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Archives: April 16, 2015

Chicago not releasing video of officer-involved shooting

My temporary neighborhood's in shock right now.

Ex-Cuban Diplomat to Marco Rubio: Why Is Florida Harboring Terrorists?

Authorities: Cardiologist Tried to Have Rival Doctor Killed

Elizabeth Warren has a game-changing idea that doesn’t require Congress

Death/War Lover Lindsey Graham: I Don’t Know Why Gyrocopter Wasn’t Shot Out of the Sky

Hillary makes a lot of money from speeches

From Mississippi 1963 to South Carolina 2015 (Video)

Question for Hillary backers: how do *you* feel about the e-vote?

World’s oldest stone tools discovered in Kenya

Female CEO says “hormones” & “biblical sound reasoning” should disqualify women from being president

Florida man lands mini-copter at U.S. Capitol as a protest

School-to-prison pipeline ignores difference between misbehavior and crime

On the same day in history that Peter Tosh was awarded Platinum for Legalize It

Colombia lifts bombing truce after Farc attack in Cauca

Pamela Anderson under fire for supporting vegetarian 'slop' Sheriff Joe serves inmates

Why We Need to Raise Powerful Children*

U.S. runners defy travel warning on North Korea

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Photos Document the Empowerment of Afghan Girls Through Skateboarding

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!! Crying Uncle

I don't mean to brag or anything....

You want to talk President Lincoln, Teabagger? Here's some Lincoln for you!

New Rule (for me)

Hillary Clinton for Millennials (msnbc)

U.S. lawmakers closer on fast track trade deal key to Asia pact

Ted Nugent tells NRA audience he would like to gun down Harry Reid

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Pros and Cons

Two Macro from my neighborhood.

Grave of Hillary Clinton's father 'vandalised' day after she declared for president

U.S. study finds teacher bias in discipline toward black students

Teens admit to criminal threat in California school shooting plot

Porthcawl, Wales: music festival for Steve Strange

U.S. judge in California keeps marijuana listed among most dangerous drugs

Bernie I'll send you $45.00.

DeBlasio said they must stop enabling Moskowitz. But Cuomo to hold huge fundraiser for her.

Former Center for American Progress Fellow to Head Hillary Clinton’s Senior Policy Advisor Team

Do we, as a people, have the courage to take on the billionaire class?

Under the current primary system, which past Presidential candidates within 18 months of the general election

Third arrest made in videotaped rape on Florida spring break beach

Video: Copter Landing on Capitol lawn

Tennessee House approves bill to make Bible official state book

European Parliament votes to call 1915 Armenian killings genocide

Hillary Campaigns One More Day in Iowa at Fruit Company and Meeting at State Capitol

Listening to Rachael Maddow and Bernie

Ok I never do this but

On Rachel Maddow right now--KOCH BROS WANT TO MURDER VA

Islamic State withdraws from Yarmouk camp, Nusra remains: residents

Mexico’s Election Watchdog Orders Ads Criticizing President to Be Pulled

Mexico’s Election Watchdog Orders Ads Criticizing President to Be Pulled

Experts, Lawyers, Labor activists or other, seeking advice regarding wage theft

Clinton: Unnecessary regulations thwart business growth

3D yourself

another TPP question -- This one from My wife.

Canada, India unveil uranium supply deal, bury nuclear discord

On the 150th anniversary of his death, Lincoln becomes a Democrat

San Francisco board approves wild animal performance ban

Clinton Natl Political Director Amanda Renteria is a Latina "First"

San Francisco board approves wild animal performance ban

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street backers: We get it

Terrified ‘Tea Party Patriot’ realizes he could lose Obamacare if GOP wins in 2016

Breaking on Lawrence - Robert Bates - the pay to play killer 'deputy'

Are you ready for the third season of Orphan Black?......starts Saturday.....

Voting machine password hacks as easy as 'abcde', details Virginia state report

Court rules GM shielded from death claims before bankruptcy

Officers punished for viral video of rock-paper-scissors game at Chilifest

Velvet REvolution--Virginia wireless voting machines can be hacked with a smart phone

Inkster police fire officer in motorists' videotaped beating

Husband in runaway mom-daughter case arrested in Atlanta

Former police chief indicted in wife's shooting

Need help with neighbors...

Gov. Chris Christie calls for cuts in Social Security, Medicare

I was reminded of this watching the news about that little helicopter in DC...

Senator Jose Rodriguez urges Public Integrity Unit to reopen probe of DPS contracts

Another ally of Ukraine ex-president Yanukovych found dead

Angie's List CEO Might Challenge Mike Pence in Indiana

Senate OKs ending criminal penalty for truancy

Health disaster strikes recently contacted Indians in Brazil

Health disaster strikes recently contacted Indians in Brazil

O'Malley video about Hillary potential inconsistency/flip-flop,

When Bolivia Tried to Murder a US Folk Legend

Note to self: do your taxes ahead of time next year! Managed to get them in on time...barely.

The Bernie Buzz: Stop the Ugland House Scam

Do we have a Cannabis group yet? n/t

The day's not over...Happy 2nd Birthday to Sam and Beau!

A note about the April 15th deadline for taxes

Domestic work included in Ecuadorean law reform

NRA wants Muslim 'no-go' zones in US

5 Things under-reported at the Summit of the Americas

There were rallies in support of low-wage workers in Kansas City and 200 other cities today!!!!

Rep. Anchia Decries Lack Of Support For Pro-LGBT Birth Certificate Bill

"The American Conservative: James Webb, war novelist"

My Paper on Epilepsy and cardiac arrhythmias was published!

Report: 15 state parks on closure list, including Guntersville, Cheaha (

Dean Skelos, New York Senate Leader, and His Son Are Said to Be Focus of Federal Inquiry.

University of Texas student: Whataburger denied me entry for wearing lingerie

good news from MSNBC

High Court rejects appeal against anti-boycott law

On scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being strongly agree and 5 being strongly disagree ...

Sperm Whale Encounter of the Closest Kind - Hauntingly Beautiful

Killing of 10 Soldiers Deals a Setback to Colombian Peace Talks With FARC Rebels

Brian Regan-I Walked On The Moon (Full)

From Mayor to Police: Your Paycheck Depends on How Many Tickets You Write

CBS’s “Late Show With David Letterman” Announces Lineup Of Guests For Dave’s Final 28 shows

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 16, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Millionaires' Daughters

Tonite I did an OP in GD for the 'POPULISM 2015' conference this weekend, April 18-20

Was the NYPD's attack on Garner retaliatory?

Netanyahu says West is ‘comatose’ and ‘delusional’ in face of today’s Nazis: Iran

Israel from the sky (youtube channel)

Oklahoma Attorney General vows to continue the fight to distribute Bibles in public schools

Stuff we'd love to have!

Its really dumb to allow dangerous guns to remain dumb:

A note about D.A.R.E., Philadelphia, and the Connelly Foundation.

Abbott re-ignites call for business tax cuts, and he's open to others

Noam Chomsky: The Crimes of Others

No Matter Who Wins the White House...

State bill to force parents to vaccinate schoolchildren stalls

Former Iowa lawmaker charged with sex abuse of wife with dementia

ALEC Can't Seem To Keep Its Spats From Getting Into Public View

LA School District Ditches iPad Curriculum, Seeks Refund from Apple

Follow-up: Young Conservatives rally for campus carry at Texas Tech intersection

Sources: Supervisors told to falsify (Tulsa) reserve deputy's training records

Angie's List head could challenge Pence after religious freedom battle. Quits job to fight law.

Funniest Bill Clinton Memes

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 17, 2015 -- Friday Night Spotlight - A. Arnold Gillespie

Texas woman invokes ‘religious freedom’ argument to fight $2000 fine for feeding the homeless

Congressional hearing: Russia’s use of pseudo journalism against U.S.

Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day

Supposedly hispanic-friendly "moderate" Jeb endorses anti-immigrant nut & DC Madame client Vitter

Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day: The European Romani

Have liberals been shooting themselves in the foot by not taking "No" for an answer from Warren?

made me smile

OK...It’s now officially ‘Put up or Shut up’ -time

Why Women Bosses Are Best for the Bottom Line

Logic problem given to 15 yr old Singapore students

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 18, 2015 -- The Essentials: Directed by Robert Rossen

Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day: Righteous Among the Nations

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street backers: We get it

Trey Gowdy: I 'lack the authority' to subpoena Hillary Clinton's server

President Obama maintains the power in the Iran talks

When vaginas are outlawed--

For The GOP In The End Only Wage Earners/Workers Pay Taxes. Rich/Business No Taxes.

Bernie Sanders Brilliant Rally Speech: Stop the War on Working Families, Say No TPP

A million people killed. Damn. How do you live with it?

Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day: Gay Men and Lesbians

Trying to get today's Republicans to accept basic facts--

George W. Bush: Jeb has a problem: 'Me'

Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day: 33 important Holocaust facts

Former Philadelphia police officer: 'I planted drugs too many times to count'

Iraq PM Says Yemen Could Engulf Region In War, Slams Saudi Operations

Oxymoron - Saw A Car W/Handicapped Plate & Don't Tread On Me Sticker.

Netanyahu Likens Iran To Nazis In Holocaust Remembrance Speech

Kiss For Peace

UK Parties: The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Who needs the police anyhow? Apparently not these guys! (Vigilante "justice" video)

Orthodoxy in the Climate Movement: Franzen and His Deniers

Problems plaguing F-35's next-gen maintenance system

Dean Skelos, New York Senate Leader, and His Son Are Said to Be Focus of Corruption Inquiry

Daily Holidays -April 16

Paris Opera's star ballet dancer Aurélie Dupont to take her final bow

Fear of a Capitalist Planet..... besides ours ... the search for ET

Paris Opera's star ballet dancer Aurélie Dupont to take her final bow

Y'all need a better search bar

Tom Tomorrow"...........hey kids Its officer friendly again

World now adding more renewable energy than fossil fuel energy

America Is Criminalizing Black Teachers

Feds Quietly Admit Pot Helps Cancer Patients

Religion isn't growing, it is becoming vigorous in its demise, says philosopher AC Grayling

LHC has 5 new goals..... search for extra dimensions among other stuff

Italy: Olive groves under threat | Focus on Europe

Freight Train

Mailman protestor was seconds from being blown out the sky: Guards were ready to open fire

The US Military's Battlefield of Tomorrow

This Japanese festival is just like thousands of others — plus a lot of penis

Victims of South Korea’s Sewol Ferry Disaster Remembered One Year On

Clinton in Iowa: "... unnecessary regulation that has put a damper on economic growth"

I did suscribe to your group after Hillarys announcement...

"so i jump on draghi's desk, and people discuss my undies..."

Holy flying fish! Giant carp attack university rowing team

The relative sizes of all known moons and small planets in the solar system

Why electricity Energy Storage is About to Get Big – and Cheap

The Dane's Skin

Not voting: Why Buckminster Fuller said this is important to our success

Tea Party Man Votes for Clinton

New laws force doctors to lie to patients about abortion

Confused Hillary accidently utters line from Goldman Sachs speech while speaking in public.

BP dropped green energy projects worth billions to focus on fossil fuels

BP dropped green energy projects worth billions to focus on fossil fuels

New strategy for those who oppose gay marriage...

Myth Bust: One Dog Year Does Not Equal Seven Human Years

Woe of White Men, Again?

Japan Meteorological Agency - March 2015 Hottest Global March In Temperature Records

Ahem, we can stop now with the latest Hillary outrage #regulationgate......

Gov. Scott Walker: Answer for Climate Censorship in Wisconsin

Not sure what to make of this: Poll shows that Democrats prefer a candidate who compromises

Goldman Sachs says 1Q net income rises

If you're white you're a customer, if you're black you're trespassing

Which candidate is this commercial for?

Le Corbusier legacy threatened by 'fascist' revelations

Meme of the Day - April 16, 2015

OK, Christie was talking about his mom changing his diapers...

Clinton charity to allow 6 countries to donate, not others

George W. Bush:" Jeb has a problem: 'Me'"

Vatican ends controversial investigation of U.S. nuns with olive branch

Judge Won't Take Pot off Schedule 1 List

It’s up to Dalai Lama whether he’ll be reborn, Buddhist leader says

The High Cost of Fighting for $15 (yes, another "regulation" we need!)

Supervisors were -ORDERED TO FALSIFY- Tulsa County reserve deputy’s training records, sources say.

Sir Felix-Licks-A-Lot And Miss Amelia Twinkletoes (kitty rescue) Allegra Fisher Pittsburgh, PA

Agree/Disagree - there are valid reasons to support HRC, there are valid reasons to oppose her

Ayn Rand Reviews Children’s Books

How many of you remember Ross Perot? If you don't just watch Hillary's campaign.

More Americans sought unemployment benefits last week

typical joe scarborough on the guy in the gyro-copter..."shoot him down!"

Hillary Clinton Praises 'Progressive Champion' Elizabeth Warren

a typical news morning in / abortion

U.S. Alone Once Again at Americas summit

Poll: White men are the group least likely to support Hillary

Top US lawmakers to discuss police killings as reform momentum builds

European FMs urge policy chief: Label West Bank settlement products

Some cringeworthy visual puns

Where Have All the Consumers Gone?

Looks to me like Hillary Clinton's campaign is shaping up to

Fugelsang on Rand Paul - ROFL!

Two writers criticize Garry Trudeau’s view of the Charlie Hebdo affair

This Nun Wants You To Have #TaxPayerPride

New Evidence Suggests Middle East Conflict Predates All Human Civilization

A Trade Rule that Makes It Illegal to Favor Local Business? Newest Leak Shows TPP Would Do That ....

A couple of sentences in the bill to fix payments to doctors of Medicare patients bother me.

So now Hillary Is Completly Recuperating Liz's Rethoric.

Even This Cuddly Teabagger Dude Might Vote For Hillary, So He Can Keep His Beloved Obamacare

The Cuban Thaw Is Obama's Finest Foreign Policy Achievement to Date

Andrew Cuomo's low-selling memoir is still paying him big

Spain files protest with Venezuela over president’s comments

Peru’s Left Aims to Regroup Ahead of 2016 Election

Emerald Isle (NC) opposes seismic testing offshore

My local newspaper is fine with euphemistic racism but not with labeling it as racism

Former state health employees say they were silenced on drilling

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Election Circus just Beginning

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - General GOP Stupidity

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Bills to repeal new background checks, magazine limits fail

13,000 doctors have left Venezuela (Spanish)

Colombia Supreme Court accuses Uribe of bribery

Lynn Boylan MEP calls for justice for Chevron’s victims in Ecuador

Mexico issues alert over stolen radioactive material

Mystery blob in the Pacific messes up US weather and ecosystems

What's Really in Taco Bell Meat?

Hillary Clinton leans left out of Iowa with bold progressive checklist

Will Hillary lead the effort to shut down the TPP in the Senate ?

Leading House Democrat Will Oppose TPP Fast Track

Mother Charged After Naked Twister With Daughter's Friends

Documents Undermine NY Times Report On Clinton Emails

Cuba’s Removal From Terrorism List

so, i am learning about the populist group/party? what is the make up? do we have a clue?

Crime-drama "Child 44" banned in Russia for being anti-russian propaganda.

George admits he's a problem for Jeb - babbling incoherently, he gives a good demonstration why

25 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Switzerland

Tom Hayden: Cuba Has Stood Up to US Hegemony for 55 Years

This is what the right wing bigots are encouraging:

Confused Hillary accidently utters line from AFL-CIO speech while speaking in public.

I Just Asked Erik Prince To Stop Bribing Politicians

Are gun rights really that important to Americans

Corrupt officer says drug squad lied, stole, beat people

Bill Black: How the “Super Crunchers” Became the “Super Torturers” of Finance Data

Bold, Refreshing and Courageous to boot!

Australia Runs out of Luck, Now Needs a Miracle

Lincoln Chafee: 'I'm running' and here's why

Mexico: Forensic evidence suggests disappeared students investigation a ‘whitewash’

Schumer may shatter fundraising records for Democrats

The Seven Positions Hillary Clinton Laid Out in Iowa

Congressional panel expresses ‘no confidence’ in DEA chief over Colombia sex parties

Congressional panel expresses ‘no confidence’ in DEA chief over Colombia sex parties

Democrats Cave on Measure Overturning Fracking Regulations

Looks like Lincoln Chafee is running

Biggest Credit Bubble in History Flashes Warning – ‘Seek Cover’

What if the only documentation of L Ron Hubbard

Murray Energy v. E.P.A. and West Virginia v. E.P.A.

National Enquirer: Hillary Clinton is a lesbian.

Senate Dems push gas tax hike, tied to refunds.

Lawyer representing whistle blowers finds malware on drive supplied by cops

Reporting on Russia’s Troll Army, Western Media Forget West’s Much Bigger, Sophisticated Troll Army

DU a poll on MSNBC: Do you plan on voting for Hillary Clinton for president in 2016? 82k votes

Why Does WaPo Protect Identities of Cops Who Tased a Shackled, Mentally Ill Woman Until She Died?

Professor Richard Wolff: Global Capitalism: April 2015 Monthly Update

Today in Herstory: Police Raid Birth Control Clinic in NYC (15 april 1929)

Today in Herstory: Police Raid Birth Control Clinic in NYC (and the war on women continues)

Argentine farmers say Monsanto soy contract breaks local law

Just sent a comment to HEB grocery stores here in Texas.

Argentine farmers say Monsanto soy contract breaks local law

why voting records are only a rough approximation

Dear Champion: Stagnant wages are putting a damper on Economic Growth

Look at this way, you might not like Hillary, but at least we have something.

I love this cartoon about the anti-vaxxers...

"A Corporate Trojan Horse": Critics Decry Secretive TPP Trade Deal as a Threat to Democracy

Ugh. The worse inequality gets, the more people agree with Republicans

Rachel Maddow - Opposition to dark money in politics among Clinton's liberal planks

Just saw an article in a local shopper's weekly, about manual transmissions.


Mayor de Blasio, on Midwest Trip, Seeks to Lead a National Shift to the Left

NBC’s Conduct in Engel Kidnapping Story is More Troubling than the Brian Williams Scandal

Rachel Maddow - VA threatened by conservative privatization push

Fighting a Low-Intensity War, Indigenous Tupinamba Recover Their Land in Brazil

Fighting a Low-Intensity War, Indigenous Tupinamba Recover Their Land in Brazil

Jackie Chan on why american action comedies suck

Why all of a sudden is it so important Hillary have competition within the party?

The Issa letter may have been less directly asking about HRC than the news story suggests

10 diseases where medical marijuana could have impact

Lets do our own poll then: Do you plan on voting for Hillary Clinton for president in 2016?

If the 2008 primary was today, who would you vote for?

Ben Bernanke Will Work With Citadel, a Hedge Fund, as an Adviser

Oh Hellz Yeah, Hillary should embrace the “Feminist” Label.

The Bible Man has left the building

Obama Is About To Sign The Biggest Health Care Bill Since Obamacare

Any professional pianists or musicians here?

To Pat Robertson, not being able to discriminate is "destroying freedom..."

It's official, Lincoln Chafee is running for the 2016 Democratic Nomination for President

Are water heaters with longer warranties better made or is it the same plus an extended warranty?

Alaska-bound wolverine attempts escape at New Jersey airport

EXCLUSIVE: The Ending of The Walking Dead

Pic Of The Moment: George W. Bush Neatly Sums Up Jeb Bush's Campaign Problem In A Single Word

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Backers: We Get It

Populist Rhetoric: The Tool To Fool

Vatican ends LCWR scrutiny two years sooner than expected

Rand Paul pens tribute to Koch brothers

San José de Apartadó: Lessons from Colombia’s Peace Community

It's snowing like crazy in Boulder Co., CO.

Dismembered Protections (these laws don't even pretend to protect women's health)

Dismembered Protections (these laws don't even pretend to protect women's health)

Dismembered Protections (these laws don't even pretend to protect women's health)

Knuckle-Cracking Produces Mysterious White Flash, Gas

The Booths after Lincoln Assassination

Big Oil Is About to Lose Control of the Auto Industry

"..partisan Americans treat politics like they treat sports: Winning is the only thing that matters"

this is what public service is about:

The Oil Industry’s ‘Man Camps’ Are Dying

In Mexico, Disappearance Is the Rule of Law

Elementary School Nurse Will Determine If Students Are Patriotic Enough For Her Services

U.S. Housing Starts Data Underperforms; Jobless Claims Rise

How Can You Tell if You’re Being Sexually Empowered or Objectified?

Lies from the right are not being debunked and you can go pages and pages in Google and it is

Ruling Shields GM From Ignition Suits

Guatemalan Activist Murdered Near Mine Site

Russia Blames U.S. For Security Crises, Turmoil In Ukraine

When did movies stop putting "The End" up on the screen when the movie ended?

Sen. Sanders on Rachel Maddow

Senate leaders nearing trade deal

Canine Flu Hits Hundreds Of Dogs Across Midwest

American Oxygen

Everyone Hates the Euro

Hurrray for the Mailman!

The poor in Kansas can now only withdraw $25 US per day from an ATM.

Hillary Clinton’s most interesting hire yet

Christian Texas Lady Thinks Religious Freedom Protects Her Right To Feed The Homeless, AS IF

Bolivian President to Obama: Stop trying to transform the world into a battlefield!

MSNBC Pulse ... and, has the name of our party been permanently co-opted?

2015 NBA Playoffs

The War Machine - I Just Asked Erik Prince To Stop Bribing Politicians (David Swanson)

Hatred is the only issue that GOP presidential candidates have

Politico claims Kasich would be the GOP's best chance. I don't think he is worth discussing...

What are the Democrats' alternatives to Clintonland?

Murders of pro-Russian lobbyists increase tension in Ukraine standoff

Apple Is Buying Up 36,000 Acres Of Forest To Conserve It

PSA: Kids, your financial troubles may just be over!

Russia blames U.S. for security crises and turmoil in Ukraine

Bernie Sanders: What a coincidence!

Hillary Clinton Wants The Supreme Court To Strike Down Marriage Bans

The fresh-faced millennial leading the fight against gay marriage

Have you noticed the pictures the tv is using when talking about Hillary?

Viral Video: Sydney Train Passenger Defending Muslim Woman Against Racist Rant

Hillary Clinton puts her love of Elizabeth Warren in writing for Time 100 list

Breaking: National Front Founder Jean Marie Le Pen Taken To Hospital Due To Heart Issues

Experts Say That You Should Brace Yourself for an Increase in Rent Once Again

Police Chief Mike Koval now says the police violence captured on video shows no police violence, and

Media's appallingly thin coverage of Clinton's crucial Chipotle visit

Take Senator Sanders' poll! It's fun.

Warren Lays Out Ambitious Agenda For Curbs On The Financial Sector

John Fugelsang: Any questions?

Hillary Clinton Praises 'Progressive Champion' Elizabeth WarrenHillary Clinton Praises 'Progressive

36 reasons why you should thank a Union...

Has Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary?

GOP Inheritance Tax Repeal – Billionaires Pay Less – You Pay More

What happens if no other Democrats run for Prez?

Why We Should NOT Be Allowed To Film The Police - TMFS Sketch

Scott Walker's Wisconsin approval rating drops in latest poll

Will you vote for Hillary, gun control advocate?

Fox News suggested bringing back literacy tests for voting in 2016...

The Privilege and Classism of Organic Food

MI business denies service to LGBT community but gives discounts to gun owners

Ted Cruz Adviser Admits to Making Ad That Allegedly Drove Missouri Pol to Suicide

The Total Cost of Gun Violence, in 90 Seconds

Rabbi Daniel Lapin: Liberals Want To Have Sexual Relations With Islamic Extremists

I had my first hummingbird visitor yesterday.

Just did a video piece with the Guardian on Hillary. Will let you all know

Conservative group bars GOP gay organization from event

got a bit miffed with my head doc the other day

Bachmann Loser Overdrive: Thanks to Obama, God’s Wrath is Coming in the Form of Natural Disasters

Court rules that stock-owning churches can't interfere in what Walmart chooses to sell.

Oklahoma bill allows ride share programs to discriminate against LGBT individuals

Bush, Clinton, Bush - Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iraq.

Supervisors told to falsify reserve deputy's training records; department announces internal review

'Tehran Tom' Cotton Says Americans Don't Mind War As Long As They Win

Charles Koch Claims That African American President Barack Obama Has Stolen His Freedom

Bill Black: Financial Regulations In Paralysis

Californians try Ct. food

Priest who stayed behind to pray with doomed Titanic passengers could be made a saint

New Marquette poll results are bad news for Walker

NBC’s Conduct in Engel Kidnapping Story is More Troubling than the Brian Williams Scandal

Yanis Varoufakis and Joseph Stiglitz, 4/9/15

How social media helped me get Jane Austen on to £10 notes

CLEANUP ON AISLE 4...Have you READ the piece Rand Paul wrote for Time on the Koch Boys? HAVE YOU???

VW Bus to be re-released as an electric vehicle

Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Pact

Who in the hell is this "Tai Lopez", and what's his hustle, anyway?

Every TRUE DUer will cheer for the Penguins tonight...

New Star Wars teaser

Lincoln Chafee Accidentally Declared That He’s Running for President

Joseph E. Stiglitz: Let's Stop Subsidizing Tax Dodgers, Multinat'l Corporate Welfare

New Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer released at Star Wars Celebration 2015

Climate censorship gains steam in red states

Oregon gold mine owner now wants the Oath Keepers to leave...

What Is the Biggest Angry Voting Block in the US----Women! Because We are ALL Oppressed.

Union vote in S.C. matters here, Machinists leader says

With 1 male left worldwide, northern white rhinos under guard day and night

Union vote in S.C. matters here, Machinists leader says

Google had plans to rank sites based on accuracy

The Hillary Clinton Reboot: Both Off the Cuff and Meticulously Planned

Bernie Sanders to update Iowa Democrats on 2016 plans

AFL-CIO launches six-figure ad campaign to stop Fast Track

Milwaukee police chief: Suspect in 2 fatal shootings is dead

Marco Rubio’s budget ideas don’t add up

Poignant comment from Kerry on Holocaust Remembrance day

from Robert Reich re: labor v corp campaign contributions

Elimination of the inheritence tax - GOP rushes to aid wealthiest 5,550 families

I just spent some time with "Responsible gun owners"

Star Wars: The Force Awakens new trailer.

Martin O'Malley 2016-- A shoutout to liberals.

Day one: My journey back into Free Republic.

Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance?

Nate Silver - Clinton has a 50-50 chance to win the general election.

Fight for $15: Tens of Thousands Rally as Labor, Civil Rights & Social Justice Movements Join Forces

what's for dinner - thusday, april 16 (it's been decided)

Deal Finalised To Supply Russian S-300 Missiles To Iran

U.S. House passes estate tax repeal despite veto threat

Al-Qaida Captures Major Yemeni Airport, Sea Port And Oil Terminal After Brief Clashes

Meet the therapy cat who treats other shelter critters

Putin says Washington told leaders not to attend World War Two parade

Did you miss me today? Well ...

Liberia Now 25 Days Without Ebola in 2nd Countdown

Why Hillary Clinton Needs Martin O'Malley to Run for President

STUDY: 5 day diet of junk food creates "potential for insulin resistance in the future"

Professor live-tweets her son's abstinence-only sex ed class

What Sanctions? The Russian Economy Is Growing Again

New Episcopal Church group calls for divestment from Israeli occupation (truncated)

Supreme Court rules: Israel can confiscate Palestinian property in Jerusalem

The primary is the period in which we get to

Don't look for someone who will solve all your problems,

What about my freedom?! How I talked my 4 year old out of being a libertarian...

sometimes the only way to react to something is like this.

Today is Ask An Atheist Day

I Voted For Obama Believing He Would Not Support TPP. It Is A National Disaster.

This Must Not Become Our Future.

Coal versus Nuclear

The desecration of HRC'S father's tombstone was lower than low...beyond disgusting and fascistic.

Wild Women Don't Have the Blues

How Has President Obama Justified Supporting TPP?....

Michelle Bachmann: Obama's poor relationship with Israel will bring the return of Jesus


Who would you back in this possible field of Democratic presidential nominees?

Daniel Lapin: Liberals Want To Have Sex With Islamic Extremists

Georgia man wounds mother-in-law after bullet ricochets off armadillo

Senators Reach Deal On Massive Free Trade Bill No One Has Seen

Bush/Walker or Bush/Kasich Ticket Possible. GOP Will Have Billions For Campaign.

Now Schumer is talking the right stuff?

Mother held naked Twister party for minors, claims she was raped by daughter’s boyfriend

The fountain-pen economy

Read a professor of medicine’s outraged tweets from her son’s abstinence-only sex ed class

Power Hungry New York Cops Arrest Teen for Playing Basketball – Video Proves They Lied on Report

Poll: Scott Walker Approval Underwater, Trails Hillary In Head-To-Head

Chris Christie says his Social Security plan hurts the rich, but it really hurts the poor

Remember: The Vatican ignores liberal US nuns "at their own peril!"

Me, I hope Clinton wins so that sexism will be over

UK Guardian: Ted Cruz's early 2016 funding topples Romney, suggesting big-money race

Ukraine journalist Oles Buzina killed by masked gunmen in Kiev: interior ministry

Absolutely, Positively Do Not Marry a Single Mom with a Daughter

Editor of Charlie Hebdo on Islamophobia...

A little Memphis Minnie

Indiana poll: Mike Pence’s ratings drop after ‘religious freedom’ law

Passage Of TPP Will Be A Disaster For Dems Just Like NAFTA was. I'm Really Pissed.

GOP’s 'One Percenter' attack on Hillary Clinton comically backfires

You can boycott anything in Israel — except the occupation

Harry Reid Will Force Vote on Loretta Lynch if GOP Delays Any Longer

Ma Rainey

Gov. Rick Scott sues feds over healthcare money, Medicaid expansion

Jeb Bush Funneled Almost $2 Billion in FL Pension Funds to Brother's 'Pioneer' Donors

Georgia Governor signs medical marijuana bill...

Should the Catholic Church Acknowledge the Destruction of Classical Pagan Culture?

Senator's Phone Plays 'Let It Go' at Hearing

Dash-cam cop previously involved in NYPD lawsuit

Washington state auditor indicted on tax-related charges

Maybe we should have a "I don't like Hillary" group

Reposted in ATA as requested

The Primary period is the time to

U.S. military option in Iran 'intact' despite Russian missiles: U.S. General

My fellow Web Designers will LAUGH THEIR ASSSES OFF at this. NO ASS REMAINING after reading.

Who is this guy, anyway? Aaron Schock, 'R'

Georgia governor signs law legalizing medical marijuana

The fight for better wages in Raleigh, my hometown.

Our new TFT Cruz Parody video is finished. Texas strikes back: "We Don't Buy You!"

George W. Bush concedes his brother has ‘a problem’

Senate Democrats Showing Some Backbone

Crossposted from Politics 2015: Texas tells Ted Cruz: "We Don't Buy You!"

Forgot how much I liked her...Like a Star

"Jebs problem is....ME" 'Ya think?

Don't know if this was discussed here before...

Democratic Senators and Reps lead DC rally against the TPP

Schlumberger cuts another 11,000 jobs in wake of oil crash

My thoughts on the Democratic primary

Police: Mother held naked Twister party for minors, claims she was raped by daughter’s boyfriend

The Care & Feeding Of Bushes

Happy St. Drogo Day!

Fan of singer P!nk tweets, Don't be lebanese - huh?

Panama City Beach Residents Worry About Safety After Alleged Gang Rape

The Perfect Storm May Be Brewing In Colorado To Pass A ‘Personhood’ Law

A dog's life: study reveals people's hormonal link with tail-waggers

Robin Williams Destroys President Bush

The Perfect Storm May Be Brewing In Colorado To Pass A ‘Personhood’ Law

"Dear Gwyneth, this is what living on food stamps really looks like", Jana Kasperkevic

Republicans are not serious people...

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's approval rating tanks over religious law

Folks, the fight over the TPA (fast track) and the TPP is just beginning.

VOX: Who's most excited for Hillary Clinton to replace Obama? Teachers unions.

Apparent Islamist militant gun attack wounds US woman in Pakistan


Bill Shuster admits ‘private and personal relationship’ with airline lobbyist

War of the sexes: Gender theory is the problem, not solution, pope says

"No one is born hating another person..."

Thom Hartmann: Proof of Male Privilege

Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Pact--NYT

Thom Hartmann: No Child Left Behind Has Harmed America

Greece pushed a step closer to Grexit after IMF snub

Thom Hartmann: Hillary - Will Sexism Trump Racism in America?

Stephen King: "Hey, I Thought I Was Supposed To Write The Horror Stories"

Nebraska bill to repeal death penalty closer to approval amid drug shortage

Rand Paul Lauds Koch Brothers In Time’s 100 Most Influential List

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry berates woman on video

GoFundMe pulls donation site for MI Diesel Mechanic who would refuse gay customers

Medical marijuana is now legal in Georgia.

Ohio man charged with providing support to al-Qaida affiliate in Syria

Nick Denton ‘intensely relaxed’ by Gawker’s union drive (update)

‘Christian’ Auto Repair Shop Announces ‘No Gays’ Policy Because ‘Freedom’....

UT statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis vandalized

Florida man declares himself to be God, has sex with a tree

How Barack Obama’s Trade Deal Puts Hillary Clinton in a Bind

The anti-Clinton gang, 20 years later...

LGBT-Rights Group Urges Guam Governor to Allow Gay Marriage

Highlander hybrid, Lexus NX200T, Volvo XC 60 or 70...input please

RFK Jr. Hosts Launch Of Chile Campaign by Futaleufú Riverkeeper For Permanent Protection of...

I found a new flavor of Yoplait yogurt...

Because sometimes you need to make a glacier...

The Menendez Indictment - WSJ editorial, says Justice has no stand

Judge upholds charges in beating of gay couple in Philadelphia

Man Severely Burned Trying To Rid Rental Car of Bed Bugs

Outlawing a filibuster before the details of secret TPP negotiations are known is un-Democratic:

SF luxury bus service Leap accused of replacing wheelchair ramps with leather seats

SF luxury bus service Leap accused of replacing wheelchair ramps with leather seats (xpost from GD)

woot,woot,woot: In Wisconsin Feingold leads Johnson in Senate poll 54% to 38%

Prosecutor appeals sentence for man who sodomized 3-year-old

Florida lawyers put out feelers for Blue Bell, Sabra recall victims

'WHEN DOES THE GREED STOP?' Lion of the Senate, Sen. Edward Kennedy on AMERICAN WAGES.

Thunderstorms developing over South Plains, produce tornado near Amarillo

Someone who doesnt care about you or someone who HATES you, who do you want in WH?

Alabama death row inmate to go free; 2nd released in 2 weeks

Grayson (and others) Explain TPP

Israeli Palestinians call for strike to protest demolitions policy

Activists Respond to "Fast Track to Hell Trade Bill Compromise" Congress Officially Introduced Today

Maybe we should have a "DUhole" group.

TPP: Lawmakers reach deal on 'fast track' trade authority

On this day in 1947

Lincoln, Lynching, and the Long Way Home

Graham Knocks Cruz On Guns, Tyranny: ‘We Tried That Once-I’m Not Looking For An Insurrection'

Charles Pierce: In which Senator Professor Warren stops by to chat about greedy bastards

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 16 April 2015

Colorado Teacher Shares Heartbreaking Notes From Third Graders

One person doesn't think this post belongs in LBN updated with actual news story

Looking for bread help....

One person doesn't think this post belongs in LBN updated with actual news story

The fight for wages in my hometown of Raleigh NC.

On Developments in Yarmouk: France 24 Interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Mouin Rabbani

I'm beginning to think cats really do have 9 lives

Hillary Clinton wraps up Iowa visit with overnight stay in Council Bluffs

Catholic Underground reemerges, with a hip-hop beat

Appreciation Thread for Doug Hughes

NBC: Alabama Whistleblower Fired and Sued After Protesting Conditions (UPDATE in LBN)

Found one of these guys baking in the driveway - Gulf Box Turtle

World Record Eagle Flight From World's Tallest Building

Appreciation Thread for Senator Elizabeth Warren

Hillary Hires Wall St. Critic to Oversee Her Campaign's Finances

Hillary Clinton campaign to accept lobbyist donations

Right-Wing Group Blamed In Leak Of U.S. Officials' Home Addresses: Report

North Carolina’s Governor Says Offshore Drilling Should Be Closer To Beaches

Chief Justice John Roberts reports for jury duty, is rejected

Auction of Internment Items Halted After George Takei Intervenes

4-15-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1947 in 2:00

S.F. board votes to ban wild, exotic animal performances in city

4-15-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1947 in 2:00

4-15-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1947 in 2:00

WWII: Gunner fell 22,000 feet WITHOUT a parachute and survived