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Archives: April 5, 2015

Crap. "Naked and Afraid" is bogus.

New season of My Cat From Hell tonight.

NCAA Final Four Today? Is it really necessary to have the American Flag..

A good Easter, Passover, Spring renewal, the longer days and all that, friends.

Throwback Thursday: Hillary Clinton Bumps & Grinds with a woman in South Africa

Anita Bryant and the Myth of the Militant Homosexual

Toon: Recapturing it from Fanatics

When did Jesus become God?

On the Syrian Golan, unlike in Yemen, an Iranian offensive fails

The Tomb is empty. He is Risen!

Noticing Insurgency

Joke Scarborough's floater: Running for Senate

Is there any way to search for something you posted that wasn't a main post?

For the spring classics... A cobbled climb

I would like the position of Commodore of the Lounge

New Territory: President Obama

Badgers/Wildcats tied at the half!

Statistics Show The End is Near For Rush Limbaugh

So, acc to this, Mr O'Malley is just putting on a show for us Liberals~

More whites than blacks, Latinos approve police striking adult men

GLAAD calls on President Obama and media to address LGBT safety in Jamaica

My name is Yonatan, and I am so sad and afraid...

Call It Democracy

Top US public employee union AFSCME gave $65M in 2014, mostly to Democrats, progressive groups

Top US public employee union AFSCME gave $65M in 2014, mostly to Democrats, progressive groups

Group seeks ballot initiative to legalize pot

Kochs exposed as free market liars in Florida solar debacle

Kansas Bans TANF recipients from using benefits for cruises and psychics

US disappointed that everyone else thinks they're idiots over Venezuela

Local right-to-work idea being tested in Kentucky

Venezuela's Continuous Coup

The interesting thing about "religious freedom":

Congrats BADGERS

When occupation becomes apartheid


Wall Street Journal Gets the Numbers Wrong on Venezuelan Health Care Spending

Judy Miller: Hans Blix Bears More Responsibility For The Iraq War Than I Do

Perry prosecutors fight Paxton open records decision

Can anyone chime in on hip replacement surgery?

Calling out Pamela Geller’s hate speech in Philadelphia

Principal says gay student can't wear tuxedo to prom

Outline of Iran Nuclear Deal Sounds Different From Each Side

this shit is more pervasive than kudzu

Principal says gay student can't wear tuxedo to prom

No Way To Insert US Combat Troops Into The Middle East. It's Completely Nuts There.

Mormon leaders decry same-sex marriage and 'counterfeit lifestyles'

Good Friday pastoral letter from an Anglican Archbishop in Kenya, in light of the murders.

The Pentagon’s $10-billion bet gone bad

If you really want to bomb Iran, take the deal

Getting down with the Cheese tonight

Uri Avnery: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bomb?

US Goes Ballistic Over Ukraine as Both Sides There Wage Peace

Doctorow: Technology Should be Used To Create Social Mobility - Not To Spy on Citizens

Tampa Fl. After 10+ years Tampa has its first Pride day parade.. Plse. enjoy!

Ride a Singing Comet

Dolphin video - approaches diver seeminly for assistance (old video, so has probably been here b4).

Fidel Castro, In Rare Public Appearance, Is 'Full Of Vitality'

Crowds Cheer Wisconsin's Final Four Win in Madison, Fires Set in Kentucky

This is something that everyone should read. Whether you were bullied or not.

"I'm done with the testing program in the State of Florida" -FL State Senator Tom Lee (R)

G.O.P.’s Israel Support Deepens as Political Contributions Shift

After Kentucky's loss, fires, fights and arrests on State Street

Two more FL Republican state senators speak strongly against overtesting. Kudos to them.

Milwaukee man charged with raping 10-year-old who is now pregnant

Crowds Cheer Wisconsin's Final Four Win in Madison, Fires Set in Kentucky

Bob Menendez Corruption Case Reads Like An Indictment Of Citizens United Ruling, Too

I did it! I am $2,860 richer because one year ago I quit smoking! (ETA: Thanks!)

USC PRESS RELEASE: Our Environmental Destiny, An Evening with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on 04/23/2015

It's easier to beg forgivness than ask permission

'Dear Humanity, We Have a Systems Problem': New Project Aims to Promote Deep Solutions

Ha ha ha, more turmoil in the Woodbury County GOP.

Either you'll get this in 5 seconds or it'll take a LOT longer

What do "Recs" do ?

EU had ‘issues’ with German air safety before Alps crash

ADL Warns of Antisemitic Hackers’ Plan of Cyber Attacks on Jewish Institutions

Report: Anti-Semitic attacks rise significantly in Netherlands

Jewish tribe in India celebrates pre-Passover seder, hoping next year will be in Jerusalem

Photo of the Day

Stop The Construction the TMT Telescope on Mauna Kea and the Arrest of Mauna Kea Protectors

coming off psychotropic meds

I peeled and sliced six onions earlier..........

"We're all going to f----g die", oh nos!

John Boehner Outs Himself As He Calls Obama An 'Anti-War' President

Legalize Democracy | full documentary

Daily Holidays -April 5

Fun Easter Story

Sweet Honey in the Rock

On the heels of the recent "Going Clear" documentary . . .

'A revolution in our understanding of physics...'

Poroshenko: we hit unemployment with tanks, APCs

Hillary Clinton is killing it with women and young voters (HRC GROUP POST)

Sunday's Doonesbury- Pranking the Donald

Darth Vader Carved Grotesque

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Dust Bunny Edition

One of Garissa attackers 'identified as Kenyan law graduate'

Houthis make gains in Yemen's Aden, approach port

Activism = Appetite for Destruction | Mickey Z.

Pope, thousands brave rain for Easter in St. Peter's Square

Urgent 'Musts' Needed for Palestinians to Defeat Apartheid | Ramzy Baroud

He is risen!

Large Hadron Collider restarts after two-year rebuild

Don't Be Fooled: Hillary Is Way to Bill’s Left!

Hamas holds Gaza march for besieged Yarmuk refugees

Do physicists believe in God? (video)

AP: McDonald’s Still Facing Pressure on Labor Issues Despite Pay Increase

The Polite Right’s Bryan Fischer Problem

Large Hadron Collider restarts after two-year rebuild

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley Ready To Run Again At Age 81

Ted Cruz’s demented strategy: He doesn’t need to win the White House to push America rightward

What are you reading the week of Sunday, April 5, 2015?

BEGIN Japanology - Moss

Did somebody say Easter? (Egg heavy)

UAB study suggests oil dispersant used in Gulf oil spill causes lung and gill injuries

What ever happened to carpel tunnel syndrome?

One of the few times the DU really let me down

Hillary's pick for V.P.

So I will catch a glimpse of President Obama on THursday

Finally an answer to the chinless wonder: Scientists unlock mystery

Hoppy Bunny Day

Please Do Not disturb the bunny at work.

In the footsteps of the Lannisters: Game of Thrones fans flock to real-life King's Landing and Dorne


Chris Matthews slams GOP spokesman for shamelessness and misunderstanding of history

The Original Church/State Divide

The Conservative Christian Movement That Tried To Make Religious Liberty About Homophobia

You know, I'm a little miffed and depressed right now...

''Financial Crime''

Fact-Checking Obama's Critics | msnbc

the governor & congress of indiana only changed law after big business spoke

A Dr. Refusing To Treat Gay's Baby?. W/Conscience Clause Can Refuse Vital Or Medical Services?.

Pope Francis praises the Iran framework

Mormon leaders decry same-sex marriage and 'counterfeit lifestyles'

The Case Against Rahm

Worker killed at Gas Processing Facility at Marcus Hook, PA

Surprised Walking Dead didn't end their season today

The Pope praised the Iran deal in his Easter message

Storage tank fire at drilling well pad in Marshall County, WV

A good Christian Pizza -

I hope everyone is well in our little "Classic Red" corner of DU........

A young prince may cost Syria and Yemen dear

Fox & Friends Says Protecting Atheists From Discrimination Is Anti-Christian!

Candice BERGEN just gave me a belly laugh: "When you grow up 2nd fiddle to a world class Dummy..."

Oops. I thought it was my stun gun. (Picture heavy)

Netanyahu is apparently ALL over the Sunday talk shows

Tweety gets it right: "You are wrong, wrong, wrong, over & over again & you never get ashamed of it"

Has anyone ever seen a Morph of Bibi and The Dick?

Anyone else wondering why Bibi the war criminal would show up on American

How does Rand Paul get elected president?

David Sirota: A Deepening Democratic Party Divide

IMF admits: we failed to realise the damage austerity would do to Greece

Gas Well Interaction Can be a Boon to Some, Disaster for Others in West Virginia

Happy Oestrus Day!

What's your favorite TV sitcom episode of all time?

Petition: don't frack Ohio River

Chalkboards and textbooks ...... and tasers and pepper spray

Guten Morgen, meine Freunde

Let’s just see what happens when when a Christian is refused service, shall we?

Run for your life!

Jesus was not a zombie.

How I'm celebrating Easter.

Felons barred from constructing Apple’s campus

Appalachian Preservation Project conference open to the public

Energy Secretary Moniz is the administration's spokesperson on Face the Nation

Smeltdown: Small fish continues Great Lakes vanishing act

Gluten-free thread

The Hydrogen Revolution: Game-Changing Developments Loom for Global Energy Supply

The Pentagon Plan to ‘Divide and Rule’ the Muslim World

Big Blue New York could be in play for 2016. The battle of the burbs.

10¢ fuel tax rebellion started a few weeks ago in Red Oak.

Monsanto Is in Hot Water - Again

The Tomb is empty. He is Risen!

NRA Secretly Backs Group Aiming To Save Elephants Now, Kill Them Later

GOP Descends Into Madness As Ted Cruz Vaults Into Top Tier Of 2016 GOP Candidates

Four Anti-Obamacare Republican Governors Took $352 Million In Health Care Grants

Israel Prepares Lobbying Strategy Against Iran Deal

Hobby Lobby Ruling Opened Floodgates For Indiana Discrimination Law

Yadlin says Iran deal; isn't a bad agreement

Duke Agrees to Pay $2.5. Million for Ash Spill.

Another Distressing News Story From Wisc. This A.M.

April Fools Business Joke: "Apple to Buy Spotify"-- Rant about Corporate Monopolies...

Glenn Beck Says Opposition to Indiana’s RFRA Will Lead to Concentration Camps

Happy Easter Indiana

The Easter Bunny's most rotten egg. . . . Please come CAPTION Tucker Carlson!!!

F-35 fighter pilots to wear $400,000 helmets

The Factual Errors In John Bolton's “BOMB IRAN!” Op-Ed In The NYT

The Pentagon’s $10-billion bet gone bad

Where was the inevitable follow up question?

I had an interesting conversation with an Israeli of Yemenite extraction...

"hands up-can't shoot"

Easter Bunny

Behold.. the Kittening (extremely squee warning)

BP claims Deepwater Horizon fine could bankrupt subsidiary

Happy Easter to those who celebrate today

Problem California sometimes producing more electricity than it can use

1st quarter of 2015, legislators introduced 791 provisions related to sexual and reproductive health

how the blue do it. did i say things are changing in cook county?

The man who missed killing Hitler by 13 minutes (BBC)

What is happening with the "Ask the Administrators?" Forum

UN, NGOs decry humanitarian crisis in Yemen

I still can't fathom why Don Draper fired Lane Pryce.

Obama to Israel: Status quo carries a cost

What happened to the bill to add sexual identity to the 1964 Civil Rights Law?

Intact Ottoman 'war camel' {skeleton} found in Austrian cellar (BBC)

Ratchet boots make walking 7% easier (BBC)

Bush Hasn’t Come Close to Locking Down Nomination

Opinion: Open letter to ‘60 Minutes’ on its Africa reporting

Wiccans say Indiana religious freedom law opens the door to polygamy, nude rituals at the Capitol

Discussion about Clinical Drug Trials

Colorado Republicans Are Pushing Koch Legislation To Seize Federal Land

Scrubs stars offer to make pizza for Indiana same-sex weddings

Sometimes I forget why I quit the Denver Post

Here's to you Conservatives...

A specific message to Tom Cotton ~ Miley Cyrus

Hey, Religious "Freedom" Laws Open The Door To Discrimination Against Women Too

Dianne Feinstein on Netanyahu: I Wish That He Would Contain Himself'

Conservative lawmakers weigh bid to call for constitutional convention

AZ State Sen. Sylvia Allen is interested in more than legally mandating church attendance,

Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Netanyahu should contain himself, Iran deal doesn't threaten Israel

what's for dinner - sunday, april 5

The dog must have cut a mean one. . . . Please come CAPTION Lindsay Graham!!!!

In a st. supreme court...should the longest surving judge be Chief Justice?

**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** Anyone here watch "Bloodline" on Netflix? With Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek

This is what a 'socialist' mayor does for the citizens. Thanks Anne Hidalgo!

This is what a 'socialist' mayor does for the citizens. Thanks Ann Hidalgo!

Now go have another Merlot, Chickenhawk!

Sgt. Pence's Persecuted Hearts Club

30 days for raping a student and disseminating sexually explicit materials to kids. experts pick Nationals to win World Series. Who's your pick?

Study: 38% Of Crab Cakes Tested At Maryland, DC Restaurants Don’t Contain Local Crab Listed On Menus

Someone should tell Indiana that their new religious freedom law supports female genital mutilation

Happy "Share in the profit from horrible torture and murder" day.

Still Not Sure the Ferguson Police Were Infiltrated with Racism? Here’s the Ugly Proof

Easter services pray for an end to the persecution of Christians

Sunday Afternoon Toons

Gary Hart: Billion-dollar Clinton campaign should 'frighten' Americans

Happy Easter and Passover and Secular Easter to all my HRC buddies

SNL and dire consequences of choices we make.

Hunting People For Jesus

What's up with those trigger happy German cops?

I paid for a star membership, and it hasn't appeared yet when I login

Happy Easter, Pug Lovers!

I am watching

Conservative lawmakers weigh bid to call for constitutional convention

Just spent a weekend in Dubai. Not sure what I think of it.

Let's try this again-

The Officer Said

If $842K can be raised for a pizza joint, what can WE raise for homeless children?

The RW GOP Chicken-Hawks & Greed-heads have been spewing their nonsense for decades

Rolling Stone to Retract Botched Rape Story as Damning Review Is Released (Report)

Other than Replacements Ltd., does anyone know of a company that buys Antique dinner services?

Jerry Brown Defends Drought Order That Doesn't Limit Farmers

‘Gertie’s Babies,’ Sold at Birth, Use DNA to Unlock Secret Past

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens - Scientific American

The 47 are attempting to usurp the Executive branch - Mitch McConnell in particular

O.K. my friends..

Easter Toon: An oldie but a goodie (and it involves chocolate!)

Memories Pizza made +$800k?

I imagine you've heard about the jury service glitch.

Randy Newman, Adam Levine, Maroon 5 and the Laker Girls perform I LOVE L.A.

Uncle Walter Warned Us...

The Cat (Genet) That Rides Rhinos And Water Buffalos -- Because It Can.

How Canadians are hatched...

Need help interpreting a netstat

many glitches when asking for jurors for jury duty

Watching the bible on the history channel

Pre-historic Cubans practised agriculture much earlier than commonly assumed

Tolerance? Who am I to tolerate you?

By the way..this Atheist says Happy Easter to my Christian friends.

85K raised for Washington florist who refused gay couple

TPP Opponents Mobilize as Powerful Forces Seek to Ram Through 'Fast Track' Trade Authority

Happy Easter!

Obama family attends Easter service at historic Baptist church in Virginia (pic)

A familiar, and very old, observation.

Watch it if you intend to quote the Bible.

This sounds serious...

Methane To The Rescue! New Energy Efficient Graphene Desalination Membrane For The 99%

#Pizza4Equality help homeless kids

Tensions mount as Christian convention opens near atheist convention

Kansas Bans Poor People From Spending Welfare On Cruise Ships

Today's Scriptural lesson comes from the Book of Onan

Dad creates elaborate beeping Easter eggs so his blind daughter can join candy hunts.

Gay-friendly Christian choir shames Memories Pizza by singing about love in front of shuttered store

Hippety hop hop...

Will Puerto Rico Become The New Cuba In Florida In The 2016 Election?

Taxi Driver will represent Cuban civil society in Panama Forum

Kelly Ayotte, NH Senator, demonstrates why her party is the Moral And Godly Party.

Reports: 'Twin Peaks' revival canceled by Showtime

Easter: a time to Celebrate Jesus, unless a church proposes saying 'Jesus Loves All'

Are Chavista Politicians Being Targeted For Assassination?

Meet the “right-to-work” movement that will break the working class

Easter in China: rebirth in a Tibetan Catholic village

Here's your horrible dose of christian hate for the day.

Kudos to the French Parliament regarding ultra thin models.

Easter is a time to get together with relatives you don't see often.

Happy Easter from Bill Hicks

Security forces raid Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province to stop anti-Yemen war protests

Thomas Friedman talks to the President: The Obama Doctrine and Iran(video)

Bolivia’s indigenous Aymara go from rags to riches

Abbas rejects Israel's partial transfer of Palestinian tax revenue

From 2007: 10 (very cool) Things About Hillary Clinton

Does anyone remember the Military Industrial Complex?

Terminex nearly terminated an entire family in the US Virgin islands

Anyone know of a nursery that specializes in roses?

Seeing a Cash Cow in Museums’ Precious Art

Dianne Feinstein: Iran Deal Does Not Threaten Israel's Survival

One sentence CA water proposal: NO FRACKING until the drought is over and reserves are @125% n/t

President Obama fights back against Israeli critics of Iran nuclear deal

Holiday Inn - Easter Parade

And people wonder why I call some anti-GMO people hysterics?

Why Is The GOP So Angry At Everything These Days? - By Mike Barnicle

Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see.

Church roof collapse in Rahway sends 15 to hospitals

Denver's Azucar Bakery wins right to refuse to make anti-gay cakes

That Jumbo-Tron behind Wrigley's left field?? Pretty JUMBO!

Along the Canal, Easter Sunday 2015

Along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

Rihanna slams Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act at the NCAA tournament

On the topic of Christian persecution, there are stories often left untold.

Frank Zappa before he became a musical eccentric

Rolling Stone, Blistered by Critical Report, Retracts Rape Article