marijuana smoke in tobacco ban

Caitlyn Jenner Earns Record-Breaking Payday For Reality Show

"Despite Israel Gaffe, Bernie Sanders Still Likes Diane Rehm"

Would Economic Justice Help the Judicial System?

Workers And Federal Government Are Being Cheated By Misclassification Of Workers

Fairbanks man who traveled to Mongolia has measles, Alaska's first case in 15 years

Hermann Zapf, font legend who created Palatino and eponymous 'Dingbats,' is dead at 96

Michael Savage: Hillary Clinton Waging War On White People With 'Blood Libel'

FOX’s Hannity Gets FACT-CHECKED By Texas Pool Partier And Her Dad

Trade Adjustment Assistance is a scam, retraining for jobs that don't exist

State holds off on sulfolane pollution standard at North Pole refinery

80 percent of black gay men have experienced racism in the gay community

Ornette Coleman, Who Widened Jazz and Changed Its Course, Dies at 85

Man refuses to let gay stylist cut his son’s hair: salon boss fights back in best way possible

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 11, 2015

NOAA ships heading north to collect data for modern Arctic navigational charts

Who Else Knew About Dennis Hastert’s Cover-Up?

Mom accused of leaving kid in hot car goes to court, leaves kids in car

Dear white people, please don't touch a black person's hair....or anyone's hair without permission

Tenants Run Apartment Network (Jul, 1940)

Racist Teacher Gives 4th Grade Students "Bum of the Week" Award

The CIA’s forgotten whistleblower: Meet the man who exposed America’s torture policy in Vietnam

Alaska Safe Children’s Act: education & bill on dating & sexual abuse

Swiss and Austrians probe possible cyberattack on Iran nuclear talks

German Parliament mulls replacing entire IT system after hacking attack

Spain Approves Citizenship Path for Sephardic Jews

Alaska Safe Children’s Act: education & bill on dating & sexual abuse

Homeless man gets back nearly $10k in cash left on bus bench

Study On Preventing College Rape Shows Us How We Should Run The World

Anybody listen to the evil, Republican, antisemitic Diane Rehm today?

Oopsie: @GOP makes deal with the devil. Regrets it.-Dissing the #Koch's ha ha

"The TPP is bad for women! Help us fight the fast track" Eleanor Smeal, President Feminist Majority

Data Scientists Find Connections Between Birth Month and Health

Fifa: Sepp Blatter fires PR chief over joke on television

California lawmaker blames state’s drought on God’s wrath over abortion

Sir Christopher Lee reads Jabberwocky

Texas teacher says McKinney case ‘almost’ enough to wish for segregation — but she’s ‘not racist’

Senators Vote To Repeal Clean Water Rule That Protects Millions Of Miles Of Streams

"The TPP is bad for women! Help us fight the fast track" Eleanor Smeal, President Feminist Majority

University Of Missouri Considers Banning Women From Fraternity Houses During Party Hours

Elizabeth Warren Launches Last-Minute Blitz to Stop Trade Bill

Backlash Against TPP Grows as Leaked Text Reveals Increased Corporate Control of Public Health

Bernie Sanders Announces Family Values Agenda

13 teeny tiny critters

Texas right-wing radio host is infamous for some of his remarks...

Michigan Governor Signs Law Allowing Adoption Agencies To Reject LGBT Parents

Update on Tiger, the abandoned cat:

Brennan Center on Brownback's judicial tyranny

"I needed sex parties for recreation because I was so busy saving the world".

Focusing On Women's Advancement Blinds Companies To Their Real Problem: Overworking Everyone; HP

Senator Mark Kirk calls Senator Lindsay Graham "A bro with no ho"

GOP Readies New Obamacare Hostage Plan As Supreme Court Drama Builds

Former Judge Accused Of Firing Gun Inside West LA Home

Data Scientists Find Connections Between Birth Month and Health

Same Sex Couple Threaten Not To Give A Shit If Other Couple Divorces

Bright blobs on Ceres - still a mystery - DiscoveryNews

California lawmaker blames state’s drought on God’s wrath over abortion (xpost from GD)

Sea squirts, slugs among 100 new marine animals / video of depth's 'monsters'

*BOG GROUP* First of Four Trade Bills Passes House

Strong Words...House Democrat says Obama has lost touch with 'the real world' on "TPP"

Bernie Sanders 2016: Parental Leave - Read. Think. Act.

House Dem: I'm not sure Bernie Sanders likes immigrants

Why I'm voting against "fast track" by Rep Tammy Duckworth

U.S. Weighing More Military Bases in Iraq to Fight ISIS, Top General Says

I just love these

Why I'm voting against "fast track" by Rep Tammy Duckworth

Why I'm voting against "fast track" by Rep Tammy Duckworth

Ben Carson’s hot mess of a campaign: A predictably dysfunctional mish-mash of fire-breathing

Let it go.

NOBODY for President! Wavy Gravy might be the coolest guy ever.

Excited puppy spots its owner

"My wife is going to vote for the first time in years because of Bernie Sanders".

"Personal Responsibility" The new dog whistle, racist term.

Chimps glug alcohol using homemade tools

Will "same-sex marriage" be an issue in the next election??

Missing-in-Action U.S. Consumer Returns as Retail Sales Climb

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders: Media are inept and GOP agenda is hidden

Pope Francis Calls Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalism a Sickness

Sanders: 'This is not a protest campaign'

Pres. Obama Calls For Ending Taxpayer-Funded Sports Stadiums

Read the full text of the TTP here!

Bernie Sanders' Rx For 'Stressed Out' America: More Vacation

House Dem: I'm not sure Bernie Sanders likes immigrants

Denied a heart transplant due to prejudice

Of Drought and Crisis

TSA failed to find 73 aviation and airport workers on terror watch list

Which one to choose....

Ex-RI House Speaker Fox gets 3 years in prison

Will the Koch Bros. eventually own and run the GOP?

Dusty Rhodes, pro-wrestling legend, passes away at age 69.

Chimps can vary their smiles like humans

WWE legend Dusty Rhodes dies at 69

Lonely galaxy 'lost in space'

LIVE Politics Done Right: Today's Topic: Should we stop moralizing and give the police a break

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes has died

Luis Gutiérrez: Martin O’Malley ‘champion’ of immigration.

Work-experience 15-year-old discovers a new planet

Makes No Sense To Keep 11 Million In Shadow Economy.

Longest ever tiger shark tracking reveals remarkable, bird-like migrations

Decreased social anxiety among young adults who eat fermented foods

Jerry Seinfeld attacks ‘creepy’ political correctness over ‘gay French kings’ joke

Mike Huckabee And The Criminalization Of Christianity - TMFS Sketch

It’s Time to Burn Up the Phones

Troika Demands Could Create Rupture Within SYRIZA

Mitch`s McConnell-ization has really hurt this country.

House Approves Africa Trade Bill, Inching Toward Fast-Track Vote

'Millennials Didn’t Vote This Year, Like At All' (Philadelphia Mayoral Primary)

RIP: Ornette Coleman, jazz great

Report: San Francisco To Shut Doors Over Rising Rent

LAST Call for TPA Fast track - please help make a difference! Call your rep.

What Scholarship Looks Like to a Propagandist

New union conflict erupts at Bath Iron Works

Military again evacuates Khirbet Humsah residents for maneuvers, orders evacuation of three other...

"Dirty Harry" Hasn't Learned to Keep His Mouth Shut

Memo to the Clinton Campaign

‘Trouble with girls?’ Female scientists mock Nobel laureate with #DistractinglySexy photos

Racist who posted picture of Obama in a noose is upset over backlash

Sam Brownback guts Kansas even more

The American Dream is dead.... Virgil Runnels aka Dusty Rhodes passed away today at age 69...

Toon: Don't touch my junk!

Have you called your congressional representative about fast track yet?

What Will Cause Rick Perry's Downfall -- His Stupid Talk or His Politics?

Nebraska's top job creator denies improper involvement in politically connected loan (Walker-WI)

People thought JEB was a good politician because he won Florida twice,

You want to volunteer for #Hillary2016?

Anybody watch "My Name Is Earl" ? let me show you example of how Black is treated

ONE VOTER Shows Up at Santorum Campaign Event

Bernie Sanders wants to take back “family values” from the GOP

Woman Charged with Murder After Taking Abortion Pill

Cops: Man kills self with chemical gas, 11 sent to hospital

Sen. Mark Kirk Calls Graham a ‘Bro With No Ho’

DIY. You can buy Bernie iron-on kits at Offce Depot for cheap...

Union: Hackers have personnel data on every federal employee

Anti-LGBT ‘Minister’ Franklin Graham Hates for Jesus

I think this TPP deal might be the beginning of the end of Hillary's Presidential aspirations

It’s official: Louisiana public schools are using the Book of Genesis in high school science classes

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is stepping down on July 1, cofounder Jack Dorsey will be interim CEO

Christie blasts teachers unions, colleges 'drunk on cash'

Oil Firms Agree to Pay Millions in Compensation for Quebec Train Blast

Here's what to email you GOP representative before the fast track vote

I'm not a racist but..........................................................

Hillary's statement on TPP for all to see.


Oil Firms Agree to Pay Millions in Compensation for Quebec Train Blast

Kazakhstan to host international uranium fuel bank

Only in Florida!!! Sharks in truck wreck on major highway!

Mike Huckabee Co-Author Accused of Child Molestation

Parallel Universe Movies

Gaza beach bombing that killed four boys was legal, says Israeli army

Three cheers for Samantha Cristoforetti, smasher of space records

Shall we go to war over Transnistria?

It's 'Say Anything' Time to Pass Fast Track

Juan Felipe Herrera, the first Hispanic US poet laureate

Robt Reich: Make the Polluters Pay, MoveOn

Robert Reich says strengthen unions, inequality has skyrocketed as unions have weakened.

The relative silence regarding the decision to send troops back into Iraq . . .

Robt Reich: Raise the Estate Tax, Don't Eliminate it

Judge: Probable cause for murder charges in Tamir Rice shooting

Wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes dead at 69

Pastor Stephen Anderson Wants Caitlyn Jenner To Die, Because God's Love

Judge: Arrest Tamir Rice Cop for Murder

Robert Reich: "Wall Street screwed you once." Don't let it happen again

The Super Rich Pay No Taxes — An Economic Tragedy

Bernie Sanders: We are not going back...

Bernie: It is time that we showed the people of this country that we are not just a nation that..

Judge rule there enough evidence to charge Cleveland officers

Koala hugs mom during surgery after she was hit by car:

Chinese hack of USOPM went FAR deeper than reported

Apple Store employees tell Tim Cook: We're treated like 'criminals'

What you need for Saturday's Clinton Rally

Iraq's growing grave market

Some of the perennials in my garden.

It's time to declare once and for all: #BlackLivesMatter

Why Obama REALLY wants TPA

ALJ Orders Terex to Reinstate 13 Employees, Bargain with Union

Youth Unemployment and Dr. King’s Dream

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 11 June 2015

Noah was 600 years old when he built the Ark, so why do Americans need retirement?

I'm usually not that fond of country, but...

Every Kill A 'Good' Kill: How Police And The Media Cooperate To Disparage The Dead

Pelosi "misread" Democratic Caucus on fast-track bill, friend charges

Hillary R. Clinton!!!

Just called my Republican Congressman about TPP

Former McKinney police officer hires criminal defense attorney as ‘precautionary’ measure after pool

Arrest warrant issued for Austin man accused in May hit-and-run

Virginia Dems sue over voting laws before 2016 election

Top 10 Hoaxes of All Time - Check out #4 if you don't want to wach the whole video.

Red States Are Screwed If ObamaCare Is Repealed

U.S. Maternal Death Rate Now Highest In The Western World, Thanks To GOP War On Women

U.S. Maternal Death Rate Now Highest In The Western World, Thanks To GOP War On Women

Rick Snyder, spineless wonder, caves to the haters AGAIN.

Some REALLY good news! Charges to be dropped against U.Va. student bloodied during arrest

Dudes who love cats!


Disgusting display of bigotry in NC #LGBT #MarriageEquality

The Koch brothers and the Republican Party go to war — with each other

Conservative Talk Radio Slams Trans-Pacific Partnership

Springtime, here.

Bernie Sanders: 'We Are The Underdog'

Ohio Democratic Primary Poll (PPP): Hillary 61%, Sanders 13%, Chafee 2%, O'Malley 2%, Webb 1%

With boost from Clinton, efforts to expand voting access advance

I cant believe the crap I get anytime I start a thread about race.

Ron Moody, Who Delighted Audiences As Fagin In 'Oliver!' Dies

Nine members of Mineral Wells football team quit to protest favoritism for coach's son

Markos Moulitsas: There's nothing to not like about Bernie Sanders...

Shaming Unwed Moms Was the Law in Jeb Bush’s Florida

Court says net neutrality rules will go into effect Friday

Gay pride shoes, some proceeds go to community/Gay causes.

A little republican event infiltration by Healthcare Activists

national corn on the cob day: grinning from ear to ear

Hannity "scores" Jebby interview, takes victory lap, asks Facebook for questions...BIG mistake.

OK, so here's a joke I read today

$478B Infrastructure Bill Blocked by Senate GOP

Former Duer, Wisconsin talented teacher...awesome class video. She wrote lyrics.

Texas AG Ken Paxton: We Must Protect Christians From Hateful Gays And Their Corporate Cronies

Any gamers playing this?

I'm not a racist but....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 12 June 2015

Your dog wants to eat your fruit, but is it poison? Consult this handy chart to find out.

Keeping Black People Away From White Swimming Pools Is An American Tradition

Texas Teacher Fired After Disturbingly Racist Post In Response To Pool Party Incident

Your dog wants to eat your fruit, but is it poison? Consult this handy chart to find out.

Pope Francis "The Trailer" Fighting for God's Creation

The violent talk is starting from righty.

BDS silences Native American voices

Special grand jury indicts Norfolk police officer in mentally ill man's death

O'Malley Improved Maryland's Tax System

Will Sen. Clinton take her husband's Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich's advice?

BDS is being used to stifle dissent in Israel

Travel advice for those going to Hillary's June 13 campaign kickoff on Roosevelt Island

Something not to be missed.

Soyuz TMA-15M Returns Trio To Earth After Nearly 200 Days On Space Station

Brownback-do it my way or I shoot hostages-Schools, poor, disabled...Rep Jim Ward Twitter

Social Media Continues to Be Your Voice

"I'm just going to go ahead and say it....."

Authorities: Country singer killed in gunfight with bounty hunter

Vote Likely Locks In Soyuz Flights To ISS Until 2019

Video footage from a GoPro attached to a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket’s recent trip to space.

Cyber security measure blocked in Senate

Cute video by a Wisconsin teacher, former DUer.

O'Malley Improved Maryland's Tax System

Man Breaks Leg While Trying To Have Sex With Horse, police say

A group of senators trying to make medical decisions for millions of women:

Introducing the Black-and-White Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwich, a Truly New York Concoction

Iowa Corn

Mark Kirk Calls Lindsay Graham A Bro with No Ho

White House Launches Frantic Campaign To Save Trade Deal

Does anyone here remember the Fifties?

‘He wasn’t bothering nobody': Witnesses say Miami cops shot homeless man in front of 50 kids