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Archives: April 7, 2015

Republican Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: I know what my political party wants—They want war

As Rahm Emanuel Faces Runoff, a Rundown of His Corrupt Record

Strong is the new pretty: Photos show the secret side of girls

Man Always Carries Gun In Case He Needs To Escalate Situation

Declining IRS workforce leaves calls unanswered as Tax Day approaches, union says

Another day, another incident in rape culture...

Where is the leadership of the white community?

UN Condemns Human Rights Violations in Paraguay

almost all of the leaders of the Islamic State are former Iraqi officers of Hussain's reign.

Arab nations’ donations to Clinton Foundation: Curing world’s ills or currying favor?

It's a nice day out today.

Cruz’s Constant References to Jesus Drive Millions to Atheism

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 7 April 2015

W Post:Nation’s largest teachers union launches ad campaign as Congress debates No Child Left Behind

8 Reasons Conservative Christians Are Concerned About Their Own Religious Freedom in the Obama Era

Israel official: Military action against Iran still possible

Starbucks to Expand Online College Tuition Program

Politico: Chuck Schumer bucks White House on Iran!!! WTF. With Democrats like Schumer ...

Please help me connect a friend's laptop to the internet

To report another jury duty glitch.

'Christian leader' comparing gay people to shit

US wants egg executives punished for salmonella outbreak

Who's everyone rooting for tonight in the NCAA-Mens Championship game?

More than two thirds of people taking antidepressants 'may NOT actually have depression'

Chris Matthews slams GOP Ron Christie for shamelessness on Iran deal and historical ignorance

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's on vacation! & a new Kitteh gif

Is religion a science?

In Lebanon, destitute Palestinian camp becomes militant refuge

If you fuck your President, you aren't leader

Radioactive cesium found on Vancouver Island. This is the first time

Nuclear Experts Endorse Iran Nuclear Agreement In Open Letter

Dumb Criminals: Florida (Obviously) Disney World Employee Arrested For Public Masturbation, Porn

Hey Wisconsin ,

What is your favorite thing about politics? I like speculating

James Rustad Sings "My Name Is Jeb Bush, I am Hispanic!"

"I don’t know if we have 67 votes. ... We have 64 or 65 that we are aware of today. There are many

Why are we surprised that the state that gave us Mitch McConnel

Radiation from Fukushima reactor detected off Vancouver Island

Three new species of ‘dragon-esque’ woodlizards discovered

What does Herzog and Livni (Israeli opposition) say about the Iran nuclear deal?

Samsung paid 500 fake fans to attend Chinese press event for the launch of its new flagship phones

NC legislators think back-alley abortions are just fine

So MaidInMaryland is now a Wiscansin fan?

GNU Terry Pratchett

Leader vs Liar

No Faith in Science

Christie plans town hall events in NH

Who Should I Vote For in the Chicago Mayoral Election (I'm Undecided)

Indiana just doesn't want to enter the modern world...

O.K. and sorry, DU: This is what you're getting from me throughout 2015-16::

The Almanac Singers (1940 - 1943)

Fracking: Oil company drops lawsuit attempting to overturn San Benito County ban

President Obama in Boxing Gloves

Cat REALLY wants his earplug toy...

516 firearms registered to the Police and they still lose some.

Palestinians attempting to fast track war crimes suits against Israel at ICC

ReproWrap: theocrats are on full attack mode -- Care2Causes

GOP Lawmaker Pushing Even Broader Religious Freedom Law

Dickipedia Entry: Mitch McConnell

Thank you for choosing to serve. Unfortunately, that Jury is full.

Ted Nugent Gives A Thumbs Up To A Facebook Comment With The N-Word

Right-to-work's racist roots -- video

AFSCME members beat back prison-maggots Aramark from taking over pub school food operation

Walker called out to apologize for slur

With Schumer as minority leader, the Democratic Party

Hezbollah: Iran deal rules out specter of regional and world wars

Adorable Moment When President Obama Got Interrupted by Bees

Nuclear deal would embolden Iran: Nasrallah

Pirate Fishing Vessel Thunder Sinks/Scuttles; All 40 Crew & Officers Rescued By Sea Shepherd

Way to go, chumps!

The Abutilon are blooming

New Scientist - Rapidly Warming Arctic May Power Extreme Heatwaves & Droughts In N. Hemisphere

PA districts sue state over unequal funding

Girl Scouts & Clan Mothers

Congrats, Duke!

Arkansas school privatization bill fails

Now The Green Blade Rises

I love you Grayson, Tyus, Quinn, Marshall, Jahlil, Amile, Justise, Matt...

White House unveils new Obama family portrait

revenge brisket more than made up for the ruined one

Duke edges Wisconsin to win fifth national championship


a little news from the neighborhood - Huge development would make Benson 8 times bigger

More information which didn't get a moment of coverage in our corporate media:

Gandhi-King Conference April 10-11

Approved death claims related to GM ignition switch recall rise to 80

Omaha fire union running own health plan a 'radical shift’

Omaha fire union running own health plan a 'radical shift’

When will a Hillary Operative show up on DU?

Report: Israel intentionally targeted UN peacekeepers in Lebanon

Does anyone here sell their original music on Amazon as a digital download / mp3?

WI-SC: GOP Candidate is John Doe DEFENDANT!

Talking to Yanis Varoufakis (Harald Schumann On The Trail - the complete interview)

it's been a month and i still miss my fat cat terribly

Looking forward to some rain tomorrow in Southern California. :)

It Is Obvious GOP Would Rather Start WWIII Than Let Obama Have Any Success.

Majority vote approves Greek Parliament committee to probe memoranda

Colombia's Only Forensic Geologist's Search for His Country's Disappeared People

Statue That Cast Edward Snowden As A Hero Removed And Held By New York Police

TÓC TIÊN feat Big Daddy & Andree - D.C.M.A. (OFFICIAL MV) Vietnamese

The April contest

New York artists secretly erect Edward Snowden statue in Brooklyn

Colorado bill on pregnancy pot warnings questioned

Obama: Iran's Recognition of Israel Not to Be Part of Nuclear Deal

Goodbye to a legend

Lincoln, NE temporarily without abortion services after doctor leaves

John McCain Will Run for Re-election to the Senate in 2016

Putting Climate Deniers on the Hot Seat

Eastern Europe increases military readiness to counter Russian threat

'Green' political donor vows climate agenda push in 2016 U.S. race

How a Mid-Sized Tennessee Town Took on Comcast, Revived Its Economy and Did it With Socialism

Rahm Is Spending A Lot Of His War Chest Money On A Last Minute Blitz.....

Increasing probability for a big European "collision" through Grexit

George Galloway embroiled in Twitter spat with Bradford Brewery

Rich kids of Mexico expose obscene wealth of parents

Thom Hartmann - War with Russia? More possible then ever....

The Least Among Us: The War in the Donbas Is Terrorizing Ukraine’s Most Vulnerable Citizens

Larry Summers: The Past Month May Go Down as a Turning Point for U.S. Economic Power

Daily Holidays -April 7

Missouri, Illinois voters go to the polls for local elections

There’s a massive, illicit bust of edward snowden stuck to a war monument in brooklyn

Supreme court rejects Alan Gross lawsuit over Cuba imprisonment

Amnesty slams Afghanistan's 'failure' to protect women rights defenders

Argentina's Ex-Economy Minister Sentenced To Three Years In Prison

Chicago voters to head to polls for mayor's race

Guatemalans deliberately infected with STDs sue Johns Hopkins University for $1bn

Guatemalans deliberately infected with STDs sue Johns Hopkins University for $1bn

Jumping Japanese businessmen show their daughters how to defy stereotypes

Nicaragua prostitutes study law to help others in trouble

UN considers evacuating Yarmouk refugee camp in IS stronghold

Fareed Zakaria on the US prison system

Eight Iranian guards shot dead on Pakistan border

Wrong About Iraq, Wrong About Iran

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Blair backs Miliband and warns of EU chaos if Tories win election (UK Election)

Greece puts figure of €279bn on claim for German reparations

LGBT battle far from over as 'religious freedom' bills multiply across the US

South Africa detains teenage girl en route to join Isis

Hillary Clinton Hires Former MSNBC Host Karen Finney (HILLARY GROUP POST)

Anybody seen taterguy?

2000 police used to quell pollution protest in China which left one dead

Mass graves in Tikrit might contain 1,700 bodies

Time warp homes! Meet the women who've turned their homes into authentic shrines to favorite decades

Faking a Smile

Now the Boston Bombing Trial Really Begins

One Walker legacy: making the political process more favorable to GOP

Rand Paul Wants You to Know He’s Different. Not Weird.

New GOP Lie: Food Stamps on Cruise Ships

UK Parties: The Labour Party

A Surprising Conservative Lament: Why Can't We Have Our Own Harry Reid?

I'll make government so small, it won't matter how incompetent I am. #RejectedRandPaulSlogans

Carly Fiorina: Environmentalists To Blame For 'Man-Made' Drought In California

5 Dimensional Political Compass Quiz

Ted Cruz is dangerous: Why liberals scoff at his campaign at their peril

The beautiful men of Paris’ metro...oh, là là!

Countering the Heller dissent

Meme of the Month - March 2015

Okay Eagle people. I have some pics and a question.

AJ - In Thailand, Environmental Activism A Good Way To Get Killed; 16 Murdered 2002-13

Kissing the babies on the campaign trail (cartoon)

New Yorker - Americans' Concern Over Climate Grows, Now That It's Affecting Their Lawns

Is Skinner really Hillary Clinton?

Rand Paul On Climate - A New, Contradictory Position For Every Day Of The Week - New Republic

GOP former director arrested

Juan Cole: Do GOP Frontrunners have an Iran policy besides Sanctions and Bombs?

See ya later, DU, I gotta go vote ...

Syria War: IS repelled from parts of Syria's Yarmouk: PLO/UN Security Council Demands Access

If you are a homeopath, you really shouldn't take a shower:

King of Blues B.B. King rushed to hospital with diabetes-related emergency

Now that Better Call Saul is over for the year, any comments? SPOILER ALERT!!!

A cartoon about rape culture and risk

Gun-control was hijacked

French Ex Mayor And Current Senator Commits Suicide Ahead Of Trial

Michael Savage inciting the dumbest race war ever

Russian atomic submarine catches fire in shipyard - Russian media

Paris bound tomorrow? Don't do it...!

Reagan’s Teabagging followers are wrong: Government is GOOD for Business.

St. Paul man held baby as he shot girlfriend, charges say

Eugene Delgaudio likens Sheriff Chapman to Saddam Hussein

Mandatory 25 years for raping a 3-yr-old toddler too harsh? A California judge thinks so.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Chuy Garcia, Calls Chicago Election a ‘Political Revolution’

Debate Over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill Enters Virginia House Race

Harvard Feels the Heat on Fossil-Fuel Divestment

You may not know this but we Hillary Supporters control DU!!!!11!11!elevens!!!!

Debate Over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill Enters Virginia House Race

Palestinians flee the horror of IS atrocities in Syria

TYT: Religious Bigots Make Hundreds Of Thousands Through Crowdfunding

Eight dead from carbon monoxide poison - never put the generator indoors

Millennials are just about as racist as their parents

What is the point of trolls and paid and unpaid disruptors on the "internets" ?

TYT: Fox Anchor Fat Shames Kelly Clarkson For His Own Amusement

When people get unreasonably defensive about feminism or racial or LGBT equality....

Photos: The 2015 White House Easter Egg Roll Looked Pretty Weird

This post reminds me of what made DU great.

TYT: Cops’ Homophobic And Racist Text Messages Leaked

Republican Rand Paul announces 2016 presidential run on website

Obama's advice to Walker: ‘Bone up on foreign policy’

Rand Paul Presidential Campaign Hawks Autographed Constitutions For $1,000

Paris subway billboard causes major brouhaha: WAR ON CHRISTIANITY!!!!! OMG! OMG!

James Best 'Dukes of Hazzard' Sheriff Dead at 88

The Godfather of Grief!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Judge Andrew Napolitano!!!

Rachel Maddow - NC lawmakers push sweeping anti-abortion bill

Why is Tweeety mischaracterizing Rand Paul as the "anti-war" candidate?

Study: Reminders of Buddhism reduce prejudice — even among Christians

Raelians Push White House for Alien Embassy to Save Humanity

Why the Ongoing RFRA Battle is About Far More than Wedding Cakes

War will be endless because peace isn't profitable.

Rand Paul Says ‘I Am Running for President’

A reminder of the Statement Of Purpose of The Hillary Clinton Room

Job openings little changed at 5.1 million in February; hires and separations hold steady

Poland to build watchtowers at Russia's Kaliningrad border

The Real Reason Politicians Want Welfare Reform. FINAL JUDGMENT

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Deals, now and then

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Republican clowns and bunnies

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: Rolling Stone

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

Obama slams Walker, GOP 2016ers for 'foolish approach' on Iran deal

quit bitchin'- we're all in a sinking boat

How far would you go to tear down a cardboard fort?

New discovery may be breakthrough for hydrogen cars- Green H2 from Corn

Share in the libertarian love - Live from Kentucky...

TYT: Climate Change Survey : Fox News Trusted More Than Obama

Rachel Maddow - GOP candidates dogged by political baggage

Support Growing To Give Congress A Vote On Iran Deal

Bwaaahaaaaa! “It means I don't ever have to work again if I don't want to.”

Exercising with Cats

Gun rights groups say,"We don't need new laws, just enforce the ones

New smiley request!

Study ranks Florida among top places where rare wildlife not being protected

Pic Of The Moment: What's The Matter With Kansas? (Answer: It's Being Run By Idiots)

Felia, The French Furry Princess by Mina Orléans, France

Bullet-free: How a new deadly force policy may have affected cop-dragging case

Gov. Jindal Backing Broad Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Bill

Travellers face border queues and strike action (in France)

What's the Alternative to Obama's Iran Deal?

A Cultural Exchange Program or a Ticket to Sweatshop Labor in the US?

After all that has transpired in Ferguson, will residents vote?

Rand Paul - "Defeat The Washington Machine Unleash The American Dream."

GOP Presidential Field Depressingly Terrible. All Of Them Are Criminally Insane.

Neocons’ comical Rand Paul slam: He’s worse than Hillary!

The Iranian nuclear deal explained - CaspianReport

St. Petersburg Police ask for help identifying chicken thief

Obama on Iran Deal: A House Under Contract, Awaiting “Appraisal,” “Inspector”

Athletics' Sonny Gray threw seven no-hit innings in 8-0 opening night rout of Rangers

Loony right backs TPP trade deal (in Australia)

Heinz CEO Warns Employees of Kraft to Prepare for Disruption

Heads up: Casablanca now, and more on TCM today.

Party politics: Two small tents, with most Americans on the outside By Bill Schneider April 5, 201

White House Staff Dishes on Clintons: Hillary Hit Bill With a Book, Crooks Had Open Door

Cherry Blossom Watch Update: April 6, 2015

Hologram replaces Edward Snowden statue in Brooklyn

EPA analysis details water usage in fracking in Pennsylvania

What Are You Selling?

Emanuel Leads Garcia in Polls as Chicago Veers Toward Insolvency

How Elizabeth Warren Made Expanding Social Security Cool

This working computer is smaller than a grain of rice

Rand Paul Presidential Campaign announcement live

Cheap Oil Is Squeezing Property Owners in Energy Hubs

Dogs killed over unpaid fines

interactive map of decline in snowpack, and how it affects the water supply in California.

The U.S. Job Market Is Losing Its Dynamism

In Federal Courts, the Civil Cases Pile Up

Never Trust a Scientist on Global Warming

Senator Rand Paul Has No Idea Why The USPS Appears To Be Failing, But He Blames Unions

Senator Rand Paul Has No Idea Why The USPS Appears To Be Failing, But He Blames Unions

Senator Rand Paul Has No Idea Why The USPS Appears To Be Failing, But He Blames Unions

Are Unions and Democrats Still Happy Together?

The Archimedes windmill movie ENG high quality

Love this post in GD:

Menendez Same-Day Service Seen Upending His Just Friends Defense

More Serious Charges Confront Latest Demonstrators Inside Us Supreme Court

Webb, O'Malley Beef Up Iowa Schedules Ahead Of Possible 2016 Bids

Billionaire Club

Rand Paul Falsely Claims That Public Workers Don't Contribute To Their Pensions

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 7, 2015

25% water cuts nothing new to East Bay district

Bold prediction: This will finally be the year the Sharks do not choke in the playoffs.

Can a state police officer issue tickets in a suburban residential

Least favorite household chore?

USAF Four Star General George Babbitt and The Ventures...

Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich

In case you missed it.....

US stocks edge higher, putting market on track for 3rd gain

Rand Paul is full of shit...

Gamers: What small label games have occupied way too much of your time?

This is going to be a long election season if we have to listen to the shit coming out of Rand Paul

Capitalism & Democracy :R. H. Tawney

Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 Spent Fuel Pool Gate Inspected

For all the Better Call Saul fans in the house...

Climate Change, Free Markets And The California Drought - Gaius Publius Discusses

Why isn't this bigger news? Obama commutes prison sentences of 22 drug offenders

Democrats, too, are dancing to the rich man's tune

Florida governor’s ‘conscience’ takes a costly turn

Kansas To Impose Unprecedented Restriction On Welfare Recipients

Oh Dear. Chanel came out with an ugly line of glasses and not even

How to Spot Income Inequality From Space? Count the Trees

The people of Lakewood Springs march to the beat of a different drum

What a day! 36 years ago today....we met! (edited to add - thank you, dear DU friends!)

Toons: Indiana

Controversial Police Incident in the Mission Caught on Video

Interesting talk from Goldman Sachs's chief India economist

Conservatives say Obama is like Neville Chamberlain. They said the same about Reagan.

tough year to be a Wisconsin sports fan

Congress’ approach to food safety is ‘tough to swallow’

After Immigrants’ Cars Are Vandalized, Community Holds Potluck To Celebrate Diversity

Benjamin Netanyahu is the least important player on the Iran chessboard

We should call fracking ecoterrorism

Yet another reason to shop at Costco

Christians are going to be killed en masse?

Obama concerned by ‘less-than-loving’ Christians

Widespread power outages sweep Washington, D.C.

France’s Vivendi in talks to buy video-sharing site Dailymotion

Bernie Sanders: We have got to get our priorities right...

Baptist minister "proves" it's a man's world...

Rand Paul lied about graduating from college & about being a real doctor....

American persons speak on Citizen based taxation

Monarch caterpillar - healthy diet (Pls watch--23 sec)

Was teacher fired because she is gay? (Yup, Florida.)

Rand Retweets Fake Photo Of Aurora Shooter Holding 'Stand With Rand' Sign

Hate group begins ‘fasting’ tomorrow to defeat same-sex marriage at Supreme Court

This is or Americans living abroad who are concerned about Citizen based taxation

Syria crisis: BBC reporter visits Yarmouk refugee camp

Here’s why we can’t understand Republican voters

Rand Paul Promotes 'Eductation' Policy On Campaign Website

Which NHL coaches are getting fired after this season?

Hate group begins ‘fasting’ tomorrow to defeat same-sex marriage at Supreme Court

Rand Paul's "Eductation" policy will help morans get some brains.

Uruguay fears for Venezuela democracy

The Game of Chairs

Mitt Romney picked Duke, finished in top 1 percent with NCAA bracket

Illinois governor: I want to 'rip the economic guts out of Indiana'

U.S. Could Recommend Taking Cuba Off State Terrorism List In Days: Official

U.S. Jobs Opening Data Points To Skills Mismatch

Is every GOP presidential contender going to have a flame in his logo?

Visas for Schengen

Tweety is going off right now on MSNBC...

Carly Fiorina is the new Palin. IMO, they are data testing her nasty, her stupid speak, and can

Papantonio: How The Daily Show Held Corporate Media Accountable

Paging Dr Paul: senator swaps titles on his website amid presidential bid

What’s The Matter With Indiana? Sadly, Religion

Seattle-Lynnwood light rail still on track

Montgomery County Commissioners Satanic Ritual Court

Nature magazine: Poverty shrinks brains from birth

Scattered power outages reported across D.C.

Blast from the past

He's back!!! Tom DeLay: I have a ‘right’ to not serve gay sinners

Fox News Analysis: Rand Paul Must Prove He’d Be Willing To Nuke a Muslim Country

Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel Campaign Shows What 'Sexy' Really Looks Like

BEGIN Japanology - Ise Jingu

BEGIN Japanology - Ise Jingu

The Rand Paul campaign is selling an "NSA Spy Cam Blocker" for your laptop

Snowden Lays an Egg, a Statue Grows in Brooklyn and Manning Wins a Round

Abortion Opponents Are Quietly Going After One Of The Top Medical Schools In The Country

John Oliver Finds the Real Edward Snowden

On John Oliver, Edward Snowden Says Keep Taking Dick Pics

How the fuck do these people get so damned mean?

Yeah, we said it!

FIRE!!! no seriously what's with the fire logos?

My mom supports Rand Paul and now I have measles....

Bigots Support Bigotry, Donate $842,000 to Anti-Gay Pizza Shop

Is Disgraced Chris Christie Really Going to Run for President?

The Republican Party Has Literally Become the Party of Stupid

Where’s The Fox News Outrage Over The University of Kentucky Riots?

I just got a flyer from AFP in the mayors election

Charles Pierce- Happy Aqua Buddha Day!

Todd Kincannon (For. GOP executive director of the SC) arrested for domestic violence

No room in the (Jamaican) inn as Obama visits

question about electrical power transformers

Famous GOP A-hole charged with criminal domestic violence

Microsoft, eBay, Twitter and Netflix among 100 tech companies calling for LGBT protections

U.S. Expedites Arms Shipments To Coalition Bombing Yemen

Power out at White House and Capital. Rand Paul announces his

Obama Fact Checks his GOP Critics

Funny, even the NRA is afraid of guns

Demand Justice for Purvi Patel! Sign the petitions.

BEGIN Japanology K cars

The rape of a 12-year-old Colombian girl that never took place, according to US Army

Sanctions, Drop In Oil Price Best Things That Ever Happened To Russia

Colombia's President Santos Speaks Out Against US Sanctions On Venezuela

Colombia's President Santos Speaks Out Against US Sanctions On Venezuela

Frozen Four NCAA D1 Men's Hockey Starts Thursday

There's another Duggar.

Yarmouk exposes callous double standards of ugly Israel bashers

Cuba Thaw, Venezuela Sanctions Frame Summit Of The Americas Setting

Voice of America News: With Cuba at Summit, US Seeks Renewed Ties With Latin America

Russia Ready To Offer Greeks Cash In Return For Assets

Bolivian President to Take Chile Maritime Dispute to Summit of Americas

New Israeli documentary shows 'Children's Army of Hamas'

Rand campaign changes "Jew for Rand" to "Jewish for Rand," after Twitter firestorm

Cop Claims He Doesn't Remember Firing 15 Shots Into a Car Leaving Two Dead

Allegations of racial slurs in Georgia court

Say hi to Nancy Perry (Racist Dublin GA Middle School "teacher') & her boss...

"The purpose of this post is to introduce My Little Pony to Free Republic..."

I Wonder If Larry Wilmore Is Aware Of This

James Best Interview | Part 1: How James got into acting

US court OKs Larry Flynt's push for Missouri execution info

Lawyers say Alabama could execute innocent death row inmate

Despite rain, good voter turnout seen early in Ferguson election

Rand Paul Vows to "Defeat the Washington Machine".

Appeals court upholds dismissal of Barack Obama immigration action lawsuit

You go girl! Show 'em how!

Latin America silent on Venezuela as US airs rights concerns

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 7 April 2015

A Deep Dive Into Party Affiliation

Utility removed stolen electric meter before 8 were poisoned

Azeroth Armory – Gorehowl (cool blacksmithing video about forging a big battle axe)

Let's do this again, who do you think will be the Republicant nominee in 2016?

I Was Sexually Assaulted At UVA. I Don't Accept the Reporter's Apology.

Racist nutcase Alex Jones gets sentimental about his 19-year friendship with Rand Paul

From Puppies to Plays: Canadian Senator Expense Trial Begins

My Rand Paul DREAM TICKET? Sean Duffy, the brownshirt MTV "Real World" asshat, as his VP.

Anyone have a look into Chicago's mayorial run off election today??

Fuck Yankees fans!

Republicans; Tom Cotton will try to block Iran deal at any cost. He'd prefer war.

2,000-plus sick sea lion pups stranded in California so far this year

Silk Road Boss' First Murder-For-Hire Was His Mentor's Idea

Stan Freberg, Acclaimed Satirist, Dies at 88

US army investigates reports that soldiers raped dozens in Colombia

Russia may offer gas price discount, loans to Greece

the absolute pleasure of a 14yr old dog on the couch is good

Since I can't post in Bansalot

Creepy Judge Reduces Pedophile’s Sentence, Suggests Little Girl Caused Her Own Rape

USGCRP Climate & Health Assessment

OT: for my dear friends in this group & DU members at large

Wounded Syrians taste matza in Israel

Jimmy Buffett, Parrotheads ‘raise a little hell’ in Tallahassee

Rand Paul: "I support the Reagan approach to the Iran negotiations."

Stan Freberg Presents The United States of America pt 1&2

Ex Miami Dolphin Cornerback Accused of running Ponzi Scheme

Brian Williams thought "brain tumor" was behind gaffes

IS repelled from parts of Syria's Yarmouk: PLO

Alabama Bill Would Increase Workers' Comp Benefits For Amputees

Rouhani and Erdogan agree Yemen bloodshed must stop 'immediately': Iran

Sorry, But Obama's Actions Regarding Iran Should Have You Up In Arms!

Obama Jabs 'Less-Than-Loving' Christians At Prayer Breakfast

President Obama Is Filling the Kevin Garnett Void in Paul Pierce’s Life

David Sampson Resigns From His Firm....

Self reported Hispanic, Jeb Bush,Trails Hillary Clinton Among Hispanics, Polls Show

The Onion asks: "Who Is Rand Paul?"

The United States without conservatives is like a fish without a bicycle....

Liberty Mutual confirms it’s bringing 5,000 jobs to new Plano campus

Allan Grayson quote from 10-08-09

A Dandelion emerging from the leaf litter.

FBI would rather prosecutors drop cases than disclose stingray details

Nobody in the Republican Party suffers from insanity!!

Another person killed at Argyle school construction site

Colombia’s justice reforms a ‘hoax’ to grant judges impunity

Democrats Rethink Social Security Strategy

Barack Obama slaps at Scott Walker as he defends Iran deal

Have you watched the Oliver/Snowden Interview? Did Snowden squirm?

posted by an acquaintance:

Barney Frank Advises Politicians to Stay in the 'Atheism Closet': VIDEO

Paul vows to follow "Reagan's approach" to Iran

Drummond mining company absolved of paramilitary charges

Water privatization--just wanted to point out how old this issue is.

SeaWorld Responds To California Drought By Draining Animal Tanks Halfway

Bobby Jindal Wants Duck Dynasty Star To Be His Vice President

Jon Stewart says Philly is ’the worst,’ even compared to Indiana

$5,000 bond for ex-SCGOP executive director charged with CDV

Guess who's in Colorado today?

From steak to mangoes, here are some water-hogging foods

for the GOP clowns...

Any fans of "I Love Lucy" out there? Trying to find an episode...

Americans' view on economy reaches 8-year highs

I am fine with either outcome of tonight's game...why?

Rand Paul's Campaign Website Misspelled 'Education'

Religious freedom laws had their origin in Oregon

Three black men, convicted as teens, exonerated in Ohio after serving 20 years in prison


Sometimes, a flag is just a flag

A crazy new street drug called Flakka is taking over Florida

How the U.S. thinks Russians hacked the White House

Rep. Borris Miles Threatened Paxton's DPS Detail

Greenpeace activists scale Seattle-bound drilling rig

Interactive map of decline in snowpack, and how it affects our water supply. (xpost from GD)

Hate Radio: No insult is Avoided, no Humor Understood

AUDIO LINK / Commonwealth Club Event: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with moderator, Dr. Robert L. Hendren

UPDATED: SC officer shoots black man in back, is arrested--family plans lawsuit

Online petition drive seeks to keep Skutt Catholic speech coach

Kansas Becomes First State To Ban Common Form Of Abortion (This is why)

Just Saw the vid of the officer shooting the man in the back on PN... now the fuck what!!??!?!

Begin Japanology - Towns and Neigbourhoods

North Charleston officer faces murder charge after video shows him shooting man in back

Pentagon Chief, Ashton Carter, "TPP "As Important to Me as Another Aircraft Carrier"

Lawrence Tribe likens the president's climate change policies to 'burning the Constitution'

New income streams that could be initiated by law enforcement

South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder in Black Man’s Death

BDS is not just anti-Semitic, it is racist

Sex, Drugs and Plant Biology: Why Everything is Covered in Green Gunk

NCAA head of officials on controversial play: 'We never saw what everybody saw at home'

65-year-old man charged with DWI 12 times was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Bexar County

And, another Scott Walker blunder...

Summer gas prices expected to be 32 percent lower this year

How do I delete my account-- no offense intended-- just disillusioned w/ politics. Tks. n/t

Texas man jailed for not mowing his yard

Feds Charge Former Giant Will Allen With Ponzi Fraud


Auction near Burwell, Nebraska, will bring car collection out of the trees

From Ronald Reagan to Rand Paul

Judge on teacher who had sex with student: 'What young man would not jump on that candy?'

Controversial Ukrainian-born pianist dropped from TSO (Toronto) concerts

I heard a new word today. It is the best word ever.

Dallas-Area Firefighters Arrested For Using Sausage To Sexually Assault New Recruit

Please don't miss this: A Hillary Clinton Group OP you will want to Recommend.

Houston Rejects Anti-Trans Petition Due To Bigot's Big Blunder

Great Moments in Hoosier History:

4 notable remarks from President Obama’s Easter Prayer Breakfast

Billy Holiday was born 100 years ago...

Williamson County judge Timothy Wright indicted on various firearm related charges, false statements

Amid controversy, construction of telescope in Hawaii halted

Let this be a lesson to those who don't think you have to motivate voters:

His glory days are long behind him.

‘Comedian’ Bill Maher Compares Singer Zayn Malik to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

How long can you last? Composure Tests....

MSNBC's Krystal Ball Presses Ex-Paul Aide About Candidate's Association With Alex Jones

Please keep William769 uplifted in prayer and your good thoughts.

Charges under review over Omaha company's worthless discount travel vouchers paid more than $950,000

Before Secret Video Was Revealed, This Was The Official Police Statement on Walter Scott Murder:

Why Are Americans Giving Up Citizenship? | CNBC International

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