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Four relief workers killed in Chile helicopter crash

Iran and world powers strike initial nuclear deal

Global Civil Society to the Rescue of the Amazon

Global Civil Society to the Rescue of the Amazon

George Takei: Indiana, Let Us Eat Cake

George Takei: Indiana, Let Us Eat Cake


Obama: Iran accord will make the world safer

Isn't it about time...

World Autism Awareness Day 2 April

NY Times: Could Another Democrat Beat Hillary Clinton? Strategists Offer a Blueprint

Kim Jong-un Assembles New ‘Pleasure Squad’ of Young Women

NY Times: Could Another Democrat Beat Hillary Clinton? Strategists Offer a Blueprint

'House of Cards' Renewed for Fourth Season.

Bill Maher once said

Cruz Offers to Speak at Texas A&M International Graduation (Laredo)

Wow. Ann Coulter drunk on The Factor.

here we go for the spring/summer. Tornado warnings on April 2nd

post a favorite song about Iran

Conversation between Noam Chomsky and Lawrence Krauss.

Esther and Jerry discuss Trance Channeling

Texas GOP Lawmaker Defends Religious Freedom Bill By Pulling The Nazi Card

Richmond VA - 150 years ago today- evacuation and the fire. The end of the Civil War.

Just heard Bill Richardson on Chris Matthews. Boy is he a negative jerk. He even went so far to

‘Give it up, a**hole!’: Tennessee Republican shouts at health care protester

How The TPP Could Be Used To Undermine Free Speech And Fair Use

Mitch McConnell Undermines Obama’s Climate Plan With Other Countries

Pres. Obama speaking live on Iran State TV - Not everyone is celebrating

Bryan Fischer: Andreas Lubitz’s Supposed Gay Tendencies May Explain Why He Crashed Plane

Meet Flakka, The Dangerous New Drug Sweeping Florida

What would Iran do with a bomb?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Circus Circus & a new Kitteh gif

Swift Boat Tom Cotton..I’m Saying that..

I want to thank the grown ups both here and there

Media, PA/ FBI Office Burglary/3-8-1971

Construction in Gilo draws political condemnation

Shutting down some of the critics of the Iran deal

Is Mark Kirk joining the Clown Car?? Rachel M is about to discuss it..

I guess it's time to drag this out again (re: Talibornagin christian nation)

American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900

Muse - Psycho

Imagine my horror when I agreed with Pat Buchanan.

RFRA fix does not widely extend discrimination protections for LGBT, experts say

Republican (not democrat!) Florida state congresswoman slams AFP flunky...

Louisiana Personhood Bill Would Ban Some Forms of Birth Control and Give Fetuses Full Legal Rights

Louisiana Personhood Bill Would Ban Some Forms of Birth Control and Give Fetuses Full Legal Rights

Blurb for my new book...

Today in Herstory: Jackie Mitchell Strikes Out Baseball’s Greats (2 april 19310

BEGIN Japanology - Nishikigoi

BEGIN Japanology - Nishikigoi

How do I cancel my recurrent payment for my star membersbip?

Today in Herstory: Jackie Mitchell Strikes Out Baseball’s Greats (2 april 1931)

Pete Gallego says he'll run to reclaim his congressional seat in 2016

Lucky Iron Fish Project

Republicans Write Letter To U.N. Encouraging Countries To Ignore Obama. Sound Familiar?

Space helmet

Fun For The Whole Family! Every Non-Insect Animal That's Gone Extinct In Past Century, Illustrated

U.S. Should Cut Mexico Security Aid Over Atrocious Human Rights Record, Activists Say

U.S. Should Cut Mexico Security Aid Over Atrocious Human Rights Record, Activists Say

Why Are Women Angry? Because 'They Still Have to Protest This Shit'

Tammy Duckworth, running against Mark Kirk

Why Are Women Angry? Because 'They Still Have to Protest This Shit'

Why Are Women Angry? Because 'They Still Have to Protest This Shit'

Fairport Convention with Larkin Poe - "I'll Keep It With Mine" (Dylan cover)

Jindal and ... twerking elephants? Special animation shows how governor is trying to dance to WH

Why do people post in multiple forums?

Thank the 42 Senators who want to expand Social Security

Bill signed in Kansas will allow concealed carry with no permit!!!

President Obama Explains Iran Framework for the SANE.

A brand new map of the United States.

My daughter just landed a job in Richmond Va at the Federal Reserve Bank. Any Richmonders here?

Landlord Sends Man $1,200 Bill To Cleanup His Roommate’s Blood, Who Was Shot Dead By Police

Though we gotta say goodbye for the summer

Coca-Cola speaks out (finally) against Georgia 'religious freedom' bill

'We Have a Systems Problem': New Project for Deep Solutions, Radical Transformation

Carl Sagan Appreciation Thread

1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA

Ed Miliband narrowly beats David Cameron in snap poll after leaders' debate

When Will the NSA Stop Spying on Innocent Americans?

Disney, Alex Ross Perry developing live-action 'Winnie the Pooh' film

GOP Steadfast On Passing Iran Bill Despite Obama's Plea To Stand Down

Waves of Freedom (Iranian Women Surfers)

Back On The Chain Gang

New Kansas Law Will Allow Concealed Carry Without Gun Permit or Training

Wall Street Democrats are on notice: Andrew Cuomo, Rahm Emanuel & the party’s new civil war

The Art Of Peace

3.3-magnitude quake rattled Irving Thursday evening, area’s second of the day

"Tensions With Elizabeth Warren Camp..."

Frustrated Iranian Scientist Forced To Shut Down Project He Spent 12 Goddamn Years Of His Life On

Russia’s Yemen consulate damaged amid Saudi-led airstrikes

Gov. Scott Walker's legal bill for John Doe probe: $650,000 and prosecutors closed investigation?

Austerity Policy Is Int'l In Scope. The Koch's & Their International Allies Cutting Safety Nets.

Christie pardons Shaneen Allen on all charges

Michelle Obama Is going to be on with Jimmy Fallon....NOW.

TYT: What The Iran/U.S. Nuclear Framework Deal Means

Israeli forces seize solar panels, injure child in village raid

How Corporations Took Over the First Amendment

Keiser Report: Very serious people repeat after Max (E739)

Hey, 47. About Iran. Got Ya~

Are homophobes repressed bisexuals?

Is Ted Cruz Going To Win The GOP Nomination?

Wa STate Commissioner of Public Lands on the Cherry Point coal terminal

San Francisco Jail Inmates Forced Into 'Gladiator-Style' Fights

Astroturf Warning: TPP Critics Call Out Fake 'Progressive' Group Pushing Corporate Trade Agenda

Why Iran Distrusts the US in Nuke Talks

'Halal in the Family' Takes Online Swipe at Anti-Muslim Bias.

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 3, 2015 -- Friday Night Spotlight - A. Arnold Gillespie

Good Friday.

Love it. More! FL Republicans sound off against Jeb Bush & Koch Bros & Americans for Prosperity.

My post with the video of Republican FL state senator putting down Americans for Prosperity rep.

Arizona Bill Would Ban Local Limits on Plastic Bags.

Man Rescued After Spending 66 Days Adrift in the Atlantic Ocean

Sanctions-Strapped Russia Outguns the U.S. in Information War

Indiana Travel

Drug-Resistant Super Bug Making Its Way To The U.S. Via International Travel

Republicans are smitten with Palinesque Democrat from Hawaii.

Russian Ships In Old Arctic Nato Base Set Alarms Bells Ringing

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra/A Bridge Too Far

Did anyone see the Bashar al-Assad interview on 60 minutes?

So an asshole with a pizza parlor refuses to cater a wedding yesterday...

I wanted to ask this question since the last episode of

Poverty rates near record levels in Bay Area despite hot economy (over 800,000 living in poverty)

Did Comcast Ghostwrite Rahm Emanuel’s Letter to the FCC?

Greece Threatens to Miss IMF Payment, Issue Drachma

Just because it's late at night...

3 am is the time to appreciate music about Java, man.

The Crazy Celebration Night In Teheran Streets.

And, so it begins - this is how peace starts, with a selfie...(updated)

The New Face of the American Class Struggle

If the Iran nuclear deal holds and becomes a lasting legacy (knock on wood)

GIVE PEACE A CHANCE...go away warmongers and haters!

Daily Holidays -April 3

HIV spreads like computer worms, say scientists

Miley Cyrus Rocks...Big time..

Stuck in a weird jury loop.

HIV spreads like computer worms, say scientists

Pat Robertson tells anti-LGBT pizza shop owners to shut up: This is about ‘cake-bakers’

Kerry-Zarif and all Lausanne Team For Nobel Price 2016

Human language evolved with a ‘Big Bang’, study says

Scientists discover world's first-known 'werewolf plant'

Of Obama and his Nobel (an open letter to the president)

How the internet is replacing intimacy in the nation's bedrooms: Smartphones blamed

Neil deGrasse Tyson Defends Scientology—and the Bush Administration’s Science Record

‘Tea party’ protest against proposed land deal mostly actors

Second black box 'confirms French Alps crash co-pilot Andreas Lubitz acted deliberately'

Dear GOP...

Jury orders Chrysler to pay $150M in Jeep fire death

Liberals Bernie Sanders And Al Franken Stand With Obama In Support Of Iran Nuclear Deal

The Internet is weird reason #3666543678 (Mukbang)

The U.S. should be wary of Iran - but let's not kid ourselves here...


Rainbow- end to end- right before our eyes! (No pot of gold at either end!)

California GOP proposes new water policy

Deadly bird flu shows up in South Dakota, 5th Minnesota farm

Not Photoshopped............ surf's up among other things.

Fred Kaplan: The Deal of a Lifetime

Hostages' families sue TV over Paris terror attack coverage

Here are a few brilliant ways cats are secretly helping their owners live healthier lives

Rhode Island Governor Says Union Accord Resolves Pension Dispute

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Creates Ten Documented new Jobs

The Progressive: Chicago Mayoral Race Galvanizing Young Voters

Hell, no. I won't teach for a Christian university


Alabama GOP Sen. Stutts Becomes Pariah (Opinion)-blamed Obamacare Betrayed collegues

Scottish Ghost Lore


Salesforce relocating employees out of Indiana

Why isn't this man in jail?

Fox News will now describe the lack of racism in America

Back in MY Day, We sold weapons to #Iran

States Fail to Properly Manage Fracking Waste, Says Groundbreaking Report

Introducing Progress Points Blog: A new messaging resource for progressives:

Uphold free speech & allow the conference on Israel and international law to proceed

Kind of 'reverse unemployment benefits': No Job? Pay Up. Belarus Imposes Fines for Being Unemployed

I can't help but notice

Source: Lease signed for Hillary Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn

Payroll employment increases by 126,000 in March; unemployment rate unchanged at 5.5%

X-Post fro HoF - I can't help but notice

OMG! Susan Rice did a fist bump!

This is an astonishingly good Iran deal

Greece draws up drachma plans, prepares to miss IMF payment

What Is the Meat Industry Trying to Hide?

Can Congress Scuttle the Iran Deal?

"It's Yahweh or the Highway!!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

Karl Rove tells Iraq veteran: ‘Sorry for what you went through,’ but I won’t apologize for the war

If Bush were as smart as Obama....

Deaf children in Gaza use art therapy to cope with war trauma

Karl Rove refuses to apologize for War

pnwmom deserves the "thanks"

This week in crazy: The gays are coming! | National Memo

Union alleges Des Moines politician broke ethics law

They found the second black box and it shows that

Total eclipse of Moon on Saturday

Boy Scouts in New York hire openly gay Eagle Scout in spite of national rules

Research to counter the Conservative Media's Narrative

Israeli security cabinet slams Iran nuclear deal

TheHill - All you need to know about Iran deal / GOP wants a say-so

The Constant Pain Of Being Ugly.

Tom Cotton is fortunate he's not in Iran

Advancing cyber bills spark fresh NSA worries

O'Reilly, Coulter Blast 'Cowardice' Of Christians In Defending Their Faith (VIDEO)

Boeing employee pleads guilty to taking kickbacks for bid information

Bloomberg: Rand Paul’s Favorite Union-Buster by Josh Eidelson

Bloomberg: Rand Paul’s Favorite Union-Buster by Josh Eidelson

New Harvard Research Reveals How Conservative Media Infects The Conversation On Guns

Bloomberg: Rand Paul’s Favorite Union-Buster by Josh Eidelson

Religious legal group files brief w/ SCOTUS to uphold states' bigoted anti-gay marriage bans

The right’s “cake” insanity: You won’t believe how it’s trying to deflect the Indiana backlash

Harry Reid, Jon Tester steer early money to Patrick Murphy Senate campaign

President Hassan Rouhani (Iran)

Iraq declares victory in the battle for Tikrit but militants make ominous advances in Syria capital

as usual, fox 'news' champions the President's accomplishments.....

Republicans’ “Hitler” idiocy: Why their hysterical Iran pushback exposes a secret

Tell Democrats to Hold the line for human trafficking survivors

Old but relevant: 7 Things You Might Not Know About Iranian Views of Israel

A September Chance by Rachel

"Patton was a stoned slacker!" Please come CAPTION Benjamin Netanyahu!!!!

Tell Democrats to Hold the line for human trafficking survivors

Treasonous Child-Molesting Teapublican Criticises Hillary over her Emails.

Today's new word : Evantriloquist

4-2-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1909 in 2:00

4-2-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1909 in 2:00

4-2-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1909 in 2:00

Rachel Maddow - Law for new mothers saved after shaming of Alabama legislator

Michael Gove is right – Christianity has become a laughing stock

When Rahm Emanuel Said Executing a Developmentally Disabled Man Was “OK”

4-3-15 the year was 2008 in 2:00

Trevor Noah, example #7089 that DU is in a bubble

‘Furious 7’: What Happened to the Wrecked Cars

Beep beep

4-3-15 the year was 2008 in 2:00

4-3-15 the year was 2008 in 2:00

MSNBC reports Clinton leased campaign office in Brooklyn

New Bill Restores Federal Voting Rights to Convicted Felons

Idaho GOP group continuously misspells "white supremacists"

All We're Saying...

Israel’s Netanyahu says his Cabinet united in ‘strongly opposing’ proposed Iran nuclear deal

Tensions run high at hearing on Columbia grad union petition

Fossil fuels under fire: Divestment push picks up steam

Letter from Gandhi sent to Adolf Hitler in 1939.

Shocking security agency statistics and the dissolution of the PA

Another Fox Chorus of Chaos! . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Spence and the Fox Sing-Alongs

UPDATED - Conservative Fundraiser For Anti-Gay Indiana Pizzeria Now Tops $500K

New York Times To Bob Menendez: Step Down, Senator

Schwarzenegger: 'As A Republican, I'm Furious' About Indiana's Anti-Gay Law

Effects of the medium / message and civilization (McKenna)

Hillary has rented campaign space in New York.

Rachel Maddow - Iran nuclear deal hailed as groundbreaking

Hillary Clinton Backs Obama On Iran Agreement

Does MSNBC Know It's Giving A Platform To An Anti-Gay Hate Group?

Terence Mckenna - ''We are In Transition''

MSNBC should know better than to invite hate mongers on air to speak for Christianity - petition

Bill Black: We Send Teachers to Prison for Rigging the Numbers, Why Not Bankers?

just went to wallmart for the first time in years (by choice)

Moscow condemns 'anti-Russian campaign' in U.S.

Hosting issue that we were uncertain how to resolve.

West Virginia Railroad Museum on track for April 18 grand opening


This might be worth a look:

Latest Washington Post Democratic Primary poll (filtered for "liberals")

Blood Debt: Feudal Familial Law in the Balkans

"Instant" Replay: When are sports going to move into the 21st century?

Corporate America Co-opting Populist Rhetoric - esp on lgbt & wages

Pic Of The Moment: Iran Nuclear Deal: History In The Making

NCAA, NFL, NBA and WNBA should raise their voices, condemning Indiana’s religious freedom law

Fukushima Plant Chief: “No idea how to decommission reactors…the technology does not exist”

No, Obama is not giving arms to Iran, that was THIS guy.

VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu's Recent Racist Comments - Katie Halper Discusses

RI settles with unions over pension cuts

Air France is way ahead of us....WAY ahead!

What if Iran had a bomb? A thought experiment

Bigotry, the Bible and the Lessons of Indiana

U.S. veterans reveal 1962 nuclear close call dodged in Okinawa | Kyodo News

Yes, We Have No Bananas !!

Is science a religion?

Robert De Niro: Hillary Clinton Should Be the Next President

This is an astonishingly good Iran deal

Rove apologize for the Iraq War? Never

Silencing of Crimean Tatar TV sparks outcry from rights bodies, Ukraine, Turkey

As Netanyahu wins, the U.S. disengages

Religious Right people are freaking out.

Iran nuclear framework agreement: Not a bad deal (Barak Ravid - Haaretz)

What is it with the RW obsession with flowers, cakes, and pizza?

Benjamin Netanyahu Says Final Nuclear Deal Must Include Iran’s Recognition of Israel

Ex-Lawmaker Throws Jar Of Vaseline At Gov. LePage During Public Meeting

Wesley Clark: Ukraine Must Be Armed Right Now

Cruz's Campaign Ads To Debut During Fox's 'Killing Jesus' Easter Weekend

Pointless arse-covering, too late, by a government minister

Alaska state senator (R-Wasilla) proposes DNA sampling of middle school kids

Israelis are understandably not thrilled with the Iran deal

In celebration of the Nuclear deal: The Cyrus Cylinder

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Deal with it, repubs....

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Their God Hath Spoken

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Astroturf Warning: TPP Critics Call Out Fake 'Progressive' Group Pushing Corporate Trade Agenda

UPDATE: ASPCA Reunites Pet Parent with Missing Cats Following East Village Explosion and Fire

A Reminder to the Repubican Party: Iran and Reagan

Religion vs. business: How Indiana law opened new split among conservatives

Ted Nugent blames Obama for rise in veteran suicides: They know ‘the commander-in-chief is the enemy

Cotton, Bolton, Fox News, 47 Senators: Can we bomb Oman, then?

Indianapolis in crisis mode after tourism hit by religious freedom bill

We're making progress, one step at a time just like the NRA.

One of the funniest moments in movie history

Glenn Beck tells Glenn Greenwald: Progressives caused World War II

A little quiz about religious liberty

Urban Camouflage, Milwaukee, 2015

Have you had guisado?

wish me luck....

Legal action over Al Jazeera staff detained in Nigeria

How is the website Cracked, viewed here on DU...

Palestinians warn Israel over Easter restrictions

So I became an atheist in 1967

Disciples of Christ to move 2017 convention from Indiana due to new freedom to discriminate law:

Oh! Oh! Oregon has it's act together!

That huge General Electric Industrial Plant fire in Louisville Kentucky

8 Things Vietnam War Movies Leave Out (By an Enemy Soldier)

Violence as Colombia's indigenous Nasa oppose police and paramilitary in struggle for “Mother Earth”

Christian Florist Says She’d Deny Service to Gay People, but Not Adulterers, Because...

Sen. Tom Cotton Says Gays Should Be Glad They’re Not Hung

Sam Seder: Republican: Stop Complaining About Anti-Gay Laws Because…Iran!!!

America’s Favorite Loser: Why It’s Time to Take Clay Aiken Seriously

Making the most-blah vegs (o.k. carrots & celery I'm looking at U) *delicious*!1

Mel Brooks waits at The Last Supper / History of the World 1981

Screenshot of ad to hire people to protest FL plan for water management.

Beautiful air-to-air footage of the final ferry flight of Shuttle Endeavor over LA

More African-Americans Support Carrying Legal Guns For Self-Defense

What if Israel had nuclear weapons? A thought experiment...

Get To Baby-Making, Duggars! Muslims To Outnumber You In Only 55 Years!

Congratulations, Mr. President

Screenshot of ad to hire people to protest FL plan for water management.

On John Kerry.

Neocon Motors: Foreign policy disasters since 2001: (Iraq 01 model now for sale!)

Utah visit leaves Obama 1 state short of 50

Chris Rock, Isaiah Washington, and profiling: Why black people shouldn't have to "adapt."

Roy Moore is showing his true colors...

Happy 81st Birthday Jane Goodalll!!

Josh Hamilton will not be suspended for drug relapse

Majority Report: Right Wing Uber Hack Exposes Nothing With New ISIS Scare Stunt (Updated)

Something For Discussion - Family Economics

Sam Seder's Act of Compassion Towards James O'Keefe

Austin police arrest 2 SAE fraternity members for assault

Further Proof of the Economic Recovery: Ted Cruz Has Raised $4 Million in a Week

TYT: Anti-Gay Pizza Shop Gets Sliced By Internet

Union-Busting Bigots

The entire argument about Clinton's so-called private intelligence network

Store Owner Sues Denver Police In Excessive Force Allegations

GOPer Pushing Abortion Restrictions Wants More Little Taxpayers


TYT: 99rise Tapes Protest In Supreme Court

So, the "christian" pizzeria is now 500K richer. Wonder

To Supporters from Seattle to Rome: A Grateful Thank You from Amanda Knox

Going Grey: Greywater Systems Catch on During Drought

Report: NFL to hire Sarah Thomas as first female game official

Muslims taken aback by article in Eastern Idaho GOP newsletter

Chuck Schumer upchucks at sight of TPP

TYT: Chris Rock: "Driving While Black" Repeat Offender

No Charges Against Educator Caught Mistreating Disabled Kid

Mother and Son, 10, Face Deportation Over Autism Diagnosis

Should there be female referees in NFL Games?

TYT: Republican Fox News 'Expert Lies' About Future Of Iran Nuclear Deal

Argentina threatens British firms 'illegally' drilling for oil off Falklands coast, as tensions rise

The UK’s first natural public swimming pool will use plants, not chemicals, to stay clean

President Defies Odds, Defines the True Audacity of Hope

Indiana hates women! Nurse faces felony for not pulling over immediately.

Reggae Shark Returns

The "Shimmy Twist"

Alabama Man Off Death Row After 30 Years

LOL, Iranians are taking selfies with Obama after Iran TV aired his speech live for 1st time...

Pssst, wanna scam homo-haters for a quick $500k?

Icelandic government suggests removing the power of commercial banks to create money

Venezuela plans to buy more Russian and Chinese arms

Hayley Okines, Beloved Teenager Trapped In 104-Year-Old Body, Passes Away At 17

We need to start worrying about what kind of world we are going to leave for ...

Bernie Sanders: Here is What Could Be Fixed by the Taxes on Apple's Offshored Profits

Did Mitch McConnell Break Campaign Finance Disclosure Rules?

I laughed out loud at this Rachel Maddow clip:

I'm not a photographer, but take pictures of stuff that interests me from my iphone.

Glenn Beck Announces Gays Are Nazis, Then Announces Interview With Glenn Greenwald

Audobon form letter for ACE (or, why killing 11K cormorants won't "balance" the salmon)

Giants reliever Jeremy Affeldt urges Christians to be more accepting of gays

Maryland Democratic Party Delegate Selection Plan Public Comment

A city at war: Why we can’t all just get along

Here’s Every Single Animal That Became Extinct In The Last 100 Years

So sayeth the Lord re: pizza

I'm having gay pizza for dinner tonight!

Reading Free Republic is quite an adventure

Bill Supports eLoran as GPS Backup

Big Sugar Pay 50 "Tea Party ACTORs" To Protest Against Proposed Land Deal They Know Nothing About.

"Game of Thrones" author releases chapter from next book

Good Medical Marijuana bill in Congress

by Robert Reich re: The crackup of the Republican Party

Hillary Clinton Is the Perfect Age To Be President

Alabama Inmate Free After 30 Years On Death Row. How The Case Against Him Unraveled.

Dollar falls, bonds jump after disappointing US hiring

De Blasio will create liberal 'contract' to influence 2016

End Of Robust Hiring Streak Raises Doubts About Job Market

NYC I detective in Viral Uber Rant Video Apologizes...but loses his badge and position

Iran nuclear deal hailed as groundbreaking

Any DU recommendations to order a credit check?

What's up with this new interpretation of Christianity

Artist Creates Secret Sidewalk Art That's Only Revealed On Rainy Days

Trial over Donald Sterling gifts to friend nears end; what's at stake?

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator receives hero's welcome in Tehran

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

From the archive, lest we forget: Israel To U.S.: Don't Delay Iraq Attack (August 18, 2002)

How does one start a group?

The Guardian: Kerry Finally Finds Legacy Defining Victory.

Bruce Jenner unlikely to be charged in fatal car accident.

Seniors Strip Down For Charity Calendar To Help Kids In Need

TYT: Ayaan Hirsi Ali : "We Are At War With Islam"

Immigration Reform News: AFL-CIO Launches 'We Rise' Campaign to Train and Organize Immigrant Workers

Immigration Reform News: AFL-CIO Launches 'We Rise' Campaign to Train and Organize Immigrant Workers

Is it just me or has Skinner forgot to feed the hamsters?

Co-workers: IU Health nurse fired for advocating union (INDIANAPOLIS, IN if you get my drift)

Co-workers: IU Health nurse fired for advocating union (INDIANAPOLIS, IN if you get my drift)

Co-workers: IU Health nurse fired for advocating union (INDIANAPOLIS, IN if you get my drift)

Campaigner of rare premature aging condition dies at 17

Superb! France 24 Television has a new slogan...Can you guess what it is?

Basic NHS services could be charged for after general election, BMA chief says

Dumb Criminals: Woman Wearing "Drop A Load" Shirt Accused Of Public Defecation At K-Mart

Walker not a Divider, getting a national image makeover?

For all you PRO Death Penalty "Progressives"......

Monsanto Has a “Discredit Bureau”

Check out the buffet for the Pennsylvania Bald Eaglets:

Tom Cotton's Illuminating Statement on Iran Deal:

Why we should all root for Kentucky.

Federal Appeals Court Upholds 2 Somali Pirates' Convictions

Spare $5 for roosters rescued from a cockfighting ring?

Can you spare $5 or more for roosters rescued from a cockfighting ring? is just asking some questions on the deal with Iran

7 San Francisco Officers Suspended Over Racist Texts

(R-OK Gov) Fallin signs bill banning payroll deduction for union dues

Californian Killed in Yemen's Strife as US Urged to Help Citizens Flee

Why Repugs are FURIOUS over the Iran deal.

Indianapolis, Indiana

For today's occasion: Traditional iranian lamb-stew with Persian Rice as side-dish

Justice Dept.: Inmate's Gender Condition Should Be Treated

Chelsea Manning now has a Twitter Feed

Chag Pesach Sameach!

Tuesday I came home and my apartment smelled like smoke. No not from

ISIS: Pennsylvania Woman Allegedly Tried to Join Group, Officials Say

Gimme that old-time population growth

Obamacare Prevented at Least 50,000 Deaths

Carly Fiorina: ‘CEOs Are Being Pressured’ to Oppose ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws

Bigger is better -- for telecom companies, not Internet users

Food Waste Is Becoming Serious Economic and Environmental Issue, Report Says

Food Waste Is Becoming Serious Economic and Environmental Issue, Report Says

After Iraqi forces take Tikrit, a wave of looting and lynching

Indianapolis rally to urge LGBT civil-rights protections

Newspaper Front Page Shames North Dakota Lawmakers Over Anti-Gay Vote

Haitian Economy is the Blueprint for Future USA

The Power of the People

A busy week coming up...

Audit of MoDOT finds $7 million in state road funds used for other expenses

A Sweet Passover and Happy Easter to all who celebrate...

Saudis May Go Nuclear to Counter Iran Despite Deal

Congress quietly ends federal ban on medical marijuana

4-1-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1929 in 2:00

4-1-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1929 in 2:00

4-1-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1929 in 2:00

France's lower house bans ultra-thin models

Why food prices won’t fall as fast as gas prices (about a 6 mo delay beforethe lower oil prices

3-29-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1918 in 2:00

3-29-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1918 in 2:00

3-29-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1918 in 2:00

These are the racially charged e-mails that got 3 Ferguson police and court officials fired

3-30-15 the year was 1990 in 2:00

3-30-15 the year was 1990 in 2:00

3-30-15 the year was 1990 in 2:00

We've come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good

Presidential campaign - sign of grift over contender: Cruz in Iowa

Lease Signed in Brooklyn Heights for Hillary Clinton's Campaign Headquarters

Spain Got 47 Percent Of Its Electricity From Renewables In March

Japan's ruling party wants 20 percent nuclear power in energy mix: media

Many good vibes for all those who are ill, and who have family members and friends who are ill...

Reps for West Coast dockworkers urge union to OK contract

The Americans, Season 3 Episode 9 (SPOILERS)

The Memories Pizza owner couple ended up on Blaze today. (some personal whining)

The Indiana Memories Pizza Fundraiser Is A Conservative Media Scam

Request to change a group name

2 accused of misusing a $150,000 (Susie Buffett-funded) donation meant for youth activities

Strippers finally settle with Rick's Cabaret for $15 million

Strippers finally settle with Rick's Cabaret for $15 million

U.S. Female Vet Now Hunts Elephant Poachers & Park Ranger Killers

Gov. Howard Dean just not excited or embracing the Iranian deal yet. Says he needs more info and

Fox News Chris Wallace: Kelly Clarkson ‘Should Stay Off The Deep Dish Pizza’

Report: Berkshire subsidiary trapped people in bad loans; Clayton Homes disputes claims

"You're Not You". Good tearjerker.

Colombia’s wildlife-tracking dogs sniff out Easter feast contraband

Violence as Colombia's indigenous Nasa oppose police and paramilitary in struggle for “Mother Earth”

Seven San Francisco cops suspended over ‘White Power’ text messages

Jon Stewart:

Rosie O’Donnell: ‘Not even lesbians’ would serve pizza at a wedding

This looks like a great idea for something I didn't see much use.

Last night I contacted the local police station about some guy's youtube videos

You know what this country really needs? A good old-fashioned brazen altar

Sarah Brady, Widow of Former White House Press Secretary James Brady, Dies at 73

Sarah Brady, Widow of Former White House Press Secretary James Brady, Dies at 73

Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

Looking for support for a possible new group! (the Cannabis group)

Hackers leak messages between the Kremlin and France’s far-right National Front

Three ways your bosses are stealing your pay

Bills enacting Indiana-style religious freedom law (in Nevada) dropped

Do You Want Peace Or War? Put It To A Vote For The American People To Decide....

9-Year-Old’s Letter to Obama About Putting a Woman on U.S. Currency — and His Response

Are any other states or nations having trouble with the new drug Flakka ?

What Are the Experts Saying About the Iran Deal?

Bills enacting Indiana-style religious freedom law (in Nevada) dropped

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46th anniversary coming up on the 12th.

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Anyone watching Tweety right now he's on fire against stupid ass Ron Christie

Oregon's 2014 Teacher of Year fired today. Had been warned not to speak about being gay.

Republican legislator to Kochs' AFP: 'You people serve absolutely no purpose'

Share A Little Joke for my friend Rob

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Next on CSPAN Bill & Chelsey Clinton to Speak at CLINTON FOUNDATION HEALTH SUMMIT

Korean man faces deportation because adopted family never filed papers ( I hate this title)

The reason MLB hasn't started yet is because ...

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