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Mr Fish Toon- A Peace of the Action

Why Liberals Matter In Purple States

This is my kind of treehouse!

I keep reading how the public is so upset at the police brutality, they just don't understand

Florida woman files motion to "f*** this court"

The FOX Democrats just said HRC and BHO hate one another...

After Wisconsin, Walker looking to Divide U.S. and World with "Unitary Executive" Powers.

"As his eye's water i wonder the thoughts running thru his head....."

Sam Cooke - Blowing in the Wind

Change the words to my song, and start singing again

John McCain: drone strikes should be run by US military, not the CIA

Higher IQ linked to liberalism, atheism

PETA slams Al Gore for ‘hypocrisy and sheer laziness’ for not limiting Live Earth festival food to v

Danziger Toon Tells It Like It Is!

"Freddie Gray and the Legacy of Slavery in Baltimore Policing"--TRNN Reports

President Obama Weekly Address: Fighting for Trade Deals that Put American Workers First

Meet PETA's Rescue Team and Some of the Animals They've Helped

Police Commissioner Batts and Mayor Rawlings-Blake seek answers in Freddy Gray case

Aside from the horrible loss of life, the awful destruction of historic sites in Nepal

A little detail on O'Malley's history & positions--

Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown - 'Iran: Shifting Ground' - CNN, 11/2014

We adopted a fox cub whose mother was somebody's coat

Jaws meets kangaroo? Rare, cute pocket shark found in deep

USA Network is having a "SVU No more excuses" marathon

Obama to send aide to funeral of arrested Baltimore man

Please remind me to not be baited by the 'Not Hillary' crowd.

‘Fighting For The Future’

No one here gets out alive

If HRC is nominated, do you think her running-mate should be:

Officer reunited with newborn he found in dumpster in 1989

Turn the fucking jukebox down

Corinthian Colleges to shut down all 28 remaining campuses

In Kansas City area, jobs aren’t fleeing Missouri after Kansas tax cuts

Gay Businessman Ian Reisner Apologizes For Hosting Ted Cruz Event

Wisconsin police billboard features officer who shot two people in 10 days

One-liner responses to "Pray for..."

School Offers Readmission to Girl Battling Leukemia

Walkergate Prosecutors To Walker: Put Up Or Shut Up

TPP.....nothing to see here, folks!.....Just move along.....

U.S. mulls ransom policy for families of overseas hostages: ABC TV

Marathon Galveston Bay workers back leadership's rebuff of offer

White privilege on display

Chinese actions 'may undermine peace' in S. China Sea: ASEAN

It amazes me that people take the prior administration serisouly

Police: Death Toll From Nepal's Earthquake Jumps to 3,218; More Than 6,000 Injured

Israel says air strike on Syrian border was targeting militants

What BP and TEPCO Don't Want You to Know

a very bad night

Russian twerking redux: Women jailed for ‘inappropriate’ dancing next to WWII memorial (VIDEO)

In Rare Remarks, George W. Bush Argues Against the Lifting of Iran Sanctions

I took several months off

Hey, Central Coasters (SLO County): bell hooks is coming to Cal Poly this Tuesday,

This is supposed to be funny. But if I were a man, and black...


Kamala Harris has a challenger - (snort)

Obama: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) "Won't Open the Gates of Hell"

Why it is important to have a primary?

Breakfast at Tiffany's - a fun rom-com but not much more IMO.

what is the Jesse Helm operation?

George W. Bush Bashes Obama on Middle East

Union: Judge won't dismiss officer's manslaughter case

Two Republican US Senators 60 years apart, will they share a common fate?

The GOP wants to get rid of "winner take all" presidential elections? Here's what I want...

Texas Tea Party: When Ignorance Aligns With Power


Asian markets rise after Wall Street gains

AFL-CIO's Trumka: USTR Told Us Murder Isn't A Violation Under U.S. Trade Deals

Brian Williams Scandal Widens With More Exaggerations Discovered

Off to a good start

Imagine this is coming at you, and you have nowhere to run.

Victor Jara-Vamos Con Ancho Camino


"a message from spirit"

GOP faithful flock to Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition forum

Chipotle to Stop Serving Genetically Altered Food

Lauer, DeGeneres team for racy Daytime Emmys opening

Texas immigration bills imperiled by time constraints, friction within GOP

$58,000 Finnish speeding ticket based on millionaire’s income

The “War on Cash” in 10 Spine-Chilling Quotes

Ick Super Fever Over Fight In Vegas. Our Country Is So Fucked Up.

New Mexico leaders push for high-level nuclear waste

Here's How Clueless Scott Walker Is On Foreign Policy

Where does science fall on the gun control debate?

Settlers farming land Israeli army has closed off to its Palestinian owners

Fox News and Daily Caller trying to spin story about Seattle Council Member Kshama Sawant

Deadly Nevada prison brawl stokes mystery about guards, guns

Daily Holidays - April 27

Obama: Worst President Ever? Stewart Interviews Cheney:

Two Houston attorneys appointed to AG Paxton's felony case after Collin County DA’s recusal

85 replies to my post on Cornell West v Eric dyson, none to my post on urban policing

The Bottled Water Scam

My favorite minor party name in the 2015 UK elections: The "Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog"

Teen gets lifesaving help in cancer fight after Kansas medicaid denies treatment

Russia Images the LACROSSE Spysat

Audi have successfully made diesel fuel from carbon dioxide and water

Stephen Hawking: 'There could be a parallel universe where Zayn is still in One Direction'

Update: Activists push for Harris Co. Sheriff to resign after mentally ill man left alone for weeks

The Life, Death, and Possible Resurrection of the Asylum

"Another Wall Street Dem is running for pres.Once again we must choose btn acquiescence & rebellion"

60 minutes: The Battle Above

US to launch blitz of gas exports, eyes global energy dominance

Glass Tax

Horatio Gordon Robley's Hilarious Hall of Heads

QUIZ: Name the countries with six letter names.

allow me to vent my frustration for a moment, please

9 murdered in Housing Mission complex Venezuela (Spanish)

One of the simple joys in life was had by me last night....

US to launch blitz of gas exports, eyes global energy dominance

Windows 10 poll....

For anyone who missed President Obama's Anger Translator

The New Yorker: Five Questions About The Clinton's and A Uranium Company

Teen who fought cancer treatment heading home from hospital

Explain This To Me Like I'm A Complete Idiot, Part 15: No Millennial Left Behind?

POLL: Meme of the Week – April 27th

Effort by Japan to Stifle News Media Is Working

Is it realistic to believe that environmental, labor and human right provisions in the tpp can

April 27, 1825 went on strike for a 10-hour workday

April 27, 1825 went on strike for a 10-hour workday

W says Hilary is admitting failure if she Runs on Obama's policies

Open Letter to Jenner Haters:

USW Disappointed By Goodyear’s New Mexican Plant. Seeks Maximum Investment In U.S. Plants (NAFTA)

USW Disappointed By Goodyear’s New Mexican Plant. Seeks Maximum Investment In U.S. Plants (NAFTA)

Walker's tenure has been disastrous..over-billed family planning clinics 93%

USW Disappointed By Goodyear’s New Mexican Plant. Seeks Maximum Investment In U.S. Plants (NAFTA)

On Bruce Jenner being a Republican: Why I think it's a GOOD thing

My favorite part of the Correspondents Dinner

A new take on an old classic.

Japan's revisionist WWII history on 'comfort women'

Coffee lovers only: PLEASE tell me the best coffee making device!

U.S., Japan to unveil new defense guidelines amid China's rise

The plot thickens: Conservative agenda in Florida is stymied...for now.

Climate Scientist in his Own Words: Dissecting the "Hide the Decline" Climate Gate Emails

Alerts to group hosts and being banned from a group

Legislative battle of wills means few bills passing

O'Reilly: It really sucks to be rich in America these daysl

I am a bad person. I am a very bad person.

'We're in a race against time...': Desperate rescue mission launched to save stranded on Everest

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

Neocon Abe retains high support among Japanese, but his policies draw strong opposition.

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Speaking of for-profit Colleges, Corinthian Colleges shuts down all campuses, Students SOL

New Amendments Imperil Measure on Iran in Congress...iran must recognize israel

Nepal earthquake: '90% of his village was destroyed before his eyes'

Its hot as balls out here! Its so hot we broke records!

Nepal earthquake: '90% of his village was destroyed before his eyes'

Baltimore Police Beat Journalist During Protest (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

John Oliver rips The Gap, Walmart, other retailers for overseas child labor use - and it’s beautiful

Justices Kennedy and Scalia and their divide on gay rights

Question to you smart people in this group re: Nepal earthquake

If you don't know much about Warren's decades-long efforts to help Americans, this is a great

Justices Kennedy and Scalia and their divide on gay rights

5 horrible ideas Republicans will never let die

What's partisan about fact?

Ask our Supreme Court reporter about this week’s same-sex marriage case arguments

Ask our Supreme Court reporter about this week’s same-sex marriage case arguments

Appalachian Harvest Network

Democrats have no business helping management.

Corinthian Colleges Collapses

Late-Life Transition Like Bruce Jenner's Full of Challenges, Rewards, Experts Say

How to Avoid the 29 Biggest Computer Mistakes

NYC DUers - NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer holding discussion on Income Inequality

The Real Entitlements, and the Numbers...Welfare Entitlement of the Rich

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 27 April 2015

I'm a convert!

Lawmakers play catch-up with 'secret' trade text

VIDEO: Police Celebrate, Joke After Allegedly Beating Man At Traffic Stop

How are your New Year's resolutions coming along?

44.6 F in downtown Chicago, a few days before May!

Gay Businessman Who Hosted Ted Cruz Event Apologizes

GOP''s Vision for the Future of America

Cuba’s Coming Out Party

New amendments imperil bipartisan measure on Iran in Congress

New Drone Footage Shows Nepal Earthquake Damage

Palestinian gas: The Black Box

As arguments near, Justice Ginsburg has already made up her mind on gay marriage

xPost from GD - NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer holding discussion on Income Inequality

Republicans’ Gay-Marriage Hysteria

I'm with Ayden. Why aren't we making learning fun? Why are we so test focused?

San Francisco police sued by Guatemalan parents of immigrant shot dead

U.S. top court throws out Obamacare contraception ruling

Sex, Drugs, and Dead Soldiers: What U.S. Africa Command Doesn’t Want You to Know

Heartbreaking prayer vigil held in Jackson Heights for victims of Nepal earthquake

The Future of Religion Is Ascendant

GOP Twerking (cartoon)

U.S.: It will be hard to support Israel in UN if it steps back from two-state solution

Why the Future of Religion Is Bleak

Death toll mounts as lawmakers debate domestic violence reform

Drone Condolences (cartoon)

Is murder a violation of labour standards? (US trade representatives seem to think not)

Is murder a violation of labour standards? (US trade representatives seem to think not)

Is murder a violation of labour standards? (US trade representatives seem to think not)

Corrupt Missouri Town Locks Out New Black Lady Mayor. No, A Different Corrupt Missouri Town

Why I like Science…

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic

The first billionaire, a Republican, who came out as a trans woman in 2013

Hillary Clinton’s op-ed mentions five everyday Iowans. All five were selected to attend her events.

Obama and Republicans Agree on the Trans-Pacific Partnership … Unfortunately

Illegitimate newborns murdered and discarded

See the five winners and the top 100 images from this year’s Audubon Photography Awards

Truckers at nation's biggest port complex strike over wages

inspired by another great OP- I present "Hitler Watches Ancient Aliens"

I Can Haz Your Doctor's Office: Private equity buying up primary care practices

Quacking duck ringtone helps firefighter rescue ducklings

The remarkable life and lessons of Ronald Read, the $8 million janitor

Meet Hillary Clinton’s Official Campaign Photographer (Pic Heavy)

Coyote Pretty: Videos Show Coyote Prancing In Battery Park

Totally off topic question about Bruce Jenner:

Ocean acidification drove Earth’s largest mass extinction

‘Til Death Do Us Part: Inside the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Domestic Violence Exposé

‘Til Death Do Us Part: Inside the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Domestic Violence Exposé

‘Til Death Do Us Part: Inside the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Domestic Violence Exposé

Game of Groans: Egyptologist Zahi Hawass Goes Into Meltdown During Debate with Graham Hancock

Martin O’Malley heads overseas to deliver some paid speeches

Coyotes and other wild animals to become increasing NYC presence: Experts

Facebook group shares checkpoint wait in real time

The first billionaire, a Republican, came out as a trans woman in 2013

Meryl Streep Boosts Over-40 Women Screenwriters

Meryl Streep Boosts Over-40 Women Screenwriters

Fantastic: Mankiw (tpp hawk) Mendacity and Morality and his League of Failed Economists

John Nichols: No Joke, Cheney Was the Worst President

From fins to legs to fins again

Rubio Tells Iowa Christians Wrong People Are in Charge of America Now

No Mor Chikin: Johns Hopkins Students Ban Chick-fil-A From Campus

No Mor Chikin: Johns Hopkins Students Ban Chick-fil-A From Campus

Exclusive: First diplomat for LGBT rights speaks out

Weather report from Morgan Mill in north Texas

Pikes Peak Writers Conference


macbook air charger

How do we learn as a society to function without working, no defined job?

Marco Rubio pounces on the 2nd "G" of the Republicans' sacred "GGG" hat trick campaign strategy

Can a notary license help my wife with a job?

This anti-gay movie is true evil: What are Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee doing in the vile “documentar

Does anyone know what school of Buddhism is practiced in Nepal?

George W. Bush unironically warns of Middle East ‘chaos’

Looks like Evil Dick wore Junior down and he's now ready to talk shit about Obama.

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend

Take That, Christian Right -- Americans Go to Church About As Much As Godless Europeans

Take That, Christian Right -- Americans Go to Church About As Much As Godless Europeans

I rarely listen to/agree with Colin Cowherd ever, so today was shocking.

My Dog Saved My Life by Terri Livingston Boynton Beach, FL

Pat Robertson to viewer: send gay daughter to summer camp to "straighten her out"

Babies in the backyard.

“I am shaken to my bones”: Gay NYC real-estate baron apologizes for hosting Ted Cruz event

Schweizer's Publisher: There Is No Forthcoming "Book" On Jeb Bush

'Even in 1969, Hillary Clinton had bold ideas — and bold pants'

Compromise GOP budget hikes war funds, targets 'Obamacare'

I'm still unclear how one's prior criminal record justifies lethal police brutality against a person

As arguments near, Justice Ginsburg has already made up her mind on gay marriage

Terminal stage IV lung cancer patient miraculously cured by cannabis oil

Texas/Louisiana DUers....everyone ok after that horrible storm yesterday?

FLASHBACK: When Peter Schweizer Attacked Disney For Its "Endorsement Of The Homosexual Lifestyle"

Gay hotel owners 'deeply sorry' for hosting Ted Cruz event

Loretta Lynch sworn in as new US attorney general

If prayer did anything you wouldn't have to inform the world you are praying.

Bobby Jindal Thinks the Guy Who Could Not Stop 9/11 is the Best President Since Ronald Reagan

Dolphins Help Young Seal

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 28: Fixing the Fight

Haitian Money Pit: VICE on HBO Debrief

Here's What Happens When a Bangladeshi Garment Employee Asks for Safe Working Conditions link added

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 29: Star of the Month: Anthony Quinn

Here's What Happens When a Bangladeshi Garment Employee Asks for Safe Working Conditions link added

Here's What Happens When a Bangladeshi Garment Employee Asks for Safe Working Conditions link added

Willie and Merle, "It's all going to Pot"

Martin O'Malley on Debt Free College, infographic

The Joke Was That Obama Wasn't Joking: Ezra Klein

How the stock market destroyed the middle class

Supreme Court Allows U.S. Corporation to Finance Terrorism Without Accountability

The joke was that Obama wasn’t joking

Papantonio: We Must Break The Silence on TPP

Obama equals Ronald Reagan popularity as economy, gas prices boost job approval

Fox & Friends attacks Miami’s history-making black woman cop because she could be a flag-hating Musl

Obama Reaction to Seth Meyers' Osama bin Laden Joke

Just a bunch of giraffes doing high dives into a pool

Ladies, you might want to swap the bourbon for a bong

Chilesaurus: New Dinosaur Species Discovered In Chile

F-35 Engines From United Technologies Called Unreliable

Don't diss the monkey...

Austin Hatch concludes playing career, becomes student assistant

While Bruce Jenner fully deserves equal respect as a part of our

Poll: Majority of Americans Say Businesses Must Serve Gay Patrons

Proof that Comedian Steven Wright has been around A LONG TIME.....

Republicans Brace for Another Unruly Primary Season

Oil Bears Routed by Spring Thaw in Prices as Drill Rigs Sit Idle

Inside Warren’s Campaign to Influence Clinton

Majority of Voters Back Iran Deal

"My people" and "My keywords"... are those new? And how "soon"?

What the heck is a microaggression, anyway?

Do you believe in premonitions?

SCOTUS - I'm nervous but hopeful on Gay Marriage

Heyyyyy, and I hope you are well. Question about subscribing to groups/forums...

Hawaii telescope website taken down in apparent cyberattack

How Anyone Who Works At An Abortion Clinic Becomes A Target For Violence And Harassment

How Anyone Who Works At An Abortion Clinic Becomes A Target For Violence And Harassment

I Met Congresswoman Donna Edwards over the Weekend

I Met the Congresswoman - I was SUPER impressed!

Bill Clinton Ends Role With Chain of For-Profit Colleges

Virgins recruited as sex slaves for Colombian drug lords - reports

Spygate Redux.

America, Land of the Pothole

Thank you Bobby Jindal! Will LSU Have to Declare 'Bankruptcy'?

According to our conservative friends, America is supposed to be some social darwinian experiment...

The IRS Is Investigating The Koch Brothers’ Illegal Tax-Deductions Denying Climate Change

Pharmaceutical Companies Buy Rivals’ Drugs, Then Jack Up the Prices

This T-rex-Like Dino Was Vegetarian - DiscoverNews

Those Problematic Cuban Dissidents

Bernie Sanders: Wrong!

Question for believers.

Do you know the nations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Hubble Captures Saturn's Aurorae

Women of Will: Following the Feminine in Shakespeare's Plays.

2 officers slightly injured, police car vandalized, 4 arrests, nobody got shot!

Cubans Love America but Hate the U.S. Government

Anyone familiar with David Sloan Wilson's - "Darwin's Cathedral" ?

Women of Will: Following the Feminine in Shakespeare's Plays.

What's your strangest coincidence, ever? Such as running into someone on the street in a far

Scott Walker has been in elected office more years than Jeb, Rand, & Ted combined

ESPN sues Verizon over new cable plan

After Diplomatic Thaw, Cuban Cancer Vaccine May Start Saving American Lives

Kishida to make historic visit to Cuba

(US) Congress: There is no legitimate form of Palestinian resistance

The Accidental Face of Venezuela's Opposition

Ignorance or Arrogance or Both? Dubya Criticizes Obama on Anti-Terrorism

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 27 ?

Kerry, Iranian Foreign Minister Set For Nuke Talks In N.Y. As Senate Weighs Move

Gov. Scott Says Lifting Embargo Would Hurt State Farmers

Arne says parents to blame for test stress. Threatens fed intervention if Opt Outs continue.

Why your next home might be battery-powered

'We Remember Freddie': Thousands Attend Funeral For Freddie Gray

Top Spokesman For GOP Hate Monger Rush Limbaugh - Wants Hate Speech Removed From Twitter

Arne has nerve to threaten fed intervention over opt outs. Blames parents for test anxiety.

US Lowers Fluoride In Water; Too Much Causing Splotchy Teeth

Freaking Out Over Fracking

Baltimore Police Claim Gangs Have "Entered Partnership" to Take-Out Cops

Open Letter to the Man offended by Locally Laid

Corruption goes all the way to the top according to this Baltimore Ex-cop

Israel Responsible For Gaza Strikes On UN Schools And Shelters, Inquiry Finds

1982 Bronski Beat "Smalltown Boy" just because it rocks.

Christian Preacher Adds Insult to Injury with Nepal Tweet Read more:

Yemen Crisis: This Exotic War Will Soon Become Europe's Problem--Patrick Cockburn

‘Nobody’ in Nepal Airport’s Tower

Sheriff's Right-Hand Man Quits In Wake Of Deputy's Killing Of Unarmed Man

Fox’s Stacey Dash: No One Would Have Been Beheaded Under Bush

Why is Kelly Ripa so well liked? She is a super pain in the EVERYTHING....that

"Why So Many Americans Feel So Powerless"--Robert Reich

Pat Robertson: God Can 'Straighten Out' Your Newly Out Gay Daughter At Summer Camp This Year

Cancer patient with a week to live flees Kansas for-profit Medicaid for life-saving surgery in Memph

My daughter is in Nepal. Here is a very direct way to help:

"Who would people rather see, a real hitter hitting home runs or a pitcher swinging a wet newspaper?

Gee, too bad Yasiel Puig went on the DL just as the Giants come to Los Angeles

Pew Poll shows increasing and widespread support for unions, except from republicans of course.

Nobody in the 2016 Presidential Field is More Qualified than Hillary Clinton

Watch Rescued Tigers Swim for the First Time

Did Israel just demonstrate it's new Bunker Buster capacities, on the Iranian Missile Base in Yemen?

Summary of Dangers of the TPP

A Holiday in My Heart... Honoring Coretta Scott King as a Legacy Builder on Her Birthday

Witches Song

Chile Overhauls Voting System

The Pro-Kremlin Youth Group: Putin's Propaganda Machine (Part 1)

Chile Overhauls Voting System

"Minister" says Nepalese shouldn't rebuild.

Court weighs excessive force against inmates awaiting trial

German Televangelist says everyone on the airliner deliberately crashed were sinnners...

Teacher tackled teen during Washington high school shooting

Priest on Faux "news" says atheists can't be President...

More Conservatives Are Coming Out Against The Death Penalty

Name a band/musical artist that you don't hate but you do find overrated.

Will Marriage Equality Decide the White House in 2016?

Riot Fears Prompt Closure Of Baltimore Mall After Freddie Gray Funeral

GoPro Dog Faces

Ron Paul teams up with "Oath Keepers" and anti-Jewish filmaker...

Please pray for the people of Baltimore.

Sheriff Metts gets 1 year and 1 day in Prinson

I Met Congresswoman Donna Edwards over the Weekend

Tokyo Pride parade draws thousands

Beware of those posting excerpts of Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash book--heavily promoted by Murdoch

Bamboo Skates Seaside 1

Beware of pro-nuke people


Seven police officers injured in violent clash near Mondawmin Mall

CRINGE: Hillary Clinton's Accuser Admits He Has No Evidence

Tucson Weekly-The Fox Theatre Was Vandalized This Weekend

Why Should I Worry?!

West Wing Week: 04/24/15 or, "The Savage Splendor of a Swamp

stories the media won't show you..

Remember the 4 Americans killed at Benghazi?

Decline in science spending threatens US economy and security: MIT

Whatcha Gonna Do?

Tom Delay Falsely Says G-d Wrote the Constitution - Biblical

That CVS in Baltimore must have done something really bad to Grey.

CLIP: President Obama's Anger Translator (C-SPAN)

WBAL now showing two cars on fire in Baltimore

One of the great TV series of my lifetime was The Wire.

Duke Energy / Duke Environment

Bush Doctor

Jayne Meadows Dies at 95; Widow of Steve Allen Was Nominated for 3 Emmys

Mass Transit in Baltimore is shutting down...

America's political system is broken.

Looting stores and burning cars will not solve the problems of police

Toon: I'm feeling great!

Steve Benen: ACA Scores Big On Customer Satisfaction

Baltimore and DU's sudden interest in Freddie Gray says a lot about what's wrong

Aggressive Effort Underway by Democratic Leaders to Recruit Elizabeth Warren

President Obama needs to step up and address the problem in Baltimore.

Photos of Loretta Lynch’s oath of office..

TPP, Arne Duncan&Education Obama's Worse Blunders.

Is TPP trade deal a massive giveaway to corporations? An exchange between Obama and Sherrod Brown

It would be nice if news anchors delivered the news without editorializing...

My Prayer For Nepal

Hillary's Logo Is Actually Pretty Good

Your Politics Are Boring As Fuck

My daughter just scored $5,200 from United Airlines.

The US built a secret replica of Iran's nuclear facilities ...

Here come the usual looting and rioting doesn't solve anything comments.

NDP campaign to stop Hydro One sale points to cheaper power in public systems

Texas A&M-Galveston professor fails entire class, quits course

Kentucky judge rules for printer that refused gay pride job

Iran: Saudi intervention in Yemen will not go without a response

Michele Bachmann says the Rapture is coming: 'Rejoice'

About doing something ...

Intense Images and Videos Show the Violence Unfolding in Baltimore Right Now

Kentucky judge rules for printer that refused gay pride job

Sanders warns all 50 governors about effects of GOP budget

Too Cute

Protesters in Baltimore destroy predatory lender with no Baltimore PD in sight...

The White House fires back at George W. Bush

Two enormous floating solar power plants have just opened in Japan

Baltimore YOUTH Terrorized by Cops | Stop Killing Black Americans!

The Power of One (the world is watching...Baltimore)

Three basic and enduring elements to unrest occurring around protests against police violence

Washington Post Editorial: The Supreme Court must finish the job on same-sex equality

Mayo roasted turkey breast

Time for another EXCITING round of "Name Your First Celebrity Crush."

Baltimore & surrounding area DUers - please check in

Musicians' union sues Warner Bros., Paramount and MGM over outsourcing

FoxNews had to go all the way to Wisconsin to find an ...

The more things change the more they stay the same 1964 to 2015

Drove home from Mom's Assisted Living Facility in tears today


Aljazeera America doing excellent job covering Baltimore

150 years ago today 1,800 died in US history's greatest maritime disaster.

Maryland's Republican governor just put the National Guard on alert

Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown Call For Immediate Public Disclosure Of Obama Trade Deal

Here is the link for Chris' Memorial Service. I have his wife's permission to post this.

When the National Guard and/or federal assistance is sent in when a cop kills a black man


What does the world think when they see an American city in flames?

Bangor Daily News editorial: Maine shouldn’t join the race to the bottom by weakening unions

The Baltimore Riot of 1861

Oklahoma lawmaker threatens to set himself on fire over abortion issue

LOL, from 1980, could Ronnie look any more stupid?

John Fugelsang: Bruce Jenner (LMAO)

2 in LBN and one great editorial in GD could use some love

2 in LBN and one great editorial in GD could use some love

CBS reporter reports "I am Told..."

Unfortunately the rioters in Baltimore playing into the ultra-rightwing hands

US stocks drop at start of busy week for earnings,

Freddie's dead in Baltimore and there is burning and looting tonight

Rising marijuana sales leave pot shops flush with cash they can’t deposit

African American Group Discussion - Baltimore Riot

Your Car Tires Are Running Over Orangutans and Other Endangered Species

Watching Baltimore now on TV is scary

Your Car Tires Are Running Over Orangutans and Other Endangered Species

Rival Bloods and Crips gangs teaming up to ‘take out’ Baltimore cops: authorities

Riots are what happen when people lose hope

Decline in science spending threatens US economy and security: MIT

I only now saw the video of Freddy Gray getting arrested.

We're well on our way to a republican president in 2016

Bernie Sanders Torpedos Republicans By Revealing GOP Budget Kills 2.3 Million Jobs

Riots happen because a young man died because he looked a the cops and ran

The Revolving Door Goes Nuclear (Michael Smallberg 4-21-15 Project On Government Oversight/POGO)

Evangelicals Ready To Go Nuclear On Gay Marriage If SCOTUS Approves It.

Judge Says Vermont Law on Genetically Modified Food Stands

10,000 Strong Peacefully Protest In Downtown Baltimore, Media Only Reports The Violence & Arrest of

Since Ferguson Police Brutality Seems To Have Escalated.

Right-wing media exploits unrest in Baltimore to push ‘race war’ narrative

Human beings are more valuable than private property

Dallas Bills a Dead Jail Inmate for an Ambulance Ride

MSNBC's "The Ed Schultz Show" Stands Up to Trashing of Unions & MSNBC Network on TPP...

Kweise Mfume: "The jobs are in China, Indonesia..." On Hardball describing

If the police stop maliciously killing unarmed young

Stephen Kinzer's books are must reading for anyone interested in the history of US foreign policy

Like The Computer On 2001 Movie We Seem To Be Disintegrating.

Bobby Kennedy speaks after the MLK assassination. Important tonight.

Why Are There Cars Driving Into And Around This Neighborhood?.....

Mayor of Baltimore is now speaking...

RFI: Radio France strike ends after 28 days, mediator steps in