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Citizens Medical Center in Victoria to pay $23.5 million to end lawsuit

Videographer says Freddy Gray was "folded up" like "origami."

Kemper Freeman still unsure Expedia is moving to Seattle

[eng subs] Interview with "Texas" -- NAF volunteer from US, Donetsk airport area

Message to TPP Elites: "Secret Government is Un-American" Jim Hightower

Three more Bill Cosby accusers have come forward -- more than 40 now.

Petraeus sentenced: 2 years probation; $100K fine

Giant magma reservoir mapped deep beneath Yellowstone supervolcano

Amazing images of Chilean Volcano

President Barack Obama: A Phenomenal President That History Will Remember Well

Ex-NY Assembly speaker faces new charges, including over investment

Which State Was the Worst for Women This Week?

Neil deGrasse Tyson on "The Daily Show" tonight!

LSU drafting 'academic bankruptcy' plan in response to state budget crisis

Rights group to probe Baltimore man's death, cites no confidence in police

Anti-vaxxers go there: Now they’re comparing childhood immunization to rape

Americans and their gun culture: attached at the hip ( reviews "Gun Baby Gun")

Was the TPP almost impossible for Congress to read??????????

Oregon mine that summoned armed guards in land dispute files appeal

The offices of the Central Social Institution of Prague, April 26, 1937

Announcement: I have decided to remain uncommitted

Pentagon says evicted Russian hackers, global cyber threat grows

2016 Republican Candidates Working To Fix The Lack Of Guns In Everyday Life

Mammoth genome sequence completed

Michael Brown's parents file civil lawsuit in Ferguson police shooting

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Earth Day Redux! & a new Kitteh gif

Fox News Sabotages Its Own Propaganda With Poll Showing Democrats Happy With Hillary Clinton

What Doesn't Kill Roseanne Barr Is Still Making Her Stronger.....

Median age at Google is 29, says age discrimination lawsuit

Who doesn't like Mr. Kaplan from the Blacklist?

FTC hits retail firm for secretly tracking customers

'Everybody Loves Raymond' Star Sawyer Sweeten Dies of Suspected Suicide at 19

Scientists find missing link in Yellowstone plumbing: This giant volcano is very much alive.

Republican House passes, and Obama endorses, expansion of surveillance (PCNA)

Portrait of a towhee


GOP Generation Y Fund Probably Won't Be As Active This Cycle As It Was Last Cycle

The O'Jays - I Love Music (1975)

Women that broke record eating three steak dinner reports drawback - Warning.

Oregon mine that summoned armed guards in land dispute files appeal

Utah sex offender stole school bus, tried to lure kids -police

After Railing Against Loretta Lynch, Ted Cruz Skips Confirmation Vote.

SkyWest unclear on why plane passengers lost consciousness

Nearly a third of savers have less than $1,000 for retirement

It's been said before, but the more

How Putin’s Russia Gained Control of a U.S. Uranium Mine

TOON: Confirmation

Michigan Senate panel set to debate controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Preliminary magnitude 5.5 earthquake reported 157 miles west of Ferndale, CA

Just watched the White House Super Bowl Patriots honor.....

Sen. Franken: Reports On Comcast-Time Warner Deal Collapse "Huge Victory" If True

Chile's Calbuco Volcano Erupts For First Time in Over 42 Years; Concerns Rise for Contaminated Wate

Liberals Bernie Sanders and Al Franken Win As Comcast Drops Time Warner Bid

Vietnam 40 years on: how a communist victory gave way to capitalist corruption

4-23-15 Labor History in 2:00 1st woman coal miner passed away

4-23-15 Labor History in 2:00 1st woman coal miner passed away

Major Florida school district dumps almost all yearend testing

4-23-15 Labor History in 2:00 1st woman coal miner passed away

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

Russia, U.S. Trade Accusations Over Troops in Ukraine

Native American Actors Quit Adam Sandler Movie Over Complaints Of Stereotypes

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 24 April 2015

NATO: Big Military Build-up on Russia-Ukraine Border

Regret's Derby at 100: Filly made a case for equality

Dear Bobby Jindal - 60+ years ago you would not have been served in some restaurants in Louisiana

OK I've totally had it with delusional people this week (not on DU)

Americans Are Drinking More — A Lot More

Letter from Natalia Buzina (Wife of slain Journalist)

The Clinton campaign is hiring...

Some Union Pension Cuts Likely As New Federal Rules Take Shape

Some Union Pension Cuts Likely As New Federal Rules Take Shape

Some Union Pension Cuts Likely As New Federal Rules Take Shape

Mike Huckabee: marriage equality will lead to Christianity being outlawed

Follow-up: Dallas County grand jury declines to indict officers who killed man holding screwdriver

One concern I have about Hillary is ...

I leave you with this song for tonight - People Got to Be free

Jade Helm 15: how to turn military exercises into martial law.

WP: Scientists have figured out how to tell when someone is an online troll

Fox News Sabotages Its Own Propaganda With Poll Showing Democrats Happy With Hillary Clinton

fellow teacher My mentee (new to teaching-2nd career) found out wife has about a month left to li

Florida "sovereign citizen" lady: 'To f*** this court and everything it stands for'

My friend needs help......

Fox News Poll: Rubio jumps to head of 2016 GOP pack

Savage drought will drive Lake Mead to record low on Sunday

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 24, 2015 -- Friday Night Spotlight - A. Arnold Gillespie

Texas Plan To Ax Renewables Standard Imperils Development

Media outlets are seemingly blacking out the words CAFO and industrial factory farming

Adam Gadahn, American mouthpiece for al Qaeda, killed

baby owls

Support for Gay Marriage Reaches Record High (POLL)


Is Obama sexist?

First pagan 'church' for Northern Ireland

How Jeb Bush Schooled the Florida Press (S. V. Dáte)

Possible New and Improved Republican Presidential Contender!

How Long Before 9 Month Waiting Period For Abortion?

Florida Man hospitalized after attempt to kiss venomous snake

Federal judge orders payment $1.5M settlement from partner that went to bankruptcy court later

A student took to reddit to find out what episodes of The West Wing were vital

Should Hillary step aside?

Gay student in Atlanta beaten by bullies

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 25, 2015 -- The Essentials: Written by Frances Marion

Four NOT Two Americans Were Killed In Drone Strikes

Chiles's Calbuco Volcano eruption pics

Matthew Mcconaughey's reaction to Star Wars teaser

Texas Plan To Ax Renewables Standard Imperils Development

Where's the outrage? - FBI agent in sworn deposition: Petraeus lover accessed his emails

Hillary Clinton Channels Obama in Thunderous First 2016 Speech

Obama chides Democrats criticizing trans-pacific trade deal: ‘I take that personally’

I made a new avatar for the Cannabis group, and any of you are welcome to use it :)

Bernie Sanders on the front lines with American workers again: Federal Workers Rally for Better Pay

Cruz attacks Lynch, then skips her confirmation vote

Privacy, HIPAA, and WTF??

I just made a sort of jamocha shake

UH OH, Heavy drinking and binge drinking by women are up dramatically!

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

President Obama sings 'Let it Go'... hee hee

Brasil to host first Indigenous Games

The Washington Post’s Longstanding Contempt for People Who Work for a Living

'High level' of radiation detected in Tokyo park

Hillary Clinton's keynote address at the 2015 Women in the World Summit

Marijuana Activists Cheer Michele Leonhart's Exit from the DEA

Hillary Clinton's keynote address at the 2015 Women in the World Summit

Confirmed: Oklahoma Earthquakes Caused By Fracking

The Matthew Sheppard rerun was on TV tonight!

Wall Street Has No Idea How Much Money Venezuela Has

Man Behind Moore’s Law Bankrolling Cubesat Mission

A discussion on Asexuality

There's a Fight Brewing Over Who Profits From Solar Power

Report: Iranian Ships Moving Away from Yemen

Pentagon Chief Carter: Europe 'Not Doing Enough' On Defense

Ukraine, In Snub To Moscow, To Adopt British War-Time Symbol, Ditch Soviet War Name

White House admits: we didn't know who drone strike was aiming to kill

Minimizing rift, Biden plays up US commitment to Israel

Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius (born: circa 475–7 CE, died: 526? CE) ...

Russia and Argentina Sign Several Cooperation Agreements

Remember the horse thief who was beaten by San Bernadino Deputies, he's now a rich man.

Anyone heard from Torch the Witch and if

EFF: Why Wyden Has It Wrong on Fast Track and the TPP

On a lighter note, I think I could listen to Sail

Amazing small tornado attack in Japan

Helicopter Sucked Into Tornado

Daily Holidays - April 24

Huckabee: God's Blessing Would Help Me as President to Stop 'Secular Theocracy'

"Yordano Ventura at center of another Royals brawl, this time with White Sox"

The Case for Bernie: Part One........... DSA

Fossil Teeth Suggest Humans Played Role in Neanderthal Extinction

diagnosed with stage 2 Esophageal Cancer

Man cracked his penis open after injecting it with Vaseline

Traitor gets 2 years probation for trading classified material for sex

Ubuntu 15.04/Mate download

Oil and gas operations could trigger large earthquakes 7.0

Oil and gas operations could trigger large earthquakes 7.0

The Tower of Babel in 7 maps and charts - Our precious human heritage: Language

The Tower of Babel in 7 maps and charts - Our precious human heritage: Language

Catastrophe in Yemen

I don't do this often, but there's a poster I want to recognize and thank

Worth repeating, whichever party! Whichever candidate. Voters beware.

Dog rescued in Kansas after 13 days under concrete slab

Armenia marks centennial of killing of 1.5 million

Minnesota-Gov. Walker, welcome to a state that works (just sayin')

North Carolina Cherokees challenge Tribal Council pay raises


'Disturbing' patterns and practices found in look at 250 police-involved shootings - Palm Beach

Apple aims to ship more than 20 million smartwatches in 2015 - sources

President Obama calls opponents of the TPP ignorant

20 cash-starved public colleges drafting bankruptcy plans thanks to Bobby Jindal’s budget

Some Union Pension Cuts Likely As New Federal Rules Take Shape

Thousands of South Koreans march in anti-government rally

Ed Miliband attacks 'UK failure' on Libya

Not The Onion: China Cracks Down on Funeral Strippers

NE)State senator targets oil and gas panel for disbanding after its approval of wastewater disposal

Vatican link in 'al-Qaeda' arrests

North Carolina Cherokees challenge Tribal Council pay raises

Russia says won’t deliver S-300 to Iran ‘in near future’

Obama To Democratic Trade Critics: 'I Take That Personally'

Native American Actors Walk Off Adam Sandler Movie Set over ‘Racist’ Jokes

"Where Are the Populist Democrats?"

Man killed by cops for failure to produce ID when dropping off stray cat at animal-shelter

Lawrence Lessig on Why Elizabeth Warren Needs to Run for President

Just rehearsing.

Cop responds to silent alarm, hops fence, trespasses, kills charging dog in self-defense

U.S. Cities Fight Back Against Washington's Secretive Trade Deal

Hubble issues 25th birthday image

TODAY is Hubble Telescope's 25th Birthday - 25 Glorious Years of Unveiling the Universe

Cop who was stabbed while on duty is honored as Omaha's Officer of the Year

Chinese Government Cracks Down On Funeral Strippers

Stocks mostly up after Nasdaq record, despite no Greece deal

Religious "freedom" at work

"We're the first ones to starve, we're the first ones to die

We're the first ones to starve, we're the first ones to die

Analysts say Wall Street Fees Costing Baltimore Water Bureau Millions

How a Protest Against Money in Politics was Spun as a Story on Terrorism

Briarwood Presbyterian Church (PCA) and school wants its own police force

Kindness, Activism, Ego, and Social Skills | Mickey Z.

Rep. Alan Grayson Blasts the TPP

Native American Actors Walk Off Adam Sandler Movie Set over ‘Racist’ Jokes

Marin Catholic nuns boycott classes due to gay awareness day

Sam Seder: The TPP Global Disaster

Walker...a matter of faith. JS reviews Scott's connection to conservative congregation

"100 Years" Commemorative Video (Armenian Genocide)

World's Happiest countries

Mindfulness 'option for depression' -BBC News

What freedom means to Republicans

An Alternative To Failed Education ‘Reform’ (If We Want One)

"I thought I had rights. But my baby had more constitutional rights that I did."

Let's show that we are the generous people we claim to be!

Now I've seen everything, Chinese Funeral Strippers edition

Aiko Kayo! kanojo wa gokigen naname

Golden State Warriors, down 20 in fourth, steal Game 3 victory from New Orleans

China cracking down on strippers at rural funerals

A Letter of Apology to My Grandson

Native Actors Walk off Set of Adam Sandler Movie After Insults to Women, Elders

Flights canceled as ash cloud pours from Chile volcano

This Straight Guy Just Asked His Gay BFF To Prom With The Most Adorable Promposal

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Drone Killings

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Immigrants

This comment will get lost - so here it is - my take on the GMO matter

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Koch and GOP

Statutory Spiritualism…

Friday TOON Roundup 4 -The Rest

"Grocery Store Wars"....Parody on Star Wars..Organic Foods vs Dark Side

Correct me if I'm wrong

Crash Boys - Michael Lewis on the stock market flash crash.

Doctors Without Borders expresses their objections to TPP

Vast majority of domestic terror cases since 9/11 are plots effectively manufactured by DOJ.

TODAY is Hubble Telescope's 25th Birthday - 25 Glorious Years of Unveiling the Universe

The Asshole Factory: Our economy doesn’t make stuff anymore. So what does it make?

As a native Floridian--I use to get offended by the phrase "Florida Man"

2 Questions about the Clinton Foundation

Deliberately Trespassing on Live Metro Tracks

Margin buying has been soaring in China to record levels for some time now

How The Great White Freakout Just Got Unleashed At Another University

Some Media quietly admitting that they were wrong about Obamacare

Durable-goods orders jump 4% in March, but investment falls again

Cruz Responds To Report That He'd Have No Problem If Daughter Were Gay

Mr. President, I take it personally:

The Man in the Red Dress: My Unlikely Friendship with Cardinal Francis George

Delusional House GOP Claims to Have 'Balanced the Budget' Already

Lunatic rightwing WV blogger calls for Clintons to be killed

Medical marijuana in Alabama is dead: Key senator says state not ready

Health Insurers Could Take $180 Million From Concussed Ex-NFL Players

Why Progressives Should Celebrate Israel’s 67th Birthday

Women's Equality in the Church is no Longer Negotiable

Trans-Pacific Partnership: bill on trade deals passes key Congress committee

Lancet medical journal under attack for 'extremist hate propaganda' over its coverage of the Israeli

San Francisco: Muni’s New Buses of the Future

The Senate’s Top Climate Denier Is Using Climate Change To Argue For More Nuclear Power

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Bill Cosby Sex Allegations: 3 more victims speak out

My Hidden Post

Catholic Church fights push to allow more abuse claims in NY

Obama and the TPP sell out to multinational corporations

"We are becoming what the Third World was. ... Americans...can't quite get it."

On this day in 1983, the Rio Grande Zephyr made its final run.

Saudi blames IS for killing police, seizes bombs

Dawn of the squee

OMG! Bloomberg actually reports that Hillary helped negotiate the TPP!

World's Happiest Countries Named

Guardian UK: Education is a basic human right – which is why private schools must be resisted

"I'm so smart it hurts sometimes!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!

Welcome to Gaza's Khan Younis: Team of vets jets in to save "worst zoo in the world"

Debt free college

Did These Swedish Cops School The NYPD?

Oh noes! No more kittens...Rescue kitten Katie is one year old today...

Meet the medical student who wants to bring down Dr. Oz

Most "organic" food is a fake.

Top 6 Creepiest Websites

Bangladesh mourns anniversary of garment factory disaster

"Zombie lies" have captured the hearts and minds of ignorant Americans.

TYT: Police Electrocuted Man To Death For Sagging Pants

So the GOP hopefuls are heading to Sin City to kiss Sheldon Adelson's ring this weekend

"How 'bout two warning shots to the b*lls, Bozo?" . . . Please come CAPTION Sheriff Joe Arpaoi!!

Federal Contract Workers On Strike

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 24, 2015

'Every Day Is Earth Day': 5 Indigenous Insights on the Health of Our Mother

Does, Ask the Admin, have a different Internet Option Secruity for its Reply Section than the other

TYT: Bobby Jindal Refuses To Give In To Gay Marriage Bullies

'Every Day Is Earth Day': 5 Indigenous Insights on the Health of Our Mother

Why I am on the fence about TPP.

Ouch. (toon)

Testing still underway for malaria vaccine

Posters Promoting 'Straight Pride' Week Appear On Ohio Campus

A stunning visualization of our divided Congress

Oh, this could start some trouble ... (toon)

There's a choice to be made ... (toon)

Jeb Bush Distances Himself A Bit More From Adviser James Baker

from Martin O'Malley: Debt free College

Obama lambasted opponents of Bush/Clinton trade deals "opponents are ignorant of the benefits"

THC Phobia

Martin O'Malley, Debt Free College

Lacey's kittens: one week old today!

Are these the most magical settlements in the world? A village inside a volcano crater, cliff houses

Hillary Clinton rouses women's summit with first big speech of presidential run

Is Congress too stupid to read and understand the TPP documents without

Ed Schultz fires back at Obama over TPP coverage

I want to take some time to thank Fox News, the Tea Party,

The Recovery Fails to Deliver Rising Wages.....Washington-based Economic Institute,

The US Must Address Its Role in Mexico's Human Rights Crisis

It Appears There's A Poison Pill In The TPA Bill

Dozens Injured in Indiana High School Stage Collapse

There’s an Anti-Obama Thread gathering a lot of attention this a.m.

There's never been a safer time to be a kid in America

Florida Policies Needlessly Derail Young Lives, Fill Prison Cells

Huge Magma Chamber Found Deeply Buried at Yellowstone

Is there a gardening forum?

One week, and this forum has been far more successful than I hoped for.

University of Florida frat accused of spitting on wounded veterans

G.O.P. Chairman Warns Against Hatred for Hillary Peaking Too Soon/ overheard by Borowitz

My feeling is that the jury system on this site is seriously flawed

Dashcam Video Shows Cops Repeatedly Shot Unarmed Man, Lied About It

Honduran judges throw out single-term limit on presidency

Pope ‘personally’ rejects France’s gay ambassador to the Vatican

‘De-extinction’ of the woolly mammoth: A step closer

The Return of a Simplot Conspiracy

Listen to Wikipedia

The Magic of Love

Diet Pepsi dropping aspartame on customer concerns

Iranian Ships Turn Back From Yemen After Standoff

Brunei is a TPP nation. It has the death penalty for gay people.

Jury comments still locked out.

Top Honduran court paves way for presidents to seek re-election

Oil at $65 Could Free 500,000 Barrels From Shale ’Fracklog’

Hypocritical Hillary Haters Are Hating, as Always

Washington State Is So Screwed

More Thoughts on the GOP Gay Rights Mullet - By Josh Marshall

When the powerful harass, intimidate and lock up those they disagree with like Don Siegelman

Orders for Business Equipment in U.S. Fall for Seventh Month

Rotting whale gets graffitied in Pacifica

The Retro Future | John Michael Greer

Tel Aviv mall denies entry to three Arab men

The U.S.’s energy infrastructure will need major changes, says Obama report

Delayed, Harassed and Threatened: Feds Fine Mortgage Servicer $63M

Environmental group sues to drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

$15,000 Per Course is Fair

Justice Department Sues Quicken Loans Over Mortgages

It is working, the "I havent read it all but all this stuff makes her look bad"

Poland protests Mattel game that refers to 'Nazi Poland'

Month-long protest over Peru copper mine claims first life

Valdosta State University Shuts Down Ahead of Flag Protest

Year long investigation by Miamiherald on fraud by For Profit Colleges - Part One (Politics)

Video Emerges of Florida Cop Shooting Unarmed Black Man Holding Cell Phone

Liz Warren plays political games too

The phony computer security people just called me.

The GMO hysterics are at it...

Lois Lilienstein, of the Children’s Trio Sharon, Lois & Bram, Dies at 78

Univ. of Florida frat accused of insulting wounded war vets

UN ambassador Angelina Jolie rips world powers on Syria crisis - Response? 'She's beautiful'

Anybody remember this oldie?

Drone Strikes Reveal Uncomfortable Truth: U.S. Is Often Unsure About Who Will Die

Bye-Bye, Beefcake: Abercrombie’s Hot Salesclerk Policy Is Over

An Academic Job Slump is Making Graduate Students Depressed

Feds Not Requiring Transgender-Inclusive Federal Employee Health Plans

Drone-Strike Rules Under Review After Hostages Mistakenly Killed

UN ambassador Angelina Jolie rips world powers on Syria crisis - Response? 'She's beautiful'

The Recovery Fails to Deliver a 35-Year Trend of Broad-based Wage Stagnation,

Hillary Clinton's Machine Sputters

Two animated sequences cut from the new movie Tomorrowland.

Petition: CBS News is turning to an anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins to speak for Christians.

Medvedev Sees Russia Endure Longer Sanctions as Economy Adjusts

Ukraine's President Takes on Its Richest Man

Frenchwoman who inspired film ‘Ratatouille’ named world’s best chef

Obama Takes Anti-Worker Criticisms of Trade Deals ‘Personally’

NYT Editorial: Candidate Clinton and the Foundation

The Good Thing About Fast Track......

Obama compared liberal TPP complaints to rumors of "death panels" during Obamacare debate

Hillary’s White House bid energizes gun control supporters

Disregarding warning labels can have unintended consequences

Where is the anti-war protest?

These Abusers Aren't Allowed To Own Guns. So Why Aren't States Removing Them?

Capitalism and sexual assault: Toward a more comprehensive understanding

Frenchwoman who inspired film ‘Ratatouille’ named world’s best chef

Condi Rice taking reins of Jeb Bush’s education foundation

Tennessee House Republicans reject Commitment to Property Tax Relief for Veterans, Seniors and Disab

Limbaugh teaching Millenials about "Clinton scandals". And "cash" is a problem of some kind?!1

Bill to cut education benefits for veterans goes to TX Senate

Nashville Couple Says Landlord Rejected Application Because They are Gay

Abercrombie & Fitch Dials Back The Sex

Pharmaceuticals Bribe Doctors To Sell Drugs. Drugs W/Serious Side Effects

As of now, what is your primary action plan, other than Hillary?

Instead of filling a hanging pot to the brim with heavy soil,

Statue of Liberty Evacuated

Liberty Island, home of Statue of Liberty, evacuated

TPP is a sham

The NY Times loses it, completely.

There is Bird Flu in Wild US Birds

Tony Perkins is a total asshole.

I want to see rebuttals from Obama supporters on this post by WillyT...

Inhofe the new face of chutzpah

Tulsa, OK "reserve deputy" Robert Bates equipped personal vehicle with lights, and radio

Jeb Bush is wrong on veterans' health care

Get ready to be kicked in the feels by a song...

In the House, Steve King wants to forbid Justices from ruling on marriages...

Lovely cluster in the suburban neighborhood

Who's watching the Bruce Jenner interview tonight?

Pic Of The Moment: Surprise! GOP's Seventh Benghazi Report Is Delayed To Fall 2016

Anyone using a Volcano Vaporizer for their meds?

Would you please add this to your avatar collection so anybody could use it?

Rising Police Aggression A Telling Indicator Of Our Societal Decline

NOLA firefighters' union to file for contempt charges against mayor, Council

Hunt for ancient royal tomb in Mexico takes mercurial twist

Above the Law: An Investigation of Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuses in California

Cory Booker (D-NJ) is latest Dem senator to back Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign -

A US Government Agency Quietly Acknowledged That Marijuana May Help Fight Brain Tumors

Bernie Sanders: Share this post and join the fight.

Pentagon can’t account for $1 billion in Afghan reconstruction aid

Texas Senate Panel OKs Benefit Cuts for Veterans' Children

Candidate Clinton and the Foundation

Mother Fighting for Custody, Son Taken by Police After Classroom Comments About Marijuana's Benefits

Court reminds State to produce Clinton emails in ‘shortest’ time possible

Hunt for ancient royal tomb in Mexico takes mercurial twist

Blue Bell Hits the Restart Button on Its Operations After Listeria Outbreak

4/24/15: top 5 posts on this week: gay X-Men, OKC bombing false flag, Frothy's BS

25 U.S. lawmakers urge Abe to reaffirm war apologies

General Election 2015: Labour sets out policies to woo 12 million decisive disabled voters

Republicans Pass Bill To LOWER Minimum Wage For Servers and Tipped Workers

Jimmy Carter: 'Losing My Religion For Equality'

Questioning by US Judge Puts Arizona Sheriff in Tough Spot

Texas Cop Smashes Woman’s Face Into Pavement, Knocks Her Unconscious

Peering Inside Yellowstone’s Supervolcano / vid of biggest volcano

Proposed law in California would fine trans people $4,000 for going to the toilet

Proposed law in California would fine trans people $4,000 for going to the toilet (xpost from GD)

Mike Huckabee: U.S. moving toward 'criminalization of Christianity'

Weve never seen President Obama act like this

The saddest little tree in downtown Washington bears a surprise

A-bomb survivor prepares to talk about radioactive 'black rain' in New York

What Happens When You Give a Robot $100 in Bitcoin? It Buys Drugs

I missed this - Detroit about 1/6 of the population goes into tax forclosure (Mother Jones)

Collapse: What’s Happening to our Chances?


Hillary Clinton Room Post. They got nothing but the media shows their true colors.

Spectacular Calbuco volcano in Chile!

70 years after WWII / Young girl detained at own former school

Attorneys: Memo shows special treatment for reserve deputy

More earthquakes due to human activities, says USGS

Egypt court sentences belly dancer for 'insulting' flag

Giant Sucking Sound. Flashback on Perot and NAFTA.

San Francisco Catholics deeply divided over archbishop

Two years after Bangladesh factory collapse, a struggle to set things right

New Video Shows Teen Slammed by Guard, Beaten by Inmates in Rikers Island Jail

Public pensions own payday lender that is illegal in their own states

Will governments ban a super pollutant that’s making Earth warmer

Death draws attention to cyberbullying

Schweizer-Author of "Clinton Cash" Admits He Conflated Paid and Unpaid Clinton Appearances

Dispute flares over controversial Thai temple tigers

Fly through Hubble’s 25th anniversary image VIDEO

Rand Paul concedes he will cut Medicare and Social Security to pay for tax cuts

Obama Fires Back At Warren, Liberals Over 'Dishonest' Attacks On Trade Deal

Schools Warned On Pushing Families Into Due Process

Cruz, Paul Sign Norquist's Anti-Tax Pledge

Inside the fight to free Warren Weinstein

Art History Majors Unite! (disclaimer: I just majored in regular history)

"Electronic Dance Music Festivals Fraught With White Privilege"

What Would You Ask a Senate Candidate?

What Would You Ask a Senate Candidate?

Headline: Scott Walker is now toast..

The Muppets Rip Us a New One!

This Week In Crazy: If You Drink Spoiled Milk, There Will Be Death Panels

Great news! Climate change is just a misinformation campaign.

Is it legal to grow Cannabis in the states that it is legal to use it?

Armenian demonstration going on in Ottawa today.

SHOCKER...there is no jeb bush book by right wing author

Prosecutor: Video of man shot in back by police to go public

Cities And States Paying Massive Secret Fees To Wall Street

What the bloody hell?

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim: The VICE News Interview

Am I the only one confused about the TPP talks..

Obama's mother was CIA with Tim Geithner's dad in Indonesia (Mobil/Stanvac and the Suharto regime)

I absolutely love how they used to write news.

Pros and Cons of TPP

Bernie Sanders: America's railroads were once the envy of the world....

The Unforgotten

2 dogs from Texas sniff out snails in Ecuador's Galapagos

UPDATED: Activists Lash Out At Gay Hoteliers Who Hosted Ted Cruz

My friend's daughter came out on Facebook with this song....

Neil Young via Facebook: "The Monsanto Years are here and we are living them."

American earns record $932 million first quarter profit

Today's word of the day is "Pareidolia"


Women's Equality in the Church is no Longer Negotiable

Cannabinoids and Cancer:

Latest Sign Christie's Running For President: Wife Leaves Wall Street Job

Internal Affairs investigation into Tulsa County Reserve Deputy Robert Bates

"Clinton Cash" Attacks Could End up Helping Hillary

Seth Meyers Calls Out Clinton Cash Author’s Anti-Hillary ‘Bias’

Boehner Says House May Subpoena Private Hillary Clinton Email Servers

Kevin Spacey fans - you'll love this. He's done a great TV ad for Renault, in English!

Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Corruption Bill Passes Texas House

The Rape of Persephone by Gianlorenzo Bernini

San Antonio May Require Pet Owners To Microchip Cats And Dogs

Did you know: cannabis is more dangerous than meth because Nixon was an asshole.

Web development question: How could I get content from one page to appear on another?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic, Ellen Brown, Common Dreams

How the stock market destroyed the middle class

Some heads and other parts of classical sculptures

Invisible Atheists

Newsweek: "The TPP:An Alliance of Money Over Guns"

After saying goodbye at Soldiers Field, Weir / Lesh / Hart / Kreutzmann will tour with John Mayer

Anyone left in here?

Question about Elizabeth Warren lying when she says Congress can't stop TPP?

Are Republicans at War With Their Own Future?

Kevin Spacey fans - you'll love this. He's done a great TV ad for Renault, in English!

Texas Republicans Are Still Trying to Chip Away at Abortion Rights

San Francisco Catholics deeply divided over archbishop

Kermit The Frog Responds To Newly Discovered Doppelgänger, Confirms Relation

My life

The best time

Fan Mail: These Consumer Letters Helped Bring Back 'Classic' Coke

Andrea Yates' ex-husband tells Oprah wife didn't deserve 'cruelest' murder trial

Man, this photo brings back feelings........seems a 100 years ago.

How many of you spend any time on right-wing dominated message boards?

DA Says New Information Warrants Further Investigation of Tulsa Co Sheriff's Office

Grew up in Detroit. And here is Motown.

CRUZ FALLOUT: Broadway Cares Cancels AIDS Fundraiser At Ian Reisner's Hotel

Ex-general, CIA Chief Petraeus Gets Probation, $100,000 Fine In Leak Case

Emma Sulkowicz disgusts me.

49 immigrants found by Border Patrol at Falfurrias checkpoint

"Take It Easy" Vacationing Swedish cops Show US How It's Done & Break up 6 train fight in NYC subway

World’s Largest For-Profit Prison Blasted in Federal Audit

UPDATE on those Swedish cops who broke up NYC subway fight Wow, reading this makes me think that the TPP is going to save the USA!

BREAKING: Petraeus reportedly needs unguent for the savage slap on the wrist he received.

6 Texas jailers fired after inmate left alone for weeks

Is it illegal for foreign corporations to donate to American PACs?

Former Victoria officer that tazed 76 year-old man hired in Beeville

Turned into Ed Schultz. Did they say why he isn't there?

Stockholm's underground which is often described as the world's longest art gallery.

‘It looks like bribery’? Actually, it doesn't ( Mitt Romney )

NOT Florida: This couple has the loudest sex in NYC

Retroactive Romney Should STFU About Hillary's Purported Corruption

Michigan Senate committee to hear testimony on RFRA bill the same day marriage equality case is at S

Robinson ISD confirms 1 student with viral meningitis, second case unconfirmed

Dumb Criminals: California Man Breaks Into House, Instead Makes Tater Tots And Sleeps On Couch

Don`t rile up the base.

While we're celebrating Hubble's 25th anniversary, let's thank the "Mother of Hubble" ...

If this doesn't make you giggle, your giggler is busted. Grandpaw plays Pie in the Face game.

Junk Food For Kids: It’s not about French fries; it’s about freedom.”

Clinton’s First Campaign Speech Is All About Feminism

How Men Value Independence in Wives — and Daughters

Family of Mexican teen shot dead across border can't sue US agent, court rules

15 escaped bison that crossed New York highway shot and killed.

Does anyone use Tweetdeck?

Dog The Bounty Hunter Goes Rogue On Fox News, Defends The Clintons - "Dynamic Duo"


Actual line from a story about Jeb Bush and weight loss:

Need a smile out there anyone?

"Try Holding Your Breath While You Count Your Money"

I love Elizabeth Warren BUT

Maybe Obama really thinks the TPP is good for America

Oklahoma State hit with probation, fine for NCAA infractions

Why is it so hard for Obama & Co. to understand our skepticism over the TPP?

What if hurricanes were named for the climate deniers that made them more frequent...

Perry, Cruz to Make 2016 Pitch to Jewish Donors

Today in Herstory: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Endorses Family Planning

Today in Herstory: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Endorses Family Planning Inf

New Kinloch mayor (MO) blocked by police from entering city hall

About privilege: the caterpillar and the snail

Democratic Congressman Proposes Bill To Stop Racist GOP Rep. Steve King From Legislating

Anti-vaxxer cartoon

Restructuring Medicaid as Block Grants — Unconstitutional Coercion? (New Eng Jour Med)

Dubya Paid $250K to Perform for Casino King Sheldon Adelson

Bernie Sanders: When one family can raise as much as an entire party, the system is broken...

Some honest questions about the TPP.

Oh my~

Koch-backed group sending ‘real scientists’ to school Pope Francis about ‘Biblical duty’ to pollute

Dog the Bounty Hunter chose Hillary Clinton for president, FOX news shocked!

The importance of Clinton’s 50-state strategy

Cruz just introduced a bill to to limit the jurisdiction of Federal courts re:same sex marriage

Congress Holds First Hearing on Banning Fracking; Too Bad It’s A Circus!

Ted Cruz And Marco Rubio Have Missed The Highest Percentage Of Votes Among Current Senators

Woman who hit Venezuela leader with mango rewarded with new home

Fraternity Members Allegedly Spit, Urinated on Wounded Veterans