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Archives: April 9, 2015

Vaccine foes rally at California Capitol

Marriage tips from a rapist, on ABC

Witness to SC Shooting interview on All In With Chris Hayes

played tourist today... Topeka KS

Tom Toles Cartoon- He Doesn't have his hands Up!

EXCLUSIVE: SC officers exonerated in more than 200 shootings

Senator Elizabeth Warren Interview on Conan part 2

Bare excitement at the Norman Manley Airport

Hey Walking Dead fans...check out these pictures!

Chris Hayes just had on a phenomenal interview w/the young man who took took the SC shooting video

To Envision a Female POTUS, Watch "Borgen"

Meet the Scientist Who Is Standing Up To SeaWorld to Save Orcas From Captivity

Types of libertarians

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 9 April 2015

Obama to Call for End to ‘Conversion’ Therapies for Gay and Transgender Youth

Obama to Call for End to ‘Conversion’ Therapies for Gay and Transgender Youth

USA is 5th in the world in executing people. Look at the company we keep.........

Anybody watching American Idol this year?

Man Who Recorded Walter Scott Being Shot by Cop Speaks Out

The Coming Gay-Marriage Ruling

Understanding California’s Water Crisis

Harlem's Hate "Minister," how long until he's busted?

Is New Atheism an anti-Muslim, white supremacy movement?

Pastor Who Spoke At Rand Kickoff: “In five years we’ll find out what [Obama’s] real religion is”

Texas deputy filmed apparently hitting pregnant woman during arrest

Williamson County judge facing gun charges cleared for release

New Video ON CNN of Killer Cop Being Debriefed Afterward, why is his left pants let rolled up?

Arizona sheriff's office mishandling of rape case results in $3.5m settlement

Obama calls for end to conversion therapies for LGBT youth

Plano father does the math, realizes he can’t afford his stay-at-home wife

Going to see Steely Dan tonight.

Harry Reid Endorses a Successor (Catherine Cortez Masto) in Nevada

“we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but we will say that heroes fight like Greeks”

International Nutrition has proposed penalties cut, still faces OSHA scrutiny 2 dead 9 injured

International Nutrition has proposed penalties cut, still faces OSHA scrutiny 2 dead 9 injured

The North Charleston Police Department has a shocking record of abuse

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Mike's on vacation!KTNF AM 950 covering Mike

Rachel Maddow - South Carolina officer charged with murder

Bailout numbers decreasing; Law enforcement remains vigilant

can anyone tell me if there is a repository for photos of civil war soldiers?

My new passport just arrived!

WTF?!?! Kansas governor signs nation's 1st ban on abortion procedure

Barbara Boxer Tells Bob Corker It's 'Reckless' And 'Irresponsible' To Vote Now On Iran Bill

Christie's crushed. Indictments expected soon in the bridge-gate scandal.

Texas anti-choicers are protesting the exact thing that they wanted, and got

When can police use lethal force against a fleeing suspect?

Caption this picture

Oklahoma set to join Kansas in banning flashpoint abortion procedure

CBS' Bob Schieffer announces he'll retire this summer

Demonstration outside congressman’s office asks for Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street

Rachel sez FIREARMS WELCOME @ NRA Convention where GOP Prez Candidates are Speaking

Arab Bank fails to void U.S. liability verdict over Hamas attacks

Indictments May Be Near in George Washington Bridge Scandal

Today in Herstory: New York Rabbi Speaks Out for Women's Equality (8 april 1894)

'Summary killings' of Ukraine soldiers in east - Amnesty

How an Insurer Is Taking Money From the Fan Beaten at Dodger Stadium

Supercell Storms Rip Through Midwest on Their Way East

"I didn't think I'd ever see what I'm looking at now."

A Judge Just Dramatically Reduced the Sentence of a Man Convicted of Raping a Toddler

A Judge Just Dramatically Reduced the Sentence of a Man Convicted of Raping a Toddler

Rand Paul: Grill Dems about abortion, too

Why the California drought will be worse than everyone thinks

Kansas Has Banned the Safest, Most Common Kind of Second-Trimester Abortion

Kansas Has Banned the Safest, Most Common Kind of Second-Trimester Abortion

Why do they keep including Warren in presidential polls when she says she's not running, but

Major League Baseball Begins Mandatory Domestic Violence Prevention Training

Major League Baseball Begins Mandatory Domestic Violence Prevention Training

Let's discuss lint.

Prince Fielder squats Rougned Odor

Iranian Women Can Now Attend Major Sporting Events

Iranian Women Can Now Attend Major Sporting Events

This Is the Only Place in the World Where an Endangered Sea Turtle Is Thriving

The FBI Lets Criminals Walk in Order to Keep This Device a Secret

the good wife....

L. Chris Stewart, the attorney for the family of Walter Scott ...

NY Civil Liberties Union: Erie County Sheriff Records Reveal Invasive Use of “Stingray” Technology

What's the loudest concert you've been to?

Republican Stothert adds her voice to support for bill to allow 'Dreamers' to get driver's licenses

'Face The Nation' Host Bob Schieffer To Retire This Summer

Iran Calls for a Timetable for Global Nuclear Disarmament

Oh SHite - David Samson is leaving the firm and they are changing the name

First lady: Secret Service agents taught Malia how to drive

Brontosaurus is back!

Republicans reject Colorado ban on youth gay conversion

Latest attempt in Legislature to expand Medicaid coverage for more low-income Nebraskans is deadyear

China Spoils Washington's Economic War against Venezuela

Defying U.S., Cuba stands by Venezuela on eve of regional summit

Defying U.S., Cuba stands by Venezuela on eve of regional summit

Celebrated Alaska Artist Rie Munoz dies in Juneau, age 93

Liberalism Is A Gift From The Future

WH Trolling Netanyahu?

How long is BREAKING NEWS actually Breaking News? nt

The food we eat... Bananas!

Cuban dissidents heckled at Americas Summit

Wisconsin Bans Staff Of Public Lands Board From Talking About Climate Change

Qatar lending Palestinians $100m to pay salaries

NYC Water Main Break Floods West Village, 14th Street Station

Petition to repeal US decree against Venezuela tops NINE MILLION

Mariel Hemingway Says Woody Allen Tried to Seduce Her When She Was a Teenager

Dick Cheney Says Obama Is Worst President

March 2015 Atmospheric CO2 Concentration 401.52; March 2014 399.58; March 2013 397.31

Kim Kardashian and Family Land in Armenia, Hysteria Ensues

Goat fools Welsh college into thinking building was haunted

International Criminal Court Says ISIS Is Out of Its Jurisdiction

Barney Frank Advises Politicians to Stay in the 'Atheism Closet'

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 9, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Troy Donahue

Amnesty International Whitewashes Venezuelan Opposition Abuses

NY Times Covers Up Washington’s Monstrous Evil

Reactions To Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law

Media Had Already Bought Police's Fantasy Version of Walter Scott Killing Before Video Surfaced

The Crimes the New York Times Believes Should Go Unpunished

Yes, Rahm Has Brought Businesses To Chicago—But Their Labor Records Aren’t Pretty

The Police Are America's Terrorists

Barbara Boxer Tells Bob Corker It's 'Reckless' And 'Irresponsible' To Vote Now On Iran Bill

Condors, Already F*cked, Get Fracked

Anyone watch NBC5 - Chicago news at 10pm today?

In All Seriousness, Will Ted Cruz Really Drive People to Atheism?

Muslims murder Palestinians

BREAKING: In Chicago, Reports of Voters Receiving Ballots Already Marked for Emanuel

Bernie Sanders just said on the Nightly Show that he "would run for president..."

Rich Middle Class, Poor Middle Class (April 9, 2015)

Anti-Chicken song - Mongrels - BBC

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 10, 2015 -- Friday Night Spotlight - A. Arnold Gillespie

Governor, advocate seek answers in Utah inmate's death

Photo of the Day


Panama court lifts Martinelli's immunity from prosecution the result we saw in Chicago what was meant to be caused...

Ryan White (1971-1990)

Rahm's "win" in Chicago preserves the career of the most toxic figure in Obama's political life.

Secret Service supervisor on leave after accusations of assault

Democrats need to be the party of "the big America"

Uruguayan president: US must help ex-Guantanamo detainees

Group Denied Madison Swingers Club Plans Church In Same Building

#Pizza4Equality help homeless kids

Does this sound familiar?

John Oliver just exposed a very big lie surrounding Edward Snowden

How the U.S. thinks Russians hacked the White House

San Francisco - Just had my rent raised $500 a month.

feidin Santana very smart guy. very brave man

How America Became an Oligarchy

Democrats, too, are dancing to the rich man's tune. Jim Hightower.

Obama to Announce Support for Removing Cuba From Terror List, Sources Say

Old Foot: Wookiefoot Out loud

While the middle class blame the poor...

"Face the Nation" Host Bob Schieffer To Retire This Summer

Ukraine Appoints Top Fascist to Key Military Advisory Post

Iran Holocaust cartoon contest draws 839 entries

The Military Wastes too much time in meetings

Recently subscribed to this group.

Dog Joins Suspects, Lies Down for Cops


Texas Idiots say the American flag is more racist than the Confederate flag

Did anyone notice the GOP will not let the Democratic politicians lead?

White House Says It Supports Efforts To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

Hi! Can I get some feedback about this 911 video in Houston about open carry?

Norway to pay reparations to Roma for racist policies and suffering under Nazis

2 Guys' Great Project: Free Public "Pay" Phones! (interesting and heartening!)

Pres. Obama visits the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica.

How Religious 'Liberty' Has Been Used to Justify Racism, Sexism and Slavery Throughout History

Video: A white guy breaks down the truth on white fear and greed (strong language)

Most Americans side with gays in religious freedom disputes -Reuters/Ipsos poll

Potential UK oil discovery in South of England 'significant'

The "Special Snowflake" Syndrome of American Conservatives

Kimberley Land Council to ask UN forum to condemn Indigenous community closures

TEA announces early college high school designations

Dear Obama: Here's Why Jamaica's LGBT Community Needs Your Help

The El Paso Chihuahuas open season Thursday

New UTMB Ebola vaccine passes crucial test

Dear Obama: Here's Why Jamaica's LGBT Community Needs Your Help

La Marque residents happy with verdict but some worry about future

Follow-up: Teen woman shot at Longview police station had ‘suicide-type note’

France’s TV5Monde targeted in 'IS group cyberattack'

It is not easy to be me.

Major French TV channel knocked off the air by ISIS - website severely hacked.

Skinned cat found hanging on Jewish man’s patio

Skinned cat found hanging on Jewish man’s patio

U.S. Warns Iran on Support for Yemen Rebels

Travis County grand jury inquiries made concerning 13th Court of Appeals Chief Justice Valdez (D)

Daily Holidays -April 9

Stanford University unveils aluminum battery

The White House’s New Executive Order On Cyber Crime is (Unfortunately) No Joke

Obama lands in Jamaica in first US presidential visit since 1982

In Britain: Teacher turns in debate student for researching about ISIS and Jihad

Fantastic Chauvet Cave finally opens to public - discovered in 1994

Children And Society As Fair Game | Emanuele Corso

Children And Society As Fair Game | Emanuele Corso

Fantastic Chauvet Cave finally opens to public - discovered in 1994

How Hillary Clinton Will Handle Populist Critics

Who sent Anne Frank and her family to the death camps - denunciator unmasked?

Who sent Anne Frank and her family to the death camps - denunciator unmasked?

Fantastic Chauvet Cave finally opens to public - discovered in 1994

Rivers Casino Officials Accused of Anti-Union Practices

Unions Are a Woman's Best Friend

When American transit agencies ignore the world’s move to open gangways

UAW-NYU graduate employees ratify contract

Construction workers join fight for higher minimum hourly wage at Manhattan McDonald's rally

US aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker

Iowa plans for management of water use from the Jordan Aquifer

I am never eating Little Ceasars ever again.

Sen. Sanders on The Nightly Show

North Korea fires missiles into sea as U.S. defense chief visits region

Yemen's Houthis seize provincial capital despite Saudi-led raids

Fort Hood victims to receive Purple Hearts this week

German intelligence: ISIS lost critical oil-fields, running out of money


THIS IS US! LOOK AT US! Hands reaching for a higher reality...

I miss my father

Surgeon General of the US Vivek Murthy: I'm taking your questions (from White House email)

Daily Express weather warning: beware a shower of extreme inaccuracy

Wales: baby chicken gets splints for feet

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah way too cool - Obama visited the Bob Marley Musuem last night

Aboard Flights, Conflicts Over Seat Assignments and Religion

Hundreds gather in Paris in memory of slain Kenyan students

4 universal tips for changing the world from the 'nun on the bus,' Sister Simone Campbell

US ends brake-line rust probe, urges people to wash vehicles

Teachers union starts legal battle to unionize L.A.’s largest charter school group

Sharon Isbin - a woman of strength

The art exhibit.

"Bad decisions"

Test your color perception

Steaks and Seafood to be Removed from Food Stamps Programs

"People think of neighborly noise as a nuisance, but we think of it as an artform"

One other sad thing about HRCs Candidacy is...

Senate Proposal Cuts Off Duncan at the Knees

Walgreens aims to close about 200 US stores

"The Every Child Achieves Act of 2015"

My KY Earth Day Talk: Med Pot's Role in 21st Century Ag

14,000 Residents Near Fujian Chemical Plant Resettled As Plant Bursts Into Flames 3rd Time

Angels' Albert Pujols hits 521st home run to tie for 18th on all-time list


Iran's Khamenei says Saudi air strikes in Yemen causing genocide

Harken, Other Marine Companies Working On Yacht Race Through Arctic In 2017

California's Record Heat; Jan-Mar 15 1.8F Higher Than Last Year's Record Average

Today’s GOP is the party of Jefferson Davis, not of Lincoln

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Murder By Cop

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- GOP

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

The tiresome Cheney Cycle

It's my last day at my job.

"Did not expect this to work. Yes I slept in it."

Germanwings' Andreas Lubitz 'spiked captain's coffee with diuretic drug to make him leave cockpit

SC officer who shot man had prior excessive force complaint

Slowly but steadily, Hillary dips against repubs

Oh, Slap!

Eiffel Tower, many schools closed in big French strike day

Here’s What Marijuana Looks Like Under The Microscope [Photos]

Fox News doesn't lie?

Robert Kennedy Jr. warns of vaccine-linked ‘holocaust’

Email in Real Life...

The New Political Map (With Hat Tip To E&E's Own Glider Guider!)

Republicans have an economic strategy from the ’90s–the 1890s

Koran-burning pastor running for president

Jobless Claims in U.S. Over Past Month Lowest in 15 Years

Walter Scott's Murderer had prior complaint of excessive force against an unarmed black man

What Does "Drill, Baby, Drill" Look Like? 16.2F Increase In Global Average Temperatures

Scientists Link Pennsylvania’s Fracking Boom To Increased Radioactive Gas In Homes

America’s glaring double standard on terror:

Amy Goodman: Capital Punishment? A Dead Policy Walking

LinkedIn buys education site for $1.5 bn

Rand Paul's Petulance With Reporters Will Ruin Him

Complex Organic Molecules Discovered in Infant Star System

Charles Blow: "The end of the line has come for hoping alone-Now is the time for fundamental change"

This Scrapyard Contains the World’s Second-Largest Air Force

Iran: No signing final nuclear deal unless all economic sanctions are lifted on first day

Women rabbis are forging a path outside denominational Judaism

OK, I take it back.

Rachel Maddow - TN tweaks gun laws ahead of NRA convention

Recommendations for antivirus s/w?

South Carolina shooting: passenger was in Walter Scott's car during traffic stop

roger mcguinn - it's alright ma (easy rider ost.)

VA makes little headway in fight to shorten waits for care

"Then there is nothing left for me to do but to go and see General Grant...."

Rand Paul's Campaign Already a Hilarious Train Wreck

"Then there is nothing left for me to do but to go and see General Grant...."

Texas Doesn't Want People Filming Police

Tom Cotton Suggests We Could Take Care Of Iran With 'Several Days' Of Bombing

The problem of police easily resorting to deadly force should be approached systemically.

Johnnyswim ~ Diamonds

Aboard Flights, Conflicts Over Seat Assignments and Religion

Decertify Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, Urges Party Leader

Dimon, now Summers: There's a liquidity problem (Why don't I trust these jerks?)

Herd Heroism in an Age of Rebels: The Cultural Roots of the Anti-Vaxxer Movement

Global Capitalism: April 2015 Monthly Update, Richard Wolff

Enter the 'Hillaryland Whisperer'

The Internet Giant That Is Selling Toxic Whale and Dolphin Meat in Japan

A truly dangerous meeting of minds

Ok, after all the hoopla over the NRA banning/not banning guns at the

#DaretoUnderstand - sign petition to show disgust at anti-Semitic ads in Philly:

As Obama heads to Latin America, Only Argentina Views the US Negatively

On this 150th anniversary of the surrender at Appomattox

As Obama heads to Latina AMerica, Only Argentina Views the US Negatively

Answer: because Obama makes it look easy.

Conservative Congress Votes Dynasty Over Democracy

DICK --- Put him in stocks & place the stocks in Baghdad’s largest public square

The President does not have to take the deal with Iran in front of Congress

IRS offices closing in all cities around the world

Venezuela Balance of Trade

Secret TPP Hampers Debate

What Kinds Of Activities Could You Refuse Under RFRA - Conscience Excuse.

President Obama becomes first president to visit Jamaica in 30 years

Sen. Warren Has Some Ideas About Hillary Clinton's Platform (VIDEO)

BRICS $100bn reserve currency pool to sooth global shocks – Medvedev


Lawsuit seeks to undermine CA teachers' unions.

France's Le Pen family feud deepens with 'dead' claim

Any convictions depending upon Michael Slager's testimony need to be overturned.

Cannibal madness!: cousin of T. Rex was rapacious son-of-a-gun

Did A Federal Court Just Doom The GOP's Big Immigration Lawsuit Against Obama?

How I feel when trying on new clothes. :)

Bwaahaaaa! RW nutjobs tear each other apart - in France!

Multiple studies address riddles of the Moon's origin (BBC)

Jamie Dimon says financial crisis is coming, blames regulation

Rising Levels of Toxic Gas Found in Homes Near Fracking Sites

Trapped Between the Islamic State and Government Forces

The real goal of the US mass media is the construction of mass idiocy

Ex-Rep. Allen West On Walter Scott Killing: 'The Justice System Clearly Worked'

The python that’s eating Florida

Too Many Americans Like Bacon

For those who can only think in dollars

Lincoln Chafee Explores Presidential Run as a Democrat

During Council Bluffs stop, potential presidential candidate Rick Perry calls for more military spen

Ben Carson: Cop Shooting Of S.C. Black Man Was An 'Execution'

DOJ: Madison Man Accused of Trying to Join ISIS

The Collapse of the Obama Doctrine: Yemen War as an Opportunity? | Ramzy Baroud

Pakistan court reorders release of Mumbai attacks suspect

Florida Tea Party Group Paid for Their Protesters

Game on! Teaching science with games

Pic Of The Moment: Tom Cotton Says Iran Problem Could Be Solved With "Several Days" Of Bombing

A problem no one should ignore:JULIAN CASTRO unloads to Salon on GAY RIGHTS, HOMELESSNESS & AMERICA

South Carolina to SCOTUS: We Can Discriminate Against Women, So Why Not Gays?

It's what do you call the object quiz time!

Bacteria the key to ice worm survival

Flood of US police shootings spurs action

Too cute! Five-year-old boy discovers dinosaur in Texas

Megyn Kelly Grills Rand Paul: 'Those Women Were Not Yelling At You'

Incredible video of two dogs protecting a child from being struck by mom (?) (Edited)

Hi there everyone, I'm white...

Radon levels in houses near fracking sites in Pennsylvania are higher;

Fox Host: 'I Didn't See A Black Man Killed By A White Cop' In S.C. Tape

"Some bars of soap are almost tasty." . . Please ome CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

GOP Lawmaker Says It's Harder To Get A Vasectomy Than An Abortion

Lincoln Chafee Explores Presidential Run as a Democrat

Iowa House opens with Wiccan prayer...naturally some "christians" protest. *eyeroll*

You thought Michelle Bachmann would crawl back into the woodwork?

Tell Confluence Partners to keep its hands off Grand Canyon

50 FP luminaries, like Lugar and Scowcroft, ask Congress to hold off on Iran legislation till June

Remember I took my granddaughter to see "Selma" back in January

US aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker

The huge price one comedian paid (Lenny Bruce) so that George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and others

Iran: Lift sanctions immediately or no final nuke deal

For Some Wisconsin State Workers, ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t Something You Can Talk About

The Condo association is full of Hyprocrits.

Survivor Worlds Apart- Episode 8 discussion thread

x p: Tell Confluence Partners to keep its hands off Grand Canyon

Bank Workers Tell Their Bosses: Stop Making Us Sell Shady Products To Poor People

"Cyber security is a job for the government"

“We look up to you”: The immigrant who shot the horrific Walter Scott video is the conscience of Ame

Average US rate on 30-year mortgage falls to 3.66 percent

...and then a man rode through the lines bearing a white flag.

Even FOX is beating up Rand Paul

Fracking linked to Radioactive Gas (Radon) in Homes

Everbody hates Rick Santorum: How the former GOP heavyweight became a political irrelevancy

Female Veterans Pose Homeless Challenge for VA

Tiger Woods back at the Masters!

If there's one thing I simply cannot stand, it's poverty shaming.

Female Veterans Pose Homeless Challenge for VA

what's for dinner - thursday, april 9

Female Veterans Pose Homeless Challenge for VA

Listeria in hummus prompts national recall by Sabra

I run several BOINC projects;

Obama and Raúl Castro set to meet in Panama and test US-Cuba thaw

The Rob Lowe ads have been yanked...

Union for 3,500 nursing home workers calls for strike

Why do folks conflate libertarians with Tenth Amendment absolutists?

Civil War: 150th anniversary of Lee surrender at Appomattox

Florida's top elections official under fire on two fronts

Gay orgies and 'murder' scandals engulf Vatican

A $10 Billion Missile Defense System Gets Added to ‘Government Waste’

President Obama sings along to Bob Marley music...

How do I get through Gmails labryinth to contact their techs for support?

(Maricopa AZ) County attorney won't help Arizona gay couple adopt

Time magazine this week: BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Barack on the Rock!

Valerie Plame slams Judith Miller’s ‘pathetic and self-serving’ mea culpa: Don’t flatter yourself

Police take woman's car away because her insurance company committed fraud

The police officers statement vs the camera footage

The Civil War ended 150 years ago — why is lynching symbolism still a thing?

Toon: Trained To Kill. America.

Why must we humiliate those in poverty?

Springfield, Mo. Vote Shows The Religious Right Will Go To Cultural War Over LGBT Rights.

The Rude Pundit - Bill O'Reilly Spins the North Charleston Shooting Like a Greased Top

Here is precisely why I dislike and distrust Hillary:

I have a new gripe. It's in the grocery stores where the check out clerk asks if you want

To survive in America: Just be white...

The Rude Pundit - Bill O'Reilly Spins the North Charleston Shooting Like a Greased Top

Petition to Facebook to allow use of monastic names

Iceland Sets Precedent: Jails Four Top Bankers for Fraud

Come fly with me: my Elite: Dangerous review (long post w/images)

US stocks edge lower as investors assess earnings

Jersey Cops Let K9 Maul Man to Death, Then Try to Steal the Video

Even Conservative Latinos Don’t Like the GOP

The G.O.P. Presidential Field Looks Chaotic. It’s Not.

Bernie Sanders: A loophole in immigration law is costing thousands of American jobs

Rand Pauls' chances of being the next President just went WAY WAY up.

Bernie Sanders: We need policies which benefit all Americans, not just large campaign donors....

Report to UN: Killer Robots Should Be Banned

China to Build Pipeline From Iran to Pakistan

Let's take a look at the original reporting of the shooting

50 shades of the wealthy dominating the middle and working class.

Most Americans side with gays in religious freedom disputes: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Governor Martinez signs HB155 to Improve Lobby Disclosure in New Mexico

Fear is what governs the American people today.

I Think We're Alone Now

The Burden of Denial: J. M. Greer


Daily Kos: The Case for Run Warren Run

150 years ago today...

White House:Check out our first-ever responsive homepage

ATM just shortchanged me $60. on a 400 withdrawal. Bank replaced $ on a temp. basis pending

Roman Polanski name dropped in GD ... curious if anyone here ever saw Bitter Moon ...

It’s hard to not hate

Powerful Video Of Canada's Homeless Reading 'Mean Tweets'

Regulators penalize PG&E $1.6 billion for pipeline blast

****WCGreen Update --Thursday, April 9, 2015--the Final Update****

GoFundMe Tells Supporters Of Accused Killer Cop To Go Away

The Democratic Party Powerstructures had Become Clintons' Unoffical Properties

John Fugelsang: 'If you don't like Gay people, take it up withe the manufacturer'

If you could pick your opponent: Who would you want to see on the GOP 2016 ticket?

Obama hails best relations with Americas in 'decades'

The Northern Ireland locales where 'Game of Thrones' is filmed

Bruce Springsteen's quote

University of Michigan Will Show American Sniper After Protests

My KY Earth Day talk: Med Pot's Role in 21st Century Ag (x-post)

My KY Earth Day Talk: Med Pot's Role in 21st Century Ag (x-post)

Lincoln Chafee Considering 2016 Campaign/AP

So has the media checked into Walter Scott's past yet?

Never Forget!

The golf writer behind The Masters moniker "Amen Corner"

Obama Rips Walker as an Empty Suit and Denounces Homophobic RFRA Laws as Un-Christian

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Easter tweet

Robert Durst Pleads Not Guilty to Weapons Charges

About Liz running or not...

Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards: "I'm refusing Wall Street donations."

Oligarch Valley: How Beverly Hills billionaire farmers profit from Iran Sanctions

Fortune: What corporate America should do for low-wage workers

Only the Worst Winemakers Are Worried About Arsenic Lawsuit

Just a point..

"Darren Sharper's rape spree shows why athletes get away with crimes"

An American View of Greece Revisited

Probably A Dumb Question Regarding Unions & Right To Work Laws....

Hating the poor is a politically correct way of being racist

You Talk too Much!

Bill targeting state employee union dues being heard in Texas Senate

On teachers as miracle workers

Question to anyone who lived in Florida at any given time but doesn't currently live there.

Private plane cannot extend landing gear, makes 'masterful' emergency landing at Lubbock airport

The Positive Side Of The California Drought - TMFS Sketch

Michael Slager took only 6 seconds to claim Scott had "grabbed" his Taser.

Policy guide: Where the parties stand/BBC on UK elections.

On teaching health

For Scuba and hifiguy:

A Hero and a Sociopath: Three Questions That the Mainstream Media Won't Ask About the Killing of

Our coming theocratic hell: Look out, the right’s “religious freedom” push is just the beginning

I have a great morbid fear

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Nuttin' but love for Obama in Jamaica

AT&T Fined $25 Million After Employees Sold Your Private Information

Detroit cops used their position to rob civilians and run drugs

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Nuttin' but love for Obama in Jamaica

Oldest Neanderthal DNA Sample Extracted in Italy : Discovery News

Dowling students stage protest supporting gay teacher in West Des Moines

Wildlife SOS saves "Nut Herd" of elephants from circus abuse in India

Why are airlines pressuring women to change seats because of sexist men

How corporations keep Eric Cantor and other congressional losers living high on the hog

"Libertarian" Rand Paul "cleverly" accuses pro-choice advocates of infanticide

NLRB hits Postal Service over response to cyber breach

NYC Woman Accused of Marrying 10 Times, Never Filing for Divorce

PLO says backs Syrian army drive to regain Yarmouk camp from militants

Why I don't think the phrase/argument white privilege is effective.

AP BIG story: Rand Paul struggles to get campaign started smoothly

The Inventor Of The Keurig Says He Feels Guilty For Creating It

Atheist Ireland Rebukes PZ Myers

Warning to Inland Northwest DUers: DO NOT buy from Whispering Larch Farm

Peak Oil is STILL for real

Godzilla appointed tourism ambassador of Shinjuku ward, Tokyo

DA: Chief, assistant told firemen, victim not to talk about sex assault at Ellis County fire station

The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times a week

The rush to flee Yemen's capital

A Cop Getting Charged With Murder Is Like A Wall Street Broker Getting Charged With Insider Trading

[FL] House votes to allow adoption denials on religious grounds

Among the missing: First Nations women

Now Venezuela is creating an ugly refugee problem with forced deportations

My Rant Concerning the Shooting of Walter Scott

Listeria In Sabra Hummus Prompts Latest Food Safety Recall

Report: Clinton changed stance on trade deal after donations to foundation

Rome's Plan For Prostitutes Upsets Sex Workers And The Catholic Church

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 9 April 2015

It's Been Suggested That Jeb Ask Liz To Be His Running Mate - Here Is Their Logo

This thread was locked claiming it was disruptive

Atheist Ireland Rebukes PZ Myers

Trans activist will speak at alternate Univ. of North Texas graduation ceremony

Remember the folks who moved in across from the WBC? (re: bigot pizza)

Will adopting a vegan diet save the water?

One of the Last 3 Remaining Howard Johnson's Restaurants Closes

Walker’s trip to Great Britain cost taxpayers $138,000

The Burden of Denial | John Michael Greer

Enough War: Living Beneath Bombs, Yemenis Refuse to be Collateral Damage

Pathological liar gives interviews posing as "Fast&Furious 7" stuntdriver

"We Built This City (on Rock and Roll)"--So bad that it's good, or just bad?

US sanctions against Venezuela ‘counterproductive': Santos

US sanctions against Venezuela ‘counterproductive': Santos

Senate Building Super-Secret Spy Encyclopedia

Thom Hartmann: Should Jeb Bush go to jail for voter fraud?

Thom Hartmann: How Big Ag Buys Off Scientists...

Thom Hartmann: Walter Scott's Killing Is Every Black Nightmare

400mm handheld


Kentucky mother gets 20 years to life for salt-poisoning of son

From The Politburo of Teabilly Mockery:

TOON: Exhibit A: Why Black People Don't Automatically Believe Cops Who Say "I Feared For My Life."

Wisconsin Bans State Workers from Discussing Climate Change, and a Trend is Born

State suspends Williamson County Judge Tim Wright; court now overseen by visiting judge

Baby Leon discovers his eyebrows.

New species of 'terror bird' discovered

Evidence of ancient river could rewrite geological history of the Americas

Evidence of ancient river could rewrite geological history of the Americas

Heroes of Bolivia

New species of 'terror bird' discovered

Video show oil giant Chevron allegedly covering up Amazon contamination

Elizabeth Warren: "I Don't Support the Death Penalty" for Boston Marathon Bomber

Red Sox lead the way!

Obama Could Face Another Disastrous Summit Due to Sanctions Against Venezuela

Bernie Sanders about to announce a run for the White House, IMO

Obama Could Face Another Disastrous Summit Due to Sanctions Against Venezuela

Donna Edwards, Democrat Seeking U.S. Senate Seat, Swears Off Wall Street Cash.

Iran's Khamenei Demands All Sanctions End When Nuclear Deal Signed

A Republican Governor Is Leading the Country's Most Successful Prison Reform

Joel Osteen's church theft opens can of worms: Jaws drop as folks do the math

Dozens of cases involving former Fort Lauderdale cops dropped

Judge Gives Teacher Who Had Sex With Student 30 Days, Calls Her 'Dangling Candy'

SF Police Department’s Disturbing Texts Leaked: ‘All N*ggers Must F*cking Hang' (xpost from GD)

SOURCE: Hillary Clinton will announce her 2016 campaign this weekend

As in Ferguson, California’s Poor Subject to Unfair Fines, Fees

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha OK then I got a great look at

Wisconsin Preacher Tells Members How To Vote

Need Bernie Sanders for President sig pic to replace my Hillary

Bullied transgender teen dies in apparent suicide

Cheney releases book slamming Obama

Dash cam: Virginia deputy's unexplained tackle of driver

New in fitness! The treadmill bike:

Experts: Perry Camp Put Russian Ship in Web Video

New Bill Would Target Bullet Train Land Acquisition

Group Accuses Richmond Teacher of Spewing Anti-Muslim Hate in Class

Nearly 1 in 10 Americans have severe anger issues and access to guns

South Carolina DashCam Video Questions.....

Elizabeth Warren: "I Don't Support the Death Penalty" for Boston Marathon Bomber

Collin County DA asks Texas Rangers to investigate AG Paxton

Police release dashcam footage of traffic stop that led to fatal Walter Scott shooting

Charter financing: Study finds too little accountability in California

In policy change, Apple no longer bars felons for construction jobs

Hillary Clinton Room Post. Chris Matthews is reporting Hillary will announce Sunday.

"Stop or I'll shoot!" now has a whole new meaning

Maybe there should be a "Maximum Wage"!

Poll: Majority of Americans side with LGBT rights over ‘religious freedom’

Trigger alert: This article what Mike Huckabee's group is saying will really piss you off.

More to read and ponder from The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (William Shirer)

Anyone planning on watching Barbara Walters interview Mary Kay Letourneau? (Friday on ABC)

Sad news, white ladies: Some dude on the internet won’t date you any more

If only he were a tree.

NRA Leaders - Why Are You Running from SHARK?

SOURCE: Hillary Clinton will announce her 2016 campaign this weekend

Women Are Poorer Than Men In Every State

CNN: "Walter Scott was shot dead like a runaway slave"

Rand Paul Campaign Sends Cease-And-Desist To Stations Running Iran Attack Ad

Would Tsarnaev Been Convicted Under President McCain? - By Michael Tomasky

Julian Castro Is in VP Training Camp - By Eleanor Clift

Mark Pocan, Keith Ellison push to add right to vote to U.S. Constitution

2 women sentenced in slaying of Mississippi black man

Police cruiser video shows moments before fatal shooting

Edward Snowden’s impact

The cover of Time Magazine...

Edward Snowden’s impact

Charlie Daniels has announced his Volunteer jam and it's packed with people that sing the praises

So Matt Drudge has a weird crush on Rand Paul, apparently

The jury will let the South Carolina cop killer go. Video evidence doesn't matter.

Man is shot at U.S. Census Bureau.EDITED

Why You Should Not Vote For Rand Paul In 2016

Meet The Influential Leader Of Ted Cruz's Iowa Fan Club

Watching the Hawks’: New show for millenials who prefer to ask hard questions

Shooting at the Census Bureau near DC. One guard injured. Man barricaded inside

Richie Benaud, former Australia cricket captain, dies at 84

13 deaths blamed on abuse and neglect at California state-run homes

Listen, it’s still their f**king fault: Bush, Cheney, neocon drivel, and the truth about Iraq & Isis

In Boeing Plant's Union Election, Machinists Face Heavy Opposition From South Carolina Elected Offic

Monster gator has a new home