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Lotto Scams and Old Folks - I say throw away the keys

Bernie is announcing as a candidate for President on MAY DAY!!!!

Stuck in Area A: How we were duped into disowning the Palestinians | Ramzy Baroud

Turn on PBS RIGHT NOW. The day the 60s died, Kent State and Cambodia.

Dewey Defeats Truman!

Can we have a Bernie Group?

Money Worries | James Howard Kunstler

Councilman Carl Stokes EXPLODES On CNN 'Just Call Them Ni**ers' When Protesters Are Called Thugs.

Hillary Clinton: end the mass incarceration of non-violent criminals

Price Tag To Taxpayers At Least $100 Million To Settle Unions' Lawsuit Over Rowland Layoffs

Back in Baltimore, Martin O’Malley is heckled, and could face political fallout

Study: Man-Made Global Warming To Cause 95 Percent Of Very Hot Days By 2050

A Legal and Operational Assessment of Israel’s Targeting Practices

How I spent last Friday night (yes I was in a tux again)

How I spent last Friday night (yes I was in a tux again)

It's simply amazing how many people know better than black people...


Support Workers!

WATCH: IDF officer gets prison for throwing stones at journalists

The making of Dr. Oz How an award-winning doctor turned away from science and embraced fame

Raising the Flag of False Flags | Philip A. Farruggio

Not for the faint of heart.

What is the real military situation in Afghanistan today ?

"Syria’s Nightmarish Narrative"--Who is in Charge?

How to Spot a Terrible Coven

The Economic Devastation Fueling The Anger In Baltimore

Should religion be considered the property of conservative believers if it turns out that they

Wikipedia, voting to drop "Rodham" from official bio

Israel issues E. J'lem settlement tenders as violence spikes

You Call it May Day, We Call it Beltane

Someone knows exactly what happened to Freddie Gray

Message on Joni Mitchell Website, Twitter Account Denies She's Comatose, Says She's Recovering

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Tuesday! & a new Kitteh & Doggie gif

The young Arabs who have chosen to be part of Israel

Does anyone care about Israel's institutionalized racism?

George W. Bush has a problem with the president's foreign policy

I had no idea John Angelos was so smart. KO:

Candidate Profile: Hillary Clinton

Has anyone heard from the Handpuppet lately?

Texas looks to ban abortion coverage from health insurance plans

BS I saw on a tabloid in the checkout lane....

How the FREAK does Tom Cotton seem get all this attention an power?

Joni Mitchell "A Case of You."

Candidate Profile: Rand Paul

Candidate Profile: Ted Cruz

Reports of Baltimore citizens protecting the police on MSNBC...

And to think the Democratic Party was like this before...

Bernie Sanders Has The Best Hair In Congress


The only woman onstage....

Bernie Sanders: This is government of the few, by the few and for the few....

Eyewitnesses: The Baltimore Riots Didn't Start the Way You Think

Family! Join me in congratulating Mrs. 1SBM ...

My dog is sleeping with her tongue slightly out

I love these people

Al Jazeera America is actually reporting on Baltimore

Ruth Bader Ginsburg eviscerates same-sex marriage opponents in court

Chernobyl makes fox a GENIUS!!!

Not Sure What's Going To Happen, But I DON'T Think Curfew Will

Today in Herstory: Fifth Annual League of Women Voters Convention Held in Critical Election Year

I think peacefully resisting the curfew is a valid form of protest. I just hope the cops don't....

Baltimore: crowds still on the street with two minutes to go before curfew begins

Today in Herstory: Fifth Annual League of Women Voters Convention Held in Critical Election Year

Bald Eagle photo from this afternoon.

North Carolina House Passes 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

May I ask for some helpfrom my LGBT comic book/super hero fan friends?

North Carolina House Passes 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

I am not a registered Democrat. I can't be. Neither can Bernie

Human Rights Group Seeks Pardon for Salvadoran Women Imprisoned for Miscarriages

Human Rights Group Seeks Pardon for Salvadoran Women Imprisoned for Miscarriages

To help in Baltimore,

Duke Energy to hand out bottled water in North Carolina after wells polluted

Commission approves policy for Los Angeles police body cameras

OS with a little more about birds...

Police told media to leave, and are now firing flash bangs.

Downtown with legacy glass and camera set to monochrome.

So when does "Politics 2015" become "Primaries?"

For Victims of Wartime Rape, Abortion Out of Reach (trigger warning)

For Victims of Wartime Rape, Abortion Out of Reach

For Victims of Wartime Rape, Abortion Out of Reach (trigger warning)

Perhaps Bernie's candidacy will allow us to breathe again

Which was thrown first the Tear gas or whatever it was thrown into police?


How Lyndon Johnson Responded To Baltimore’s Last Riots

If you are feeling suicidal.....

Open mouth, insert foot

Brazilian Transgender Woman’s Face Is Severely Beaten and Mutilated While She’s in Police Custody

FLASHBACK: Baltimore mayor vetoed body camera bill in December 2014

Have Little Faith In Voters Getting It Right In 2016. Good At Casting Wrong Vote For GOP.

The Powerful Scene on the Streets of Baltimore Monday Night that No One Is Talking About

Juan Cole: Bush Blames Obama for Lack of Wars ('Follow-Through' on 'Threats')

Free trade isn't free.

Nick Hanauer's new organization

FOX News, home of the tasteful CURFEW COUNTDOWN clock

Chicago Cop Beat Wife in Homan Square 'Black Site,' Document Shows

Shopper guilty in tackling of man with gun at Walmart

Opposition Amassing to 'Outdated and Unsound' Trade Policies

Justice Roberts revives an old argument that could save gay marriage

Saudi-led planes bomb Sanaa airport to stop Iranian plane landing

Vote:Vets: Tell Congress: The TPP is a bad deal for America's veterans

Ever notice how many James Bond villains are 1%ers?

Syria’s Nightmarish Narrative

FDA to revisit its policies on regulating homeopathic products

When do I Matter?

Larry Wilmore (Nightly Show) to Fuk Snooze: "Fuck you...!" in response to their zeal for repeating

Gay NYC businessmen who hosted Ted Cruz try to repair image—but it's not selling in Texas

Transcript of "60 Minutes" Air Force Space Command Segment

Did You Know It's Legal In Most States To Discriminate Against LGBT People?

Police withheld video of officers laughing, mocking, re-enacting brutal beating of Floyd Dent

Saudi king replaces crown prince in cabinet reshuffle

Ways You Can Help Nepal earthquake victims.

Sorry, but if you did your job as a parent, your kid would NOT be rioting in the streets!!!

New Ryan White Book Highlights Indiana’s Mixed Legacy of Acceptance

Her Body Battlefield

Merle Haggard Graduates High School At Age 78 With Special Ceremony

Cuomo on Opt Out. "Tests don’t count against students". (Just count against teachers.)

Fyi, I will happily support whoever wins the Demcratic nomination.

GOP/Conservatives Uses Communist Propaganda Tactics

If Bernie seeks the Democratic nomination, it doesn't MATTER what his voter registration is.

Regarding the closing of Everest College

Wolf Gets Owned by Deray McKesson

"Oranges and Sunshine"--based on a shameful period in British and Australian history

This is a great photo if real, but I have a suspicion some of it's been faked using Photoshop.

Jane's Addiction's Dave Navarro is dating hateful FOX hack Andrea Tantaros

Dumb Criminals: Alaska Pizza Thieves Try To Sell Stolen Pies To Cops

Dumb Criminals: Florida (Obviously) Man Arrested Wearing "I Do Dumb Things" T-Shirt

Geraldo Rivera at the Baltimore Protest

Cool Interactive Map: Compare Arrest Rates White v Black in Your Town

The temple of Apollo at Delphi

FBI investigating Senate President John Alario, sources say

Sam Hall

The Most Ineffective Strategy To Elect Hillary.....Attack Bernie Sanders and his Supporters

Mexico's 'modern slavery' stocks US produce aisles

Mexico's 'modern slavery' stocks US produce aisles

Regions Bank fined $7.5M for overdraft fees

Three suspects with machine guns fire on New Orleans Police Department officers

Mr. Fish Information Blackout

Thief runs off with Boston Marathon winner's purse during parade

Thief runs off with Boston Marathon winner's purse during parade

Four Activists Arrested at Salvadoran Embassy Protesting Imprisonment of 17 Salvadoran Women for Mis

Clinton Logo goes rainbow for same-sex marriage arguments

LIVESTREAM: mother and new baby kittens

New evidence suggests Isthmus of Panama was formed earlier than thought

New evidence suggests Isthmus of Panama was formed earlier than thought

With deadline near, lawmakers introduce bill to end NSA program

The Histomap - infographic

Post your favorite Doctor

A first: Orioles-White Sox game on Wednesday closed to public

Ukraine: massive forest fire threatens abandoned Chernobyl nuclear plant

Wife shields Greece's Varoufakis from anarchist attack at restaurant

Papillion man charged; authorities allege 'repeated beating or mutilation' of two dogs

US Chamber of Commerce and the TPP

Daily Holidays - April 29

Running for the Democratic presidential nomination is the same as "declaring yourself a Democrat".

Mr. Fish Information Blackout

Interesting economic facts about Baltimore

Mom talks about smacking son around during Baltimore riot

NASA wants your input on what you think the bright light is on Ceres.

Dean Baker | The Battle Over the Trans-Pacific Partnership and "Fast Track" Gets Hot

Neoliberals are killing us: The TED talk, techno-utopian, Thomas Friedman-economy is a lie

How to suck at your religion

Non-Sequitur: You Mean Sane People?

AT&T promises new Homeowner Broadband Connection At Address They Won’t Actually Serve

Corporations paying ZERO taxes, plus getting million$ from the IRS ( & me)

Bernie hasn't just stood up for working people: He's been a champion for Civil Rights

Nigeria's army rescues nearly 300 women from Boko Haram

Hillary Clinton's Benghazi emails contain few revelations: sources

Baltimore protester kidnapped by National Guard

Helpful advice from Hannity: Don't want to get killed by police? Don't run from police.

That's where it all began.

No Arab Bolivars: As Region Implodes, Arab Socialism Fizzles Out | Ramzy Baroud

Sanders,Biden,Warren,O'Malley,Webb,Schweitzer & Chafee

"Look, girls: this is how I take away your rights"

Another right wing moral cripple

Falling to Earth: unmanned Russian spacecraft 'has nowhere else to go'

"Justice for Larry Jackson" NOT! When will Black lives really matter?

Cecile Richards: We Need to Talk—Really Talk—About Abortion

Amid Baltimore Violence, Hillary Clinton Set to Unveil Plan to Reform Criminal Justice System

If there's no way Bernie can win

"Violence never solves anything." That sounds good, but it's so untrue.

Baltimore schools to reopen Wednesday after riots

Ruth Bader Ginsburg eviscerates same-sex marriage opponents in court

Hillary Clinton To Call For 'End To The Era Of Mass Incarceration' In Major Speech

2 sides to every story?

Before you vote, please remember.....

Hillary Clinton: I will appoint SC Justices to overturn Citizen's United

O'Reilly: There's A 'Problem' With 'Personal Behavior' In Baltimore

We Celebrated That Mother in Baltimore. Now, Are We Willing to Face Our Own Hypocrisy?


I told Hillary Clinton yesterday, so I guess I can tell you.....

Bruce Jenner threatens legal action over 'illegally obtained' dress photos

Class warfare exists.

Two Jamaican atheists respond to a lighthead

More of "The riot is the language of the unheard" quote

Bloomberg has Peter Schweizer on this morning. I will not be watching Bloomberg anymore. They are

Astonishing images of Mercury captured by NASA spacecraft before smashing into planet

I don't give a flying patootie that Bernie can't win. This primary is about far more than that.

Why do global temperature records differ?

Carbon from melting permafrost goes back to atmosphere

What would you do?

Ectopic & Other Dangerous Pregnancies Cannot Be Ended Under RW Religious Agenda.

Russian cargo craft launched Tuesday, spinning out of control | Science Wire | EarthSky

Problems and solutions in Baltimore.

Does Maryland Gov. Hogan come off looking rather dazed and confused to you?

WATCH: Councilman schools Fox News reporter on how to cover Baltimore uprisings

The time has come for a critical DU Census...

"Every candidate for President has to answer one simple question."

Next Steps in the investigation of Mr. Gray's (Freddie) Death

Article title

Income Inequality Is Costing the U.S. on Social Issues

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Riots and Brutality

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Baltimore and US

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Why I am for responsible labeling of food products, not anti-science.

Jade Helm Presentation in Texas. GOP Moving to Combine Global Militarization with Constitutional

Where will the Out of Control Russian Cargo Spaceship land if attempts to regain control fail?


Three Pinocchios... Clinton Foundation’s misleading claim about Canadian laws

The Path to Peace Goes through Justice - Action from the Maryland ACLU

Senate bill would require teaching all NC schoolchildren conservative foreign policy principles

Bernie Sanders' (for President) new website

GOP budget battles; veto threat

If your long term plan was to privatize even the police

Hillary Clinton about to speak at Columbia any moment now - on GEM$NBComcast

ISDS: A Corporate Cluster Bomb To Obliterate Our People's Sovereignty - TPP

Catherine Crump: The small and surprisingly dangerous detail the police track about you

OK, on purely ideological grounds, disregarding electability (and whether they are running),

Fury rises at Disney over use of foreign workers

'Burn In Hell' SCOTUS Protestor Was Arrested At Obama's 2013 Inaugural

Tired of conflicts, landowner closes part of Superior Hiking Trail

GOP's 'Hillarygate' fetish / Hillary Clinton hologram

Congress Coughs up $300 Million to Extend Work on Useless Nuclear Waste Plant

How about a money "bomb" for Bernie

Blowhard Diaz-Balart: how do you change someone willing to throw a brick at a human being's head?

Maryland ACLU Makes Statements, Takes Statistics, Urges Action

Want fresh eggs? Rent a chicken. No, really.

Eyewitnesses: The Baltimore Riots Didn't Start the Way You Think

Back in Baltimore, Martin O’Malley is heckled, and could face political fallout

Maryland ACLU Makes Statements, Takes Statistics, Urges Action about Baltimore

Minnesota House says: 'What climate change?'

Millennials Favor Hillary Clinton in Harvard Poll

A better way to monitor water

The Supreme Court really SHOULD talk about the LAW. Not “Millennia”.

A better way to monitor water

Hillary Clinton speaking on criminal justice reform (live stream)

For millenia, humans thought the sun moved about the Earth.

I'd Like To See Bernie Sanders Kick Off His Campaign In Baltimore....

Controlling the Media: Putin’s Propaganda Machine (Part 2)

Lake Michigan is So Clear Right Now its Shipwrecks Are Visible From the Air

The tortured hills of West Virginia

CBC's Neil Macdonald: 'America's police now frighten me'

German Govt 'lied' to parliament about NSA spying

The tortured hills of West Virginia

The tortured hills of West Virginia

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Has Met the Enemy and It Is Unions

Why Bernie Sanders will surprise the political establishment?

Hillary Clinton: America must confront 'hard truths about race and justice'

Pic Of The Moment: Hannity Explains To Black People How To Avoid Getting Executed By Police

Chill beagle controls food cravings with adorableness

Freedom Industries waste headed for Charleston landfill

Pope Francis: It’s ‘pure scandal’ that women earn less than men for the same work

Above the Law: Morning Docket: 04.29.15, and Oral Argument - Audio, Obergefell v. Hodges

Can we pease stop advocating murder in the gungeon?

The establishment is so scared of Bernie because they worked on the Mondale and Dukakis campaigns

There is no perfection to being a good parent..... Sometimes ya gotta be lucky.

Killing the Future: The Theft of Black Life

Industry descends on DC for pro-pot push | TheHill

Who Knew David Ortiz Was A Dog Lover? Watch His Shelter Adoption Story!

Oral Arguments - Audio, Obergefell v. Hodges; and Transcript

Earthquake in Nepal (Dispatch 1)

Right Wing Congress Puts Religion Over People

GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval Wants To Pass Biggest Tax Hike In Nevada History

Scientists and Religious Leaders Discuss Climate Change at Vatican

Was lukewarm on Hillary until I saw this:

Could religious institutions lose tax-exempt status over Supreme Court’s gay marriage case?

Omaha North High elects special-needs student as its prom queen — and the vote was unanimous

I am absolutely OK that Bernie is running in the Democratic primary.

Does the GOP want a winner or a conservative?

Hahaha! The "fits" being thrown by some of the "Bernie isn't a Democrat" or ...

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat vs. 2015 Tesla Model S P85D!


Josh Duggar: Christians who aren’t allowed to discriminate against gays are victims of discriminatio

Something odd happened this morning ...

Neoliberals are killing us: The TED talk, techno-utopian, Thomas Friedman-economy is a lie

You Will Be Surprised Who the Outside Agitators Really Are in Baltimore

Majority of Republicans would attend a loved one’s gay wedding

I just made my first contribution of the 2016 presidential campaign season

evidence clinton is aware of corruption with money in politics.

Demand text of TPP be released

Beautiful moment in Dodger Stadium last night

‘ISIS using Baltimore to recruit dissatisfied blacks,’ warns conservative media report

U.S. top court rejects judicial candidate's free speech challenge

Canine Flu FAQ

U.S. reaches anti-bias accord with Los Angeles County sheriff

Tom DeLay: People keep forgetting that God ‘wrote the Constitution’

Chicago: CTA Moves Ahead on Plan to Modernize Red, Purple Lines

The Beginning Of The End For Putin? Real Reform Begins To Take Hold In Ukraine

Senate rejects bid to toughen Iran nuclear review bill

The Baltimore CVS.... what was the racial makeup of the employees? Management?

Jade Helm 15, a military exercise, brings wild speculation in Texas about ‘martial law’

Hillary Clinton's Benghazi emails contain few revelations: sources

E.J. Dionne: Is Democracy As We Know It Unraveling?

High-pitched sounds can trigger seizures in cats / VIDEO: what's story w/ catnip |DiscoverNews

BODY CAMS NOW! Gray would be alive today if the officers had been wearing them.

Ex-chief in Uzi death case hopes to get gun charges tossed

Trumka: Raising wages is measuring stick for presidential campaign support

A Call to End War on Whistleblowers

Mayor: Cleveland preparing as police shooting case wraps up

Judge delays case against Alabama officer charged in assault

What can we possibly do?

Florida GOP lawmakers split, end session abruptly with no budget

"Fiasco" by Thomas Ricks

Don't Miss These Threads - Situation in Baltimore

With union vote looming, questions arise over charter-school consultants

U.S. lawmakers seek to end spies' mass collection of phone data

U.S. lawmakers seek to end spies' mass collection of phone data

The right-wingers know what caused the Baltimore riots...

is this the best song about race ever?

Clinton Foundation Failed to Disclose 1,100 Foreign Donations

Puppy And Human Argue About Waking Up And It’s SO CUTE!

Son: Former Illinois Gov. Dan Walker Dies at Age 92

68 percent of Americans would attend a loved one's same-sex wedding

Pending Sales of Previously Owned U.S. Homes Rose 1.1% in March

Chile’s President Vows to Tackle Corruption, Rewrite Constitution

Middle-Class Families Shrink Their College Fund Contributions

Capitalism is a Sickness

International community must stand up for human rights in Colombia

New Bernie Sanders Logos

CVS (now jobless) employees speak out against violence in Baltimore.

NPR: Union Head Presses Candidates, Clinton On Trade

Indicting the TPP: Even One of These Counts Is Sufficient to Vote to Kill It!

U.S. Economy Stalls in the First Quarter

Why Baltimore Will Matter in 2016

Okay, here's the difference...


It looks like tree-hugging liberals will get their dream presidential candidate after all.

Putin Needs Neither War Nor Peace in Ukraine

“Because of his religious beliefs, we’re not even sure what (the illness) was,”

Jeb Bush Has The Cash, But Not The GOP Support

Uruguay, Venezuela have lowest inequality in Latin America

Can't we all just get along?

1 killed after freight trains collide in southeastern New Mexico

Justice Kagan On Botched Executions: Prisoners 'Burned Alive From Inside'

Some Tattoos Found to Interfere With Apple Watch's Sensors

Supreme Court Backs Companies in EEOC Job-Bias Clash

Bolivia: 15 Years After the Cochabamba Water Revolt, Echoes in New Cases of Corporate Abuse

Bolivia: 15 Years After the Cochabamba Water Revolt, Echoes in New Cases of Corporate Abuse

Harvard study: Millennials believe US justice system unfair

The hideous white hypocrisy behind the Baltimore “Hero Mom” hype: How clueless media applause excuse

We're off to a funeral mass for a friend..

Murphy's Laws of Combat - I like #17

MTA Votes to Ban All Political Advertising After Judge OKs "Hamas Killing Jews" on City Buses

The always reliable Louie Gohmert weighs in on Nigeria and Boko Haram...

Anyone want to tackle this?

Councilman tries to school Fox

GOP lawmakers seek photo ID requirements for Ohio voters

helpful hint for those trying to defeat Clinton's primary candidacy:

Breaking, photos: Looters steal billions of dollars, destroy businesses, leave thousands homeless:

Venezuela minimum wage $20/month only Cuba's is as miserable in the hemisphere 3/11/15

You can't marry Bernie, he's

Britian's dirty A-bomb secret - Australia

Oregon considers gun control bill targeting domestic abusers

Whole lot of eviscerating going on...

Bernie Sanders: A strong grass roots movement...

Rush Limbaugh says Clinton Foundation spends just 15 percent on charity, 85 percent on overhead

So did the Gideons really ship emergency Bibles to Nepal?

The pricey cost of living in Caracas

New gun bill signed into law

Senator Rand Paul moves to nullify new ‘net neutrality’ rules

To fellow veterans and active duty military re: House GOP blocking protections vs lenders

Pat Robertson translation: "Making fun of us fundys cuts off all the money we get from the suckers!"


There in NO Downside to Bernie running. NONE

Stunning video of Antarctica

John Fugelsang just nailed it concerning Gay Marriage...

Maryland Union cops shot down reform bill

John Fugelsang...Only in America...

Ukraine Separatists Rewrite History of 1930s Famine

The Detroit Lions top the NFL!

Poverty in socialism

So did we want a real primary or not?

Protester perfectly explains why nonviolent protesting is not always effective

Eighty percent of Venezuelans unable to afford food basket

Morrisey's "Scathing Open Letter to Al Gore and Live Earth"

Webinar Today: The Economic Burden of Environmental Diseases in Children

Tired of waiting for aid, angry Nepalis block roads.

Calvin Peete, winner of 12 PGA Tour events, dies.

David Simon Gives Marty O'Malley the Bizness on Baltimore's Drug War

Loretta Lynch speaking about Baltimore onn GEM$NBComcast now n/t

Mayor vetoes plastic bag ban, body camera bill (Baltimore)

Favorite meal?

Earthquakes in U.S.A.-natural and otherwise

Might be Meta, but needs to be said...

Official: Tsipras exposes Euro-banking mafia and its puppets

Wow: Microsoft releases .NET for Linux, code editor for Linux

Fred Thompson - DUMMY

Boeing wants $6 million for moving jobs to Oklahoma City

The Bullshit Squad is already on the case spreading false rumors on the internet about Freddie Gray.

The Role The Police Played In Sparking The Baltimore Violence

Cyber risks inherent in NextGen transition, GAO warns

Decline in U.S. science spending threatens economy, security: MIT

Decline in U.S. science spending threatens economy, security: MIT

Stolen Yorkie found in Iowa is reunited with Louisiana owner

Pope Backs Equal Pay for Women

When you check in at Motel 6, your name is sent to the police. Launches Online Marketplace For Civil Litigation With Police Brutality Lawsuit

Don't piss off a Gurkha

Venezuela puts debt service before food imports as cash dries up

If Bernie were to lose a general election after winning nomination...

Paraguay: 10-year-old raped by stepfather must be allowed an abortion

Do you think Bernie Sanders can win the Democratic nomination?

Heh! Today's O's games will be like a typical Marlins home game

What Bernie Sanders Means to Hillary Clinton

Five Key Points On Hillary Clinton's Speech On Prison Reform And Race

Chile Imposes New Sanctions Against Canadian Miner Barrick Gold

Chile Imposes New Sanctions Against Canadian Miner Barrick Gold

Journalist sends himself death threats

Detroit's Calvin Peete, winner of 12 PGA events, dies

Colombia Policy Of Hillary Clinton's State Department Defended By Former Colombian Military Chief

Peak Methane Spike to 2845 Parts Per Billion on April 25, 2015 is Just Uncanny

Teachers Launch Massive Protests in Colombia

Wednesday proof that cats have no bones

Matt Taibbi: Give 'Em Hell, Bernie: Bernie Sanders is more serious than you think

Assassination as Policy in Washington and How It Failed: 1990-2015

Rep. Susan DelBene - Time to rein in government surveillance programs

Edwardo Galeano: a Beautiful Mind

KARAOKE. Proof that the Devil is not a fictional character, or good clean wholesome family fun?

A Good Time To Hold Israel Accountable

Boeing wants $6 million for moving jobs to Oklahoma City

Anyone interested in trying a term on MIRT?

Obama Would Veto Any Bill That Would Undermine Iran Nuclear Talks -White House

How a tax on the rich is sold as tax on death

Judge: DEA not liable for botched sting that killed truck driver

Netanyahu secures 67 members for coalition

NYC man builds "Tiny House" for his "homeless neighbor" sleeping in the dirt on his street

This is the value of a Sanders candidacy

I love trees. Trees are wonderful beings, and I actually really do hug them sometimes.

Bernie Sanders Readies a ‘Which Side Are You On?’ Presidential Bid

What is Systemic Racism? (video series)

Shep Smith Has Had Enough of Fox News' 'Reporting' on Baltimore Violence

Pat Robertson: It's Okay If Your Husband Has Isolated Drunk Gay Affairs

Jeb Bush tore down Florida Everglades protections. He must be held accountable.

Greece backed out of Russian gas deal....seems to be a suicidal move.

Australia: The secret country again wages war on its own people

Xinjiang: Now the core, not the periphery of China’s growth and security concerns

Questioning of Garner Protesters in New York Renews Concerns About Police Practices

If Bernie is the nominee...

Rand Paul Blames 'Lack of Fathers' For Baltimore Unrest, But His Own Son Is A Criminal

Depth of Rand Paul's Concern for the Baltimore Community

Here's what us athiests really need:

Tell the Democratic Reps to vote No! on fast track for trade agreements

Federal Government Ordered to Explain Why it Needs a Cell Phone Kill Switch

This person is allowed to vote

if Hillary can't beat Bernie, can she beat a Republican?

Pope Francis orders Vatican to open files on Argentina dictatorship

Pope Francis orders Vatican to open files on Argentina dictatorship

Just a reminder.

Kroger expands in central Indiana to create 3,400-plus jobs

We're all going to Mars: It's time for some Humpday Hatemail!

Pull Bernie Pull!

House Republicans Want To Block Predatory Lending Protections For American Troops

‘I had to get the right shot, so the truth could come out.’ A photographer on the Baltimore protests

Where does Bernie stand on cannabis related issues? I think he comes down on the right side


I'm leaving DU for awhile. I've been around here since 2003. Will miss you.

Former US President Jimmy Carter: I couldn't afford to run a campaign today

Colombia just legalized euthanasia. Here's why that's a big deal

Aetna, CHI to offer ‘accountable care’ plan to area businesses

Venerable New England genealogy organization honors Matalin-Carville for promoting FAMILY

Palestinians to submit complaint to UN regarding Israeli aggression

The Economic Devastation Fueling The Anger In Baltimore plus the drugs

‘F*ck you motherf*ckers:’ Watch Larry Wilmore light into Fox News over racist Baltimore coverage

US stocks fall as economy grows at meager pace

Seeking a discussion/information on drivers licenses.

Where are the anti-Bernie threads I am reading

Reich Wing want to block predatory loan protection for troops

As of tomorrow, Bernie is in the race!

Spacey (Kevin) vs. Macey - Presidential Quiz

First Night of Baltimore's Curfew: State of Emergency - Baltimore, Maryland (Dispatch 1)

Moose stabbed to death in Alaska park; suspects in custody

Communication before, during sex is key: how to establish consent

Hamas police beat, arrest protesters at Gaza rally

Can somebody remind me why Bernie Sanders is less "electable" than Obama was in 2008?

Nicaragua lawmakers OK Russian satellite ground station

Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

RESOLVED: "Take Me To Church" is this decade's "MacArthur Park"

Meanwhile in the USA...

Argentina denounces hedge funds' 'extortionate power' over debt

Argentina denounces hedge funds' 'extortionate power' over debt

Three weeks ago, Kentucky fans rioted, burned cars, and attacked police after losing a game..

Baltimore Councilman to CNN Host: ‘Just Call Them N--gers’

New Way the U.S. Projects Power Around the Globe: Commandos

Too hot to handle: kitteh needs home!

March toward matrimony

this is for the snooper

Justices Sotomayor and Ginsburg SHOULD both recuse themselves ...

I'D Riot, Too...

Do the repukes have "new" information on Benghazi? Or will they just rehash what has already

The Families Of Mexico’s Missing Students Are Now Living In Their School

Apparently, not all atheists are dismissive about praying

U.S. Neuroscientists Want to Connect with Cuban Colleagues

Give 'Em Hell, Bernie

Listeria concerns spark HY-Vee recall of pasta salad

New DU Democrats Group- Bernie Sanders

Dinosaur fossil with bat wings is first of its kind

Aiman is six!

Glad to see someone stepping up! Good luck Bernie!

DNA suggests all early Eskimos migrated from Alaska's North Slope

AH!!! Computer is destroyed!!!

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 29, 2015

Congrats on your new group!

IMPORTANT NEW DU RULE: No talking about whether a candidate can win...

Dogs have been acting crazy the last couple of days.

'White Collar Convicts: Life on the Inside'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Angela Davis prison interview from 1972

The Merlin Timetrak Guys on Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders on the American Dream

To all you DU mental midgets: A love letter from WillTwain.

Manassas vote called threat to abortion clinic

Thom Hartmann: Why Baltimore is Burning

Syrian rebels battle Islamic militants near Golan Heights

Very happy to see Sen. Sanders running. Who else should?

Trooper sues DPS over reprimand for Snoop Dogg snapshot

Thom Hartmann: Live! From Baltimore - Has Peace Replaced Violence?

Jamaica has planted its first legal marijuana plant

Suspect in fatal wrecks had history of DWIs; family of slain boy says "I hope you die"

Bernie by default.

request for Maine info

Baltimore 8, Chicago AL 2

Former Christie Ally David Wildstein Set to Plead Guilty

Growing Up Willie On the occasion of his father's 82nd birthday, Lukas Nelson opens up about growing

The most racist places in America, according to Google

Mystery of Freddie Gray's spinal cord injury may be linked to infamous "nickel ride".

Singer Alecia Moore to marry NFL player Malcom Floyd

Ted Cruz: 'I don't think I've ever seen an Hispanic panhandler'

Neil deGrasse Tyson tweet...


Vultures - All Of Them.....

The Intercept's love affair with AQAP continues...

Billboard Campaign "Am I a Criminal?"

No, The Wild Theory About Freddie Gray's 'Pre-Existing' Spinal Injury Isn't True

Neil deGrasse Tyson tweets Mr. Sulu on his birthday...

Calls mount to probe NRA finances

TOMORROW; Sen. Sanders for his 1st interview as a Democratic candidate for president...

Marcus Mariota Is Projected To Be Better Than Jameis Winston

Death of transgender teen who 'had enough' deemed suicide

University Finally Condemns White Freakout Over 'Problem Of Whiteness' Class

Death of transgender teen who 'had enough' deemed suicide

MAY 1st - Shut it Down for Freddie Grey!

Geraldo Rivera gets TOLD by young man - "Get out of Baltimore City", and more...

So, yeah, here's a big heaping helping of "Shut The Fuck Up"

TOMORROW; Sen. Sanders for his 1st interview as a Democratic candidate for president...

Israel Evacuates Surrogate Babies From Nepal but Leaves the Mothers Behind

Michael Keaton embarrasses Letterman with 70s variety show dance footage

In what parallel universe does a Jewish, self-described Socialist who

Meshaal blocked major attack on Israel

How do I get rid of unwanted Facebook postings?

Shameful! House Republicans Want To Block Predatory Lending Protections For American Troops

Bud Light Pulls Label With Message That Sparked Backlash

other than TPP, how will Clinton differentiate herself from Bernie?

Colombia’s Head of Arrests himself arrested for extortion

Texas A&M University Galveston class receiving chance to pass after mass failing from professor

David Simon: O’Malley ‘Destroyed’ Policing

The looting of the entire country - that news is buried underneath the stories about

Bernie Sanders: A strong grass roots movement

Texas GOP Congressman Ties Baltimore Riots to Gay Marriage

It does my ol' 60's heart good to see the young people protesting in Baltimore! does get changes done. NFL relinquishes their tax-exempt status...

Ted Cruz: Anti-Gay Marriage Crusader? Not Always

Traditional marriage gets a SCOTUS smackdown: The incomprehensible right-wing logic that’s poised to

Calls mount to probe NRA finances

My Best Friend Fizgig by Seana Newington, CT (dog adoption)

You Won't See This On FOX News Even Though They Were Right There

Texas GOP lawmaker: ‘What is going on in Baltimore’ is because of too many gay marriages

Big, big crowds in Baltimore this evening. Let's hear it for them.

Koterba toon: Let's do the time warp again?

Louisiana Republicans accuse Justices Ginsburg and Kagan of marriage equality bias

Gawker: Why Won’t Rand Paul Tell the Truth About Trains?

Bo knows golf. Hits drive 331 yards in charity golf tournament.

Pro-nuke people don't like Bernie

Toon: Baltimore-The Big Picture

Fat Tony Scalia blames "abolitionists" for lethal injection drug shortage.

Bar Owner Tells Us Why it is OK to Have 2-Way Mirror in Women’s Bathroom

FAA had questioned mental health of Germanwings pilot

Chipmunk's morning stretch


This Video Clip Is Pretty Much A Metaphore For The Media's Entire Treatment of Baltimore This Week.

Ohio man accidentally shot himself in Chick-fil-A while pulling up his pants

I'm here too

Happy, happy, happy. Glad Bernie's in. Glad Bernie's a Democrat. Glad

I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate

Just joined.

WOOT! Maybe I won't be having Waffles Election day after all!

4-29-15 When you stand up for Civil Rights and Workers Rights in 2:00

4-29-15 When you stand up for Civil Rights and Workers Rights in 2:00

4-29-15 When you stand up for Civil Rights and Workers Rights in 2:00

So, yeah, here's a big heaping helping of "Shut The Fuck Up"

Same size package; Less ingredients

I'm in...

great moments in peaceful protest history!!!

Do you ever go to google to search for something, only to forget what it was?

Group of Shaw’s staff pharmacists in Maine vote to join Teamsters union

Bernie Sanders Once Moonlighted as B-Movie Comedy Actor...

Why this U.S. doctor is moving to Canada

I don't have a problem with Bernie's hair

My political thing just moved.

I'm in.

Peter Cronkite, Grandson of Walter Cronkite, Dead of Suicide at 22

Dem Nomination Alliance Proposal: Outreach to the Green Party and other

Assistant Dallas DA Said He "Hoped He Got Fired" in DWI Arrest Video. Wish Granted.

4-27-15 “Lavender Scare” LGBT in 2:00

4-27-15 “Lavender Scare” LGBT in 2:00

4-27-15 “Lavender Scare” LGBT in 2:00

Bernie Sanders to Become First Democrat in Presidential Race

4-27-15 “Lavender Scare” LGBT in 2:00

In Richardson Mayor Scandal, the Cover-Up Is Worse than the Crime

Texas teacher receives National Teacher of the Year award at the White House

Dispatches: Don’t Be Fooled by Saudi’s Reshuffle

Here Is the thing

Fifth Circuit Hears Texas Voter ID Arguments

I hate to break it to you folks but...

Height of Hypocrisy or Caring Concern? Help a girl out.

Baltimore Uprising Tonight

I have been waiting

Is Bernie Sanders an atheist?

So I'm facing a quandary

I LOVE this:

Nebraska's policy denying driver’s licenses to immigrants in deferred action program is debated...

So cute, my friend Lexxi

Madison group offers $40,000 for funny atheist sitcom

Are atheists born babies? (poll)

California Governor Orders New Target for Emissions Cuts

Bernie on the(se) Issues

East Point mother arrested over threatening (cops) Facebook post

Bernie Sanders will be taking phone calls on Thom Hartmann Show this Friday

Anyone have a live link to the march in NYC?

Revenge has been cancelled

Renewables vs. Nuclear: Do We Need More Nuclear Power?

For all Obama and Hillary supporters, don't complain that Bernie is running