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As contributions fall, House GOP rebels blame party leaders

The Dinner

Mendo Goo

New revelations about Brian Williams indicate that everything that has

The barnstorming charge here rushing to defend the deplorable TPP

wish this could happen here. cosmetic testing on animals banned in NZ.

Time Machine: What a real leader looks like:

Narcissists - Full |Documentary Full Lenght 2015

Who is planning on watching the WH Correspondence Dinner tonight?

Bruce Jenner: McConnell & Boehner would be "very receptive" to helping champion transgender cause

Watch live on CNN: President Barack Obama has arrived at the Washington Hilton Hotel and stars are o

My first week as a forum host

New TSA Precheck Program Offers Expedited Interrogations For Muslim Passengers

How To Channel Your Road Rage Into Cold, Calculating Road Revenge

Republican Clinton Cash Scandal Collapses Before The Book Is Even Released

Violent, abusive police are needed to control the poor in a system of extreme inequality

Houston man faces prison time in union embezzlement scheme

So the GOP is in favor of fast tracking the trade deal?

128 lobbyists fail on Comcast deal

Time warp in reverse.

Colombia close to legal euthanasia

Why Didn’t Bush/Cheney Prevent 9/11? - John Kiriakou on Reality Asserts Itself (5/8)

Dena Ander, OK Shoe Store Owner, kicks up heels for her 100th birthday.

NAFTA, "Fast Track", and the TPP

Yemen crisis: This exotic war will soon become Europe's problem

Can I ask some help about the title of 2 songs. UPDATE

(denied) Officials: FBI probes possible ISIS-inspired threat

Sounds like the Corespondents dinner is about to crank up

Putin sends bikers to probe Poland's reaction. IMO, new phase to takeon NATO.

Notes From Berlin on Mumia and Pergida: The US Embassy and Small Town Thugs

Sabeen Mehmud, Pakistani women's rights activist, shot dead

Can Ecuador bring Chevron to justice?

Bruce Jenner Documentary Planned

They say pride is the deadliest sin. Do you agree?

What's going on in Baltimore right now?

New York police shoot unarmed man dead during East Village arrest attempt

On 1st Anniversary, Puente Nayero Humanitarian Space Inspires Nonviolent Resistance in Buenaventura,

Freddie Grey: Orioles fans not allowed to leave stadium due to protests

Omar Khadr, once a Guantanamo inmate, granted bail in Canada

Wouldn't it be awesome if Elizabeth Warren dropped a bomb and jumped in?

People you know voting republican

7 weeks old

A dozen arrested as Freddie Gray protests turn violent

Google Executive Among Hundreds Dead From Nepal Quake

Ros-Lehtinen’s new reality

Destination Cuba: Ferry operators eye Florida-to-Havana service

POTUS up now, @ correspondents' dinner.

Rhymes with "Bucket List"

Cannabis Research thread

I adore President Obama!

Obama is killing it at the WH Correspondents' Dinner

Investigative Reporter and writer Mark Arax, talks for the Water crisis in Central Ca

Despite Protests, Indonesia Moves Forward to Execute Drug Convicts

Just because I love this song.

Billionaire Stewart Resnick Expands Almond Acreage as Cities Forced to Slash Water Use

Obama a pot-smoking socialist, third term?

10,000 marched in DC today for traditional marriage. Or maybe "thousands." Or maybe "hundreds."

That climate change line will be repeated all day tomorrow and on Monday as well

Texas trade group heads to Cuba

I accidentally turned to CNN, and I guess the poor sensitive assholes seem very critical of

Anyone have a live feed of the protests in Baltimore?

I think abortion is like a root canal.

Chicago Tribune: Cop who shot teen 16 times faulted in 2007 traffic stop

You're welcome, President Obama.

Cecily Stong at WH Correspondent Dinner

The NYT is on it for Baltimore protests

Remember the pro-cannabis mother whose son was taken away by cops?

It's as Simple as this... I am anti-abortion...

Teacher explains how standardized testing is hurting her first graders

Jill Scott & Erykah Badu feat. Black Thought- You Got Me (Live)

*UPDATE* on elderly Indian man left paralyzed by police

Panel on The Americans Season 3 *spoliers*

Can't get your sinus pills before 30 days and an ID? Its the Patriot Act

Fired Oklahoma Veterans Affairs investigator is charged with 26 counts

Greece Talks With Eurogroup Hit “Complete Breakdown”

President Obama at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner

TPP branded as trade agreement, but what's really at stake. From Public Citizen.

Diabetes drug found in freshwater is a potential cause of intersex fish

Diabetes drug found in freshwater is a potential cause of intersex fish

We're on a roll: Comcast-TW down. Time to defeat Fast Track.

Could Britain vote to quit the EU and the US?

Cecily Strong At White House Correspondents' Dinner (Full Remarks)

President Obama at White House Correspondents' Dinner

here's my issue with the 'rare' part of safe, legal and rare

Cassette Boy-Cameron's (Tory) Conference Tap

Diet Pepsi is getting rid of aspartame, but Diet Coke is keeping it

I swear I won’t boycott the Israeli settlements

Bennett said to drop Foreign Ministry demand in coalition breakthrough

CEO Who Set Minimum Wage at $70K is Swamped With Business Now

Daily Holidays - April 26

A Brief Clarification about Populism : By: Slavoj Žižek

A Brief Clarification about Populism : By: Slavoj Žižek

Obama Pokes Fun At Political Friends And Foes At White House Dinner

Nepal Quake Death Toll Climbs Towards 2,000 As World Responds

Caddo Parish (Shreveport) DA Charles Scott died of heart disease in Baton Rouge hotel room

Man. Nepal just had another 6.7 (12:41am my time in California)

Pregnant woman shot, killed overnight in Baton Rouge; unborn child delivered at hospital

Road, bridge aid sparking spate of bills in Legislature

State backing for new Baton Rouge Children’s Hospital sought in Legislature

Baton Rouge, New Orleans business leaders looking for common ground to advance region’s interests

Magnitude 6.7 Aftershock Hits Nepal, Causes Panic

State Democrats elect first American Indian to lead party

Deep Support in Washington for C.I.A.’s Drone Missions

Islamists seize control of Syrian city in northwest

The plume of the Chilean volcano seen from the space station

Aide to Sen. Cochran arrested on drug charge, plan to distribute drugs in exchange for sexual favors

Seattle ranks No. 1 in conversion to credit unions

The Latest on GOP's 2016 hopefuls: Iowans see a bumper crop

The Case that Blew the Lid Off the World Bank’s Secret Courts

GOP Rape Advisory Chart

Tree Lobsters #166 Pickled

Charles Pierce: Romneys, Dinosaurs, and Strippers at Funerals

Car bombs kill at least 7 civilians in Iraq

Kazakhstan Goes to Polls as President Expected to Win

Greek talks with EU reach boiling point as Athens fails to come up with acceptable reforms for €7.2b

Jesus and Mo

Kristen Lindsey, the woman who shot the cat, has an active equine business registered in Wyoming

Casino doesn't have to pay grandmother $41M jackpot

What the hell, Charlie Rose?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Dude! Stop! Edition

Gilbert: Feds on 'witch hunt' against Quicken Loans


How Did 3 American Commandos and 3 Moroccan Women End Up Dead at the Bottom of the Niger River?

Harry Reid (not) beaten up by his brother: Creator of fabricated story calls out right-wing media

american airlines

PA House Again Passes ‘Union Intimidation’ Legislation

Property owner found pipelines in her trees (& creeks & streams)

Union protests casino's health insurance switch

Ceremonies mark liberation of 2 Nazi camps 70 years ago

Israelis have turned away from compassion

This is one of the oddest stories I've read in a long time...

in the leaked Environmental draft chapter, corporate compliance enforcement weak

"Raising billions won't erase Clinton's scandals or vapid centrism"

9 Republican presidential contenders court evangelicals in Iowa

Obama's ass kicking speech at the Correspondents dinner. He took the Gloves off with this one.

Detecting Wrongful Prosecutions

Kerfuffle in Britain because LGBTs over 40 were charged to get into a pool party:

Eagle update for Hanover, PA. The kids are one month old.

I detest the fact that Men make decisions for what a Woman can do with her body.

A Buckley Comes Out: A Young Conservative’s Case for The Freedom to Marry

Scott Walker, prosecutors trade pointed swipes on John Doe

The Scholars And Lawyers Who Believe Gay Marriage Causes Abortion

"It's Yahweh or the highway!" . . . Please come CAPTION Franklin Graham!!!!

Local Government upgrading my system to 8.1 pro...need help

The central delusion of the Christian right: Americans aren’t really churchgoers after all

The Jenner lesson: We're all individuals: Live and let live.

BOOKS: This Changes Everything, by Naomi Klein | Emanuele Corso

It’s Not Gay Marriage vs. the Church Anymore

Why Are Two Wealthy Gay Men Hosting a Benefit for Ted Cruz? Israel.

Christian bakers blame Satan when crowdfunding to pay for discrimination fine gets spiked

Obama Says Warren On Trade Sounds Like Palin Touting Death Panels

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence hires Koch Industries spokesperson as his approval ratings collapse

Andrew Lloyd Webber: 'Phantom of the Opera' writer mocked after issuing warning about voting Labour

Jeb's Faith-Based Prisons

Jeez, that WH correspondent's dinner crowd looked creaky and cranky...

Derby pick time.

Luckovich: So you think you can dance...

TOON: Pants on Fire

OMFG: Tom DeLay: People keep forgetting that God ‘wrote the Constitution’

Walker makes surprise visit to Wisconsin

Russian Hackers Read Obama's Unclassified Emails

Death & Destruction Inc.

The Free Market Mythology

The Free Market Mythology

De Blasio Criticizes Walker as Enemy of Middle Class

After centuries of patriotic defense of self-determination, will the U.S. now surrender?

The sad, twisted truth about conservative Christianity's effect on the mind

Bobby Jindal just splintered the GOP: The unholy alliance between Fox News and the 1 percent can no

Infographic shows Hillary Clinton's life so far (including "Gets summer job sliming fish in Alaska")

The TPP should be ripped apart and put back together with public and congressional input.

Is there a link to watch Obama last night?

Printing co. apologizes for Georgia franchise that won’t make invites for lesbian wedding

FBI denies CNN report of Islamic State plot in California

Why Are Two Wealthy Gay Men Hosting a Benefit for Ted Cruz? Israel.

Oklahoma lethal injection drug faces Supreme Court test this week

What Happened To My World? | Philip A. Farruggio

The G.O.P.’s Gay Pretzels

Eugene Robinson: Strikes Against Morality

silent check in for nepal after the deavistating earthquake

Would you kill for a Bentley?

Hospital stay kept her away from prom, so prom came to her

Cincinnati pub under fire for offering offensive Bruce Jenner 2.0 dish: half-hot dog, half-taco

Greg Hardy Abandons Bentley In Flash Flood

Supreme Court appears on cusp of declaring right to same-sex marriage

Kansas' experiment in concentrated conservatism keeps getting grimmer

Why Michigan's same-sex marriage ban is doomed

"Pakistan Enters The New Silk Road" --Pepe's Latest

President Obama: "I think Dick Cheney is the worst president of my lifetime"

The news about HRC isn't about her campaign

Dr oz is no wizard but no quack either

Deutsche Bank Q1 earnings fall to $610M, hurt by penalties

Organizations opposed to TPP Fast Track

Dozens of Energy Regulators Applied for Industry Jobs in 2014

Being against abortion, except for rape, is the worst position to have on abortion.

George Stephanopoulos ripped the "Clinton Cash" author a new face.

Boko Haram seize Lake Chad island in Niger, "many" soldiers killed

Husband had loan insured, but bank never told his widow

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 26, 2015

Nepal earthquake - its power

Fear of a Black Prophet: The Lowdown on the Takedown of Cornel West

Gerald Horne on the origins of policing in the institution of slavery

Cliché of the month

Average Americans today have essentially zilch influence on public policy

Has anyone heard from Evoman?

Cuba...absolutely! They love their history and respect their traditions...admirable island people!

food for thought.....

German Intelligence Under Fire for NSA Cooperation

Has anyone heard from The Magistrate?

Fox’s Chris Wallace confronts ‘Clinton Cash’ author: ‘You don’t have a single piece of evidence’

Putin's bikers on the prowl trying to cross Poland

You can donate for all kinds of relief around the world through well known organizations

Anyone recall corpmedia as THIS focused on the millions Bush family's foundations

Did "Clinton Cash" author lie about having a forthcoming muckraking book about Jeb Bush?

Pope Francis to give Jewish rabbi a Catholic knighthood

Just walked past the TV, and my mother was watching an LPGA tournament...

Lewis Black on Evolution

WV-DEP should reform itself in the public interest

Cardinals' Adam Wainwright expected to miss rest of season with Achilles injury

PublicCitizen: BigPharma, BoA, bank fraud, BP, more

Hillary Clinton Room Post! Thanks Skinner!

Fracking Waste Study Says States Aren’t Doing Enough to Protect Public

The 99% is not valid percentage to be using...

We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership

Higher IQ linked to liberalism, atheism

My daughter Angela is 4 weeks old today! Here she is playing in her Kick & Play Piano Gym

Larry Klayman: Obama is a communist, Richard Nixon was a patriot...

Presidential elections since 1980 (Every election of my lifetime!)

"Clinton Cash" author said the Disney coporation was gay...

April/May 2015: UpComing Meetings on Pipelines & Watersheds in West Virginia

This is the guy that's gonna run people into a hidey hole

Food for thought

npr: can't spell Democrat without Marco + Ted

Hillary Clinton's Double Standard

Don't mention climate change! Europe's response to the refugee crisis is doomed to fail

For last Armenian village in Turkey, no remembrance of things past

Hillary Clinton Room Room Clinton Cash Crushed By Facts As Author Admits He Has No Evidence...

These Are the Jokes That Caused Actors To Walk Off Adam Sandler's Set

Obama's Best Climate Speech Ever?

Financial scam? -- ‘Release cards’ turn inmates and their families into profit stream

Something big happened in the Florida legislature last week.

Stephen Fry. But the bYbull says.....

If Sanders enters the ring, the 2016 primary will get VERY interesting. I just

Opinion: Privatized busing comes to San Francisco

Mustafa Akinci elected leader of breakaway Turkish Cypriots

NBC: Amid Funding Cuts, Will LSU Have to Declare 'Bankruptcy'?

What are you reading the week of Sunday, April 26, 2015?

Mountaineers, guides stream from Everest after avalanche

Return of the fish wars: Hatchery pits environmentalists against tribe

Speech: Lanakila Mangauil on the TMT

More pads for homeless women on their periods

"Let Obama Close the TPP Deal" -- Plea from the Editors of "Bloomberg Business View"

Home Security Company Recommendations Please

The word is "transgender" NOT "transgendered"

A lesson I learned a long time ago is that the people who are most to be trusted . . .

Hey Jenner "skeptics" I gots somethin' for ya. How about the words of a fellow LGBT person?

Nepal earthquake was a 'nightmare waiting to happen': Experts knew disaster was coming

Noam Chomsky: Every Word in the Phrase ‘Free Trade Agreement’ Is False

We just got back it is Earth Day here Marta and I did something for the first time....

Is Matthew G. McLaughlin Catholic? (Sodomite Suppression Act author)

We just got back it is Earth Day here Marta and I did something for the first time....

Acoustic guitars and humidity

Noam Chomsky: Every Word in the Phrase ‘Free Trade Agreement’ Is False

Obama administration fights for right to use cellphone kill switch

Wingnut Columnist: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is A Bad Scientist, Could Someone Please Kill Him?

Engineered Consent

Hillary Clinton's campaign says this new interview proves 'Clinton Cash' is bunk

NBC News Just Admitted The NY Times' Story Based On Clinton Cash "Doesn't Hold Up That Well,"

Obama Is Not Coming After Their Guns, But They Are Coming After Your Medicare & Social Security!

Fox Clinton Cash Special Promotes Schweizer's Evidence-Free Conspiracies

Is Elizabeth Warren Doing Obama's Bidding?

by Robert Reich

Clinton Foundation Admits Mistakes On Tax Filings

Running helps homeless get back on their feet

First Clown Ted Cruz: Democratic Party home to 'liberal fascism' against Christians

Migrant boat crisis: the story of the Greek hero on the beach Bush Campaign Shows Signs Of Unraveling As Jeb Drops To 4th Place In GOP Race

Energy Storage Would Play a Major Role in a ‘Green’ Future

George W. Bush acknowledges family name will hurt Jeb's 2016 campaign

Collecting rain water at home

Feynman's 1979 U Auckland lectures on QED

I haven't posted much more detail about this since

CBS host introduces Tony Perkins as ‘anti-gay hate group’ leader: ‘You don’t speak for Christians’

Bill Maher, American hero: Laughing at religion is exactly what the world needs

Surprise, surprise. Jenner interview was all about promoting a reality show.

This is an important column on Frankenfood.

2 Air Force nuclear missile officers charged with illegal drug use and distribution

The Cubs aren't on WGNA anymore!

President Obama hits Right Wing & media at 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Ancient Collision Made Nepal Earthquake Inevitable

McCain Renews Push to End CIA Control of Drone Strikes

How CNN turns a major national disaster into

And so it begins, the for profits are bailing and LSU will probably be next.

This Nurse pretty much nails the Gay/wedding cake/pizza thing.

Corinthian Colleges to shut down more than two dozen remaining schools

Another Port Strike Looms In Southern California

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

HRC ROOM. Hillary Clinton's campaign says this new interview proves 'Clinton Cash' is bunk

Putin says US helped North Caucasus separatists against Russia in the 2000s

Game of Thrones 5.3 "High Sparrow" (spoiler alert)

RW Pushes Black/Hispanc Pursuit Of Civil Rights As A Race War.

GOP Campaign 2016: Hounding Hillary - will McCarthyism, demonization suffice/work?

Hit by Avalanche in Everest Basecamp 25.04.2015

London Marathon winners

Gwyneth Paltrow couldn't live on food stamps for a week. I did. And it practically killed me.

+++++Here are the Winners - top 10 Spots in order+++++ April Photo Contest “Color Riot”

A Friend Heeds Help Desperately

FYI, Liz Warren explains the problems with the TPP trade deal & ISDS (Video)

+++++Winners for Color Riot - April Contest+++++ are posted in GD

NBC Fell for Syrian False Flag Operation, Increased Nuclear Risk - by Martin Hellman

****Links to WCGreen's Life**** (Dial-up warning)

WTF ...199

WTF ...200

2 Dead, 5 Missing After Sudden Squall Hits Alabama Sailing Regatta

Bill Black: Obama & TPP – Every One That Doeth Evil Hateth the Light

Dylan Lyrics Read at Israel Memorial Day Ceremony Incite Outrage

George W. Bush plans to stay off campaign

Courting apartheid: how Israel's top judges rubber-stamp discrimination

An Adverserial Press ?

Toon: Trans-Pacific Speculation

The birth of the FDNY: How America’s worst urban riot gave rise to New York City’s Bravest

Obama on Biden (pretty cute)

The birth of the FDNY: How America’s worst urban riot gave rise to New York City’s Bravest

Hydrogen Town project in the city of Kitakyushu- Toshiba's pure hydrogen residential fuel cell

Republican governor cautions GOP over "Clinton Cash" knocks

What have we become America?

Mother Jones: This Video of the Moment the Avalanche Hit Everest Basecamp Is Terrifying

There is a jury glitch. Called to jury Post #64, but it wouldn't let me vote.

The insane neighbor thinks we are losing a cow a day to a chupacabra,

The Latest: Photographer says police beat him during protest

The Many Measures of Hillary Clinton

WATCH: Israeli officer attacks, throws stones at photojournalists

"California" or Western Scrub Jay (question)

Mexico's San Fernando Massacres: A Declassified History

A thought on the Bible

CIA and Assassinations: The Guatemala 1954 Documents

Hell freezes over? The NDP is LEADING in Alberta: new provincial election poll

How churches cope with the Pittsburgh Marathon

4-26-15 In 1848 gold was discovered at John Sutter’s Mill in California in 2:00

4-26-15 In 1848 gold was discovered at John Sutter’s Mill in California in 2:00

How to help Nepal: 7 vetted charities doing relief work following the earthquake

Internet billionaires face off in renewed Texas space race with one site in West Texas

4-26-15 In 1848 gold was discovered at John Sutter’s Mill in California in 2:00

When Obama sends more jobs to Asia, how will you spend your new lost wages?

Bruce Jenner and other transgender people: What pronoun?

Is globalization as great as business leaders want to believe it is?

New Mexico lobbying to be storage site for nuclear waste

Kevin Love's shoulder injury: Kelly Olynyk's foul was "bush-league."

The IRS is investigating the Kochroaches for illegal tax deductions

Peru: KT-1P aircrafts to directly impact fight against drug trafficking

If YOU have issues with Cornel West-well, what are they?

Chile's journalists union kicked out a powerful media mogul for taking CIA propaganda cash

This week in god.... (Maddow blog)

Backers Of Senate Bill To Give Congress A Say On Iran Nuclear Deal Swatting Away Amendments

Scott Walker's scary plan for your water

Watch out Houston area, major thunderstorm headed your way.

Little did I know how fun this would be (and how busy it would make me!).

Israel Launches Airstrike On Syria Border, Says Militants Approached With Explosive

Hillary Clinton Room Post- GOP's latest Benghazi-related inquiry could benefit Hillary Clinton

Here, you will find the Missing Years

Happy Birthday to Whoa_Nelly!

"He lives in a world that hates him"

Did you hear about the black man killed by police this month?

Vladimir Putin Says `No Regrets` Over Crimea Annexation

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 27 April 2014

At this point, who do you trust more on the TPP issue?

National Guard Called Up To Deliver Water In Minnesota Bird Flu Fight

This excerpt PROVES Dana Perino's new "book" needs to be printed on 2-ply.

WTF ...201

How they count money in Japan

John Boehner channels G DUHbya

Optus Whale Song Interactive Orchestra Project

Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian