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A righteous rant on FB which reflects where I am right now.

i just got Religion, I've seen the light.. 1st Church of Cannabis

Law Enforcement Rips Phone From Bystander

"Freedom of Speech" Public Information (1975)

The phoney ‘enlightenment’ battles in Egypt

If we don't begin to look at Republicans as our enemy, we will lose.

I get what Obama is saying about the TPP.

*Elizabeth Warren Group poll*

Sheriff seeks cruelty charge for vet accused of killing cat

Grassroots Campaigning - Any Ideas?

Tennessee: Lawmakers Pass New Rules for Abortion Clinics

Perry says he would attend a gay wedding

Dem Senator Sherrod Brown's Experience with Lack of Access & Secrecy of the TPP!

Isis stalemate forces US into a cold assessment of Iraq government and other potential allies

Libya's criminals undermine attempts to prop up a collapsing state

Legal case of Texan who embraced ISIS, flashed guns on Web--problem is that he is a felon.

How to Re-Live Every Embarrassing Google Search You've Ever Made

New York City Just Outlawed Running Credit Checks on Job Applicants

How the New Flexible Economy is Making Workers’ Lives Hell

U.S. cracks down on female teachers who sexually abuse students

Fun stuff

Pa. high schoolers dress up for 'Anti-Gay Day'

How Asians View Yellow Fever

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! D is for Dow, D is for Death! & a new Kitteh & bear gif

The U.N. at 70: A View from Outer Space

Cross post about police reform

Not the Onion: Religious Groups Worried They’ll Be Branded As Bigots After Same-Sex Marriage Case

Could I win?

Pennsylvania high schoolers wear matching flannel, hang hateful posters on ‘Anti-Gay Day'

Google Is Fifth-Biggest Spender In U.S. Lobbying, Says Report

Billy Joel Puts the Sound of Trumpeting Elephants Over the Tinkle of Ivory Piano Keys

Who Is Saudi Arabia Really Targeting In Its Price War?

Fun stuff

Robotics And Medical Marijuana — A Joint Venture

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders state the obvious.

Feminists Mourn the Loss of Activist Grace Mann

Feminists Mourn the Loss of Activist Grace Mann

Free Trade Deals HARM U.S. workers !!!!

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Push On Across the Nation – and the World

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Push On Across the Nation – and the World

NJ Teachers’ Union Bails Out of Gov. Christie’s Pension Study Commission

Our rinkey, dinkey, dinkey, rink needs your help

Checking in on how everyone is doing with climate change?

Reasons to love the Evil Queen/Regina and Lana Parrilla (amazing LGBT speech)

U.S. Chamber, AFL-CIO Clash At Senate Hearing Over Obama’s Free Trade Push

Greece Endgame Nears

Obama Says U.S. Has Warned Iran Not To Send Weapons To Yemen

We started the blankets today. The students did a wonderful job and were very appreciative THANK Y

NY Mets win 9th in a row.

All those pods are putting a crimp in coffee sales

Woman who ran over husband for not voting pleads guilty

To those malcontents who say they can't see any daylight between the parties, I say --

Of 367 Chinese Cities Tested, 90%+ Could Not Meet National Air Quality Standards Q1 2015

Will there be SOPA / net neutrality style outpouring over the TPP vote?

NASA Image Of The Day: Siberian Forest Fire Smoke Crossing N. Pacific To United States

So, TPP and Obama. Thoughts?

Earth Day from Penseys - my fav spice people

Three New Jersey rabbis convicted in forced divorce scheme

At Least 10 Opposition Figures Have Died in Ukraine Just This Year

Q: Does the President consider the iPhone an "American product"?

'Education is no longer a public good but a private right'

Milwaukee to pay $6.5 million to man wrongly convicted of murder

PROF: Robotics to 'shift balance of power even more in favor of employers'

Deputy: Arpaio told me to defy court order

US Trade Bill Mark Up

Lana Parrilla (the evil queen) on gay rights

Deputy: Arpaio told me to defy court order

Why These Baby Crocodiles Can't Wait to Get to Cuba

People, remember what you say

Obama talks TPP on Hardball. Thoughts?

If corporations are legal "persons" then Why Not Chimpanzees?

David Horowitz: "traitor" Pres. Obama letting terrorists bring nukes over the southern border

In war, there is no safe place for Gaza's children

Who Funds Peter Schweizer's Government Accountability Institute? (Clinton Cash rethug hack)

San Francisco Opposes TPP Fast Track in New Resolution

Milledgeville Pharmacist Refuses to Fill Prescription for Miscarriage Patient

Yet another study shows no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

ThinkProgress Report: Schweizer Admits He Cannot Prove Allegations In Clinton Cash

Texas Observer: School Vouchers Survive Texas Senate -

The Media Is Hyping A New, Unreleased Anti-Hillary Book. Here’s What It Really Says.

Baltimore officer suspended in Freddie Gray case accused of domestic violence

Obama’s deal with the devil: The dangerous treaty that has him teaming with the GOP

birthday extravaganza step one complete

Inspector Murphy makes his rounds

Rachel Corrie play returns to NY stage

What's more ridiculous, an atheist church of bacon lovers

Does Tennessee have enough official state songs yet?

Anger at acquittal of Chicago policeman in shooting of woman

Steve King is a legend in his own mind

Yevgeny Plushenko to return to figure skating competition

no it's not the onion.......CNN: 5 things we learned about 'Clinton Cash' without reading it

Nobody liked these Computer insects over at the Lounge. I think they're cool.

Ann Arbor Priest confirms on social media post that parish will not hold further gun classes

Secretary Kerry's oped on earth day

The modern Women's music thread...

Old Man Howard Died and Here's Why You Should Know

it's april and you're already talking about football?

David Cameron on Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism

Puppies that look like teddy bears

The Legal Odds Are Shifting in the A.I.G. Case

Israel to Remove Name of Slain Palestinian Teenager From Memorial

It's April 21st ... Everybody knows today is Earth Day ...

I Would Have Starved Without the Food Bank

OBAMA: Wall Street’s Obedient Servant on TPP

Scientists Perturbed by Loss of Stat Tool to Sift Research Fudge from Fact

Independence Day 2 filming in Abq.

In Wisconsin Supreme Court, Fix Is in for Scott Walker

Israel Deported Them. Then ISIS Cut Off Their Heads.

Mystery man steals vacuum from Manchester Pizza Hut

O.C. judge who gave lenient sentence to molester is asked to resign

Chilean Media Mogul Expelled From Journalists Association

The Female Gaze

Google's Earth Day quiz: what animal are you?

Aide to Tony Cardenas, congressman from L.A., is subpoenaed by grand jury

Armenian hopes crushed as Obama decides not to use the word 'genocide'

TPP is nothing more than DLC lipstick and makeup applied to a giant republican/corporate pig.

Burying Bill - Clinton that is...

More Than 1,000 March In Baltimore To Protest Death Of Man In Police Custody

Obama: US Could ‘Penetrate’ Iran S-300 Defense System

California's new Motto ...

Amnesty votes down proposal for U.K. campaign against anti-Semitism

How American Socialists Fought for Labor Using Control over Local Government

"Marijuana" 1968 Sonny Bono (looking & sounding stoned ) explains marijuana...

Man filmed being beaten by California deputies settles for $650G

Co-Pilot’s Coffee Spill Blamed in Plunge of Serbian President’s Plane

N.Z. Prime Minister Apologizes for Pulling Waitress’ Pony Tail

New York Times Leads Pulitzer Pack, Washington Post Honored Despite Correction

City Council approves plan for NFL stadium near Los Angeles

Dear Future Generations...

Google offers the Quiz du Jour (of the Day) for Earth Day 2015 []

Hillary Promises to Get Everyday Americans Foreign Money...Borowitz

Multi-Colour Fun: "Colour Run 2015" - Paris, France

Venezuela Tops Latin America in Military Spending Cuts, Slashes Arms Budget by 34%

10 egregious myths the religious perpetuate about atheists, debunked

Frustrated man charged by police after shooting his uncooperative computer

Daily Holidays - April 22

Man planning attack on “one or two churches” arrested Sunday in Paris, says French interior minister

University Of North Texas Swaps Michael J. Fox For Anti-Gay, Anti-Minority Gov. Greg Abbott

Saudi Arabia resumes airstrikes in Yemen

Man shoots computer in Colorado Springs alley, gets revenge he wanted - and a citation

Clinton to raise 100 million dollars for primary

NFL tries to concentrate the bad draws against each other


One-man home trader 'helped trigger £500 BILL. stock market crash: held for causing 'Wall St chaos'

Pretty Promises: The TPP: Labor and Environmental Standards. How do you enforce them?

Saudi Arabia resumes airstrikes in Yemen

420 in the City: Totally stoned and extraordinarily miserable - By Mark Morford

SF Board of Supervisors votes unanimously to oppose fast track legislation

Clitheroe FC's Jay Hart sacked for reportedly having sex with fan in manager's dugout

Trade war heating up among Democrats

So it's not enough that we want to fuck up our own environment....

Happy Earth Day DUers

2015 OSHA Violations

Eyeing big work ahead, senators cut deal on Loretta Lynch confirmation

Tsarnaev: Life or Death?

87 Of 117 Wells Located Near Duke Energy Coal Ash Pits Contaminated

Football Stadium Arms Race Pushed This School Deeper Into Debt

Australia Abolished World-Renowned Water Research Center, Climate Group, Then Paid For Lomborg

The Warren Fans Who Won't Take No for an Answer

Who's your MP?

Joseph Stiglitz on CNBC . . . man, this is TAXING to watch.

5 Years After BP, Cat Island (Louisiana), Once Thriving Rookery, Down From 5 Acres To >1

Please DU this poll on "Fast Track"

Harry Reid on giving President Obama fast-track authority: "Hell no"

Suddenly, Congress is actually working. Why?

Noam Chomsky: Every Word in the Phrase ‘Free Trade Agreement’ Is Just False

Target agrees to pay $19 million to MasterCard issuers over data breach

What Are Singers'/Bands' Signature Songs?

Senate 'Resolves' Fight over Abortion Provision in Sex Trafficking Bill

Why We Should Care About the Upcoming U.K. Elections

Human Trafficking Senate Compromise Will Deny Abortion Funding to Survivors

How Many Spaces at the End of a Sentence?

Senator Casey opposes 'Fast Track'

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Today’s GOP is out of sync with Cuban Americans

Tom Tomorrow: The Campaign That Ate America’s Brain

DU was way ahead of the curve- and you ain't seen nothing yet.

Has Elizabeth Warren responded publicly about Obama calling her "simply wrong" on TPP?

The Clintons Still Aren’t Corrupt - By Michael Tomasky

Could someone help me find the series of cartoon panels that explain what feminism really is, as

N.Y. teachers union blasting Cuomo in new multimillion-dollar ad campaign

Paul Says GOP Hawks Are Obama ‘Lap Dogs’

Could someone help me find the series of cartoon panels that explain what feminism really is, as

Could someone help me find the series of cartoon panels that explain what feminism really is, as

Could someone help me find the series of cartoon panels that explain what feminism really is, as

Koch Brothers May Back Five Candidates

Dealing With Hostility From Christian Co-Workers

Cruz Rejects Need for Governor as GOP Nominee

1,900-year-old papyrus reveals ancient Egyptian cure for a hangover

More proof that fracking causes earthquakes..

Delays on M74 after dog 'drives tractor' on carriageway

Religious Leaders On Same-Sex Marriage: “No One View Speaks For ‘Religion’”

10 signs that you may be one of those crazy cat people...

Asian Catholics (and non) mourn Msgr. Nguyen Van Tà, longtime director of Radio Veritas

Etsy, Should I join or

The Sad But Self-Inflicted Fall of Cornel West

"He is so Log Cabin Republican material."

What's in the pipe for closed Walmart stores?

UConn reaches contract deal with graduate students

Ben Affleck 'Regrets' Slavery Coverup

"I'm even trying to LOOK like a fetus!" . . . . Please come CAPTION Rick Scott!!!!

The Gulf, Still at Risk

Five Years After the BP Oil Disaster: A Barrier Island for Nesting Birds Devoid of Life

New Zealand seeks UN resolution on Israel-Palestine

Earth Day: scientists say 75% of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in ground

Obama proposes $3.5 billion gas pipeline overhaul

Obama proposes $3.5 billion gas pipeline overhaul

The Day Political Journalism Died And The People Who Killed It---BY CHARLES PIERCE

Michael Slager Laughed Off the Shooting of Walter Scott Minutes After the Event.

Fox's Ablow Suggests Teens Join ISIL Because Obama 'De-Branded' US

'Pipelines blow up and people die'

'Pipelines blow up and people die'

2016 Republicans are invoking Ronald Reagan. They're doing it wrong.

Palestinian ministers cut short Gaza visit over dispute with Hamas

Grand Oligarchic Party: What the estate-tax vote tells us about the Republicans

Walker is now toast: The crazy move right that cost him the Koch Brothers—and probably the nominatio

Feeling hopeless, huh, 'cause it's already too late? IT'S EARTH DAY...DO SOMETHING GREEN!

Cancer fear prompts FDA to warn of common uterus procedure

One dollar copies of "Cowspiracy" on sale:

"Peace for Our Timeline" from Kris Straub

Abraham Lincoln misquoted again on Ohio Statehouse banner

Rachel Maddow - States get creative at killing prisoners

happy earth day

The US Hand in Libya’s Tragedy

Fact or Fiction: Does the Hatch-Wyden-Obama Trade Promotion Authority Bill Protect U.S. Sovereignty

Drone with radioactive material found on Japanese Prime Minister's office roof

“Calling Obama a ‘global George Zimmerman’? No. No.”: Michael Eric Dyson sounds off on Cornel West,

Meet ‘Lucy,’ a 1,582-ton tunnel boring machine that tweets

A Surprise for Your Earth Day: Carbon Sequestration via Solar Powered Electric Tractors !

Ted Cruz’s demented “socialist” snipes: Here’s how you know he’s running a losing campaign

Clinton and Trade - What's going on?

Armenian Hopes Crushed As Obama Decides Not To Use The Word ‘Genocide’

Rachel Maddow - Campaign cash becomes early differentiator between parties for 2016

Migrants take long, winding road to reach EU gateway Hungary

‘Dr. Evil’ Turns Out To Be ‘Dr. Silly’

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Unhappy Earth Day

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Refugees

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- 2016 and GOP

UN Target of 2 Degree Limit for Temperature Rise 'Utterly Inadequate'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

A Dog Caused Chaos in Scotland After Driving a Tractor on a Highway

Is the place where you work a meritocracy? Or does personality figure into it more?

Labor union: McHenry County Board violated Open Meetings Act in Gov. Rauner (R-IL) meeting

Enlisted jobs rank among worst in new career report

Stop & Shop, Wegmans turn food waste into energy

My soul is rubbed a bit raw lately...

Spain recalls Venezuelan ambassador over Maduro conspiracy comments

Something we already know...

Tell us something we don't already know...

Head of Venezuela congress sues news outlets for defamation

Today's Google Doodle: Earth Day!

1 dead in botulism outbreak linked to Ohio church potluck; 20 in hospital

Progressive breakfast: TPP & Fast track (5 articles)

Pumps at Fukushima plant halted, toxic water leaking into ocean - TEPCO

US stocks open slightly higher; Yum Brands among gainers

Tulsa Pretend Cop Enters Plea, Takes Bahamas Vacation Like Any Other Manslaughter Suspect

'Hound of Hounslow' trader 'who helped trigger £500BILLION Wall Street crash' from this suburban ...

"The Whiteness Fairy"

Argentina sues companies drilling off Falkland Islands

French police foil 'imminent' church terror attack

Rachel Maddow - Oklahoma takes a guess, approves nitrogen gas for killing prisoners

NAFTA debate... Same BS as TPP

TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Great Meritocracy Race

United Steelworkers: Fast Tracking Democracy to Hell

Man Pleased To Find Most Of His Mid-’90s Anti-Hillary Rant Still Usable

An Ex-Cop Keeps The Country’s Best Data Set On Police Misconduct

Pope Francis to Stop in Cuba Before US Trip

Pope Francis is starting to look a lot like Sarah Palin or Kevin Rudd

Man shoots computer in Colorado Springs alley, gets revenge he wanted - and a citation

'None of it’s true': wellness blogger Belle Gibson admits she never had cancer

U.S. Treasury warns Congress currency push could derail Pacific pact

Kazakhstan Rejects Moscow's Single Currency Proposal

Problem - maybe - with adblock/adblock plus

Vietnam: The Real War – in pictures

Ok people

Losing My Religion?

"Anytime the solution involves placing a child in shackles, the people in charge have...failed."

Yes, the quadruple rainbow photo is real

Iowa Restaurant Patron Can Remember Every Breakfast Ruined By Presidential Candidates

Existing-home sales in March climbed the fastest in 18 months

NBC News report from Earth Day 1970

May is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month

STATS: First time in MLB history MVP pitchers (Season/World Series) will face each other

'None of it’s true': wellness blogger Belle Gibson admits she never had cancer

Happy Arbor Day (or why Earth Day is April 22)

A woman of a certain age: How Hillary Clinton should deal with cheap ‘old lady’ attacks — and more l

Pic Of The Moment: Ever Heard This?

Special Earth Day video: The Untouched

Amnesty International puts 200 body bags on Brighton beach in EU migrant disaster protest

‘Killing Jews is Worship’ posters will soon appear on NYC subways and buses

GMO Virus: Long-term success treating Hemophilia B

Labor Panel Passes Bill That Would Charge Big Employers With Low-Wage Workers

First Female DEA Chief Resigns After Blamed For Not Fixing ‘Good Old Boy’ Culture

Jameis Winston: Store employee 'hooked us up' with crab legs

GOP: use birth control, risk getting fired (petition)

Jeb bush's role in stealing the Florida election for his incompetent brother

This Amazing Letter From A Teacher To Her Students Tells Us What’s Wrong With Standardized Testing

Can we get a "drumming fingers" smiley? n/t

That "Sprout Brook Inn" commercial by BMW...

Murder Doesn't Matter Under U.S. Trade Deals, AFL-CIO Reveals

I am a cook in the US Senate but I still need food stamps to feed my children

U.S. Home Prices Rose More Than Estimated in February

Did anyone here vote for Ross Perot in 1992 because of his anti-NAFTA stance? (nt)

In Wisconsin Supreme Court, Fix Is in for Scott Walker

Release of Benghazi Report on Hillary Clinton Likely Pushed to Election Season

To all Earthlings on DU

Pollster Datanálisis: Opposition holds 20% lead ahead of parliament vote (Venezuela)

I have compiled the FULL LIST of declared candidates for the 2016 Democratic Nomination:

Another Sign That the Subprime Auto Market Is Getting Hot

Got a telescope? The Rosetta Comet Campaign would like your help.

Almost Nobody Believes the U.S. Air Force Can Build an Affordable Bomber


Batman v Jesus: The ReNailing - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

Gay 'Focus' of Clinton Campaign Ad Enrages Christian Critics

Taliban, ISIS announce war against each other in Afghanistan

Hello? 8M phone calls unanswered as IRS cut taxpayer service

As a Leading Environmental Organization Closes, Its Leader is Upbeat (Lester Brown)

Senate Leaders Propose Extending NSA Phone Records Storage

Modern Families

*IF* Hillary gets the nomination her VP pick should be...

Tanker crashes, spills diesel on Parks Highway in Alaska

Supreme Court Justices Are Getting 'Grumpier,' Study Finds

Kochs Eye Five Republican Presidential Prospects for Support

happy earth day (and be sure to check the google doodle, and see what kind of animal you are!)

Floating nuclear power stations for the Arctic?

More Senators Say They Haven't Been Briefed on Clinton Cash

10 egregious myths the religious perpetuate about atheists, debunked

Bob & Doug McKenzie - Strange Brew (VIDEO)

Martin O'Malley Seizes on Hillary Clinton's Vulnerability on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Bush's Cash. How many volumes would it take to reveal the BFEE's intake of cash?

Jeb Bush Is A Big Fan Of NSA Surveillance


Americans Trapped in Yemen? U.S. Says 'Good Luck'

take the guardian earth day quiz:

In Ark., a complex divide on religious freedom, gay rights

Elizabeth Warren Fires Back at Obama:

New Orleans goes smoke-free: a breath of fresh air or a blow to its character?

I think Meerkat and Periscope are going to screw the police beyond their wildest imaginations. You

Everyone MUST Understand. Even Present Minimum Wage Is Too High In GOP Economy.

Intellectual Property Rights Watch and Yale are suing the USTR over TPP access

Training expert says Oklahoma police laws need changes

Goodbye Will Twain: A ratfucker unmasked

The brain-drain from Russia to "the West" is getting serious.

Bill O’Reilly Has A Plan To Rig The Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Decision

Hillary Clinton Room Post. Thank you to all Hillary supporters and friends for standing up for her.

Welcome to the Cannabis Group--Please read before posting!

Ignore the Noise in Washington and Tehran. An Iran Nuclear Deal Is Still Likely

Just received this email from O'Malley about TPP

Must see planet pics: Earth Day 2015 edition

I Am a Cook in the U.S. Senate But I Still Need Food Stamps to Feed My Children

Hard choice? from Martin O'Malley

You can trace a lifetime of gender inequality through Everyday Sexism

The TPP, banking deregulation, etc are direct attacks on social and human rights issues

You can trace a lifetime of gender inequality through Everyday Sexism

Cleveland..."It's about values, not stopping gun violance"... Gonna cost them BIG TIME..

Bellevue East holds special-needs prom (kind of dreams come true for her)

Feminism doesn’t mean a battle of the sexes, but a common goal for all

Feminism doesn’t mean a battle of the sexes, but a common goal for all

My "WTF?" of the day, Roseanne Barr edition...

Stupid Laws still on state books

New abortion controversy hits Congress (firing women for using birth control!!!)

Sanders forces delay of trade bill consideration

New abortion controversy hits Congress (allowing women to be fired for using birth control!)

Young Westerners Support Snowden, Study Finds

Fallout reaches the ivory tower

House Republican on trade bill: We have the votes

Barack Obama proposes $3.5 billion gas pipeline overhaul

Dems unveil 'strongest anti-fracking bill' for federal land

Barber King Spanel Intl - 1970s - somebody know how to change the blade?

McConnell introduces bill to extend NSA surveillance

Liberals target 'absurd' tax breaks for fossil fuels

Five Reasons Why Google+ Died

Ethiopians mourn the Christians killed by ISIS

President Obama says Elizabeth Warren and the vast majority of Democrats are "wrong" on TPP

Now for something to totally confuse you

Would you be directly affected by an approved Time Warner/Comcast merger?

Our Country Really Sucks..

Conservative Lawyers to Court: Gay Marriage Will Cause 900,000 Abortions

Florida teen bitten on face by water moccasin he kept on bed

GOP conservatives remain skeptical on climate change: Poll

Dean Baker- Obama is failing us all by ignoring the need for currency rules in TPP

Woman donates her life savings to anti-gay rally instead of buying a house

London Celebrates The Monty Python Reunion By Putting A 50-Foot Dead Parrot In Potters Field Park

Anger follows acquittal in rare trial of Chicago cop

Bernie Sanders Introduces the End Polluter Welfare Act...

Democrats Celebrate Earth Day By Proposing The Strongest Anti-Fracking Bill In Congress

The Apparently Immoral Shoulders of My Five-Year-Old Daughter

Judge Rules MTA Must Run ‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ad on Buses, Subways

Bernie Sanders: "The U.S. government should not be America's biggest low wage job creator!"

Bernie Sanders Is Kind Of Filibustering Obama's Trade Agenda

Chess Master Says Women Too ‘Emotional’ To Play Chess, Got STOMPED By Woman

Citizen Photographs Georgia Cop Watching Porn in Patrol Car

Detroit's Cass Corridor makes way for new era

Super-Rare Quadruple Rainbow Captured In Stunning Photo In New York

Ted Cruz, creepy misogynist: The “hymen” joke that perfectly reflects his odious worldview

Virginia Cop Detains Television News Videographer, Fearing Camera Vest Could be Tactical Gear

Bernie Sanders: Don't bet on it...

The challenges facing atheists in the U.S.

Pregnant restaurant manager fired after armed robbery (Popeyes)


Progress! Top Rank receives ticket manifest for Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

"Trust" Democrats on the TPP Chapter Leaks: They're only drafts so they're meaningless.

Yum yum. Blue Bell ice cream. (cartoon)


Florida man recovering after bite to face by deadly snake

The US deep state transmits the first warning signals to Greece

Special Report: Payday at the mill

Scott Walker Plans To Ignore 'Political' Questions On Israel 'Listening Tour'

Anyone know how to start a gofundme account?

Earth Day I: We Stood in Toxic Waste.

Belle Gibson, "The Whole Pantry," finally admits she lied; never had cancer

Austin Police Chief On Texas Open Carry Bill: ‘Common Sense Has Officially Died’

Pat Robertson Rejoices In Woman's Deliverance From Sexual Abuse, Using Drugs & 'Lesbianism'

Pregnant fast food manager fired when she wouldn’t reimburse money stolen in armed robbery

Bernie Sanders: Rahm Emanuel's Re-Election Is Proof Citizens United Decision Stinks

So who just approved a new measure to kill people with Nitrogen Gas?

Kulanu balks at Likud demand to weaken Israel's Supreme Court

How John Fugelsang recieved an 'F' in 9th grade gym....LOL

Obama turns to his base for trade support


California Vaccine Bill Passes Major Hurdle

Police: Boy dies after father got drunk, left him in hot car

Sanders-Warren, with Jon Stewart in a key campaign role...

This is no way to treat our Mother!!

Elizabeth Warren lashes back at Obama on trade agenda

How the Media Became One of Putin’s Most Powerful Weapons

The best of George Carlin...

Ray-Ban Asks Rand Paul To Remove Its Shades From His Campaign Store

Sarah Palin accused of stalling $15,000 settlement with New Jersey newspaper

O’Malley knocks Clinton again on trade, saying workers deserve more than ‘lip service’

Scott Walker Celebrates Earth Day by Firing 57 Environmental Agency Employees

we are rw because we demand our health insurance, covers our health care.

I need ammo to refute anti-immigrant arguments.

Holy freaking Hell, John Deere parts are overpriced !

Weight-loss balloon being tested by Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Health Network!

'Wellness Guru' Belle Gibson lied about having brain cancer, profited from lying about bogus cancer

There's *much* more to this interview in Gawker than calling JudyMILLER "a lying fool" but I love it

Nancy Pelosi slams GOP: Letting employers fire women for using birth control is unconscionable

We do need a HUGE reality check!!

Russia arms Iraq, Syria to help combat Islamic State - Lavrov

Football Town Nights

Anyone here familiar with pistol permits in NY?

Police can’t delay traffic stops to investigate crimes absent suspicion, Supreme Court rules

Saudi prince pledges to give a free Bentley to every pilot involved in the Yemen air strikes

Hard Choices: HRC demonstrates how to avoid them

Toyota is taking on the hydrogen fuel-cell car haters — including Elon Musk

Why Did These Oil Workers Die?

Ray-Ban Asks Rand Paul To Remove Its Shades From His Campaign Store

The Big Answer to Wrangling Oil Spills Could Be in This Tiny Mesh

How Raising The Minimum Wage To $15 Changed These Workers' Lives

The Big Answer to Wrangling Oil Spills Could Be in This Tiny Mesh

How Raising The Minimum Wage To $15 Changed These Workers' Lives

How Raising The Minimum Wage To $15 Changed These Workers' Lives

Scott Walker Celebrates Earth Day by Firing 57 Environmental Agency Employees

Raising Social Security's retirement age is a disaster for the poor

A timely look at Washington state’s deteriorating bridges and clogged highways

IC Adjuncts Submit Petition for Union Vote

Dude, our rescue Beagle Basset is a TV star!

We don't need unions because government has enough rules and regulations.

‘F*ck You! F*ck That! F*ck CNN!’ Baltimore Protester Grabs Mic Live on CNN

The Kochs Sent Rachel Maddow A Script To Read On Air. Her Response Was Epic.

IRS responds to Greenpeace call to investigate Koch brothers' tax-deductible climate denial

Shattered glass: Feds sue Irving-based Michaels for selling ‘unreasonably dangerous’ vases

First Hillary backer from '08 dumps her this time

Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio reaches out to gay Republicans

Claiming Trans People Are Sex Offenders, Pastors' Spokesperson Turns Out To Be Serial Rapist

Bad Buzz: Studies Say Neonic Pesticides Hurt Wild Bees

Organizing is the heart and soul of this campaign. Watch the video & sign up to get involved:

Why Greece May Be The New Lehman (Politico, 4-22-15)

Dan Savage Mocks GOP Presidential Hopefuls For Their 'Imaginary Hypothetical Gay Friends'

First Hillary backer from '08 dumps her this time

If TPP, then can I sue the American Government?

After workers asked Putin for help, corruption uncovered

Spain’s Ominous Gag Law

Retire Your Elephants Now E petition 178,000 so far

When Florida Man gets elected to congress...

DeadHeads, heads up: Weir / Lesh / Kreutzmann / Hart "Fare The Well" shows will be on Pay-Per-View

Democratic Trade War: Obama Says Warren 'Wrong' on TPP as Reid Says 'Hell No' to Fast Track

Part two of Republicans are thy enemy.

Just an FYI: Members of Congress Can't reveal what's in the TPP. It's classified

How a transgender teen got South Carolina to change its license photo policy

Jeb Bush knocks Hillary Clinton’s wavering on trade deal

Misogynists disrupt sci-fi convention, play the victim when kicked out

Green Tree Must Refund Consumers $48M For Array Of Deceptive Practices

Tennessee lawmaker tables abortion bill exceptions because rape and incest are ‘not verifiable’

State Punishes Payday Lender for Criminalizing Debt

NYC mayor unveils sweeping environmental plan on Earth Day

Cruz formally asks McCain to examine guns on military bases

Gay Marriage Causes Abortions!

FastTrack, the TPP and the TPP international court.

Mistaken identity: girl pulled screaming from Mexican school and sent to Texas

Koch Brothers Signal Support for Economic Destroyer Scott Walker

Sign the petition: Stop trophy hunting giraffes!

Sign the petition: Stop trophy hunting giraffes!

Walled off: In non-rebel eastern Ukraine, frustrations with Kiev mount

Retire Your Elephants Now E petition 178,000 so far

Hillary Clinton Campaign Launches Grassroots Organizing Program In ALL 50 States

This entrepreneur wants to save the world, and he's getting worldwide attention

About that Popeye's restaurant which fired the pregnant employee

Anti vexxers got a boost?

New video makes clear Freddie Gray was seriously injured BEFORE he was dragged into police van

Army to review decision to have male cadets wear high heels

American Jews learn to talk with other American Jews about Israel

No apologies: Lucy Aharish is honored to be both Arab and Israeli on Independence Day

How Do People Do It?

Tell Nebraska State Senators to Keep One Minimum Wage for All Ages (We raised it last Nov.)

This is exactly why I am not jumpng on the Hillary Clinton Bandwagon

Showtime is running Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth

+++++Need help to determine the Finalist's 9th spot - April Contest “Color Riot” also the 10th spot

Are any Americans really stupid enough to vote for Jeb Bush, after his brother, George W. Bush,

Nebraska wastewater well gets approval, but its future remains uncertain

As to Freddy Grey getting leg shackled after he had been in

Regional Colombia customs chief under house arrest amid mass corruption allegations

Uribe’s biggest headache: More senior aides at risk of prison

+++++Need help to determine the Finalist’s 10th spot - April Contest “Color Riot” also the 9th spot

Cardiff University scientists discover asthma's root cause

Greg Hardy is suspended 10 games without pay

$23,660-a-year 'executives' will see a raise from an Obama rule change on overtime.

Earth Day (Today!) organizer Denis Hayes touts hydrogen fuel cells.


+++++Runoffs in progress for "Color Riot" ++++

Carly Fiorina to Launch Presidential Campaign on May 4

American goldfinches are back!--looking for water in the ant cups of hummingbird feeders

Stephen Colbert: "Global Warming Isn't Real"

There's still about a week left in Autism Acceptance Month.

Ray-Ban to Rand Paul campaign: Stop selling our sunglasses

Toward Cyborg Socialism

On Friday EU FMs Decide Whether to Release Emer Funds to Greece, or Risk Greece Default/WD from EU

Falling meteor may have changed the course of Christianity

Stop Vilifying Almonds

Stop Vilifying Almonds (xpost from GD)

'I Have Black Friends,' Says Business Owner Who Hung Nooses, Confederate Flags

Unbelievable Jail Sentence Of White Girls Who Hunted Black People In Mississippi

Ex-Bully Comes Out As Gay, Apologizes For Homophobic Torment

where are the Democrats?

Michele Bachmann Warns: God Is Pissed, Rapture Is Imminent Thanks To Gay Marriage

Senate Passes Human Trafficking Bill, Clearing Path for Vote on Lynch

Yet another middle class screwjob: taxation of social security benefits.

California umbrella

What are the "secrets" in the TPP ??

Ancient Hangover Cure Discovered in Greek Texts

Barry Bonds obstruction of justice conviction overturned

Honduras is world’s number one for killing environmental activists

Honduras is world’s number one for killing environmental activists

Watch: Elizabeth Warren Speaks Out at "No to Fast Track Rally!" April 15, 2015

Climate change impacts people who are not born yet

Climate change impacts people who are not born yet

NO SHIT ...70

Can Be Fired For Violating Employer's Religious Views. Great. Theocracy May Be Here.

Release of Benghazi Report on Hillary Clinton Likely Pushed to Election Season

Seed coating with a neonicotinoid insecticide negatively affects wild bees

Man trapped in an 8-year "Groundhog Day" loop baffles scientists

Cops Kill in USA

Brazil Ranks Highest in Killing of Land and Environmental Activists - See more at: http://riotimeson

Do you think a candidate can support globalization AND "toppling the 1%" at the same time?

So are Upton & Cboy4 going to return and gloat? Barry Bonds’ conviction reversed.

Fueled by Bullsh*t

Elizabeth Warren: "Two Questions to Ask about TPP"--at "No! to Fast Track" Labor Rally!

As of today, I am supporting Bernie Sanders for President.

'Significant' Pictish fort found off Aberdeenshire coast

Why Cuba Won’t Extradite Assata Shakur

Posting window locking up my touchscreen - Win 7

Dennis Prager Blames California Drought On 'Worship Of Nature'

No Room for Business as Usual at the Summit of the Americas

Amy Schumer Says The Football Rape Sketch On 'Inside' Is Meant To 'Educate'

GOP ask not.....

Dr. Oz Responds to Anti-Labeling GMO Critics: Label Our Food! We Won't Be Silenced!

Over 784,000 Colombians emerged from poverty last year, says Santos

A Voice, Not An Echo

The viking women who disappeared

Obama Spends Earth Day In The Everglades, Taunting Republicans On Climate Change

The Diplomat Who Wouldn’t Lie

If Hillary is a Dem Progressive...why did President Obama Attack Progressives like Elizabeth Warren

Nice phrasing, you fucking knucklehead

Chipotle: Carnitas shortage to persist for months

What movies have done the best job of depicting dating?

Star Destroyer on Craigslist?

iPad Mini 2 or Mini 3? What do I miss with the 2 instead of the 3?

When was the last time the Rethuglicans ran a presidential race on the issues?

In today's email from Elizabeth Warren: No vote on FT until TPP made public

Facing threat in Congress, Pentagon races to resettle Guantanamo inmates

Houston Police Caught on Video Kicking in Door to Business, Stealing Cash

NO SHIT ...71

Mary Doyle Keefe, model for "Rosie the Riveter" painting by Norman Rockwell, has died at 92

Exxon Mobil firms to pay nearly $5M for Arkansas oil spill

Boston Globe: In Ark., a complex divide on religious freedom, gay rights

Man who shot Reagan seeks to live outside mental hospital

****Friendly Reminder to All Who Read/Post Here*** The Internets *cannot* be awarded to anyone

Airline world's tiny secret: infatuation with model planes

'Hurricane Isis' retired as naming option due to terrorist group

Question: For those here who feel Obama’s support of the TPP will end up ..

IS group is 'Russia's greatest enemy', not US, says Lavrov

Bernie Sanders - No Fast Track Rally! April 15, 2015

Al Franken - No Fast Track Rally! April 15, 201

Who has everything California needs???

Sherrod Brown - No Fast Track Rally! April 15, 2015

102-year-old Harlem Renaissance dancer sees herself on film for the first time

Obama admin eyes big changes at Guantanamo Bay

Hillary Clinton is running for president...

Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network compares vaccines to rape

Sam Brownback's HMO Tax Hikes Hit A Major Speed Bump: A Furious HMO

With 'Brave Tactic,' Sanders Tries to Slam Brakes on Fast Track

Settlers uproot 450 olive trees from Palestinian lands, bringing total to 800,000 since 1967

New Wikileaks release peeks behind the scenes of America’s quack

Scott Walker Speaking in Edina Tomorrow 4/23

Dr. Oz is a charlatan.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 23 April 2015

Guardian: Latest Dr Oz accusations have more to do with GMOs than diet

Collectively, we are God to this planet

Tim Ryan - No Fast Track Rally! April 15, 2015

J. David Cox - No Fast Track Rally! April 15, 2015

The Sun Must Go Down on the Patriot Act

Hoover Institution Visiting Fellow writes in SacBee: "Must cure baseless fear of doctors, vaccines"

The Pink Tax

Rauner: Stop 'fair share' fees for non-union teachers

Tennessee Anti-Choice Politician Can’t Decide if Women Are Stupid or Cunning

Japan's maglev train sets world record: 603 kph

Secret Koch memo details plans to buy the Republican Party and the 2016 Presidential election

Famous GOP A-hole charged with criminal domestic violence

Rachel Maddow

Boston Globe: Warren, Mass. business groups at odds over trade pact

“The media decides when you’re no longer believably f**kable”:Amy Schumer tears into industry sexism

with cheaper gas, Hybrid sales crash (but Prius, non plug-in, off only slightly)

I saw a young protester on the news-He had a black ribbon on as a reminder-Black Lives Matter.

Chris Christie Gave Millions More Pension Dollars To Donor's Firm Than Disclosed, Documents Show

Senate reintroduces bill to reauthorize Patriot Act with no reform

Political Stuff

Assange: How "The Guardian" Milked Edward Snowden's Story

Rand Paul’s Son Cited for Drunk Driving

4-22-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 2011 in 2:00