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To report Chicago mayoral race election irregularities...

The Hanover Live Bald Eagle cam is pretty even at dusk.

Nancy’s Almanac, April 7, 2015: Purple martins are back!

Nancy’s Almanac, April 7, 2015: Purple martins are back!

China-led Development Bank Challenges US Economic Interests--By John Perkins

He grabbed my taser - no he didn't you fucking murderous pig

Senator Warren on Conan Tonight.

4-7-15 Their slogan was “Justice for Janitors! in 2:00 minutes

4-7-15 Their slogan was “Justice for Janitors! in 2:00 minutes

4-7-15 Their slogan was “Justice for Janitors! in 2:00 minutes

What do you think is the biggest threat to our liberties?

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/07/15

BEGIN Japanology - Rain

Former Boeing exec: Want a strong Washington aerospace industry? Get more girls into STEM

Lawsuit claims 'union money grab' through Wolf order

Allegations of racial slurs in court

Cuban dissident arrested on arrival at Panama's Summit of the Americas

Boeing's largest union has deep roots in the South

Chris Matthews explodes at MSNBC: Quit putting ‘goddamn’ right-wing ads on for free

BEGIN Japanology - Rain

Boeing's largest union has deep roots in the South

Fuck Rand Paul

So they moved our polling station this year-

Polls are closed in Chicago. Where is the live results thread?

Key Texas House lawmaker details $3 billion school finance fix

Who’s crazier? Ted Cruz’s Jesus-huffing father vs Rand Paul’s gold-shilling doomsday dad?

The Struggle for Palestine: What’s Winnable, What’s Not

Why is SNL Season 12 not available anywhere?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Eagle Point school district violated union members' constitutional rights, federal judge says


Chase Tower businesses settle sexual abuse lawsuits linked to deceased millionaire Stanley Marsh 3

Keeping cheap labor flowing via willing workers and willing employers.

How America Became an Oligarchy

McCain will seek a sixth term Worst Police Officer Misconduct for March. Framing Edition. Must see video

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's on vacation! & a new Kitteh gif

Rachel will cover the family of Walter Scott (murdered by cop) press conference shortly! nt

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: General Keith Alexander Extended Interview (HBO)

Kilgore College employees break silence about asbestos, hazardous waste dumping

Texas House OKs proposal to pay off some of state's $44 billion debt

NYC Event w/Sen. Warren - April 9!

What is very special is... everyone..gets to see the same video that charged the cop with murder.

Well, the skies just opened up and now it's pouring!

Our police kill more Americans than ISIS could ever hope to kill.

God: When a candidate says he "wants to take the country back", he wants to take it back from you...

Texas Association of Business: ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws Would Be ‘Devastating’

Kansas governor signs nation's 1st ban on abortion procedure


Irish blogger calls Westboro Baptist, asks how to get to Heaven

Arab MKs: IS assault on Yarmouk ‘serves Israeli occupation’

Juan Cole: Netanyahu Slips, Reveals Reason for Opposition to Iran Deal

Robert Reich: Colleges, Churches and Non-Profits Doing the Wealthy's Dirty Work

My doctor was wearing "Google glasses"

Kitty Litter Shuts Down Sole US Nuclear Weapons Waste Facility

Woman says she was assaulted by Hunt County deputies when pregnant

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

TYT: What Would A Rand Paul Presidency Look Like?

Rand Paul Declares Candidacy, Plans To Target 'Low Flow' Voters

Labor board files complaint over action by Rivers Casino(Pgh)involving workers trying to unionize

Quote on Maya Angelou stamp isn't hers

Rachel Maddow said that AP called the Chicago race for Rahm.

Mel Gibson Being Brutally Honest

Israel To Push Congress To Pass Bill To Hamper Iran Deal

Rachel on Rand Paul the plagerist.

Friend's arrest magnifies McKinney suicide tragedy

WI Supreme Court Election and Electing chief justice results April 7

Rahm Emanuel Survives Runoff Election And Wins Second Term As Chicago Mayor

President Obama Sets the Stage for 2016

US job openings surge, a sign that job gains may rebound

23 Reasons The Wisconsin Badgers Still Won The NCAA Tournament

Thom Hartmann: The "Menendez" Citizens United Problem

Russia Hacked White House Last Year, U.S. Officials Say

TYT: The Rand Paul Store Is Totally F**king Hysterical

If People Understood This One Thing, We Would Have Revolution Overnight

It's not only meat that's hogging water in California.

Congrats to the ladies on both sides...

FL Baker: We’re Getting Death Threats over Refusal to Make Anti-Gay Cake

Are there two cops in the video?

Kansas could get one hell of a weather day. I hate storms. God Hates Kansas thanks brownbackista

AP: Can phone companies do more to block robocalls?

Political Prisoners are Victims Too

Conditions are Go for squee

Political Prisoners are Victims Too

Maduro replaces Minister of Tourism Izarra with Diosdado Cabello's wife (SPANISH)

Congressman Grayson and Wife agree to annulment

New Research Links Neonicotinoid Pesticides to Monarch Butterfly Declines

Arrested Development Season 5 - Confirmed By Producers, Not Yet By Netflix

These police murders are America, folks.

Thank you again for your generousity. Should be getting GoFundMe funds any time and someone

Valerie Plame calls Judith Miller "pathetic and self-serving" over Iraq column

Photon 'afterglow' could transmit information without transmitting energy

The Summit of the Americas Must Focus on Economic Inequality

Kansas Welfare Bill Would Cut Into Benefits With ATM Fees

Warren is coming up on Conan

How the hell do they get the false narrative out there?

Springfield (Mo.) voters repeal protections for gay, transgender people

bluebonnet season in central texas

OMZ!1 I can't believe I used "kardashian" in a sentence, like an actual communication tool!1

Does anyone else think there seems to be coordination

High voter turnout in Ferguson adds two black council members, for three total

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wins second term in runoff victory

Photos Of People Endorsing Rand Paul Are From German-Based Stock Photographer

Go Women Huskies ! Best

6 warning shots in the back

Workers and Wages Aren’t a ‘Cost,’ We’re an Investment

Will there be a conviction in the Walter Scott case?

Proof the Republican Party was once great!

What cops really think of cops killing American citizens

I would like to congratulate Rahm Emanuel on winning a second term as mayor of Chicago

Jury is full.

So, when will Bernie Sanders be announcing a real Presidential campaign?

Detroit Free Press editorial: Time Michigan got on the right side of history

Lichen my Fungi TKS L_E_1 for Tennis

NC 'flat tax'. What has it done to you?

All sorts of you know what has hit fan Re: SC cop killing unarmed black man.

Foundation Hotel: $29M Firehouse Remod Arrives Soon (downtown Detroit)

J.C. Watts wants to elect Rand Paul as the next United States of America (¿?¿!)

Just a reminder

Rand Paul's Announcement Video Pulled Over Copyright Issues

Record numbers turn out for Ferguson, Mo., municipal election;

Cops remove bust of Snowden from Brooklyn Park; artists replace it with a HOLOGRAM!

Wow. This used to be an interesting forum What happened?

Please, no more threads about chicken.

Israeli settlers attack 11-year-old Palestinian child in Hebron

OK, the fun's over

Netanyahu's hypocrisy about intervening in other countries' affairs What would happen if a foreign

How will you shine?

Test Opt Out easy for some. The rest have to fight legal battles to do so.

For some opting out of testing is easy. Those in public schools must fight battles.

The Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster: April 5, 2010

Judge refuses to lift hold on Obama immigration action

Don't bogart that fusilli...

Ex-GOP Official Accused Of Threatening Wife Arrested For Domestic Violence

gratuitous kitteh pic - ying and yang edition

SELMA - 4 days ago I saw the bridge and walked around the block - come with me and see

New York Teen Harold Ekeh Gets Accepted to All Eight Ivy League Schools

Merchants of Doubt - a documentary film

White powder, threat sent to Colorado Jewish center, synagogue

Israel’s Unworkable Demands on Iran

Dutch police investigate 'burn the Jews' anti-Semitic chants at FC Utrect vs Ajax football match

California Water Authorities To Use New Tool In Fight Against Water Wasters (Smartmeters)

An exhibition in Iran will mock the Holocaust

Today was a good day in Hawai'i

Mega-Church won't give back $300K donated by Ponzi scheme

Another red state caught lying to the Supreme Court about health insurance exchanges

SodaStream changes labeling to 'Made in the West Bank'

BEGIN Japanology: Osamu Dazai

Univ. of North Texas students petition for a speaker other than Texas Gov. Abbott

All cop guns should be equipped with a video camera.

Confederate group will fly 32 battle flags over MLK Drive at Civil War memorial in Texas town

cursor frozen. will not move. now what? *updated with more info and ? post#5

HBO Now streaming service is up and running!

BEGIN Japanology: Taro Okamoto

Grid Girls!

HBO Now streaming service is up and running!


Slender: The Arrival

Daily Holidays -April 8

Ferguson, MO election results

Not the Onion..... Poser Rand Paul Presidential website

This can't be accidental: Rand declared his candidacy at the Galt House Hotel

List your progressive millionaire/billionaire here

A third of Republicans support Iran nuclear deal: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Mars has belts of glaciers consisting of frozen water

Venezuela formally charges Caracas mayor

Astronomers solve decades-long mystery of the lonely old stars

Ferguson voters add two African Americans to city council

Panama: Background And Buildup To Invasion Of 1989

Ted Cruz's Dad Explains "The Average Black"

Another red state caught lying to the Supreme Court about health insurance exchanges

Cuba says U.S. companies won't get preferential treatment

White Cop Justin Craven Charged With Felony in Ernest Satterwhite Case

Spectacular images of space phenomenon 'Einstein ring' captured by Chile's ALMA telescope

Tom DeLay: Christians Must Fight For The Right To Discriminate 'With Every Ounce Of Our Being'

Why John Oliver Can’t Find Americans Who Know Edward Snowden’s Name (It’s Not About Snowden)

Summit of Americas to highlight poor US-LatAm ties

what's the matter with Kansas??

Summit of Americas to highlight poor US-LatAm ties

US aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker

Obama to offer alternative to Venezuelan crude on Caribbean swing

Obama to offer alternative to Venezuelan crude on Caribbean swing

Chile harvests first medical marijuana crop

Family of slain Nevada inmate alleges guards staged fight

Don't You Hate When You Go Grab A Bite To Eat And Your Meal Eats Your Tongue?

The Murder Winds

The Myths of US Exceptionalism

Obama was right, Iran capitulated

Greek PM in Moscow for Putin meet that rattles EU

So Poppy Bush was spying on Americans long before 9/11

Two Saudi policemen killed in Riyadh

Another attack on forces in Afghanistan

French air traffic strike grounds hundreds of flights

Hatton Garden raid: Jewellery could be worth '£200m'

50 years ago,workers made the modern equivalent of $50 dollars an hour @ G.M.

Morris Jeff charter school again approves teachers union for collective bargaining

Bobcat catches shark on Florida beach in Sebastian Inlet State Park

Syrian Imam Sheihk Abdul Hadi Arwani ‘shot dead in London’

UK Parties: The Liberal Democrat party

Replica of Higgins boat that was designed by Nebraskan and played key D-Day role is headed to France

Rand Paul wants a WAR! along with all of the GOP!

Marine Le Pen Openly "Opposes" Her Father In Major FN Rift.

*** My gofundme Page ***

Official White House Photos from this weekend's Easter Egg Roll

We've heard about TPP...

'American Pie' lyrics sell for $1.2 million in New York

Dems did well in my conservative town yesterday

Empty nest syndrome has Barack Obama in tears

NATO soldier killed in firefight with Afghan troops: NATO coalition

Two IDF soldiers hurt in West Bank stabbing attack

Afghan soldier kills 1 American soldier, wounds 2 US troops (UPDATED)

WI State Treasurer Moves To Block "Engaging In Global Warming Or Climate Change Work"

Abbot Gov's Energy Plan Completely Omits Climate, Chooses Invisible Handjob Instead

Barclays Claims Exit From Financing Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining - Guardian

2,000 Police Crush Pollution Protest In Inner Mongolia; 1 Dead, At Least 50 Arrested

Wtf happened to TED talk?

Gay teacher loses job at Skutt in what alumni's petition calls discrimination (E petition)

Iran deploys warships off Yemen's coast

Gay teacher loses job at Skutt in what alumni's petition calls discrimination (E petition)

South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder

Rand Paul On Climate & Environment: Straw Men, Bullshit And Lies

Comparison of U.S. deaths from police shootings with other nations

Calling Hillary Clinton Supporters On DU "Operatives" Is Ugly

Springfield, Missouri, Voters Repeal LGBT Rights Ordinance

Ferguson Proves: Your Vote MATTERS.

Japanology +Plus Ninja

Japanology +Plus Ninja

Generally Interesting Chicago Results by Ward

Does the Holocaust Discount Jewish White Privilege?

Begin Japanology - Yoshoku

Irony Defined: No working guns allowed at NRA convention

Devil's advocate on Starbucks 4 years college

‘Decertify’ liberal group bashing Patrick Murphy, St. Lucie County Democratic chair urges

"I clearly didn't lie. Here's how I know." . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Ok eagle people.What is this creature that is in the nest?

Powerful Sen. Chuck Schumer backs Iran bill White House opposes

Conan O'Brien interviews Elizabeth Warren

The rush to humiliate the poor

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Getting Rand-y

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Be scared

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Environment

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Anti-Israel protesters call ‘Kill the Jews’ in Vienna

Why John Oliver Can’t Find Americans Who Know Edward Snowden’s Name (It’s Not About Snowden)

Tweeting Troll-Free Is A Form Of Male Privilege, And Alex Blank Millard Just Proved It

Just shut the fuck up: Robert Kennedy Jr. warns of vaccine-linked ‘holocaust’

CSU faculty union releases report detailing members’ struggles to pay bills

So, does Rahm's victory in Chicago tell us anything?

Upon Further Review: Inside the police failure to stop Darren Sharper’s rape spree

The exact moment police planted evidence

Rachel Maddow - Paul launches ‘loud and clear’ WH bid

I'm in need of a part-time bookkeeper/sales-counter person...

“No no no no no no no no: Listen!” He-man Rand Paul lectures a lady — again - By Joan Walsh

The Invisible Democratic Majority

In war over Medicaid expansion, Senate panel declines to confirm Scott’s pick for surgeon general

3 Abandoned Puppies by Sarah Cameron

Look at our First Family, y'all. Just drink it in.

Sen. Sanders: Democracy for Sale

DUers, I need your help again. A friend is trying to gather supplies for a homeless camp

Shell to buy BG Group for nearly $70B (CBC)

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 8 April 2015

Very interesting, respectful discussion...

Bobcat Catches Shark In Photo Experts Say Is Probably Real

How America Became an Oligarchy

Maduro rejects speculation he'll suspend Venezuela elections

Syria's Assad offers to fight IS in Yarmouk after two year siege

US steps up arms deliveries to Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

me: after a shower...

From Ron To Ayatollah - XOXO

america the theocracy....House, Senate committees pass bill to make Bible official TN book

Anyone else feel like me voting yesterday

Just wondering if anyone caught Fox News on the South Carolina shooting....

Help me stop fracking in CA. (petition)

40 years ago today Frank Robinson became the first black manager in major league history

Israeli soldier: Palestinians are our training targets

Had a senior moment this morning, told a friend that the convention was this July,

Follow the Money: Invisible Investors Seek Big Bucks in Mass Incarceration

Robert Reich: The rich have bought America’s silence

Another effort to end greyhound racing in House

Va. prosecutor: Innocent man faces life behind bars unless McAuliffe pardons

Va. prosecutor: Innocent man faces life behind bars unless McAuliffe pardons

Soldiers enter home of B'Tselem volunteers in Hebron, awake children, photograph them, confiscate

Tesla boosts range, power and price of low-end Model S

Dirt Pie!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you President Obama.

The right-wing personality - It's like an alien takeover.

NBC's "A.D. - The Bible Continues" In 5 Minutes

I only have one question:

The Scandal That Could Blow Up Rand Paul's Machine

Pic Of The Moment: Iran-Contrarian: Rand Paul Announces!

Today in Herstory: Consumer League Report Highlights Wage Inequality for Women in New York State

Today in Herstory: Consumer League Report Highlights Wage Inequality for Women in New York State

ICC begins ‘preliminary examination’ into alleged Israeli crimes in Gaza

Vermont House votes 119 to 1 to condemn Religious Freedom Laws

Today in Herstory: Suffragists, Matching Congress in Numbers, Demand a Congressional Amendment

Getting High with a Hallucinogenic Toad Prophet

Basketball season is over. Time to get the golf clubs out

So the clown who lied or misled folks about graduating from college and being a member...

On WBUR's On Point program this morning, a Sioux City IA man called in.

Kansas governor signs abortion law

US stocks open higher as investors wait on Fed, earnings

Tom Cotton: Bombing Iran Would Take “Several Days,” Be Nothing Like Iraq War

Glenn Greenwald still running damage control to prop up his myth

Senator Elizabeth Warren Interview on Conan Part 1 04/07/15

Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren Back Activist Campaign To Push Clinton Left

John Hancock life insurance to have customers wear Fitbits, adjust rates in real-time based on data

Religious Freedom’ Laws Open Door to Discrimination Against Women

Brontosaurus dinosaur could make a thundering comeback (CBC)

Here’s what we know about Sen. Rand Paul’s faith: ‘Never been easy’

The real religious freedom fight is about to begin — in Louisiana

Five Things You Should Know About Rand Paul

Popularity of Presidents of Brazil, Chile Fall Amid Scandals

Europeans had dark skin, blue eyes 7,000 years ago (CBC)

"how St. Louis Police robbed my family"

Oil Is Diving After the Biggest Inventory Build in 14 Years

The Chief of Police in North Charleston SC said that he

Evangelicals View Public Education As The Work Of The Devil.

"We gave Obama a walk-in-the-park, just a few steps from paradise." Please come CAPTION Dick Cheney!

Don't forget to thank GOP billionaire for helping to get Rahm Emanuel elected

Tsipras Tells Putin EU Sanctions on Russia Are Economic War

Kansas Will Make Sure Welfare Queens Can’t Get Their Palms Read On Caribbean Cruises

Knives out for solar- ALEC & fossil fuel lobby gets MN House plan to gut clean energy

Technically A Clinton Clinton Ticket Would Be Legal.

Thirty Meter Telescope to see cosmos on micro scale (CBC)

Fox News is Excited About Rand Paul

Hero Tennessee Legislator Explains How Guns Are Like Bicycles, Only Safer

Obamacare 'poll' from teabag congressman David Young

The wingnut can't help loving me. Her reply to my e-mail on our politics/obstacle in relating

Trade deals, exports are the focus of official’s Omaha visit

Obamacare 'poll' from Iowa teabag congressman David Young

Koterba toon: W explains to Jed...

Saudi 'To Borrow To Finance Soaring Deficit', Says Report

Obama Comes Out A Bit Ahead in a Month Dominated by Iran/Israel

Afghan Militants Vow To Send 'Thousands' Of Fighters To Yemen

Former SNL cast member Gary Kroeger to run for Iowa congressional seat

‘Family Values’ Lunatic Todd Kincannon Arrested Just For Showing Wife Who’s Boss

AK's answer to oil economy problems - drill more

Marine Le Pen in political attack on her father after he belittles Holocaust

How Western Canada glaciers will melt away (CBC)

DEA sued over secret bulk collection of Americans' phone records

Alaska Repub wants to tax the poor f/ education

Al-Qaeda Making Gains In Yemen: US Defense Secretary

Two Massachusetts Democrats say it's time to dump Pelosi

School bus drivers with alleged militia ties face embezzlement, gun charges

Map: The most liberal and conservative towns in each state

Hawks sign 8-year-old boy with leukemia, awesomeness ensues

Here's a quote from 1850 about what's happening today....

Paper Company Makes Gay Wedding Confetti Out Of Antigay Leaflets

What’s In A Name? ‘Hillary’ By Any Other Name Would Still Be Controversial

"Stop! Or I'll shoot you 8 times in the back and then plant evidence on you!"

Regarding Rand Paul

The Voting Law That's Being Ignored

Sen. Schumer and 7 other Democrats are making a terrible choice siding with GOP on Iran bill

One-Third Of US Republicans Back Nuclear Deal, Poll Finds

To the bozo in the white Altima I just put up with.

Israel Rejects US Attempt To Reinterpret Obama’s Admission Of Nuke Deal’s Flaws

Is Obama being chicken about Iran?

Tom DeLay: Christians Must Fight For The Right To Discriminate 'With Every Ounce Of Our Being'

Why (California Lt. Gov.) Gavin Newsom should run for president

The Discrimination Too Big to Matter

Well, *that* was quick: Rand PAUL's meltdown with interviewers

In Chicago, Reports of Voters Receiving Ballots Already Marked for Emanuel

Ships trapped in ice on eastern Lake Superior

Wedding Ruined After Groom Accidentally Serves Guests Ketamine Instead Of Powdered Alcohol

Gloomy Don McLean reveals meaning of ‘American Pie’ — and sells lyrics for $1.2 million

So I just receive a letter from Harry Reid asking for a donation to "take back the Senate"

Wall Street upset by lack of deference from senators

Iowa Bishop: Teacher's Job Offer Not Rescinded Because He's Gay, But Because He's Openly-Gay

Dem lawmaker proposes euthanizing the disabled

Nurses union accuses U. of C. of violating labor law

I didn't know there was even a Classical Music board.

South Carolina Mayor: White Officer Who Fatally Shot Black Man in the Back Has Been Fired

Dr. James Dobson: SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision Will Lead to Civil War

Chris Matthews explodes at MSNBC: Quit putting ‘goddamn’ right-wing ads on for free Arturo Garcia

Yesterday, I conducted a quick, unscientific experiment on DU.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark) Suggests We Could Take Care Of Iran With 'Several Days' Of Bombing

Kerry will meet with Cuban counterpart in Panama at the summit there

Does anyone have a link to the thread about the teacher who was

Family Research Council starts three weeks of prayer against marriage equality

Well, well, well. Look who's in first.

Unions Are a Woman's Best Friend

BREAKING: Jury Finds Tsarnaev Guilty (All 30 Counts) in Boston Marathon Bombing

Unions Are a Woman's Best Friend

Are You A Feminist? Katie Goodman Discusses Celebrities Baffling Responses

ACLU e petition: Stop Solitary Confinement of Youth

France's far-right Le Pen splits publicly with father in political family feud

A Republican President in 2016 will mean war

A bicycle that could fly

Flying Food Workers Deserve the LA Living Wage! E action!

Flying Food Workers Deserve the LA Living Wage! E action!

Flying Food Workers Deserve the LA Living Wage! E action!

AND THE ANSWER IS...(Do not open this thread until you have opened the thread "Let's play a game")

LET'S PLAY A GAME!!!! (Let's see who can get it right!!)

404.35 ppm and still climbing

House bill would eliminate the need for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Ohio

Lawmakers Debate Public School Takeover Bills

Former student sends teacher $10,000 check just because she's awesome

The double-standard of making the poor prove they’re worthy of government benefits

Hey, Yall gotta cigarette? Music Remix

BREAKING NEWS: Verdict reached in Tsarnaev bombing case (per CNN)

Dubai's Night Secrets: Prostitution And Sex Trafficking In Dubai

France's far-right Le Pen splits publicly with father in political family feud

Emanuel won the mayor's race, but progressives won the election

Papantonio: Republican Stupidity Might Kill Us All

Twins Who Really Love One Another

Catastrophic Sea Level Rise within Three Generations

Dominionist Cruz wants to eliminate separation of powers

Ted Cruz Allegedly Raises Record $31 Million in Less Than a Week

The "Guilty" findings are rolling in.........

boston marathon bomber found GUILTY

Poor people are ripping you off

I wonder what President Obama said to her...

GoFundMe Rejects Campaign To Support South Carolina Officer Charged With Murder

Rand Paul Gets 'Testy' With Male AP Reporter On Abortion Rights

Bernie Sanders: Sign the petition: no fast track for the TPP

BREAKING: Police officer who shot and killed Walter Scott has been fired, mayor says.

Anger management issues and gun ownership.

Human Rights Campaign: Louisiana Anti-Gay Bill 'Worse' Than Indiana's

Happiest countries in the world. Just look at these socialist hellholes!

Bong threat clears out bus station in Boulder

Chicago’s Chuy Garcia Lost an Election, but Won a Movement

Tsarnaev Found Guilty in Boston Marathon Bomber Trial

Just Released Video of Chevron Trying to Falsify Evidence in Amazon Oil Spill.

Let them eat coal & oil: $41 million suit thrown at BSNF Rail after failed fruit transport venture

Jamaica suffering from most austere budget due to IMF agreement – US report

Bernie Sanders: The same old Republican ideas...

RIP Stan Freberg

Another SC cop charged for killing another black man

Hillary Clinton hires Google Executive to be Chief Technology Officer

Rand Paul's Tax Policy Page Bizarrely Disappears From Campaign Website

The "Special Snowflake" Syndrome of American Religious Conservatives

Clean Energy Revolution Is Ahead of Schedule

Arab Bank fails to void U.S. liability verdict over Hamas attacks

Is Facebook’s “Faceprint Database” Illegal?

Tsarnaev? Death penalty? Your thoughts....

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 8, 2015

Houston-area teacher faces punishment over anti-Islam handout

Mayor vows body cams for entire force after shooting video

Ever wonder where the Water went?

Jimmy Carter~ Clean water is a basic human right....

U.S. seeks extradition to Spain of Salvadoran wanted in priest killings

U.S. seeks extradition to Spain of Salvadoran wanted in priest killings

If you could choose the sentence for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.....

Former Ferguson City Court Clerk who sent racist emails speaks out

Policing Gone Bonkers: There Are 26 Open Warrants Per Citizen in Tiny Missouri Town

U.S. immigration agents arrest 976 gang members in sweep

Impossible photos

Snowden’s Leaks Forced the DEA To End Its Own Mass Surveillance Program

the 1963 nuclear test band treaty and my father who helped write it

Islamic State releases more than 200 captive Yazidis in Iraq

Robin Hood Tax Coalition to hold vigils nationwide on Wednesday 25 cities NO MSM coverage!

Jurors ask for exhibit list in Hernandez trial

April 8, 1911 128 convict miners, mostly African-Americans jailed for minor offenses, were killed

Russian trawler was sunk by greed and corruption: investigators

Happy birthday, John Havlicek. 75 years old today.

This thread is for new music.

God No, the U.S. Air Force Doesn’t Need Another Curtis LeMay

Volunteers provide plumbing repairs for low-income homeowners (wish they were closer to TTW)

Longtime Dem Rep Announces Plan To Retire In Competitive California District

Volunteers provide plumbing repairs for low-income homeowners (wish they were closer to TTW)

Volunteers provide plumbing repairs for low-income homeowners (wish they were closer to TTW)

Is This Pat Robertson's Most Insane Rant Ever?

Martin O'Malley on police murder of Walter Scott: 'It shouldn't take a video to ensure justice.'

Atheist Richard Dawkins Denounces Islam for Upholding Ancient, Violent Laws...

Inside The Police Failure To Stop Darren Sharper's Rape Spree

Despicable Ted Nugent: Vets Commit Suicide Because Obama is President

ALMA catures ancient galaxy's near-perfect Einstein ring

DEA sued for snooping on international phone calls

Tea Party-Member Rand Paul is the Republican Party

Wisconsin Rising Trailer (documents Wisconsin Gov.Scott Walker's attack on working families)

Vermont among top 3 states to distribute 100% of federal jobs

i am so disgusted with my sheriff

Court declines to lift hold on Obama's immigration actions

John Fugelsang: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush have plans...

Watching Children Read the NRA's Own Words Reveals Just How Out of Touch Gun Activists Are

Wisconsin Board Bans Employees From Global Warming Work

I have a new but hidden cat

Labour in solidarity with temporary foreign workers (Canada)

If it were up to me, I'd make all prisons humane

Islamic State group releases over 200 captive Iraqi Yazidis

2016 Presidential Candidates Address Inequality (Sort Of)

The interwebs are full of interesting stuff today.

Ferguson Clerk Fired for Racist Emails: Feels Like I Was ‘Raped’

Failing defense programs kept alive by lawmakers

The young man who filmed Walter Scott's murder...(question)

Question about tasers...

How the hell did I miss this?

Emanuel wins but allies on city council have rough night.

Isis mass graves:Iraqi forensic teams recover remains of 1,700 military cadets slaughtered (Graphic)

Once again, the Huffer Post goes off the woo deep end...

Now Emanuel turns to pensions.

Is New Atheism an anti-Muslim, white supremacy movement?

Rand Paul running

Rand Paul's announcement speech full of lies.

Senior US Official in Venezuela for Meetings With Maduro

Mapped: What the world's religious landscape will look like in 2050

Uruguayan President: US Must Help Ex-Guantanamo Detainees

Youth of SYRIZA: More Radical on Debt, Grexit and Redistribution in Greece TRNN

Five Things You Should Know About Rand Paul

Who is this Jeb Bush I hear so much about? I am aware of ...

A shout out to our wonderful UConn women's basketball team on winning

by Robert Reich

Everything you need to know: Lyrid meteor shower

Dowling Catholic students protest decision not to hire gay teacher

Amid Seattle's Affluence, Homelessness Also Flourishes

Squatters invade Rio building that was to become a luxury hotel for Olympics

Mark Geragos: Broken tail light is 'code' to harass black people

Be careful of that grocery bag in the middle of the kitchen floor.

SC cop fired after shooting unarmed black man in the long before he gets a Fox News show?

"Anyone not as 'Murican as us is a cmmie!" :eyeroll:

5 Unforgettable Controversies From Rand Paul’s Career

U.S. seeks extradition to Spain of Salvadoran wanted in priest killings

Can hatred be measured by "hate crimes"?

2015 Legislators Are Coming for Sex Ed… Again

Live forever, you fuzzy little fuckstick

$1.2 million vs. 6000 people

US police killed more people in March than UK did in 20th century – report

Government Surveillance - John Oliver HBO

White House trolls Netanyahu on twitter, mocks his cartoon bomb

Jesus H. Christ and Rand Paul have the same middle name

Democrats Blast DINO Chuck Schumer's Threat to Kill Iran Deal

Dick Cheney’s contemptible shamelessness: The Vader veep strikes again

17 Honest Thoughts From a Black Man After Watching That Walter Scott Video

What the cops said about W Scotts murder before they

True Friends Never Forget...Especially Elephants

I am confused.

Actor Geoffrey Lewis dies at 79...

U.S. Deports Salvadoran General Accused in ’80s Killings

U.S. Deports Salvadoran General Accused in ’80s Killings

Significant Tornadoes Possible on Wed; Widespread Severe Weather Expected on Thursday

Bounce A Battery to Learn If It Is Still Good -- Really

Matt Taibbi: The Year's Most Disgusting Book (Bernie Kerik's "bleeding-heart prison memoir")

Somebody get the butterfly nets, Alex Jones really has lost it...

Another Dem seat opens: California's Lois Capps to retire from 24th District

White House Reveals Desperate Lack of Support for TPP

Democrats Blast Sen. Chuck Schumer's Threat to Kill Iran Deal

I have yet to see any good explanation for

Perversion Rising: ‘Book of Yeezus’ Replaces God With Rap Star Kanye West

The North Charleston Police Department has a shocking record of abuse allegations

Brontosaurus gets its name back

An American View of Greece Revisited

Stanford task force recommends university expel violators in sex assault cases

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Spooning Couple in Greece

any Columbo fans at DU?

Contrary to just about everything the government has said up until now...

Rand Paul just implied President Obama is a "neocon"

You go gal! -->#Wisconsin Chief Justice Abrahamson Files Lawsuit Challenging Referendum

Infant star's molecules suggest life's chemistry universal

Carbon nanotube computing?

If you look carefully you can see the taser wires.

AR Supreme Court Marriage case gets curioser: Justices recuse from new case

Bumblebees differentiate flower types when arranged horizontally but not vertically

Found this--kinda like it

Reports: Barry Manilow marries manager Garry Kief

US Backtracks on Claims That Venezuela is 'Extraordinary Threat'

Gotcha! Ultra-realistic robot proves there's more than one way to scare a fish

Tinfoil Rand - By Josh Marshall

Mysterious desert fairy circles share pattern with skin cells

The science behind the perfect chip

T-Mobile Latest Major Company To Leave ALEC

These Texas rebels say the American flag is more racist than the Confederate flag

Near-death brain signaling accelerates demise of the heart

Is there the equivalent of GoFundMe for someone who's looking for a job

Feds to consider endangered species listing for spotted owl

Longtime Rand Paul ally Alex Jones declares Boston bomber innocent, says attack "was fake"

Iowa voter says GOP booted him for calling Ted Cruz extreme: ‘They just want to preach the Gospel’

Feds to consider endangered species listing for spotted owl

The top story in Mexico is about a feisty journalist who exposed the first lady’s secret mansion, an

New Video of Vineland cops letting K9 abuse unconscious man who was already

Michele Bachmann: Obama’s deal with Iran ‘virtually guarantees’ World War III

What will happen when an all white jury lets Police Officer Michael Slager walk away

How to be the cutest kitten alive

US is world’s largest oil and gas producer in 2014

Dick Cheney: Obama Leaving A 'Terrible Burden' For Next President

Libya uncovers ‘new elements’ in killing of US ambassador in Benghazi

Ted Cruz's father: "Don't you realize they are using you ?"

American Sufism

Pittsburgh DUers...I don't want to be 'that guy', but I have to ask:

Graphic New Video Backs Up Witnesses, Police Allow K-9 to Tear Apart Unconscious Man

The Arctic has lost so much ice that now people want to race yachts through it

Gofundme - need help if you can..

S.F. man’s winning robbery defense: Entered home to board spacecraft

GOP governor’s resistance to Obamacare is so strong that it’s jeopardizing his quest for tax cuts

Saratoga Co Deputy Sheriff suspended/resigns after this encounter:

We don’t need labels on genetically modified foods

North Korea warns it will take 'necessary measures' to get ship back from Mexico

Vatican Balks At Receiving Gay Ambassador

Liberal Groups Vow To Hold Democrats Accountable If They Help Republicans Kill Obama Iran Deal

Remember when Harvey Milk & the Teamsters worked hand in hand? Rent this movie!!!

Remember when Harvey Milk & the Teamsters worked hand in hand? Rent this movie!!!

Remember when Harvey Milk & the Teamsters worked hand in hand? Rent this movie!!!

Life is not easy peasy when you are poor ...

Remember when Harvey Milk & the Teamsters worked hand in hand? Rent this movie!!!

from a distance

1833 SCOTUS: Barron v. Baltimore 32 U.S. (7 Pet.) 243, Bill of Rights does not apply to state govts

If that young man had not taken the video, would the cop have been charged with murder?

Paul mixes up New Hampshire history in invoking state motto

In case people don't have a good understanding of what a supermax is, it is torture.

If you see something, shoot it...

Hold the Sausage

Headed for Istanbul tomorrow

Karma has bitten someone. I feel bad for the guy.

Indictments May Be Near in George Washington Bridge Scandal

Latest White House feature: Gender-neutral restroom

Jesus fuck, can we lay off the torture and agony fantasies already? (Tsarnaev)

Nothing says limited government, Rand Paul-style libertarianism like...

Dad is in the hospital

Can you change the station? I've had a rough night, and I hate the fucking Eagles, man.

AP: Puppy rescued after falling 50 feet into old well casing

SC shooting police radio transmission:

A bit sad that a fourteen year old boy makes this connection. (Walter Scott)

Have any white conservatives come to the defense of the police murderer in Charleston yet?

Teachers sue to join union without paying for political activities

New Texas Bill Would Prevent Bystanders From Recording Cops

This is rare: Moose spotted several times in Nebraska Panhandle

Teacher tells Christie "You need to tone it down a little if you want to become President..."

Yawning is contagious.

All Sports Isn't About Money

Che Guevara Murderer Attending Summit of the Americas

The book trailer Facebook banned because of classical breasts

A Christian Nation? Since When? (Kruse | NYT | 14 Mar 2015)

Stocks edge higher as health care gains on deal news

Los Angeles Seeks to Ban Homeless People from Sleeping in Cars And RV’s

Los Angeles Seeks to Ban Homeless People from Sleeping in Cars And RV’s (xpost from GD)

Unworthy Victims: Western Wars Have Killed Four Million Muslims Since 1990

Mike Luckovich Toon- Armed and Dangerous

DU Lou Dobbs poll

"Golden Girls" Lego set is up for a vote!

Boeing's South Carolina workers make $10 less per hour than those in Everett

Boeing's South Carolina workers make $10 less per hour than those in Everett