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Archives: April 23, 2015

4-22-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 2011 in 2:00

World Bank launches interfaith push to eliminate extreme poverty

CPJ condemns harassment of journalists in Brazil

GOP Lawmaker: Rape And Incest Cases Are Usually 'Not Verifiable'

4-22-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 2011 in 2:00

Live Interview: Lucas Jewell Gave Florida Cops 'the bird', Got Pulled Over by an Armored Car

Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu To Co-Author Book On Joy

An Open Letter To The Kidnappers Of The Two Syrian Archbishops

The only Russian legislator to vote against Crimea becoming part of Russia has been exiled.

Rep. Steve King Marriage Legislation: Iowa Congressman Introduces Bill To Strip Federal Courts Of Ri

Tax Cuts For The Poor And Middle Class -- Not The Rich -- Create Jobs, Research Shows

House Passes Cybersecurity Bill After Companies’ Data Breaches

Police Kill Black People, Get Rewarded

Abortion Rights at Risk: The GOP Opens a New Front in the War on Women

Bernie & Elizabeth are both fighting for us!

Atheist Room Post: I gone has sads.

MATC union recertifies in landslide vote

Scott Walker Celebrates Earth Day by Proposing To Fire 57 Environmental Agency Employees

Model For Rockwell's 'Rosie The Riveter' Painting Dies At 92

Nigerian forces invade last known stronghold of Boko Haram

Sandra Bullock is People magazine's 2015 most beautiful woman

Teen Pregnancy Rates Declined In Many Countries Between The Mid-1990s and 2011 but US Lags Behind

Janet Porter: gay marriage to blame for Noah's Flood

We Lucky Molecules

Jon Stewart on National Security

Maggie Gallagher: LGBT marriage will bring about 'the collapse of civilization'

More Kansas Schools To Close Early For Lack Of Funds

Unintended pregnancies cost federal and state governments $21 billion in 2010

I fixed the gummed up carburetor on my lawn mower.

Mandatory Wednesday Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!! Earth Day Redux

*Eliz Warren is the Interview tonight on Rachel Show.EDIT, NOW:

Whatever happened to the nuclear freeze movement?

Kansas Limits Abortion Method, Opening a New Line of Attack

Mayor: Confederate Flag at Rural County Courthouse ‘Must Come Down’

Speaking of Roiders, will the Yankers pay A-Roid 6m for breaking Willie Mays' 660 HRs?

Chile's Calbuco volcano erupts

The Police Seem To Be Doubling Down

Lawrence Lessig Makes the Case for an Elizabeth Warren Candidacy

Kansas medical marijuana activist loses custody of son

More Kansas Schools To Close Early For Lack Of Funds


45 Years of Earth Day: How Environmentalism Has Evolved

WH Climate Change Acknowledger at Everglades

Boies, Dershowitz duel in defamation case concerning sex trafficking claims

The power of makeup

John McCain openly mocks presidential candidate Ted Cruz

Townhall meeting to stop the TPP in Cleveland THU APR 23, 2015

Chicago: Art Institute receives 42 pieces of contemporary art, including nine Warhols

Only 3 Wolves Are Left at Isle Royale National Park

Connecticut fraternity says wanted to resist order to admit women

Climate Change Authority targets too big a burden, says government (Australia)

Luther Allison. The "wheel of fortune" passed him by in terms of stardom but WHAT A BLUES GUITARIST.

Jury convicts Oregon woman of killing two handymen and feeding their corpses to her farm animals

Day 5205: Al Gore is still President of the United States.

CNBC’s Kudlow: GOP Shouldn’t Be ‘Mean’ to Hillary, ‘Sends the Wrong Message to Women’

Puerto Rico officials warn government shutdown imminent

Volcano Calbuco in southern Chile erupted for the first time in nearly 40 years.

NASA's Secret Relationships with U.S. Defense and Intelligence Agencies

Funny Environmental Memes in Celebration of Earth Day

Hillary camp statement on Benghazi report delay: "This is an effort to hurt her campaign"

Authorities seize wrong Mexican girl for forced return to US

Why is the TPP not public information, and why can Senators not discuss it?

PA High School Students Organize "Anti-Gay" Day

Religion in the comi-x guest column

We Need to Talk About Gender On Earth Day

Liz Warren is correct - give the public the facts

Dismiss legal challenge to policy barring gay foster parents, state attorneys urge judge

We Need to Talk About Gender On Earth Day

We Need to Talk About Gender On Earth Day

UN raises alarm over stalled nuclear disarmament

Dismiss legal challenge to policy barring gay foster parents, state attorneys urge judge

Olivia Wilde: Why I’m Backing Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton and new friend in Keene, New Hampshire today

If you quit smoking by transitioning to e-cigarettes

Former Iowa lawmaker found not guilty of spousal sex abuse

Argentine Gov’t defies ‘vultures’ with dollar bond issue

Today in Herstory: It’s Official! Suffrage Will Be on the PA Ballot in the 1921 Election

Ocean output rivals big nations' GDP, but resources eroding

Hannity interview gone wrong

They must define "burglary" differently in Florida

Power slips from Pinochet cronies as Chile's lithium giant revamps board

NY Mets win 10th in a row.

Senate panel approves 'fast track' trade bill

RIP Earth Day: Voices Decry National Day of Corporate Greenwash

RIP Earth Day: Voices Decry National Day of Corporate Greenwash

"BP Oil Disaster Was Not an Accident, It Was a Crime"

Guess who's a BIG fan of TPP?

How the hell did the cops break that poor guy's spine?

I am glad Warren is not running for Pres. We'll need her to fight Hillary

Spending for 2016 federal budget sparks lawmakers' quarrel

To honor thy mother and father

Are you all about that:

How is a grave dancing thread not locked as meta,

Hillary Clinton: Pro vs Con

Scotland: dog takes to road, causes chaos with tractor

Gay Men’s Chorus to Visit Cuba, Use Music to Raise LGBT Awareness on the Island

Deputy who fired gun instead of taser was investigated in 2009

It Takes a Village to Save a critically endangered Monk Seal

It Takes a Village to Save a critically endangered Monk Seal

Texas legislative panel votes to bar using state or local funds to issue same-sex marriage licenses

Popular pesticide hurts wild bees in major field study

My grandfather's "selfie" (circa 1898)

Unbelievably crass remark made by MN state legislator - repug, of course.

Today would have been my girlfriend's 38th birthday.

MrScorpio: Gay marriage will doom us all...

Anybody watch "Eatn It" special on msnbc from 10-12PM?

Atheist Debates - Yall just want to sin

Boehner Opens Another Heap Of Letters From Constituents Asking To Give Corporations More Tax Breaks

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

My Milwaukee Brewers might possibly be the worst team in all of pro sports right now.

Without rules, financial markets don't work - Sen Warren

The next big fight for gay rights will be won by Big Business

Is there another Democratic person running apart from

Jeb Bush: NSA's bulk collection of phone/internet metadata is the "best part" of Obama admin

A survey about the election at the state convention

Not counting the mezzanine.

Dave Letterman Is Making Fun Of Bernie Sanders......

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 23, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Ann Sheridan

Two-state prospects diminishing, says UN chief

Louisiana State University drafting bankruptcy plans thanks to Bobby Jindal and friends

Planetary Scientist Carolyn Porco on the media.

Jeb Bush money juggernaut to buy presidency is tearing down what remains of campaign finance law

Mitch McConnell’s Surprise Bill Would Extend NSA Bulk Data Collection Until 2020

My face book has crashed

Alabama Republicans pushing bill to treat abortion clinics like sex offenders

There's a Secret Replica of Iran's Nuclear Facilties Hidden in Tennessee

any trade deal negotiated by President Obama will have a monthslong review by Congress and the public,

Dumb Criminals: Arkansas Truck Driver Traded $50K Worth Of Lunch Meat For Crack

Dumb Criminals: British Tourist Arrested After Urinating In Hotel Ice Machine

Reasons why the British press are so desperately partisan this general election

gratuitous kitteh pic - happy birthday, hoomin!

Asian markets mostly higher despite weak China, Japan data

Port Arthur Wants Filmmakers to Blow Up Its Old Buildings

21 confirmed dead in north China coal mine flood

Koch 2016 Roadmap To Victory Leaked

5 attacks thwarted in France since January, premier says

Marathon Petroleum turns down union's offer

We are getting a ridiculous number of campaign ads from Ref Rodriguez

Lee invented a shoe that can be adjusted up to five times and lasts for five years.

This Article May Be Illegal: Lifting the Veil of Silence on Standardized Testing

John McCain openly mocks presidential candidate Ted Cruz

Conservatives really hate America

Man beaten by San Bernardino County Sheriff deputies gets huge settlement in a hurry

Waka Flocka Flame for President?

So why is Senator Wyden bothering to circulate a petition requesting climate change action?

Daily Holidays - April 23

What the Frack Is Happening Under Long Beach?

Do the people not have a right to know this?

Oil-Worker Deaths Raise Safety Questions — Energy Journal

The Goniurellia tridens .... The three in one insect

One of the Biggest Myths About Atheism, Debunked

Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen Franchisee, Z&H Foods, Inc., Releases Apology to Employee

The compassion of the right: Italy rescues 1,000 boat migrants, sparking right-wing protest

“let us bust the myth of physical activity and obesity. You cannot outrun a bad diet”

The Rude Pundit - In Brief:Two Paragraphs That Show You What It's Like to Be Poor in America in 2015

"It Was Worth Risking My Life, My Freedom": Campaign Reform Activist on Flying Gyrocopter to Capitol

Does anyone here have Verizon FiOS TeeVee?

Scientists successfully genetically modify human embryos, allowing for editing of babies’ genes

Toon: If you like Corporations Writing Legislation...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 'YA!!! - The first video on YouTube was uploaded 10 years ago today

This Article May Be Illegal: Lifting the Veil of Silence on Standardized Testing

The first video on YouTube was uploaded 10 years ago today - it's really mundane

The cognitive dissonance of those trusting President Obama on the tpp

Japan's first nuclear reactor restart may be delayed: Regulator

451 years ago today...

Am I simply missing the OPs on the Baltimore Freddie Gray killing by police?

Boston Marathon trial: Footage of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev showing middle finger to surveillance camera

Ex-Wisconsin Deputy With ALS Not Guilty In Killings

Clinton Charities Will Refile Tax Returns, Audit for Other Errors

Beyonce Coverage 11X News On Deforestation; Diva Also Thrashing Ocean Issues 5-1

Groning trial: Auschwitz survivor recounts brutal experiments by infamous Nazi Dr. Mengele

Because sometimes you need to just sit in awe...

For the interested, a group fighting against anti-intellectualism in our schools.

Polls Finds Rubio Performing Best Against Hillary Clinton

Howard Dean accuses the New York Times of sloppy reporting.

How come the manufactures of automobiles, clothes, etc., didn't move their factories over to

Does anyone know if this part is in the TPP?

Washington State Hit With Brutal Drought

Does it occur to Republicans and low-information voters that if you cut taxes, you have to cut

McCain: Rand Paul 'Worst Possible Candidate' On National Security

She's as vile and contemptuous as the President and Vice-President she spoke for

Poll Finds Rubio Performing Best Against Hillary Clinton

Rachel Maddow - Senator Warren cites 'rigged' process in concerns on trade deal

AFRL Gives Seal of Approval to British Air-breathing Engine Design

Hillary Clinton: "Some day people are going to read about them & wonder, who were these people?"

Karl Rove: Rand Paul Has Looked Pretty Thin-Skinned In The 2016 Race

Indonesia-Iran to cement bilateral cooperation

On Morning JoeI heard a reporter on the Baltimore PD situation mention Martin O'Malley 's

Do you miss watching episodes of To Catch A Predator?

22 April 1915: The day the first poison gas attack changed the face of warfare forever

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- 2016

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Environment

external storage on sale

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Scott Walker, forever tarnished: Republican governors have tanked the GOP brand

re: Trees

“A lonely place for a person to lie”: Why this lesser-known trial on marriage equality is so importa

Sen. Bernie Sanders doing what he can to slow down fast track.

Well, I broke down and fired up my window AC unit in the computer room.

Fuck NPR

OK. I am officially supporting O'Malley.

Rep. Barbara Lee on Fast Track: "I'm working hard to make it go down...It's pretty horrendous."

Charlie Hebdo editor's final book: 'Letter to the Islamophobia Frauds Who Play to Racists'

Nazi doctors went on trial for experiments on humans, the world heard the term "research crime"

Smoking Gun Reporting: Deputy who fired gun instead of taser was investigated in 2009

Did you know taking a stray to a shelter was a capital offense?

Chavistas in parliament approve measure that reduces congressional seats in opposition areas

The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act

Deutsche Bank fined record $2.5 billion in rate rigging inquiry

What’s Wrong with Wyden-Hatch-Ryan’s Fast Track Bill – The Specifics

More Craven Arguments Used to Sell TPP and Fast Track to Congress, With Mixed Results

So You're About To Become A Minority

U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions increase in past two years

President Obama-2 Hostages Killed In Counterterrorism Operation

Where your computer goes to die: Shocking pictures of the toxic 'electronic graveyards' in Africa

Happy 10th B'day & Thank You YouTube! If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have heard of Cyriak...

Explosive 2009 report from Tulsa reveals deep corruption concerning Deputy Bob Bates

In Milestone, Energy Department Projects Safely and Permanently Store 10 Million Metric Tons of Car

Republicans again appeal to theocracy

Trey Gowdy and Stan Laurel:Separated at birth?

A comedian made fun of a politician.

The American Dream is a myth, says Nobel-prize winner

The FBI faked an entire field of forensic science.

Jeb Bush is tearing down what little campaign finance law we have left.

Federal judge peppers lawyer with questions in Bedford County leaf-that-wasn't-pot lawsuit

Warren Weinstein, Adam Gadahn Killed in U.S. Operation


Tesla wants to power your home with a battery

US drone strike killed American and Italian citizens held captive by al-Qaida

Second Poll Shows Walker's Approval Rating Slipping

The Great Meritocracy Race

Your Pregnancy May Subject You to Even More Law Enforcement Violence

Residents near Duke ash dumps told not to drink well water

Rachel Maddow - Death penalty chaos likely to deepen with GOP social issue politics

All the president's (little green) men

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut, or maybe it is the other way around!

Why Can't America Have Great Trains?

20 cash-starved public colleges drafting bankruptcy plans thanks to Bobby Jindal’s budget

An Ex-Cop Keeps The Country’s Best Data Set On Police Misconduct

Why the Constitution Trumps Any State's Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

5 Things You Didn't Know About Plastic

An Interview with the Leader of the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 106)

pop-ups from Malware-Bytes.

Obama tells U.S. Jewish leaders: Netanyahu not invited to White House until after Iran talks

Police Officer 'Bill of Rights' Blamed for Baltimore’s Information Blackout in Freddie Gray Death

Ted Cruz’s crazy climate theories, debunked

UH OH, Las Vegas Sands misses 1Q forecasts, profit drops 34 percent!

Three young girls cover Metallica and do it well:

Elian Gonzales.

Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg Right?

Crossroads GPS, America Rising, Citizens United: The $100 Million Anti-Hillary Smear Machine

Clinton Camp Pounces on Benghazi Report 2016 Delay: Proof of ‘Playing Politics’

Elizabeth Warren takes care of defense industry at home

GOP lawmaker introduces bill to strip federal courts of power to rule on marriage equality

Ted Cruz: "Guess what, I’m Cuban! & no self-respecting Cuban man of the era would let his wife work”

One of the DU ads that frequently pops up on my workplace computer...

Bwwwaahahahah! "The coming GOP demolition-derby circular firing squad"

Inkster police chief resigns in wake of Dent case

FCC staff leaning against Comcast deal

Scott Lively goes the violent road, and slams GMO's and "Big Pharma" to boot!

BBC Falls for Hoax Caller Who Decries Star Wars as ‘Racist and Homophobic’ - GOOD ONE!

The legendary David Hume Kennerly tells the story behind 50 years of campaign photography.

Gay student has screwdriver jabbed in face during ‘5-round’ brawl as principal watches without helpi

The Surprising Religious Breakdown Of Same-Sex Marriage Support

Yoshi is runnning out of food:

Is Anyone Religious Enough to Be President of the United States?

Hillary at Watergate Impeachment Hearings

U.S. drone strike accidentally killed 2 hostages

My Mother-in-Law's townhome is just about ready to

Health Blogger Who Claimed Veggie-Filled Diet Cured Her Cancer Admits She Never Had Cancer

Jindal: I Won't Bow To Liberals And Big Corps. Like Indiana Or Arkansas

Climate Scientist Mike Mann on the Cost of Truth Telling

Iranian Ships Turn Back From Yemen After Standoff

China fears North Korea’s nuclear arsenal

Ukraine coal workers hold pickets in capital

China names 100 corrupt fugitives in global hunt

Men and women complete each other – there's no other option, Pope says

Why Hillary Clinton should ditch the Trans-Pacific Partnership

China shocks world by genetically engineering human embryos

Maduro survives assassination attempt GRAPHIC

Memo to Gov. Howard Dean: Citizen's United is the answer.

Arizona governor orders agency to end ban on adoption by same-sex couples

A Guide for Finding Dirt on Democratic Candidates

Kansas Limits Welfare to Unregistered Gun Owners, Registered Republicans, Those Who Have Tap Water t


Rand Pauls son cited for Drunk Driving

Eurasia as We Knew it is Dead - Pepe Escobar

Editing Human Embryos: "To heal the patient, heal the gene."

Senate Finance Committee panel approves the TPA "Trade" Bill on a 20-6 Vote

Is this a good example of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO?

GOP Dingbat & Monumental Failure Carly Fiorina Will Announce Presidential Campaign On May 4

Spotify: Proof that Teapublican Economics is Wrong.

Popeyes offering job back to pregnant mom

Michigan police big and small defend use of military gear



There are only two questions you need to answer to decide about the TPP.

Support for Gay Marriage Reaches Record High (POLL)

Obey the Bicycle Laws! Obey the Bicycle Laws!

Early Period is Red Flag for Teen Girls' Health

Early Period is Red Flag for Teen Girls' Health

Has DU been hacked?

Republican Governors May Pay Price for Refusing to Expand Medicaid Under Obamacare

Explosive 2009 report from Tulsa reveals deep corruption concerning Deputy Bob Bates

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Congressmen Want Employers To Be Able To Fire Women For Using Birth Control

Picture of Walker with Senate Republican Caucus...

Remember when this was LBN: SHERLOCK HOLMES: 100-YEARS-LOST FILM FOUND (coming 5-31-15)

US Military Spending Still Up 45% Over Pre-9/11 Levels; More Than Next 7 Countries Combined

Remember when this was LBN: SHERLOCK HOLMES: 100-YEARS-LOST FILM FOUND (coming 5-31-15)

Anyone know? Elizabeth Warren's position on home-mortgage deduction?

The dark art of defending domestic abusers’ right to a gun

Neil deGrasse Tyson is against cremation

Russian defense ministry says U.S. troops in east Ukraine

Five nursing students killed in Georgia highway pileup

Rand Paul: Sexist Women Won’t Stop Sexisming Me!

Rand Paul: Sexist Women Won’t Stop Sexisming Me!

Weaponizing Information

Thor The Pit Bull is a Secret Superhero! Find Out His Life-Saving Skill

Bundy Family Heads To Oregon Gold Mine For Newest BLM Confrontation

A couple of interesting things going on it Texas this week.

Feds to allow hunters to cross borders with guns

Senate GOP Leaders Endorse Bill To Extend Obamacare Subsidies To 2017

Iowa Daily Democrat

Model for Norman Rockwell’s "Rosie the Riveter" dies at 92

Charges dismissed after man served 34 years of life sentence

The Tao of planting asparagus to deal w/ disappointment (4 years later)

How China's Macau crackdown threatens big US casino moguls including Sheldon Adelson

Marco Rubio takes lead in Sheldon Adelson primary

Maybe the media should go here:

Supercut: Pop Culture's Journey Toward Marriage Equality

Insurance Companies Warn US to Prepare for (more) Climate Change

Taco Bell To Congress: Here’s 6,000 Free Tacos, Now Help Us Screw Our Workers

Stay Classy, Tom Brady

A five-step guide to not being stupid (BBC)

Race and poverty matter, even on Earth Day

Good! (Spoiler)

Human Embryos Modified in Controversial First

Your vote for President is the swing vote, the entire election depends on it.

Senate about to vote on Loretta Lynch

The NRA Has Some Lessons For SarahPAC On How To Cheat At Campaign Finance


The Iron grip of the American Prison Industrial Complex

Scott Lively, infamous LGBT hater, provides both an incredibly stupid and revealing analogy

Update on Popeye's story

Spacecraft Spots Curiosity on Mars, But No Tracks

U.S. Shale Fracklog Triples as Drillers Keep Oil From Market

It's time for Democrats in Congress to start adhering to Democratic Platform!

It takes 10 paragraphs before NYT mentions its latest Clinton hit-piece is speculation

Treating Rhymes as Crimes: The War on Hip-Hop

The Show WILL Go On! Theater Students Stand Up

Martin O'Malley- Bad Trade Deals

What kind of God could an atheist believe in?

What's for dinner, Thursday, April 23?

Whose Books Are Banned? (Racism?)

Hillary Haters

Outrageous censorship list

**How much of my social security benefit may be taxed? **online calculator

U.S. Shale Fracklog Triples as Drillers Keep Oil From Market

Blondie and Biden songify the news with "Naked Men"

Coal Ash Contamination Confirmed, North Carolina Residents Warned Not To Drink Their Water:

Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch as Attorney General After Long Delay

NO SHIT ...72

Burial Plot E - The Dishonorable Dead

A riddle for today

Cisplatin and hearing loss: After two rounds of chemo, I have a loss of hearing in

Every Repug Senate presidential hopeful but Lindsey Graham voted against Loretta Lynch.

NASA creates NExSS for life search

At New York Reception, Ted Cruz Is Said to Strike Different Tone Toward Gays

Do all sites that offer coupons require my personal information? How about time of use?

BREAKING: Senate confirms Lynch as new A.G.!

Father Blames Illuminati for Child Porn Found on His Computer

Facing Charges for Killing Man, 'Reserve Cop' Vacations in Bahamas

Obama Has Waited Longer For Cabinet Confirmations Than Any Other Recent President

OwnIt 2016

Second Poll Shows Walker's Approval Rating Slipping

Neat pic!

Op Ed - Wal-Mart store closure follows labor activism

Eat Up. You’ll Be Happier.

Wal-Mart store closure follows labor activism

Texas Observer: State Punishes Payday Lender for Criminalizing Debt

Cesar Chavez to get Navy funeral honors 22 years after death

Scott Walker's approval rating declines in another state poll

Man-made earthquakes shake over a dozen areas in US (Fracking)

thought just occurred to me this morning regarding anit-abortion

Palestinians march in Israel to mark historic displacement

Rocket hits southern Israel

Anti-vaxxer group compares childhood immunization to rape

Obama Drone Attack KILLS Ameicans and Italians.

Trump To Open New Hampshire Office

Petraeus gets 2-year probation for leaking secrets to his mistress

JM Greer: "whoever owns the systems on which you depend, owns you"

NSA had German spies target Euro allies

Got a call from someone yesterday asking if I was pro-life or pro-choice or uncertain.

So the drone strikes killed an American hostage

Fast Track was designed in 1974 for ACTUAL "trade" agreements. It was NOT designed to expedite a

What Will Patty Murray Do?

Support for Gay Marriage at New High

Democrats must have a concrete plan to empower workers

Russian Government Evacuates Civilians From Yemen, Including Americans

The UK Flash Crash Spoofer Case Brings More Questions Than Answers

Winter makes an annoying comeback with late April snow

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company

George Pataki Presidential Campaign Ad (seriously!)

Talk of Death Squads to Combat New Wave of Gang Violence in El Salvador

Talk of Death Squads to Combat New Wave of Gang Violence in El Salvador

Pataki for President: This time he's SERIOUS!

Democrats must have a concrete plan to empower workers

Democrats must have a concrete plan to empower workers

Israel: 67 years old and still not sure what to be

Putin, de Kirchner to sign statement on comprehensive strategic partnership

Former Argentina spy chief flees country in fear of his life, lawyer says

Petraeus-five years probation and 100K Fine

Comcast plans to drop Time Warner deal -Bloomberg

NC GOPer compares women’s bodies to real estate as House passes longest abortion wait in country

The Brewing Louisiana Religious Freedom Fight Could Be Biggest One Yet

Alleging Labor Abuses, U.S. and Mexican Workers Call for Boycott of Driscoll’s Berries

Marvel comic's original "X-Man" named "Iceman" is going to out himself...

Unfair Trade Deal Would Exploit Foreign Workers and Cost American Jobs, Bernie Sanders Says

Wow! I get to meet Donna Edwards!

Chickenshit Republicans

Should one question the intentions of liberal / populist heroes?

Watch Baptist pastors go totally bonkers: ‘God breathed all over us’

LBJ and FDR, like President Obama, were wartime Presidents.

Chilean volcano send shockwaves through the atmosphere

100 armed Israeli settlers raid villages near Nablus

B. Sanders: Economic Policy estimates that NAFTA has led to the loss of more than 680,000 US jobs...

Hillary Clinton Room post. ABC News Finds More Errors In Schweizer's Clinton Cash

Hillary Clinton Room -5 Points On The Conservative Author Dishing Clinton Dirt To NYT and Fox News

5 Points On The Conservative Author Dishing Clinton Dirt To NYT and Fox News

The homeless man who works in the Senate

NYT's own reporting undermines innuendo in their story about Hillary Clinton’s role in uranium deal

Freelance journalists

Settlers’ walk today in Wadi Qana, where the authorities are displacing Palestinian farmers who own

Daily Kos: Bad Trade Policies Destroyed My Hometown; Now TPP is Coming for Yours

Bye Bye Social Security

Daily Kos: Bad Trade Policies Destroyed My Hometown; Now TPP is Coming for Yours

Daily Kos: Bad Trade Policies Destroyed My Hometown; Now TPP is Coming for Yours

Foes Of Marijuana Legalization Can't Like These New Numbers

Meet the Texan Fighting for the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 107)

Nasdaq closes at record high of 5,056, beating dot-com mark

Elizabeth Warren on Obama's trade deal: "He won't put the facts out there"

WNBA player Brittney Griner, fiancee arrested after fight

What person in her right mind could vote for anyone in the Republican Party?

Chris Christie: 'I Will Crack Down And Not Permit' Legal Marijuana As President

Toon: The Tea Party is a really bad thing to follow!! Even if you put lipstick on it!!

The Navy's Most Shadowy Spy Is 450 Feet Long & Named After Jimmy Carter

NY Mets win 11th in a row and tie their team's longest winning streak.

To DU members who oppose Hillary Clinton

Straight high schooler invites gay best friend to prom

Are you from New England? A trip down memory lane.

Living Colour - Cult Of Personality

++***At last the Finalists ***++April Contest “Color Riot” Please vote to determine the Winners

IS stones two homosexual men to death LINK IS HORRIBLE

++***Finalists are posted***++ for "Color Riot" - April contest

One Man Stand at Baltimore PD

LGBT Advocates Call for Indiana-Style Backlash After Two Anti-Gay Bills Advance

Argentine Gov’t defies ‘vultures’ with dollar bond issue

Jeni's Ice Creams recall, second company in a week

WAR IS A RACKET 1935 Gen. Smedley Butler- Chapter One: War is a Racket

What Do Our Unions Think of The Looming TPP?

Missing child's body found near Kemah marina

Posole and polenta

Columbia medical faculty: What do we do about Dr. Oz?

Cristina Kirchner meets Putin, praises Russia's support in vulture funds dispute

'We're going to resist': Brazil's indigenous groups fight to keep their land in face of new law

5 Video Games Censored For Being Too Christian

Dear people who make and sell things:

Macro: Colorful little spiders in garden webs

Comcast Backs Away from Deal with Time Warner – Thanks Sen Sanders

Hadley Freeman: Pseudoscience and strawberries: 'wellness' gurus should carry a health warning

Get A Free Bumper Sticker From Hillary's Campaign --->

Im afraid Obama is going to end up a failure on the drug war

Should the rich pay more for traffic tickets based on a sliding scale?

Arpaio admits to hiring private agents to investigate judge's wife

FBI Raids of Charter School Operators Jump

Get A Free Bumper Sticker From Hillary's Campaign --->

Albert King—I Wanna Get Funky

Walker’s Act 10 Is Wreaking Havoc in the Workplace

Panama acts to clean up reputation for money laundering

McCain fires back at Paul over ‘lapdog’ comment

The American Mob and the Unions

Jon Stewart rips Dick Cheney a new one

Pentagon, Kremlin trade accusations on Ukraine

President Obama meets the Cheatriots:

Dallas Cowboys Honored For Helping Reintegrate Criminals Back Into NFL

Rough ride? Lawyer says fatally injured arrestee lacked belt

"We want to win the future" -- UGH

Big Ed wants to play 3d chess with Obama over TPP.

How much disdain Republicans really have for the American public?

Dr. Mark Vonnegut, son of famed writer Kurt, recounts his personal battles with mental illness

A copy of my letter to Sen. Mark Warner following his TPP vote (yes)

Marco Rubio Leading Republican Race To Become Sheldon Adelson's #1 Prostitute

One Survivor's Crusade Reveals a Plague of Errors in Nation's Sex Offender Registries

North Korea expands nuclear arsenal, Chinese experts say

The Daily Show - The Return of a Simplot Conspiracy

This Year, Earth Day Is All About the Oceans

Chicago Mayor Joins Chorus of Opposition to IL Gov’s Anti-Worker “Turnaround Agenda”

Luckovich - Keep Twerking (Absolutely nails it)

Chicago Mayor Joins Chorus of Opposition to IL Gov’s Anti-Worker “Turnaround Agenda”

Professional liars are undermining justice in Colombia

Chicago Mayor Joins Chorus of Opposition to IL Gov’s Anti-Worker “Turnaround Agenda”

It has been said that paper is dead.

Now that the Comcast-Time Warner Merger Has Been Scuttled....

Happy 78th, Jack Nicholson. And hold the chicken. . .

I'm looking for three people

Native American actors quit Adam Sandler movie over names


Win the Freedom to Marry in All 50 States Say "i do!"

An odd observation about Republicans

Counterterrorism Conference Kicks Out Intercept Journalist

Televangelist Creflo Dollar Defends Plans For $65 Million Jet: 'I Dare You To Tell Me I Can't Dream'

‘Sex and the City’ Star Takes On Elephant Poachers

Protecting the World's Last Isolated Communities From Above

The Homosexual Agenda

Gardeners of Eden on Pivot - Trailer

Brazil's Alleged Petrobras Corruption Not Widespread, Witness Testifies

Joss Whedon on climate deniers

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