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Archives: April 15, 2015

Colombia’s Constitutional Court president also linked to paramilitary land theft

Colombia’s Constitutional Court president also linked to paramilitary land theft

Praise to Adam Weinstein at Gawker for his epic sandbagging of “biggest idiot running for President"

If you're sitting on a Blue Line train in L.A., or in your car near Broadway and Washington...

404.84 PPM. And peak CO2 usually insn't until May/June

My Twitter feed is full of Hillary Tweets!

Stuff I did today before filing taxes.

I've been thinking and discovered a link between autism and paper diapers. The big uptick

DC suburban street under cherry blossoms, today:

Science can be fun! Learn about the octopus....

Karen Finney is working for the Clinton campaign

Huffington Post: Hotel Industry Spins Wage Hikes as 'Extreme' While CEOs Rake in Millions

USW Members Voting on LyondellBasell Contract Today

Latest in American policing....AZ police run over suspect.

Another attempt by the anti-vaxxers...

Gentile/Donovan debate for the NY11th is over and Republican Donovan doesn't know what the...

First U.S. set of all-girl quintuplets born in Houston

I'm celebrating!!!

Percy Sledge, Who Sang ‘When a Man Loves a Woman,’ Dies at 74

10 Reasons Why You Should Vote Republican

First U.S. set of all-girl quintuplets born in Houston

Drive Thru Headless Prank

Texas Fajitas. Oh Boy

Ford's Theatre Marks the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln Assassination

Hillary Kicks Off Campaign With Roundtable at Kirkwood Community College

Justin Bieber put in chokehold, kicked out of Coachella: report

Cleveland's Carlos Carrasco exits in first after being hit in face by liner


Effort to make the Bible Tennessee's official book bogs down

Nation's fast-food workers stage strike on Tax Day

OMG!!!!11!!!!! Why haven't we heard all about this???!!!???!!!

Ready for Hillary? How About a Mass Populist Party Instead?

A mesaage from Jonathan Abner Tobias Pissoff

Will Hillary be Good for African-Americans?

Will Hillary be Good for African-Americans?

Why go on strike April 15? An Asheville fast-food worker shares her story

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Missiles, Water, and Heroin & a new Kitteh gif

Cop Drives Right at Suspect, Runs Him Over in Disturbing Dash Cam Video

NYT: Wage Effort Poses Test for Clinton Campaign

Apple Watch sales off to strong start

O'Reilly claims that American Christians are being "verbally killed".

The Navy is Preparing To Launch Swarm Bots Out of Cannons

Court upholds dismissal of Sen. Johnson's health care suit

How can we have a favorite already?

In setback, Obama concedes Congress role on Iran deal

I would like to have a series of substantive discussions on ...

This is as good a time of year as any to update your beneficiaries!

Lawmakers vote out insurance over-litigation bill

Jury of 19 women, five men picked for Colorado cinema massacre trial

WTF Japan #1 - Pets edition

Putting Hillary Bold to good use.

The US Carried Out 674 Military Operations in Africa Last Year

U.S. military to exhume remains of unidentified victims of Pearl Harbor attack

Twin toddlers drown in Arizona canal after mother lets go of stroller to swat bee

Texas House mandates EKG tests for high school athletes

Photos from Boston's low-wage protest TODAY 4-14-15

Anybody know about "" and lots of linked sites?

Photos from Boston's low-wage protest TODAY 4-14-15

Photos from Boston's low-wage protest TODAY 4-14-15

For Those Interested: Jodi Arias's new life in prison, Her latest photo & Interview with Martinez

Sam's daddy called and came and got him.

League City considers paying $450,000 to keep chemical company in town

WTO rules against U.S. dolphin-safe canned tuna labels

E-filing taxes: How can I tell if an e-file site/service is legitimate?

Browns "The Oregon of the NFL" ????

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary...

Warren silent on Clinton candidacy

Flashback: How Rand Paul supporters mark Lincoln's passing

Protesters in Boston seek higher wages for lowest paid workers

Putin’s Missile Could Make U.S. Attacks on Iran Nearly Impossible

HC on Cspan, don't know for how long

Standardized Testing Costs States $1.7 Billion a Year

So I moved to Florida, Melbourne on the east coast.

Share if this describes you:

4-14-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1939 in 2:00

4-14-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1939 in 2:00

4-14-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1939 in 2:00

During primary season, feel free to criticize HRC's positions, actions, connections, and/or sincerity all you wish.

I-Team: Walmart stores that were suddenly closed for plumbing issues haven't sought permits

Gravestone of Hillary Clinton's dad toppled in Pennsylvania

Seventy Years On, Let Us Renew FDR's Struggle for an Economic Bill of Rights

House Republicans Hand Warren Buffett Big Win On Expensive Loans To The Poor

Florida’s Going After a New Invasive Nemesis: Cat-Eating Monitor Lizards

Harris Lawyer already start the smear campaign.

Assange arrest warrant still stands, says Sweden’s attorney-general

The case for optimism about Israel

Open Carry Bill Derailed on Texas House Floor

Wait, What’s Indicted Rick Perry Doing About 2016?

Wait, What’s Indicted Rick Perry Doing About 2016?

A reminder of what we're up against

Stronger President Barack Obama or Bill Clinton?

Did Japan’s Whale Hunt Just Get Harpooned?

Blame yourself for no challenger to Hillary

High-Tech U.S. Workers Forced to Train Foreign Replacements; Bipartisan Senate Group Urges Federal

It Looks Like Texas Sent Planes to Spy on Mexico

Hillary Clinton's vs Bernie Sanders' top donors compared

You KNEW this would happen. Three little words. BACON...FRIED...OREOS. You heard me.

Rubio Looks to Texas for Campaign Cash

How to be excited about Hillary Clinton

Coal Is Dying and It's Never Coming Back

Taxpayers Beware: 5 Reasons You May Want the Minimum Wage Raised

I knew Christie was out of touch, but this I just don't get...(Weed and stuff)

Clinton is a woman of exceptional energy, experience, and intelligence

Dashcam: Arizona Cop Mows Down Suspect with Police Car

Battery charge against U.S. judge dropped, angering congresswoman

Alcohol ban proposed in Indonesia

Fight for $15 goes global: Workers set to launch worldwide protest

Local DUers - I am at the Regulator Thurs PM, Atlantic Orchids Sat, and McIntyres next week

Coffee Shop Gives Anti-LGBT Lawmakers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine With New 'Ban'

Clinton changes campaign tone.

Who Says There Aren't Global Warming Winners? Brain-Eating Amoebas, Dengue, Jellyfish . . . .

Breaking: Leading House Democrat Will Oppose TPP Fast Track

Ending "Tough on Crime" -

I couldn't help feeling sad when I found out how old this guy was.

Now this I would love for a bathroom sink!

The Chicago police torture settlement.

Chart of the Day

Ford's Theatre hosting round-the-clock tribute to mark 150th anniversary of Lincoln's death

Last Lincoln Assassination Eyewitness Appears On "I've Got A Secret" (Feb 9, 1956)

Anti TPP events in WA this week

Hate, idiocy driving Nevada anti-transgender backers

2016 US Senate Election- incoming Female US Senators

Indiana lawmakers reject extending civil rights protections

"It is a human reality."

A Field Guide to the American Sandwich

Does the Party discourage primaries and, if so, how realistic is populist reform?

TYT: Fundamentalists Try To Resurrect Dead Child. FINAL JUDGMENT

Who runs the world?

Letterman: "GOP has to decide which of these men can lead Republicans to another crushing defeat."

Dear Hillary

April Entries! More please! Only a few more days!

Twitter war on fast-tracking Social Security cuts.

Repukes find another way to deny American citizens the right to vote.

Historically speaking, how late can a person enter the primaries and still have a good chance?

Ro Khanna already fundraising to run again against Mike Honda (D-Calif.) in 2016

Police get punched, put into headlocks, shot, but show shocking restraint with white 'Christians'

Cops have killed way more Americans in America than terrorists have

Dean Baker: The End of the US Boom

Why is it that the rich people always claim to understand/sympathize with the middle class?

Just a recap as to why we are in trouble.

In ruined Yarmouk, 50 metres from normal life, 'no one knows who will die next'

In Trumka’s view, fast track is neither transparent nor democratic.

Where do I post bird’s eye view videos from Israel?

U.S. Congress Approves Formula Fixing Medicare Doctors Pay

Trapped & abandoned: US citizen killed in Yemen, thousands stranded in war-torn country

Senate Approves a Bill on Changes to Medicare

Sanders: American People 'Don't Know' What Hillary Is Running On

Celebrity squatter finally leaves

Our country has some harsh times ahead of it

Cuba praises 'fair' US pledge on terrorism list

Let's give in to Republican wishes and return to the 1950s!

Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Email 2 Years Ago


Steve Colbert's retirement beard.

From Mississippi 1963 to South Carolina 2015

Which Democrats would you like to see run?

Video: US transport security asks disabled man to ‘prove it’

UK Parties: The Green Party & Respect

I guess the satirist Borowitz and Cartoonist Sorensen are under the scooby doo

Alzheimer's breakthrough: Scientists may have found potential cause of the disease in the behaviour

Hundreds of migrants feared drowned off Libya

Alzheimer's breakthrough: Scientists may have found potential cause of the disease

Why We Must Return to the US-Russian Parity Principle

'Dark matter' not dark: Scientists find it interacts with forces other than just gravity

'Dark matter' not dark: Scientists find it interacts with forces other than just gravity

Top Google searches for Clinton and Rubio.

Bill Clinton was a great president

Ok, so we have this old floor safe out in the garage...

How to be excited about Hillary Clinton - By Mark Morford

Hillary Clinton embraces ((not so)) small donors in early fundraising

Neocon ‘Chaos Promotion’ in the Mideast

Keiser Report: Warren Buffett's Interest Rate Apartheid (E743)

Indonesia says it could have underground nuclear power plant within 10 years

Hillary Clinton, full round table with teachers and students in Iowa

Iraqi official warns Ramadi could fall as ISIS militants lay siege

Daily Holidays -April 15

Pan Am Flies Again - This is for you, nostalgia fans. The good old days of flying!

Hillary Clinton, full round table with teachers and students in Iowa

You will NEVER want to buy a bag of supermarket salad again: How migrant farmworkers are treated

The Trouble at Totten Glacier

Chris Christie just proposed $1 trillion in cuts to Social Security and Medicare

Leading House Dem Will Oppose TPP Fast Track

Pa. man pleads guilty to threat in ranch showdown

Where Are The Cliven Bundy Supporters Now?

fyi: Blizzard's Hearthstone (free) now available for phones and tablets

EU files antitrust charges against Google

Toon: Campaign Logos

If you could, what questions would you ask Hlllary?

Conwy Castle

WikiLeaks accuses Hillary Clinton of stealing its logo

Hillary Clinton signals break with past in Iowa call to end 'uncontrolled money'

The International Community Has Failed Yarmouk

Miracle Babies Jihad and Mohammad survive Isis-held Yarmouk's lower circles of hell in Syria

Push To Grant Snowden Citizenship Continues In Iceland

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Tax Day

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: GOP

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Dispatch from Cliven Bundy's latest gathering

Doctor tied to Menendez indicted on Medicare fraud charges

The Rude Pundit - Fuck Your Conscience; Do Your Job

Artists demand New York police return Edward Snowden bust

Babies On Board

Hillary Clinton's father tombstone turned over

Happy Tax Day!

Wage Effort Poses Test for Clinton Campaign

16 Charts That Show the Shocking Cost of Gun Violence in America

The Daily Beast: Can Big Labor Learn to Love Hillary?

Japanese Carbon Emissions Hit Second-Highest Level On Record - Reuters

Domino’s Pizza franchise owners in NY ordered to pay $970,000 for violating labor laws

Australian Weather Bureau: 70 Percent Chance Of El Nino As Early As June

Bacteria Isolated From Bats' Skin May Be Possible Treatment For White-Nose Syndrome

MWD Votes To Cut Water Deliveries To Greater LA By 15%; Fines Up To $2,960/acre-foot

Giant-Carlisle to increase hourly pay

Fired Oregon Teacher of the Year files third complaint with labor bureau

Kroger Louisville workers approve new deal

Rapid Destabilization Of Totten Glacier Adds Another 10 Feet Of Sea Level To WAIS Meltdown

Stray Dog Saves Her Puppies From Forest Fire in the Most Genius Way

Gravity Payments CEO takes 90% pay cut to give workers huge raise

Guam: attorney general orders officials to process marriage licenses for same-sex couples

One of The Lounge's theme songs:

"Stuck in Yemen"?!!

Great final episode of "Justified." I'm sure going to miss that series.

Bernie Sanders coming up next on Morning Joe. n/t

Ukraine: The Truth

"Beechwood 4-5789" --

Pa. Senate Tries to Stop Philly Sick Leave Law

A Reckless Act in the Senate on Iran

Clinton: Unfair that fund managers pay lower tax rate than truckers

Dumbass of the day...

High School Nazi assholes...

A Yazidi captive's tale: Sold by ISIS as a sex slave

Please remind me when the 'lockdown' on trashing our nominee happens.

Kansas State Board of Education to vote on ‘innovative’ districts to hire unlicensed teachers

Looking to the Future, Organized Labor Is Banking on a New Civil Rights Movement

Shouldn't Bush The Impaler be polling more than 17% nationwide and 14% in South Carolina?

Hilary Clinton, The Center for American Progress and "Inclusive Prosperity"


Senator Warren on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

Boston to mark 2nd anniversary of marathon bombings

Blue plate special: elephant meat shishkebob

Bundy’s Seditious Victory has inspired Oregon “Militias” to take up arms against our Government.

Right-wing extremism: not just for radicals anymore

Two years ago today...

Happening RIGHT NOW: Add your voice to the call for fair pay! (E action)

The nation rallies today for $15 and a union! #fightfor15

Indianapolis Business Journal Reveals The 'Real' Reason WIBC Dropped GOP Extremist Rush Limbaugh

Last-Minute Push by Top Kerry Advisor Smoothed Over Americas Summit

When the Hitler card won't do, use the Chamberlain card

Syria conflict: Government again accused of using chemical weapons on civilians

The Big Question Now: Will Democratic Primary Be Organized?

The Government could very easily do most people's tax returns for them, but they aren't allowed to.

This somehow is the new pride of Delaware. Be warned...

On the Senate push-back on the Iran deal framework..(apparently veto-proof)

Can someone tell me WHAT THE HELL is in the Medicare bill that passed?

FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States

FBI’s AMERITHRAX Case just unravelled. Ex-FBI agent who directed investigation suing FBI, turns whis

What is in the Medicare bill that passed?

The big Islamophobia lie: A shameful new assault on Charlie Hebdo

so, my son buys a used car from a car lot

The reproduction of tyranny

If climate change isn't real....why are you always so dehydrated?

Legal battle for 'Schindler's list' begins in Jerusalem

Woman CEO's Facebook Post: A Female shouldn't be President and if one is I'm moving

Faux "news," Ann Coulter and "Fox and Friends" advocate for voter "literacy tests."

This tea partier patriot said he's voting for Hillary because of the Obamacare

French Politics Also Need Of A Lefty Populist Reform

Question on the TPP.

Well, I just laundered some money.

We Can Change DU to PU

Why Gossip About Bruce Jenner Is Damaging to the Transgender Community

Iran leader: We are in talks with ‘the major powers,’ not the U.S. Congress

The 2016 Primary may end up looking a lot like the 2000 primary.

Using the Whole Animal -- A Delicious Way to Close the Loop

A Family Business of Perpetual War

What's the buzz? Colorado Springs AM station switches format from sports to marijuana

Israel becoming an increasingly more partisan issue in US, poll finds

MFM would be proud -- update on stolen horse and his owner

New Curriculum Will Teach Arab Israeli Children About Suffering of Jews During Holocaust

Go Rant In The Back Alley---New restrictions on abortion restrictors

Those Darned Old People

Fargo Coffee Shop 'Bans' Anti-Gay Lawmakers Who Voted Against Nondiscrimination Bill

Verdict reached in Hernandez case

Ex-NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Convicted Of First-Degree Murder

Verdict reached in Aaron Hernandez case...

Guess WHAT? Chris Christie has a FEVAH! And the only prescription is MORE CHRIS CHRISTIE.

The greatest trick the rich ever pulled was making us believe they pay all the taxes

Hernandez Guilty

Fast Food Workers Gear Up for Nationwide Strike for $15

This is hard to explain, but it happens so often

Just found out Animaniacs streams for free with Amazon Prime

Explaining Jokes To Idiots

I know what you're thinking - What if I mixed a Reese Peanut Butter Cup with a Beer?

And, the vile House of Saud strikes again...Amnesty says: 'basic lack of humanity'

Russia to Fund Crimean Tatar TV After Forcing Independent Tatar Channel to Close

Humala least popular in president in Latin America (as of publication mid-March)

Fox News Asks If It's "Time To Revisit" Voter Literacy Test Requirements

9 Famous Women With the Perfect Response on Why They've Ditched Religion

Rachel Maddow - Rubio, Paul stumble taking two sides on gay rights

Fox doesn't want dems to vote because we are not as smart and erudite as Ann Coulter

When the Permafrost Goes, So Will Half the World’s Buried Carbon

Noam Chomsky: Exceptionalism Is a Concept Held By Every Great Power and It’s Always Wrong

Consumers buying more organic products, new data show

2 TSA officers fired after plotting to grope attractive men, police say

2016: how can we take back the senate and win state legislatures?

Prayer request for Uppityperson's father. He has passed.

Encountered an unpleasant retail situation yesterday. Would those in retail like to comment?

What would have/make/allow politically astute people ...

Sizzler For The 90s. Full of nostalgic freedumb for 'merica.

Pic Of The Moment: Food For Thought This Tax Day

Congressman: Bill de Blasio ‘Should Have His Head Examined’ After Snubbing Hillary

Photographer Captures Image of Lion Just Before It Attacks Him

Top rated films on IMDB set in each state

Now if this really happens, I'd watch gold (gag reflex);

White parents in North Carolina are using charter schools to secede from the education system

Rachel Maddow - Iran deal pending, Congress suddenly decides to care

Governor Cuomo, Campbell Brown to hold big money fundraiser for Eva's Success Academy Charters

A friend's interview experience with Comcast this week.

The Onion: "Fast Food Drive-Thru Just Cow Carcass, Bucket For Money"

Artists Demand NY Police Return Snowden Bust

Would it be possible to change "off topic"

Tally Of Deaths Tied To Defective GM Ignition Switches Rise To 84

Trader Joe’s Employee Notices White Mom With 2 Black Kids… Does Something Shocking

Hillary Hate: Vandals Topple Gravestone of Hillary Clinton's Father

Chris Christie on POT: "I will crack down and not permit it."

Hi there...

The funniest Freeperville Hillary slam of all!

Aaron Henasndez sentenced to life W/O parole

i really have been out of the political on DU since 2012. got obama, i could step away for a couple

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Does Anybody Really Care?

April 13, 2000: Metallica's Napster lawsuit "unwittingly became a defining moment of their career"


Obama no longer cares whether the GOP is outraged

Religious right pundit: Hillary Clinton too hideously ugly to become president

Washington insider, former Senate staffer, Ari-Rabin Havt on Sirius re BERNIE and running

Conservatives Push For Changes To Patriot Act Data Provisions As Expiration Draws Near

BART Tackles Growing Suicide Problem

U.S. Forced to Import Corn as Shoppers Demand Organic

Nolan Arenado's great catch!

Walmart Pharmacist Refuses to Fill Prescription for Miscarriage Patient

Krugman: A Victory Against the Shadows

May I post a GoFundMe campaign link?

Musk’s Cousins Battle Utilities to Make Solar Rooftops Cheap

Inside the NRA's War Against Hillary Clinton

Will Hillary Clinton Be the Agent of Her Campaign’s Undoing—Again?

Think I'll go to Norway and commit a crime-

TYT: S.E. Cupp : Hillary Announcement Didn't Have Enough Men

A stain on the map of human intelligence! . . . Please come CAPTION Ann Coulter!!

Alaska sells water to Claif

School Nurse Refuses to Treat Student Who Didn't Say Pledge of Allegiance


Evidently it's asking too much of Hillary that she put forth policy proposals

Ancient City Nimrud Destroyed By ISIS. FINAL JUDGMENT

The Human Cost of Secret U.S. Drone Strikes in Yemen

Homebuilder Sentiment in U.S. Rose for First Time in Five Months

Majority of States Signal the U.S. is Due for a Minimum Wage Hike

Wall up a monk alive, what do you expect?

The squeezing of the middle class.

Afghan Woman Awarded International Women of Courage Award

TYT: Officer Slager Laughs About Adrenaline Rush After Walter Scott Shooting

Manufacturing Struggles in U.S. With Dollar Surging, Oil Falling

Damn the Feds and their Anti-pot war

The fight for $15 Tokyo has Ronald reporting in...

Hillary Clinton Not Ready to Confront 'Billionaire Class,' Bernie Sanders Says

The global financial mafia promotes scenario 2 for Greece

This is some scary shit -- Trouble at Trotten Glacier

This Tea Party Patriot May Vote For Hillary

Swedish house musicians ask Marco Rubio to stop using their song

Hillary Clinton Ignored Congressional Inquiry on Private E-Mail in 2012

New Horizons' first color pic of Pluto

Female CEO Says Women 'Shouldn't Be President' Because Of 'Different Hormones,' 'Biblical Reasoning'

TYT: Russia Bans Porn Based On Century Old Regulation

Two reasons to break land speed records getting to the polls to vote FOR Hillary, if she is

Hillary Clinton Wants The Supreme Court To Strike Down Marriage Bans

This is what relaxed looks like

Pension funding drops to lowest level in 6 years

SpaceX Liftoff

Detroit: Vacant Valpey Building Braces For 42-Loft Restoration

US government oversight reports only, other opinion stripped.

GOOGLE hit with rap sheet five years in the making...

Amtrak pen trumps Freedom of Information Act sword

Syrian Rebels Lose Again as U.S. General Departs

Over 5,000 Rally In Boston In The #FightFor15, Kicking Worldwide Day Of Action On Wages And Inequali

Watch April 16 telecon on MESSENGER’s crash into Mercury

Look at all the fight for $15 photos from around the glode

Democratic Senators Pushed for the Paycheck Fairness Act for Equal Pay Day

So is the stupid arrow supposed to be blue or red LOL

Democratic Senators Pushed for the Paycheck Fairness Act for Equal Pay Day

Huffington Post: Here's What the Fight for $15 Strikers Have in Common With You

Feminists Are Cheering on Hillary’s Presidential Bid

Feminists Are Cheering on Hillary’s Presidential Bid

Has anyone heard of this new caucus? Wis. Legislative Sportsman Caucus?

Fast-food strikes widen into social-justice movement

Right-wing extremists blamed for posting top law officials' info

Voter Suppression Efforts Quietly Advance in Nevada

Voter Suppression Efforts Quietly Advance in Nevada

Nice try, Maajid Nawaz, but you didn’t go to a lapdancing club because you’re a feminist

Malawi to evacuate its citizens from South Africa

TYT: Hillary Clinton Wants Money Out Of Politics? Seems Dubious

Hillary Clinton calls for anti-Citizens United Constitutional Amendment

Doing the Unthinkable: Giant Gas Pipeline to Flank a New York Nuclear Power Plant

Louie Gohmert calls Obama a "traitor"

Dark matter may not be so dark after all

Find the Fight 4 $15 near you today. Remember not to patronize a fast food place today

Morning Light

I've worked at McDonald's for 22 years. Here is my story

Nurse Refuses To Treat Student Who Wouldn’t Stand For The Pledge of Allegiance

TYT: Chris Christie Wants To Destroy Senior Benefits Americans Want

Transgender man fired because he refused to wear a dress

Majority Report: How We Need to Hold Hillary's Feet to the Fire

Atheist mom threatened over complaints about ‘Bible Man’ visits to Texas public school

25 baby animals that are so adorable, they don't even look real

The numbers are staggering: US is ‘world leader’ in child poverty

A day in the life.

Americans are spending $153 billion a year to subsidize McDonald’s and Wal-Mart’s low wage workers

Gohmert trots out the "Christian persecution" bullshit...

TYT: Will The Iran Nuclear Deal Be Killed In Congress?

Chris Christie will "crack down and not permit legal marijuana" as president.

CHARLES PIERCE: Chris Christie Has Adopted Granny-Starving As A Platform

If we don’t teach religion in schools, Americans will never understand the rest of the world

Congress Considers Bill to Help Domestic Violence Victims Escape With Their Pets

Robert Blair Kaiser, longtime Catholic critic, reformer, dies at 84

Jurors seated for Aurora theater shooting trial, now await opening

Majority Report: The Senate Guns for the Iran Deal


Jurors seated for Aurora theater shooting trial, now await opening

Early Legal Attack On Climate Regs


Sam Seder: Fox News Host Reprimands Rand Paul Like He's a Child

“I don't really care,” Reid said, when asked about the GOP field. “I think they're all losers."

Islamic State withdraws from Yarmouk camp, Nusra remains: residents

Sam Seder: Rand Paul's Women Problem

Are these the only Democrats refusing to back Obama on Iran? Or there more?

Chris Christie thinks he can win Pennsylvania? Not without Philadelphia he can.

House to vote on estate tax repeal tomorrow.

Warren: We're not done with Wall Street

Dashcam Videos Show Cop Take Down Suspect By Running Him Over With his Car

How Artists Are Taking On Police Brutality

Western Conservative Summit disinvites GOP gay group

Today I have 24 years alcohol free

U.S. Alone Once Again at Americas summit

Breaking the cycle: Queensland university student adopts homeless, pregnant teenage cousin

France stands by choice of gay envoy as Vatican goes silent

Philippines seeks help from U.S. in South China Sea dispute

France stands by choice of gay envoy as Vatican goes silent

Am putting date of 4/20 8PM PDT as last day of entry

In an alternative timeline, Hillary would have been President for eight years, and Obama...

Ring of Fire: Repressive Religious Freedom Bills Bring America Back to 1800’s

Small Helicopter just landed on US Capitol Grounds

More shootings revealed at Nevada prison where handcuffed inmate killed

Ted Cruz Gets Schooled By NASA Chief on Earth Science Exploration

Jeb Bush Funneled Almost $2 Billion in FL Pension Funds to Brother's 'Pioneer' Donors

Brazil Workers' Party treasurer arrested in Petrobras corruption investigation

Anyone have a good salmon recipe?

GOP Committeewoman: Muslim, Wiccan Statehouse Prayers Show Need For Christianity In Public Schools

Progressives in Congress Stands with "Grassroots" at "Fast Track" Demonstration on Capitol Hill

Americans Want Congress To Have A Say On Iran Deal

FBI investigating death of teen shot 16 times by Chicago cop

Marco Rubio: 'I've Never Supported A Federal Constitutional Amendment On Marriage.' Really?

Lil Luke sees 'some sort of liquid' in the gas tank of gyro-copter that landed on Capitol grounds...

Auction of Art Made by Japanese-Americans in Internment Camps Sparks Protest

Mom of neo-Nazi who killed gay boss invokes gay panic defense

Okay, I know this won't matter to anyone but me, and I hope you don't mind that I share....

Christian Ministry Claims Pokemon Made ’90s Kids Gay

Elizabeth & Bernie Sighted at TPP "Fast Track" Demonstration on Capitol Hill

Capitol on alert over anti-vaccine threats

California Capitol on alert over anti-vaccine threats (xpost from California group)

Christie Can Kiss My Ass

Vandals Attack Christian Graveyard In Northern Israel

The Muslim nation that saved Jews

Today is the last working day of my life.

Ted Cruz Wants to Use Religion to Discriminate in Our Nation's Capital

Conservatives sputter in rage that Tim McGraw will headline ‘anti-constitution’ Sandy Hook benefit

Oklahoma Police Unable to Explain Why Body Cam on Cop Who Killed Man “Malfunctioned”

Israel Happy At Compromise Deal On Iran Between Congress-Obama: Minister

Mittwit Blames Debate Moderators For Making GOP Look Out Of Touch

A veteran called the VA suicide crisis line, was promptly and repeatedly put on hold

Trudeau might be open to forming coalition with NDP, but not with Mulcair as leader

Jeb Bush Super Proud Of That Time He Tortured Terri Schiavo, For ‘Life’

McCain’s dilemma: trust Ayatollah or trust U.S. officials?

Scurrilous corporate thieves are stealing workers' comp

Please join us in a moment of silence today...Mayor Marty Walsh City of Boston

Gay character in Mortal Kombat X

Meet a Gay Man With Down Syndrome Who Doesn’t Let Labels Define Him

Louisiana State Police bully and arrest parking attendant for putting a 'boot' on unmarked car

Right-Wing Group Blamed In Leak Of Home Addresses Of ‘DHS-CIA-FBI Traitors’

Hillary versus the competition (R)

Rio 2016: Dead fish cleared out of Olympic rowing & canoeing venue

Why I'm so cynical of the Hillary campaign...

We are all humans until,

Tennessee House votes to name Bible as official state book

ISIL Gains Ground In Western Iraq, Raising Fears For Baghdad

Obama is inspiring young Cubans...

He Holds The Patent That Could DESTROY Monsanto And Change The World!

Rouhani Dismisses White House Compromise With Congress on Iran Nuclear Deal

Should we let robots kill on their own?

Forbes 2015 best retailers to work for list...Unfortunately Wal-Mart was not included on the list...

Hillary Clinton Room Post.Hillary Clinton Blasts Pay For CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers...

Bernie Sanders: Every candidate for president must answer the following questions...

I say call the Republicans bluff on the Lynch nomination..

Suspect Fatally Shot By Officers At End OF Police Chase (on live tv)

What's the story with the Walmart layoffs over plumbing?

I just got banned from the Hillary Clinton room.

Atheists Condemn School Nurse for Refusing to Treat Student Who Won’t Stand for Pledge

It's 19 months until the election


Gyrocopter Pilot Delivers the Mail to America on Political Corruption and Citizens United | Your Pilot - The Democracy Club

2016 may be the last time I get to vote for

was talking to my sister yesterday, she sounded like a Republican

Author Jim Dent gets 10-year prison sentence after 10th DWI

Brinks Guards spontaneously walk off job and join Fight 4 $15

'Bout the base --not the treble--Nate says Obama and HRC have the same base

Love kitties? Check this out. Bravo New York!

Orwellian police tactic that targets Black Americans for simply existing: Here's How It Works:

Maduro orders probe of suspected graft among Panama-based Venezuelans

The Obama Alumni Group Pushing For The TPP - Gaius Publius Discusses

Seriously...don't you wish...

"Occupy Wall Street" Put Inequality at the Center of Our Politics...


Thom Hartmann: Wow - This Is What the Bankers Did to Greece


New Ticket Idea: Barbara Lee/Bernie Sanders

Thom Hartmann: Why Hillary Changed on the Columbian Trade Deal

With age, comes wisdom, but also regrets.

RePost from Politics: DUer 'Always Randy" Clinton & Obama's Base is the Same (nice graph)

Thom Hartmann: The True Face of Libertarianism Exposed

Jeb Bush to deliver commencement at .... Liberty University

So many ways to write this tweet, and GOP somehow picked this one:

Elizabeth Warren Calls On Congress To Break Up The Big Banks, Change Tax Rules


Sen. Marco Rubio may need to revisit ‘1999’ because the U.S. government had a surplus of cash Read

"The Populist Movement Has Finally Arrived" -- The Nation

Court largely upholds racial-profiling ruling against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Chris Christie wants a war on weed...Do you think that's a winning proposition in 2016?

"Anyone here work for a poor person?"

Ruling party condemns S.Africa immigrant attacks

Was Hillary's Iowa event staged?

A fragile man, whispered innuendo and two suicides in Missouri

Turn Up the Heat! Hillary Campaign Needs to Champion Populism....

NYPD Detective put on suspension after video shows him stealing $2500.

Stunned to hear that candidates are staging events...

No Shit Sherlock?

Draghi Attacked By Protester Screaming "End ECB Dick-tatorship"

Man facing trial for stealing, burning gay-pride flag: 'It was a prank'

Most Democrats like Hillary Clinton.

Alert! Big Sugar are about to kill our last chance to save the Everglades, a national treasure...

35 Founding Father Quotes Conservative Christians Will Hate

My right Wing Sister sent me this; ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm

Why temperatures never go up in straight lines

Another damn NC Ag-gag bill

Walter Scott killing underlines racial tensions in police department

That Breeze you feel is just Christie Flip-Flopping on his Vaccine Stance

Georgia mom accused of hosting teen party with pot, sex, naked Twister

The IRS says that they can't find any record of me!

SpaceX CRS-6 First Stage lands on ASDS Barge and then falls overboard

AFRICOM: Military Missions Reach Record Levels After U.S. Inks Deal to Remain in Africa for Decades

Judge orders release of ex-governor in spite of homicide, corruption charges

Just for fun: The automatic DU Hillvetica text generator

Meet the e-voting machine so easy to hack, it will take your breath away

H> Clinton and Japan

Are you from New York? I hope this passes, please see link.

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 15, 2015


Clinton vows to defend Obamacare and calls for equal pay for women

Medical marijuana activist in Kansas arrested, son taken away after he spoke up to D.A.R.E. officer

The demands for Hillary loyalty are loud and clear on DU.

Pastor condemns fellow clergyman for not supporting death by stoning for gays

St. Louis Archbishop Says He Didn’t Know It Was Illegal For Priests To Have Sex With Kids

Hillary Clinton Blasts Pay For CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers In Campaign Kickoff

Gray whale’s migration from Russia to Mexico breaks record

U.S. to tell Americans why they're on no-fly list

Noam Chomsky: We’re facing a new Cold War

2 TSA officers fired after plotting to grope attractive men, police say

Hillary's Team put it out there & smiled, midst the naysayers

Critics of Obama's Cuba moves have a lot of brass given past U.S. policies in Latin America

Critics of Obama's Cuba moves have a lot of brass given past U.S. policies in Latin America

Worldwide solidarity with Venezuela against U.S. statement and sanctions

Ex-Colombia ministers convicted of bribes on behalf of Uribe

Manchester: group readings of "Where the Wild Things Are"

Ex-Colombia ministers convicted of bribes on behalf of Uribe

Why Knuckles Crack

Awake: Tours & Doors

What upsets me is the demands for money

Bill to provide info about Down Syndrome to prospective parents receives pushback


Texas lawmaker delays transgender school ‘bathroom bill’

When Cutting Is All You Know

Forbes Business News: Heir Of Honduran Timber Fortune Wins Large Refund In Tax Court

A "Tax Day" thought

Why We Need to Raise Powerful Children*

How the states suck the fairness out of America's tax system

Hillary Clinton says she would support a constitutional amendment on campaign finance reform

Anyone doing the online Jeopardy tryout?

NYTimes Nate Cohn: "No, Hillary Clinton would not benefit from a primary fight."

Jeb Bush falls behind Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in battle for Republican presidential nomination

Florida police make 3rd arrest concerning a video-taped gang rape over spring break

*** excuse me *** !!!

David Letterman

South Plains family of man convicted for Blackwater shooting in Iraq hoping for appeal

Hollywood's Child 44 pulled in Russia after falling foul of culture ministry

Conversation with theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss, Noam Chomsky

Hillary Clinton’s Soft Populism Is Not Enough

Manny Pacquiao on 'Fight of the Century'

Ousted Ukraine president's ally found shot dead in Kiev home

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 16 April 2015

I can't wait to watch the Clintons finally destroy Grand Theft Auto

Cubans to open talks about US fugitives including Assata Shakur as ties warm

How Our Dinner Menu Can Help Solve California’s Water Crisis

MAINE leads again.

Mormon couple object to inclusion in U.S. Supreme Court gay marriage case

Indiana's First Church of Cannabis: Because Verily Your Law Is An Abomination Unto Us, and Ye Will

Suicide on Capitol Hill ignored by media "Tax the 1 percent"

Koch brothers plan to spend $889 million on 2016...

~ Populism 2015: Building a Movement for People and the Planet~ April 18-20, Wash. D.C.

GM shielded from many ignition-switch lawsuits, bankruptcy judge rules

What Are The Democrats' Alternatives to Clintonland?

Prominent Catholics call on pope to oust S.F. archbishop

I love me some Harry

China Tells Its Tourists: Behave Overseas, Or Else...

My 5,000th Post!

Former CEO who abused puppy fined for cruelty to animals

Ex-Philadelphia drug officer admits 'thousands' of crimes, lies

Prominent Catholics call on pope to oust S.F. archbishop (xpost from GD)

Only 457 days until the convention. We need a count down clock.

Iranian President Dings Congress: We’re Negotiating with White House, Not Them

Transnational Companies Driving Deadly Conflict in Guatemalan Indigenous Territory

Eric Garner Lawsuit in 2007 claims #NYPD Violated Him

Laurence O'Donnell show Monday 4/13/15

Is anyone else worried that Hillary will color her hair and shave her head to display the logo?

Rubio Will Fight Your Gay Marriage... ( but he'd LOVE to attend anyway )

Texas executes San Antonio man for killing police officer