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Give 'Em Hell, Bernie

Bill Clinton's plane makes unscheduled landing in Tanzania

"The Bad Kind of Unionism"

"Rioting Is a Threat to Public Safety. Police Unions Are a Worse One."

Where's the Cliven Bundy crowd?

This map shows the dominant religious group in every US county (as of 2010)

Talking back to Fox "news"

Glad to be here...

Chris Hayes on what to do

Everytime President Obama is accused of being Muslim, I wish he would respond by saying...

Deaf children in Gaza use expressive film to tell their tales

Omaha apparently has the greenest restaurant in America

Omaha apparently has the greenest restaurant in America

"Meet The Liberals in Congress Who Are Ready for Bernie Sanders"

Sen. Sanders: This is truly unbelievable...

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, Catholic journalist and longtime bishops’ spokeswoman, dies at 68

Prayers please for Sr. Mary Ann Walsh

Britain stands poised to elect its first left-wing leader in more than fifty years

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'I am running for president'


3 boys saved by customized airway tube made on 3-D printer

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'I am running for president'

What was your favorite celebration as a kid? What was your least?

Our Great Fat Greek....shaving

Doxxing defense: Remove your personal info from data brokers

Arab youth use social media to send message of peace to Israel

Twitter for Bernie...

ABC local NYC news now: Demonstration demanding justice for Freddie Gray

Is Berniemania about what Bernie offers? or...

Prime Minister of Japan offers "eternal condolences" to U.S. for WWII

Doxxing defense: Remove your personal info from data brokers

House Republicans try to gut a key American principle.

Hobo Nickel Carving

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!!

Pluto on the viewscreen, Captain.



BALTIMORE: Man tells Fox News to get out

This is why Warren is not running for POTUS?

El Super grocery chain accused of 'coercing' workers

David Simon Talks About Where the Baltimore Police Went Wrong

Founder of Weight Watchers dies at 91

Health inspectors found crickets, mildew at Blue Bell plant

23 years ago tonight I was laying flat on the floor of my apartment in Los Angeles

Hello. I left DU for a break today due to some DU hate mail but wanted to drop in

Lawmakers vote to exempt thousands of high school seniors from graduation exams

GOP Rep Bill Flores (TX-17) Links Baltimore Riots To Gay Marriage

Scott Walker Calls For Constitutional Amendment To Make Same-Sex Marriage Bans Constitutional

Jackie Evancho and Andrea Bocelli-Time To Say Goodbye

Would it be fair to compare a Bernie

Hi, Bernie supporters! An idea:

We Celebrated That Mother in Baltimore. Now, Are We Willing to Face Our Own Hypocrisy?

Baltimore imposes bail bonds of half a million dollars in legal crackdown

OMFG - Freddie Gray severed his own spine in the police van

So Freddie Gray Injured Himself....

Groom, 103, proves you're never too old to tie the knot!

In our communities,

Why should the police reort on Freddy Gray be delayed? It's been 2 weeks...

What This NC State Rep Said About Women’s Bodies Is Beyond Twisted

Gay marriage cases, including Nebraska's, deferred by 8th Circuit Court of Appeals

Co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus happy that Bernie Sanders is running

Authorities Believe Man Radicalized While Serving 18 Years In Congress

Proctologist Clears Huckabee and Santorum to Run for President

Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘banging against the walls’ during ride

I found myself in Fruita, CO and

Judith Miller on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight

So can Pres Obama succeed in answering Dean Baker's statements re: the TPP?

Poll: If you could have Hillary Or Bernie for President, who would you pick??

I Don't Know how this works.

I think our group needs an official Onion article. Here's my choice:

Swedish court to hear Assange arrest warrant appeal

At some point one's own political idealism requires a practical & achievable application...

A message from the 70's

My Friend's wife passed away tonight -- Thank you for your prayers

Please help

Tea party support revives Democrat’s bill to kill controversial fees (drivers license surcharges)

Bernie Sanders Takes On The Koch Brothers By Confirming That He Is Running For President

In Major Anti-Labor Case, Union-busters No Longer Even Pretend Unions Don’t Benefit Workers

7 Positive Moments You Missed From the #BaltimoreUprising

In Major Anti-Labor Case, Union-busters No Longer Even Pretend Unions Don’t Benefit Workers

In Major Anti-Labor Case, Union-busters No Longer Even Pretend Unions Don’t Benefit Workers

40 years ago today - the fall of Saigon

Humor and God

Would it be fair to compare Hillary's

Bernie's piece today in the Guardian: So-called 'free trade' policies hurt US workers every time

In Houston, Bush Makes Personal Appeal to Latino Evangelicals

GROBAN killed "Bring Him Home" - plus lots of subtexts on Kelly & Michael

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are two different people?

Cruz: Obama Has "Inflamed Racial Tensions"

Carter, Saudi seek mediation between Palestinian faction

"Franchise" by Isaac Asimov.

Goodnight Dreamers.

Coerced Abortion Bill Sent Back for Rewrite

UConn graduate assistants ratify first union contract


Anti-Gay North Dakota Lawmaker Caught Sending Nude Pics to Another Man on Grindr

Obama's presidency has had a historical impact on many avenues. However,...

The inmate who killed Jeffrey Dahmer apparently did it because of "bread & refined sugar."

Her Body: Home

CNN News: One of the officer's wife involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray

I want to do some informative videos on Bernie

Found my checkbook.

this evening

"You Clean It Up"

Jon Stewart is taking it to Judith Miller

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Baltimore in a nutshell

While I support much of what Bernie Sanders stands for



Liz had a little to say to the New Yorker that some here might find of interest…

Urgent help needed for children/babies in Baltimore, from a friend of mine:

Trans woman, game developer, jumps off George Washington Bridge

I just discovered black garlic!

Please block VanillaRhapsody from the Bernie Sanders Group

Baltimore Police Won't Make Report on Freddie Gray's Death Public

Cry new tears-Write new words-Craft new prayers-Attend new marches-Channel new anger-Feel it all....

I like Bernie

Researchers find 200-year lag between climate events in Greenland, Antarctica

A Ron Paul supporter on Bernie Sanders

Revelation That Sheriff Arpaio Hired Informant For CIA Investigation Raises New Legal Questions

Joe Arpaio update

What do you all think about Hilary chances of winning this time around?

Baltimore's Raven

Chief Defends Round Rock (TX) Officer Who Knocked Out Woman with Takedown Throw

Baltimore Residents Urged To Stay Indoors Until Social Progress Takes Its Course Over Next Century

Jon Stewart gave the best interview of Judith Miller tonight. He didn't pull any punches, like a

What time will Bernie declare on Thursday?

This is going to be Great

Berkeley (CA) High closes campus amid threats of large-scale fights

The violence has been talked down by black leadership in Baltimore-the only valid way it could be.

Protesters clash with NYPD, disrupt Holland Tunnel and West Side Highway in bid to support Baltimore

Senator Warren blasts kickbacks for brokers and subtly shames five of her fellow Senate Democrats.

Tomorrow nite = Michelle Obama on Letterman

Orioles player gave out imaginary autographs at todays first ever closed gate baseball game.

How many states will Bernie win in the primaries?

The Real Baltimore Riot Looters

Hillary Clinton Keynote Speech - 18th Annual Dinkins Forum

Statement of Purpose for Bernie Sander's Group on DU

Hillary Clinton Keynote Speech - 18th Annual Dinkins Forum

MK says advocating for two-state solution is treason

Are you Freaking Serious? Freddy Grey was trying to hurt himself?

Indica or Sativa? Or Hybrids? (POLL)

Fighting Wall Street and corporate power does NOT mean abandoning the fight against bigotry.

Netflix: "Who Is Harry Nilsson? (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?)"

Germany: I'm going. A dream I've had for 30 years, this summer

DNC Memo: The ridiculous GOP answers on same sex weddings

I am In.

gratuitous kitteh pic - preparing for synchronized napping

At what intervals do cat's brains process sound?

10 things I want to teach my autistic son before he goes to college

Since I have been kicked out of the BOG and HCG...

I had lost hope re. 2016 campaign

In 2012, incumbent Bernie Sanders won in a total landslide.

Please get Hannity's lying, corporate whoring, evil face of ignorance and disease off the home page.

Colombia just legalized euthanasia. Here's why that's a big deal

Senate Advances Limits on Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Is it possible the Third Way® is scared of Bernie...

How Two Billionaires Are Remaking Detroit in Their Flawed Image

Punctuation Saves Lives!

People never seem to consider that looting happens because you know the store will be closed

Imagine, it's election night 2016 and Bernie is the nominee...

Alabama’s high school football coaching salaries soar past $120,000

Freddie Gray: Protests Across Us As Baltimore Is Forced To Free 100 Suspects

Does anyone have hard data

Son Smacked by Mother at Baltimore Riot: ‘I Regret Going Down There’

Sanders for President fastest growing subreddit group.

Centrist Democrats Warn Party Not to Present Itself as 'Far Left'

The Zapatistas Prepare to Honor their Dead and Call for a Reality Check


I need Help

The Public Sector Is a Milk Cow for Private Enterprise

UPDATE! Cat case not presented to grand jury (vet that killed cat with arrow and posted pic on FB)

I just changed my avatar to Bernie as a show of support. nt

Seriously DUers do you think HRC might implode

I just joined this group.........

This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind

Protester slams Geraldo & FOX: "Get Out Of Baltimore!"

Messenger closes in on Mercury crash-landing

Has any Labour leader ever run a worse campaign than Jim Murphy?

If Bernie wins the Democratic nomination, how do you gauge his chances of winning the general?

Texas A&M University regents approve new seal with little discussion; Aggies speak out in protest

Pakistan drops case against ex-CIA chief, agency's lawyer

Rubella (German measles) eradicated from Americas

Looks like the intifada

If Bernie makes it as far as the Ohio primaries, I'm gonna vote for him.

Can a Socialist Sway Texas Democrats?

Can a Socialist Sway Texas Democrats?

Nothing significant...

Nothing significant..

Last Tokyo subway gas attack suspect jailed for life

OMG! I've been busy with the Blue Seed PAC!

Man- I've been busy...The Blue Seed PAC

About 'economic' and social issues

Ouch: Anil Dash on "white families"

Ok,guys..some determined Texans here

UAW members get information on how to leave union

Daily Holidays - April 30

Watch as strong winds knock over a train in Jefferson Parish

I need help

Missouri Woman, a Satanist, Will Claim “Religious Freedom” to Get Out of 72-Hour Waiting Period...

David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish

Rescuing babies and ignoring surrogates in Nepal: Israel's callousness is a global shame

Žižek - Things cannot go on the way they are... we are reaching zero point

About 160 more Boko Haram hostages rescued, says Nigerian army

Can we get a Hillary Clinton videos / media stickie?

ALL purpose thread for VIDEOs of Hillary Clinton or related subjects

Nepal earthquake: Teenage boy rescued after five days

I have seen more than a dozen Bernie campaigns. All clean. All honorable

my friend is having troubles logging in (long-time du'er)

Besieged Yemeni city sees worst fighting yet: residents

This is breaking my heart.

Why Some of Us Will Not, Cannot, and Do Not Post about Baltimore

Only a few things.

Israel Police arrest 6-year-old East Jerusalem boy suspected of stoning bus

Dogs on the Inside (trailer, prisoners helping stray dogs)

Bernie on campaigning and Hillary: "It's not my style to run ugly, negative ads. Never have,

Endorsements and Pro-Hillary editorials

At what point should Americans start calling this type of policing terrorism?!

I think the more important discussion to have on Bernie Sanders is 'socialism.'

The only state with a smaller electorate than Vermont is Wyoming

EXCELLENT 9 minute video

How rare is it for the media to stand up to the lying police

Great fight on Joe Scum - Howie Dean is tearing him a new one over the Clintons

Jade Helm 15, a military exercise, brings wild speculation in Texas about ‘martial law’

I don't give a flying patootie that Bernie can't win. This primary is about far more than that.

Scott Walker Calls For Constitutional Amendment To Make Same-Sex Marriage Bans Constitutional

The Isle of Lesbos, and sex tourism in the ancient world ... BBC new doc

Report Says American Psychological Association Collaborated on Torture Justification

Too many grandchildren to count

Bridgegate - Word is that David Wildstein will plead guilty

Lumber Liquidators Says DOJ Seeks Criminal Charges Over Imports

The origins of the terms "right" and "left" in politcs. Where did the ideas come from?

What BDS really wants: A one-state solution, minus the Jewish state

With this State already in the Gutter, Failed Gov. Scott Walker Trolls The Obama Economy

I just volunteered for and contributed to Bernie's campaign. Please join me if you can.

May Photo Contest Ideas

Haniyeh: Israeli admission on Deif proves war crimes charge

I had no idea there was a Netflix, Streaming Videos & DVDs Forum on DU.

Marco Rubio Went to Bat for Corinthian Colleges

Joe Madison:Martin O'Malley is getting a free ride on Balitmore problems because under his admin.

You need to agree on a host for this group.

Bernie's Op-Ed in the Des Moines Register: Social Security: Expand it, don't cut it

Bernie Sanders Calls Clinton Foundation Money A "Very Serious Problem".

Mom "lunch shamed" for giving her kid Oreos

Nepal Earthquake: India sends Gorkha soldiers to help in relief and rescue work

Obama to announce eBook initiative for low-income students

Washtenaw County asks judge to freeze big discrimination verdict while it pursues appeal

Lord & Loon, Part 2: Swiss Guards Tell Morano To Control Self @ Presser, Or They'll Throw Him Out

TPP on C-Span

Democratic Party candidates for President 2016: Compare and Contrast

Will Abbott Militarize The DPS For His Border Drug War and Open Carry?

Texas sees enemies everywhere, from U.S. troops to preschoolers

Jon Stewart recently purchased a farm in New Jersey providing a sanctuary for farm animals rescued

All the church-less heathens of San Francisco - By Mark Morford

MorningJoe(R-DeadIntern) sez ClintonCash = BobMcDowell, won't compare with Reagan or Bush

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to Lowest Level in 15 Years

The Hippie Caves of Matala That Housed Joni Mitchell

Hillary Clinton is opposed to a critical piece of the TPP

Upcoming Meme to watch in the campaign: "Bernie Sanders is a narcissist!"

HRC ROOM POST Clinton Cash Author Peter Schweizer's Anti-Clinton Haiti Conspiracy Falls Apart

Donald Rumsfeld: Looting Is Transition To Freedom

House Republicans try to gut a key American principle

Rand Paul talk about TONE DEAF

Bankroll Bernie!

Drone Footage: Nepal Earthquake Damage in Katmandu

I try to be objective.

The big lie: Las Vegas man watches as his Harry Reid tale takes off

Export freeze sows bitterness in Venezuela chocolate trade

Jindal Supports Ginsburg, Kagan Recusal From Gay Marriage Decision

6 Ways Bernie Sanders Will Challenge Hillary Clinton

Geraldo Rivera got a dose of truth

Bernie Sanders speaking on his Presidential campaign today at noon

Elijah Cummings Scolds Fox Reporter In Baltimore: 'Let's Go Home!'

Venezuelans can’t get even the most basic lifesaving medical supplies

Hillary Clinton Opposes Major Obama Trade Policy

New Bud Light Bottle Encourages Drinkers To "Remove 'No' From Your Vocabulary"

Sofía Vergara’s Ex-Fiancé: Our Frozen Embryos Have a Right to Live

ISDC To Showcase Northrop Grumman/Caltech Push Toward Space Solar Power

Senate Advances Limits on Hail Damage Insurance Claims

The American Psychological Association Secretly Collaborated w-BUSHCO To Legally Justify Torture

Stop GOP Congress' war on your Postal Service

Some pundits on & off DU have already decided Sanders can't win

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Race and Police

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Riots and Moms

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Courtroom Bigots

Freddie Gray broke his own back & Martin Luther King shot himself.

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

An Executive Order Requiring Government Contractors to Disclose Political Spending

Rumsfeld: Looting is transition to freedom

House GOP delays vote on first spending bill over military amendment

General Motors Company Behind Tesla Motors Inc’s Direct Car Sales Woes

Trying to understand current race relations without historical context is the height of insanity.

Let the Primary Campaigns Begin!

French School Deems Teenager’s Skirt an Illegal Display of Religion

Baltimore Faith Leaders Link Arms In Powerful Display Of Interfaith Solidarity

Lefties, meet your candidate: Why Bernie is the only authentic alternative to Hillary Clinton

MESSENGER to crash on Mercury today. Watch online

Off the chart

Want a clue as to how neanderthal Brownback got reelected? Hint, it's marijuana related.

If Bernie gets more votes than Hillary in the primaries?

Limbaugh furious that Bud Light dropped offensive slogan;claims “rape culture” is a “concoction...

Latest New Horizons images of Pluto

For the American right, Israel embodies the values that Obama’s U.S. no longer does

10 things to know about brown recluse spiders

Baltimore Central Booking: they were saving slices of bread to use as pillows.

Right-wing lunatics think the military is planning to invade Texas. Here’s why.

Eric Garner protesters say the NYPD asked them about their political affiliations

Monkey creates 6-word 'language' | DiscoverNews:

Fox News gone wild: The ludicrous stories about how Freddie Gray injured himself - Joan Walsh

NYT: Violence in Baltimore

Listening To CNN This A.M. Clearly Looks Like They Are Trying To Light A Match In Baltimore.....

Salty habitat for 'alien' life discovered in Antarctica

University of Virginia Law Professors weigh in on Obergefell v. Hodges

If The Prisoner In The Van Couldn't See Freddie And Only Heard Thrashing Around - How Do We Know....

White House On A Possible Military Takeover Of Texas: Um, No

Huckabee: The Supreme Court ‘Cannot Overrule God’ On Gay Marriage

Has Chris Christie's Old High School Chum Struck A Deal With The Feds?


Democratic stuff dot com started putting Bernie stuff in stock

The Killer Robots are coming.....

Democratic stuff dot com started putting Bernie stuff in stock


Speaking of dumb... Russian minister accuses Apple of distributing gay porn to minors

The key fallacy of sincere "Moderate" Democrats.

What will Bernie's logo look like?

Kansas Governor Tours to Celebrate Ending Abortions After the First Trimester

Brunch with Bernie

If Your "Candidate of Choice" Cannot Soundly Answer These Questions.....

Thom Hartmann: When Is The NSA Going to Stop Spying on Americans?

Kansas Governor Tours to Celebrate Ending Abortions After the First Trimester

Is CNN as bad as everyone thinks it is? Yes ... and no. - Hank Stuver, Washington Post TV Critic

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 30, 2015

I will vote for Bernie in the WI Primary

Bernie Sanders is the smartest politician in the room...

U.S. labor costs rise solidly; wage growth picks up

Pic Of The Moment: "This Country And Our Government Belong To All Of Us"

Sanders Presser May Flout Ethics Rules

The 2 Euro T-Shirt - A Social Experiment

How to make piñata cookies

ReproWatch: Texas Fights Back Against Onslaught of Anti-Choice Bills (sev articles)

Indicting the TPP: Even One of These Counts Is Sufficient to Vote to Kill It!

Bernie Too Communistic For Most Voters.


Military rescues more women, girls from Boko Haram

WND wonders why nobody takes them seriously?

Yes, Virginia, the TPP is at least as bad as its critics say it is.

ReproHealthWatch: Texas Fights Back Against Onslaught of Anti-Choice Bills (sev articles)

Hillary Expected to Adopt All of Sanders’s Positions by Noon

An interesting look at generations and party preference.

So... Martin O'Malley?

House GOP Wants to Eviscerate NASA Earth Sciences in New Budget

Is it just possible that people who don't believe Sanders can win aren't "afraid" of him?

Breaking: Baltimore Police Finish Inquiry Into Freddie Gray Death

Sid Tepper, prolific songwriter for Elvis Presley and other hitmakers, dies

"Almost half of all Canadians (48%) either can’t say or don’t know how they feel about TPP."

Is DU a bubble?

Obama trade bill in trouble

The first thing Sean did after meeting Hillary? Text his wife!

Has any one heard when the announcement is going to be made?

High school prom poster sex-shames young women

Clinic Escort Stories: “I Help Men as a Clinic Escort, Too.”

It was never a dress...

There are going to be more riots. Why? Because the Police are getting away with it again.

I think it will be harder for Sanders to beat HRC, than it would to win the general election.

Malala's attackers sentenced to life imprisonment by Pakistan court

Michael Moore: Disarm the police

Pakistan court jails 10 for Malala Yousafzai attack/BBC

Maryland lawmaker proposes law to take food stamps from families of kids who protest

United Airlines Foots The Bill To Fly Dog Missing For Four Years Back To Family

The Toxic Chickens Have Come Home To Roost As Republican Sequester Is A Total Disaster

Today in Herstory: Women Teachers Mount Fight for Equal Pay (29 april 1905)

Rand: I'll Look Into Whether The Military Is Planning To Takeover The Southwest

Today in Herstory: Women Teachers Mount Fight for Equal Pay (29 april 1905)

Duplicate Thread (self-delete)

Meet Marilyn Mosby, the Woman Overseeing the Freddie Gray Investigation

Bernie Sanders to formally launch campaign May 26 in Burlington, VT

Ricketts’ first real veto: Aid increase to families in poverty called 'unsustainable', setting up...

Americans don’t like ‘big government’ — just big government programs: poll

George W. Bush Reminds Americans Why He Was a Failure and An Idiot

Jockey Blake Shinn had a hilarious ride at Canterbury Race Course in Australia

these exercises have really helped my knee

What will it take for people to turn away from the GOP

China, Russia to Hold First Joint Mediterranean Naval Drills

Go, Bernie, Go! Why a socialist running for president isn’t as ridiculous as you think

Oklahoma Rep. Says He’d Set Self on Fire Over Abortion – if Only His Beliefs Allowed It

O'Malley: We Are Capable of More

Tom Toles

Passenger Abandons Pet Cat in Airport

Go to Youtube and do a search for "2014 Keene Pumpkin Festival". You will be amazed.

As potential candidates throw their hats in the ring, I wonder when we'll be hearing the "N" word.

40 Years ago Saigon fell

Human Rights Campaign: Gov. Jindal statement full of errors

Jon Stewart Grills Judith Miller On Iraq War Reporting

Greece: Pensions cuts unconstitutional while eurocrats demand political cost!

I am not amused.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, 1987: an idea that is American as apple pie...

Bernie just announced and not a peep from CNN.

Thug or just youthful: Here we are in the middle of a crisis of uncontrolled police

This guy says he's a "minister," yet...

Who might be a VP with Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders: ‘Don’t Underestimate Me’

Woman arrested over threat to kill white cops

(More police violence)Troopers take down motorcyclist from bike to end chase on Creedmoor Road

US Consumer Spending Posts Strongest Gain In 4 Months, While Incomes Flat

U.S. Ports See Costly Delays as Cargo Ships, Volumes Grow

I don't want to hear about Bernie's 'unelectability' or Hillary's 'baggage'

Some White People Hate Black People. How is Economic Justice Going to Fix This?

Homeless Dude: What-me envy the rich?

Sea lion strolls through S.F.

Judge dismisses lawsuit over GPS tracking

Putin Starts Off Morning By Sitting Down To Write The Day’s News

Hold on until 2016, Gramps! I need your vote!!

Today's Borowitz:: Hillary expected to adopt all of Sanders position by noon.

Swastikas at Stanford University investigated as hate crime

"Fresh kale!" says Martin O'Malley. "Fresh kale! Get some fresh kale.

Follow the money

Saudi Arabia Is Burning Through Its Foreign Reserves at a Record Pace

Thursday- "I Got Nothing to Do So Let's--"

Silicon Valley ranks first in California in binge drinking

Brain scan reveals out-of-body illusion

Just Received This Email Message from Martin O'Malley

George Soros May Face a Monster Tax Bill

IMO Too Often Democrats March Out The Circular Firing Squad During Important Elections

The Death of the Internet: A Pre-Mortem | John Michael Greer

Koch brothers cater to Latinos, hoping for votes

A $15 Billion Cure Can’t Fix Veterans’ Care at U.S. Agency

NOT the onion. The cause of the Baltimore troubles is...

National Review: But What About The Clintons’ Underage Sex Slaves And Russian Blackmail?

N.D. lawmaker who voted against LGBT protections admits he’s gay after being caught on Grindr

Bernie-nomics: How Sanders Wants to Handle the Economy

Thug is the new Nigg**!!

WAPO spreads lie from lying police who lied about Gray injuring himself

Shortened Primary Calendar Could Backfire on Republicans

The jobs most likely to make you drink

So they shackled those school children in Baltimore

The Massive New Online Course That Every Climate Science Denier Should Be Very Afraid Of

Republicans Find a Way to Embrace Obamacare

In GD: Some White People Hate Black People. How is Economic Justice Going to Fix This?

How do you feel about helping create jobs for members of this community?

Potential Roadblock For Bernie Sanders Rises In New Hampshire

House Republicans try to gut a key American principle

Rand Paul jumps into the clown car's clown car with both feet in his mouth

Dear White America: Toya Graham Is Not Your Hero.

Saudi Arabia Has Beheaded 71 People In The Past Four Months

Film on racial dynamics over decades

Gallup Poll Shows Massive Support for Iraq War in 2003, Massive Disapproval in 2015

Rise Of Far Left Policies Signals Democrats’ Embrace Of Bernie Sanders Progressivism

An open letter

Got two more people to agree to register Dem and vote for Bernie this morning.

from Donna Edwards:

The Mothers Have Something to Say

no pants at the races

Republicans say they are short of votes for the tpa (fast track) Urge President Obama to

control issues

Another American pro athlete comes out (talks about contemplating suicide as youth)

Why Is It I Don't Believe Anything Anymore?......

Another image you won't see on CNN....

Look at all those black looters are ruining Baltimore.....

The calculated risk of Novak Djokovic

What many Hillary supporters have learned from Rs and Fox News - terrify everyone!

Article "In Defense of Looting"

Bernie Sanders' letter to Alabama's governor about 2016 budget pulls no punches.

UPDATE: Bernie had more subscribers than the HRC room in one day!

Prom Dress Sparks Debate for Being Too Revealing

Bernie sent a powerful letter to Alabama's governor about their scary new budget.

Super PAC emerges to help Patrick Murphy for US Sen.

GOP shill disses GOD

A "rowdy Detroit Red Wings fan"...

ASSHOLES creating fake Twitter accounts and posting fake "Baltimore looting" photos!

JM Greer: The Death of the Internet

please oh please oh please.. "Has Chris Christie's Old High School Chum Struck A Deal With The Feds?

if Bernie Sanders... Why not Jerry Brown?

Katy Perry's Sunflower Dress Stirs Up Controversy in China: Political Statement or Style Snafu?

Latest on police-custody death: Freddie Gray van made a fourth, previously undisclosed stop

Bernie Sanders Talks Wealth Gap, Rips GOP in Official Presidential Announcement

10 awesome cartoons from Tom Tomorrow's Pulitzer Finalist portfolio | Fusion

Hillary Expected to Adopt All of Sanders’s Positions by Noon

I have a suggestion

Millennials Favor Hillary Clinton in Harvard Poll

Bernie can't win?

The Middle East Policy of President Bernie Sanders

Tamara Scott: If You Support Gender Equality, You Should Oppose Gay Marriage

On Same-Sex Marriage, It’s Too Late to ‘Wait-and-See’ at the Supreme Court.Greenhouse

Bernie Sanders Means Business With 2016 Presidential Run

Now this is a brilliant student

A Doctor's analysis of Freddy Grey's injuries- shocker, the cops are lying.

Insanity: GOP Gov. Calls In State Guard In Case Obama Plans To Invade Texas

One more house question

Bernie isn't the only Sanders running: Brother is on U.K. ballot/USA Today

Interesting statement from the Baltimore Police Chief a few years ago.....

Suspicions Of Child Abuse in Central Africa From French Military Members.

Why do "the Party Bosses" keep blocking anyone except Hillary Clinton?

Report: Kasich Attacked By GOP Govs. For 'Hiding Behind Jesus' On Medicaid

Hillary Clinton Room Post Stand strong for Hillary on DU.

Free Mobile Justice App from ACLU.

Hillary Clinton: I agree with Bernie

Agnes, My Saint kitty rescue by Veronica Isa tucuman, Argentina

American Psychological Assoc. bolstered CIA torture program: report

Hillary Clinton Agrees With Elizabeth Warren On Trade Dispute With Obama

Wal-Mart laid off 2,200 workers, then told them to avoid chocolate and alcohol

6th grade interviewer cuts off Obama,says "you've said enough".

This cannot be unseen:

Brownback reaches peak Caligula, stages weird reenactments of abortion ban signing

Tom Friedman: No TPP and ISIS will prevail, the world will slip into anarchy and China

Tim has passed away

Obama stands by the term 'thugs,' White House says

today marks 40 years since our failure in Vietnam.

Right Wing's Baltimore Violence Blame Game

Surprised? Anti-Gay Republican Caught Sending Nude Pics to Another Man

A complete takedown of the lies spread by the Baltimore PD and Washington Post on Freddie Gray

Unofficial DU Presidential poll

Iowa Republican: Feminists should oppose gay marriage to ensure women and men married in equal numbe

Sentences of three convicted Atlanta educators reduced

UPDATE on my situation - I'm likely to be homeless - PLEASE help!

Psychologists met in secret with Bush officials to help justify torture: report

Bruce Jenner Plans to "Return to Motivational Speaking": "He Is Going to Be a Role Model"

"Look at their donors."

What is this doing ON TOP of Freddie Gray?

What's The Status Of The Cop That Fired 8 Shots At The Back Of That Guy That Ran From Him....

It's been real guys, but I think I'm done here.

Prisoner Was Wrong: Freddie Gray Didn’t Kill Himself

Cycling race around Frankfurt cancelled due to terror threat

41 coal, oil trains spotted in 1-week countywide watch

TONIGHT 5:00 PM, ET: *BERNIE SANDERS on 'THE ED SHOW' MSNBC, 2016 Presidential Candidacy

It’s Happening: Goldman Sachs Just Dropped $50 Million Into a Bitcoin Startup

Tim passed away

Former Albuquerque Police Chief (Ray Schultz) violated law

An apology for (and explanation of) an earlier post

Democrat Gregg enters governor's race, hits Pence on RFRA

So, what did you get me for my birthday?

I am on my way to getting my feral cats fixed!

Airbus to press charges on NSA/BND spying claims

has bernie's site for donations been crashed or hacked?

Tentative Agreement Signed to End USW Strike At BP Plc Whiting Refinery

Oil production is all down hill from here

protesters in Baltimore, you can defer an exam says the law school at the University of the DC

Hillary Clinton and Criminal Justice Reform: It's complicated

We've discussed, Hillary, Bernie and Elizabeth. What about Lee Mercer Jr.? He was first to file...

Been playing with an old Socket A computer.

Question ...

The Last Boomer President

Water Privatisation: A Worldwide Failure?

Rioters attempt to set Pizza Shop Owner on fire...cops do nothing.

Hillary Clinton Room Post. Hillary Clinton welcomes Sanders into the race

Remember when these "thugs" and "animals" resorted to violence and vandalism?

Navy To Escort U.S. Commercial Ships Near Iran

Russia May Be Readying For New Ukraine Offensive: NATO Commander

Update: Fired Popeyes manager demanding $5.5 million in lieu of lawsuit

U.S. Senator And Iran Foreign Minister Face Off On Twitter

Hillary Clinton Room Post. Fox News Gives Clinton Cash $107 Million Of Free Publicity

Question about where to sign up for email from campaign.

Preliminary Baltimore police report: no evidence Gray fatally injured during arrest: ABC

Squee alert! Pregnant cat leaves Spain as ship stowaway, arrives in Texas with kittens

People love chickens that are “vegetarian fed.” But chickens are not vegetarians.

A friend is working in Baltimore today...says another protest planned for 4:30 at City Hall

In Vermont, substantial numbers of republicans vote for Bernie

Behind Every Refugee Stands an Arms Trader

tech problem on DU:: "NOT FOUND on this server" comes up when touching "my posts"

Cross post from GD

For those with insurance, what % of your Med. cost do you pay.

The 99 Yarder -- A Brooklyn Story Circa 1970 | Philip A. Farruggio

Texas vet that hunted neighbor's cat has an active equine business in Wyoming

Wayward bull gets frisky with cars near Hawthorne

Morrissey, PETA Target Al Gore Over Live Earth’s Meaty Menu

Why the “Golden State” Warriors? Well that’s a crazy story…

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If they "gentrified" that Baltimore neighborhood

Sen. Sanders Speaks out on Baltimore Protests

10 Things All White Folks Need to Consider about the #BaltimoreUprising

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Years Before Freddie Gray, Baltimore Police ‘Accidentally’ Snapped a Perp’s Spine

Developer Rachel Byrk Commits Suicide After Months of Cyber Bullying

Colorado heating and cooling company refuses service to ‘colored people’ in ‘Mount Ghetto’

To honor Bernie and ourselves a request.

What sets Bernie apart from Hillary

Boehner: Killing Export-Import Bank risks thousands of jobs

Instead of confirmation, Nebraska State Patrol nominee gets grilling over his attitudes toward women

Bernie and Hillary shared this pleasant exchange on Twitter today...

End of an Error -- Last Battle of Civil War -- The Battle of Palmito Ranch.

Hillary Clinton Invites Bernie Sanders to Concede

House Burning Down

Luckovich TOON: Baltimore's Moms

Computer nerd tip of the day: do not talk to anyone from "Microsoft" or call "Microsoft".....

Heavy Rains Leaves Human Losses, Material Damages in Havana

Bernie Sanders Has Already Taken More Press Questions Than Hillary Clinton

Hillary is doing this and Hillary is doing that

My son told me he will be voting for Bernie

North Korean diplomats cause chaos at UN event on rights

A restructuring and H-1B use affect the Magic Kingdom’s IT operations

I'm a boomer, I was raised on desperate long shots on achieving social causes,

Man Builds Homeless Woman A Tiny Home Because ‘Everyone Should Have A Right To Shelter’

Good news! The IRS offers new and improved settlement options!

"The Vermont senator is a "democratic socialist""

Thom Hartmann: Why Didn't MSNBC Air Bernie's Announcement Live?

Your Baltimore “Syllabus”

Grey’s Anatomy Star, In Heartfelt Twitter Essay, Perfectly Shuts Down Baltimore Critics

Same-sex marriage opponents sounded desperate in court. They should be

Black Lives Matter Protesters Stock Forever 21 With 'Never 21' T-Shirts

Ferguson Activist Battles CNN’s Blitzer: ‘No Excuse’ for Police Violence, Either

Bernie's slogan? "Enough is enough!"

How Not to Report on an Earthquake

It'll be interesting to see if the Sanders announcement makes the network "news" tonite.

House to adopt compromise GOP budget targeting 'Obamacare'

Israel’s aid team to Nepal larger than any other country’s

Loving v. Marriage

Ameneh Bahrami: was I right to pardon the man who blinded me with acid? (warning: graphic pix)

Thom Hartmann: We The People Amendment is Being Introduced In Congress Today!

Thom Hartmann: Clueless White Privilege Meets the Baltimore Revolt

Most Baltimore Protesters Arrested Monday Remain in Jail Without Charges

NH SoS doesn't think Bernie is eligible to run

Facebook just pulled/blocked the Rolling Stone article about Bernie.

NH SoS doesn't think Bernie is eligible to run

What does this bad behavior accomplish?

"This is not the Red Sox verses the Yankees". Bernie Sanders said "What elections are about is

Red Wings fan arrested at Game 7 after setting giant Lightning flag on fire

Rise of progressive policies signals Democrats' embrace of Bernie Sanders' ideals

HRC ROOM Twenty-Plus Errors, Fabrications, And Distortions In Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash

Williasmburg, VA (Colonial and otherwise)

Michelle Obama says good-bye to Dave tonight (Preview clip)

3 easy steps to "fix" our police problem

Obama under pressure to beef up Democratic support for trade

Thought you might find this interview about Freddie Gray interesting....

Baltimore police give report on death to prosecutor

EFerrari: Americans were fine with the looting of Baltimore until black kids did it.

Hillary Expected to Adopt All of Sanders’s Positions by Noon

HRC Room. Hillary Clinton Agrees With Elizabeth Warren On Trade Dispute With Obama

President Obama uses the term thug to describe rioters in BMore..

Wasn't Geraldo liberal back when the Rs impeached

Fast track is going off track in the House

Chicago Bears defensive tackle Jeremiah (Jay) Ratliff pleads guilty to DWI, gets probation

Ring of Fire: Examining Baltimore’s Breaking Point

The Character Assassination Of Freddie Gray

When has a third-party or independent made a credible show in a Presidential election?

xpost from GD: Bernie Sanders Has Already Taken More Press Questions Than Hillary Clinton

Agent Orange: Terrible Legacy of the Vietnam War

Does Milwaukee Run a Debtor’s Prison?

Revolution OS documentary. Blast from the past! (2001)

A Different Look at Generations and Partisanship

2015 NFL Draft - anyone watching?

We hold the power.

Gravity data show that Antarctic ice sheet is melting increasingly faster

If you're in Vegas...The Mayweather team donated 25 tickets to Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas...

Bernie Sanders Officially Announces 2016 Presidential Run at Presser! INCREDIBLE Watch!

I Would Like Some News Outlet To Take Us Inside The Van....

Reversing Course, Andrew Cuomo Endorses Vincent Gentile for Congress

Thank you all for your faith in making me host. EDITED

Tex. Gov. Abbott has his own kinda private Guard to prevent Jade Helm from taking over Texas.

Getting a litter of pups to foster this weekend, Mom and 8 pups

The Onion: Who is Bernie Sanders?

QOTD: "The Republicans have waged a war on people who know things, and then act shocked ..."

All Aboard the Super-Friendly Ultrasound Bus!

International Workers’ Day: The most invisible workers of all

Bernie Announces at Presser and it is an Incredible Watch......!

Can't Unring That Bell: Jeb Bush Says He's A Fan Of Charles Murray's Books

I want to vote, most definitely, in the primary but because I'm registered as

Candidate Profile: Who is Bernie Sanders?

Dem Challenger To Gov. Pence Comes Out Swinging On Religious Freedom

Jon Stewart prepares for life after The Daily Show

Did Elon Musk announce his whole house battery and I missed it?

Obama library coming to Chicago!

Very large march just came past my window

Meredith Vieira shuts down Stacey Dash for calling wage gap ‘an excuse’

Whitening the Arctic Ocean: May restore sea ice, but not climate

Woman arrested for engaging in 'intimate act' with lawn chairs

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' space company launches first rocket into space

OK...... the Onion has Bernie's profile up now as they do all the other declared

Unarmed Teen Shot, Killed By Police, Cried For His Mother: 'Mommy, Mommy, Please Come' (xpost GD)

Sen. Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself By Getting Key Senate Rules Wrong

my Bernie for President T

An Award-Winning Cancer Researcher Says U.S. Science Has Never Been More Imperiled

O’Malley 2016 Just Committed Suicide in Baltimore - By Jackie Kucinich

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 1 May 2015

Mike Pence Gets A Democratic Challenger For Indiana Governor's Race In 2016

Cop Who Arrested Freddie Gray Had Guns Confiscated Over Mental Health

Thugs? Oh there are is a great example of THUGS.

Baltimore rioter turned himself in – but family can't afford $500,000 bail

I thought some of you might be intrigued to see

email your reps

Tesla to livestream tonight’s home batteries announcement at 8 p.m. Pacific. (Thursday April 30)

People Hear Strange Apocalyptic Sounds Coming From the Sky All Around the World

Moscow is a no-go for Kim Jong-un as he cancels planned visit to Russia

Climate change could push a sixth of species to extinction: study

Ray Lewis, Ravens visit schools in West Baltimore

Coverup claims over revelation that Germany spied on EU partners for US

Baltimore riots: 'They even took the ATM' – Pakistani shop owner may have lost $100,000 to looters

What is your favorite thing to do that you acknowledge is a complete waste of time?

Any Washington pro football fans here? You know, the team with the racist name?

3 Whatcom Co. adults missing in Nepal have checked in safe

The people don't want a phony Democrat

Manufacturer asks Oklahoma to return drug used for lethal injections

BOROWITZ: Hillary Expected to Adopt All of Sanders’s Positions by Noon

My take on the oral arguments in the same-sex marriage cases before the Supreme Court

Interrogations advisor urges Bush-era torture probe

Bernie Sanders Officially Announces 2016 Presidential Run at Presser/Populist Message!

Anti-gay? Or anti-interracial?